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City Hunter: Episode 18
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Woo, final stretch ahead! Yoon-sung says it in this episode, and as I viewer I can feel it: The end is in sight. The romance is a little less prevalent, but for the best possible reason, which is a return of our crusading hero and his action-packed missions to take down baddies. Phew. For some reason it feels like it’s been a while since we had that satisfaction — there’s plenty of other payoffs the drama has delivered regularly (and thanks for that), but I’ve been champing at the bit for some Bad Guy Takedowns.

So, what this episode gives us is a wrap-up of some of the looser threads, to propel us toward the final conflict. I can’t wait.


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Jin-pyo gets ambushed at home by eight of Chun’s minions, a number too large to fend off single-handedly even for a man of his badassery.

As girlfriday noted, there’s something so strangely sad about seeing Jin-pyo knocked to the ground, fumbling for his cane, and having it kicked out of his hand. He’s Bad Daddy! He’s the all-knowing, ten-steps-ahead-of-everybody mastermind! It’s dissonant and weird, like coming to the moment in your adulthood when you realize your parents are just people, flawed and fallible.

Yoon-sung quickly fights his way to Dad’s side, and the men stand back-to-back as the gang encircles them. (Ack! It’s a pose that kills me, every single time — so symbolic, so us-versus-the-world.) Dad growls, “Why did you come?” Yoon-sung points out, “This isn’t the time to say that.”

McCreepy takes in the scene and deduces, “So you were the City Hunter.”

What ensues is a knock-down drag-out fight between the ten men, with Team City Hunter holding their own, but just barely. A minion takes hold of Jin-pyo’s sword-cane — just a sword now — and comes at him with it, and Jin-pyo actually stops the blade between the pages of a book. Gives new meaning to the saying, The pen is mightier than the sword.

He loses ground, though, and is in imminent danger of getting an eye poked out when Yoon-sung races to Dad’s aid. The sword glances off Dad’s arm rather than his face, and now McCreepy calls in his boys for a quick retreat.

McCreepy tries to contact McBossy with his news about the City Hunter’s true identity, but Chun Jae-man is tied up at the moment with his financial concerns, so the phone call doesn’t get through. Chun is desperately trying to convince the bank that Haewon is still afloat despite the amount Jin-pyo pulled, but hears to his shock that they’re at a 500% debt ratio. Meaning, they owe waaaaay more than they’re worth.

At work, a very confused Eun-ah and Ki-joon puzzle over Yoon-sung’s overnight mastery of judo. Nana tries to cover for him, saying he’s actually a fast learner, and he had a great teacher… which unfortunately insults Eun-ah, who pouts, “Then am I incompetent, that my student is how he is?” with a pointed look at Ki-joon.

That makes Ki-joon hurriedly suggest that perhaps Yoon-sung took his time off to enroll in some fighting classes, and grumbles about Yoon-sung’s “lack of loyalty” for not taking him along. Hee!

The reason I love these Blue House scenes is because there’s always about a half-dozen conversations happening within one conversation, and it’s hilarious. Nana’s covering up for Yoon-sung’s secret identity, Eun-ah’s taking this as an affront to her pride and professionalism, and Ki-joon is trying to smooth over her ruffled feathers while also excusing his own poor skills.

Nana goes home worrying about Yoon-sung and is attacked by McCreepy, who has been lying in wait for her.

Yoon-sung gets a call from Nana’s phone while he’s with Dad in the hospital — Jin-pyo’s injured and bruised, but not in life-threatening shape. He hears Creepster on the line, saying that Nana sure put up a struggle and that he’s mighty tempted to just kill her now. He’s got her tied up at Haewon Sea World, and suggests that Yoon-sung show up to say his last goodbye. Nana yells for him not to come, but that’s a futile request and Yoon-sung goes speeding to the aquarium.

Nana floats in a large tank, hands and feet bound, her body tied to weights. A rope holds her up to keep her head above the waterline, but it’s only a matter of time before she, uh, swims with the fishies.

Mr. Creepy arrives and shows Yoon-sung a remote trigger, which will drop Nana into the water the second he presses it. He orders Yoon-sung to slap on a pair of handcuffs, and Yoon-sung complies readily. Thus bound, Creepy starts to beat him, and Yoon-sung just takes it.

Creepy holds trigger in one hand, switchblade in other, and strikes — just as Yoon-sung lunges for him and knocks them both down, but Creepy grabs the remote and hits the trigger. Nana drops into the tank, which is just about my worst nightmare. Deep water, darkness, oversize fish swimming all around. Gulp.

This puts Yoon-sung in that classic hero dilemma: Save the girl, or defeat the bad guy? Or, in his case, how to do them both, and quickly? Clock’s ticking and Nana’s sinking. Arms still restrained, he kicks McCreepy to the ground hard enough to knock him out, then unlocks his cuffs and races upstairs to pull her out of the tank.

In the aftermath, Yoon-sung worries over her condition, but she tells him curtly that she’s fine, and rejects his touch. Aw, you didn’t even know what you were asking when you told her to reject you even if you came begging later, did you?

Nana tells him he shouldn’t have come, but that’s just the hurt talking; she adds, “Do you think that because you won’t answer, I won’t wait? I’ll wait — I’ll wait for you for the rest of my life.”

Yoon-sung puts up a (weak) protest, but she entreats, “Let’s do this together. I don’t know where the end is, but if we do this together, it won’t be lonely. I won’t leave you to be lonely anymore. I don’t think there’s anyone for me but you.”

