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Lie To Me: Episode 12 Open Thread
by | June 14, 2011 | 359 Comments


At the Jeju resort, Jae-bum arrives to declare himself lost without So-ran, who’s moved by his admission that her departure sparked suicidal thoughts. Peas in a pod, these two. They think they’re Ike and Tina, but they’re really Spencer and Heidi.

Lurky Yoon-ju calls Ah-jung for a drink and tells her all about why she broke up with Ki-joon the first time and asks if Ah-jung knows what it feels like to have your first love stolen from you by another woman. Oh god, are they really going this route to make Ah-jung feel bad? Okay then.

Ki-joon comes clean about his marriage lie (again) to Chairman Chen, only this time he believes him. Chen walks out of the deal and starts chatting up Great Hotel instead, and this is our Big Conflict for the rest of the hour. Yeah, it’s just as exciting as it sounds.

In cuter news, Ki-joon and Ah-jung start dating like a real couple and he calls them a needle and thread, which might be a cuter metaphor if one of those things weren’t stabby. They do coupley things that go duly noted by a sulky Sang-hee and a bitter Yoon-ju, but at least the former is more mature than the latter and tells her to Let. Go. Already. Dammit. So the older brother got the brains, and the younger brother got the balls?

Ki-joon finally musters the wherewithal to cut ties with Yoon-ju, explaining things in terms of Fate. Because of Fate, he loved someone he shouldn’t have loved, and had to break up with someone he couldn’t bear to break up with. So Fate is doing shit you don’t like? He tells Yoon-ju it’s her turn (to obey Fate, or do shit she doesn’t like, same diff), and declares that he loves Ah-jung. Ooh! And also, errr what? This couple is totally trying to sell the love angle, although I’m only seeing lust. Not that lust is bad. Kang Ji-hwan and lust? I am there. It’s just…let’s call it what it is, shall we?

Ki-joon surprises Ah-jung at home with a meet-the-dad ambush, which are two terms you’d think he’d be wary of putting together. Dad sizes up the boyfriend in the traditional Korean way: Drinky duel! Shots, glasses, and bowls of soju later, both men pass out and then insist they won in the morning.

Now it’s Aunt’s turn to change her mind (again) and push Ki-joon towards Yoon-ju, ’cause conveniently, her congressman stepdad happens to be chummy with Chairman Chen, and they need his association to save the hotel. Aunt is totally giving me whiplash — I like Yoon-ju! You can’t marry her! Wait, never mind! I’m not telling you to marry, just get in good with her! This is business, not personal!

The stress of hearbreak sends Yoon-ju to the hospital, because this writer has been watching way too much Sam-soon and thinks this is adequate conflict. Aunt orders Ki-joon to her bedside, and he goes, but she thinks he doesn’t, and gets all pissy.

Ah-jung is put in charge of a tourism event/traditional cultural performance which is selling poorly, then all of a sudden sold out. She’s proud of herself until she sees Ki-joon sitting there in a mostly-empty theater, and guesses he intervened. Bicker, bicker, make up.

Aunt gives Ki-joon one last chance to get in good with Yoon-ju’s stepdad and sets up a dinner. Ah-jung’s feeling crappy because her boss has found out about her marriage lie and warns her not to mess up again. So Ki-joon’s big decision: Business or love? Ah-jung or Yoon-ju?

We’re not really surprised by his choice, are we?


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359 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. godessoftaray

    i’m so disappointed that this drama is not getting any better… i’m just continuing to watch it because i’m truly a Yoon Eunhye fan… but still… what a waste of a good actress

    • 1.1 Kangling

      I skipped almost everything. I don’t even know anymore what am I watching. my eyes just glued to KJH & YEH but then again, It started to glitch here and there.

      • 1.1.1 Kangling

        Oh plus. there ought to be a law. where snapping finger is only allowed when you call for taxi. They better come up with a 21st century way of ” bring the ring and the cake” do something classic like play with your ring as the sign. I would rather poke my eye ball than snapping fingers.

        • Celexa

          Or he could do his “come to the table” hip dance! ^.^ I loved it!

        • Syreolli

          I hear that one!!!

        • yakunamojing

          I soooooooooooo agree with you!!! Snapping the finger for any command should be outlawed!!!!!

    • 1.2 Aidan

      Agreed! I really just read the wee caps now. Why can’t Eunhye not make a good drama…you know since Coffee Prince?

      • 1.2.1 Cynthia

        What? Didn’t you like her in “Goong”?

        • Ace

          “since Coffee Prince”

          She means dramas after CP. Goong was before CP. And she wasn’t bad in Goong, but she wasn’t that good either. *ducks for cover*

        • sb

          Goong was in 2006. 🙂 Coffee Prince is more recent (if you can still call it that) since it was in 2007.

          I agree with Aiden that YEH hasn’t made anything great since CP. I even watched her most recent movie, My Black Mini Dress, and thought it was horrible.

          Note that I am not criticizing her acting, which I didn’t think was bad when she started, and which has steadily improved. But the dramas and movies she chooses.. oof.

          Lucky her though, I believe she’s still the highest paid Korean actress and still reigns as a CF queen — all due to Coffee Prince. Because no matter how bad the drama, she still manages to pull in solid ratings, which is what really matters to the networks.

          • Duffy

            “Lucky her though, I believe she’s still the highest paid Korean actress and still reigns as a CF queen — all due to Coffee Prince.”

            I thought it’s Shin Mina who reigns as a CF queen…

          • Lemon

            OMG yes, I’m not a hater, but My Black Minidress was the worst Korean movie I’ve watched in the last 2 years! 🙁

          • appie

            I totally agree with you! CP was her last saviour, everything after that was..well ..sortofacceptable?

            And I also agree with you about My Black Mini Dress, it was one of the most anticipated movie on my to-watch list, and it was so disappointing! Much as I love YEH, I hated her character, I just couldn’t connect with her. I have to blame the scriptwriter & director, story had no meaning, characters were annoying than appealing, awkward resolution in the end, it so horrible I can go on and on!

            Omg can’t believe YEH’s recent projects is wasting her away T__T

        • bd

          Let’s face it, unless you were/are a pre-teen girl, “GOONG” wasn’t that good either.

          “CP” is the only quality drama that YEH has done and not surprisingly, her acting was the best in “CP” (really helps to have a great script as well as a good PD who got the best out of YEH).

          Have to say, YEH’s acting in “LTM” hasn’t been that great either (and I’ve liked YEH since her “X-Man” days).

          While loyalty is admirable, it was a mistake for YEH to have been loyal to a production company that couldn’t provide her with at least a decent script (I’m lowering the bar from good, since good scripts are hard to come by).

          Yeah, I started to watch “My Black Mini Dress”, but it was simply AWFUL (good to hear I didn’t miss anything by stopping).

          I don’t know, maybe YEH needs to get different management; one that is more adept at picking quality projects.

          She can’t ride the positive lift from “CP” forever; she’s going to need another hit soon.

          • someone_neutral

            My understanding is that YEH has been under management by The House Company since September, 2008, and YEH owns that management company. This is just a guess, but I think YEH has final say on choosing her projects and unfortunately, no one in the management company can stop her bad choices.

          • Aidan

            Agreed. I watched Goong a couple years after all the hype because I didn’t want to expect too much out of it. It was just okay. Not great.

            And she really can’t ride CP forever, people are going to start realizing that her shows aren’t that great.

            I don’t think her acting is terrible it’s the whole storyline and cliche lines that suck

          • bd

            Btw, instead of watching “MBMD”, I highly recommend the 2003 film “Singles” starring Jang Jin-young (who was totally awesome in it).

