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City Hunter: Episode 14
by | July 7, 2011 | 534 Comments

Bromance! Bromance! Bromance! Oh please, tell me that’s next on the menu. Just the suggestion of such a development has me all awash in anticipation, because the conflict of avenging-hero-versus-lawman is so rife with possibility. We’ve got the romance angle secure, so now it’s time to turn our attentions to the bromance…or perhaps the escalation of their face-off to the next level.


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Caught between certain downfall and death, Kim Jong-shik lets go of the railing and falls to the highway below, hitting a car windshield and landing on concrete. Considering how he chose money over his son, this man is just all about the bad decisions.

Young-ju looks up and sees the City Hunter at the railing. Yoon-sung is shocked — not just at these unexpected events, but at his own actions: “What the hell have I done?”

Jin-pyo calls to ask sternly why Yoon-sung would start his revenge only to turn back to save the guy — clearly he’s watching nearby. He adds, “Then striking down Shik-joong becomes meaningless.” Oh, because it was so meaningful before?

Dun dun dun! Yoon-sung realizes that Jin-pyo was the one who hit Shik-joong, to make him go after Kim Jong-shik, and storms in to confront Bad Daddy. Hot damn, I love that these kinds of secrets aren’t dragged out, but quickly realized so we can cut to the interesting part: the fallout.

Jin-pyo admits readily that he did it, saying, “It had an immediate effect, didn’t it? What I wanted to see from you was this. Eyes blazing in vengeance, ready to go through fire and water.” He wanted their enemies shot through the heart quickly, “By your hand. That is how you protect the ones you love.”

Yoon-sung snarls, “I’ve thought it over, asking myself who’s dear to you, and couldn’t think of any. Except…for one.”

Oh God, don’t mean yourself, oh God, don’t mean yoursel—

Whack! He grabs a letter opener from the side table and stabs his hand to the table with it.

OH MOTHERFUCKING @#$%@$, HE MEANT HIMSELF. Blood drips through wood to the ground beneath. Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Wheezing through his pain, Yoon-sung tells his shocked father, “Me. That’s your one dear person. Does this hurt your heart? It should. It has to. No matter how much you want it, I can’t kill people. I felt that certainty today.”

He wrenches the blade from his hand and walks away, hand bloody. Even Jin-pyo looks stunned.

At the hospital, Nana sees Kim Jong-shik being brought in via ambulance and Young-ju staggering out of the emergency room in shock. They both hear that eyewitnesses stated that it looked like Kim was committing suicide, after trying to grab documents that fell over the railing.

Young-ju checks his phone to find one last text message from Dad: “I’m sorry. Chun Jae-man is next.” Aw. Despite the father-son standoff, this is an acknowledgement that there IS something to investigate. It doesn’t begin to redeem Kim Jong-shik, but it does show us that he cared about his son. Well, enough to feel bad about the corruption he insisted he was entitled to.

Nana finds Yoon-sung sitting with Shik-joong, alarmed at his injured hand, which he says dully is “no big deal.” All full of tortured conflict, he barks at her to leave him before she turns out like Shik-joong, and that it was Dad who did this, not Kim Jong-shik: “To him, I’m neither a son nor Yoon-sung. I’m just his possession.”

Tearing up, he tells her that he’s the one who made Shik-joong like this. He starts to say, “Even with Kim Jong-shik about to die, I pretended not to see—” but Nana cuts him short, enveloping him in a hug.

She knows that feeling of wanting an eye for an eye and says, “It wasn’t you who did it — it was me. If you hadn’t done it, I would have. So don’t torment yourself.”

Young-ju finds the voice recorder he’d left in his father’s jacket pocket, which recorded Kim’s damning conversation with Yoon-sung in the car. Young-ju’s reaction is heartbreaking, because this conversation evokes such a mix of warring emotions with its revelations: Finally, he gets a lead in the 1983 case with mention of the incident off the shores of North Korea; Yoon-sung’s voice practically confirms his City Hunter identity; and lastly, his father begs Yoon-sung to spare his son.

It’s the last one that breaks Young-ju, who screams in fury.

Turns out that Kim Jong-shik isn’t dead, but in a coma. (Possibly Inappropriate Aside: What does it take to kill a character around here? I do appreciate that all these dramatic turns are feasible with comas rather than murders, but c’mon, drama, I want some death-inspired darkness up in here. Or I’m gonna have to downgrade you to Balls of Aluminum. *crumple*)

Young-ju finds Yoon-sung outside his father’s door and rushes him, shaking with rage. He growls, “Don’t you dare get caught by anybody else. I’ll be the one to do it.” He warns him that he’ll be dogging his every move. Yoon-sung keeps up his smartassy cover, though it lacks the usual punch: “You must really feel wronged, to take your anger out on a random person. You’ve wrinkled my clothes.”

Young-ju seethes, “You’re no hero. You’re just a killer.” Just the words to cut Yoon-sung to the quick.

Young-ju reports for work and volunteers to drop the City Hunter case, to his boss’s surprise. In exchange, he wants to be granted a secret investigation of Haewon Group chairman Chun Jae-man, as he has evidence of Chun harboring a slush fund and evading taxes. At Young-ju’s insistence on taking on another bigwig, the department head dryly notes, “You’re my anti-fan, aren’t you?” Heh. The previous department head had to resign when he’d tried to go after Chun, and Boss sighs, “I’m like hay in the face of a typhoon.”

