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Miss Ripley: Episode 8
by | June 21, 2011 | 128 Comments

Love, tension, it’s all getting so good, so complicated. Everyone learns a little more than they should about Miri, and the web starts to unravel, line by line. I sort of love how delightfully tense this show is, without any guns, explosions, or super secret spies. We’ve spent the first part of the series watching Miri build her web of lies, and now the real fun begins, in watching how she handles it when it all starts to come loose. And it turns out the thing that might do her in… is love.


After the run-in in the bathroom, Hirayama makes his presence known again on his way out, purposely bumping into Miri while she’s with Myung-hoon. It’s a nice moment of tension for Miri standing between the two men, because it illustrates just how precarious her situation is. One false move in any direction and she’s toast. How does she sleep at night? The stress alone would give me insomnia enough for a lifetime.

Hee-joo makes her first presentation post-merger for a plan to build a sand-beach pool. Both Myung-hoon and Yoo-hyun are excited and praise her, and she makes her first official introduction to Myung-hoon.

He’s surprised to know that she used to work at Hotel A as a maid, and was actually the one fired over the diploma hullabaloo. But she bears no grudge because she’s Hee-joo, and they greet each other warmly. She adds that her roommate works at his hotel—Jang Miri—and he’s stunned, probably because he never stopped to think that he knows nothing about Miri’s life outside of work.

He asks Hee-joo if she’s okay, since he heard that she was sick recently. Hee-joo just innocently replies that she hasn’t been sick. Uh-oh. Lies starting to unravel…

He contemplates Miri’s blatant lie to avoid him (though in the grand scheme of things it’s a harmless white lie, but for the seed of doubt it plants in his mind), and it doesn’t help that she’s not answering her phone at the moment.

That’d be because she’s busy picking flowers with Yoo-hyun to go meet his parents. She asks if they should take a cab, still playing dumb, but he says that he called the car today. The look on her face says okay, here we go… today’s the day.

He says nothing and they get in the car, but after a few minutes she asks to get out and wonders what all this is about. And then he finally confesses that he’s Mondo’s heir, and her boss’ boss.

He tells her that he wanted to meet her as himself, not wrapped with pretty chaebol bows. She feigns hurt, that he thought she might be the kind of woman to only see him for his wealth and position. Ha.

Miri: “Did you not trust me? How can a person fool another so completely?” Wouldn’t WE like to know, missy?

She plays it up perfectly, wondering if any of their interactions were real, if any of them was his true face. He can do nothing but apologize. She says she understands why he did it, but…

Yoo-hyun: I love you. I hate that I have to say it in this situation and in this way, but I mean it. I love you.

Eeeee! I don’t know whether to be happy or horrified! This is so messed up, and yet her reaction is real shock, like she didn’t expect it to go so far so fast. And well, he’s so sincere that you can’t help but want him to win her love. Maybe it’ll be his sincerity that pushes her back from the brink. Just maybe?

Meanwhile, Hirayama shows up at Hotel A, demanding to see Jang Miri. Myung-hoon discovers him and leads him to his office for a chat. Man, that’s lie number two in one day that he’s discovered…

Hirayama claims that he gave, and so now Miri owes. Myung-hoon guesses from his persistence that this is not mere money he’s talking about. He does say that money is the first priority of things to get out of her, but continues to talk about her in thinly-veiled ex-boyfriend terms, like theirs is a relationship that can’t be severed.

Myung-hoon takes it all in calmly, the wheels turning in his head. They exchange business cards and Hirayama leaves with a once-over of his large office, and a “I think we’ll be seeing each other again.” Creepy, this guy. Though now I’m seeing him as this guy too, which is cracking me up.

While Boyfriend No. 1 is busy cleaning up her mess, Miri goes to meet Boyfriend No. 2’s family. Yoo-hyun’s parents are surprised to have already met her, and Dad takes to her right away.

Mom isn’t quite so easy, because for all of Miri’s perfect daughter-in-law traits, she can’t shake her instincts. Go with it. I find you scary, but as far as dramatic conflict goes, you are definitely going to be Miri’s most well-matched opponent, that’s for sure. C’mon, like you don’t wanna see that showdown? You could sell tickets to that.

On their way back, Yoo-hyun asks if Miri’s still mad at him, and she says she doesn’t know, finally answering that the only thing that matters to her is his heart. Is that what we’re calling the size of your bank account these days?

