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Lie To Me: Episode 10 Open Thread
by | June 7, 2011 | 300 Comments


Both sides have acknowledged their feelings for each other, so to keep the drama going for another three weeks, Episode 10 introduces a grab bag of manufactured conflicts. Warning: Don’t think too hard, or head hurty.

So Ah-jung acts demure on her mat-seon, Sam-soon style, and Ki-joon drags her outta there, Sam-shik style. She admits she likes him, and asks him not to like that other chick. His stance: I don’t like her, but I don’t want to hurt her, hence I will hurt you, the one I do like…. He asks if she could like him if he were so wishy-washy as to renege on an old commitment. No, I’m sure she loves ya because you’re wishy-washy about your feelings. Ugh, this is the Full House conflict that drove me batty. It’s like the opposite of having your cake and eating it too. It’s…purposely buying your cake, setting it out to look at all day, and then giving it away and watching someone else eat it.

Manager Park rips Ki-joon a new one for his stupidity (yay!) and tells him to grow a pair, and that trying to let Yoon-ju down easy will hurt her more. Yoon-ju does her share of crazy by announcing her wedding, without telling her groom. She lets that drop in Ah-jung’s lap triumphantly.

Ki-joon tries to explain that it’s a misunderstanding, and tags along on Ah-jung’s work dinner, buying out the restaurant and toasting her co-workers from the next table over. She gets drunk and drops her phone, which he picks up and returns, but not before recording a video clip where he calls her “Ah-jung-ah,” which she listens to on repeat.

So-ran’s Catty Crew buys friendship rings, and So-ran buys one for Ah-jung. Is reconciliation in the picture? But no, Jae-bum drops by and gets all handsy with Ah-jung (hands of concern!), and So-ran sees and misunderstands.

Ki-joon offers to wait until Yoon-ju has gotten over him before starting with Ah-jung. Sure, why not? We need the conflict, even if it’s nonsensical. Yoon-ju apologizes about lying about their wedding, but says she may never get over him — will Ah-jung wait for him forever? You two geniuses are ignoring the more pertinent question: Does Ah-jung know she’s waiting? Ki-joon instead asks for “some time,” because he just can’t cut the cord. JUST BREAK UP, YOU LILY-LIVERED WUSSYPANTS.

Sang-hee sulks, drinks, and throws a hissyfit over falling for another girl his brother likes. His tortured broodfest is horribly uncomfortable to watch. Sorry, honey, you’re super cute but you’re not nearly a good enough actor to pull this off, cringe.

Ah-jung plans some big tourism conference — at a World Hotel resort, natch — and who should show up but Chairman Chen? Oh god, this old chestnut? AGAIN?

She worries that she might be fired — another colleague was let go because of the messy handling of his personal relationship, and civil servants are apparently supposed to be free of any and all scandal, not that this makes any sense, but hey, we need more false conflict! So Ki-joon promises to divert Chen and scrambles to intercept him, only Ah-jung (of course!) runs into him first. Chen is like, Hello there Mrs. Wife! And her minister boss is like, Uh, Wife? They wait expectantly and ask if she’s married or not.

Ah-jung is torn — tell the truth and preserve her job? Or say she’s married and save Ki-joon’s investment? The power of love compels her to lie and say she’s married, only that’s when Ki-joon appears and announces, “No. I’m not married.”

Wha—? Are you a Noble Idiot, or just an idiot? It’s hard to say.


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300 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nadia

    Is it bad that I like Sang hee cause he’s hot?

    • 1.1 bd

      That boy needs to gain some weight.

      • 1.1.1 Trina


        • Moozy

          Yup yup

      • 1.1.2 Joanne

        No worrier on that front…as a 1990’er, that cute boy is probably still growing.

        • houstontwin

          How old is he?

          • Kiara

            Old enough /wink.

          • Rina

            @Kiara – Good one!

        • L

          NO WAY O_O 1990? whoas I thought he was a lot older… Well, with his old haircut anyways.

          • appie

            Eww god no, it’s kinda creepy since my younger sister is a 89!

          • collegegirl

            I’m an 89er also and I thought Sang hee was an 81-82er! wow O_O it is so hard to accept the fact that he is younger than me…

          • Eleven11

            1990? Bullseye. =]

            Its like I’m at the perfect age to ogle Korean celebrities

          • otchosais

            is this the TRUTH??? :O
            I am DOOMED!!!

            I am an 89er.. and today is even my BDAY,, :O

            I thought SH is my OPPA??? :O

        • Meh

          …he’s the same age as me…O_O

          I thought he was older.

        • funnylittlefishy

          aah win! same age! I’m diggin his new haircut now that IT’S not from the 90s… there’s something about him that reminds me of Taecyon…maybe it’s just the tall + angular face + ala dream high Taec hair… idk, but its hot!

          I feel so bad for him though… how much would that suck to like.. finally develop feelings for a girl after the first traumatic experience, only to fall into the EXACT SAME SITUATION AS BEFORE? it’s like kdrama angst groundhog day.

