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Miss Ripley: Episode 10
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I think the most significant development to come of recent events isn’t even actual fallout from Miri’s lie, but the fact that she starts caring. About people only to a (teeny, tiny) degree, but mostly about how far she’s come, which makes her desperate to protect her achievement.

In previous episodes, she’s been like a feral creature, rabidly protecting herself from immediate harm and uncaring of the cost to her conscience or morals. Now that she’s found some degree of comfort, she starts to feel pangs of getting here the wrong way. To paraphrase one famous realityshowgoer: You’re gonna need your soul one day, and you won’t have it.


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With the tidbits of truth floating around him, Myung-hoon tries to arrange them in some sort of order. He has the gist of Miri’s background, but doesn’t say a thing to her when they run into each other at the hotel, for what will surely become an escalating series of Most Awkward Elevator Rides, Ever.

Hee-joo and Chul-jin track down the hotel sand pool design plan to Hankook University and meet with Miri’s boss, Professor Park. He asks for time to confirm the details, wanting to tread carefully since it’s quite an accusation to make against a Tokyo University graduate. Based on the facts at hand, one could point as much to Hee-joo stealing the design from Miri as the reverse.

Chul-jin’s ready to jump down his throat (which warms my heart a little), believing 100% that Miri stole the design, saying that Hee-joo’s the one who graduated with a degree in architecture. Hee-joo asks him to calm down, and agrees to let them look more into the situation.

The gossip rags are full of speculation over Yoo-hyun’s secret girlfriend, and while a number of them don’t know who she is, there are a few that identify her by name. Scary Stepmom calls Yoo-hyun in to chide him about the media uproar.

I find this relationship fascinating, because these two are so scrupulously polite to each other, while their smooth words mask the hardened purpose underneath. Particularly for Yoo-hyun, who is so nice on the outside and yet won’t let himself be pushed around. Will this steely side ever come out with Miri, I wonder? What bargain do I have to strike to get that to happen?

He says firmly that he’s prepared to face this kind of public scrutiny at some point, because his mind’s made up. He gets in a barb (kindly stated, of course), that he’s sorry he wasn’t able to “calculate” his feelings in order to match his marriage to the company image. Ooh, nice one, to not let her forget how she got where she is.

As soon as he’s gone, Lee Hwa gets on the phone to check in with Mr. Han, the minion assigned to Miri-background-check duty, wanting an immediate report.

Yoo-hyun, however, is wise to her ways and asks his secretary to look into what “project” Mr. Han’s working on these days — without Stepmom finding out that he’s finding out. Man, I love it when a drama’s characters are smart. Between this and City Hunter, I’m thrilled that people can put two and two together. Possibly even four and four. And they’re usually so sucky at math.

Myung-hoon arrives at Flower Blossom — the location listed on Hirayama’s business card — and asks Hirayama to meet. He presents the other card from Club Hana Urara (meaning Flower Blossom) bearing Miri’s photo, and asks for an explanation.

Hirayama warns that although he can supply him with the answer, “The truth hurts — because roses have thorns. Those thorns are its appeal.” It’s not just a metaphor for Miri, but practically an overt statement since her name contains the word for rose (jang-mi).

Hirayama writes down a Japanese address, and leaves Myung-hoon to deal with it as he sees fit.

Miri goes to the opera with Yoo-hyun and his father, and then to dinner. President Song is just about as smitten with Miri as his son is (though not in that way — thanks be, this is not that kind of drama!), and he gives her a huge honkin’ pendant as a surprise gift. He explains that on the day she’d brought him lunch and prepared his favorite crab dish for him, he’d thought wistfully he’d like to make her his daughter-in-law — and then, lo and behold, his son brought her home.

He has another gift for the couple: their official engagement date, set for July. Yoo-hyun’s touched, since it means Dad is fully onboard and ready to proceed with his marriage, despite Stepmom’s protests that they’re not ready for that step.

Lee Hwa calls after hearing about the engagement date, her tone pleasant as agrees to go with her husband’s plan, but she cautions him to make the public announcement carefully.

(Okay, this music is getting weird again. Who decided Chopin’s Funeral March would be appropriate to express Lee Hwa’s displeasure? It’s so on-the-nose that it turns a serious moment comical.)

It’s nice imagery to place Lee Hwa in her darkened office while her men are off frolicking with the impostor, and she mulls over her newly acquired information regarding Miri and the way she was hired at Hotel A. Moreover, she learns that the name Jang Miri was created upon her adoption, and muses, “It doesn’t seem to be the person I know.” Hmm, interesting! And yet, potentially aggravating: Are we actually going the birth secret route after all? (Also: More faux-incest? Groan.)

