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City Hunter: Episode 5
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So much cuteness, it’ll keep a smile on your face almost all hour long. This is a drama where I’m quite happy letting the romance take a backseat to the action and intrigue, since those are done with such style and deft handling, but who am I to turn down some adorable bickering, petty jealousy, and incipient flirting?


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Yoon-sung pulls Nana out of the rifle’s scope just a second before the bullet shatters the glass, barely missing her. Yoon-sung slips away while it’s still dark…but leaves behind his bullet necklace. In the aftermath, Nana picks it up and tucks it away.

Yoon-sung races for the next-door building while the SWAT team moves in on the scene. Jin-pyo packs up, having missed his shot, smart enough to send an elevator to random floors while getting in another — but authorities put a lock on the elevator buttons, meaning that they know he’s in there and are preparing for confrontation.

Jin-pyo takes out his handgun, readying to burst out guns blazing, not knowing that a veritable wall of artillery awaits him on the ground floor. For some reason I still think he’s slippery enough to manage a successful out, but thankfully for him, the task is made easier when the ceiling panel swings open and a hand reaches out. Gah, why so cool, Lee Min-ho?

Together, father and son climb down the elevator shaft and are picked up outside by Shik-joong in their getaway car. Police and SWAT officers are held up by a traffic accident nearby — a truck that has been strategically crashed by Jin-pyo’s new revenge partner, ex-cop Kim Sang-gook.

Jin-pyo is angered that Yoon-sung didn’t abide by their “first one to the target wins” rule, but Yoon-sung replies that it’s fair to use irregular methods in pursuit of a goal: “I learned that from you.” TouchΓ©. Although methinks I’d be more wary of telling Bad(ass) Daddy I told you so.

Dad says he ruined a perfectly good chance to kill the guy, but Yoon-sung counters that if Seo Yong-hak had been killed today, he’d have been turned into the victim of an assassination plot, hailed a champion of democracy by the press, his true nature concealed.

Yoon-sung: “He’ll have more bodyguards posted, and the revenge will become harder from here on out.”
Jin-pyo: “Are you saying you want to give up?”
Yoon-sung: “If I was going to give up at this point, I never would have started. Father, help me.”

Despite the assassination attempt, Seo Yong-hak’s immature son says he wishes he’d been shot — not killed, just injured enough to be excused from military service. To which Seo Yong-hak tells him he must go, no matter what, given that he’s a general AND the former minister of national defense. Yeah, it might look bad to have his son come off as a draft-dodging rich boy. Er, another son, since the two older brothers were both excused.

Seo thanks Nana and her partner Eun-ah for their good work, then takes his aide’s advice to admit himself to the hospital before taking interviews, to work the public sympathy angle.

To everyone’s surprise, Jin-pyo agrees to help Yoon-sung without putting up a fight, “Because our revenge goal is the same.” (Shik-joong cheerily offers the pair a ginseng drink, which was so popular it sold out on TV within 5 minutes. How much do I love that he’s become a home shopping addict? He really is like Yoon-sung’s errant wife.)

Dad warns that Revenge Target No. 2 will be harder to take down than the first, because Seo has a solid reputation and has been lauded for his defense ministry reforms. Yoon-sung isn’t cowed, and reminds his father that the bigger the enemy, the bigger the victory: “There is a way.”

The key? Combat boots. Complaints are running high among military personnel about their faulty boots, produced by a company affiliated with Seo. The nail in the coffin: his three draft-averse sons.

Cohort/driver/minion Kim Sang-gook asks Jin-pyo if he really means to hand over the reins of revenge to Yoon-sung. Jin-pyo replies that once Yoon-sung has caught the target, “I’ll punish him in my own way.” Aha! I knew Bad Daddy wouldn’t put aside his thirty-year revenge mission just ’cause his son asked nicely.

Young-ju’s boss in the prosecutor’s office receives an anonymous letter, tipping them off to the secret relationship between Seo Yong-hak and the American military complex, and their large-scale arms deals that include the faulty combat boots. Multimillions of dollars are involved, but broken into small contracts of $30K or less to avoid scrutiny, with Lee Kyung-wan involved in the lobbying.

His boss puts Young-ju on the case to investigate secretly. Young-ju suspects a connection to the sniper incident, and reviews the tapes of the suspect. Jin-pyo was careful to cover his tracks, keeping his fingerprints off the doors and obscuring security cameras with smoke. There are too many fingerprints in the elevator to isolate one, but Jin-pyo is seen on camera pressing a particular floor button, which gives them a lead.

Yoon-sung stops Nana at work to comment on her brave rescue yesterday, trying to engage her in friendly conversation. She’s still angry about his thoughtless stunt (calling her to drive for him when she said she couldn’t, and basically treating her like an unimportant lackey) and tells him that her injury is none of his business.

Nana receives a letter from the court notifying her of her home’s seizure. She calls her aunt — Young-ju’s colleague — for advice, but it doesn’t look good, and if she doesn’t move soon, she’ll face eviction.

Young-ju overhears her aunt’s side of the conversation and hurries out to do what he can, tracking down the home’s new owner to try to buy the place himself. No luck.

Yoon-sung does the same thing, but he has a more solid plan and sends Shik-joong to make the deal. The two buyer offers make the owner suspicious, and wonders what’s so great about this place that all these people suddenly want it.

Shik-joong spins a tale about growing up there; his father sold it to cure him of an ailment, and now insists he has to die there. What he’s got that Young-ju doesn’t is a briefcase full of cash (the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars), which succeeds in sealing the deal.

Young-ju can’t help Nana tangibly but he tries to cheer her up emotionally, popping a postcard in the mail that reads:

Young-ju: “Ms. Kim Nana, how are you these days? When I’m having trouble, I think of these words: Do not fear a shadow, for it means light is nearby.”