          • appie

            Ah you all 90’s kids, sucha show-offs Y__Y haha.

      • 1.1.3 Syreolli

        I hear you on that one!

    • 1.2 Dux

      With the new hair style, yes you are allowed to like him haha!

    • 1.3 Lisa

      NOPE! Just thought your question needed to be answered…

    • 1.4 nonski

      nope coz frankly i like sang hee most! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

    • 1.5 Lisa

      Nope! That sounds about right.

    • 1.6 biniBningPunkista

      I dunno but I have the same feeling. though i like his previous hairstyle than the latest one… why am i liking the second lead though i like the first one too? *too confused to think*

    • 1.7 Tam

      nope, it’s ok! and i dont understand why a lot of people are hating on him. Sang Hee was really sad in the beginning bc of the whole love of my life is about to marry my brother, which is some pretty hardcore emotional issues, so he freaks out when he’s DRUNK. and then runs away probably bc he couldnt face going to the wedding or couldnt face his brother after breaking up Ki Joon and Yoon Ju. i dont think he meant to maliciously break them up, he just happened to be drunk and said more than he should have/intended to say. which is why when he eventually returns, he supports Yoon Ju and Ki Joon even though he still has some lingering feelings for her. and meets Ah Jung first. they get along really well. and i ship them together, even though sang hee deserves better bc their relationship is just one-sided. all he does is help her and all she does is go for his brother. which causes a whole repeat of love triangle drama. ay yi yi.

      and on a side not, the actor for Sang Hee is actually a pretty good actor. just bc you don’t like his character doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad actor. also it could be a mix of factors such as lines, bias. but if you watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band, which is a newer drama, he’s really good in it.

  2. ilikehim

    BUT! Sanghee looks mighty cute with the haircut! All is forgiven!

    • 2.1 Aidan


      • 2.1.1 cat

        agreed x2

    • 2.2 asea

      😀 agreeed! I might not pity him with his awful longer hair lol

      • 2.2.1 ilikehim

        True that. I am all saddened by his situation because…he’s Sanghee with the new ‘do.

        • nonski

          lols can’t believe there is a long list of comments for my sang hee alone 🙂

        • AC

          love sang hee’s new haircut, hate ah jung’s though,…why can’t they just let the characters ALL look good at once? =(

  3. c

    It’s killing me that we’re only on episode 10. What unnecessary conflict are they going to fill up the next six episodes with?

    • 3.1 kokoro

      Yoon ju might kidnap her!:)

      • 3.1.1 ahjummabunny

        Is this 1% and samsoon?

      • 3.1.2 Starstruck

        I reckon babies. And there’ll definitely be an airport scene when she leaves the country and he runs (slow mo, muscles rippling..) to stop her before she’s gone.

        • adette

          slow mo, muscles rippling

          yes pls

          • Paloma

            And don´t forget the shower scene!! YES!!

    • 3.2 Noi

      The could just get them to make out for the next 6 episodes, and that would keep everyone happy, lol.

      • 3.2.1 ...

        complete with spoiler pics and names for the kisses? weee! what next? soju kiss? magkeolli kiss? yoghurt kiss? yakult kiss?

        • Joanne

          Agreed! And in which case, the drama probably should’ve been titled ‘Kiss Me’ lols

      • 3.2.2 Kiara

        Fan service For The Win.

        • 78446


          *methinks they’re playing their fanservice cards right, enough to keep audience in bated breath

          • Rina

            I’m still waiting for that shower scene! Feeling awfully disappointed.

    • 3.3 m3

      Maybe they’re all gonna live together in Ki-joon’s house? Or i AJ’s house? And AJ’s father will really oppose and plan with KJ’s aunt?

      Somebody’s going to be sick or get an accident and get admitted to a hospital…and have amnesia? partial amnesia?

      KJ was really adopted so he makes it up to SH by giving him all his toys?

      • 3.3.1 first step

        Birth secrets! KJ and AJ might be siblings.

        • Carinne

          Eww~ lessen the cringe fest… they’re just unannounced cousins.

          • Rina

            Haha….I can see this happening, they think they might be related-Ah-jung’s mother was the long lost sister of one KJ’s parent (pick one) who was kidnapped as a child and never heard from again.
            But really it turns out to be a mistake/misunderstanding, Ah-jung’s mother wasn’t a lost sibling, so they’re not related.

      • 3.3.2 Rina

        Following your suggestion that SH isn’t really KJ’s younger brother, what if SH is really KJ’s cousin. SH (or KJ, it can work either way) the aunt’s child out of wedlock and her family forced KJ/SH’s parents to raise him as their own to avoid scandal.

        If you want to make it makjang, maybe the aunt was pregnant by married man and affair was ended when he discovered she was pregnant.

    • 3.4 Joy

      i reckon he’ll say “we’re not married, but we’ll get married.”

      • 3.4.1 Aternall

        yesss, i have the same feeling 😀 kkkkkkkkkkk *pray* :)))

  4. marty

    i just went through this epi very quickly raw, and found it boring. “The Lie” doesn’t really exist anymore, which is probably why i feel as though we’re not really going anywhere with the story.

