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City Hunter: Episode 13
by | July 6, 2011 | 296 Comments

I feel like this show stabs me and then bleeds me dry, every single episode. Is this what dating a vampire is like? Because the rush, the addiction… I know it’s bad for my health, but I can’t stop. Show, I know you’re just going to love me, then leave me, but why can’t I quit you?


With Yoon-sung locked inside the market and Nana standing outside, Dad comes screeching towards her on a motorcycle. Yoon-sung sees his face, and acting quickly, he shatters the glass to get to Nana first.

He knocks her out of the way and Dad stops…

…And pulls out a gun. Whoa.

Yoon-sung puts himself between Dad and Nana, as if to say You gotta shoot me first. But… um… remember that time you stood on the car, and he hit you anyway? With a semi?

Dad knows he’s lost his advantage, so he zooms away. Nana trembles as she asks, “Is that your father?” Makes you grateful that you walked away from that tea party with your life, doesn’t it?

On the way home, Yoon-sung explains that this is Dad’s way of retaliating because he disposed of Target No. 3’s money in his own way. You should just tell her that when other kids got grounded, you got shot at. That pretty much tells her what she needs to know.

He swears to protect the people around him—Ajusshi, Mom, and Nana. But Nana’s not having any of that, and tells him that next time, he shouldn’t jump in the line of fire to protect her.

Nana: “I don’t like it when you’re in danger because of me. I don’t like it when you’re hurt because of me. I don’t like it when you’re struggling because of me.”

But he just yells at her to stop, refusing to listen and getting angry at her instead. He walks into the house all silent and pissy, and Ajusshi wonders if they fought at the market. Nana tells him that they ran into Dad.

Ajusshi starts stuttering immediately at the mention of Dad, and asks if they’re okay. She nods, and he just gapes, “But that’s not likely…” He describes Boss as the kind of person who stole Yoon-sung from his blood to raise him.

Dad sits in his office, calmly cleaning his gun. Sang-gook asks what he’s going to do now. Dad says matter-of-factly that Yoon-sung is the kid who ran guns-a-blazin’ when his surrogate mother was killed. “I just have to make him like that.” Shivers, meet Spine.

This is so messed up, but so genius too. He’s realized that threatening Yoon-sung with his people’s lives isn’t really getting him anywhere, but he knows the trigger to lure him into hell. I believe that Dad, despite his coldness, has a soft spot for Ajusshi and Mom. But Nana? She’s just in the way.

Nana confronts Yoon-sung right away (which I love), and he asks how he’s supposed to just pretend not to notice if her life is in danger.

Nana: I know better than anyone that every single day is a war for you, and every moment is a struggle, so how can I lean on you? How can I ask you to protect me too? I’m going to become someone that you can lean on. I’m going to become stronger. So I can protect you.


He sighs, wondering what on earth she eats to make her so plucky. She smiles, “You just thought, ‘That woman is really cool,’ didn’t you? You thought, ‘I have a good eye when it comes to women,’ right?” Pwahahaha.

He gets mad again, mostly out of embarrassment, “What kind of woman just pops into a man’s room all the time?” The kind who wants your bacon. Duh. He tells her to stop saying stuff like that, or he won’t leave her alone. Rawr?

Target Kim Jong-shik tries to do some damage control by telling the press that the City Hunter is the one who stole university funds. When asked why the money was found at his house then, he says that the banks are unsafe, and he therefore was keeping the money safe for the school personally.

HA. Oh, okay then. Surely people will believe THAT story. Why it’s perfectly logical.

Yoon-sung sets a tiny spy camera in a book, and prepares to plant it in Kim Jong-shik’s office. He thinks he’s going alone, but once he gets in the car, Nana pops out of the backseat, grinning from ear to ear. She’s basically not going to take no for answer, so he finally gives in.

City Hunter and his Girl Friday, on the case. God, I love this drama.

Kim Jong-shik’s minion tells him that they’ve lost the City Hunter and Bae Man-duk to the wind, but they’ll keep trying the Nana angle. He orders them all killed, for stealing from him. Wow. Apparently this man really loves his money.

Young-ju heartbreakingly watches as his father’s name gets smeared all over the news. Nana’s aunt worries that she’s been unable to reach her, and at work they say that an uncle called in sick for her, which is highly unlikely.

But Young-ju’s day is about to get worse. The City Hunter case gets handed off to a different prosecutor, right out from under him. He storms into his boss’ office, only to be told flat out that he is to wash his hands of all the City Hunter cases because of his father.

Young-ju understands that he can’t handle his own father’s case, but pleads to continue his work on the City Hunter. His boss tells him that all it takes is one wrong move to taint a prosecutor’s good name, but what he really means is that he’ll bring the whole office down with him, which is not okay.

He takes a hard line and adds, “I’m not suspecting you or anything, but did you really not know about the money?” Oh. Oh, poor Young-ju. You are having a really bad day.

Yoon-sung and Nana pose as Kim Jong-shik’s bug sweeping team and distract the secretary long enough to plant their camera. Problem is, Young-ju is on his way to see Dad unannounced.

Nana steps outside for a cup of water and sees Young-ju walk in. He plows straight into the office and insists on waiting inside. Yoon-sung freezes, trapped behind nothing but a glass divider with some venetian blinds.

Young-ju is immediately suspicious of all things, which I love because it’s fitting for his character and awesome for the story. So he cautiously approaches the man standing in the corner, in an attempt to get a good look at him…

Yoon-sung steels himself, for what I don’t know—to attack, to run, maybe all of the above…

I really wish you had a face mask on right now…

And then just in the nick of time, Young-ju’s phone rings. It’s Nana, hilariously faking bad reception in an attempt to draw him out of the room. Smart girl. It’s such an instinctive thing we all do with cell phones—walk around to find a better signal, even if we can hear clearly while the other person insists they can’t.

She manages to draw him completely out of the office to give Yoon-sung an exit, and also assuage his concerns that she’s out sick and unreachable. She turns around to leave, and nearly runs right into Kim Jong-shik, on his way in.

She hides behind a pillar and Yoon-sung pulls her out of sight before she gets discovered. He notes the license plate on Kim Jong-shik’s car. Nana wonders what Young-ju is doing here (still in the dark about the daddy-son connection), and realizes that he must be here to investigate the money, like the awesome prosecutor that he is.

Yoon-sung spits jealously that he’s not being cool; he’s just doing his job. Heh. I love that you’re a big enough person to keep Young-ju’s family connection a secret, but petty enough to remind her that he’s not such hot stuff.

Young-ju pleads with Dad to turn himself in. But Dad is just as insistent as ever that he DESERVES that money, because he built this school up from nothing. He wonders why he’s the only one who has to abide by the law when no one else does. Uh, what now?

Young-ju calls him out for being so far gone that he’s made himself believe in his own innocence. He tells him how much pain he felt the day he realized what Dad had done after the accident, and that as his son, he wanted to somehow right his father’s wrongs.

Dad declares that he’s innocent by law, since the statute of limitations has expired. Young-ju asks how he can really feel no guilt, when someone died, and another has been a vegetable for ten years.

His eyes widen, “What a relief… that one died and the other became a vegetable. The dead can’t talk, and the vegetable won’t likely wake up. What a relief… that those people are taking my sins in my place.”


Young-ju’s jaw drops as he murmurs in disbelief, “Father…” Oh my god. He’s a loon. A proper sociopath. Oh my god.

He goes even further: “So what if those people pay for my sins? Do you think all lives are equal? I’m different from them.”


Oh god, he’s far scarier than Jin-pyo. I know, one’s got guns, but this guy is actually a nut job. He insists that the accident was nothing but bad luck. Young-ju hangs his head, his last drop of hope in his father shattered before his eyes. He draws the line in the sand:

Young-ju: It should have been you who died in that accident. At least then I wouldn’t have come to hate you like I do now. I resent being born as your son. Will sin really disappear in time? October 1983. What happened that day? Why is the City Hunter after you? I don’t think I’ll be able to protect you this time, Father. Take care of yourself.

Daddy vs. Son all around it is.

Young-ju comes back to the office ready to glue himself to the City Hunter case, rules be damned, but finds that his staff is not with him. He realizes that he’s on his own now if he’s going to go rogue. I like you much better this way. Rogue prosecutor is much cooler, even if you’re still a rule-stickler at heart.

He decides to track Lee Kyung-hee first, and goes to her snack shop to ask around in the neighborhood. One of the nearby ajummas tells him that she doesn’t know where she is, and that she has no family because her son was taken from her. In 1983.

He comes back up the steps and lo and behold, Yoon-sung is sitting there in front of Kyung-hee’s store. Young-ju hides, his mind rapidly piecing together what he knows: Lee Yoon-sung, Lee Kyung-hee. 1983. He had his blood test when she went into the hospital needing a bone marrow transplant.

He thinks back to earlier at the man in his father’s office. The City Hunter used hidden cameras to trap both Targets 1 and 2. If it was Yoon-sung…

Oh man, I love that he’s smart. I hate it, and I love it.

He goes right back to Dad’s office, and I totally expect him to tear the place apart looking for the camera, but he coolly pretends to just answer his phone and loudly exclaims, “You’ve found Lee Kyung-hee?” and repeats the location, for Yoon-sung to hear.

Hot damn, you’re even smarter than I thought.

He leads him to a convent and tells a nun to lead the man who arrives into the chapel. He waits inside, trap set.

Yoon-sung speeds over and the nun takes him to the chapel and opens the door…

He looks in and then halts, just an inch outside the door. He baits the nun with a trick question, asking if Kyung-hee’s leg has healed, and she lies that yes, her leg has healed and she’s doing well here. And with that, he disappears, trap averted not a moment too soon.

I love this cat and mouse game.

Young-ju runs out but he’s gone. He refuses to let it go and arrives at Yoon-sung’s house just two seconds behind him.

