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Eom Ki-joon joins Scent of a Woman
by | June 9, 2011 | 68 Comments

Dream High’s dorky-cute idealistic teacher, Eom Ki-joon, will be fighting for Kim Sun-ah’s affections in SBS’s upcoming weekend drama Scent of a Woman — although he’ll be losing out in the end to the drama’s hero, Lee Dong-wook (in his post-army comeback, yay!).

Scent of a Woman is centered around a woman (Kim) who is told she is dying, and decides to live her remaining months to the fullest. Lee plays the restless and aimless heir to a top travel/tourism company, who meets our heroine, a lowly employee, after he fights with his fiancΓ©e and quits the company; his interest in her sparks a total turnaround in his life.

Meanwhile, she meets her old childhood friend (Eom) as a patient; he’s a cold, cynical doctor who starts to thaw out because of her, and gradually loosens up to become a caring Daddy Long Legs.

It’s a bit pat to have everyone undergoing 180 degree changes, but it speaks to the theme, so I’m going with it. I also love the casting, as all three leads are awesome at both comedy and drama. Kim Sun-ah has a knack of making you laugh and cry, often in the same breath (see: My Name Is Kim Sam-soon and City Hall), while Lee Dong-wook has shown quite a bit of range from the light-hearted (My Girl) to the dark (La Dolce Vita).

Kim Sun-ah, Lee Dong-wook

Eom Ki-joon, meanwhile, may have been sweet in Dream High and Good Job, Good Job, but he’s actually pretty well-known for playing cold bastards (and he does ’em so well!), having earned raves for portraying the delightfully assy director in The World They Live In and a cool reporter in Hero. He admitted that he’s gotten a lot of offers to play cold characters which made him think hard about whether to join this series, “But this drama’s different from previous ones, where the character changes as the story develops and even causes changes in his surroundings, which I’m looking forward to.”

This drama comes from the writer and director of last year’s slice-of-life sports/medicine drama Dr. Champ, which I enjoyed as a low-key sort of refresher in between more dramatic and/or angsty fare. More importantly, though: Can they steal the camera from Dr. Champ‘s team? ‘Cause that thing alone made that drama a feast for the eyes.

I’m sure we can all see the general trajectory of the drama, which is described as a “romantic comedy with a message,” which is that happiness can be found in living true to yourself in the moment. I’m thinking of the last two episodes of 49 Days, except funnier and hopefully more satisfying to those of use who felt suckered into a different drama than we’d been promised. Normally these terminal-illness dramas are too melodramatic for my taste (A Rosy Life, 90 Days’ Time To Love), but I’m feeling hopeful given that this, unlike 49 Days, IS specifically calling itself a rom-com.

Scent of a Woman will follow New Gisaeng Story and premieres on July 16.

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. biankoy

    OHHH!! July sounds promising!!

    • 1.1 biankoy


    • 1.2 reyna

      reminds me of queen latifa and ll cool j’s comedy movie “last holiday”…O_o wonder if it has the same outcome?! hope so…

      • 1.2.1 ...

        exactly what i thought of when i heard it. if its along the same lines, could potentially be quite a good watch. July is sounding just as good/crazy as may. i liiiiiike πŸ˜›

      • 1.2.2 Ani

        That was the first thing that came to my mind. And 5/5 stars to you for being first to say the Queen’s name.XD Because I gotta say, Queen Latifah has a charm that always draws me in to watch any movie with her in it, whether the movie is good or bad. Too bad that I’m not a fan of Lee Dong Wook yet. I guess it’s too much to ask to make Eom be the guy to get Kim Sun-ah? X/

    • 1.3 Fafa


  2. danna

    yes please get that camera!!! that camera+Australian lanscape = cinematography heaven

  3. Mac B.

    this does seem like it is more likely to have a happier ending than 49 Days, although I personally adored the sad ending for 49 Days!

  4. sukideo

    I love Kim Sun-ah <3 And Lee Dong-wook is a hottie <3 <3

    • 4.1 dramaaddict

      Lee Dong-wook (in his post-army comeback, yay!).

      I second that whole heartedly

      • 4.1.1 Alexio

        Plus there will be a shirtless scene. Isn’t that the rule for all actors back from military? Muahahahah

        • So3

          Perhaps a scene at the Gold Coast swimming???? haha

  5. Lorlena

    Good camera and Lee Dong-wook in front of it -HEAVEN. Plus you got to love Kim Sun-ah :)))

  6. sere

    oooh so excited for it!

