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Lie To Me: Episode 14 Open Thread
by | June 21, 2011 | 152 Comments


Ah-jung cops to the lie, is ushered away, drops her phone. Ergo, Ki-joon can’t contact her.

Aunt tells Ki-joon what happened, and he flips out.

Broody flashback montage time!

Why does Ah-jung’s phone still call Ki-joon “Mr. Hyun”?

Ah-jung gets called a gold-digger by the press. Also: Press conference by day, newspaper headline by evening? And here I thought the internet was supposed to be the speedy medium.

Ki-joon finds her near “their” spot.

Does Ah-jung cry in every episode?

Dad comforts her by saying Ki-joon seems like a decent guy…because he drinks better than him. Coming from Dad, that’s quite the concession.

When did Ah-jung’s petty boss become an awesomely supportive boss?

The assemblyman who’d treated her well in the past calls her for an explanation, threatening her with disciplinary action.

World Hotel stocks fall.

Now Aunt likes Ah-jung. She still wants Ki-joon to have nothing to do with her, of course. But she approves of her, in a generic, not-my-future-niece-in-law way.

So-ran is super-sympathetic, telling Ah-jung that her man is hiding behind her skirts. And takes credit for getting the couple together, since it was because of her that Ah-jung lied. That’s quite a knack for making lemons of lemonade that So-ran has.

Manager Park gets all hardass on Ki-joon, telling him he’s responsible for thousands of jobs. Basically, he’d better keep hiding behind that woman: “I learned it from you — to live that way in order to survive.” Or, quit this job, because otherwise he doesn’t have a right to it.

Ki-joon throws things.

Sang-hee is back to his funny, goofy self. Gah, why couldn’t you be like this the whole time, instead of falling into that mopey I-fell-for-Ah-jung bit?

Ki-joon holds Ah-jung’s hand in public and screams, “I love this woman!”

The video gets uploaded to the internet. Yoon-ju, as well as everyone and their mother, sees it.

Now Manager Park feels sorry for what she said and respects Ki-joon for his love. O…kay.

Ki-joon calls Manager Park out for drinks, as friend to friend. He says he likes Ah-jung for living with her feelings instead of her brain, which I think is supposed to sound romantic-er than that, and Manager Park tells him to try that out this time.

Ah-jung doesn’t like dating where they’ll be recognized, so he zips them up in hoodies and takes her for a hike…where they’re recognized by ajummas anyway.

Stockholders meet to oust Ki-joon. Thankfully, Ki-joon is saved by a last-minute decision by Chen to accept his revised proposal.

On the other hand, Ah-jung’s job is on the line. She’s taken before a disciplinary panel, who will tell her their decision soon.

Ki-joon apologizes to her father. Dad is proud of them both for showing people that their love is great enough to get them to throw everything else away.

Drinky time again!

…leads to drunk sorta-not-really proposal. “Be mine.”

Chairman Chen likes Ki-joon again, after seeing the latest news about his romance with Ah-jung.

Ki-joon takes her to a party, per Chen’s wife’s wishes, who hugs her in a maternal gesture. And lo and behold, suddenly Ah-jung understands Chinese?

Auntie is pi-issssed to see Ah-jung here.

Nosy reporter asks Ah-jung how it feels to become Cinderella. Ki-joon asks, “Shouldn’t you ask me that? Since she’s the one who made me into a prince.”

Ah-jung gets the call: She’s fired.

She hurries out, trips, drags down a tablecloth, sends an ice sculpture crashing to the ground, and bursts into tears in front of the entire party. Girl’s having a REAL bad day.

She runs out barefoot, and Ki-joon chases her out.


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152 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Eva

    Meh @ double breasted suits. Need to be really tall to pull it off, I think.

  2. blwoe

    I’m not even watching this anymore…I just wait for the weecaps. thanks javabeans!

    • 2.1 GRAWL

      haaahaaa! ditto!

      • 2.1.1 azingoyl


        • tomboy26

          forth-o 😀

          These weecaps are far more entertaining .. and make much more sense than the actual show.

          • tomboy26

            Meant fourth .. lol .. I really need to sleep.

    • 2.2 nonski

      lol, fiftho?!

      you can obviously see the change of the writer… gaah! thank goodness i have BL… just the chemistry of KJH and YEH that is keeping this show alive.

