Dramabeans Podcast #7, Part 1
by | July 17, 2011 | 144 Comments

Podcast #7 is here! Warning: Will be long and meandering.

Also, drunk.

We recorded this podcast (of which there will be three parts) in one monstrously long session, intending to post it in its entirety. The better to monitor the progression of drunkenness, and all that! However, upon listening to our out-of-control rambling, we’ve decided to break it up into parts, since even we think we’re better in smaller doses. Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 soon!

Podcast #7, Part 1:

Total running time: 38:03

In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss:

  • May Madness dramas, the first of which is Baby-Faced Beauty;
  • then move on to Lie To Me (9:55);
  • with a tangent on epic K-pop music videos (19:45);
  • ending with Best Love (27:45).

[ Download Podcast 7, Part 1 ]

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)
Casker – “틈”
Baby-Faced Beauty – “Wonderful Day”
Lie To Me – “Shameless Lie”
Kiss – “Because I Am A Girl”
Lee Soo-young – “Secret”
Best Love OST – “두근두근”
Best Love OST – “내 손을 잡아” (Hold My Hand)


144 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Pika876

    Aha drunk podcast. Thats a first :L

  2. mskololia

    Oh, great. Another installment. Thanks.

  3. corn tea

    were you gals drinking soju?

    • 3.1 Ani

      Sounds like wine.

  4. sarang

    Oh you girls are so much fun, I always enjoy these. Looking forward to part 2 & 3. Much love. <3

  5. adette

    Drunken podcast? Hah. This’ll be good.

    But wow, seven already? Craaazy…

  6. Fall

    ahh I remembered watching both of those “eye” videos lol

    • 6.1 Fall

      I didn’t get some of the Best Love jokes that referred to Korean language and meta until I read your recaps, but it was still a really funny show.

      • 6.1.1 whoneedssleep

        Same here. I commented about that after your final recap. It’s somewhat frustrating but your recaps absolutely help! So thank you! I speak four languages and I have tried to translate jokes many time but had to give up, much to friends’ dismay…. I believe that is because there is more than language that goes into jokes. Often you to know the culture behind it….
        Well, those are my two cents…

      • 6.1.2 gingeranna

        Me too, that’s why I love dramabeans! Not only because of the word puns, that sometimes are translated, but also because of other little references to the korean culture that you put here and there, so that the drama and what’s behind it it’s more understandable. [Example: when you do little post about, I dunno, “oppa” or something, or when you casually add that a good korean education include your mum constantly telling you to bow properly]
        I obviously don’t know korean (even if I can say a few words now, and I also can tell when they speak banmal or jondemal (sp?) and I’m proud of it! Since I sometimes translate to italian, which has a form of “honorific” :] )

  7. mud


  8. Tinka

    Yay!!!! A new podcast!! I’ve so been waiting for one of those!! :DD Thanks you two!!

  9. Dav

    Hot dog! I will drink as I listen – in solidarity!

  10. 10 bluelime

    thanks for the podcast!! <3

    i always enjoy your podcasts!! =)

  11. 11 lilsu

    This “Because I’m a girl” MV was even famous in Turkey (but as a “Chinese video” heh) That was a time I didn’t know anything about kdramas xDD

    • 11.1 lilsu

      Thx for the insightful podcast ^^
      And I like your drunken podcast hehe
      at least this part was quite fun to listen

    • 11.2 pininci

      i thought of the same thing when i had just heard the giving eye thing 😀 it was totally like a forward mail thing. people was recommending the video and saying they cried.

      i love your podcasts. just post the rest already 😛

    • 11.3 tweetiepie

      I just saw the video (it was before my time) its like the story from stairway to heaven (the MV actor was the second lead) (that was such an unnecessarily tear jerking melodrama!!). Like someone said below and this made me laugh why not only donate 1 eye, and where in the world would doctors AGREE to remove eyes from one living person to transplant them to another?!! (at least stairway to heaven killed the donor first)….

