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I Need Romance: Episodes 3-10
by | July 15, 2011 | 161 Comments

Time to check back in with cable rom-com I Need Romance. It’s past halfway, so I thought I’d weigh in on where the show has gone since we met the girls and set the stage for complications, hijinks, and of course, romance. It continues to be breezy but not fluffy, which I like, and I appreciate that while the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, it does portray single life with incisive depth and warmth.

[I Need Romance airs Monday-Tuesday on TvN.]


When we last left off with the girls, virgin bride-to-be Hyun-joo was ditched at the altar by her weasel of a fiancé, and hilariously decided to fake marry her on-call handyman, Duk-soo. It’s just a show for the wedding guests, but in the moment before the wedding, Duk-soo shows that he’s cool under pressure, and most importantly, that he doesn’t even think Hyun-joo’s that crazy. Go figure.

She decides to spend her wedding night with her girlfriends, living it up in the hotel room, and even decides to go on her honeymoon solo, which they agree is nutty, even for her. But Hyun-joo doesn’t see why she should give it up just because she didn’t get married. “It’s Bali. And I’ve made a spa appointment.” HA.

Seo-hyun, meanwhile, gets slapped with a lawsuit by preggers wife of ex-boyfriend, for essentially being a homewrecker. Yikes. Though she doesn’t handle it well, (choosing to be defensive rather than apologetic), it’s an interesting way to humble her and force her to face some consequences for her cavalier attitude towards commitment (ie. messing with other people’s, not just refusing to have any of her own).

But the best development for Seo-hyun is her antagonistic relationship with her photographer, which grows from judgmental bickering office politics to begrudging partnership, and eventually sparks.

He’s such a great foil for her because he’s basically the only man in her life who’s not blinded by her beauty, and who flatly rejects her advances. And the fact that he doesn’t like her is of course what makes Seo-hyun more obsessed with winning him over. I swear, this girl would probably try to convert a gay guy if he told her she wasn’t hot.

In-young has decided to give boyfriend of ten years Sung-soo another chance, but their restart is rife with lingering issues. First, the other woman, bubbly 23-year old starlet Kang-hee is around all the time. She can see it written all over his face – that he’s resisting Kang-hee’s advances out of loyalty to her, against his baser instincts.

But In-young’s not above partying it up with her girlfriends for a night out of dancing and harmless flirting, despite her on-again/off-again relationship. In a cute monthly ritual, the girls get all dolled up and lie about their names, ages, and jobs for a night, just for the fun of it.

Of course it would’ve been more fun if In-young hadn’t run into her coworker Bae Sung-hyun, totally blowing her cover. But it’s also the first hint that we get of Sung-hyun hiding his true identity – that he’s maybe just a hotel concierge pretending to be a rich playboy for a night, or perhaps he’s a chaebol moonlighting as a concierge. Gee, I wonder which?

What’s great about In-young’s relationship with Sung-soo is that it’s so very realistically complicated. There’s no such thing as a clean end for two people who were together from twenty-three to thirty-three, and at one point In-young asks herself, “If I erase every memory of Kim Sung-soo from my life, is there even a me left?”

They start to be back on the mend and get their sweet relationship going again, only by the end of Episode 4, Kang-hee ups her game by offering up a secret affair, and Sung-soo caves like a sack of potato chips. Rat bastard.

But then In-young does a little caving of her own. Sung-hyun quits after a year of working with her, and finally gets the courage to act on his puppy crush. With a heart-stopping kiss and a decision to lower his speech (since she won’t raise hers, as his noona and former sunbae), he declares that they ought to date. She calls him a kid and turns him down cold, despite conflicting feelings.

Hyun-joo meanwhile finally tracks down her runaway fiancé, to ask him why he didn’t show to the wedding. “Do you have any idea how pretty I looked that day?” He tells her that he couldn’t marry her because she lacks one decisive thing: she isn’t sexy. Hyun-joo: “Is it because my chest is small? Because my butt is quite good.” She cracks me up. She eventually gets her revenge by plastering his office cubicle and his back with ads for an erection medication labeled: “Crotch Explosion.” HA.

But after she puts that behind her, Hyun-joo is forced to face the realization that she isn’t sexually inexperienced because she hasn’t had opportunity; she’s stopped herself at every chance because she was hung up on appearances, and trying to prove to the world that she wasn’t like her three-time divorcee mother. Basically a giant mom-sized chip on her shoulder that amounts to her ending up a 33-year old virgin. Her new quest: to get laid.

In-young begins to notice the signs that something’s not right with Sung-soo. When Kang-hee inserts herself into a dinner at his house, she watches them do the dishes together, and something alarms her. With quick-witted intercutting of synchronized swimming and couples figure skating, In-young looks up at them with horror: they’re in sync… they’ve done this before. And then the thing that tips her over into true suspicion – his kissing style has changed, and she feels it.

What’s particularly heartbreaking about the way her relationship with Sung-soo is portrayed to us is that current events are always intercut with their past. So it’s never just the current cheating Sung-soo that we see, but the young and adorable doting boyfriend Sung-soo who keeps reminding us of why In-young is still holding on.

It’s a rather genius way to put us directly in In-young’s head, otherwise we’d just be shouting at her to move the hell on already. But no, we understand what she sees in him, and how their love has both matured and cooled. And though he does assy things, we get why she’s still madly in love with him.

But the final straw comes when she catches him in a blatant lie, and finds him cozying up with Kang-hee at a hotel. She declares that it’s over, but then finds that it’s unfair that she spends the next week full of sleepless nights. So she decides to torment him so that he can’t sleep either, just to keep things fair. Heh.

What kills me is that at first, Sung-hyun just lets In-young use him to make Sung-soo jealous and get over him, knowing full well what she’s doing. But he adores her so much that he tries to overlook it, even as they begin a tacit relationship while she’s still heartbroken. It makes my heart hurt for him.

But she’s always frank with him every step of the way, so I can’t fault her for her mixed feelings. They begin dating and he asks what it is that she wants right now. She answers, “Romance. I need romance.” And thus begins the second chapter in In-young’s love life.

What’s adorable about this new relationship is that Sung-hyun is clearly the one who’s more in love. He’s the one asking why she’s ignoring his texts while he checks his phone a hundred times a day (aw), or wondering why she never asks him any questions.

