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City Hunter: Episode 16
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Ooh, the big secret’s out — to us, at least, not to the characters — and the story takes a bit of a twist accordingly. It’s a point I thought I’d hate, but which actually turns out to work pretty nicely, in a symbolic and thematic sense. I think. I’m still waiting on full confirmation before I decide that I like it.


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Young-ju’s use of Yoon-sung’s Thai name stops the latter in his tracks. He doesn’t expressly deny Young-ju’s assertion, just evades it by telling him to bring proof if he’s so sure he’s the City Hunter. Young-ju vows to catch him in the act.

Yoon-sung maintains his composure until he’s out of sight, then collapses, weakened from the toxic exposure. He awakens in bed with Shik-joong tending to him, and with the memory of recent dangerous events impressed firmly in his mind, he hands over his bank books and house deed to Ajusshi.

He speaks as though his death is a foregone conclusion, advising Shik-joong to use the money to return to his hometown and asking him to check in on Nana and his mother periodically. His matter-of-fact words unnerve Shik-joong, but Yoon-sung tells him, “I’d forgotten who I was for a moment.”

It occurs to Nana later that night that something may have happened to Yoon-sung, so it’s with relief that she takes in his arrival at her apartment. He looks at her with a grim expression, and asks if she could ever throw away the kitchen table and chairs left her by her parents. Not understanding the meaning behind it, Nana wonders why she’d do that, since she’d rather treasure it forever. That both proves his point and upsets him.

He asks, “How long are you going to dwell on the memories of people who are no longer with you?” Oh, so sad — the thought of Nana never getting over him pains him, and makes him lash out at her. Noooo, don’t be cruel to be kind! That is just about the stupidest way to be “kind” that man ever devised.

He tells her in his firm, sad way that he’s never once imagined falling in love, but that he can’t bear the thought of her hurting because of him: “I don’t even want to leave you with any memories of me. Kim Nana — I like you. But I don’t think I could let you go.” (Then don’t doooo it!) “So you let go of me first.”

With that, he grabs his bullet necklace from her neck: “You know who I am, and how I lived.”

She hurriedly tells him to forget what she said if her words are too burdensome for him. But he says he can’t do that, because he likes her: “This is my first and last request.”

She refuses to accept that request, but he asks her with a heartfelt “Please.” He adds that if he ever goes looking for her, he wants her to reject him. If they’re to meet in the street, she should pretend not to know him. Yeah, this is an insane request, but how can she resist when he says so sincerely, “I’m sorry…that you had to know me”?

Yoon-sung: “I’ve realized with a certainty why Father warned me not to love.”

Aw, man. I can’t even hate him for doing this, because he’s being so candid and open about it — it’s not so much noble idiocy as just good-old-fashioned noble. Yes, he could just choose to embrace happiness — but he seems so sure of his death that I suppose he’s trying to do the responsible thing.

Nana cries for a bit, then pulls herself together and tells herself she won’t cry. And since Yoon-sung asked her to forget him because their feelings are causing him such turmoil, she decides to abide by his wishes, “Because instead of him hurting, it’s better that I hurt.”

Young-ju studies his City Hunter chart, which is alarmingly accurate. Nana’s aunt comes by to give him words of encouragement, telling him that she’s made the decision to wipe the slate clean. She’s still upset that her brother and sister-in-law were victims of his father’s accident — interesting, so she knew the truth, but kept that from Nana — but she’s not going to hold that against Young-ju. Given that Nana’s aunt has been quite friendly and warm all this time, this is a tacit admission that she’s harbored resentment, which she now has let go of. She adds that Nana probably feels just like her, suggesting that she doesn’t really hate him but is keeping her distance out of hurt.

Assistant Pil-jae delivers the startling news that the confidential file on the 1983 incident has disappeared, right from under the NIS’s nose.

Setback No. 2: They receive a report from the Thai police confirming the identity of the drug lord from the Triangle, and it’s not Jin-pyo. Young-ju had had confirmation from those arrested drug runners that Jin-pyo is the guy, but they’re no longer around for questioning, because they’ve been sent back home to face trial in Thailand.

Unsurprisingly, Jin-pyo has a hand in this, and exerts his pull with the Thai police to stall Young-ju. Minion Sang-gook points out that the mere fact that Young-ju is on the Thai drug trail means he’s sniffing close to the truth. He urges Jin-pyo to make the confidential file public, now that they know who all five targets are and have the proof. He reminds Jin-pyo that he joined up with him partly for revenge, but mostly to restore his brother’s good name.

Jin-pyo says it’s not time yet to play the hidden card — because Yoon-sung has to finish this off.

At the Blue House, Nana’s decision holds firm when she runs into Yoon-sung in the hallway. Per his request, she ignores him and walks by.

Jin-pyo (posing as investor Steve Lee) meets with Chun Jae-man, and asks about the TV interview Chun had given about the 1983 incident. Chun asserts that those men were thoughtless traitors out to sell their country, unaware that he’s just dug his grave a little bit deeper.

Jin-pyo asks about the sit-in at the Haewon Chemicals factory, since the protest is causing a stir; they’re demanding that the company acknowledge the hazardous conditions, to declare them victims of an industrial accident. This would, at the very least, allow them certain legal rights and protections, but it’s no wonder that money-grubbing Chun is loath to part with a single penny to pay for their medical bills.

He declares himself a cool-headed businessmen, not one to irrationally give away money, and plans to skirt that responsibility by pushing through a bill privatizing health care. And here we were, calling socialized medicine the devil.

The president, on the other hand, urges Chun to do the right thing and declare the site hazardous, get his factories up to code, and let his employees work in safe conditions. Chun doesn’t want to deal with the endless lawsuits (he’s lazy and greedy!), since that would lead to his ruin. One can hope.

Chun declares that he has not flouted one bit of the law. Famous last words. You mean aside from the toxic dumping, right? He tells President Choi that if he continues to oppose him, he’ll not only hold Operation Clean Sweep over his head, but also the president’s Big Secret, the one that nobody knows but him.

Nana visits Mom in the hospital, who wonders why she’s not with Yoon-sung. Not wanting to upset her, Nana just says that he’s been so busy that they haven’t been able to coordinate schedules, and Mom tells her how thankful she is to have Nana with Yoon-sung. Words to inspire guilt.

She finds the boy Yoon-shik crying outside his mother’s room as doctors rush in to revive her, and Nana puts on a smile to assure him that Mom will be fine. She accompanies him to buy his mother a gift with the coins he’d been saving for months; he wants to give her cosmetics, to brighten her up.

They pick out a blush and present the jar of coins, but the cashier rejects payment, saying that it’s too time-consuming to count out what are essentially a pile of dimes. At first she’s polite about it, but when Nana offers to count it all out for her, her attitude turns snooty, as though their store is above selling dime products. Nana gently corrects her, reminding her that 100 won coins are still money, which gets the cashier muttering under her breath.

Yoon-sung walks by the store window — he’s just completed reconnaissance work of his own, following around Chun Jae-man — and assesses the scene. He steps in and presents a bill to pay for the purchase, and the cashier’s polite facade falls back into place.

However, she doesn’t have the change for such a huge banknote — 10 million won, or about $8,000. I love the point this makes, which Yoon-sung articulates:

Yoon-sung: “You look down your nose at pennies and dimes, when you can’t even make change for this? Before you take offense, start by apologizing. If you can’t even bother to consider what the boy’s buying this for, why sell the product? It seems to me the quality of your service doesn’t amount to a dime’s worth. There’s no such thing as a dime-value person in this world. Discriminating among people is cowardly and pathetic.”

The woman apologizes immediately, but he means to the child. With a little less enthusiasm, she apologizes to him as well.

They make the purchase after all, and Yoon-sung takes the boy back with him, but tells Nana not to visit the hospital anymore.

Chun’s minion Mr. Creepy returns to terrorize Cancer Mom. If we weren’t convinced yet that he was evil, that sentence sure does it, no?

She refuses to betray her colleagues and sign the form giving up her complaint against the company, though she’s shocked when he tells her that all her so-called friends have already signed, and she’s the last holdout. Man, I don’t know if that’s the truth, but if he’s lying to get her to sign, it’s a pretty clever tactic. He adds that her misplaced loyalty will get her dead and make her poor son poorer, when she could ensure his safe future instead.

He guides her hand in sealing the contract with her thumbprint, and she doesn’t have the heart to resist.

But no, it was a lie, and the demonstration continues at the factory. Not for long, though, since Mr. Creepy orders a team of thugs to wipe out the protest, which they do with cruel efficiency. How sad am I that the ensuing riot — more like slaughter, though the aim is maiming rather than outright murder (glass half full!) — is altogether too familiar a scene in Korean history.

Into the fray stalks the City Hunter (yay!), who beats up the offenders with ease. In fact, it’s almost so easy that I’m a little disappointed…until he turns around and sees Mr. Creepy standing there in his head-to-toe black and guyliner, ready to face off. Awwww, yeah!

Creepy’s got a baton/nightstick/pipe, so empty-handed Yoon-sung picks up the first thing he gets his hands on — a water bottle — and beats him furiously with it. Korea must not have switched over to those leaky bottles that collapse under the weight of air. Enjoy that while you can.

This should not be so cool, but it is — and how much do I love that even with bodies strewn on the ground, the injured protestors still look up with moony eyes at His Hotness?

Yoon-sung delivers the final blow directly to the head, which isn’t enough to knock out the guy, but does get him down for the count. Yoon-sung plucks the signed contract from Creepy’s pocket, and tells him to convey the message to Chun Jae-man that he’s gonna have to give in on the whole my-factory-is-a-toxic-wasteland point.

Da-hae goes shopping for her father’s birthday present, and worries about the anti-fan cafe that sprang up after her public fight with the girls who insulted her father. Apparently they’ve declared that they’ll come after her, and Da-hae’s elevated profile makes her fairly easy to locate.

Sure enough, a mob of anti-fans greets the ladies when they pull up at the cafe, who are here for a study session with Yoon-sung, who’s waiting inside. They’re armed with eggs, and start slinging them Da-hae’s way.

