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Miss Ripley: Episode 9
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The secret’s out?! Already? Granted, not all of Miri’s covers are blown, but at least one of them is majorly exposed, with others possibly on the way. It’s refreshing that after Miri’s been managing her multiple lies for so many episodes like a precarious juggler with too any balls in the air, some finally start dropping from her grasp.


Park Yoochun – “너를 위한 빈자리” from the Miss Ripley OST [ Download ]

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Both of Miri’s boyfriends smile to recognize each other at the jewelry shop, and Yoo-hyun says, “It seems we’re here for the same reason.” Oh, if only you knew.

They sit down for coffee together, and Myung-hoon admits bashfully that he’s met somebody. Yoo-hyun confides that he’s in love with somebody, too, and describes her as “very pure” and open with her emotions. Well, I’ll give you one of the two. Also, she feels like a real person to him, and makes him happy.

Myung-hoon describes his girlfriend as “ordinary, affectionate, honest.” Are you sure you men aren’t just blinded by her beauty? Because while Miri’s put on a great act so far, some of these words seem so foreign to her being that I question your sanity. Or understanding of words.

Miri begins guest lecturing at the university, where she’ll be talking about, of all things, architecture. (Specifically, hotel design and environments.) Miri borrows yet more of Hee-joo’s life by telling her professor boss that her deceased father was an architect, and adds that she minored in architecture.

Then she goes into the lecture hall and introduces herself, but finds that nobody’s very interested in her lecture. They chat, ogle her, and goof off like typical university students, and Miri sees that she’s quickly losing ground.

So she gives up on the lesson plan, which is what gets their focus back on the lesson. Funny how things work like that. She says she doesn’t blame them since she wasn’t too keen on boring lectures when she was a student, and rips up her lesson. Instead, she’ll distill the meaning of her intended lecture into a single point, which is that simple changes can drastically change an atmosphere. Like how the lecture hall has suddenly quieted and become attentive. We can extrapolate that to apply to hotel environments as well.

Her professor boss catches the end of her lecture as her students give her a surprise ovation, and he says the response to her is strong. Already she’s online, which is a testament to how much she made an impression. (One point to keep us uneasy: Her lecture included mention of a man-made sand beach, which I’m thinking has got to come around and bite her in the ass since she stole the idea from Hee-joo. Now the proof of her lecture is on the internet, where things never die…)

Myung-hoon drops by the school with flowers to congratulate Miri’s first day, only to be beaten to the punch by Yoo-hyun, who has sent his driver to fetch Miri. Myung-hoon calls her, and she somehow makes HIM feel apologetic for dropping by unannounced, and tells him she went out with her students. (That this is a pretty common practice in Korea, for students to follow a class with snacks or drinks with the professor.)

Myung-hoon runs into his sunbae, so they go out for drinks again with the professor. I do love that the old boys’ club isn’t blind to one of the key reasons for Miri’s success: When a fourth man joins the wine party and comments on the lecture’s success, Myung-hoon’s sunbae points out, “Well, she’s pretty.” I’m both a little impressed that they acknowledge that point so baldly, and a little appalled that they’re so easy.

Alas, she’s getting a little careless with her lies, because a student drops off some papers for the professor, and says with puzzlement that there was no post-lecture gathering.

Now it’s time for Yoo-hyun to make his grand gesture. Miri steps inside the room to find a spectacle awaiting: He’s got the roses, the candles, the puppet show, the slide show, AND a serenade prepared.

The song is Yoochun’s own track from the OST, posted above, which is sort of an odd choice for such a romantic moment, given that its words are all about anticipating a breakup. But I guess it’s appropriate to his journey, with the title, “The Empty Space For You,” which refers to reserving a space in his heart for her.

I wish it weren’t love
It makes the approaching farewell hurt so much
If you can be happy, let’s stop here
This is all I can do for you

My love,
This empty space is just for you, for you, for you
I smile and turn away so you won’t catch on
I can’t bear for you to be hurt
I can’t bear saying goodbye
You shouldn’t love me

I wish it weren’t you
because you’re the most precious person in the world to me
And so I pushed you away, made you cry, and turned you away
This is all I can do for you

My love,
This empty space is just for you, for you, for you
I smile and turn away so you won’t catch on
I can’t bear for you to be hurt
I can’t bear saying goodbye
You shouldn’t love me

Don’t wait for me
Barely holding back my bitter tears
I turn my back and go, like this

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
My one and only love
My heart shouts these words,
but I can’t say them aloud, because you’re too precious to me
It’s okay if I’m hurt, because I love you
I’ll just cry like crazy on my own
I can’t bear for you to be hurt, because I love you
I’ll just end it here.

It’s bad enough that Myung-hoon’s getting pushed out unknowingly, but that Yoo-hyun upstages him at every point? Eek, heartbreaking.

Miri cries, moved at his expression of love. Yoo-hyun tells her, “Don’t be lonely from now on. I won’t let you be.” Promising to turn her dreams into realities, he presents the simple ring he’d chosen for her and asks, “Will you marry me?”

Miri trips a little over her question, “Do you…l-l-love me?” It’s like this is becoming realer for her by the minute, and she asks, “No matter what kind of person I am?” He points out that she doesn’t know him very well, either — so they can get to know, love, and learn each other.

So she answers yes, “If you’ll have me.”

He sees her home with giddiness, but Miri’s pretty heavy-hearted as she looks at herself in the mirror with self-recrimination.

She hasn’t shown much conscience until the last episode or so, but it’s all starting to pile up on her, and fast. Now that she’s passed the point of no return — as in, she can’t string along both indefinitely, now that she’s got two proposals and accepted one — she’s got to let le shit hit le fan, and deal with the fallout.