      • 1.2.2 Joy

        MTE! I thought this would be decent to watch you know since there is at least KJH but noooooo, so disappointed.


      @ Koala
      Have you visited DB LTM open thread lately? There are so many antis and haters in that thread expressing how they hate and yadayadayada. The keep on bashing and ranting about the show for its flaws (which EVERYONE already knows) like a broken tape recorder. I know that the thread is to rant and rave but its more like the thread is for the haters to congregate to make fun of LTM. Even the weecapers are sarcastic and sometimes down right insulting when they weecap each epsiodes. It really dampen my mood whenever I go and show my support for the show. I know everyone is entitled to say their opinion but sometimes its just too much

      @ Koala
      wish the weecapers over at DB had just dropped the show instead of wecapping it in such a disrespecful way. I clearly know they have the right to express their feelings, but one thing wrong with that is how it influences those who don’t have a mind of their own. So, theey fall in line and criticize a show that isn’t even the worst show out there. The show clearly has issues, but I have never watched a show or read a novel to experience real life. I want to feel good in a silly and fun way and LTM gives that to me. If you don’t like it, don’t watch and simply keep your negative opinions to yourself, that’s what I believe. It trully breaks my heart to read DB weecap of LTM and the comments that follows. They don’t realize how they influence others. I respect DB for their work, but I wish they will refrain from continuing with works they clearly have no interest in and leave it for those who will give it the heart it deserves.

      @ Koala
      I don’t visit DB site anymore even when they started an open thread. The thing I don’t understand is why people hate watching LTM and yet they spend time watching it, just to criticize it, or bashing YEH? I’m for one who if I don’t like a particular drama, I don’t even waste my time watching it and then spend effortless hours bashing it. Don’t these ppl has something better to do?

      @ Koala
      exactly.. i used to enjoy reading their past drama recaps.. but after all the bash-LTM-weecaps.. it’s kinda painful to go visit that site anymore.. it’s as if it’s only catering to LTM-haters..since they were kind enough to ‘consider’ LTM fans by not completely ‘dropping’ it.. then they should have been considerate ‘enough’ to write objectively.. since it is read by pro&anti LTM…if a first time drama viewer goes over there and read the weecaps.. they probably wouldn’t want to even TRY watching the first episodes… i should know, coz I sometimes try out new dramas based on its recaps.. it’s not at all done objectively.. just way too much sarcasm sugar coated with humor.

      @ Koala
      Im on the same boat with all of you.. DB just post the weecap just to vent her frustrations in LTM and that post create an anti fan for LTM..Those people who dont have their own mind and just agree to whatever DB negative comments are so disappointing…For me,if you dont want it, dont watch it…and dont make a recap or a stupid full of negative and low blow weecap…



      • 1.3.1 Amg1


        My Dear Friend!

        This time I am going have to take OKoala’s side…. You may not know but OKoala is an “Old timer,” around this blog and even tough you are not implying that OKoala is the instigator, the way you construct your post it implys that, she may be in to the bashing of Dramabeans, along with her fans.

        In the same way that JB and GF do not have control over the minds of the people that post in their blog, Okoala has no control of what people post in her Blog, so I will be the first to give her the benefit of doubt.

        She also has been a guest blogger her at Dramabeans, and she is very well like by JB and GF and a lot of folks here.

        I do hope that your post was not intended to Okoala down, but I do understand that people have different opinions, and in public forums feelings do get hurt, but I will be the last to blame her for what other people write in her blog.

        P.S My intention was not offend you at all…. : 0 }


          Thank you for your kind reply, however I must disagree with one of your points. Although Ockoala may not be verbally bashing JB and GF like her fanbase, she does not make an effort to cease the negative comments directed towards DB. Her evident inclination to ignore these kind of posts neither encourages nor discourages ppl from making such comments. However, in my honest opinion, her indifference indirectly adds fuel to the fire.

          • dramabliss

            I read one of Ockoala’s LTM recaps some episodes back and she did comment on this matter and urged the LTM fanbase to be reasonable and not take the “criticisms” in DB to heart. So she has not been indifferent to the issue, contrary to what you have observed.

            Like most people here, I have been following LTM mainly because of the awesome chemistry between YEH and KJW. Plus YEH is one of my favorite Korean actresses.

          • Elllen

            Tumbs up. You’re right. I play there where they play fair.

        • Celeste

          @Amg1 – totally agree with you. It’s best if we leave other sites out of the story. Everyone is free to have an opinion. We are of no standing to judge who’s right or wrong. I love Ockoala’s recap as much as I love JB and GF. Thus, I hope @HATERZ-CAN-SUCK-IT can respect every individual here and there at Ockoala’s.

          No offence intended.

      • 1.3.2 Fenny

        Hmmm…I don’t think koala dissed LTM, in fact she’s nuts about LTM. Although I agree on your take about all the haters. DON’T WATCH IF YOU DON’T LIKE!!! Easy as that!

      • 1.3.3 Elllen

        I agree, the writer should not waste time weecapping LTM iits just meant to annoy fans with sarcasm. Like many who are still watching & love to hate it… like swallowing ones puke or spilling it out their stink gut.

        But there are people who thrive on annoying people, they are those who want to see people miserable.
        Some of these haters have contributed to the demise of some showbiz people who have fallen victim to their hate campaign.

        • geri

          agree. bloggers tend to do that, and the call it ‘witty’.

          i’ve long known that my taste in dramas differ from jb’s and gf’s. they always want dramas to be “logical”. and the dont like happy endings. no evil person getting a conscience. no mothers forgiving their only sons.

          i’m just happy when something pleases them enough to write a whole recap.

          • hookedonmonix

            I understand that the dramabeans recaps and comments on LTM are problematic for many of LTM’s loyal fanbase at other sites, however- the discussions and criticisms are (as far as I know) being kept on the DB site. A site which is completely optional to read. If someone prefers to read positive, supportive posts- then do so.
            However, it’s not fair to ask the people who differ in opinion to keep their opinions to themselves. Or to suggest that they, as people, are somehow lacking because of their opinions. Disagreement is fair and good. Personal attacks are not.

        • bhuddz

          i totally agree!

      • 1.3.4 mattever

        Let us keep the friendship of LTM brings us. No backstabbing, no negative comments – if you can’t stand it just don’t watch it, very simple. Maybe there’s a reason SBS change the writer, maybe it’s time to change it to make it more interesting. I hope both DB and Koala visitors will take it easy. Peace.

      • 1.3.5 Zzz

        Curse at me, diss me, say whatever you like and I can say whatever I like 🙂

        I only open DB just to see how far it has streched.. I mean seriously why are you guys still weecaping LTM? I can see you have no passion whatsoever towards this drama, so like, what’s your point?

        Aforementioned, I can say whatever I like.

        If you can stand watching it then dont watch it, people. It’s as simple as that.

        Going on and on about how much the show sucks and dissapoints you? Well, look for other shows to watch or even better produce your own drama tv show!

        LTM is NOT the worst drama series. I have seen worse.

        Do what you love, love what you do.

        • joicy

          don’t you know why? how much YEH’s show sucks but bloggers can’t drop talking about it? Traffic, traffic, and traffic.
          See how many replies here and how many in DB’s favorite dramas, like Ripley or City Hunter?