He finally says, “Just a little — wait for me just a little while. I see the end now.”

At home alone, Nana tells herself, “I’ll wait. Because he said he’d come back — he said he’d come back after it’s all over.”

Yoon-sung tells himself that he’ll survive and make it back to her, a marked turnaround from his resigned-to-die attitude of late. And thank heavens for that. I like my heroes badass, hot, and most of all alive.

Yoon-sung arrives home with a little extra something in tow: Mr. Creepy, whom he entrusts to Shik-joong’s care. It’s not a task that the timid ajusshi looks forward to, but is made more palatable by the promise to unfreeze his credit cards asap. Heh. He is so easily bribed with pretty things.

Chun Jae-man’s call comes through on the henchman’s phone, and Yoo-sung picks up to assure him he’ll take good care of his little minion. But Chun has no use for the guy, and in fact would prefer if City Hunter killed him for him, to keep that mouth forever shut.

McCreepy hears this, and Yoon-sung makes the point that if evil incarnate Chun were so quick to turn on his friends of 30 years, what chance stood he?

Hilariously, Shik-joong asks their hostage what kind of food he likes, so he can prepare it for him. Oh, you are so in the wrong line of work, Mr. Softy.

Shik-joong also hands Yoon-sung the embroidered handkerchief from his mother, and agrees to check in on Dad in the hospital. Again Shik-joong’s initial reaction is to wonder about what to cook him — ha, he is such a mom.

Yoon-sung deduces that Chun must have cottoned on to Jin-pyo’s real plan, and a review of Haewon Construction’s accounts confirms his suspicions.

Young-ju returns to his office and tells his assistant Pil-jae that he lost track of Yoon-sung. Pil-jae: “Again? Again, again, again?” Young-ju glares.

Young-ju reviews the list of Haewon Chemical employees who’ve given up their claim to sue the company, and notes a connection: They’re all in the hospital.

He finds one woman on her way out: Choi Myung-sook, the mother of the boy Yoon-shik who was coerced into signing that contract. She explains that she’s being kicked out of her hospital room because she changed her mind and returned her settlement money. After hearing about how the City Hunter came to the aid of the protesters, she became determined to fight and win the suit. Better yet, she’d thought to record McCreepy’s threats on her cell phone, giving them evidence of Haewon’s underhanded tactics.

Yoon-shik asks how he can meet his “City Hunter hyung,” because he wants the City Hunter to help his mom, just like he helped all those people at the company protest. He gives one of his precious 100 won coins to Young-ju, asking him to give it to the City Hunter when he meets him, along with his request to help Mom.

Young-ju puts in another request to issue an arrest warrant for Chun Jae-man, but his boss refuses, knowing the possible blowback of going after someone that powerful. He tells our hotheaded DA that he needs to learn how to wait for the right moment, which is advice sorely needed. I actually really love Young-ju’s intensity and single-minded doggedness — it’s a consistent part of his character — but it’s both his asset and his liability.

Young-ju says he’s sick of seeing the weak law wilt under those in power, a feeling that only intensifies when he hears that the Haewon Chemical employees lost their suit, even with Myung-sook’s evidence. Adding to their concerns is that if the City Hunter once again shows up and metes out his brand of vigilante justice, the prosecutors (and the law) will look even more ineffectual. Their already battered reputation would take yet another beating.

Young-ju vows that he won’t lose to the City Hunter this time. He’ll achieve their goal — winning that lawsuit, capturing Chun — and do it legally, dammit.

Jin-pyo attempts to get back to work, despite his injuries. Sang-gook holds him back, urging him to let Yoon-sung take care of Target No. 4, reminding him that he has to recover if he wants to fulfill his revenge. Jin-pyo sees his point and relents, though he keeps a close watch on Haewon Group, which is well on its way to ruin. They’ve already done a good job of paralyzing the corporation’s finances, and now Jin-pyo orders Sang-gook to contact all the players — bank employees, senators, businessmen.

As a result, Haewon falls into initial bankruptcy, with all its smaller subsidiaries on the brink of failure as well, just as Young-ju had predicted with the tower of stacked blocks. Chun plays the avoidance game and books a plane ticket to LA.

Eun-ah worries about her brother, who works for Haewon and is about to be married, since it would be quite the trial to find yourself newlywed and unemployed. Ki-joon speaks up, accidentally using the word meaning “wife’s brother” (hee — that’s counting chickens before you even have the eggs), and asserts that the Blue House is a stable, secure employer. Perhaps Eun-ah ought to look close by when seeking a marriage partner. Which, sadly for him, results in another crossed wire since she’s thinking of another co-worker.

Speak of the devil: Yoon-sung’s arrival at work that morning is greeted with lots of curious questions about his fighting skills and relationship with that prosecutor. To distract Eun-ah from examining his fighting technique too closely, Yoon-sung asks her about the green tea he (Shik-joong, really) had sent her, and she preens. Ki-joon jealously blurts out that it makes her face bloat, ha.

In the hallway, Yoon-sung is stopped by Nana’s boss, the supervisor on the bodyguard team, who tells him pointedly that they can’t let the Blue House be rocked by someone operating on ulterior motives.

Yoon-sung plays dumb, but the bodyguard has sharp eyes — unlike the bumbling IT crew — and has clued in to the oddities surrounding Yoon-sung. He leaves with a warning alluding to a hypothetical situation where a person might gain entree into the Blue House using a false identity.