Young-ju gets his boss’s tacit agreement when he declares that if he fails this task, he will quit being a prosecutor.

Nana surprises Jin-pyo by arriving at his home unannounced, having gotten the address off Yoon-sung’s GPS. Whoa. I’m thinking maybe she picked up those Balls of Steel.

She gets straight to the point: “Let Yoon-sung go. So that he can live like a person, happily — let him go now.” She calls him a puppetmaster wanting to control Yoon-sung with his strings.

Jin-pyo says that she won’t be able to leave as easily as she arrived. Nana isn’t intimidated: “If I stepped back because of your threats, I’d be a coward. But what can we do? After fighting this heartless world on my own, I found I can’t do things without risking my all. Do you not love Lee Yoon-sung? How could you make someone you love do those cruel things? How much more must he be destroyed for you to stop?”

Jin-pyo stands suddenly and whips out his gun, and Nana doesn’t even flinch. Cocking the hammer, he says he could kill her right now.

Nana: “That’s fine. I’m a human shield anyway.” Dayum. Way to invoke her bodyguard creed, that her value is in taking the bullet for the president.

Jin-pyo releases the hammer and says that it seems a waste to kill her right now, with that look in her eyes. Nana tells him to back off, saying that she won’t stand by, either: “I’ll rally everything I’ve got to block you. I came to say this.”

Chun Jae-man’s turn for the spotlight: He demonstrates why he was one of the Council of Five as he hears of Kim Jong-shik’s coma state and figures it would’ve been “cleaner” had he died. He orders his minion to keep a close watch on Kim’s condition, and if he shows signs of waking, “Get rid of him.”

Recognizing that all-out war is the name of the game, he decides he’ll have to act first. Ergo: Press conference, where he controls the story.

Chun reveals that the dog tags sent in by the City Hunter belonged to special agents, but describes them as traitors who were fleeing after stealing national secrets back in October ’83. They were killed, and upon receiving the report, Chun and his colleagues had decided to keep the matter quiet because public tensions had been running high after the Aungsan bombing.

Clever clever. Just enough truth to seem true (and be backed up by facts), but enough fabrication to turn himself into a good guy, and the City Hunter into the villain. He adds that the City Hunter’s motivation in this is retaliation and chaos. Chun tells the public not to forget that “The City Hunter is not a hero, but a traitor to his country.”

Ironically enough, his pre-emptive strike confirms to Jin-pyo that he’s Target No. 4. Jin-pyo muses, “He’s turned on the spotlight, so it’s time to climb up onstage.” Yoon-sung comes to the same conclusion, that Chun has declared war.

Shik-joong wakes, and Yoon-sung is overcome with relief. And then shock, when Shik-joong tells him that he’s found his mother.

Yoon-sung rushes to the temple and finds Kyung-hee lying down in her sickbed, having refused to leave, saying that her son might come looking for her now that he knows she’s here. That just brings a tear to my eye.

Kyung-hee sits up to see him kneeling at her side, and whispers, “My baby. My son. Not a day has gone by that I’d forgotten you, but how hurt you must have been that I didn’t recognize you at once. My son, I’m sorry.”

She cries into his chest, and he stutters, “M-mom.” Ahh, such satisfying words.

Thankfully she can now resume treatment for her leukemia while awaiting results of Yoon-sung’s donor match test. Yoon-sung requests that this visit be kept off the official records, saying that she has a stalker-like situation going on, and that he’ll pay in cash. The doctor offers to admit her as a foreign patient (hence, no national ID number).

Kyung-hee agrees to be admitted to the hospital now that she’s found a reason to live, but asks to go out, just for today. Yoon-sung balks, citing the danger, but she says that after 28 years apart, she wants to cook for her son. “More than living one more day, I want to feed my son.” Who can resist this universal mom gesture?

And so, Yoon-sung accompanies her home. Before she sets out to cooking, he stops her and admits with difficulty that he’d hated her, having thought she’d abandoned him. And that he’d been angry to see her sick, thinking that she should have been living it up if she’d tossed him aside to be free of him, and that he’d wanted her to keep living because he wouldn’t be able to hate her in death. He apologizes for all that now.

Mom tells him she’s the sorry one, for not protecting him or finding him first, and for being sick like this. She promises to live: “Yoon-sung, let’s live happily, for a long, long time.”

To cast a pall over this moment, watching just outside is Sang-gook, who gives his phone a conflicted look. Don’t do it! Save yourself, and save your soul! Also Yoon-sung!

He turns away without calling (thank heaven) — only, Jin-pyo’s not to be duped and shows up behind him. Gah! Why do you even need minions if your devil’s work is so efficient without them?

He accuses Sang-gook of letting compassion overrule his orders. He warns him that he’ll let it slide this time, but won’t the next.

Jin-pyo watches the touching mother-son reunion and wonders, “Will you two be able to understand me?” I’m hoping no, since I’d like the others to retain their souls, please.

While eating, Mom notes that Yoon-sung has the same food habits as his father. Yoon-sung calls her jjigae tastier than Shik-joong’s, describing him as a mother, brother, and (ha!) sister figure, and describes Jin-pyo as a demanding type who pushed him to excel in studies and athletics. Understatement of the year award, we have a winner.