Hee-joo also sits in the dark, mulling over her stolen designs, and I deeply, deeply hope this signals an embracing of her dark side. Pretty please?

Yoo-hyun sees Miri home, giving her a chaste kiss on the forehead in goodbye. The moment Miri steps through the door, Hee-joo faces her angrily and flings her designs in her face. And slaps her. “Was stealing my diploma not enough? Is that why you stole this too?”

Miri fesses up readily, almost defiantly, saying that she stole the designs Hee-joo was never going to do anything with anyway: “And if I showed your father’s designs to the world, shouldn’t you be grateful to me?”

Whoaaaa. Unbelievable. That argument is so warped it’s almost got its own space-time continuum. Miri argues that Hee-joo doesn’t have the ability to see her father’s designs through, but Hee-joo informs her that this design is currently in production at Mondo Resort — which shuts Miri up in shock. Hee-joo adds that Mondo is facing a construction shutdown, and if that happens Yoo-hyun would have to deal with extreme damages, all because her sketches are online under Miri’s name.

Hee-joo has had enough and declares that she’s going to reveal the truth, unless Miri comes forward herself. Miri’s suddenly all tears — how does she do it? She goes from haughty self-righteousness to fear, seemingly genuinely, in the span of split seconds — and stammers, “I d-don’t want to. W-why should I?”

Hee-joo is stunned: “You’re a frightening one.” Miri counters, “It’s the world that’s frightening, not me.” Hee-joo asks how long she’s going to live like this, and Miri grinds out, “Until I die. So that nobody can ignore me or trample me, I’ll do whatever I have to to climb even higher.”

Hee-joo: “So are you happy? Living in a world made of your lies — does that make you happy?” Miri looks startled, as though she hadn’t thought of it that way: “It doesn’t matter. I can turn those lies into reality.”

Hee-joo asks her not to continue lying to Yoo-hyun at least, but that’s a thought that horrifies Miri, who admits that while she was faking her feelings at the outset, “Now they’re for real.”

Miri allows that this will sound hard to believe (ya don’t say!), but because she truly wants to be with him now, it makes it even more impossible for her to come clean. I don’t doubt this is true, since this relationship comes with all his attendant riches, so the real question is how much of that desire is motivated by his character, and how much by his position in life.

I like this turn: Previously she was going after everything she could get her hands on, hardly caring who she hurt in the process, because she had nothing to lose, perhaps not even herself. But now she’s got something she can’t bear to lose, and that scares the hell out of her.

So, unbelievably, she begs Hee-joo to help her, to turn a blind eye to the lie. Wow. This woman redefines the word shameless.

Hee-joo shakes her head no, breaking free of Miri’s grasp as the latter desperately pleads with her, running away as though Miri’s turned into a monster. Which is kind of true.

Hee-joo thinks back to their childhood at the orphanage, her desire to do what’s right warring with her sympathy. Oh, no, that way lies pain! Don’t cave in, Hee-joo! Miri has this genius for wringing sympathy, both through manipulation and for real, and it captivates the other person like a Medusa (Don’t look her in the eyes!), making them want to do everything to save her. Even at their own expense. Even if what she needs, maybe, is to be saved from herself.

Lee Hwa presides over a press conference to address the growing press scrutiny over Yoo-hyun’s love life. She denies the rumors, saying decisively that there are no plans to marry.

Chul-jin doesn’t understand her move when the President has already consented, but Yoo-hyun says grimly that it’s because Miri doesn’t measure up to Mother Dearest’s demands for the absolute best in everything. Hee-joo overhears as Yoo-hyun starts to head off angrily to face off with Stepmom directly, declaring that she was the one who turned this issue from a personal one into a company one. But Chul-jin entreats him to cool down, and consider alternatives to handling this, and that makes him reconsider.

Armed with that address provided by Hirayama, Myung-hoon arrives in Fukuoka. At the hotel, Miri overhears about his trip with some anxiety, though nobody knows the reason for his sudden departure.

Miri meets with Yoo-hyun, who warns her that things may become difficult for them for a while, which she prettily accepts as one of the complications that comes with loving him. She turns this around brilliantly on him, taking the long-suffering pure heroine route, saying that because he keeps apologizing to her, she worries that he feels a distance between them. That has the effect of gaining his reassurance, as planned.

He tells her that he wants to reveal their relationship soon, and prepares her for the craziness that will follow. They won’t be able to go on ordinary dates anymore under all the scrutiny, and the pressure has been known to break up other couples. He adds that photos of her will circulate, and people may dig around her past — can she handle that?