Nana leaps in front of Da-hae and takes the brunt of the assault, being pelted with eggs and fruit, until Eun-ah and Yoon-sung both arrive and interrupt the disturbance. Yoon-sung asks worriedly if she’s okay, but Nana maintains their distance and rejects his help, saying curtly that she’ll clean herself up.

How does it feel to get what you asked for, Mr. Noble (Okay, Possibly A Bit Of An Idiot)? All throughout his tutoring session, Yoon-sung can’t keep his gaze from straying over to Nana, who stands a distance away.

At the hospital, Yoon-sung puts on a cheery front for his mother’s sake, but she’s attuned to his moods and knows that something is troubling him. He says he can tell her once it’s all over, and assures her that it’s not that big a deal. Oh, you know, moonlighting as a vengeful vigilante, taking on society’s corrupt, wreaking justice with the cold fury with which others wreak havoc…ho-hum. All in a day’s work.

He evades her concerned questions, then muses to himself, “Mom, liking somebody isn’t always a happy thing, I think.”

Yoon-shik asks Yoon-sung to read to him, which turns out to be a bedtime story about an elephant. That makes him think back to the comment he’d made about Nana resembling his Thai “friend” who liked skinship — turns out he DID mean his elephant, ha.

Surveillance time: Yoon-sung spies on Chun Jae-man meeting with Jin-pyo and a couple other men, then texts the photos to Young-ju. Immediately, Young-ju smells something fishy — why would Chun be meeting with two Seoul district prosecutors?

As the men dine, Yoon-sung sits in the next room, listening through the (literally) paper-thin walls. It’s an old boys’ club in the making, with Chun treating them to the lavish meal and greasing the wheels. The prosecutors are flattered and basically agree to sweep his problems under the rug, and Chun gives them gifts of some premium seaweed as thanks.

Into this scene of budding corruption flies Young-ju, who turns his righteous indignation on his superiors. One of them keeps his head down in chagrin, but the other hotheaded prosecutor takes the offense-as-defense tack and loses his temper, saying that Young-ju’s hardly one to lecture them on propriety, He Who Covered Up His Father’s Corruption.

Now the prosecutors are suspicious, wondering if Chun arranged this meeting to set them up for a fall. Mood soured, they walk out — and Young-ju orders them to leave behind the seaweed gift lest they also leave behind their sense of justice.

Chun blusters that he’s being pretty high-and-mighty over some seaweed, but Young-ju spills the contents of the box on the ground, revealing the wads of cash stuffed inside. He lets Chun know he’s wise to his attempt to kill him: “Faked suicide — that’s no fun.”

Chun feigns ignorance, but Young-ju’s next words have both Chun and Jin-pyo on alert: “1983. Operation Clean Sweep. You said in your interview that they’d all been shot to death in open waters. When I brought up the Nampo incident you’d tried to hide, it must have been very uncomfortable for you.”

Young-ju shares a theory, that perhaps not everyone had died. With a look at Jin-pyo, he asks Chun if it’s possible someone could have survived. He leaves him with a warning: “I’ll be waiting to see if you’re still this confident once I’ve uncovered the full truth of Operation Clean Sweep.” Damn, Young-ju really does get the best exits, all righteous passion.

This incident gets him in hot water with his boss, though, who has heard the account and reprimands Young-ju for hiding his tipoff by the City Hunter. Young-ju is ordered off the Chun Jae-man case, and told that his future will be decided at an upcoming meeting.

It’s the opposite for Nana, who gets promoted at work. With recent events and a recommendation working in her favor, Nana is assigned to presidential guard duty. Ah, let the final face-off begin! City Hunter vs. City Hunter’s One True Love, as she guards his Target No. 5!

…who may just be the City Hunter’s father?

Yoon-sung has lunch with the President and Da-hae, and the three of them all pick out the beans from their rice. (Ahh, I knew those beans would have to mean something! I was hoping against birth secrets, but sigh. I suppose it works, since it points to an epic final conflict.) President Choi asks Yoon-sung if he thinks Da-hae has a shot at going to university, and Yoon-sung truthfully answers that it doesn’t look likely.

That gives Da-hae the opening to admit that she hasn’t the head for studying, and that she’d rather work. She was afraid of disappointing him, but she’d rather come clean now than embarrass him by going to a third-rate school.

President Choi accepts that, and apologizes to Yoon-sung for wasting his time with the tutoring lessons, even as he praises his ballsiness for being frank with his assessment of Da-hae. (From aluminum… back to steel, then?)

The president muses that he was quite like Yoon-sung in his youth, but that living in the political world has curbed that side of him. Oh, this birth secret’s gonna hurt, isn’t it?

In another hallway encounter at work, Nana tries to walk by without a word, but Yoon-sung stops her to give her grief about the scrape on her face, and for not taking care of her appearance. Aw, they’re back to the overcompensating assiness, which is mitigated a very tiny bit by the knowledge that they’re both forcing themselves to act this way. But only a very little bit. Mostly it just makes me sad.

It’s harder to deny his feelings than he’d like, and Yoon-sung broods at home, taking out the photo he totally didn’t throw away, and then going out for a walk.

That takes him to the public park where he’d once run through fountains, where he sees Nana sitting, alone.

To his chagrin, she spots him and approaches, so he warns her to keep her distance: “Coming here to reminisce pathetically on old memories — I’ll do it alone. No need for you to do it too.” He tells her to be her usual plucky self rather than playing the naif, which doesn’t suit her.

Yoon-sung: “Every day I blame myself hundreds, thousands of times. Why did I meet you? Why did it have to be you? To me, you’re someone who makes me hate, blame, and regret myself. You’re like a nightmare I don’t want to remember. I told you to go back to the time before you knew me. Go back and meet a better man, and live every day joyfully. Forget me, and live happily.”

He turns to go, and Nana splashes into the fountain between them, mindless of the water, to catch up to him: “Is that all you can say to me? Telling me to break up, to let go of you, to forget you, to disappear from your life — I could understand that. But how could you say this to me? How could you tell me to meet another man?”

Voice trembling, Nana says she’ll wait till this is over, “So can’t you come back to me? I’ll forget these words you’ve just said. It’s not a difficult thing — can’t you just say you’ll come back? If you don’t answer now, even if you come back to me later, I won’t take you. I really, really won’t. So can’t you tell me that you’ll finish this and come back to me? Please.”

With tears in his own eyes, he turns silently and walks away.

Young-ju hears that the NIS employee who’d been in charge of the lost confidential book has since resigned and is preparing to leave the country. They put a flight ban on him and track him to his home, where he lies in a daze. The man, fading fast, says that the file is with Chun Jae-man and Steve Lee.

Sang-gook expresses more misgivings about this continued revenge plan, which shows that he’s growing balls of his own. Now that they have the records, why are they conspiring with Chun Jae-man? Doesn’t this suggest that they’re no better — that they’re contributing to the corruption in Korea?

Jin-pyo is displeased to have his orders questioned by yet another subordinate, and says that if the tarnished agents were ever going to have their good names restored, it would’ve happened ages ago: “The last enemy is someone you can’t even imagine.” He tells Sang-gook to leave if he can’t work with him.

Instead, Sang-gook calls Yoon-sung to tip him off about Jin-pyo possessing the confidential file, which contains info on Operation Clean Sweep as well as the last target. Sang-gook admits that he’s tired of this revenge, and gives Yoon-sung his chance to steal the file: Dad is out in a meeting, and Sang-gook will buy some time. But he must move quickly.

Yoon-sung arrives at Dad’s lair and gets to work unscrambling the safe’s code, which takes some time to decode.

Pulling a plug from under the car’s hood gets the car to stall, but Jin-pyo is sharp enough to see that the problem is stupidly simple to correct, which makes him immediately suspect that Sang-gook did this on purpose. Hurrying home, Jin-pyo mutters, “Yoon-sung can’t know yet.” Frankly, I’m just glad he didn’t kill Sang-gook on the spot for insubordination.

The safe-cracker unscrambles the passcode, and Yoon-sung clicks opens the safe just as a suited figure steps into the room behind him. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

But it’s the prosecutor’s voice, not Dad’s, that asks, “Shall we look together?”

Yoon-sung faces Young-ju and assumes his cover, saying smoothly that he’s here to find the contract he signed with Steve Lee, because he feels he’s getting scammed. Young-ju tells him his days of slipping away with those excuses are over, and lays out what he knows: Jin-pyo is the sole survivor of Operation Clean Sweep, and Yoon-sung is the City Hunter who delivered Senator Lee into his hands.

Yoon-sung reminds him that he has no proof, and Young-ju returns that the proof is in that safe. If it contains the NIS file on Operation Clean Sweep, he’s proven himself correct. Oh crap, he has a point.

And then…Jin-pyo’s angry voice booms, “What the hell are you doing in here?” Oh good lord, I didn’t think his arrival would ever make me happy, but I’m simultaneously relieved that Yoon-sung has slipped out of the prosecutor’s clutches, AND disappointed that Young-ju has failed to capture his quarry. Oh man, this is like the Dokko Jin/Pil-joo quandary all over again: How can we get both men to win, when one man’s victory necessitates the other’s defeat?

Jin-pyo points out that Young-ju’s currently on probation, and asks pointedly whether he’s come armed with a search warrant. He addresses Yoon-sung as a business partner — a lie that Young-ju refuses to let distract him.

Young-ju declares that he will prove right now that all his allegations are true, and heads for the safe, shoving Yoon-sung out of his way, which sends Jin-pyo reaching for his sword-cane.

Except…the safe is empty. And from the shock on all three men’s faces, this was not a part of the plan. Although it’s a lucky thing for Young-ju’s own safety that it wasn’t here, judging from Jin-pyo’s response.

The book turns out to be in the hands of…Chun Jae-man? Wut now?

It turns out Chun isn’t quite such a blind fool for money, because he’d smelled something fishy about Steve Lee from the start, and now he has his confirmation that he’s involved in all this. He tells Creepy Minion to research Steve Lee, because he’s likely to be related to the dead agents — or may even be that survivor Young-ju mentioned. If he’s the City Hunter, he’ll be back to recover the confidential file.

Not surprisingly, Chun’s also responsible for the dead NIS employee. Young-ju had arrived in time to talk to him, but the man died before the ambulance arrived.