Yoon-sung plays it cool, musing that the good prosecutor seems mighty interested in his affairs with no evidence, and Young-ju tosses back with a smile that he knows Yoon-sung was at the convent. He even picks up on the dirt smudge on Yoon-sung’s back, noting that children were playing soccer in the field just outside the chapel. Okay Sherlock Holmes. Was it also a rare kind of dirt only to be found at that specific location, imported from India or something?

He reminds him that checking traffic cameras will confirm that he went there, though he guesses that Yoon-sung’s already changed his plates. He’s got nothing for now, and both men know it. Yoon-sung goes inside, and Young-ju texts his father with one last plea to turn himself in before things get ugly.

Ajusshi tries Kyung-hee’s house, to see if she’s come home at all. She hasn’t, but the mail is piling up, and he shuffles through it and lands on letters from a temple. He heads up there and finds that it’s where she’s been staying, but she’s gone on a trip to visit cancer patients and pray for them.

He tells the woman at the temple that she has a son, Lee Yoon-sung, who’s alive and well and looking for her. He leaves Yoon-sung’s number and begs her to have Kyung-hee call the second she arrives. On his way out he notes some green tea that the monks at the temple harvest themselves.

Young-ju cleans out his desk of all the City Hunter files he’s to turn over, and comes across an old mp3 player that he got as a gift from his father. He’s kept it all these years because it has a recording of Dad, telling him to become the kind of prosecutor who upholds justice and truth. He listens to it now, the emptiness of Dad’s words ringing in his ears.

He shows up at Yoon-sung’s gym, insisting that it’s pure coincidence. Yoon-sung doesn’t skip a beat and says sure, why not, since he grew up with a silver spoon too. He is Kim Jong-shik’s son after all. Oof.

He wonders that since Young-ju’s outed himself as Nana’s Daddy Long Legs, when he plans on coming out with the truth that he’s the son of the man who killed her mother. Eep. Young-ju spots another weakness and counters that he sure seems to know a lot about Nana.

Yoon-sung challenges, “Walk away from her cleanly. If you really want to remain a Daddy Long Legs.” Young-ju asks saucily, “Is that why you saved her? At the broadcast station, he let Seo Yong-hak go to save Kim Nana, the City Hunter.”

Oh you two and your dancing around each other. Is it prom night up in here?

Ajusshi visits the Blue House to give Nana’s partner Eun-ah the green tea that he bought at the temple. His pipedream crush on her is so cute. He even plays she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not with some leaves while he waits for her in the garden.

She accepts the tea happily thinking it’s from Yoon-sung, and Ajusshi sighs, his gesture totally misunderstood. Aw.

At home Yoon-sung frets that Ajusshi isn’t answering his phone (because he dropped it in water up at the temple), but then he gets a call from Eun-ah, thanking him for the tea. Nana’s eyes widen. “The Blue House? You mean where Kim Jong-shik sent a bunch of lookouts for me?”

They book it over to the Blue House, and find Ajusshi on their way, crossing the road. Yoon-sung stops the car and waves, just as another car zooms right past him…

…And straight for Ajusshi. NO!

Yoon-sung and Nana realize what’s happening, but in a split second, the car speeds up, and hits him dead on. Ajusshi smashes right into the front windshield and gets thrown over the car. He lands on the ground.

They race over to him and try to wake him up. Yoon-sung looks up at the car with a ferocious look in his eye. It’s Kim Jong-shik’s license plate. The driver sees Yoon-sung and Nana in the rearview mirror and drives away, as Yoon-sung mutters his name aloud.

They race Ajusshi to the hospital and the doctor begins CPR to try and revive him. No heartbeat.


Yoon-sung pleads, “Ajusshi, open your eyes! Ajusshi, get up!”

The doc keeps pumping his chest, but still no heartbeat. Yoon-sung starts to cry. Trembling, he whispers, “Ajusshi…don’t die. Please. Don’t die.”

He screams, “AJUSSHI!”

Don’t die. Don’t die. Please don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t die.

And then finally… a pulse. Oh THANK GOD. I nearly had a heart attack waiting for that heartbeat. Yoon-sung cries tears of relief, and even in this moment, he tries to hold back his tears, which just crushes my heart even more.

Ajusshi gets through surgery, but he remains in a coma. Yoon-sung sits by his bedside silently, not answering his phone. But it might be your mother! Aaaaugh!

Nana looks over at him warily, telling him that she knows what he’s thinking right now.

Nana: When my father was lying in a coma, I thought about it hundreds of times every day. If I weren’t a powerless high school student… If I could only drive… I could repay Kim Jong-shik in the exact same way… Your eyes right now are just like mine back then. It makes me nervous.
Yoon-sung: I finally understand my father’s heart now. He might even be going easy… Those people…

NO. No.no.no.no.no.no.no.

He asks her to take care of Ajusshi and walks out before she can stop him. He looks at himself in the mirror like an animal hungry to kill, his eyes piercing with rage and darkness.

God, it kills me inside, and yet… the City Hunter, finally coming to war with his own darkness… It’s the BEST. THING. EVER.

He shatters the mirror with his bare fist. And in turn his reflection fractures, the Yoon-sung we know, broken and no longer whole.

Ironically, Young-ju is up for a commendation, just when his career is on the cusp of landing in the toilet with one false move. His boss hands him an invite list, and he wryly crosses off the first name – his father’s.

But Dad gets the invitation anyway and smiles, thinking that his son still wants him to be proud of him, despite everything. So he shows up happily, right next to Young-ju.

But Young-ju’s lightning fast on the uptake, and guesses right away that the City Hunter is behind his dad’s appearance. He tells his assistant to look around, and plants the mp3 voice recorder in Dad’s pocket.

Yoon-sung arrives, noting Kim Jong-shik’s car parked downstairs, fixed up like new.

Nana shows up too, flowers in hand, after hearing from her aunt about Young-ju’s award. She sits eagerly, applauding along with everyone else as Young-ju receives his award and trembles, giving his speech using his father’s own righteous but empty words about what it means to uphold the law, beyond words in books.

Dad smiles proudly. But then the screen comes up behind Young-ju, and he hangs his head, knowing what’s about to come. And sure enough, there’s the video of his conversation with Dad, incriminating the both of them—Dad for his crimes and Young-ju for knowing.

Nana watches in shock, the truth dropped on her like a ton of bricks.

Kim Jong-shik turns to see all judgment pointed his way, and walks out. Young-ju’s boss is the only one to break everyone out of their stupor when he declares that this must be the work of the City Hunter.

Both Nana and Young-ju bolt at those words.

She cuts off his path, for Yoon-sung’s sake but also for her own, asking Young-ju: “Are those words true? You’re Kim Jong-shik’s son? So the father commits the crime, and the son feels sorry, so he becomes a Daddy Long Legs? All this time, I’ve been encouraged by letters and gifts, even living with hope. What was it? Pity? Guilt?”

He apologizes for not being able to tell her sooner, and promises to take all of her hatred later, but she refuses any apology. He runs, more concerned with finding his father before the City Hunter gets to him.

But he’s too late of course. Kim Jong-shik runs to his car, but the second he gets in, Yoon-sung is there waiting for him, knife to throat. He orders him to drive, unless he’d like to die in front of his son.

As Kim Jong-shik drives, Yoon-sung plays a recording of Young-ju’s voice saying, “I shouldn’t have let it go that day when I found that 200 billion won.” Oh, nice. And dark. You’re threatening him with his son.

Kim Jong-shik guesses that this is all because of October ’83, and Yoon-sung muses that he’s lived nicely after killing those men, living off students’ tuition, and committing murder and getting away with it. But he’s going to send him to be captured, by Young-ju. He shows him evidence of his embezzlement, the bow on the present when he delivers dad to son.

“Being caught by your own son’s hand… ought to be fun.” Kim Jong-shik pleads for him to leave Young-ju out of it. In a fit of desperation, he swerves the car and runs out with the documents.

Yoon-sung chases him in that creepy serial killer slow walk, knife at his side and in no hurry whatsoever.

Kim Jong-shik stumbles up onto a pedestrian bridge over the road, out of his mind with fear. He trips and the papers go flying out of his hand, and crazed with that single-minded pursuit of keeping them from getting out, he jumps up to try and catch them, hurling himself over the ledge.

He barely grabs onto the rail, hanging over the traffic down below. Yoon-sung stops in his tracks, and then…

…He turns around and walks away. *GASP*

But! Your soul! You’ll lose your soul!

But in that moment, he remembers the same pain when his surrogate mother was killed, and his father’s sacrifice to save him. And then Nana’s words, that what she wanted was not blood spilling blood, but for the City Hunter to bring Kim Jong-shik’s sins to light, to make it known that he is not someone to be upheld and respected.

Her words shake him, and he drops the knife.

Young-ju arrives and sees Dad hanging from the bridge. He cries out, “Father!” It startles Yoon-sung into action, and he turns around, running towards Kim Jong-shik.

Oh whew!

Kim Jong-shik hears his son below and sees the City Hunter running towards him. He realizes what’s to come, and unable to face it, he closes his eyes… and lets go.


He falls to what is surely his death. Young-ju looks up and sees the City Hunter, standing there in the place where his father fell. He screams and runs over to Dad.

Yoon-sung trembles, feet locked in that place, looking over the ledge as it dawns on him what just happened.


No! It’s so unfair! Some people flirt with their dark side for years with little or no consequence to anyone but themselves, but Yoon-sung goes dark for a day, and THIS is what happens? WAH.

This show makes me so bipolar because I LOVE this turn in the story — that Yoon-sung gets pushed over the edge, that he makes the conscious choice to turn his back on Kim Jong-shik, and that his one split-second decision has immediate and grave consequences. He didn’t pull the trigger, but he chose not to save him, and that changes the very makeup of a hero’s soul. But I HATE what it means for him, what he’ll have to face, what Young-ju and even Nana will think of him.

Will anyone believe that he didn’t kill him? Will he ever believe it himself?