  12. 12 sandra

    I’m exited for this drunk podcast ;D hope you post the rest soon ^^

    • 12.1 sandra

      as for Best Love, maybe because i’ve caught the hang of korean *though can’t speak it*, most the jokes do translate for the most part.

      as long as you understand the culture and you’re listening to the person speaking, not just their voice but their tone,etc. it does translate pretty good ;D

      • 12.1.1 tweetiepie

        Same here, and maybe cause I speak Japanese, the humor is not dissimilar so I don’t have problems with the jokes, but the more particular references to pop-culture or history do need explaining and so am really thankful for JB and GF for explaining those, and I actually do find translated jokes funny 🙂

  13. 13 Pepper Fish

    July Jollies?

  14. 14 xylophonic

    Hahahahaha! Sounds like the next one is where the fun really starts, hm?

    This one was great too, I actually really enjoyed your rant on melodramatic music videos, haha. So funny. I actually had a similar conversation with a guy from work, and we were talking about how we went to this asian noraebang (the only one in the city, ha). When I went there I was with my friends and they had a selection of popular Western music, and though I could do the Korean stuff they couldn’t, so we just went with the Rihanna, Queen, etc. What was hilarious was that no matter how white trash the song was the music video playing was really melodramatic, teary and taken straight from another Asian music video. And my coworker and I were talking about how we amused ourselves by trying to guess what was happening in the video (he’s a hardass gangster, she’s the sheltered girl dying of cancer who softens him up, etc.) Haha, it was great.

    I look forward to your next installment!

  15. 15 Jo

    Sanghee or whatever was great in “White Christmas”.
    Best dramas in life?:
    1. Comrades
    2. White Christmas

    I agree about the “jokes not translating” because I understand but when I discuss dramas with my friends they don’t think it is funny.

    • 15.1 Pepper Fish

      Wow, I totally missed that what’s his name was in White Christmas. Great Catch.

    • 15.2 vic

      white christmas was a masterpiece !!!

    • 15.3 danna

      I thought he was hot in WC but not good…his character may have been a genius but didn’t have much to work on, unlike most of the others… so despite having the most screencaps of him from the drama he was not my favorite…eitherways LOVE White Christmas…kinda reminded me of JXF actually

    • 15.4 asianromance

      I loved him in White Christmas. He did well in his role! Then again that drama was well-written and it was an ensemble cast, so he had less of a burden to carry. And his role in Lie to Me wasn’t the best practice for developing one’s acting.

    • 15.5 ahjummabunny

      and he was also in personal taste as a model in the first episode.

  16. 16 grace

    LOLLLLLLL <3 you guys crack.me.up.

  17. 17 spazzy06

    Yay! I love your podcasts.

    I can’t wait to listen to it.

  18. 18 Dav

    I think the language barrier is tough. If the subtitles are good enough, you can get a good sense of the undertones, but I think the broader language humor is easier to communicate than some of the slyer jokes. The star symbolism in You’re Beautiful worked well; I think the potato/flower stuff didn’t quite have the same power, and I am sure I missed a lot of jokes. The scat humor . . . not quite so funny in English, I don’t think.

    But it’s interesting that I experience these things as being funny once I’ve read the recaps – it’s like retroactive humor. But there’s never the surprise of some totally awesome joke from nowhere. (But it’s not like there’s not plenty of humor that comes across well – that jajangmyun on a roller coaster still gets me.)

    • 18.1 Dav

      Also: my Korean is just getting to the point where I’m not purely reading the subtitles, and that’s really helping. My vocabulary is still very small, but even a little can take some of the brain power off reading and to watching, and that really helps, especially when the actors/editing is good. Half the humor is in the character reaction, at least.

      I don’t think the difference between “no Korean” and “a little Korean” is as big as the difference between “a little Korean” and “intermediate”, but I could be wrong.