Chun Jae-man tries to rustle up the necessary funds to stop the bankruptcy, which he must secure by the end of the workday. The amount isn’t very much in the big scheme of things — approximately $25 million USD — but given Haewon’s inflated value and its amount of debt, this is a daunting task. Made worse, of course, by the fact that Jin-pyo gets to all Chun’s contacts first.

By now, Haewon’s name is thoroughly mud, and Chun is stonewalled at every turn. Finally, he gets through to a dinner gathering where Jin-pyo entertains all their powerful business contacts.

Chun actually falls to his knees and begs for rescue, offering up the confidential book he’d stolen from Jin-pyo in exchange. But that has no effect; Jin-pyo plays ignorant and has Chun thrown out.

As a thank-you gesture, President Choi takes Yoon-sung fishing, explaining that his father taught him how as a child. He’d wanted to take his son fishing, but he’s currently serving in the military, and thanks Yoon-sung for making the trip with him. Aw, the dramatic irony in this scene — palpable and sad. Okay, also a little heavy-handed, but no less moving for all that.

The president takes a call from Chun Jae-man, who begs him to help stop the bankruptcy. The president tells him calmly that he can’t help. His reasoning is one more demonstration of his idealistic beliefs, as he says that numerous companies go bankrupt every day in this country, and it isn’t fair that one would collapse while another survives merely because of a connection to the president.

Chun actually uses the “Countless people will lose jobs!” line — a desperate grab if there ever was one, since we know that the only way he’d care about those people is if they came to him with money stapled to their foreheads. And even then, he’d probably just take the money and toss ’em back to the wolves.

President Choi knows this, and reminds Chun that that’s why he advised him to acknowledge the hazardous factory. He ends the call and sighs to himself, “Jae-man, why were you so greedy?”

Yoon-sung offers to buy beverages, and while he’s away, Nana’s bodyguard boss senses potential threat in the air. Tensing, he reaches slowly for his gun, then whirls around and levels it…at Yoon-sung.

Everyone looks at him in puzzlement, and he puts the gun away, feeling rattled. Nana tells him that he’s wound up tight today, and the boss mumbles to himself, “I couldn’t hear his footsteps.” Ah, he’s a smart cookie, that one. He’s not quite sure of Yoon-sung’s caped crusader routine, but he’s wary enough to realize that things don’t add up.

Haewon Group misses its deadline, and bankruptcy is declared. Yoon-sung decides that since Dad’s plan has been completed, it’s time for him to step in. Shik-joong worries for the numerous employees now out of jobs, and Yoon-sung agrees, “That can’t happen.”

Another downside to the bankruptcy is the plight of Haewon Chemical, the next subsidiary to be facing collapse. The workers’ bitter fight for legal recognition of their working conditions all becomes moot if the company dies.

Young-ju anticipates the flight risk and orders a flight ban put on Chun Jae-man. Since the easiest way to get an arrest is on tax evasion charges, he decides to go for that.

He then tracks down Yoon-sung — so good at finding him, less good at keeping him — and acknowledges Jin-pyo’s clever plan to undermine Chun. But what about the workers? He’s pretty sure that the City Hunter would share his concern for their futures. Yoon-sung comments, “How would I know? I’m not him.”

Young-ju pulls out Yoon-shik’s 100 won coin and gives it to Yoon-sung, asking him to pass it along to the City Hunter. He says that it’s from a young boy who’d asked the City Hunter for help, then vows that he’ll help those people using the law. What, are you going to tie up the villains in miles of red tape? ‘Cause, really, that’s the most I think the law can do for you at this point.

In his hour of need, Chun Jae-man is visited by a fund manager from New York — a dorked-up and metrosexualized Yoon-sung, presenting himself under a different name. I suppose he ought to be grateful that the ditzy secretary doesn’t recognize him after their almost-one-night-stand, although she does look at him curiously.

Yoon-sung (or “Ha Tae-sung”) says he’s thinking of acquiring Haewon Chemical, although he’s wary of its debts. He lays out enough facts of Haewon’s seedy underbelly — its illegal loans, misappropriation of funds, and other shady practices that make Chun fidget uneasily in his seat. So: If Chun wants to lessen his burden as he faces possible prison time, he’d best unload some of that debt. Sell Haewon Chemical.

The price? Yoon-sung pulls out Yoon-shik’s dime and places it on the table.

Booyah! I love that. In response to Chun’s sputtering outrage, he says, “Given your tremendous debts, shouldn’t you be thankful that we’re willing to assume them?” Yoon-sung shrugs, saying he can forget the deal if he wants, and gets up to go — and Chun hastily declares, “Let’s do it.”

Ahhh, sweet justice. Not just making Chun face the indignity of being brought thus low, but that it should be Yoon-shik’s 100 won coin to seal this deal.

And so, 51% of Haewon Chemical’s shares are transferred to its employees. In exchange, the employees are responsible for paying back the debt with a portion of its revenues. The company acknowledges its hazardous working conditions and agrees to foot the bill for all medical and insurance related claims.

Team Bad Daddy watches the news, knowing that Yoon-sung’s behind it. Bloodthirsty still, Jin-pyo declares that these guys deserve far more justice than the law can mete: “They must die.”

Yoon-sung and Young-ju both see that Chun is scheduled for a flight out of the country, and some pulling of strings has kept the flight ban from being issued. Young-ju orders his team to call the airport and ground the flight, while Yoon-sung arrives in person. He calls in a message to Young-ju to be at the front of his office by 4pm.

