Dramabeans Podcast #7, Part 3
by | July 22, 2011 | 66 Comments

And now we conclude this drunken experiment.

The casualty count? Two and a half bottles of wine, two shots of soju, one glass of scotch, half a beer.

The results? Unclear. You be the judge.

Podcast #7, Part 3:

Running time: 51:59

[ Download Part 3 ]

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In which we:

  • discuss Miss Ripley, family names and clans, and our hazy understanding of marriage laws, with a short detour back to Last Match;
  • drink some more (0:00-51:59);
  • talk about Myung-wol the Spy (19:20);
  • talk about You’ve Fallen For Me / Heartstrings (29:49);
  • revisit City Hunter again, whoops (37:28);
  • talk about drinking (39:40);
  • ramble about blood types (42:20);
  • and more about drinks and the drunky (46:33).

Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

Miss Ripley OST – “그대가 아니면” (Spanish Ver.)
Myung-wol the Spy OST – “사랑이 무서워”
You’ve Fallen For Me OST – “넌 내게 반했어”
Baek Ji-young – “I Can’t Drink”


66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jane

    I haven’t heard any of your podcasts, but I’m looking forward to downloading them as soon as I have the chance to. Based on how great GF and JB’s writing are, I can only imagine what fun you ladies are while drunk.

  2. mskololia

    Yay, the final installment. I see more on LMH…. LOL.

    • 2.1 mykdramaself

      city hunter again!yahooo!!!

  3. Amg1

    Thanks a lot for your hard work!!!!!!!

    You guys have become my favorite “Borrachas,” (Spanish for drunken ones, Hahahahaah!!!!!
    : 0 }

    • 3.1 Amg1

      JB hearing you sound so drunk is the coolest thing in the world!!! You guys made my day!!!!!

  4. Cynthia

    Oooo…JB, you weren’t kidding. You DO slurrrrrrrr – how funny to hear slurry giggling! And GF, your giggling gets more manic but you’re totally clear.

    Congrats on your drunken podcast!

  5. faan

    Ahahaha you two are totally my noona crushes now. You should definitely have more of these drunken podcasts!

  6. thefool

    hahahaha this was toooo funny! 😀
    i loved this experiment

  7. Blue1004

    OMG, I love all the slurring! Definitely the best podcast!

    By the way, JB and GF were talking about Koreans with the same last name and clan being prohibited from marrying each other. That’s no longer true as the law has been ruled unconstitutional in 1997.


    So we can marry freely!

    • 7.1 Noelle

      Don’t they do blood tests before marriage? Wait what’s the rule in Korea…like in the US it’s legal to marry third cousins but like in Russia the person has to be seven generations away from yourself in order for it not to be considered incest.

      • 7.1.1 Noelle

        Wait, is it generations? (thinking face)

      • 7.1.2 yimnara

        Actually, in the US, it is legal in most states for first cousins to marry each other O.o

        • yimnara

          ok- about 60% of them allow it… had to go and look it up before i spread mad info about the states to other countries erroneously!

        • Cynthia

          Yeah. Ask Jerry Lee Lewis. He married his 14 year old cousin. Squick factor ginormously high for that event…

      • 7.1.3 gingeranna

        In Italy I think it’s legal to marry third cousins but you have to take genetic tests because it can be dangerous… It’s also illegal to marry between (oh I don’t know if I can translate this one) an adopted child and the natural son of the parents. o_O I think this is the point they were discussing?

        Anyway you both sound lovely! I’d so love to drink soju with you and chat about dramas XD

      • 7.1.4 gingeranna

        In Italy I think it’s legal to marry third cousins but you have to take genetic tests because it can be dangerous… It’s also illegal to marry between (oh I don’t know if I can translate this one) an adopted child and the natural son of the parents. o_O I think this is the point they were discussing?

        Anyway you both sound lovely! I’d so love to drink soju with you and chat about dramas XD

    • 7.2 Blue1004

      In Korea, you have to be more than 8 chons apart (for those blood-related) and more than 6 chons apart otherwise to marry.

      To explain chon, it’s a degree of kinship. Parent and child are one “chon” apart. Siblings are two “chons” apart. Uncles/aunts are three “chons” apart. First cousins are four “chons” apart. And so forth.

      So second cousins are six “chons” apart and can’t marry each other in Korea. And umm, third cousins are eight “chons” apart and can’t marry each other either. Anyone more than eight chons apart, you can marry.

      What JB and GF were referring to is clan names. I think they explained it well despite their drunken state. Basically, Korean family names are separated further into clans. In the past, if you belonged to the same clan of the same family name, for example Gimhae Kim with another Gimhae Kim, you couldn’t marry each other. I just pointed out to them that that’s no longer the case in Korea.