Oh, this is innnteresting. Nana obviously doesn’t know Young-ju that well — she mistook him for a club-hopping party boy in Episode 1 — but Young-ju (and the vet) both know her. The wallet she received was from “my second favorite person in the world” and yet Nana’s clearly not that close to Young-ju as we know him. So…has he been writing to her from afar?

Young-ju receives an invitation in the mail to a child’s dol birthday, with a note to come with veterinarian Sae-hee. This gives us a window into the backstory about their relationship, as they were once a couple, though it seems they’ve been split up for a while.

Nana and Yoon-sung see off the two children, Mi-jin and Do-jin, whose father has returned to claim them. How the reunion of these kids with such a negligent father can be happy is beyond me, even if he supposedly sees the error of his ways, but the kids are happy to have the family back together. Do-jin gives the two adults a couple of Pororo trinkets (does that penguin’s reach into pop culture have no bounds?), his prized possessions, and then the three head off for hopefully greener pastures.

Yoon-sung takes the Pororo band-aid and replaces the one on her face, which puts the two in close proximity that leads to a moment of awareness on both sides. Hot. Swoon.

So Yoon-sung overcompensates by scolding her, saying, “I don’t like women who don’t know how to value themselves or take care of their appearance, who just live carelessly.”

In covering up, he goes too far and Nana bristles, telling him it’s none of his business. She storms off and he knows he’s put his foot in it. But then she sees the postcard in the mail that makes her smile (“Oh! It’s my Daddy Long Legs”). She turns back around, making Yoon-sung smile at the thought that she’s turning to see him.

Only, she breezes right by, leaving him to try to appeal to her in the only way he knows how: stalking her by car. He’s all, I’m totally heading this way too, while inching along at a crawl to match her pace. Lol.

Arriving at the vet clinic, Nana greets Sae-hee cheerily as “unni.” Recognizing the vet, Yoon-sung uses that as an excuse to join them, to Nana’s annoyance. Ha, for a guy with a player image he’s actually pretty bumbling, which makes him that much more adorable. Particularly when his motives are so transparent.

Yoon-sung totally puffs up when Sae-hee explains that he’d been a great help to her the other day, wanting Nana to take note. She ignores him and gushes over the postcard to Sae-hee, especially his line about shadows indicating light. She marvels at how he could know her feelings so well from afar, meaning she doesn’t realize that it’s because he knows her situation a lot better than she thinks.

Yoon-sung scoffs at the line, saying that it’s typical for men to say that to score with girls. And then Young-ju exits the vet clinic, instantly bringing the level of awkward up a few notches.

Nana is surprised that Sae-hee and Young-ju know each other, and they fumble to say that they’re just “friends” from ten years ago. For whatever reason, they’re not telling her about their past relationship, although Sae-hee seems to sense that Young-ju’s interested in Nana. She pointedly brings up the postcard, which makes Young-ju shoot her a look of alarm, since he has to pretend he has no idea what it is.

The foursome step inside for coffee, and Yoon-sung requests to read the postcard. She refuses, saying, “It’s from my Daddy Long Legs — I won’t show it to just anyone,” which makes Young-ju fidget nervously. HA. I love this four-way awkwardness.

The TV news features a story about another member of the Council of Five, Kim Jong-shik, the trustee of a prestigious university and former minister of education. The sight of his face onscreen causes different reactions from everyone (such as Yoon-sung, who recognizes a potential target), but it’s most pronounced with Nana, who has a sudden flashback to a car accident and changes the channel, saying she doesn’t like that man.


This is the man I’m almost certain is Young-ju’s father, and the accident must be the one that killed Nana’s mother and turned her father into a vegetable. This would explain why Young-ju is keeping his distance, and why he’s been taking care of Nana from afar without revealing his identity. Attraction conflicting with guilt? The plot thickens.

Exiting from the clinic, Yoon-sung offers Nana a ride home, which she turns down. Young-ju offers the same, leading to a round of Mine! No, mine! between the two men (ahh, why are they so cute when they’re being so petty and competitive?), and this time Nana chooses Young-ju.

Yoon-sung follows in his car, watching as they stop at a pharmacy. Young-ju insists on buying Nana ointment to reduce scarring and removes her Pororo band-aid to apply it — which happens to be the thing Yoon-sung has been bugging her to do all day, only he did it in the I’m-poking-you-aggressively-because-I-like-you-but-don’t-know-how-to-be-nice-about-it way, whereas Young-ju is just, you know, nice about it.

Jealous and annoyed, Yoon-sung tosses aside the tube of ointment he’d bought — that’s strike two, buddy. Gotta up your game if you want to outmaneuver Daddy Long Legs! Then again, your father probably didn’t kill her mother, so you’re already ahead of the game.

That’s why Young-ju looks uncomfortable when Nana asks if a ten-year-old accident can be reinvestigated. He tells her it’ll be difficult, though there are circumstances where it might be possible. He offers to look into the possibility, while playing dumb about the specific case she’s talking about.

At home, Nana looks through a scrapbook containing news articles she’s collected over the years, detailing Kim Jong-shik’s illustrious career as minister of education. She blames him for everything, saying, “If it weren’t for you, my family wouldn’t be like this.”

Then she adds her postcard to her box of correspondence — which, from the looks of it, has been accumulating steadily over the past decade, the letters signed simply “Ajusshi.”

That night, Yoon-sung texts, “Are you asleep?” Nana ignores it, but he follows that with, “Really, are you asleep?” And then, “The Pororo band-aid looked much better.” Oh, you. Just tell her you like her, already! Yoon-sung adorably tells his phone to text him back, grumbling when she doesn’t.

In a conference call with Dad, Yoon-sung reports about Target No. 2. Apparently, the Korean military had contracted with U.S. military company Mars (spelling uncertain) when Seo Yong-hak was still minister of defense. Seo has recently taken a line against them for their defective material, but it’s a strange turnaround from his previous stance. The director of the company is scheduled for a visit to Korea soon, and Yoon-sung will look into his meeting with Seo.

