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Lie To Me: Episode 16 Open Thread (Final)
by | June 28, 2011 | 374 Comments


Ki-joon asks why she’s turning down his proposal. Yes, WHY? Ah-jung says that she loves him, but feels scared, like she’s lost something… but she doesn’t know what. Is it freedom? The chance to snog a bunch of men? The right to dance around your room naked?

He promises to wait. She goes to Jeju on a work trip and he sends her off with a watch and a kiss.

She spends a month working and ‘finding herself,’ which mostly consists of writing in a journal about Ki-joon. I’d be more inclined to be with you on this type of journey if you, say, had a different career path you wanted to take, or whatever. But we just spent entire stretches of drama time fighting for your civil service job that Defines You As A Person, so I dunno what we’re doing now.

So-ran finds out she’s pregnant, only to come home to find that Jae-bum’s run out on her. So she comes down to Jeju where the main cast has assembled, and reunites with her wayward hubby. The foursome go on a double date at Ki-joon’s request, in an attempt to make Ah-jung wish she were married too. That might’ve worked with Episode 1 Ah-jung, but she no longer lives here.

Ki-joon has to make up a thousand excuses to get invited into her apartment that night, and finally has to drag her in there. Sadly, it’s a bunch of false starts. Who killed the Libido Fairy up in here?

Dad calls to say that he’s getting married. (What? I thought you did that last episode.) Ki-joon gets deflated at the thought that Dad is getting married before he does. But Ah-jung just keeps pushing him away and away and away…

Ki-joon eventually gives her the engagement necklace and heads back to Seoul. He asks her to come up to have lunch with his aunt, and says that if she shows up wearing that necklace, he’ll take it as a sign that she wants to marry him. Basically, it’s an ultimatum. She frets over the decision, trying to prepare him for the fact that she might not show up.

Sure enough, come the day of the lunch, she gets swamped with a work emergency — an artifact goes missing in the museum. She finally calls Ki-joon with a curt apology that she can’t make it and his aunt fumes at being stood up. Ah-jung runs around in a panic until she discovers the artifact in question, not lost but just misplaced.

She cries, “I’ve found it! I’ve found it!” The curator finds her weeping and asks, “Is there something other than this that you lost, and were looking for?”


Wow, that metaphor could sink a battleship. Show, don’t stretch yourself beyond your means. It hurts us more than it hurts you.

Ki-joon comes down to Jeju for a short trip and asks to see her to hear an explanation. She writes him a letter and takes the necklace out. She puts the letter in the box and this is what she hands him at the airport, saying, “This is my answer.” Um… you don’t think he’ll mistake that as a big fat NO and just toss the box aside?

Which is exactly what he does, of course. Until trusty Park Hoon finds it the next day and he finally reads it. Ah-jung apologizes for not being there that day, but tells him that she’s finally found what she’d lost — her heart. And she’s prepared to run to him now.

He flies down to Jeju the second after he reads it. But the box of stuff he’s sent to her arrives first — ducks, tomato juice, cola — memories of their better moments (and the drama’s, sadly). They run to each other on the beach and profess their love, and in voiceover Ah-jung tells So-ran that they’re getting married soon, and this time for realsies.

Ah-jung: Love came and found us like a lie. And that lie became love.
Ki-joon: And we learned that in a lie, there is sometimes sincerity which is hotter than truth.

HAHAHA. Well, I learned that in a drama, there are sometimes entire final episodes filled with invented conflict in order to turn a NO into a YES.



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  1. mayz

    First ..man I always wanted to be the first :) thanx 4 all the effort

    • 1.1 Hazel

      watch Lie to Me Episode 16 English Subbed here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/06/lie-to-me-episode-16.html

    • 1.2 nana

      whatever they say this drama is very cute…period!

      • 1.2.1 JJ

        agreed! i thought so too! or maybe i’m just oblivious the fact that i like both of them & i’m just not seeing what ev.body’s talking about flaws! but other kdramas we’ve seen in the past got flaws like lovers in paris, it was so good, i got hooked then booom the ending was the most confusing, lousy one for me at least! up to now i can’t seem to get a grip on whether tae young was only writing that script about the whole thing that’s happened or was she writing about herself, oh well sorry i got into lovers in paris now :)
        back to LTM, i think this drama was good & at least there’s no illness or any of that stigma we’ve seen in most kdramas or stereo-typing if you will! i guess in any movies or dramas for that matter, we are our own judges, so what may be good for me may not be good for everybody! peace!

  2. rystal


    • 2.1 maez

      mte. imo this drama had a great start and then ehh just down hill from there but that’s just me

      • 2.1.1 Dazzle95

        Sigh…. I’m just glad it is over. Although I love YEH and KJH, I just can’t understand why such BAAAAD writers were given brilliant actors to work with. I watch it for the great chemistry between the two actors…..

        • Cindy

          I agree! Love both actors but plot was weak and got boring… :-(.

        • J-Pooh

          Here, here! Blasting through ep 15 I realized that it just consisted of a lot of “utterances”….err…ummm…etc. All signs of unmotivated writers that just seemed to want to get the drama done. It was a dum.-dum-duh-dum…Ah Jung, if you didn’t realize it before, you are marrying a rich and famous dude…a set-up for that last ditch conflict before acquiescence…(‘cuz honestly, if there wasn’t all hell would break loose, at least from this gal). Overall, I found myself a fan of KJH out of this. A bit over the top at times, but my fave memorable moment that clinched my heart was when he said “It’s for real” before giving YEH the cola kiss. To me, that’s enough to make this series worth the watch.

      • 2.1.2 soserious

        this drama was so hard to finish.
        yeeeeaaahhh… worst drama of 2011 (for me anyways).

        • lily simone

          *oh so this show is over now? damn, just when i was enjoying the recaps and all the LTM fan-raving here…. kekeke

          “Wow, that metaphor could sink a battleship. Show, don’t stretch yourself beyond your means. It hurts us more than it hurts you.”

          LOL at this, GF nobody does *sarcasm like you do… this is the reason why im having the time of my life reading LTM recaps here..

          *i hope they get the joke :)

        • Ella Lopatin

          I totally agree with you. Watching this drama was a real drag for me.

        • elma

          wow!!!! your soooo cynical worst drama of 2011 although the yr isn’t done yet is PARADISE RANCH………

          • dramaaddict

            I second that. Despite all the flack the show received the chemistry had me hooked until episode 13. The power of the two great actors wasn’t enough after that. But to say its the worst 2011 show is 1- way too early to say, and 2- shows that you haven’t watched paradise farm

          • gingeranna

            HAHAHAHAHA I SECOND THAT! Paradise Farm was so boring!

            The only good thing of the last… 5? episodes was the final kiss, at least it seemed real and with a bit of tongue 😛 not just a stamp kiss

        • Lizzy

          Hello fellow LTMers, just want to love i love this drama. Period.
          Its true that they are ALOT of good or best dramas out there but also they are worst dramas than LTM. However, even the best dramas for example A man from nowhere or Return of Ilmeije did not strike/ hit home to my taste or heart. These dramas have the whole shabang (plot, cinematography, cohesiveness character building and the lot) I whole-hearty admit that but I thought it was a drag from the first episode. I watched one episode and read the recap before I drop it like a hot potato and NEVER EVER look back. i DID NOT even make any comment or bitchin or bashing it for something i feel the drama is lacking.

          Like a DECENT HUMAN BEING i just shut my mouth and kept my opinion to myself because i might hurt someone who loves the drama.

          Like a RESPECTFUL AND EDUCATED HUMAN BEING, I know what words can do to people, intentional OR NOT.

          Like a WISE HUMAN BEING, wasting my time and effort to criticize a drama week by week by week for its lacking is PURE Lunacy. If its something I dont like, would I still do it again and again and call myself sane? HECK NO!!!!!

          Thats all to naysayers out there.

          • Chocobo

            Taking the High Road is like Fight Club.

            This first rule is: You do not talk about the High Road.
            The second rule is: You do not talk about the High Road.

            Otherwise you are taking the Low Road, which I believe is what you are trying to object to.

          • so andrea

            hahaha @ chocobo hillarioussss i deff took the low road this drama SUCKED I was biting my nails just getting through it ( I wonder why I sat through it though) anyway thank CAPITAL H-I-M that its over

        • nana

          maybe its not the best but hey its not the worst!!!

          • Jinjoo

            i agree, it’s not the worst, i liked the chem betwn Yoon & Kang! there were nice tender moments & the kissing scenes were numerous! woah i think it may not be the best drama but it was entertaining enuf coz of the actors!
            another one added to my collection

        • raz

          the same for me

    • 2.2 Respect Your Readers

      I simply can’t see what DB and GF see in:

      “City Hunter” (The Blue House? They couldn’t conjur up a different location? Really? I wonder if anyone here has ever bothered to read the original story “City Hunter” is based on…)

      OR “Miss Ripley” (a woman who’s life centers on a billion lies? Really?…)

      But I went kookoo for: “Lie to Me;” flaws and all!

      Just saying; everyone and his/her taste people—TASTE being the operative word here :)

      • 2.2.1 Mei

        I may not agree to some of Jbeans and gfriday’s comments about dramas or what-nots but Lie To me being a total nutjob? I totally agree. And yes, Taste is the operative word here..and your taste sucks if you went kookoo for this drama.

        • Respect Your Readers

          Mei! Did you bother to read the part where I said LTM had flaws? Obviously not; because if you had, you’d have had the common sense to not make the nonsensical statement you just made! Just because I said I went kookoo for LTM does not mean I was blind to it’s many flaws…

          Really; why do I bother; it’s like trying to have a civil conversation with an _ _ _ _ _! (fill in the blank Mei) ;(

          • Mei


        • ashura

          Hi Mei, I think your comment is a bit rude.

          • tweetiepie

            I second that

      • 2.2.2 bd

        Those are diff. genres of shows and may not be to your “taste.”

        However, it seems that romcoms are to your taste (as they are mine) and a good romcom is a good romcom and a bad romcom is a bad romcom – mostly due to the quality of the script/dialogue.

        This was, by far, a bad romcom.

        The writing sucked, the acting was mediocre (can’t totally blame the actors since bad writing tends to make actors just go thru the motions) and the directing was meh.

      • 2.2.3 Ahjumma

        first of all I loved this drama… a lot and the best place to go to enjoy recaps and positive comments about the drama is at http://koalasplayground.com. What I see about most of the comments at db is that there are a lot of people who just love to hate. Why keep watching something you hate? Where is the joy in that? If you hate eating liver, you don’t eat the whole thing hoping it’ll get better.

        • Lizzy

          so true

        • gingeranna

          I am one of those who had to watch the drama and I… well, I didn’t hated it, but I didn’t liked it either.
          I HAD to watch it because I was a subber in my language in a viki team. Just saying, there is someone who has to watch it.
          That said, I don’t love to hate, I indeed liked a lot the first episodes, but it became really plain (IMO) after a while. I’ve been watching it also to see if it could be funny and sparkly like it was in the beginning.
          I don’t usually bother to watch a drama if I don’t like the first (maybe also the second, if there’s some actor/actress I love) episode, but this had something like 10 really good episodes. And I really liked it! Maybe that’s why people is getting so angry with this drama: they loved it and they have been disappointed in the last episodes.
          (Sorry if I made some mistakes, it’s late and english it’s not my language, as you can probably see. I really hope that you can read my message like I’m just talking, I’m not trying in any way to be rude :3)

        • AMY

          @Ahjumma, well said mama.