      • 18.1.1 ahjummabunny

        I’m there too. I’m even lippenreading when I’m not watching with sounds. my sister is always complaining about me pausing the show to explain what was actually said versus the subtitles because subtitles sometimes suck the life out of a conversation.

  19. 19 ajewell

    Aww, it was just getting good – I want more! 😉

    As for the language-based jokes… I personally find them funny if someone takes the time to explain them. Though of course not being privy to the language is a guarantee that certain things *are* going to fly over our heads no matter how hard we try to comprehend them.

    On the plus-side, there are other cues within that sort of joke which I’m able to respond to just as strongly – 1N2D is a perfect example, since a lot of the humor is language-based, particularly within their games. So, even when I don’t get the joke in its entirety, just the reactions from the members is enough to get me laughing (some of their expressions when they’re being particularly clever are hilarious). And like they say – laughter is contagious – so sometimes that’s all it really takes. So I don’t really think it’s always necessary to understand a joke completely; though, of course, it doesn’t hurt.

    If given the choice, I’d still prefer to have an extensive understanding of the language though, lol.

  20. 20 ilikehim

    That’s why it’s best to read Hong Sisters dramas recaps here..because you are Korean and can best explain the jokes that non-korean watchers AND recappers would totally miss.

  21. 21 Petunia

    I guess the old adage is true. The more you drink the more brilliant your brain feels.
    Enjoyed the pod, thanks again.

  22. 22 snow

    hahaha really enjoyed this podcast. i think the drunkenness really helped, it was hilarious.

  23. 23 Duh-duh

    You can have a recap about which Hong sister’s dramas you like the best (top 3).

  24. 24 Laerasyn

    I think that some of the humor does indeed fall a little flat when you don’t understand the language. Which is why I always appreciate you explaining them for me! However, as you said, jokes are never quite as funny if you have to have it explained. However, the whole butt hole thing… that was pretty funny even when I didn’t get the linguistics behind it.
    There were a lot of things in Best Love, however, that confused the hell out of me until I read your recaps. The camellia flowers, the potatoes… I always got on basic level what the stuff was supposed to represent, but not how it was integrated into the conversation. And sometimes, if the subtitles weren’t really really good, I’d completely lose what they were really talking about in the first place.

    • 24.1 Laerasyn

      I just realized that was, like, four “however”s in a row. The writer in me is ashamed. I may just be more drunk right now than you were in this podcast. *puts down the Bailey’s*

  25. 25 Cynthia

    Loved this recap – listening to you two slowly getting “gooned” was cracking me up!

    Interesting question you posed of does the “meta” come through for non-speaking (Korean) viewers for GL/BL?

    Speaking for myself, I’d have to say a resounding “NO”. The best I can describe it is going to a party where everyone is in on the joke except me. And that was apparent pretty much from ep. 1, on.

    Reading your recaps helped somewhat, but it was still frustrating because I KNEW that the scene content was “meatier” than what I was getting, and I just couldn’t feel/react properly.

    I love the Hong sisters, not only for their fresh approach to story-telling, but particularly when I see them using pop-culture USA references (Like the use of having Dokko-Jin watching John Stewart on TV (or was it S. Colbert? Can’t recall) to learn English. That kind of thing tickles me, but I really hate it when dialogue content goes flying over my head cause I can’t understand WHY something appears to be humorous (or sad). I really wanted to love Best Love, but just didn’t.

    Thanks for the podcast. ladies – just tell me that the next part is going to be all about City Hunter, Miss Ripley and Lee Min Ho. I really need to hear you two talking about him while drunk! Please?!

    • 25.1 Molly

      Totally agree! Can’t wait to hear JB/GF talk about City Hunter and Miss Ripley. 🙂

      • 25.1.1 CoH

        Me too! Anticipation!!

  26. 26 gingeranna

    Cool! This is the first podcast in which I know all the dramas you discuss!!! 😀

  27. 27 vic

    drunk women lmao

  28. 28 Brian

    The discussion about the epic music videos was awesome. I love over the top melodramatic things like that. Plus you guys are awesomely funny too!

