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City Hunter: Episode 19
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Not like you didn’t own me before, Show, but this finale-lead-in? Kicks so much ass. I honestly didn’t think City Hunter was going to go out as strong as it came in, but I’m happy to be wrong. So giddy. I knew my love was not for naught.


Young-ju manages to stop the City Hunter and then pulls a gun on him. Yeah that lasts about two seconds, as Yoon-sung swipes the gun and turns it right around on him. But the prosecutor doesn’t even flinch as he inches forward, head to barrel. Damn, it looks like Young-ju’s the one with the balls of steel.

He uses this one chance to unmask the City Hunter…

…and he finally gets his confirmation, as Yoon-sung stands there looking back at him, gun still trained at Young-ju’s head. Yoon-sung: “Are you satisfied now?”

Sirens wail as the SWAT team descends on them quickly. Young-ju has seconds to decide the City Hunter’s fate… Young-ju: “Go.”


I cannot believe how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. Bromance for the win! They both act the part and Yoon-sung manages to get away, swiftly shedding his jacket and mask to walk by the SWAT team unnoticed.

Target No. 4 Chun Jae-man sits literally with his hands tied, waiting for questioning at the prosecutor’s office, but someone he recognizes comes in to rescue him. Oooooh, I wonder who it is? It’s not McCreepy because he’s presumably still tied up in Yoon-sung’s basement.

Young-ju comes back to find Chun already gone, and figures that he must’ve gotten help, and from someone on the inside as well. Ruh-roh. Dirty prosecutor maybe? Poor Young-ju. Guy can’t catch a break.

Meanwhile Ajusshi keeps his hostage McCreepy company, reading to him from a self-help book entitled I Am Precious to Me. HA. He’s trying to rehabilitate the guy? That cracks me up. He keeps waving a cane at him too, probably because it makes him feel more in control (mimicking Dad maybe?) but I have a feeling that stick is going to end up in Creepy’s hands.

Yoon-sung comes home and tells him that Young-ju made him, and Ajusshi freaks out. He rattles off a list of things to do – get a plane ticket, send Yoon-sung abroad, then gather Nana and Mom and meet him…

Yoon-sung tells him that it’s okay, but there’s no calming Ajusshi down when it might mean he’ll be separated from Yoon-sung. But he assures him that Young-ju won’t be coming for him. Ajusshi doesn’t understand—he’s been running all over town on a witch hunt because of what he did to his father.

Yoon-sung: “He let me go.” Ajusshi: “Wha~ He let you go? He saw your face and he let you go? Really? Really really?” He smiles. Is that an I-love-Young-ju smile? Is it a my-BFF-Young-ju-and-I-will-fight-crime-together-forever-and-ever smile?

News breaks of Chun’s delivery via City Hunter and his subsequent escape. Nana worries all day as she watches the news and then looks longingly at her photo with Yoon-sung in a new frame.

He sits at home and does the same, his still in the broken frame. They each pick up their phones to call the other… and then put them back down. Nana: “He’ll come back. Soon.” Yoon-sung: “I’ll stay alive and return to you.”

Young-ju gets his ass chewed out by his boss for losing Chun Jae-man, and then totally lies that he didn’t get a good look at the City Hunter’s face because he was busy getting his gun stolen. Wow, you’re even sacrificing your pride? I love this.

Yoon-sung comes to find him.

Yoon-sung: Why did you let me go?
Young-ju: Why do you think I did? As Kim Jong-shik’s son Kim Young-ju, I should have thrown you in jail immediately. But when I thought about it, the things that the law couldn’t get done, the City Hunter could. I didn’t have the right to catch you. Because you won the law.
Yoon-sung: Just like Kim Young-ju. Naïve and humorless. Kim Young-ju, the next time this happens, don’t be messy, and do what you need to do as a prosecutor.
Young-ju: And you? Why are you keeping me alive?
Yoon-sung: The same reason as you.

Yes! Because he can do what you can’t, and vice versa, inside and outside of the law! I love that Young-ju remains humorless and that Yoon-sung keeps his distance (No matter how much I’d love to see them be all, Wonder Twins, Activate! that would be out of character for both).

What intrigues me is that Young-ju still resents Yoon-sung for his father’s near-death, but his debilitating objective nature wins out. Logic wins over his heart, which makes for SUCH an interesting character, and the perfect foil for Yoon-sung.

Yoon-sung complains that it looks like he’s going to have to pull an all-nighter because someone lost Chun Jae-man. Young-ju asks about 1983 and the top-secret record book, and Yoon-sung just tells him to figure it out for himself. Or yunno, you could pull an all-nighter together. Mm?

Chun Jae-man calls looking for the City Hunter, presumably on McCreepy’s phone. He offers a trade: the super-secret book if the City Hunter stops dogging him. Yoon-sung turns him down cold.

This whole exchange goes down with McCreepy by his side in the basement, and he offers up what he knows – that there’s no way Chun destroyed the book, because he was intent on finding a good hiding place for it, and that he can guess where he’s going next.

He asks Yoon-sung to finish off Chun properly if he gives him the information. Yoon-sung promises, though I’m thinking these two have a very different idea of “finish off.” Creepy tells him that after every recent visit with President Choi, Chun was obsessed with finding a woman, who he claimed was his hidden card…

Her name is Lee. Kyung. Hee.

Yoon-sung’s eyes widen, as he repeats the name in shock. Eeep! So excited at his first big hint that Mom is a bigger part of this whole conspiracy.

He calls Sang-gook, who tells him that he thinks Jin-pyo didn’t show him the secret book on purpose. He recounts Dad’s words that he’d rather have it destroyed than land in Yoon-sung’s hands.

Young-ju’s team starts burrowing through all of Chun Jae-man’s files, confiscated from his office. He comes across something old called “Sunflower,” and finds a painting marked with a signature – a different name for the same flower.

And then in that file, he finds a hospital record for Lee Kyung-hee, from her OB-GYN. Oh, this is getting so good! Is it wrong if I want Young-ju to find out first?

Then we see someone painting the exact same painting in the present… it’s President Choi. He marks it with the same seal, which Nana sees as she stands guard. He completes it and decides he should put it up on his blog. No! Don’t do that! Wait… do I want him to do that? Argh, I don’t know!

Chun Jae-man calls the president to ask for his help getting out of the country. President Choi refuses and tells him to surrender, but of course Chun plays his final hand – he threatens to tell the world about his extramarital affair with Lee Kyung-hee, and their child.

His reaction makes me wonder if he actually doesn’t know that his child survived. Was he maybe told that she had an abortion even though she refused to? Did he assume that the child she was speaking of was Mu-yeol’s son, after the fact?

He calls Nana back into his office and asks about the woman who gave her the handkerchief. He says that he thinks she might be someone he owes a great debt to, and asks where he can find her.

She hesitates, knowing that she’s not supposed to tell anyone about Mom’s whereabouts. So President Choi takes out his own handkerchief, identical to hers. “Will you still not tell me?”

Yoon-sung goes to see Mom in the hospital and starts to ask about her involvement, but ends up letting it go. She happily notes that he’s carrying the handkerchief she gave him, and she tells him that it’s a gift she gives to people she likes.

He asks very innocently if she also gave one to Dad, and she awkwardly says “Yes…” And then she stops him to ask, “Maybe, just maybe, if your father were still alive, that would be a good thing for you, wouldn’t it?”

Yeah, that’s a big fat maybe, is what.

He just dismisses it as wistful talk and outside, he wonders why Chun Jae-man was looking for her. Why can’t you just ask her? Aaaargh.

He decides to track down another source, the woman that Ajusshi found when he looked for Mom the first time. They worked together way back when, and Yoon-sung pays her to find out what she knows.

She tells him that Kyung-hee had a hard life, struggling to pay for her father’s hospital bills, and then she got pregnant with one man’s child and then another man married her, knowing all that.

He stumbles out in a daze, knowing now for certain that his father isn’t his father. Man, that’s twice already: one, Jin-pyo, not the daddy, two, Mu-yeol, not the daddy. Just then, Nana calls to tell him about the sunflower handkerchief – the president has one just like theirs, and he’s looking for Mom. She didn’t tell him where to find her, and Yoon-sung tells her to keep it that way.

He thinks back to the beans (his habit of picking beans out of rice, which President Choi and Da-hae both do), the very thing that clinched it for us as viewers, only he’s now catching up to all the arrows pointing toward the president.

Thankfully, he goes right away to ask Mom directly. Oh Drama, I love you so.

He tells her that he’s not upset at her, but he’s found out the truth about his real father. She confirms it, and also the key fact that President Choi doesn’t even know that she was ever pregnant with his child.

She tells him that he already had a family when she became pregnant, and when Chun Jae-man found out, he threatened her to protect Choi Eun-chan’s future.

She asks if he’s disappointed to find out what kind of woman she was, and he just hugs her tenderly, “I’m not disappointed. I’m not resentful. I’m just grateful that you’re alive.” She cries in his arms.

And then trembling, he asks if the father who raised him knew all this. Mom: “Jin-pyo-sshi? Yes. He knew.” Ack!

Oh no. THIS. This right here is the betrayal that stings the most. The look in his eyes! The fact that the president is his father doesn’t matter half as much as the father he loves, the one who raised him, keeping him in the dark all this time. Heart. Breaaaaaaaaak.

What kills me is that this is the moment when he realizes that Dad really only considers him a weapon for revenge, and doesn’t love him as a son. I’d venture to say that somewhere in the deep dark recesses of his used-to-be-a-heart, Jin-pyo does love him, but now Yoon-sung will never believe it.