      • 2.2.1 mariah

        I totally agree with you on all scores…I still watch it though just to see the two of them sizzle on screen. lol

        • dramaaddict

          Same here, i love watching these two. Wish the show was a bit “meatier”. Not sure why she is so devastated though…didn’t she resign in episode 13. You can tell the writers have been affected by the poor ratings, they are just scrambling. Oh well one week left….

          • Rina

            She did and she already packed up her things, so I’m not sure why she reacted like she didn’t know it was coming.

    • 2.3 ...

      lol… me 5. if the weecaps sound as dire as i think they do, then imagine hving to sit through that? time would be better spent watching ripley. Thanks for the weecaps though! just want to see how the end it (although its obvious)

      • 2.3.1 hani

        Speaking of Ripley
        our little energizer puppy is going to turn into a jaded, cold energizer puppy thanks to miri
        i knew i should have trusted this writer to BRING IT!

        But the yoo ju shippper in me rejoices bring on the miri destruction!

        • busy_bee

          Psst… you’re on the wrong thread. Ripley is next door.

          • omo_omo

            LOL on the “Psst… you’re on the wrong thread. Ripley is next door.”

            Even if you are busy_bee, you still know where you are eh..
            hani must just been just really excited to comment., while albeit reading in different tabs for all these recaps lol 😀

          • omo_omo

            LOL on the “Psst… you’re on the wrong thread. Ripley is next door.”

            Even if you are busy_bee, you still know where you are eh..
            hani must have been just really excited to comment., while albeit reading in different tabs for all these recaps lol 😀

      • 2.3.2 corzieworzie

        TRUE DAT!!!

    • 2.4 stylist

      mee too (:

  3. Aqua

    You forget the part where Yoon Ju asks her step-daddy to do something for her…. i think it might become an important part. I loved the part where he got drunk! It was adorable and hilarious!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the wee-cap!!

  4. Ace

    **sigh** no words…no words at all…**shakes head**

  5. KTV

    Gahhh YEH and KJH are way to cute for me to drop this drama. Thanks for the weecap!!!!

    • 5.1 she7374

      same here

    • 5.2 Ennayra


  6. Cynthia

    And the snark returns!
    (Did somebody get some much needed nap-time?)



    • 6.1 tweetpie

      That is exactly what I was thinking, yesterday’s wee cap astonished me in that there was hardly any dry sarky humour at all…today’s…ouch

  7. luvmydramas

    Okay – we can all admit that the writing has never been there – unfortunately – for this poor drama. However… there are plenty that have had the same problem but manage to rise above it all. If you are willing to suspend your logic and expect every plot point to be sincere, this is one addicting and fun show. It is all on the shoulders of the stars, but they are really delivering. Their chemistry and interaction are so fabulous that it has been a joy to go along for the ride. I for one will be so sorry when it ends next week. **sigh** (especially when we are also losing Greatest Love)

    • 7.1 maricor102

      i totally agree with you LMD..the chemistry can’t be ignored.. I’m still enjoying it.. Who cares about the plot, anyway(if there’s any)!! 🙂

      • 7.1.1 libra80

        hi i agree to u maricor…i cnt ignored watching this lovey dovey couple and who cares about the plot ‘coz im enjoying watching this drama,especially for YEH,im in ever!!!
        and for info to everyone a lot of my frends watching this drama and they are enjoying it…
        and also to all my friends in Hongkong pls wait this drama to be aired,im sure everybody gonna watch it,right?!!!…:from a friend here in Montreal:D
        thanks for the weecap:)

      • 7.1.2 crs07

        Totally Agree!!

    • 7.2 marowe

      me too…

  8. Shotokan

    It’s weird, because a lot of my friends still like watching this drama. Like, a lot. I don’t have time because I’ve been at the gym training everyday but I’m kinda surprised a lot of people on this site has given up.

    • 8.1 m3

      most of the LTM fans are on the other blog. got offended with JB’s lovely weecaps. criticism is not welcome there (you’ll get bitten and chased and bashed; probably just fall on deaf ears anyway so the effort’s wasted).

      • 8.1.1 Sere

        criticism is not welcome there (you’ll get bitten and chased and bashed; probably just fall on deaf ears anyway so the effort’s wasted).


        What? I…don’t see that. I’ve been a loyal reader here for years and I’m active on the other blog as well.