He’s totally smitten, of course, and takes her hand as he says that his heart has decided, so there’s no need to worry.

Myung-hoon spends the whole day unable to reach Miri, so he finally shows up at her apartment, growing bolder out of desperation. Hee-joo opens the door, floored to see Myung-hoon standing there.

She lets him in, apologizing for the mess (having just turned the place upside down looking for the drawings that Miri poached for her portfolio). She guesses that there must be something urgent at the hotel if he’s here to find Miri.

But he totally answers truthfully, “I like Jang Miri a lot. We’re seeing each other right now.” OH HOLY CRAP! You’re just gonna say it like that? Hee-joo’s jaw drops.

If Hee-joo had even one evil bone in her body, she’d totally have Miri by the balls right now. She knows like 90% of everything. If she would juuuuuust put the pieces together….

And then Myung-hoon proceeds to confess like a lovesick schoolboy that he realized he knows nothing about Miri, and thus finds himself here, talking to Hee-joo.

At the same time, Yoo-hyun walks Miri to her door, telling her how happy he is right now. He grabs her in a hug, his love and sincerity totally palpable. It actually overwhelms her, and she really begins to feel a pang. Is that… your conscience I see?

Oh, man… it’s happening… Yoo-hyun’s totally unbridled sincere puppy love is getting to her. I love this, if he’s what throws a wrench in the whole thing.

She walks up to her door just as Myung-hoon walks out with Hee-joo. Damn, these close encounters at every turn are just killing my nerves. She’s shocked but he doesn’t really say anything about the day’s events, or what he told Hee-joo. He just says that seeing her face is enough and goes.

Hee-joo asks what’s going on, and Miri starts out being totally defensive, as always. She tells her not to imagine anything weird, not knowing that Myung-hoon has completely spilled Le Beans.

Hee-joo asks what she’ll do if Yoo-hyun finds out, and Miri spits back, “Are you threatening me?!” If you learned to not overreact so much, you might stop revealing your hand to Hee-joo at every turn. The threats are going to backfire on you someday.

Quickly realizing that Hee-joo knows at least how Myung-hoon feels, she changes her tactic. She confesses that yes, Myung-hoon does like her, and that she feels indebted to him because she wouldn’t be where she is without him. But her feelings for Yoo-hyun are true.

Hee-joo: “What you’re doing right now isn’t love.” Miri just looks at her, completely sincere: “Love? What’s love?”

She runs to the bathroom, sincerely contemplating, “Love…?”

It’s so fascinating that the concept is foreign to her, and she hasn’t thought twice about using the word not knowing the meaning… until now. Yoo-hyun’s sincerity is throwing her for a loop, and it’s a big one.

She shows up to his office the next day with a picnic lunch, that she of course buys and says that she made herself, while thinking of him. Ha. It makes him ridiculously happy.

She asks what his parents thought of her, and he says that Dad particularly liked her a lot, and told him to get married soon. She looks up at him with genuine shock. He tells her that he knows it’s soon, but that they’re not children, so if they’re sure, why wait? I beg to differ on the “children” part, puppy, but you go with it.

He tells her to think it over. Dude, this girl now has TWO proposals sitting on her plate! That’s crazy. I watched her do it, and I’m still like, what the hell just happened?

Hee-joo takes a fall at work, mostly due to her innate clumsiness, but also because her head is swirling with Yoo-hyun and Miri and her love triangle drama. Chul-jin rushes her to the hospital and Yoo-hyun heads there to meet them.

Back at work, Miri overhears the receptionist gossiping about a strange man, and asks if something happened. She tells Miri about the creepy man who came looking for her, and that Myung-hoon took him upstairs for a chat, adding that he asked her to keep it a secret.

Miri rushes upstairs to do damage control, but Myung-hoon isn’t there. He’s parked outside of Hirayama’s club in fact, wondering if he should go inside. Miri calls Hirayama, freaking out, but he tells her that he thinks he needn’t deal with her anymore, since the hotel boss is calling him right now…

Hee-joo gets cleared by the doctor with a wrist sprain, and Yoo-hyun worries after her and asks to take her home. She answers distantly, calling him by title instead of by name, and he wonders what’s up with her. She’s in love with you, doofus!

She tries to laugh it off and insists that she’ll be fine with Chul-jin, so he goes ahead. The look on her face as she watches him go just about does me in.