He comes to see Dad to tell him that he knows everything. Dad says nothing, but he flinches when Yoon-sung says Choi Eun-chan’s name. He slams the bullet necklace down on the table. “I will find out everything. And you’ll pay the price for twisting my life.”

Waaaah, are you breaking up with Daddy? He turns to walk out, and Jin-pyo clutches the only thing he has left — Mu-yeol’s bullet.

Yoon-sung sits in the Blue House parking lot, lost in thought, and Ki-joon pulls up next to him after showing off his new car to Nana and Eun-ah. It’s so adorably transparent why he bought the same car as Yoon-sung. Hee.

They try to say hello, but he just stalks off without a word.

Meanwhile Young-ju goes to see Sae-hee and asks about Yoon-sung as the City Hunter, saying outright that he knows she patched up his bullet wound. She refuses to tell him anything, and asks why he’s pursuing the City Hunter so hard, if it’s because of his father.

Young-ju: It hurts my pride as a prosecutor. I keep having to acknowledge it. I keep thinking that his methods are right. It makes me angry and it wounds my pride, but there’s nothing I can do. The law has lost. To that guy.

Sae-hee: You should’ve shown me this side of you sooner. I left because you were so perfect, but today I feel like I want to be by your side. He’s a lot like you, Lee Yoon-sung. He seemed really lonely too. How he must’ve grown up… his back was covered in scars, and as he dug a bullet out of his own back… I felt really bad for him. You know I can’t stand to see a dog that’s lost its way. You’re like that too, aren’t you?

She changes the subject to the sunflowers she bought, and suddenly they trigger Young-ju’s memory. He rushes to his office to look at the president’s blog, and finds a series of the same paintings as the one in Chun’s file.

He calls to meet Yoon-sung for coffee, and asks for curiosity’s sake if he would have become the City Hunter, fighting for truth and justice and all that, if it weren’t for his revenge. I like that this matters to Young-ju.

Yoon-sung tells him that it’s something he risks his life for, and asks if Young-ju wouldn’t do the same, for poor defenseless people in pain. Young-ju smiles, satisfied at the Lee-Yoon-sung-esque answer.

He goes straight to Jin-pyo afterwards, to confront him straight-on about his own twisted revenge. Okay, seriously, Young-ju is rocking the big guns in this episode. He unflinchingly tells Jin-pyo that Yoon-sung doesn’t regret becoming the City Hunter because he couldn’t just stand aside and watch people in pain. HUCK! What if he slits your throat on the spot for knowing Yoon-sung’s identity?

He says that he liked that answer from Yoon-sung, who differs so greatly from someone else’s revenge plot that reeks of bloodlust. He says that Yoon-sung’s revenge may be forgiven, but Jin-pyo’s cannot.

And then he lays down the gauntlet: “You must have known. That Lee Yoon-sung is not Park Mu-yeol’s biological son.” Oh crap. He adds that he doesn’t care how Jin-pyo managed to survive in ’83, but what he really wants to know is why he stole Yoon-sung and raised him as another man’s son.

Jin-pyo: “If you want to know so badly, ask your father.” Oof. Poor Young-ju. The daddy drama never ends for you either, huh? Jin-pyo tells him that it’s all in the top-secret report, so he can find it himself to know the truth.

Jin-pyo tells him that it’s his job as a prosecutor to put a man on trial for murder. But what about a government that murders twenty of its own and then erases their existence to cover up its crime?

Jin-pyo: You think my revenge is for blood alone? The country I trusted to protect me – how it exploited, deceived, and slaughtered the lives of twenty people… What unspeakable acts they did in the name of country… what your father did!

Young-ju tells him that he will uncover the truth, and that Jin-pyo will have to face judgment. Jin-pyo doesn’t balk at facing his due punishment, but adds that he’ll have to put the nation on trial as well.

Young-ju is nothing if not exact about the letter of the law. He swears to put the country on trial, and even his father, to receive judgment for their actions. He tells Jin-pyo that the next time they meet it’ll be as prosecutor to criminal, on the stand.

So goddamn heroic, it kills me.

Yoon-sung, meanwhile, listens obsessively to his recording of Chun Jae-man’s phone call, trying to suss out where he is from the background noises. Ajusshi comes in, nagging incessantly about how he’s not eating, and what are they going to do about McCreepy downstairs who has to be fed, taken to the bathroom, and read-to…

Yoon-sung snaps and yells angrily at Ajusshi that he’s trying to find Chun Jae-man, scaring the living daylights out of him. Aw. *whimper* Don’t be mean to Ajusshi! He just loves you!

He realizes that he’s reached the end of his nerves, and apologizes. Ajusshi says he’s sorry and says that he’s worried about him is all, and scoots away before he gets yelled at again. Aw, poor Ajusshi, but I do appreciate the palpable sense that the City Hunter is down to the wire.

Chun Jae-man is still hiding out, and sends his new minions to retrieve a package that he sent to Young-ju. He vows to win this. “Let’s see who remains… the persistent one or the strong one.”

Young-ju drives along and gets a call from Sae-hee, over at his place to pick up a jacket she left behind last time. He asks if she has time to eat, so he heads over to meet her. Oh, I have a bad feeling about this. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

While they’re still on the phone, she hears a doorbell, so she goes to answer the door… Eeep, I’m watching this with my hands over my eyes…

It’s a deliveryman, with a package for Young-ju, no sender. Oh whew. He tells her to open up the package, so she does, and finds the top-secret record book inside. Whoa. So Chun Jae-man must’ve originally sent it to him, planning to air the president’s dirty laundry. He tells her to keep it safe and heads home to meet her. But then a second doorbell rings. Ack! It’s the gas man. NO!

Nonononononono, don’t answer the door!

She answers it, and Chun’s new minions back her against the wall and knock her to the ground, laughing at her threats. They retrieve the book. Is he changing his mind because he wants to deal directly with the president? Or with the City Hunter?

Young-ju comes home, passing by the thugs on his way in. Something doesn’t feel right so he rushes upstairs…

He calls out her name over and over, checking every room, but there’s no response. Aaaauuugh, did they kill her? IS SHE DEAD?

He finally finds her, tied up and still alive. Gah. My nerves. She’s beaten up but okay, and she tells him to hurry and go. He just hugs her tight and says he’s sorry for putting her through this. Aw. He finally learned to put her first! That alone is worth the scare.

Yoon-sung finally figures out one of the background noises in the recording as a tow truck, hauling up a car. He realizes that Chun Jae-man used the accident outside the prosecutor’s office to escape in the car that was totaled. He replays the news footage to track down the car to the junkyard.

Young-ju takes Sae-hee to the hospital, and she tells him that she’s okay so he should go. He looks up at her, now realizing that she always said, “It’s okay. Go,” but I think it only now occurs to him that he shouldn’t have gone.

But that’s just Young-ju, and she knows it, even admires that it’s who he is. He tells her that he’s sorry. She smiles at him, “If I give you a second chance to repay that regret, will you do well?”

Aw, the way he looks up at her, like a puppy… it just kills me. She tells him that it’s what she wants. Yay, I’m so happy for them. But it also makes me re-scared for their lives all over again. Gah.

Chun gets word that he’s got the book back, which he plans to use against the City Hunter first, putting his original president plan on the backburner. He still thinks that Jin-pyo is the City Hunter, and declares that he should’ve died back in ’83.

He sends Jin-pyo a text to meet him at the junkyard if he wants the book. Jin-pyo in turn sends the message to Young-ju, posing as the City Hunter.

Sae-hee sees it written on his face that he has to get back to work, and laughs at his lack of a poker face. She tells him she’ll be safe in the hospital, and tells him to go. He puts his hand on hers, “Your offer of a second chance… that’s a promise, okay?” AW.

She tells him not to forget it either, and they promise to talk about it later. OHGOD. There’s not gonna be a later, is there? Is he gonna die? Show, are you trying to kill me? He gets the slow-motion hero walk out the door. OH NO. Frack.

Nana goes to see Mom and asks why the president has the same handkerchief as her. She asks if what she’s suspecting is right, and Mom tells her the truth.

Young-ju arrives at the junkyard first, and Chun Jae-man is surprised to see him there when he called Jin-pyo. He tells him that the book is being destroyed right this second, so he’s never going to get his hands on it.

Young-ju realizes that it’s serving as bait for the City Hunter, and turns back to try and retrieve it. But Chun and his henchmen beat him to a bloody pulp.

Yoon-sung arrives at the same junkyard, having tracked down the car that Chun escaped in. He takes out the thugs sent out to meet him in some outrageously badass moves, including one where he jumps through a car meant to squash him.

He gets closer and Chun jumps at the sound, “Is it the City Hunter?” Young-ju realizes what he has to do, and so he quickly locks the door behind him and sends Yoon-sung a text to find the book in the car crusher.

And then he buys him time by giving the henchmen a fight. Oh god, it’s his last stand, isn’t it?

Yoon-sung gets the message and turns around. The machine is rigged to keep going so he only has a few seconds to search the car before it gets pulverized with him in it. He digs around and finally finds the book hidden under the floormat, and gets out just in time not to get squashed to death.

Chun’s men finally beat Young-ju down to the ground, but he does everything to try and keep him there, grabbing his leg and refusing to let go. Chun sighs that it’s too bad he’s not more like his father. And then like a proper evil villain, he mentions that he’s headed to port to catch his boat, because Young-ju’s blocked all the airways.

Young-ju grits his teeth and uses all his remaining strength to pull himself up, as he lays out Chun Jae-man’s crimes against the people, as Prosecutor Kim Young-ju addressing the court.

And that’s when the final blow comes, straight to the back of his head. Blood streams down his face as he falls to the ground.

