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Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae
by | July 19, 2011 | 138 Comments

Happy dance time!

Kim Rae-won is making his first post-army project the drama Thousand Day Promise, the new title of the drama formerly called Forget Me Not, which shows good taste: It’s the series by famed writer Kim Soo-hyun (Life Is Beautiful, Mom’s Dead Upset, My Man’s Woman) and starring Su Ae. She plays a woman who’s slowly losing her memory, which makes me think this’ll be like a younger version of The Notebook.

I love this casting, and I LOVE KIM RAE-WON. He’s one of those actors who, if you haven’t seen him in anything, may elicit a mere shrug and a careless, “I don’t know, he seems all right, I guess.” And then you watch him onscreen, in motion, with emotion, and he just fills the screen with his warmth and presence. He just seems so real when he’s acting, completely genuine and natural in the roles. He has a tendency, therefore, to elevate whatever he’s in. (His dramas include 2008’s Gourmet, his last series before military service, and 2006’s What Planet Are You From? He’s also had a number of movie roles, like Insadong Scandal, My Little Bride, Sunflower, and …ing.)

Aside from loving Kim Rae-won, I’m much gladder with his casting than the rumored Song Seung-heon. While Song’s last role in My Princess went a long way toward endearing him to me, I don’t think he would’ve been on par with Su Ae, while I think Kim Rae-won will be a fantastic partner for her.

Ahh, Thousand Day Promise just became a must-watch drama for me, melodrama premise notwithstanding. It premieres on SBS on September 26.

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138 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MJP

    Yippee!!!!!!!!! Pipit, he’s coming soon!!!!!!!!!

    • 1.1 pipit

      Yeeeeesssss! MJP he’s finally coming to us! Kim Rae Won nol saranghe! Cinca cinca saranghe!

      MJP le’ts start with a very big party shall we?!

      • 1.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        You mean Jinjja….

        • pipit

          Thanks for the correction ^-^
          It’s rather difficult choosing which letters to use, perhaps it’s better to just use hangul right *wink*

      • 1.1.2 MJP


        *HUGS* *Wildly sprays Viola’s Silly String of Joy*

        Here is are your guests at the party!


        • pipit

          Wow! Love it!
          LOVE YOU MJP!

    • 1.2 pipit

      And what does it say that you should be the first in this particular post? I’m so excited!

    • 1.3 Lenita

      omo my heart skipped a few beats looking at his foto. and wiht su ae! omo!

      *fans self*

    • 1.4 blueskymaiden

      Words alone cannot describe Kim Rae-won’s awesomeness and Javabeans you are so spot on about him. He has incredible presence and pulls the viewer in hook, line, and sinker. Attic Cat is my fave of all his dramas.

      AAAHHH it’s party time!!!
      Kim Rae-won! Kim Rae-won! Kim Rae-won!

  2. amian

    Smile-worthy news of the day!

    • 2.1 jk

      I like Kim Rae Won but Su ae is not pretty, not charming and she acts poorly. I feel pity for KRW when he pairs with su ae.

      • 2.1.1 jcl

        I pity the fool that is jk. Bleegheech!!!!!!

        • fooljcl

          jcl is such a fool.

          • jcl

            Yeah, Imma fool for Su Ae! Don’t mess with my girl, those were fighting words!

  3. Mia

    YEEESSSSSSS!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kim Rae Won! I got into Korean dramas soon after he left for the army and felt completely crest-fallen. But now! *shiver* SO excited! I love him in the romantic comedy roles but I’m looking forward to anything with him and his unmeasurable sincerity (while playing the roles) in it.

    I love that he is coming back with a drama and not a movie! So quick to get back into the acting *sigh* I love it.

  4. Sylvia

    I don’t know this actor, but I’ll give him a try! He does sound good…

    Still, I was looking forward to seeing Song Seung-heon again. Seriously, So Damn Pretty. I know, I know, shockingly shallow of me, but… just. So. Damn. Pretty.

    So damn cute in My Princess, too. But yeah, I can imagine that more difficult acting challenges may not be quite his thing yet.