Dayum. I kind of like that Chun Jae-man’s a slippery fish. The only alarm he displays is upon hearing that Kyung-hee appears to have been sent abroad. He orders Mr. Creepy to find her, explaining merely that she’s “my last hidden card.”

Secret affair alert!

At home, Yoon-sung muses that Chun is behind the theft, and also the NIS employee’s murder. He admits being disappointed that he wasn’t able to see the file, because he’d been curious to read about his bio-dad. He asks Shik-joong to buy a picture frame off home shopping so he can frame a photo of his father to give to Mom. She’d said she had no pictures of him left, and he figures he can find some in the Secret Service records.

Jin-pyo decides that people see him as weak, which makes me shudder to think what he thinks he’s capable of, if we’re all underestimating him. He declares that it’s better that the confidential book disappear than fall into Yoon-sung’s hands.

Yoon-sung goes to the Blue House library in search of the appropriate Secret Service facebook, only to find 1983’s volume missing from the shelves. A man asks, “Are you looking for this?”


I’m not the hugest fan of birth secrets. Even when they’re used well, I feel like they’re such a familiar trope in K-dramas that they’ve lost their narrative punch. So when the hints of Yoon-sung’s paternity finally crystallized in this episode — all but confirming President Choi to be the true bio-dad — I was partly disappointed. It’s not set in stone, but in addition to the bean aversion and Kyung-hee’s shiftiness when Yoon-sung asks about his father, we have the two “hidden cards”: Chun’s card against the President is Kyung-hee, and Jin-pyo’s card against Yoon-sung is the President’s identity as the next target. It adds up.

That said, if we must have birth secrets, I appreciate the narrative purpose this one serves. It’s not mere makjang twist, because the hints have been laid into the story along the way, and the revelation actually heightens the conflict as we approach the climax. I’d always assumed that the final battle for Target No. 5 would culminate in a fraught father-son struggle. I just had the wrong father.

Now that President Choi is (almost assuredly) Dad, that means Yoon-sung is his greatest weakness. And while we know that Yoon-sung is unable to kill, he’s been satisfied with bringing corrupt men to their own ruin. Will he be able to do the same with President Choi? Especially since it seems, from what we’ve seen, that he probably doesn’t have a closet full of embezzling, backdoor-dealing, toxic-waste-dumping skeletons as the others did. He’s a good man who collapsed under pressure, who “missed his timing” to do the right thing, as he explained in the last episode.

Jin-pyo has been determined to keep Target No. 5’s identity from Yoon-sung all series long, which made me wonder whether it was to shelter him, or if there was a darker purpose. I’m not convinced Jin-pyo still has a heart — he’s got trace remnants of it, maybe, but he’s mostly cut it out or let it blacken into a rage-filled rock of vengeance — so I’m going with the latter. Especially since he’s equally insistent that Yoon-sung must take out the last target with his own two hands.

Perhaps Jin-pyo is just saving the best (i.e., the cruelest) for last, so he can destroy the president using his very own son, revealed at just the right time for maximum hurty impact. It would probably destroy Yoon-sung, too, of whom I do believe he is genuinely fond — but seeing his willingness to run him over to make a point makes me think he’d get over that. He’s raised Yoon-sung with single-minded purpose, perhaps intending all along that he should die at the critical moment, like a tool. Sort of like Dumbledore, without the soul or the good intentions.

This is also why I’m not actually annoyed at Yoon-sung for pushing Nana away, or with her for abiding by his wishes. In most other dramas, the reasoning is pretty weak and doesn’t quite support the act, but in this one, Yoon-sung’s all but convinced he’s headed toward death. He knows it would hurt Nana to be left behind loving him, but it’s also for his own sake that he has to keep his distance, because it’s like he feels it would be selfish to be with her now, only to ditch her later. I don’t like them apart and depressed, but I get why they’re doing it. Urg! Why do you hurt me so, City Hunter?


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            That fits the kdrama norm. someone always falls in love with a brother or half brother. I like this spin because now Yoon-sung and Young-ju are in the same boat. They both have father’s that commited the same crime. Both men are fighting a battle that they will both eventually lose because both of them are emotionally invested.

            It looks as if no one will win in the end. So far everyone has lost something important to them. City hunter punishing the bad people will also hurt him in the end. So it only makes sense that Da Hye will lose something too.

            So sad. I want Yoon-sung and Nana to be happy.

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    It’s frustrating to see YS in the “Noble Idiot” mode, particularly when NaNa gives him an out in their last scene together and he refuses to take it, walking away crying (in that manly way of his) while NaNa sobs.

    But, I understand it from the direction the story is taking now. NaNa has to be separated from YS. His father is the President, Nana is now assigned to guard him, the President is the final target and JP is determined to get the ultimate revenge by having YS kill his own father.

    So, as close as I can figure, the last episode will have YS, JP, Nana, the President and probably Mr. Prosecuter in the ultimate end game.

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    • 19.1 liz

      The part where Da Hae, Yoon Sung, and the President were eating- they all picked out their beans. In a previous episode, Kyung Hee noted that Yoon Sung was “just like his father” by picking out his beans.

      • 19.1.1 HELP ME!

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        • HELP ME!

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    • 19.2 Senris

      There’ve been suspicions for a while that Mu Yeol was not Yoon Sung’s bio-dad: beginning in episode 1 Mu Yeol and Kyung Hee were curiously restrained for a couple who should be celebrating the birth of their first child, and when Yoon Sung asked Kyung Hee about his father she hesitated a little before giving him only scraps of information. She mentioned that he was warm, a gentleman, who saved her and Yoon Sung. (I think this is referring to Mu Yeol, not his bio-dad.) Later, when she noticed Yoon Sung picking the beans out of his rice, she mentioned that his father did that. Yoon Sung pounced on the info, and she grew evasive again.

      Cheon Jae Mun has twice referred to a piece of dirt he holds on the President, that no one else knows about: an illegitimate child, hidden quickly by marrying off the mistress, would fit the bill. Think John Edwards…

      Then in this episode we have two important pieces of information: Kyung Hee doesn’t have a photograph of Mu Yeol (although she still wore her wedding ring, up until she gave it to Yoon Sung to give to Nana), and neither the President nor his daughter eat the beans in their rice. (I’m guessing something like the ‘super-taster’ gene here, which makes, for example, broccoli taste very bitter. Perhaps explains why Yoon Sung dislikes vegetables so much?)

    • 19.3 azir

      Maybe Kyung Hee fell inlove with the president not knowing that he was married and the president fell inlove with her as well and did nothing to stop his feelings for Kyung Hee which resulted for them to make love and she became pregnant. Then the problem arose because the president was married and he can’t marry Kyung Hee then enter Muyeol who was as well in love with Kyung Hee. In one of the episode Kyung Hee said to YS that his father saved her and him. That was how Muyeol saved them by marrying her and giving name to YS. Which is Jin Pyo know very well because he was the bestfriend of Muyeol. I think when he kidnapped YS, the main reason was to avenge his bestfriend in a most cruel way, the president to die in the hands of his own son. I don’t know if JP cares for YS even a little bit because he is always pushing YS to kill to prepare him for the final showdown between the father and son. Just my two cents.

      • 19.3.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        @azir 😉

        wow, your theory (and two cents) is intriguing!!

        im waiting to see if it will turn out like you said… 😉

        • azir

          I have another theory that the president doesn’t know he has a child with Kyung Hee because when he talked with her in the car he didn’t ask for their child. For a very warm man and who love Kyung Hee he will want to know what happen to their child.

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @azir 😉

            i think you are right! the President does not know YS is his bio son…

            so looking forward to how everything will be unravelled…

      • 19.3.2 trisha

        I was so mad at JP for taking YS away from her mother in the first place when his best friend clearly told him to take care of them. With your comment, I now realized why he did that.

        • indigowine

          but i still want jin pyo to be the real dad..


    • 19.4 bunny

      I’m right there with you. I watched the episode and caught nothing about this birth secret. I came here to read this recap and was like “WHAT!???” lol.

      I found it REALLY weird in the beginning how unaffectionate Muyeol was to his wife. I guess it makes sense now. heh.

  20. 20 Senris

    I’m only half-pleased to see my theory that President is Yoon Sung’s bio-dad is vindicated, because now I’m feeling awfully bad for Mu Yeol: he married Kyung Hee to cover up President’s illegitimate child (which she makes pretty clear by telling Yoon Sung “He saved me, and he saved you”) and it’s fairly clear that there wasn’t a great deal of real feeling between them: Kyung Hee mourned the loss of her child much more than the loss of her husband. I guess Mu Yeol’s got Jin Pyo to mourn him, but, uh, that doesn’t seem to be going so well.

    Also, does anyone know exactly what office the President held in 1982-83? We know he had power, but what was his connection with Mu Yeol? Why would a Blue House Secret Service agent marry his mistress in order to conceal his illegitimate child? (Why did he have the authority to command Mu Yeol and Jin Pyo on the sweep mission in the first place?) I hope we’ve got a lot more backstory coming up…

    • 20.1 jas

      remember… ys’s real father the president… in ep 1 when ys is born, his father is not a president yet… this drama so mystery..

    • 20.2 Niklaus

      most likely director of secret service since he is the direct superior of MY and JP.

  21. 21 Nonny

    The prosecutor’s smartness has got me so pissed. DANG IT, just give poor Yoon-sung a break. This show has got me permanently on edge.

    • 21.1 Duh-duh

      I dislike him. His logic is f**ked up.

      Revealing others’ corruption except his own father ? Somebody explains to me !!

      These ppl are all noble idiots.

  22. 22 liz

    So..Jin Pyo knows that Yoon Sung is the President’s son? And he lied to Yoon Sung to get revenge for Mu Yeol, who’s actually a complete stranger to him??

    • 22.1 Cynthia

      Yes, JP has known all along that the (now) President fathered YS.
      From the torn up photo that JP kept and YS took, it’s apparent that they were all friends back in the day.
      Something happened with Mom & Prez, she got pregnant and for some reason (Maybe Prez was married at that time?) MY stepped up and married her even though it looks like JP loved her, too.
      JP and MY were best friends and brothers-in-arms. JP, knowing of the circumstances surrounding YS’s birth knew that the best weapon against the betrayers and killers of his team and MY was YS – and that’s why he stole the baby and told Mom to begin a new, free life. JP was ruthless in forming the weapon that YS has become. Good thing the kid had an ingrained morality core that JP couldn’t beat out of him. This is what sets up the ending to be EPIC.