Yoon-sung makes his way up to Chun and his men, knocking down the ones sent at him, while Chun slips away. He’s about to go after him when he realizes that Young-ju is nowhere to be found.

He runs upstairs…

And there he finds Young-ju, lying bloody on the ground. He shakes him awake and Young-ju comes to, asking if he found it. He says yes. He tells Yoon-sung to uncover the truth.

He tells him to go catch Chun Jae-man at the port, “I don’t think I can go right now.” Augh, why is that sentence breaking my heart?

Yoon-sung: “Kim Young-ju, catch him with your own hands.” He coughs up more blood as he struggles to speak. He reaches out his hand and Yoon-sung takes it in his.

Young-ju: “City Hunter. Lee Yoon-sung. Forgive my father.” Oh my gooooooood. You’re asking for forgiveness in your father’s place? *WAIL*

A tear rolls down his face as he says, “I’m sorry,” and then he falls to the ground, dead.

Yoon-sung shakes him over and over, “Kim Young-ju. Kim Young-ju! KIM YOUNG-JU!”


Oh my god, they killed Young-ju! I know, we complained that no one died, and then they killed off Young-ju! Grawr! Can I go back in time and trade some of the others for him? Puhleeeeease? Sigh.

But what a heroic send-off, for the upright prosecutor, to die defending justice and truth. And the City Hunter! I can’t believe it. It kills me, but in the best way possible. I mean, he was maybe the ONE character I didn’t want to see die under any circumstance… which is what makes it PERFECT. It’s the death that gets me in the gut, and rips out my insides. I have such a love-hate relationship with a show that does that. Respect, but angry bitter respect. Like it knows exactly whom I love and then kills him bloody. Gah.

I can’t believe they finally gave me the begrudging partnership between Yoon-sung and Young-ju, the one thing I’ve been dying for, just to yank it out from under me. It’s like waking up thinking it’s Christmas and then finding out it’s April Fool’s. It’s a cruel, sick joke. Props, Show. You fucking bastard.

You win.



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  1. Maymay

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1.1 Chocobo

      Young-ju! I can’t believe they did that! It’s awesome, but also: NOOOooOOOooOOoOooo!

      I love that this is how they make it personal for Yoon-sung. Rather than fighting for a lost love or his mother, he’s now fighting for what Young-ju stood for: Honor and Justice. If they had taken one of his family, Yoon-sung might have been pushed over the edge to go on a rampage, instead of sticking to his morals.

      It’s so fitting that the Batman’s City Hunter’s biggest emotional blow is that the Law, personified by Young-ju, took the bullet for him, and he now owes It/him the biggest debt of all.

      • 1.1.1 Maymay

        Wow, love what you wrote.

        Even though I cried a lot when YJ died, his death did push YS/CH into the right direction. Now YS has to carry on YJ legacy and fight for justice.

      • 1.1.2 sb

        I agree with Maymay, love what you wrote! It makes so much more sense that YJ died instead of all the others. Props to the writers of CH.

      • 1.1.3 sosoxrah

        Why Young-ju?????? Why HIM??? I understand the reasons for killing him off. Young-ju was definitely the walking symbol for justice. But I’m still trying to deal with it. Why?…..

        • sosoxrah

          Yeah, when I saw the slow-motion smiling Young-ju, I knew that would be the last we would see him safe. ugh…

          • Maymay

            I love that part. That is my favorite scene of YJ. He looks the best then. His was a shock!

            Must admire the writer for having the ‘balls of steel’ to kill YJ this way and shock all the viewers.

          • Maymay

            Oops! Typo.

            ‘His death was a shock!’

      • 1.1.4 Selli

        They made it extra sad by adding the Sae-hee thing @_@~ I didn’t really like Young-ju before, but wow, he was really impressive in this episode. I just kept repeating “No, no, no” when it became clear he was probably going to die!!!

        I actually don’t want anyone to die, as opposed to you guys XD It’s just…I don’t want them to D:

        • Maymay

          This is YJ episode to shine for me. Not only the lost love between YJ and SH, the lost of bromance between him and YS also make me very sad.

          What a bittersweet episode!

    • 1.2 OhFAny

      This pissed me off….during the final scenes, Lee Yoon Sung is supposedly frantically trying to find the documents? Nope. he nonchalantly walks over to the crusher….when the prosecutor is literally getting the living daylights beat out of him? Lee Yoon Sung is taking his sweet old time WALKING….not even jogging, to find Chun…..seriously, they tried to make him look so cool during the whole sequence that they ended up making Lee Yoon Sung look borderline retarded for not reacting to the situation

  2. Dominique

    My true hero, thy name is Kim Young Joo!

    I wept as I watched Mr. Prosecutor beaten to death for City Hunter. He died exactly as he lived – unsentimental, straight & narrow, transparent, uncomplicated yet complex, soft-spoken, understated yet articulate, and keeping his eyes on the ball till his last breath.

    This must be how it feels to lose a loved one to sudden, violent death. This must be how it feels to mourn inconsolably. How do we go on living after something like this? How can we get over something like this? God, what are you doing to me?

    Mr. Prosecutor, you simply cannot die. City Hunter needs you. Sae Hee needs you. The nation needs you. We all need you. Please say that you are not dead yet.

    • 2.1 ally bell

      as much as i want him to be alive…i need him to die…for city hunter’s shake….show i am proud of u for making this amazing leap.

    • 2.2 dls

      oh… please don’t die…..

    • 2.3 mel

      i agree with you. i think the part that killed me most was that him and sae hee made that promise and they were going to reunite after 19 episodes. theres still one more ep and this may sound awful, but i am really hoping nana gets killed off otherwise the whole photo shattering was pointless and i would be mad

      • 2.3.1 joyofpiano

        I want the bad father to die…and for Nana and YS to fake die so they can peacefully live after this whole revenge mission

    • 2.4 Ani

      I hope he doesn’t die too. I never figured out why people hated him so much in this drama. I just always hoped for him to team up with Batboy like a sort of Commissioner Gordon, or maybe be the Smecker to Batboy’s McManus. I liked how he believed in what he was fighting for. I just didn’t think he’d, you know, DIE. This is lame. X/

      • 2.4.1 Maymay

        I don’t think his death is lame, he died for what he believed in. He has the most heroic death anyone can ask for.

    • 2.5 Linda

      I am a blubbering mess! I cried and cried and then cried some more :( Then i cursed dramabeans for saying that the show only had “balls of aluminum” for not killing anyone off and cursed myself for agreeing with them and wishing someone died to give the show more impact.. but NEVER would i have thought that they would kill the prosecutor :( OR that his death would trigger such emotions from me.. sure he annoyed me at times but damn, his ending was legendary!

      • 2.5.1 Maymay

        He has the most memorable death scene I’ve seen in a long time.

        Bravo Show.

    • 2.6 adeka

      That last picture made me cry all over again. ugh.

      WHY? I get your points but still :(

      • 2.6.1 Maymay

        I know, we all understand the logic and reasoning behind YJ death, but it’s still so heartbreaking.

    • 2.7 dizzynissie

      Hahaha, I LOLed at your comment, you are so messed up. 😛

    • 2.8 sean

      See, usually I’d totally be clinging to some thin strand of hope, PRAYING that he was still alive. But his extensive screen time, his scene with Sae Hee complete with wistful music and backlighting, and the degree to which this affects yoon sung convinces me that it’s no use. D:

    • 2.9 Maymay

      That’s the best ode to KYJ. Bravo!

      Our dear Prosecutor
      May you rest in peace

  3. Kame

    Its almost over!:(

    • 3.1 Ace

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      I just hope that by the finale episode you will NOT make Yoon-sung choose Pres. over Jinpyo, or kill/ hurt Jinpyo to save his bio-dad..that would be too much, Show…lame.

      P.S. PLEASE FORGIVE MY POOR ENGLISH..:) I could not believe Young-ju’s death would make me post a comment for the first time..:) :):P his not even my fave character.

      • 4.3.1 fidere

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      • 33.1.1 Maymay

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      More like revealing the truth and let justice be served…
      That’s about the only thing left for YS to do.

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    Damn. Props to the Show for swinging this at us from nowhere! Kim Young-ju is a true hero.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

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      I feel like a brother died. I can’t even think about the next episode yet.

      I feel bad for the folks who are waiting to watch this because it’ll be soooo hard to avoid spoilers.

      This is one of those drama moments that is extremely well planned and played to make the biggest possible impact.
      I am afraid it’ll turn into, “That show where the DA dies?”

      • 48.1.1 Maymay

        I’m afraid it kinds of turn into “That show where the DA dies?”

  49. 49 wunderkind

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        Dude ur exactly thinking what I’m thinking, get out of my head B2(Bananas n Pajamas) ur making me cry here! lol I’m just kidding but I’m serious when I said that that’s what exactly what I want to happen to him to create pretty babies with sae hee and their amazing beautiful genes and have a happy life. But I’m hoping that he won’t die in the last episode and the show just wants to play a trick on us and make us believe that he’ll die or else this show is going to be imperfect for me, i mean dude it was perfect until this happened or will happen.

        • mskololia

          The prosecutor dude did not bother me in the least. As a matter of fact, I looked forward to the exchanges of info between him and YS.

          The actor did such a wonderful job of presenting his character to the audience. So much so that those who disliked him may be a little ashamed because of the pitiful way he died crusading for justice even in the end. He was consistent.

          Besides, justice and forgiveness go hand-in-hand crusaders. This is why I loved his last request to YS so much….

          YJ is a hero.