I was really hoping this drama would take his hero’s journey to the dark side, and I’m glad that they didn’t necessarily have to kill off Nana or Ajusshi (fully) to do it. It may have been a short jaunt to his darker side, but what’s important is that it bears a massive consequence as a result.

From here on out, he bears the weight of Kim Jong-shik’s death, which changes everything, and seals his fate with Young-ju as well. There’s a chance he didn’t die, but I actually hope that’s not the case, because this would be a pivotal change and a narrative goldmine. It pains me, but I want to see him go through this and have a life-altering mistake on his conscience, to suffer through the Light vs. Dark within himself, and to struggle with what it means to be a hero in a world where the consequences are life and death.


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    this drama is just TOO awesome >w< <3 thank you!

    • 1.1 kangling

      This Lee Min Ho is way too AWESOME..

      • 1.1.1 jyyjc

        OMG IKR!?!? Ok in BOF and PT, I didn’t think much of lee minho’s acting, thought it was so so. But here in CH omg…he will go far. That scene where they were trying to revive ahjussi, his tears, his face, it was riveting!

        • jyyjc

          Oh and lee junhyuk is great too.

        • marie21

          I agree with you all concerning Lee Min Ho’s acting! he kicks a*** in this show, although I still think he was great in BoF (I fell in love wih Goo Jum Pyo!!!) ! But in this, his acting is really amazing! and the twist in this episode was stupendous! “OH SHIT. OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT. ” I was exactly like that! I couldn’t believe this was happening!!!Then, I knew that it would lead Yoon Sung to turn to the dark side if Ajusshi died.

          and you know what? For a moment, I thought of another possibility concerning the one who runs over Ajusshi. We’ll see in the next episode if I was right or not…^^

          Great review again! I love this show! I love the fact that some characters like Kim Na Na and the prosecutor are sometimes very smart. He especially makes things difficult for City Hunter!!!

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      i wait for the weekend to pass by fast so that wednesday will come and i will get my Lee Min-HOT fix.

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      lee min ho is superb and cool…!!! so handsome !!!
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      This drama keeps getting better and better. It’s my favourite one at the moment. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And LMH as well <3

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    City Hunter you’re giving me cardiac arrhythmia!!!

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      I just want to say again… both Lee Min Ho and Lee Joon Hyeok undeniable talents made this episode. Lee Min Ho you are perfect as City Hunter… no … you are City Hunter!

      I initially watched City Hunter for Lee Min Ho… but the actor playing the prosecutor – Lee Joon Hyeok is not moving over meekly and letting LMH shine alone! LJH has stepped up to the plate and matched LMH scene for scene!

      The veteran actors have also added so much dimension to their characters that it’s difficult to hate them without pitying or them.

      This is truely an awe-inspiring drama to watch!

      • 2.1.1 mandelbrotr

        I agree LJH was great portraying such resignation and heartbreak. And I liked seeing the scenes with LJH and LMH together. So nice that the Prosecutor is smart.

      • 2.1.2 gala

        you speak words of truth, my friend. there’s a weakest link, but it’s not such a major “weakest link” that i’m bothered as a viewer. KNN’s character is written convincingly, but i’m not so sure about the portrayal. i guess i can imagine a different actress for the part.

        but, it’s bashing towards PMY. i just think among all the leads, she’s not delivering to expectations. still, i think she’s performing to her full capabilities. it’s just not enough to amaze me as a viewer.

        anyway, city hunter is the best, so far this season. i think wherever the series takes us, for example the City Hunter “dying” [but pls no!], it’s something i can accept. i believe the writer(s)/director can weave it smoothly and justifiably (unlike, say, 49days).

        • scarlet

          I’ve yet to be moved by any of her scenes. PMY may be cute and all, but she’s just……not a strong actress.

          • funnygirl24

            PMY is way better than LMH past leading ladies. I didn’t like the one he was paired with in BOF (Ku Hye Sun)…this actress was so over acting..it seems like the only thing she could do was to pout and squint. I didn’t dare to finish that drama because of her.

          • newbie

            funnygirl24 cudnt agree with you more…

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          ahahaha I agree with all the comments above… :) … CH and the Prosecutor are giving a great acting!… I can not believe what had happen!!!… I <3 CH … I cant wait to see the next episode!… I am so addicted to the drama… I had never been so anxious and responding with emotions to any other drama.. It makes my heart beat so hard… :S … I do not want it to finish… :S

        • houstontwin

          I like her portrayal but I agree that Nana could be expressed as a more complex character – she has some great lines.

        • Celexa


          I agree with your assessment of KNN’s character, she is cute, spunky, brave and miraculously jumping 15 points on her IQ (I do enjoy this side of her character), but as much as PMY tries, she has yet to evoke any sense that places her equally as City Hunters crime fighting counterpart.

          I grew up reading Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl comics… to this day.. they remain my heroines. They made me proud to be a woman. I’m not embarrassed to say… I have a Wonder Woman action figure prominently on my desk. Female action heroines are a rare breed, They are strong, smart, fearless, with a single minded drive to right the wrong… this is what I want PMY to bring out of the KNN character.

          • Webfoot

            Hear hear!

          • thameryst


            Before, I was irritated by everyone else’s griping on PMY’s acting chops b/c I guess I’ve just gotten so used to disappointing dramas and sub-par acting that with my initial very-low expectations I felt PMY was doing alright and going all give-her-a-break-already-you-guys.

            But that was before I really started paying attention to the riveting lesson LMH was giving on ADVANCED ACTING CHOPS: DON’T-EVEN-THINK-ABOUT-ATTENDING-IF-YOU-DIDN’T-PASS-THE-101-COURSE practical demonstration seminar. Next to him, suddenly, everyone else with even a justifiable flaw started to pale and fade away in the dusty wake of LMH’s focused path of glorious execution.

            My eyes were distracted from LMH’s for a flicker of an instant in the hospital crying scene and I was taken aback by PMY’s compartively weaker depiction of the scene’s gravity. Before that micro-instant passed and all my attentions was once again absorbed by LMH’s one-man-show, I came up with a flimsy pardon for her: well, I guess Yoon-Sung’s character WOULD be more affected by Ahjusshi’s death than Na Na would, so maybe she’s wearing that expression of mild, cutely-interested SURPRISE on purpose.

            But still, there’s a huge difference between surprise and SHOCK and I think PMY should really stop by LMH’s office hours sometime and ask for tips in figuring out exactly what the distinction is. Not to keep ragging on my PMY, b/c I truly love her, but I’m just sayin’, get it together girl!

          • msim

            I have the WW action figurine too! and it’s a Hollywood-shame that every second-rate comic book hero has a film and Wonder Woman is still not brought to the big screen.

            I think PMY is doing the best she can – she’s been very good in this – but she is missing an “edge” (Yoon Jin Seo or Shin Mina would have been spectacular).
            Kim Na Na is one of the best characters I’ve seen in a while.

          • Ennayra

            thameryst, I agree that PMY’s acting isn’t as good as LMH, but Ajusshi IS the guy who changed his testimony about her parents’ car accident. She’s disliked the man for, what, 10 years at this point. It’s hard to just turn those feelings off. So, this may be giving PMY too much credit, but her character might be shocked for Ajusshi, wondering what this means for Yoon-sung, and still not quite able to forgive Ajusshi. Did PMY convey all that? No. Lol.

        • Messi

          I think i’m the only one who like her acting. and she is very beautiful. ayo 😉

          • skelly

            She is nice looking, and seems to have a pleasant personality, but there are a million and one actresses out there who are nice-looking and seem pleasant. When the male leads are doing some really top-notch acting, nice and pleasant is no longer enough. I had the same problem with Greatest Love – sorry but where are the top-notch Korean actresses? It seems like both these ladies were in over their heads, in terms of bringing the drama and intensity.

        • funnygirl24

          I couldn’t agree more with you gala… But, SBS is notorious with either killing one of the major character ( like in 49 days) or give open endings (like in Lie to Me) or both will happen. I like cliches sometimes… I have a pessimist feeling either YS will die or Nana at the end. Or someone will leave for good. Gosh! I hope they won’t do it this time. Though, I don’t like to raise my hopes up like what I did in 49days. I ended up hating it. They were so unfair.

      • 2.1.3 Rainie

        Agreed…I think they are both doing a fantastic job! I adore LMH’s City Hunter act….he’s just so good. His acting is getting better and better each episode. I love/hate how smart the prosecutor is, I don’t want him to battle it out with YS but I also kind of do because I know it’ll be interesting to watch.

        I like how deep their character development is…I think Nana, her character development and scenes just aren’t as deep compared to the two of them. I’m not moved by her scenes either, but at least she’s no longer as snobby as she was towards YS in the earlier episodes. I think of her as a child compared to YS and YJ…her maturity level just isn’t at their level yet. Even though her loved ones died, it just seems like her character isn’t making such a big deal out of it in contrast to YS and YJ’s reactions in episode 13.

        • Birdie

          Initially I thought it is the way the Nana character is written too, but when the scenes required something else besides cuteness, the lack of acting skills shows. Maybe it is more obvious when she is surrounded by other good actors.

        • Olena

          I think that Nana’s character doesn’t need to be as deep as YS’s character. They couldn’t be the same. If she will play mature women then YS will not be highlighted as he is. She is different (light, childish, snobby, strong and weak as a normal human being) and that what I like in this actress. Her role is to support and give way for a super boy :)
          Great job! Best wishes to all team.
          Greetings from Australia.

          • wootwoot

            Her role doesn’t require her to be a *great* actress but to be honest, the way she’s delivering her role as Nana, she can be replaced by any other pretty face and she’ won’t be missed (at least me anyways). I bet if we had another actress (maybe with more experience?) who can also share some of the complexities LMH shows through his role, we would appreciate the dynamics between these two. I saw PMY’s potential in SKKS but it seems like she’s become just another pretty face as a hero’s support role for this drama… come on girl!