Ooh, I hadn’t considered that, and it looks like Miri hadn’t, either. She looks a little nervous as she admits that it scares her. He, of course, interprets that in the ordinary way, while Miri is likely thinking of more of her dark past resurfacing.

She supposes that this is something she’ll have to encounter at some point, which is a statement that works both ways — he hears it as their relationship issue, but it also works in reference to her lie. She says hesitantly, “Even if our relationship goes in a different direction than I want, even if I end up losing you, this is something I have to face once. Isn’t it?”

She starts to ask, “If, by some chance, something about me unexpectedly surfaces—” He cuts her off, saying he doesn’t care, because it’s all a part of who she is. Which is incredibly sweet, but perhaps short-sighted. But I guess it’s that unconditional nature of his love for her that has Miri so tied up in knots, and he tells her to trust him.

Professor Park shows the copied pool designs to Myung-hoon’s hyung, and both men are aware that if they’re stolen designs, they’re facing a world of scandal, especially if they gloss it over now and it comes to light later. They try to contact Myung-hoon, but he’s out of touch .

Hee-joo makes her decision, and asks to take the official line that her design sketch was a collaboration between her and Miri. It doesn’t make sense and she knows it — as does Chul-jin — but she requests him to take that stance anyway, which makes me sort of admire her generosity, but mostly want to hit her upside the head for being such a pushover.

Chul-jin refuses to help her, which I love. It’s like he’s the only character who’s avoided looking into Medusa’s glare and is running around wondering why everyone else is turned to stone. He says that if Hee-joo insists, she can do this herself, but that he won’t be dragged into this farce.

However, she makes an important point: That if they don’t do this, Yoo-hyun will be damaged and Mondo will have to shut down construction. Okay, I’m a leetle mollified that Hee-joo’s motivated more out of protecting Yoo-hyun than sympathy for Miri, even though it’s aggravating that she argues, “If he knew about Miri, he’d be even more hurt.” Chul-jin calls her a fool. He’s not wrong.

Yoo-hyun’s plan to counter Stepmom’s statement is to call a press conference of his own, but at Hotel A. He agrees to answer all questions honestly, including personal ones, which gets reporters asking about the woman he’s been rumored to be seeing, whom Lee Hwa denied existed.

Yoo-hyun confirms that he is currently in love with a woman he is considering marrying, and gets up to scan the crowd for the hotel employees gathered on the side. Calling out for Miri, he sees her shocked face and holds out his hand to her, asking her to join him.

That sets off a flurry of camera flashes, and he leads her to the front of the room, where he links his fingers through hers and smiles encouragingly. Together they make their bow to the room and to the public, while Stepmom watches from her office, and an amused Hirayama from his.

At dinner, Yoo-hyun expresses his relief that she wasn’t angry with his public reveal. She admits that while she was surprised, it made her happy that for the first time in her life, someone was proud to claim her publicly like that. She says with some regret, “If I’d known things would turn out this way, I would have lived differently.” She thanks him, and he toasts to their future, of days when she won’t have reason to cry anymore.

Meanwhile, Myung-hoon arrives in the red-light district of Nakasu and locates Club Hana Urara, taking in the seedy neighborhood and the circumstances of Miri’s background.

Once inside, his suspicions are finally confirmed when the sign in the club lights up — illuminating Miri’s face as part of its promotional photo. Stunned, he walks out in a daze.

Miri meets with Hee-joo, wanting to thank her for confirming that the sketch was their collaboration, as though she wants to start straightening all the crooked paths she’s left in her wake. But she’s gone too far with Hee-joo, who tells her flatly that she didn’t do it for her, that she did it to prevent Yoo-hyun from being hurt. She gets up immediately, saying she can’t stand the sight of her these days.

Yoo-hyun calls Miri to say he’s got someplace he’d like to take her, while looking over photos of her as a child. His secretary confirms the location of the orphanage where she’d stayed, and while her old records have since been lost, there’s one nun still alive from that time. Uh…oh… Why do I have a bad feeling about this surprise?

Hee-joo sits in an empty baseball stadium, thinking of better days with Yoo-hyun, and submits her resignation. She declines to elaborate, stating only that it’s personal — but without an explanation for her decision, Yoo-hyun won’t accept her letter.

Chul-jin scolds her for her actions, pushing her to tell the truth and admit to Yoo-hyun that she loves him, and to warn him not to trust Miri. Hee-joo can’t do that to him, and says bravely, “I can just endure it myself.” Argh! She is fast becoming the queen of one step forward, two steps back.

Myung-hoon finally arrives back at the hotel, and requests Miri’s personnel file, which he looks upon with new eyes.

