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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 341
by | July 10, 2011 | 77 Comments

EPISODE 341. Broadcast on July 3, 2011.

javabeans: Dinner ends, and the guys are given a chance to play for dessert. The game gets upgraded with the addition of yet another catchphrase, so now they’re juggling three possible action/reaction scenarios. It’s just enough to be playable…barely. I swear, you can see the guys thinking as they play, trying to remember which is the appropriate response at any given moment.

girlfriday: Ho-dong’s face! Hahaha. He’s going into near convulsions just trying to keep it together. Must. Not. Shout. Wrong. Phrase!

javabeans: Tae-woong proves he’s still the big handicap when the challenge involves childhood games, which makes me think he had the saddest childhood ever, to be so at sea with these schoolyard/bonding/MT games. His team wins one round and loses the rest, but that doesn’t seem like such a loss since it’s actually taxing the winners’ stomachs to claim their reward, with how full the watermelon makes them. Seung-gi struggles to finish his quickly — the game’s a-waitin’! — and in the last round, Su-geun pats his distended belly and comments that they’re actually the losers, to be saddled with this burden.

girlfriday: Heh, all day long this team’s been winning all the games, and yet somehow they always end up the eventual losers.

javabeans: Since the all-night shoot is their punishment for not finishing their day mission, Na PD fills them in on the shooting schedule. He’s broken down the night into hourly segments — and “sleep” occupies a woefully small 10-minute portion of the schedule. (5:00 to 5:10.) Heh. You know he’s being sadistic again, because that amount of sleep is just enough to torture you, rather than relieve.

girlfriday: Na PD’s names for each activity crack me up — “Pairing Game: This is my heart. How’s yours?” or “Coffee Time: Discussion with Na PD. Is 1N2D okay like this?” I can’t believe he’s put a race in at 3am.

javabeans: But sadism aside, he’s also a shrewd mastermind, as we well know — because the reward for Activity #1 is exemption from the all-night shoot. Suddenly each member is alert, all excited at the prospect of cutting this ordeal short. Now it is ON. This game? It’s GENIUS. Simple, but brilliant: Separate the members into different rooms and make them each answer the question, “Who are you closest with?” If two guys pick each other, they win the exemption. It makes the members sweat, it’s rife with a number of delightful possibilities and combinations, and it reveals just enough of a flash of the members’ real personalities to be tantalizing to us in the audience.

girlfriday: I LOVE this game! It’s horrible (well, potentially horrible) but SUCH good drama. I’m already wringing my hands in anticipation. And the flashbacks to the different pairings isn’t helping. It’s Baby Bear and Papa Bear! No, wait, it’s Ho-dong-ppa Tae-woong and his man-crush! What if someone doesn’t get chosen? What if everyone writes Ho-dong? What if bromances are irrevocably shattered?

javabeans: It’s such a mindfuck, and that’s why it’s so suspenseful and entertaining. You run the risk of hurting feelings and bruising delicate egos. Everyone is talking in circles, saying “I’d really pick X in real life… but for this game, I’d be expected to pick Y… but they’d know that expectation and maybe they’ll pick Z…” There’s always the risk that you pick a person who’s closer to another person — so do you answer truthfully, or do you “settle” for the guy who might pick you back?

girlfriday: Yeah, it’s one thing to try and figure out your own friendships, but then to measure that up against the other guys — how is anyone to know if their BFF is closer to someone else? How many bromance triangles does it take to sour a six-way friendship?

javabeans: I love that this game plays not only with the real relationships behind the cameras, but also the guys’ perception of each other. They know how they feel, but do they have a skewed vision of how the other guys are with each other?

girlfriday: It’s so great, the questions this game brings up. I see this person the most while working. But I see this person the most because we share the same hobby. But when I talk to this person, we really understand each other. This guy and I go out for drinks. Who am I closest to? And then there’s Jong-min, who’s just like… will anyone pick me?

javabeans: Aw, Jong-min. He’s the only one who just answered the question straight, rather than getting hung up on predicting who everyone else would pick. (He does wonder at it, but ultimately chooses based on his own feelings.) It twists my heart a little that the reason he’s free to do that is because he thought nobody would write him as a response. AW.

girlfriday: Someone please write his name! I might cry if he’s left out!

javabeans: I think HE might cry. And then that would make me cry. See, Jong-min should just be sincere, earnest, awkward guy. SO endearing. Forget trying to be the funny jokester persona, just be the heart-on-a-sleeve dork. THAT should be his new concept.