Yoon-sung follows Chun through the terminal and into an elevator, waiting till the glass box is between levels to knock them all out. By the time the elevator reaches the destination, all the men are unconscious, and Yoon-sung drives away with Chun.

Young-ju calls in the SWAT team to anticipate the City Hunter’s 4pm drop. Spotting the black-clad, masked man climbing the steps to the building, they rush him — only to find a stranger, who explains nervously that the City Hunter had sent a message saying that if he wanted to meet him, he was to arrive here at 4pm wearing a black mask. Hee! Clever boy.

The SWAT members spot another arrival and turn their guns that-away… only to find more black-masked looky-loos making the approach, eager to meet their hero. HA!

In fact, Shik-joong had posted a message onto the internet issuing the offer/challenge to meet the City Hunter in person. From the turnout, it looks like our crime-fighting hero has amassed quite the fanbase of young adolescents, with some elderly folks sprinkled therein. Aw. You’re never too old to love Lee Min-ho.

Mightily frustrated, Young-ju orders all the masked fans apprehended, but thankfully for the innocent netizens (who ever thought those words would go together?), a figure is spotted off in the distance. It’s a body, tied up and slumped on the ground.

Chun Jae-man lies unconscious, wearing yet more dog tags and the banner that reads sarcastically, “In Korea I trust.”

Yoon-sung is already zooming off in his car, but the determined prosecutor rides his tail. And why oh WHY is there a handgun in your passenger’s seat? Gulp.

After a brief back-and-forth race, where the two cars zoom in front of each other and cut the other car off, Young-ju pulls ahead and screeches to a stop. Yoon-sung is forced to halt to avoid collision, then quickly backs up to turn around — and Young-ju pulls out the gun and shoots his tire flat. Ooh. Bad. Ass.

Go, Yoon-sung, go! You can still drive a car with a flat! I’ve seen the high-speed chases on the evening news!

But no, Yoon-sung steps out of the car and coolly faces Young-ju, who levels his gun at him. With his cat-like reflexes, Yoon-sung grabs the gun out of Young-ju’s hand, and whirls it right back on the prosecutor.

Separated by a car’s length, Young-ju steps forward slowly, gradually, and Yoon-sung keeps the handgun fixed at him, not advancing or retreating.

Young-ju comes practically eye-to-barrel with the gun, and reaches up slowly — and whips off the mask.


More interesting than the reveal — since we’ve been flirting with that for weeks — is Yoon-sung’s stoic reaction to it. At this point, they both know, and they both know that the other knows that they know… The only thing they lack is a direct, caught-in-the-act confirmation. And it’s almost like Yoon-sung is challenging Young-ju to do it, because if he’d wanted he could’ve been off like a shot. Or knocked Young-ju unconscious. Or resisted in the least.

I’ve read some comments that questioned why Young-ju is so intent on apprehending the City Hunter when he should be working on catching the bad guys. Just for clarification: The City Hunter is, technically, also one of the bad guys — at least in the eyes of the law. We know what motivates him, and the public loves him for rooting out corrupt officials where nobody else can, but there’s a reason vigilantism is illegal. You may trust the guy to break laws when he’s helping out, but it’s an all-too-slippery slope once you start asking what exactly constitutes help, what’s a justifiable breach of laws, and what’s going too far.

Plus, there’s the whole “He’s making us look bad” argument for the prosecutors wanting City Hunter gone. But Young-ju’s not that petty, and I give him more credit than that, because he’s the kind of guy who wants to win the “right” way — using the law, as he vowed in this episode — rather than just getting to the goal through any means necessary. It’s what separates him from Yoon-sung, and what makes him admirable yet also aggravating, and is why he’s not our hero. Yoon-sung is not above the law, but the City Hunter operates as though he is. Of course the lawman’s gonna be peeved to have his precious law treated like an etiquette guideline.

You know, I think the drama has faltered a bit in the last couple episodes, in that it spent too much time on Target No. 4 and drew out that conflict a bit too long. (Hey, I can be in love with a drama and find it magical and acknowledge that it has flaws. Really.)

I’ve still loved every episode and found gripping moments in each one, but the Chun Jae-man stuff, in my opinion, seemed like a collection of technicalities obscuring the stuff we love about this show — the badass conflicts, the punch-me-in-the-gut reversals and thrills. For a guy whose perfidy operates on a mostly cerebral level — no heart-twisting or gut-wrenching involved — Chun got a lot of screentime compared to opponents with more emotional weight — Kim Jong-shik and President Choi, namely.

That said, the last part of this episode brought back some of that early excitement, with the delivery (and wrap-up, thankfully) of the target and the Young-ju-versus-Yoon-sung standoff. When that gun came out, I was surprised (and worried — had Young-ju finally let his frustration drive him over the brink?), but excited at where the scene went. Not so much about the unmasking itself, as I said, but in the way these two guys reacted to it. Where do they go from here?

So I’m glad we’re finally at the last target now, and hope the finale episodes amp up the tension from here on out. I think the last two episodes sort of labored over the plot and forgot the Joss Whedon mantra for storytelling: Moments, not moves. It’s why Joss Whedon rocks — because while his plots are tight, the core of the story is always rooted in an emotional moment, rather than a lot of fancy moves on a chessboard. I want — I hope — the finale to bring those moments back. I think it will. *crosses fingers*


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        • Maymay

          I really hope YJ can put aside their differences and work together with YS.

      • 16.1.3 Maymay

        “so I’m wearing a mask and I was able to disarm you very easily, you still don’t have any evidence that I’m the City Hunter…”

        So true…YJ does not have any physical evidence to prove anything.

