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City Hunter: Episode 7
by | June 17, 2011 | 219 Comments

The jealousy shoe is on the other foot, and it’s just as cute. It’s been adorable watching Yoon-sung fumble to ingratiate himself with Nana while maintaining his playboy cover, but now Nana has to deal with her budding attraction — and when the source of that attraction is as cool, smart, and HOT as Yoon-sung? Jealousy is just inevitable. Good luck trying to fight that; you’re better off just giving in.


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Hotel room, meet awkward moment. Yoon-sung knows exactly what everyone’s thinking, and while Sae-hee does too, she’s perfectly calm about it. Nerves of steel, that woman. With her ex Young-ju seething in front of her, she excuses herself, still angry at him for ditching her for his work. To rub salt into that wound, Young-ju follows her out for an explanation…and gets called mid-conversation.

An important discovery has come in: the identification of the hijacking driver with the limp. It’s Jin-pyo, whose official profile lists him as Steve Lee, a Korean-American businessman in agriculture. Oh, is “agriculture” what we’re calling narcotics trade now?

Yoon-sung calls Nana repeatedly, and fails repeatedly. I love that the instant his phone rings, he laughs smugly to himself, ’cause it means an ego setdown is in order when it’s not her.

It’s Jin-pyo, calling to take Yoon-sung to task for not being on-task; he asks if it’s because of a girl, and Yoon-sung says no. But the scarily all-knowing Jin-pyo has learned everything (about the progress of their research) from Shik-joong, who’s caved under pressure.

Jin-pyo wants to go public with the Seo Yong-hak/Hudson connection immediately with the video proof Yoon-sung got from the hotel, but Yoon-sung wants to wait. He argues that Seo losing the presidential election isn’t enough for him, that he wants to show him that all are equal before the law.

Yoon-sung’s spared a paternal ass-whooping (Dad is not impressed with this “soft” answer) by the arrival of the public prosecutors. Yoon-sung and Shik-joong hang back while his father receives Young-ju and his partner.

When Jin-pyo steps aside to bring a tray of beverages for his guests, the partner sneaks over to the glass on his desk and quickly lifts a fingerprint with some tape.

While keeping his tone pleasant, Young-ju comments on Dad’s apparent numerous hobbies — piano playing, motorcycle riding — and asks if he by chance also likes to shoot guns. Smooth segue there. Jin-pyo gives a false chuckle and says, “I’ve never even shot a gun. I dislike such dreadful things.”

Young-ju says Seo’s sniper had a bum leg and a gun, so they turned their search to recent arrivals from abroad (guns aren’t sold to the public, so you’d have to be in law enforcement to have one, or smuggle it in illegally).

As they leave, his partner says he’ll test the fingerprint against all those culled from the elevator button. Too bad for them that Jin-pyo is one step (or maybe twenty) ahead of them; he peels off the fake fingertips he’d been wearing during their visit, which ought to throw them off his scent. Gah, with a Dad like this, is it any wonder Yoon-sung turned out so cool? And crafty?

Jin-pyo muses that the prosecutor doesn’t seem like a pushover, and warns Yoon-sung to be particularly careful.

Nana stuffs her face with ddukbokki at the snack shop (Kyung-hee’s), complaining, “Why did it have to be Sae-hee unni, of all people? *grumble grumble* And how’d he know she likes tall guys?”

Kyung-hee gives her some banchan to take home, which is such a motherly thing to do, but what makes this immediately awesome for me is that it means her roommie will get to eat his own mother’s cooking. Aw, that just warms my heart.

Yoon-sung comes home all prepared to explain about the hotel, but Nana cuts him off, and when he grabs her wrist, she wrenches it away. He points out that she’s jealous — hence the phone-call ignoring and the peevish attitude — which she denies, but badly. Recalling their no-contact stipulations, she holds out her hand for the cash, prompting him to touch her some more on purpose and toss more cash into the mix. (Now, that’s what I’m talking ’bout…)

But that just gets her flustered and upset, so she shouts that she doesn’t want the money and storms into her room, which is when he explains through the closed door that Sae-hee spilled wine on him and offered to get his clothes cleaned.

Nana realizes she’s jumped to conclusions (and also revealed her own jealousy), and berates herself. And then touches her shoulders, where he’d touched her.

Yoon-sung looks over his info on Seo Yong-hak’s draft-dodging son, and jumps a mile when Nana slides the door open. Gauging his reaction, she guesses he was watching porn. HAHAHA. He denies it repeatedly, but she just smiles knowingly and says it would be weirder for a playboy like him to not watch porn.

Nana urges him to eat up so she can return the food containers to the snack shop ajumma, and Yoon-sung asks to accompany her, for some air. When they get there, Kyung-hee’s dead tired and Yoon-sung, who stands there uncomfortably with eyes averted, darts forward to catch her when she stumbles.

Kyung-hee assures them repeatedly that she’s fine, even as she can barely keep her head up, and Nana urges him to carry her home on his back. Oh man, I’m tearing up already and he hasn’t even done it yet — the concept alone is wonderfully poignant, particularly since piggybacking, as we’ve explained, is a gesture loaded with meaning. In that post, girlfriday points out the instance in Personal Taste, when Lee Min-ho’s character piggybacks Sohn Ye-jin in a mirroring of her paternal relationship, whereas here the connection is maternal. Love.

Yet, casting a shadow over the moment (literally and figuratively) is Jin-pyo, who observes from a distance. Eep! This can’t end well, methinks.

Once at home, Kyung-hee thanks him sweetly, saying his mother must be happy to have such a strong, dependable son. He says with some difficulty, “I have no mother. I don’t even know what her face looks like.” Kyung-hee assumes he means that she’s dead, and says that if his mom were alive, she’d be happy.

Nana clues into Yoon-sung’s gloomy mood shift, and he excuses himself, telling her to go home first. Instead, she joins him, ignoring his dismissals, noting that even the playboy misses his mom sometimes. I appreciate this aspect of Nana, that no matter how much Yoon-sung pisses her off, she’s sensitive to his mother issues and is persistent in a helpful way whenever they arise.

She says that she goes to eat Kyung-hee’s food when she misses her own mom, and then comes here to the water’s edge to sing a song, and demonstrates. (Her song is “세월이 가면” (As Time Goes By), a 1988 ballad by Choi Ho-sub.)

Nana holds him by the shoulders and baby-talks to wring a smile out of him, and that starts to lift his mood.

The next day, Jin-pyo comes to see Kyung-hee, who screams for him to return her child. After she’s calmed down, Jin-pyo asks why she lives like this, confirming that he’s the man anonymously sending her money over the years. She hasn’t spent a cent, and tells him to take it back, in exchange for her child.

He replies that the boy is living well, having studied in the States and is employed well. She can’t believe him unless she confirms it with her own eyes, incredulous to hear that her son knows nothing of her existence. He says he’ll tell her everything when the time is right.

Crying, she begs for her son’s name. He tells her it’s John Lee.

Ki-joon comes back to work with head hanging, having been released from prison after his brother came forward about hacking the Blue House network. The IT team boss welcomes him back, saying he’s lucky he got off with a six-month pay cut, and says that their team wrote to request leniency for his brother.

President Choi asks Yoon-sung to tutor Da-hae, not as a president but as a father — although really, like you’re going to say no to the president. Da-hae squeals ecstatically to hear the good news and almost runs into Nana in her rush to meet Yoon-sung, and recognizes her expensive shower gel at first whiff. Then when she meets Yoon-sung, she notes the same smell and asks suspiciously what’s going on — “It’s like you’re living together!” Thankfully, that idea’s so far-fetched she lets it drop.

Yoon-sung lays out the rules of their lessons: weekdays from 6:30 to 8:30, no dinner included, and no late nights, since “I’m a guy with extremely busy nights, got that?” Nana smirks at that, interpreting that comment in the obvious way. Yoon-sung warns Da-hae not to get a crush on him either, since little brats aren’t his style, which just makes her ask what IS his style.

Nana tries not to act like she’s interested in his answer, while Yoon-sung replies pointedly, “A woman with long straight hair, who’s pretty when she smiles, who makes good kimchi chigae, who likes dogs, who sings.” Da-hae ignores all the parts of that that don’t apply to her and announces, “That’s me!” Nana just sighs, “Sae-hee unni must have cooked him kimchi chigae.”

Oy, girl, way to miss a hint even when it smacks you in the face. And yet, why do I find your denseness cute? Probably because it makes Yoon-sung’s life difficult, and I so enjoy seeing his dorky, bumbling ways emerge despite that smooth-talking, playboy-looking exterior.