    (Still. Did I mention the pretty? Uhm. Maybe he can get a drama where he gets to take his shirt off a lot…?)

    • 4.1 Jomo

      Don’t forget, KRW will be sporting a new set of Army Abs, so shirt off, BABY!

      • 4.1.1 MJP

        He was lookin’ good even before he went in… I can’t wait to see him!!! Gratuitous shower scene!!!!!!!

    • 4.2 Mia

      ‘The Naked Beach Volleyball’ drama JB wants so badly.

      Sylivia Kim Rae Won might not look TOO dazzling in a photo – but you have to watch him move around and all his quirks, detailed facial expressions, smiles that don’t seem to be physically present but surely are there, and etc. etc. etc.

      He’s like one in a million as far as charismatic actors go!

      You’ll LOVE him. *or else

      • 4.2.1 Bluefyre

        I second @Mia !!!

    • 4.3 Sylvia

      LOL, yes, Naked Beach Volleyball with all the So-Pretty Actors! (And some of them must throw heated gazes at each other, too, and maybe tussle on the beach… ahem. Sorry. *g*)

      But okay, you have convinced me! I look forward to seeing Kim Rae Won in action. Some actors grow truly attractive only after you have seen them “live” rather than in pics, after all. I take it he is one of these!

      He’d better take his shirt off too, though, if he wants me to forget about certain other horribly pretty actors. Just saying. 😉

      • 4.3.1 Mia

        Heheheh Sylvia,

        ‘Horribly Pretty’ won’t even cross your mind once you’ve seen ‘Charismatic and Quirky (and Pretty)’

        We should just start making a list for ‘The Naked Beach Volleyball’ candidates.

        What we save on hiring top notch writers and producers we shall spend on perfect lighting and a *ahem* diverse, male, star cast! It needs no plot, it’s already perfect. *Grin*

    • 4.4 Linda165

      KRW’s smile made Attic Cat watchable for me.

    • 4.5 pipit

      Try his movie My Little Bride. It’s one of my most favourite movies. I think you’ll love it and him of course.

      • 4.5.1 LotusW

        He has a very ’90s’ face but nice body though. Anyway, since so many of guys like him sooo much, try looking up “Plum Blossom” a movie he did when he was young – has several love scenes involving KRW.

      • 4.5.2 maechan

        I must agree! I loved his character in My Little Bride (so cute)… and didn’t know he was the same person mentioned here until JB said so.

        The moment I remembered how much I liked him in the movie I started looking forward to seeing him again… PLUS those army-made ABS *O*

    • 4.6 MEK

      kim rae won will charm you to death…

    • 4.7 joo rae won

      you will forget the other guys in this universe when you see him…..sometimes i hated his female lead but when i watched KRW’s acting and treated his partner very well, i melted…..by the way don’t want to watch KRW’s shower scene….will lose my mind ^__________* hwaiting oppa

    • 4.8 poo

      u can see his abs in my little bride too…he was very lean in it but pretty good. But he is an excellent actor. U should watch some of his movies, he is a great actor.

  5. dmko

    Do you think this drama will be like the movie “A moment to remember” with Son ye jin?

    • 5.1 SweetiePie54

      I love that movie. I watched it the other night and cried my eyes out.

    • 5.2 Yingz

      Yes it reminded me of that movie too! it was so touching and i cried buckets (on the plane, no less).

    • 5.3 Kobe

      Yeah that was a great movie, I remember watching it when I first got into k-pop culture and absolutely loved it. Much better than The Notebook IMO, which was also about a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s.

      Good to see KRW back from the service and on TV, but this story line is getting really old though.

  6. Kkrazy

    “Attic Cat” was one of my first k-dramas and Kim Rae-won played a character that could have been so annoying, but awww, love him!!

    Just saw Sunflower last Sunday and WOW!!

    JB said it so well, “he just fills the screen with his warmth and presence. He just seems so real when he’s acting, completely genuine and natural in the roles.”

    Can hardly wait for “Thousand Day Promise”!