            And just to show you I’m not only bashing on the girl, I think the prosecutor role is similar to case i mentioned. He’s executing his lines well with what’s-expected-of emotions but he lacks what LMH has…. suck in the viewer!!! Maybe he’ll show more of what he’s been hiding in episode 14, but he’s just been blah… neither cold nor hot… just lukewarm.

            All the other characters really show off their charm and have made a great ensemble! kudos!

  3. Fall

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    Thanks GF

  6. stars4u

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    • 6.1 tuqaz

      LMH and his tears! I just wanna hug him every time he cries… He’s a DAMN good actor :)

    • 6.2 kangling

      I can’t focue on all the emotional wreck with the ajusshi. All I can think about is his tight pants. Is that Jeging? rrrrrr…..

      • 6.2.1 reva

        Jegging? That word makes me LOL all of the time I hear it. As the show creates piggybacking, the fashion creates jegging.

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  8. Mimi

    Just finished watching the episode. WHY CLIFFHANGER?! WHY?!!!!! Okay, I’m calm now.

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    City Hunter makes me wish I were more in shape. Sigh…

  10. 10 kangling

    Whoaaah.. I hope the street camera cought whatever happened there. and the end is alright. I was expecting something that make me hold my breath again. aaah… will wait patiently for tomorrow.

    I think Korean drama make me grow old so fast.

  11. 11 Thatgirl

    Today’s episode just felt like one big overwhelming mess. *Sigh* Yoon Sung, its so hard to be a good guy, just join daddy in being bad, so much easier. *Sigh* How are you going to get out of this one, Yoon Sung…. Young Ju is going to be on your ass big time now.

    Hopefully, tmrw’s episode will be better. I was so overwhelmed with this episode I had to take a nap right after to re-energize.

    Hrm… I wonder, how is the City Hunter going to get the President? Well… I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to since something is bound to intervene to stop the City Hunter since the Pres is such a good person. But what say, City Hunter starts looking for something corrupted in the Pres’ record? The Pres seems like such a good, honest guy, what do you guys think City Hunter will find about him? I mean, I’m pretty sure he’ll find something, or else, what kinda show would that be? I wonder if once #4 is taken down, the Pres will confess, or make City Hunter will make him confess.

    • 11.1 Thatgirl

      I just realized something! What if Evil, Psycho, Daddy Jinpyo stole Kim Jong Shik’s car and was the one who ran over Ajusshi? What if it wasn’t Jong Shik’s car at all? What if Jinpyo pulled a Yoon Sung and put in a fake license plate?! O_O

      • 11.1.1 mochadocha

        gah i was suspecting the same thing!!!! i was wondering why badass daddy was so absent this episode and not interfering with yoonsung at all…

      • 11.1.2 mandelbrotr

        That’s definitely what happened. Clearly forecasted earlier in the episode.

      • 11.1.3 Newbie


      • 11.1.4 Daniela

        My thoughts exactly. Daddy is the driver.

      • 11.1.5 asianromance

        That’s what I believe too! He wanted YS to go to the dark side and to remind him how it felt to lose a parent (or a surrogate parent).

      • 11.1.6 Linda

        I thought the exact same thing!

      • 11.1.7 legomom

        Agreed, Dad is behind Ajusshi’s car accident.

      • 11.1.8 Avada Kedavra

        I’ve just watched ep. 13. I also think that it’s Evil Daddy who hit the Ajusshi.

      • 11.1.9 beggar1015

        While that does seem to be where the script is heading, I have to question how Psycho Daddy would know that City Hunter would know that that was Kim Jong Shik’s license plate?

    • 11.2 Thatgirl

      Nana isn’t a ride or die, chick. Shes a ride by my side, chick.

    • 11.3 Thatgirl

      “He looks at himself in the mirror like an animal hungry to kill, his eyes piercing with rage and darkness.”

      Actually, I think thats just from Lee Minho being exhausted and lack of sleep.

  12. 12 soserious


    That scene was playing all slow-motion for me. I was clenching my hair… then he gets hit – oh shit.
    Good thing he’s alive? I thought it would have helped the story if he had died – so there is that turning point in yoon-sung’s character. But I guess all is good, because it was only for that short while. Plus, young-ju’s dad just died (did you see young-ju’s face? ;A;)

    On a side note, that nun lied him. A nun -_-

    I’m so crazy over this drama. Why can’t tomorrow come sooner!!!

    • 12.1 msim

      Seriously: I am afraid of nuns…they give me the shivers.

  13. 13 Nicole

    Oh man, this drama makes my head spin. I love the cliffhangers, the whole action plot, the occasional light-hearted humour/romance…but please, I’m on the verge of heart attacks at the end of each episode…and yet I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Thank goodness, there’s “You’ve Fallen For Me” to keep me sane.

  14. 14 Ace

    Wah! Double feature recaps! Almost missed this coz I was reading YFFM. 😉


    What’ll happen now to mr. prosecutor?

    • 14.1 Ace

      I was thinking that the driver behind ajusshi’s hit-and-run is someone from daddy Jin-pyo’s camp.

      “Dad says matter-of-factly that Yoon-sung is the kid who ran guns-a-blazin’ when his surrogate mother was killed. “I just have to make him like that.”

      CH, why so good?

  15. 15 Molly

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  16. 16 luckytoes612

    omg this drama is just too good.
    my reaction throughout the whole episode is :O and O.O
    by the end i was going AHHHH hahah

    • 16.1 Fall

      same here!! the ending bout jus gave me a heart attack with the dramatic music and everything

  17. 17 crazedlu

    delivery is so sloppy.

    the beginning, HILARIOUS. and yeah. uh huh. right. the car would just PARK there for you to be able to stare at the license plate for 30 seconds. of course you can commit the plate numbers to memory in 30 seconds! no great city hunter moment there.

    and his turn to momentary dark side didn’t have enough umph. and please, young ju, for the love of all things good about anything action, DO NOT go all two-face on us.

  18. 18 Remior

    Does NaNa’s Aunt know she’s working for the guy who’s father killed her family?? That’s been bothering me because everyone else at the D.A.s office seems to know. Moral-quarrel much?

    • 18.1 Celexa


      Young Ju changed his last name to keep his father’s identity a secrete so that no one would say he was riding on his father’s coat tails. The director was the only one that knew who his father was.

    • 18.2 beggar1015

      Oh wow, I forgot about the aunt! That’d be something, to allow her a moment to confront him.

  19. 19 love 49

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  20. 20 mochadocha

    GOSH TOO GOOD. I must say though… the driver in Kim Jong Shik’s car that hit Ajussi seems like it could be Jin Pyo… the whole “I’m going to hurt your loved ones to spur you into vengeance” speech kinda solidified my suspicion. But thanks gf! I can’t wait for tomorrowww! :]

  21. 21 Annie

    I totally agree with you, girlfriday! i love yoon sung’s dark side. i love how every second of every episode, im at the edge of my seat. i hope yoon sung doesn’t get caught because it seems like he’s shocked and unable to move. seven more episodes D: i really hope they make season 2.

  22. 22 Verónica

    I knew someone BESIDES Nana was needed to get hurt so he could finally accept his fate as a vengeance seeker, that was inevitable(not that she couldn’t have been, but that may have been taking it to the extreme too soon, perhaps at episode 18?). But I was expecting the acts that would lead to such thing from his father, not someone else. For that, series, you get extra points!

    I’m really liking how they are developing the prosecutor’s plot, and the polite “I’m gonna outsmart you” game between him and Yoon Sung, but now after what happened to his father, and him out of the City HUnter case, I wonder if he’ll become some sort of City Hunter’s Hunter on his own or what. Dunno, but from the beginning I have smelled that if someone’s gonna take revenge in a bad way, that’s gonna be Young Ju, he’s a true believer of justice but at what extent, that’s gonna be interesting to watch. And Nana!! She may look like a scared little Hotot bunny but she keeps impressing me! Her character reminds me of Yi Nok from “Hong Gil Dong”, the silly meddling girl without a fear in her heart.

    How is this drama outdoing its previous episode, I’m still amazed at it, it just keeps getting better and better…

    • 22.1 mandelbrotr

      Had to go look up “hotot bunny” then totally got lost in the cuteness of the image results :)

      • 22.1.1 Maymay

        You’re right, these bunnies are so cute.

      • 22.1.2 Webfoot

        Thanks to you two, mandelbrotr and veronica I looked it up too, and that is EXACTLY the image she channels. I thought Hotot was just a mispelling of Hot hot. *facepalm*

        And now PMY’s scenes have just become …. overlaid with white fur and and a twitchy pink nose.

    • 22.2 mandelbrotr

      Veronica, So back to your comments after all the bunny cuteness . . . I like what you said here about the Prosecutor. I was looking back at PR before the show was released and seeing how LJH was listed as an alternative love interest for KNN. This really hasn’t turned out to be the case. But so much better that he is a full character on his own. And yes things could go good or bad for his character; bitter revenge or balanced justice. They have set this up well all the mains with enough depth they have multiple paths to end up on.

  23. 23 lalala

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  24. 24 Rini

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    So Kim Jong-shik just likes to run over people is what I got from this episode… No really though, this show is too addicting, meaning too awesomely plotted and acted! Can’t wait to see how things will turn out now that it looks like another one might take a trip to the dark side…

  25. 25 L

    Oh you two and your dancing around each other. Is it prom night up in here?