Lee Hwa is not pleased about her stepson’s announcement, but she puts on her charming facade and assures President Song that she’s happy for the kids. He suggests moving up the engagement ceremony, seeing no reason to delay now that the news is out, and she readily agrees.

She then calls Miri for a meeting, having received more information from Mr. Han about her past at the orphanage, although he’s finding it difficult to find out about her life before that. Included in the latest report is the unconfirmed tidbit that Miri and Myung-hoon were rumored to be dating.

Miri apologizes prettily for not arriving at the restaurant first, and Lee Hwa maintains that perfectly polite tone as she delivers the veiled setdown that not everybody anticipates a meeting with the same forethought. (As in: If you were more courteous you’d have arrived first, but you’re not, and that’s fine.) If ever a person could draw blood with a word, it’s Stepmom.

It’s intriguing to see Miri finally put off her guard by somebody else, because Lee Hwa takes the reins of this conversation and keeps her on the defensive, managing to seem generous and yet also frightening.

And with a simple, “I called you to discuss something,” the episode ends. (Er…? What a weirdly anti-climactic place to cut this out.)


I’ve read the comments that are unhappy that the Miri/Yoo-hyun has been so chaste thus far, which I can kind of see, given her speed with Myung-hoon. But to be honest, I like what they’ve done, and I think it fits the story — this is not a drama that benefits from fanservice, however much we might want to see a little lip-smacky action, which would get in the way of the thematic arcs.

It’s particularly in this episode that I see Miri moved by Yoo-hyun’s love, but not the romantic kind of attachment — not hers, and not his either. She’s so brand-new to the experience of love that I’m not even sure she’s delineated the different types, but in any case it’s the pure, unconditional nature of Yoo-hyun’s love (and Myung-hoon’s) that moves her. Like she tells Yoo-hyun after the press conference, she found it touching to be claimed by a person out in public — which, by the way, is something Myung-hoon never did, which is another way in which Yoo-hyun beats him. Granted, Myung-hoon was abiding by Miri’s wishes, but Yoo-hyun is proving that despite his gentle demeanor, he has a strong will of his own, and what he wants, he goes after. So he’s able to hold her up proudly as his love, and it’s that kind of care that stirs her, not romantic dates and libido action.

By the way, I think the bed scene with Myung-hoon was pretty shrewd timing on the drama’s part, which isn’t always the case (bed scenes are just as often about ratings and promotional hype than about narrative relevance). I think it was key to have Miri advance her relationship with Myung-hoon to a sufficient degree before she found out the truth about Yoo-hyun’s background, so that there was an actual “Oh, shit” moment when she realizes she wants to switch teams. If she’d just been flirting, or dating Myung-hoon chastely, that moment isn’t as dread-inducing than it is now that she’s advanced to a sexual relationship.

I didn’t really expect the drama to tease the Miri/Mom connection, and I confess that I’m a little disappointed if it turns out to be the case. We’ve got a story that’s plenty tense and suspenseful without that, and it feels like it’s pushing the connection a step too far, like the sisters revelation in 49 Days.

But if that’s where they’re taking this, I suppose it’s interesting to have drawn these two women along such parallel lines. Like mother, like daughter? It’s like the opposite of Cinderella’s Sister, where Daughter witnesses all of Mom’s misdeeds and hates it, but finds herself lashing out in similar ways because that’s just the way she’s been brought up. So by comparison it’s ironic, to a certain degree, that Miri didn’t turn out like (potential) Mom by modeling her behavior, but through her abandonment.


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    Of course, this was shortly thereafter followed by intense frustration of seeing Hee-joo continue to cover for Miri. I’ve been standing up for the Hee-joo character in previous episodes, but this is too much. Protecting the work of your father should take precedence over protecting the interests of the man you like. AGHS. And where the heck is your sense of personal self-worth?!

    Miri has no sense of shame. Which is nothing new, but I could not believe my ears when Miri baldly tells Hee-joo to loosen up and stop being angry, expressing her thanks and saying that she wouldn’t be where she is now without Hee-joo’s “help.” Wow.

    All my sympathy for Yoo-hyun has also gone right out the window. I’m sorry, but even as a non-chaebol regular person, I would do my due diligence on the person I plan to marry, especially if I have extremely limited information on that person. It is very suspect when a person does not have any friends that can vouch for the character of said person. Perhaps he thinks Hee-joo as roommate is enough reference, but considering that they only recently reunited, you would think that with his business acumen, he would at least run a basic background check on Miri BEFORE (since he’s currently checking) announcing to the public his intentions on making her his wife. Or at least ask her about her friends at Tokyo U! When I meet people for the first time who share the same alma mater, conversation quite naturally begins by revolving around the same people you know. But if you think more into it, it makes no sense whatsoever that his dad didn’t have someone check up on her first.

