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Lee Min-ho gets into a car accident, escapes injury
by | June 13, 2011 | 84 Comments

Yikes, Lee Min-ho was recently involved in a mid-shoot car accident while working on his current (totally addicting and awesome) drama City Hunter.

On the one hand, that car looks pretty wrecked, as you can see below. The action scene being filmed took place in Ilsan, Kyeonggi-do, and those involved (including Lee) were taken to the emergency room right away.

On the other hand, Lee’s agency has confirmed that while he was evaluated for injury, he escaped serious harm. SBS’s CP Kim Young-sub stated, “With the car half totaled, we were worried, but fortunately his injuries weren’t severe. Aside from Lee Min-ho, there was another person riding in the car, a director from the production company who was injured and treated. Since safety comes first, we shut down filming and will focus on treating the injured parties.”

Kim added that the delay won’t affect the drama’s run, however: “We have a few scenes left to film, but we’ll possibly continue filming tomorrow, or will have to rely on other methods like editing.”

On the other hand (what, you don’t have three?), how is his Yoon-sung character back to driving a dark car? In the latest episode, he was driving a gray car, after his blue one got sideswiped (thanks to Daddy Dearest for that). Can he be on car number 3 already? And after this, they’ll have to find a way to explain moving on to car number 4, which, if they manage to work into the drama in a meta sort of way, could just be awesome. Maybe it could be part of his City Hunter shtick — new target, new car?

Then again, I suppose Yoon-sung’s car switches (and potential crashes) shouldn’t come as so much of a surprise, with all the mooning he does over Nana in that thing. C’mon — who else watched those bus-chasing scenes and yelled at their screens, “Eyes on the road, buddy”? No wonder he needed a designated driver. Maybe that should be his big excuse for keeping Nana around.

Via Star News


84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kiotzo

    he really has bad luck..
    thankfully he’s OK

    • 1.1 Kangling

      Yeah. bad luck because he hasn’t met the right girl yet. ^_~ (That’s ME!!!! ) In case you want to puke, I have a bag for you. 😛

      • 1.1.1 kiotzo


        my tummy hurts after reading your response xD

      • 1.1.2 Moozy

        Ha ha ha…

      • 1.1.3 Anne

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ….
        No …. no need bag for puke, just need tissue for my eyes…. I laughs till cry…..

      • 1.1.4 kariminho

        hahaha, you’re so funny, i was about to say the same about the “he really has bad luck” when i read your comment 😉 witch he doesn’t, i think he’s very lucky that he became a big star over night & lucky enough to escape injury & get back to filming, right?
        & yes “thats me”!! the girl he still didn’t meet yet hahaha :p

    • 1.2 chichaloca

      u fallen for me trailer


  2. Jane

    They don’t necessarily have to get him a new car. An identical one would do.

  3. fofo

    the car! omg

  4. Jane

    Uhm, my comment is awaiting moderation? Am I now persona no grata on this blog or does this happen for everyone?

    • 4.1 javabeans

      Or it’s just an aggressive spam filter. It happens sometimes. (I’m guessing because it senses your email address is fake.)

      • 4.1.1 Jane

        Okay, thanks for the explanation. And what do you mean my email address is fake? 😀

        • Minnetter

          It happens to me too even though my email address isn’t fake or anything… but it does go through so don’t worry about it.

          • nonski

            no worries, it just happens at times, when u since spammy, lols, i for one when i was posting links for Darksmurfsub.com here 🙂

  5. niKai

    if i were him, i’d probably be traumatized already.
    Good luck to CH!

    • 5.1 nonski

      why is he prone to car accidents? wasn’t it that he had an accident before with BFF Scheduler, Jung Il Woo

  6. jyyjc

    Holy crap he escaped injury from that? O_O

  7. zakuropanda

    Oh noo!! Thank goodness he’s okay! Hopefully he has enough time to rest before filming again..

  8. sjkwifey

    I read this and thought it would turn into a “Wolf” situation, really glad that the injuries were not serious and hope that everyone involved were also not badly injured.

  9. eagertravelercris

    good thing, he wasn’t injured badly…
    saw on twitter earlier that almost everyone was in panic mode… NOT HIM…


  10. 10 mandelbrotr

    Glad no one was seriously injured.

  11. 11 queencircles

    What happened to the car?? It’s very weirdly wrecked. Maybe it just looks weird from that angle. That doesn’t look like rear-ending damage though, it’s like only the top part is squished.