  17. 17 bananamilk

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    You and me both JB. One of my biggest fear is drowning.

    • 18.1 suitfetish

      I always used to creep myself out looking into some of the deeper aquarium tanks…

    • 18.2 malta

      My fear of deep, dark bottomless ocean with no surrounding land is why I will NEVER go on a cruise. Titanic was a horror movie for me. (And there was enough space for Jack too on that stupid piece of wood!)

      I had to take swimming courses in college…yes, it was mandatory, and when we moved to the deep pool I was the only one who refused to jump off the diving boards. I wasn’t embarrassed about it either cause I was convinced if I jumped into that water I would die a painful drowning death…


      Don't get me started on giant fish. Soooo creepy!

      • 18.2.1 Maymay

        “Titanic was a horror movie for me.”

        Poor malta. I understand how you feel. The image of all those dead bodies floating around in the water is horrifying.

        I hate the idea of swimming in dark water where I couldn’t see anything around me.

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    Anyway, glad the action is back. Hope the last two episodes do the first two-halves of this show justice. Can’t wait!

    And thanks for the ridiculously quick recap!

    • 19.1 agnosi

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      But enough about Buffy. Thanks for the recap JB; I always appreciate how you’re not afraid to criticize a show, even if you are in love with it. Heh.

    • 19.2 Maymay

      Wow! You actually hate Buffy.

      No, it’s not a crime to hate a show. It’s your prerogative.

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    McCreepy should have tie his feet too.

    • 21.1 corn tea

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      • 21.1.1 Maymay


        Haha! Is there such a thing?

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      • 21.2.1 corn tea

        You know I was wondering the same too. He had some type of leg injury which he had steel rods removed last year from the car accident few years back. Is his leg not bothering him filming action sequence for CH?

        p.s. I think it’s his left leg, not certain tho.

      • 21.2.2 Maymay

        I’m not sure, but I think he already had surgery done to remove the iron rod in his leg.

        Still, every time he does one of his lethal kicks in the show, I cringe in pain for him.

    • 21.3 Karissa

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      • 21.3.1 Maymay

        I really hope he uses a stunt double because it is dangerous doing all these stunts by yourself. I really don’t want him to get into another accident.

  22. 22 suitfetish

    I gotta say, Target #4 seems to be a lynch-pin in the daddy-drama so having him be focal makes sense. Even if he got a little boring.

    Yeah, his dry politician bad-guy isn’t as gripping as the others, though. Esp. since he’s basically doing more of the same.

    • 22.1 Maymay

      Because he has no personal connection to any of the main characters that’s why he seems boring. Besides, he is just a straight up bad guy with no redeeming quality.

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      Lee Mon Ho is beautiful but come on, he looks nothing like Clark Kent beside the black glasses.

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      I think I heard rumor about a Chinese remake of Superman. Not 100% sure though.

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    Don’t we all?

    Yes, I’m glad YS finally found his will to live again. For a while there I thought he was starting to give in to his doomed fate.

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      I am so saving that photo to my hard drive then make a gazillion backups of it.

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      you really crack me up!!! LOL!!! 😉

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      YJ as a scorn lover…priceless.

      Well, if he wants to chase after YS, he has to wait in line just like the rest of us.

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    • 29.1 Maymay

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    • 30.1 malta

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      I mean who else is that tall? And walks like that?

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      because he wants to get rid of YS/CH and be CH himself. or maybe just like what anna said 🙂

      • 31.2.1 Maymay


        Haha! I can just imagine YJ itching to be the next City Hunter.

  32. 32 Jomo

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    I will translate, “Holy Shit! LMH looked so HOT, I used 11 syllables to describe him so I could look at him longer.”
    (I hit the pause button. I did.)

    Let me say this about the fight scene at the top of the episode.
    I actually had tears of what? sympathy? for JP being treated pretty much the way he has treated everyone else so far! Why? He DOES deserve to have the shick hit out of him, right? I am not understanding my reaction here.
    I think the music + the awesomeness that is Kim Sang Joong + we see a guy who has faught all his life for ONE thing failing… hit me all once.

    But then, when all hope was lost ——— !
    How bad ass was Team Bad Daddy+ Fake son? Bad Dad pulled some of the slickest moves I have seen in a while. I actually rewound a bunch of times to figure out how he did what he did. And, Fake Son rushing in to rescue him…Filial duty when it is so undeserved!

    Who else wondered if the scriptwriters recently watched Batman 1966 to come up with the aquarium scene? I mean, really? Weights on the damsel + remote control? You couldn’t just hold a gun to her head? Sooo cute!

    The last scene sooooo sexy. They took a long time to get there, the pair’s eyes locked on each other, moving closer and closer, with one goal in mind…Man to man…Hottie to Hottie…finally, YJ strips YS bare…Whew!
    I need CPR now thinking about all the things that could happen next.

    Thanks for the recap. Don’t want this to end.

    Glad we have Myung-wol when CH ends…

    • 32.1 Dream

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      • 32.1.1 Dream

        And he deliberately lets YJ takes off his mask…. now what next?

        • newbie

          He knocks him off and puts him in a coma! That way he wouldn’t be disturbed while on the next plan!

          • wuderkind

            dude i second that, YJ is nothing but trouble.

          • Maymay


            Haha! That’s a great idea.

        • Jomo

          Shirt, then pants?
          stares intently into the vision taking place in my mind…
          That’s not what you meant?