    Dear Story, please become a little more interesting for us next week.

    -bye bye for now, i’ll see you next week. ;D

    • 4.1 Amg1

      As Dramabean’s Yoon Eun -hye’s #1 fan, all I can say is that I am utterly pissed off at the writer and PD.

      The problem seems to lay in the fact that they are banking in the fact that YEH is a best seller, and by that I mean that even when the show started to “suck” really hard, the shoes, purses/hand bags, cell phones, and clothes, that she wears they have been selling out in Korea.

      But honestly the Chemistry between our OTP is the only thing that has keep me going on with this drama, I can honestly say that the story line is worst than “Take Care Of Young Lady.” The other problem that I see is that even when being “Loyal” is one of YEH best character attributes, seems to me that people are taking advantage of that, while she commits to do a drama or movie, the people who invest in her persona do it only for the money.

      I do hope that she will made wiser decisions in the future, since this the drama story lines have not work as good for her in the last 2 dramas.

      What a waste of talent!!!!! YEH Fighting!!!!

      • 4.1.1 prettypie

        Well Yoon Eun Hye’s chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan is better than Hyun Sang Hoon.

      • 4.1.2 Rina

        This drama was a waste of KJH and YEH…I had so many expectations for this drama.

  5. Lise

    is it ok that i like this drama even more cuz of the totally believable skinship?!! he he!

    • 5.1 Aphrodite

      I think almost everyone still holds on the drama for that reason! LOL

      • 5.1.1 Joanne

        Hence, they should provide more of it.

    • 5.2 appie

      Their “chemistry” is their only saving grace. This is starting to..or rather almost falling into the MSOAN trap. God forbid, if it falls any deeper- I’m pulling out!

      It seems K-drama’s fantasy “contract marriages” never works out and divorces good storyline, but only close success I could think of is Full House (though I finished that drama with a frustrated facepalm ._.)

      So disappointed with the “Lie”, it suppose to be central concept of the show, but now its…I dunno. Kinda feel cheated, they sold me something else! Anyways, just glad that its YEH & KJH are the ones who selling it to me~

  6. florance

    God! That sounds like a whole bunch of mess. I really, really want to love this show but it is such crappy writing. Whoever created this chaos deserve a beating for wasting Yoon Eun-Hye and Kang Ji Hwan!


    • 6.1 Noi

      UGH, I know, it pisses me off so DARN much. So much wasted potential!!!

      I hope they’ll make a movie together in the future, to make up for this steaming pile of crap.

      • 6.1.1 muggledor^^

        I don’t even know why I still bother….

        Just to fill my Mondays and Tuesdays, I think…

        I think LTM is better though than Miss Ripley since I can’t stand Mickey Yoochun and I still can’t forgive Lee Dae Hee for mocking Filipinos…

        so there you go…


        what a waste of good leads 🙁

        • ...

          Get over the “mocking”. She apologized already and it’s not entirely her fault. I mostly blame the writers/MCs. Also, just because you can’t stand Micky, that’s not a good reason to not check out Miss Ripley. *sigh* Never mind. If you want plotlessness, then go on then and waste your Mon/Tues.

          • muggledor^^

            nope, can’t get over it…yet.

            I loved LDH!! she broke my heart.. *sob*

            am not yet giving up on this though.. It’s my thing not to give up on a Kdrama half way ( except for Mary!!!)…

            im still hopeful for some miracle..


    • 6.2 diorama

      *kidnaps writer*

      *ties her up, leaves her hanging from a bridge on top of a gorge in the Grand Canyon*

      *Installs Coffee Prince writer instead*

      *watches LTM happily*

      If only…

      • 6.2.1 MEK

        i love this post…hahahahah

      • 6.2.2 lishuys

        hahahahaha me too!!

    • 6.3 Chocobo

      Ditto. I watched up through halfway through Episode 8, after the Cola scene, and pretended the series ended there. It’s really much better that way.

    • 6.4 Archana

      agreed! YEH & KJ deserve so much better!!!!!

      Sang Hee’s drunk scene had to be watched in fast forward mode!!!

  7. bd

    The whole “don’t think too hard” is a cop out.

    It’s not like one had to think too hard for rom-coms like MGIAG or “My Princess” (much less “Best Love” or “Coffee Prince”) – I mean, c’mon, they’re rom-coms – but the others, at the very least, had some good writing and witty, fun dialogue and interesting characters, and weren’t some “paint by numbers” scripted K-drama.

  8. sime

    How I feel glad for you JB & GF…
    Really, this being weecap or proper recap, I found it…not meaty enough (ok, boooooooring is what I had in mind).
    Even though I still love YEH and KJH, I feel pretty sorry for them, getting caught in that.
    phew, I was about to rant on how bad the show is, and how I feel happy JB&GF dropped it (though I admire you for sticking with weecaps ! Props), but I shall not.