But instead of getting secretly resentful about it, he does something refreshing—he just tells her straight-up: “You’re about to make me really sad right now,” whenever she does anything to hurt him. So instead of being pathetic, he actually speaks up and tells her when she hurts his feelings, which is adorably plucky.

Interestingly, she lets Sung-hyun believe that things aren’t over with Sung-soo, half to keep him at a distance, and half because things are never really over between them. And after some soul-searching, Sung-soo comes back to say that he’ll wait… for her to even the score, date two other men, and then come back to him. What the?

And then to top it all off… In-young goes to work the next day in a flurry as the hotel prepares to greet their new boss, grandson of the chairman… Bae Sung-hyun. Oh crap. She must not watch many dramas, because it’s a total surprise to her.

She starts going through it in her head—the entire year she spent treating him like a punk minion, hitting him, abusing him. And that’s not even counting the horror that she’s now secretly dating her boss. She decides it has to end.

She avoids him as long as she can, and then when he finally gets a moment alone with her, she answers strictly in jondae and tells him it can’t continue. So he passive-aggressively gets drunk and passes out, leading to a hilarious situation where an angry Boyfriend 1 has to help carry in a drunk Boyfriend 2, while In-young gloats at the poetic justice.

Hyun-joo finally finds the perfect no-strings guy to sleep with—fake husband Duk-soo. Only he turns out to be totally romantic and smitten with her, while she refuses to even consider actually dating him because he’s bad on paper. So she’s the one to turn what he thought was the beginning of a relationship into a one-night stand. I have a feeling you’re going to regret that mighty soon.

Sung-hyun takes issue with In-young’s reasons for not seeing him anymore, adding that most women would be thrilled to find that their boyfriend was a chaebol heir to a hotel. But she’s no fairytale princess, and In-young tells it like it is: she’s slaved at her service job for eight years, wearing out every pair of shoes she owns, while he’s barely spent a year working under her, and then all of a sudden, he’s the boss. That doesn’t make her happy; that makes life unfair. Damn, so true. I love her for that.

But his answer is just as sweet: he buys her new shoes to thank her for her hard work, and tells her that he learned everything from her. He encourages her to dream big, which is so cute I die.

Her new relationship is just the thing to get Sung-soo riled up in a jealous fury, and he refuses to stand by anymore. When these two argue, they’re a little too honest with each other, which speaks to their history. They know how to choose just the words to cut deep:

Sung-soo: Don’t be easy with him. You were easy with me.
In-young: I was easy? Is that why you lasted one minute?
Sung-soo: It was not one minute!
In-young: Thirty seconds then.
Sung-soo: If you’re going to sleep with him, use a condom! I said I’d take you back, but I’m not raising his kid! … I hope it turns out he’s a horrible guy.
In-young: Why?
Sung-soo: That way… you’ll come back to me.

Their fights always start out funny, but end up ripping up your insides.

While the romances go on their rollercoaster ups and downs, the friendship between the three women always buoys each episode with banter about the topic of the day, and in moments of weakness they always turn to each other first.

Seo-hyun, the strong-willed independent one, confesses to In-young that she perhaps dates this string of men because she hates to be alone and lonely. How painfully honest, and lovely that In-young hugs her instead of judging. Though each of the girls is deeply flawed in sometimes comical but always very humanizing ways, they are loyal to each other, no matter how much they might disagree. It’s how friendships are in real life, if you’re lucky.

We end Episode 10 with In-young’s first real heartbeat-skipping moment with Sung-hyun. “In that moment I knew. Love had found me again.”

Can’t wait to see which love wins out in the end.


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  1. stratosphere

    Thanks for this!

  2. Jthuy

    Kyahhh!!! Totally following this drama!!

    • 2.1 blueskymaiden

      thank you for the recap girlfriday, awesome as always – this drama is wonderfully refreshing from other dramas – I love, love, love it and wish the episodes were a full hour, as 45-minutes isn’t enough. The characters seem real and they are relatable. You can’t help but be torn about In-young’s feelings for Sung-soo. I know I am torn, although it is a very obvious choice to move forward with Sung-hyun, most people just can’t walk away from a 10+ relationship with no residual emotions or setbacks, logic and emotions don’t always go hand-in-hand – there is a past and it’s still present. Even though Sung-soo has been unfaithful I still can’t help but be drawn to his character, however Sung-hyun is adorable and slowly winning me over. The other story lines are wonderful too – it is a very rich drama and well worth the watch!!!

      • 2.1.1 yumi

        I like Sung-soo but want In-Young to start over without him.

        I think the flashback were great in establishing why she is still yearning for that relationship–but now that Sung-hyun is making her heart beat, I’m hoping they cut back on the extended–beginning to feel interminable–flashbacks.

        I’m a little nervous about Sung-hyun. I’m not sure why but I’m thinking he might be less perfect than he seems and might be more problematic than Sung-soo.

        But until his feet of clay is revealed I’m rooting for Sung-hyun and In-Young.

      • 2.1.2 mississy

        hahaha yes i agree. let’s add 15 more minutes of hot kissing scenes!

    • 2.2 zsa

      Sung Hyun is hawt…glad to see him in dramas again

  3. estel

    I love that the OTP for In-young is ambiguous, because that’s how real life is. If you’re lucky enough to have two guys chasing you, that is. But I sure hope that the endgame isn’t Sung-soo, because unless he does some MAJOR changing in the next couple episodes, he doesn’t deserve another chance with her. I want her to love Sung-hyun and make cute babies with him!

    • 3.1 DB5K

      Is it really ambiguous what the OTP for Inyoung is? Because I can’t help feeling that it’s inevitable that Inyoung is going to end up with Sungsoo.

      Anyways, I recommend this drama to anyone who was a fan of Sex and the City and the Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. This drama was better than I thought it would be. It’s quite enjoyable~~

      I’m not really a fan of dramas with divorcees or middle aged women, perhaps it’s because I’m still in my teens and can relate more closely with younger protagonists. It’s kind of like when movies are rated R for “mature situations.” Young people can’t really fully understand all the dealings and issues of older people. But I really like the friendship between the girls and I can’t help rooting for all of their relationships and romantic happiness~~~

      • 3.1.1 trixicopper

        LOL! I hate to break it to you but… 30’s is not middle aged. I know that as a teenager it may seem that those people have one foot in the grave. But trust me the 30’s are awesome.