  7. Kiara

    Whoa Kim Rae Won, Su Ae and Ding Dong. <3

    • 7.1 sukideo

      LMAO I love that you called the child actor Ding Dong <3 <3 <3 Brings back so many good memories of GL <3

    • 7.2 danna

      i know DING DONG!!!! yea..i just got really excited !!!

  8. tinatot

    OMG. kim rae won! i think he is still on top of my FAVORITE KDRAMA ACTORS… hehehe! *excited* but with the new wave now of fresh actors *ehem* kim soo hyun(not the writer), im torn. hahaha.

    i so loved him in LSIH and WSAYF… omg. also watched my little bride and ..ing, ugh… i so miss him! it’s such a bummer i still haven’t finished attic cat due to source deficiency and gourmet T_T

    ahhh… KRW!!! =) i want a reunion drama with tae hee or ryeo won… kekeke! <3

  9. YerVang

    I was wondering when he was coming back, after watching him in My Little Bride :)

  10. 10 dingdong

    This is GREAT news for me, i love Su Ae and Kim Rae Won. Both of my favorite actors (with awesome acting skills) are acting in the same drama, what more can I ask for.

  11. 11 Laeah

    Plot sounds familiar.
    Eraser in my Head, anyone?

    • 11.1 creepykreme

      eraser in my head….. ahhh,that’s so cynically hilarious

  12. 12 Jomo

    AWESOMES all around!
    Su Ae! from 9 End 2 Outs
    Kim Soo Hyun! LIB
    KRW! (Why doesn’t anyone ever mention Plum Blossom?) (snicker snicker)
    Ding Dong!

    KRW acts with his brain and it shows up all over his face.
    I think it was Gourmet where they didn’t give him much to say at the beginning. He basically remained the focus of each scene without saying a word, even when he was in the background.

    And they always make him run in every show. Runs everywhere.

    Can it make me cry more than CYHMH and several episodes of LIB?

    Who are the supporters? I am finding the more I watch these sadder ones, the more important the supporting cast is. They are central essential crucial to winning my heart – almost more than the OTP.

    • 12.1 Mia

      “KRW acts with his brain and it shows up all over his face.”

      SUCH a great way to describe him. I find it a bit hard myself so I appreciate this well phrased product of yours Jomo!

    • 12.2 YY

      Is he the guy who “spoke” English in Love Story in Harvard?

      • 12.2.1 Jomo

        He and Kim Tae Hee must cringe every time they think about that…
        He was OK in that but I actually had to stop watching it because KTH’s mouth never completely closed, and sometimes she would stop talking and stare stare stare at me.

        • YY

          LOL Even back then, there were already proponents of the art of being STILL.

          • Jomo

            Good thing she got better.

  13. 13 Yosoyharu


  14. 14 Bluefyre

    YES!! Kim Rae Won! I’m so GLAD!!!

  15. 15 mskololia

    What’s little Ding Dong’s role? I hope SA is his mother…

  16. 16 RckNRllNinja

    Yessssss!!! I fell so in love with him while watching My Little Bride.


  17. 17 coco

    Can’t wait for this to air. It’s been 2 long yrs without him!
    So glad he chose a drama for his comeback role, it means we don’t have to wait to long to see him in action again.

  18. 18 Emeldy


    Kim Rae Won is back… Almost

    He is my first K Actor crush and he starred in the first K movie i have ever watched. And i am totally i love with him.
    Ohhhh…happy tears.

  19. 19 luraaa

    Yay! Now I’ve got three reasons to add this show on my watch list. Kim Rae won, Su Ae, and Ding dong.

  20. 20 stars4u

    The premise reminds me of A Moment To Remember with Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo Sung….

    I’m so excited to see both of them in a project!!!

  21. 21 Aya

    Kim Soo-hyun is a writer!goddess,
    Su Ae is kick-ass,
    Kim Rae-won is awesomesauce.

    Looks like a win-win situation, no?

  22. 22 samgetang

    Much as I like SSH for the pretty I love KRW more and cant be more happy with this news. Yay!

    He is one of those rare actors who do not try too hard and yet manages to grip you with his acting (that does not feel like acting at all). Au naturelle!