    • 1.4 jyyjc

      Agh…same here. I admit I was one of those who wanted jav and gf to continue fully recapping this drama during the earlier episodes because I had hope the story will get better. But now I’m pretty confident that it won’t, although our main couple is cute but the writing of this drama just won’t get better T.T *will trust in jav and gf’s decisions from now on*

    • 1.5 busy_bee

      Liked your name godessoftaray. 🙂

      Can I say Miss godess?

      • 1.5.1 godessoftaray

        haha… thanks 🙂 & yes you can say miss godess…

    • 1.6 kfanholics

      Thanks for STILL making the recap on LTM though I seriously thought the time can be best spent elsewhere like recapping Baby faced beauty instead.

      This show is such a disappointment and waste of time. I’m a fan of YEH but I’m still dropping the series. Someone shd shoot the writer.

    • 1.7 PIkacikaAsu23gurl

      yes..same here..

    • 1.8 Hazel

      watch Lie to Me Episode 12 English Subbed here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/06/lie-to-me-episode-12.html

    • 1.9 Lenita

      agree, when it finishes, i’ll prolly also watch it, for YEH and KJH.

      anyway, just wanna put this up high here: i like these weecaps. just what i need– enough info to know what’s going on. i mean, if the story’s thin, what can you do, right?

  2. Maymay

    JB, your short recap of the episode is actually funnier than the episode itself!!!

  3. AC

    First? =D
    love how the picture at the end answers the question XD

    • 3.1 AC

      aw or not

      • 3.1.1 bourbon

        LOL, i feel ya. We’ve all had those “OMG I’m first! Yay! I’d like to thank my Mum for waking me up, and my internet connection, for working and Javabeans for updating, and…Oh wait. Not first. ”
        *throws imaginary acceptance speech in imaginary wastebin*

        • Celexa

          I’ve got mine on a word doc.. waiting for a cut and past!! XD

        • Lemon

          LOL love the acceptance speech bourbon, cracked me up.

        • ricky the royal highness

          Oooo… careful now.
          some people hate it when you mention the “F” word.

          • Dayan

            Hahaha. Yeah I got one from them too.. And because I didnt have a prepared acceptance speech ready to cut and paste, my post had typo error in it. And I posted twice. But I didn’t mind because that was also what I felt before not until I had the chance to actually be first to comment hehe. So now I understand 🙂

  4. Kuging-RN

    -_- is this far more worse than MSOAN?

    • 4.1 sun

      It is -.- At least MSOAN was so nonsensical it made you lol, this one is just meh.

      • 4.1.1 Venus

        I agree MSOAN at least was funny, even though the story took so many U Turns it left me dizzy and throwing up in the middle of the road…

    • 4.2 ZOee

      Nope, Lie to me is ok, sam soon like conflict, a lil slow, but watchable. I recommend watching baby face beauty instead 😀

      • 4.2.1 Ani

        I second the Baby Faced Beauty recommendation. ZOee you ROCK for bringing that up. X)

        • Icey26

          TRUE! i really hope BFB could get recapped. Man, the drama’s extended to 20 from 16 eps. People could tell from that that Baby-face Beauty IS a great drama. I kinda give up on LTM coz..idk..i don’t get that anticipation like i do on BFB.

    • 4.3 asianromance

      I agree that MSOAN got the nonsensical factor that makes it enjoyable in a MST3K sort of way, but the positives in Lie to Me are 1. the lead actors and 2. characters who at least physically act like adults (though not always mentally or emotionally).

      The story is a bit all over the place, so I’m curious abt how the drama will end. At the moment, this episode feels like an episode 14 or 15 sort of episode, so I’m curious abt what will happen…

      • 4.3.1 Jo sno

        Ahh a MST3k reference!!! 🙂 Two of my loves Kdramas and MST3k.

      • 4.3.2 penne

        MSOAN is based on a manhwa..that’s how they got a nonsensical plot..that’s just it..

    • 4.4 Eleven11

      No, but! I felt so bad for the actors in M3 (rabid JGS fangirl). That was worse for me because they were three of my favourite and they were utterly wasted. I didn’t have as huge an expectation for this one, and at least no-one’s been kidnapped in LTM yet.

      …although they do need a conflict for the last stretch now, so maybe I speak too soon.

    • 4.5 Kangling

      can’t believe it. It take me a loooong time to figure out what the heck is MSOAN. LOL.. as I sat down, tried for the 3rd time to watch ep 11 I just keep on thinking. 2 of my favs acting like these? it’s the same with MGY & JGS. then it’s like DING DONG… MSOAN, I GOT IT!

      • 4.5.1 Kangling

        OMG. What now? MST3K? what is that?

        • Cynthia

          Mystery Science Theater 3,000
          It’s a snark-filled tv show where 2 robots and their human buddy are forced to watch old, awful sci-films and give their snarky critiques. It’s totally hilarious.

          • joo raim

            wuaaahahahahaha…………………… i really like your comment ^_________________________^

          • y


    • 4.6 penne

      not at all, i didn’t finish MSOAN coz it keeps me sleepy..LTM has loads of great soundtracks…love those songs..

    • 4.7 Kim Yoonmi

      Technically, yes. In terms of writer’s abilities–no.

      MSOAN had a seasoned writer/writers sucking together. This has just one writer who is a n00b who doesn’t know what they are doing.

      The thing is I think they hired KJH and YEH, because they are known for being good at turning around crappy scripts and making them at least watchable. (Exhibition of Fireworks. for example)

      Writing-wise, this is worse, but waste of talent overall–that goes to MSOAN.

      I cry here because I really wanted KJH and YEH to have a good script where they can bring it, but this writer is so afraid of everything that you end up with nothing–there is no follow through. It’s a waste of a good cast and crew yet again. I think this proves that there is no cast and crew in this world that can rescue a crappy script.

    • 4.8 prettypie

      it..the chemistry of YEH and KJH brings out the best in this drama

  5. Zyre

    This drama is not that bad but can be better… hope this change for next episode… they are good actors (the main couple) so would be great to make something different… thanks for the recap ^^

    • 5.1 HyoSun

      It’s just that the script/writers are pretty shoddy.

      • 5.1.1 vegaspink

        They changed the scriptwriter on episode 11…

        • appie

          Really? No wonder, my friend texted me after watching episode 11 that “scriptwriter must’ve ran away..” LOL.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Yet there is no visible change…? Sad. Really sad.

    • 5.2 Ace

      Since what episode have I heard the following phrases: “hope this changes on the next one” or “hope this gets better next week”?

      Answer: Way before JB decided to drop the recaps. That’s like forever already.

  6. GaeinaLee

    Thanx for the weecap @Javabeans!

    As usual, your wee/recap are always entertaining to read. Too bad, it’s only 4 eps to go..

    I’ll sleep happily and dream about KJH after rewatch this episode.. 😀

  7. Aphrodite

    ”So the older brother got the brains, and the younger brother got the balls?”

    Wise line, but actually younger brother just now used his balls. At least, now or never.

    Except the bizzare aunt-related thing, I think this episode was the least nosensial of all.

    I loved the weecap, as always.!

  8. YerVang

    The Ah Jung & Ki Joon couple is sooooo sexy 😉

    • 8.1 hookedonmonix

      I keep waiting/cheering for him to jump her bones. He totally looks at her like he already is.

  9. Jen Y.

    This is breaking my heart. I thought I kinda “meh” toward the old writer, but all these … trite…. U-turns are making me throwing darts at the screen… -__- except at KJW and YEH.

  10. 10 Jane


  11. 11 Okie Dokie

    I liked this episode. The 2 new writers are trying their damnest to save the drama by putting in more YEH-KJH cutesy time. And that’s fine by me, although, really SBS? Really? Change writers now that we’re at the homestretch? Couldn’t you do it earlier when it really could’ve helped? Oh well. Still, I’m happy with the all the cute. I really adore this couple!!!