    After all, if this show has supporters, all the better…

  9. Divyrus

    I have taken my brain and kept out already! Just watching for the fun of it cuz its not frustrating me! And its not exciting me either!
    This is one drama that I will remember only the leads and the kissing scenes and say “not a complete bad one”

    the thing is with amaizng leads and such a great story… they really could have had a awesome drama.

    Anyway no matter the out of place writing of this drama, until now, am not regretting my time watching it!

    And I really think YEH has some magic ability to not make one bored and no matter how bad the story goes, she takes me into the character. Watching for her!

    • 9.1 diorama

      I now know how much I love YEH because she’s the ONLY reason I’m still watching. Most of the time I struggle to make myself pay attention, but during her scenes I laugh and sometimes tear up. At the end, I probably will just remember the couple scenes and that’s it.

    • 9.2 Joanne

      Word on YEH’s magic ability. You give a drama a chance precisely because it’s YEH, but because of that chance you get sucked into YEH’s charm and chemistry.

      How gratifying it will be when she finally picks up a worthy project. If she has this much chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan, then I sorta wished she was cast as female lead in Hong Gil Dong….at least that wasn’t as much as a hot mess.

    • 9.3 Choonie

      I’ll agree with you absolutely.

      Thanks for your weecaps DB.

  10. 10 Bluefyre

    wAHH!! I LOVE you JB! This weecap ROCKS! 😀
    Oh boy…it really IS YEH and KJH holding this thing together. >_<

    I'm so glad you decided to do MR instead of this mess. Yay!
    Thanks JB! I wuv you! ^^

  11. 11 Sunmi

    It pains me a bit to admit that LTM is a hot mess. Hawt mess. Hawt. On fire. Flaming. Inferno of a mess. I had such high hopes for YEH after the disaster that was her last drama. Maybe it’s time for her to go on another drama hiatus; she may be due for a few more insanely pretty photoshoots across Europe. Poor girl. She can’t seem to catch a drama break post-Coffee prince.


    • 11.1 gg

      YEH’s acting has not improved much ever since coffee prince.. her acting is always over exaggerated sometimes and it’s not the first time seeing her stumble awkwardly/act clumsily around the guy she likes/wake up with messed up hair and bleary-eyed and generally being a confused messed-up wreck. in fact her depiction of the character feels like something i’ve already seen before many times in her previous dramas! it’s really time for her to work on her acting skills instead of just looking pretty

      • 11.1.1 alphabet soup

        I completely agree. She’s an all right actress at best.

  12. 12 PABO


  13. 13 ...

    i’m just enjoying this too much, heeheehee…the wicked weecaps i mean, not the show…

    just had a thought since Miss Ripley airs same time/day: can imagine LDH as Ah-jung but can’t imagine YEH as Miri (lightbulb?! is that where the got the title? MIss RIpley?).

  14. 14 Celexa

    I can hardly wait for my mindless addiction feed tonight!

  15. 15 Titi

    Just have to say that, as much as I love the full blown recaps, these ‘weecaps’ crack me up soooo hard! XD

  16. 16 Ace

    Oh boy! JB, you’re so shy! Don’t hold yourself back..tell as what you really think!

    Told myself I’d stop commenting on MSOAN 2.0, but I’m only human and can’t help myself…

    Moar weecaps!!! Moar! Moar! Moar! Muahahaha!

    • 16.1 Ace

      **tell US what you really think!**

  17. 17 STELLA

    I don’t care if you don’t make any sense. I LUB U SHOW!

  18. 18 Saima

    ickkk!! from your weecap this sounds like a BADDD episode…..i really do feel for the lead actors coz they’re so charismatic n decent actors (apart from being gorgeous, obviously!) but man, i’m sure they cringe for questionable actions of their characters!! heh

  19. 19 sophie

    I’ll wait until the next episode before I can judge whether Ki-joon is an (noble) idiot or not. My guess is that he’s going to clarify that AJ is the person he will marry soon, or he lied in order to, obviously, protect AJ’s job.

  20. 20 Aphrodite

    I laughed my ass off with your weecap, although I think its a little bit of more harsh that it should be.(You have been way more gentle to crappier-plot dramas with NO Kang Ji Hwan).
    Anyway I totally agree with the SangHee part, and the actor. And with most of the rest.

    Oh~And yeah, Kang Ji Hwan learnt that you gave up on him and said he is mine . Mwahaha * grins *

    LILY-LIVERED WUSSYPANTS -> hahahahahahahahahah! I spilled my coffee over the keyboard and screen!

    • 20.1 funnylittlefishy

      I think it’s kinda fun that JB’s gone with the informal thread thing,so I don’t mind the wicked commentary. It’s more like she’s just one of us pleb commenters, and she can just say what she really thinks now that she’s freed from writing formal, full recaps with more er… understanding criticisms. I hope people don’t hate, because this show is just slightly bonkers, and JB deserves a little outlet for fun via making fun of…

      MSOAN would have been hilarious if JB and GF had decided to write recaps like this.

      though the leads are very good looking, and the the chemistry is rawr, the plot is WTF and I’m glad the girls aren’t wasting there time with serious recaps.. waste of their talented selves (waste of a lot of talent this drama, isn’t it?)