    *dancing with joy!*

    • 22.1 izzie

      add fireworks to that dance of joy, coz again we can concentrate on enjoying and swooning without the worries and distraction of bad acting. :)

    • 22.2 samgetang

      if the bad acting is by SSH maybe the distraction can be a bit bearable because of the pretty….hahaha!

      but why settle for that if you can have both pretty and acting chops? more fireworks, yes!!!!

  23. 23 spark67

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! FINALLY – a pairing I can get into with a storyline I can accept!!!!!!! It’s about time! Thank you SO MUCH KRW for returning to the screen. We have sorely missed you!! Sorry for all the exclamation points. But you have no idea how much I missed seeing a REAL pairing that I can anticipate.

  24. 24 Lucille

    Sunflower was awesome!

  25. 25 JJ

    wow i luv him too! is he back or i thought not until oct? i can’t wait to see him again! he’s among my long list of favorites!

    @ JB pls don’t get upset w/me but i noticed you never liked SSH? i happen to be a big fan since his autumn tale days & he’s not a bad actor! he did a good job in MP & i look f/ward to more of his projects!


    • 25.1 drama fever

      I agree. I watch all of the drama Song SH was in and I have to say that I like him as an actor. I know a lot of you don’t agree with me but if you look past the prettiness and the head tilt ( which I LOVE), you will see that he is a decent actor that goes with his good look. I love all of his projects. He and Lee Min Ho had screen presence.

  26. 26 Maho


  27. 27 snow

    definitely a much better choice than hand towel, so thank goodness for that!

    • 27.1 drama fever

      With KRW in a drama, I will pay attention to the story more. But if the hand towel was in a drama, I drool all over through the whole story. I think that’s probably why people did not notice his good acting skill.

      • 27.1.1 3pleX

        hahaha, good one in defense of the hand towel!!!

      • 27.1.2 snow

        well, good for you. hand towel makes me puke.

  28. 28 supah

    Oh. Mah. Gawd!

    Oh. Mah. Gawddd… Really??

    This’ll be my first Kim Soo-hyun drama then, have heard loads about her but never really felt compelled to watch any of her dramas, but now I have to.
    Even if it’s A Moment To Remember redux. <– cringed through latter.

    *goes back to flailing*

  29. 29 hana

    yes!!! he’s back! I am very glad this time has finally come, where my favorite actors has come back from army and making comeback! kim jae won, lee dong wook, and now kim rae won. Now i just waiting for jae hee new project. Too bad he has to decline a drama before this. I really miss him

  30. 30 Linda165

    Oh no!!! and… Yay!!!!!

    I so wanted to see my adorable SSH bot again, and so soon…

    But YAY! for KRW’s come back fresh out of the six pack oven that is army duty. I’m hoping for shirtless scenes and lots of running. If someone can look hot running, that’s KRW, if you don’t believe me, go watch What Planet Are You From? I don’t mind if the two things come together.

    • 30.1 YY

      Contrary to your anticipation of shirtless and running scenes, Linda, I’ll be focussing on the plot, the characterization, the props, the types of vehicles used in the drama, the various species of plant life displayed in each ep, and whether there are any hints of animal abuse.

      • 30.1.1 tb

        Just curious, are you joking?! *animal abuse*? are you by nature a vegetarian?

      • 30.1.2 izzie

        As a member of the Reformed Noona-fans of Kdrama, I join YY in her aim to focus only on things that matter. Besides, we’ve seen one too many abs and exposed male upper bodies in previous dramas that we don’t care any more. It’s time we pay attention to the things that the filming crew worked so hard on putting together: the story, the set, the clothes, the foliage, the animals…

        *poker face*

        • Linda165

          Pffftt! that poker face lasted about 2 seconds.

        • Jomo

          Replace “too many”
          with “not enough” and I will buy it.

          Abs are animals, too.

      • 30.1.3 Linda165

        Bah? Has your hair, by any chance, gone straight? It’s like… I don’t know you anymore…

        • YY the Pure

          Linda, henceforth I shall be known as YY the Pure. I shall only think pure thoughts and dwell on world peace. Abs, I banish thee from my mind! Shirtless torso, be clothed!