          • Maymay


            Hahaha!!! You are so bad!!! Hehehe!!!

            Now my head is filled with…..

      • 32.1.2 Maymay

        I love how slick YS is when he’s doing anything, whether stealing guns from the bad guy or kicking their ass.

        He did the same cool move in episode 7 when he stole the gun from the bodyguard.

    • 32.2 Celexa

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      I use Myung-wol as my sedative after watching CH… 😉

    • 32.3 Maymay

      Even though JP is such a villain I don’t want any one besides YS to take him down.

      Watching Daddy JP and YS taking on the bad guys was awesome. I wish they could team up more often but with only two episode left, I sincerely doubt it.

      “The last scene sooooo sexy. They took a long time to get there, the pair’s eyes locked on each other, moving closer and closer, with one goal in mind…Man to man…Hottie to Hottie…finally, YJ strips YS bare…Whew!”

      OMG! That just make me conjure up the wrong image. Hehehe!

  33. 33 Dominique

    Episode 18 promises, and begins to deliver, an unhurried but hair-curling dramatic journey towards the grand finale. How delicious it is going to be!

    If I have to pick two grand subplots that propel this series to the greatness, they are Jin Pyo vs. Son and City Hunter vs. Mr. Prosecutor. Episode 18 attends to both in the best tradition of epic dramas. Notice that they involve men only, and in this regard, City Hunter the drama captivates young male viewers unlike any other Korean dramas.

    I suspect that the promise made in Episode 1 by who is now the President will play a role in sorting out the three-father isssue. But I also predict that Jin Pyo’s love for Yoon Sung will play out in some heart-breaking fashion.

    The bromance between Mr. Prosecutor and City Hunter is blosssoming in full finally, and will also play an important element in the finale. Really, the two are attracted to each other like air and fire. I admire how the drama is carving out the prosecutor’s persona organically, meticulously and painstakingly. The actor playing the prosecutor is perfectly cast and does present a different type of hero, one who is not swashbuckling but equally great in his own way.

    The plot involving City Hunter and Nana is the weakest link, though common sense dictates that it should have been the central plot. When City Hunter imagined letting Nana go from the railing and when City Hunter imagined dueling with Nana that killed both, the drama featured its most compelling imageries, in which the two lovers seemed destined to become as great as Romeo and Juliet. Instead, Nana is now all but discarded on the roadside and the only thing left for her to do seems to be the true shield of bullet for City Hunter during the finale and die. It would also clear the deck for a different actress to showcase the heroine opposite City Hunter, if and when City Hunter Season 2 comes back.

    A thought. How would it be if Season 2 showcases a different love interest for City Hunter in each episode, somewhat like the Bond girls? That would solve one of the perennial problems of Korean dramas, namely, deficiency in leading actresses who can match leading actors in the acting skill as well as look department.

    • 33.1 wuderkind

      I think those would have to be City Hunter movies LOL and Bond became a womanizer mainly b/c Vesper betrayed him/died. Though Nana is pretty much a gonner she is no Vesper when it comes to scheming and betrayals, if anything she’ll die saving YS. So I highly doubt YS will forsake her memory and become a Korean Bond, but I totally see the whole Batman/Catwoman or in this case City Hunter/City Huntress thing happening in a second season with an even more kick-ass female lead XD

      • 33.1.1 Maymay

        Ooooh! City Hunter vs City Huntress…I like this idea a lot better.

    • 33.2 malta

      I like your thoughts and analysis. It talks about something that peeves the hell out of me. The use of women as discardable accessories in these type of hero stories. This is why the Bond series annoys me to no end as does the current Batman series. A revolving door of forgettable/replaceable women. Random aside (so what if Vesper spurned James Bond?! Cry me a river spy boy. How many women have been burned by men and yet still find the balls to learn to trust and love again? Lame plot excuse to have a parade of women IMO) Back on topic…

      I wish Nana and Kyung Hee (and Sae hee) were treated as more integral parts of the story with their own strong characterizations. Just like the prosecutor isn’t defined by the City Hunter, but instead the prosecutor’s characterization is heightened and revealed by his fight with the City Hunter.

      I have no idea why the writers made Nana how she is. I think it’s sad that people either 1. want to kill her off to give YS more angst and tragedy in being the City Hunter 2. want to kill her off because they think she’s annoying (! wtf) or 3. want her there with Yoon sung solely to have a romantic relationship. I find this tragic that those are the majority of people reactions to Nana, our only female lead! (followed closely by KH with recent episodes)…Is no one moved by Nana’s story aside from her relationship with Yoon sung?!

      Nana had the potential to be such a more compelling character than she has been. (So did Sae hee, whom I love, but they’ve essentially made her a non-character there to patch wounds…and in this episode they didn’t even bring Jin pyo to Sae hee, but instead the hospital?!) Having been directly affected by the greed of one of the 5, Nana is the only main character who represents the victim/consequences of the greed of these men, BUT is not actively engaged in a revenge plot.

      This could have been developed as an illuminating counterpoint or alternative to the path both Jin pyo and Yoon sung have chosen, revenge… Can there be true justice in revenge or are they 2 separate things? The show never really asked this and the plot continues as though the answer to this question is yes. Especially if the president ends up confessing what the 5 did. So revenge can bring about justice? Anyway my point is that Nana could be more than her romantic connection or an introduction of tragedy/angst.