      Here’s a brief explanation:

  8. Fall

    FDR married his first cousin.

    • 8.1 Fall

      I love listening to the podcasts 🙂 so entertaining

    • 8.2 Yeong-Il

      No he didn’t. Eleanor was Franklin’s either fifth cousin once removed, or his sixth cousin, depending on the source. Eleanor’s UNCLE was Theodore Roosevelt.

  9. mskololia

    That whole cousin thingy….just stay away from it. Period. There are how many OTHER ppl on the planet? 🙂

    BTW JB, you do sound drunk.

  10. 10 MJP

    You guys are way too funny!!!

  11. 11 cingdoc

    OUCH….I wouldn’t want to know how bad the hangovers were the next morning….
    but you ladies are too cute :))) (drunk or not )
    (btw,I love ALL these discussions abt my LMH)..more..hehe..MOAR

  12. 12 bluelime

    thanks!! =) this podcast made my day!!

  13. 13 b

    omg, javabeans. You sound adorable drunk. Were you drooling as well? 😀

    • 13.1 b

      Not that you don’t sound adorable not drunk 😀

      I’ve just finished listening to the entire podcast. I thought you were both hilarious. I hope the next podcast comes sooner than later 😀

  14. 14 Noelle

    I have a feeling this might be epic. Thanks for the podcasts!

  15. 15 HeadsNo.2

    Hahaha I haven’t even listened to this part of the podcast yet, but I *LOVE* the “revisit City Hunter again, whoops (37:28)”…

    Y’all keep going back to it because it’s sooooo awesome. I could listen to you guys talk about that show all day!

    • 15.1 HeadsNo.2

      Reading over that now it sounds sarcastic… totally not meant to be. I literally do love you guys. 🙂 Fighting! I hope to see lots more podcasts in the future!!!

  16. 16 MeeisLee

    As much as I love your podcasts, I was really hoping for some more comments about May Madness and July Jolly (anyone have a better alliteration?). Aw. But I still love whatever podcast you post :).

  17. 17 Noelle

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! OMG you guys are three sheets to the wind.

  18. 18 maria

    okay, i’m really trying to listen to the thought of your conversation, except i keep giggling at all your slurring. LOOOL saturday drunkspiration!!!!! 🙂

  19. 19 Nonbirira

    You two are TOO funny! (When I download the file and open it in iTunes, the genre automatically comes up Blues…which makes me laugh!)

  20. 20 ck1Oz

    LOLOL.If ONLY you actually filmed it for posterity as well.

  21. 21 Mena

    from all the comments i think this podcast is good can’t wait off to download it.

  22. 22 Daniela

    I loved this podcast. So much fun. Good experiment!

  23. 23 Lisa

    Is the picture a screenshot of a drama? If so, which one?

    • 23.1 ilikehim

      I am gonna guess Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance.

    • 23.2 sb

      I believe it’s from a drinking interview with Han Hyo-joo soon after Shining Inheritance wrapped, or near the end of it.

  24. 24 FunnyBunny

    Hahaha! Hangovers aside, I gotta admit I wish I was there slurring and giggling with the two of you. You guys are amazing and hilarious in writing as well as out!
    Cheers ^_^

  25. 25 lalala

    I think it might be a little irresponsible to trivialize drinking alcohol, when you may have some follower that may be underage. Just a thought…

  26. 26 Noelle

    I just love how GF sounds completely sober. I can only tell from the giggling.

  27. 27 danna

    can we have a hangover edition of your podcast next..that would be even more fun..though I’m guessing that you wont be much able to talk

  28. 28 Diane

    I didn’t know Last Match was about basketball! Totally watching it now.

    That’s probably why it worked so well. I’ve found that the most popular manga/manhwa and therefore anime & related dramas about sports are only popular and good if they’re about basketball or tennis (Prince of Tennis and Ace wo Narae). So it figures that the same rules apply in Korea.

    Totally watching that drama now.

    (Thanks for the bit about clans and step-siblings, btw, I’ve always wondered why the girl in Piano was so freaked out by her dirty, dirty love when marrying a step-sibling isn’t a massive deal here. Not that it happens, and not that you won’t be ~judged~ but it’s not wrist-slitting material.)

  29. 29 mellowyel

    “I’m totally Type A, except when I’m not.” For some reason this cracked. me. up.

    I think you guys managed to give a lot of insight and be interesting despite progressing levels of intoxication, so thanks! It was really fun to listen to. I might just store it under my comedy playlist to listen to when I need a good laugh 🙂 (maybe I’ll drink too!)