      • 2.2.4 nana


      • 2.2.5 KariWinn

        :O I love City Hunter! I actually liked how the drama wasn’t necessarily based on the original City Hunter…I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all that that just took the the City Hunter guy and dropped him in a totally different plot. (An amazing plot at that)

        What’s wrong with the Blue House? Unless your father died in there or something I don’t think there’s anything wrong with certain scenes that might involve the Blue House. O_O

        I really think City Hunter is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. (And let me tell you…I’ve seen a lot.) So far, the drama hasn’t let me down, and in each episode, I’m either sitting at the edge of my chair with my faces 2 inches from the screen or running around the room like I’m mentally ill because something really cute happened between Yoonsung and Nana.

        The main female lead isn’t stupid either, although IQ skyrocketed between episodes 9-10, she actually has some brains unlike in a lot of other dramas. There’s a great balance between the revenge and the love scheme which seems hard for a lot of dramas with a strong plot. City Hunter was also very well written and directed.

        Enough about my love for City Hunter, back on topic now. LTM lost it’s grip on me halfway through, but I lose interest in a drama pretty easily. I still don’t think LTM was the best drama ever made, but I guess I was “kookoo” for it in the beginning too. *insert giggle here* It’s just not my cup of tea. I gotta admit…it wasn’t THAT bad though…haha.

      • 2.2.6 Chocobo

        I don’t think you have to justify liking this drama by putting down other ones. Agreed with bd — you are comparing apples and oranges. It’s like saying you don’t like the movie “The Dark Knight” because it wasn’t enough like “Bridget Jones’ Diary.”

        I can’t speak for Girlfriday and Javabeans, but I know that for me the above-mentioned dramas are refreshing because they are really different. This drama was okay, but a dime-a-dozen. I was really disappointed because the premise was promising to go in an interesting direction and ended up being like a lot of other things I have seen.

        I had a blog dedicated to recapping these shows, I would do the same thing — focus on the fresh and new, analyzing what is different and exciting about the current shows, and this one, while being entertaining to some degree, just didn’t have anything new to offer.

      • 2.2.7 Jinjoo

        agree w/you on this! i’d rather watch LTM than Ms Ripley or CH! this is one of those Kdramas that didn’t show us someone is ill or dying! :)

      • 2.2.8 notevenfunny

        Because this drama is like a patchwork of almost every single hit romcom that K-drama has to offer ever since the dawn of the new millenium.
        Funny, heartwarming at times, but average at best and mediocre most of the time. Why? Because most of us have watched the same trope this drama has going for like 94839084+ times already.
        And while I think Ms. Ripley won’t land in my Top 10 list of dramas for ’11, and I’m still iffy about City Hunter, I’d rather watch any of the two over a very basic rom com like Lie To Me any time.

    • 2.3 CoH

      Wow indeed

  3. Aidan

    i wish this had been better…

    • 3.1 zodd

      We all do.

    • 3.2 Joanne

      We really, really all do.

      • 3.2.1 soysauce

        Dropped this after 3 eps, and it was my first attempt to catch up with dramas this summer.
        *going back to House and Mad Men*

    • 3.3 bishbash

      if only we can turn back time and wished harder this turn out better…sigh.

      i gave up watching LTM @ normal speed since episode 10 =X the plot was just so MEH.

  4. cecee

    the only thing kept me finishing were the two main leads! If it weren’t for their awesome chemistry I would have stopped watching this nonsensical drama! Finally! lols.

    • 4.1 Nessryn

      me too!!!

  5. snow

    thank god this is over. this drama was a ridiculous mess and even reading the weecaps made no sense – kudos to jb and gf for sticking through and telling it like it is. can we vote this as the dumbest drama of (the first half of) the year?

    • 5.1 Bluefyre

      *casts aye vote in*


    • 5.2 Pikachu

      i would give it a million razzies if i could

    • 5.3 loopy

      don’t understand why you bother reading and commenting here if you don’t like the drama, i think that is dumb

      • 5.3.1 snow

        because it’s fun watching a train wreck like this drama and fun watching pissy fans like you get even more pissy.

        • Ace

          LOL! So true! Because the drama was boring, we get our fun by commenting, right?

          Well, another reason is to let out our frustrations. It has been a frustrating 7 weeks (I’m not including the 1st week). Why can’t we rant/rave here? Thank goodness there’s a site where I can vent out.

          • monna

            Well Said :)

            Thanks to JB and GF

          • Ahjumma

            Sounds like self inflicting pain. If you suffered 7 weeks of frustration whose fault is it? No one forced you to watch! Guess for you fun is defined as ranting and being frustrated. Takes all kinds.

        • loopy

          I’m not a fan, just commenting on your post.

          just reading the comments here, I don’t understand why you guys even watch it. As the old saying goes …..If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all

          • prettypie

            definitely…..why bothering on something you don’t like …….LTM thought bad at ratings in the most talk drama internationally ..you guys who are bashing LTM are proofs !

          • Ahjumma

            what I think is that they don’t have anything better to do. Why waste time watching a drama you don’t like? So pointless. They just love to hate is all. Joy in hating…so sad.

          • Chocobo

            Have none of you heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

          • AMY

            @ loppy well said.

        • mardie


    • 5.4 absothe

      Believe me, the weecaps are more nonsensical than the drama itself. Cause your missing a huge part of whatever storyline there is left. So please don’t make any assumptions just based on the weecaps.
      For me this was a very enjoyable drama, once I got over the fact that there wasn’t going to be any logic in it.
      But really there aren’t many Korean drama’s out there that have a logic in it. Atleast I haven’t come across one.
      As for city hunter, I don’t get why it’s so hyped up. I tried to watch ep 1 two times. I read the recaps up to ep 2, and then I just couldn’t be bothered with it. And you might say it’s not the right genre for me, but the thing is, I LOVE dark action thrillers. And revenge story’s I love EVEN MORE. You have no idea how many times I watched the Count of Monte Cristo, or read the book. (the book is better, cause he really goes all out on everybody there).
      And Miss Ripley, I just couldn’t get over the music, it’s so freaking annoying, so I jeast read the recaps for that, cause the story is really interesting.
      So what I’m trying to say is that although the storyline of a drama is important, it’s not the defining factor.
      Cause here you have two drama’s I should like based on the story, but I don’t, because I just don’t connect with it.
      And then there is LTM which I should dislike based on the story, but I like it, because there just is some kind connection.

      • 5.4.1 AYMH

        I stopped watching LTM, but I agree with you when you say that very few Korean dramas operate on logic. The centerpiece to almost all the ones I’ve seen is manufactured, easily solved drama. Although I didn’t like LTM, I fail to see why this one gets ragged on so hard here as if this was the first or only korean drama to have dumb conflicts.

        Even Best Love had some pretty dumb conflicts, but the writers here and viewers here loved it. The whole misunderstood conversation between Dokko Jin and the manager/brother about helping with the CD was just dumb and easily fixable if the main female character wasn’t such a wet blanket and clarified–but she didn’t even try.

        Most korean dramas, especially romantic comedies, are like this. Again, I don’t think LTM was good, but I am really confused by the way this one is being treated by the writers here.

        • tweetiepie

          I agree with you, I finally gave up on Lie To Me a few weeks ago, I have no problem suspending belief and just rolling with madness (as proof I watch Taiwanese drama)but lie to me was to much, mostly because I was expecting so much more. And I think that is the problem here, people were so hyped for something great and then bitterly let down :( so they now are bitter in turn.

          The only thing I have a tinny problem is exactly hat you said, even the drama’s we love and that GF and JB rate very highly have nonsensical bits in them (Best Love included), but the recap and comments on those don’t get as sarcastic as for Lie To Me, and I think this I do have a problem with on this blog, in other words drama’s aren’t ‘fairly’ treated. And this is from someone who is bitterly disappointed with lie to me.

      • 5.4.2 tinysunbl

        For me Lie to Me is a nonsensically enjoyable drama! It’s so silly it’s fun to watch and poke fun at it. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan are great, though

      • 5.4.3 me

        LIKE! (Y)

    • 5.5 lily simone

      @ snow,

      you can actually cast your vote here :) :


  6. questions987

    Okay the necklace, box, note thing. Stolen from goong. Seriously at least try it on a different actress!

    • 6.1 watchumlots

      Really! This whole back/forth/back again has made my neck hurt. He doesn’t want me, he wants to love me, he loves me, he doesn’t want to love me, but he loves me… aish!

      Two great actors – great chemistry – sucky writing. Thanks for the irritation to both writers and the production company.

    • 6.2 pipiet

      yes,,agreed with u…hahaaa

  7. evelia

    Thanks for all the mini recaps. I still like the show because of the main couple even if the writers were never able to tell a story.

  8. red

    i didnt watch this till the end..but i did watch mary stayed out all night…so whats the verdict, which sucked more?

    • 8.1 kiotzo

      at least i had fun in M3 (for the crazy plot)
      here i got bored!
      but maybe that’s just me :)

    • 8.2 Cynthia

      One thumb up for LTM.
      By the finale of MSOAN, I seriously wanted to kill someone – and by “someone” I meant SHOW – just to punish it for the craptastic, frustrating HORROR of it all…

      LTM? Meh. Just a good story that jumped on board the Redundancy Bus and refused to get off.
      :) :)

    • 8.3 Pikachu

      M3 Is the ji hyun to LTM’s Yi Kyung
      They are different yet the same.
      However M3 was funner because JB GF could go all out mocking it without being constantly flamed by immature butthurt people who couldnt digest criticism

      • 8.3.1 m3

        I like your comparison.

        I think MSOAN was “better” if you could call it that. MGY and JGS just delivered and were more sincere in their acting. When I watched MSOAN (though I didn’t finish it) they made me see the characters not the actors acting as their characters. And yeah, it was much less annoying than LTM (BOTH actors and characters).

    • 8.4 binzer

      Both shows rely almost entirely on the OTP, and I definitely prefer Geun/Guen from MSOAL. Yes, KJH and YEH have great chemistry, but I think that JGS and MGY are better actors and that their characters are far less annoying (on top of their fantastic chemistry).

      Personally I got extremely sick of YEH’s constant whining, over-the-top exasperation, and loud crying. KJH’s character was quite wooden at times, whereas I feel like the MSOAL OTP delivered 100% cuteness very consistently (which is all we really want with these poorly-written shows).

      If you want an amazing OTP AND a decent story, just go watch Can You Hear My Heart (it’s putting all the May dramas to shame, aside from BL).

      • 8.4.1 Pikachu

        i agree with the OTP thing
        were better acting wise.

      • 8.4.2 bd

        Love YEH, but I have to agree, she resorted way too often to overexaggerated expressions, etc.

        Part of that is her fault, but a lot goes to the bad writing and poor directing.

      • 8.4.3 jinkzz

        To me, Ji Hwan is a better actor over JGS … don’t get me wrong, I really like JGS and was crazy over him in MSOAN …JGS is a good actor but I still think KJH is better….he can go from comedy to serious tearjerker in a blink of an eye…of course, that is just purely my opinion.

        • Ahjumma

          I love both Ji Hwan and JGS but KJH is a much better actor.

    • 8.5 adney

      MSOAN > LTM even though both dramas are horrible, hahaha

  9. rzv

    man i’ll dld this ep only to see the skinship and the kiss 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  10. 10 Ohemgee

    that ending was weaksauce.

    no offense.

    • 10.1 ishrooroo

      at least there was kissing..