girlfriday: Everybody begins the same way — they start with Ho-dong, and then guess that Tae-woong is bound to pick him. Ho-dong whips out his phone to show a text that he got from Tae-woong one day at like 7 in the morning, saying that he had a dream about him. OH. MY.

javabeans: It has everyone parsing the question to bits. “I like him…but can we say we’re close?” They decide this is a game of telepathy, then edit in everyone guessing totally wrong. Su-geun: “I think Ho-dong will pick Seung-gi.” Seung-gi: “I could pick Su-geun, but he might pick Ho-dong.” Ho-dong: “I don’t think either Su-geun or Seung-gi will pick me.” Caption: “Wayward telepathy.” But I love the edit where Su-geun is predicting how Seung-gi will react to the question. Cut to Seung-gi, saying that exact thing. So predictable.

girlfriday: That’s the genius of this game. These guys are so good at predicting each other’s responses that it doubles back on them. It’s like a funhouse mirror of mindgames. Because then, does Seung-gi pick that predictable pick, or does he do what they’re doing, and play based on the likeliest outcomes? God, this is better than Vegas. Seung-gi and Su-geun both say that they see each other the most often — they play soccer together once a week. But each of them thinks the other is going to write down Ho-dong’s name. If you think about it, the crux of this game is Ho-dong, because every single one of them thinks that everyone ELSE is going to choose Ho-dong. But mostly it just fucks with all the pairings.

javabeans: HA. Su-geun was told to write his answer on his right hand by his PD, because of the dramatic effect of the reveal (handshakes and such), so he had to scrawl it with his left hand. And then he finds that nobody else was told to do that.

girlfriday: Hehe. One really overzealous PD.

javabeans: They call that PD the rookie. He must still be in that phase where you work super hard and do way too much, above and beyond what’s necessary.

girlfriday: Oh, the tension as they all gather. They’re equally stressed about being picked and not being picked, because either way, somebody feels bad. The endless possibility of broken hearts! This is the most bromantic game ever. Jong-min is the first to reveal his pick: Ji-won. And then the anxiety as Ji-won reveals his pick… Caption: “Will Jong-min’s love be unrequited?” LOL.

javabeans: I’m on pins and needles, hoping for a love match. Because the alternative is just too sad.

girlfriday: Ji-won shows his hand… he chose… Jong-min! Aw. Jong-min actually cries! And then later, when Ji-won gets scared by a bug, Jong-min jumps up: “I’ll catch it for you, hyung!” So. Cute.

javabeans: How hilarious is it that while Ji-won runs away from the big bad moth, Tae-woong’s method of handling it is to blow on it? (It doesn’t work.) Speaking of Tae-woong, he’s the big spoiler in this whole thing, I think. The Ho-dong / Seung-gi / Su-geun love triangle has its complications, but I think you can talk your way through it and figure out a solution. But Tae-woong, he of the morning text messages… Ho-dong rationalizes that people don’t dream about people they don’t care about. That dream weighs on Ho-dong’s mind as he tries to figure out whether to vote with his protégé, with his comedian pal…or with his heart.

girlfriday: So it’s finally Ho-dong’s turn, and everyone is dying to know his choice. Ho-dong: “My heart is… Uhm Tae-woong ♥ !” But sadly, Tae-woong chose Su-geun instead. Wah, wah. Ho-dong’s hand goes from a declaration of love straight into a fist of fury.


girlfriday: HA.

javabeans: Btw, Tae-woong is like the king of non sequiturs. His little offhand comments are SO random. I can totally see him sending a lovey text message out of the blue, just ‘cause the idea popped into his head. He’s like the male Choi Ji-woo. OH MAN they should totally date. It would be a hoot just to watch them be weird and random together.

girlfriday: But! He loves Ho-dong!

javabeans: The man can have room enough in his heart for bro-love and…uh, non-bro-love. He raises dogs!

girlfriday: I wouldn’t be surprised if Dogs win over Ho-dong anyway, in Tae-woong’s heart.

javabeans: Now I see why Tae-woong doesn’t have lots of female friends. Knowing what I do about his personality now makes me like Su Ae even more. I’m totally inventing scenarios in my head, but I see her as the type of chill woman who just rolls with his random weirdness, not getting all peevish or sensitive when he doesn’t do what he’s *supposed* to do.

