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Romance Town: Episode 8
by | June 6, 2011 | 90 Comments

If every episode after this one could have the same pace as this one, I would sincerely ask for nothing more. Throw me the illogical-ness and the melodrama, and I would take it all. Just keep up the pacing and fun for the rest of the series!

Oh but a fast-paced drama does not mean you have to also give me whiplash-editing, OK editors?!

Soon Geum chases after Gun Woo and apologizes: she didn’t really mean to deceive him in the beginning. “I’m sorry! I was wrong!” she yells across the street at Gun Woo.

“I was sincere! Fine – good going, Kang Gun Woo! It was obviously the same person, but you said I should know my place. You didn’t think of me as anyone at all. I also wanted to act like a rich and beautiful person. I wanted to be a different person – what’s wrong with that?! Why do you think I’m even doing this? You didn’t even recognize me at first glance. You are partly responsible too! It’s clearly the same person, but you go liking her just because she has some money! So you are partly responsible too. Stay right there! Hey. Hey! HEYYY!”

I love her – FINALLY she’s calling Gun Woo out on his hypocrisy! After all, if he could reinvent himself into someone he thinks society will respect, why can’t she do the same? And, he was a blind fool.

But – I love even more that Gun Woo turns around, already at the other side of the street, and gives her a menacing glare. This woman has just aired all their dirty laundry for the world to hear. Soon Geum starts, amazed that he actually turned around.

And… 3…2…1… he comes running after her! Soon Geum: “Ahhh – mom!!!! Wait! I’m sorry!” He chases her back to the restaurant, where Da Kyum and Young Hee are munching happily. They run around in circles.

Gun Woo: “You like making a fool out of people? Did you enjoy playing around with me?” Soon Geum: “It’s not like that at all!” Da Kyum gives up and orders Young Hee to do something about these two kids, but he shrugs his shoulders helplessly. Soon Geum says she was really happy being with him, and takes the opportunity to dash out of there. Young Hee holds Gun Woo back, but he just stuffs six pieces of meat in his mouth, and out the door he goes!

Young Hee sighs; those two haven’t gotten along since the moment Gun Woo came back. Da Kyum prepares a lettuce wrap and tries to feed Young Hee, but he’s got hands and can make one for himself. She pouts, embarrassed, and Young Hee asks, “Since when have you been shy?”

OKAY THEN – since you dared her… Da Kyum kisses him on the cheek, which surprises him momentarily. (KYAAAA! KISS #1)

Soon Geum runs through the streets, and begs Gun Woo to stop chasing her as she’s getting tired. She runs down an alley, and Gun Woo advances more slowly. He watches as Soon Geum darts to the right, then crosses past him to go the other way, but then crosses and goes back towards the right. Haha – what a way to tell your stalker where you are…

Gun Woo turns right, and sees Soon Geum halfway up the wall, trying to climb over it. PFFT. Oh my ribs hurt from laughing. Gun Woo: “Get down. you’re just going to hurt yourself.”

Sitting on the steps, he beats himself over the head for having gotten fooled by his own maid of all people, who’s not even the best seductress in the world. Soon Geum kneels before him, arms raised in punishment. She feels sorry, although I don’t see why she has any reason to be sorry. (Perhaps it has to do with the obedient maid-to-master attitude? Meh.)

Back at the restaurant, Da Kyum blushes with giddiness, and Young Hee realizes his little maid must like him. She swears to steal a kiss next time, and Young Hee gets all mad: “Why are you being a thief? A person shouldn’t steal things from others!” And with that, he grabs her close and kisses her on the cheek. (KYAAAAA! KISS #2)

Da Kyum’s shocked, and Young Hee moans, “I didn’t even feel a thing. I knew it would be like this. I should be embarrassed – that would be normal.” He warns Da Kyum that he already has someone he likes. Aw well; not like I’m shipping the two of them, but more Young Hee-Da Kyum scenes would be nice…

Gun Woo orders her to confess every lie she’s told him, which would be quite the long list. But Soon Geum says she only lied about the name Yoon Shi Ah. She even points out that she didn’t do anything – Gun Woo just fell for her first. Heh – totally puts him in his place.

He maintains that he sincerely meant every action he did, and she replies that she’s still Shi Ah. Soon Geum slyly says that if Shi Ah is his first love, she can still make it come true… And he realizes that raising her arms is not enough. He forces her to jump in a crouched position.

Gun Woo tells her to stop liking him, but Soon Geum can’t help who she likes, just like how others can’t control their own hearts. So Gun Woo tells her to just control her mouth and stop spouting nonsense. He doesn’t want to be confused by her anymore, especially since he can’t decide if he’s just a fool or if he’s naive. (YOU’RE BOTH!) Soon Geum: “I’ll still like you whether you’re a fool or naive. Even if you’re fat…even if you’re poor…can’t cook as well as me, and it’s ok if you can’t babysit as well as me, because I can do all that. It’s OK if you can’t drink as well as me, or don’t know how to have as much fun as me, or pettier than me because you don’t hold grudges, or more ruthless than me because you have a kind heart.”

Man. This girl is BOLD. Gun Woo knows she’s head over heels for him, and somehow he is touched. But he won’t forgive her in a million years.

She’s not the only bold one though; back at 1st Street, Hwang Yong makes small talk with Yoon Joo and finds out that she’s all alone in her big house. Shall they have a cup of tea then, at her home? The truck leader can bring in their knives in a bit. The next truck over, Hyun Joo sees the two of them walking together as she waits for her knives, which completely raises her suspicions.