      • 22.1.1 jessybee

        Interesting theory, and it fits because Jin Pyo has mentioned a few times through the series about how important Yoon Sung is, he always says Yoon Sung has to be the one who finishes this. Maybe this is why his role is so significant in this revenge plan.

        • omg

          so what you’re saying is that the torned up picture that yoon sung has and that one piece was missing was actually…the president? omg… it all makes sense now…you guys are so smart thank you!!!

      • 22.1.2 bishbash

        the “sins of the fathers” in this recap had me going WTF all the while.

        OMG. We have the bio dad, the protector dad who died, and the surrogate dad. BAH! poor YS :(

        now come to think of it, when the president and Kyung Hee met in his car many episodes back, it WAS kind of fishy that they actually knew each other. there was some kind of hostility, no? =X

      • 22.1.3 Webfoot

        Agreed. But here is an alternative theory as to why JP is exacting revenge.
        Kyung Hee was unwillingly impregnated by current President. Maybe he was drunk. Maybe he forced himself on her. And only the guards were witness to this event. MY (out of love? friendship?) married her. But President wanted to wipe out any chance that his indiscretion would be discovered, hence the order to kill the entire team at sea. He never knew about the son. But Daddy JP survives, and chooses to exact vengeance by having the son that President fathered that night be the President’s killer. It’s the David and Bathsheba story.
        This will lead to an even darker and sadder ending.
        Like so:
        During the showdown, CH will be forced to choose between the life he might have had (with Daddy president and family and Nana who is the president’s bodyguard) and the life he currently has (lonely justice). Between happiness and principles. Nasty, just nasty.

        • MsScorpion

          I don’t think this last theory fits, coz the current president at that time wasn’t yet Mr. President.
          Also he was the only one from the 5 targets to be AGAINST the sweep.

          What I keep thinking about since the real daddy was reviled to us was “Poor YS, you’re gonna feel exactly what Prosecutor YJ felt when you wanted the father to be captured by the hands of his own son” :(

    • 22.2 Joy

      This might also explain what felt like logical fallacy when he was trying to avenge his friend’s death even though he might need to kill MY’s son along the way. Now that we know that YS is the president’s son and not his friend’s, I understand why JP is OK with YS being collateral damage in his grand scheme.

      • 22.2.1 Bloom

        I agree with all of you guys and sadly, I also think that JP wants to avenge his friend by having the president killed by the hands of his own son …
        However, I have the feeling that JP is attached to YS despite everything that happened and what he is planning to do with him (remember how he looked shocked when YS stabbed his own hand? Also, I don’t think he saved YS’s life in episode 1 only for the sake of his revenge…)
        My theory is that he will still go on with his revenge, but will somehow change it in the very end when he will realize how awful he treated YS in the first place (like sacrificing his life once again to save YS from a deadly situation for example).

        Well, i do hope he’ll eventually feel guilty about it. It would make him more HUMAN for god’s sake.

        • vibs110

          My theory is this: YS will discover that the President is his father and will find the reasons behind his birth and the issues surrounding his relationship with YK & PMY. He will then back out (bec he’s just not the cold-blooded killer JP wants him to be) at the last minute. JP will now be the one to finish the President off. YS may try to stop JP and may have to fight it out. Then comes YJ who will try to kill YS…only for JP to save YS. In the end, JP will take the fall as the CH (i really think his character has to die) so YS will be free to live a normal life with NN.

          I think JP really loves YS as if he were his own flesh & blood. He still has a tender side (when he saved YS from the landmines, sending YK a radio during the bone marrow operation, and not killing NN when she went to see him) but just likes to use force and intimidation to control/manipulate people, esp YS.

  23. 23 Ace

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    Well, so is it really true that the President is the real biological father?

  24. 24 Irish J

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  25. 25 L

    Although I hate this turn of events, it sorta explains the way Jin pyo has been treating Yoon sung.


    Please don’t leave me heart broken at the end T_T

    • 25.1 Molly

      It’s absolutely horrible; I still regarded him as a father to Yoon-sung, loving in a hard, badass way. But now, basically, the ones who have/will continue to suffer are solely Kyung-hee, Mu-yeol, and Yoon-sung. It’s almost fated…and I thought City Hunter didn’t do fate! Argh, I trust the writers to do a good job with the birth secret, but it still doesn’t feel right.

      And javabeans, thanks for the allusion to Harry Potter #7. 😉

  26. 26 Cathyrrn

    But was I the only one who wanted to slap his steadfast (yet *gorgeous*) face for not reciprocating NaNa’s love? And saying that he wants to even hold a sliver of hope that he’ll get out of all of this alive?

    I dunno…I’m a romantic…so sue me 😛

    What does pique my curiosity is the secret book from the 1983 scandal thing. Surely, it doesn’t detail the love affair between the President and Yoon Sung’s mum…right..?

    Uhhhh….I don’t know…this episode confused me…I didn’t like that :S

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      • 31.1.1 ahjummabunny

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    • 31.2 tuqaz

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      • 31.2.1 Venus

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        I declared Ajussi MOM and DAD of the YEAR for YS!!!……

    • 31.3 Grace Lee


  32. 32 Dominique

    This was the worst episode ever of the series. The one-hour episode felt more like six hours. Vapid dialogues, derivative plot turns, acted robotically by everyone (except Mr. Prosecutor). City Hunter has now become a protypical daytime soap, a common fate for virtually all Korean dramas that came before it. Whatever happened to the entire creative team?

    The only silver lining is that the role of Mr. Prosecutor, not to mention his acting, is now finally worth watching. He looked good out of suit and tie in Episode 15, and looks good without jacket in Episode 16, judging from the way his pants fit his butt. This actor makes a far better fashion plate than Lee Min Ho.

    I had hopes that City Hunter might prove to be the long-waited exception to the cliche Korean soaps. But Episode 15 brought me strong doubts, and Episode 16 now confirms them. It still makes a good yarn, but our wait continues for a Korean drama that finally transcends all its cliches.

    • 32.1 S

      Wow, you have to realize that everything has its cliches; all Korean drama–almost all books, shows, or anything in this world contain some form of cliche. And while City Hunter contains some cliche elements, they are incorporated seamlessly into the plot and offer a clear purpose. I actually thought this episode was better than the previous few, as it added more tension and drama into the storyline. Perhaps your expectations were too high? These dramas are for enjoyment, so they should be enjoyed.

    • 32.2 ringo

      I agree.

      I won’t be AS harsh because while I think this episode is disappointing and the whole daddy issues the most frustrating thing of all, there was still 15 episodes that were great and no show can run for this long without a couple of down ones here and again (this goes for American shows as well).

      What’s so disappointing about the daddy issue is that IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. It feels so superfluous.

      @32.1–Yes, the drama should be enjoyed but these plot elements aren’t… enjoyable.

    • 32.3 la fureur de Jacqueline...

      Agreed! I thought both eps were quite bad…and it’s really becoming a love story. It’s the only drama, I’m watching besides Ripley. Even w/ Ripley, I’m disappointed right now…
      Heartstrings is boring and too cliche, so was Lie To Me and Romance Town is a mess. These dramas are grating my last nerve…I’m hoping next week will be much better but I’m not so sure…hopefully I’m wrong.

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    • 36.1 marin

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  37. 37 rumba lumba

    gawd, let the love story die already. geezus christ. it’s so corny and cheesy. i just roll my eyes everytime he says “forget me! forget everything!” to her. ugh, puhlease!

  38. 38 dorothy07

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    • 38.1 Cynthia

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  39. 39 outofcontrol

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  40. 40 kixicat

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  41. 41 dorothy07

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  42. 42 nonski

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    Sigh. I had really hoped against the Pres being YS’s dad, primarily because I wanted there to be a means to redeem Jinpyo. Call me biased but the actor portrayed my favorite Jeongjo evah! And because Jinpyo just becomes so flat now. The only way this could turn out interesting for me is if Jinpyo changes his mind at the last minute for YS, preferably with self-sacrifice involved. But I didn’t want that. I wanted some heartfelt father-son bonding. Not gonna get it now…

    I don’t want to witness YS’s trauma when he learns that he’s been used this entire time by the only man he’s known as his father for most of his life.

    Not sure if 4 episodes will be enough to build up any substantive bond between YS and his new bio-dad. Although this Show has managed to move along at a good pace, so who knows…

    But yes, this episode felt as if CH was trudging through the mud flats of Kdrama cliches, with the exceptions being:

    1. Fight with Chun’s evil musa
    2. The slap down of the uppity cosmetics store employee
    3. Yongju. Period. He’s been, so far, far more interesting consistently than the hero/heroine.

  44. 44 cb

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    And the Creepy minion totally reminds me of Creepy Thin Man from Charlie’s Angels. LOL

    • 46.1 love 49

      so its not only me uh….. he looked so familiar the first time i saw him… and after thinking for a while realized the c.a. connection…”great minds think alike ” 😉

  47. 47 Raine

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    *sigh* when can they finally get to be together…? I’m not asking for much now, just give our OTP a happy ending please ;_; YS deserves to be happy after all he’s been through.. Nana too..
    the scene near the fountain is so heart-wrenching even though I understand why they’re doing the things they do.. I wonder how the love line will develop from now onwards? it’s highly unlikely that it’ll stall in the current situation for the last 4 episodes right?

  48. 48 Trixie

    If Mr. President is indeed Daddy-O, which I agree that it’ll be most likely… oh the heartbreak it will be for Da-hae!!!

    Imagine crushing on someone, stalker-like status, just to find out that he’s you’re brother?!?! oh the heartache!

    • 48.1 Hermione

      that would be just disgusting slash yay because come on you have lee yoon sung as you’re brother? i would still be happy…

      • 48.1.1 widy

        i think its the best that da hye could get. she knew that yoon sung doesnt have any interest for her, right? and it turns out she could have him as her half brother! if i were her i’ll be more than happy haha 😉

      • 48.1.2 Trixie

        hahaha… good point guys!