Thinking of happier times while dating Myung-hoon, Miri cries while looking up at his window, while he broods inside, thinking of yet another lie he’s caught her in.

Chul-jin marvels at the speed of Yoo-hyun’s courtship, not convinced of Yoo-hyun’s belief that he and Miri must be brought together by Fate, given all the turns that have constantly put them in each other’s paths. You call it Fate, I’m gonna call it Miri’s Indomitable Will, which is practically a force of nature of its own. I appreciate Chul-jin’s skepticism as he points out that Fate sure comes around often for him, but there’s no dampening Yoo-hyun’s spirits.

Chul-jin steps in to prevent Hee-joo’s heart from getting crushed (well, more crushed) when Yoo-hyun starts to make his happy announcement, and takes her aside to break news of the proposal to her gently. She says with effort that she’ll have to get over him now, but then steps aside to mourn in private.

The receptionist at Hotel A notices Miri’s ring, which you’d think is a pretty risky thing for her to wear, since it gets the employees gossiping that she must be about to marry Myung-hoon. It makes me wonder if she wants a little help breaking the news so she doesn’t have to do it herself, like a subconscious act of self-sabotage, except for the fact that she continues to ignore his phone calls.

Myung-hoon catches her off-guard by calling her work phone and asking for a minute, but she pushes him aside with the excuse that she’s too busy (for the boss?) and hangs up on him saying she’ll call him back later. Eeep! That’s called digging your grave deeper, missy.

The stress is getting to her, and she steps outside to cry, which I might feel more inclined to feel sympathetic about if this weren’t all, you know, of her own making. Still, I’m feeling pretty torn between wanting her to succeed with everything and get caught spectacularly, so one can only imagine how torn she’s feeling.

Myung-hoon takes Yoo-hyun and Chul-jin through the hotel, making their formal introductions to his awestruck staff. All but Miri, of course, who tenses up to see her two boyfriends standing next to each other. Awkward! She introduces herself to Yoo-hyun as though she’s a stranger, and Yoo-hyun plays along smilingly.

Except…this is when Myung-hoon spots the ring on Miri’s finger. The awkwardness between this trio does not go unnoticed by the staff, who speculate about their relationships. And yet, for once the gossip’s actually a lot tamer than the truth.

Myung-hoon and Yoo-hyun conclude their tour and head to lunch together, with Yoo-hyun getting Myung-hoon’s okay to bring a date. Uh-oh…

Miri gets to the restaurant first, but happens to be in the restroom when the men arrive. Yoo-hyun steps aside to wait for her, then escorts her to their dining room…where Myung-hoon turns to receive his friend/boss/dongsaeng’s girlfriend.

Yesss! I’m so satisfied that they’ve actually done this, while simultaneously cringing for Miri. I was so expecting another fortuitous stroke of timing to save her that I’m excited that they didn’t just pluck her out of danger once again, and instead shoved her right into the thick of it.

There’s no lying her way out of this one, particularly when Yoo-hyun introduces her as “the person I love.” Miri is terrified, and Myung-hoon looks positively shocked. Livid. Fearsome. EEEK! Don’t get him mad! Haven’t you seen IRIS?

Well, this is an awkward meal. How can Yoo-hyun be so smart and business-savvy, and yet not sense the horrible, cringe-inducing discomfort in the air? He even tells Myung-hoon that it’s too bad he didn’t bring his girlfriend as well, because it would have been nice to all meet together. Oh, you’re already there, puppy boy, you just don’t know it yet.

Yoo-hyun asks more about Myung-hoon’s girlfriend, like how they met and what kind of work she does, which leads to the terse answer that they work together. And when Yoo-hyun comments that she must receive a lot of help from him (meaning: as a guide, as a sunbae), he says pointedly toward Miri, “Yes, that’s right.”

Ouch. In this light, it sure does make it look like she used him to social-climb, then traded up at the first opportunity. Wait, what do I mean “it looks like”? It’s exactly what she did! See, that’s the tricky thing about this show — it confuses you as to what’s really going on, even as you know what’s going on. It’s amazing what a difference a person’s motivation can make even when examining cold hard facts.

In her nervousness Miri spills wine over Yoo-hyun, who steps aside to clean up, leaving the couple alone for a minute. I can’t wait for the clash, yet I dread it so.

Myung-hoon asks how long this has been going on, and she says she met Yoo-hyun right after arriving in Korea, but that they’d only started dating recently. She says she hadn’t meant to lie to him, by which I’m sure she means, “At the very very very beginning,” because I’m pretty sure she’s been intentional about her lying for the past coupla episodes now.

She says, “I’m this kind of person. Just think that, and let’s call it quits. I won’t say I’m sorry. I just—”

And just before we get to hear what kind of wonderful explanation she has for why she can’t offer up a simple apology, Yoo-hyun returns. Myung-hoon sits there and watches as Yoo-hyun dotes on Miri, and he’s a much better human being than I am, on the basis that he doesn’t expose Miri to her new boyfriend, dancing and shouting, “You lying liar who lies!” No, it’s not dignified, but it sure would be satisfying.

On the ride home, Miri attributes her withdrawnness to nerves from dining with her boss. Yoo-hyun hadn’t considered that, and says that he just wanted to introduce his girlfriend to the man “who’s like a hyung to me.”

Oof. I don’t think Miri’s entirely without conscience — though she is entirely without shame — because she’s pretty rattled, especially at Yoo-hyun’s innocent remarks about wishing good things for Myung-hoon and his girlfriend, since his first marriage ended so poorly.

She eventually does take Myung-hoon’s call and meets him, reconfirming the situation despite his disbelief. She tells him to think of her as a horrible bitch, and get over her. He asks how things came to this, and she replies, “I changed. You did nothing wrong.”