Yoon-sung makes his daily demand for coffee by first complaining that Nana used his precious shower gel, which makes me giggle because you know he’s just thrilled silly to have an excuse to call her. He starts to brush something from her jacket, but she recoils and tells him primly, “Do that for Sae-hee unni instead.” Which he looooves, because it’s proof she’s jealous, even though she denies it and storms off in a huff.

Now, for Seo’s sons. The eldest son was exempted from military service based on hypertension, but just applied for a marine biology-related lab job in the States, which hires only people with perfect health, as that line of work can involve deep-sea pressures too high for people suffering hypertension. Trap time!

President Choi meets with Seo Yong-hak to ask if it’s true that disgraced Senator Lee lobbied with American military companies, and Seo blames it all on Lee, keeping himself out of it. But the president produces a combat boot that’s falling apart, growing angry as he points out the unforgivably high failure rate of 7%.

Seo answers that they are legally in the clear, prompting a tirade by the president who caps it off by asking, “Have you changed, or were you always this way?” The Seo Yong-hak he knew was passionate, righteous, and motivated to help the people. (Is it weird that I find angry idealist president kinda hot?)

Seo asks if Choi means to drop him as his party’s presidential candidate, warning, “But where there is a loser, there is a winner” who might rise to power. He tells him to reflect carefully.

It’s only days till their political party finalizes their candidate, and Seo gives a speech (as do the other candidates) that’s full of idealistic hot air. Young-ju asks Seo afterward if he recognizes Jin-pyo, one of the suspects in the shooting, but nobody knows who it is.

As Nana waits for the bus after the speech, Seo’s flashy youngest son drives up, having made eyes at her during the event, and offers her a ride. She declines, but he grows insistent and tries to urge her into his car. Shik-joong has been hovering all night in the background and puts in a call to Yoon-sung, telling him to come because Nana’s in trouble, which is pretty much the fastest way to get him to do anything.

Yoon-sung comes screeching up and separates the two, and asks lightly, “Man, do I have to hang a sign saying you’re my girl?” Heck, if it were me, I’d be demanding a sign, just for bragging rights. Third Son is miffed and Nana keeps her mouth shut, figuring it’s better to go along with the story, and Yoon-sung tells him to run along and complain to Daddy.

On the way home, Nana tries to pretend she didn’t love what he did, while he complains that she didn’t use her trademark judo throw on the guy: “Or are you mad you didn’t get dragged off by him?”

Ki-joon calls Yoon-sung out to dinner to thank him (and the others) for writing that letter that got his brother released. With him at the restaurant are his brother, bodyguard Eun-ah, and Da-hae, the latter of whom is thankfully too happy to see Mr. Hottie to think too hard about Nana’s uncomfortable “Umm, we just ran into each other outside” excuse for arriving together. Eun-ah apparently dragged Da-hae along so as to keep from being too transparent about coming for Ki-joon’s sake, but everyone’s aware of their flirtation anyway.

Little Bro thanks them for their help, and explains that while he hates that he lost his leg, he doesn’t hate the army: “I just had bad luck, that’s all.” It’s a comment that particularly registers with Yoon-sung, who’s plotting the demise of the bootmakers and their corrupted affiliates.

To that end, he dresses up as American businessman John Lee, posing as a manager at the company for which Eldest Son is applying. Shik-joong does a little dressing up himself, passing himself off as an insurance man meeting with Second Son.

How do these plans meet? First Son is told his army-exemption-related health problem makes him ineligible for this job; Second Son is sold on a top-shelf life insurance plan, if only his exemption-related nephritis weren’t a sticking point. Both sons lean in to confess that they aren’t actually afflicted with said ailments.

Both con artists act relieved to hear it, and request a physical exam to prove their health statuses. Shik-joong even gets the tip that to get an X-ray to show results consistent with a nephritis diagnosis, all you have to do is drink a concentrated coffee solution.

Da-hae’s first tutoring session consists of Da-hae mooning over Yoon-sung while he goes through her workbook. She uses super-cheesy lines on him, asking if he ever surprises himself (with his beauty) when looking in the mirror, as she does. Heh. She’s sort of a brat, but as far as transparent plot devices go, Da-hae’s kinda cute, because she’s essentially harmless. Like a yappy dog. She’s growing on me.

I love how Nana steps in immediately when Yoon-sung raps on Da-hae’s head (to knock a little sense into her), telling him that he isn’t allowed to use physical discipline. But the moment Yoon-sung replies that the president gave him permission to use whatever teaching methods he finds appropriate, Nana steps right back, totally fine with letting this continue.

Getting a text alerting him to Third Son’s appearance at a certain Hongdae club, Yoon-sung declares the lesson over, declining Da-hae’s dinner invite with the reminder that he’s busy at night. Nana smirks, “You sure are busy.”

Da-hae’s so bummed to see her crush leave that she tells Nana to get ready — she’s gonna work this disappointment out of her system in her usual way: Club time!

(Okay, groan, I know it’s major coincidencelandia we’re in, but I’m telling myself it’s not SO strange that these two parties would end up in the same club, given Korea’s penchant for flocking to the Hot Thing of the Moment en masse, and the fact that the president’s daughter and the presidential candidate’s son are bound to move in similar circles.)

Third Son perks up to recognize Nana on the dance floor and sidles up to put an arm on his waist, which gets him swiftly bent over and twisted into an awkward position. Wait, that sentence came out wrong. I mean in a bad way. Nana lets go upon recognizing Third Son, but is unresponsive to his suggestion to “take this to a quieter place,” which results in a wrist-grab (again, we’re talking the bad version here).

To which Yoon-sung shows up to fling the unwanted arm off Nana and remind the party boy, “I get angry when people touch what’s mine.”

Asshole Son takes this outside, and Yoon-sung goes willingly, not even lifting a finger in his defense as Third Son goes to town on him, punching him in the gut, shoving him to the concrete, and kicking him violently. The girls watch in horror, although I suppose this fits into his image as the weak boy of the Blue House — and certainly they’re unaware that this is for the benefit of the hidden camera, with which Shik-joong tapes this incriminating scene.

But what makes this EVEN BETTER? (It’s already pretty awesome.) Mr. Right Hand Man lurks in the shadows (and it occurs to me that it’s a lucky thing all these lurkers picked different corners behind which to hide, hee) and reports to his boss, Chun, that this dude is totally NOT the City Hunter. Stone, meet three dead birds.

The ladies are bound to guard Da-hae so they can’t interfere — at least, not until she tries to stop Douchebag Son and gets knocked aside, and then Nana and Eun-ah are in this fight and quickly knock him down.

Yoon-sung slips away, leading the ladies to assume he was too embarrassed after getting his ass kicked. At home, Nana sees him applying a band-aid to his face, and it’s time for her to return the favor as she replaces it with a better one (all while he protests — very faintly — that he doesn’t want her help).

Nana scolds him for not doing a single thing in his defense despite all her lessons, saying irritably, “Do you know how embarrassed I was in front of Shin Eun-ah?” He has no idea why she would be, and she bursts out, “Because you suck worse than Go Ki-joon!” Eeeeeee! How much do I LOVE this? In her hastiness, she doesn’t realize that she’s basically admitted her interest in him, that the ladies are comparing boyfriends.

Yoon-sung reviews the video of him getting his butt kicked, carefully filmed to keep his face hidden. They’re well on their way to taking down the three sons, with Eldest Son emailing his health records to Yoon-sung. He and Shik-joong chuckle over what a dumbass he is, since they’re just going to send it straight to the Military Manpower Association, i.e. the administration in charge of the draft.

In the morning, the entire Seo family is assembled to see off Eldest Son, who thinks he’s about to work at a lab in the States. Suddenly, from one side of the road zoom news cars, while the other direction yields military jeeps. An officer salutes and announces that all three sons have been deemed perfectly healthy, via the records and the video uploaded to the internet.

The three sons are hereby ordered to enlist, which unleashes a flurry of questions that Seo is unprepared to answer, about whether this is a media play in light of the election, or if their exemptions were illegally begotten.

Seo recovers to say that he’d wished to send off his sons quietly, and that he’s proud to send his sons to serve their country, acting like this was the plan all along. With that, the sons are escorted away to begin their service asap. Watching the scene, Yoon-sung smiles at this demonstration that everyone is the same before the law, after all.

Jin-pyo is, naturally, displeased with what he considers insufficient punishment, but Yoon-sung tells him, “Even when meting out punishment, the injured citizens must be comforted. My son had to go to the army and suffer, but someone else’s didn’t. The citizens without power or support who’ve been hurt — who will comfort them?”