It’s only now that Yoon-sung reaches for his bullet necklace, and realizes it’s gone. Nana has it, and contemplates her unknown savior.

In the hospital, two of the Council of Five discuss who could have made the attempt on his life. I love that they list potential enemies and only hit upon the correct source on the third attempt — these hands, they be not clean.

As-yet-unnumbered future target Chun wonders if it was someone from Mars, because Seo had proposed changing contracts after two planes crashed in Russia. Seo shoots down that idea as outlandish.

Seo has an inkling it may be connected to the dog tags that had been hanging on Senator Lee’s neck when he was delivered to the prosecutor. His research has found that they belonged to special forces agents with links to that October 1983 incident. The possibility that this could be connected to that old mission has both men alarmed, because if news went public that they killed 21 of their own men, they’d all be destroyed.

Chun recalls the two children brought in to Senator Lee’s book launch, and the mysterious City Hunter who appeared shortly after they left. He orders his Right-Hand Man to track down the kids, and orders another 20 men added to his own bodyguard force. Does this mean the greater the protection, the guiltier the conscience?

Meanwhile, President Choi has already deduced that Jin-pyo’s the one on a revenge mission, and wonders how far he’s going to take it.

Judo session turns out to be quite the breeding ground for romance, with Eun-ah taking advantage of the training to flirt with Ki-joon. He isn’t the smoothest about it, jumping back in alarm and ready to tattle to his boss about the inappropriate advances of the bodyguard, only every time he tries, Eun-ah tosses him over her shoulder to the mat. Ha.

Over on the other side of the gym, Nana attempts to teach a disinterested Yoon-sung some moves. (Alas, only of the judo variety.) He does the whole careless playboy thing, saying he doesn’t need to know this stuff, and that if it’s so important that he be protected, she can protect him.

Nana laughs and says, again unaware of the irony of her statement, “What a difference. Somebody is working hard all night to try to catch the sniper — aren’t you embarrassed at all?”

He gripes back that she sure took that somebody’s advice about the face ointment when she was so adamant with him about not caring. He’s irritated, so when she tries to flip him, he counters and pushes her instead to the mat — unconsciously mimicking the move he’d used to drag her out of the line of fire.

As that physical memory comes into clarity for Nana, Yoon-sung continues to pester her jealously, asking, “I guess that means you must want to be seen as a woman by that somebody.” I don’t know that Nana has fully connected Yoon-sung to her rescuer, but this new idea rattles her for a moment and she hurriedly pushes him aside, saying that yes, she’d like Young-ju to see her as a woman.

The communications network is taken down in another hacking attack, and Ki-joon reports that they can’t do much to counter it. Yoon-sung offers to counterhack, and swiftly manages the task, to Ki-joon’s chagrin and his boss’s elation.

Yoon-sung approaches later to ask why Ki-joon had deliberately held back, “Because it’s inconceivable that someone with your skills wouldn’t be able to do it. What was your reason?” Ki-joon denies it, but from Yoon-sung’s reaction, we can see he’s not buying it.

Chun’s Right-Hand Man arrives at Nana’s apartment complex looking for the two children, only to hear that they’ve moved out of Seoul. On his way out, he spies Nana arriving home, and remembers seeing her at the book launch with the children. He files this useful bit of info away for future use.

Yoon-sung impresses everyone by updating the security on the network and calls it a day, eager to go home, only to get roped into a department dinner. He tries to wriggle his way out of it but ends up reluctantly at a noraebang; he jumps at the first chance to leave by offering to take home a drunk, gloomy Ki-joon.

Something about today’s events has put Ki-joon into a funk, and as Yoon-sung drags him out, he lets loose his emotions. Ki-joon admits that it’s true he purposely didn’t block the hacking, bursting out belligerently that his younger brother, a former Taekwondo athlete, was injured while serving his army duty.

He cries, “Why the hell was he given defective army boots, with the soles falling out? Why was he told to use them while hammering nails? My little brother got tetanus from a nail and lost his leg!” Hmm, so he harbors a grudge against the military, is that it? Convenient to our plot, yes, but also intriguing.

Just then, the designated driver arrives, and it’s Nana. Problem is, she’s not allowed to have side jobs now that she works for the Blue House, so when Ki-joon asks why she’s here, she freezes. Ki-joon guesses that the two are dating, and crows at this “discovery” — a statement Nana can’t deny if she wants to keep her job.

Yoon-sung plays designated driver as they take Ki-joon home, although not without some difficulty since the extent of his directions are “Just go!” Haha.

And while Yoon-sung may not feel romantically threatened by Ki-joon, he sure doesn’t like to see him slumping all over Nana. He swerves sharply to dislodge Ki-joon’s head from her shoulder, and when that fails, he swerves sharply the other way until the two are forced apart. HA. So delightfully immature.

When the door opens, Nana and Yoon-sung are startled to see that the man standing there is missing a leg — Ki-joon’s brother, crippled by the army. As they put him to bed, Ki-joon mumbles about his poor brother whose “days of kicking are over,” crying in his sleep. It’s a difficult thing for his brother to see, as well as Yoon-sung and Nana, who excuse themselves.

On the way home, Ki-joon’s anguished words ring in Yoon-sung’s ears, while he sits there with eyes closed. And then it’s time for him to try the same thing as Ki-joon, by letting his head fall on Nana’s shoulder.

Her attempt to push him off her is hilarious, because it just makes him feign sleep even harder, and he pushes his head more firmly to keep it nestled against her. It’s both absurdly sweet and completely comical.

Nana finally gives up, finding it amusing, and lets him win.

I love that this is what he learned from Ki-joon’s drunkenness, and that there’s a level of calculated effort that went into preparing the moment. Hee.