She explains, “There are things I want more than love. That is what motivated me.” Interesting — is she tacitly admitting that she loves (or could love) Myung-hoon, yet chose Yoo-hyun’s truckloads of cash instead? Or is she merely admitting that she’s moved in all things by reasons greater than love? It’s probably the latter, but I appreciate that there’s room to examine the former possibility.

She continues, “This is the kind of woman I am. I see something nicer, better, and I run toward it freely — I can’t help the way I am.” She tells him not to try to understand her, to think he got hit with a stroke of bad luck: “Think that, and leave me behind.”

He asks, “Did you love me?” Miri answers with a tear in her eye, “I’m sorry. I didn’t love you.”

More honesty? Or twisted kindness to get him to move on? She has room to argue her defense here (however weakly), but the fact that she doesn’t even try — when she’s been such a master of words and glib explanations thus far — is telling. I wonder if this is the turning point for Miri, where she decides she’s a bad person, and may as well go with it.

Once alone, she cries to herself that she’s sorry, but that she can’t stop her momentum. I guess that makes her like an evil train that’s lost its brakes.

Mondo’s planning team gets the shocking news that someone else has come out with the exact same design plan as they did. Gee, I wonder who. Hee-joo and Chul-jin do an internet search for the term “sand pool” and come up with a blueprint with Hotel A’s name on it, but decide to confirm before taking this to the bosses.

Meanwhile, Miri’s star continues to rise with an appearance on a television show — it’s a program covering hot topics of the day, but more than that, it’s another example of how connections get you everywhere, since one of the producers is friends with Myung-hoon’s old boys’ club. The men again marvel at how well she’s doing (“She looks beautiful!”) and toss around the idea of making her a regular.

Stepmom Lee Hwa has Miri researched, but all she gets is a copy of her resumé. Not satisfied with that, she instructs her man to get deeper into Miri’s background, “From birth to now, how she lived, who her relatives are, how they live — everything you can find.”

OOOH, things are about to get mighty interesting. It takes one social-climbing opportunist to recognize another, eh?

Yoo-hyun shows up at the broadcast station with flowers after Miri’s TV appearance, and the sight of him with a woman gets the reporters milling around like sharks smelling blood. The couple runs for cover before they can be mobbed, and Yoo-hyun whisks her away in his helicopter. Now that his identity is out, he sure isn’t holding back with all the rich-boy privileges, is he?

When they arrive at the mountainside, he explains that he’s brought her here to greet his mother. She impresses him again by asking for a moment, and picking wildflowers to take to the grave.

Once at the grave, though, Miri turns away to hide her sudden tears, brought on by the thought of her own mother. Yoo-hyun asks if she misses her, and she replies, “Occasionally. But a lot.” It sounds odd, but he understands.

She says she returned to Korea in hopes of meeting her mother, but at times she finds herself forgetting her entirely. They probably wouldn’t even recognize each other: “Why would I miss a mother whose face I don’t even know? I’m not a young child anymore, and I’m not living a hard life now.”

He answers, “Because she’s your mother. That’s what mothers are to us.”

She starts crying again, and he tells her earnestly that when she misses her mother, she can look at him: “I’ll become your mother, and your mountain.” And that they can be that for each other now. It may seem odd for your man to want to be your mom, but it’s Yoo-hyun’s way of offering to be her everything, and that’s heartfelt and sweet.

Myung-hoon has been ignoring calls from his mother, who’s busily making the customary wedding blankets in anticipation of her son’s upcoming good news. So she takes the initiative, and gets on a bus. OH NO. He’s been on a liquor and self-pity binge for the past few days and finally shows up at work, to Director’s great relief and exasperation.

Myung-hoon and Director Kang meet with a businessman colleague who’s opened up a branch office in Fukuoka, who sees Hotel A’s promo spot playing featuring Miri. Furrowing his brow in recognition, he asks if she’s from Fukuoka, and flips through a stack of business cards till he finds one featuring Red-Haired Miri. (It lists a Club Hana — hana meaning flower — and is Miri’s personal card, which suggests that despite the desultory nature of her profession, she was sought-after enough to have her own clientele.)

Stunned, Myung-hoon looks through his own Rolodex and finds Hirayama’s card, with the business name Flower Blossom. And finally, the pieces start to click…


First Carmen and its Flower Song, and now all these references? Hmm, do you suppose there’s just a little flower symbology involved in this drama, maybe a tiny bit?

Like girlfriday has said, I’m curiously of two minds about Miri, both wanting for her to be happy and at peace with herself for the first time in her life, and wanting her to suffer for the cold, callous way she has treated people. It’s interesting because she’s not a straight-up villainess, but neither is she wholly sympathetic. Every time she faces Hirayama or recalls her hardscrabble upbringing, you feel like she’s earned her little bit of happiness and success…but then she’s horribly smug and condescending to Hee-joo, or to the gosiwon version of Yoo-hyun, and you see her sizing up people based on what they’re worth to her. It’s a tense, suspenseful dichotomy.

I’m curious to see how Miri’s character will change now that her big secret’s out, and discovered by a man she just kicked to the curb. Yes, he loves her, but will her callous treatment of him spur him to revenge? Or will he take the Hee-joo route and continue to protect her, to his own detriment?

I like the question of whether Miri may be feeling the stirrings of love, but they’re so fuzzy and newborn right now — if in fact it exists in her heart, if in fact she has a heart — that it’s hard to tell. I’m actually skeptical that Miri loves either man, because I’m not sure she’s figured out how to love yet in any capacity. I see her as acting out of self-preservation more than anything. In psychology you have your hierarchy of needs, where basic survival is at the bottom, and it’s only after you’ve secured that need that you can move up to the next, with things like self-esteem and self-actualization at the top. And Miri’s still stuck on the bottom levels (survival, security), so it’s like she doesn’t have the time or the mindspace to deal with upper-level concerns like love.