As they close up shop, the truck leader asks his lackey if the lottery ticket really has not been claimed yet. Since it hasn’t, it means it’s still in the house. As he goes to drop off the knives at the Kang Residence, he takes out a taser and breaks the keypad lock. He then attaches a sticker with a number for a repairman.

Back in one of the maids’ rooms, Hyun Joo mulls over all the moments she’s seen Hwang Yong with Yoon Joo. Finally she can’t help it anymore and confides in Soo Jung – should they set up a trap for Hwang Yong and Yoon Joo, as a form of revenge?

Soon Geum and Gun Woo arrive home, but the door lock is broken. Truck Leader and Lackey are watching behind some bushes; they’ll have to break in tomorrow, when the entire family will be out for a party and Soon Geum will be home alone.

The next day, Lackey appears to replace the keypad lock, supervised by Yoon Joo. Hyun Joo goes up to her and promises to not acknowledge her in front of the other madams. However, is it possible for the two of them to just be friends when it’s just the two of them, like back in the old days? Yoon Joo scoffs; the two of them are living very different lives, so there is no way for them to connect anymore. Money is a big divisive factor.

Hyun Joo is so hurt; had Yoon Joo said they could be friends, she might not have gone through with her revenge plan at all.

At work, Gun Woo gets a call from Soon Geum, and she asks if he’s busy. He says he is and hangs up right away. The phone rings again; this time, “Yoon Shi Ah” calls Gun Woo. He picks up, and she asks if he’s busy again. He notes that she must have a mental problem and hangs up again. (Honestly gal, did you really think calling him under Shi Ah would make any difference anymore!?)

Soon Geum shakes her head; she must really be liking him a lot. Gun Woo himself can’t relax; he thinks back to when he first met Soon Geum three years ago and she ate chips with him.

Meanwhile – Yoon Joo gets a call. It’s San’s biological mother. She wants to meet at the coffee shop of the hotel where the party is to be held. DUN DUN DUN!

Alone in the house except for San, Soon Geum gets a visitor: a bespectacled Young Hee. He wants to know what’s wrong between her and Gun Woo, but she says it’s nothing. Young Hee removes his glasses (whew – much better!) and proposes that they date. Soon Geum laughs – so not the reaction he was expecting. He practiced so much to get the courage to say it! But Soon Geum says an owner would never ask a maid out on a date. Despite Young Hee’s persistence, she just keeps laughing, and thanks him for cheering her up a bit.

Young Hee asks if it really is that weird for a house owner to ask a maid out on a date, and Soon Geum says it is. The neighbors would talk! Young Hee takes it to mean that she isn’t flat out rejecting him, but is simply not trusting his words. There’s hope for him yet! He sees her as a woman, not as a maid, so it’s perfectly fine if they date. He tells her to think about it, and then heads off for the Kang party.

Yoon Joo heads to the coffee shop to wait for San’s mother. A few tables away, Soo Jung and Hyun Joo are watching surreptitiously. Hyun Joo had faked the phone call and posed as San’s mother. They watch Yoon Joo sit for an hour, waiting for the mother that would never show up. Hyun Joo predicts that Yoon Joo is the type to find another man when she’s pissed with her current one. They watch her as she makes a phone call… to Hwang Yong. She tells the waitress to give her a call at room 548 if “San’s Mother” arrives, and then leaves the cafe.

Truck Leader and Lackey return later in the afternoon posing as food delivery men on motor scooters. The dog, Mong Ryong, barks like crazy, but they throw him a treat to shut him up. Using their master key card, they enter the house and split up in search of the lottery money. Lackey enters Soon Geum’s room and goes through her closets. There’s nothing, but he smells money.

He opens her boxes and finds her stash of 10 billion Won. JACKPOT.

Soon Geum is not at the Kang Residence at the moment, as she had dropped off San with Zar Lin to watch over him while she cleans the house. However, Gun Woo arrives home.

Truck Leader rifles through Tae Won’s office in the end, and discovers the lottery ticket in his locked drawer. Lackey enters – they rejoice! And then Truck Leader notices the phone number in the back. They can’t steal the ticket now, because the rightful owners can prove their ownership of the ticket through that phone number. Lackey doesn’t see a problem; they’re thieves! Truck Leader doesn’t want to take it; Lackey says they might as well, having gone this far.

Doorbell rings.

Unable to get in, Gun Woo calls up Soon Geum – AND Shi Ah – but she’s left both phones home. Lackey finds the “Shi Ah” phone and hangs up, making Gun Woo think that Soon Geum purposely rejected his call. Unsure if he’ll get any money out of this venture, Lackey takes all of Soon Geum’s cash and stuffs it inside his food delivery box, leaving a few stray bills on the floor.

Outside, Gun Woo notices the scooters, which are weird to him, but then he spots Soon Geum across the lawn – which is even more important. She opens the door for the two of them, and he orders her to make food for him. The thieves are stuck in the kitchen, and they hide as Soon Geum enters her room. But she notices the money is gone, and she catches the thieves trying to escape. They grab her back into her room and tie her up.

Back at the hotel, Tae Won strolls the lobby and sees Hwang Yong making his way up the hotel. Tae Won finds it strange – didn’t Hwang Yong say he was too busy for this event? Hwang Yong heads up to the fifth floor, where Soo Jung confirms him going into room 548.