      • 10.1.1 pipiet

        too many kissing….boring

        • 321

          i agree pipiet. When there is too many kissing,it starts to feel like an american tv series,for crying out loud.

          hmm but there were also some good kdramas with lots of kisses for example coffee prince and worlds within

  11. 11 asianromance

    Thank for the weeks of entertaining weecaps, girlfriday and javabeans!

    I thought this episode was actually the best out of the past few weeks’ worth, and not just because it was the final episode. Despite some of the contrived conflicts, I felt like this episode made the most sense. I wish that this new writer actually had a funny bone, because the series went from energetic rom-com to rom-drama with the writer switch and the callbacks to the earlier episodes lost some of its impact with that.

    And Soran and Jaebum should have been the official secondary main leads rather than Yoon-ju and Sang-hee. Yoon-ju was pretty much useless and Sang-hee’s role was widdled down to being a super uninteresting character.

  12. 12 nadya

    The worst drama ever!!!!!!!!!

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Believe me, there is worse. Check out Sung Yuri’s first two dramas. OMG, it was so bad and the first K-drama I ever saw I couldn’t get near another K-drama for another 4 years.

      It also got voted on D-addicts.com to be reseeded. It lost 4 times in a row. When it finally won, those people never complained again. Yes, that bad, yet the drama Sung Yuri did before it, I heard was tons worse.

      Yuri finally got to kick butt in Hong Gil Dong, for which people are still traumatized over the ending (not because it was bad, but because it was that emotional). She’s now kicking it on Romance town in such a way you wouldn’t know she was that horrible of an actress before. But I still can’t shake off the ickies on Prince’s First Love.

      I can sum up that horrid drama in two phrases.

      The lip biting was so bad that the writers gave Sung Yuri a lip disease to make her stop biting her lip. (I thought it would make a great drinking game–if I drunk).

      And this phrase: The director messed up shooting a beach. I’m serious. How the HELL do you mess up shooting a beach with blue water and white sand? TT DUDE! Aim the camera *at* the water. AT THE WATER. A three year old can do it. (Yes, I’m reliving that moment.)

      At least the LTM director got that right… but Prince’s First Love… NOOOOO…

      • 12.1.1 jinkzz

        Oh my…I first saw Yuri in One Fine Day ( which I watched because of Gong Yoo) then Snow Queen ( obvious reason: Hyun Bin)…man, it was such a pain to watch her in those two drama…then along came Hong Gil Dong…that totally changed my views of Yuri’s acting…she was great in that drama

      • 12.1.2 bjharm

        lol goes to show that there love for everything in this universe…why because i liked Princes First Love. Unless you a hard noses drama critic the reason most ‘like’ a drama has really nothing to do with how good it acted or written or directed, it just that you ‘like’ it, maybe for that very reason other seem to hate it. Heck I even liked Sweet Spy.
        And I think it should be most disappointing drama ever rather than worse.

  13. 13 whoneedssleep

    Agreed! This drama did not go in the direction I was expecting it to go! All the conflicts that would have been good were just left behind (for example, what happened to Ki-joon’s brother and his love for Ah-jung? hm?) oji, better not to think about it too much!

    And yet, I kept coming back every single week and actually enjoyed it….but have to agree that it was mainly because of the two leads.
    I hope to see them together again in a different drama that will do their acting skills and the chemistry they have with each other justice.
    (and I am sure we can agree that the Cola kiss will go into kdrama history as one of the best drama kisses out there…no?)
    Cheers everyone!

    and ps. if you are a Kang Ji Hwan fan as well (and who isn’t?) you have to watch “7 Grade Civil Servant.” It is uber-hilarious and the role suits him so well! Enjoy!

    • 13.1 Tha

      He had me at Capital Scandal! And she at Goong but I still couldnt this. So thanks to the good people in youtube for LTM MVs. Those are pretty cute and probably the best snipets in the drama so Im good.

  14. 14 nadya

    I liked the actors, but the writing was totally a mess…

  15. 15 Nadia

    Wow. This drama sucked so bad. And I had such high hopes. YEH really knows how to pick ’em.

    • 15.1 danna

      *cries* how can she follow up two of my all time favs (Goong and Coffee Prince) with 2 that I can detest just as muh as loved those

      • 15.1.1 pipiet

        yea end they do it ,with the same actrees..*cries*

      • 15.1.2 churasan

        Yeah… I totally have to agree with you. I liked her earlier dramas (even Vineyard Man!). Her selection in roles hasn’t been that great since after Coffee Prince. Hope she picks a better one next time, maybe a historical one!

  16. 16 ultramarineblue

    I still think Kang Ji Hwan is awesome but I didn’t even want to watch this drama to the end

    hope his next project is better!

  17. 17 Alexio

    So many criticism…. I feel sorry for my beloved actor and actress…huhu

    • 17.1 memmy

      Of the drama, not the actors

    • 17.2 LTMmuch

      yeah,, its there job to be antis/ to mock
      so dont be pissed off by them
      deal them like a psycho…
      just laugh with them!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      coz they have some delusions… ( they think that they are PERFECT ) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ALL HAIL FOR THE ANTIS!!!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


      • 17.2.1 Laica

        er… who’s the psycho?

      • 17.2.2 jenknight18

        yup same as Mary Stayed out and Playful Kiss.. being shown in other countries.. psycho..

        • Cynthia

          Hey! I’ll thank you not to include “Playful Kiss” in the same category as MSOAN & LTM.
          Poor writing is what killed MSOAN & LTM.
          Most of the criticism coming from PK is viewer’s perceptions of KHJ – not the story-telling.

      • 17.2.3 lily simone

        yup i live in one of those 8 countries, but then again MSOAN is currently showing here also….just goes to show..

        I cringe……. I told my friend who works for that network to tell the people up there that they should fire that person-in-charge-of-choosing-imported-k dramas if they dont want their ratings to die. lol! The rival network on the other hand are enjoying good ratings from recently finished MGIAG and now showing Secret Garden.

  18. 18 anh

    I am still BITTER, show, for having two talented leads and messing everything up.

  19. 19 lenrasoon

    lol @ this whole drama!

    choose better projects next KJH, good luck bb!

    thanks for the weecap JB, I’ve gave up this mess long time ago but i still enjoyed reading your re(wee)caps.

    • 19.1 lenrasoon


  20. 20 karen hau

    good actors but script … too bad

  21. 21 sb

    I’m curious as to how much of the script that the actors are given before agreeing to be in a drama (major run-on, sorry!) is fixed, and not likely to change based on writer-change or netizen-whim.

    But even if only the first two episodes comprise the fixed portion of the story, I still don’t understand why YEH and KJH agreed to do it. The storyline might have seemed okay to newbies, but I would think that more seasoned actors would not want to touch this sort of bland plot with a ten-foot pole.

    • 21.1 Respect Your Readers

      —YEH and KJH met and fell in love in real life.
      —They wanted to go public but didn’t want to do it (do it—:D hehe) like all other celebrity couples.
      —So since YEH had promised to do LTM, she thought, “why not do it with KJH?” KJH and I love each other so why not show the world by doing LTM together 😀

      About the non-wedding scene:
      —If you were YEH and KJH, would you want a reel wedding scene to upstage your real wedding?

      Well, anyway, this is my (Adjovie’s) story and I’m sticking to it.
      I’ll drink a bottle of tomato juice if YEH and KJH aren’t married in the near future!

      • 21.1.1 brainycoral

        I’ll buy ten thousand bottles for you.
        It absolutely amazes me how many people are seriously shipping these two people.
        Get real…

        • Respect Your Readers

          awww Braincoral! Does your wittle bwain hurty? I joke, I joke!

          Anywho, I regret to tell you that you won’t have the opportunity to purchase those 10,000 bottles because well, my momma told be not to take gifts from strange unreasonable people so what was it that you said? Oh yea, get real…

          • Respect EACH OTHER DRAMA=/=Real life

            “awww Braincoral! Does your wittle bwain hurty? I joke, I joke!”
            How do you think you are making yourself look?

            Pls if you disagree this kind of childish language is not necessary.

          • Respect Your Readers

            ummm… Did you not see the part where I said I was joking? His screen name starts with “Brain…?”

            Ohh, just forget it! You obviously didn’t get my sense of humor the first time around so… Anyway, think what and how you wanna—It is what it is! SMH!

      • 21.1.2 jinkzz

        hahaha…I like this…a lot

        I’ll take a shot of soju with you…that might put me to sleep for a couple of days though …hehehehe

  22. 22 Dani

    This drama had soooo much potential in the beginning. It was really great actually. However, it totally deflated towards the middle… and the ending… well I’ll leave it at that.

    Love YEH and KJH together though! Hope they get to work together again.

  23. 23 anya

    Thanks for the recaps. Now, I know that I made the right decision.

    i stopped watching after ep 12…(hardly finished ep 11&12, most of time, i just skipped it)

    cant really bear watching it…

    it’s like totally new drama with new characters…. it was interesting up to ep10… how i wish, they sticked to the old writers….

    maybe let her rest for a week and continue the week after…

    the new writer ruined it for me… such a shame… with brilliant actors and excellent story and interesting characters that built up from ep 1…they could do so much more…

    shame shame shame….

  24. 24 Mychocoheart

    So AJ said NO before because she felt she had lost something and after spending a few months in Jeju, she realise that what she was missing was her heart and now that she has found it, she no longer minds being KJ’s trophy wife? Why am I trying to make sense of this show? My head hurts!
    At least they found a way to get them kissing passionately for 5 minutes in the last scene. When nothing else works a bit of fanservice can’t hurt.

  25. 25 Marlene

    are you guys interested in dong a weecap or recap on Sparkling?? just a question:))) for some reason, i like that drama.


    • 25.1 houstontwin

      That would be great!!! I am totally addicted to Sparkling – although it is a guilty pleasure. The editor’s evil mother and the publisher’s crazy, selfish, rags-to-riches daughter are delightfully over-the-top. Best big hair and eyeliner ever!

    • 25.2 Jomo

      I love The Drama With Three Names. I just started a re-watch on Dfver. They really have the smartest OTP EVER.

      It would be tough because of all the characters and little plots going on…Now that there is only 5 weeks left, I realize I will miss all those characters…

    • 25.3 Celexa

      I wish i could find english subs quicker… it’s killing me not being able to watch raw because i dont want to miss any of the dialogue.

  26. 26 miniejungle

    im sorry to say it but it sounds really like a crap ending of a crap show. KJH and YEH, surely you can do more than just this, right???? *shake head* :(

  27. 27 haruku

    I agree! Whoever the new writer is, I don’t like it. That writer kind of messed up everything that was good about this drama. Whatever happened to the secondary characters?! I loved SangHee’s character, but by the last few episodes, it kind of felt like his character had completely gone 180. And what happened to Ki Jun? O-o He’s still cute and everything…but what happened to him? He seems different, like he’s a bit hyper or something…I don’t really feel that Ah Jung’s character changed a lot though. Sigh :( Kind of wished for a witty, funny ending to match the beginning episodes.

    • 27.1 whoneedssleep

      I think that the change in Ki-jun’s character happened for a reason. That is one character development I actually liked and could get behind. Being in love with Ah-jung brought out his childish side. His work was no longer the most important part of his life…and somehow he seemed more carefree when he is with her — like finally he can be himself (suits him much more anyways…)

      • 27.1.1 Lillian

        The change in KJ’s character seems logical in the mind, but on screen it became a total wreck and his character change happened in a blink of an eye without any explanation. Obviously if you’re a hopeless romantic or have the patience to mull over it, you can understand his character in your mind, but on screen, that change was hopeless.