    YS’s dad totally was totally driving that car…

    This drama is killing me ;_;

  26. 26 MRS.Lee

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    • 27.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      @smashingalou, dearie, you said it!!! 😉

      GF did say before that not since MGIAG has she been so in love with a drama and this lightning-fast recap is one proof of that love… 😉

  28. 28 YerVang

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    But OMG I was SO worried that Ajusshi was gonna die T___T

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday ^^

    • 29.1 FathuPixy

      I think it’s Jin pyo, since he told us how angry was Yoon sung when his “another” mother killed

  30. 30 T

    Does anyone else think that it was Yoon Sung’s father that hit Ajusshi? To get Yoon Sung to go to the dark side? Like he just bought the same car and switched license plates to get Yoon Sung to kill like he wanted to when they killed his surrogate mother in Thailand? Thanks for the re-cap!!! Suddenly this show reminds me of Luke and Darth Vadar lol;)

    • 30.1 Fall

      I think so too also because they never showed the face in the car. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. :)

  31. 31 sammy

    every week i tell myself i won’t watch the show to spare my the heart attack…but i couldn’t resist. the show is getting better and better and i hope it will ends with our hero being the hero along side his sidekicks. although, all dreams are ending badly….I’m very impress with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young…they are soo soo good here (not saying that they were bad or anything).

  32. 32 yanasaja

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  33. 33 fm

    I just watch the preview for next episode and its true that JP is the one who hit Ajusshi.YJ and YS both were awesome in this episode.

  34. 34 samgetang


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    Awesome recap!


    Still maintaining the lead in Cliffhanger Academy — Show, you are amazing!

    And Kim Na Na, you are as kick.ass.as.ever!

    • 34.1 Celexa

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      • 34.1.1 samgetang

        Hahaha! Yes, celexa! I’m envious of its doctorates. And I’ve not even taken my masters yet….

        Show, you inspire me!

        • smashingalou

          @celexa @samgetang, your comments are way too witty :)

          And yes, CH can end up with A SUMMA CUM LAUDE on a CLIFFHANGER UNIVERSITY!!! No One better….

          These guys totally rock!!!

  35. 35 Stardust

    I love the turn in the story, that now yoon sung is feeling the dark side. Honestly I’m quite blown away by lee min Ho, always thought he’s just a pretty face. But He was absolutely spot on at the scene where the drs were reviving ahjussi. Those tears- man he’s acting good. It’s like he’s breathing city hunter. This is going to be a breakthrough drama for him. Oh man, now he’s a pretty fact and Great actor. U won urself one more fan here!

  36. 36 Cynthia

    I’m so totally proud of our NaNa stepping up and going toe-to-toe with YS! Girl’s got backbone and it’s a treat to watch her use it.

    LMH hit it out of the park again tonight and upon reflection, I don’t think there’s one actor who isn’t pulling his/her own weight with this drama – they’re ALL superlative!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow – and have fingers crossed that YS checks his phone messages and finds a call from Mom!

  37. 37 Maru

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    I had the same feeling of seeing Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader through the last part of this episode! =P I keept shouting “Return from the dark side, City Hunter…. RETURN!!!!!”

  38. 38 la dee dah

    Thanks for the quick recap!

    Gee, all the daddy issues in this show. What’s up with the dads? I mean, the only seemingly good dad has been in a vegetative state for the past 10 years.

    Also, the nun lying? Isn’t that like a…sin? heh heh. Loved that the prosecutor figure things out quickly. Also loved that Nana FINALLY knows about Yoon-ju and the connection with his dad and her parent’s accident.

    • 38.1 skelly

      I HATE that old cliche, the “bad nun.” It’s esp. prevalent in American dramas, where anything religious has to be evil and warped. Too bad Korean dramas lean on that old crutch, too. (And before anyone brings up “You’re Beautiful,” that was a Hong sisters farce so it hardly counts as a vote of confidence).

  39. 39 thameryst

    Have gone beyond a state of catatonic shock into a realm, the name of which I have yet to discover.

    More on that later, but for now, all I’ll say is that narratively speaking this is the episode that turned it all around for me and I’ve sold the shadow of my soul that was still stubbornly holding itself back from the undeniable love that is CITY HUNTER.

    Show, you’ve earned my respect.

  40. 40 0.000%

    I am so glad that “City Hunter,” has achieve so far what up until now only Japanese dramas, and the TW drama “Black And White,” have done, a “Dark Thriller” where the Good/Bad Cops and Good/Bad Heroes, are going at it properly!!!!

    I am so glad the they decide to let the City Hunter go to the dark side……… I do not want to minimize his role at the end of the episode, he did had the “Chance,” to save the bad guy but he refuse to do it……I remember when Nana was in a similar situation and he save her, but this time around he actively contribute to the bad guys death…. I hope that Nana can handle the situation!

    City Hunter FTW!!!!!!!

    • 40.1 suppiechan369

      yea! the plot, twists, mystery and suspense in this drama really reminded me of “Black and White”! except I think BAW got too dark/twisty/confusing for me towards the end…

      • 40.1.1 marie21

        The ending of Black & White was very bad compared to the rest of the show which was brilliant! I thought there were too many twists at the end!
        But I’m glad to finally see this genre in a Korean drama with characters being not totally good and not totally bad either!

  41. 41 Irish J

    Poor Yoon-Sung. After trying so hard to do the right things, this has to happen. Not fair. I hope Nana believes in him.

  42. 42 EJ

    AHH this drama is ACE!

    I really think that it was Jin-pyo in the car that hit ahjushi though. I mean, Kim Jong-shik had no idea where ahjushi was so how did he find him?

    When my sister was watching the ep. she literally screamed and almost choked on her mando when ahjushi got hurt.
    Aigoo what has this drama done to us!!?

    I love how there are twist and turns every moment. The writing in this drama is just so good!

    Will the drama on City Hunter ever cease? I HOPE NOT! I say bring it!

  43. 43 TiaC

    I think what I appreciate most about this drama is the growth I have seen from week to week. Up until a couple weeks ago, NaNa drove me nuts (exactly why can’t a secret service agent tell that a lock has been picked and pick up on someone hiding in her house?), and I honestly HATED the episode 2, to the extent that I was thisclose to dropping it (the tonal shifts were giving me whiplash). Yet upon learning that Yoon Sung is CH, NaNa suddenly gained a few IQ points and was actually helpful! Furthermore, it seems like there is a better rom-com/action balance.

    Yet one problem is still unresolved: characters seem to either be hand-wringing-mustache-twirling EVIL or appears-to-touch-the-dark-side-but-will-always-do-the-right-thing-in-the-end heroic. Is it too much to ask for a little nuance or subtlety? Although the prosecutor could prove the exception to the rule…

  44. 44 thameryst

    OH MY….OH….OH…

    There’s no room in my exploding mind for words!

    I just feel a haze of shock and pain and and…





    • 44.1 Corn tea

      I felt the same way.

      • 44.1.1 smashingalou

        thameryst…you can imagine me nodding up and down with each and every word you uttered…*with a thumbs up*

        You said it dear, I couldn’t agree more…



        *sobbing happily*

        • thameryst

          Dry your tears CH-sister, b/c we haven’t even seen ep 14 yet and we better reserve our energy for the proabable floodgates to come!

  45. 45 kirara

    girlfriday, I agree with you that this is a drug and addiction.. I have no idea what is going to happen next, i mean the whole nana thing was a big mystery too, and it doesnt help that they never show previews for the past few episodes lately so the viewers are basically left to guess what is going to happen.

    Gah.. we have to wait at least 24 hours or so to figure out what is going to happen.. thanks for the recap and i’m sure all of us are going to be glued to the screen and to our seats.. lets get ready for one crazy ride coming our way!:)

  46. 46 Anne

    “No! It’s so unfair! Some people flirt with their dark side for years with little or no consequence to anyone but themselves, but Yoon-sung goes dark for a day, and THIS is what happens?”

    That what I thought too. I hate it. but i think this part will be make this show more awesome. and we will wait what Young Ju will do. Will he be blind with anger of his father’s death? (I mean if Kim Jong-shik death). and for Yoon sung I really feel so so so bad for him. just when he realize what that mean, everything crash down. and now he has to take responsible from his action/his dark side …. can wait episode 14.

    And yes I hope there is City Hunter Season 2….. I think after City hunter end, I can’t live without Lee min ho in my days….

  47. 47 mykdramaself

    will be reading this now, for last night, i really gave in and watched the drama via livestream (got frustrated) and watched it raw this morning. this recap, i know would help.

    thanks much, am so looking forward to the subbed episodes later tonight.;)

  48. 48 Birdie

    Thank you GF for the quick recaps. I like how the plot is into the internal conflicts in the 2 men-City Hunter and the prosecutor. Lee Min Ho has very expressive eyes, which was accentuated by the mask.This episode it is noticeable how LMH effectively change his voice for different emotions. Lee Joon Hyeok definitely stepped up and was not outshone by LMH. Crazy dad was good,too.These 3 actors are holding the show.

    My gripe this episode is PMY did not deliver in the two scenes which required some good acting. When she picked up the tomato and crazy dad pointed a gun at her-her fear was not convincing. When she was supposed to be shocked to discover that her daddy long legs is the son of her enemy, her lack of acting skills showed. Furthermore why is Nana not more curious about the reason a young man (stranger) was her daddy long legs for 10 years.

    • 48.1 QuaTrang

      I agree with you that PMY portrayal of KNN is still lacking. Her range of expressions seems limited, especially when it comes in comparison with other actors. She is great as expressing happy, bubbly feelings, as well as some sad scenes but her angsty expression… I don’t buy it!

      LMH is getting better and better. Lee Jun Hyuk is awesome. Both have a very expresive eyes in this series. But to be honest, I think LJH is a better actor in expressing his feeling, not only with his eyes, but with all the muscles on his face. The same effect we saw on veteran actors (the one portraying JinPyo, for example). Somehow LMH still have that “baby-smooth-face” that is not going all-out! But a big jump from PT, I guess!

      And where the hell is SH the vet! I would hope her character would have more screentime! It would not feel right if she is the FIRST to figure out true identity of YS, then helped him out several times, then… dissappear!!! I don’t want her to the on a love triangle with YS-NN, but rather a person to keep YS in check, even if their relationship got doomed because of his excessive workoholic attitude. In the end, she is the one who is there for him when he needs a coffee, who understands his drive and weaknesses! I don’t want her just to be a plot device, please give that character a life of its own!