Soon Geum is trapped in her closet, and the thieves try to make their escape. However this time Gun Woo comes down to the kitchen looking for her. Lackey bangs his metal case against the wall, attracting Gun Woo’s attention. He sees Lackey’s figure behind the wall, and Truck Leader swings a heavy object across Gun Woo’s head.

Gun Woo turns around. Truck Leader gulps – does Gun Woo have a head of steel or what?! Gun Woo: “Who are you?” Suddenly, a trickle of blood trails down the side of his face, and he falls on the floor.

The thieves drag Gun Woo across the living room, and he becomes conscious. Freaked out, the two thieves beat him up, stomping on his leg and punching him across the face. Soon Geum desperately kicks her way out of the closet and hops her way through the kitchen. She sees the thieves tying up Gun Woo and then tries to kick the Truck Leader.

Except. Her ankles are tied. So it’s more like she’s jumping with her legs to the side, barely touching the Truck Leader. The music is also heavy on the drums, dark and ominous.

I think I’m gonna go die from laughter right now.

Truck Leader watches her TRY to beat him up, and then finally just pushes her down on the floor next to Gun Woo. Lackey is about to tape Gun Woo’s mouth when the doorbell rings AGAIN.

This time it’s Zar Lin, carrying San. These thieves have the worst luck in the world. They decide to just burst through the door and run for their scooters. Zar Lin and San are knocked back in the process, and she has the good sense to call the police. However, she’s also locked out, and can’t help Gun Woo and Soon Geum.

As they race away, Lackey tells Truck Leader that he stole the family’s cash in the maid’s room, and stuffed it in the Truck Leader’s basket. He’s framed his hyung for stealing money – but he has the lotto ticket in his back pocket!

Soon Geum moans as she sees the pool of blood around Gun Woo’s head grow. She nudges him awake. He sees her about to cry, and reassures her that he’s fine. They slowly sit up, and turn back to back. He tries to undo the tape around her wrist, and they hear Zar Lin yelling through the door about the police coming.

Gun Woo turns, and he asks if she’s OK, if she’s hurt anywhere. She assures him she’s not, and he leans in.

Using his lips, he grabs a corner of the tape around her mouth and tries to pull it off. He sees her close her eyes, and forces her to open them. This is not a kiss! (But I’m going “KYAAAAAA!”) He goes for the tape again, warning her not to think of anything strange.

Oh how could you NOT!?

He pulls it completely off. Able to speak, she apologizes for lying to him, and that both persons have fallen in love with him. Gun Woo closes his eyes, and passes out. In the ambulance, Soon Geum holds his hands. “Don’t use the excuse of caring for a patient for some skinship,” he groans. HAHAHA – you ass.

Tae Won finishes his hair appointment and is informed that his wife is getting ready in room 548. Hmm – and he just saw Hwang Yong go up to the fifth floor… Highly suspicious, he gets on the elevator, and Hyun Joo realizes that he may be on to Yoon Joo and Hwang Yong. She didn’t want it to get this far. She pushes Soo Jung to delay him!!

In the room, Yoon Joo and Hwang Yong are sitting quietly side by side. With tears in her eyes, she wearily leans on Hwang Yong’s shoulder.

Soo Jung gets on the elevator with Tae Won and sees him pick the fifth floor. She picks the second floor. When they get there, she steps halfway out of the elevator and looks around, seeing if this is the “right” floor. They do this for every floor, and finally Tae Won completely snaps.

Soo Jung quickly lies that she’s supposed to meet a relative but forgot what floor it was. That’s a pretty quick one coming from a lady who’s shivering in fear under Tae Won’s laser-like glare.

They reach the fifth floor, and Tae Won stalks out. Meanwhile, Hwang Yong is fastening a necklace around Yoon Joo. The room phone rings, and it’s Hyun Joo, pretending to be San’s mother. She quickly tells Hyun Joo that Tae Won is at the hotel and heading over now, so she needs to get the guy in her room out now! Yoon Joo: “Huh?” Hyun Joo: “Just finish quickly already! I’m hanging up!”

Despite hating her, she can’t help but be a somewhat good friend.

Yoon Joo knows she’s been found out, and when she opens the door for Tae Won, no one else is in the room. Hwang Yong is in the bedroom (where the sheets are disheveled BY THE WAY, ho-ho), and when he leaves later, he bumps into Soo Jung and Hyun Joo, who hitch a ride with him home.

Gun Woo moans in pain from his injuries. The doctor informs Soon Geum that there might be some temporary amnesia, and he’ll have to be in the hospital for a day or two. The nurse comes in to inject medication in his butt, and Soon Geum helps her pull his hospital pants down. AIIEEEE – Korean broadcasters really have no problem showing us Jung Gyu Woon’s butt eh? He yells at Soon Geum to get out, but she’s like, “Pfft – I’ve seen it all already.”

Gun Woo asks – whose butt did she see? Young Hee’s?! Soon Geum scoffs; his butt and San’s are the same – they both even have a mole on their butts. (Bwahah!) Gun Woo sends her to call Young Hee, but she insists she’ll stay and take care of him. She mimics the Statue of Liberty and Lady Justice, and though he’s annoyed she took away his freedom and lied to him, he’s amused she promises to protect him and stay by his side like a statue.

Young Hee gets the call that Gun Woo’s in the hospital because of thieves. Tae Won and Yoon Joo are alarmed, and all three rush out of the party. Yoon Joo immediately goes to check her jewelry is all safe; Tae Won makes sure the lottery ticket is still there… and it is.