Chul-jin notices it too, and asks if she still hasn’t gotten over her feelings yet. He worries that she’s just setting herself up for pain, which she knows. Chul-jin confesses to not liking Miri either, but tells her that Yoo-hyun really loves her, so what can anyone do?

Hee-joo wonders aloud, “Even if what he knows about her isn’t all true?” He asks what she means, but then she shakes it off, just answering vaguely that she doesn’t know what’s right either.

Miri rushes to meet Hirayama, only to find that Myung-hoon has beaten her to the punch. She arrives, horrified to find Myung-hoon dealing with Hirayama directly, feeling exposed.

She ought to thank her lucky stars that he’s got a savior complex and he’s paying off her debt. Well for now, that is. Hirayama makes it clear that business is not yet settled between them.

Myung-hoon takes them to the river, and Miri trembles, not wanting to face up to it. I think that this part of her is true—that she’s ashamed of her past, and despite the fact that he took care of her debt, she hates more than anything that he had to find out something bad about her.

He doesn’t know the full extent of it, of course, and she starts by confessing that with nowhere to lean and no one in her life, she borrowed from loan sharks to make her way in Japan. She continues to explain and apologize, but Myung-hoon cuts her off…

He tells her that he wanted to take care of it without her knowing, and sighs that today’s supposed to be a good day. He says that her guest lecture spot has been approved and set up. She looks at him, stunned.

Myung-hoon: From now on there won’t be anything to hurt you. Whatever you want, I want to do it all for you. No. I will do it for you.

Oh my god, the outpouring of love… it’s too much. It’s so heartfelt, so unconditional and safe. It’s the kind of love she’s never had, never believed in. I love how Myung-hoon embodies everything that she could need from a father and a man, all wrapped into one confusing package. It’s such a great parallel to Yoo-hyun’s earnest puppy love, and I love how this drama sets them up clearly as two very different kinds of men who show their love in different ways.

She’s overwhelmed at his words, his grand gesture, and I can see why someone like her would feel drawn to a man who makes her feel so safe. (And it’s not just my ajusshi crush talking, I swear.) She cries in his arms, twice now feeling moved by these men’s confessions of love.

He helps her prepare for her first lecture, and then the big day comes. He heads out with a big bouquet of flowers.

Elsewhere, Yoo-hyun stops in at a jewelry store to shop for The Big Ring…

And then, Myung-hoon pulls up…



Oh my god, the double proposal, two rings from the same store… it’s so deliciously nerve-wracking! What will they do when they all find out? If I’M this torn between both men, how does Miri feel?

I love the idea that what might end up being the thing to ruin her in the end isn’t some act of evil or revenge, or even justice, but plain and simple love. It’s the perfect sort of irony. I sort of knew that both men would be duped to a certain degree, but this is even better than I imagined.

They’re so sincere that it might actually change her—or at least change her course. In the very least they’ve made her question the fact that love might exist in the world, which is something that’s never occurred to her until now.

I’m scared that Myung-hoon’s gesture in this episode means that he’s going to protect her until the bitter end, even if he finds out everything. I’m thinking it’s now plausible that he’ll go that far, which means he’ll crash and burn along with her, rather than save her like he thinks he’s doing.

Yoo-hyun is the X-factor because so far he’s completely unaware of Miri’s other side, and so blindingly in love at that. But he’s also got a cutthroat business side to him that might make things interesting if he and Myung-hoon really do end up fighting for her in an outright battle.

I want the boys to become better friends first though, just to make it even more twisted. Muahahaha.


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  1. Thu

    This drama is so good! So intense! Thanks GF!

  2. Mynameis....


  3. Cynthia

    Just watched this on Viki.
    Fabulous – it’s like watching an intricate dance – all the players whirling around the character of Miri.

    I continue to feel for our two guys – they’re in for such a fall. The betrayal will be stupendous.

    Thanks for the rapid recap, GF! You’re the best!

    • 3.1 Cynthia

      Have to add – how poignant was that scene with Miri sitting in the bathroom puzzling over the thought of “love” – it was like she was learning a foreign word, trying it out for the first time.

      She had the same expression on her face that the Grinch had when he was trying to figure out why Christmas was important. Come to think if it, their wizened hearts are the same size…… 🙂

      • 3.1.1 jenknight18

        cant blame Miri’s unfamiliarity with the the meaning of Love.. she never had a taste of a genuine one since childhood.. to her.. to get what she wants, she has to fight tooth and nail for it to happen, deceive people or earn her way .. but now with the two guys, she is receiving everything just because the guys lover her and do all things to make her happy.. and for her that’s overwhelming.. never in her experience thought that love like that actually exist.. and i agree that the men’s gestures starts to crack her heart of stone ..