        But you’re right about the “himself” part. His character got kind of annoying when he was just strict and Mr. Frowny face.

  28. 28 MJP

    I’m glad it’s over. On to the next set of dramas!!! I am interesed in the Beautiful Spy drama.

    Thank you, JB and GF for all of your hard work! I appreciate you and all your recaps. I love your humor!

  29. 29 Jane

    People are feeling nostalgic about the first writer but let’s not forget that she sucked, hence the replacement. The story which wasn’t anything great, was already going downhill in episodes 9 & 10 which were the first writer’s work.

    • 29.1 Kiara

      I think both writers sucked. I feel bad for the 2 main leads. I hope they’ll pick better projects next time.

    • 29.2 jinz

      totally agree~~~~~
      fast forward to the end

  30. 30 Lizzy

    LOVE all the AJ and KJ moments. Still satisfied with the ending :)

  31. 31 jen

    i gotta say the 2 leads had amazing chemistry together. if they go out, i wouldn’t be surprised

  32. 32 RAWR

    I stop watching this drama but AJ and KJ makes me want to watch this drama. i love them together they r the cutest couple ever. But i really wish that the script was written better

  33. 33 luvmydramas

    Can’t we all just get along now? Wow, it’s been really harsh up in here the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, if I had ‘nads I’m sure somebody would have kneed them. :) This will definitely be one of my favorites of all time. Not for the stellar storyline or scripting, but for the real life feel it had. The AJ and KJ moments that absolutely shot electricity. Say what you will, but if you really didn’t connect with anything here, you just weren’t watching. Hopefully, Heartstrings and Spy won’t draw such intense battlelines — I need a rest !!

  34. 34 Daniela

    It ended. At last! I was curious about the finale, that’s why I kept watching.
    Lie to me was boring and slow. I felt it was a 30 episodes drama. For me the mayor problem is that I never fell in love with the OTP. I know they look good and I think that today I saw a little, l-i-t-t-l-e, of that chemistry that everybody talked about. But in the other episodes I didn’t. The kisses were good, but also the Secret Garden kiss was good and the Goong kiss. If I just want to see kisses I know where to find them. But in a drama, I want other things too. (Plus, in the middle of the Cola kiss, the sun got in the shoot, so at one point all I saw was light)
    I think the problem I have with the OTP is that I never liked Ah-jung. She was meh to me or frustrating. I used to think that Yoon Eun Hye cries well, but in this drama he never moved me. Ever.
    I liked Ki-joon more, like today, because when he is cute and funny, he is too cute and funny to ignore. So he+she never did it for me.
    The interaction between the brothers was one of the best things they had and they didn’t use it. The new writer forgot that Ki-joon had a brother. He basically disappeared.
    The female second lead was practically useless.
    Why they didn’t keep his hobby? I thought it was super geek and super cute.
    Still, I don’t think this drama is Terrible. It had a few moments. But in my little time watching dramas, of all the dramas I have watched this belong in last places of my list.

    Oh yeah, I loved Hoon.

    I loved the weecaps and recaps. I think some people took them too personally.
    Don’t be angry people, it’s not good for your health. Be happy!

    • 34.1 Daniela

      *Major problem

    • 34.2 Anonymous

      I agree. Others are raving about the chemistry between the two leads but I can’t get into the OTP. YEH has better chemistry with her costars in Goong and CP. Pity about this drama coz I like both the leads.

      I think the problem with this drama is that it is too long. The premiere with the lie isn’t strong enough to hang a 16-episodes drama so a lot of the drama feels like filler. Wonder if it will be better if the drama is 8 or 4 episodes instead.

      • 34.2.1 bd

        There was some chemistry due to the natural charisma of the 2 leads, but the awful writing really put a hamper on it and what little there was left couldn’t save the show.

        In contrast, while “My Princess” had its flaws, the chemistry that existed btwn KTH and SSH was made that much BETTER by the well written moments and dialogue for their 2 characters (the writing wasn’t so good for the other characters aside from maybe the good prof.).

        • bd

          If “chemistry” is all that takes to make a good romcom, then why don’t producers just put YEH and Kim Jong Kook together on a show b/c they have great chemistry together.

      • 34.2.2 danna

        heh…that’s what I love about Yoon Eun Hye….regardless of acting she always has great chemistry with her leads

    • 34.3 asianromance

      regarding the chemistry, I see it when I’m not distracted by the characters they play, so I think that while YEH and KJH had chemistry (are they dating or not?!), their characters, Ki-joon and Ah-jung, not as much. I know that chemistry usually comes naturally, but I feel that writing plays a huge part in developing that chemistry with good dialogue and well-thought-out interactions.

      I really liked Ah-jung in the beginning (she became sort of lukewarm lately) and Ki-joon has been sort of boring throughout the series. My favorite character is probably Soran.

      I hope people don’t take these recaps too personally either (jb and gf would have dropped it if they had really hated it. and this is a blog, btw.) and I also hope that people don’t insinuate fans of LTM are somehow stupid for liking it. I love mediocre kpop music more than classical music and it’s really hard to explain it. People like what what they like. And I think a lot of fans of LTM acknowledge that there is a glaring writing problem, but love it because of the OTP.

      • 34.3.1 Daniela

        I agree about all you said. You expressed it better :).

        • Daniela

          The only part I have another opinion is about Ki-joon and Ah-jung.

      • 34.3.2 bjharm

        well said often there no logic to why you like or dislike something, is just happens. I have often thought what the drama would have been like without the two leads myself. Without all that hype and expectation, how it would have gone..worse or better…better I think

      • 34.3.3 danna

        thank you!!…the most decent comment I have seen here yet

    • 34.4 Ahjumma

      You could have skipped all the episodes and just watched the last one to know how it ended. Nothing better to do with your time?

  35. 35 turtlegirl

    Bah I was hoping that the drama would finish with as much of a bang as possible for how the drama was progressing. But it’s been as disappointing as the rest :( The lovey moments do nothing in the face of the messy writing – flat, useless characters that I’m annoyed with, can’t sympathize with, and emotional whipping around on the part of the characters. This drama breaks my heart </3

  36. 36 houstontwin

    Could the actors have anticipated the shoddy writing in this drama? Could appearing in such a poorly realized drama jeopardize their careers? Actors should be able to sue the producer when they are so seriously humiliated in front of millions of viewers!

    • 36.1 spazzy06

      “Could the actors have anticipated the shoddy writing in this drama?”

      Umm…yes. Yes, they could have. The person who wrote the first half of this drama also wrote Yun Ho’s terrible 2009 soccer drama Heading to the Ground. Have you read the comments for that drama…or better yet have you watched it? It’s not pretty. To say that drama was a hot mess would be an understatement.

      Based on that (the first screenwriter drama track record), YEH and KHJ should have been weary about signing up for Lie to Me from the get-go.

      The fact that Lie to Me did poorly in ratings isn’t a surprise.

      • 36.1.1 asianromance

        I felt like YEH could have avoided it since she probably has like a bajillion offers for her drama comeback. Management should have looked into it after her previous drama. or maybe the writer just had connections (it’s universal, how else are bad movies being made all over the world while good scripts languish on a dusty shelf)

        I think KJH either didn’t have as many offers (we love him, but in star status, he’s no Gong Yoo or Hyun bin) and he probably wanted to be in a drama with such a star as YEH. Who wouldn’t?!

        • danna

          YEH could totally have…I think she stuck around for this one because of Love Song’s cancellation and the people that were supposed to be behind that one were also the people behind this drama

      • 36.1.2 danna

        there were two seperate writers for this drama…the first one was the one that worked for Heading To The Ground, and the main reason I was extremely wary of this drama at first (I still have bald spots on my head from all the hair that I pulled out watching that one)..that said, this writer wasonly an assistant to the main writer of the HTTG and left the production team early due to creative conflicts… or something of the like

    • 36.2 asianromance

      YEH and KJH have had a good track record with the acting department, so I don’t think a poorly-written drama will ruin their career. People acknowledge that only the writing was poor.

      on the flip side, this drama has a lot of international fans. I’m sure the rights to air it will be sold to every country in East/SouthEast Asia. So here’s the question: would you do a bad drama and gain lots of fans or do a good drama and not be noticed (there are tons of well-written dramas out there with abysmal ratings too)?

      • 36.2.1 Pikachu

        i love YEH but you gotta admit her acting credentials are gonna be getting criticized soon, because this makes it 3 fails in a row and her coffee prince high which took her very high indeed is going to start wearing off soon since that was like 4 years ago.
        MFL, Black minidress , LTM
        I guess YEH needs brilliant PD’s to bring out the brilliance in her
        All aspects of CP were brilliant all around, YEH needs to pick those kinda projects.
        I think KJH has a more diverse acting range but i really want to see YEH act in a totally different role.
        She really should think more about picking projects.
        Seriously her management is failing her.
        There are other actresses like KTH who have less talent then YEH but know how to pick successful projects

      • 36.2.2 libra80

        wowwwww…i agree to u “asianromance”…well said,bravo!!!Thanks…
        And for me i love this drama until the end,period!!!
        and also Im still looking forward for YEH’s kdrama…

      • 36.2.3 houstontwin

        Good point. I guess a career in acting is at least as much a matter of exposure as it is artistic achievement.

      • 36.2.4 lily simone

        it depends, even Leonardo Di Caprio gave in for Titanic but look at the role choices he made after, that’s when he gained the respect from his colleagues (became Martin scorsese’s new favorite) and got nominated several times for the oscars. if you are an actor who is dedicated to your craft you will do what you love and won’t give a shit about fame and even money, acting i think is just like any field, you love your job, and the money (in this case the fans too) will just follow….

        i think an actor can do it once in his career its fine if you do “fluff” but to do it several times in a row, its like you did it once, not your fault, twice we might forgive you but thrice definitely your fault.

        in short YEH should definitely start thinking about her next roles now, unless of course she wants to become the next katherine heigl or jennifer aniston?!!??

        and LTM will be shown in my country too but then again MSOAN is also showing here right now….haha…just goes to show..

  37. 37 Taber

    Love this drama from the beginning to the end.

    • 37.1 marowe

      me too…

    • 37.2 Ahjumma

      me three

  38. 38 scarjo

    i love the chemistry of ah jung and ki joon, and they are both good actors and actresses but the writers and directors behind the drama is to blame, they sucks……………… hope YEH and KJH will have another projects together with good materials coz I am very dissapointed with the writers and directors behind this drama. YOU STINKS……………………..

  39. 39 laya

    LOL. Well. That’s over now, finally. *breathes big sigh of relief*

  40. 40 Noi

    Now that this mess is over, I really hope we’ll see them together in another project, like a movie or something.

    But it has to be good.

  41. 41 Quinze

    GF, You make me wonder what ANYONE saw in this drama after this recap.
    No amount of chemistry could poossibly have been worth
    watching this pile of WTF-ery for…

    I’m honestly glad it’s over because I’m so sick of all this gushing over our main couple’s chemistry.

    • 41.1 angela0612


      too bad for you if it irritates you :(

  42. 42 gmei

    can you also make an open thread for the remaining episodes of Baby-faced Beauty? I’m dying of looking for a recap, this drama is so good I cant wait until the videos were up. *sobs*

    • 42.1 bjharm

      I really do not think dramabeans has much time for Jang Nara, thus BFB would be unlikely to get even open thread for the 5-18 epiosdes. Unless girlfriday or one of the others do it. It is Dramabeans blog after all

  43. 43 abc

    TNS Rating for LTM Ep 16

    Nationwide 8.0 (16th)
    Seoul 8.4 (17th)

    Average Rating for the whole drama 8.4 (Nationwide)

    • 43.1 sb

      Usually you see an uptick in ratings for the finale, no matter how not-great the drama is. A downturn in the finale ratings bolsters the majority sentiment that this drama seriously overextended its stay.