          • Maymay

            Yes, I am ashamed. He really didn’t deserved this fate.
            Bravo, KYJ. Even in death you will haunt me.

        • Debie

          i was for Young Ju all the way too… and the actor playing him is so intense, so good! I equally loved him along with LMH.

          • Maymay

            Yes, these two guys are amazing. I’m so torn between them now. Though I still LMH and his character more.

          • Maymay

            Oops! Typo!

            ‘Though I still love LMH and his character more.’

        • mskololia

          Srsly, I hated to see YJ go, but what a sendoff by the Show. He’s a hero.

      • 50.1.2 olsen


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        this line breaks my heart

      • 50.1.3 mary

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        • Maymay

          Ah, the ‘what if.’

          Don’t we all have those moments in life.

      • 50.1.4 sean

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        I thought I was the only one who used bromate, ever since I first discovered its applicability through the maddeningly painful course called chemistry. Only, all of my friends thought it was too lame, but I enjoyed it. :$

      • 50.1.5 Maymay


        “He was gonna get remarried! Have cute babies! Send bad guys to prison with his bromate CH! Ajusshi was gonna make him dinner!”

        That would be a dream comes true for all our characters. Too bad reality is really cruel.

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    It’s too good.

    Anyhow, I hope he doesn’t die and that he ends up in a temporary coma.

    This show has been putting almost everyone in a coma except for the 1st episode.

    The 20th episode is next. SO DAMN ANXIOUS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

    I hope YS doesn’t die or Nana but these last episodes have been dropping hints about people saying they’ll come back for one another and then one of them DIES. Namely, the men.

    Moo Yeol and Lee Kyung Hee
    Young Joo and Sae Hee ( if YJ doesn’t survive)

    I need to know what happens next!

    • 51.1 wunderkind

      omg i know, and this trend has been reinforced again in this ep. with YS saying “I will come back alive.” OMG PLS DON’T DIE. Really don’t think I can take both male leads dying!!!

    • 51.2 Maymay

      One lesson to learn from CH, never promise you will to come back to your love one if you are on a dangerous mission. Just in case you cannot keep it.

      Now I’m worry about YS. He also promises Nana he will come back too.

  52. 52 Maja

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    • 53.1 anais

      I second Lee Jun Hyuk getting a best supporting actor award. Probably the best supporting role I’ve seen EVER in Kdramaland. Better than – I’m gonna dare say – Sandglass’s supporting role. Yes, I loved its own fuddy duddy prosecutor too, but Lee Young Ju… wah… I didn’t want him of all people dead. Frankly, I’d have accepted City Hunter dying (I know… but I like my tragedies) and Lee Young Ju carrying on the torch.

      At the least, the Show did prepare the viewers with that parting sequence. Honestly, I couldn’t bear to watch the end. I fast forwarded through it all. Can’t afford to cry tonight.

    • 53.2 Maymay

      Yes, very deserving of an award.

  54. 54 scarlet

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    And I think after the ending episode today, I will surely die.

    Thanks GF for the recaps.

    • 54.1 Maymay

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      We suffered along with them.

  55. 55 suitfetish

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  56. 56 Celexa

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    City Hunter writers have delivered… I don’t like the package… but they delivered. *cries in grief* I will probably mope around the house for days until I can put this scene away as a tragic ending to a beloved character.

    • 56.1 Maymay

      Gosh Celexa, I don’t think I will ever be able to put that image out of my head.

  57. 57 Dream

    May I guess….. Was it YJ’s boss prosecutor that freed Chun Jae-man?

    • 57.1 Lidia

      ohh…that would totally make sense! you’re probably right!

    • 57.2 GAAAAAAAAAH

      didn’t youngju get in trouble by him though?

    • 57.3 Dream

      but remember he was also the one that tried to stop YJ from investigating CJM, even to a point to demote YJ….he is definitely a likely suspect.

    • 57.4 corn tea

      My guess is YJ’s assistant freed CJM.

      • 57.4.1 xylophonic

        …why? xD

    • 57.5 Angpusoko

      That’ my guess too!

      • 57.5.1 Angpusoko

        Or YJ’s Boss freed target #4


    young ju i hope i marry someone like you. seriously. IDEAL!

    • 58.1 Maymay

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      Prison is too good for you!

  59. 59 bishbash

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    SIGH. now why did JP forwarded the msg to YJ :( :(

    • 59.1 Maymay

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      He’s cruel that way!

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    • 60.1 Maymay

      Poor SH! I guess she really needs to move on now.

  61. 61 HK

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  62. 62 MANILA2011

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  63. 63 girl

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    • 63.1 Maymay

      This show is not only ‘crack,’ it is also pure torture for us viewers.

  64. 64 dasotong

    of all people to kill,why must they kill KYJ?
    now,i’m dying for the next ep D:

    • 64.1 Maymay

      Yes, of all the people, they will choose to kill the most righteous one. Life’s cruel that way. The good always perish first.

  65. 65 wunderkind

    Question: Anyone else thinks maybe there’s an even bigger secret about the Sweeping Plan that we the viewers still don’t know about?

    I mean YJ died for that secret manual and it seems so important, it makes me think that in addition to what we saw in Ep. 1 there may be more to the story? God, I really really can’t wait for tmr T.T!!!!!!!

    • 65.1 asianromance

      I also suspect another big secret/twist! The drama is good about spreading the good stuff throughout the series and I’m sure episode 20 will be epic. Like maybe Muyeol was really the traitor and only faked his death?? Gosh that would drive Jinpyo batshit nuts!

      • 65.1.1 Maymay

        We don’t have enough time for another twist!

  66. 66 guest

    Wow! Thanks for the recap! Great episode. Too bad the good guy died.

  67. 67 bopbopbop

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    but it’s still sad reading about young ju…………
    omg….such a great character…<3

    • 67.1 Maymay

      CH is amazing because it gives so much complexity to their secondary characters too. Love YJ and JP. They are both so complicated characters; they both have such distinct personalities.

      Of course I LOVE YS too! I’m just glad that even though this is technically YS journey, the show also develop YJ character and make him into such a cool person that I ALMOST end up rooting for him.

      • 67.1.1 Maymay

        Oops! Typo!

        ‘They are both such complicated characters’


  68. 68 Gabitis

    Ay mi Dios! Fantastic episode. EPIC. Puck me, this show owns me!

    Scared of withdrawal symptoms tomorrow already.

    Great recap, as usual. Thanks.

    • 68.1 Maymay

      Ay mi Dios!

      Is that like OMG?

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    YOUNG-JU!!! I get the feeling he really does die (and isn’t just beaten into a coma) or else there wouldn’t have been such epic last words coming from YJ’s mouth. i knew this was going to happen when Sae-hee and YJ were reconciling! That guy has worked so hard- he deserves to see Jin-Pyo in the courtroom! He deserves to see his second chance with Sae-hee come through. So many regrets. =****(

    and the directing and music of this drama just kills me with awesomeness

    And what’s with the one-episode bromance. I want to see more non-bloody YS and YJ moments together!

    I wonder when YS gets his normal life, if he will take up law in honor of YJ later on.

    • 69.1 Jomo

      You may be right, he did say to JP:
      “I’ll see you in court.”
      (Although I realize I read the translation. Did he say “I”?)

      The writers could have put in:
      “You will have your day in court. Justice will be served.”
      to make it less personal.

      I dunno. He looked pretty dead, and YS hadn’t even dialed 9-1-1 yet…

      • 69.1.1 Maymay

        “You will have your day in court. Justice will be served.”

        Love that line. Too bad it will not come true though.
        YJ’s faith in the law is awe-inspiring even though it fails him several times.

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    hopefully it will be a good one… haven’t really watched a drama that has that perfect ending yet… i’m wishing City Hunter will do this…

    • 70.1 Dream

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      • 71.1.1 Maymay


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        At least someone is happy for the lack of romance.

        Now is the time to concentrate of bromance and the betrayal of Daddy.

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    Why do you amaze me so much only to make me HATE YOU, YOU BRILLIANTLY CRUEL DRAMA!

    I never particulary had a young-ju obsession until this episode, where i was praying for him to not be killed.

    BUT, I knew that the second he had that slow-motion hero-like exit from the hospital that it would be his last. And my crying for him started from then

    In my opinion, KIM YOUNG-JU was the BRAVEST character out of City Hunter. SUCH an AWESOME character.

    City Hunter made me like him at first, dispise him during the middle, and CRY FOR HIM at the end. Oh the regret.

    • 72.1 Maymay

      “City Hunter made me like him at first, dispise him during the middle, and CRY FOR HIM at the end. Oh the regret.”

      Me too!!!! The regret for finding annoying during the middle is now killing me.
      Maybe because I’d disliked him so much before and misunderstood him, that’s why I cried so much now that he’s gone. :(

      • 72.1.1 Maymay

        Oops! Forgot!!!

        “KIM YOUNG-JU was the BRAVEST character out of City Hunter. SUCH an AWESOME character.”

        I don’t think YJ was the bravest character necessarily because both Nana and YS are pretty brave themselves. However, he is definitely the most righteous and upstanding character of the drama.

        • Maymay


          ‘I don’t think YJ is the bravest character’

  73. 73 Inseparable_gemini

    I’m still in shock… I never saw that coming… I mean, YJ dying… and in the most heroic way to redeem himself possible… Gah, I would have loved if the bromance lasted for more than 1 episode… I even thought its either, Nana, the President or Mom dying would be the cliffhanger for Episode 19… but never YJ…

    I need to fix myself… =(

    • 73.1 Maymay

      Me too! All the time I thought it would Mommy Dearest who would be used as bait. Never in a million year would I guessed it was YJ turn to have a date with the ‘Scheduler.’