  4. zakuropanda

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the recap! I can’t wait to start watching this after BL ends!

  5. pbjtimeee

    Everybody with me now, the power of loooooooove! ~

    • 5.1 Tha

      Doing my Celine Dion chest pump!!!

    • 5.2 hookedonmonix

      If it can defeat Voldemort, it can defeat Miri.

      I’m going to watch this one when its over. The stress of waiting for the next episode could plausibly kill me.

      • 5.2.1 Tha

        @hookedonmonix, you’re better than me…

        The wait has taken its toll on me! Next week just doesnt come fast enough!!!

  6. Krys

    OMG. So nerve wracking! Gah. Would it be too greedy of me to wish that she picks both? impossible, I know, but I’m hoping! 😉

  7. IluvYouchun

    Run Mickey! Run!

    Oh my! She is going to chew Mickey Youchun up and spit him out like old chewing gum!

    Please Chunnie run to Hee-Joo before you get eaten alive.

    So sad ….. I can’t watch it…just toooooo painful, but I still can’t stop watching!

    • 7.1 Cynthia

      I’m impressed with Youchun’s acting here. He exudes an unbelievable sweetness and yet is maintaining that under-the-radar cut-throat business edge that GF noted in the recap. It’s going to be a special toe-to-toe competition with Mr. Hotelier…

      • 7.1.1 IluvYouchun

        Cynthia I agree! That is the exact phrase I was using in my mind…. he is as they say”flying low under-the-radar”!
        I think he has a side of himself yet to be revealed. We’ve seen just small bits of it as he has dealt with Myung-hoon during their business meetings. And also when he challenged his mother, interrupting her as she spoke to say I’ve decided to move forward with the aquisition of Hotel-A. He is always smiling politely, but you know behind that smile he still conveys “don’t mess with me.
        I LOVE IT!!!!!! Then tension jumps of the screen, and the pacing is just right because surprises are timed just right.

        I’m happy Youchun picked this role.

  8. daisy

    Great episode, I love the tension! Thanks for recap gf:)

  9. JC

    There are so many of the coincidences JB and GF always point out in recaps of other kdramas in this one, but they don’t seem to irk you as much as they usually do.

    The thing about kdrama coincidences is that they nag and annoy when the rest of the plot drags, but add to the tension and entertain when the overall story is just. that. good.

  10. 10 Lidia

    I stopped watching Miss Ripley around episode 5–not because I didn’t like it, but because I just don’t have the time right now to watch it. I am avidly reading your recaps, though! I’m so curious about how this drama will end–I’ve never watched one where the main character is in essence the antagonist. I just don’t know who to root for! Right now I’m kinda hoping that Hee-Joo will spill the beans….I think it’ll be interesting to see how Myung-Hoon and Yoo-Hyun will react, and to see what Miri will do about it. Also, I have no idea how the pairings will sort out at the end…personally, I’m shipping Hee-Joo and Chul-jin, but can’t decide about Miri…anyways, thanks for the recap 🙂

    • 10.1 asianromance

      I’m shipping Hee-Joo and Chul-jin too!

    • 10.2 myra

      Me too!

      (I’d like Heejoo and Yoohyun to end up together but I wouldn’t mind if HJ/CJ happens :D)

    • 10.3 immaperson

      Heejoo and Chuljin ftw!

    • 10.4 grany

      Why do I have the feeling that in the future we’ll see more of Hee-Joo being friendly to Myung-hoon which undoubtedly (or more to “hopefully”) rattle both Yoo-hyun and Miri senses.

      Chul-jin is nice (I have no objection AT ALL if he ends up with Hee-Joo) but let’s face it, he is not the main lead, which I assume will not gonna get the leading female.

      Am I blabbing? or it actually make sense?

      • 10.4.1 Lidia

        nope, you’re not blabbing! What you said makes sense 🙂

      • 10.4.2 Chintu

        actualy wat u sed’s cool… miri & yoohyun realisin d tru wrth of myunghoon & heejo respectivly… 🙂

    • 10.5 Keren27

      Me too! Hee-joo and Chul-jin all the way. 😀

    • 10.6 jj

      Ugh Hee-Joo is just so passive aggressive though. I’m willing to bet she’ll have a key role in ruining Miri’s web of lies out of jealous spite over Yoohyun.