Yoon-sung says he was the reason for Jin-pyo’s leg, because he’d saved Yoon-sung from an accident. For that, Mom’s thankful, but she asks, “Does he put you in danger?”

Yoon-sung laughs that off to ease her, then asks about his father, and hears that he was a warm man. Agh, the what-could-have-beens, they’re killer. I know we’d have had no drama without the baby-stealing and whatnot, but I sigh for Yoon-sung’s and Kyung-hee’s lost lives.

He asks, “Losing someone dear to you — it’s a sad thing, isn’t it? Stealing those loved ones from someone, hurting them — they’ll be punished for it, whatever the reason.” Mom senses his turmoil and urges him to confide in her, but he says he’s just talking about their situation.

Nana comes just in time to see the happy scene, smiling to see Yoon-sung eating his mother’s food. She takes a photo quietly before leaving.

Chun is financially strapped at the moment due to pending business matters, and tries to think of ways to come up with 500 billion won, approximately $4 million. Jin-pyo seizes this as his in, and presents himself as a potential investor, wealthy American businessman Steve Lee.

Yoon-sung knows that despite his precautions to keep Kyung-hee hidden, it’s only a matter of time before Jin-pyo tracks her down, and therefore prepares to transfer her to an American hospital when his business here is over. Words that briefly deflate Nana.

Yoon-sung asks Nana if being with him makes her happy — isn’t she scared? — repeating the familiar “Being with me will endanger you” refrain. Nana reminds him that her feelings are her own, so he needn’t worry.

Just then, they spot Jin-pyo entering the hospital, escorted by Chun Jae-man. Yoon-sung tells Nana to wait for him in the car, then follows his father to the VVIP reception area. Jin-pyo’s face immediately goes from politeness to hardened badass, while Yoon-sung’s undergoes a similar instant change, but from challenging stare to playboy smile. The smile is reserved for Chun’s flattered secretary, who preens. HA. The pretty boy persona wins again.

Yoon-sung finds Dad in the restroom to tell him that he may get hurt if he goes after Chun, who’s no easy target. I love how the targets are getting tougher — I don’t rank their misdeeds in any order (how do you rank embezzling against lobbying and drunk driving and draft dodging?), but the baddies do appear to be revealing themselves in order of shrewdness. Which makes sense, since it only follows that the careless brash one who’s drunk on power would be found out before the paranoid one who’s vigilant of possible threats.

Dad replies that Yoon-sung doesn’t have the luxury of worrying over him, when he’s got his own troubles to deal with. To which Yoon-sung replies that he’s not concerned: “I’m telling you not to get in my way.” Gauntlet! Thrown.

Dad tells him he’s being arrogant, and tells him to watch and learn: “Revenge has to be done in the spirit of revenge. Like I’m doing.”

Nana worries that the Chun/Jin-pyo connection means they’ll have to move Kyung-hee from this Haewon-owned hospital, but he says that it’s darkest underneath the lamp — meaning, it may be safer to leave Kyung-hee here.

Nana asks him to take her home, now that the danger from Kim Jong-shik is gone and she can resume her life and her job. Yoon-sung doesn’t like this idea for numerous reasons, which he expresses in his usual way, sniffing that he’s glad, hmph.

He makes himself at home on her couch, and asks if she’s sure she’ll be okay, what with the danger and all. She retorts that he’s much more of a danger to her, prompting him to pull her down on top of him (rawr!), asking innocently, “Why? What about me?” He says he’s done a mental check of his savings account, saying she’s expensive — a reference to their no-contact contract. Which, frankly, just seems like a skinship menu now. (Uh, where can I get me one of those, Mr. Lee Min-ho?)

Example: She hits his shoulder, and he demands 100,000 won, which she offers to repay with some really awesome coffee.

Nana smiles as she shares that the mere sight of coffee makes her think of him now. But that puts a damper on his mood, and he refuses the coffee, saying he’s quit. He leaves abruptly, leaving Nana bewildered at his sudden change of mood, while he sighs, “The sight of coffee makes her think of me? That can’t happen.”

Young-ju sits down for lunch at the cafeteria, which causes all the other employees to get up and leave, now that he’s been outed as a tainted prosecutor. Oh, so sad. As if it weren’t bad enough that Dad’s teetering on the brink, he gets tarred with the corruption brush when, really, he’s the most morally upright one in this cast.

Young-ju receives word about Chun’s meeting with Steve Lee, which is a clear red flag that something is up. He finds an old article about the Aungsan incident mentioned in Chun’s speech, and notices that both Jin-pyo and Mu-yeol are on the list of Secret Service survivors.

Nana reports to work, only to find to her surprise that so has Yoon-sung. Gee, I wonder why! The ensuing scene between Yoon-sung, his IT colleagues, and Da-hae and her bodyguards has me cracking up because there’s so much stuff going on all at once, and it’s hilarious.