        • Ani

          Yup. I gotta agree, 30s is not old at all (and I’m not even there yet). I just think 30s is not old because I work with ladies in their 50s and they say it’s when you’re in your mid-40s (heck, maybe it’s when you hit the big five-oh) that you realize that you’re halfway through. Mid-40s to Mid-50s is when people normally go through their “mid life crisis”, but it’s not always the case.

          @DB5K: It’s so funny, but I’m going to be 22 this year, but I enjoy watching dramas with an “older” cast like this. A younger cast is fun, but I feel more pulled into a cast in their (really) late twenties preferably heading into the thirties/forties range. Maybe it’s because I raised my younger siblings while the ‘rents were working so I had to grow up faster, but it’s just funny how that works out because half the time I’m told I act like an 80 year old (which makes sense since I kick it with 50+ year old ladies at times) and sometimes like a kid who insists on inserting cartoon “wisdom” into every conversation. I think it’s just our mentality that defines which dramas/cast work best for us.

        • win

          Agreed! 30 seems so old when you’re a teenager but I haven’t met one person in the their 30’s who would relive their teens…now 20’s maybe. LOL

          I love this show as well…it’s pretty relatable. In-young’s sometime immature and irrational behavior may seem stupid and annoying but that’s love for ya! People do stupid, stupid things when they’re in love and going through heart-break!

          • hookedonmonix

            I would (go back to my teens). But only if I could go back knowing some of the things I know now. I wouldn’t re-live it exactly as I lived it the first time.

            The teen years are so huge. I kind of miss that feeling that everything matters. I miss that enthusiasm and energy. Not that I’m unhappy now. Maybe it has to do with the fact that even though I’m in my mid-thirties, I still don’t feel like a grown-up.

      • 3.1.2 ahjummabunny

        I’m pretty sure she’s going back to sung soo too. that is driving me crazy, but even though I understand the rationale!!!!!!! I wish sungsooo will surprised up and make little kang hee preggers. please writers?

    • 3.2 Mia

      I want, nay, need, Sung-Hyun to win her in the end.

      I love this drama. It’s probably the only drama that has made me feel so refreshed and so proud and so on my toes – like the good ol’ days when I was still ignorant and thought the wrist-grab was hot and sexy (Oh how foolish I was).

      I love that it’s ambiguous. Yet stimultaneously I adore that the heroine isn’t doing what I had feared and not feeling ANYTHING for our “second” male lead (nay I say nay!) Too often in dramas I feel the “love triangle” is pointless since it’s so clear that the heroine can only “love” one them. But….that doesn’t actually make sense in real life. And this drama is a very good representation of that: reality.

      I feel why she loves boyfriend one (hell, every flashback and passionate fight begging her back I like him too.) But I like that she loves some else. And I sincerely sincerely hopes she moves on to have a love two at the “scary” age of 33.

      Reasons for moving on to lovely second-lead:

      1. BF 1 cheated (twice).
      2. BF 1 thinks he should take responsibility now that she’s “old” and they have been together so long.
      3. The kiss with Sung-hyun in the car……..*combust*

      Point made.

      • 3.2.1 yumi

        I’m a little appalled how much I like Sung-Soo. I’d be his friend, but not his lover. He’s a decent guy but a lousy boyfriend.

        Depending on your circumstances, it might make sense to forgive a boyfriend/husband for cheating once, but never twice. I think Sung-Soo loves In Young, but not enough to put her happiness before his gratification.

        I want In Young with Sung-Hyun even though sometimes i wonder if he isn’t a little demanding considering he believes that In Young is still in a relationship with Sung-Soo and they are just having an affair.

        It only just occurred to me that Sung-Hyun did the same thing with In-Young that Kang-Hee did with Sung-Soo. Both approached people they assumed were in committed relationships with an offer to have a secret affair. Kang-Hee seems worst because she was so persistent and was given the impression that the couple’s relationship was strong. Sung-Hyun had a sense that the motorcyclist treated In-Young like crap and In-Young was the one who brought up the possibility of the affair–in jest. Both are interlopers in the relationship, but I find I condemn on less.

        In-Young is absolved of guilt towards Sung-Soo, in my mind, because she only acted after their relationship hit the huge pot-hole called Kang-hee.

        • ahjummabunny

          um didn’t inyoung proposition him first?

          • yumi

            She did, but I think she did it in jest.

      • 3.2.2 malta

        The more episodes that go by the more I want In young to be with Sung hyun. There is just too much baggage in that relationship with Sung soo and once your trust has been broken with a man, and twice at that, forget it its over.

        When Sung soo told In young to go out and have an affair and then come back to him cause then they would be even!!!! No man who is in love tells the woman he loves to go sleep with another man.

        Sung soo is not a horrible man, but he’s not good enough for In young. Putting her through all that pain and then still trying to stand up in front of her. Also don’t get me started on Kang hee and older men being so easily swayed by cute young flirty girls who have yet to even experience life. Is Kang hee really that interesting Sung soo that you would cheat on In young with her?!

        • Mia

          I know! Like who goes on a “self-seeking/insight” bringing trip and comes back with:

          “I love you. I want us to be together. (Make me food.) And you can sleep with two guys since I slept with two girls.”

          The whole point of her anger and stead fastness in not taking him back is he did this twice (and from the references the first time seemed to really, really, impact her.)

          Sung-hyun on the other hand tells her “He loves her” without any large moments or grand confessions: it’s for his gratification as well as, what he hopes, will be hers.

          He understands her past relationship and memories and instead of harboring anything openly admits his “sadness” while also suggesting he’s an “introvert” and “holds back his feelings” clearly teaching her about himself and being open. Then he cheers her up with making their own memories.

          I also love that he admits its not completely fair that suddenly he’s her boss after her 8 years of working their but at the same time sincerely thanks her and tells her to “dream big.”

          Damn, this drama is so refreshing. It makes my heart feel good to know their producing this kind of stuff.

        • ahjummabunny

          but it is the “baggage” that makes it special. It’s driving me crazy but that scene that sung soo witnesses between the old married couple really woke him up, and right now while in young is still angry if he doesn’t do something to show her has moved on and something drastic like an accidental baby they’ll get back together. I hope in young has the accidental baby though, or anything happens so she can move on.

          • hookedonmonix

            the thing that drives me nuts about SS is that he still hangs out with KH while trying to get IY back. He’s pretty much disregarding the feelings of both women so he can have what he wants. He’s just so maddening.