Turns out, the thieves had a replacement lottery ticket they were going to plant in the drawer. When Truck Leader had left the room because of the initial doorbell, Lackey had quickly planted the fake one, adding the phone number in the back and circling the winning numbers. He took the real one for himself – where it now hangs a little too loosely in his back pocket as he races through the streets of Seoul.

Gun Woo reawakens to the sound of Young Hee playing games on his phone. Soon Geum must have gone home, and Gun Woo pouts – she left despite having promised to stay by his side. His parents came to visit too, but he was asleep the whole time. He sends Young Hee out to buy him some sweets.

A little while later, he sees Soon Geum by his bedside. Except this time, she’s dressed in a new fancy outfit.

“Shi Ah” heard he was injured, so she came to visit him too. Besides, he has amnesia, maybe he’s remembered Shi Ah? Gun Woo snorts – he clearly still remembers that Soon Geum is both people. Soon Geum admits that she originally wanted to compete against this “Shi Ah” fantasy and then win, because it seems like Gun Woo likes Shi Ah more. As Soon Geum, she’s jealous of that. He asks which one likes him more, and she says they’re the same person, so they like him the same. Soon Geum will be around in the morning, and Shi Ah in the afternoon. He’s amused, and doesn’t want her to leave.

He asks her to help change the bandages, and he looks at her closely. “Now you can close your eyes.” He leans forward, and he kisses her on the lips. (KYAAAAAAA! KISS #3!!)

And Young Hee is returning to the hospital room, carrying the “sweet” and “sweeter” chips in each hand.


SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! πŸ˜€ On a completely shallow level, I’m in LOVE with this episode. Not only do I feel completely spoiled with 3 kisses (or 3.5 if we include the duct tape kiss), but we get some comedic action with the thieves. I like that the lottery ticket continually seems to haunt our characters, reminding us that the rich can be stupid when they’re greedy.

However, I’m not sure if I like how Soon Geum and Gun Woo’s relationship is progressing. Soon Geum is far more frustrating than Gun Woo. She has turned into a hypocritical girl who’s madly, irrationally in love.

She expects a relationship with Gun Woo, but then tells Young Hee that she can’t be in a relationship with a master? It’s only now that this logic is starting to really grate on me. I can understand a bit if she doesn’t believe in that philosophy, and is merely saying it as a way to reject Young Hee kindly, but I’d rather she tell Young Hee straight up that she’s not interested. She was honest to Gun Woo, so can’t she be honest with Young Hee? While I don’t want him to end up with her, I do feel a bit bad for him. It doesn’t help that Kim Min Joon is endearingly hilarious.

Soon Geum is the one maid who’s so caught up about status, she has yet to truly value herself as a person. Every maid around her and Young Hee acknowledges that they’re people first, jobs second, and try to break the barrier. It’s a shame that a girl whose mother refused to let her be a maid for this reason can’t realize this much. It annoys me that she thinks the only way to get Gun Woo is through role playing, and that Gun Woo plays along and encourages it (i.e. kissing her when she’s Shi Ah and not when she’s Soon Geum). Granny Choon Jak needs to come back and beat sense into her head before she dies from leukemia/cancer/brain tumor/name-your-disease.


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      Soon Geum and Gun Woo was Not my favorite kiss … it was awkward …. sorry πŸ˜›

      • 3.2.1 Ju Ina-sshi

        true, so awkward. They shouldn’t have filmed it so close. There are kisses like this one and I respect that the actors don’t like kissing their co-workers (though that’s part of the job and kissing is still offenseless).

        Or is it restricted to kiss wildly at a certain hour? Do korean broadcast station have clauses for that????

      • 3.2.2 Taber

        She is really bad when it comes to kiss scence, she play opposite of Hyun bin and the actor from the current drama “Lie To Me” and she was awful as they leading lady the two drama were. (Hong Dil Gong and Snow Queen with Hyun Bin)

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    Her character has gotten so desperate is almost painful to watch.

    Thanks for the recap loved this ep

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    “Aw well; not like I’m shipping the two of them, but more Young Hee-Da Kyum scenes would be nice…”

    I’m totally shipping Young hee-Da Kyum!! This show was a surprise for me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do!

    • 6.1 Ani

      Da Kyum-Young Hee for the WIN! I think they are cute together. And their personalitites would definitely balance out. Young Hee, don’t you DARE break her hurt. *insert mean Godfather face here* HAHAHA.

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    • 8.1 Jomo

      I’m hoping the only reason amnesia was mentioned was so SG could make that cute line about him remembering her as SA.

      If they take it any further, I will not be happy with you, Writers.

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  10. 10 red

    im frustrated with son geum and gun woo too…and i think there needs to be a lot of thinking and rationalizing from both of them

    but when something like this usually irritates me that i stop watching…i still find this intriguing and watchable….i think apart from our OPT we have such strong side characters played by pretty talented actors

  11. 11 Hana

    Aww poor Young Hee he’s gonna walk in on them. It’s sad how when they hear their son is injured in a robbery the first thing they check is if there stuff is ok, however soon geum who just lost 10 billion won That doesn’t matter in comparison to gun woo being hurt at all^^

    • 11.1 beggar1015

      I was thinking the same thing! Not only did they not go check up on GW first, they didn’t seem to wonder if little San was OK.