“Comfort” isn’t a word that registers with Jin-pyo, who asks what his son will do if Seo Yong-hak wins the election. The answer: “I’ll place him in the highest position, then make him fall.” He promises to do that in the upcoming election.

While Team City Hunter has been working on the sons, Team Prosecutor has been working on Seo’s daughter. Young-ju receives confirmation that a company in her name, H & C, is really a bogus front — created by US military firm Mars.

Wasting no time, Young-ju goes in with a warrant for search and seizure the next day (election day).

Yoon-sung and Shik-joong ready their plan at the election site, which consists of Shik-joong going in with a press badge and blustering to the man working the lighting booth because he needs to get to the computer with his flash drive. Meanwhile, Yoon-sung shows up in a half-mask, flings a few guards around by their ties, disarms them, and clears the hallway. That is, until one last guard flies at him — I love that it’s the female guard, who’s older to boot, who manages to land a few blows on him while the men dropped like flies. Hilariously, though, it’s this very gendered thinking that impedes him, because Yoon-sung can’t bring himself to elbow a woman in the face, and he pulls back just a hair short of landing his own retaliatory blows. Hee.

So his clever way out of this moral quandary? He grabs the tie that he’d spun off one guard’s neck, and whirls the female guard around to tie her wrists together.

Seo prepares his speech backstage, bombasting to the empty room when a persistent knock sounds at the door. The instant he reaches for the metal knob, he’s sent reeling with the electrical shock, because Yoon-sung has tazed the door. Ha! Seo is knocked out cold.

The lighting/sound booth guy isn’t budging from his station, so Shik-joong keeps inventing complaints about the faulty system, trying to get him to step aside. Too bad his shoddy badge is detected, and Shik-joong hightails it out of there before he’s caught. He calls Yoon-sung to tell him to turn “it” on.

Nana is sent to escort Seo, and finds the hall littered with bodyguards. On alert, she makes her way to the green room, which is empty.

Police are called to the hall in response to Seo’s kidnapping, and Nana runs into Young-ju, who’s come in response to the news. She says that he’s sure to be in the building since exits are being monitored. (Adorably, proud Auntie gives her a silent “Fighting!”)

The elevator comes to a halt, though, when the electricity is cut — by Jin-pyo. Nana is hoisted out of the elevator and continues her search, while Yoon-sung readies his exit on the rooftop, hooking up cables to the railing with a prone Seo lying at his feet.

Which is when Nana levels her gun at his back and yells at him to stop.

Yoon-sung recognizes her voice, pauses for a second… and then makes a flying leap for the ledge.

And Nana shoots, the bullet landing in his back.


I’m really digging the various schemes involved in Yoon-sung’s City Hunting, which are fun if a little simple. I sort of miss the slickness of the schemes of Story of a Man, which is like City Hunter’s big brother in terms of darkness and complexity, but there’s a quick, zippy fun about the missions here.

I like that Yoon-sung is onboard with the revenge plans at the outset of each stage, but that he develops an additional, more personal reason in each case to really bring it home. With his sense of justice, he’d probably be as willing to embark on his masked avenger escapades purely based on the corrupt politicians’ misdeeds, but adding that emotional tie elevates the connection he has with each case, and therefore our connection to the drama as well.

As for the villains: These men do, interestingly, seem to love their country in their own way. I like that they’re not depicted as comic-book villains, completely evil or selfish power-mongers with no rhyme or reason. Lee Kyung-wan was (thus far) the most extreme in terms of being like a caricature of evil, but even he had his own set of twisted morals that justified, to himself, all his actions. It’s just that power corrupts, little by little, and they believe they’re still doing good while letting it infect everything they do. You can’t introduce corruption into your system and expect it to stay contained in one spot; it’s like cancer that way. And while killing the main component of that disease (i.e., the politician at the core) would cut out a good chunk of evildoing, Yoon-sung’s got the bigger picture in mind, as he says in this episode — the health of the nation. This isn’t about pure punishment, because what good is punishment if the injuries go untreated?


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    1. Still the music – yeah, I know. Lots of people like it. I generally like it until that sweeping, “yes, you should feel sooooooooo moved. Isn’t it soooooooo touching?” music starts swelling up very much in the foreground. I’m of the school that background music ought to heighten, not take over or dictate, the mood.

    2. The pathetically amateur aspect of the Blue House’s IT department. Really? They let Go Ki Joon back? And there’s really only a handful working in that dept? With only two hacking specialists? And they let Go Ki Joon’s brother off the hook? They wrote for leniency? Maybe I’m much more cynical, but anyone who has demonstrated the least bit of disloyalty and who possesses the ability to breach the Blue House security ought not be taken so lightly. And why is it that people can walk into their office so easily? Whatever happened to security clearance?

    3. The security detail office. Why are they teaching, of all the Blue House employees, the IT guys martial arts? And how is Nana not fired? Sorry, that’s episode 8. My dad was one of Park Chung Hee’s bodyguards, and he’s as scary harsh as Jin Pyo when it comes to enforcing his command.

    Sorry, these are the points that I find myself repeatedly unable to suspend disbelief. The lighter parts, I can enjoy much more readily and indeed do. Just had to get that off my chest.

    • 15.1 mochi2000

      i think the bigger question is
      lee min ho = hot, tall, sexy, smart, athletic (SUPER), social, rich, tech-savvy and SINGLE?
      come on! LOLLLLLLLL

      as much as i like NANA, even i don’t know why he would fall for her with THOSE QUALITIES.

      but yah to answer your questions, the music comes up on weird times. and LOL cutting off nana’s pay for 6 months, what is she doing? volunteering work now? LOL.
      and seriously, why can the guys from the prosecutor office find out the IP ADDRESS from people in blue house. if the guys in the blue house are supposed to protect the nation, they should have masked the IP (it shouldn’t be that hard right?)

      • 15.1.1 anais

        Hahhaa!! Right. hahhaha… OK, let me get a breath…

        Remember, he’s emotionally damaged. His only prior experience with women was the one woman who was his surrogate mother who then got shot. She was the first “girl” he laid his eyes on, literally, albeit via photo. And she’s maternal. And he has to protect her, because of Shikjoong Ahjussi.

        It’s a wonder he’s got any game at all.

        And yeah, the IP address bit… that got me. It seems as if the prosecutor’s office is far more powerful than the Blue House.

        Really, IT guys handling guns? Why? Why would you even think to train computer geeks (and I’m a teacher – you can’t top teachers in nerddom) in firearms?

        Ah, I feel much better getting all that off my chest.

        Now back to the cute.

    • 15.2 siesta

      Why are they teaching, of all the Blue House employees, the IT guys martial arts?
      my guess is that every Blue House personnel would have some kind of martial arts training in case of terrorist attacks or something (they probably rotate the self defense class for each department.still can’t figure out why they’d need shooting class tho..). and they’re supposedly the controllers of the whole korean communication systems,which makes their dept a strategic target for outside attack

      all in all i still find CH writers to be a bit lazy,the plot has obvious holes and there are too many coincidences for my liking,but the action seqs are awesome and the characters engaging so i ended up still loving it anyway.

  16. 16 kaka

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    She always mad at him without proper reason.

    • 16.1 anais

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      • 16.1.1 kaka

        lee min hot is too HOT to be with anyone.

        I know. If I can’t get him, no one can. Muahahaha

    • 16.2 Lemon

      I know, I got annoyed at first. But I like to think that she already (subconsciously) likes him, but doesn’t know how to express it, plus she’s wary of his playboy image which doesn’t click with his niceness, so her reaction to whatever he does is anger.

      • 16.2.1 Lidia

        I totally agree with your interpretation! Nana thinks Yoon Sung is a playboy, so she’s a bit defensive. Plus, now she’s slowly becoming aware of her growing attraction and is starting to feel jealous, which also makes her act angry.

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      Lee Min-HOT

      Park Min-KYUT

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    I never did understand why I liked random dramas even if it looks low-budget or the actors don’t look good. But the explanations in the end of each recap about themes, social issues, and comments on directing are spot on. And I’m like “That’s right! That’s right!”

    It’s like you guys reached into my subconscious and explained how my brain works. (And yes, that includes the spazzing and fangirling… er.. fan-noona-ing too)

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    um, i think she meant it in the ‘my charge is worse than hers so that makes me the worse trainer’ way

    am i the only one who finds his groan of pain right after being shot like, really really sexy? i swear i must have replayed that few seconds too many times

    • 19.1 gsky

      i think it’s both actually. it makes it better bc you can read it two ways.

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      • 20.1.1 minoz


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    • 22.1 Ju Ina-sshi

      Yeah they did pretty well with this one. But how come it feels like a déjà vu?