            I’m fearing that SS’s wish (I hope he hurts you worse than I did so you’ll come back to me) will in fact come true.

            wah! anything can happen!

        • kk

          yes im like wth? a man who loves you cant bear you sleeping with another man- when he says this i dont think its real love he’s feeling- he just wants to continue their bubblewrap existence of a relationship- he said she’s like the mum, the aunt, the sister, the daughter and that is the worst thing a woman want to be – she really derserves someone who loves her for her, makes her feels sexy and love n love making shd be sexy and wonderful

      • 3.2.3 min

        as much as i love sung hyun and his kiss with inyoung in the car, i would like to remind everyone that sung hyun suggested for the 2 of them to date secretly for 1 year.

        why 1 year?

        he thinks that he will get over with inyoung by then?
        other secrets yet to reveal? like… already got a fiancee and is planning to get married by then?


        • sobohomom

          I think that it’s already been revealed in previews that SH has a fiancee. How committed he is to that relationship (has he really agreed to it, or is he being forced by his family) is the question. He clearly adores IY, so it would be disappointed to learn that he’s using her. Maybe he just wants to experience true love for a year before committing to a political marriage.

          • Mia

            I agree with both of you. I think he suggested it for a year because he felt that strong attraction for her but perhaps not quite the “undying let me break off my political advantageous, and slightly forced upon, union….for you.”

            Remember him saying “Ah, but you’re that kind of woman so I’ll just say I love you.” in something like episode five to get her to agree with the affair.

            And then in episode ten:

            ” I really really like you”

            I think he’s starting to feel something much deeper then his initial attraction since “like” usually comes before “love” suggesting that he is falling in love quite strongly and sincerely.

            The “affair” I believe was also suggested thinking that he likes her, she’s only been with one man for ten years and that mans an ass. Before he has to commit to political marriage and before she has to go back to loser bf – they can both have fun.

            And back to my argument about him discovering strong feelings for her!

          • mississy

            darn … i didn’t know it was revealed. I guess because there aren’t english subs in the previews on dramafever??? *possible heartbreak*

          • kk

            now that you mention it- ditto! didnt SH mention she has sungsoo n he has somone else too – that’s how the eng subs i read puts it- so they both haf an affair- im not sure why 1 year though- maybe that’s when he’s suppose to marry somone else??- we never saw who he met in the hotel dat day. it would be more entertaining to see that he loves her more first but she falls in love and then learns he’s suppose to marry someone- i would like to watch dat arc more thn her getting bak with sungsoo.. pls o pls writer.. two often kdrama’s derail mid way and gives us an anticlimax.. hope i need romance prevails

        • pof

          i think its a different situation, something like after 1 year of his must to be gud performance and no scandals blah blah, he can really take over the hotel. and in my view, after seeing so many korean dramas, I dont think his family will happy for him to be with her (even though I think we wont have much time with his family in this drama, which is gud), and its easy to understand that he has a Business fiancee or whatever like that… so thats why sometimes he acts and says something mysterious…. I think from ep 12, something like that gonna happen, but I believe he loves her, and for the guy i see he is, he wants to get her to be his woman, not just for fun or else, and, but he just does it his way…

  4. LimaKid

    Wow. I NEED to watch this asap

  5. holly

    thank you for recap – i’ve been watching this drama and totally love it 🙂

  6. rose

    thanks for the recap i like to watch this but hard time downloading iit , if were lucky we may find friends that stay

  7. ringo

    I’ve been watching this drama too and there are some parts that are good (and keep me watching) and some parts that drive me up a wall (and make me want to stop watching).

    I think the two friends, Seohyun and Hyunjoo, are many times more interesting than Inyoung. A couple of the middle episodes (6, 7, 8?) made me want to skip over all of Inyoung’s parts because they basically involved yelling at Sungsoo and being indecisive and annoying. The Seohyun and Hyunjoo story lines, on the other hand, actually feel like they have plots that move forward.

    Anyway, hopefully this romance with Sunghyun gets more interesting. But I get the sinking feeling she’s going to take Sungsoo back again. Even though he cheated. TWICE.


    • 7.1 Revy

      Basically everything you said is what i am thinking.

      If In Young end up with Sung Soo i will be disappointed. I know in Sex & The City Mr Big hurt Carrie alot & they still end up together but i don’t want that to happen in this show.

    • 7.2 ahjummabunny

      I just get the feeling that the three women are of the opinion that men are allowed to cheat. I was watching an episode of a drama and the wife was okay with her husband “blowing off steam” but as soon as she found information about him loving the girl she wanted to end it. I’m basically the same way, but that has to do with my own red-bottom.

  8. Mindy

    I freaken love this show. I don’t know why…but I think I love it more than Still Marry Me in some ways. It gives me such secondhand embarrassment! And OMG How hotis Sung-Hyun! I almost died when he kissed In-Young!!

    • 8.1 Mia

      I did die. I think I watched that scene so many times that I started looking for lip movements that looked familiar instead of seconds or minutes to rewind to.

  9. Truffle

    This drama is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. It is refreshing and there is definitely less stupidity from the characters. I am really enjoying it because of how SOME of the situations and all of the emotions are exactly the same as in real life. And it is really great to see that there is a focus on friendship and not just love interests/drama.

  10. 10 acuvue09

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one keeping up with this one. There are parts that are just whatever, but overall I really like it. It’s light when it needs to be, but in certain moments, it’s so true to life and how relationships really are. Also while I do have a favorite guy that I hope she ends up with, ultimately I think I like this drama because I’m just rooting for In-young in general. Yay dramafever for rocking!

    • 10.1 acuvue09

      Yea just to be long-winded, dramafever has kind of been on point with the currently airing dramas, I have to say. So thanks for the subs!! And thanks for the recap of course, girlfriday 🙂

  11. 11 kaleido

    I am loving this show.. just finished watching ep10 at dramafever.. it’s getting interesting base on the preview…

    I really hope that In Young be together with Sung-hyun.. he is just sweet and considerate of In Young… In young needs to move on with a cute, rich and extremely hot guy…

  12. 12 Daniela

    I like very much this show. I feel like other dramas are usually how someone meets his or her soulmate and the journey to finally be together. But here, they are already together and its like what happend next.
    The friendship between the girls is one of the best things of this drama.