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    I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you

    Here is my fanvid through ep 8:

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    Also, why is SG not bothered anymore abt her money….my head n heart hurts thinkin’ whose hands the lottery will land in?! and, am i the only one who thinks the loan shark guy may not infact be the guardian angel type fella?!

    • 15.1 Saima

      *lottery ticket

      Also, just looked up Gyu Woon and cudn’t help but notice that he is an 82-er…..are we gonna lose him to the army for a couple of years or he’s already served his term?!! If no, sorry to be the bearer of bad news!! iickkkk

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    And no, not his dream please!
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    Thanks for the recap!
    “A few tables away, Soo Jung and Hyun Joo are watching surreptitiously…”
    This is one of my favorite sight gags from these dramas. The holey scarf SJ was holding up so seriously over her face made me LOL. I am sure after sitting there bored out her mind for an hour, Yoon Joo wouldn’t notice the strange pair a few feet away!

    Every seems to have covered on the young romance front. She is talking out both sides of her cell phones.

    Meanwhile, the older crowd is wasting NO TIME to get to “know” each other up there on the 5th floor. Oooh la la!

    I mean, seriously, Oh Great Loan Shark of the Courage!
    Your $20 Billion were very well spent, indeed.
    Did they even have more than 5 minutes together before being interrupted by Old Bad Hair? (Who, btw, spent way too much on his hair however much it was.)

    That whole scene, while not on the screen, surprised me. She must be totally prepared to walk out on her husband, or she couldn’t have taken that risk in THAT hotel at THAT time. I rewatched the dining room wine scene from 7 to make sure I wasn’t putting words in my head when I described it. It wasn’t my dirty mind…. Hwang DID peel her foil, remove her cork, decant and pour her out RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER HUSBAND! I think they shared a mental cigarette, too.
    Can we have a show just about those two? Wow!

    Really Pretty Maid isn’t very good at revenge! I hope YJ appreciates that!

    A Question: Did SG really have ALL of the lottery winnings there in the box? I thought there were several boxes.
    Could 200,000 $50,000 bills fit in that box?
    The rest is still in storage, I thought.

    • 18.1 laya

      About the money, I was thinking the same thing, like: OMG did she just lose all of her winnings? So what was the purpose of her winning it in the first place if she didn’t even get to enjoy it?

  19. 19 AuntieMame

    I was confused about HY escaping from the hotel room. How did he get into and is coming out of the room across the hall from 548? Clearly, he looks at the door of 548 as he tipped the cleaning maid and leaves the room across from 548.

    • 19.1 Kaitlyn

      i was wondering about that too… was hoping kaedejun picked that up and offer some explaination my brain couldn’t offer!

      maybe HY was smart enough to move them to another room? so only YJ had to duck back to 548?

      or he had time to duck into the opposite room when the door was left open since the chamber maid was cleaning it up? but this means they didn’t you know…

      how?! what do others think?

      • 19.1.1 Jomo

        That makes more sense about the bed being messed up if it was 548. It was a red herring because we all thought he was still in the same room.
        The messed up bed was NOT hers. They did not roll in the hay. Without us seeing, he snuck quickly across the hall and paid the maid money to not say anything.

        I feel better now.

        • Daphne

          I agree, I agree !!!
          It was a good moment of the drama, little suspense πŸ˜€

      • 19.1.2 nk

        Kaedejun wrote that he was in the disheveled bedroom alluding to some hanky panky that may have gone on but he was in the disheveled bedroom of the suite across the hall. My thinking is that when YJ got the call, he quickly escaped across. I think it was just the way it was edited to trick the viewers. That’s why HY tipped the hotel maid.

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    Please! The kiss was no dream! *fingers cross*

    • 21.1 Lacey

      I hope too! But i cant help but wonder why would the thieves go into the maids room.. it seems random and why would he look through the closets?

      • 21.1.1 Wish

        The thief “smelled” the money in Soon Geums closet after he went in the room

  22. 22 railyn

    I’m curious what will happen to lottery ticket. hehehe!!!

  23. 23 asianromance

    thanks for the recap, kaedejun! The plot is becoming a mixed bag for me, even though Gun-woo has finally figured out that Shi-Ah is Soon-geum. On the one hand, I really like the emotional moments and the commentary the drama is trying to make (for a moment, I thought Gun-woo’s dad actually cared abt Gun-woo being hurt, but he went to check his lotto ticket), but some of the stuff just doesn’t make sense to me sometimes.

    And while I was annoyed at what seemed to be Soon-geum’s coy response to Young-hee, I can sort of see her pov. Young Hee is a funloving playboy who didn’t really notice her much for 3 years and with Gun-woo refusing her, to her mind, because of her maid status, she probably thinks there is no way that Young hee, who’s of similar status to Gun-woo, would seriously ask her out. (this is also a lesson for those playboys out there- don’t be playboys or else when you find a girl you truly like, she won’t believe you!!!)

    I’m a bit confused – so did Hwang Yong planned the robbery? How else did the thieves know where the ticket was?

  24. 24 Liz

    I’m the only one who laughed so much at the elevator scene? The maid very scared of Tae Won. LOL That was really funny!

    And SG trying to kick the thief. LOL priceless!

    • 24.1 Jomo

      Both of those scenes were great!
      I’m still laughing.
      I love that actress who plays the Maid Sans Masters. Imma check out her other shows.

  25. 25 Daphne

    Ok, first thanks for the reccap, and then I would like your opinion on stuff I didn’t agree with you on this ep..