  29. 29 Qd

    Yay! Podcast! I needed this after a short holiday and coming back to food poisoning yesterday! eek!!!!
    Anyway, Drubnken Podcast!!! Love it! SOLD! hehe.. cant wait for next installment…kekeke…

    As for Best Love!! I definitely need to read your recaps to not miss a thing as a non-korean. So I want to say BIG THANK YOU and give it a shot what you 2 are wondering about non-koreans take and understandability about Best Love. On the whole, Best Love has humor & comedy that universally understandable but I appreciate their writing, meta-references, script, the scenes & even the acting more because of your recaps. It is true that I missed alot of this as one those relying on subtitles but with Best Love you can miss really deepers meanings. When we DokkoGirls created this blog I learned new things all the time eg, flowers, kuekbok & potato. The only thing that I was left wanting from your recaps is your BEST LOVE for it because I wish both of you loved it the best just like I do! 😛 I guess it would mean so much more if you do. (Does this make sense? lol If you both were drunk I must be high on meds!!! lol)

    BFB, will definitely be on my to watch list as I think the workplace-fashion premise sounds interesting actually. LTM I didnt last first few episodes as there is just too many better dramas I have yet to watch.

    Missing Beanies…unable to gain any internet access while away at the Lakes for Friday thread..hope everyone had a good weekend!!! *waves* to MJP, Samgetang, ahjummabunny, Viola, Izzie, Jomo, Sethe, zgznoona, ricky the royal highness~~~~~ Hope this finds you well.

    • 29.1 MJP

      Qd!!!!! *HUGS HUGS and more HUGS*

      I was just thinking about you. REALLY!!!!

      Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Are you feeling better now?

      Viola was MIA also. Ricky the Royal Highness decided to become a spy and we believe it may have frightened Viola. However, it is purely conjecture at this point, we are waiting for proof.

      Everyone was throwing zingers left and right, as usual.

      • 29.1.1 Qd

        Aww!!!! Huggies back!!!! I am much better now thank you!!! Thank goodness it was food poisoning only after my trip. Went to the lakes to the world Beatrix Potter! And I saw rabbits too at hilltop garden!!!! kekeke… My hubby said to me : ‘that was a good trip to Harry Potter isnt?’ LMAO!

        Viola! MIA? A Royal Spy? That is a first!! I have been missing alot! Why was viola frightened by a spy? Is Viola a secret agent too? Was Viola her true identity was exposed by our royal spy? lol I thought I’d give my own zinger kekeke… 😛

    • 29.2 Sethe

      Hi Qd!

      Good to see you again! Missed you on the OT this weekend. (You always add a little more CSW, and I felt the lack this time around.) Are you over the food poisoning now? Hope your weekend was good otherwise (although, how good it could be without internet access, I don’t know).

      I haven’t listened to this Podcast yet — will do that tonight after work. Looking forward to it!

      • 29.2.1 Qd

        Sethe! I missed you too!!!!!!!!!! No Food Poisoning now! Had lots of vitaminwater!!! hehehe! That definitely did the trick! lol You are right about NO INTERNET ACCESS I had nightmares before the trip, thank goodness I only had a 1 day withdrawal from not being able to check it. After that all went well! Looks like I dont need to go to internet rehab! lol

        This Podcast is Brilliant! I hope you enjoyed it! I cant wait for Podcast no 2!!!

        I thought I’d leave you with some Dokko treats but beware its literally JUICY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those who want a peek – You have been forewarned RIGHT NOW!!!

        • Sethe

          Just watched your video. Nice! Loved the “right now.” And the eating the orange was actually a little bit scary (but then, CSW does scary in a very good way). Thanks 🙂

          Oh, I miss Dokko Jin…

        • samgetang

          Qd! Thanks for the treat! CSW rocks in this CF! “Right now!” sounded like “Ding Dong!” to me, hahaha! What was he saying the rest of the time? who knows?