      I finished MSOAN, I can finish this!

  21. 21 m3

    are you doing some weeding, JB? I feel you’re in for some more hate emails and rants after this weecap (terrific job btw). but what’s a little more anti-fans, huh?

  22. 22 Yuvee

    How bout we all pretend they got together this episode and be done with it, so bored of all these forced conflicts!

    Still, the boys are so hot I might stick around a bit more.

  23. 23 dmko

    Thanks so much JB for telling it like it is…! Ugh! I really hope things get less messy and nonsensical. “Clean up on aisle LTM!”

  24. 24 crazedlu

    eh.. heh heh….. heh heh heh heh. this show is so bad. lovin the weecaps. this is actually how i tend to watch dramas. fast forward. skip, skip, skip the uncomfortable parts. last few minutes of the end. preview for the next episode. niice.

    no, i really do watch dramas, but only if they’re good. and this one is far from that. *shields face from ltm lovers.

    i can’t wait for the end of this show. i’m actually really curious how they’ll end it.

    • 24.1 Joanne

      With a sizzling *insertnamehere* kiss, of course!

    • 24.2 funnylittlefishy

      I’m curious to see how they’re gonna fill the next 6 episodes? cos to be honest, there’s no more plot left really… they’re gonna have to throw a major development in here, or it’s just gonna be,
      KJ: she’s my girlfriend, who I WANT to marry, sorry for the confusion Chinese Guy.
      AJ: yay! but wait, you’re totally still with YJ!
      JY: I’ll never let you go KJ!
      SH: why does nobody ever like meeeee? *sobs in corner*
      cue lots of angst montages and misunderstandings that don’t do anything to advance the plot.
      KJ: I’ve grown some balls! JY, I’m so over you, move the fuck on already! AJ I love you
      AJ: I love you too!
      SH: noooooo!
      YJ: I’m available
      SH: screw that. you’re old news, bitch. go back to france cos this family is OVER U!

      that’s like not even enough plot for 1 episode… I would not be surprised if there was a coerced into cohabitation scenario, or an equally cliche drama trope. sigh

      • 24.2.1 Okie Dokie

        LMAO, this is a hilarious dialogue! =D
        Especially SH’s last part. If only right?

      • 24.2.2 maysie

        You know that dialogue would make the show better actually…;-)

  25. 25 Eliza

    I can just imagine that all this misuderstanding will culminate into a BIG moment of passion! HEHE

  26. 26 Pat

    after watching 49 days which was intese and thought provoking this is is a nice change of pace – i like the lighntess of this drama! go YEH and KJH! (btw – i think they have amazing chemistry)

  27. 27 Elllen

    Weeee! Thanks JB. I had fun reading your weecap.

  28. 28 Okie Dokie

    LMAO! Your weecap is hilarious.

  29. 29 lenrasoon

    “Lie To Me” is such a hot mess that i can’t walk away (i’m Masochist apparently lol) ,
    i’m so disappointed by this drama and “Romance Town” but i can’t drop them for some reason, so glad that “Greatest Love” is amazingly fun and addictive.

    • 29.1 Celexa

      you forgot to add “City Hunter”

      • 29.1.1 otchosais

        indeed,, CH has a well written SOLID SCRIPT…
        with our Lee Min HAWT in it..

        and yes, HE CAN REALLY ACT.. 🙂

  30. 30 MEK

    @noi – bwahahahahahaha…I agree with you there…if they could only….hmmmmm

  31. 31 mimy4115

    Whatever, though u guys said many bad things, i’m gonna keep watching it 🙂 I love YEH and KJH chemistry here 😡 I guess he lied so he could save her job ^^

  32. 32 ayo

    I know you don’t talk about So Ran in here, but that situation made me sad. I know you kind of don’t get the friendship but i honestly like it so much. i mean, i feel like the reason So Ran was like that was because she didn’t know how to have a friend really.
    i don’t know. this drama is a mess, but i love it.

    • 32.1 funnylittlefishy

      I don’t really know why she’s leaving… I really liked her when she started bitching out KJ for messing with AJ’s feelings! she’s kinda fiery, which is really satisfying to watch when pointed in the right direction.

    • 32.2 maysie

      It is the classic “frenemy” relationship. They were friends, but the little green monster -jealousy- ultimately tear them apart one wanting what the other has. So-ran stealing Chae Bum because AJ, I think, personally was the more successful student and the close sunbae/hoobae relationship they had. Then, after she stole him, her marriage, to her surprise, was less than perfect, even downright terrible but she (So Ran, that is) couldn’t lose face to AJ or anyone and acts that she has the perfect marriage because she couldn’t be a failure after doing such a horrible thing to her friend. This, in turn, makes AJ jealous, bringing out her insecurities as to the reason she wasn’t the one Chae Bum wanted, she blames So Ran for stealing him because well lets face it, a true friend wont go after the guy you told her you liked. So Ran is actually the most insecure woman in this drama.