    When you say that Hwang Yong is in the room, with the disheveled sheets, you seem to suggest that something happened. Wasn’t it what the drama wanted us to believe before revealing that he was NOT in their room, but in the one opposite of it? Like when you saw that, you were wouf, and then..ah no, it’s not the room… so without time to get out of the corridor, he hided in the room where the cleaning lady was, and tipped her off for the service of allowing him to hide…

    Also when you say Gun Woo kissed Soon Geum when she wasn’t herself, for me I didn’t seems like she was “play dressing” again.. didn’t Gun Woo imagined her like this because he was hurt? I mean physically, his head..Actually, if not for the conversation they had, the whole scene seems so feerie to me that I would think it was only Gun Woo imagination and that he didn’t kiss her but his childhood neighbor friend (don’t remember her name whatsoever ^^)

    And I quite agree with you about SoonGeum suddenly not shy about being in love. Is it because she has money now and do not care that much? anyway i still hold hope for her, as I didn’t really perceive her as hypocritical for what she said to Young hee.. After all, Gun Woo was kind of her friend before, and she wrote to him for 3 years, even without him knowing.. so her relationship goes beyond that of master/maid…

    Kaitlyn said she was sad about Soon Geum losing money, me too!! I don’t know about you but I’m always afraid that she lose her money for some reason.. It’s like, it’s too good to be true, or happening to her, so it has to disappear. But I guess it wasn’t all her money, most part should be in her new apartment.. ^^ ouf!

    Thank you for the reccap, I LOVE this drama (with city hunter, kkk) so I’m happy being able to talk about it!!

    • 25.1 kaedejun

      i actually did have a problem with the whole disheveled sheets and hotel room mix-up. While it does seem that he was in their bedroom initially, he ends up coming out of a room that’s being fixed. i am just as confused as all of you as to how he got into that other room, but i guess we are all to assume that he slipped out into another room to get out of there.

      they definitely were in room 548 together though, because that’s the only room number hyun joo knows and she was able to call up to yoon joo and warn her.

      as for the whole last scene/play dressing thing – we’ll have to wait and see if it was a dream or not? i would love it if it were a dream and young hee comes in to see gun woo making out with himself… πŸ˜›

      • 25.1.1 beggar1015

        Here’s something I’m wondering about: when HY first rings the bell to #548, we see the door open and just the arm of a woman. We don’t really see if it is Yoon Joo or not. This could be another red herring. I wonder if this will be pertinent later on in the show.

  26. 26 Z

    I’m also wondering if it was all her money in the box. I thought that whole storage room was for her money… why would a gangster give her the key if only one box of it was hers? But, then again, she did promise him to move it out. I assumed she would move it to her apartment, though. And how did the thugs know that Mr. Kang had the ticket anyway? And where did they get an exact replica? And, if they had an exact replica, why didn’t the Head Thug just write the number on the back the way the Lackey did.

    I’m really disappointed that this Lottery Ticket is still an issue. I expected the only drama with The Ticket to be the pocket mix up, which Soon Geum could pretty easily rectify by splitting her winnings with her friends. But, when you add in thugs, and possible Yakuza and shady business deals and stolen cash, it’s just tiresome. I hope the truth comes out soon so that The Ticket is no longer a major character in the drama.

    • 26.1 asianromance

      the replica isn’t completely exact. i think the original ticket has a 334 while the other blank one they used (to write in the winning numbers) has like a 336 or something. Or was it the other way around? But I am curious abt the whole robbery thing. I also wondered why the Head Thief didn’t come up with the idea to replace the ticket. And how is it possible that the Lackey can forge the phone number in the back so well!

      As for how did they know Kang had the ticket and where it was hidden–The only explanation would be that Hwang Yong planned it, since the thieves knew Hwang Yong. And I think Yong, while going inside the Kang house with the trophy wife to get tea, said to bring the knives in when they’re done – an excuse to get close to the house. If that isn’t it, then the writer has jumped the shark with the contrivances.

      • 26.1.1 reeen

        I think the gangsters mentioned that they had been working for Hwang Yong, but quit, stating that they wanted to get some honest work and Hwang Yong helped them open their knife sharpening business. But it seems like they knew of the transaction between him and Gun Woo’s dad and were planning to steal the ticket all along.

    • 26.2 lazyG

      The thieves made replacement tickets by buying the same numbers. The dates, however, are different.

      • 26.2.1 Jacki

        Touchdown! That’s a rellay cool way of putting it!

  27. 27 Z

    Also, are we really supposed to like Hwang Yong when he’s hitting on married women? I understand that she’s just a Trophy Wife and her marriage is on the rocks but she is still married. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that that first kiss was an impulsive act. But then, he totally hit on the woman IN HER HUSBAND’S HOUSE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. And she totally encouraged him to do it! Who does that? It’s like, all the good will he built up from being a kind-hearted gangster is out the window.

    • 27.1 reeen

      Plus I’m sure that he sees through Trophy Wife and realises that in the end she’s attracted to him for the money. But as he can’t have her otherwise, he goes with that. I don’t think he’s meant to be just positive (he IS a loan shark after all).
      I really like the drama for its morally ambiguous characters, though. Most of them a lot more lifelike than the typical good/bad stereotypes.