For instance: IT boss is thrilled to have Yoon-sung back, as is Da-hae. Yoon-sung’s only got eyes for Nana, who hangs back and smiles at him — until Da-hae flings herself at him, which provokes a frown of jealousy. Eun-ah makes eyes at Ki-joon, but her comments are flirty toward Yoon-sung as well. For instance, the boss writes off his absence as vacation, to which Yoon-sung balks that that’ll interfere with his real vacation, and he needs to see bikini-clad bodies to remain healthy. Ha. Eun-ah suggests the pool rather than the beach (easier to safeguard Da-hae), and offers that she has a bikini — which makes Ki-joon yell out in protest, apropos of (seemingly) nothing. Heh. These Blue House scenes have really grown on me; they’re frivolous, but they make me giggle.

Nana tells Yoon-sung (calling him Mr. Bad Luck Bastard now, affectionately) that there are pictures of his father in the Secret Service records, so he takes a look at the books…of which the 1983 volume is missing. Who should show up to hand it over but Young-ju, who’s just had a look.

This means that Young-ju now has confirmation that Jin-pyo, who’s pictured in the book, is also Steve Lee. When he shows up to confront him, he cuts to the chase and calls him Jin-pyo.

Jin-pyo doesn’t play coy, and acknowledges that he’s one and the same. He says that he took on the Steve Lee persona because people would treat him differently if they knew he was a former Secret Service agent, and he’s proud of achieving his business success on his own.

Young-ju finds it mighty suspicious that he went as far as to invent a new identity (the term is identity laundering), and Jin-pyo says he had reason to do it: “I washed my soul in the ocean with that incident, back then.”

Young-ju: “That incident?” Jin-pyo tells Young-ju to figure it out. Young-ju leaves him with the warning that he knows Jin-pyo’s working to get to Chun Jae-man, who he knows is the next target.

Shopping time for Yoon-sung, which gets a chuckle out of me since they’re at a Trugen store, the menswear line for which Lee Min-ho has been brand model for the past couple years. Nana’s here to give him a two-fold gift — to repay the 100,000 won he demanded, as well as welcome him back to work — and tells him to pick out a tie. To put the kibosh on his complaining, she gives him five seconds to choose, ha.

Make that a three-fold gift: It’s also a pseudo-bribe so he’ll keep her in the loop as his partner. Reluctantly he agrees, and I wonder if he feels the least bit of satisfaction when the reward for her pestering is that Nana has to watch him check into a hotel with another woman on his arm. Heh.

It’s Chun Jae-man’s secretary, who pouts to him about how hard her day was and mentions his meeting tomorrow with the National Intelligence Service’s head of records. With that key info secured, Yoon-sung raises his glass for a toast, and the drink knocks her out cold.

Yoon-sung takes her employee keycard and heads out, only to be confronted by an annoyed Nana, who asks why he had to use these methods: “Use me instead! Why mistreat your body like that?” LOL.

Chun Jae-man visits comatose Kim Jong-shik in the hospital (whose hand twitches, unseen) and comes face to face with Young-ju. He’s aware that Young-ju’s digging around in his affairs — he’s got informants to keep him apprised — and asks what’s got him sniffing around. Young-ju refers to Chun’s press conference statement about the traitors who were killed, and drops the hint that he knows he’s covering for the North Korean incident of 1983.

Chun decides that it’s too bad that Young-ju’s his friend’s son, but orders his minion, “Get rid of him.” Dude, that’s his solution for everything, which makes him the deadliest target thus far, though I can’t help but laugh at the image of him dealing with every minor crisis in the same way: “The cleaning lady can’t make it? Get rid of her. The dog won’t beg? Kill it.”

Yoon-sung heads to Haewon Group in time for Chun’s meeting with the NIS guy, and takes on the two guards stationed at the front desk with cool efficiency, knocking them out with their own walkie-talkie. He positions them in their seats to look normal (asleep, perhaps), and calls Chun’s secretary to say he’s here to see her, but can’t get in without a pass. She hesitates to leave her station, but when he suggests he’ll just turn back and go home, she offers to come down to meet him.

Yoon-sung waits for her to vacate her desk, then slips inside — using her keycard — and approaches Chun’s office. He opens the door quietly, just cracking it enough to affix a tiny camera to the inside of the door, then monitors the scene on his phone.

Chun pays off the NIS head of records for the file containing reports of the 1983 incident. It is to remain classified until 2030, and is the file Young-ju had wanted.

With the file safely in his hands, Chun mutters that nobody needs to know something that was to remain secret till 2030, and takes his lighter to the book…just as he gets a phone call.

Chun orders his minion to make the death appear as suicide, saying, “That Kim Young-ju fellow has gotten too arrogant.” Young-ju’s current status as persona non grata will explain his suicide, and Chun says he’ll wait for the report on tonight’s news.

Which means, of course, that the plan is going down today. Possibly now.

Eee! This sends Yoon-sung running, even though it keeps him from stopping Chun when he holds the lighter to the book again. He calls Young-ju, only to get his assistant instead, who reports that Young-ju was called by his apartment building to address an issue about his gas line. He’d headed home, but left his phone behind.

In his apartment, Young-ju can’t find a problem and calls the apartment management office, only to hear that they hadn’t called him. He frowns; how odd.

When he enters his car, he’s attacked from behind by a man with a chloroform-soaked rag, and knocked out as the minion locks the doors and gets the carbon monoxide pumping.

Fumes quickly fill the car, while a barely conscious Young-ju fumbles for the door. But in his weakened condition, all he can do is gasp and cough.