girlfriday: I want them to be like her and Lee Jung-jin in Bottom of the 9th With 2 Outs. Just adorably wacky BFFs, and then one day… LOVE!

javabeans: Hilariously, the lovelines continue to miss their targets, because Seung-gi also picks Su-geun…who picks Ji-won. How funny that neither Ho-dong nor Seung-gi got picked! But I feel like that’s what happens when you’re TOO popular (“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”) and everyone assumes you’ll pick someone else, so they don’t pick you, and then you’re left unpicked.

girlfriday: Aw, all the unrequited love. I love how jealous Ho-dong is: “Must be nice… to get two votes…”

javabeans: I love that while he definitely plays things up for cameras, Ho-dong can never quite eliminate that real flash of petty jealousy. Hee.

girlfriday: Keh, the next thing on the agenda, Coffee Time Discussion, takes all of five minutes. “Is 1N2D okay the way it is?” “Yup.” “Anyone want to change anything?” “Nope.” “Cheers!”

javabeans: Shortest debate ever. I love that they’re drinking out of the cups they had to carry around all day. Caption: “1N2D: Okay the way it is?” Short discussion. Caption: “1N2D: Okay the way it is.”

girlfriday: It cracks me up that of the four guys who couldn’t find their match, three of them are bitter — Su-geun: “Ji-won, can you really sleep?” Seung-gi: “Su-geun hyung, I want my gift back.” Ho-dong: “[Tae-woong] don’t text me in the morning.” But Tae-woong is just ridiculously random and sincere: “[Ho-dong] Hyung… I’m happy.” That he picked you? Omg, I die.

javabeans: Like a bashful little boy. But Ho-dong is still miffed that his love went unrequited. Or maybe we should call it underrequited.

girlfriday: Then they play another game for late-night snacks, and Ho-dong and Seung-gi are hilariously competitive with their ear-pulling and interlocking fingers. Oooooowwwww!

javabeans: Lol. The more into the game you get, the more tightly you grasp your ear, which means the harder you yank on it when you forget to let go… Seung-gi: “I almost ripped my ear off that time.”

girlfriday: Aw, the poor crew, sleeping in shifts while they can, and the boys with increasingly heavy eyelids. The 24 clock flashes on the screen. Jack Bauer, eat your heart out. They arrive on the beach for more games, and Na PD announces the two teams as “Unfulfilled Lovelines.” HA.

javabeans: OMG the elephant-trunk-spinny-flag-hop-beach game. WTF?

girlfriday: Hahahaha. That’s like the go-to game when 1N2D has no ideas: Make the guys really really dizzy, and then give them some task to do!

javabeans: I got the gist, but as I was trying to follow the logic of the verbal explanation, I just gave myself a headache. First, spin in a circle ten times while making an elephant trunk with your arms, then run toward the beach between the flags, and take three steps…? I guess the confusion was worth it, though, to see Tae-woong flail-flop on the sand while trying to maintain his dignity. At one point he looked like an upended turtle.

girlfriday: HAHAHAHA. His embarrassment was so priceless!

javabeans: That man! Brings new meaning to the expression “two left feet.” Except, somehow, the reality of his coordination is worse than what I imagine two left feet would look like.

girlfriday: Needs a new expression. I rather like the one he’s gotten from the foot-related sports: Dog Feet.

javabeans: But… dogs are swift and graceful? He’s like a gorilla crossbred with a greyhound. Feet : Tae-woong :: Arms : Tyrannosaurus Rex.

girlfriday: Near-vestigial organs? Heh. Okay, now the pail-head chicken fight is is the most ridiculous game ever.

javabeans: In that people win and lose without actually getting to the fight part? There was barely any contact, even. It’s like you’re your own enemy in that one.

girlfriday: Pwahahaha…. Seung-gi spinning around and around, to his Gumiho song: “I must’ve lost my mind…” Ho-dong stands in front of everyone holding Tae-woong’s hand: “Other people say that our love cannot be…” OH. MY. GOD. Am I dreaming this?

javabeans: I love that it totally sounds normal in Korean, even as he declares, “…but now we are one! Tae-woong, I love you!” Tae-woong: “I’ve always loved you!” Hug. Music. Annnnd scene.

girlfriday: They all end up in the ocean anyway, and then Ho-dong and Tae-woong get to sleep (for an hour?) while Seung-gi and Su-geun stay up all night.