As they walk to her apartment, Yoon-sung teases knowingly, “You purposely didn’t wake me up so you could have more time with me, right?” What’s that saying…about he who smelt it…dealt it?

I love their bickering/flirting, now that Nana’s no longer peeved; he announces that she’s bound to be thankful to him for walking her home, so how about more of that kimchi she packed for him last time?

Nana: “So now I’m your kimchi supplier?” Yoon-sung: “Who said to make it so delicious?”

What they don’t know is that at that very moment, Chun’s Right-Hand Man is rifling through Nana’s things, and finds her folder of clips on Kim Jong-shik. Ooh, this should provide some interesting complications, if they assume she’s keeping tabs on Kim for reasons entirely separate from the truth.

The couple flirts their way to the door (Nana: “This is the home of a single woman! Stay out!” Yoon-sung: “I’m sure you see me as a man, but I totally don’t see you as a woman, so move!”), their voices alerting the intruder. Nana wonders if she forgot to lock her door, but that immediately gets Yoon-sung’s Spidey sense tingling — and as he watches Nana enter her room, the intruder lurks outside it.

Mr. Right-Hand Man readies a switchblade to use on Nana, so to keep from entangling her in the fight, Yoon-sung calls out her name loudly, which makes him slip away. Yoon-sung follows him into the stairwell, grabs his baseball cap to cover his own face, and stays in the shadows to fight.

He evades his attacker’s knife skillfully, and in the scuffle the intruder drops Nana’s Kim Jong-shik folder. Yoon-sung picks it up and knocks the man unconscious with a flurry of jabs to the chest, then returns oh-so-casually to Nana’s apartment to claim his kimchi. He quickly replaces the folder without her detecting it.

Yoon-sung warns her about the dangers of living here with the faulty front door, but Nana just says she’ll fix it when she has time. He yells at her for not being sufficiently afraid, and tells her to sleep with the windows closed.

She interprets his concern in a different way, which is cute enough on its own since she’s starting to warm to him. But she’s not all the way there yet, for instance sending him off saying, “Go carefully…or not, whatever.” Like she has to qualify her concern by acting nonchalant. Suuuure, we believe you, or whatever.

Mr. Right Hand reports to Chun about Nana’s file on Kim Jong-shik, and Chun tells Mr. Right Hand to investigate her further. Right Hand mentions possibly having encountered the City Hunter as well, but won’t say more until he’s confirmed it.

Yoon-sung belatedly recognizes Right Hand Man as the attacker on the yacht who’d tried to kill Senator Lee, and feels even more unsettled upon leaving Nana’s place. So instead, he decides to stay here all night, and spends the next several hours standing there in front of her building, just hanging out, keeping an eye out for baddies.

Meanwhile, Nana starts an embroidery project — a sign intended for a car, which reads “Flower boy on board.” Aw — how can that be so cute and hilarious at the same time?

At work, Nana’s supervisor asks about the wage garnishment that has been implemented on her paycheck. He warns her to fix this situation or risk losing her job, because the Secret Service can’t have their credibility put on the line.

Nana promises to figure it out, and goes to the new owner (or rather, former new owner) to assure him that she’ll move out soon — only to hear that he sold her place.

Nana races to find Yoon-sung at the Blue House, where he’s grimacing over his own coffee, wondering how to re-create the Nana taste. He lights up to see her, but she confronts him indignantly about meddling with her life: “Who are you to buy my house?!”


What a delightful surprise to find such a light-hearted episode amidst the action-packed, intrigue-filled storylines. I hadn’t expected this much of a romantic-comedy vibe but I fully welcome it, since these characters are just so cute together. And while I’m not sure if what I’m sensing is raw romantic chemistry, I do buy their attraction to each other, but more importantly, the conflict keeping them apart. He’s got that whole superhero identity/mission to maintain, while she has seen him act enough like a playboy ass to be wary of falling under his charm as well.

I’d been confused about the Young-ju connection till now, but I’m pretty sure we were meant to be fuzzy on the details prior to this point. And what I see, I like — it’s a really nice echo of Yoon-sung’s own conflict with Nana, because Young-ju also has a secret identity, and he also has a vested interest in keeping that knowledge from Nana. Both men are holding back part of themselves, and as a result Nana will probably feel drawn to both of them in pieces — because she doesn’t have the picture of the whole. I just love dichotomies like this.

But in addition to the parallel of that, there’s also a nice contrast, when you consider the motives of the two men. Yoon-sung can’t reveal that he’s a better man than he appears, because that would endanger the work he’s doing. Young-ju seems to be afraid of outing himself partially because it would pain Nana to know he was linked to that accident, but also because of what I interpret as selfish fear that she’d hate him. And while Yoon-sung is bound to his outer cool act, despite his inner warmth, it’s the opposite for Young-ju, who gets to be as kind and caring as he wants to but has to face potentially dropping in her esteem once the truth is out.

Or at least, that’s my speculation based on the details dropped in this episode. The facts may in fact change in the future…


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  1. ilikehim

    I couldnt stop smiling at he bus scene. So. Cute.

    • 1.1 ilikehim

      Is Young-Ju is prosecutor or a police? Why do i feel like he’s doing all the police stuff?

      • 1.1.1 Linda

        i think he is the district attorney.. so he works alongside the police but i agree with you.. he seems to being doing alot of police work

      • 1.1.2 joyofpiano

        He’s a prosecutor, but it seems like he is like a police because he’s very hands on. I’m thinking it’s because he wants a thorough job of it or because these guys are his father’s friends so he’d want to be on top of it.