  31. 31 hwana

    ‘Love Story in Harvard’ was my first Kdrama… KRW, I missed you!!

  32. 32 amazin grace

    CHEERS! the writer is right….one of my top 3 korean actors (Park Shin Yang & Hyun Bin being the other 2)…who has high caliber acting. I’ve got to like him in Love Story in Harvard, then I searched all his other dramas & movies…luv to hear that I can watch him again! HOOORRAY for KIM RAE WON!!!!

  33. 33 rori0711

    i couldn’t agree more. with these two fantastic leads and a gifted writer, I’m sold.

    i am fascinated by Su Ae eversince Loveletter and Kim Rae Won since My Love Pattzi. Both are remarkable actors.

    Both have spread their wings by doing different genres in films and tv, it’s so good to see them back on melodrama.

  34. 34 ahjummabunny


  35. 35 minicupcakes

    KRW is such an amazing actor. I still remembered him from Love Story in Harvard with Kim Tae Hee. That was drama was the reason I started watching Korean drama.

  36. 36 hmi4

    *gripe gripe* while I’d watch anything KRW’s in, I just don’t know if I want another amnesiac drama…

  37. 37 Lidia

    agghhh!!!! another drama I have to add to my “to watch” list this fall. and just when school is starting again, too…I move that days should now be extended to 48 hours. Would anyone like to second that motion?

  38. 38 TigerButterfly

    You’re so right ,JB! You think he’s nothing at first, what with his character face, one that dsn’t look like it came out of d usual Kdrama cookie-cutter mould & slight hunch ,then ,you watch on & slowly , unwittingly , his charm creeps up & curls itself around you ( or is it just me..) .Then , I’m hooked.
    When KRW acts , I watch . Su Ae , for me , is an unconventional KD beauty . Haven’t seen her shows only , teasers , but , I got good vibes fr her.
    He & Su Ae , together? Oh , I’m sure , they’re gonna get me at Hello
    Oh , one more thing , KRW Kisses Real Well. RaWrrr!!!

  39. 39 Cynthia

    I totally ADORE him and this will be a great pairing of two real talents.
    Am so looking forward to this – hope my tear ducts will be ready to go…..

  40. 40 Venus

    HOLLY COW!!!! best CASTING NEWS ever!!!! this has become THE Fall drama of the year…

  41. 41 celest1al


    Thank God that Kim Rae Won got chosen over SSH. I agree about his genuine, natural, and warm presence. I’ve always loved him as an actor way more than his projects though, so hopefully this one will be good. The story turns me off a bit, but I’ll trust that the writer won’t let us down. I am LOVING the main couple already.

  42. 42 jakebot

    I enjoyed “What Star Were You From”, so I may get this one. That said, Su Ae, why did you have to do another weeper? Wasn’t “Athena” full of enough tears? I hope her next bit is a lot more fun, since she has such great energy and timing, but with a delivery that is well grounded with heart, a la 9 End 2 Outs.

  43. 43 Trina

    three words… HOT… Shower…. Scene….. Pretty Please!!!!!! okay four words.. ^^

  44. 44 MEK

    kim rae won!!!! love him!!!! i love that he’s the only actor in kdrama land that can run beautifully…

  45. 45 asianromance

    Yay for him getting the role and the Su-Ae and KRW pairing! I hope this gets to be a light drama, so that I’d be more likely to watch it.

    I agree with others that there is something very natural and warm abt KRW’s acting. I think he’s like the male version of Gong Hyo-jin for me (man, i wish there will be a KRW and GHJ pairing one day!)

    • 45.1 aardvarksmile

      There is actually… Both KRW and GHJ played in Snowman, a drama from 2003 I guess.

  46. 46 Cam

    Whoooooa, Kim Rae Won is finally back from his military service, woot-woot! I love him when I enjoy watched him with Jung Ryu Won in that drama “What Star Did You Come From?” but it was very incredibly funny & awesome, heh! =D

    I hope this drama will be incredibly interesting between him and Su Ae, of course. Fighting!

  47. 47 adette

    Even if this drama is all about serving up tears by the bucket-full, I’m all in. I love Su Ae, and I LOVE Kim Rae-won. I’m so down for this.