      • 48.1.1 QuaTrang

        *to keep YJ in check* (sorry for typo)

      • 48.1.2 Celexa

        Oh QuaTrang… If only there was time to develop this character!

      • 48.1.3 marisa

        I miss Lady Vet – she’s cool-headed, efficient and fearless.
        That dimple is a killer, too.
        Surely this show can contain 2 complex female characters.

    • 48.2 scarlet

      I love how he lowers his voice with an steely edge behind KJS in the car! His vocal performance is another great asset besides his expressive eyes!

    • 48.3 anna

      lol ia. most of the time she has this O__O face expression and 😀 as the second.

  49. 49 scarlet

    Thanks for another wonderful recaps GF!
    LMH’s dark side… interesting. Reminds me of an interview he said couple of years back about how Ha Jung-woo’s psychopath killer in The Chaser fascinated him. He’s not there yet, but i see him getting there, bit by bit. He never disappoints me in this aspect.
    Oh and LJH!! Great acting from these 2 actors!

  50. 50 Itsme

    Does anyone else think that it was Yoon-sung’s father who set up the Ahjussi’s accident? Remember what he said in the beginning of the episode!!

    • 50.1 Itsme

      oh wow I’m mad late forget I even asked 😀

    • 50.2 Elena

      I thought so too…. I don’t think Kim Jong-shik had reason to target Ajusshi, at least not so directly… Unless he makes it a habit of running people over with his car…

      I think Daddy dearest went bananas with his badass plot.

  51. 51 lala

    “I feel like this show stabs me and then bleeds me dry, every single episode. Is this what dating a vampire is like? Because the rush, the addiction… I know it’s bad for my health, but I can’t stop.”
    THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52 Celexa

    It pains me, but I want to see him go through this and have a life-altering mistake on his conscience, to suffer through the Light vs. Dark within himself, and to struggle with what it means to be a hero in a world where the consequences are life and death.

    Girlfriday… as I read this all I could think of one of my favorite quotes from the movie “Legend”

    “There can be no good without evil, no love without hate, no heaven without hell, no light without darkness. The harmony of the universe depends on an eternal balance. Out of the struggle to maintain this balance comes the birth of Legends.”

    • 52.1 Ani

      I… I have not seen that movie in ages, but I gotta admit that it stayed with me because my older sister made sure she complained throughout the whole thing when we watched (I was pretty young when I saw it on TV). Excellent quote selection. For a second it made me think of Landon and his reply to the quote “Without suffering there would be no compassion.” But I like that the world is that way: Yin and Yang. I would like people to be happier and less fighting and suffering, but in such a perfect world, we’d forget to be thankful for what we have. (Still doesn’t stop part of my brain from wishing for Utopia.) … I believe Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter is making quite a legend out of himself.

  53. 53 Ani

    I love Batboy’s, I mean the City Hunter’s, fight with light and darkness. I love it when a hero is not just some freaking perfect being like Superman, but is so human in that he has to face that side that comes naturally to humans when wronged: vengeance. (Okay, yeah yeah, Superman has had his moments of darkness… Minus Smallville, those events do not get counted as canon…. But he has never flirted with the dark side the way Batman has and continues to.)

    He is Vengeance. He is the Night. He. Is. CITY HUNTER!!!

    And I… I am a nerd. *facepalm*

    • 53.1 Celexa

      * fellow nerd standing up pushing my glasses back with a high five jump*

      i love it… thanks for reminding me of the best batman quote!

  54. 54 celestialorigin

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    I reallyreallyreally hope that a street camera caught Kim Jong-shik falling to his death. It would be welcome, even if tiny, compensation for Yoon-sung battling his soul. :(

    Ajusshi, please miraculously wake up. Please???

    Also, I liked how this episode mirrored both YS and YJ’s inner struggle towards the end. Freaking awesome drama, this is.

    • 57.1 mems

      OMG our City Hunter might not need that street camera to prove his innocence. Because Kim Jong Shik had the mp3 player recording in his pocket, and it recorded everything YS said about bringing father to son to get justice.

      OMGOMG please let this happen!

      • 57.1.1 Knightdevil

        Wow! Excellent of you to remember this plot device and I sure hope they will use it.

  58. 58 Daniela

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    I knew that it was a trap since he suddenly started to talked on the phone, so I was eating my nails, hoping that Yoon-sung could realize it. I was in pain waiting when Ajusshi wasn’t responding. Wow, Lee Min Ho, you’re good.
    I screamed (“It could be your mom”) when he turned his phone off
    “…what he’ll have to face, what Young-ju and even Nana will think of him.” That was my first thought after he fell. Is Nana going to believe that he didn’t do it? In a way, he did it,but he was trying to save him at the end. Damn, the consequences.
    To be honest, I dont like when my heroes turn dark. It’s good for the characters and the story, but its painfull to watch, because, again in this case, I want him to be happy and now that way turned more rocky. And he suffers,and i suffer and this drama make me suffer! But it hurts so good, so i keep watching.
    I dont think that Kim Jong-shik will die, because they need the name of target #4. I have a question, are they going to fire Young-ju? Because if they do and Kim Jong-shik dies, Young-ju is going to go after City Hunter(well, he is already in it) with no rules, just pure vengance. Lee Jun-Hyuk is very good too.

    Thankyou for the recap!

    • 58.1 Daniela

      Hmm, now i think he is not going to go to the dark side. He just went there this episode and that is going to be all: his reaction at the end, the flashback to Nana’s words, and if Kim Jong-shik dies, its not going to make him darker, he is just going to feel guilt, a lot.
      I think its good news for me but at the same time no, i think i prefer him dark instead of depressed becuase of the guilt. Please, drama, dont make Yoon-sung a character unable to keep going because of the guilt, and if you go there, please just half episode.

    • 58.2 Celexa

      Daniela… now you need to learn a few Korean curses to throw into the rant! It’ll make you feel better! 😀

      • 58.2.1 tuqaz

        isn’t that how you learn a new language? Learn the curse words first… :) maybe there should be a “how to rant and rave in Korean” section in this blog. 😀

  59. 59 asianromance

    “No! It’s so unfair! Some people flirt with their dark side for years with little or no consequence to anyone but themselves, but Yoon-sung goes dark for a day, and THIS is what happens? WAH.”—> My sentiments exactly!! I really hope YJ doesn’t think YS had anything directly to do with his father’s death.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    Love the directing and camerawork and music in this drama!

    I think LMH’s good looks actually do him a disservice. It distracts one from noticing his good acting.

  60. 60 hwana

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    • 60.1 luci8le

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  61. 61 daisy

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    The kind who wants your bacon. Duh.

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    but OMGEEEE. i honestly yelped out when youngjoo looked up at yoonsung with the look like “hell no. did you just push him off?” crap crap crap.. the misunderstandings in dramas kill me. if only nana had let youngjoo run after his dad right away.. :( i feel bad for the prosecutor right now, but i have bigger issues in mind..as in.. thinking about how VULNERABLE and INNOCENT but BADA** our yoonsung his. oh, the look he had on his face when he saw ajusshi, and the innocent-ness when he ran back to save kim jong shik, and the whole car scene where he was so sexy getting out of the backseat, and cornering kim jong shik. but all of this doesn’t matter if city hunter dies. i know it’s dumb, but to tell you the truth, i don’t want yoonsung to go to the dark side. i want him to nearly get there (which is like..now.) and then stop himself because he realizes he’s becoming his father..

    • 62.1 f1yh1gh10

      EDIT : his = is (in line 5)

  63. 63 jackie

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    i heard the preview for epi 14 was really intense .

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  65. 65 luci8le

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    i hate knowing that this evening i will have to wait one more week for the next episode….

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    The male leads are quite talented, both of them. And in this episode I think the prosecutor was the main focus, he and his father.
    Love this show, thanks for the recap!

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    But shouldn’t be disbarred since he covered up for his dad crimes.

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    I love that I can actually feel bad for Young-ju while rooting for Yoon-sung, and that for once there's a female lead that makes me say, "I wish I could be as cool as her!"

  78. 78 olsen

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    115 comments already?
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    The moment I opened my eyes, I just grabbed my phone and started reading the recaps..yes..before everything else!

    Another great episode even though my heart was breaking for YJ.
    I screamed so loud when I thought Ajusshi was going to die that my friend thought I've seen a ghost or something!
    As for YJ, I really really, like really really really hope he won't go all two-faced Harvey on us..plz drama, make him our Inspector Gordon.

    • 78.1 thameryst

      “The moment I opened my eyes”! LOL, Olsen, I got a sharp image of your mania with that one. You know you’re soul is sold when your heart and mind simultaneously start the day off on the same thing as soon as you wake up!

  79. 79 Joy

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    1) The entire tempo of the episode felt off. There’s an abuse of slow mo here. It’s trying to build suspense and tension but I dunno, I was just bored waiting for show to confirm what I guess might happen in the next few seconds.
    2) I love Shik Joong, I really do but there’s too many “almost deaths” in this that I really wish the show just had the balls to go all the way through. I’m glad that Nana survived but I wished the stakes were higher. In way it makes things more equal between YS and YJ, one Shik Joong for one Kim Jong Shik.

  80. 80 Bluefyre

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  82. 82 crazedlu

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    like, HONG GIL DONG, even EAST OF EDEN (which probably would’ve done better, storywise, if it hadn’t been a billion episodes long), YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME (which, i think is doing its genre some pretty good justice), MISS RIPLEY (which happens to be nailing story telling), WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO (which, for sure, will up the cool and pull some hardcore emo strings, plus, the writing’s been solid so far with only two episodes in).

    city hunter is OVERRATED.

    so many flaws in details for attempting to be a smart, slick action drama. as birdie touched on before, how much suspending of disbelief can we do before we don’t believe in the story or characters any longer?? as much suspending of disbelief as i do when i watch city hunter, because now, i don’t believe in the story or the characters at all, nor do i care for them.

    down the drain. awesome set up in episodes 1 and 2 for something new, cool, and amazing. too bad it’s fallen incredibly short for me. i wanted to love this drama.