    • 29.3 samgetang


      *waves back*

      Hope you are feelin’ much better now from the food poisoning.

      I did not dwell much in last Friday’s OT but surely missed yr presence there…


      What happened to Viola?

      And why does Ricky suddenly want to be a spy?

      Im missing a lot … 🙂

      • 29.3.1 Qd

        Does a virtual wave to Samgetang with flying hugs and kisses~~~

        Kamsahamida, I am much better today Thank You!!! Have been JUICED up *wink* lol Oh!!! I missed all of you very much! I dont dare to even look at friday thread as I will go all regretful not chasing down a internet cafe at the lakes to have a good beanie weekly catch up!!!! Missed you very much Samgetang! I hope you are well and life is kind to you, my friend!


        • samgetang

          Good to hear that, Qd! (btw, what does yr handle stand for? Q-tie damsel? 🙂

          Life is well, my friend. Challenges are everywhere but so do graces abound…. 🙂

          Ive peeped in once or twice in last Friday’s OT myself but got distracted along the way (was writing a play for the kids…mind was flying in all sorts of directions…haha!)

          Well, which kdrama have you been watching lately, dear Qd? 😉 Hope to catch you there/in its recap here in DB…

          In the meantime, stay well and good! Hugs and kisses, too! 🙂

      • 29.3.2 ricky the royal highness

        I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to reply to you on the OT. (I’m taking my time from grading papers and secretly reading the latest posts on DB – Don’t tell the cranky senior teacher!)

        I’m just giving in to my urges to become a kick-ass spy because I’ve been watching Myung Wol The Spy. When Best Love aired, I desperately wanted to be Pororo and a Potato Farmer. I’m weird like that 🙂

        I hope you’re able to read this, samgetang.

        Happy days, ahead!

        • samgetang

          Ricky, no worries! Been busy too with the kids…nah! not mine, haha! The kids I help in my volunteer work…

          Now my kdrama addiction comes in handy: we are staging a play that the kids created themselves and I helped them do the first draft of the play.

          Nothing is wasted in our experiences with kdrama. I bet you are a better teacher because of it. (But, yes, dont tell the senior teacher…not yet…unless he/she gets into kdrama too haha!)

          Oh! So that’s why…Myung Wol is making you want to lead a double life as a spy. Great! Haha! That’s next in my kdrama to-watch list…

          I guess Viola might be sulking somewhere. Well, you know…Harry Potter’s last book turned into movie, right? End of an era. Viola might be suffering from withdrawal symptoms…

          • ricky the royal highness

            “Nothing is wasted in our experiences with kdrama”

            Haha. That’s so true! I can’t count how many times my Big-Eye Expression made some of my students cringe in uncomfortable silence. Bwa Ha Ha *evil teacher grin*

            If cranky senior teacher discovered Kdramas, it would definitely make her less unlikeable.

            Yes, so many theories about the disappearance of Viola. Hmm only during the next OT can we find out more about it.

    • 29.4 ahjummabunny

      waving at our kyu dddie!!!

      • 29.4.1 Qd

        waves back to ahjummababyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! How is baby??? Gives a virtual tickle! kekeke…..

    • 29.5 ricky the royal highness

      *stands on office desk and waves back*

      How ya doing Qd?!!

      You missed the OT. Join us later this week yeah 🙂

      Yep, Viola has gone missing and I had to employ every Spy Skills I’ve learned from watching Myung Wol The Spy to track her down. And that, my dear Qd, ended horribly!

      A Happy Week for you!

    • 29.6 izzie


      missed ya. 😉

      What? Food poisoning? Eek!

      Didn’t Dokko Jin tell you that you have to wait for the potato to flower to make sure it ain’t poisonous anymore?
      But I’m glad you’re okay now. I would’ve asked Dr. Pil-Joo to check on you if you’re still feeling weak and all.