  49. 49 koreandramalover/kdl

    After watching Young-ju for 16 episodes now, i can’t help but feel that his character is so one-dimensional and cardboard-like…

    the first scene between him and Yoon-sung where he was positively GLEEFUL when he used YS’s childhood nickname just proved my point…

    why does he come across as more interested on one-upmanship with YS instead of being a cool Prosecutor who brings people to justice WITHOUT coming across as insipid, petty and childish?

    i have never liked him from the beginning and i believe i never will…

  50. 50 Ojou_Belle

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    This show is so great! SOOO GREAT!!

    Thanks for the recap!

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    I don’t like the birth secret either, it’s not like we don’t have enough turmoils already, why can’t we give our hero a break? But I do hope this secret plays in our hero’s favor.

  52. 52 Daniela

    No. God, no. Why? Is there no other way? Really? He has to be his father? WHY? I only notice the little hints recently and in the other recaps when some comments were all about it.
    Plus, Yoon-sung changes dads like he changes skinny pants. By 17 years Jin-pyo was his dad. Oh No, his real dad is his friend! Oh No, his real dad is the president! This man is going to need so much therapy after this.
    I bet the story was like this: Yoon-sung’s mom and the president were in love, she got pregnant. For some reason he cant be with her (it almost a law around here) and she discovers she is pregnant and the Yoon-sung’s fake dad (the first fake dad) married her because he always loved her and she cant be a single mom (scandal!). Or she marries him knowing she is pregnant. Or the president and she had an affair.
    Please, now the drama decided to go with birth secrets, i hope that at least the background story will be good and not as predictable and common as I wrote it.
    The only good thing, as Javabeans said, is that this gives a much more drama to the finale. I was hoping all along an epic chasing between the president and Jin-pyo. because the president is the good of the five but he was the closest to the them and was the one who swore to protect them (the guys in the mission I mean),
    About this episode, I liked very much. A water bottle!. And the turn with Chun Jae-man having the record, and Young-ju and Nana and Da-hae! (she is cute).
    Well, I have forgave worse things in a drama. The last 4 episodes HAVE to be Epic. With capital E.
    Thank you for the recap!

    • 52.1 Daniela

      For 17 years
      I have forgiven :)

    • 52.2 Maymay

      “Yoon-sung changes dads like he changes skinny pants.”

      Hahaha, you are so funny.

  53. 53 mint

    Thanks for the recap and the insightful comments, javabeans! The President being Yoon Sung’s bio dad explains so much.

    Why would Jin-pyo snatch his good friend’s son from his mum and bring him up for the purpose of revenge? It doesn make much sense. But since Yoon Sung is the bio son of the president, it makes perfect sense why he snatch him and bring him up so cruelly with the aim of turning him into a killing machine. Also it kind of explain why Mu Yeol choose to go on a mission(even if it is for his buddy)when Kyung Hee just give birth to Yoon Sung.

    Full of angst, this episode. I almost die when Yoon Sung turn away from Na Na at the fountain

    • 53.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      @mint 😉

      i totally agree with you abt almost dying watching YS walked away from NN at the fountain….arrrggghhhh… the agony…

    • 53.2 bjharm

      also agree
      Jin-pyo is a stone cold killer, as he was trained to be, but taking his best friend child from his widow always bothered me, unless he gone crazy and that still up for debate. So taking in the killer bit and the crazy bit and it would indeed be a very cruel revenge to bring the child up for the purpose of killing his own father. I still not sure about Jin-Pyo at times there seems a hint of compassion and he clearly had a think for his friend wife.
      As for her I would guess she had a fling when not married found herself pregnant, but he put his political career first and dumped her..she pretty much a classic victim type anyway….He [the president] keeps saying he a good honest man but from his actions he never once proved it, so it would be in his character to do so.

    • 53.3 Linda165

      My thoughts exactly. Really, I just wrote them bellow :)

  54. 54 koreandramalover/kdl

    my husband is a prosecutor and when he watched how Young-ju is, he made the comment that he wouldn’t be caught dead with the actions that Young-ju has demonstrated in some scenes, most esp those that made him out to be less than professional…

    for one thing, a prosecutor wouldn’t go up to an individual and purposefully say things that would be akin to one-upmanship because that is so unprofessional, not to mention immature and just plain selfish…

    perhaps because this IS a K-drama and not a portrayal of real life…

    • 54.1 Amara

      Interesting point, I didn’t really realize that…but then again, Young-ju does have some personal rivalry with Yoon-sung, since Young-ju believed, at one point, that Yoon-sung had a thing for Sae-hee. And the prosecutor IS off the City Hunter case, so he’s basically rogue at this point. I guess the personal rivarly with Yoon-sung is making Young-ju want to one-up him…which I guess makes some sense. But I guess Young-ju is pretty unprofessional sometimes, esp with that scene with his superiors…

      • 54.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        @Amara 😉

        precisely! his personal issues with YS aside, he IS a prosecutor and for that reason alone, he should not ever forget how to behave in his professional capacity…

        i love how CH has been written for the most part, but i am disappointed with how YJ is portrayed by the writers

        believe me, if i were to share the issues that my husband has to face day-to-day in his professional capacity as a prosecutor, it would probably fill a book!! 😉

        but never, not once, has he ever forgotten that he has the trust placed in him as a prosecutor by his superiors and the public that he serves to carry out his duties and responsibilities to the highest level of professionalism and diligence…

        i wouldn’t have fallen in love with him otherwise, and wouldn’t still be in love with him for more than a decade now … 😉

    • 54.2 mskololia

      I agree with your husband’s assessment.

      After watching him in epi 16, it dawned on me that his expressions and actions were similar to those in a comic book. His lone avenger role is coming close to being a little meaningless….I think the man deserves to be jobless after what he pulled in this episode. That may make him bonkers, but hey it’s a drama.

      • 54.2.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

        @mskololia dear! 😉

        hello there dear!!! missed you dear!! 😉

        i can’t agree with you more abt YJ – he really should be sacked from his job as a prosecutor because he is a disgrace to his profession if he continues with his single-minded vendetta against City Hunter at the expense of justice and the vow which he had to take upon accepting the post as a prosecutor, which my hubby had to take too…

        YJ seemed so hell-bent on protecting his father in this ep that i have lost even the little bit of respect i had for him in the beginning even though i have never LIKED him and NOW i know why i have NEVER liked him in the first place…

        i think Sae Hee is better off without him as her husband if YJ is proven to be a spineless, mindless coward because Sae Hee is such an awesomely kick-assy, intelligent and gorgeous lady… 😉

        • mskololia

          Oh, dear… I for one never wanted SH to be reconciled with this character. He’s too duplicitous for my taste in men. He chose his career over his marriage; and his father poor opinions over his wife’s virtues. Too late. Cheerio!

          At least, YS and NN are not married so I can cut the YS character some slack…very little, but some.


          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @mskololia 😉

            i agree with you totally!!!

            how could he let such a near-perfect lady go???!!!!

            only one answer for such an insipid fellow –

            blame his utter stupidity! 😉

    • 54.3 Maymay

      Wow! So you have your own hot prosecutor for a husband. How lucky!!!

      • 54.3.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

        @Maymay 😉

        my own hot prosecutor for a husband? hehehe…
        wait till my husband reads your comment!! 😉

        but you know how things in dramas can be so different from real life…

        looks-wise, my hubby looks like PD Na of the 2 Days 1 Night – with slightly bigger eyes and taller…

        so, ‘hot’ he is not…hehe…
        he has what i call a homely, calming, gentle look…
        nothing like LMH or YJ in CH but a look that grows on me…

        and his job is far from glamorous – long days and late nights are the norm…and weekends? what weekends?

        but he is so dedicated, committed and just loves what he does that the long, arduous hours do not weigh him down one bit…in fact, he relishes the thought that he is doing what he loves as opposed to doing just a JOB…

        now how many of us are blessed enough to be able to say that about our jobs? hehe 😉

        but there is another side to his job that he tries very hard to shield me from – the danger of being targeted by those he has prosecuted…

        which is why i fully understand YS’s predicament in CH – how YS tries to shield NN from the pain of being a part of his life with the attendant dangers, so did my hubby when we first got to know one another…

        we went through a heartbreaking separation because he did not want to put my life at risk while he was on a particularly-sensitive and life-threatening case…

        but thank God all went well, and we found each other again…and now, 10 years later, we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on 1 December 2011, which is also my husband’s birthday… 😉

        • smashingalou

          @kaye, I was about to ECHO maymay about you having a hot prosecutor for a husband and how VERY LUCKY you are…but your humble reply stood on me :)

          Your lucky to have had the chance to find a PARTNER FOR LIFE who is so willingly SPOIL you with your LMH madness..

          And for that, I WISH ALL THE MORE BEST FOR THE TWO OF YOU! :)

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @smash and @Maymay sweethearts 😉

            please accept my humblest words of appreciation for both of your kind, kind words 😉

            I thank God every single minute of my life for bringing my husband and I together because as you have beautifully said @Smash, He has given me a chance to find a partner in life who is more than willing to spoil me with my LMH madness…and as you have eloquently said @Maymay, he can carry out justice everyday and is also sweet and protective of me… 😉

            my hubby indulges my craziness over CH and LMH so sweetly and patiently…

            that made me once ask him why he does it. His reply? Because he loves me and he wants to do what I love to do, together…..i cried my eyes out at that…..*sobs*

            but you know, @Smash and @Maymay, before he and I met, i had my heart broken so bad in 2 relationships that i was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and was hospitalised 3 times because i couldn’t eat…

            so, you can only imagine how blessed i feel ever since i became my husband’s wife…all the hurt and pain i went through before to be blessed with my husband’s presence in my life…although we have yet to be blessed with children… 😉

            thank you, @Smash and @Maymay, for your kind wish for the best for my husband and I… 😉

            I wish THE VERY BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES TOO, dearest @Smash and @Maymay!! 😉

        • Maymay

          Now I’m even more envious. Your husband sounds so incredibly awesome. He has such a cool job in which he can carry out justice everyday, and he is also sweet and protective of you. (Sigh) What more can you ask for in a life partner? Once again I reiterate “YOU ARE SO LUCKY!”