      She’s my least favorite character of the set, every time I see her wallowing in self-pity I just want to scream get a life. Yeah, unrequited crushes suck. But they’re no reason to become a weak, simpering person who can’t do anything except sit around and cry and act like an idiot who can’t even walk on her own.

      • 10.6.1 sb

        It’s not just because of the unrequited crush. Hee-joo is aware of certain facets of Miri’s duplicitous nature, while Yoo-hyun is oblivious to them.

        Hee-joo ended up in jail because Miri stole and used her Tokyo U diploma. Hee-joo ended up getting fired from her job because of Miri. And to have your crush infatuated with said person who stole your diploma, landed your butt in jail, and got you fired from your job?

        I think Hee-joo has a right to be conflicted. It’s her good true nature that’s causing such conflict, since she doesn’t want to do anything that might be interpreted as being motivated by jealousy due to her crush.

        And Miri had given her a massive guilt trip about having taken her place in suffering with horrid foster parents, etc. This is the reason why Hee-joo has kept quiet about the diploma incident, and why she doesn’t know if her obligations as a friend lie with Miri or Yoo-hyun. Should she be keeping Miri’s secrets or revealing them to Yoo-hyun? Her romantic feelings for Yoo-hyun are further complicating matters. Additionally, she’s also just learned that Miri is actually using Yoo-hyun and is dating Myung-hoon, too.

        I think we can cut her a break for not knowing what to do.

  11. 11 Molly

    Oh gosh, the angst…My heart is breaking for Hee-joo.

  12. 12 adette

    I want the boys to become better friends first though, just to make it even more twisted. Muahahaha.


  13. 13 Tha

    Oh, Hee Joo, oh, Hee Joo! What are we going to do?!?!?!

  14. 14 sole moon

    haven’t started watching the actual drama yet but I love reading the recap… man, that’s a lot of lies to juggle. No wonder Lee Da Hae needed some IV-therapy while filming.

    aside from that… not sure if other folks have pointed out yet since this is my first time reading and commenting but… LDH’s face keeps changing drastically. It’s kind of unnerving. Has she finally found her perfect beauty face?

    • 14.1 hani

      it happens to all actors the craziness of filming takes its toll and actors always lose weight on the job
      Even Yoochun who has always been skinny lost 3 kg’s ALREADY

      • 14.1.1 CoH

        D: oh no yoochun!
        he did look tired in some of the scenes
        and i heard the filming is catching up, i hope they dont get to the filming-while-editing stage!!

        • Tha

          Not trying to start a fire but here goes.

          I prefer her “My Girl” face. Too plastic here. She was so beautiful. One of the prettiest ,if not the prettiest, then, so why now? Why did she do it???

          Burn, baby, burn!!!

          • jenknight18

            *throws a bucket of ice cold water*

            totally unnecessary.. let’s go back to the drama people..

          • Soua

            The point is that she is happy. The rest of us have no say to what she does to herself… Blah, I will judge her by her work and her morals, not her physically looks. *sigh. Though she sure does look different. 🙂

          • Cynthia

            You’re all kidding, right?

            Other than the fact that she’s a bit older now from “My Girl” days, the only difference I see is that her face has slimmed down- and that comes with maturity. She’s a stunning woman and in this role of Miri, a fine actress.

            Let’s not go down this road of did she or didn’t she – it’s superficial and lends nothing to the discourse of Miss Ripley, the Kdrama.

  15. 15 annieee

    man, the more i read the recaps, the more i feel i should watch this! if only i didn’t have so many dramas on my to-watch list…this show makes you want to punch the screen, but for good reasons XD

  16. 16 Linh

    I think maybe there’s a possibility that Yoo-hyun’s stepmother is Miri’s mother…just a thought!…the law of Kdrama land!

    • 16.1 hani

      no. not in this case
      i trust this writer!
      Plus yoohyuns step mom looks only 15+ years older than him.
      and even thats stretching it
      If Miri is the same age as Yoohyun its very implausible.
      I think Mama Fox recognizes another fox when she sees one and doesnt want her impeding on her turf.
      Who knows, yoohyun is a dutiful son she might have come to care about him.