      Spoiler! Even 8th episode had an awesome cliffhanger functioning as a repercussive counterpart for this one……does that make sense?

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          • smashingalou

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            can I add on it? “it’s also part of our daily productivity”

            Take your rest JB! You sure deserve that! 🙂

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    About, the coincidental and other not-so-reasonable things, it’s a manga thing, and this is an adaptation so gotta give something to the original manga, right?

    Still, I find CH is a much better of an adaptation compares to BOF, PK in my book. ^^

    • 26.1 oreocrush

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    Oh man, this is going to be good! Episode 8, here I come!

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    SHOW has figured out the science of the cliff-hanger – this & ep. 8 rocked my socks!

    I’d also like to comment on our little Idol princess for turning in a really adorable 1st daughter performance. GH is pitch perfect at being a spoiled Daddy’s princess – and am loving her interaction with LMH. Those goo-goo eyes (no pun intended!) she flashes at LMH just crack me up & she’s getting some really good dialogue from the writers.

    One last thought – anyone else getting the vibe that JP was in love with his BF’s wife? There’s just something about his reaction to her when he sees her that was off-putting….

    • 31.1 diw

      agree….. i also think that jinpyo is secretly inlove with kimchi ajumma

    • 31.2 wanne

      during their meeting in this episode, the way he hug her, the way she cried on him.

      i had a huuuuuuuuuuge feeling, there must be something between them that we do not know.

      either JP has a one-sided love with her or…

      he’s the real father to YS!

      • 31.2.1 mary


        Which will be Star Wars-ish when YS decides that JP is totally from the dark side.

        YS: I don’t want to be your assassin anymore. You’re eeeeeeeevil.
        JP: (John) Lee, I am your father.

        • Cynthia

          Interesting possibility, but don’t you think that Mama would have known who she slept with to conceive YS? Although it would be a really good plot twist.. **thinks**

          • Venus

            OMO that plot has real potential, but I don’t see it, cause it seems that YS mom really loved her hubby, however I did get the vibe that PJ is or was in love with YS mom, so can it be that JP weakest link is YS mom?…that should be interesting to see….. I love JP the actor, that man his what I can An ACTOR… every time he comes on screen I get mixed emotions…

      • 31.2.2 anotheraddict

        I had a feeling in ep 1 that JP was the babydaddy. Something about the dynamics between JP, KH, and MY in the hospital room cause me to feel suspicious initially. Then, the wording of JP’s note to KH further aroused my suspicions: “Mu-yeol is dead. I’m taking the baby to raise. This child must go away in order for you to be happy. Start anew. You must become happy.”

        When we’ve seen JP secretly watching the interactions between YS and KH, I think we’re supposed to assume that the reason JP is there is that he’s stalking YS, but perhaps the real reason he’s there is because he’s been keeping tabs on KH.

        I, for one, hope that JP is the real father because it would help me to better understand his motivation for taking YS to raise, and it would make for a way more compelling final showdown with YS.

        • mary


          I like your theory! <3

          Now that we're picking on the wording, perhaps there are also bitter memories tied to her pregnancy? I know it's too dark a theme, but what if YS was a "mistake" between JP and KH? Say (this is makjang territory, it is!) err.. JP drunk-raped KH or something…

          Which is why for KH to be entirely happy, JP thought even YS had to be removed from his mother's life?

    • 31.3 Jomo

      Yes, definitely a crush going on there.
      And if that is true, he single handedly wins as the person with the least effective plan of making her all in love with him!

      • 31.3.1 mary

        You forget that in kdrama-land, the least logical wooing technique wins! I’m sure Papa Pyo knows about that.

        *looks up KDrama Law Book*

        Ah… here it is:

        RA 6969 KDrama Pursual of Love Interest Act (for Men) of 2003

        Section 1. This act shall be referred to as I’ll Be Damned if I Act Like a Normal Person with Genuine Feelings or IMNIDIOT.

        Section 2. No man shall maturely accept that he likes a woman (or a woman dressed as a man, alien, or some such unrecognizable species) within at least one month of the onset of said feelings. Any man who openly admits his attraction like a normal person shall heretofore be referred to as Third Party.

        Section 3. Aside from stipulation of Section 2 of this act, any man who wishes to end up with a woman shall fit at least three of the following characteristics:
        a. Has a dysfunctional relationship with an important family member (ie mother, father, or anyone who can act as an authoritative figure)
        b. Be absurdly rich. Enough to randomly lend a couple billion won to a poor stranger who happens to bump into him (in exchange for slavery).
        c. Be highly immature
        d. Be @#^%$@^ good at everything (sports, sciences, business, arts)
        e. Be currently obssessed/in love with a perfect woman who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings (bonus points if it is because of the man’s older brother/bestfriend)
        f. Be highly good-looking. Enough to negate all characteristics listed above.
        g. (For men who just came out of military service) Choco abs.

        Section 4. Said man must know how to do one or more of the following:
        a. Grab a woman’s wrist.
        b. Find a person in a crowded airport. WITHOUT THE USE OF cellphones, paging system, or other devices which might hasten the search.
        c. Sustain infatuation for 6 months-2 years worth of time-jump, while adding to his absurd perfectness (ie learn more sports, acquire more assets, or look even hotter after the time jump)
        d. Hurt the woman of interest. At least once every episode. Possible acts include: kissing someone aside from the woman of interest, torturing the woman of interest, embarrassing woman of interest in public, etc.
        e. Be able to say “You’re ugly and poor and boring but I love you so much” in such a way that audiences covered by the Ahjumma Act will turn to mush.
        f. Backhug.
        g. Take a shower, show one’s choco abs, and brood all at the same time.

        Statement 5. Stating any or all of the following is considered professing one’s feelings:
        a. “Why are you making a person worry??? You’re driving me crazy!!!”
        b. “You’re not my type.”
        c. “I kidnapped your son. Oh. And I’m ordering him to kill a couple of men.”

        … and so on. There’s also a KDrama Pursual of Love Interest Act (for Women) but it’s completely different from this one.

        • Jomo

          OMG! I hope you put these in a book cause I want to buy it!

          I actually made a video with a lot of Section 3 in it from the woman’s point of view. It isn’t completely smoothed out, but it is funny.

          Here is a link:

          • mary

            “How did you and first lead meet?”

            “From my uncle. He lost all my inheritance.. gambling on Go-Stop”

            PWAHAHAHA… too familiar.

            Seriously, the regular people here in dramabeans can probably make a whole string of videos called “Every KDrama Ever”. Or a recipe book on how to make a kdrama.

            (I’m not hating on kdramas, I know they differ in execution and acting abilities, but they DO have similar premises and it’s fun to spot them once you’ve been watching for a long time)

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          Wow, Mary! Simply awesome!! I salute you for articulating what have been on my mind for the longest time after 3 years of following Korean dramas!! haha!! 😉

          You are simply TOO SPOT-ON that i was literally out of breath at the end of your post! hehehe…

          I second what Jomo said…

          and I hope you could continue with your take on the ‘KDrama Pursual of Love Interest Act (for Women)’…

          im sure it would be just as AWESOME!!! hahaha 😉

          thank you so much for your brilliant thoughts… 😉

        • samgetang



          this Kdrama pursual of love interest act for men is sooooo hilarious!

          where is the version for the women?

          as Jomo said, I am so going to buy this if this gets published 🙂

        • Divyrus

          I LAUGHED SO HARD!!
          I really would wanna buy that book!!!!!!!!

        • kaka

          OMG, Song Sam Dong violates almost all of the rules!
          He needs a lawyer! Or ten!! ASAP

        • Saddy

          hahahaha Mary, that was brilliant!!

      • 31.3.2 Ju Ina-sshi

        And I thought it was just poor editing.

    • 31.4 Yasmin

      haha!! OMG, was thinking that at that part!! It would be an awesome plot twist! Esp, when both mother and son find out about his lies to the other!! But, you know i cant bring myslef to hate the dad!! Yeah, he can be cold hearted but he still loves YS, and that may either be his redeeming quality or his doom…)

    • 31.5 Lidia

      I agree with you about JP maybe being in love with YS’s mom. I kind of got that feeling in the first episode, when he visited her in the hospital with YS’s dad. It’ll be interesting to see if that will enter the storyline at all!

  32. 32 Kenna

    I can’t take it anymore. Lee Min Ho is too hot to handle!! Park min young and lee min ho’s chemistry is so adorable and cute you can’t help but feel so giddy. KALURKYYY.

    • 32.1 mary


    • 32.2 Cynthia

      Great post, Mary! Too bad I was drinking coffee at the same time I was reading it and almost choked to death…

      Am still pondering the “Is JP the babydaddy?” theory.