          Hope you will have an unforgettable 10th anniversary in December.

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @Maymay dearie 😉

            please accept my humblest thank you for your kind, kind words 😉

            kindly refer to my reply above to both you and @Smash 😉

            and you are so right, @Maymay dear, that i feel so blessed by God, after having gone through 2 failed relationships that caused me to be clinically depressed and hospitalised…

            and thank you so much for wishing my husband and i an unforgettable 10th anniversary 😉


        • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

          @smashingalou and @Maymay 😉

          my dearest CH sisters, i just felt the need to add something to what i said about my husband and i…

          having been through 2 failed relationships badly, i am well aware that nothing is everlasting and because of that, i cherish every wonderful moment with my husband even more because i do not know how long the happiness will last…

          the reality of life is that people and feelings can change and people can come between us and thus i am constantly on guard from losing myself in the relationship such that i would be destroyed if my marriage were to break down…

          also, considering my husband’s occupation is so fraught with danger and difficulties every single day, i am also aware of the importance of making every moment with him count and memorable, esp because we do not know if a certain day or moment will be our last together… 😉

          • tuqaz

            Dear kdl, I too would like to wish you an unforgetable 10th anniversary this December. Ours was, though it was a tough journey getting there. What you said “people can come between us..” I can totally relate. I had a miscarriage because of those people. Planned the baby to be born around our 10th anniversary, but it was never meant to be. We still celebrated out anniversary with much happiness and our gift came 3 months later, the birth of a baby girl, who came 3 weeks early. I guess, she knew she had to be born early to bring us happiness and joy, and she’s exactly that. She’s our happy baby, always smiling and making us laugh, not that the othe two doesn’t. Her name means “greatest conquerer”, a reminder that not no matter what happens, we will overcome any obstacle together. I believe after every hardship we go through, there will be happiness. :)

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            Dear tuqaz 😉

            Please accept my sincerest, humblest thank you for your kind, kind wishes and words of support and encouragement 😉

            And thank you also for your kind sharing…wow…you sure have had such an eventful married life…something i can SO relate…hehehe…

            so happy for you that you have such a blessing in your little princess, as a reward for the tests you had to go through… 😉

            something else i can relate to…
            next to my parents, my hubby is the kindest, finest human being i have ever known and even though he doesn’t have LMH’s looks, many, many women have been attracted to him because of his fine character and so you can imagine what i had to go through before and after we got married…i almost called off the wedding just 2 weeks before the actual day because of a woman who did not wish to let him go…she threatened me with bodily harm if i go ahead with the wedding…*shivers*

            but my hubby made certain that the woman would not be able to carry out her threat…and as the saying goes – the rest is history… 😉

            thanks again, tuqaz dear, for your wonderful sharing 😉

            so thankful to have met you here to share our life stories and rejoice and be thankful for God’s blessings together… 😉

  55. 55 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!!

    *groan* at the President being YS’s real dad. YS doesn’t need any more pain. Please give our poor City Hunter a break! His job is already hard enough!

    • 55.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      @asianromance 😉

      i absolutely agree with you – YS doesn’t get a break from the heartbreak…

    • 55.2 Maymay

      Out of all the character, YS needs a break the most. He has too troubles as it is. I often wonder how he manages not to buckle under all these pressures.

      • 55.2.1 smashingalou


        I think it’s because NN is with HIM. NN is his SOFT SPOT more than Ajuhssi, I guess..

        Every great HERO manages to stand up and fight over and over again cause they’re seeing their future (no matter how ridiculous they denied it) with their ONLY ONE.

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

          @smashingalou dearie 😉

          you are soooo right!! NN is YS’s safe harbour after he has had to go through such a stormy, traumatic life…

          the belief that true happiness is POSSIBLE, against all odds…in the form of NN… 😉

      • 55.2.2 Maymay

        Oops! Left out a word.

        “too much troubles as it is”

  56. 56 laya

    omg whew. Thanks so much for the recap!

  57. 57 corn tea

    I noticed deep teeth marks on my fingers after watching this episode. Should wear gloves next week.

  58. 58 adette

    My thoughts on the birth secret: Aw. Can you imagine being Da-hae? How traumatizing would it be to realize you’d been crushing on your half-brother? ):

  59. 59 koreandramalover/kdl

    how awesome is LMH’s acting!!! 😉

    his OH-SO-EXPRESSIVE EYES in the scene where he walked away from NN at the fountain at minute 52 of ep 16 just made bawl my eyes out!! 😉

    if there is still anyone who thinks LMH cannot act, then i hope LMH’s acting in CH would finally put such a thought to rest…

    • 59.1 annoYedbiatch...

      Hi there, kdl! GAAAH…. My eyes are so swollen from crying. So much heartbreak! Made me wanna slap YS for hurting NN over and over again. Seems like my heart has been battered so much after watching episode after awesome episode of CH. I’m dreadfully anticipating the final 4 eps. It’s anybody’s guess how it will all boils down to. For sure, it’s gonna be an epic one.

      CH made me a believer of LMH. Didn’t really like him in BOF *hides* but he absolutely redeemed himself as Lee Yoon Sung aka City Hunter. The eyes are truly the windows of the soul. Impressive acting by showing emotions thru his big doe-like eyes. *dreamy*

      • 59.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        @annoYedbiatch 😉

        hi there, dear! missed you so much!! 😉

        awww…i am there with you, dearie…cried my eyes out for all the heartbreak and heartbreaks-to-come…arrrgghhh…

        i absolutely concur with you abt dreading the last 4 eps esp if the President is proven to be YS’s bio-dad and what that would do to him – knowing JP has single-mindedly caused YS to be used as a tool to exact revenge on YS’s bio-dad…arrrggghhh…im dying here…

        so glad you acknowledge LMH’s acting talent…ive noticed his talent in BOF and am so happy to see that he has proven the critics (but not you, dear) wrong… 😉

        • annoYedbiatch...

          I was actually stunned to see how good of an actor he is in CH. He really is going places and he’s still young at that. I predict lots of nominations if not awards by the end of the year. He really deserves to have one. :)

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @annoYedbiatch… 😉

            i know, right? he has surprised so many with his acting ability esp because he is still so young…. 😉

            and i concur with abt the nominations and awards going his way for CH….he absolutely deserves it and more…
            you are so right! 😉

  60. 60 hwana

    Love the Harry Potter reference!

  61. 61 dany

    I enjoy this show so much, thank you for the recap!

  62. 62 Duh-duh

    This episode is the worse. The noble idiot came with a full-blow.

  63. 63 trixicopper

    Birth secrets? Really show?

    On the one hand it truly is revenge of an epic scale. To raise the son to destroy the father. On the Cruella DeVille scale that gives Bad Daddy top score.

    On the other hand does anyone in Kdrama land know who their parents are? For sure?

    • 63.1 mskololia


    • 63.2 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

      @trixicopper 😉

      you seem to have read my mind!!! hehehe…

      after having followed K-dramas for 3 years now, this is my assessment of one of the most-used tropes in K-dramas :

      whacked-out, out-of-this-world, mind-blowingly-crazy birth secrets are EVERYWHERE…

      that made me wonder – is there anyone in Korea that KNOWS he/she is the biological offspring of his biological parents?????

    • 63.3 Maymay

      OMG, so true. Now I am left wondering if I’m really my parents offspring.

      • 63.3.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

        @Maymay 😉

        LOL!!! oh, i am sure you are very much your own parents’ offspring if nothing has caused you to question it until now…or…are you NOW questioning it????!!! 😉

      • 63.3.2 dana


  64. 64 saranga

    i gotta say, i’m a bit confused too. birth secret? i know it was hinted but it wasn’t till this recap that i realized maybe it’s a sure thing?

    if it is true, i wanna say that the president didn’t know about the child, and mu-yeol married kyung-hee out of love/wanting to protect her. kyung-hee mentioned to the president that jin-pyo had snatched her child all those years ago, and the president didn’t seem too perturbed. i don’t think he’s aware that there’s a child of his out there- if the birth secret is true.

    the other thing that has me wrinkling my nose is da-hae. unless da-hae’s biological father is not the president, the squickiness of her being in love with her brother…… i thought kdramaland was past these sort of things.

    i really don’t want them to go this route… but i suppose it would help us to understand jin-pyo and why he’s been so harsh with yoon-sung. actually, it would help LOTS.

    because technically, sang-gook could serve the same role as yoon-sung. he’s the brother of one of the murdered agents. albeit, he hasn’t been trained like yoon-sung has been, but there’s no difference between the desire for revenge that he and yoon-sung would harbor.

    god if it weren’t for the da-hae thing i would be on board with this. i gotta say, i haven’t picked up on this at all through the series…

  65. 65 Francesca

    Not another birth secret!! *palm of face*
    But I love City Hunter so much I have to forgive this one! LOL

    • 65.1 Francesca

      I mean *palm ON face*

  66. 66 errrrr....

    another nice recap

    but a just can’t understand young-ju for always “sharing” his information with his target

    i think he is superb stupid in that matter

    example :
    1. after knowing Yoon-sung is from thai, he came n tell Yoon-sung
    2. he soooooo easy tell his target that he knows about 1983 operation
    3. when he knows jin-pyo real identity, immediately he confront jin-pyo about it

    it’s like he says ” i am a mighty procecutor, try stop and kill me”


    he’s the worst poker player in the world to always reveals his car like that

    • 66.1 errrrr....

      i mean “card” hhehehehhehe

  67. 67 Lemon

    I seriously LOLed at the Dumbledore reference.

    But the birth secret just made me go: nooo, why?? And doesn’t that make the whole Dahae liking Yoonsung thing squicky?

    • 67.1 Cynthia

      Aww, c’mon. It’s just a cute, teen-age girl crushing on an older, professional HOTTER THAN THE SUN handsome hunk of a guy – it’s not her fault that it’s her half-brother. Think of how squicky SHE’S going to feel when the truth is revealed! :)

  68. 68 shu

    wth, if the president was the dad, then wouldnt all of yoon sung’s behaviour be unjustified. which all of it is just weird and confusing.