      Just ranting a little, just a theory…

  33. 34 cat

    This drama makes me sad cause it had so much potential. Now I’m just watching cause of kang ji hwan

  34. 35 marmar

    “Does Ah-jung know she’s waiting?”

    LMAO..couldn’t agree more. Everyone assumes that she is gonna wait but did she even confirm it? Yeah we know the girl loves Ki Joon but that doesn’t mean love requires you to wait around for the idiot to man up &handle his business already while you wait around like an idiot too. If he ain’t gonna clean up his mess (in this case Sang Hee’s mess) then any girl will get tired of waiting &go. Let him come after her for a change &just say screw it, screw being mr.Nice &tell the other chick “deuces”

    Anyways I love Manager Park. She’s the only one telling it like it is. She knows Ki Joon is being an idiot so she is laying it in him to “man up, grow some balls &let the trick go already”
    Ki Joon love you buddy but seriously you saying that ya’ll aint married in the end is just gonna get Ah Jung fired anyways. Noble idiot award goes to Ki Joon but I still love you 🙂

    • 35.1 fun²

      I love Manager Park’s scene too, lol.

      What I like most about this week’s episodes are different girls calling Ki Joon for the same reason of giving him a much-deserved grilling! Park and Ah Jung over random phone calls, So Ran showing up at his hotel, even Yoon Ju called him a coward to his face… think we’re just missing the Aunt’s one (coming soon!).

      When Ki Joon and manager were in the elevator and Ah Jung walked in, I keep wishing Park was going to give Ki Joon a smack at the back of the head in the privacy of the elevator, after Ah Jung gets off without a word… and then not having to explain why 😀

  35. 36 prita

    Oh God, how can the writer do this to Yoon Eun Hye AND Kang Ji Hwan ??? My heart hurts for them. And anyway, can Ah Jung not get drunk in every other episode

  36. 37 snow

    hafta say, samshik’s got way more class than kijoon.

    loving your weecaps, this one really made me laugh.

  37. 38 kukkoo

    Man!.! thumbs up for manager Park jiyoon for telling Kijoon to grow some spine and tell Yoonju already!
    and Yoonju, i can sympathize with her though, the man broke up the engagement b/c of his brother opposition and therefore, you can’t really blame her for getting the man back. if you love a person its not easy to let go right away and see him love someone else. im pretty sure some of you experience that. you have that jealous feeling every time you see your ex-boyfriend holding hands with other woman that you feel like you want to get him back!
    but then, announcing that your getting married to him without telling the groom was too much.

    • 38.1 anh

      yeah but didn’t they already break up 3 years ago. So she basically returned and claimed what wasn’t her anymore.

      Anyway, my head hurts if I try to analyse too much. I will just sit back and watch it. This drama is a kind I watch at night after a long day!

  38. 39 vegaspink

    This is seems to be the site to bash Lie To Me, but I won’t do that because I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It’s light and has cute and romantic moments.

    Some other shows just have too much cute moments that it seems that they are really just watching the drama for the funny not really the story….

    This one, I’m watching for the OTP and now the story…..

    • 39.1 appie

      I wouldn’t so much say bash..rather frustration? I mean, the whole premise of the show was suppose to be about “contract” relationship/marriage depicted from accidental lies and rumours. Fun premise right? But thanks to the writer, we’re sold on nothing.. the turning point of this drama has nothing to do with the original concept, the “lie” itself does not hold the plot together.

      I mean, I don’t want to nitpick everything, I love rom com dramas as any girl (though I’m an avid K-drama fanatic >_>) but I do require my dramas to have solid writing and plot. At first I used to get easily (and cheaply) sold on leading (handsome, yummy) heroes and pretty cast with lots of chemistry, but episode after episode you’ll realise these episodes are useless if they don’t have solid writers. Its the reason I’ve recently stopped watching My Princess, Playful Kiss, I am Legend etc etc.

      • 39.1.1 appie

        Actually more recent example would be Baby Faced Beauty, after 4th episode I wanted to bang my head in fustration. 1st episode was good, I was immediately attached to it but by 3rd, I felt like releasing my frustration on the wall. Dear Mr BFB Writer, we understand Jang Nara’s pitiful character, seriouly we do. But could you please move the story on? The fear of exposure of the “Lie” prevents the story from move on and developing, its annoying when it happens in every episode I’ve seen so far =_=;

        /ends pointless rant. lol.

        • tamtam

          BFB turned itself around pretty well. I was like you, absolutely frustrated with the spineless So Yeon. But the story is developing quite nicely. The lie was a little dragged out, but understandably so because SY has to keep lying in order to make her short-term goal come true. After it came true, it was exposed and SY’s character grew because of it, her wrong doing is something she has to overcome now, and it even spurred the story on to the redemption premise. The romantic relationships took on another dynamic too with their age difference now “reversed.”