    It was a little painful to watch In-young having doubts, always suspicious of Sung-soo. Its horrible to be constantly with that feeling and worse when all her doubts were confirmed. And I almost screamed “Stop it!” when she went to his house or when she was calling him just to complain. But at the same time, it was a 10 year relation ship,its not easy.
    I dont think that Sung-soo deserves another chance, but I dont hate him. I dont like what he did, I know he loves her, but he has cheated her twice. He has to go silently. Kang-hee annoys me.

    Seo-hyun is my favorite character and I totally want her with the photographer. I like more the stories of Seo-hyun and Hyun-joo, but it easy to sympathize with In-young.

    I always wondered why they use a song by El chapo de sinaloa, a banda song. Its such and odd thing to hear that kind of song in a Korean drama (banda music is great, but i never thought that it reaches to Korea). But I think that now i have an explanation:
    “Sung-soo: … I hope it turns out he’s a horrible guy.
    In-young: Why?
    Sung-soo: That way… you’ll come back to me.”
    Thats exactly what the song says! That he wants that every men that she meets treat her horrible and make her cry, that nobody would be sincere with her, and that way she will return to him.

    Thank you for the summary!

    • 12.1 jangjang

      Now that you mentioned it, it kinda makes me curious about the translation of the song. Do you know the its title? I’ve been looking all over for it to no avail.

      • 12.1.1 kaleido

        The songs that are in the show I believed are Amado Mio, Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love and Aspettami… I found the songs by Pink Martini.. if someone know of otherwise.. let me know… but I am digging the songs.

      • 12.1.2 grateful1

        As Daniela pointed out, the lyrics of the song really mirror Sung Soo’s feelings– and the way they’ve used this song so often makes me a little worried that In Young will end up taking Sung Soo back.

        @jangjang~ The song is “Para Que Regreses” (so that you come back) by El Chapo de Sinaloa.

        • mississy

          I do love the songs on this show. Very global.

    • 12.2 Linda165

      ♪ que te arrastren, por el suelo ♪
      ♪ para que regreses ♪
      ♪ para que te quedes conmigo ♪

      OMG, that song is been in head all day!

  13. 13 jandoe

    GF LOVE THIS EPISODE(s)-CAP!! Thanks for it 🙂

  14. 14 Francesca

    I love this drama so much! I was hoping that JB will recap this drama!! Thanks sooo muchhhhhh!!!

  15. 15 nonski

    OMG! after this, I KNOW I WILL watch this drama!

    on to downloading!

  16. 16 Cynthia

    Well, I’m one happy chicken reading this multi-ep recap!

    Happy because I’m going to go back to DramaFever and try watching this again. I watched the first ep and kinda went “meh” and didn’t follow up on seeing more.

    But, I adore Sex and the City and TWWWTM (and oddly enough, my own handsome 25 y.o. son is dating a 37 y.o. woman! I asked him if he was going to dye his blond hair grey. He didn’t get it…), but I digress. I’m going to try this again! Sounds better than what I remembered seeing.

  17. 17 gia

    so mumbo getalo!

    Suave and Sexy Drama, I love this series so far…

  18. 18 coconutjuice

    A guy that cheats on you twice does not deserve a second chance. Move on In Young! Go for the hottie! Remember what you said to Sung Soo about Sung-hyun…”he’s perfect and therefore he can’t hurt me.”

    • 18.1 yumi


      No two time forgiving for a two-time two-timer

      • 18.1.1 Ani


    • 18.2 ^_^

      i know that’s right..you know the saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I can see why she may have taken him back the first time but after the second time, HELL NO. 10 years or not, i hope she doesn’t go back to him..

  19. 19 girlatsea

    I’m surprised on how much I like this drama. I think I’m enjoying it so much because it reminds me of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. And I LOVE Sung-hyun! Seriously, that car scene… GAH, too much to handle.

  20. 20 neonrainbowstarrs

    I actually watched episodes 1-10 today. Watching it now for choi jun hyuk. Love him episode 10 determined if I was going to keep with it and it sealed the deal. Can’t wait for their romance to take off!

  21. 21 kdlover

    I am loving this show so far!! Very realistic about relationships!! Hope it continue to be this good til the end!! Thanks for the recap!!

  22. 22 goddessoftaray

    i’m ecstatic that you are recapping this show… ep 9 & 10 aren’t out w/ eng subs yet & i have been dying to know what happened… thanks girlfriday <3 <3 <3

    • 22.1 Ani

      Every episode gets its English subs release on Thursdays and Fridays on Dramafever. It’s how I’ve been following it. The subs are really good.

      • 22.1.1 goddessoftaray

        thanks so much ani!!! i have been watching it on another website.. now i know this site is faster…. 🙂

        • Ani

          No problem. Anything for a fellow Beanie. ^_~

      • 22.1.2 yumi

        I’m glad to have access to the show on Dramafever. However I wish their translation wouldn’t remove the culturally specific quirks, like Noona, and Oppa and such.

        When they do that they really remove some of the charm of the drama.

        • Ani

          The funny thing is, I’ve been watching kdramas for so long, I pretty much gloss over those quirks now (I used to hate it too), because my mind has automatically translated the words that I understand. Half the time I don’t even realize that I’m not reading the subtitles as often as I used too (and I have this feeling long time kdrama watchers around these parts have come to do the same). Now all I have to do is actually learn Korean formally and carry a proper conversation. XP

          • goddessoftaray

            haha… me too!!! i know too much korean that makes me realize that i really am a kdrama addict!!!

          • funkster316

            I agree. I watched dramas for a long time I casually started learning Korean. Due to this write up, I too did a two day weekend marathon watching all episodes from 1-10 on Dramafever and then 11 and 12 raw (without subs). It is a great drama. Ahem being in my 30’s is great and I don’t want to be in my teens again (unless as someone pointed out with the knowledge I have now).

            Sung Hyun is hot and yeah the kisses….swoon! I love that they are realistic and not the type that they touch lips and have 360 camera angles turning around the couple. YEAH for realism!

            I want more!

      • 22.1.3 holly

        does anyone know any other websites other than dramafever cos that site is only in america

        • garrison

          @ holly…dramacrazy and kimchidrama…if you don’t have drama fever. New Tales of Gisaeng are on both those too.

          Thanks for the recap. Luvin this drama. The Greatest Love and I Need Romance are my 2 faves this year.