        That kind of generalization is, well, a generalization. And offensive as well imho. Not only for the people who comment there but also to the blogger who spends lots of time recapping.

        Personally, I wasn’t offended by sarah’s decision to give up LTM and its recaps -what? It’s her blog and she can do whatever she wants. Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, right?- I still read DB but this is the first time I stop by the LTM open thread because, well, since the recaps and most news about LTM are over the other blog, I stick to it. Also? I have friends there, just as many as I used to have here (I miss Samsooki and the old gang!). Anyway, my decision to hang out over there has nothing to do with the weecaps. Or Sarah or girlfriday. I certainly don’t bash, bite or chase people away from the other blog and I didn’t see anyone else doing that, either. A bunch of us squee, but…is that a crime? If you want to engage in something more than squeeing, I’m sure there are plenty of us willing to do that. I am, for one.

        Reading comments like M3s, I…Whatever happened to everybody trying to get along? Despite our differences and what we like and dislike?

        Seriously, I’m SO taken aback by this comment. Honestly. Never seen anything quite like this before here. o_O

        • nonski

          ummm to be honest… i don’t see the need for people to be chase, lash and bash over a drama. we are entitled to our own opinions. we see any drama as it is, and it is our own view. other have their own too. let us respect each other’s opinion.

          I actively comment too on other blogs and i don’t see the “chased and bashed”.

          in my opinion too… we do not need for others to “turn their ears on our comments”. we write to express our thoughts if others comment on it, then fine and good, if not it’s ok, we have said our piece.

          let’s enjoy the recaps/weecaps that any blogger can offer. for that thank you Javabeans and Girlfriday and all bloggers who take time to give us their mind of a show.

          • nonski

            … be chased, lashed and bashed (correction)

          • Sere

            That’s what I meant!

        • row

          While these are mostly valid points but the op’s comment was really tame compared to some I’ve read here before. Ao your omg SO taken aback comment never seen anything quite lik it etc made me LOL a little.

        • cingdoc

          Hey..who are you calling “old”,Sere??? *just kidding* The old gang is still “here,there,everywhere(you know where*wink*) I think most of us just watch our fav(whatever it happens to be)& enjoy the drama regardless what others’ opinions are….
          *HUGS*…from a old friend…

      • 8.1.2 hookedonmonix

        I think its just that people tend to congregate most where they’re the majority. Its more fun to enjoy something with fans, and its more fun to snark with snarkers. Here, the majority of readers don’t care for the drama- so- as we have seen- sometimes fans tend to feel….well, like a minority. It’s not that criticism of the show is wrong, or love of the show is wrong. It can just feel like it to the person who is swimming against the tide. I’m sure the opposite is true on sites where people are mostly loving the show.
        I kinda wish we could all give our opinions without insulting the people who disagree, and read each others’ posts without needing to feel overly insulted.
        Likes and dislikes are about what we get out of something, not about how smart we are or anything like that. I like LTM, despite the plot, because the chemistry is what I get out of it. If I want smart, well woven plots= then I have a whole bookcase to pull from. However, someone else might just want eye candy (won’t deny it, I don’t oppose the eye candy) or someone else wants some strong emotional tugs. It just depends on what part of us we want to feed with our dramas.
        meandering rant over.
        summary: be nice, and don’t take things so personally. 🙂

        • appie

          I know right. A lot of people have taken criticism about the show too personally, to the point they’d bash Javabean’s posts. There was no discriminating, offensive comments or materials, so why get personal? Whether you love or hate the show, I do not care because I respect your opinion. My friend loves the show and I don’t, but I don’t bite her head off for it, she has her valid points and I have mine. It’s nice, friendly and civilised discussion – something sort of lacking here.

        • gailT

          No truer words. Thanks for writing this.

          • omo_omo

            I think this is a place where similar minds meet, discuss, enjoy, comments, fan-girls, fan-boys and make new friends.
            Having said that, definitely, there will always be small groupings because not everyone thinks the same at the same time. Also, each is entitled to her/his opinion.

            I’m here in DB because I really enjoy my time reading here, especially reading JB and GF’s recaps. *thanks so much… mwuahh!*

            This is a small world even if they call it world-wide web. Lets share space and respects each others thoughts and space. Lets be child at heart but not childish… *now back to reading*

      • 8.1.3 ep

        ur a meanie m3, why do u bash those who enjoy a kdrama LTM and declare nonsense about another blog(“criticism is not welcome there”). such rubbish mate! c’mon so immature! reflective of urself eh

  9. theedie

    I would totally start watching this drama since YEH/KJH seem like a cute on-screen couple, but I don’t think I can handle the wonky story-telling.