  48. 48 Ladymoonstone143

    Oh wow…I feel in love with him with Love Story….

    He is not drop dead gorgeous but my gosh, he got a screen presence. The more you look at him, the more he looks good. And definitely he is captivating on screen.

    Him and Lee Min Ho got that aura…their facial expressions can totally muddles my brain and reduced me to a shrieking fangirl…:)))

  49. 49 Ani

    He’s back! HE’S BACK!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAA! *joins in on jb’s happy dance* I’m on cloud nine right now. I’m going to go watch My Little Bride again in celebration of his return. *giggles*

  50. 50 sosoxrah

    I’ve seen him act in some dramas, and I have to say, “Meh.” I don’t find him a bad actor; I just find him a little obnoxious sometimes. I dunno… I’m not even talking about his looks here. I think he’s just not my type of actor. But I will give this drama a shot since the writer sounds promising.

  51. 51 anne

    yey!! i’m so glad he’s up for a new drama!!!

    kim rae won is my very first korean actor crush.. and for some reason i think he’s hot.. though he’s not that photogenic.. i still love the way he flashes a naughty smile and much more his laugh, which i think is very sarcastic in a laughable/cute way.. **blush**

  52. 52 Dara

    OMG OMG first heard not-gonna-watch-it, tragic melo bleh….but NOW my beloved KRW is back! Who’s not going to watch this one? Melo or not MUST see his smile asap! Thanks. SO miss his voice.

  53. 53 garcia_marina

    he also starred in the movie PLUM BLOSSOM…first time i watched it, i was turned off..how could it be that my fav in Attic Cat BARE HIS BUTT perform the horizontal tango in the green house…but i was busy ogling his butt hahahhah:-)

  54. 54 Tha

    I also loved him in My Love Patzzi! He’s been in so many awesome dramas and movies!!!

  55. 55 Elllen

    yay! Kim Rae Won! At last! That was a long wait. A fan since Love story in Harvard. Watched all (that I could find) the drama series & movies he’s in. Love him!

  56. 56 lily

    Such a talent.

    Finally. really extremely brilliant acting.

  57. 57 suzi q

    Finally KRW is back!!! Just love to watch him in anything!!!

    He was my first absolute favorite actor when I’d discovered Kdramas. I was a little shocked when I saw Plum Blossom too.Kinda raw and surprised me, but I have enjoyed his subsequent endeavors.

    Hope this one will be good.

  58. 58 Hang

    Excellent news! I’m looking forward to this drama (and btw somehow I prefer its former title “Forget me not” to the new one)

  59. 59 SarahAnn

    Hurray! My future husband is making his comeback! ㅋㅋㅋ

  60. 60 Songie

    KRW has a special place in my heart. I’ve been waiting for his return! He won me over in ‘Which Star Are You From’ (opposite my craze Park Si Hoo). He’s a strong, versatile and genuine actor. What an awesome pairing this is!~ Definitely a must-watch.

  61. 61 Banu

    I knew it he is from My little Bride, I loved his role he was awesome.. looking forward for his comeback I will be waiting..

    Rae-Won Fighting!!!

  62. 62 kimchi

    i cannot stop giggling..hihihi. i super love him.. one of the best kissers (as if i was kissed!- hahaha..in my dreams!)

  63. 63 conan

    This is so awesome! I’m so excited. Kim Rae-won is definitely someone who has unexpected charisma on screen and just draws you in. And Soo Ae is just amazing. This pairing is probably going to be one of the best this year. Will I be right? Even if the writing fails, which I hope doesn’t, the two will still bring in the talent. Can’t wait!

  64. 64 Syreolli

    Great news!

    Just as I discovered him in My Little Bride, he disappeared to do service (yes I know I’m a late fan, but better loate than never).

    This sounds like it’s going to be very emotional but great none the less so here’s hoping to see more of Kim Rae Won on the screens soon xx

  65. 65 sara

    i love his voice so much.happy to have him back

  66. 66 joanna

    Krw welcome back.. your the reason that i hooked in kdrama after watching LSIH.. hoping for another drama with KTH..