  74. 74 Cynthia

    Dear Lee Jun-Hyuk,

    On behalf of many devoted City Hunter fans, please allow me to state the following sentiment:


    Cynthia (aka Mrs. Flamingo Dreams)


    • 74.1 ladida

      Totally agree. He is awesome.

    • 74.2 corn tea

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      • 74.2.1 Maymay

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        Amazing job LJH. You did very well in this drama.

    • 74.3 Xtooline

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    • 74.4 Celexa

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      I am a LMH fan but LJH deserves recognition above supporting actor.

      • 74.4.1 anais

        Totally. In absolute 100% agreement.

      • 74.4.2 Maymay

        Yes, he really shines in this show. Almost outshine my LMH in this episode.

        He has to thank the amazing director and scriptwriters for creating such an awesome character for him to portray.

    • 74.5 Leina

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    • 74.6 pumpzzz

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  75. 75 mubalino

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    • 75.1 Maymay

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  76. 76 fm

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    • 76.1 Maymay

      Yes, YJ death will be a catalyst to spur YS on. I guess that is why YJ has to die. :(

  77. 77 MANILA2011

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    Thanks girlfriday. It was painful but awesome…the drama I mean…: )

    • 77.1 Maymay

      “Ironically his character came to life in the episode where he met his end.”

      OMG!!! So true.

      Yes, his character finally came to life for me in this episode too. That’s why his death was truly shocking for me and made me cried like crazy.

  78. 78 CrazyNoz

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  79. 79 Alittlepaperstory

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    • 79.1 tinyviolin


    • 79.2 Maymay

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  80. 80 sophie

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    NOOOOOOO !!!

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  81. 81 ladida

    I posted this up on tumblr, but here it is anyway, I’m so enraged and unhappy:

    I hate City hunter now. And this isn’t some reactionary bs to the death of Young Ju, this is legitimate unhappiness/anger about the writing and the way in which the show has developed narratively and in terms of how the women are treated. I’m not coherent right now, but really, Show? Bring Sae Hee back after being completely absent for how many weeks just to use her as a tool in Young Ju’s story to make it more tragic that he dies because his ex-wife wanted him back? She gets beat up and tied up by a bunch of thugs and she’s smiling afterwards? And the best written, best acted character on the show, Young Ju, gets killed off? WTF???

    And Nana gets little screentime, again, although I suppose that’s just a personal grievance of mine, sorry, I thought she was an integral part of the show and a legitimate character in and of herself, but now I understand that she’s just there to be thrown in so that you can make this stupid president as dad story work and so this show can fit in the narrative trope of girl waiting for guy to come back to her. WHATEVER. Honestly I would have felt better if there were no romantic storyline in this drama, if only to know that they wouldn’t mess it up so royally. Why are the women only involved when their is romance anyway? Can’t they be there without having to nurture someone?

    And you know what’s most insulting? I mean, besides us being emotionally attached to Mu Yeol, only to find that his wanting to be Yoon Sung’s father even though he isn’t his biological offspring isn’t enough for him to be considered Yoon Sung’s dad anyway, the dumb-ass president (who paints and puts his crafts work up online; what the fuck kind of president has enough time to do this?) still gets precedence over him. And besides the women on this show being strategically used to further the story lines of the men. The biggest insult is that the writers don’t even try to make the president as dad thing work. Yoon Sung barely has a reaction to finding out that Mu Yeol isn’t his father. Where is the identity crisis? Where feeling of betrayal? Where is his wondering what the hell he went on this revenge quest thing for? And for ages no one has said anything about the president being his father and now everyone is blathering about left and right? WTF? The coincidences (the sunflowers, the handkerchiefs, Nana calling Yoon Sung to tell him about the president asking her questions, etc) are piling up and making the story even weaker. I feel like I’m being manipulated by this story, and not in a good way. Not in the “this story is so awesome it’s talking me to another place emotionally” kind of way, like when I read The Color Purple, it’s an unfair manipulation, like when Robert Pattinson’s character is shown in the twin towers at the end of that awful film Remember Me from a few years back. Weak weak weak weak weak. This show lured me in with cute romantic/flirty scenes and riveting drama and cool action scens, and then episode 16 came and it’s been down hill since then.


    • 81.1 ladida

      I’m also amazed (and alternately amused and confused) at how a fandom can be so blind to the flaws of a show. I’m a fan of City Hunter. I watch it religiously, I talk about it all the time, I write and write and write about it, I fangirl over Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho, I genuinely appreciate the fact that a show that wasn’t a romantic comedy was able to grab and keep my attention like this (and keep me satisfied for 15 1/2 episodes), but that doesn’t keep me from being able to see the show as it stands, with all the great things about it (the directing, the acting, the pretty camera, the cliffhangers) AND it’s issues (the overall writing in terms of character development and narrative arch/integrity, the blatant and awkwardly placed product placement, jerky pacing.) I’m just…confused.

      • 81.1.1 malta

        Also LIKE. [click button]

      • 81.1.2 sb

        Seriously. I can’t bash CH too much, being as it’s the only drama currently airing, that I immediately watch, but the quality has been going steadily downhill since episode 14-15.

        Yoon-sung’s fight scene and Young-ju’s death scene were the highlights. But I was stifling groans and WTF expressions throughout this episode.

        I’m not a fan of having things blatantly foreshadowed before they happen (meaning Young-ju’s death and so many other incidents throughout the drama).

        Yoon-sung’s reaction to the President being his father.. is that?? That’s all??

        And though it’s heartbreaking that Young-ju was killed, if he’s actually still alive, as some commenters are hoping, I’m not even going to bother watching any more.

        • malta

          Frankly if City Hunter hadn’t started out so well I wouldn’t expect so much from it. Yes City Hunter, I expect you to be brilliant! Not halfway good or three quarters good, but 100%. There are hundreds [literally] of other mediocre or even crappy dramas I’ve watched and been plenty satisfied with because they were consistently mediocre or crappy from beginning to end. City Hunter started out flying high and now it’s like a crash landing.

          • ladida

            I fell the same way. You know something’s gone terribly wrong when we begin to laud mediocrity. Lol.

      • 81.1.3 anais

        I gave up being upset with City Hunter the show a long time ago, so it’s interesting to read someone else voicing similra frustrations. For quite some time (ever since I realized Muyeol’s and the other men’s deaths weren’t at the heart of the show, that their deaths served as mere plot device to get the actual City Hunter story into motion), I’ve been watching it with very low expectations, with highlights being Young Ju, Ajuhsshi, and Sae Hee whenever she gets screen time. Yeah, random, I know.

        Surprisingly, I’m not into Lee Min Ho as City Hunter, even though both he the actor and the character are swoon-worthy.

        Your point re: the women being instrumentalized – great point. Thanks for the food for thought.

        The episode felt a tad rushed, as if it was diving headlong into whatever disaster that’ll unfold in the final episode, as well as wrap up some crucial loose ends in preparation for that final show down (between who at this point, I’m not sure).

        • malta

          You hit on what bothers me about City Hunter and you wrote is so well. Namely that

          “Muyeol’s and the other men’s deaths weren’t at the heart of the show, that their deaths served as mere plot device to get the actual City Hunter story into motion”

          I was so invested in this at the beginning. I really fell for it and believed it whole heartedly. Especially every time Jin pyo waxed poetically about his “20 comrades killed by their own countrymen in the waters of Nampo.”

          • sb

            God, YES.

            Basically, both Jin-pyo and the President are scumbags. No redeeming quality in either man.

            Show tricked us earlier into feeling for Jin-pyo and his stolid love for MY. President just seemed like a kind-hearted gullible fool. But this episode confirms beyond a doubt that both JP and President are Super A-hole Douchebags.

            Horrible that YS cannot even salvage a decent connection with any of his three (!) fathers.

            YJ’s death seems to cement the theory that the law is fallible and cannot protect you. And unless Show kills off Jin-pyo, the President and Jae-man, the main message is GOOD GUYS DIE AND BAD GUYS WIN.

            I am such a sucker for the comrades-in-arms motivation of we live and die together till the end, that the loss of the crux of revenge for the deaths rankles me to no end.

        • tinyviolin

          Anais ~ I’ve been wavering about LMH as City Hunter, too. He’s just not fierce enough. When he played Jun Pyo in F4, he was easily the best actor there, or he had the most to work with, but in City Hunter he’s up with some great peers (Yeong Juuuuuuu!!! *WAIL*). And I don’t really believe he’s so tough.

          Maybe it’s his pants, or the way he walks like an earnest first grader with his spy backpack on, or his too perfect helmet hair….but even after F4, LMH did some “edgy” beer commercials that had me laughing. He looked just so uncomfortable in his eyeliner.

          Anyway, I’ve swallowed the idea that he’s badass for the sake of my enjoyment.

    • 81.2 sb

      LIKE. [click button]

      I’ve been thinking a lot of the same thoughts, and you expressed them so well.

      • 81.2.1 ladida

        Thank you.

        It’s like every one has jumped on the loving City hunter bandwagon and doesn’t care that the writers of this show do not deserve the love we are giving them. They have consistently failed to deliver for the past 2 1/2 weeks and we keep telling them they’re fabulous! And the love for this show and LMH is so strong that sometimes I feel like maybe I just don’t get it, or maybe I just shouldn’t say anything ’cause I don’t want to offend, but barely anyone else (except malta) is pointing out these flaws that are so obvious. The writers are scrambling to cover up their major mistake of making the president the father and COMPLETELY delegitimizing the reason for Yoon Sung’s being the City Hunter and undermining the entire narrative thrust of the show (for something as stupid as “surprising the audience”) and now they are too weak to actually deal with the fact that the president they created is a liar, a manipulator, a MURDERER of 20 some odd service men, apparently spends more time painting than doing presidential duties, and is generally someone Yoon Sung should take down and send to jail because he deserves it. Jin Pyo, take him out, please.