    On a different note, watching scary Hirayama is unnerving at times, ever since seeing his real self on 1N2D as the proud adoring daddy full of dry sardonic humor. Heh.

    Thank you for the recap, always a great complement to viewing the episode itself. 🙂

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      You eloquently expressed my thoughts exactly!

      Hee-Joo is a frustrating character that at times it seems hopeless to root for her.

      And YH seems to me a flamboyant, carefree rich-boy, no matter how much he tries to pretend otherwise.

      That he publicly announce his relationship without prior consultation with JMR shows that he’s thoughtless at best or just plain selfish at worst.

      On a related note, I find the YH and MH comparisons unfair. MH is a mature guy, who, unlike YH, is without the financial disposition and class and family relations that can afford him an exuberant, happy-go-lucky display of his love life. At any rate, each man has his own style in courting and in loving, so that it really should not be considered from a perspective of winning or losing. They both showed their sincere affection toward an admittedly beautiful and decidedly two-faced, shameless social climber.

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        YH is going to be one horrible businessman with his *oh so bright judgment of human nature*… right next to Miri’s shameless and irritating face begging for a good punch in the face, YH’s character, or more like his blinded nonsuspecting love for Miri, is really getting on my nerves.

        I swear my blood pressure goes up when I watch this drama, and frankly, i don’t think this hateful excitement toward a fictional (hopefully!) character cannot be good for my health.

        I want Miri’s future days to incinerate and her heart to be shattered into million pieces!!!! (If the ending has some kind of redemption for her,,,, ohh I will forever cross off this writer from my dramaland of the future).

        On a side note, I want Chul Jin to get together with Heejoo in the end… I think he likes her but I feel like he’s withholding his feelings for her because she told him she likes YH… Argggg!

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      I hope Hee-joo wakes up from her Yoo-hyun crush and get with Chu-jin!

      (thanks for the recap, javabeans!)

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    (and yeah…what is it with you music director?!)

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      I don’t dislike their lack of kissy facing, because to me, it suggests that their relationship might not be suited to romantic love. I don’t necessarily need HJ and YH to end up together, I just don’t want Miri to end up winning everything: the man, the money, the blind eye to her conniving ways. I’m okay (I think) with her ending up with MH, because then she doesn’t get everything she wanted in the end.

      Actually, if she stayed “bad” and won, I might like it as a thumbing a nose to traditional storytelling. But for her to have a change of heart and still get everything she wanted while bad, somehow that seems like a crappy way to end it. Not sure why I only want her to win if she’s evil, though.

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      Me too. I just can’t help but feel sorry for her. I mean, from her misfortune and her upbringings, lying was the fastest way to start a new life and be accepted into the society. If she did not start to lie in the beginning, she would have no way to survive but to retort back to her old way, being a hostess.

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      Chul-jin’s the only with a straight head on his shoulders. Earlier on I would have rooted for a Hee-joo + Chul-jin pairing, but seeing that ten episodes have already aired without any indication of romantic inclinations for the other from either side, it seems unlikely that this will happen.

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    I really want Miri to end up with Yoohyun but it seems to me that there are more people favoring Yoohyun-Heejoo pairing? Personally, I prefer Heejoo-Chuljin pairing more.

    I think I would stop watching the drama here until the finale ends … and just read recaps until then. If Miri ends up with Yoohyun I would continue watching from where I left off, if not, I would just turn my interest in another drama. I just cant bear to watch Yoohyun ending up with Heejoo in the end. I mean Yoohyun loves Miri for majority of the drama (if not all) and then suddenly changes his heart in the last (or two) episode(s)? I just won’t accept it.

    Ahhh I really like Chul-jin character and I hope he gets more air-time =). He seems to be the most ‘logical’ if not the most normal person in the story.

    • 14.1 Pikachu

      but many dont believe yoochuns love is that strong.
      His love is more like puppy love, whilst MH-Miri was more realistic and adult.
      One thing about Yoohyun is he keeps grudges forever so once he finds out miri betrayed him…………………

      • 14.1.1 Soua

        Puppy love hurts the most… cause they’re so darn innocent. 🙁

  15. 15 CoH

    Looks like there will be fakecest 🙁
    I really hope miri meant that she loved Yoohyun back, but maybe she can’t bear to lose him because she’d be left with nothing again. Does she love him at all?
    And heejoo…I’m just gonna shake my head at you.
    Thanks JB!!

  16. 16 turtlegirl

    JB thanks for the recaps!