    Thanks for weecap!

    • 11.1 penne

      yes okie dokie..i like this episode too..no matter what their chemistry is just super duper oozing with hotness..they’re like for real..i like the silly scenes that they have though…

    • 11.2 bjharm

      Agreed they should have gone the Idol drama route from the start, just USE the two leads and forget the rest, as much of it only distracts from the reason anyone is watching the drama each week and that is of course the leads. As for the aunt anyone who watch two k-drama could see that coming a mile off. Family before love, business before love, how can a real man give up his career for the sake of a ‘mere’ girl and so on.

      • 11.2.1 Jane

        Oh, that’s what “Idol drama” means? The whole time I thought it meant it starred idols. lol. So basically it’s a drama that might not have plot but is just about the main leads doing cute stuff.

      • 11.2.2 kdfan

        i think ep12 has some improvement too. i was still cringing much throughout ep11 but i really like the cutesy moments in this one. there was some heartfelt tenderness in the hug at the end, although it’s totally nonsense that he would choose to run to Ah Joong instead. the chemistry is still holding up. it’s still enough to get me going, strangely.

    • 11.3 appie

      I haven’t watched this episode but my friend would definitely disagree with you, she said it was just too cheesy, though she likes her fluffy stuff but it way over the top. I probably agree with her, I want to watch it but I’m scared to cringe ._.;

      • 11.3.1 Okie Dokie

        I’ll admit, I cringed and laughed at some parts too. But there will always be those cringe-worthy moments in a K-Drama for me so I don’t mind so much. K-Dramas are chalked full of cheese. It was still cute.

        • appie

          True, romcoms are about cheesiness. But too much cheese is no good, I’ll try watching it. Thanks for your comment<3

  12. 12 Twitiepie

    Even I have finally dropped it, I thought Santa was critical, my my Javabeans pretty harsh, lol though I don’t blame you, me thinks I will now go watch city hunter per your recommendation.

    • 12.1 Dafnee

      I LOVE city hunter! That’s the drama of the moment for me! And I liked lie to me lead couple, thought. but the changing character of the aunt and nonsensical plot is just too much for me..

    • 12.2 bishbash

      do watch City Hunter!

      im in this dilemma of wanting to watch it, but dunwanna it to end!!!

      NOooooooooo >.<

  13. 13 Venus

    Ok I’m not watching LTM, but I do read the recaps…and JB you and GF take top honors in this wee caps…
    However the best line of this wee cap is this …

    “Peas in a pod, these two. They think they’re Ike and Tina, but they’re really Spencer and Heidi.”

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! u made my day JB …LMAOOOOOOOO that is the most funniest thing ever….**tearsssssss** ROFLLLL….

    I think our kdrama Spencer and Heidi should have taken lessons from Tina and said “What Love Go To Do With It”… lmaoooooo……

    • 13.1 tamtam

      I’m not sure Ike and Tina is such a “glamorous” couple either. Beyonce and Jay-Z would’ve been a better comparison. JB you’re showing your age 😉 I keeeeed.

      • 13.1.1 Pat

        but Ike and Tina FOUGHT!

        • tamtam

          They’re also two crazy crackheads.

    • 13.2 appie

      JB and GF have the best quotes ever! haha. Thanks for the weecaps <3

  14. 14 snow

    wow. it’s giving me whiplash just reading the plot for this episode. are the actors having wtf moments every other scene?

    • 14.1 Venus

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ Snow!!….ohh you know they are….is just the logic is gone now…I have been following recaps here and Koalas, but I don’t get the logic of the guy going back to his old love, then dumping her for his new “love/lust” and then the whole lie thing comes back again, we are going in circles here….

    • 14.2 Kiara


  15. 15 diana

    *sigh* i really like YEH as an actress but kinda bumped by her drama choices.. the last one before this was ‘My fair lady’ and boy did i have my hopes high on dat one..then it stabbed me in the back with disappointment (exageration)..but it’s sorta like dat

    • 15.1 Venus


      How about we petition a drama with YEH and LMH?…actually wouldn’t have been great that YEH had been cast for CH?…cause I can totally see her as Nana….

      • 15.1.1 MEK

        yeah yeah yeah!!! YEH and LMH!!!

      • 15.1.2 Ace

        Eeek. Noooo. Even though I wasn’t keen on PMY getting that role (I liked Lee Shi Young as Nana), I’d prefer that YEH stick with the older guys.

        • Dafnee

          I agree with that…

    • 15.2 HyoSun

      Are you incapable of typing out the word ‘That’
      ‘Dat’ is okay for texting your friends but seriously when you’ve got ample space in a comment box you might as well type out real words.

      • 15.2.1 JD

        Wow, that was seriously uncalled for. Please be kind.

        • metaphor

          seriously uncalled for… was a bit too harsh…

          • Venus

            I agree…lets be kind to each other..

        • nonski

          wah! anyone can do writing styles as long as we could understand it here. everybody who have read it understands the “dat” there means “that”… what’s the big fuss about THAT?

          anyways thank you for the wee-cap!

      • 15.2.2 Celexa

        I sympathize with HyoSun… text acronyms on posts make me think of “fingernails scraping a chalkboard”. I cringe when I see them.

        Thankfully this one only had one… I just skip over the posts written in “text”.

        • JD

          Shorthand writing isn’t the issue here; how rudely it was stated is.

        • nonski

          we can point it out without being rude but seriously, again, why the fuss on shorthand?

          isn’t this supposed to be our space for comments on LTM?

      • 15.2.3 appie

        Was it necessary to type that? I agree with JD, it was uncalled for and totally rude.

      • 15.2.4 Ace


  16. 16 Liv

    It’s not the best, but the love of the two main actors. Especially Yoon Eun Hye!!! I can definitely watch it till the end

  17. 17 Chocobo

    Oh man, I’m snoozing just reading the weecaps. BORED. What a waste of two great actors! What on earth are they going to do for another 4 episodes, besides beat a dead horse?

    • 17.1 Chocobo

      It’s when shows like Mary Stayed Out All Night, and in many ways this show, go totally off the map with the dumb and unbelievable plot “twists” like this that give those MadTV parodies of Korean dramas with Bobby Lee some credence.

      Lee: <>
      Girl: <
      Lee: <
      Girl: <
      Lee: <
      *Kiss*, she immediately dies, he mourns at her grave, flashes back to the kiss that happened 5 seconds ago

      • 17.1.1 Chocobo

        Whups, the dialogue from MadTV’s “drama” got cut out:

        Lee: I don’t speak Korean
        Girl: I love you!
        Lee: I’m so full
        Girl: I said I love you!
        Lee: I’m sorry
        *Kiss*, she immediately dies, he mourns at her grave, flashes back to the kiss that happened 5 seconds ago

  18. 18 HyoSun

    I really have a strong dislike for Yoon Ju.
    Not in that, ‘other-girl’ (#2nd leading actress) kind of way but something about her just grates on my nerves.
    Like her emotional scenes just aren’t emotional. I can see that she’s putting on a show. I don’t feel that she is a ‘real’ person with ‘real’ feelings.

    Yeah I know she’s a character, but I feel no connection to her.

  19. 19 aeyc

    I agree that the story is already dragging. I want to kick Yoon Ju and Sang He out and just focus on the love birds. They both have big issues.

    I also didn’t know that they changed writers! All I know is that they changed the director.