        Whatever happened to the whole “twice fatherless” and “avenging one father with the death of the other” drama that we were supposed to get? I was actually looking forward to how the writers could fix the mess they made by making Yoon Sung deal with the fact that his relationship with his (non)father(s) is totally messed up, but nothing!

        • malta

          hahahaha! you sound like a conspiracy theorist! But I understand where you’re coming from :)

        • Birdie

          I also thought it went downhill about the middle of the drama. I agree with you about the flaws of the drama. In this episode the emphasis should have been on how YS deal with the birth dad revelation and the betrayal of his fake dad, after all, this drama is centered on the revenge of his believed dad. SHOW- where is the heart.

    • 81.3 pumpzzz

      What about Yoon Ju finally realizes to put Sae Hee first and bringing her to hospital than to retrieve the fucking book to the thugs????

      • 81.3.1 ladida

        I know, right?

    • 81.4 tinyviolin

      Ladida ~

      I’m not as unhappy as you are, but I definitely understand your disappointment.

      When Yoon Seung told Nana to back off (AGAIN) and to ignore him, I was genuinely surprised, because the last thing I expected this drama to do to me was the infuriating Drama Circle, where Drama repeats its own drama scenarios because…..I don’t know? Laziness? Short term memory loss? Nostalgia?? So many shows do this (hello, “Full House”), but I honestly though City Hunter above that.

      And then Nana just waits. WTF. Along with the daddy issues and YS’s aborted trek to the Dark Side, their “romance” hasn’t been enough for me. Or rather, it’s been all over the place. But, at one point, they were there! When Nana moved him to join Yoon Sung and Ajusshi, I was elated. SO MUCH potential for Nana to be both badass and a damsel in distress. She fucking took a bullet for him earlier on. AWESOME.

      Now….I’m just confused. The writers could have easily shunted Nana a bit to the side to make room for the bigger story without resorting to this lameness.

      Episode 19, though? Brilliant.

    • 81.5 Maymay

      Wow! I’m sorry the show is not to your standard.

  82. 82 ellie

    Thanks for the speedy recap GF! Words cannot express how much I loved this ending. As I mentioned in another post, I bow before the writers and chant “I’m not worthy!”

    It seems to be a foregone conclusion that YJ dies. As much as my heart doesn’t want him to die, I would be more disappointed if the writers didn’t kill him off and pulled another miracle survival. I remember when there was the possibility of Nana or Ajusshi dying and how those deaths could have been the impetus YS’s metamorphosis into the City Hunter, but the story is so much better served if YJ’s death is the reason that YS fully transforms into the City Hunter. Rather than having the City Hunter emerge to avenge the deaths of a loved one like Nana or Ajusshi, we now have the the birth of the City Hunter stemming from a dying plea for justice and truth from a well-matched “foe” who was fighting for the same thing. AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THAT PREMISE

    If that is how it turns out, then I love the brilliancy of CH’s writers. It makes so much sense for YJ’s death to motivate YS’s transformation and yet, it never crossed my mind that YJ would die in this drama. I was lulled into the possibility that YS would be Batman to YJ’s Commissioner — a potential bromance that JB alluded to in an early episode.

    Episode 19, You Absolutely Rocked My World.

    It makes me fear that the finale can’t compare, but my fingers are crossed. CH writers, I beg of you, please don’t give us a finale that neatly and hurriedly ties up all the loose ends following a time jump. That may work for a rom-com because it’s what the audience expects. But for a thriller about the genesis of the City Hunter and a drama that has surprised us with its awesome cliffhangers, I would rather have an open-ended finale that leaves us hanging and wanting more, even if there is no real possibility of a Season 2. CH writers, don’t fail me now!

    • 82.1 corn tea

      Your second paragraph totally totally said what I wanted to say, but 10 times more eloquently.

    • 82.2 Cynthia

      Sorry, but I really have to disagree with your comment of “I would rather have an open-ended finale that leaves us hanging and wanting more.”

      I, for one, find open endings one of the more frustrating things about watching Kdramas – I’ve hated them since Kim Sam Soon days. If I’m going to invest 16 to ? hours watching a drama, I sure as hell want a satisfying ending.

      Not necessarily a happy one (49 Days), but give me a Secret Garden ending any day. I want to see the couple enjoying the fruits of their angst-filled history. I want to see that love against the odds pays off, and can produce children, to boot!

      As far as City Hunter is concerned, I need to see that our two lonely leads find their soulmates in each other and live a life of grace and joy and deserved happiness.

      If CH does pull an open, ambiguous ending that leaving us hanging, I will be beyond bitter.
      I want the neat package all tied up, no strings hanging.

      • 82.2.1 Maymay

        The ending you want works well for rom-com, not sure if it will work well here for this type of drama.

    • 82.3 Maymay

      “Rather than having the City Hunter emerge to avenge the deaths of a loved one like Nana or Ajusshi, we now have the the birth of the City Hunter stemming from a dying plea for justice and truth from a well-matched “foe” who was fighting for the same thing.”

      I cannot expressed how much I love that sentence. It’s like you can read my mind. This is the only reason I can accept YJ death right now.

      Love it!!!!
      Thank you ellie.

  83. 83 mika

    I have never had such a love/hate relationship with a drama before. I have an intense, gut-wrenching fear…the butterflies are so bad I feel sick…but I keep looking at the clock, waiting for the hours to pass.


    And I’m just going to get this out of my system…I WANT YS AND NN TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. If the writers kill off either ys or nn… *shakes fists furiously*

    • 83.1 Maymay

      This is my first love/hate relationship with a kdrama too.
      This show drives me nut!!!!!!

  84. 84 hmm

    I don’t want to believe Prosecutor died, since everyone else that had a fatal accident didn’t die. Nana got shot, and Ajusshi got run over by a car.

  85. 85 Jenn C

    When they have a purpose to complete, it’s when they fall.
    GAH this mirrors ep 1!! Myeonghee:Like you’ll return to name my son right?saehee: You’ll return to find me right?
    SHOW YOU AMAZE ME. sadistically obsessive relationship. Especially after this.
    Ohgoodnessgracious there’s more crazy to come! An hour+ of breathtakingly Ahh scenes Tommorow!!

  86. 86 kookicookie

    I take back hating him!! Just give him back to us and pretty vet lady! :'(

    • 86.1 Maymay

      It’s too late now!

  87. 87 corn tea

    I found some explanation to why they killed off YJ on other forums. To understand it, we go back to the original manga.

    In the beginning of the manga story, CH had a very close friend/partner, who was killed by CH’s adopted father. See the parallel here?

    • 87.1 hmm

      So… if there is a City Hunter 2, then CH 1 is basically his orgin story. He will become that private detective and become partners with Nana.

      • 87.1.1 corn tea


        More digging resulted in this:
        At the press conference, apparently LMH said
        “That’s why I feel that our production should be called ‘City Hunter: The Beginnings’ because you could say that all that happens now leads to what happens in the comic.”

        whole store here: http://ar.viki.com/channels/50-boys-over-flowers/posts/7861-10-lee-min-ho-says-impossible-for-city-hunter-to-follow-original-work

        Immediately came to mind was the Batman series. 1) Batman Begins 2) The Dark Night 3) The Dark Night Rises (planned for 2012 release).

        Maybe it’s not a dream after all that we will see a second season of City Hunter?

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kay

          @corn tea!!! 😉

          “Maybe it’s not a dream after all that we will see a second season of City Hunter?”

          I really think there WILL be City Hunter : Season 2.

          Please, God, let it happen. 😉

        • pumpzzz

          OMG. Maybe they’re really planning the season from the very beginning.

          *crosses fingers*

          • pumpzzz

            *season 2

      • 87.1.2 olsen

        oh guys

        plz don’t let me get my hopes up again


    • 87.2 ellie

      @corn tea, thanks for that tidbit from the manga!

    • 87.3 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

      @corn tea 😉

      i got it!!! thanks for sharing, corn tea!! 😉

    • 87.4 malta

      Except Young ju wasn’t killed by Jin pyo or the president, he was killed by slimy Jae man’s henchman. Therein lies one of the problems with HOW Young ju’s death unfolded.

      • 87.4.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

        Does it really matter HOW Young-ju was killed or WHO killed him?

        The fact remains that Jae Man is involved in his death. That is not something inconsequential. Not to me, at least, because it further illustrates how evil Jae Man really is.

      • 87.4.2 corn tea

        JP’s text message sent YJ on his death path. Instead of going to the car junk yard himself as requested by CJM, JP sent YJ there knowing it would be death trap.

      • 87.4.3 tiaradiamond

        I agree with corn tea. So it can be assume that JP indirectly made Young Joo dead although CJM’s minion was the real murder.

    • 87.5 sb

      Only problem is YJ wasn’t killed by JP.

      • 87.5.1 Maymay

        No, not technically. However, JP did sent him there even though he knew it was a trap.

    • 87.6 Maymay

      Thanks corn tea for this vital info.

  88. 88 tamlove55

    I absolutely ScreEEEEEEEEEEEEEEamed!!!! this show omg!!!! it chewed me up and spit me up and chewed me up and again and then vomit me out!!!!OMG OMG!!! City Hunter will go down in my book as “D” K- Drama of all time! WHY? it had to be him…??? WHY?? Omg! i’m in soo much disbelief…. this show is freaking awesome its beyond gold it’s freaking TITANIUM!