    • 11.1 absothe

      Lol I was analyzing it to. At first I thought something fell on it, but the front wouldn’t be so crooked. He just must have hit something in front of him.
      So my conclusion is, somebody take away his driver’s license, it’s to dangerous for him to drive!

    • 11.2 Ojou_Belle

      I think he went under something. From the looks of it, the

      chassis and the engine are still intact, it just the fender

      and the hood that got scrapped so he must have gone

      under a trailer truck or bus or something.

      Take care, baby!

      • 11.2.1 row.an

        apparently it was some parked municipal truck watering the plants or something like that.

        but, yeah, the car looks scary. it’s a miracle he’s okay! man’s got more lives than a cat.

  12. 12 Ms.Nurse

    can I be his nurse? wew! thank god that wasn’t severe.. take care always Lee Min Ho from ur fans here in Philippines.. :p

  13. 13 Venus

    OMG!!! my heart literaly drop when I read this…. O_o I hope LMH and assistang Manager are totally fine and get to rest for a day. This is super scary.

    But my question is why don’t they have stunt people for certain scenes that are high risk, that needs to be done by professionals?…on the other hand I hope that the PD doesn’t cut back on the action sequences for CH cause that is what is making this drama super duper awesome….

    LMH my hubby take care and be safe…

  14. 14 L

    My heart skipped a beat at first. Thank goodness he’s ok. But the car O_O

  15. 15 Janny

    When I read this I wa slike: “NOO D:”
    But then again, it was bound to happen. I had a feeling at least SOMETHING would happen during the filming of this drama, I don’t know why.
    About the car-thing…well, he seems to have switched to a black one, but after this accident that’s obviously not part of the drama-story…they do’t have to make up a story for Yoon-sung siwtching cars again, you know?…They can just buy the same car again… xD
    If they have the money, it’s not that much of a deal…and who knows, maybe the black car was supposed to be Yoon-sung’s last car, so they’d have to buy a new one anyway. 😉

    • 15.1 Celexa

      Yoon-sung is so rich he doesn’t have to explain why he changes cars like he changes watches!

      He can afford it!

  16. 16 crzycpl

    OMO OMO … LMH, thank goodness you’re ok. Because City Hunter … and basically kdramaland and the world …. will not be the same without you.

    Did I mention that I LOVE CITY HUNTER??!! 😀

  17. 17 dany

    Get well soon, Lee Min Ho!

  18. 18 Mouri

    Aww..poor car!!

    Thank Goodness Lee Min Ho is okay!!! But…poor car…just look at it’s condition!! 🙁 It was soo pretty…Black and all!

  19. 19 ellewu

    thank goodness they’re okay… but don’t they strap the car on a contraption-thingie wherein they don’t actually have to drive the car?

  20. 20 kaigou

    That is one seriously messed-up car, but very lucky that the majority of the damage looks to be around the nose, instead of at the driver’s (or passenger’s) door. Still, I imagine everyone in the car is probably going to be aching a whole lot for the next week or two. Scary!

  21. 21 Brook

    I was JUST talking about this with my friend (who might be a little more obsessed with LMH than is healthy) and we were both talking about the luck this guy has. He’s got to have a guardian angel or something looking out for him because he’s been in some type of accident in EVERY SINGLE DRAMA he’s filmed. The poor guy shouldn’t have even been in one piece after what happened during I am SAM…also a car accident. Maybe it’s just Park Min Young. xP

  22. 22 ...

    when i first read this, first reaction was “nooooooooo…” so glad he’s alright. 🙂

  23. 23 Bluefyre

    Oh no…please don’t let CH have the BOF accidents curse!! T_T

    Glad he’s OK!

    LOL @ the cars! Didn’t even notice…*hides* haha! That’s why I’m glad JB is here. So observant, JB unni! ^^

  24. 24 Rainy

    City hunter isn’t as invincible as I imagine home to be.

  25. 25 UJ

    i temporarily went into a shock and then back to life! My poor min ho 🙁 i hope he recovers soon :'(
    i hope the other guy is back on his feet too..bad day!

  26. 26 Celexa

    I glad that LMH is doing well and recovering at home… my concern is that if he needs time to heal/recover that it will make the film production time tighter and this may affect the overall look of the drama.

    Take Care MinHo and be healthy!