I’m happy that they exposed the lie so early — halfway through isn’t super fast, but it leaves a lot of room for this story to twist and turn before its conclusion — particularly because the more Miri’s worlds collide, the more easily her falsehoods can be revealed. Particularly when her success actually brings her fame — there’s no hiding once you’ve achieved a certain level of public acknowledgement, which brings with it added scrutiny…


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    I almost choked when Myung-hoon compared those two business cards, and there’s Miri sporting her dynel wig!

    And that dinner with the three of them – AWKWARD!
    Although I kept waiting for our older boyfriend to reach across the table and throttle her.

    But, all in all, I find myself oddly feeling for Miri. Perhaps it’s because she’s been so calculating up to this point and now is showing emotional responsibility towards her boy-toys? I don’t know, but I’m willing to give her character a chance.

    One thing I love is how the foxy stepmommy has her antennae up – and it’s swiveling in Miri’s direction – and I still remain suspicious that she’s on the make for her stepson.

    • 10.1 yaya

      I think stepmom would investigate any Yoohyun’s fiance, it is weirder that his father doesn’t do it.

    • 10.2 dls

      I welcome stepmommy interference as well…
      for the first time in my Kdrama history, I support rich man mommy’s interference

      and show is amazing, they shove Miri in front of Yoohyun and Myunghoon in this episode…
      surely her secrets and dark past will divulge one by one in upcoming episodes…
      then I wonder what will happen to her and what the prologue in ep1 indicates

    • 10.3 Catkat

      Eeek! I cringe at your last thought…stepmom lusting after YH?!! Blech! I feel the need to rinse vigorously with listerine AND wash my hands thoroughly.

      • 10.3.1 Cynthia

        Sorry – it IS a squicky thought, but from the very beginning it’s like something is just “off” in her attitude towards him (and his towards her, too).

        Younger(ish) wife to old, sick guy, hot young stepson who’s gonna inherit the whole pile is a fairly classic set-up for interaction – but there was just something about the way she hugged him in an earlier scene (when they were saying goodbye at the car) that just raised up my radar (or should I say “lust-dar”!) and NOT in a good way. She went for him and he pulled away politely, but definitely.

        And if my suspicions are correct, then dollars to donuts Miri will use the wanna-have-step-son-in-her-bed card to threaten step-mommy with in a future conflict – cause you KNOW that there’s going to be some major throw-down between these two crafty foxes.

    • 10.4 birdscout

      I haven’t had time to watch this, only following the always-excellent dramabeans recaps. But I got a weird feeling that the step-mom may turn out to be Miri’s birth mother, especially after reading Miri’s line about not even knowing what her mother looks like.

      • 10.4.1 mt

        I had that exact same thought! Twisted as it sound or should I say too dramatic, but still there’s the possibility…

        If it’s true, Miri might just be following the footsteps of her birth mom, abandoning everything to climb up the social ladder – which will bite them right back, the mom “bitten” by her own daughter and Miri by her lovers…

      • 10.4.2 tweedles

        i feel the exact same way…eerie

  11. 11 Soua

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    I can see these men’s love is getting to her… 🙁

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    • 14.1 myra

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      • 14.1.1 tamarra

        or she may have changed her name somewhere, when she was adopted / she started working as a bar girl?

        • myra

          When Miri came to the orphanage, I was pretty sure her name was already Jang Miri. She was like, 5 or 6 years old at that time, the people at the orphanage must have asked what her name is, etc.

          • Rachael

            I doubt stepmom would recognize Miri as her daughter (if she is) right away since, as Miri pointed out, they wouldn’t recognize each other after all these years. Plus, it’d be more than a little twisted to just assume that a woman with the same name and age is the daughter you left at an orphanage ages and ages ago.

          • 1061-kun

            I keep wondering if she was adopted by a Japanese couple, wouldn’t she get a Japanese family name (like Suzuki)? Adoption in Japan is still pretty taboo and rare, the couple would want the child not to stand out and not let her keep her family name especially since it is Korean to keep the adoption a secret.

            And would a bar girl use her real name?

    • 14.2 JLemonade

      I was thinking along the same way, too. If it happens that Miri is her long lost daughter, then she will work all out to save her from this deceit since she was the main reason of all Miri’s trouble and hardship. Names can be changed during adoption and Miri cannot recognize her mother now. Can Yoo hyun marry Miri if they are brother and sister? The lyric of the song (OST) looks like they have to break apart in the end. Just my analysis…….

      • 14.2.1 tamarra

        there aren’t any blood relations at all, she is just Yoohyun’s stepmom. 🙂

        • yaya

          there are no blood relations, but technically they would be brother and sister since their parents are married.

      • 14.2.2 sb

        I personally don’t think Yoo-hyun’s stepmom will help Miri, even if she finds out Miri is her own daughter. It doesn’t seem like whoever is Miri’s mother possesses any natural motherly instinct and resultant remorse. I mean, it was her conscious decision to leave her husband and daughter. We didn’t see any flashback scene where her motherly tearfully apologizes to Miri for having to leave.

        And it just struck me that I forgot what happened to Miri’s father. Did he also leave or did he die?

        • yaya

          he died

    • 14.3 birdscout

      LOL I should have read a few more comments before commenting above, because I just wrote almost the same thing you did. At least I’m not the only person who has this suspicion 🙂

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    “It’s not the moments of tragedy that define our lives so much as the choices we make to deal with them.” ~Batman

    You need to read Batman comics.