    Oh well I hope they can still salvage this but hey I LOVE the main characters so I’ll keep watching til they give me some HEA!

  20. 20 holly

    im so glad i stopped watching this. im bored out of my mind just reading the weecaps. the plot makes no sense!

  21. 21 dsp

    surely the writer is out of ideas, money and …. job? She/he soon will be. Still it it weren’t for KJH and YEH – I’d quit this drama looooong time ago. It was just YOUR recaps that kept me going. You guys know, how precious your recaps for kdrama-fans are, are you?
    Greetings from europe!

  22. 22 sb

    “They think they’re Ike and Tina, but they’re really Spencer and Heidi.”

    ROFL! Love. Awesome.

  23. 23 rumba lumba

    this drama is freakin terrible. no progress, just a flat drama overall.

    it’s like an episode of My GF is a Gumiho has more action and dynamics than all of this drama’s episodes combined.

    • 23.1 Ace

      LOL! Agree that any one episode of a Hong Sisters drama has more action and dynamics than this. (For a second I thought you were bashing MGIAG. Thank God I read your comment again!)

  24. 24 Confused

    I am just wondering what they are going to fill the next 4 episode with. Most drama there is a big conflict that’s getting built up and it needs to get resolved but I just don’t see it here.

    Even with the Chairman Chen conflict, it’s not really do or die with the deal. Yea it sucks that World hotel might not get the deal but really?? It’s not like the hotel is in danger of going under.

    And let’s say KJ’s aunt throws him out, it’s not like there was some scheming back-up that could take over the hotel. So I just don’t see how in the end his Aunt coculd really replace him

    The Sanghee and Yoonju angle at this point is basically a joke, I can’t think of any big thing they could do at this point to jeopardize the couple.

    So the question to the new writers is can they create a believable new conflict/angst in 4 episodes?? I hope so!

    Can’t wait till next week!

    • 24.1 78446

      I’m preferring to think of LTM as a throw-back to early Hallyu romcoms (like the ones with Jung Da Bin [RIP]) where a lot of the conflict is so trite and contrived but you still really need to know how it resolves itself. It’s nostalgic that way.

      But I still do think they need to up the stakes on the hotel thing. Maybe have Sang Hee as a successor-rival a la Lovers in Paris? Because the whole suck-up-to-Yoon-Joo thing is what drove me batty in those romcoms (you know, male lead being forced to be with second lead because of “it’s for the good of the business”).

  25. 25 Estella

    Wow, that totally makes sense that the writers/director got changed. There were a lot of silly moments in this drama, and the last ep that I watched (ep 11) was completely beyond unrealistic. At this point, I only hope the story gets better b/c currently I’m definitely not watching for the plot!

  26. 26 kdrama addiction

    i dropped that drama frm episode 8 wasn’t going anywhere and looks like it still isnt thankfully i have city hunter and Best love to keep me entertained lol

  27. 27 sb

    So the storyline is more a sad circling story circle, round and round again? It’s painful reading the plot “progression” in the weecaps alone; I don’t know how many of you manage to devote two hours weekly to this. Mad devotion I surmise for YEH and/or KJH. Or maybe it’s for the same reason I still read the weecaps… the rubbernecking phenomenon… can’t.. tear.. eyes.. away..

    Substance-wise, I feel like there was only enough material for a 2-episode special, if that.

  28. 28 Carinne

    I read somewhere E13-E14 will be the cheesy topping every romantic is hungry for. Hmm~ I’m kinda craving cheesy pizza right now if it amounts to anything.

    This episode is about KJ growing bigger balls proportion it to the size of his brain. Or, if you’d rather prefer an idea SH is shrinking his balls and growing more grey matter. Which ever floats your boat.

    Dang, Santa Claus has left the building! Maybe such topics like balls and brains best be avoided by such a machismo as St. Nick.

    I planned on baking cookies and share my nieces’ milk for Santa’s next weecap, however I guess he got the memo I’m not much of a baker, more of a lover.

    *ducks and cover* Mrs. Claus might bring her whole posse to kick my arse very soon for indecent proposals. Don’t kill the chef! I can’t bake, yet I make crazy good pho and some.

    • 28.1 appie


  29. 29 Erika

    I love your weecap it said my thought.at least MSOAN gave me the cute scene and couple evah but this one gave me bleh!meh kind of feeling.seriously that YJ annoying and before it K&AJ annoying.whats with SR&JB.both totally not showing love to each other by one only want to compete with AJ&Show off and the others go cheating and all of a suddent oh I can’t live without you so I better be dead.oh I’m not going for the aunt.LMAO for this drama.seriously YEH start picking up good drama or I loose my hope on you.lucky I love MOON GEUN YOUNG way more and she never let me down in everyway

  30. 30 Shelley

    This is the best episode so far. I love the ending of episode 12 a lot. The storyline is improving significantly. I will follow YEH and KJH all the way.

    • 30.1 Ace

      Oh. My.



      Well, happy watching then!

      • 30.1.1 Lizzy

        What are you here for? what’s your point? Just do yourself a favor don’t watch it and SHUT UP!

    • 30.2 penne

      yes shelly! fighting…!

    • 30.3 CreamPuffs

      You are a fighter, girl. I have immense respect for you.

      • 30.3.1 Shelley

        Thank both Penne and CreamPuffs. Let’s AJA for YEH and KJH! Who cares about what others think………

        • Lizzy

          Agree to that. BIG QUESTION: Why are these people here for, if they stop watching earlier on and they find the drama boring, a waste of time and such. Its like saying you are a person who vomited or pooed something then goes back tries to to examine or poke whatever he/she vomited or pooed just for the fun of it?………I say booooooooooo and yuckkkkkkkkk *EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW*

          PS LTM is not a vomit or poo just explaining my point. peace

        • penne

          yeah..they rant but they keep on discussing this drama, so ironic…i would just think that despite of their negative reviews, they really really care for lie to me…coz they’re also following the drama every week, right?….otherwise, this open thread wouldn’t be again contain the largest amount of comments, still….number 1!!hehe

    • 30.4 orphen77

      shelley, aja fighting!! :))

  31. 31 Nicole

    lol @ this drama. IT’S SO BAD..

    It should have only been like 8 episodes long.

    • 31.1 Ace

      It should have been a movie. A 90-minute movie.

    • 31.2 6002

      2 episodes

  32. 32 Celexa

    I’m really getting tired of all this whiney posts!

    “Let. Go. Already.”

    Aiish! See now you got me doing it!

    • 32.1 Okie Dokie

      Seriously, why is everyone bagging on the drama and those of us who do like the Drama so much? I’m not even certain half of these people have even watched it. I know OT is an outlet and we’re all sorts of frustrated with the Drama’s shortcomings, but geezzzz, do you just sit and whine and complain and hate all the time? If you don’t like it-fine, no one’s forcing you to like it. But why do you feel the need or the entitlement to put Liars down for liking it?

      • 32.1.1 CreamPuffs

        You have as much right to express your love for Lie to Me here as any other commenter has to express their frustrations with the drama. One comment about why they think the drama sucks doesn’t mean they ‘sit and whine and complain and hate all the time’.

        I don’t think javabeans is twisting the plot so if people comment on how ridiculous and cliched it sounds, their criticisms are valid.

        • Okie Dokie

          This was a response to comments like:

          “Oh. My.



          Well, happy watching then!”

          And those that come and disrespect JB & GF because of their weecaps or them voicing their frustrations with the drama. I agree, everyone should be able to voice their own opinions. My question was why so much hate?