  69. 69 Birdie

    We are in familiar grounds here in kdramaland-noble idiot, birth secrets,genetic dislike of certain vegetables, egg throwing , doors unlocked,people walking in unnoticed…

    Noticeably the flow of the story is not as smooth . The last few episodes did not live up to the awesomeness of earlier episodes.

    Isn’t it sadistic of Jin Pyo to have the son exacting revenge on his own dad? Won’t YS go crazy when all is revealed?

  70. 70 CHdiehardfan

    Kamsahamnida!!! ^_^

  71. 71 datdude

    wow this was a really bad episode. way too much angst and that twist was really awful. like really? birth secret?

    mu yeol coveres the presidents scandal, then prez goes off decides to kill mu yeol in order to protect himself? Then the women you had a child with gets her kid stolen and is living a harsh life because of it and you do nothing to rectify the situation? hey they might show something about this in future episodes but it still doesnt work at all.

    also what a terrible time for a twist. pretty sure viewers in korea were put off with what was implied in this episode thus the decline in ratings =/

    i know i sure was.

  72. 72 Thatgirl

    The President is not his father!!! He’s not, he’s not, he’s NOT!!!!!! No No No No No No No No No No!!!!! No. NO. Besides, wouldn’t KyungHee and the President be more fond of each other? Wouldn’t he be around her more often? No!!!! I refuse to believe the Pres is anyone’s dad but Da Hye! Who BTW is growing up very well! I am quite proud of her. But Anyways, No! It can’t happen! It won’t happen! It’s not happening!!!! Also, I can buy that the pres can be an adulterer but, I can’t buy KyungHee being one. I just can’t see it.
    You know… Before City Hunter even aired, I suspected that there was going to be a birth secret…. But as the drama went on I couldn’t find a place for a birth secret to fit anymore. So I actually don’t know why I am getting all worked up now, when I originally suspected it. Actually, I do know why… a birth secret at this point just doesn’t fit.

    *Sigh* This has got to be the worst episode of the whole drama.

    Gosh I am so torn!!!! Up until this episode, I expected either Yoon Sung or Nana to die. But now that there are actually signs that lead to one of them dying, I don’t want it to happen!!!! How dare you talk like that Yoon Sung?! How could you?! Why?! No!!!! No!!!! NO!!!! Argh!!! Please script writer, let Yoon Sung and Nana live. PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE???????

    I am more entertained by the Cat and Mouse game between Young Ju and Yoon Sung, than I am by the On-again Off-again “Relationship” between Yoon Sung and Nana. I mean seriously, its like he tries to push her away every other episode. Its getting to be really exhausting to watch. And what was up with Yoon Sung telling Nana to quit liking him, quit thinking about him, go find somebody better, blah blah blah!!! It was like he was ordering her to do so. Though I know his intentions are good and everything, I was really put off by him telling her what to do and how to feel. Boy I should smack you! Her feelings are her own, don’t tell her what to do and how to feel! Argh!!!!!!!!
    BTW, am I the only one who thought of Spiderman and Mary Jane during the “Break Up” scene in the beginning of the episode?
    So far, I haven’t seen a drama with Lee Minho in it that I didn’t like…. But I have a feeling, because of what I am suspecting of the ending at this point, City Hunter might be it…. MAN!!!! Now I am having an On-again Off-again relationship with City Hunter!!!!! Argh!

    • 72.1 tuqaz

      @ Thatgirl

      “This has got to be the worst episode of the whole drama.” I agree! I’ve only watched it RAW and read the recaps, just taking my time downloading ep 16 with subs. Dunno when i’ll watch it. :(

      I’m off to bake myself a batch of LMH cupcakes. Soft, spongy LMH cake, oozying with a warm LMH manliness centre, topped with creamy dimples frosting. YUMMO!! 😀

      • 72.1.1 Linda165

        “oozing with a warm LMH manliness…”

        That… doesn’t…. sound… right….

        @ Thatgirl
        By the way are you and datdude from comment 71 a couple? :)

        • Thatgirl

          No I am not, since I don’t even know what you are talking about….

          • Thatgirl

            Ohhh!!!! I see what you are talking about now. No… Lol! I don’t even know that person. It just so happens that I posted right after him. Lol.

      • 72.1.2 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

        @tuqaz 😉

        your description of your LMH cupcakes are…soooo appealing…but…at the same time…phew!!!…maybe a bit too hot to handle…hehehe… 😉

        • tuqaz

          @ kdl and Linda165… hahaha! if only there was such a cupcake, I’ll be a millionaire! LMH is already delicious enough for your eyes to feast on. 😉

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            “LMH is already delicious enough for your eyes to feast on”

            HAHAHA!!!! the most DELECTABLE words to ever come out of anyone!!! hehehe… 😉

  73. 73 mamae

    that is why if you go back to ep 1 when mom gave bith to YS, the father readily went on a mission after checking in on his new born son, as if he is not that interested in his new son.

  74. 74 jas

    oh everyone notice da hae play her fingers when she nervous when the scene da hae,ys and president have lunch together on this ep.? ys too having this habit… very obviously he is the son of president…

    • 74.1 nana

      yep u right

  75. 75 jas

    notice also on previous ep.. ys also had a habit play his fingers..

  76. 76 angeline ong

    WHAT????!! our lead actors daddies are all MURDERERS!!! yong sung’s dad, the president killed all the 21 soldiers (by giving orders) and nana’s dad killed all the 21 soldiers by firing the guns. I m going crazy. why should kdramas make the second generation pay for what their parents had done? have mercy!! i would love to have more comedy and action in CH. come on director and writer, life is short!

    • 76.1 diw

      hwaatt?? are you sure that the vegetative papa of nana killed the 20 men? i don’t get it

      • 76.1.1 newbie

        i totally get your point, but your words “vegetable papa” made me double up laughing!

    • 76.2 Cynthia

      How in the world did you come to the conclusion that NaNa’s father was the assassin from the submarine?

    • 76.3 tuqaz

      YS’s real dad killed YS’s fill in dad (and 19 other dads or dads-to-be), so now YS’s crazy adopted dad wants revenge on YS’s real dad. It was YJ’s dad who killed NN’s dad. The daddy issues on this show! 😉

      • 76.3.1 tuqaz

        oooppss… sorry… YJ’s dad killed NN’s mom and made NN’s dad in “vegetable papa”. :)

      • 76.3.2 diw

        hahaha yun seong has 23 dads all in all
        2 moms…. kyung hee and thai momie
        2 sisters.. da hae and ajusshi
        2 loves…. nana and elephant

        hahahah… what a life

  77. 77 angeline ong

    and i have a weak heart! a twist like this, i feel cheated. NO no no..

  78. 78 eagertravelercris

    this is just too much!!!! can’t wait for the last 4 episodes….

  79. 79 adeka

    The best line in this recap:

    “Korea must not have switched over to those leaky bottles that collapse under the weight of air. Enjoy that while you can.”

    I don’t really know how I feel about the father thing too. ugh. City Hunter you are killing me slowly and painfully.

  80. 80 Angskeet


  81. 81 mubalino

    OH MY GOODNESS, if Yoonsung dies….. it would be a pretty moving ending, but HE can’t die, cause i said so. everytime he tells people to ‘take care later’, my heart twists because i actually think that he might die later.

    ESPECIALLY, the part when he was giving Shikjoon ahjussi his house contract and bank account information and telling the ahjussi to live happuly later, I was about to cry. the subtle things.

    AND, I must have been quite blunt this entire time cause only up until the last half of this episode did it occur to me that the president could be Yoonsung’s real dad. just a wee bit random in my opinion, but also very contriving.

  82. 82 Gachan


    T ^T
    how poor nana,…

  83. 83 Lulai

    This explains why JP is ruthless. Using the president’s own son to get his revenge! Now that’s brilliant!

    When a K-drama is this good, the episodes go by so quickly! The waiting is the hardest part! I hate to say this but…only 4 more episodes to go. Wahhhhhh! What do I do to get my Minho fix after this?

    Thanks fir the recap, JB! MUAH

  84. 84 Arhazivory

    *sighs* CH…I do love you but why….why this twist?! Oh boy.


  85. 85 Lala-chan

    I have a strong feeling that the nightmare YS had many episodes ago where he faces off with Nana is going to happen soon. They`ve set it all up now: she`s going to be protecting the President, and YS will find out that the President is the last target very soon…

    The only thing I`m unsure about is how Nana will be put in danger while protecting the President, because YS won`t want to kill him. Maybe Chun will have a role to play in this.

    I think that YS worrying that he`s going to die is a red herring, because if someone is going to die, it will very very likely be Nana – either by protecting the Pres. or YS.

    It seems many of us hated this episode for all the angst, and I`m hoping that Korean fans feel the same way so that when the producers read the online comments they`ll adjust accordingly!

    I want a happy end for our OTP damnit!!

    • 85.1 tuoihong

      I always thought the person to die would be NaNa, even if the show is making us think it will be YS.

  86. 86 jas

    oh pls everyone think careful? if ys died or without ys is there any chance of having ch season 2? city hunter is ys… he cant died and i sure wont died or kill… but other maybe died…

  87. 87 sara

    I would love to say I hate Yoon-sung but I can’t hate him for leaving her! He is hurt, depressed and heartbroken! Maybe this beautiful drama will end really sad and heartbroken but I hope not I want to see him happy and his is happniness is staying next to Kim Na Na’s side!
    In love you have to be selfish that’s why it’s called love because you don’t want that person to let go of you or to leave you! Why, why can’t he be selfish like everyother man is?Kim Na Na wants to be by his side, die with him if that situation comes up why must he leave her? It’s her desicion for staying with him or not! I want to hate him but I really can’t! Damn my tears won’t stop!

    By the way that Prosecutor guy goes on my nerves but he is playing the role damn good!

  88. 88 cinderella

    Am I the only one that actually wants Yoon-sung to win, and I do mean, only Yoon-sung… and not Young-ju? Every time Young-ju appears on screen, I rape my fast forward button. He just annoys me every single time… I don’t know if it’s the actor or the character… or maybe I just love Lee Min-ho/Lee Yoon-sung so much that even the slightest positive notion about the second lead equates to betrayal in my opinion.