    I tried to watch this but just couldn’t make it through on the basis that there was wayyy too much drama for me to make it through on a weekly basis 😛 From the recaps though, I absolutely love the solid plot. Nothing beats good writing 🙂

  17. 17 yaya

    why Chuljin can’t say to Yuhyun that Miri stole Heeju’s projects? I mean she is the theft, who would like his friend to marry a theft..

    I like how the problem gets really complicated since everyone kinda involved in all this dirty business now. can’t wait for fallout to be honest.

    • 17.1 Soua

      Because HJ doesn’t want him to. And you totally see how smitten he is with her… Eh, it always irks me when the second leads don’t see the love of another… and yet, the guy/girl they’re chasing don’t give a rat’s butt about them… Makes me frustrated.

      Shoot, Chuljin is soooooo cute. I would even say… (please don’t hate me YH fans) I would pick him over YH anyday… 😀

      • 17.1.1 berdecinismo



        I too would pick Chul Jin over YH any day as well . . . 😛

        • Tha

          You think Chul Jin smittened?!?!?!?! Maybe Hee Joo will have it all in the end then. Hee Joo Fighting!!!

        • Soua

          😉 We can share him if HJ don’t want him… lol

          • Tha

            Sharing is caring!!!:)

        • Ani

          Me! Me! Me! I’m starting to think (heck, maybe I’m more than halfway there) that Chul-jin should get Heejoo…. WAIT! I absolutely am game for it. If YH can’t see something good when it’s right in front of him, than why keep trying to give it to him? Chuljin, I sure hope you have romantic feelings for Heejoo because I’ve gotten on that train line now and I don’t expect any less.

      • 17.1.2 rilanna

        Yea, I’ll pick Chuljin over Yoohyun (even though I’m Yoochun-biased [fellow Chunsas, Yoochun is a separate person from Yoohyun; plz don’t ostracize me Dx])
        Yoohyun is too puppy-love sick for me, even though he’s a “prince”. I prefer a guy that wasn’t so blind.
        and yes, I’ll admit that Chuljin is good-looking (but not enough to tempt me ^^) WHY.WRITERS.NO.GIVE.HIM.A.LOVER!? (*gasp maybe he’s got someone secret secret?)

    • 17.2 ism

      yeah Chul Jin over YH anytime! Hahaha, i’ve gived up on YH! at first ithought he was incredibly cute & naive. But now, who needs air-brained man nowadays? in fact, i think CJ cuter too!

  18. 18 b

    I was hoping this is a drama that totally bucks the trend, but my fear of it becoming a typical melo is slowly coming to fruition. Come on. Birth secrets and noble idiocy? Show, please stay off the beaten path. I beg you.

  19. 19 myr_ah

    Another 10 points to Jang Miri (LEE DA HAE, I want to think they’re the same person) for raising my blood pressure. It’s soooo satisfying to know Hee Joo bitch-slap her for me but then again it’s frustrating that Miri can turn the situation to her defense.. Grrr…

    Drama, please don’t make Yoohyun get down and dirty with Jang Miri. PLEASE DON’T! That would be the end of the world! T.T

  20. 20 myr_ah

    Anyway, Thanks for the recaps Ms. Sarah! =)

  21. 21 mary

    thanks for the recap!! i like watching the episode soon after it’s release on viki.com, but most of the time all the subtitles are not there, so i rely on your recaps to help me understand what is going on.

    I wait for your recap, so i can watch the episode, as i read ur recap!

    So again, thanks!

  22. 22 noelle

    She’s gonna turn out to be her mom, huh?
    Thanks for the recap! Show is getting better and better. BTW, is this 20 episodes?

    • 22.1 sb

      I think it’s 16.

  23. 23 mary

    why isn’t there a preview to next week??

  24. 24 jenknight18

    I’ll be able to forgive them if Lee Hwa turns to be Miri’s mom (which I hope she is not) just because the way it is told is brilliant.. i’ve never felt this drama as agonizingly makjahngish,, i love that it gets me up in my sit with the suspense..with time and episodes feeling like flying.. bottomline.,. no boring episodes and moments so far.. every part of the story either enjoyable or plot significant.. this along with City Hunter and 49days are my drama crack for the first half of the year..

  25. 25 Tha

    Two thumbs up for the screen cap of the smirk Hee Joo had when she slapped Miri!!! Im so ready for next week re-cap! You, JB, or GF, have any magical powers to make it happen?!?!?!?