      I hate that the show and some fans treat Nana like some “piece” to be used in Yoon Sung’s world (which is really Jin pyo’s world, but that’s not what this comment is about) instead of valuing her as a character in her own right. I’m getting preachy, but really, women are more than only partners, romantic or otherwise, to men. (the whole created-from-the-rib-of-a-man…specifically-for-men syndrome) Women are their own distinct person and with their own characterizations. I think the women in these shows wouldn’t come off as the “weakest link” if the writers kept this in mind,…or even believed this.

      I think it’s also interesting that you mention how young males like and watch the show specifically because it’s main conflicts are male-centric. For some reason I find this disturbing….I’ve certainly enjoyed City Hunter, but I’m always perplexed and worried about how our most popular and resonating Hero stories are so male-centric. I wish Nana, Kyung hee, and Sae hee were better addressed in City Hunter because they could be as fascinating as the prosecutor or Jin pyo and their relationships with Yoon sung.

      Where would the drama find time for this?… Get rid of the president-is-daddy storyline? 😉 muahahaha. Plenty of time there, no need for a go fishing with daddy scene. just sayin’

      There is a goldmine of untapped storytelling with these women characters. This is why I think City Hunter should have been more than 20 episodes. This could easily have been 30 episodes because there is a lot of plot to work with.

      • 33.2.1 Lidia

        You have a compelling argument about Nana and Sae-Hee’s roles in CH. They both had so much more potential than to be only used, as you said, as “accessories.”

        I wish Sae-hee had more than a role of convenience. She basically only functioned to add a backstory to Young-Ju and to stitch up Yoonsung and Nana. That scene a few episodes back where Sae-Hee brings Young-Ju dinner was nice, but it was almost like the writers were like “Crap! Sae-Hee hasn’t been in any episodes lately. Gotta throw her in there somehow…”

        And for Nana–it would have been wonderful if Nana had a role that extended beyond romantic interest and bringer-of-angst. I think one of my favorite episodes in CH was the one where Nana actively participated in bringing down Kim Jong Shik. She was more than just an accessory. She was Yoon-Sung’s partner. And it was awesome.

        • Maymay

          Yes, episode 12 was the best. That was when CH actually have a team and they all work together. YS actually treat Nana and Ajusshi as partners.

      • 33.2.2 Xtooline

        Cry me a river spy boy indeed!!! ROFL and agreeing.

      • 33.2.3 ladida

        Yes, yes, yes, yes. I love everything you’ve said, especially about Nana. I came to this show because of Park Min Young, NOT because of Lee Min Ho, and it annoys me to no end when I see people dismissing the Nana character and legitimating the fact that the writers are using her as a plot device instead of making her storyline every bit as compelling and engaging as the prosecutor’s and Yoon Sung’s.

        WHY? Why is it so impossible to create a female character who is coherent, consistent, strong, and as invested with personhood as any male character? Why are male characters considered the default, the characters that anyone can relate to, regardless of gender, and anything that has a female lead as the central role is immediately cast as “something for women”? Why is it ok to think that boys can identify with male leads but cannot identify with female ones? Why are women expected to identify with male ones as easily as men do? What happened to Nana’s father? What happened to the storyline the writers teased us with of her and Jin Pyo going head-to-head? Why wasn’t she able to at least put up some resistance to the creeper stalker guy? I already know some people are going to respond with “This is Yoong Sung’s story, not Nana’s.” My answer to that is the writers have found enough time to devote whole, gripping story lines for multiple male characters on this show and have consistently failed to deliver anything of the sort for any of the female characters. I mean, there are fathers ALL OVER the place, and only one mother, and her characterization is as weak as this president’s backbone!

        You know what sucks? This show could be so much better, so much more than it has decided to be. I would actually like it more if it had been mediocre from the start, ’cause then at least I would have known what to expect and I wouldn’t feel so betrayed. What sucks even more is that the majority of people are ok with all of this, even lauding all of this, and asking the writers to continue being lazy and unimaginative and continue using sexist, boring tropes that use women as strategic tools in men’s narratives. (The Dark Knight, Inception, Bourne series, 007 series, the list is never ending, and I’m sick of it!)

        But I’m still going to watch 19 and 20, if only to see those two get together, AT LAST.

        • Cexin

          Actually, Nana’s lines about not wanting Yoon-sung to be alone anymore, made me hope that she would not just die in the line of duty while protecting the President. Learning about the fact that the President is his father before he does himself, she could die in order to give Yoon-sung a chance to get to know his real father better. That way she would at least play an important role in preventing Jin Pyo from achieving his plans…

          • Maymay

            OMG! I hope not. Her character is already sad enough. If she dies too, who’s going to take care of her father.

      • 33.2.4 Maymay


        Wow! Very compelling argument!!!

        Yes, this is one of the disagreement I have with most action films. Not only in Asian entertainment industry but sometimes in Hollywood films too, the women are mostly portray as an ‘accessory’ to the male hero. They are either the love interest or the femme fatale.

        Well, I guess it is still a very male-dominated world.

    • 33.3 Maymay

      That’s an interesting point of view. I don’t know how I feel yet about the parade of Bond girls for City Hunter.

    • 33.4 CKDexter

      I second this whole-heartedly.

      I always grind my teeth when dramas play the breaking-your-heart-for-your-own-good card. Not only is a cliche, but all action grinds to a halt. With that move, the writers stole any agency from Nana’s character.