      I don’t know if I could take it – JP’s character is all badass and stuff, but he came on board as a totally devoted to honor, comrades and country, moralistic individual – and wouldn’t that negate screwing around with his BFF’s wife?
      JP didn’t turn to the dark-side until the mass murder of his team.

      I still think that he stole YS away to use him as an instrument of revenge – JP kept that bullet in his shoulder for 16 years until demanding that YS cut it out of him when he thought he was dying. Revenge consumes him, nothing will stop him – including running over YS with a prison bus.

      He’s ruthless and I’d hate for him to be revealed as the real father in the end. If the storyline spins out to the choice of YS saving Nana from JP, then I want YS to kill him. Period.

      • 32.2.1 mary

        If he’s too honorable, he could be just a teensy-bit guilty about the I-had-an-affair-with-my-BFF’s-wife thing.

        That can explain the nice little touches in his character… like kidnapping YS, selling a couple of tons of drugs here and there, and the occasional move-a-little-bit-so-I-can-use-my-leg-to-“defuse”-this-landmine thing.

        Seriously, his character just makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Kyaaaaa!!! JP, why so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute???

        • Cynthia

          You are too much!

  33. 33 Cici

    The show’s been to cliffhanger academy, and I want the show to come back. 🙁 The wait for next week is going to be so hard. Which is a good thing, I guess.

    And oh god, Lee Min Hot.

    • 33.1 wanne

      No show. Dont listen to Cici.

      your cliffhangers this week were awesomely painful.

      You pass!

      Keep it up!


      • 33.1.1 mary

        <3 the cliffhangers lately.

        Although, if Dokko Jin watched this show I don't think he'll survive the tension.

        • Ju Ina-sshi

          LOL he might die from jealousy

  34. 34 Daniela

    I like the cliffhanger. As Birdie said the security in the Blue House is ridiculous. I LOVE Yoon-sung, but I was expecting him falling at some point, and Dad will have words about it. Plus, he is already there and with Yoon-sung hurt…well, from the comments I guess he is not that hurt and he will do something. (People, I love to read your comments, but put a spoiler alert or something).
    I didn’t thought this would be the point of failure, I was expecting his failure in late episodes.
    I dont mind the coincidences. If writters love the Fate thing in rom-coms, I don’t mind that everybody here meet at some point in the same place.
    City Hunter it’s so entertaining to watch. I feel it’s very balanced. The not so dark tone about the missions is a good mix with all his flirting with Nana, which I LOVE LOVE to see.
    I love Nana and the faces she makes. Like the “Okay” face she did when Yoon-sung told her that the president gave his permission to use physical discipline. Or when she is furiously eating. She gives Yoon-sung a hard time but she is nice to him too.
    I like Da-hae too. She has all the elementos to be annoying, but she doesn’t annoy me. She is kind of funny.
    And oh yeah. Its not a City Hunter commentary if i dont say this: If Lee Min Ho keeps smiling, i wont be able to write or keep watching. I melt every time he does it, and in the last episodes he is smiling more. Im not complaining, tho.

    Much love in this comment

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 34.1 Daniela

      Elementos hahahaha, I mean elements.

      • 34.1.1 Celexa

        I understood your espanol 🙂

    • 34.2 Cynthia

      Then you’d better prepare yourself for ep.8. It’s …. well, you’ll see…

  35. 35 wanne

    This episode was surprisingly delightfully funny. i will repeat myself again, i seriously love this drama’s well blended of mystery, action, drama, romance, cute and comedy. and at a fast pace at that. and a hot, bumbling hero to top it all. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    on Ep7:

    – I love the piggyback scene. I teared up too. If only the mom realized she was hugging her son she misses so much *sobs*

    – I love that about Nana as well. the poster with a woman like an angel and a man floating in the air above a city now makes sense. Nana is like a light in YS life. love watching their interactions so much.

    – So YS’s american name is John Lee? The subs say Johnny..

    – I LOL when Nana thought his ideal girl is Sahee. So dense!

    – While everyone finds Dahae annoying, she grows on me too. She’s like an innocent happy puppy which reminds me, when the final target is her father, it will be heartbreaking to see.

    – The fight with the woman guard made me laugh so hard!

    – The ending, totally didn’t expect it at all! She.SHOOT.him :O she out of all people TT_TT Finally a cliffhanger done right, and episode 8!

    – Ditto! I love the various schemes. And how damaged and complex the targets’ minds are. He can still say he loves his country. And once he become the president he will not continue what he’s doing now. Lol make me laugh. I cant wait to see the battle against the other targets. What their evildoing will be and the schemes to bring them down. The president doesn’t look like he did anything wrong other than the 1983 incident while YJ’s father is the most mysterious one for me. He was the most silent too during all Group 5 meetings.

    anyway, since there were no previews shown this week, i guess the liveshoot starts now *bite nails* i hope it wont affect this drama’s quality, most importantly the health and well-being of all casts and staff.

    Love City Hunter soooooooooo much!
    please just continue to be this good or better. please, show~

    • 35.1 mary

      Your comment about Da Hae made me tear up. :((

      You’re right.. I can imagine how devastating it’ll be for her when she wakes up and her father isn’t a “good” man, and she isn’t a princess anymore, and the whole country hates her for being his daughter. 🙁

      The more clueless and harmless she looks, the more pitiful she’ll get as YS continues his revenge.

      Unless she’s going to do the Bad Guy route and exact revenge on Lee Min Hot for her family..?

      • 35.1.1 Molly

        Don’t jinx it! -shudders at the memories of Bad Guy-

  36. 36 cg96

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  37. 37 wanne

    Javabeans, i’m suprised you didnt squeal over the ending. you were so calm! lol

    • 37.1 Ju Ina-sshi

      She’s probably just tired. JB Hwaiting!

  38. 38 Adzureen

    This drama is so addictive. Watched it raw, then with english subs and read the recaps. Waiting for 4th July when it will be on One HD, the TV is MINE alone!! 😀

    Lee Min Ho…. SQUEEEEEE!!

    Thank you for all the recaps!

    • 38.1 suppiechan369

      same here! i couldn’t wait a whole day for the subs to come out, so i watched it raw, even though i don’t understand korean. but i was able to catch a key word or two in some scenes and most of it made sense. the best thing about doing this is that i get to drag out my CH obsession each week by rewatching each ep WITH subs AND reading recaps afterwards 😀

  39. 39 samgetang

    Finally, a real cliffhanger scene…literally.

    Now, that’s more like it.

    Thank you Javabeans for your tireless work!

    This show is just so good for packaging the cute, hot and lovely in an action-packed, compelling drama. The circumstances should have called for darker, more complex, more gritty, dirty-to-the-bone, clever plots but we know that they are just background for the romance so we need to suspend disbelief with some of the missing knots. But at least they gave us something other than just the romance that we can sink our teeth in.

    Incidentally, I feel the same Sungkyunkwan Scandal vibe here. Not just because they share the same main female lead — Park Min Young. Both dramas have wonderful characterizations and at the same time a goal that is higher/bigger than themselves that the leads are pursuing. Lee Sun Joon (Park Yoon Chu) is in the quest for people who will share in his dream of building the nation while Lee Yoon Soung (Lee Min Ho) is in the quest for people who have destroyed his past and consequently the nation. They seem to be at opposing sides…one selfless, the other selfish…one for the establishment, the other against the establishment…

    But there are hints in CHunter that Yoon Soung may just be in the same league as Sun Joon. LYS just might actually be helping the nation in his selfish bid to correct his past.

    While we know that in SKKS LSJ had to defy his father in order to help the nation only to find out his father actually is working for the same thing, in CHunter LYS seem to be obeying his father but actually he is doing these things already to fulfill his own ends. And I would bet it would be something of heroic proportions since he is already doing the same secret benefactor style for Kim Nana.