        • kk

          i watch it on jacinda – just google and the link shd come out- last i chk yday it has eng sub up to ep 10

      • 22.1.4 sasha

        but i can’t watch it in dramafever since i m out of US and Canada :(…i ve been watching it from dramacrazy but apparently the engsub for ep 9 n 10 has not come out.

  23. 23 goddessoftaray

    by the way… who is alex in real life??? i noticed him on midas & fell instantly in love… lol

    • 23.1 goddessoftaray

      alex is the half asian friend of in-young…

    • 23.2 Ani

      His real name is Ricky Kim. Was a football player in America. He is a cast member in Dream Team (the Korean variety show) and is REALLY competitive. XD

      • 23.2.1 goddessoftaray

        aww… he’s married w/ a daughter … he seems like a good guy… lucky wife 🙂

        thanks again ani!!!

  24. 24 trixicopper

    I admit that I am all aboard the ship rooting for IY & SH.

    SS annoys the daylights out of me. I can understand IY getting over his cheating once, but twice? And his reason? “I’m a man?” What the hell kind of lame excuse is that?

    It is a fun show and I hope it stays that way. I would really hate to throw my monitor out the window in the last episode. 🙂

    • 24.1 skelly

      Same here! I wrote a long post on soompi about all of the possible wrong turns this drama could take – which is one of the reasons why I am addicted to it.

      • 24.1.1 malta

        /”all of the possible wrong turns this drama could take – which is one of the reasons why I am addicted to it.”/

        haha 🙂 I know that exact feeling. Just can’t look away.

  25. 25 helena

    I watched 8 episodes of this light and funny drama through Youtube, but now, due to copyright claims by Drama Fever, this is no longer possible. Drama Fever streams videos only to computers located in the States or in Canada.
    Has anybody any idea what can be done? I’m really pissed of to be left dangling in the middle!

    • 25.1 Mish

      sorry i meant to respond but ended up just writing an ordinary post. Check out my post below for help.

  26. 26 Fishy

    I’ve been following this drama all along and just finished watching episode 10 five minutes ago…it’s sooooo good!

    can’t wait to find out the ending!!!

  27. 27 yumi

    Yeah!!!! haven’t even read the post but so happy to see something written about I Need Romance!!!!

  28. 28 Ani

    Truthfully, this is the only drama (aside from Baby Faced Beauty that I’m almost done with) I’m watching right now because it’s not getting recapped. I love dramabeans, but when recaps are available for a show, I feel that it’s okay to drag my feet about getting around to watching them. I got hooked to this drama and part of it has to do with Choi Jin Hyuk being totally hot playing a totally cute character. I also watched it because I love Choi Yeo Jin. Choi Yeo Jin is the reason why I continue to watch More Charmin By the Day and it’s why I love it when we get to see her spunk in this drama as well. Although I haven’t fallen for Duk-soo, I give him credit for being gentle and considerate to Hyun-joo when they made love. All-in-all, for a drama that I didn’t think I was going to get into (especially since it was described to be like Sex and the City – a show I never wanted to watch or was interested in), I was surprised that I was easily sucked into it. Heh. Go figure. X/

    • 28.1 yumi

      Was really loving Duk-soo, until. . .

      One of the gentlest/sweetest love scenes i’ve seen in a K-drama.

      That slap was very problematic. I’m not sure if I can get over it to see him for a partner for Hyun-joo.

      I think it might be okay to forgive cheating once. But I’m not so sanguine of forgiving hitting ever.

      • 28.1.1 Ani

        Yeah, I feel Hyun-joo didn’t deserve it. The slap was uncalled for and I feel if Duk-soo gets physical at a time like this, I don’t have any hope for him now because he might always get physical for even the tiniest things…. And I’m pretty biased at this point because I have become attached to the girls. Weirdly, they’ve become like friends to me (which is weird, but whatever) and now if bad things happen to them I get upset and pissed off for them.

      • 28.1.2 Mia

        I obviously take the position of being disgusted with physical violence – male or female inflicted.

        And that is why I was even slightly okay with it in the preview because I (at the time of the preview) believed that they would make a scenario in which the girl went into the “male” role of “I slept with you once, didn’t like you, dumped you like trash” etc. (A stereotype – not my approving opinion)

        Then he would slap her and it would be a role reversal that shows both genders lose control etc. and would be SLIGHTLY SLIGHTLY justified in making their point.

        After watching the episode itself I believe it didn’t pull the intended scene off. Her being ignorant and using him was not out of pure cruelty. He knew she was ignorant when he slept with her etc. etc. and in the end the scene just looked like a slap thrown in there and was offensive (and would have been whether it was a girl slapping or a guy slapping).

        Still, I think they didn’t get their intended point across with the whole “male slaps the girl=role reversal”

        Final opinion: Poor taste.

        • hookedonmonix

          It’s interesting though, isn’t it that we would have all been like “hell yeah” if the roles had been reversed like the traditional drama setup. I try not to be too offended with the slap because of that. In real life, a man who would hit a woman that early in the relationship will probably hit harder later on, but in drama land, that’s not necessarily the case. I allow so much more bad behavior from my drama men than real men.

          • Dav

            No, not under these circumstances. I would not have been on board with slapping either way.

      • 28.1.3 Sayuri

        As a woman, I’m not an advocate for physical violence. But I actually felt that slap was little bit deserved. I mean she basically treated him like a prostitute…

    • 28.2 Ani

      Just finished episode 10, and let me just say I didn’t like how Duk-soo lost his temper and smacked Hyun-joo. I’m a girl who grew up around guys and I feel that girls can be annoying and I’ve seen times when I feel that a girl deserves to get slapped by a guy. But I can see why Duk-soo slapped Hyun-joo, but this isn’t one of those times where you get physical. He could have easily called her out about her behavior and what not, but a slap was not warranted. Although, at times when I do feel a girl deserves to get slapped Samsooki’s words of wisdom that “Once violence is done, it cannot be undone” start ringing in my ears.