          • Lizzy

            They hate it so much that to come to this thread and voice their opinion..isn’t ironic.
            Why waste your time, if you don’t like it why bother? Aren’t they contradicting their own selves.

      • 32.1.2 tamtam

        It’s simple. Because there are those of us who haven’t given up yet, and am disappointed every time we got our hopes up by the few relatively “good” episodes. Not everyone sees things in black and white. I think it’s safe to say this drama falls in the gray area. I have defended this drama a couple of times, at last it completely bombed on me the last two episode.

        I can speak for those of us who like some aspects of LTM, but are finding that the negative outweighs the positive. That’s why whenever the drama didn’t deliver, we voice out our disappointment. It’s like when your fav go-to restaurant changed their recipes 50 different times. Ya feel me?

        • 78446

          Oh, I totally feel you. I still love watching it because it’s still well, really watchable (kudos to YEH and KJH). It’s not yet a total trainwreck and I’m saying this because I watched every. single. episode of My Fair Lady and gah, that was really painful.

          I’m really hoping that when all THIS dies down and we’re few months along the line, I can rewatch it and go “Hey, this is really fun!” like I did at the beginning. Imma save this up for when the melo-season starts (autumn? winter?).

          • tamtam

            Same here! Saving it for a rainy day. I think this episode really ran my patience. YEH and KJH, still cute, but even their chemistry became predictable. Like KJ’s grand gesture in the theater. Cute, but doesn’t get my heart beating. Sort of came to a dead end for me, unfortunately.

        • sanzo

          Preach! I agree with you, except I couldn’t hope for anything better anymore. Especially this far into the drama -_-

  33. 33 Daniela

    I didn’t watch the episode. Today I only fast-forwarded and scenes appeared. When I saw Yoon-ju in the hosital, I had the same thought:Sam-Soon much?
    And they are happy now. They…love each other. At least the writter knows those two are the ones carrying the show and she put them together as much as she can (This conclusion has been made by reading the comments in various places, because for me they are not appealing enough together).
    Is just that if Chen is the only problem and with the other factors, the only source of angst is that they break up in episode 13 and coming back in the 16. Or maybe
    not. They will conquer all with the power of lust love.
    Suddenly Im comparing people but, is it just me or Yunho form TVXQ looks like Kang Ji Hwan? Not entirely, but a little.

    Thank you for the weecap!

    • 33.1 NN

      I was doing the exact same thing – ran out of patience for any side plot. Just want to see the cuteness between the OTP. Rest of it is just too painful. This drama is such a waste of the acting talent of our two leads =P

  34. 34 Amg1

    My fellow Yoon Eun Hye lovers;

    I am utterly bitter at the turn of events about Lie To Me, and instead of ranting and get more pissed off the way the writer and PD has taking this ship to the brink of sinking, I am “Officially,” dropping this drama, no love that I have for YEH, and no amounts of OTP kissing can keep me from watching this “Trainer wreck,” I feel extremely bitter to say the least, but I feel I rather save my love for YEH, than to let it be tarnish by the all the “Fuckery” that has become Lie To Me.

    Fair well my beloved YEH, and to all her fans “Adios, vaya con Dios,”!!!!!!!!! Yon Eun Hye FTW!!!!!!!!! : 0 {

    • 34.1 Jane

      Hey you, what did you do on soompi? You turned the whole thread upside down. lol

      • 34.1.1 Amg1


        I do not know what to say!!! Other than “Hay Caramba”

    • 34.2 Amg1

      *Hate v.s Love*

      I think it is unfortunate the some people come here to this blog and have the audacity, to try to shame “Java Beans and Girl Friday,” under the false pretense of them being fair while they call them “prejudicial and bias.” and to that I said to all their detractors:
      WTF is your guy’s-es problems!!!!

      1- This is JB personal blog! If you guys do not like it fair enough, but to accuse them of being ‘Ill manner,” Is totally out of line, last time I check it is still her Blog and she reserves the “right to say, what ever she wants,” and if you guys do not like it, well it sucks to be you, no ones is forcing you guys to stay around.

      2- Lie To Me, is not the only drama at Dramabeans tha has gotten an “It Sucks,” rating. For those of you who do not know the real reason why “Santa Klaus,” recap episode 11, he first appear when the drama “Bad Guy” fans got all “hurt” because of the bad ratings, and they started to complaint of “prejudicial and bias treatment.”

      3- I am a hardcore Yoon Eun Hye fan, and a lot of people have gotten my “ire,” in the past when people “flame” her in this blog, but lets be honest, so far JB and GF have not “Flame her or KJH” at all, their negative comments are not director at the actors at all, but it has to do with the way LTM writing and directing has gone, to the “dogs” IMHO.

      So I urge all my fellow YHE fans to not take it personal, I am still her fan and I will support in the future whatever she does, but I cannot overlook the fact that LTM as a drama is failing.

      YEH FTW…….Fighting!!!!!

      • 34.2.1 appie

        THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU. I totally agree/follow/love you on this!

        Why the heck people commenting on JB’s and GF’s so-called “bias-ness”? It’s HER blog, it’s HER opinion, she can express however she wants it- cos y’know, it’s HER blog. Yet people come here to HER blog to complain to HER about HER opinion, seriously?! Grow up. In your lifetime you will find people who will have opinion opposite to you, but it doesn’t mean you can bash them for having such thoughts, you just respect it! And it applies here, just respect other people’s opinion whether they like or hate it.

        And another thing, I’m sick and tired of reading posts like “omg I hate whiny post, just GTFO if you don’t like LTM blah blah blah” and whine about whiny post =_=; Like serious? Okay, I’ll break it down:
        a) Some people might not watch it, but they value, trust and are amused by JB and GF’s opinion and weecap.
        b)There’s NO denying that the script is lacking/crap, people have the BRAINS to say “oh yeah wtf is going on?”
        c) They might not like LTM or stop watching it, but like me, I’m curious to know what is going on, “has it gone any better?” because like me – we are ALL Yoon Eun Hye fans, we want to know how she’s doing in the drama, and will trust on JB’s and GF’s reviews even if it is a weecap, cos y’know we love HER blog ._.
        d)People need to distinguish between what is criticism and what is down-right bashing. JB and GF have never bashed the actors or their acting, never said anything discriminating against them. They’ve expressed their dislike/lack-thereof on the script and direction.
        e)Just because people voiced their criticism and dislike the show, it doesn’t give the right for YOU to tell them to not to come on LTM threads WHERE it’s echoing same sort of criticism.

        I don’t understand posts like “omg have you even watched it? then gtfo blah blah.” On City Hunter’s thread, there’s loads of post like “kyaa I love CH” yet did anybody ask then “are you watching it?” People seem to be bashing on the posts that are expressing their dislike of the show, yet I have read (so far) no posts that are saying “you like LTM? then gfto.” I swear when it comes to negative criticism, people misunderstand and think they’re bashing our beloved YEH personally. Its never been personal, so calm down! So rather then telling to “GTFO this thread” then why don’t YOU just stop reading posts if it makes you upset? See, you disagree right? I bet you’re saying “well why should I?” then voila, WHY should they stop coming to this thread?
        p.s. How many of you finished watching MSOAN? I haven’t and I can say I dislike the show, oh c’mon sue me for not finishing it and disliking it – you see my point?
        Moral of the story, they may dislike LTM but they are NOT targeting/bashing our beloved YEH!

  35. 35 Cynthia

    What I find interesting about LTM is that there aren’t too many middle-of-the-road fans. Either it’s love or hate.
    I liked it at the beginning (maybe 3 eps? and then the train went off the track and onto an endless loop.