    From Ani

    • 24.1 ELLE


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      • 24.2.1 Ani

        Uh, I love Harry Potter, and I’m sure there must be a similar quote in the HP books to this (heck, I’m sure there are tons of different versions of this quote all over the net), but for this instance, I gotta give credit to the Batman comics. XD

  25. 25 hi

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    Her whole life, she has being in one trouble or another. There has not being one moment in her life where she is truly free from any trouble. I sympathize with her character greatly.

    • 25.1 Pikachu

      if she was doing it out of necessity she would have stayed with myung hoon
      she pursued yutaka out of greed
      she saw the ₩_₩ signs and went for it
      She could have survived by staying at the hotel and being with MH by stealing Heejoo’s identity but she also stole heeju’s work
      greed. not necessity
      She wants to be at the top and i want to see her crash and burn

      • 25.1.1 rilanna

        *applaud you

      • 25.1.2 jenknight18

        *nods head in agreement*
        It’s one thing to be cornered in a desperate situation and do something bad out of survival but it’s another thing when you feel things are not enough.. like she admit (which i take as truth in the middle of her outburst).. she is that type of woman who goes for the nicer and better things than what she has.. unfortunately by her vocabulary it includes lying people and hurting them along the way

      • 25.1.3 ELLE

        so true. i feel pity for all the time she has to endure painful experience throughout her childhood and becoming adult. at 1st, it was necessity (forging certificate in order to get better job) but what she did right now is definitely not necessity. it was all greed.
        i can’t wait to see the ever adorable sweetheart YH to see her true face and can’t help but to anticipate Miri’s downfall. i wish her hell for sure. and i don’t pity Hee Joo at all. she needs to stand up for herself instead of crying. as for MH and YH, if they still head over heals over Miri after knowing her true face, then i wish them both a happy ever after in hell with Miri.

        • cathy


          • Jinjoo

            agree too!

      • 25.1.4 Jinjoo

        i second the motion! miri is greedy, gold digger & shld i say more? i knew it while watching epis 7 or so as soon as she learned of Yoohyun? being the heir or successor to mondo resort that she’ll walk away & leave myunghoon coz after all to her Y is a better fish to catch! i doubt for a second if miri is really in the love field coz she’s just intending to climb up the ladder to wealth! o this drama’s twist is interesting but i dunno if i shld continue coz i can’t seem to hack all miri’s schemes 🙂 hehehe

    • 25.2 yaya

      what makes me disappointed in Miri character is that she actually really stupid and limited, she can’t analyze her actions and the outcome of it, she just sees something nicer and goes for it, this miss Ripley has no particular talent except for being pretty and shameless, and she is lucky that Myunghoon had really bad period of life when she approached him and that Yuhyun was so sure that he could sly everyone pretending being poor and so on.

      • 25.2.1 Rachael

        I’d have to disagree with stupid. Limited yes, but she’s pretty much shown she’s not stupid. Not experiencing something like love or positive life situations doesn’t make her stupid. I can even see the logic in going higher and higher because she’s already been shown by her own actions that all these misdeeds lead to better things. So it’s been more like common sense for Miri. These are the things that must be done in order to lead a life that isn’t anything like the one she had in Japan. This episode is great because Miri’s now starting to see the flaws in this.

        She has a lot of talent. If given a proper life I bet she’d have been a bit of an amazing PR person. I swear it drives me a little crazy with how any kind of charisma for Miri is basically equated to “pretty” when the two are not the same. Pretty just helps charisma. Without the charisma she wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has.

        I find her shameless quality a little awesome because it also means that she’s not going to live by patriarchy rules that so many of the other female heroines and so-called anti-heroines live by. She’s either breaking them or exploiting them like crazy, which is awesome to watch.

        I think it’s giving her too little credit saying she’s just getting by on the men in her life. Yes, Myunghoon, and whatever YH does later, certainly ups her way of living, but she wouldn’t have gotten any of that without the initiative and being able to think quickly on her feet in red alert moments.

        I’ll also point out that what’s happened to her thanks to the men in her lives isn’t any different then a Daddy Long Legs scene except Miri isn’t acting as the typical heroine.

        • Cynthia

          Good post! 🙂

          I think what’s going to trip her up is when she realizes what love truly is and what it’s going to cost her to hold on to it.

          We already know she’s going to fail in a BIG way because of the prologue – I’m looking forward to watching the dance of the drama going from plot point to plot point without misstepping along the way..

    • 25.3 anna

      “She lied and forged papers, and toy with some people’s emotions. I don’t know how she could be labeled as evil and cold for just those actions.”

      If you don’t see someone who lied and stole from a childhood friend (TWICE! and without any guilt or shame) who opened her home to Miri when she had nowhere else to go and callously toying with people’s emotion as “cold” then I don’t think I can explain it to you.

      I can understand that people could sympathize with her difficult life and desperate situation in the beginning BUT every choice she’s made after the first lie has been a CHOICE to lie and to disregard the feelings and wellbeing of other people. She doesn’t care how much she can damage Hee joo’s life and future with multiple plagiarism charges or that she would break two men’s hearts.

      Miri isn’t /immoral/ because she doesn’t think what she’s doing is wrong. Rather she is an /amoral/ person because she has no concept or what’s right or wrong, she calculates only on personal benefit. She has no capacity to empathize and is incapable of compassion for others. That sounds pretty close to cold and evil to me.

      • 25.3.1 Cynthia



    • 25.4 Soua

      🙂 You’re not alone. She’s not evil. But she isn’t exactly friendly or understanding either. To label her evil would be too extreme for me… To even wish her an bad ending and watch her fall, is evil of us… and this is what I think the show is un-intending to do… To let us viewers see our own evils and flaws… and that we too could get so lost in hatred… 🙁

      For that, I sympathize with Miri that she has become so lost that she no longer can care about another human being. But I hope she redeems herself, if not for some guy, then for her own sake. 🙂 Because that is where change starts, yourself and not so much for the sake of others.