      P.S. The preview for episode eleven is just HOT. Can’t wait. *excited*

      • 28.2.1 goddessoftaray

        duksoo disappointed me… especially when he was so gentle w/ her, i didn’t expect the slap… he was wrong but i get why he was so upset… hyun joo made him feel cheap & d watch seemed like a payment for services rendered…
        if it was reversed… the man giving the girl something expensive like jewelry as compensation for the night… if i was the girl… i would definitely slap the guy… but since the gender is d other way around… i really hate men who hit women, but in this instance… i’m so torn…. give him the benefit of the doubt that he really is not the type to hit women & that his action was just because of the heat of the moment? or kick him to the curb because he slapped her therefore he might do it again?

        i love this drama… it gets you so involved in the character’s lives as if it’s real… the best part is the girls’ friendship… all else could fail but not the friendship

    • 28.3 malta

      I didn’t understand that slap. It was so out of place and uncalled for. Is Duksoo really like that? I liked Duksoo until that moment. Run away Hyun joo. Men who hit once will hit again.

      • 28.3.1 goddessoftaray

        he was hurt because it seemed like she was blowing him off and bought that expensive watch as payment/compensation… being a guy w/ lesser income & status than her, his pride and feelings got hurt because he did like her & they became friends before that night…. he felt that what she did cheapened their “night”…
        i don’t condone what he did, but i wonder if he was just caught up in the heat of the moment because even he got shocked that he did slap her… or if all he did before was just acting and his true self is that person who hits women, who saw an opportunity to get a woman who is @ a higher level than him…
        think about if the gender is reversed… shouldn’t the girl slap the guy who used & “bought” her? since the gender is not reversed… he really is at fault…
        now i’m curious to see how this storyline progresses….

        • malta

          I know what you’re saying. It’s a total blatant double standard on my part that I have and feel guilty about it. No one should hit, but there is just something about seeing a man hit a woman that gets me rilled up no matter how much she deserved it and Hyun joo was really horrible to Duksoo.

          • Mia

            I have that double-standard too. But I believe because we both realize it the “having” of the double-standard is not as problematic.

            That’s why I always insist on commenting on scenes where a woman slaps a man. It’s a “double-standard” that a lot more people have to be aware of and eventually place behind us.

            No slapping. No hitting. Ever.

  29. 29 Mish

    I’m not sure this will help, but there’s a website called myasiancinema that will eventually give you the download links for the episodes and the subs. Right now they only have the subs through episode 8, but they should be updating it soon. At least this way you’ll have an avenue through which you could watch the episodes if you want.

    • 29.1 helena

      Thank you, I hope it will help!

  30. 30 laya

    Thanks for the recap! <3

  31. 31 Carinne

    Woohoo! Thanks for the tip, and I’ve been addicted since E01-E02 recaps. I love this show.

  32. 32 Sobia

    This is such a good show! I just love Sung-hyun (and Choi Jin Hyuk) with a burning passion. Although I still feel weird that he was willing to start dating In Young while (he thought) she was still involved with her old boyfriend. I like to think of it as him being altruistic– he knew In Young was in a crappy relationship with the Motorcyclist, and needed to get out, and apparently she thought she didn’t have any other options– but at the same time it is hard to distinguish Sung-hyun from Kang-hee because they both aggressively pursued people they knew were already in relationships. I still love Sung-hyun (with a burning passion), but it made me realize I shouldn’t be so harsh on Kang-hee, and Sung-hyun isn’t THAT perfect, even if he is so darn loveable…

    • 32.1 skelly

      That’s one of the things I really like about this show – there are no “saints” anywhere. Duk-soo came to the rescue more than once, like a perfect hero, then we see him pick his teeth and strike out when he is wronged. The devoted boyfriend is a cheater, one friend is a serial dater and the other is a calculating perfectionist, and I can’t wait to find out what Mr. Chaebol’s issues are. Everyone is delightfully, realistically flawed.

      • 32.1.1 grateful1


  33. 33 Linda165

    Thanks GF! It’s nice to see this show being so appreciated. It deserves it.

    For me, this show hits all the right spots and its the one I’m anticipating the most among all the other shows I’m watching, including City Hunter.

    I didn’t understand why I was still so torn between wanting IY to dump SS or go back to him. But GF’s explanation made me realize why. This is really how romance and life is, messy and confusing.

    Love the friendship between the girls, they’re very real. I’m curious to see how the other relationships develop.

    A hot cast doesn’t hurt either. Dibs on the photographer!!!!

  34. 34 Eeefu

    I thought I’ve passed the age that I can’t wait till the drama is completely subbed before watching it (I hate waiting for new episodes to come out (subbed)). I found myself back in the ditch with this drama.

    Not only the stories are flowing wonderfully and naturally induce curiosity, the director is cool (love the occasionally color-themed stills) and the cast is lively.

    I also wonder if the extensive amount of intimate scenes has to do with the fact that it’s not airing in the big 3 free stations. How often you see kiss / bed scenes in every episode. 🙂

    It’s so far so great. Hope it’ll continue to ace till the end. Thx for the condensed recap!

  35. 35 pof

    JavaBeans, you dont know how much I love you right now, I was watching ep 9 and 10 without sub, so I was killing myself asking what were they talking about, especially in the end of ep 10, gosh, the kiss, and her look, his smile, great to hear ‘that love found me again’, yes, it is.
    I did think that IY would come back to her ex, but not anymore, it must be the young sweet guy she goes for….

  36. 36 Susan

    I think I’m going to check this out, haven’t been watching any dramas lately.
    Thanks for the recap =)

  37. 37 luvoldies

    why all becoming like american style… coffee..life style…

  38. 38 malta

    I can’t stand Kang hee. She always acts like she’s entitled to and has a right to Sung soo, especially in front of In young. I keep wanting to remind her she’s the “other woman,” but she has no shame in blatantly pursuing a taken man. It’s not that you can’t want someone who already has a boyfriend, but Kang hee goes about it with no class, crying, throwing temper tantrums, demanding respect and acknowledgement all the while publicly challenging In young. Yuck.

    Even though I think In young should get rid of Sung soo, who cheated on her 2 times, and be with Sung Hyun, who is sooo adorable, every time Kang hee throws a fit I want Sung soo and In young to stay together just to rub it Kang hee’s face for telling a taken man that he’s gonna regret staying with his girlfriend.

    So yeah, Kang hee seriously gets on my nerves. I can’t stand women who think they’re entitled to something or someone just because they feel like it. Giant pet peeve.

    On a brighter note, overall I really like this show. It’s fast pace and enjoyable. It’s a great show to marathon since the episodes whiz by at only 45min each. I also really enjoy and can relate to the friendship amongst the woman.