    • 39.1 traviata

      Actually, Yoon Sung reminds me of Moon Jae Shin rather than Sun Joon. And it looks like PMY character has chosen the right one this time 🙂

      • 39.1.1 samgetang

        Haha! Character-wise, yes, LYS is more of a Moon Jae Shin rather than a Lee Sun Joon. I was referring to him being the main lead as a parallel to Sun Joon’s being the main lead in SKKS. You are right — this time PMY gets to choose the baddie instead of the nerdie. 😉

        • mary

          More importantly, PMY gets to choose the hotter (ergo better) man this time around.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          @samgetang : once again you are so spot-on! 😉

          the baddie over the nerdie, indeed!! 😉

          LOL!! ;0

    • 39.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      Hi there my dearest Moony Loony Noona, samgetang! 😉

      How are you? Long time no chat! I missed you so much! Along with the other Moony Loony Noonas! 😉

      Sooo busy with work and life that I couldnt find the time to drop by or leave any comments even when I got some time to drop by…

      but I am sooo following CH cos of LMH and the storyline and soooo glad you and Izzie are following it too… 😉

      As for your comment above, I agree totally!!! My sentiments exactly!! In fact, in the next ep (sorry for the spoiler) there is a scene that is a CARBON COPY of a scene in SKKS between the male and female leads…

      And i agree with you too how CH has SKKS’s vibes in terms of the storyline (as you have explained so well) and I am looking forward to the next episodes to see how the storyline will unfold – which i hope will delight and surprise us all… 😉

      Btw, since I have not dropped by DB in so long, I didnt get a chance to ask – have you dropped by my tiny island-home yet as you mentioned before? Im hoping to meet up with you finally and show you around Singapore 😉

      ****LOVE and HUGS****

      • 39.2.1 samgetang

        Hi Moony Loony Sistah, kdl!

        How have you been? We missed you, too. Actually izzie is not yet watching CHunter ’cause she has only time for Best Love for now. But I know this is in her list of kdramas to watch next.

        I’m now watching episode 8, which scene mirrors SKKS? is it when LYS was taken aback with the beauty of KNN when they dropped by his house to change from their wet clothes? It felt somewhat like one of the scenes there in SKKS when KYH suddenly turns up dressed as a girl and LSJ was so surprised by her apparition it made him stammer with hands a-shakin’.

        Im not sure yet but my Singapore trip might be this Sept. So, no, Ive not been to your tiny island yet this year 😉 if I can’t find you here in DB by that time before my flight can I still send you a note in the email add you gave me?

        Thank you, soul sistah!

        BTW, what’s keeping our Yoo Ah In busy these days? Any news?

        – samgetang

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          Samgetang dear, ive been just fine, all praises to God 😉

          hope everything’s fine with you too 😉

          as for the scene in CH mirroring SKKS is the one almost at the end of episode 8, when KNN was sleeping on YS’s sofa and YS leaned ever so closely to KNN’s cheek, to plant a kiss on her lips perhaps, but alas, did not, because of a phone call from crazy-scary-vengeful-daddy…

          it mirrors the scene on the island in SKKS when PMY’s character was sleeping and Lee Soon Jun leaned close and his nose came within perhaps millimetres off PMY’s cheek to plant a kiss perhaps but alas it did not happen…

          sooooo SKKS to me…hehehe…

          as for dropping me a note abt your arrival date and time, please do drop it at the email address i gave to you anytime…

          so hoping we could meet up but if its in september, its still curriculum time and very close to the year-end exams and thus a super-busy period, so no promises we could meet up but will try my very best to do so, for my dear samgetang! 😉

          as for our dear YAI aka Moony-Broody-Boy/Man, i have not heard much abt him, except the posts abt him here in DB…

          will update you if i got any…hope you will do the same… 😉

          till the next time, take care, dear soul sistah! 😉

          • mary

            Wow. You two seem really close if you’re willing to share YAI between yourselves.

            I don’t think even JB and GF are generous enough to share men between themselves…

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            Hi there Mary! 😉

            Hehehe…samgetang, myself and a few others formed a bond over Yoo Ah In aka Moon Jae Shin in SKKS because we we moooning over his hotter-beyond-belief portrayal of the badaass-thats-soooo-good character that became seared into our psyche…hehe…

            we sort of agreed to ‘share’ him by mooning over him collaboratively…hehehe….

            you are more than welcomed to join us, esp when YAI be in the next drama…hehe… 😉

  40. 40 Um

    I don’t feel the chemistry between them at all. PMY is like the reincarnate of her character in Sungkyunkwan.

    Or Maybe b/c LMH is just too hot. That explains better.

    • 40.1 anais

      PMY’s range is limited, which is why she doesn’t seem all that different from her SKKS character. (Indeed, at one point when she did her stuttery, stuttery, hurrrumph, indignant bit, I fully expected Lee Sun Joon to pop back into the screen, in full Joseon yangban regalia.) Thankfully, the role doesn’t ask much of her. In both SKKS & this, she starts off financially indebted to her leading man. She doesn’t give up. She’s feisty. She is a woman who wants to be in worlds that don’t necessarily closed off to or not so welcoming of women. Yadayadayada…

      I almost wish that the veterinarian would get it on with Lee Min Hot. She’s definitely sexier, much more in LMH’s league than PMY, but that is not to be.

      • 40.1.1 leelee

        I agree about not really feeling Nana + YS… I think we are in the minority though!

        I’ve been wondering if it’s the character or the actress that I feel bla about, or some combo of both. Thanks for your explanation 🙂

        And ofc, LMH being too hot is always a valid reason 😀

    • 40.2 koreandramalover/kdl


      Um, your last line was to me spot-on!

      LMH is just TOO HOT…and thus whoever is his character’s foil will be sadly incinerated to oblivion!! 😉


      • 40.2.1 samgetang

        He is Lee MOAN HOT! 😉

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          LOL!!! samgetang, you are tooooo precious!!! LOL!! 😉

          Lee Moan Hot indeed!!! 😉

          you never cease to amaze me with your spot-on words!! 😉

    • 40.3 Ju Ina-sshi

      There must be a woman equal in hotness! Come on…any ideas?

      • 40.3.1 anais

        From his peer group? Kim So Yeon is, unfortunately, 7 years older.

        Although most people say that women are hotter when they’re young and men hotter as they age, it seems times are a changing. The hottest Korean actresses I can think of are in their thirties: Ha Ji Won (33), Kim So Yeon (31). There’s a certain je ne se quoi that their maturity confers them.

        The actress who’s the second lead is of his peer group, and I find her coolio as I’ve already said earlier.

        • asianromance

          I think women are just less self-conscious and inhibited as they get older (hence some young men’s obsessions with cougars of the human variety). They’re more confident and confidence is pretty hot (I think this is why we can someone fall in love with asshat heroes – they exude confidence).

        • Ju Ina-sshi

          They are indeed the only ones I could think of as well. Darn.

      • 40.3.2 Um

        There’s NONE. No woman can equalize his hotness.

        If I see a woman who is equally as hot as LMH, I would a lesbian.

        • smashingalou

          *LoL* this comment made my day…

          who could be equally as hot as our Minho?

  41. 41 crzycpl

    YS and NN are so damn cute together. I love it. I want more more more cute moments.

    And I echo everyone else’s comments here. LMH, you make me smile like an idiot watching you smile and be all hot and dorky. I think I may love your character as LSY more than GJP and that’s saying something!

  42. 42 iLLusiOnEr

    The justice City Hunter’s style kinda stalled for me now.I beg for more action in oncoming weeks. I wish someday a drama for an antihero in Akumetsu-styled (manga)

  43. 43 LMF

    Thanks JB for the recap!
    For a guy, I must say Min Ho has really beautiful beautiful eyes!!! Oh and I love his Clark Kent look too!

    • 43.1 pampi

      everything about him is perfect 🙂

  44. 44 Ace

    LOVE. IT.

  45. 45 Gachan

    Anyone know the prew for the next ep??I mean for ep9,..
    Please thell me …I’m really curious

    ( >_<!)

    • 45.1 oreocrush

      I think they are still filming ep 9, hence not included at the end of ep 8. I tried to find but it’s really hard. Just my guess.

  46. 46 dany

    I really enjoy watching the bald guy and the protagonist together, so different and yet so amusing together.

  47. 47 dsp

    “Team City Hunter” – awesome – you just made one new word in kdramaland’s dictionary! XD

    just a mask but now hat? come one, who wouldn’t recognize him just by looking at his perfect laying hair? the costume director didn’t do a good work here.

    great showdown and great recapping! it’s better than reading a novel! you guys ever though of printing your recaps as novel? 😀

    • 47.1 Jomo

      Is the mask from the manhwa?

      I actually liked the idea of the mask the more I thought about it. It harkens back to the comic book heros who can disappear behind a pair of glasses, or half mask, or spidey suit and nobody recognizes them. Or, even, Obiwan using his Jedi powers, “These are not the droids you are looking for…”

      It is NOT only that they can’t see his entire face, it is they did not EXPECT to see his face. The power of the disguise is that as YS, he is self-centered, weak and wimpy. That part of her brain is cut off from the heroic, risk-taking, physically able man before her.