      Even Heading to the Ground and Dream, both of which suffered abysmal ratings (rough avg of 5.0) saw upticks in their finale episodes.

      • 43.1.1 abc

        Ratings for eps 15 & 16 for Nationwide are the same = 8.0%, but ep 15 ranked 20th, while ep 16 ranked 16th (went up in the ranking).

        Rating for ep 15 Seoul is 8.8% but did not make the top 20 shows, while ep 16 Seoul garnered 8.4% ranked 17th (went up in the ranking).

      • 43.1.2 Pikachu

        but usually during finale’s the ending show will take a chunk of the competitions rating but this time ripley got a 2% boost an dtook #1 which means BFB and ripley (which are now head to head) were not affected by LTM ending

        • Pikachu

          replace but with “and”

        • bjharm

          BFB still top rated up over the 15% mark episode 18 with an average of 14% for its run overall. It to be seen if Miss Ripley can over take it, it will depend on how the new dramas coming out do with lie to me ending and BFB with one week to go, plus BFB well likely get that final episode boost.

    • 43.2 Noi

      holy cow.

    • 43.3 bd

      Another clunker or 2 like this and YEH won’t be getting all those CF offers (since “Coffee Prince,” none of her shows or the film that she did has been a hit).

    • 43.4 lily simone

      kudos to the korean viewers they have such discerning taste :)

  44. 44 crazedlu

    SO DUMB. goodbye and good riddance. cheerio. ^^

  45. 45 againstyourwishes

    hello! anyone knows where do I find ep 16 with eng sub?

    • 45.1 lenlen

      check viiki.com

      • 45.1.1 againstyourwishes

        the videos’ not available in my region :(

  46. 46 lenlen

    why be rude and mean!

  47. 47 jyyjc

    This is one of the most memorable dramas of 2011. In a bad way. Ok well not too bad because we had fun picking on it didn’t we? Actually, we still have half of 2011 to go but as much as we had fun(sort of), I pray the writers who wrote LTM go back to school to learn how to write, read some more books, anything!

    • 47.1 zodd

      Agreed. I’ll be remembered as the biggest let downs of 2011.

    • 47.2 bd

      Somehow, I don’t think YEH got all emotional and cried her eyes out like she did after they wrapped up “Coffee Prince.”

      I’m thinking something more along the lines of relief that it is finished and over was what she felt.

  48. 48 ...

    vote for biggest let down of the year. it could have been brilliant! i gave up after ep8. even their chemistry couldn’t make up for the let down and the “wat the f?!?” moments. such a waste of the brilliant cast.

  49. 49 jolli

    tis show started well… i was excited, can’t wait and on to ep (can’t recall) i was like, just running through the show with my FF..
    nothing wrong, just maybe…. now a days with more option ( lots of show with sub ) comes choices i have to make to see if the show is worth my time..

  50. 50 Aly

    I wish someone would do a poll of the ages of the viewers and how many dramas they have seen. Perhaps there is a correlation to whether or not they like the drama.
    For example I am over 18 and have seen around 20 dramas (or so), and this particular one did not interest me at all.

    • 50.1 Pikachu

      yep me too i am around the same age and i’ve watched quite a lot too.
      It might also have something to do with the fact i’ve been watching dramas for almost 3 years so i have developed standards over time.
      A crappy plot and pretty actors just doesnt cut it for me anymore.

    • 50.2 crazedlu

      hahaha. someone really should do it. i’m quite the veteran myself, and this drama BLOWS. =D

    • 50.3 lily simone

      maybe for the teenybopper age 16 to even early twenties i can understand!!?? but if you’re my age (30) and you like this, you seriously need to get yourself checked.. LOL!

  51. 51 gusya>_

    waaa…what an ending…very cheesy but the chemistry was amazing all throughout the drama…both actors are amazing and i hope they pick something better in the future, although can’t blame them for the writers’ weaknesses….better luck next time…KJH YEH FIGHTING!!!^^

  52. 52 bikyo

    my think this drama not too good
    honestly, the story is not interesting, rely on the kissing scene just to attract viewers’ attention :(
    not surprisingly, get low rating

    although I very like YEH but if her project is bad I will not lie and say beautiful words just to make her happy.

  53. 53 loopthatloopy

    The writing sucked ass and the plot was non-existent, but oddly enough I enjoyed this trainwreck of a drama. Probably because I love YEH and KJH, like everybody else. Nonetheless, I thought they gave solid performances with what little material they had to work with, so kudos to them.

    Hope they both find some sense in them now to (a) date each other in real life and get married and have loads of beautiful babies and (b) pick better projects with scripts that can be on par with their acting talent.

    Definitely won’t be picking up a DVD of this to relive the LTM experience though. Not that I do with even the best of ’em, K-dramas are something I can only watch once over of any series, with the exception of Coffee Prince and 9Ends2Outs.

  54. 54 Respect Your Readers

    I simply can’t see what DB and GF see in:

    “City Hunter” (The Blue House? They couldn’t conjur up a different location? Really? I wonder if anyone here has ever bothered to read the original story “City Hunter” is based on…)

    OR “Miss Ripley” (a woman who’s life centers on a billion lies? Really?…)

    But I went kookoo for: “Lie to Me;” flaws and all!

    Just saying; everyone and his/her taste people—TASTE being the operative word here :)

    • 54.1 Pikachu

      but there are certain things that you cannot just attribute to taste.
      Things like writing plot devices, acting are things that can be scrutinized objectively regardless of personal taste.

      • 54.1.1 KimC

        No offense, but that’s not exactly true.

        When picking up which K-drama to watch everything has to do personal taste. Which actor or actress you like and want to see, what type of genre hence plot floats your boat, or simply what you feel like watching at the time, ie if you are up for fluff or heavy stuff.

        Sure, you can judge the acting or plot as objectively as you want to, but in the end if they fulfil your sense of personal taste and intrigue you enough you’re gonna keep on watching it anyways, right?

        Which is why I found Best Love great (though I’ve probably seen the same material and plot devices recycled over and over again by the Hong sisters three times in three different series of theirs), Lie To Me serviceable, and City Hunter exactly as it is pronounced Hangul-ized : Shitty.

        It’s all about taste, and just because somebody does not share the same buds as you do, doesn’t mean they lack any of it nor are theirs any worse than yours.

    • 54.2 m3

      yeah, and we know what your taste is.

      • 54.2.1 Respect Your Readers

        Yea, I too know what my taste is—I sure as heck don’t watch Kdramas (especially rom-coms) for logic—never have, never will!

        I like my nonsensical romantic stories (same as my romance book stories) so I can escape; so sorry for you if you watch Kdramas for life lessons or whatever! SMH LMAFROTL!

        P.S. “Best Love” made sense, but “Lie To Me” didn’t? wow—and I’m the crazy one? LOL!

        • Pikachu

          Best love created a UNIQUE premise and developed characters that were consistent, used metaphors that made sense, had solid acting, had writing that was witty.

          LTM is like one of Dokko Jins potatoes. Enough said.

          • Venus

            LOOOOOOL the one Jin executed I presume…. LOOOOL….

          • Respect Your Readers

            Ahhh Pikachu! It’s true what they say; you are what you read—next time please retort with your own words :) Then and only then will I be able to give you the proper response you clearly don’t deserve LMBO!

            P.S. I stopped watching “Best Love” at ep.10! I couldn’t connect on an emotional level—robot hearts, potato metaphors etc., LOL

          • Pikachu

            what makes you think those werent my own words?
            did anyone else say LTM = Dokko’s potatoes before this?

            Or did people say BL was a good drama because it..was…good?

          • bd

            Look – the overall situations of romcoms usually don’t really make sense or are have some pretty fantastical setups such as:

            (1) a woman being mistaken as a man in “Coffee Prince”,

            (2) a mythical creature with 9 tails who wants desperately to become human and find a mate in “MGIAG”,

            (3) a college student who has a crush on her professor but turns out to be of royal lineage and ends up falling in love with the guy whose fortune she is taking away in “My Princess”,

            (4) a scorned lower level celebrity and a conceited, arrogant A-lister who initially despise each other, but are brought together by a song, etc.

            Yes – these premises are somewhat fantastical, but how the relationships btwn the 2 leads start, and more importantly, how they DEVELOP over the course of the series tend to be pretty REAL.

            Throw in some cute scenes and witty dialogue and then you have magic.

            ‘LTM” had NONE of that.

            Many of the scenes were forced and seemed to be taken from a “paint by numbers” type of K-drama script-writing class.

            Pretty much zero memorable scenes or dialogue.

            And on that of that, the relationship btwn the 2 leads didn’t seem very believable and how it progressed over time made zero sense (“Secret Garden” had the same problem tho even that wasn’t as bad as “LTM”).

          • Respect Your Readers

            Pikachu! I only have one question for you:

            At it’s core, what is the purpose of a story?

          • Respect Your Readers

            ummm… BD, you say, “…the relationship btwn the 2 leads didn’t seem very believable and how it progressed over time made zero sense…” Are you sure?

            Did you watch LTM! I only ask because, well—the only thing that lovers and haters of LTM seem to agree on, is the fact that they watched LTM because of YEH and KLH and how they made their characters come alive…

            Just saying :)

  55. 55 Ace

    I thought it would never end. Thank goodness.

    Boring, overrated, commercial, and pedestrian. If ever both actors have anything new in the near future, you won’t see me near it. This drama made me appreciate MSOAN because at least that drama did some crazy stunts that made me laugh out loud/groan out loud. The only think I loved about this was JB & GF’s weecaps (and that sole weecap from Santa). Honestly if it weren’t for them, I’d have thrown up from all the gushing, sacharine, and sappy reactions from rabid fans/recappers. *shudders still*

    Conclusion: If the trailer is full of cuteness, run for your life. The more boring/confusing the trailer is, the better the drama.

    • 55.1 abc

      “Boring, overrated, commercial, and pedestrian. If ever both actors have anything new in the near future, you won’t see me near it.”

      I’m with you 100%!!! Esp. the commercial and pedestrian part. I liked YEH a lot in CP; I forgave her for the mistake that was MFL; but in this drama, I feel she prostituted herself for commercial reasons. I feel that she has no artistic integrity at all! I will not trust her again!

      “The only thing I loved about this was JB & GF’s weecaps (and that sole weecap from Santa). Honestly if it weren’t for them, I’d have thrown up from all the gushing, sacharine, and sappy reactions from rabid fans/recappers. *shudders still*”

      I read the recaps in the other websites for only one episode, I only got as far as reading 3 paragraphs. I had to stop reading and never went back to those websites – I was afraid I’d develop diabetes from the saccharine sweetness of the recaps; and suffer serious brain injury from the mindless comments of the rabid fans.

      • 55.1.1 bd

        I wouldn’t be too hard on YEH.

        The only reason why she did “LTM” was b/c she had initially agreed to do a project for the production company, but that eventually didn’t work out.

        Instead, of picking another project from another PC, YEH remained LOYAL and waited until the PC that she had initially agree to work with came up with another project.

        Unfortunately for YEH, it was this dreck.