  28. 28 Ughhhh

    Actually Hwang Yong is NOT in the bedroom with disheveled sheets. He is in the room ACROSS THE HALL where the maid is cleaning, which is why the bed is in the state it is. He is waiting in that bedroom before he leaves, because she has the door propped open. He hands the maid money for the inconvenience of asking her to stay there for a moment.

  29. 29 co

    Thanks for the recap.
    I don’t agree about Soon Geum being caught up with her status though. Or if she is, its only because Gun Woo has forced her to be. When she confessed to liking him as a maid he made his dislike of her and her status very clear. And yet he is in love with Shi Ah. The message he is giving is that he can only be with her if she is rich etc. So you can hardly blame her for thinking that too.
    It makes me mad that she has to continually apologise when its him that has been acting so shallow!

  30. 30 ingridine

    For me, the indirect kiss was the best moment in episode 8 …i still can feel SG heartbeat ! and ..mine too !

    one of the best episode so far !

    don’t forget SG father too …i can feel complex situations very soon
    i don’t want GW found about lottery ticket by her father …nooooooooooo!

    Yes Jung Gyu woon is ALREADY served his term !! a real chance for us ! XD

    If you want more details about his butt …try here : http://seoulbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/20101013_drchamp2_seoulbeats.jpg …but i can’t see a mole ! XD

    • 30.1 floralnori

      It’s good to know they didn’t have to use a stunt double. πŸ™‚

    • 30.2 tyoung315

      I don’t think JGW really has a mole on his butt. Look at this picture and I think the mole is being drawn. LOL.


      • 30.2.1 hanjiyoon

        I wonder what was racing through that makeup artist’s mind when she was drawing the mole on JGW’s butt… HAHAHA.

    • 30.3 glace

      Already done with military? Ahhh, thank you thank you!

  31. 31 sosoxrah

    The robbery scene was totally unexpected, imo. I just don’t know what to expect with this drama as a whole as a matter of fact. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the story. I’m enjoying it for the interactions bt the characters and how they create a scene that’s a little different from the usual and predictable k-drama scenes. I like how Hyun Joo is still sincerely caring for the trophy wife even though she keep denying their friendship. It should be interesting later when they hopefully get on good terms again.

  32. 32 dany

    I don’t really like the male and female lead, still, i like the show. Thanks for the recap!

  33. 33 lishuys

    lol @ ” . . . name your disease . . . “

  34. 34 floralnori

    Thanks for the recap! I really love this show. Can’t wait to see if Young-hee walks in on Gun-woo and Soon-geum kissing! For the sake of the show, I hope he does walk in, but leaves not recognizing Soon-geum from behind.

  35. 35 Daniela

    This is my first time leaving a comment in your recaps, but Im following the drama.
    This episode made me laugh very much. The elevator scene was hilarious.
    The relationship between Soon Geum and Gun Woo amuses me because they look like kids sometimes and in this episode even more. The only thing that I cant understand is why she is so madly in love. Maybe I missed something. I can understand she likes him but this mega love for him is strange to me.
    I really wanted that she leave her Shi Ah persona for good and that she could make him fall for her as Soon Geum. I agree with you in your last paragaph.
    I made a whole different scenarios that can happend with the change of tickets, but Im going to wait to see what happends.

    Thank you for the recap!

  36. 36 crazedlu

    exactly. soon geum is the one who frustrates me, not gun woo, and it’s for the reasons you listed. although, i really hate that he kissed her as shi ah too.

    i’m hoping for some legitimate angst (and not granny choon jak’s failing health) to break the strange progression of soon geum and gun woo’s relationship.

    like the show a lot, but i’m nerrrrvous about where they’re taking it.

    • 36.1 crazedlu

      oh yeah! i rewatched the scenes with soo jung and hyun joo OVER and OVER again. hahahahhahhahah. i love what they did with those scenes.

  37. 37 dokki

    this has been the BEST ep so far….alright alright, i’ll admit…..it’s the best because of the kisses lol

    thanks for the recaps!

  38. 38 bopbopbop

    romance town is underrated!!
    ahhh i love young hee

  39. 39 Carinne

    Helllooooo butt crack.

  40. 40 Maha

    what the hell
    he showed his Ass

    what is wrong with him how dare he show us his ass
    i was ugly sence

  41. 41 jamie

    What’s bugging me about this show right now is the imbalance of power. I mean, its always been the whole maid/master dynamic but we had the complexity of her actually having more money than him and then the whole shin ah bit. Plus she was spunky, so it all kind of balanced out.

    But now her money seems to be gone, the shin ah thing is annoying me and her spunk! All that beautiful spunk! Where did it go? Gun woo has all the cards and I’m annoyed. Writers/drama gods/Santa Claus hear my prayers, give her back her spunk and let everyone know about her money. I’ll be good til Christmas.

  42. 42 Oh-oh-okk...

    Kaedejun…I thought you were going to give more insight on the robbery and falsification of the lottery ticket, and the kind-of-affair that YJ and HY are having.

    1st) The robbery-and-Hwang Yong’s connection:

    I am 100% sure that the writers are not stupid and complete flakes. They wrote Hwang Yong as someone who seems refined, kind and excellent w/ money on the surface HOWEVER how his business dealings are shady. He is lusting after a married woman. He has no shame flaunting, flirting and eyeing a taken woman in front of her husband and his supposed friend.
    Hwang may have a shady business but it seems like it operates honestly w/out violence. Also the leader seems to be on good terms w/ HY and quit on good terms. He’s taking of his family honestly however maybe honest work is not cashing in…hence the robbery. Some mentionned that Hwang suggested to YJ to have tea at her house to see where the ticket is. I do not think that it was to check out where the lotto ticket was.( I mean both the leader and lackey tried to ransack the place they DID NOT know jack!) For HY it was simply a way to confirm YJ’s lessening of her own boundaries. To accept to have a private moment w/ someone other than your husband at this time of the night. While YJ is the one preparing the tea herself. That’s #winning! Hwang is street-wise playboy!