    It’s a shame = there’s wonderful chemistry between the two leads, a FABULOUS OST and a decent supporting cast.
    As it’s been vociferously stated many times – it’s the writing.

    And now SHOW has fired said writers and brought new people on board the Titanic. (You can replace the Captain but that boat’s still gonna go down!)
    So, to be fair I just finished watching 11 & 12. **sigh**

    Our leading lady wants to “take it slow”. WHAT THE HELL FOR?! I want her to wrassle his body into bed, do the deed, move into his house, do the deed some more, tell Auntie to get lost and spend the next 4 episodes making out like mad monkeys!
    Is that too much to ask as repayment for all the prior dreck we were subjected to?! I think not.
    I believe this rationale could have gone a long way in helping MSOAN! Face it. Tonsil-hockey is a great distraction while trying to cover poor writing. Works for me.
    🙂 🙂

    • 35.1 Ladymoonstone143

      “Our leading lady wants to “take it slow”. WHAT THE HELL FOR?! I want her to wrassle his body into bed, do the deed, move into his house, do the deed some more, tell Auntie to get lost and spend the next 4 episodes making out like mad monkeys!”

      That is a brilliant plot…and they can have a baby at the end. If the story will go the way you want it to…I will be coming back on board…lol

      • 35.1.1 NN

        agree with you!

      • 35.1.2 Cynthia

        Exactly! This is a big reason why I loved how Secret Garden ended – it was wrapped up in a big, sexy love fest that produced 3 babies and a happy life!

    • 35.2 Anonymous

      Well I am a middle-of-the-road fan, but probably fans like me didn’t have enough of a opinion to post. I do like the drama, it’s not great but I don’t think it’s that terrible either. I think this drama is really best enjoyed with low expectations and on fast-forward mode. I jump to the scenes I like and I skip the scenes that bores me.

      • 35.2.1 Okie Dokie

        I think you hit the nail right on the head. =)

  36. 36 bananabee

    I’d like to know how the original writers envisioned this drama would turn out way back when they were just starting it.
    I mean, they had to have something planned out right? Some sort of development in mind that would last for half the series that actually made sense? Cause right now, Lie to Me is going nowhere.

  37. 37 stinkerbelle

    I have stopped watching LTM since episode 6. Sighhh, such a waste. This show could have gone in a whole different direction. Why can’t the writer do something that’s romantic and cute.. without have conflicts about other girls or guys… they can focus on the two leads coming together, dating and getting married and having kids.. Won’t that be grand?

    • 37.1 Celexa

      Stinkerbell… send your comment to the LTM writers…. If we’re lucky they’ll listen!

      I want to see the ending all the way through to them sitting on the living room with their grandchildren!

      • 37.1.1 stinkerbelle

        LOL. we should be k-drama writers Celexa 🙂 hehe

        • Celexa


          I wouldn’t dare try to write a KDrama. It would a rambling storyline so full of cliches… I’d have have to armor myself against the egg throwing and bashing!

  38. 38 L.lee

    Thank god I really like the main actors and actresses in this drama. What a waste. They put two really great actors together. Flaming,boiling, hot,explosive chemistry between the leads. And boom…mash all that goodness ….with so much -_-;……what a waste!

  39. 39 YBisTOP

    This drama is getting draggy. Since ep 10, none of the scenes have been interesting at all. At the end of ep 11, when both were declaring their love for eachother, it wasn’t as powerful ( wasn’t worth watching )..I was just like “oh….” hopefully the remaining ep are going to be good. But then, I’m pretty sure everyone is going to know KJ is going to pick Love instead of business. …:)

  40. 40 YMee

    Urrr…Where’s Santa? Sorry JB, but I think I have fallen for Santa’s weecap. I’m trying to watch this but I skip every part without the main leads so it’s like a 30 min show for me. I’m soo soo dissapointed but I think this is more watchable than MSOAN…I mean take the S out of MSOAN and you’ve got MOAN…and not a good one either. It’s one of pain for me. I didn’t find it entertaining at all just irrititating.

    • 40.1 Jane

      I mean take the S out of MSOAN and you’ve got MOAN…


    • 40.2 MJP

      We want Santa! We want Santa! We want Santa!

  41. 41 Anne

    Let’s call it what it is? Lust is the major ingredient for love, without lust you can not have love between a man and a woman humans are not made up to appreciate only a person soul, that why it call MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Santa lust is what you should see human are made up of ying and yang (lust and love).

    Let me tell you a story of Beauty and the Beast, my girlfriend, let call her beauty and she is a real beauty always had 10+ man trying to get her attention and she only dating 11+. At one of your ladies night out, a lot of drinking, good food and juicy man talk, Beauty was telling us about this man who asks her out. Beauty pointed out this man was not even on the point scale he had freckles, bug like eyes, his lips was lopsided and he was bowlegged. I didn’t give her disgust a second thought because beauty was that kind of person that believe 99.9% of a relationship success is base on physical attraction and if there is no immediate physical attraction then there no connection, per the rule of beauty. Let be honest that not Beauty rule that the power that “B” rule, man and woman alike has proving that physical appeal is what get your foot in the door and every thing else get you in their heart.

    Anyway this guy end up being consultant Beauty’s company hired to complete a 6 month survey, Beauty and the beast work closely together. By the second month Beauty start tell us how good beast is at his job, he smart, professional and go above and beyond to get the work done, my ear perk up but I didn’t say a word the following weeks we all continue to received text and e-mail about how great the beast is. One night at your normal ladies gathering, I asks Beauty what going on with beast just 2 months ago he wasn’t good enough to get a scale rating but from all the correspondence we been getting it seem like the beast turn into a man and a 11+ man at that…LOLLOL. Beauty start to tell us how he makes her laugh, how he totally get her. Beauty now what to see how many freckles beast has by kisses each one, she sit across from him wishing she can tug on his bottom lip ( the lopsided lips) his walks is now cute (the bowlegged ) and his eyes are so soulful ( the bug like eyes)

    “I’m only seeing lust:” per Santa because you chose not to see the love because it right there in every episode. In the beginning Ah-Jung was a eyesore to JKH her drunk like states shouted unkempt, and now it scream sexy. He felt she was incompetent and now she focus and smart. He felt she cling to him but now he see that she will let go. She was a person he wouldn’t give a second thought about and now she has become the person he only thinks about. He pick up a phone during meeting and lip sync long song. He agree to take it slow because heart was not made to race all this is love and if he want to jump her bones everyday of her life only mean you have the best kind of love that can last a lifetime (Ying and Yang)

    side note I will be changing my name legally to Ah-Jung because when a man call your name with that kind of sexiness, there only 1 thing you can do. Get a speaker because dammit I bet it a killer with surround sound.

    MSOAN was one of the worst drama ever! I still have nightmare and I only watch up to episode 6.

    I may be the only person on this blog that find this drama to be good from the very beginning, ok me and my sister. I have read many ppl saying it boring, the lie took to long to come out etc, etc,etc. I think the drama is good it had me laughing, and it went at a decent pace and Ah-Jung character was a welcome delight. I really wish I can understand all the negative comments about this drama, the lie took to long to come out, really? it about the same amount of time all k-drama lies are discover, it boring really? I was laughing, crying and cheering, the writer is bad… really? but you still watching it. Sometimes there is no reason behind madness…..

    • 41.1 Lizzy

      Amen to that

    • 41.2 mattever

      I second you. Don’t really get why ppl find it so disappointing and boring, maybe the quality of the plot and writing. But from day 1 till now, I still find myself smiling, giggling, laughing and cracking – and worth the talk with my fellow chingu (kdcraze). So I will keep on watching it til the end and hoping the new writer will do a good job in delivering the script.