Yoon-sung arrives in the parking lot and scans the aisles — just as Young-ju’s hand lands on the steering wheel and blares the horn. Rushing to the car, Yoon-sung pounds on the doors and yells at Young-ju inside, but the doors are locked.

Time’s ticking. Yoon-sung draws back his hand and smashes his bare fist through the window.

He drags Young-ju out of the car and checks for a breath. Judging him alive, he starts to walk off — only to have Young-ju grab his ankle, stopping him.

Yoon-sung freezes, while Young-ju squints up at him, trying to focus the blurry figure into a familiar silhouette…


Although I’d LOVE if bromance were to arise out of this turn in the story, it’ll be a twisted sort of bromance, with both men holding very legitimate grudges against the other. How ironic that these men might actually respect each other, possibly even like each other, on the strength of their own merits — except that the weight of their father’s generation burdens theirs.

This is the kind of conflict K-dramas love so much, the sins-of-my-father-become-sins-of-the-son dilemma. City Hunter manages to depict this scenario in a way that is both more epic than the usual K-drama, and less epic, in the best way. More epic because of the magnitude of the country’s betrayal, but less epic in that there’s less forced melodrama. I think what saves it for me is that these two aren’t entangled in a Fateful Love Triangle on top of the fatherly angst, because that’s where I always feel like the melodrama goes into overdrive. (Example: East of Eden.) They both have feelings for Nana, but it’s not the typical love triangle, which I appreciate — and the same goes for Sae-hee.

I want for these two to be friends, because I feel like they’d understand each other in a way that few others could, but the facts of the case make that pretty improbable, maybe impossible. It’s great.

I haven’t commented much on him thus far, but I have to say that I quite like Young-ju as a character. I love his humorlessness, his strait-laced drive for truth and justice. I know Lee Jun-hyuk is plenty capable of comic timing and light-hearted boyishness, but he’s committed himself to this character and it’s so compelling. I actually LIKE that he’s a fuddy-duddy. It makes his passion seem real, not just show.

What makes both Yoon-sung and Young-ju work for me is that unlike other dramas, they don’t overplay the angst. It’s why I find Lee Min-ho so damn cool in the action scenes — because he’s not posturing for the camera in that “Yeah, I know I’m cool” way. We could call it The Song Seung-heon School of Acting, in the way those kind of leads can’t get rid of that self-awareness of how very hot they must look at any given moment.

It’s like that unspoken rule where wanting to be cool actually makes you less cool, while not giving a damn? So cool. On that score: Yoon-sung’s super calm and efficient, like he’s only here to get the job done. And Young-ju is all blazing passion, in an understated sort of way, if that contradictory statement makes any sense, and it’s so endearing.

I do wish they’d taken Yoon-sung — or at least his conflict — into darker territory, rather than sort of letting him off the hook. But in the end I’m not complaining because I love the conflict that this stirs in Young-ju — the idea that his enemy may not really be his enemy. I appreciate that they’re giving a second lead this kind of complexity, when a lot of dramas would be piling all the narrative glory onto the hero, and the hero alone, leaving Mr. Second Lead as merely the foil.

Also: I’m starting to get the feeling that Jin-pyo doesn’t just want revenge, and found it particularly telling today when he repeatedly says that Yoon-sung must be the one to shoot the bullet through their enemies’ hearts. He wants to bring Yoon-sung to his side, to share his views, like Darth Vader tempting Luke to the Dark Side. Jin-pyo needs Yoon-sung in a strictly technical sense because Yoon-sung has access he doesn’t with his fresh face and background (as well as youth and an able body), but with all the means at his disposal I’m thinking Yoon-sung wasn’t his only option. But now, I’m starting to think that he needs Yoon-sung to see his point, like it wouldn’t be a complete victory without it. Is it merely validation he seeks? Or is that his twisted way of upholding his brotherhood with Mu-yeol? To give Mu-yeol’s son the right to avenge him, as a beloved father deserves? Is this like Jin-pyo’s way of pressing bloody thumbs together with his best friend’s son to be blood brothers, in shared vengeance? It’s fascinating, for sure.


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          Everytime he wore that blue shirt, for me he’s just shining.. *LOL* It brings out his manliness…

          Although, I doubt it if there any clothes that would not make him hot, however slack the fashion is, LMH can totally bring it.. I guess he’s born with it…. πŸ™‚

          • Molly

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    • 19.1 MadDino

      I’m totally thinking a birth secret. It would be awesome to for JinPyo to find out that he’d kidnapped his own son and tried to make him into a killing machine. Or there is still the president. He seems to know Kyung Hee quite well and there is some scandal there. I sure hope this is just wild speculation, but I love to learn more of their story.

    • 19.2 mizzychan (q◕‿◕q)

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      I guess Jin Pyo might actually like Kyung Hee before she got married with LMH’s dad πŸ™‚

    • 19.3 Jenn

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      • 19.3.1 Fall

        I sorta see that point, but I can’t picture Kyung Hee to actually cheat on her husband. :/

      • 19.3.2 newbie

        im really awed in the manner the story unfolds.. wen one thinks things are gettin plain, something pops up!