      And heeeyyyyy… glad that you had a great time during the weekend. (Except for the food poisoning part.) Sometimes it feels good to get off the grid, no?

      *thinks picnics with Dokko Jin*

      Have a great week! 😉 *HUGS*

  30. 30 madola

    are these podcasts in english? j/w cux i havent actually heard any of them’ but i want to !

    • 30.1 Arhazivory

      lol. Most definitely.

  31. 31 Bluefyre

    WAH…too short =/ Can’t wait for the other parts!! Yay! Please post them soon!!

    Thank you both!

  32. 32 blueangel

    Love your podcast cast. I don’t care if you guys(girls) are in drunken state or sober state as long as there are postcast. Keep them coming!

  33. 33 b

    Thanks for this podcast. Love hearing your voices as always.
    The meta and cultural references, and a lot of the funny, would most definitely have been lost without your recaps on someone like me, even with the help of great subs. Best Love, for example, would still have been amusing, no doubt, but it became doubly entertaining with your recaps. I appreciate all your hard work. And you girls totally crack me up. I can’t wait for the next installment 😀

  34. 34 hellokittylvr

    It’s true that there’s that missing level when it comes to the jokes while you’re watching. But after I read your recap and you explained the whole Dokko and Dongko (?) joke I would then laugh fully understanding the joke every time he was called that from then on. Sadly if it’s not a reoccurring joke it can at times be not as funny. So yeah there is that lost in translation feel but your recaps coupled with the English subtitles really help 🙂

  35. 35 doozy

    Your podcasts are always entertaining! Love that you both are happy drunks. heheheh

    Thanks, javabeans and girlfriday! Looking forward to parts 2 and 3.

  36. 36 Katasu1996

    Thanks for the podcast. actually the funny that was on best love did translate to me. if you watch Korean dramas enough, eventually you catch on to some of the words. So I understood alot of the puns. Also I felt their metaphors were helpful in being visual enough for English speaking viewers. Like how dokgo’s mustache looked like cow, if you watch the show with subs, you understand that the character for cow is on his face. I personally don’t find it hard.

  37. 37 trixicopper

    I can’t be the only one who now wants to see some of those MVs. Just for the whole train wreck aspects. 🙂

  38. 38 samsooki

    My first pod-cast!

    I love k-pop videos. I have practically all of them on my hard-disk.

    Kiss – Because I am a girl. (my precursor to k-dramas).

    Among the things that are awesome about this video (there are many) is the guy’s reaction to things. She shows up in his life and he is taken by her. Then she has her accident, and what does he do but take responsibility. Then he finally has to make the decision of whether to stay with her and burden her or not, and he makes that decision too.

    Whether you agree or not with his choices, or say that he should have at least consulted her before making these choices, well, yeah, maybe he should have, but he did what he could to make things right. Not everything goes as planned, but how we react to the obstacles in our life define us. And I felt like the man in the video (Shin Hyun Joon) was consistent.

    The other favorite that I have (and still play every now and then) is Lee Seung Hwan’s Fault. In this music video, a poor girl in a wheelchair is the main character, and she side-walk performs with a marionette to earn money.

    She’s given a robot friend to help her by a kind engineer. The two become inseparable but what happens is that the robot’s energy level goes poof when he’s holding onto the wheel chair and the wheel chair goes tumbling and breaks. She’s left without a means to get around and the robot then goes away.

    The next day the kind engineer gives the poor girl another present, and this time it is an awesomer wheel chair, and then suddenly she realizes that her wheel chair is the robot.


    While jb and gf see the humor in the over-the-top-ness of the videos like this, with the incredible tales of sacrifice that leave melted hearts and weepiness abounding, I sort of turn a blind eye to everything but the music, the lyrics (if relevant) and the love story.

    For me, it is a temporary escape to a place where people give up everything for the sake of others, and it makes me feel better, given that I work in a field where I do my best to make sure that my clients give up nothing for the sake of anyone.


    LOVE the pod-cast, jb and gf!