  30. 30 Gee

    “if you don’t measure it, how can you recreate it? how can you know???”

    so yeah… my mother gave up on teaching me how to cook, coz I can’t get the concept of ‘you just know’

  31. 31 samsooki

    in vino veritas. =D

  32. 32 Dav

    So did poor Erin have to piggy-back the two of you home?

    I would totally fly out to California (?) to be part of the drunk podcast. Seriously. Well, not the podcast. More the drunk-talking-about-dramas bit.

  33. 33 MsScorpion


    I kept giggling all through 😀

    By the way…I feel like I’m totally missing out on Myong Wol the spy for not speaking Korean 🙁

  34. 34 MyLabyrinth

    … Im sat here at 12.30am in England trying to sort my ipod playlists for holiday…and I fly early hours in the morning. So I thought I’d just have a quick look at my go-to-site for recaps and drama/movie news, and yay you have the 7/-3 podcast up! 😀 Btw, at around 7.00min I noticed Girlfriday still sounds pretty clear and sobre, were you drinking from a smaller glass? ;p

  35. 35 Sam

    That discussion about marriage laws cracked me up! Mi Ri and Yoo Hyun were definitely step-siblings and it’s not illegal in the U.S. to marry step-siblings because there is no blood relation. If they had been half-siblings instead, it would have been illegal. Strangely, it’s legal to marry your first cousin in some states. It’s legal in the state I live in.

  36. 36 Monica

    This is my first time listening to your podcasts, and I have to say, this was freaking hysterical!! It kind of makes me want to do this with my friends. ‘Course, I’m not old enough to drink yet… This was hysterical! I totally agree with you guys about Spy Myungwol and You’ve Fallen for Me.

  37. 37 Lizzy

    Favorite line- “I’m totally laid back, except when I’m not… ” 🙂 Totally cracked me up, and I know exactly what you mean.


    From one type A+ to another.

  38. 38 pumpzz

    awesome podcast ever!!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much for sharing these awesome podcast. More love to you guys!!!

    Anyway, I feel like girlfriday’s voice is the same as Sam Oh’s voice. (She’s a pure blooded Korean TV host/DJ/columnist here in the Philippines.) And btw, she’s also an awesome girl.

  39. 39 daisy

    Haha, the last 5 minutes were the best, I just kept laughing out loud XD Thank you for the podcast, it’s fun to listen to and also very informative. It’s fascinating how you two take a drama apart and look at it from different sides. Although I have to admit that my favourite parts of your podcasts are moments when you talk about elements of Korean culture (like explaining the clan thingy, blood types, formal-informal speech etc.)

  40. 40 suppiechan369

    your drunken podcasts are hilarious! but GF, you didn’t sound drunk at all! maybe just giggly XD

  41. 41 Tash

    Thanks for this! Very insightful (and hilarious towards the end) 😉

  42. 42 MEK

    it is illegal in the states to marry first cousin but can marry second, third and so forth…but look down upon by family members. As far as stepbrothers and stepsisters…legally they can marry but again look down upon by family members…thats gross!

    • 42.1 AnitaLotti

      I don’t think so – especially people havn’t even grown up together and never knew about each other.

      What – for example if the the parents get to know each other and marry and their grown-up kids get to know each other and fall in love after the wedding. Nothing wrong with them marrying in my opinion.

      Maybe I would feel different if they had grown up together, I don’t know about that.

  43. 43 Scheduler Is Mine

    Live for your podcasts. I totally love them. And the fact that this one was a drunken podcast? I just died of laughter every 5 seconds.

  44. 44 seeyathecat

    I love your podcasts. I like the overall recaps of the dramas and your feelings about them. Please do a ending podcast on ‘Myung Wol the spy’ and ‘Heartstrings’.
    I dont think anything else can be said about ‘city hunter’ it is just too good! I to hope that just one of the Bad guys die Please. I bet you that his adopted Dad at the very end will some how take all the blame but then again he has been cold. The pes. son, oh my. The secrets keep coming.

  45. 45 seeyathecat

    Please dont wait to long to do another podcast

  46. 46 aznboy

    I hope there are more drunk podcast to come.

  47. 47 doozy

    Thanks for the entertaining podcasts, javabeans and girlfriday! They are hilarious!

  48. 48 CKDexter

    javabeans getting the hiccups was just the funniest damn thing! I wish I could get drunk with you girls and talk about dramas too.

    Thanks for another amusing podcast. Looking forward to the next one, haha ^^

  49. 49 Em

    Thank you for these podcasts! I love to knit whilst watching k-dramas, but when there’s a difficult part in the knitting pattern where I can’t watch a drama AND knit simultaneously, I turn on one of your podcasts and multi-task that way. Thanks Ladies! 🙂

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