  27. 27 SteamyBun

    I feel bad for the other guy! He gets hurt but everyone’s worried about LMH… 🙁

  28. 28 Cynthia

    He’s going to be one sore dude for a few days.

    Personally, I think that the different cars/colors are used just to show off our LMH’s City Hunter outfits – it’s all coordinated!


  29. 29 Birdie

    Glad to hear that nobody is seriously injured. Sounds like we are heading towards live shoot mode soon. I thought we have a 2 weeks head start. What happened to that?

    As for the cars, I am sure Hyundai will be delighted to supply new cars each time to promote as many cars as possible.

  30. 30 asianromance

    Poor Lee Min-ho! I’m glad everyone is not too injured! But LMH must be really shaken up. He has like a metal rod inserted in his thigh or leg after the 2006 car accident.

  31. 31 Divyrus

    My heart dropped to the bottom for a moment. Am just so glad he is okay!!!
    LMH fighting!!!

  32. 32 Lidia

    Yikes! Glad they’re both ok!

  33. 33 Yasmin

    LOL I didnt even realise that the reason that they changed cars was because it got totalled by daddy jin pyo! Haha, i just assumed that he is so rich he doesnt need an explanation although i did prefer the blue one 🙂

    when i first looked at this title i immediately thought of the number of car accidents that the cast of BOF where involved in! But glad that lee min ho escaped severe injury and the PD that was with him is also safe!

  34. 34 weLs

    we’ll pray for their safety..that’s scary btw..

  35. 35 AuntieMame

    Whatever make of car that is, it is one solid and safe car. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, i.e. crumbled in a way that the car still protected the driver and passengers.

    If the accident had to happen, it was a good thing that it happened in this car.

  36. 36 smashingalou

    oh, i really hope his ok! don’t want him getting all the scars and destroy that beautiful face…

  37. 37 Eleven11

    Me and my friend were totally yelling that at the screen! And the way he seems to swerve erratically every time he drives? No wonder he needs a substitute driver.

    In all seriousness though, glad no-one was seriously injured.

  38. 38 Alexio

    Dang, I hope they have good Insurance company to cover for these type of drama, lol. I’m glad noone was seriously hurt.

  39. 39 JJ

    i’m not getting this, didn’t they use stunts? woah that car is really half totaled good thing he’s not seriously injured! or he’ll have another nose done? 🙂

    • 39.1 Alexio

      hehe, I think he’s pretty perfect already, though they can use this reason to have another glamor touch up…

  40. 40 bd

    Eh, that’ll buff right out.

    But good thing no one was seriously hurt.

  41. 41 houstontwin

    I love action scenes but I hate thinking that people are putting their lives on the line for a drama!

  42. 42 HeadsNo2

    I would have cried if anything had happened to Min Ho Oppa!!! Thank goodness he’s safe.

  43. 43 sb

    I’m so glad he’s okay, but this boy has been in SO many car accidents. The 2006 one I think was the worst and left him with an iron rod in his thigh and knee. (I don’t know if these were removed.) But from what I recall, because of that injury, he wasn’t able to take on action roles he was offered back then. I believe that injury still affects him to this day, as someone astutely noticed that LMH runs a bit strangely in his running scenes for City Hunter.

    If I was his mom, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near cars, let alone let him drive one, or moreover let him film action scenes in one!

    I don’t understand why a stuntman wasn’t in his place?

  44. 44 Hiromi

    What is it with Lee Min-ho and car accidents? Ever since BBF, seems like I am reading about him in accidents all the time.

  45. 45 supah

    OMGness. Glad it wasn’t a life-threatening accident.
    Ee-sssh. The car.

  46. 46 Alice

    Geez, who CARES that his character is switching cars…I’m just happy and relieved that for ONCE, they actually stopped filming due to injury. This site has shown me that SO many times, the actors just keep filming! It’s ridiculous.

  47. 47 Arhazivory

    I did notice that the car was switched after the Pa totaled it. Thank God he’s okay because the looks of that car means it was one scary accident. I hope he’s not traumatized. I met in an accident once and after that driving in cars made me very nervous.

  48. 48 EmJaye

    Does anyone know anything about the shooting schedule?? Ilsan isn’t far from where I life, and it would be SO COOL to go watch, no? There must be some stalker-y resources around…

  49. 49 Sarang

    Thanks lord everything his all right

  50. 50 LMF

    Pls LMH, take good care of yourself!!!

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