    • 9.1 Rina

      I gave up watching the drama, but I still like to read the weecaps & recaps of the show. I feel like the script wasted the use of KJH & YEH in the same way that the Geun-Geun couple was wasted in MSOAN.

  10. 10 Un

    I gave up watching this drama. It becomes totally ridiculous. There is no plot. I really like the two leads and they are wasting their talents in this drama. Disappointed. I like Miss Ripley better.

    • 10.1 purplemay

      me too… i stopped at ep11.
      though i love YEH… i lost interest on the storyline.

      im left with Miss Ripley and City Hunter.

    • 10.2 Alicia

      u should watch best love!!! it’s damn interesting!!

  11. 11 Nujume

    Well although the writing itself is not exactly “great”, I still think it’s a really good drama. They are just great actors and soooo cute together!!!! <3<3<3

  12. 12 Liv

    love the recaps. I think if we keep no expectations, it’s cute and good. I could probably watch it a couple more times. My love YEH and KJH….:) I think I love cheesy things way to much

  13. 13 Abbie

    Is it just me, or is this show getting stupider and stupider? Which is a real shame, because Yoon Eun-hye is a great actress. I liked her in Coffee Prince. She was amazing in that! But why does it seem every show she’s been in since then has been bad? Is her acting getting bad? Heck no! She’s great! It has to be the shows themselves, like the storylines. Now, with this show, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. That’s sad. This show is a big, huge(!) disappointment!

    • 13.1 fofo

      i am with u in every word!

  14. 14 vegaspink

    Still loving this show!!!

    I’ll be sad when it ends…

  15. 15 So Andrea

    LTM was alright for me I noticed that when I saw this episode was out I didn’t really care to watch it,like in the beginning I couldn’t wait for the next episode ; now im just going with flow watching best love and baby faced (which is starting to make me mad a little)anyway im just saying thank Capital H-I-M that its ending soon

  16. 16 kinuyo

    i luv this show its funny sad and everything in between cant wait to watch the final eps

  17. 17 peony

    LMAO. These mini-recaps are adorable. Cracking me up. I can read the recap without wasting my time watching the episode and know how bad they are becoming. I love this…..episode recap in six words ‘girl is having a bad day’.

    • 17.1 anne

      LOL to peony i agree completely
      i completely lost interest in this show
      and i am reeally sad about that cuz i really wanted it to be goood!
      lol the weecaps r more than enough
      thanks all!

  18. 18 Mychocoheart

    Well I don’t think this show will get any better at this point since there’s very little they can do to change things at the moment.
    All I can do now is wait for a wedding, some kiss scenes (and maybe some babies too) and bid this show goodbye.
    I’ve watched my share of silly Rom Coms with crazy plots and Lie to Me is nowhere near the worst but it’s still not as fun to watch. The recaps and the comments though are so intertaining. Thanks JB!

  19. 19 Daniela

    I know that when he screamed “I love this woman” it had to be a romatic moment. But all i could see is a recreation of El grito de Independencia (Wikipedia says that in English is called Cry of Independence) when the president goes to a balcony in the National Palace (is no exactly a palace) and recreates the same thing that Hidalgo did (in the legend). I was expecting Ki-joon to scream “Viva México! Viva México!” in any moment. Hehe that would have been awesome. All he was missing was the bell. Wait, he just could have shaken Ah-jung and she would have made the sound with her mouth.

    My poor Hoon. I was scared when Ki-joon yelled at him. It was LOUD. I was expecting a hit.
    And Park, I like you, but WTF? In one scene you are all about responsabilities with 2000 people and in the other is all follow your heart? I mean is good that he is following his heart, you are always there to replace him, but pick one.

    Thanks for the weecap! I dont now why, but this phrase “Ki-joon throws things.” cracked me up.

    • 19.1 Camille

      About Park, yeah, I agree. I actually prefer that she just stick to the practical side and be the friend that keeps Ki-joon from being over-emotional. She can even just say she admires his…public declaration but there was some sense in what she said.

    • 19.2 Rina

      LOL! Your comment made me laugh! Now I have that image of him yelling out of a balcony!