      • 1.1.3 Leona

        try a different approach – Korean legal system ain’t the American one…
        at times his char looks like one in Law and Order sorta of McCoy type of char … the only thing is that McCoy didn’t have such an intense love line(c’mon this is a kdrama)

        2. he was a policeman in Three brothers … and to me this is his best image … I’m glad he took the role

      • 1.1.4 Senris

        Prosecutor as investigator isn’t totally unbelievable, even in the States. I worked last summer as a legal intern in the local DA’s office, and the prosecutors there worked very closely with the police on major crimes–showing up at murder scenes along with the police, etc. Especially in big cases that take a lot of prep work, like gang-busting or white collar crime, prosecutors may spend months (or, in the federal system, years) investigating before bringing charges.

        (And yes, DA’s offices do have dedicated investigators, usually former police officers. Ours took us out to lunch and showed us all the shiny equipment in his car.)

        This doesn’t mean that Young-ju isn’t getting awfully over-involved–I wonder if the police do ANYTHING in his world. But there’s enough of a thread of realism that I can sit back and enjoy. πŸ™‚

    • 1.2 Linda

      I couldn’t stop smiling either! I was so happy that the cuteness continued into episode 6 πŸ˜€

    • 1.3 Adeka

      My god me too. He looked so happy.

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      me too!

      i have been rewatching it and other cute scenes over and over!

      this week is indeed a delightful surprise. both episodes were light-hearted but i’m not complaining because i enjoy the cute soooooo much!

      i’m sure more angst and intense are coming, so these cute episodes are a welcome.

      its amazing how they can mix all these genres into this drama so well. to think cute can exist this much in a revenge drama, i cant be happier!

    • 1.5 amy

      Me too. it was so cute.

    • 1.6 Linda

      you know what other scene was super cute? When he started laughing when the dog pooped πŸ˜€ my cheeks hurt from smiling at the overloaded cuteness

      • 1.6.1 wanne

        OMG, LMH’s grin there is superrrr cute beyond words!

      • 1.6.2 Lidia

        that little grin/giggle was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen πŸ™‚

    • 1.7 dude


  2. Likey dramas

    thnks for the recaps ^_^

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    I love this drama. Lee Minho’s character is such a sweetheart, despite how cold-blooded his devil of a dad wants him to be πŸ™‚

    • 3.1 amy

      He is more lovable because he is becoming opposite to what his dad wants him to become. i always love that type of characters.

  4. Thatgirl

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Lee Minho. But…. For a player, this guy definitely has no clue how to talk to girls.

    • 4.1 Thatgirl

      Lol!!! Ever since City Hunter started, I have been stalking Viki every wednesday, Thursdays, and sometimes Fridays.
      And I have been stalking this site for the recaps.

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        ME TOO!!!! gah. I already watched episode 6 and I’m waiting to read the recap to see what they thought of it as well….. ^^

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          Yeah, I’ve already watched episode 6 too. Now, I’m sad because I have to wait a whole nother week for the next episode. xCCCCCCCC

          • joyofpiano

            I know!!!! D: such sadness…..I think I shall go rewatch some episodes hehehe so much love for this show ^^

    • 4.2 Thatgirl

      I mean Yoon Sung, not Minho.

    • 4.3 Senris

      I get the sense that Yoon-sung is very good at playing women when he’s got a goal distinct from romance (i.e. Senator Lee’s girlfriend, the woman in the hospital in episode 6), but when he’s actually invested in the relationship he reverts to being that poorly-socialized kid who grew up in a drug warlord’s camp and has no idea how to handle his own emotions. Makes me wonder if he ever had any relationships during his seven years in the States. I’m betting not…

      • 4.3.1 Thatgirl

        Yeah… huh…. Watching him be all cool like this, I totally forgot that he’s kinda socially awkward because he grew up in that kinda environment.

    • 4.4 Thatgirl

      I honestly like the Yoon Sung and Sae Hee couple more.

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    Also, I’m totally cheering for Ki-Joon and Eun-ah. Their judo scene was adorable–and her defense of him in Episode 6 totally tipped me into shipping them. Here’s hoping they’ll be the nice normal couple on the sidelines, while Yoon-sung and Nana and Young-ju and Sae-hee do their mating dance!

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      i remember a similar scene but with reverse situation in Ep1 when JP got down on his knees in front of a standing YS trying to remove the landmine under his feet.

      these two scenes were simple and short yet affecting me so much.

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    Wouldn’t her training have prepared her to be vigilant for any evil-person-lurking-in-the-dark?

    Also, just having experienced near death (with a bullet to her head), in addition to the heightened political environment, and the fact that she’s the personal bodyguard of the president’s daughter, wouldn’t those factors dispose her toward doing routine safety-perimeter-and-interior-scoping of her place of residence?

    Maybe she’s just a super optimistic, carefree person…who happens to land a job with the secret service.

    Le sight~

    • 10.1 Senris

      Given that Nana doesn’t seem to have undergone any special training before entering the Blue House, and was specifically told by her director that she’d be skipping the normal 6-month newbie training in order to be put straight on assignment guarding Dae-hee…

      Yeah, I’m trying hard not to think about the state of the Blue House’s security, and just enjoy the show. πŸ˜€

    • 10.2 78446

      To be fair, I think she knew she wasn’t the target of that assassination attempt so she has no reason to fear for her safety. As regards to her job though, I don’t think Judo champion qualifies you to be Secret Service (in my country, they came from the military, even the women) and they have crazy-good reflexes and eyes like hawks. I remember this one event I couldn’t run or make any sudden movements within a ten meter radius from who they were guarding. Those guys are shoot-to-kill, dude.

      SO, suspension of disbelief time! and just enjoy. LMH is HAWT!

    • 10.3 lady

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    • 10.4 bittercandy

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      anyway, this is k-drama and this is a another opportunity for our handsome hero to do something so that we the audience can go oooh and ahhh about it.

      I thought JB thinks way too much too πŸ˜› to even think that the prosecutor being a daddy-long legs a red herring.