        If anything YEH is too nice and loyal to a fault.

        Her best interest would have been to have simply picked another project from another PC, but that would have put the initial PC in real bad shape b/c a greenlight for a project can often turn on getting a big star like YEH.

        • sb

          I guess I’m not alone in deciding to no longer waste time on any future YEH offerings. Her string of duds (My Fair Lady, My Black Mini Dress and Lie to Me) have (finally!) convinced me to just stay the heck away.

          I do agree with bd that YEH’s loyalty is to blame for her choice to star in LTM, but she had no reason for the hot mess that is My Black Mini Dress.

      • 55.1.2 Ace

        @abc: once in a while I peek at the other siites for the recaps and ask myself how long I can last (I’m really not a sweet tooth literally & figuratively). More or less it goes like this:

        •open site(s) on new tab(s)
        •scans 1st paragraph
        •closes tab and go back to DB 😉

    • 55.2 lily simone

      “Conclusion: If the trailer is full of cuteness, run for your life. The more boring/confusing the trailer is, the better the drama.”

      Omo, you just summed it all up , one of my requirements in a movie/drama. I couldn’t have said it any better, you nailed it.

      *i hope there’s a like button on this page, coz i cant seem to stop laughing at your comments.

  56. 56 almontel

    thanks for the journey, LTM!!

    well at least we had a beautiful scene at the end…
    i so love the Run To you by the waters with the wind blowing and the clear blue skies…
    and of course the HOT KISSES between our OTP!!!

  57. 57 Venus

    It was just a big disappointment overall, I know the new writer tried to help salvage the course of the drama, but instead she kept throwing us more curve balls with last minutes angst that were really not necessary…..so much character inconsistency between the leads, it felt like another drama…also if you going to have other cast members on a drama why not make them work for their money…instead of having them come on camera for like 2minutes…..that a waste of cast and peoples time……

    Sorry don’t want to keep basing LTM, but really so much drama potential down the drain…..

    Hope YEH can pick better projects……

  58. 58 Lhen

    No matter what others say, no matter how shallow the story is, or how many loopholes the drama has, i will still go for my own feelings and personal opinion that I LOVED LIE TO ME. It’s something that helps me get out of my stress. I loved Ah Jung and Ji Hoon and i loved Ji Hwan and Eun Ye! Period!

    • 58.1 margareth

      i agree with you sistah….what ever what they say still im a big fan of the two lead star and will watch over and over this drama , im chill and flurry with everytime i see them together.

    • 58.2 May K

      I’m with u on this… I LOVE LTM!
      I love how KJH and yeh ‘s chemistry and passion lights up my senses. Makes me happy ….when they cry I cry, when they laugh I laugh….Absolutely love this drama.

  59. 59 Respect Your Readers

    The thing that bothers me on this blog, is how most here act all intellectual and uppity yet deep down when all is said and done, YOU’LL TRY TO DISSECT KDRAMAS (a.k.a FLUFF)!

    I mean, how does one dissect FLUFF?—I’ve seen a lot of Kdramas but I can’t name one with a bit of common sense substance—I challenge anyone to prove otherwise; SERIOUSLY!

    • 59.1 snow

      LTM is worse than fluff.

    • 59.2 Pikachu

      obviously you only like “fluff” since you like your rom coms devoid of “logic” anyway so how would you know?

      A drama has to have dramatic conflict so its not going to be exactly slice of life, but we are scrutinizing is the method.

      If you want to see a drama that is as gritty as they come go and watch Ripley. It deals with the topics kdramas rarely touch.
      i doubt you would be able to stomach it though.
      Watch Story of a man.

      • 59.2.1 Respect Your Readers

        Again Pikachu?

        You obviously missed my prior and now this point; so rather than writing you whole story, please visit other blogs—it seems the only LTM negativity comes from this blog!

        As for my personal taste; yes, I’m guilty of liking Rom-Coms; which tend to be a bit more FLUFFIER—but so what, all Kdramas are FLUFFY! In the end, it depends on your tolerance for FLUFFINESS! NO?

        • Pikachu

          correction all dramas are not fluffy
          but since you think all drams are fluffy you only watch fluffy dramas
          Are you really surprised people coe here to let their thoughts lose here?
          Have you seen the way they treat people with negative opinions in the soompi thread. Its almost akin to bullying.
          The moderators should be all over that.

          • Pikachu

            this is also the end of my conversation with you.

          • lily simone

            ohmygaaaddd they bully people in soompi??? could be Bieber fans are also LTM fans ??? same amount of crazyyy!!!

        • bd

          I pretty much only stick to romcoms (aside from an excellent show like “Joseon X-Files” which comes across once in a blue moon), and all romcoms by their definition are “fluffy.”

          But there are good romcoms and bad romcoms; “LTM” is the latter.

          “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Friends” (until they “jumped the shark”) were good sitcoms; “2 and A Half Men” and “King of Queens” are not.

          But being all sitcoms – they are all “fluff.”

          • Respect Your Readers


            I love “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “King of Queens” but I don’t give a **$%# about “Friends” or “2 and A Half Men!”

            It does really come down to taste doesn’t it? LOL :)

          • tamtam

            2 and a half Men is a terrible sitcom, just the premise itself shouldn’t have sold the way it did.

            But dude, I loved King of Queens. Subjectivity is a funny thing.

    • 59.3 LTMloveboat

      Agreed! For dissection, one must watch National Geographies, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, etc. Me, if I want entertainment, I just go for things i like even if the super intelligence people say: this drama sucks, stupid, nonsensical, crazy plots. BAD, BAD, BAD!

      I care naught for thy opinions. :)

      Now, after LTM, me is gonna watch HYS/Eric in Beautiful Spy!

    • 59.4 Ace

      Not all kdramas are fluff. Most of them are, but not all. You just have to find the gems among the trash. Oh, forgot that some people’s trash are other people’s treasures. So. My trash, your treasure. And vice versa.

      The reason why the recaps became weecaps is because this drama was the ultimate fluff. I bet that if Santa was doing it, it could’ve been shorter. Not in paragraph form. Maybe in 20 sentences or less.

      Based on your previous comments, you just have a different taste, therefore you’re watching different dramas from us “intellectual and uppity” peeps here.

      Last but not least, apparently, common sense is still not common.

      • 59.4.1 lily simone

        “Last but not least, apparently, common sense is still not common.”

        hahahahaahahahahahahaha…………… i swear this will go down as one of the best in my “BEST QUOTES” book…Ace, can i quote you on this??? lol!

        • Ace

          Please feel free… 😉 LOL!!

      • 59.4.2 sb

        LOL! I love your last line!

      • 59.4.3 Respect Your Readers

        Teacher-nim ACE,
        Thought to help you out with your lesson so I’ve looked up “Common Sense” for you to share with the class :)

        common sense
        good sense and sound judgment in practical matters : use your common sense | [as adj. ] a common-sense approach.

    • 59.5 tiffturn

      I can’t speak for everyone else, but I do like for drama to have a little bit of common sense. I understand that we have to suspend belief when watching dramas, but that’s with most things like tv shows or movies.Dramas should be entertaining yes, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack logic.

      People have the right not like things just as well as you have the right to like and its okay for them to say why they didn’t like it.

      I don’t understand why some people get personally offended if one didn’t like this drama. I don’t mean you(respect your readers) I just mean people in general in regards to some of their comments on this board.

      • 59.5.1 Respect Your Readers

        Hi Tiffturn,

        I don’t disagree that everyone likes what he/she likes. It wouldn’t make sense if everyone in world liked the same thing/s; I get that. What I don’t get is how some people (Pikachu in particular) seem to say whatever without backing it up… As much as I’d like to say I LOVED LTM, I can’t! Why? Because yes, the writing was flawed—I and the majority of the people who enjoyed watching LTM said so. I even stopped watching after episode 10 and just read Koalas Playground’s recaps—because I didn’t want to invest my time; unless I knew that I at least would get a happy ending for the couple.

        I started watching LTM at the same time as BL and stopped watching both at around episodes 10; but in the end, I went back to watching LTM as opposed to BL because I connected on an emotional level with the story LTM was trying to tell but alas couldn’t articulate. BL on the other hand did nothing for me on an emotional level—I couldn’t even get past BL episode 10 (again) while trying to marathon on the weekend…

        …so yes, I too had issues with LTM but on the whole, LTM wasn’t as bad as most here are making it out to be.

        That’s all I’ve been trying to say!

        • tiffturn

          I understand that. I felt the same way about 49 Days, particularly the way people were so harsh with the lady playing Shin Ji Hyun. I don’t know if you liked it, but I didn’t think she was as bad as some people made her out to be. So, I totally understand your point.

      • 59.5.2 bd

        Having some good, witty writing wouldn’t be bad either.

    • 59.6 bd

      “My Princess”, “MGIAG”, “Best Love” and even “Coffee Prince” for the most part were all “fluff.”

      But they had good writing/dialogue, good acting and the development of the relationship btwn the leads seemed plausible ; “LTM” didn’t do any of that.

      • 59.6.1 elle

        I agree re MGIAG and BL. They are great, great romcoms.

        MP was all potential, but it wasn’t so bad that I dropped it halfway like I did LTM. The writing in MP, while mediocre, wasn’t really bad so the chemistry between the leads was able to make it watchable. LTM was just… painful.

        Objectively, CP was a good, even great, kdrama. But YEH’s character annoyed the heck out of me. Honestly, Goong was the only YEH drama that I loved.

    • 59.7 sb

      Wow, tensions seem to be running high.

      Off the top of my head, several K-dramas with substance.

      49 Days

      • 59.7.1 Celexa

        I would add City Hunter to that list :)

  60. 60 Ladymoonstone143

    I am so greatly disappointed with this drama…not much with the actors because they did their part…but goodness, the writers. So, if you (writers) are reading this, next time you write, make sure that the drama will not lost its steam from ep 1 till the finale. No matter how simple the plot would be, but as long as the writing is great and entertaining, I will be watching it. I apologized in advance if I am vocal with my criticism because that is your profession so probably reading from all feedback here, there will be room for improvement with the next drama.

    Thanks for the recaps and weecaps JB and GF.

    On the other hand…I was soooo happy that dramafever is on Roku now. Hubby dearest added it for me this morning….so sweet…the highlight of my day, being able to re-watch my fave kdramas…:)))

  61. 61 Lady Seoul

    I only continues watching because the two leads sparkled when their on screen. But the drama ruined even that for me. Not at all their best work, bad writer! >w<;

  62. 62 mizweng

    I just have to write this…. I do respect you people… that we have diverse likes and dislike and all that jazz… BUT I NEED to say this proudly… I LOVE LTM TO BITS!!! FLAWS AND ALL!!! I DON’T NEED COMPLICATED PLOTS to enjoy a drama….am shallow… what I need is to be entertained after a crappy day…to swoon and giggle like a crazy teen ager… to glue my eyes to the screen til it explode because of the overwhelming chemistry of the OTP… and lastly. I like my love stories…silly and flirty with lots of skinship the better… and LTM gives me all these and more… too bad you don’t like it but for us who do, we will NEVER grow tired of watching it and falling in love with our KJ and AJ all over again…


    • 62.1 Pikachu

      god bless you too

    • 62.2 Respect Your Readers

      Hear! Hear! Mizweng!

      You summed LTM up to perfection! I couldn’t have said it better!

      Thank you and GOD BLESS…

  63. 63 kamee

    as much as i lurve lurve lurve kang jihwan…man. i can’t wait for city hunter!!!