    VERDICT: Hwang is NOT connected to this robbery.

    2nd) Ticket falsification:

    Now this where there are a few holes to fill…
    The lackey operates alone defying his master’s quite good logic. (Now when I have a winning lotto ticket I write my legal name, phone number and the ticket’s # on the back too! haha) Falsifying a lotto ticket is NOT easy…so I do not know where got that copy! -_0
    Now, I’m thinking that this lackey is keeping the lotto for himself… I also am thinking that it might get lost because of how untucked the ticket was in the lackey’s back pocket. Now this fake ticket that Kang Tae Won has…is bad. Major, major…bad! I don’t know when Kang expects to cash it in because when he does he’ll be reported… because #334 is not the winning lotto! The real #334 has no winning numbers, uh oh! Then who will he blamed…Hwang! That trust is deeeead And then who will Hwang go after…Noh! That money will have to go back, uh oh!
    This will be a disaster…I also don’t know how the leader and lackey knew that Kang was using that lotto to evade the inheritance tax! Who was listening on Hwang and Kang at that late night dinner??? I am confused.

    VERDICT: The real ticket is gone. The lackey is a true con. Kang is fried therefore Hwang is burned and Noh Soon Geum is half-dead?

    3rd) The Hwang & Yoon emotional affair turned physical…?
    Now both YJ and HY were BOTH in that 548 room. When she seems to be welling up in tears , laying her head dow on his shoulder and him side-looking at her w/ some guilt. SOMETHING defintely happened. Her head slowly going down w/ her eyes welling up on his LEFT shoulder= she has finally succumbed to her desires and she’s gone way over the line w/ him. Hwang’s head held high but not turning all the way to face her= he’s ashamed, guilt-tripped for her. It was a great visual. Now, Hwang probably got warned immeadiately by YJ as soon as she got the 911 from HJ. Hwang then went to the opposite room where a maid was cleaning up. He probably tipped her nicely because he was hiding out in a room where she’s working, cleaning…etc. That opposite room was not theirs…I mean YJ called Hwang from the Hotel’s cafe quite spontaneously however he was all nicely dressed and on call. Maybe, just maybe it was planned…but then why would she make herself stay an hr at a cafe to see Kang San’s mother…?? So still seems like it was not a planned call…it’s just he looks way too put together lol

    VERDICT: Something definitely happened between the two maybe more kissing+groping+some confessions…BUT a hotel romp. I don’t think so.

  43. 43 hanjiyoon

    KBS just released the preview for Episode 9!

    Here’s a link:


    Looks like there will be even more romance, drama, and conflict! And a cute scene between GW & SG. πŸ˜€

    Hmm.. and I’m also wondering how the whole Yoon Joo and Hwang Yong relationship will be played out. Cause, y’know… it IS sorta hot. And dangerous. Will they get caught? Will YJ leave her husband? What about when she finds out who San’s real father is? I don’t know why… call me weird, but I find affairs to just be so exhilarating. Forgot to comment about this on the last recap… but YES. Gotta love that wine scene.

    Kyah.. I agree with what someone said earlier. Can YJ and HY just have a show to themselves?! πŸ˜›

  44. 44 mskololia

    Kaedejun, I thought he was hallucinating at the end….Symptoms from the head injury. I can see HY walking in and asking him what he’s doing. LOL

    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful recap.

    What will her mistress do if San’s mother comes for him and will she discover that SG has been using her clothes when she can clearly buy her own for fantasy night out with GW?

    The lottery scam was interesting. The psycho from Sign and the detective from OUATISC were hilarious.

  45. 45 mrskimchee

    thanks for this super fun recap!!!
    i’m loving this drama even more now

  46. 46 jyyjc

    I don’t understand many of the characters although I am enjoying this drama. Also, why doesn’t soon geum just buy her own expensive clothes to save the trouble of sneaking out with the trophy wife’s clothes?

  47. 47 ricky the royal highness

    My buttocks wishes to say hello to JGW buttocks πŸ™‚

    Great recap BTW!

    • 47.1 MJP

      LOL! Buttock Greetings?

      • 47.1.1 ricky the royal highness

        Why not? His buttocks were lonely & mine are too darn friendly!

    • 47.2 Jomo

      I need to know. What language do these buttocks speak?

      • 47.2.1 ricky the royal highness

        Why, Jomo. Glad you asked!

        Everybody knows buttocks are mute.
        They communicate via vibrations, alternating frequencies to convey different meanings.

        JUST like whales & dolphins πŸ™‚

  48. 48 Jennifer

    All I thought about was Soon Geum’s money. Is she back to being poor again?!?! I don’t want her to be poor, I would rather save the money then save the guy. ARGGGG!! MY MONEY!!! HAHA!!

  49. 49 MJP


    Thanks so much for the recaps. There were a couple of things that flew past my attention, so I am really glad to have read your thoughts!!!

  50. 50 angelyurihuynh

    Kiss cute Syr-Jrw
    comtinue episode9

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