      I didn’t get the reversal in Manager Park’s opinion. I understood where she was coming from when she told Ki-joon that he was responsible for World Hotel & all its employees, not just himself, as the stocks were plummeting due to the scandal. Then she was like “it’s ok” after his public declaration of his love for Ah-jung, listen to your heart? She’s supposed to be his voice of reason!

  20. 20 Anna

    Why YEH why?!?! I have been following her career since Coffee Prince but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I want so badly for her to do well! KJK’s talent couldn’t save this train wreck.

  21. 21 girlatsea

    I finally gave up. Couldn’t watch episode 13 or 14. Episode 12 literally put me to sleep. And after I finished watching it, I honestly couldn’t figure out what was left to be said. I asked myself, what else could they possibly throw in here? And I read the weecaps and I felt no inclination to watch the episodes. Plus I don’t have time for it anymore. And you know, it sad because I love both KHJ and YEH and their chemistry is sizzling.

    City Hunter on the other hand, I can’t get it out of my mind. Thank God tomorrow’s Wednesday!

    • 21.1 girlatsea

      Actually I don’t blame Lie to Me. I just have issues finishing dramas. I only finish the really good ones like 49 Days and Dream High… But I think City Hunter’s going to make it too! It’s only getting better with each episode.

      • 21.1.1 hookedonmonix

        I didn’t watch the last episode of 49 days, despite loving it. I let DB spoil it for me, and I’m glad I did. I have character-dies-phobia. whoops, was that a spoiler?

        • appie

          Omg same for me. I also let Javabean spoil it for me, even then I cried, now imagine me watching the last scene! T__T gah.

          • Rina

            I guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see the last episode. I read the recap & got teary eyed but I didn’t like a few things about the ending, so I decided to leave it as is.

      • 21.1.2 tweetpie

        Dream High…. good drama…..?! Each to their own I guess

  22. 22 dramamama

    I sorta agree this drama is getting nowhere. and it’s nothing much. but for some reason, there’s just SOMETHING about Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. their chemistry is just amazing! and so, I keep watching.

    but the recap could’ve been nicer :/ although, I read through it and realised, “wow, the whole 1-hour episode, and that WAS just it.” lol. but the recap made it sound like it’s such a hassle to recap this show. :/

    sigh, these two should act together more.

  23. 23 mrskimchee

    It’s Wednesday!!!!! City Hunter – Romance Town!!!
    I gave this up a while ago, but will be watching again just to drool on KJH as I love him too much to not watch anything that has him in it..no matter how bad it is…yeahh I’m shallow…..

    So many good dramas lately that this one just couldn’t even make it close to the bar.
    I fell asleep many times watching the first few episodes of this drama.

    right now, I’m falling in love in JGW in RT and couldn’t get enough of Minho in City Hunter!
    Btw, Happy Birthday Minho!

    • 23.1 mrskimchee

      down hunter, it’s wednesday morning 🙂

      • 23.1.1 wootwoot

        boo~~ it’s still tuesday 🙁 but BL when I wake up =)

  24. 24 Jo

    I love this DRAMA

  25. 25 kelimutu

    yeah. I agree that this drama is getting nowhere. buuuuut,, as a REALLY big fan of Yoon Eun Hye I just can’t stop myself for watching this drama. I don’t even care about plot or whatsoever.. it just make me happy to watch a new project of her (YEH) even everyone is saying that this is just wasting of a good actress. yeah, wtv as long as I still can watch her acting, LIE TO ME always on my must watch drama list.

  26. 26 Carinne

    1. So~ are we left with a Cinderella losing both her glass slippers [or black stilettos] cliffhanger? Prince Charming needs to pick those up. Just sayin.

    2. “GAJ, you’re mine.” Reminds me of 2PM & YEH Cass drama CF. She used that line on Nichkhun in a creepier way. *shivers*

    3. I don’t think AJ suddenly had a high capacity to learn Chinese like a genius. ‘Cos she’s a civil servant in the tourism dept., it’s a part of her character to pick up some useful phrases. Her use of words are mundane phrases after all. Just by looking at her reaction at Chen’s party, AJ looks overwhelmed.

    4. Drunk KJ is more fun to hang out with.

    5. My initial response to this show still lingers a great deal. I honestly must reiterate how I hate the use of pop art camera filters just ‘cos everyone else other than vampires look like they have jaundice.