      OK OK, LMH’s figure is one of a kind – he has the tall person slump, his clothes are tailored just so so we can see just almost enough of what is under there. Nana, however, is not looking with her eyes, as we are, or even her memory, she is projecting an identity onto that slim figure in black that has nothing to do with YS.
      This makes me very excited, because all the psych research bears this out. Humans are extremely bad at knowing what they see. http://tinyurl.com/6jehat

      So I will not judge these folks and say this plot device is unbelievable. Eventually, as there are more and more connections between the two – remember the ankle move YS made on her at Judo practice that the hero did when he moved her out of the path of the bullet – the distance will shorten between the two men. She will, of course, realize it was YS all along.

      • 47.1.1 Celexa

        Jomo… I’m glad other people notice that tall people seem to scrunch down… maybe they do it to connect ‘eye to eye’. In communicating with average height people they tend to slouch to visually connect (like tall actors always slouch down to the microphone in award shows). Especially if they’re always taller than their classmates the trend will continue into adulthood.

        My oldest is 6′ and he had a barely noticeable slouch but
        my youngest is 6’2″ and I noticed his slouch in middle school. The only time I saw him standing tall, shoulders back was when he was in (military) uniform.

  48. 48 Bella

    THE MOANS!!! THE MOANS!!!! I kept repeating that scene >.> I should be hit on the head for liking that scene that he got shot >.< but…. that's some hot panting, just sayin'

    And normally I like Park Min Young, but… really I don't feel like she's living up to her role. In SKKS I felt it was alright, partly because Micky wasn't exactly a great actor. But in City Hunter I feel like Lee Min HOT constantly outshines her in his acting.

    • 48.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      Bella, much as i hate to do it, i have to agree with you – LMH clearly outshines PMY in every scene with them together…

      i have been hoping to feel more emotionally-invested in PMY’s character’s emotionally-charged scenes but alas…all i could feel was just lukewarm sadness watching her crying scenes…

      BUT contrast that with how emotionally-charged i was watching EVERY scene involving LMH in his multi-layered-role –

      as a loyal son to his adoptive (and scarily-single-minded, i might add) father, Jin Pyo ;

      as an indulgent and caring friend and younger brother-figure to Shik Joong;

      as City Hunter (a character which is to me reminiscent of one of my favourite superheroes – Batman), with recurring interactions with the Prosecutor;

      as a son who has finally found his long-lost mother and his heart-breaking interactions with her;

      as an employee in the Blue House (while under a disguise), thus necessitating his interactions with PMY’s character, along with the rest of the employees;

      as the person whose path crossed the veterinarian’s, thus necessitating his interactions with her;

      PHEW!!! did i get it all? LMH’s multiple roles?? i hope so…

      But to be fair, i wonder if PMY’s inability to connect with me on a more emotional level has to do with how her character has been written and directed?

      hmmm…..i wonder… 😉

      • 48.1.1 ladida

        The scene in which I connected emotionally with Kim Nana was after she found out her home had been sold and she’d run to Yoon-Sung, only to find out he wasn’t even drunk, and she’s talking to a picture of her mother, telling her how tired and scared she is. I found that moment really moving because the two most vulnerable things a person can be are tired and scared, and I think it’s pretty awesome how even though she is those things, she still tries to appreciate the good aspects of her life. I’m tempted to think that the love people have for Lee Min Ho (‘s hotness) is a contributing factor for liking his acting over hers, but that’s probably unfair of me, right?

        • anais

          But Lee Min Ho IS indisputably a really GOOD actor. There are good looking guys all over kdramaland, but very few very good looking guys who can act well. Convincingly well, with range.

          PMY is being asked to play yet another version of Candy. Especially the scene you’re talking about it (which was intended for viewers to feel exactly as you did). It’s the point when Candy breaks, but she still comes out being all the more determined. I love Candy. But I don’t need all my heroines to be Candy. In fact, I want my Blue House bodyguard heroine to be much more badass, much cooler, much more cynical. I guess like the original City Hunter’s side kick. Or a bit more badass daddy, because that sort of single-minded focus is what you need with bodyguards. Cough cough episode 8. But that’s not how the writers wrote KNN, so whatever. A stronger actress may have made the character so compelling that she competed with Yoonsung for viewer’s attention. Right now, PMY is doing a good job being yet another Candy who serves as the wounded hero’s link to humanity. Gag me. I just happen to think women are more than that.

          • Birdie

            I think partly is the way NN character is written, but you can play Candy and still bring on a deeper level. LMH ‘s acting is on another level,therefore other than the cuteness,it shows up her acting skills.A couple of the crying scenes-it looked like she is trying to cry,or constipated. I guess we want our heroine to be more than Candy. At least make her competent at her job! What’s up with her running around in high heels as a bodyguard?

          • ladida

            I agree: I think it would be better if Kim Nana were a more kick-ass character, who was really good at her job, had lots of past experience to back her up, and was skeptical of the fairness of the world around her. That would certainly be a divergence in the kdrama landscape. The only familiarity I have with Candy is from watching Dal Ja’s Spring, which is very little, so I didn’t have that association to think of during that scene. So far the secondary female interest seems to have more depth that Nana, but I don’t know if that’s because of the writing or if the actress is that good. It may very well be her acting, since she has less screen-time and less of a story. But then again, that character’s emotions are pretty level, meaning that she doesn’t go from being incredibly happy to incredibly sad, like the Nana character.

            I do think women are more than crutches for men (I mean, what about relationships that aren’t heterosexual?), and I hope that kdramas, or popular entertainment in general, really, would reflect that. I hope that’s not the idea I put across in my post. I kind of see Yoon-Sung’s Ajusshi as another link to humanity for him, as well as his (lack of) relationship with his absent mother. I don’t think Lee Min Ho is a bad actor, I think he’s good at what he does, but I also enjoy Park Min Young’s performance. Perhaps if I spoke Korean and understood what they were saying and could hear the intonation/cadence of how they speak I would think differently?

          • anais

            The heels!!! Hahah! I know!!! They’ve got to be at least 5 inches. I think it’s because she’s MUCH shorter than Lee Min Ho.

            Ah, only if Kim Nana were cool like Mrs. Emma Peel. Now there’s one lady who would have made Lee Min Hot up his game in another universe . Then, perhaps I could imagine those heels being killer stilettos literally. (ooohhh… how cool would it be for K-ent to take on The Avengers! I miss my debonair John Steed!!)

          • anais

            ladida, I hadn’t thought to think how a non-Korean would gauge the actors’ abilities. Interesting.

            I’ve seen Lee Min Ho in a number of different vehicles: BOF, Personal Taste, Public Enemy Returns, and each time he is different. I can hardly believe that the Yoon Sung of City Hunter was enacted by the same guy who was Personal Taste’s cool, snobbish Jin Ho. Yoon Sung who has fun and goofs around reminds me at times of Gu Jun Pyo, but I’ve yet to see the guy who was in Personal Taste or Public Enemy Returns in Yoon Sung.

            As for PMY, I’ve already said that I at times anticipate SKKS’s Lee Sun Joon to show up, so that tells you a lot. Her delivery is exactly the same. To be honest, I had hoped to be pleasantly surprised, but no… Who knows, she’s young. Maybe she’ll grow as an actress.

            But, like you, I already dig the moodiness that the second actress brings, and she has far fewer scenes and much less to work with. Even if her character lends her more gravitas to begin with, she could have delivered a flat, bitchy ex persona, but so far I find myself rather intrigued by her. The cool cucumber that she is – not the least bit flustered when Nana and her ex find her in the hotel room with a Yoonsung clad in a bathrobe nor much flustered to find a Yoon Sung with a bullet wound having broken into her office. Yeah… I dig her.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          Ladida, you are not being unfair at all 😉

          I can’t speak for others but I can safely say that even to the untrained eye (new viewers), LMH is not just a good-looking actor but a good-looking actor WHO CAN ACT…

          perhaps if you take a look at the recaps by JB and GF on LMH’s dramas before CH and the comments by the commentators on LMH’s acting in this blog in those dramas, you would understand why I said LMH’s acting is so good…

          that although LMH, imho, has the whole package –
          a physically-appealing appearance and charisma befitting an actor – but more than that, i believe he has the X-factor –
          the POTENTIAL to go far as an actor because he has managed, imho, to emote and display nuanced and layered portrayals with much conviction that more viewers can connect with…

          and what is acting if not actors trying to connect with the viewers, albeit, different connections with different viewers, such that so much attention is focused on LMH’s ‘good-lookingness’ being labelled as ‘HOTNESS’, more so than his acting ability… 😉

          but, hey, i am not complaining…cos who can deny Lee Min Ho’s hotness, right? 😉

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          As for PMY’s character’s crying scene that you mentioned in CH…the thing about it is, i fully expected myself to cry buckets along with her in that scene because let me tell you, i am the easiest person to cry, watching ANYTHING, from dramas/films to documentaries and even the NEWS!!!