  26. 26 rilanna

    as much as i love yoohyun character (and yoochun in biased ^^) is it wrong for me to kinda (SERIOUSLY) want to whack they boy over the head for being for clueless and ignorant?!

    god, i imagined myself in love with the proposal (yes, minus the clique candle [RED?!] hearts) but then it was ruined by WHO it was FOR!!!

    i was/am rooting for yoohyunxheejoo
    i want miri to get karma to come around and DESTROY her existence; i tried pitying, empathizing, sympathizing, all-the-pathizing but i cant, dont know how~~ this far in now
    i want heejoo to reclaim her identity, reputation, and more; how does it mean make logical sense in reality that if miri didnt get switched and got to live heejoo’s life that she might be where heejoo is? architecture skill? or getting into tokyo u?! (yes, i get this is kdrama; but its still unlikely in all aspects [maybe this is why i cant all-the-pathizing for miri)

    now that i’ve read some prev comments, yea, i agree with how:
    1) miri is out for greed than necessity (greed is one of the DEADLY SEVEN SINS)
    2) yoohyun doesnt deserve heejoo’s love; girl should just get over him!
    3) chuljinxheejoo!!

    • 26.1 Schmazel

      No, it’s not wrong. In fact, I, myself, would like to knock some sense into YH’s head. I mean, what do you know about the girl that you’d want to marry her after knowing her for such a short time?

    • 26.2 CHUN_ELLE

      i already whacked his head thousand times since the 1st time he falls for Miri’s lie. and i’m biased over Yoochun for almost 7 years now. so i’m with you. go whack some sense into his thick head!

    • 26.3 Cynthia

      Hold on. I’d like to bonk him over the head, too, but we have to remember how his character is delineated within this drama.

      He’s young. He’s idealistic. He’s a romantic.

      Those three aspects of his character leads to one conclusion – he’s a total pushover in the love department.

      He has the tacit approval from his father to marry anyone he wants, he has money up the wazoo to bury her avaricious little backside in grand gestures, and since he is young, he’s hormone driven for this pretty Miri package.

      He’s not kissing her because of his idealistic take on romance (I mean, proposing with a PUPPET show?! C’mon – boy is practically screaming “I’m a virgin! Use me!”) – he thinks she’s a “pure” package – because he just doesn’t see her for what and who she really is.

      Boy is going to take the fall – I’m curious to see how the writer handles this eventual outcome.

      • 26.3.1 Pikachu


      • 26.3.2 imogene_af

        HAHA “I’m a Virgin! Use me!”


    • 26.4 Nameless

      HJ is too weak, she knew miri has stolen her work but she lied to save Miri (preview of ep 10), she knew Miri was two timing, but she could not bring herself to tell YH, therefore her love for him was nothing to her friendship or her guilt toward Miri. She didnt deserve YH either in my opinion. they all will end up alone

      • 26.4.1 Rachael

        I wouldn’t label her as weak. Just someone who is really use to others playing by society’s rules. It could definately be a bit of a mindwhack when someone comes along to blatantly ignore them. I’m sure she’ll oust Miri eventually.

        Though I’m also another Chuljin and Heejoo fan too. I mean really, Chuljin is taking such care about Heejoo’s feelings that it makes me wonder about his own towards Heejoo.

    • 26.5 Soua

      Man I can’t say this enough… even if YH knew that HJ loved him, I don’t think he would go for her. You know, sometimes no matter how much another person loves us, somehow our hearts just can’t open up to them.

      It’s like all other dramas and the second leads could never get the hearts of the main lead. 🙁 Like in the first drama I watched, Autumn in My Heart. How I wanted Won Bin to win the girl so much and for her to fall for his character, but did that happen? No… because fate… fate is weird.

      I want HJ to learn to love herself… and that sometimes if love doesn’t work out on one’s behalf, to accept fate, and not lose one’s self. HJ started off so strong, and now.. she’s just weepy over YH. Not my type of lady that I would look up to. I really hope she recovers the way all second leads, do. 🙂

    • 26.6 hanneebuff

      If our whacks our real, Yoo Hyun would be in coma right now (or probably dead). I’m with you here in bonking him on the head.

  27. 27 crazedlu

    daaaanng! i don’t care anymore. down with miri! again, i don’t want her to die, but i do want justice.

  28. 28 Sam

    I pity Miri
    I hope that she would experience a downfall and start anew in an honest life

    As for her relationship, I do hope that she would end up with Yoohyun rather than Myunghoon or being alone

    I just feel that the love between Yoohyun is more real than with Myunghoon despite the fact that she only started dating with Yoohyun after knowing his wealth.

    I root for Chuljin and Heejoo together. Please don’t make Yoohyun with Heejoo ><. I really hate it when writers later make it like "the main character finally realize he/she has always loved the person besides him/her" ….

    I want the best for Miri for her misfortune as a child despite her lies and schemes right now… perhaps her love for Yoohyun can help her become a better person

  29. 29 S.s

    I really hate how ‘perfect’, ‘innocent’, ‘goody-goodie’ the wrtier makes Heejoo’s character .. I would be utterly disappointed if she ends up with Yoohyun … it would be making the statement that ‘good people end up with each other’, ‘liars should not end up with good people’, etc

    I think my view is partially influenced by the fact that Miri’s misfortune was largely due to Heejoo when they were child that Miri should get something that Heejoo really wanted in the end… (a part of me feels that Heejoo owes Miri a lot – and should repay)

    • 29.1 Pikachu

      they were children
      its not like miri volunteered to take heeju’s place
      these things happen in life and heeju shouldnt be made to feel guilty

      • 29.1.1 JLemonade

        Miri was kind and protected Hee joo when they were children
        but she was sent for adoption instead. Hee joo should be grateful and thank Miri a million times on this twist of fate. Looking at Heejoo’s character, i do not think she can survive and fight back if she was sent away to repay her adopted parents loan working as a bar hostess.