      Kudos for the most interesting comment on this post 🙂

  34. 34 f1yh1gh10

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    club? because once this is over…i’ll be so depressed! i guess i have heartstrings, but that’s really nothing compared to city hunter.

    at least there’s still myungwol the spy! ERIC save me! 😀

    minho oppa, i want you alive..minyoung unni, survive! you both just need to be happy at the end…ALIVE!

    • 34.1 Dream

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      • 34.1.1 Venus

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    • 34.2 Maymay

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    Funnily, I was yelling the same thing when I saw that scene. However, I think our CH wants to be caught this time.

  36. 36 crazedlu

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    anyways, this episode was more of what i signed up for when city hunter first started. liked it.

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    also, can someone tell me exactly in which episode it was revealed that lee yoon sung is the president’s son? i’ve been watching this entire series and must have missed that because i only realized that while reading this recap last night…

    • 38.1 jackie

      it was confirmed in episode 17 that YS was indeed the president’s son, when his mother saw Chun Jae-man in the hospital she remembered meeting him. at that time he wanted her to get rid of the baby coz it will ruin the president’s future.

    • 38.2 Maymay

      There was a bunch of clues stringing along the way, but it was not confirm until episode 17. However, there can still be another twist to this plot so who knows for sure.

  39. 39 Noelle

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    Okay so now….Bromance? Please guys? 2 eps left and i need some bromance! or my two fave guys teaming up in a major project. W00T 🙂

    I am already suffering from withdrawl. *cries* Next week can’t come soon anough, and I still have many assignments to do!! D: arghhh

    thanks so much javabeans 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 41.1 Maymay

      I think we will definitely have bromance in the last two episodes. Can’t wait!!!

  42. 42 newbie

    “The pen is mightier than the sword”
    “I like my heroes badass, hot, and most of all alive”
    LOL! JB, your recaps are just awesome!

    This episode is simply great! Edging towards the finale, I never thought it could accomodate all these funny bits. I expected some hard core action ONLY. But CH, once again, you have swept me off my feet!

    And I luurve those disguises of his! I just can’t pick out the one he looks best in! Oh LMH, I can’t get words to describe you!

    I can’t wait till next week!

    And I found an earlier comment quoting LMH:”No one will be able to predict the end”. I just hope, in the end they are gonna say-“Hey we are going for an extension!”

    • 42.1 luraaa

      I hope for a season 2. They’re already doing live shooting, and because I love my Lee Min-ho, and everyone has been working so hard to deliver us this magnificent but flawed series, I don’t want SBS to become greedy for an extension.

      I would like an open ending for team City Hunter though (I meant after the final revenge) so that there will be talks of a second season in a few months.

      • 42.1.1 mskololia

        Agreed. No to an extension.
        Yes to CH2.

    • 42.2 Maymay

      “The pen is mightier than the sword”

      Haha! This quote bring to mind another quote from It Happened One Night.

      “Well, I proved once and for all that the limb is mightier than the thumb.”

  43. 43 :)

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    After the last scene on this episode….this week will be a torture till Wed. I decided to hold on to my sanity till then and make a mental list of things to do to keep me occupied.

    I am so happy that finally Nana and YS already understood each other. It pained me to see each avoiding each other…..and have that “goodbye” song played in the background…ALL the time…then the reminiscing part…lol

    My hunch is that Jin Pyo will save YS at the end….or sacrifice himself on his behalf and probably he will be acknowledge along with his ’83 comrades. I am sad thinking about this scenario but I was YS to have peace and live a normal life with Nana, his mom and ajusshi at the end and with Daddy badass around, that will be impossible………unless of course, Jin Pyo will marry Kyung He at the end….:)))

    I guess I have to wait till next week…..arggghh…I have to be patient will be my mantra though.

    • 44.1 Maymay

      Many are guessing that JP will die at the end, I guess that is the only way for him to find peace with himself.

  45. 45 Joanne

    So good. Every episode of City Hunter always delivers. I’m going to be sad yet brimming with anticipation for next week’s finale!!

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    YJ reaching out to take of YS’s mask – sort of sexy!

    • 46.1 Maymay

      YJ stripping YS of his mask…sooo hottt!

      Pointing the gun at each other was kind of sexy too. Just don’t shoot for real…

  47. 47 Eri

    And the last target is CH’s real biological father.

  48. 48 angryparsnip

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    Thanks for the rapid recap, JB!
    You are such a total Buffy-lover! (Aren’t we all?!) Whedon really does rock in his genre. He knows just which buttons to push.

    I really am looking for an epic finale from this show – they’ve pretty much set the bar here all drama long – now let’s see if they can clear it with a final leap.

    I’m in agreement with most commenters here regarding feeling bad for Daddy JP during his 8 to 1 bash-fest, but then I’ve always been a sucker for that style of accompanying “heroic” background music. That militaristic, almost operatic-in-scope gets me every time in scenes like this. I had the same reaction in ep. 1 watching JP underwater, saluting to his murdered BFF. It’s just killer (no pun) stuff.

    In the last recap, GF mentioned that some people were critical of the OST for CH. Frankly, this has to be one of BEST OST’s I can recall. There wasn’t one instance where I found myself distracted by the music (Hello, Miss Ripley!) or, alternately, irritated by it. A master hand was involved with the music for CH – big kudos to whoever it is!
    🙂 🙂

    • 49.1 Maymay

      Yes, I love all the musics in this show. Just wish I could find English translation for all the songs.

  50. 50 katch

    I thought I was seeing Noh Min-Woo briefly there.

    • 50.1 Maymay

      Haha! I guess there is some resemblance. Actually McCreepy does not look that bad or evil in real life.

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