    • 82.1 79%

      Perhaps you shouldn’t be following this thread or be reading this recap then. As you may very well be aware, this is generally a thread for people who enjoy the show.

      • 82.1.1 Birdie

        Actually I do not think the thread is only for people who enjoy the show. This is not a fansite. We enjoy GF and JB insights and humour in their recaps whether we agree or not. Many differences of opinions have always been welcome and discussed. Comments on the dramas are usually subjective. Respect are always appreciated.

    • 82.2 entertained

      I’m really curious, why bother?

    • 82.3 crazedlu

      simply, because i want to. why not, right.

      • 82.3.1 luci8le

        i’m more curious about what you don’t like about this drama.
        to be honest, i was a little disappointed by ep 12 (i guess a part of me wanted nana to die to make yoon-sung into the real city hunter) but this one was seriously good.
        i’m really curious : what is overrated?
        the music is quite awesome (imo. it reminds me of the Bad Guy OST), the photography too and the acting… wow i’m always really impressed considering they are quite young actors.
        so what’s wrong?

        • QuaTrang

          I really like the OST of CH!!! “It’s alright” is constantly playing now! “Love” and “Suddenly” are also very moody and suitable for the drama. But I am less impressed by “Cupid”. I heard the OST 6 and even OST 7 are out but could not get hold of them yet to check out!

          • tuqaz

            have you heard the acoustic version of Cupid? I simply love it! Learning to play it now. It’s my ringtone, and my baby claps along whenever it rings, then gives it to me. 😀 Part 6 is already available, not sure about part 7.

      • 82.3.2 annoYedbiatch...

        Maybe because she wants to be contrary to popular opinion… CH is not her cup of tea so we’ll leave her be. She just expressed her OWN views so as her friend birdie commented, respect is appreciated but in my OWN POV, cannot be expected if you start to condescend to others views as well.

        With all due respect to JB and GF who gives fab recaps, though DB is NOT a fansite, it is a spazzing place for fans who actually enjoy and love the show.

      • 82.3.3 Little Lulu

        Yeah, what’s wrong? Is your life too perfect to make everything go wrong?

    • 82.4 QuaTrang

      I think on the “action” genre, CH does quite well. I am following YFFM too, but I think YFFM’s camera and editing works is not as good as CH. Also, YJH as LS is somewhat stiff, possibly because his eyes do not “speak”, at least to me. But YFFM just barely started, so I will wait and see.

      I believe there are tidbits in CH that are left to desire, but the overall enjoyment is great! Rating is much a personal matter and and if you don’t enjoy it or cannot connect to the characters, I totally understand.

      Hope you enjoy other dramas this summer! Let not the crash of opinion spoil our enjoyment!

    • 82.5 Messi

      Its not overrated, dear. Its just bec. u don’t like this drama so much as others love it. and dramas u like r not so hit. it happens in everyone’s life. tex g

  83. 83 tuqaz

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    Great show! Thanks for the quick recaps! Stalking mode on! :)

    • 83.1 QuaTrang

      Not in my region, too!!! I am considering moving home!!! Where is it available, Viki?

      Luckily, DarkSmurf also subs this series, and thank to them I am not going into financial crisis (for moving around the globe)!

      • 83.1.1 tuqaz

        I did consider moving, either that or learn Korean. I’m stalking 3 websites at the moment. Will add DarkSmurf to my list. Thanks. :)

  84. 84 ck1Oz

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    I nearly had a heart attack watching the accident myself.I was thinking no way they were going to kill off ajusshi were they?

    Oh man what’s going to happen?The prosecutor is not going to think Yoon Sung pushed his dad right?He saw his dad dangling by himself earlier.Those 2 sons needs some redemption from the crap pile they were born with.

    Please please…

  85. 85 brigitte

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    • 85.1 olsen

      hey, if I may be so bold, welcome to the club!


    • 85.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      @Brigitte 😉

      To Javabeans and Girlfriday, may i say welcome to Brigitte? 😉

      if i may humbly say, to add to Olsen’s words,

      WELCOME, Brigitte!!!!!!! 😉

      how we so WELCOME you,
      ’cause THE MORE THE MERRIER!!

      how can there be enough love for CH and LMH??? 😉

      thank you, Brigitte, for swooning and mooning along with the rest of us here!!!! 😉

      • 85.2.1 tuqaz

        You should all come here and be overdosed with LMH! He’s on tv every day of the week! Personal Taste in the evenings, though in Chinese audio, not the same, but you could just oogle at him. CH just started, that’s on Monday and Tuesday night, repeats around 2am, 8am and 2pm, and on weekends. So basically, I have him for breakfast the next day, lunch, tea, dinner and midnight snack. 😀 Too bad BOF just ended, or else I would’ve had an afternoon snack before tea-time. Not to mention watching the latest CH episodes in the net, RAW and with subbies, and reading recaps. You just can’t get enough of LMH!! 😀

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          hahaha!!!! tuqaz!!! 😉

          i LOL at your words!! hahaha!!! if you want to add to your already overdosed self on LMH, you could watch BOF at mysoju.com or dramacrazy.net or dramafans…

          hahaha!!!! 😉

          • tuqaz

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        • thameryst

          You’re making me hungry for some more LMH, Tuqaz! I have to rewatch ep 13 AGAIN!

          • tuqaz

            *burp* just had a LMH cupcake. 😀

      • 85.2.2 brigitte

        Thank you OLSEN & KDL for a warm welcome. I LOVE CH & LMH no matter what other people say! I initially watch CH (inspite of all the negative vibes of the drama pre-show) for the love of my LMH, but boy!! The drama itself is just SUPERLATIVE – acting, scripwriting, directing, editing, and the OST are just AWESOME. I’ll continue this CH journey with you guys who love this drama so much. Thank you once again!! CH fighting & LMH– I just luuuuuuurve you!!!!

        • koreandramalover

          @brigitte sweetie! 😉

          you are most welcome!!! 😉

          let’s sail the sea of love for CH and LMH together,
          and go berserk together… 😉

          as the saying goes – misery loves company,
          and i bet you, when the love for CH and LMH is THIS INSANE, its pure MISERY because we know, we know, the inevitable is just around the corner – the end to CH and LMH….arrrgggghhhh….

          so, when that happens, believe you me when i say, we are going to need all the help we can get to get through the withdrawal symptoms…arrrggghhhh… 😉

  86. 86 Lisa

    I love this drama.

    I super luv this drama.

    I love the jux between City Hunter and Prosecutor.
    Both have messed up dads but a strong will of justice and doing the right things.

    Yet, the Prosecutor will have to come to term with not prosecuting his dad earlier and keeping mum about it. Granted he wanted his father to fess up but he waited too long.

    As for the City Hunter, YS. His anger took over and he allowed Shik to fall. I agree with girlfriday that it is unlucky for him to make a little error in judgment and now must suffer for not being the “better man” which could be cured by Kim Nana or realizing that he is mortal.

    Also…I really wonder if the driver was really Yoon Sung’s dad. There are still3 possible suspects… dad’s henchman and evil henchmen dude who hasn’t been in a few episodes in a while or Shik himself. I wonder if we are in for another curveball by the City Hunter writers.

  87. 87 Miyoung

    I was legit in tears after the end of this episode because the whole episode was so. damn. good. Every week the writers/directors/editors/actors have me in awe. Gahh if loving this drama is wrong, I do not ever want to be right.

    Also, I have a feeling that the person that ran over Shik-joong ahjuhsshi was Jinpyo. Not Hottie Prosecutor’s dad. Which means… that when Yoon-Sung finds out it was daddy dearest shit will hit the fan in a hugeeeee way. AND I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE IT.

  88. 88 rescel23

    Oh dear, this drama has really glued me to the screen…the thrill and excitement from EP1 till now. I started watching this only 3 nights ago (with barely 3 hours of sleep each night) and finally caught on. I hope the final episode will not be boring and lame. LMH is being honed as a good actor here. Kudos!

  89. 89 Jenn

    How does CH get better day by day? I have gained so much respect for all these actors, actresses, directors, producers, scriptwriters, cameramen/women… Everything was so beautifully wrapped up together for once that I truly understand what it does to make a good drama…I mean how many times have you found the camera shots but the writing good? And the directing making the actors sound downright annoying but the camera amazing? CH does it all! I just read through all the comments, and as bad as it as for my health to stay up so late, it’s almost 5 in the morning, I can’t stop… This drama really made me cry when they captured Lee Min Ho’s acting. His change, his expressions, the actions that occur around him… It really built such an explicitly beautiful in-depth character that we can all fawn over and enjoy!

  90. 90 b is for bipolar

    To girlfriday, I wanna say thanks for another awesome recap. Like you, this drama is making me bipolar as well.

    To Show, I wanna say:
    I’m not sure if I like where this is headed. Because I don’t think we as an audience (by “we” I meant “I”) can handle any more additions to the bad guys list. It would become convoluted as heck if you add Young-ju to this drama’s roster of villains. Originally, we have the council of five guys (now down to two). Then the vengeful but righteous Jin-pyo turns into a crazy batshit lunatic. Then you gave us Jin-pyo’s sidekick (aka Yoon-sung’s punching bag). Now Daddy Long Legs? That would be too much, methinks. As it is, I’m already spreading too thin my bad guy hate among the aforementioned antagonists. Show, don’t add any more late in the game. Let Young-ju grieve for a while, then be mad at Yoon-sung for indirectly causing his dad’s death, then be mad at himself for wishing his dad to be dead. Afterward, let him resume his straight-laced prosecuting ways. Unless he gets fired. In that case he would have nothing to do, so I guess he can be Two-Face. But please, Show, keep him awesome.