  26. 26 nonski

    this drama is making me crazy!

    thinking how stupid Yoochun would be like when all of this gets into full circle…

    thinking how Heejoo could protect Yoochun even if Miri is benefiting from it…

    thinking how Myunghoon is so hurt about Miri’s fact…

    thinking how Chuljin is so perceptive of Miri that at least there is one person like him in this drama… loving him!

    but of course, Chunnie is still my favorite 🙂

  27. 27 laya

    I just realized that Yoo-hyun’s stepmom is On-dal’s stepmom in Invincible Lee Pyeong Kang 😀

    JB, have I ever told you you’re an education in drama analysis and recapping? No? 😀 Now you know. 😀

    Thank you so much for the recap! <3

  28. 28 Cynthia

    Thanks for the rapid recap, JB. It’s alot more fun to watch these kdramas when recaps and Eng. subs go hand-in-hand. It’s great to see how much these really good dramas are generating enthusiasm for all of us.

    Just when I was going to comment on how much better the music handling was going, here comes the inappropriate Death March – heavy-handed much?
    It was interesting to hear the inclusion of “Somewhere In Time” during the Awkward Dinner – doomed romance and all that.
    The music editor should listen in on City Hunter for some tips. The OST over there is fabulous.
    I do love the use of Hwayobi for new music in MR, though. Her voice is just perfect for Miri’s angsty scenes. (But it doesn’t help that when I hear her singing I automatically think “Dog Poopie” from her stint in WGM. Heh.)

    I’m really hoping that Show isn’t going to use the ole StepMommy is really I-Deserted-My-Child Mommy kdrama trope. It’s such a “done” plot-point.
    I’m still hoping that the faux-incest will be between StepMommy and StepSonny. Just sayin’.

    I like the way YH is showing his spine in dealing with StepMommy, and I really want to see Miri throw down with her soon-to-be MIL. She’ll fight like a cornered rat once she finds out Mommy might have the drop on her!
    **rubs hands in anticipatory glee!**

    Have to agree with JB about the weird ending for this episode. It was kinda like “Huh?”

    Writers, take note. This is the only slip-up we’ll let you have. Don’t screw up. 🙁

  29. 29 rilanna

    I am forever a HeeJoo fan now! I wish she wasn’t so good-hearted and kinda a pushover but every character has their flaws. Kang Hyesung picked a good role!

    I am impatiently anticipating the cracks of Jang Miri’s lies to crumble!

    I am AGAINST having the plot make Yoohyun’s stepmom to be Miri’s real mom; for me, it’ll feel like it will take away from a consistent and good storyline–to be simple: if the writers/producers/whoever do that, it’ll be for me a desperate cry to increase ratings and create extra, UNNECESSARY drama.

  30. 30 klamchops

    i know i’ve said this again and again but you girls/guys are AMAZING!!! omgoodness thank you for this recap! I loved seeing harayama in this episode especially after JUST reading ur recap for 1N2D! hahaha .. so nice to see different sides of the same actor =)……yeah i’m not really likeing the whole potential mom thing..but wow I really am starting to like this plot..although i wish hee joo would just freak out and ape shit on miri……OR blow up in front of yoo hyun and tell him how freakin blind he is….how can he…being as “smart” as he is STILL not put two and two together?…or even notice anythign wrong in the first place?! omg micky yoochun wy are u so pretty….hehe i wished chul-jin ended up with hee joo…he desrves her more!!!! ><! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

  31. 31 Le

    Like many of you, I am against the idea of YH’s stepmom turning out being Miri’s real mom because the plot might become more predictable. Thanks for the recap.

  32. 32 Yong

    This drama is getting so suspenseful I am not able to handle watching it until it all ends and that too only IF Miri and Yutaka ends up together. I will be pretty pissed off if they match YooChun and HeeJoo together. Yutaka loves Miri since ep 1 when he first sets eyes on her. It WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, the kind of love that only happens once in a lifetime and does not require any reason whatsoever! That’s the kind of love that is going to protect Miri and accepts her and loves her in spite of whatever!

    • 32.1 Tha

      Hurl!!!! Thanks for getting rid of my dinner for me!!!

    • 32.2 Cynthia

      @Yong – Sorry to burst your romantic bubble, but NEITHER man ends up with Miri. You might want to take a few minutes and watch the Episode 1 prologue… 🙂

    • 32.3 ism

      i see love at the first sight is always pure & beautiful. but this kind of love at the first sight with bitchy woman, i dont call it love but STUPIDITY.

  33. 33 jo

    when will yoohyun go all apeshit? He better. Gosh, please soon.

  34. 34 houstontwin

    JB, I am so impressed that on top of all of your other talents, you know your classical music!
    It interests me that kdramas use classical music so much more that American television – not just as background music, but often integrated right into the story. Literary references are also much more common in kdramas.
    Does this reflect the interests and education of Koreans or is it just the inclination of the writers and producers?

  35. 35 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap once again.The story is getting more suspenseful which each episode.