javabeans: Apparently the scheduled morning punishment activity has been cancelled (Seung-gi fakes dismay: “Oh noooo. Reaaaaallly?”) so instead of laboring outside, Seung-gi and Su-geun just have to stay up. Not a bad trade.

girlfriday: Chef Seung-gi spends the time making pot after pot of ramen for the staff, and then it’s already sunrise. Time to wake the others! They do the opening and the pairs get introduced as: The team that went to bed at 2am, the team that went to bed at 4am, and the team that went to bed… the night before last. Heh.

javabeans: They sure look tired. I think Su-geun took sadistic pleasure in waking the others with his ungodly croak.

girlfriday: When they find Ji-won under his pile of long girly hair, Seung-gi wakes him with a, “Ji-won Noona!”

javabeans: And then it’s off to see the sights of Kwanmaedo, though I’m not sure how much of the scenic environs they’re taking in, with most of them still bleary-eyed and half-asleep.

girlfriday: I think that bridge with the glass bottom wakes them up. Or at least the half of them who’re afraid of heights. Next week: the 200th episode special! Wow, 1N2D, you’re like a senior citizen three times over!


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  1. mmmaggie

    I have unabashedly been waiting for this all day and was panicked when I saw the new Running Man entry, thinking you had stopped recapping 1N2D — like a dealer who stops offering free samples of his drug once someone is hooked. Thanks, ladies, for continuing to do recap this show. Seriously, ADDICTED.

    • 1.1 ems

      mmmaggie, love your choice of analogy.

      jb!! thanx so much!!~ made my day worth of a smile today.

    • 1.2 entertained

      I had the same reaction.

      • 1.2.1 Jen

        Yes, me too!

        I always feel like I get to enjoy the show twice, once while watching, and then reliving it through the awesomeness of these recaps.

        • amymoon

          agree. totally awesome recaps. totally.

      • 1.2.2 Nanmz

        It gave me a shock when running man was recapped. Thought they stopped recapping 1N2D… Thanks JB and GF for recapping this show for us non korean-speaking viewers…. =]

    • 1.3 Gustave154

      Love this episode sooooo much! Hope JB and GF keeps recapping this show because these recaps are too awesome!!

  2. Hahn

    Was waiting for this.. Serial addiction to 1n2d

  3. y.

    This episode was great, especially the pairing game hahaha. I don’t get why Su-geun picked Ji-won though. :O

    • 3.1 anna

      They are very close if you’ve been watching 1N2D for a long time, especially when they play charades, they can seem to almost read each other’s mind. It’s crazy. 😀

    • 3.2 Joanne

      All of them are pretty close on and off screen, but if I were Suguen I’d think Seunggi and Taewoong are both more likely to pick Hodong, too.

      But I love that Jiwon chose Jongmin. Jiwon may be the choding, but honestly underneath it he has a softie heart of gold!

    • 3.3 Lisa

      Jiwon and Suguen are also super close, they were both part of the original team of “are you ready” which was the name of 1n2d before so they have been working together since 2007 and Jiwonne also featured on one of Suguen’s single while Suguen featured on Jiwonne’s 5th album with the track “160” ( if anyone didn’t get a chance to listen to this song, please do it !! it will crack you up!!)

  4. Arhazivory

    Crack. This show is crack. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw that the recap was here.

    *Runs off to read.*

    • 4.1 Arhazivory


      Wow. What an awesome episode. I almost felt teary reading when Jongmin cried. He’s so sensitive and adorable sometimes, like when he cried after making it to the top of Mt. Seoraksan (sp). I’m very glad he got picked and the other pickings were just hilariously wrong.

      Taewoong should be called the new Heo-dang(sp). lol. How can he be such a loveable dork? Haha.

      • 4.1.1 ilog

        I was also a little bit teary at JongMin. It was so nice that somebody did pick him, when he was so sure and resigned that nobody would.

        Another reason to love JiWon! He made JongMin cry, in the best way possible.. 😀

        • Agnes

          I agree Ji Won is such a sweetie! Jong Min needs to be more confident, there are alot of people who love you in the show!