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    For the past few weeks I have been wishing/praying each episode would have pack the same intensity as the first but it just never happened….. I’ve been trying so hard to like this show since i love all the actor/actresses but they just don’t seem to work together for me at all, expectually Yoon-sung and NaNa! I practically roll my eyes and fastforward everytime they are together, I always get the immature high school lovey dovey vibe from them which might be cute for a drama with a lighter tone but not so much here. Oh will at least I TRIED…….

    • 13.1 Birdie

      Yeah this episode has turned into a rom-com with a fist fight. Not a slick cool intense drama that the first episode seemed to indicate. I sympathize with your disappointment. I find the interaction between YS and NN -BOF-ish. The biggest flaw (there are many minor ones) for me is Na Na and the other girl as bodyguards or part of the elite security service in the Blue House is unbelievable.It is hard to follow a drama where the characters and their roles do not match. But , I am staying on because it is a Lee Min Ho drool fest and I like the scenes between LYS and the fake dad.

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    great job once again on the recaps

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    LMH’s glares! *swoon*

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    I like that there is a lot of fuzzy points in the drama so we are kept at the edge of our seat. Kinda sad too, that we see how Jin Pyo’s words are becoming true. That the city hunter will be hunted and so will the people he cares about.

  22. 22 crazedlu

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    • 22.1 Little Lulu


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      • 25.1.1 wanne

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    • 25.2 MsScorpion

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      I don’t think we should be discussing ep 6 over here.

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    You guys have probably already thought of this, but I think I understand better than before about why Yoon-sung has a different idea about revenge than Jin-pyo.

    First off, Jin-pyo didn’t actually tell him about his father’s death until he was 17, allowing most of his formative years to be unfettered by thoughts revenge. Now, the effects of Jin-pyo’s harshness were felt, but it caused him to strive to be better, and luckily did not result in resentment. We probably have Alfred to thank for that. I’m sure the resentment will come later, with the whole mother issue plotline.

    The big one, I think, that the drama did a good job of setting up was showing us his relationship with his surrogate mother. His first reaction, upon her death, was to run off willy-nilly and Get Revenge on the killers.

    And what happened? He almost lost his father, or the person he’s known all his life as his father. I think this showed him caution, since his actions wouldn’t bring back his mother, and he almost lost more. So with his refusal so far to corrupt himself, and his determination to live well and get an even better revenge that, you know, actually helps the bigger picture AND the people around him, I think this is a more dynamic story than most revenge thrillers.

    Also, there were a lot of critics of Lee Min-ho’s acting, but I thought he was doing a pretty good job of emoting. I definitely feel his pain, and he does the split-personalitied super-hero thing really well. Plus he’s good at doing quietly intense faces, like that scene around his real mom in ep 4. Most young actors make the mistake of overacting, and I think he’s understated without being mannequin-like. To each his own, though. And I much prefer Park Min-young’s personality to the average ditzy, clumsy heroine. I think they’re doing a great job together.

    It also helps that LMH is gorgeous. I try to be objective about assessing acting ability, but it must be said.

    • 26.1 Senris

      That’s a great point about his surrogate mother. I’d always felt she helped him grow up human, compensating for the love and warmth Jin-pyo didn’t show him (although gruff American mercenary in Episode 1 was fairly nice to him, too). But I hadn’t even thought of the effect her death and its consequences would have on his ideas of revenge, so thanks for such a great explanation!

  27. 27 Arhazivory

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  28. 28 alphabet soup

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    I too like that the main focus here is the action and intrigue while the romance takes a backseat. Too much of one genre can get boring and tiresome.

  29. 29 sb

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  30. 30 joyofpiano

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  31. 31 stars4u

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    • 31.1 Little Lulu

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    At some point in the drama Young-ju will have to pursude his father. I would like to see that because its affecting him right now the fact that he cant (or want I cant say) do anything against him related to Nana’s parents. I think too that he has fear that she will hate him if she knows.
    Why Yoon-sung didn’t adopt a puppy?
    Lee Min Ho + puppy = Me dying of cuteness.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 33.1 Daniela

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    • 33.2 wanne


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  35. 35 Cynthia

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    This ep. and 6 has generated lengthy threads over on Open Thread – LMH love is pouring over all of us – and we did it SPOILER FREE!

    Ep. 5 really shows us the firm hand the writing team has pushing this storyline along – it’s a seamless flow to ep.6 and a total pleasure to watch.

    The only sad thing about 5 & 6 is that FLAMINGO DREAM is at the cleaners, but will make their reappearance in ep.7.
    The boy can really rock those pants…..

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    • 35.1 Venus

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      • 35.2.1 Cynthia

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        That is the picture I have of him in my brain.
        (Oh, yeah – and he’s hugging me, too, and has
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        “come hither” expression…..)

        Wait!….What? Cripes, there goes my husband (KHJ)
        bugging me again to pay attention to him! It’s like
        he’s got LMH-radar. And Hyun-joong keeps reminding me that’s he’s my firefighter hearing an alarm?! What the hell’s up with that?!
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    • 36.1 Venus

      Hi Trixi…

      looooool at your Nana commet, but I do think there is a reason on why Nana got offer the job on the Blue house, and I believe is cause of her dad or daddy long legs..,other wise the chick should have found a job somewhere in the mall…

      • 36.1.1 syeramy

        agreeeddd πŸ™‚ i also thought, there are reasons…

  37. 37 saranga

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    i thought the young-ju and nana connection was made sort of clear in the previous episode when he and yoon-sung got the same wallet for nana. young-ju was shown asking the clerk to include a dog keychain with the wallet. and nana received the wallet and that same keychain in the mail from her “daddy long legs.” that, combined with young-ju’s convo with the vet which had showed he had known of nana even before they ran into each other at the club, the show helped us realize that he must be daddy long legs and had been taking care of her from afar.

    the reasons why, of course, weren’t quite clear with this episode…

    i’ve no doubt that yoon-sung will figure out eventually that young-ju is daddy long legs, but i wonder if he ever saw young-ju giving the keychain to the salesclerk to include with the wallet, and put the pieces together that way? haha

  38. 38 Messi

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  39. 39 Maw

    If Young-ju really is Nana’s Daddy Long Legs, then they just made a boo-boo props-wise in this episode..

    they used a close-up shot showing Young-ju sending the postcard and you can clearly see the image on the back of the card.. when Sae-hee raises the card Nana got, the image on the back is totally different..

    so, it’s either Young-ju isn’t Daddy Long Legs or Korea’s got one hell of a postal service.. πŸ™‚

  40. 40 wanne

    i wish they give Nana and her bodyguard friend some other moves too because i’ve been wondering is judo all about that flip and nothing else.