    Now since I am not watching,can I ask all of you that are?
    What genre drama is this?If Miri is that sort of lead-doesn’t that lead end up in prison or something?I freak out with those of sort of ending.I remember watching the end of Birth of a rich man where the guy ended up in prison.I mean what sort of ending is that?

    So…with this premise…what are you guys watching again?

  36. 36 purplemay

    thank you so much!

    I heard Yoohyun(Yoochun) has a new haircut! I bet he’s gonna change into a dark/ bad boy image???

    oh shit! cant wait for the coming episodes…

  37. 37 huama

    wish they would have found someone other than mickey.
    they’re just playing on the fact that he’s popular and an idol to boost ratings, in terms of acting he’s way out.
    thought it was a MH , MR storyline and seems like its not so i’m giving up. can’t stand watching mickey

    • 37.1 purplemay

      what’s wrong with him… compared to other rookie idol turned actors… he’s doing a good job and even received acting awards… he’s getting better and better…even better from sungkyunkwan days.

      i hope your rant/hate over him is not an anti, crazy fangirl’s opinion or else… get out of here and give him a break…

      this is a drama site and not a kpop blog!

    • 37.2 Chewy

      Since I can tell you’re not a fan of Yoochun, I’m not going to drag on it. It’s only normal that you don’t, because how many times do we root for the Lead & second lead right?

      If you think YOOCHUN is bad, then you must not watch a lot of K-drama lately. Looks like you’ll have to prepare yourself, because Idols in dramas are only going to increase.

      Anyway most of time, story line like “Miss Ripley” aren’t really popular overseas, because they don’t cater to fan-service (as what Javabean said above). So casting Yoochun is a really wise choice, because last time I read “…Ripley” was sold to 4 different other country.

      Basically, at the end of the day it all comes down to “paying the bills” & someone has to be the attraction…..Right?

    • 37.3 arun

      Hmmm @huama At least,Micky has 5 awards for guarantee his ability in acting.O.K. and you say “he’s popular” yes, he ‘s very popular and do u know why he’s popular ? haha it because of his ability that make people like him.

  38. 38 Tinka

    “To paraphrase one famous realityshowgoer: You’re gonna need your soul one day, and you won’t have it.”

    I don’t get it, who said what?? This is so going to bug me.

  39. 39 cathy

    Agree , the most dump , boring character is YH , he does not deserve HJ .
    the most naive but smart character is HJ
    and my favorite the most normal , adorable , smart character is CJ , we need more filming time for this actor .

  40. 40 arun

    I really love yoohyun character,Love his attitude he is very smart in business.and for love he said in ep.3 when CJ asked him why he like Miri? and he told “If we feel like someone why must have reason” that I agee with him.I think love is love it about our feeling not business.

  41. 41 imogene_af

    Lee Hwa as Miri’s real mother has been a plot point that the writer has been hinting at, a long time now.

    I think it will be a brilliant force of karma.

  42. 42 tamtam

    I have to say, I love reading your recaps of Miss Ripley. It just sounds like a plot you love to dissect, and it shows. I literally couldn’t watch this drama because watching Miri stresses me out. There’ve been a few comments on how a heroine like Miri makes people’s blood boil, and I’m one of those people. Yet, I have this curiosity about it that just won’t go away. I also want to enjoy it as an intelligent piece of work which is what your recaps has allow me to do.


    “Chul-jin calls her a fool. He’s not wrong.”
    I’m still waiting for Hee-Joo to grow a pair… or instead of protecting Miri, just let her lies run its course. Why dirty her hands in it?? A fool indeed.

  43. 43 Miles Quezon

    I love Micky at SKKS…I’m now his fan. But because he was paired with LDH, the bitch, I will never ever watch this drama. Filipinos hate her for making us look idiot..We are far better than her… But she’s the idiot…hate her to death…Her films or her projects (wishing that she will not have one) should be banned here. Seeing her makes me mad…

  44. 44 Mel

    am a Filipino but I am a fan of LDH. Not offended with what she said in that show. If you are mad just don’t watch the drama or just don’t visit this site. Not all Pinoys hate her. Be cool and enjoy life.

  45. 45 Mel

    maybe Yoohyun knows Miri from the start since he also came from Japan, maybe he already saw Miri performing in the bar. I hope this would end well for Miri, hoping he would have the heart to forgive her.

  46. 46 Lilian

    I think Lee Hwa makes for an interesting character. She probably has lots of skeletons too and the difference is that she made it safely through to her dream of marrying rich =)

  47. 47 chibbi

    who can tell me which song was being played in the scene where Hee Joo and Mi Ri are chatting in a coffee shop? I really do like it u,u

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