  39. 39 Lise

    been reading everyone’s very well constructed comments and having nothing as well constructed to say myself I’ll just say this much, ‘I am watching this drama purely to satisfy my own perverted needs’ ; ) (hot guys in a drama get me everytime!!!)

  40. 40 malta

    I love the theme song from this show- Pink Martini’s version of Amado mio! Makes me want to go dancing!

    • 40.1 momosan

      That’s Pink Martini!? Remind me to drop a note to China Forbes and make sure she’s getting paid royalties.

  41. 41 sup super supper

    My radar completely failed to pick up this drama. I think I’m going to have to rectify that, pronto.

  42. 42 Noelle

    Thanks or the recaps! I was curious about this show.

  43. 43 Jomo

    I like how they are showing a realistic and annoying drawn-out end to a long-term relationship.

    Whether SS is good for her right now, or not, he was the one for 10 years. How can she just stop her feelings?
    While we haven’t seen many bad memories of that pair yet, there has to be some, right? Why aren’t they married? The cheating is the reason for the break-up, it is the symptom.

    IY ability to trust him is gone. It cannot return. She can forgive all she wants, but there will always be the question. If that is important to her, and we see in the proposal flashback that it is, then they are caput, not matter what SS promises for the future. It was THE deal breaker.

    Is SH the one for her now? YES! Will he marry her? I dunno. At 33, she really does need to consider if SH is a stepping stone, or her future.

    Good catch, GF, on the year limit. While originally I thought it was because he was saying, “give me a year, and I’ll give you forever,” your mention of it is making me wary.

    The show surprised me with how much I care about these characters in a short period of time. The choice between SS and SH should be easier, but the actor makes SS sympathetic. NOT trustworthy, but I understand why he doesn’t want to give up yet.

    • 43.1 Jomo

      Should be “the cheating ISN’T the reason for the break-up.”

  44. 44 suzi q

    I’m not a fan of Sex and the City, the TV series, the book, or the movie, so I didn’t expect much of this series.

    At the very beginning, I didn’t like this show especially when Kim Jeong Hoon acts like such a jerk as Sung Soo and In Young just keeps taking him back. But as I continued to watch, I’m really enjoying the female camaraderie and finding their different story lines very funny and refreshing.

    WOW! I was really surprised by the intimate bedroom scenes. They handled the topics in such a mature way that it peaked my curiosity to continue watching the other episodes.

    I really like this show because it is so unpredictable. I hope they can keep it up and don’t disappoint at the ending.

  45. 45 Seri

    Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease move on from that cheating bastard? She’s playing tennis with him? WTF?? DRAMA??? WTFF!!!!!

    • 45.1 Jomo


      But I am afraid we will be staying close to him till the end.
      You don’t think IY will end up with SS?

      • 45.1.1 Seri

        Of course she won’t or I’ll fly to Korea and burn down their office.

        • Jomo

          It is a very distinct possibility.
          Better at least check the cost of the flights!

          If we go by romantic canon, it would be who we see her with first in the show. I can’t remember now.
          They may have tricked us by putting SH in the background somewhere, and she wasn’t paying attention to him.

      • 45.1.2 Kim Yoonmi

        Cast list is the spoiler. SS will win. It’s the journey to make us believe it that will be the interesting part. They still haven’t revealed why he cheated the first time.

        I think the second time was related to the first time and partially because she was watching him and wasn’t able to trust him that it brought it about.

        Usually cheating is a result of the cheater wanting a foot in another relationship because that new relationship brings something that the current one doesn’t have. I’m hoping that the drama actually uses this psychology rather than, “All men are scum” because they did pick up on the psychology of the serial dater being afraid of being alone. “All men are scum who cheat” is as big of a cop out as it sounds like.

        And I believe the ticket prices are 300 US dollars minimum. (from the US to Korea At least 175 from elsewhere… I think.) It’ll probably be about 2,000 US dollars to stay there. And I’d expect about 10,000 dollars in lawyers fees for the burning down the building at minimum. Upside, might be cheaper with the currency exchange, depending on your home country.

  46. 46 Birdie

    I did not know why I fell asleep while watching the first episode, but I am sure glad I went back to this refreshing drama. I love how honest the girls are to each other and still so supportive and accepting of each other. No doubt the characters are flawed and so are the males,except for Mr Chaebol ( although in keeping with the characters , I hope he will show some flaws as well). It is realistic and relatable and fun to watch.

  47. 47 asianromance

    thanks for the recap, girlfriday! Not watching this right now, but it’s on my to-be-watched-one-day list!

  48. 48 WM

    I absolutely love this drama! This is what true female friendship feels and looks like; you know each others’ worst parts and it doesn’t matter. You still hold their hand and cheer them on. Nice to see the women in this show acting like the women I know, even when they get their bits of revenge here and there (and I have to admit I laugh because I’d do the same thing).

    I’m enjoying the pairings, too. The photographer who knows how to handle the spoiled model, the handy-man who is as naive and sweet as the stood-up-bride. As for In-young, I’m rooting for Sung-hyun because he really seems like a decent guy who respects her. I have to give nods to the writing, directing, and editing because I should absolutely detest the cheating ex, and yet I find myself understanding why she’s having trouble letting go. Don’t want her with him, but there’s sympathy for her where in other dramas there’s not.

  49. 49 Hipployta

    I would be on the Sung Hyun ship is I wasn’t SURE there is something else lurking in the background. He suggested they secretly date for a year…what happens in a year?

    Although he does have that strong jealous streak and his demanding he gets his time.

    Sung Soo…just let it go bro. You seem like a nice guy but you’ve cheated twice now. It’s over…but that damn t-shirt on the pillow is going to make it seem you have a chance isn’t it?

    In Young I think it’s time you look for someone completely new because I think the Boss as a Boyfriend thing is going to come back in a bad way

    Joon Hee and Seo Yeon…well oh my. (Sidenote I’m watching More Charming By The Day JUST for Choi Yeo Jin)

    • 49.1 yumi

      While I’m shipping Sung-Hyun, there is something a little off that is making me uneasy.

      I’m not sure if it is in the acting or the writing.

      I do think he will prove to be less than perfect, but even less than perfect is better than Mr. Proven Bad.

  50. 50 Duh-duh

    Even if mister chaebol is going to be a bad apple, he’s still a better choice than a rotten apple – her 10-year cheating ex.

    We just gonna have to go through all the bad ones to find a good one, isn’t it how it goes ?

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