    Makes Nana kicks some ass and PMY should use that opportunity to prove us wrong.

    • 40.1 kaye

      Agree on the judo move. I’m thinking, is that all there is to judo?

      Other than the Nana character, I’m loving this series.

  41. 41 Joy

    I don’t think I have swoooned this much, even when watching it along side Best Love. Like the part where he kept vigil for Nana while she has no friggin’ idea plus he has to act as if nothing happned? YES. The next episode is even more swoon-worthy but I’ll wait till Girlfriday’s post to gush more.

    • 41.1 wanne

      yeah, next episode was beyond cute and swoon, i couldnt stop smiling!

      action can take a backseat while i enjoy this adorable YS now!

      once angst starts to kick up, i dont think YS can be this playful anymore. so lets enjoy while it lasts!

      thank you writer-nim, i wouldnt know LMH can be this cute if not because of you!

      • 41.1.1 Joy

        I have to say I do like that there is action because it keeps things from getting too saccharine (at least for my tastes). Somehow I don’t think YS can be THAT angsty for too long a period of time – our city hunter cannot keep his paws off Nana for that long. RAWR.

  42. 42 Molly

    I’m usually not into action dramas, but I gave this a try because I adore the two leads. Im so glad I did. Its turning out to be my favourite Lee Min ho drama, and one of the best of the year. Other then everything (stroyline, chemistry between all the charachters, comedy, mystery, intruge), one of my favourite things about this drama is the 1970’s cool-detective music that plays when Lee min ho is about to do something city-hunterish. I mean it just fits!

    • 42.1 ladida

      I know! I love the music, too. I especially appreciated it when he was looking over the city while on Nana’s roof in ep. 6; I was even bobbing my head to it. Got some weird looks…

    • 42.2 wanne

      Me third! i love the music!

      thumbs up to whoever the music director!

      i heard he’s the same director behind BOF O_O
      i cannot believe it. he cant be the same person behind ‘almost paaaaaarraaaadiiiiiiseeeeeee’!

      • 42.2.1 Molly

        Hahahahaha. Almost Paradise! The one thing Ive tried so hard to forget about BOF. But it keeps coming back to me somehow.
        I love episode 6. Its brilliant. I just keep swooning scene after scene. City hunter has alomost taken my breath away. Especially in a particular scene-

        Yoon Sung perving on Nana with wet hair. Its almost as though its his first sexual awakening. Boy you are so in love with her. Just admit it. She can protect herself from all the bad guys who will exploit her as your kryptonite.

        I still like Best Love more though. Just a bit. Dokko Jin takes the cake.

  43. 43 b

    After reading javabean’s theory that Young-ju could be the son of Kim Jong-shik, one of the members of the Council of Five (and since this drama has turned into a superhero story), the first thing that came to mind was Young-ju is the Harvey Dent/Two-Face to Yoon-sung’s Batman. As you may recall in The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent was the straight-laced Gotham City District Attorney and a rival to Bruce Wayne for Rachel’s affection. He became a villain after Rachel’s death and his being badly scarred on one side of his face. Perhaps he will be scarred in a similar way due to some action by Yoon-sung (and said action possibly causing Nana’s death as well), that he turns evil and swears revenge on Yoon-sung. I’m guessing that unless the Joker shows up, Young-ju/Two-Face will be Yoon-sung’s arch-enemy (cue awesome Batman music). I need sleep.

    • 43.1 wanne

      lol, thanks for the laugh!

      if this will be a prequel to City Hunter the manga, i’m sure Nana wont die because she have to be his sidekick. unless they bring a new character. hmm..

      • 43.1.1 Cici

        In episode 2, Lee Kyung Wah clearly says that Yoong-ju IS Kim Jong-shik’s son.

        I hope he doesn’t turn into two-face, though I can clearly see a more bitter future in turn for our favourite straight-laced persecutor though.

        • b

          Yeah, Two-Face has already been taken, so they need to be a bit more original. Maybe he’ll lose his legs and through the miracle of modern science (and a rich dad), he’ll have super bio-mechanical legs. He’ll be true to his moniker, Daddy Long Legs. It might be tough to take seriously a villain with that kind of name, though. He’s got to be more ruthless than your average bad guy. The last words his hapless victims would hear are, “Make fun of me, will you. We’ll see who has the last laugh!”

  44. 44 miniejungle

    i was smiling the whole time watching ep 5 and was loving it even more in ep 6, they are adorable to watch!!!! for once i feel the connection with PMY’s character (unlike SKK, totally not connected at all) and she’s been great playing Nana. Minho is awesome and I love how the show is still fast moving and interesting, just like the great beginning. how many ep will this be? i don’t want it to end!!!

    now im waiting for your ep6 recap… and hope Wednesday is tomorrow!!!!

  45. 45 angeline ong

    just finished watching episode 5& 6. so good and romantic. min hoT is so HOTTT. he so romantic. guard all night!!awww… it really kills me.