    • 41.3 Celexa

      Anne… I mean Ah-Jung… you took my thoughts and put it on paper! Thanks!

    • 41.4 penne

      right AH JUNG! anyways, i hope they gonna do X after that very touching scene of ep12 just like So Ran and Jae BUm…ahahaha-guilty pervert!

    • 41.5 Fenny

      Word…couldn’t agree more:)

    • 41.6 kdfan

      very enlightening. i like your beauty and the beast story. totally makes sense to me how it relates to the plot. I’ve been looking forward to X since ep1 .. LOL

    • 41.7 ladycamia

      I love what you said about Lie to me! I am totally loving this drama. I love Ah-Jung character here. She is not afraid to be who she is and she is honest on many things (except of course the lie part) she is clumsy yes but the girl knows what she wants. She is not someone who will cry like crazy for someone cause she has a career.

      And, I am with you I would like to change my name to Ah-Jung-ah too. Can I join you?

    • 41.8 jyyjc

      HAHAH most hilarious comment in this weecap. But yeah I see your point.

  42. 42 Quinze

    I think my attention span for this show is as long as your weecaps. Maybe even shorter.

    Honestly, I know people adore her for CP. I actually liked (not loved) her in CP and Goong before that.
    But I’m not her biggest fan.
    And I’d prefer her more if she picked shows that were actually interesting to watch.

    So as much as I love Kang Ji Hwan, I can’t stomach a drama that makes very little sense just for the two of them.

    Here’s to hoping their next project will be much better!

  43. 43 tamtam

    OMGee. OT, but there’s no open thread yet for the latest BFB, and since nothing much is happening with LTM, I’ll write a mini-rant here. So I knew the terminal disease of pending doom is around the corner when SY’s suddenly loss her sense of taste, but now her eyes?? Talk about terrible timing. And on top of that, her dad coming back to the picture. Things aren’t going to end well.

    • 43.1 Lizzy


      • 43.1.1 tamtam

        Baby-Faced Beauty, that’s why OT. Paid it no mind. Just wanted their OT/collective recaps for that to come sooner.

        • tamtam


  44. 44 crazedlu

    shudders. pukes. this show blows.

    man, the only reason i step into these open threads is to see if they make legitimate progress, but i guess they’ll go out the same way they came.

    i do not like yeh at all. never have. don’t think i ever will.

    kang ji hwan. :'(

    • 44.1 Lizzy

      Just a small advice, If it’s that painful for you to watch or hear about it then please do yourselves a favor and simply dont watch it or go to this thread.

      • 44.1.1 crazedlu

        no. i will return. =)

        • Dayan

          Hahahaha! I’ll see you around! @ crazedlu :)))

        • Dayan

          Hahahaha! I’ll see you around! @ crazedlu :)))

          Though I love YEH since Goong..

  45. 45 ck1Oz

    Did almost EVERYONE wake up on the wrong side of bed this morning…drama speaking?

    Just for satisfying curiosity,all those who hate it and bash it and then bash this site more-did you actually watch it?Then complain. If you did-then it’s alright I guess.
    However those whose who say they abandoned it-why bother reading a weecap?You don’t get the full thing anyway.The reason why some people love it is that LTM is more than just a plotline.If it’s that bad..why don’t you just stop reading the weecap,bashing it and just abandon the drama.That’s what I would do.There is no need to bash bash bash every time you come here.


    Just saying it that’s all.I come here to read the weecap.Everyone is entitled to their opinion.If you hate it then comment on the episode itself.It’s full of repetitions if you bash the entired 12 episodes so far.Do you want to find a specific incident you don’t like instead?

    I mean if LTM viewers like/love it at least they write something new about what part of the episode to read.

    Okay,got that off my chest.

    Now I guess I’ll be told off huh here?I thought I’ve held it in pretty well by being understanding.However it’s just getting tiring reading all these negative comments.

    Constructive critical analysis yes however all these vitriolic statements just reeks of ‘shall I say it ‘ pettiness from a majority.I am not saying ALL the comments.You have got to acknowledge though,it’s really tiring.I don’t mind reading comments if they actually contribute something to the forum/recap/weecap.

    • 45.1 kd

      yesterday was fun, now the comments are bordering on the nasty. i’m skipping the comments from here on…hmp! as if i matter haha 😀

    • 45.2 Okie Dokie

      Also *likes* this post.

      I agree with you 100%. Here’s my little tid-bit. I’m in the same boat as OCKoala in terms of the hug. I think it was one of the best, no one was stiff, and it looked really natural, like two people who really care for each other would actually hug. It looked like they wanted to just meld into each other.

      However, what I didn’t really like about the ending scene is the fact that he went to Ah Jung. I know it was supposed to show him choosing love over business, but if his company was at such a critical point, it’s not like she was going to get mad at him for needing to get that stuff done. They weren’t fighting or anything at the time and he could’ve seen her after dinner. Even the Aunt said it was for business – he can do whatever with YJ, she didn’t care. While I still swooned over it, IMO it wasn’t really necessary.

      • 45.2.1 ck1Oz

        Well…maybe ep 13 will show us he dropped by for dinner.Then skipped?

        I love this drama but I am not blind.Look at what happened with the ep 10 cliffhanger.One thing I learnt from this…is that the beginning doesn’t necessarily follow the plot from the cliffhangers 🙂

        See I can analyse but still love this show.Heh.

        Thanks.I was wondering if I dared come back and see what response I got from the above post 🙂

        • Okie Dokie

          I hope that’s the case – he went to dinner then to her, that’d be better.

        • penne

          ck, its all animosity here..in viki, LTM is filled with so much LOVE..

    • 45.3 weLS

      yey cK! fighting! too bad it’s so full of animosity here…i’ve been following dramabeans ever since…i’m gonna go now to viki where LTM is filled with LOVE!

  46. 46 libra80

    oh goshh….reading all the comments….yayyy..but no matter what, i still love watching this drama…period!!!
    anyways.thanks for the recap:D

    • 46.1 penne

      right libra..watch it and love it!

    • 46.2 JLemonade

      Libra, I totally agree with you. I keep watching LTM and love every bit of it. I can say that people who stop watching are losing out because YEH and KJW acting/chemistry are just too nice to miss. Continue watching till the end……..

  47. 47 funnylittlefishy

    i just wanna say…. i LOVE sassy!javabeans i stopped watching this show last week, and this review is making me glad i haven’t wasted 2 hours this week on the last episodes… but i’m loving these weecaps haha

  48. 48 MJP

    After reading the recap today, I’m not in the mood to watch the episode. But yesterday, after Santa’s recap, I was all excited to watch the episode. Hmmm, did Santa use some subliminal messaging??? Just how powerful is he?

  49. 49 sanzo

    I gave up on watching…

  50. 50 liar

    I totally agreed to the first few comments that even thought the drama is not that good Eun Hye always able to pull up because of her acting, like in cola kiss in episode 8 was totally best to watch. So I really think her drama recently are not just good right now, hope that she will be enlisted to a drama that will make us pull up by her acting in a good drama like what we all felt about coffee prince.

    • 50.1 Okie Dokie

      I agree. I think Amg1 and some others also posted about YEH needing to chose better dramas. I guess that’s something difficult about the K-Drama system, it’s hard to see where the story’s going since most of the time it’s being written as they film and they are only presented with a synopsis of the drama and characters, sometimes the beginning episodes.

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