          but the thing is, i did not cry at all but was shocked that all i could feel was slight sadness that did not produce tears, if you know what i mean…

          which is why i feel all the more that i have yet to emotionally-connect with PMY’s character PRECISELY because that particular scene SHOULD be one scene which should make me cry buckets!!

          and the fact that i did not, i must say, surprised me no end…which is why i asked whether it is how PMY’s character is written or directed OR how PMY has been portraying the character that caused this emotional-disconnect between myself and the character ‘Kim Na Na’…

          contrast that with how i could easily emotionally-connect to LMH’s ACTING and i mean ACTING –
          from his various facial expressions, most especially his eyes and whether he is smiling or not; the turn/tilt of his head, the way he stands, walks, talks, the variations in his voice, articulation, gestures, in short, EVERYTHING that he says and does, could all pull me into the emotion of the moment…

          and he could pull me in emotionally whether it is JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS mentioned OR ALL OF THEM…

          BUT…and this is the clincher for me…

          what is more remarkable is that, to me, LMH’s acting is so absorbing that he could emotionally-connect me to the moment WITHOUT WORDS….

          he does not need to SAY anything, but to ACT, and i was a goner…

          a case in point – i cried buckets just watching the heart-breaking interaction between him and his long-long mother even though not much was really said…but so much was EMOTED with so little words…

          another one – his emotionally-rich facial expression while he was staring silently at PMY while she was talking to her father in the hospital room about her losing the house…soooooo pulled me in emotionally…

          just my humble opinion… 😉

          • Little Lulu

            “a case in point – i cried buckets just watching the heart-breaking interaction between him and his long-long mother even though not much was really said…but so much was EMOTED with so little words…”

            i was definitely at the edge of my seat most during this scene…

        • mim

          Well. I suppose it is a subjective reaction. But that scene you mentioned pulled me in as well. I think that is one of the few scenes PMY got to be more than just a one-dimensional figure. It was the self-contempt in her voice that got to me more than the tiredness or the loneliness. I thought she did that scene brilliantly. I was waiting for an ’emo’ scene resignedly and did not think such a typical good girl crying scene would move me so much.

          I don’t get it why people are comparing LMH’s and PMY’s characters. YS is so wonderfully written a character and Nana is a 1% improvement on the typical rom-com heroine. Just imagine LMH doing Nana’s character and she doing the opposite. I guess many people would not have been able to see beyond his hotness.
          Much of his good acting is also supported by a solid script. In the first episode, I felt LMH was not that effective playing the innocent YS. His acting skills came out for me only after the realization of his true identity. LMH is a good actor, but when the script lets him down as happened towards the end of PT, even he can become a bit stiff. So I have my sympathies with PMY for having to play an ‘innocent’ girl in a drama where almost all the other characters are quite complex.

          Nana’s character is quite a confusing role to play. On the one hand, she is supposed to be the teenager-like girl with stuffed toys and hair bands with a heart of gold and having a hard life. At the same time, she also has to be the blue house guard, efficient and capable. If both these polar extremes had been integrated well into the character, I am sure her character would have been at least 50% believable. But that has not been the case. The writers have also shown Nana as quite incompetent in her job, though we see a slight improvement in episodes 7 and 8. So with due credit to LMH’s acting, I feel it’s harder to play Nana than Yoon Seung. 🙂

          • ladida

            Wow, you explained how I feel much better than I did. 🙂

          • anais

            You thought episode 8 showed Nana as being more competent at her job? I’m sorry but I feel like we’re talking about two totally different episodes.

            She committed the biggest no no for a bodyguard. She left her charge!!! Not because she saw potential danger to her charge but for personal reasons. She totally got distracted and forgot that she is ultimately a human shield. Complete, utter dereliction of duty.

            That said, I want to clarify that the comparisons of LMH & PMY’s characters are being in order to be more understanding of PMY. You did precisely that. Every person who’s griping about PMY has acknowledged that she has less to work with, period.

            It’s really too bad that such an overwhelming majority of kdramas purposely feature weak heroines. Film theorists can have a field day explaining the appeal/advantages of weak heroines in works aimed at a primarily female audience.

          • Lidia

            I totally agree with you! Nana’s character is hard to play–I think PMY is doing a good job of interpreting a character that wasn’t written to to fullest potential.

          • mim


            Episode 7 and 8 were a slight improvement since they showed Nana doing something right. I was expecting her to miss the CH with the kind of incompetence that has been her trademark so far. So though YS got hurt, I was happy she could deliver when the occasion demanded it. As you can see, I am keeping my expectations really low.

            As to her leaving her charge, she was pretty sure Da Hae was in a safe place as she had left her with Shin Eun Ah. It was not a potentially dangerous situation when she left the scene. Also, for her, sighting the bald guy was too big a chance to be missed. After all, the prosecutor had also told her the case couldn’t be re-opened. So she was in dire straits and therefore we can cut her some slack for being a bit unprofessional there. There are occasions when personal reasons might make you forget your mission as is happening with YS right now. As to the appeal of weak heroines, I do hope there is some study because it is a really alarming trend. 🙂

          • anais


            I should explain that I’m the daughter of a career military officer who then became one of Park Chung Hee’s bodyguards. My dad won’t confirm but I’m pretty sure he took a bullet to his left rib when Park Chung Hee was assassinated. And, the thing is, bodyguards don’t get to be individual human beings when they are on the job. The only thing on Nana’s mind should have been Da Hae, especially since Da Hae is a major handful. It’s obvious that Da Hae needs to be protected not from other people but from her own damn immature self. Any decent bodyguard would have recognized that and would never, not even for a second, have left her alone – especially in the company of a second bodyguard who’s compromised. So, I differ in having read that scene as potentially very dangerous.

            But MOST importantly, there is no Kim Nana when she is Da Hae’s bodyguard. No Bae Man Duk. No daddy who’s lying in a coma. Nada. Definitely no running after her own life’s problems. That’s why her boss said in an earlier episode that he’d have to fire her if she couldn’t settle all her legal/financial problems. She’d jeopardize her charge. Which is what happened. And if I were the President or even her boss, I’d have fired her with no mercy. On the line is not only the life of a Pres’s daughter but potentially that of the President, and by extension the lives of the citizens of the entire country.

            I know I need to employ some suspension of disbelief here but I find the Show is asking for too much in this critical arena.

          • mim

            @ anais

            Yeah, I get what you are saying. But that would have been a completely different and far more complex drama from the one we are watching right now. I agree the way they have shown the security operations in the blue house is quite ludicrous. But going by the internal logic of the drama, that seemed a more forgivable offense to me than the earlier times when they would show her running out of the blue house on personal errands or seating the Presidential candidate near the window. That’s why I said slight improvement. 🙂 So, yes, in real life, she would have been fired on the spot, but this drama so far has not been a manual on how to be a ‘professional’ bodyguard in the blue house. By layman standards, this instance seemed at least a pressing necessity to me to justify the unprofessional behaviour.

  49. 49 Raine

    City Hunter FIGHTING!
    I’m so addicted to this show it’s not even funny *counts down days till episode 9*
    The two leads are so adorable together >.<

  50. 50 soiia

    I completely agree with your very last sentence. Somehow, I feel like instead of the evil characters, Jin-Pyo seems a bit too caricaturist or maybe just way too narrow-minded. For someone who waited so patiently for his son to grow to get revenge, it all seems like his way of doing things make him look too hasty with the let’s-kill-them-all-and-fast way. And then in episode 8 (no worries, no spoiler), I feel like he’s not really being a helpful daddy for not giving a hand to Yoon-sung when he needs it and instead, just watch him so that he can yell at him later. Kinda frustrating, but I guess there has to be a partypooper somewhere in this drama. And that partypooper is Jin-Pyo.

    And out of curiosity since I didn’t read the original manga, will Nana happen to know Yoon-sung is the City Hunter anytime soon? I kinda hope for it to happen soon XD

    • 50.1 bananabee

      I agree with you that it’s frustrating watching Jin Pyo. I find his actions don’t make sense sometimes. It’s like, no offense to you Jin Pyo, but if you wanted things done YOUR way all along, why didn’t you just plan to do everything yourself from the beginning? You raised this kid for 10 years to make him exact revenge yet you don’t help him when he needs it? If he dies, you’re gonna have to take matters into your own hands anyway!

      It would even be way easy to just hire some people with the skills you need… They’d probably follow your every order to the word if that’s what you really wanted out of Yoon Sung…

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