    • 16.2 jane088

      no.. yoo-hyuns step mom and miri already met.. and miri can still recognized her mom’s face that’s. and i thjink the reason why miri went to SK is to find her mom

      so… its IMPOSSIBLE

    • 16.3 amy

      In kdramaland (the equilvalent of america’s daytime soap) I still think it’s far-fetch that yoohyun’s stepmother would be miri’s mama. From what heard and read, stepmom can’t have kids.
      No, I think it’s more like that stepmom sees a younger version of herself in Miri, like how they have similar attributes and personality/behavior.

    • 16.4 mel

      that’s what I said yesterday, I also feel that she might be her mother.

      • 16.4.1 1061-kun

        I am also thinking the step-mom is Miri’s mother. The way the step-mom is acting when they are together in this episode, like she knows more about Miri than she is letting on.

        It has been over 20 years since Miri last saw her mother so Miri memory of her mother’s face is probably pretty vague. And she seems not to have a picture of her which would keep an image in Miri’s mind.

  17. 17 hani


    watch out Miri!!!!!!!!

    • 17.1 nonski

      lols … like this comment 🙂

  18. 18 koreandramalover/kdl

    Thanks so much for this recap, Girlfriday! 😉

    I don’t have the time to watch this drama
    and thus i depend solely on your recaps…

    and considering how detailed,
    emotionally-rich and riveting
    your recaps always are,
    each time i read your recaps,
    it really feels as if
    i am watching the drama
    playing in front of my eyes!! 😉

    thank you ever so much! 😉

    but having read your recaps on Miss Ripley,
    i began to wonder –
    since you are also recapping City Hunter,
    where do you find the time to do anything else? 😉

    i am truly thankful to your dedication
    and commitment in recapping the dramas
    because of the benefit reaped by
    mere visitors and readers of this wonderful blog
    such as myself, when really,
    when i think about it,
    you don’t HAVE to do it,
    especially because you HAVE a LIFE to lead
    that does not need to be burdened
    with the tedious recappings of Kdramas
    which are IMHO more for the benefit
    of visitors and readers of DB
    than for your kind self
    because even if you love
    or are IN LOVE with certain dramas
    *cough* City Hunter *cough*
    then, all you really need to do is WATCH them
    and yet…
    you took on the tedious task
    of recapping them as well
    and recapping them so well
    that just watching the dramas
    will not be complete without your recaps… 😉

    how do i thank thee??
    simply put, there are no words
    to aptly express my deep gratitude
    but i do hope you could accept
    these humble, sincere words :

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
    Girlfriday! 😉

    • 18.1 Tha

      NOW…that is a THANK YOU! Second that! Thank you both!!! And the quickness. None can compare!

      • 18.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        You are most welcome, Tha! 😉

        And thank YOU for your kind words! 😉

        You are too kind 😉

  19. 19 laya

    So freaking love your recaps. Thank you so much!

  20. 20 Camille

    I know the evil!Miri brings drama and tension, but I kinda want her to learn from the love from both men and…turn to the path of righteousness. 😛

  21. 21 asianromance

    thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    “Damn, these close encounters at every turn are just killing my nerves” —> just reading about the close encounters is killing my nerves!

  22. 22 jenknight18

    my heart is racing just from the recap. .and even have to read the lines twice .. i smile and grin.. this drama.. i never thought it will be this beautifully made.. Kudos to the writer.. i’m glad it didn’t had the hype.. but right now.. along with City Hunter (also the unexpectedly good drama) is swirling my insides upside down.. it’s simple yet brilliant.. we are all scared of this Dark Miri because we are all afraid of makjhang-like angst.. but it turns out this is a brewing love story.. i just hope they’ve done the promotional better.. i see the plot right now as unconditional love that breaks all evil.. but i think Yoohyun will be the one so devastated when he later on founds out Miri’s deception .. i ‘m not sure where Heejoo will be when dark and cold Yoohyun comes out.. will Heejoo’s unconditional love heal Yoohyun’s about to be broken heart?