  64. 64 bananaddict

    lie to me was fun at first but later it got on pretty ridiculous. i love kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye as a couple but the cheesy lines made me want to throw up.

    this is just my opinion, but i think this is one of the worst k-dramas i’ve ever seen.

    • 64.1 nyc7

      Boys before flower and playful kiss

      • 64.1.1 hermosa5790

        Bull’s eye! I can’t stomach them.

        strangely, I like LTM :)

  65. 65 nyc7

    i started from liking Lie to me….continued with loving it and ended with going crazy about it!

  66. 66 WellDamn24

    I really liked this drama initially, then once the female admitted the truth to her friend, the show started to go downhill.

    I thought they were going to use the tried and true cliche of them fighting against his aunt to ride through til the end, but I think that the writers stopped trying to read the map and gave up after she got her job back.

    The brother was no real competition, and the ex-girlfriend was typical (held on too long).

    I didn’t understand the last episode at all. Why chase the guy FOREVER, go through all the drama, and then hold things off for a month? I know that a lot of Korean dramas tend to get anti-climatic by the last drama but this was ridiculous.

    • 66.1 Respect Your Readers

      WellDamn24, I’m not criticizing your view or anything but, did you just say:

      “I thought they were going to use the tried and true cliche of them fighting against his aunt to ride through til the end…”

      Again, I’m not criticizing your point of view BUT OF ALL THE KDRAMA SHENANIGANS, I HATE THE FAMILY INTERFERENCES THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’ve lived in South Korea so I understand the culture and why that storyline repeats in almost all kdramas but the family interferences simply BUGS the heck out of me! Argh!!!!

      Just saying :)

      • 66.1.1 WellDamn24

        I agree, the family interference bit is really stale. On one hand I appreciate that it wasn’t drawn out. But the show needed SOMETHING towards the end and that would have worked as well as anything else.

        When she talked about finding herself I thought the twist would be her confronting his aunt and saying that she wasn’t going to learn 20 different language and spend her life serving his social calendar. I expected her to stand up for herself a little more and basically show that she wanted him as much as he’d show he wanted her for the last few episodes.

        But alas, the ending was trash. LOL

  67. 67 sophia

    There was no real chemistry unless by chemistry, people mean lots of kissing and groping. I hoped for so much more because I am a fan of Kang Ji hwan. Really, there were scenes where I thought he was trying to keep a straight face or was trying to make fun of his character. What a waste. He was so much more interesting and compelling in coffee house. There was a lot more genuine chemistry in that drama between the leads!

    • 67.1 bd

      Yeah, people think that just b/c a script calls for kissing, etc. – that it’s good “chemistry.”

      If the writing isn’t good (where you can believe in the characters and how their relationship develops), then chemistry really can’t develop and it’s just fangirls getting all excited by the smooching.

      • 67.1.1 Respect Your Readers

        I still don’t get how you didn’t/don’t see the burning chemistry between YEH and KJH (even sans the kissing; which stopped after ep 10?)…

        Anyway, I guess the majority of “us” who saw the palpable and undeniable chemistry between the leads need to get our eyes checked then… hmmm… Just saying!

    • 67.2 crazedlu

      yup. totally agree that the chemistry was not-a-sizzle.

    • 67.3 margareth

      sophia…maybe we have a different opinion and taste maybe you are the only one who dont like YEH, but for everydody they like the chemistry of the 2 leads stars of LTM, and i am the one on agree with them.and thanks for watching LTM.

  68. 68 idiotsthread

    Wow so many idots here….

  69. 69 Joy

    Dear Yoon Eun Hye,
    Please think long and hard about your next choice for a drama. I know you are loyal to your projects but sometimes you need to make sure the project makes some sort of sense (any even!), so think carefully ok? I can’t wait to see you in your next drama (and will proceed to wait by erasing My Fair Lady and Lie to Me from my memory).

    Hwaiting, Your Fan

  70. 70 Eliza

    Oh man, I love Ji Hwan & Eun Hye together onscreen but honestly I lost interest about half way through. *sigh*

    And the ending was a bit of a let down but at least we got a HOT kiss to seal the deal!!

  71. 71 Carinne

    It finally ended. The last two episodes had the most exaggerated acting EVER from the two leads. Gawd, what a waste of talent.

    Will I re-watch this show? Not sure. KJH had some genuine cute dorky moments only YEH can bring those out of him. And yes, he does look hawt when he acts hot headed, but nothing more to offer.

    I’m disappointed the supporting actors didn’t get a short closure send off to each of their own characters. Like, what happens to SH, SB, Park, and the cafe musician gal???? I wanted everyone to get some sort of satisfaction as the leads do. The finale didn’t make me a happy camper.

    I suppose KJH can take time off now and look for his perfect wife-to-be.

  72. 72 Jack

    GF thank you for doing this last two epi and for doing a kinder and gentler recap. I can sympathize with you in working on a project that leaves you uninspired for the most part. I have to say that the previous writer had a polarizing effect that it did not leave me with a good feeling and I actually stop coming for a while.

    Granted, its probably just his style and I can respect that but we also have a choice to read something else which is why I haven’t lurked around for a long time. The fact is, I could not resist finding out what DB thought of the last two epi, so I was surprised and relieved that it’s GF that wrote it.

    Although the sarcasm and the dislike for this project remains evident, I appreciate the fact that you still wrote it with respect to those who appreciated this drama. You may never truly understand and accept the idiosyncratic and eccentric behavior/comments that came out of supporting this project; however, I appreciate that you and DB made it ’til the end. For that, I say a million thank you and that you have my respect back.

  73. 73 aimei

    Thank you for keeping this drama as a open thread. Without this, i would’ve ended up actually trying to watch this but to just have it end with w.t.h.


  74. 74 Dorotka

    Some dramas should have « weepcaps » instead of « weecaps » :-)
    … and I so much looked forward to this drama ! Why did you have to mess up so much, dear writers ???

    In my fantasy :
    We start with a lie, somehow both of them have a reason to go along with the lie. They have to share space and time (attend social and family duties of each other – here we could have some funny scenes, solving unusual situations etc), they slowly learn things about each other (what is to be a civil servant and what a hotel director)… and fall in love. BUT there is this scheming little brother who is not able to get over his guilt for breaking up his brother’s engagement and he is doing his « best » to split the main couple and bring the first girlfriend back. He may manage to cause quite some misunderstandings and even stir up some old feelings of KJ for his first love. Other conflicts may arise from the different worlds KJ and AJ live in (based on their own experience from their fake marriage) when they have to decide what they are willing to sacrifice and what not…

  75. 75 swui

    Am super glad this show is over because we can finally call for ceasefire.

    Kinda sick of all the “fightings”. It gets so personal.

    Not gonna watch LTM because I can see it’s universally agreed that the plot and characters are poorly done, except the OTP it seems. Looking forward to all other dramas though….

  76. 76 jemappelle

    this drama is the WORST drama ever produced.

    1. There is no chemistry between the leads. I am not saying that YYH and KJH are not good actors, they actually are. But their pairing did not really work out in this drama.

    2. Ah Jung and Ki Hoon’s character did not really grow. Actually, ALL the characters in this drama did not grow in depth. I don’t even know if it is proper to refer to them as “characters”. I think that they are just a bunch of unlucky creatures stuck in a drama. No growth. No progress.

    3. There is no conflict in this drama. I believe that others would argue that it is THE LIE. But the LIE was very superficial. Can’t see the overall significance.

    4. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE HOW DISAPPOINTING THE STORYLINE WAS. There are many events in the drama that happened without any justification. It seems like some of these events merely served as FILLERS so that an episode could reach an hour. I think that the drama would be better off if it was just a movie. Everything GOOD and SIGNIFICANT that happened between Ah Jung and Ki Hoon could be summed up in a 90-minute movie.

    5. Since the storyline was not convincing, this drama could have at least exerted effort in its cinematography. Unfortunately, even in this area, the drama failed me miserably. If you can’t give the viewers a decent story, at least give them something GOOD TO LOOK AT.

    A total waste of talent not only of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan but the entire cast as well. I hope that they could get better roles next time.

  77. 77 Hana

    than kyou for the recap i no longer feel the need to watch the final two, gonna spend my time on city hunter!!!!

  78. 78 Stephanie


  79. 79 flamingal

    ahahah…reading at all the comments really make me think abt my ‘taste’ as i really like tis drama…well i wont said it is the best of the best Kdrama ever watched but at least it brings entertaining…well at least b4 they change the writer..

    after they chg the writer i just watched the show as a friend love story and how you wish they will b together after all the unnecessary obstacles…so guess i still able to get along with the show….just wanna let YEH n KJH know tt i will always support u guys…n do lets us know if u guys really going to b an item in the real world…wish u guys all the best..

    to GF n JB…thks for the weecap…it really brings lots of fun just by reading it…tq

  80. 80 Lise

    Aigoo finished off with the baywatch slowmo run… The new writer sucks like seriously!

    • 80.1 HanKang4ever

      i LOLed at the baywatch reference…

  81. 81 YY

    Anyone know what’s going to replace LTM?

    • 81.1 KANGly

      Warrior Baek Dong Soo

      • 81.1.1 YY

        oh thanks!

  82. 82 TinaS

    LTM is fantastic. The story is not boring nor the writers suck. I agree with some of the comments here, that the weecap actually sucks, because it missed out all the juicy parts but keeps on highlighting the unimportant scenes.
    It’s a good happy ending with moral of the story – Life is not a bed of roses. Human being plans, but God decides.
    I rest my case.

  83. 83 come2noona

    Yes, it was a bit of a mess. It is what it is.

    Hey, it was still better than Manny!

    • 83.1 MEK

      I was going to watch Manny next…is it really that bad?

      • 83.1.1 Jane

        Manny is worse.

        • MEK

          thank you…not watching Manny then…so I’m off to BabyFace Beauty….

      • 83.1.2 come2noona

        Manny is REALLY bad. I am enjoying Can You Hear My Heart.

  84. 84 MEK

    watching the final episode sucked the life out of me – good god! why did they have to make YEH sort of change her mind…on the last episode??? the show sucked so bad that i wanted the end to at least be cheesy sweet and loving and all huggy and kissy…sigh…

  85. 85 oddworld

    Man, you guys are all saying how there’s no logic, its stupid, while others are saying even if there’s no logic the leads make up for it with their chemistry etc etc

    Why the hell didn’t anyone mention this drama is sOoooooo booooring???

    Seriously I thought it was passable up to episode 7. Was a fun drama regardless of the weak plot and writing. After that I forced myself to episode 10 and just can’t take it. Its just so boring

    • 85.1 coffee princess

      true bcz the first part was funny and romantic which is expected of a romantic comedy but the rest was not funny and or romantic!!!

    • 85.2 Mychocoheart

      Exactly how I feel! I just can’t get over how incredibly boring the whole drama is. Only watched the first 10 episodes and the final 5 minutes but when I watched it I always felts like I was spending hours and hours waiting for something significant to happen.

      • 85.2.1 Mychocoheart


  86. 86 ngy

    second bomb..

  87. 87 1061-kun

    The suckiness of the drama lasted until the last scene.

    How did they both end up running toward each other on the scenic bluff?

    Did they call up each other to arrange it?

    Was the place that AJ was staying at, on the beach? If so, don’t they having parking in front of it?

    It was just so random. They could have had some establishing shots of the house next to the beach. Or it could have been made their “special spot”. The producers just wanted a great romantic place to have their final scene and were too lazy to establish the location.