  89. 89 megan



    I can’t stop crying. Young-Ju? REALLY? And, dying in the arms of Yoon-sung? REALLY???
    You give me my moment with them, the bromance; his second chance with Sae-hee and then you fucking kill him?

    I-I can’t…

  90. 90 Rong Er

    Nooooo…. why he die?? Cannot! So sad. I did not expect that.

  91. 91 wunderkind

    As sad as it was for YJ to die, I think it serves so much purpose that it was almost needed to tie everything together.

    First, YJ’s death should be THE thing that drives YS to continue his City Hunter dark knight of justice routine even after the timeline in this drama (IF he lives, I’m still very convinced that YS is going to die too) Whereas before I thought Nana dying would seal this deal, now I realize that YJ’s death is even more impactful and appropriate as a driving force for YS as the City Hunter, esp given all their exchanges in this episode about the power of the law and the need to protect the helpless.

    Secondly, YJ’s death seals the fate for Chun Jae-man. CJM is going to reach a finale-worthy ending deserving of a mega-villain and YS better be the one to deliver this in YJ’s memory.

    Thirdly, YJ’s death truly steer this revenge-driven plot line into its capped-crusader potential. YJ draws out the true purpose of having someone like the City Hunter and truly elevates the hero of this drama into something more than an avenger, which, as of this episode, he no longer is.

    So shocking, sad and heart-breaking [OMG THE FINAL HANDHOLDING SCENE!!!] YJ’s death is a pure stroke of genius on the writers’ part. The ending BETTER live up to this sacrifice of an amazing character!!!

    • 91.1 Dominique

      Except, as we shall see, Episode 20 does not do that, either.

  92. 92 siesta

    i guess season 2 is out of the question now *sigh*

    they’d prolly kill yoon sung off next

  93. 93 mulan

    I hope he just lose consciousness… Young-Ju must live! City hunter…please save him!

  94. 94 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

    First of all, thank you very much for this speedy recap, Girlfriday! You are just AWESOME!!! 😉

    Secondly, about YJ. I mentioned before that it would take a lot more for him to do to redeem himself in the viewers’ eyes (or in my eyes) or for the writer/s and PDs to write his character in that way – and they have done it! And HOW!!! His death is heartbreaking and tragic but not totally unexpected for me because I have always thought that for City Hunter to be truly awesome, WHO they kill off (since they have not done it yet) will really matter because the person/s killed off NEED to be someone/people who will MATTER, not just any minor character…because we will cry our eyes out for the loss of someone who MATTERS…and Young-ju is one character that matters to many viewers…

    YJ, you have redeemed yourself handsomely… 😉

    Thirdly, Yoon-sung’s heartbreak over the birth secret…and what a secret it is…knowing the person who brought him up has only been using him as a tool for revenge and then to find out the ‘father’ he thought he was fighting for is NOT his father…and then to find out HOW he was conceived (thus knowing what his mother did) and finally to find out WHO his REAL father is…ohhhhhh…such heartbreaking information is enough to KILL anyone…


    im sure, by now, all bets are off…all the cards are on the table…and now…the final stretch…the finale…the end…some of the saddest words in the English language…

    *heart shattering into a million pieces* *sobs*

    • 94.1 corn tea

      Did you notice how LMH’s eyes, facial muscles, lips, jaw, neck muscles, including his adam’s apple moved when mom confirmed JP knew President Choi is his biological father.

      EPIC performance.

      • 94.1.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

        @corn tea!! YES!!! I DID!!! you said it, corn tea, dear!!!


    • 94.2 Maymay

      Well said kay!

      So you weren’t surprised by YJ death?

      I guess you were the only one, his death took everyone by surprise.

  95. 95 malta

    THIS SUCKS!!!!! What happened to this show. It’s like a train that’s derailed. And the fans are giddy watching this train wreck in the making?! I’m calling out all the BS point blank cause this episode just got on my last nerves like none other. This episode as a penultimate episode was NOT awesome. Here is why:

    6. 3 Men and Baby (some makjang BS. It took YS 2 seconds to figure out who his bio-dad is because everyone he met practically yelled it at him this episode [Creeper randomly decides to give YS info on Jae man looking for Kyung hee?] wtf. Why now instead of 3 episodes ago when this aspect of the story could have been fleshed out properly)

    5. Nana is non-existent. Is she even a part of the story anymore?!!!!! (apparently they’ve used her enough already… that is until they put her in mortal danger in ep. 20) Stop making Nana, and your women characters inconsequential Show!

    4. Jae-man is back and still running around (why is he not taken care of so we can properly deal with the president. Is the Show concerned about dealing with the fact that it’s premise set the eventual president of Korea up as basically a villian, a bad guy? Completely understandable, but if you’re uneasy with that then why did you set up the premise like you did Show?! Don’t make Eun chan the president if you’re not going to actually deal with the drama [and dread] of that situation)

    3. …What about the president?!!!! Giant white elephant in the room! He’s got daddy-son issues and president-country issues (1 f-ing episode to resolve that mess!)

    2. Gratuitous use of Sae Hee as a damsel-in-distress. (Why not just scream that you’re gonna kill Young ju show! If you’re gonna kill Young ju, then kill him. Murder doesn’t give you time to magically resolve all your relationships in a neat tidy bow before you get “unexpectedly” killed!!!!) AND…… # 1 reason why this is NOT awesome…..

    1. *They F-ing killed Young ju!!!!!!!!!!!!* and it was evil Jae man’s stupid henchman who killed him?! I never thought the prosecutor was annoying even if I didn’t understand his motivations and now he’s dead?! (By the way, is he really dead Show?… what, no kdrama-just-kidding cliff-hanger where he magically lives?!)

    Basically the show made Young ju collateral damage for the bio-dad birth secret. Once Yoon sung figured out that MY is not his real father and that Jin-pyo screwed him over, Yoon sung didn’t have a reason to be the City Hunter anymore…. that is not until Young ju died in his arms and told him to fight the bad guys by being the City Hunter!!!!!!!! Without the bio-dad BS they would not have had to kill Young ju in order for the City Hunter to have and f-ing reason to be the City Hunter!!!!!!!! And that just makes me mad as hell. (This doesn’t mean they couldn’t have killed off Young ju or anybody else, but the problem is they way the show did it and for what reason.) Young ju’s life to validate drama of bio-dad secret? No thank you! ugh.

    I’m disappointed and I will never rewatch this show. And for the record you can only hate so much something you once loved.

    • 95.1 ladida

      “Basically the show made Young ju collateral damage for the bio-dad birth secret.”

      Thank you! Voice of reason! Articulated something I couldn’t get at verbally but was feeling in my gut.

    • 95.2 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

      To be absolutely fair, you need to watch the last episode to find out if YJ really is, as you said, collateral damage for the bio-dad birth secret’, because according to Lee Min Ho, no one can guess what happens in CH…and so perhaps there is more to the super-secret document that makes YJ’s death more than just as collateral damage…

      After all, it would not make any sense if the whole premise of City Hunter is simply about a scandalous affair that became a big issue only because the man involved was married and is now the President…

      surely, CH’s writer/s and PDs have not strung us along only for that???

      to find out who slept with whom and got a child out-of-wedlock and now must face major embarrassment because he holds the highest office in the country??

      IS THAT ALL that City Hunter amounts to???!!!!

      what about the whole matter about HOW THE 20 SOLDIERS WERE SLAUGHTERED BY THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN??? what about the men who were responsible for that atrocious, inhumane act???

      surely there is more to the whole story than meets the eye…

      I do not wish to believe that CH is so shallow, and I am giving it the benefit of the doubt till tonight, the finale, which could make or break CH in my eyes…

      • 95.2.1 malta

        As I stated I don’t know if Young ju really dies or not. This is a kdrama and people do come back from the brink of death. Still I have major issues with the way the story has gone since Ep. 16 and Ep. 20 ain’t gonna fix them…sigh. I’m just letting bygones be bygones. Whatever…

        This is a kdrama obsession in progress. It’s not always pretty. Just invest your faith in the next show that comes along and hope it turns out better than you imagined as oppose to leaving you disappointed.

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kay

          malta 😉

          I admire your passion for CH because it is only surpassed by your love for it (at least for a while).

          And I believe it is because you love it so much that you can’t help but placed expectations on it and because you have expectations, you know that you expose yourself to the risk of being disappointed…and HOW disappointed you can be…

          Thus, the moral of the story of watching K-dramas, which I learnt the hard way, is NOT TO HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS, but to just go with the flow…

          If the drama turns out to be awesome, then GREAT!

          But if it turns out to be less than awesome, then so be it…because the lack of expectations saves us from feeling like how it would probably feel like if we had been hit by a 100-tonne truck…because our disappointment is that great…

          Your ‘kdrama obsession in progress’ is just so awesome, malta! 😉

      • 95.2.2 ladida

        I think we are feeling the same thing, and you’re waiting for it to be disproved by episode 20, while for me episodes 16-19 have already confirmed it. Yes, this show may actually end up saying that having a child out of wedlock is worse than killing 20 men who were killed because they did as they were told by their leaders.