  23. 23 CoH

    omg! will they find out they’re both dating miri? with all the close calls that have happened, i’m waiting for them to find out. and its already halfway through the drama so its about time -_- i hope they have some sort of 2-years-later thing and a drastic character change with one of the male leads (preferably with yoohyun) after the secrets come out. like in coffee house or dream high. *hopes* but this is just a crazy idea.
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    Yoo-hyoon doesn’t know yet…

    I think Myung-hoon and Yoo-hyoon both still can love Miri even when they know her dark past, but
    I’m waiting till the 2 guys know that Miri is two-timing them
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    Yoohyun on the other hand is like her first (puppy!) love and it’s new to her as well. They’re more of what we might call the conventional type of love (well, minus all the scheming and lies)…but it really does resemble that more. Of course, Yoohyun would protect Miri as well, but he doesn’t know much about her. It’s funny to see how they’re kinda awkward with each other whether they’re on dates or just their interactions. They’re not really all that comfortable with each other…yet, Yoohyun has already confessed that he loves her! Wow! Both men are so fast!

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    All our sincerest thanks, GF! Your words seems to haunt me into watching this show. Those magnetic opening lines are much too irresistible. I am watching too many shows that are currently airing right now and told myself I cant possibly watch Miss Ripley on top of all of that. But your recap may yet be my downfall….waahhhh! I resisted from reading the recaps for this show until now knowing it will just hook me in. But what can I do?

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    Yoo-hyun on the other hand is totally in love right now, but he still doesn’t know a thing about Miri’s past…
    He’s got this side to him where he isn’t easily swayed. It isn’t obvious atm because we’re overwhelmed by his nice and fluffy personality..but I know, he has this hidden iron fist and I can’t wait to see this layer of his personality when he busts his revenge or something….I am going to be verrrrry happy….muahahahahaha.

    It will be interesting (well, for me..) cause it’s gonna be the first time (I think) where the lead actor battles it out with the other lead and take his love interest to her downfall…or maybe teach her how to live without a huge web of lies.

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    I do think she feels pangs of guilt and actually is IN DEBTED to Myung Hoon… but she is having bursts of infatuation with YooHyun, experiencing ROMANCE for the first time.

    See, I think unknowingly Miri is feeling something for YooHyun, because unlike Myung Hoon she was the driver in that seduction and he basically lapped up according to plan. YooHyun is a bit unpredictable for her, take the scene when he says his farewell to her, she exhaled and slouched her back as if relieved that the act is over— everything is Monster!Miri again when she saw his back turned on her —but then he ran to embrace her… she was stumped. A usual conniving Miri would know how to deal with this seduction but she was frozen as if someone’s warmth to her is so foreign. She did not even know if she should hug back.

    With Myung Hoon she feels an overwhelming gratitude to be protected and be worshipped at her feet… but with YooHyun she is experiencing romance for the first time. The touches are lingering, his confessions naive and vulnerable…his stares getting her out of character. She gets totally lost with YooHyun. I won’t call it puppy love, really… just pure… innocent. She seems stumped that he has not even kissed her, her usual web of seduction is not YooHyun’s style.

    With MyungHoon it is all seduction and passion…with YooHyun, she is often in a bit of a puzzle with him. She is being brewed in a romance and that throws her off a bit.

    I actually think she might be in trouble with him. I also think YooHyun’s stepmom is the same calibre as Miri this is why a wolf can smell another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Miri had every intent to pretty much do damage. She does not care for her two victims until HeeJoo brought up “love”…and Miri froze in her tracks to contemplate the word. It was such an alien concept for her, she does not know what to do with it.

    I do believe YooHyun will be shattered once he realizes the lies behind Miri. MyungHoon will go down with her to the abyss… he will not bring her to light.

    YooHyun, on the other hand, may not take the betrayal well. I think he might even seek vengeance with Miri.


    Ugh. Miri. I know there is no way you will survive this, but my heart will break into pieces once it happens.

    • 48.1 JLemonade

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      I am also worried what may come next for Miri.

    • 48.2 purplemay

      you are totally right!

      i love your comment ^^

      • 48.2.1 mim

        I totally loved your analysis. I too think with Yoohyun, Miri has moments when she feels he would have been the perfect man to at least date if her situation had been different. With MH, she never saw of him as someone she would have gone for if she was in a better position perhaps bcoz of their age difference. I do not know how her feelings are going to change regarding MH, but like you said, Miri’s moments with YH have the awkwardness of first dates and a tenderness when he surprises her with his warm confessions.

  49. 49 Aslinn

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    oh man. Yoohyun is going to break into pieces if he finds out about Miri and might forgive her because he’s a good guy and maybe he’ll understand why Miri did all that kind of things.. i think that’s where the drama is going.
    and just a speculation, maybe Miri dies at the end. suicide because of overflowing guilt.?? i hope that the very first scene in the first episode is not going there.

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