    • 4.2 mud

      But it’s awesome crack=) The type you can’t get enough…. though I think all crack is addictive, though it’s not like I’ve ever tried all crack, or any crack, except tv-crack. That sentence had the word “crack” way too many times…

      • 4.2.1 Arhazivory

        lol yeah. All you needed to complete your crack-y sentence was to say that 1N2D is crackaliciously cracktastic. XD

  5. Kes

    Poor adorable Tae-woong. I think he’s living out all his boyhood fantasies about having a dad and a bunch of brothers around…he’s in this gloriously unaffected state of boyish contentment at Guy-Time, and it makes me want to love him and hug him and feed him sandwiches.

    Seung-gi calling Ji-won ‘Noona’ was possibly my favourite part. XD

  6. alove

    Sorry, this is totally unrelated to 1N2D but there hasn’t been a recent open thread to which I can post this —

    Can either JB or GF do a review post on “Can You Hear My Heart”? I’m really sad now that its over, and am interested in hearing your thoughts if either of you have watched it.

    Hopefully this is read!

  7. shoes&sock

    omg… These are my new favorite recaps…other than romance town and you’ve fallen for me of course!

  8. Rachael

    Yay for Jong-min! He really does need to stick with being a dork wearing his heart on his sleeve cause it can be pretty adorkable. So happy he got picked by Jiwon considering how Jong-min tends to be a verbal punching bag at times.

  9. Ani

    Eun Jiwon, I love you more for picking Jongmin. I also thought that my favorite moments with Jongmin was when he was just being himself: an awkward bloke with a big heart. I hope someone points that out to him soon. I wonder what Eun Jiwon’s reasoning for picking Jongmin was, but I’m glad for Jongmin. Eun Jiwon? Is it possible to fall in love with you even more? Yes. I think it is. ^^

    • 9.1 Joanne

      Jiwon is a master of the games. My guess is that he was thinking of choosing between Suguen and Jongmin and ended picking the person he was more sure of getting returned.

      The fact that Jongmin was so touched is a super sweet outcome. And the way Jiwon smiled afterwards showed that he was really glad about his choice, too.

      But wait, Jiwon is Jongmin’s hyung??! O_o I always forget and for some reason assume Jiwon’s the second youngest.

      • 9.1.1 Agnes

        I think its because they paired up in alot of games together so they got alot closer… It really cute though xD

      • 9.1.2 Ani

        Yeah, I know Jiwon is a genius, but sometimes like this I prefer to think he used his heart more than he did he brain. X/

      • 9.1.3 JJ

        Has anyone watched the episode live in kbs?
        If I remembered correctly, Jiwon was in fact debating between choosing Taewoong or Jongmin, before he finally settled on Jongmin 😀

  10. 10 stars4u

    The ear-pulling game thing was hilarious!!! I laughed so hard when Ho-dong pulled his ear so hard not being able to let go…. hahhahah!

  11. 11 sup super supper

    I am completely unashamed in confessing that I have stayed up way later than I ought to have, just to keep revisiting to see if a 1N2D recap was posted. Life is rewarding and good, even if come Monday morning I am going to be a little more bleary-eyed than usual.

    Speaking of my eyes! Tears totally sprang to them when Jong-min’s loveline with Ji-won did not go unanswered. Ah, Jong-min, my heart just clenches for him–he’s so awkward!

    However, Tae-woong continues to be the most endearingly adorable, awkward little thing ever. Also, “I want [Tae-woong and Su Ae] to be like her and Lee Jung-jin in Bottom of the 9th With 2 Outs.” So much love for this suggestion, and so much yes.

  12. 12 Mia


    For some reason I just absolutely adore the sincere and slightly pitiful Jong Min. He may not be the funniest, he may not have five minutes of screen time per episode, and he may be placed very last for every event for timing purposes. But I just love love love love him.

    I was starting to tear up when Eum Ji Won picked him too. (Okay, I did tear up. *Sniifff*)

  13. 13 iforgotmyprevioiusname

    Noona…I’m happy.

  14. 14 Ohemgee

    I swear one of these days I am going to gather all my best girlfriends and have a 1n2d trip (complete with games, of course!!!) of my own!

    Seems like a blast! 😉

  15. 15 kukkoo

    Taewoong’s fall after fall when doing the elephant spin was priceless. it was so funny.

  16. 16 Jane

    Wait.. 200th episode special? Aren’t we on the 341st episode? I’m a little confused. Would anyone care to enlighten me?

    Thanks JB for the recaps!