  27. 27 sanzo

    I hope they are being paid a lot of money for this …

  28. 28 idlehouse

    I’m still following this show, sort of like watching a fascinating train wreck with really cute main leads so it’s OK. The plot feels like the writer uses one of those “plot generator” programs, you know, same concept as the ones that used to generate love poems – popular on the internet 10 years ago.

  29. 29 suzi q

    This episode ending is really is mind fumblingly stupid.
    AJ knocks over the Ice sculpture and runs out barefooted!
    Is she an elephant in a china shop?She must be a major klutz or on MEDS??? How in the world does she loses both her shoes?

    Thanks goodness for Miss Ripley and City Hunter for my sanity.

    • 29.1 Francesca


    • 29.2 indigowine

      Heh. I didn’t know elephant in a china shop loses both of its shoes =P


      • 29.2.1 Cynthia

        It does when it’s looking for the mixed metaphors it dropped on the way in…

  30. 30 marites59

    just want to say that of all the dramas that i’ve been watching these last few weeks, LTM is still no.1 for me!!!

    • 30.1 marowe

      LTM also is no. 1 to me because of kjm/yeh… if not i dunno… i just like to watch them, that’s why I stick watching LTM, read weecaps & recaps… thanks JB.

  31. 31 crazedlu

    boo freakin hoo. ch. bye bye, lie to me. never to meet again soon. ^^

  32. 32 Myuu

    This is weird. DO all fake marriage drama have dropping rates and wtf moments within the plot…myah this happened to M3 and also they changed writers because of it…

    Not a good season for fake marriage dramas I think…even though the actors are good. 😐

    • 32.1 indigowine

      i think Full House succeeded in bringing it. Or.. maybe I was wrong? it’s not about fake marriage? =S

      ~old age

      • 32.1.1 blahblahh

        I think Full House succeeded because back then the concept of fake marriage isn’t as recycled as it is right now. Plus we were way younger back then — more easily accepting. That is, if you are as old as I am hehee.

        • appie

          True. But even then I had to give myself imaginary facepalm. I loved FH but it is one of those show where you have to shut your common sense and let it flow in order to enjoy it, otherwise you’ll have to bash your head against the wall out of frustration (trust me, facepalm was enough for me LOL)

  33. 33 erna

    ugh, why am I even bothered dropping by here? Im heading to Koala’s nest, where is more fun and have more people there

    • 33.1 Verónica

      Toodles, then! 😉

      • 33.1.1 Zelda


  34. 34 Jane

    lol. This show doesn’t need a recap. Haters and lovers alike have stopped trying to make sense of the “plot.” Haters gripe and lament the huge waste of talent while the lovers just spend their time trying to figure out which parts are scripted and which parts are ad libbed. For them, all they see is KJH and YEH – plot be damned. So really, all agree the show is crap but some watch for their shipper fantasies while others… actually, why are the haters still watching?

    Anyway, I don’t even read the recaps anymore but the comments are still entertaining with things like “plot generator” and “Viva! Mexico!” lol

  35. 35 rumba lumba

    is this crap still on? really?

  36. 36 Dara

    Omo….JB, I loved your weecap more than recap now haha.

  37. 37 Alicia

    Gosh!!! As more episode being aired, i feel that the plot no longer have any relevance to the title ”lie to me”. Im a bit dissappointed coz i have great expectation towards this drama. Haish..=(

  38. 38 ira

    hi, do you know the song when epi 14 open?dying to know those song and the title…can you tell me pls pls pls….thankyouu^^

    • 38.1 Kim

      Did you find out the name of that song?

  39. 39 godessoftaray

    i’m not a writer… but I think I could have done a better job @ writing this drama…

    i wish they just started w/ their two families and/businesses forcing them to be together so they had to lie that they were married…
    then when they finally are in love/lust… their family/business force them to “divorce” & this time they are in fact married & they have to lie that they are not married…

    to me… that would be more interesting… plus more cola-like kisses… that lead to the bedroom… (lol… sorry… can’t suppress my inner pervert 😉 )

    • 39.1 godessoftaray

      and i wish sanghee would have stayed in love w/ yoonju… that is more believable

  40. 40 indy

    Love this drama…
    I think LTM changing its writer really step up the plot.
    Should’ve done it earlier…