          • appie

            Awesome! My friend also said same & to continue. Cool, thank god they change their direction, I’m definitely watching it again (gonna try passing that awful pitiful stage). I love Daniel Choi, hohoho I want to see him romancing his Noona! (gah, I’m sold so easily ;_;)

      • 39.1.2 Verònica

        I was about to respond to this comment earlier, but I guess Appie wrote pretty much exactly what I had in mind. It’s not bashing, it’s expressing an opinion. And seems that the more LTM progresses, more of us viewers are realizing that the story has nothing to offer besides a handsome cast being dragged into this dreckitude of a drama. Oh, and a few very hot, food-named kisses.

        I too, am frustrated about LTM. I’m not forced to keep watching, sure, and I’m not the kind who sticks because of the hot actor I lust over, but I truly enjoyed the first 6 eps so I keep watching waiting for…a miracle to save the plot at this point I guess… 🙁

    • 39.2 soserious

      i think i’m the same with you. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW. probably because I’m in love with YEH (one of my favorite actresses). but most likely because i haven’t seen enough dramas (at least constantly enough) to notice the bad writing, or story development.

      However, i do roll my eyes at some occasions…like “didn’t they JUST have this problem?!” -__-

      but i DISAGREE with the comment saying this drama is WORSE than ‘mary stayed out all night.’ That drama was just… when mary got kidnapped, i was just like, “what am i watching.”

      but yeah. the chemistry between the two lead here is flamin’. seriously, more fan service thanks.

      • 39.2.1 soserious

        P.S. I totally love MBLAQ’s song in this drama. so addicting and G.O’s voice is melting~

  39. 40 Eri

    Idk why lots people love this drama.its more messy than MSOAN.I drop it at ep 3,try to watch ep 7 as they say its good but still boring.its wacky and got no sense of what so ever.they still got 6 ep to go but I don’t see whats left to go?even the OTP didn’t make me stay to watch it.for me BEST LOVE is the best all the way and Baby Face Beauty comes 2nd,at the BFB had a good plot,the lie enough to roll the drama on the track.
    LTM wasting the OTP talent.

    • 40.1 maysie

      I was disappointed with MSOAN, but i feel that atleast in that drama, I could see why the characters liked each other or saw the development of a “relationship”, no matter how silly the plot became.
      In LTM, I don’t even see why AJ and KJ even like each other or how they developed a connection. It seems purely physical, like two people just wanting to hook up, like wanting to date and the whole intensity of them liking each other seems so unfounded, even the first kiss with such intensity , where did it come from?
      Also, a minor point but wasn’t KJ a bit OCD? And why does it seem he’s not anymore?
      I don’t see how SH all of a sudden likes AJ so much when he hasn’t even been around AJ in like a few episodes. When she comes into the cafe and sees Yoon Ju and then leaves, SH doesnt even go after her to see whats wrong or makes sure she stays.

      This drama keeps making me scratch my head, feeling confused at times, but I don’t usually leave dramas in the middle, so I will keep watching, hoping things, like the writing and directing, will change!

  40. 41 Kevin

    Thank you!!!!

  41. 42 Lizzy

    Can we have a bed scenes a la Coffee prince style in the future, even though its only KJ imagination like Han Kyul. WE would REALLY REALLY LOVE that yah????????????

    • 42.1 Carinne

      Well they’d better! (My threat will unlikely get noticed. Sulks.)

      So there are spoiler alerts about Jeju Island scenes. Do you hear it? Can you feel my… heartb… um, bow-chicka-bow-wow?

  42. 43 Marie

    Thank you for you recap. The show is a bit slow but I just enjoy the two leads chemistry. But if the story keeps going downhill even that will fizzle in the end.

  43. 44 Sun

    LOL apparently I’m the only one who thinks this is WAY worse than MSOAN (I mean, at least in MSOAN I liked some characters and sometimes it had good/funny moments lol)

    I’ve had so much fun reading the comments section ha ha!

    • 44.1 appie

      As you can read from my previous post, I feel its nearly/on its way there, but if it falls any deeper I’m gonna run. Seriously.

      Aww for you, its there already, I feel for you ;_;

    • 44.2 Carinne

      Pardon, well, you are entitled to your opinion. You know, I’d rather take YEH and KJH making out any day over MGY and JGS/KJW doing it. Even if noi calls this show “a steaming pile of crap” that’s better than a show putting you on the… runs.

      YEH and KJH kiss scenes are up there where I place “pretty close to getting me pregnant.” All I need is one more of those, with a few undone buttons shirt or an oversized sweatshirt or cardigan slipping on the side of a shoulder revealing a spaghetti strap, dang, I’m getting flushed here. Woot nanny!

    • 44.3 Rayanne

      Oh my goodness! I couldnt agree more! Its sooo bad*hides for cover*. MSOAN at least had the cuteness going for it but this one is a complete snoooze.

    • 44.4 tamtam

      There’s cuteness between the leads, but it’s slowly wearing off on me. I still like a few characters and would like to see So-ran work things out with AJ and her husband. I agree, there’s almost nothing to hang on to anymore.

  44. 45 Daniela

    Manager Park and Hoon are two reasons why I keep watching this.