    • 16.1 rumba lumba

      today they aired their 200th episode.

      go to to see all the episodes.

      my guess on this:
      the program catalogue that Dramabeans uses probably listed this as the 341st episode of the segment that 1N2D is in i.e. the 2nd slot of the Sunday variety corner ‘Happy Sunday’ which consists of ‘Qualifications of Men + 1N2D’ every Sunday.

      even on the 1n2dfansubs website, the 200th episode is actually 212 (or 213?), because they counted the program ‘Are You Ready?’ which was the program that was originally 1N2D. it got cancelled after 12 episodes because of poor ratings (its 1st episode was with Han Hyo Joo LOL), and replaced it with 1N2D with the same members.

      so it actually is 1N2D’s 200th episode today in Korea. which makes sense as well. if you use a little math, 1N2D started in 2007 and there are 52 weeks in 1 year and so 1N2D should be around 200 episodes this year of 2011.

  17. 17 Ace

    Jiwon + Jongmin = Love. Aaaw!

    Too funny that nobody picked Seunggi and Hodong. Haha! The games in this episode were so simple and I can’t believe how many ways they can mess up with these.

    Lovely recap, ladies! Thanks!

  18. 18 Sammi510

    The Pairing Game is the most sadistically, fun game ever on the show. All mind games. Such great fun. Thanks for the recap.

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    I love how they used the haunting “ah-ah-ah-ah~~” music they were trying to imitate in the episode before during the beach game XD

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    Oh man, each time I read one of these recaps about 1N2D my heart falls more and more in love with Tae-woong. He’s too cute and the fact that he’s so random and such a dork .. I love him 😀

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    The 1N2D recap is always just right to start my Monday with a ton of laughs!

    thanks so much for the recap!

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    OMG – I’m just crying ( and I think I’m gonna need a ‘Depends’, too) – this is the funniest recap ever!

    There’s just nothing like a bunch of guys for straight-out bromance antics. I die.

    Thanks, ladies!
    🙂 🙂

  23. 23 Noelle

    Ho Dong and Tae Woongs man love is hilarious.
    Thanks for the recap guys! Love this show to pieces.

  24. 24 Jossy

    PD Na you are deliciously evil. I love your genius brain and stone of a heart.. I Heard you were already married? Booooo you need to come down to NZ! xD

  25. 25 arielna

    tae woong sshi kept falling down, falling down, falling down,
    but he kept getting up and finally won the game!

    i was laughing hysterically at him but ended up feeling so proud of him

  26. 26 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! i love jb and gf’s 1N2D recaps as always!! <3

  27. 27 crizzyville

    Great recap ladies! Seriously touched with the turnout of the pairing game bet jongmin and jiwon.. I think jongmin is the most underrated member of the group, but glad to know jiwon appreciates him.. I also want to know the reason why, hehe
    @ohemgee thats a great idea. I sure want to watch a marathon along with my siblings(we’re 6 btw,including a brother) i just hope we can find a dvd of this show.. Much love ladies! U shower my monday with awesomeness!

    • 27.1 strawberryfieldsforever

      agree! i also thought that jong min was the unappreciated one, but i was just so happy that ji won picked him. how sweet is that? 😀

    • 27.2 rumba lumba

      kinda disagree. i think Jiwon is the most underrated. when someone mentions 1N2D, it’s always Hodong, Seunggi, and Sugeun that come to mind. but, i think Jiwon is so hilarious too and he brings so much into the whole show.

      right now, those core 4 guys run the show completely. if you watched the 1N2D opening from two episodes ago, the first 10-15 minutes those 4 guys were the only ones that were talking, laughing, making jokes and witty comments.

      i also feel for Jongmin, but as a true 1N2D fan from the beginning i understand why people are frustrated at him. i remember him teasing Seunggi in Seunggi’s first ep (episode 27? which is like 4 years ago). the point is that, why did he not bounce back? all the variety shows that Jongmin was in besides 1N2D, he was hilarious in all of ’em.

      as a viewer and as a 1N2D fan, i’m just frustrated because i know what he is capable of. and at the same time, i wonder WHY he can’t pull it off now. it’s not like he is a rookie. he’s been in the industry for so long. the fact that he just stands there and just laugh and clap is kind of frustrating. it’s like he’s not even trying to get back his ‘former’ self, or at least improve his performance. he’s been in the show for almost 2 years now, and i just see little to no improvement.