    • 38.1 samgetang

      Thanks, samsooki. Who writes these MVs? They may be over the top by the world’s standards but they give people some hope that rare it may be, sacrifice of this kind do and can happen.

      I think it’s all about perspective. If we lose the magic in these things then what would separate us human beings from animals? And even some animals do sacrifice themselves for their young. 😉

      • 38.1.1 rainerust

        LOL it was Kiss that got me hooked on k dramas, frankly speaking.

        I think whether or not the video is hilarious is dependent on your mood when you watch it. I first watched Kiss when I was away from home, and alone at night, and therefore wept like mad when the whole accident happened, and when the man was being a Noble Idiot. The next time I watched it, I was surrounded with friends, and I was laughing like mad at how over the top the whole video was. So yeah. But I still love the video. Great storytelling.

        There’s also one, by VIBE, called Orae orae (I think that translates to A Long Time in English, but I could be wrong since I don’t really speak Korean)… Has anyone seen that? It’s a little convoluted, but anyway it’s an amazing song and I had fun trying to work out the plot for the storyline in the MV.

  39. 39 samsooki


    I tear up a little bit every time I see these videos. It’s like getting a 16 episode drama in 6 mins.


    • 39.1 rainerust

      I do agree! It’s especially amazing how much story can be squeezed in (with basically the lyrics acting as narrative). Some dramas could take a leaf from their books (for succinct storytelling I mean).

  40. 40 samsooki

    Oh, if ppl haven’t seen Kiss’ Because I’m a Girl, this is the MV:


    • 40.1 Dav

      Ahahaha! That is amazing.

    • 40.2 b

      Those videos were great. Thanks for posting the links 😀

    • 40.3 samgetang

      samsooki, thanks. the MV is almost like a short film in itself. did the girl let the guy know that she knows in the end? does these things happen in real life? and he’s a photographer…losing the eyes is more than losing them, its losing his whole identity. Argggh!

      • 40.3.1 samsooki

        Well, that’s the question right?

        Does the girl acknowledge to the guy that she knows, she’s grateful, she’s so sorry, and she loves him?

        But for whose benefit would that kind of acknowledgement be?

        You gotta think that the guy did what he did because he didn’t want the girl to spend the rest of her life in pitch black prison, physical or emotional. As it were, she found out anyway, and now she’s in that emotional prison despite his efforts.

        Another layer of sadness to the end of the story.

        • samgetang

          Whose benefit?

          Yes, now that you mention it, acknowledgement or acting on one’s knowledge is what the guy does not want the girl to do. If he wanted that he would have let the girl know about his plans. That’s why in this world, where “me” comes first, this rubs off people the wrong way ’cause it does not benefit the self at all.

          No wonder they call it “noble idiocy”, reflecting the popular world view — anything that you do that does not ultimately benefit yourself is tantamount to idiocy.

          Ironically, although western media is replete with this theme of self above all I wonder why asian media specifically Korean dramas/films which runs counter to this theme is making such a huge wave globally. Would this mean that people in fact are really hungry for nobility ’cause its so rare. People crave for the rare and the one-of-a-kind. No one searches for common and mundane things. We always crave for excellence or beauty or the best in this or that…specially in how we deal with one another and our world.


          Thanks, samsooki…

  41. 41 78446

    hmmmm…I’ve been a Hong sisters fan for years and I’ve watched all of their dramas so maybe I’m not the best person to say that their writing style is difficult for non-Koreans to understand. The thing is, because their brand of humor is so layered, every time i rewatch any of their dramas, I always find something new to laugh about. If it’s an HS drama, I know to concentrate on the dialogue because it’s chockful of double-speak and metaphor. I don’t get some of the language-centric jokes, though, but the metaphor and the parodies always come across for some reason.

    On a side note, I understood why the name Go Mi Nam is funny (because of kkot minami shineyo ) but I still don’t understand why Sam Soon is a funny name.