  41. 41 almontel

    thanks for the weecap…
    i’m still hanging in there since there’s nothing i’d like to watch on M-T timeslot…
    i guess her losing her shoes is to reiterate the ‘cinderella’ metaphor the writer wanted to insinuate…ha ha ha…
    i was wondering what happened to her heels after she tripped, if it was a slipper or a sandal it would have come off but not if they were stilettos…
    i actually liked Park’s hairstyle towards the end when she met up with KJ by the waters/bridge, she had a little curl at the end and her make up was so much better, no bad eyeliner that goes way beyond her eye contour, unlike when she’s at the office her make up kinda reminded me of the egyptian’s cleopatra makeup…sorry…
    but i do like that she’s always the ‘friend’ to put KJ in his place at most times…she actually should be made VP…ha ha ha…
    and i hope we won’t see the crybaby YJ again…i’m fed up with her little sneaky attack using her ‘daddy’…

    • 41.1 Celexa

      I couldn’t figure out what she wanted daddy to do? The reporter bit was underhanded… but still nothing that couldnt be handled. Did I miss something or is there something else to come?

  42. 42 bjharm

    it would have been interesting to see how this drama would have gone “without” the two big names leads. It not really that bad, sure the plots are a mess the writing been weak, but there been worse comdey/romances made. Cut out the huge hype and expectation due to the leads, and perhaps it could have been a sweet charming little drama; 16 episodes just the right length for such a drama.
    As it is it ok but due to the two big name leads it always going to have the..ow it could/should have been so much better. Looking back, the brother thing..why? it was never really used to any great effect so why was he even there and in the last four or more episodes he done nothing. Heck they could have used the same story line and just kept him in USA talked about but never seen.

  43. 43 RWJQ

    Why does Ah-jung’s phone still call Ki-joon “Mr. Hyun”?

    Because this GAJ here is not as creative as the GAJ in Best Love. 😉

  44. 44 soserious

    gunna be perfectly honest.

    i’m still watching this drama. because i just don’t like to leave dramas unfinished. and because i am already in habit of watching this drama every week (along with Best Love on wed/thurs)… but this drama sometimes bores me to tears. i’m just watching, rolling my eyes at awkward situations and weird plot turns.

    i don’t really like how story turned out for sang-hee falling in love with ah-jung. it just didn’t really turn out the way i wanted it. he was just mopey the whole time (couldn’t he take action?!). yoon-ju is just meh. ah-jung cries every 15 minutes, i swear (but at least she’s good at crying). i dunno guys. we just really need a lot more fan service…

    on another note. i just watched the first episode of City Hunter. and ohmygod. the first thing that popped into my head after finishing ep1 was, “why am i watching LTM.” i’m not saying LTM is a horrible drama. only that City Hunter looks like it’s going to be an AMAZING drama. it had similar vibes to ‘Bad Guy’ from last year minus the pornstash. lee min-ho is so effing gorgeous. i MELTED! but i’m really interested in the story. i cried at the father/best friend scene…

    yeah, i’m totally going to be stalking City Hunter now……after Best Love finishes this week (which is ;A;).

  45. 45 prettypie

    I really likes this drama despite what other people said……probably because I’m YEH fan and I couldn’t just miss her with KJH

  46. 46 busy_bee

    It has it’s good and light hearted moments.

    Enjoying it so far.

  47. 47 Um

    I think LTM’s change of writer just got worse than the first writer. Before the change, I can still tolerate the story line.

  48. 48 Lady Seoul

    Yup, the show is poop. But I’m in love w/ the characters but plot just steals all this love and chemistry I feel for them on screen. The plot just kills the entire drama for me. But still an avid fan of YEH!

    • 48.1 KANGly

      what plot are you talking about? LTM has no plot at all!

      • 48.1.1 lie to me love love love

        don’t say that it was sold over 8 country’s. and very popular toO so of course LTM IS THE BEST SO FAR AMONG THE MAY DRAMA….Lie To Me’s popularity abroad is soaring..

  49. 49 Adzureen

    was excited before it came out. have not watched it, but it just started on One HD. fell asleep watcing the first episode. second episode tonight. so, I’ll just watch it there… well… we’ll see. 😀

  50. 50 qiu

    the main reason i keep watching this drama just because the chemistry of YEH and KJH…. the plot is really horrible….

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