  46. 46 rainie

    Totally love this week’s episode. They seem like a real couple already always fighting then making up. Thanks for the recap. But then after listening to joonghyun’s so goodbye it makes me wonder if minho is going to die/ have a tragedy ending. The lryic is so good & this song is putting joonghyun in minho’s shoe and saying those word to Nana. Well that’s jux my guest pluses its still early so anything could happen. One last thing y does lee minho always have to move in. To the girl’s house πŸ™‚

  47. 47 Lulai

    OMG! Lee MiN Hot keeps getting hotter and hotter in each episode. Daym!!! This boy has so much sex appeal. If I were younger, I’d be stalking him! Jeesussss Christ! I am in love with this guy! ~faints~ Aiiiiiiii!!!!

  48. 48 Jomo

    Thanks for recapping this.
    The show doesn’t have a lot of weight, though it tries, it really tries. The problem is when all the serious stuff hits the screen, it is three lines of subtitles that I have to hit the pause button to read.
    After three or four of those moments, my interest wanes enough where I go off to read Dramabeans to see if anything new is posted. 10 minutes later, I’m like, “Oh yeah, I was watching City Hunter, wasn’t I?”

    Your enthusiasm for the characters and the cute aids and abets mine.

    Then again, your father probably didn’t kill her mother, so you’re already ahead of the game.

    Who would ever guess being raised by a heroine producing father is an advantage in the game of lurrrrve?

    The bus scene was so cute, it took me out of the show a bit. It looked like LMH was just playing with PMY.

    I agree with whoever says KNN is the weak-link here. I am not completely blaming the actress. Forcing her to play the “I love him/I love him not” several times in one episode doesn’t help. She doesn’t look conflicted, she looks like she is playing someone with a personality disorder.

    Sometimes YS can fool around with Nana the Nice, but one moment later, Nana the Wounded shows up and yells at him for trying to help her. God forbid someone with power offers to help. What? She’ll only take assistance from people as weak as her? All right, all right, I get it. Pride and stuff.
    But hearing that same song over and over will get on my nerves.

    And, to make sure it is understood, LMH is a beautiful beautiful man. I think his character is believable, even with the superhero abilities. I am rooting for him, and I want to see him through to where he is HAPPY!

    • 48.1 Birdie

      I do wish the writers would put more depth into NN character as she is pretty central to City Hunter character development.Therefore even in dramaland,her character protryal should be at least half-believable. I don’t think PMY plays conflicted emotions very well. She is good at being cute and sweet-the director is promoting it as evidenced by her attire when she is not wearing the suit,the ribbons on her hair, the stuffed toys , the frilly curtains,cute slippers,etc.But the few expressions she display is similar to the ones she had on for SKKS.Even then I thought the boys outacted her.

      • 48.1.1 Cici

        I kind of agree with this. Sometimes I see Park Shin Hye in the same role and feel that she’d be a more believable Nana. Of course, PSH is too young. And well, PMY is serviceable as Nana, I guess, though she could do better at portraying the conflicted nature of her character.

        Honestly, Lee Min Ho’s acting and hotness is more than enough to make up for anything missing. x)

        • preetam

          Even your lmh is not believable as a 28 years old man who was raised and trained by a cold killer drug seller. He is too model like. His aura doesn’t fit his character. He is not intimidating even when he fight. The older actors are the saving grace of this show actingwise.

  49. 49 Venus

    Recaps up yessss!! thanks JB… πŸ˜€

    I really enjoy this episode, I think the writer is trying to give the audience some sort of balace of romcom and action/thriller by give us back to back cuteness on ep 5 and 6, but yet both episodes lay the groundwork for what is to come.
    Ep 5 really was an episode that give us more insight on Nana’s story and character, which i think is needed since her story, I believe is going to be center stage down the road, since we get the hint that her dad accident was not “really an accident”.
    Also what I really enjoy in this episode is that YS character is changing, from being that detach person, that we saw earlier to someone who is beginning to care about people. Which is a great thing to see, cause with great “power comes great responsibility” ….plus LMH is just freaking adorable when he does the cute scene….
    Not give anything away, by the end of ep 6 we start to see that things are getting intense and Daddy Dearest is going for the kill….

    This is just probably me, but in other political/action dramas I tend to hit the fast-forward” button, but on CH the writers are doing a good job in keeping interested on this men and what they have done and how corrupted they have become.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the balcony fighting scene it was such a great fluid action sequence…..

    Can’t wait for ep 6 recaps… πŸ˜€

    • 49.1 Jomo

      Totally agree on the balcony scene.
      Our City Hunter seems to have caught the groove. I like that he will be fighting the same “nemesis/partner” through the series, too, so they will good at dodging and weaving against each other.

    • 49.2 xtooline

      Fight scene on balcony: awesome. Who knew you could use a rolled up plastic three ring binder as a weapon?

      This is my favorite series right now. Even over Yuchun in Ripley. Thought that wasn’t possible, but who can deny the awesome hotness of LMH? Has anyone pointed out that PMY must have saved Korea in some past life to get to act with the two of them in succession?

      • 49.2.1 hbfrack

        I was thinking the same thing xtooline. What did she do in her past life to be this lucky? Yuchun and LMH. Really she is lucky!

  50. 50 Saima

    i never thought i was a patient person….hell, i am torturing myself by browsing thru these recaps only to stare at the hotness that is, LMH, ‘n am waiting until this show is airing its 15-16 epi (it’s a 20-epi show, right?) so that i can marathon it!! Oh, the waittttt!! hmmphhh

    totally random but am i the only one who sees a very strong resemblance b/w LMH and Kimura Takuya?!

    • 50.1 Divyrus

      HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT??!??!??!

      I never have had such resistance!!!

      I cant even wait till subs come out! AM WATCHING IT RAW!!

      You know there was a time when I went through these comments for other dramas and people say they watch it RAW.. and I was like “HOW COULD THEY??” And used to say to myself Thank God am not THAT obsessed!!!

      But right now am THAT obsessed!!
      I really appreciate your patience!!!!!

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