  67. 67 shana

    Have miss him nice to have guinea back again on the screen

  68. 68 soonmin

    glad that these 1981 born actors (i.e kim Rae won,kim jae won, lee dong wook,lee jin wook ,Jo in sung ) are all making a great comeback after their military service …but why is Jo In sung not involving in any dramas unlike his colleagues?

  69. 69 Hapoy

    Can someone confirm whether did he Just have surgery to balance up his double eyelids? He used to only have double eyelids on one of his eyes….I could be wrong but can someone confirm the surgery. If true, how vain…..

    • 69.1 tb

      For me as long as plastic surgery doesn’t look too distracting then fine. Doesn’t any body want to look beautiful ? And honestly who want to wasting time watching ugly people on TV when you see them everywhere on the street ?

  70. 70 jimin

    agree that Jo In sung should make his drama comeback… like his 1981 born peers

  71. 71 hbfrack

    Yay!! Kim Rae Won!!! Welcome back and I was just thinking who is he going to be paired with in his comeback drama. And another yay! for Su Ae. I love them both. I hope they get to have a good story, but I’m going to watch anything with him anyway.

    I’m so happy the long wait is over!!! 😀 😀

  72. 72 Anne

    errr…Would the two be a nicely matched couple? No matter how much I picture them, they don’t look very nice as a couple, but maybe I’ll change my mind when I actually do see them together. I just hope they have awesome chemistry!!

    • 72.1 tb

      Is Soo Ae way too mature? or too short for him?

  73. 73 mississy

    aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yay!

  74. 74 jinkzz

    I am so excited for so many reasons…Rae Won is back!!! love the pair!!! love Su Ae!!!… this drama just got exciting all of a sudden

  75. 75 HaNi!

    yes kim rae won! i missed him soooooooooo much since the last movie, my little bride and the drama of him with jang nara. must watch this! :)

  76. 76 miniejungle

    but i thought he was mediocre in Lovers in Havard!!! :(

    anyway, hope he do better now with age! :)

  77. 77 Carinne

    I like his movies until I watched Sunflower by then he stole my heart. KRW Rocks!

  78. 78 qass

    Yeay!!! finally!!
    After 2 years, he will be back on-screen..

    He’s totally a very good actor!
    he can turned bored drama to a very interesting drama for me..hahaha

    He’s worth to watch!

  79. 79 lovenwait

    I loved him in “Attic Cat.” I miss Jung Da Bin! Welcome back to the small screen oppa. Saranghe!

  80. 80 haesu

    yeh !yeh! yeh ! can’t stop my smiles he he he….. finally, my angel raewon is comeback.so glad when i heard this best news for a long wait 2 years.not regret
    for his new drama.espacilly romantic role he ‘s got.
    looking for your sweetiest eye ,oppa saranghe yo.can’t wait to see you.miss you so much.pls take care & fighting.

  81. 81 xiandi

    This news made my day!!! I Love Kim Rae Won…….I totally missed him a lot it’s been a long time..been waitng for his next project and here it was.,

  82. 82 suppiechan369

    ahh so excited for more Kim Rae Won!!! XD

  83. 83 Kam6

    Sounds like the drama version of “A Moment to Remember”, one of my favorite Kmovie… looking forward to it.

  84. 84 Violet

    Totally 100% agree with JB. You describe the feelings well.. :) He’s such a GREAT and natural actor. The type that the more u look at him the more u fall in love with him despite his not-so-drop-dead-gorgeous face… He’s always brilliant in his acting and makes every role his..

  85. 85 hope26

    Why Su-Ae? sorry but i dont like her!!! and the story is not original… this will be his 1st drama after his army duty..THIS MUST BE GOOD!… Or try to choose a good drama… i heard KRW has many offers… I waited for you (2yrs) so i hope i will not get disappointed… :-)

  86. 86 matahari

    OMG…finally,he’s back …i really cannot wait to see him…Rae Won oppa…i miss u so much..eventhough he’s not beautiful like other actor, i must tell…he’s really charismatic…that’s enough to hold a grip on me…

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