    • 19.4 anais

      Totally! Jinpyo is Yoonsung’s dad. Her awkwardness totally gave that away. She also said that Muyeol saved her. I wonder if Jinpyo and Yoonsung’s mom were first together, she pregnant with Yoonsung, then married Muyeol?

    • 19.5 Linda

      i think it would be a bit too twisted if Yoon Sung was actually Jin Pyo’s son. However i can’t ignore the signs that there is something more to Kyung Hee and JP’s relationship.

      IF there was a birth secret, i’m thinking more along the lines of the President having switched the babies to try and correct his wrong to provide a better life for the child, thus Yoon Sung is not Kyung Hee’s real child at all. Which could be revealed when the blood test comes back.

      • 19.5.1 tomboy26

        Yea, something’s up and the blood test are going to be the key. I mean, sure, we know she’s sick and she needs those tests to see if they’re a match but they’ve been putting too much emphasis on those tests .. like something’s up.

        Either that or we’re totally justing making things up on our own and we’re just nuts πŸ˜€ .. in a good way, obsessive about LMH way ;D.

    • 19.6 Jessybee

      I saw that too, and the scene where Jin Pyo is brooding over Kyung Hee’s old picture. Me thinks, Jin Pyo may have been in love with Kyung Hee. However Kyung Hee chose YS’s dad instead of Jin Pyo.

    • 19.7 Kera

      Yeah, I definitely noticed that, but I don’t think it’s a birth secret.

      (Also when YS looked at his father’s secret service picture, MY, it was actually JP)

      I get the feeling that it was actually JP who died that day in 1983, and MY took his place or something. Especially when he said that my soul was washed away that day or something.

      Also when KH said to YS that “your father saved me, and you as well” after he told her JP saved him in an accident.

      The scenes between KH and JP seemed a bit off in the beginning, anyways. But I don’t think it’s a birth secret. That would change the viewer’s feelings towards KH too much… she’s a pity character.

    • 19.8 nyoo

      Wasn’t that picture a picture of kim Nana’s mom?
      I’m pretty sure that it was… so maybe Nana is Jinpyo’s daughter… dun dun dun.

      • 19.8.1 nyoo

        or actually maybe he is the uncle that she lost contact with…

    • 19.9 Maymay

      There is definitely some secets that both KH and JP are keeping from YS. There are clues but not sure where it will lead.

  20. 20 Dada

    my speculation about Jinpyo (maybe possible spoilers)

    I think that it’s not farfetched to say that Yoon Sung is actually the illegitimate son of the president, who had an affair with Kyunghee… That’s probably why Kyunghee had a weird moment when they had the meal and talked about the “real father”.

    Kyunghee is obviously close with the president, and Chun Jae Man recently threatened the president that he would reveal something about the president’s past if the president came clean about the ’83 incident

    Jinpyo stole Yoon Sung so that he could plan the ultimate revenge of the president dying in his own son’s hands. (He did tell the president that he will avenge his friend’s death in the cruelest way possible)

    • 20.1 vannie

      i think so too theres something about the real father issue. your speculation is not far fetched. although i have not thought about that angle. I have thought about Jinpyo.
      Anyhow this show surprises me everytime. I love every minute of it!
      CH completes my week end everytime..

    • 20.2 VerΓ³nica

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    • 20.3 Jenn

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      • 20.3.1 Fall

        HAHA, then his half-sister liked him!

        • anais

          That would be sorta gross…

      • 20.3.2 Dada

        I think I would like that a lot more too. I think that it makes more sense in the long run, then YS being JP’s son, because while it would make for a pretty horrific twist it doesn’t really offer very much insight plot-wise as YS being the president’s son.

        There must be a reason why JP knows the president is one of the five, but has not told YS, and why JP is so insistent on getting YS to kill, because JP needs YS not to “humiliate” the president as he’s been doing, but to kill him for him to perfect the revenge.

        I’m pretty sure Kyunghee was saved by Mooyeol in that Mooyeol took the responsibility for Kyunghee and the president’s son. I don’t really think that Kyunghee treats Jinpyo like a former lover, but I could see her having a past with the president

    • 20.4 Minty V

      your speculation is very possible… i wondered why (in a previous episode) the president would even bother to visit KyungHee if she is just a wife of a former bodyguard… and her reaction at seeing him…

    • 20.5 momo

      You might be right.

      Do you remember when Kyunghee gave birth to YS? Later JP and MY were visiting.
      I always thought they acted kind of cool towards each other…not that they have to be extra passionate, but still…
      At that time I thought, ok there is a third party (JP) so they dont act lovely-dovely in front of him. However, it might be because they all know MY is just a “fill-in father”.

    • 20.6 Corn tea

      I too think YS real dad is the president. I suspect JP knows the birth secret. To me that explains better why JP wants YS to kill to achieve the ultimate revenge JP has been emphasizing…

      The picture YS has of his mom & JP, there is a face that is missing. In episode one when the picture was still intact, it showed the president’s face.

      • 20.6.1 Linda

        omgsh i forgot about the missing face in the picture! ooft!