    The kisses were pretty hot.

    • 87.1 Linda165

      “Did they call up each other to arrange it?” Yes, actually, they did. KJ called AJ. Didn’t you see it? Or were you eye rolling at that moment and missed it? LOL!

  88. 88 Linda165's Phone

    Well is over, and yes, I liked it :) I guess my taste is very “pedestrian”… What can I do? :)

    I just don’t understand why you people hate this show so much… Granted, is not a masterpiece, but it isn’t the worst show out there (Manny, I’m looking at you…). Well, at least it got a reaction out of you. They say the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

    Lastly, thanks DB and GF for the weecaps. Poor you… how much you suffered. You guys deserve a round of soju. But hey, at least it was a challenging one for you as writers. How many ways can you find to express that you think the show sucks?? It was brilliantly done! Plus, you invented a few new words in the process.
    Congratz and on to the next one!

  89. 89 coffee princess

    OMG I still cant believe how horrible that last episode was…even though the first writers were a little off I must say that if is true they changed the writers they kinda messed it up even more…a lot more I mean hello the last two episodes were very hard to watch even for the fans…horrible ending they had to do a wedding, more kissing, and less of the stupid!!!!

  90. 90 crue

    I’ve been loving this drama from start to the end. I love both of the leads (YEH and KJH). They are both excellent actor and actress. They know how to act their characters. I don’t care if the rating is not high, the most important thing is that they were able to portrayed their characters. Lie to me is superb, this is the only k-drama that I saw that has many kissing scenes. :)

  91. 91 Adrienne

    All in all, this drama had me salivating for more until episode 8. Then it went downhill from there. I wish Sang-hee and Yoon-ju could end up together, but noooo they just had to write her out of the plot altogether. There was a non-existent love triangle, and not enough Hoon in the drama. He was probably my favorite part in the drama. So was the awesome Manager Park. I give her an A+.

    Other than ranting about how I wasted so many hours watching the last half of the drama and could’ve been rewinding City Hunter’s epic moments, I have one last thing to add~

    I think Manager Park deserved some love too, and so did Hoon. Is it just me, or did anyone else want those two to end up together? That would’ve probably been more interesting than AJ and KJ. Hoon/Ji Yoon might’ve made me somewhat excited to watch this drama.

  92. 92 JD

    I’m not too sure if I’m reading this right, but I’m getting the notion that the term “logical” is being used a little too loosely here. I don’t think a drama is bad because it’s “illogical.” It’s bad because the illogicalness doesn’t fit snugly into the plot’s premises. If you ever watched Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, that shit is the epitome of nonsensical because it was modeled exactly after a manga (and we all know how mangas are), but the absurdity of it all MADE SENSE because that’s what the drama originally had to offer, and thus, was logical in terms of STYLE. The story STILL made sense. (Super fun drama to watch, btw–you just have to go into it with an open mind and enjoy the lovable stupidness of it all.)

    But a plot that consists of no original ideas, no sense of character development, no mind-blowing twists/turns/ surprising revelations, or simply NOTHING SPECIAL, then you might have a crap story at hand. I mean, dramas are like literature. We like books with a good solid plot with great characters. We generally don’t like to read stuff with bad writing (boring dialogue) or a bad plot (imagine if Harry Potter started off as a boy going on a quest to kill Voldemort and then focused the last half the series on his and Ginny’s romance, and thus, never actually defeated Lord Voldy. It wouldn’t be as popular, that’s for sure.)

    I offer loyalty to a drama solely based on how good a drama’s plot is. I thought I can watch it based on fluff alone, but I realized that plot and character development is really important, and that’s just how some viewers are. I went into My Princess with high hopes, but dropped it halfway because the plot was going nowhere, despite KTH and SSH being the best eye-candy OTP I had seen in a while. Same with My Fair Lady, Witch Amusement, and Secret Garden. Plot closure is so important to me, that the moment a drama produces such an anti-clamatic conclusion (or none at all), I drop it like a stone. (Like, wtf, the body-switching in Secret Garden really was pointless when Daddy saved them in the end, anyway.)

    Then there’s character development. Truthfully, I’m not a fan of Hong Sisters drama, because they always manage to contrive a character that has a sackful of hay for a brain. Out of all their dramas, I seriously think Delightful Girl Choon Hyang might be the only drama that has intelligent non-ditsy characters. The only other drama I like is Hong Gil Dong, but only because Sung Yuri was able to pull of the Stupid Girl with enough grace and lovableness, AND that her stupidness and aloofness ties in nicely with the story. But really…the immense exaggeration of the stupid nun (You’re Beautiful), ditsy schemer (My Girl), clueless Gumiho, and child-man (Best Love) was too much for me. TOO MUCH.

    So I don’t really see why one should get all uppity about why we don’t see eye-to-eye on the drama LTM. I guess it really does come down to taste (or lack of), and if watchers like myself have a higher standard on what is a good drama, then so be it. No need to showcase a Bitter Betty.

  93. 93 skim

    Anyone else notice the plot similarities between Lie To Me and Coffee Prince?

    YEH is a cheerful, bumbling, hard worker.
    YEH has only one parent.
    Relationship with chaebol starts with a lie.
    Getting out of that lie proves to be difficult.
    YEH falls in love with a chaebol in the midst of the lie.
    Chaebol is not over his first love.
    Chaebol’s first love is mixed up in an icky love triangle with close male relative (sibling/cousin).
    Chaebol’s first love comes back after some time away.
    Male relative is heroine’s confidant.
    Male relative also falls in love with heroine (for a time).
    Chaebol has a secret room.
    That secret room contains toys (lego models and toy models).
    Chaebol has never shown anyone secret room before.
    Chaebol shows secret room to YEH.
    Chaebol’s family opposes YEH at first, but then grudgingly accepts her.
    After Chaebol and YEH declare love for one another, YEH acts all coy about marriage for no apparent reason.
    YEH decides to go away to find herself, making chaebol wait for her.
    Chaebol says to not make him wait too long.
    YEH writes cute letters to chaebol while she is finding herself.
    Chaebol acts like he is the only one who suffers while YEH is finding herself.
    YEH and chaebol end up happily ever after.

    • 93.1 samgetang

      skim, dont you think it would have plot similarities also with more than half a dozen other kdramas aside from CP? I have not watched that much kdramas so I would not know….

      where do you think the similarities end between the two shows (aside from sharing the same female lead)? which do you like better/best?

      • 93.1.1 skim

        I LOVED Coffee Prince and it remains one of my all-time favorite dramas. It is also one of the only Korean dramas I’ve watched multiple times. I felt mostly ambivalent about Lie To Me. I just could never bring myself to care about it much, even though I wanted to. I just thought it was kind of ironic that YEH was in 2 different dramas with so many similarities (and yup, I agree that there are a lot of dramas with similar plot points), like she was essentially the same character. One which turned out AWESOME and one that did not. On paper, so similar but with such different outcomes in execution.

  94. 94 channelthis

    The logic in this drama was extremely flawed, but what made me drop this drama was the fact that it just became EXTREMELY boring. I just didn’t care about the characters anymore, but I guess that is a result of the flawed logic as well. lol. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore, and there was dialogue just for the sake of having lines read out. I don’t even know how I managed to watch 13 episodes of this.
    I love both YEH and KJH, but the writing couldn’t support their acting or “chemistry”. Everything they did together, no matter how hard the two actors tried, just felt very forced to me. I know it isn’t YEH’s fault, but her two most recent dramas have made me very wary of her future projects. I gave her a pass for MFL (didn’t watch the last episode), and jumped into LTM like MFL never happened, but I’m going to take precaution for her next drama, for sure.
    What this drama has confirmed for me is that a drama cannot AT ALL be carried by actors no matter the amount of talent the two leads have. The effects of writing enhancing the work of actors in a project is much higher than the other way around (acting helping the writing). Although we can appreciate when an actor enhances the writing, it is really only within the realm of his/her character. It doesn’t at all affect the overall drama’s quality. I mean, this seems obvious, but this drama really made these points clear.

    I’m watching I Need Romance now, and it is super fun!! That drama needs to get recapped here!!

  95. 95 samgetang

    Ohhhhhh! Finally this kdrama is over…

    Since Ive decided to stop watching this around midway I would not know for myself if it did turn out good or bad (based on my own taste/standard).

    But based on those who do not like it, it seems it went the way of a train wreck. Sad.

    While based on those who love it, it looked like they are just happy with how things turned out. Hmmm…

    I love YEH from watching Goong and Coffee Prince, and so I refused to finish this show for fear that it will change my level of likeness for her for the worse.

    I have not watched KJH previous to LTM and so it made me curious if his other dramas maximized on his acting chops. Despite the poor writing/directing in LTM, his chemistry with YEH is extremely powerful and his acting skills were evident!!! BUT I would not watch a show for that alone if the plot and flow of the story is lazy and unimaginative; it will just bore me to tears. And so I sought to find ways to love KJH also. Before I know it I was marathoning “Coffee House” and I was amazed that his character there is crazy-good! In fact the cast was great! And the show engaging/funny. In short, the show was able to redeem KJH in my eyes…

    Because of LTM, I discovered “Coffee House” and so it’s worth the hours I spent on it’s first few episodes! 😉

  96. 96 mamazilla

    coming out of lurking to say thanks for the weecaps!

    second time i’ve felt vertigo from a drama (marry me, mary was the first)…. all the inexplicable mazelike turns of the main characters… and all the dead ends (- poor MIA manager park and sang hee…)

    still… it was a pretty trainwreck… and the OST is lovely… my kids make me play that ice cream sarang song over and over and over…

    lastly, i really enjoyed the depictions of different relationships at different times – a new relationship, a new(ish) marriage and a mature relationship that surfaced later (too late) in the drama….

    thanks again! :)

  97. 97 mandelbrotr

    DB ratings is already updated for this drama and GL.

  98. 98 Stephanie

    I really liked this dorama. But some situations are too cliche…and just wouldn’t happen in real life. It could have been a better story

  99. 99 misheru

    Seriously??? That was it?
    … dang… I could’ve been watching City Hunter instead.

    The only thing I appreciated were KJH’s lips… yum.

    • 99.1 Carinne

      LMAO! True that.

      Umm~ I’m just curious. I saw an old pic of Baby V.O.X. several months ago, I swear I saw YEH’s upper lips were very thin… so, I hate to ask, however this has been in the back of my mind since then, so… did YEH get a lip implant to make it plumper?

  100. 100 Summer

    Whenever I don’t like a drama, I comment once and that’s enough. Likewise when I love a drama. Yes, this is the place to either rant or rave but I think this has gotten way out of hand and turning to be uncivilized. It seems both sides are getting touchy but I must say the haters of this drama sure like to “give it” to those that do. I wonder why those that hate this drama has spent so much time and effort on it? Can’t we play nicely here? Grow up people.

    • 100.1 autumn

      Surprise isn’t it. Those who says that they don’t like it actually like it. They just can’t stop talking about it.

      As for the drama, like it.

      • 100.1.1 Winter

        The snarky comments are entertaining which is why those who don’t like the drama keep commenting.

    • 100.2 tamtam

      Yes, I stopped commenting on LTM once I stopped watching. Though, I have occasionally come back and check to see if it somehow picked up or saved itself. Sad to see that it ended badly. I feel like this drama could’ve ended on episode 12, which was where I stopped.

      I agree with you about the comments that are here. I would hate to see DB turn into the way PopSeoul used to be. There’s a fine line between snarky and bitchy.

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