    • 45.1 Daniela

      Oops this was a reply for #38

  45. 46 Dux

    What does this drama has (and similarly, what did Marry Stayed Out All Night had) that keeps me watching even though I know it’s brainless and completely terrible, plot-wise? Subliminal message that says “keep watching me”?

    • 46.1 Pi

      i feel like the commenters are becoming like MMM ones too.
      For the first time i’m kinda bummed Jb/GF dropped it
      I’d give anything to see a recap that starts with
      i suspect we will be seeing “ah jung” (mary) sang hee (jung in) and ki joon (mu gyul) in the comment section soon enough.

  46. 47 miso

    these weecaps are delightful! they let me keep tabs on the show even though I don’t watch. 🙂

  47. 48 binzer

    I have a question. Is Kang Ji Hwan a good actor, or is he just hot?

    I feel like his acting is quite wooden, and that the expression in his eyes is always the same. I don’t mind a subtle acting style (like Jung Il Woo in RoI) but with KJW I’m always too aware that he’s acting, and never feel like he IS the character.

    He has a massive fan-base so I figure I just have a strange perspective :S Thoughts?

    • 48.1 Pat

      i think he’s both – a good actor and good looking actor – its true he looks ‘wooden’ here but i think its the roles he plays….. have you watched 90 days time to love? it’s been a while since i watched it but i thought his acting was very natural and not ‘wooden’ at all (obviously i’m a huge fan of KJH!) 🙂

    • 48.2 78446

      Try watching Hong Gil Dong . I swear that guy just carried that whole show. (Or it may be that Jang Geun Suk was so terrible in it that KJH ended up looking amazing.)

      Maybe good writing (HGD was Hong sisters) elevates his acting skills?

      • 48.2.1 Pat

        yea – Hong Gil Dong!……..forgot about that one – hehe! KJH rocks in that one too!

        • Verònica

          Agree here! I’m watching Gil Dong as a side drama, and he’s pretty good as the childlike Robin Hood-esque thief! I’m sure it’s the character in LTM that, since has nothing going on, is portrayed that stiff. I mean, so far we know almost nothing about Ki Joon as a person, what he thinks or feel, nothing!! He’s an empty character that stares with the same expression and Kang Ji Hwan seems to be doing the best he can on this one…

      • 48.2.2 binzer

        Hong Gil Dong is a good idea. It’s the only Hong Sisters drama I haven’t watched yet, but I always hear mixed thoughts on the ending, and although I have no idea what happens, I’ve been too scared to watch it!

        Capital Scandal has been on my “to watch list” for a while too, so I guess I can KJW it up.

        I liked him okay in Coffee House, where I think his “blank eyes” worked well with his crazy character. I don’t mind characters that aren’t overtly emotional (like his character in LTM) but I don’t feel like he pulls it off too convincingly.

        I AM picky about actors though. I have a hard time watching Pirates of the Caribbean because Orlando Bloom flares his nostrils too much and Keira Knightly never stops posing her lips. Hopefully KJW wins me over!

        • maykha

          Hahahaa, that was a great comment about O. Bloom and K.Knightley…..though i havent watched it so far…i can imagine..hahahaa

    • 48.3 funnylittlefishy

      Dude… same thoughts… he’s super wooden to me, and i kind of keep sinking into thinking he’s the cold chaebol character… and then he’ll do something weird/undignified/cute and i’ll be like huuuh? because it’s seems really out of character for how he is 90% of the time.

      (I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but the flashback scene where YJ shows him her wedding ring on the roof and they’re laughing and hugging for about 100 years too long is just extremely off-putting to me…he looks so fake, and they’re laughs are unnatural…)

      • 48.3.1 binzer

        Yes! I find him the worst when he’s smiling and laughing actually. I feel like the smile never reaches his eyes and seems sincere.

        It’s weird; even though Sang Hee is a rookie actor and isn’t all that great, I find him a lot more believable.

        • Aternall

          me too O.o..that flasback on the roof was kind of FAAAKE…from both actors..but when he’s with Ah Jung everithins goes smooth hahhaha but there were parts were AJ was laughing fake too=/ oh well…

  48. 49 Carinne

    I dunno why, I laughed pretty hard when I saw KJH’s face on AJ’s mobile wallpaper. I didn’t see KJ, just KJH.

  49. 50 tamtam

    So annoyed with the show. Even as a side drama, this episode wasn’t even worth watching. Every time I want to say it’s not that bad, it comes back with an episode like this. It’s not so horrible that makes me want to stop, and not horrible enough that makes good crack material. It’s out in limbo… teasing me. Oh boy, might have to resort to the fast forwarding method.

    • 50.1 Choonie

      Sorry to hear that Tamtam. There are other dramas out there which may catch your fancy.

      If you’re in period – try Dong Yi or SKK.

      Or 49 days, Secret Garden.

      Or Winter Sonata ( A Bae Yoon Jung/ Choi Ji Won tandem), which I’ve considered THE drama no one should miss).

      A truly good one, great acting and a good storyline is:
      SPRING DAYS. Made in 2005, 3 great actors were in it – including newly released from Military duty – Jo In Seung.


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