      • 20.6.2 red

        I sensed a birth secret too….when YS was picking out all the beans his mother said…its exactly the same and YS presumed she was talking about his father…but she agreed haltingly…so it seemed like she was thinking of someone else

        …but from that i thought it meant JP might be the real father…

        the president angle seems interesting, but then he didn’t flinch when she first met him in the car in ep3 or so when she said she hasn’t seen jin pyo since he stole her son…maybe they were just all friends

        also it seems like jinpyo has some serious feelings for KH…maybe his revenge is also driven by guilt for loving mu yeol’s wife???!

        but i hope so much that there isn’t a birth secret…theres already so much angst and action without it

      • 20.6.3 momo

        This way the revenge would make much more sence…

        …because wouldn’t you HATE a man (president) that makes the wife (KH) you love pregnat and then orders to murder the person who cares for her (MY) and her son (YS)…?!!!

        • merlyunho

          wow that makes so much more sense to me right now. because we couldn’t stop questioning jinpyo’s twisted logic. but if yoonsung’s really the president’s son. then everything just clicks right away. anyways, i’m already pretty happy with all the angst, drama, and action that they’ve presented us with right now. i’m just worried that this whole birth secret will overdo the angst that i’ve been loving this much. just don’t overdo the drama, please.

    • 20.7 IluvYouchun

      How about this:

      Yoon-sung is Jin-pyo’s real son.

      Go back to opening scene of the birth.

      Go back to scene where the two men are at the hospital
      in her room after she has the baby and they banter about what name Jin-pyo should call his friends wife.

      Then in this episode there is a scene wher he tenderly holds and looks at a photo of Kyung-hee…..

      Hey it could happen!!!

    • 20.8 Maymay

      Your theory makes the most sense. This would explain why JP stole YS when he was a new-born baby and keep on insisting that YS be the one to carry out the revenge. That will be the cruelest revenge to get the son to kill the father. However, along the way, I think JP also come to love YS genuinely too. So how all this will affect his revenge plan at the end we still don’t know.

  21. 21 stars4u

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    • 21.1 dany

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  22. 22 ladymai

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    • 22.1 Joy

      I know. Glad you picked this little detail up. I smell something fishy between Jin Pyo, Kyung Hee and the President. Something is off!

    • 22.2 Linda

      YS could possibly be the son of the president, especially when his mother become hesitant when the beans issue has been brought up. What puzzles me why did she said the MG saved her and YS? How did this happened? Lets say, his mother was pregnant with YS and MG offered to take responsiblity for the president, yet the president caused the death of MG. This could explain why JP said that the 5 has to die in YS’s hands or the twisted possibility that the bromance between JP & MG went beyond the usual brotherhood. Lots of puzzles are streaming in which meakes it CH so addictive. Something unrevels in each episode and the pace is so fast.
      I have to admit that I am impressed with LMH in CH, his acting skills has improved tremendously over the pass year. He is trying to shed the pretty boy image and moved on to become a character artiste which is critical in this industry if he wants to go far and long. CH will propel him into a different level and yes I agree that his stunts does not seem forced and he seemed absorbed in the character. I would be nice to see him challenging the dark side in the next project he chooses. Kudos to LMH! Fighting!!

  23. 23 Inseparable_gemini

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    • 23.1 Maymay

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  24. 24 Fall

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    • 25.1 anna

      ah, never mind. should have read some of the comments above first. πŸ˜€ i get it now. but all these just implied like YS’s mom cheated on her husband or something, that’s just really horrible. πŸ™

      • 25.1.1 Niklaus

        I do not think it is cheating. It could be a moment of lapses under alcohol? One thing is for sure that the two/three men were all going for YS’s mom.

        • Em

          Lol! you know, putting it that way makes her seem slutty

      • 25.1.2 Maymay

        I don’t think KH was cheating. It seems more like she had the baby before marriage or something.

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    City Hunter is such a tease with these near-deaths. All these “he got hit by a car; he’s totally gonna die–for reals!” cliffhangers that always end up being “nah just playin’; this dude’s still breathing” are frustrating. Frustrating. Would it kill the writers to kill someone off?

    I never thought I’d say this but I need me just a wee bit more angst from City Hunter. I need Yoon-sung to be the BAMF that we all know he can be, which won’t be possible unless someone he loves dies or he offs someone himself. So please City Hunter. Give a gal a break and kill someone off so dark (sexy) Yoon-sung can come out to play. Thank you kindly.

    • 26.1 greenfezza

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      • 26.1.1 Sunmi

        Ah! You might actually have a point about the Sword-cane being the only weapon capable of actually offing someone properly on this show. LOL.

        Or maybe Jin-pyo is secretly saving all of these people so that he can kill them himself later on? Oh the conspiracy!

    • 26.2 Linda

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    • 26.3 Maymay

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  29. 29 Frosty_spice

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    -hahahahahaha… You did it again, JB! =)

  30. 30 asianromance

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    I can’t believe all the self-inflicted pain YS has gone through in this episode. Stabbing his own hand! I’m glad I’m reading the recap first before watching.

    Love how Nana found a way to meet with Jin-pyo by getting his location off YS’s GPS. It’s almost like she is out City-Hunter-ing the City Hunter.

    “I think what saves it for me is that these two aren’t entangled in a Fateful Love Triangle on top of the fatherly angst, “—> totally agree! I feel like the fated love triangle would have cheapened the fatherly angst. There better be a fun, bromantic scene by the end of the series.

    YS is really a good guy – he went to save YJ and did not attempt to save the records!