      it gives me the impression, as a viewer and as a fan, that he does not work hard enough. if Seunggi can go from being a star to a superstar, or Sugeun from being a comedian with the worst timing to a comedian that can make Korea laugh, what’s stopping Jongmin? Seunggi, Sugeun, and everyone else did not just improve because of their talents, but because they worked hard on it.

      i remember this one ep where Seunggi was even practicing his ‘body gags’ to make the show funnier. and in a harsher way of saying things, Jongmin does not even appear on other variety shows right now. he has time to improve upon his performance. he can’t forever be like that. seriously.

      watching his performance on 1n2d, there’s just more of the same since 2009. it’s not like i want him out of the show, but man he has to realize the gravity of the show that he is in. it’s the king of variety shows for 4 years now and not some made-up variety show littered with idols. i just hope he realizes that for a variety show of this quality, we as viewers also expect some quality performance. i am content with the show right now, but i admit that 2008-2009 1N2D with the 6 guys+1 dog was the season to beat.

      • 27.2.1 rahma

        totally agree. truth be told I first watched 1n2d because of Seunggi, and that was about March this year. but then I fell into the show itself and start digging information and watching old episodes.

        though i am not an expert, but i do feel that jongmin should step up his game before it’s too late. and yes, it kinda irritates me sometimes when i watch or read a news or merely articles praise 1n2d but they only mention Hodong, Seunggi, and Sugeun.

        yes, those three are obviously working hard but so do jiwon. maybe, just maybe, his choding image sometimes mistaken him as one who’s not ‘deep’ enough or not ‘working’ enough and just roughly play around with no intention to really ‘give’ something to the show.

        i have no problem with nowadays episodes, but yes, i also think circa 2008 and 2009 are still the winning years.

      • 27.2.2 strawberryfieldsforever

        well..i never thought that jiwon was the underrated one, probably because he’s such a character to watch. i only said that jongmin was the underrated one because he has not been given much time or attention. as you said, when 2d1n is mentioned, it’s all about seunggi or sugeun or hodong.he may not be the funniest or the loudest or the craziest but i think, with a bunch like the 2d1n guys, another crazy or loud guy is no longer necessary.

        as to performance, improvement and stuff. i know this is a variety show, but we can’t have 6 hodongs or jiwons or taewoongs. and some people have thought of the show as a competition where one should be funnier than the other, one should stand out among the rest. as i see, this is just a show with six different guys whose characters shine at the right time. so i dont think one should level up, one should improve, one should bounce back. 😀

        • stopthehate

          I have to agree with you here strawberryfieldsforever….

  28. 28 anna

    LOL I really love the manlove between TW and HD. Bring bromance to a whole new level. I really love the skinship.

  29. 29 jigglybelly

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    hahaha funny and entertaining as ever. thank you for the review!
    I wonder what’s the title of seon deok song they played recently on their episodes 😀

  32. 32 Joanne

    As much as I enjoyed the specials, this is the kind of 1N2D that really touches my heart. I adore the each and every on of them and all their crazy shenanigans when they’re together.

  33. 33 y.

    Btw screencap of Jong-min sneaking a potato:

    I think he wanted to give it to Ji-won lol.

  34. 34 strawberryfieldsforever

    is the jiwon-jongmin pairing the cutest or what?! i totally, totally, totally love these two!

    and i’m so happy for that big love jong min got from jiwon, got teary-eyed!

  35. 35 Amy

    I thought Taewoong had a girlfriend already, no?

  36. 36 Saviour1624

    Miss MC Mong and Kim C!

  37. 37 amymoon

    words could not express how much i LOVE this show!! LOVE IT very much…i LOVE everything about the show: Hodong, Jiwon, Sugeun, Taewoong, Jongmin, Seunggi, Kim C, MCMong, Na PD, the tasks, the captions, the games, the places, the bromance, the foods, the seasickness, the fightings, the huggings and whole load more…just could not express it in words!!

  38. 38 punk

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    thanks gf and jb
    love u gals to bits, u gals rock
    please keep them coming :p

  39. 39 wani

    girlfriday: jongmin fear height….?(you can see love letter special and early episode 1n2d-water park-)
    jongmin, jiwon and suguen close becoz go out drink and they talks fishing with jiwon and jongmin…

    i love jongmin and koyote forever.. cant wait koyote comeback with baekga…. becoz jongmin i watching this show since 2007 and too sad time jongmin go to military…

  40. 40 kiongna

    Yayyyy both 1n2d and runningman being recapped woot woot, kamsahamidah dear ladies !
    I totally shed tears over bromance of Jiwon and Jongmin… ^^ I always feel bad for Jongmin but not today !!!