    • 41.1 chace

      Sam Soon, Kkot Soon, Bok Soon, Sam Shik …
      names like these are perceived as being old-fashioned, outdated, provincial and not “hip” enough for
      modern sensibilities. For simplicity’s sake, think of
      Sam Soon as being the equivalent of a name like
      Eleanor or Bernadette. Definitely not a modern name
      like Madison or Paige.

    • 41.2 birdscout

      I’m certainly not an expert, but this is my understanding of why “Sam-soon” is not so much a “funny” name, but rather an old-fashioned and undesirable name:

      “soon” is a traditional ( ie old-fashioned) way to indicate a girl (vs “shik” which indicates a boy. In fact, in the drama, KSA’s character calls Hyun Bin’s character “Sam-shik” at times.) And “sam” means “three”. So, her name literally means “Third girl”, as she is the third daughter born to this family. This is a pretty unimaginative, old-fashioned generic name, and I believe this is why she always wanted to legally change it.

      (side note: I believe the poster above, samsooki, chose his name from this drama, if I remember correctly:)

      • 41.2.1 samsooki


      • 41.2.2 78446

        @chace and birdscout: aaah, I get it now.

        Yikes, I gotta go rewatch MNKSS. When I first watched it, I never understood why people went pfffft when they heard her name. Or for that matter, why she called Jin Hoon Sam Shik, heh. This probably accounts for my obsession with proper subtitles because Koreans seem to use puns a lot, which always gets lost on me. If I had known about the Sam Soon/”third girl” thing before, I think I would have found the drama a lot funnier.

  42. 42 nonski

    thanks! i have been waiting for the new podcast! weeeeeeeeeeeh!

  43. 43 Maricel

    I think you should get a dj, the music is kind of out of place…but i loved your postcast…

    it’s real that we don’t get to appreciate all of Hong sisters’s jokes. when they are funny situations like in yab, they crack me /us up, but when they are in words we are more oblivious , at least I am. For instance in Yab, if you read the name in English it’s like …nice….but then in Korean it relates to the name of the minam and all, so it’s wittier. The same happens with butthole Dokko jin XD

    i must add that you’re heartless…how could you say that about the video of Kiss???…it made me cried a lot…with your comments i thought How did i fall for that crap?!!! U.U…the vid of Lee Sung Gi sounded funny ( i don’t know if that was the name you mentioned)
    Most of the time i’m a fan of your recaps, but now i’m certainly a fan of your postcasts!!!

  44. 44 blueFish

    been waiting for this!!

    off to listen..

  45. 45 Lucky

    You gals are so cute. Funny as always 😀

  46. 46 evelia

    Thanks for the podcast! Looking forward to part 2 and 3!

  47. 47 Daniela

    Drunk podcast! Was great.
    Just a few things:
    1. One of the things why I love Dramabeans is because if i dont know how to put an idea, I always find someone who says the things that I want in a better way. What Javabeans said about baby faced beauty is absolutely my feeling. Just, I feel like So Young grows a spine towards the end. Every challenge it was a new obstavle to jump. The only time where I feel she didn’t deserved to win it was in the Romantic look. For me, that dress was…not pretty. Almost awful. And the designs of Yoon Seo were good too (any girl who is going to have her Quince Años party would kill for the second dress she design for Seul Ah).
    Aw, Daniel Choi. And the president! My heart ached for him.
    2. Lie to me. I already said what I think.
    3.Best Love. I lost some of the jokes, mostly when they were word plays, like the example. But the recaps were of much help (thank you!) and there were other funny parts, so no complains.

    Waiting for the next part!

    • 47.1 Daniela

      Or is it word games?

  48. 48 crazedlu

    dude.. excited for the next few podcasts. hope they come at us quickly. i totally would’ve tuned into the entire thing. haha.

  49. 49 oddworld

    Are Javabeans and Girl Friday Korean?

  50. 50 :D

    next time can you guys do another drunk podcast, but drink VODKA???

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