    • 30.1 reeen

      Seeing how YoungJoo didn’t save Nana and instead chose to go after Target No. 1 I wouldn’t be too surprised if – once he finds out about it – he holds it against YoonSung that he saved him instead of the records πŸ™‚

      • 30.1.1 Maymay

        I can totally see the two of them bickering back and forth about it.

        YJ: Yo pretty boy! Do you know how important those documents are? Why didn’t you try to save them?

        YS: How can I ignore the fact that you are in trouble? Between those documents and you, you are more important to me, so I have to save you first.

        YJ: Fine! If I was so important to you, why didn’t you try to give me CPR?

        YS: Uuhhh….(weakly) Nana might be jealous?

        • Stacy


  31. 31 FathuPixy

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    i dunno why, but i get a feeling that young joo will turn 180Β° from a good guy to a bad guy..

    • 31.1 via

      I don’t think that will happen, since this drama also based on the manga, The City Hunter character will not be turn bad, he will stay like the original character, but maybe with less flirting with all the girls he’s met,hehehe

      • 31.1.1 via

        oopss sorry.. you talking about yong ju not yong sung, hehehe.. but i don’t think so too, he will be the one who will always help City Hunter eventually, and they will be like a partner, in real Manga City Hunter also have a friend (a police friend I think, I forgot whether the attorney or a policeman) who help him to solve the case, i think that would be it..

        • Niklaus

          That would be Saeko Nogami, the Tokyo police detective who always use herself to get City Hunter to do free service for the police, haha… Saeko is the daughter of the chief of police.

  32. 32 Sara

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    srsly though, awesome recapping, ms. java~

    • 32.1 Birdie

      Great catch. One of the flaws of this drama- they do not pay attention to details.

    • 32.2 Gabitis

      I understand your point, but I think in this particular case it’s a visual thing. They have to let us (viewers) know that there’s gas in the car.

      If this same scene was shown with ‘real’ colour and odourless gas, we would only see YJ coughing, no?

      It’s exactly the same concept YS, NN and Ahjussi used while hijacking the money truck and custodial vans in a previous episode, isn’t it?

      Very clever of you to mention it though. πŸ˜‰

    • 32.3 scarlet

      Yes I was wondering what’s that coming out cos it can’t be CO since every elementary science student knows its colorless and odorless, but well, its just a drama.

    • 32.4 mandelbrotr

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      • 32.4.1 Cynthia

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  33. 33 Minty V

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    i’m really enjoying the pace of this kdrama πŸ™‚

    and random comment, i chuckle every time i hear them say “City Hunter” in Korean manner where the “C” is a “Sh” LOL

    • 33.1 greenfezza

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    • 33.2 holly

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  34. 34 stratosphere

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  35. 35 polycolor

    Does everyone in this drama have super regenerative powers? I mean, if I were shot in the arm, I’m pretty sure it’d take at least several months to even lift a feather, and yet, in a couple of weeks or maybe even less, both Yoonsung and Nana are fighting and throwing people around and stabbing sharp metal objects into themselves. Well, just Yoonsung on that last one.

    Sigh. Is YS going to lose that hand bandage in a couple of days now? He freaking stabbed a hole through his hand! Well, whatever. Still love the drama. ^^ Such a pretty cast..

    • 35.1 Celexa

      I don’t want to wait that long for Story to proceed… so I’m fine with super healing powers!

    • 35.2 Cynthia

      It was a miracle healing! He was fully healed by the end of this episode. πŸ™‚

    • 35.3 tuqaz

      That’s probably because they went to the vet instead of a normal hospital. They were given animal medicine, much stronger than human medicine. If they went to the hospital, they’ll probably be in a coma. πŸ˜€

      • 35.3.1 Maymay

        Hahaha, you are so right tuqaz. SH’s vet does give them super healing power. If they went to the hospital like other characters, they will probably have to stay there for a long time.

  36. 36 Ani

    East of Eden gets brought up a lot and I’m starting to wonder if I should watch it, and not because it’s a good drama because I hear it’s overly dramatic, but so I can understand the references about it.

    I hope that we get some bromance between Batboy and the Prosecutor, but it also kindof makes me worried about another friendship between a certain District Attorney (named Harvey Dent) and a certain Batman. (I know, I’m overdoing the comic references, but Imma beat this sucker into the ground all the way to the final hour.) I don’t see why they can’t be friends. I mean, if Vegeta and Goku can, heck if Warren Peace and Will Stronghold can become friends even when their fathers were archenemies, why can’t these two pretty boys become friends? Make it happen writers…. Please??

    • 36.1 Sunmi

      Reference to DBZ and Sky High? My inner geek squeals with joy.

    • 36.2 Daniela

      Oh, Dragon Ball Z, my childhood! I love your references

    • 36.3 Celexa

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  37. 37 zoey0881

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  38. 38 dls

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    I wish the bromance but in different way than any other bromance …
    and Jinpyo..I also wonder what’s his real motivation, the real thing inside his heart…
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    • 41.1 mandelbrotr

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  42. 42 yiyie


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    It seems to do everything right that I find so frustrating about almost all the other dramas! The conflicts evolve, the secrets get solved, and low and behold the characters actually communicate with each other, rather than expecting the other side to read their minds!
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