  41. 41 Adeline

    Ah Seung Gi, I will pick you over the other 5 guys, anytime !

  42. 42 Lisa

    I LOVE the recaps!!!! When I was watching the episode I was wringing my hands non-stop, there might have been tears involved if no one had picked my Jiwonne ^^;; thank god that Jongmin had picked him and Jiwonne had pick Jongmin !

  43. 43 HS

    i came to like jiwon because he chose jongmin. aw.
    thank you for the recaps.

    I like both 2d1n and running man, but i’m okay without running man recaps, but not without 2d1n’s.

    So, THANK YOU!

  44. 44 sb

    Thanks JB! I began watching 1N2D after you gals started recapping it.

    I’ve always loved Eun Ji Won since his Sechskies days, and in marathoning older episodes of 1N2D, I felt Jong-min was the least necessary member, and especially after he returned from the military, he seemed to try TOO hard to be funny–to the point of extreme awkwardness.

    But the bonding of Ji-won and Jong-min was so incredibly sweet, and it’s making me take a second look at Jong-min.

  45. 45 Ren

    Running Man seems really similar to 1N2D? Can someone please explain the difference?

    • 45.1 rumba lumba

      1n2d is better.

      • 45.1.1 Ren

        hahaha i already figured that lol but aside from that, i mean whats different about the show format and what it entails?

        • rumba lumba

          Running Man’s format is actually confusing.

          during its first couple of episodes (like 10?), they’re basically inside a departments store or a studio and just run around trying to complete missions.

          but i guess it didn’t quite work out so well because idols do not want to go on the show because it is too tiring, running around all day.

          and so they kinda changed it. they tried something like finding the guests for the episode, and they now do missions like 1N2D a la race to the finish line sorta thing. that’s the basic outline of the show.

          what i don’t like about Running Man is that, like any other variety show out there, the games are sometimes very predictable. i prefer 1N2D because they have bokbulbok (i.e. game of luck). Bokbulbok games are just solely based on luck, unlike other variety show games which are a test of strength, stamina, knowledge, etc. that way even Seunggi who is fast and smart, and Hodong who is strong, have an equal chance of losing.

          i also lost faith on Family Outing Season 1 because it had a controversy of being very heavily scripted. i know people would go, “it’s okay! it does not matter!”. it’s not okay. it presents itself as a reality-documentary-variety show like 1N2D yet it’s scripted? that’s why i can’t praise a member for being funny because it’s not really the member’s hilarity that makes me laugh, but the scriptwriter’s. and that’s why i admire 1N2D’s guys. doing a variety show without a script and doing funny things or even saying them is not an easy feat.

          • Ren

            Thank you, that sheds some light on it!
            When I read up about Running Man, it seemed really confusing and too similar to 1N2D to have merit on its own.
            Bokbulbok makes everything so much more tense, even if they do stuff like the elephant spins multiple times- it’ll be different every time regardless…
            As for Family Outing, I never really paid attention to that one once I got addicted to the awesomeness that is 1N2D. If its scripted, then that just makes it even less attractive. The raw and spontaneousness of 1N2D just trumps everything lol

          • entertained

            I have to say that the writers of 1n2d are really good too. those captions enhances the members’ antics and give it context or even just make one up – the humor is always spot on, even for non-Koreans like me! That said, I trust that 1n2d interactions are genuine and i love that the shenanigans are products of the members’ own variety sense, i.e., no one tells them to cheat or conspire at rock-paper-scissors, one of them just thought to do it once, then it became MO and has taken a life of its own.

  46. 46 lenrasoon

    thank you for the recaps, i really loved Jiwon and Jongmin wrote each others names, so cute! and i cry when Jongmin said that he thought that no one would pick him, see i love Jongmin despite being frustrated with him sometimes , when i first watched 1n2d he was first member i liked then when he came back from army he totally changed and i wonder why, what kind of hardship he went through to be blocked like this. anyway i really find this episode to be sweet.

  47. 47 frumbie

    Hi, hopefully someone still sees this post (hehe)…does anyone know the song that they played when they show the love connections board (the one with their faces on it and the lines showing which member they chose). they also played this song in the recent episodes whenever there’s a love line. thanks!

    • 47.1 etc

      i want to know what the song is too! 🙂

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