  7. LimaKid

    I absolutely HEART Kim Suna and Lee Dong-wook!!

    OMG I’m so excited!!!!! (can you tell?)

  8. veronica

    I’m officially admitting my girl crush with Kim Suna, can she be any more gorgeous?? Looking forward to this one only because of her, which is a first for me cause I always watch dramas based on the story( which sounds nice, too…) πŸ™‚

    • 8.1 LimaKid

      I totally second that!

  9. mjfan

    OMG…….kim sun ah is finally baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…….I was waiting for ages for her new drama.I hope It will be awesome as city hall , but whatever , as long as kim sun ah is in , it will be great…..

    • 9.1 nadoka

      I Love her soooo much …. cant wait… i loved her sooo much in City Hall

  10. 10 jfk707

    Yey, Lee Dong Wook, im excited.

  11. 11 lovepark

    Yeah, Eom Ki-joon and Kim Sun-ah in the same drama equals must watch! Eom is endearing and owns the role of the sexy bastard. I’m already swooning for the soon to come hotness!

    • 11.1 snow

      heh. i hope there’s a twist and kim sun ah’s character ends up liking eom ki joon’s character.

      • 11.1.1 gailT

        me too. me too.

        • L

          Me too even though I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening.

      • 11.1.2 lovepark

        If only… maybe Eom could pull a Park Shi-hoo and steal the lead and the lady. He has the charisma to make it possible but then I’d feel back for Lee Dong-wook since it is his comeback project.
        Anyways, I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself; as long as the drama is GOOD, I’ll be on cloud nine.

  12. 12 sulyn

    Wow, really reallly love Kim Sun-ah. Will definitely watch this

  13. 13 Connie

    So.. I have an OT question.. I’ve seen the Dream High Teacher’s name written as Uhm rather than in this article’s Eom.. are they the same..?

    Also, yay for Dong-Wook! This is definitely on my shortlist for the summer.

  14. 14 Arhazivory

    Hmmm…someone dying in the end, cold typical main actor? Maybe I’ll sit this one out. -_-‘

  15. 15 Joanne

    Oh, sweet…I’m looking fwd to all three of them!

  16. 16 funΒ²

    Wow, I can’t recognise Kim Sun Ah in that pic at all…

    • 16.1 salt

      me too.. are we sure that is kim sun ah in that pic? really doesn’t have any resemblance whatsoever to the KSA i know.. (from MNIKSS) πŸ™‚

    • 16.2 Amiaw

      I was thinking the same thing. It doesn’t look much like her.

  17. 17 SL


  18. 18 E

    Looks like I’ll be watching this one!

  19. 19 Linda165

    Could somebody please explain to me the term “Daddy Long Legs”? I know is the tittle of a movie, but why is it used and where it came from?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • 19.1 Alvina

      I dunno… I know about the movie but I always thought it referred to the book by the same title.

      It was about a girl (orphan) who wrote letters to a man who provided her money to go to college; however, she never knew who he was until the end I think?

      In K-town, I think it refers to a man who is in a caregiving position, benefactor (?) but does so anonymously… and then dies at the end? πŸ˜€


  20. 20 gailT

    I see there’s still some resentment at 49Days….

    Anyway, anybody saw Eom Ki-Joon on Life Special Investigation Team? If not, go watch it. He’s alternately goofy and intense in that short (12-ep) drama. And so cute with Shim Eun Jin (yay, i love her!).

    Kim Sun-ah is all kinds of wonderful. And Lee Dong Wook is dreamy (and back from the military, so shirtless scene, if you please), so I should be excited at this. Unfortunately I’m not there yet because its start would mean the end of New Gisaeng Tales, which has my heart right now. OTP!!!

    I really really really love being a Kdama fan. One of the many great things in my life!

    • 20.1 L

      Life Special Investigation Team was awesome.

  21. 21 orangy911

    Yay! I love him…and her…and him. Heh.

    Can she not die though….ahhhh

  22. 22 djinni

    im so psyched for this drama!