  89. 89 mee

    No, Kyunghee is not an adulterer – maybe the president was, though.

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned that it’s been brought up in a number of episodes that Kyunghee used to work in a 요정 – a traditional entertainment establishment where kisaeng entertained clients. The more exclusive ones used to be frequented by the rich and powerful, and used as the locale to make deals.

    While Park Chung-Hee was president there was a rumor that a 요정 employee had been impregnated by Park. So even the City Hunter’s birth secret draws from Korean history (not that it actually happened, but that such rumors existed).

    So it’s not far-fetched that Kyunghee became pregnant by the current president, and one of his underlings married her to cover this up. The president was probably already married, and even if he wasn’t, Kyunghee wouldn’t have been considered suitable marriage material for him.

    • 89.1 Maymay

      Huh, interesting. Thanks for the fact.

  90. 90 jyyjc

    I realized that the actor who played youngju’s father has played bad daddy in other dramas before, Dream high and Cinderella’s sister. Except the level of badness differs.

    • 90.1 anais

      The only time recently that this actor played someone other than a bad daddy is in Baker King Kim Tak Goo. There, he was a baddie pastry chef, no child in tow.

      I’m so sick of him and his bug eyes.

  91. 91 samgetang

    Javabeans! Thank YOU! I have not read the recap yet nor watched the episode.

    Im just saying “I Like Vodka Rain!” this is the second one which you’ve featured in the recaps which I’ve listened to. Where can I find the lyrics to this? And english translation? Korean music has come so far…I’m amazed with the melody in this one. Is this a group/band or individual singer?

    *runs off to google Vodka Rain*

  92. 92 azir

    I am ok with the birth secret because that explains why JP will use his bestfriend’s son for revenge. Why would he push YS to kill the targets and why he treated YS as if he is not his bestfriend’s son.

    4 more episodes to go. Can we have thousands of episodes? Just hoping

  93. 93 yrenful

    oh my god i can see it already…it would be a YS, NN, JP and the pres…showdond at the end! so sad that YS’s dream will finally come true, him and NN pointing gun at each other…it would be a tragic ending…..sob*#@

    • 93.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      oh, you might be right, yrenful!!!


    • 93.2 Celexa

      Ohhh that stand off reminds me of “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” and that’s good because the lead goes off into the sunset to fight another battle at another time! ^.^

    • 93.3 marin

      lol i was always complaining why YS is pushing Nana away in every episodes but now i finally get it the director probably wants that dream to happen, like Nana is protecting the president and then she ends up getting shot by taking a bullet for him and the president is a target for the city hunter and will be after him. i am having this weird feeling that they will have a romeo and juliet ending!(lol sorry if i am not making sense)

  94. 94 diw

    i like those facials used by chun jae man….

    • 94.1 tuqaz

      @ diw… That was the only part that I laughed! Men at that age getting facials? I’ve never had one! Hahaha… :)

  95. 95 dramaqueenssi

    I hope they wont kill Yoon seung’s character in this drama. I want Nana and Yoon seung to be happy in the end. This drama (City Hunter) is really addicting.

    Calling the attention of the writers of this drama, pls. don’t kill the city hunter in the end, pleeeeaaaseeeee!

  96. 96 diddy

    I’ve read your recaps for dis drama and the way I see these things is: Jun-pyo “secretly” loved Kyunghee; perhaps only the president knew and he stole it from him. Then, after Kyunghee got pregnant he asked Mu-yeol (purposely) to save him and marry her, only to hurt jun-pyo. Then … blah, blah, the operation clean sweep.

    What I want to say that the revenge of Jun-pyo isn’t for Mu-yeol( at least that’s what I think) but for jun-pyo himself.
    I tend to believe that there were three friends: jun-pyo, the president and Mu-yeol , and they all loved the same woman. Perhaps only one was successful, then … coward. He abbandoned her.
    In my opinion, Jun pyo was two times hurt: first Kyung-hee, then his best friend, were taken from him.
    Still, he is human deep in his heart. Maybe that’s why he took the child, firstly for REVENGE, and secondly, for KYung-hee not to be hurt when she finds out about the father of her child with the way he betrayed her husband.

    i’m done with theories. (please, excuse my English and the korean names written wrong).

    • 96.1 anais

      I think you’re likely right. Jinpyo at this point is engaged in a personal vendetta, half for Muyeol but seems largely for himself, at this point.

  97. 97 Linda165

    Call me dense, but I didn’t see this one coming.

    So if President Choi is really YS’s father, and if Jin Pyo knows this (which I’m sure he does), his real purpose of stealing baby YS and making him a killing machine was not to revenge the death of his father, but to have father against son at the end. I’m sure the president is the one Jin Pyo hates the most because he’s the one that made the promise.

    I’m not sure I like how this is going to end :(

    • 97.1 koreandramalover/kdl


      you echoed my very thoughts…i didn’t see it coming either – abt the President being YS’s biological father

      and i too do not like how this is going to end *sob*

    • 97.2 tuqaz

      @ Linda165 and kdl

      I once thought that Jin-pyo and Kyung-hee were siblings, since they have the same last names. Maybe the president got Kyung-hee pregnant and didn’t want to be responsible. So, Jin-pyo’s bestfriend stepped in and married Kyung-hee “to save both Kyung-hee and Yoon-sung”. I think Jin-pyo is out for revenge for his sister using the President’s son. Just a thought. :)

      • 97.2.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye


        hmmm…interesting thought!! i didn’t think of that either…

        i am now even more interested to know if any of the commentors’ theories/thoughts abt the hidden truths will materialise… 😉

      • 97.2.2 newbie

        that wud be reaally interesting!
        twists upon twists.. omg! too much to keep in mind..!

        love that screenshot of LMH smiling at prez at dinner! LMH..you are soo cute(and hot!)

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

          @newbie 😉

          i LOVE that screenshot of LMH smiling so tenderly at the President, and knowing what we do now, that the President may be his bio-father, that moment is now even more poignant and heartbreaking…arrrrgghhhh…

          • smashingalou

            @kaye, I’m with you there…

            The screenshot of LMH smile to President Choi shows YS’s timid respect and admiration to the President.

            I could not even imagine how it would be if it’s REALLY CONFIRMED that President Choi is his BIO-DAD…

            Too much pain for our hero that it hurts us so much…

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @smashingalou 😉

            “Too much pain for our hero that it hurts us so much…”

            everytime, everytime, you said the exact thing that would strike me right at my poor broken heart… 😉

            i love you so much for how you make me realise how blessed i am to have found this blog and met such warm, empathetic and compassionate folks like you, smashingalou 😉

            thank you, smashingalou and thank You, God 😉

  98. 98 ahjummabunny

    Okay ms. javabeans! I read your recaps and they made me think I must watch this show! So I started to watch the show but I didn’t like it, then I read your recaps again and now I’m back to I must watch this show!

  99. 99 koreandramalover/kdl

    So the President is YS’s biological father?

    And thus my theory and opinion abt the Evil Incarnate Jin-pyo is RIGHT ALL ALONG…

    Jin-pyo’s SOLE reason for kidnapping YS was to exact cold-blooded, heartless REVENGE – plain and simple…

    to pit father and son to satisfy his egoistical, ego-maniacal, utterly inhumane, selfish urges –

    can there be a MORE INHUMANE person around?????!!!

    Jin-pyo cared abt YS to save him from the mine before? MY FOOT!!!

    Jin-pyo’s SOLE PURPOSE for doing that was TO MAKE SURE that YS is ALIVE to EXACT REVENGE for him (JP) by pitting YS against his biological father!!!

    Jin-pyo’s diabolical, supremely self-centred purpose of living is the satisfaction of seeing father and son face each other in the battle of their lives…

    i wonder if there are viewers who still DO NOT HATE Jin-pyo to the CORE with this development…

    as I HAVE HATED, LOATHED, DETESTED JIN-PYO right from the very beginning…

    am i glad its all out in the open…

    • 99.1 tuqaz

      @ kdl… don’t forget Jin-pyo and Kyung-hee might be siblings. 😉 Yoon-sung is going to hate Jin-pyo in the end, and might even kill him.

      not much dimples flashing in this episode. The Dimple Hunting squad can take a rest. 😉 I haven’t even finish watching ep 15, and I’m in no rush to watch ep 16 :(

      • 99.1.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye


        arrrggghhh…my poor heart, already broken in a billion pieces watching the heartbreaking separation scene at the fountain in this ep just WILL NOT be able to take further torture watching Yoon-sung going thru heartbreaks upon heartbreaks…

        to quote JB : “Why do you hurt me SO, City Hunter?”


        • tuqaz

          @ kdl… I know what you mean. Watching it RAW was already heartbreaking, reading the recap was torturing… that’s why I’m in no rush to watch it with subbies. After a fun and happy episode 15, episode 16 was…. sob, sob… can’t even put it into words… :( At this point, you can’t even tell whether there’ll be a happy ending or a sad one. :(

          • koreandramalover / kdl / kaye

            @tuqaz 😉

            i fully emphathise with you, dear :(

            my poor heart has yet to recover from the pure torture of seeing the heartbreaking scene of LMH’s lovely eyes swelling-up with tears and his desperate effort to swallow the tears in the face of Na Na’s desperate pleas to him to go back to her after all of what he is doing is over….

            arrrrggghhhhhh…. :(

            *heartbreaking tears* *sobs*

    • 99.2 Ninja

      Don’t forget, no matter how twisted it may be, JP is motivated by the love he had for his comrades, especially his best friend Mu-yeol. He must’ve found out after the Oct 1983 incident that YS was not MY child, and therefore made the decision to steal YS, to also exact revenge on Kyung-hee and the President’s affair on behalf of his best-friend MY.

      • 99.2.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kaye


        i beg to differ – it is NOT love when one does anything that result in cold-blooded murder and the single-minded destruction of the lives of innocents in the name of that ‘love’…

  100. 100 girl

    i had read somewhere before this that the president may be yoon-sung’s dad and I was like nooo wayyyy— but i guess that person was right– how they could have guessed is beyond me… i didn’t see it coming until this episode == oiii, i just hope we can still have a semi-happy ending !

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