    • 29.2 Rachael

      But it’s hilarious because so many of the typical heroines are like Heejoo! Overly good, innocent, a klutz. There’s tons of loved heroines with these traits.

      Doesn’t make it not frustrating, but it’s a little nice to see this turned on it’s head. It’s like the awful female second lead is finally getting to show the story from her view point in this drama.

  30. 30 YOURMAMA


  31. 31 Triesse

    I think Yoohyun is about to go evil on his loved ones because they’re trying to get rid of Miri not because he finds out about her. I think it would take heaps and heaps of evidence to make him believe anything anyone says about her. Also I just want to say that I just really do not feel like Miri’s in love with Yoohyun. I think she loves the other guy but Yoohyuns the one the looks better on paper. And I feel like Yoohyun is more obsessed with the idea of her than in love with her. Does anyone else feel this way?

    • 31.1 yaya

      I really don’t think Yuhyun loves Miri, at first I think he liked that she was not easy, since he just always gets what he wants, he just went ahead, later, he thought that she would be good match for him since she is actually vulnerable and he will be easily dominate her later.

      idk the way he talks about her with his stepmom and Chuljin sometimes make me thinks that he considers her cheap..

  32. 32 anna

    For the sake of character development I hope Miri, Yoohyun, & Heejoo all end up single/alone at the end. Miri has no capacity for love, and she’s spent most of her live in survival mode. She’s never had the chance to learn the compassion and sacrifice/compromise necessary in relationships. She needs to straighten out herself first before she plunges into a relationship where she falls back on manipulation instead of trust.

    Yoohyun doesn’t deserve Heejoo and Heejoo needs to grow some balls before she gets into a serious relationship or else she’s going to be trampled on by the other person. Yoohyun (even though I love Yoochun) his character development is so crappy in this drama I actually don’t care what happens to him. He is so irritating and stupid in regards to Miri and his “love” for her is the least credible relationship in k-drama right now.

    • 32.1 cathy

      I had to agree with you , YH is the most boring stupid character so far .
      HJ is too nice to be true, too naive .
      Miri s too crooked , no chemistry between Miri and YH at
      all , i can not feel love and romance between them , sorry .

  33. 33 Schmazel

    This show reminds me of what Kim Haneul’s character in the movie ‘Too Beautiful To Lie’ says: lying is an intense mind game, where the liar needs to make sure that all the lies are coherent and where the front always matches the back. So true these words.

    Anyway, I recommend this movie to those who may not have seen it yet. It’s a total hoot, plus, it also stars Kang Dong Won! 😀

  34. 34 ck1Oz


    I am so happy I am not watching this then.I love your recaps.Thank you.However every week as I read it I get more stressed 🙁

  35. 35 olsen

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  36. 36 bt

    My sister thinks the guy Ricky or whatever his name is has the most stupid hairdo in this drama and I have to agree. It’s got to go!!!

    • 36.1 CHUN_ELLE

      his name is Micky. and that hair is going to go. seen new stalker photos of him on set and his new hairdo is gosh hot!

    • 36.2 rilanna

      Maybe you’re confusing his younger bro with him?

  37. 37 mommy

    thanks for the recap! I don’t have time to watch Miss Ripley, just read the recap because I love KSW acting. can’t see any redemption for Miri, she’s gone too far, and things will be out of control -> big crash
    as weird it is, I understand her

  38. 38 HanKang4ever

    I am not watching this right now; I just read the recaps. I will watch this once all the episodes are in; the drama itself is stressful enough, don’t want to add to the stress by watching as it airs. My heart wouldn’t be able to handle the suspense.

    Thanks for the recap, JB.

    • 38.1 Yong

      Yeah! this drama is so suspenseful. I am not watching until I know the outcome. My poor heart will not be able to take the roller coaster ride!

      Hope Miri will not have a tragic ending though. Hope she will have a second chance in life even if she is to end up alone in the end

  39. 39 Ladymoonstone143

    My poor heart can’t take the suspense anymore. Between this and City Hunter…I feel like am in a prolonged roller coaster ride, with Ripley, I am covering my eyes with my hands….and in City Hunter, I screamed a lot..lol..

  40. 40 cathy

    CJ is smarter character , handsome actor .

  41. 41 ahjummabunny

    how can anyone watch this show! I’m in knots just from reading about it.

  42. 42 mim

    Like many here, I too think Yoohyun’s character or his ‘love’ for Miri have not been developed properly. I do not know what the screen writers want us to believe, but it is hard to understand what draws Yoohyun to Miri other than her looks or that she played hard to get in the beginning which makes his character pretty shallow. I would have understood if the screen writers consciously went about giving him a shallow character in the beginning coz that would have at least made his ‘love’ for her believable. This is neither here nor there. He is being presented as a ‘prince charming’ yet his actions do not go well with the image. The point is they haven’t developed Yoohyun’s back story at all and we have already reached the 9th episode. He is the most confusing character for me. It is unfair too bcoz all the other characters have been well-developed. We know what makes a Miri or a Myunghoon or a Heejoo tick. In the case of Yoohyun, however, the writers have gone more for the superfluous than the necessary. Anyway, hoping to see more character development for Yoohyun. But, on the bright side, I like what Yoochun has done with his character and hope he will do a great job when he turns into the “cold and charismatic” Yoohyun.

    • 42.1 sb

      I agree! I don’t know why Yoo-hyun so doggedly pursued Miri. He was first attracted to her purely on her physical appearance alone, which reminded him of his mother.