  23. 23 alodia

    I just started watching Dr. Champ in “preparation” for this drama, and boy! I love that camera and the texture! I had to literally double check if I got the correct video playing because it looks so much like a movie. I can’t wait!

  24. 24 So3

    KSA FTW!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m totally excited about this new drama~~ Comeback of KSA and LDW after 2 years…!

  25. 25 Alvina

    Am I the only person who saw Dong-Wook and went “Omg, Lee Min Jong?!” πŸ˜€

    Hahaha, yea…. I guess I’m the only one.

    • 25.1 Alvina


  26. 26 Noelle

    Gawd I love Kim Sun Ah. I can’t wait to watch this.

  27. 27 jandoe

    …is someone bitter about 49 Days?

    i’m lovin’ the casting too, i love this guy and the overall casting is totally gonna tune me in!

    • 27.1 Alvina

      yes, still bitter haha. I’m not saying that I’m not glad that I watched it. But, if I had come across it AFTER it’s run, and saw the premise and the comments, I definately would have never given it a chance.

      In a way, I’m sad/glad that I did. It was a meaningful ending but I dont nec. look to watching dramas for that. There’s enough of that in the real world. In my dramas, I actually want my characters to have a real TANGIBLE romance πŸ˜€

  28. 28 mizweng

    am soooo excited for this drama…i just love the leads…oh dear…oh dear…hyperventilating now as i await the shirtless, post army shots of my lee dong wook…squeeeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

  29. 29 ripgal


    I didn’t like Dr. Champ, but for this cast alone (esp Wookie!), I’d watch it till the very end man!

    And oh, I read that Seo Hyo Rim has been added to the line-up as well. πŸ˜€

  30. 30 kit


    lee dong wook

    i’ve been so damn patient for your return

  31. 31 hermosa5790

    YAY!!! loving the line-up.

  32. 32 EvaBoo

    oooohhh..can’t wait!!!!

    at this point, i terribly want to learn korean so that i won’t hv to rely on subbed episodes 0__0||

  33. 33 Kgrl

    OMG, Sun Ah and Dong Wook is finally back. Adore the cast so far. Hope this turns out better than many of the trendies that have either turned out disappointing, or plateauing as I type.

  34. 34 Celest

    I gotta say…Lee Dong Wook is looking mighty fine! And even with that “cow” mustache on πŸ˜‰

  35. 35 Z

    Reminds me a lot of Queen Latifah’s “last Holiday” which is another project that did a good job with this very cliched topic.

  36. 36 jyyjc

    Sigh. The lead is a rich guy AGAIN.

    • 36.1 kerik

      i know! can we once have a non-chaebol-esque male lead like in a 5 years back. sigh, i miss hardworking hero like in marrying a millionaire (go soo!) and sangdoo.

  37. 37 tari

    I loved Kim Sun-ah kissing scenes πŸ˜‰ Maannn, isn’t she one lucky lady or what, she made out with the two most awesome men in Korea, Cha Seung-won and Gong Yoo…


    I need to watch that movie again.

    • 37.1 Chocobo

      Don’t forget Hyun Bin!

  38. 38 jastinel

    I`m getting more excited about this drama.
    I just wish Suna will film here in the Philippines…hehehe!
    To Suna followers, she already have face book acct, check it out!

  39. 39 Chocobo

    Seems like an interesting premise with some seasoned actors (sometimes that makes the difference between boring and fascinating), but I still hate the title — it sounds totally creepy!

  40. 40 Tha

    SO EXCITED!!!! Cant wait!!!

  41. 41 Cabbage

    So this is about as much “Scent of a Woman” as “City Hunter” is about City Hunter? Or, even less than that…
    If there’s no tango, no Ferrari, not even a Chris O’Donnell lookalike, I’m just not sure – Oh, wait, that’s KSA in the picture? Nevermind, I’m totally on board.

  42. 42 Webster

    The good news: Kim Suna has another drama!

    The bad news: Her character is dying.

    The worst news: I don’t know if I can handle this theme, once again… πŸ™

  43. 43 SteamyBun

    Oh lord. After 10 minutes of creeping around on your site, the pieces finally come together. So Scent of a Woman, with my way-too-old-for-me crush Eom Ki-joon, is THAT drama?! The one also starring Kim Sun-ah and Lee Dong-wook?!?! I must be on drugs because I only JUST got SUPER excited for this. YAAAY!!

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