        I think the writers want us to forget the first episode, and I’m sorry, but my memory is not that bad. I want the people responsible for those deaths to pay, including the spineless president, and Yoon Sung suddenly being ALL about protecting the people and totally letting go of his revenge is a cop out. How is letting the president off the hook good for the public? The president seems pretty crafty to me, pretending to be a good guy and hanging out with such scumbags who he used to get to his position. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be some political mastermind who orchestrated this whole thing to get rid of his enemies…now I’m just ranting to get rid of the sinking feeling that City Hunter just isn’t what I want it to be (i.e. isan awesome show.) I feel like the show is just screaming at me to root for Jin Pyo, even though he’s basically an evil murderer, because he’s the only one who cares about the past and its ramifications on the present. When Jin Pyos is the most morally coherent character on a show (now that Young Ju is dead and Nana is mysteriously absent) something is hella wrong.

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kay

          “How is letting the president off the hook good for the public? The president seems pretty crafty to me, pretending to be a good guy and hanging out with such scumbags who he used to get to his position. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be some political mastermind who orchestrated this whole thing to get rid of his enemies…”

          You said it, ladida!! Perhaps THAT is what we all have been strung along to find out – that the person nobody thinks is the REAL BAD ONE is actually THE ONE, while the one we thought is the REAL BAD ONE (Jin-pyo), may actually turn out NOT TO BE the one???

          Maybe that is why Lee Min Ho said that nobody can guess what will happen in CH…

        • Dominique

          But the President does get off without any punishment or jail time in Episode 20.

      • 95.2.3 Dominique

        Regrettably, Episode 20 lets you down in every count.

    • 95.3 sb

      Both you and ladida laid out the glaring flaws so clearly.

      I don’t know why most viewers seem to gloss over these gigantic issues.

      Glad I’m not the only one beating my head against the wall.

    • 95.4 TiaC

      Hmmm… While I agree with you on a few points, there are a couple with which I disagree.

      6. I do find it rather convenient how some of the information was handed out, but I think the assassin’s assistance was warranted to a certain extent. The president did leave him to die without a second thought, so he may be acting like a friend and providing this tidbit merely to assist the enemy of his new enemy.

      5. While I wish Yoon Sung would pull his head out of his ass and ask his secret-service level-4-judo-trained girlfriend to help him, I think it is better that Na Na’s role is decreased in the show rather than force her character into the plot simply for the sake of having her in it. Her own revenge has played out, so her only role could be sassy sidekick, and Yoon Sung cannot have that. Therefore, I am glad that her screentime is limited and we are only treated to a few scenes of her pining for her lover.

      4/3. Agree with you about the pacing. There is still quite a lot to be dealt with in the last episode, and Jae-man is not as interesting a character to drag it out this long. Since he is apparently EVIL incarnate, he is not the most interesting antagonist. But since the president is actually a decent guy with a serious stain on his conscience, I am actually curious to see how he responds to having City Hunter on his tail. And by the serious stain, I mean the ’83 incident, not the birth secret (I don’t quite see it as makjang in this drama, but I do think that it was a lazily-written conflict for Yoon Sung to have to deal with).

      2. I am with you on attacking Sae Hee. That did feel pretty cheap to me. And the whole thing was awkwardly written. The way she was shouting “You cannot attack a prosecutor’s wife!” lead me to believe that she was secretly on the phone with someone, because I couldn’t understand why a person in that dire of a situation would respond so stiffly.

      1. I don’t think that that was the only reason Young Ju was killed. Even before Young Ju died, Yoon Sung was still carrying out his City Hunter activities, chasing down the ’83 file, and had already learned of his parentage. Furthermore, he told Young Ju earlier in the episode that while his revenge was important, that is not the only reason why he brought those men to justice. If revenge had been his only motivator, he would have killed them like Jin Pyo wanted. While Young Ju’s death will certainly provide substantial additional motivation, Yoon Sung is duty bound, and didn’t need Young Ju to die in order to continue with his revenge.

      I think it is appropriate that Young Ju died. He literally gave everything he had to protecting the interests of the citizens, and gives him a way to begin to redeem for his father’s acts of injustice, and his own by not outing his father in the first place.

      *I would just like to say that I am not trying to put City Hunter on a pedestal, because I certainly agree that it isn’t perfect. I just thought I might respond to your contrarian comment

      • 95.4.1 Raine

        You took the words right out of my mouth 😛 Just want to say I pretty much agree with everything you said~

    • 95.5 lena

      It’s close to 1:00 am my time and I’m dead tired on my feet but I just have to say this, in defense of Show:

      Perhaps you are so worked up about the recent turn of events is that you already have preconceived notions of how and why the narrative should unfold? The main reason why I love this show is that (like girlfriday or JB said), its two steps ahead of me. Just when I think I had it all figured out, it totally turns around and does something so unexpected I feel like I was kicked in the guts — like Yoon Ju’s death for instance. And no, I personally don’t think they made him collateral damage. Regardless of whether or not he died, I believe Yoon Sung will still continue to be City Hunter and see it through to the very end.

      Just my 0.02. :)

      • 95.5.1 malta

        I don’t have preconceived notions. But yes, some things I think are based on what my opinion of good storytelling is and my personal philosophy in life (like sexist BS that I will always point out), but so is everyone else’s opinion so that’s basically a wash. Everyone in the audience starts out with these things forming their *perspective* whether they realize it or not, or accept it or not.

        If you don’t come from a particular perspective, and have an opinion on the story and how it’s executed and understand how your own personal philosophy fits or doesn’t fit with the narrative… well then, what defines you as an audience member?
        Writers think about these things and take them seriously! I’m sure the City Hunter writers have been.

        The audience is always the last character in a film, show or play and the writing takes that into account.

        What I wanted and didn’t get from the show was for the show to hold on to the premise that it set up. I’m just pointing out where it veered course IMO for the sake of being unpredictable WITHOUT being as coherent or powerful as it initially was. The point isn’t that the writer’s intended to do what they wrote, birth secrets and all. Obviously they did, since they wrote it….and then filmed it and broadcasted it. The point is that they did it for shock and twist and turns while sacrificing the overall gem of a premise of a show that they started with.

        There is one episode left…when/how will the 20 men betrayed by their own country find justice with Jae man and the president still free? When/how will these 20 men’s names be returned to honor after Jae man called them traitors? When/how will the president deal with the ramifications of his actions from his affair with KH and his de facto abandonment of his child, to his betrayal of those 20 men? When/how will Nana find justice for her parents against the false claims from the accident?etc. etc. Although this series is an origins series, these questions and many more need to be answered within the origins series for the story to have a coherent end. Is there a 2nd season nobody knows about?

        And Young ju death’s purpose is to serve as Yoon sung’s resolve to continue being the City Hunter even AFTER the 5 have been brought to justice. That’s simply the truth. Even people who love everything about the plot in City Hunter say this. Young ju’s death solidifies Yoon sung purpose to be the City Hunter. (This is how it is in the show, and a similar thing happens in the manga although it makes more sense in the manga) It may be ugly to call it collateral damage, but IMO that’s how the show presented it by undercutting the personal weight of the betrayal at Nampo by making the president Yoon sung’s biological dad instead of Mu yeol. Sorry if it’s ugly, but this is a story about revenge.

        • Maymay

          Uh oh!

          Seem like war broke out here on DB.

  96. 96 dls

    one last episode tonight….
    I just can’t believe Youngju died…
    please just let him alive….
    and other twists and stories…
    can they be finished in 1 episode?

  97. 97 Alyssa

    OMG, I LOVE this show!! Poor Young-Joo, poor Sae-Hee. Now give me a happy ending for Yoon-Sung and Nana.

  98. 98 corn tea

    I love the camera work on the scene where YS and YJ met to question each other in the lobby of presumably the justice department. to me, it looks to me like two giants towering over us to keep us safe and protect the world we live in. so beautifully done.

    • 98.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

      @corn tea!!! how awesomely-observant you are!!! YES!!! that’s exactly my thought about that scene!!! wow!!! 😉

    • 98.2 jyyjc

      How observant. I went back to watch that scene because of your comment. Yes I agree with you, the camera work with that use of the backdrop of the city was wonderfully done!

      • 98.2.1 corn tea

        Thanks. I like the addition of ‘camera work with that use of the backdrop of the city was wonderfully done!”

        Cannot help but to link it to Batman. Batman has Gotham city to protect, and our CH has Seoul to protect.

        • olsen

          @CORN TEA

          Like jyyjc, I went back to watch that scene because of your comment.

          great observation

        • Maymay

          The camera work in this show is absolutely amazing. So beautiful to look at.

  99. 99 TiaC

    1. Why is it that everyone in this drama can just hop into the back of a random vehicle and never get caught?

    2. That send off was exactly what was needed to up the stakes for the final episode. Well done!

    3. Anyone else reminded of Boondock Saints at all, with Young Ju supporting Yoon Sung in the end because the law has failed to protect the people? (Of course, it would be even more exciting if I could make a comparison because Young Ju were played as a flamboyant gay man by Willem Dafoe or because Yoon Sung also had Rocco on his team, but I’ll take what I can get)

    • 99.1 CherKell

      LOL TiaC — that’s the same exact words I said to my boyfriend as we were watching Episode 3!! If the City Hunter rolled up his shirt sleeves one day and we saw the words “Veritas” and “Aequitas” tattooed on his arms, I was going to kick out my television! :-)

      Liquid-Snorting Moment While Reading This Recap: “Wonder Twins, Activate!” Now there’s a mental picture that will not go away anytime soon. LOL LOL LOL!!!

      Great job, GF — sitting on pins and needles waiting for Episode 20 to arrive!!

    • 99.2 Maymay


      I guess I have to check out Boondock Saints now.

  100. 100 myo

    OMG I can’t believe Yj died. He’s like the last person u think would die. Arggg..so many emotions going through me now I can’t sleep. Cant wait for the final tomorrow I’m so excited but also so sad don’t want this drama to end.
    Thx for the recap..been waiting all day for this.

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