      There was nothing about the real Miri, the side she showed to him before she found out Yoo-hyun was really a somebody, that should have kept the spark alive on his end. You would think that he would end up being repulsed by someone who physically resembled his mother, being such a horrible b*tch.

      The viewer is being manipulated into believing Yoo-hyun’s earnest innocence in his “love” for Miri, but doesn’t offer any real substance in support of this. Since he was head-over-heels in “love” with her before she became what she believed he wanted her to be.

    • 42.2 Birdie

      I agree with you. YH is supposed to be smart and great at business deals, but we see the naive, gullible “boy”.Other than losing his mom early,there is not much background story or even any more on his relationship with his dad that make him the way he is today. He seems a dull character.

  43. 43 sb

    Miri’s remark that she wouldn’t recognize her mother if she met her, and that her mother wouldn’t recognize her either, seems to cement the theory that Yoo-hyun’s stepmom is Miri’s real mother. Eep.

    • 43.1 imogene_af

      IKNOW!IKNOW! scary

    • 43.2 ahjummabunny

      goosebumps! I really hope that is the case.

  44. 44 imogene_af

    I gotta agree with Cynthia here… people are wondering why why why is YooHyun in love with Miri? Why why why is he so shallow?

    Because he is supposed to be a sheltered and innocent young man who may be smart in business but is someone who takes everything to heart. He believes about the good in people. He is warm because of his biological mother’s influence.

    I mean… hello? who treats a business venture like “family”.

    Miri is a sense of wonder to him because all his life he has been treated like the second coming, with everyone bowing to him and seeing him as a nice, obedient, and perfect Mondo heir.

    When Miri back when she was such a little biotch to him, it becomes a draw to him.

    It makes no sense to find logic in his love… because love is never logical.

    This is why he is going to crash and burn once he realizes it is all smokes and mirrors.

    • 44.1 Soua

      Agreed. Plus he has a lot in common with Miri. 🙂 Both lost their parents.. Both from Japan. Guess why he was intrigued with Miri? She knows Japanese! She understands his loneliness…. and the parts that she shows him, happens to be a part of herself too… Not only is she beautiful? Plus, don’t you guys know guys love the chase? hehehe.. Miri sure gave him a reason to chase her… 😀 So ladies, in reality, make the men chase you, and YOU try to to chase the men, k?

      • 44.1.1 Soua

        Ooops… I meant YOU don’t chase the men. 😀

        Just sayin’. 😀

    • 44.2 arun

      Yep!! Agree.

    • 44.3 Rachael

      I was thinking the same thing. With the classic mom issues and both with a neediness it’s already off to a binding start. Considering everyone else plays nicey-nicey to him all the time, in a weird way it must be really refreshing to find someone who will slap him across the face like no one’s business. Not to mention he might just really enjoy that she’s with the pants in the relationship (even though it’s not quite blatant to the other characters or even Miri and YooHyun yet). That or he has a fetish for humilation play the writer’s are badly writing haha.

  45. 45 purplemay

    thanks for the recap!!! 🙂

  46. 46 Rachael

    Thanks for the recap!

    I’m another whose heart probably couldn’t handle all the poundings it would take waiting between episodes. It’s bad enough with the 20ish amount of episodes I’ve left of Flame of Desire/Ambition!

    Like I mentioned in another reply I’m digging this a little because it finally clicked to me that this is the bitchy 2nd lead telling a story from her view point. Because Heejoo has SO MANY of the same characteristics that typical heroines do and Miri is the same, but she’s actually damn crafty. If things were switched we’d have plenty of sympathy for Heejoo I bet (while still wanting to smack sense into her, but again not atypical for a heroine) while at the same time admiring Miri for actually being a compelling 2nd lead rival. I’m digging this more thinking about it that way.

    A lot of the common drama trophes are being turned on their heads. I mean really, the TV show and the guest lecture thing? Would’ve been seen as a Daddy Long Legs scene I think if it was Heejoo instead of Miri. We’re also getting more of a look behind the curtain in this drama of how these things actually happen instead of him going, “Oh, I just have this friend who needed/wanted this Thing that happens to make your life easier, and now it’s all for you!”

    I really think Myunghoon will protect her because A) Daddy Long Legs time B) Chance to somehow get her back C) Somehow this could be used to stick it to Yoohyun while protecting His Woman. After so much craziness with his first wife, I figure that was blatant foreshadowing that he’s going to take his passion and crank it up to an 11 now in his own way.

    Plus Miri’s blatantly mucking up patriarchy rules in her quest of finding that Guranteed Security that would bring her life to the place she thinks it deserves. Makes me cackle.

    While I know I’ll delight in her fall just as must as her successes, I’ll root for her journey.

  47. 47 Camille

    While I think it would be fair if Miri doesn’t end up with either man, I still hope she would have a “good” ending of her own, because like others have said she’s not completely evil. I think she deserves to learn about love and how other people should be treated. 🙁

  48. 48 Bluefyre

    Just wanna say I’m loving the discussions this drama has incited. So fun to read everyone’s take on it!

    can’t wait for the ep 10 recap 😀
    Thank you JB/GF!

  49. 49 Mel

    Way to go Da Hae, I can sense best actress award this year, keep it up. You so deserve it.

  50. 50 pinkheaven

    There’s no preview for ep. 11…but this drama’s getting better and better and more intense, like a thriller. I feel Miss Ripley and City Hunter are both thrillers, but in very different ways…and I love both dramas.

    I believe Miri does have to pay for her schemes/lies, but I don’t want her to die…that’s too much. And if she ends up alone, I’m fine with that, but if she ends up with one of the guys (Yoohyun!) then I’m even happier…but sadly I don’t think that’s gonna happen…

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