  91. 91 ...

    i’m super tempted to read this right now, and watch the ep later, (can’t watch now cuz i’m at the office), but i know i must resist!!!! thanks in advance for the post though, and i will be reading this after i watch the ep

  92. 92 uglyduckling

    CITY HUNTER IS EPIC. the end.

    and it’s not just cause LMH is so INCREDIBLY amazing, but because when you watch it you actually feel as if you are a part of the drama, experiencing all of the angst and happisness that comes with it.

    SUCH AS, when shik-joong ahjussi got run over by the car, i nearly had a heartattack. And i felt the rage that Yoonsung was feeling against kim jong shik (funny how its JONG-SHIK and SHIK-JOONG)…. etc. this drama GETS THE WATCHER INVOLVED.

    the only complaint i have is that as each episode progresses, it gets more and more overwhelming (which i love how it just gets more better as it progresses, so i guess its not really a complaint haha) and by the time the episode ends i just collapse and i have to review everything that happend in my head.

    the only person i really don’t like is Yoonsung’s father, Jinpyo. i mean, i understand his rage, but seriously, why does he have to get the mother and nana and ahjussi involved? i don’t hate him, but just his extremely narrow-minded view.

    and SOMEBODY important has to die (not that i want them to) because that what gets the drama MEATY. haha. so im guessing the kim jong shik might be one of the persons.

    i just REALLLY don’t want this drama to be one of those dramas where the main character (yoonsung, nana, youngjoo) dies, because even though thatll be a PRETTY EPIC ENDING, i would also die if one of them died (especially yoonsung), and i just really much rather prefer a happy ending. I’M SAYING THIS TO YOU, CITY HUNTER SCRIPTWRITER PERSON.

    i realize i am a contradicting person. BLAH.


  93. 93 uglyduckling

    i forgot to add, if it WAS daddy that ran over ahjussi, then he’s in for some DEEEP **** (censored haha) DOODOO from Yoonsung.


  94. 94 Lala-chan

    I haven`t yet watched this episode with english subs, but read gf`s recap while watching it raw. My first impression is that the quality of this episode in terms of editing and flow is not as solid as previous ones. It really bothers me that LMH is only getting 2 hours sleep (and I`m sure the rest of the cast and crew are in the same boat) in terms of their health and attention to detail re. the show.

    Someone commented on this earlier, but I also felt that YS`s transition to `evil City Hunter`was kind of abrupt (I`m referring to the smashing mirror scene`. I also felt that the first scene with the motorbike was kind of random, and doesn`t do JP justice.

    On the other hand, JP`s attack on Ahjussi made more sense to me, and was a good plot device. I thought the Prosecutor was amazing in this episode, and I`m kind of hoping he`ll go all reveng-y on YS.

    Anyway, the next ep looks very interesting, what with Nana confronting JP finally. I`m also hoping for some more romantic scenes between her and YS – I`m a fangirl at heart ^_^=

    • 94.1 Jomo

      thought the Prosecutor was amazing in this episode, and I`m kind of hoping he`ll go all reveng-y on YS.

      I agree that the unsung hero, here: YJ – is who made this whole episode work.

      When I think of how the two sons suffered because of their Dads…Arrrrgh!

      But YS is happily running around revenging successfully, getting deserved and unfair bad press. He is DOING.

      YJ, up to this point, has been unsuccessfully playing by the rules, trying to win his fight against injustice, having his hands tied. BUT NOT ANYMORE, BABY!
      YJ’s angsty face will harden. We will continue to see the pain from his bad opa, but now mixed with resolve. He will cast off these chains of reason and rules and he will FIGHT the City Hunter. And this time, it’s personal.

      So it is even cooler that he will fight YS, who is also right, but they are both WRONG about who to take revenge against. NOT each other.
      The Prosecutor’s father wasn’t really driving the car that swiped Ahjussi.
      YS is not really responsible for YJ’s father’s fall from the bridge.

      So complicated. I like it.

      Thanks for the fun fun fun recap, GF, who is not above name dropping herself. I’m just jealous.

  95. 95 QuaTrang

    @girlfriday: I don’t think Evil Dad really want to shoot NN at the beginning of the episode. The way he stops and SLOWLY gets out the gun, I think, is to show YS that he CAN do that! Evil Dad is a great sniper/gunner, so if he really wants to kill, he can do that from afar. I feel that it is a threat than a failed endevour to kill NN. I also see that scene as a test, which leads to Evil Daddy conclusions on pulling strings on YS. I totally believe he is behind the wheel in the incident with Ajussi!!!

    And about the scene when Evil Dad hit YS car with the prison bus, he did divert the wheel to just hit the rear of YS car, not directly at YS! So, I think at the end, he does have fatherly feeling for YS, though distorted by his vengeant mindset!

  96. 96 mim

    Really enjoyed this episode which belonged to the Prosecutor as far as I am concerned. Wow, our Prosecutor is so clever and cool!
    I did feel bad for YJ when the video was being played. It was okay for the CH to incriminate the dad, but why take away from the credibility of the Prosecutor? I know he hasn’t exposed his Dad, but YS also has responsibility towards the policemen who were killed by JP. He ought to know what it feels like to have your father commit the most horrible deeds and being helpless to prevent them. So, yeah, the policemen’s death is also something not to be ignored since the guilty have not been caught yet.

    It was interesting to see how Nana is the only person who is unfazed by JP. She doesn’t fear death and that, I hope, will lead to her having a head-to-head with JP and be a worthy antagonist to him. It is refreshing to see the female lead also caring for her man so much and not wanting him to protect her.

    Wish Nana’s character had been written better in the early episodes. But the way I see it, Nana was living a lonely, purposeless existence before where there was nothing to fight for. Though she was trying to remain cheerful, she had lost hope of ever getting justice for her dad or finding meaning in life again. YS n the City Hunter changed all that. Now she has someone to fight for and there is a reason why she reacts so calmly and pragmatically to situations which might have unfazed her before. Now she is starting to show the emotional maturity she must have reached in these ten years, caring for a sick dad and finding the will to continue with life despite everything.

    Also, about the ending. I think KJS willingly let go of the railing.I don’t think he saw YS approaching him. He heard his son’s voice and must have remembered what YS told him in the car- about choosing the honourable way or the shameful way. He must not have had the courage to face his son after seeing the shame he had brought him and so decided to take the easy or hard way out, I can’t decide. On the one hand, it is better to have a dead criminal dad and KJS might have wanted to spare his son the torture of having to see his Dad being prosecuted, on the other hand he should have set an example and made his son feel proud of him again by surrendering.

    But only poor YS knows what really happened and his basic sensitive self will come to haunt him even though he knows he had no direct hand in KJS’ death. How shocked he will be when he realises it is his own Dad who is responsible for Ajusshi’s accident and the likely death of KJS!

  97. 97 koreandramalover/kdl

    Girlfriday, what can i say for this





    I cannot decide who is MORE AWESOME…
    You, Girlfriday…
    or Lee Min Ho in all his explosively-expressive-emotive-acting… 😉

    hmmmm….the way I see it…its a TIE!!! 😉

  98. 98 koreandramalover/kdl

    After watching ep 13 raw, this is what i can say :

    I think City Hunter is NOT getting better and better,
    but rather EACH episode is AWESOME in its own way,
    and has specific strengths and weaknesses as well…

    and so i would not say City Hunter is getting better and better but rather it is CONTINUING to display its AWESOMENESS in so many different ways,
    evident from how EACH and EVERY episode manages to throw up heart-stopping moments, esp at the end…

    how do we compare one awesome cliffhanger with another??

    how do we compare one heart-breaking, heart-stopping, heart-crushing (or in GF’s words – soul-crushing) moment with another??

    i just can’t do it…and so…
    i see City Hunter as an ON-GOING-AWESOME-FEST!!!! 😉

    AWESOME-FEST, that is YOU too, Girlfriday,
    with your super-awesome recaps, along with Javabeans’ equally awesome recaps 😉

    yayyyyyy!!!!! 😉

  99. 99 angeline ong

    wow. thanks. u r fast. reading your recap is enough to fasten my heartbeat. i hvn’t watch epi 13 yet. it isn’t available in my country. the way epi 13 ends is creepy. i don’t want the world to think that city hunter is a serial killer!

  100. 100 koreandramalover/kdl

    So, it has happened. In spite of the overwhelming love for CH, the inevitable vitriol has been thrown at it…

    The way i see it – if we love CH, no amount of vitriol or hate comments should shake us up…

    As the luminous Eleanor Roosevelt once said :
    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

    So, my suggestion to CH and LMH lovers the world over, this is how we should those whose views differ from ours on CH :

    Just let them be. Let them be. Let them…be…

    Since we are so happy in our love for CH,
    just focus on that love and just let the opposers be… 😉

    That is better for all our hearts 😉

    • 100.1 koreandramalover/kdl


      should be : “this is how we should VIEW those whose views differ from ours on CH”

    • 100.2 Celexa

      Totally agree with you KDL! Well said :)

      • 100.2.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        @Celexa 😉

        Thank you so much for appreciating my humble take on an unpleasant issue, which i wish does not exist here in the wonderful atmosphere that we all enjoy coming to… 😉

        • smashingalou

          @kaye, i so love you!!!! :)

          No perfect word indeed to tackle such issue….I too is an emissary of good and positive things.

          CH is for me a GIFT that no one and no matter can stain it… :)

          And for that, I guess the only matter is HOW MUCH WE LOVE CH/LMH THEE?!!

          WE HEART IT!! :)

          • koreandramalover

            @smashingalou, i can’t have said it any better!! 😉

            you are soooo right about how CH is such a blessed GIFT that no one and no matter can stain it, even if they try…

            HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE CH/LMH you ask?

            simply put – THERE ARE SIMPLY NO WORDS FOR IT
            ’cause our spazzing, drooling, swooning, hyperventilating, salivating, DYING over it
            SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!! 😉

            need i say more?? 😉


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