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Lee Jung-jin and Lee Min-jung in Wonderful Radio
by | July 8, 2011 | 39 Comments

Here’s our first look at Lee Jung-jin (Runaway Plan B) and Lee Min-jung (Midas) on the set of their upcoming romantic comedy film Wonderful Radio. I don’t know what’s going on with Lee Jung-jin’s hair there, but perhaps it’s a character quirk? If they’re trying to go for unkempt hair as a character statement, they should take a note from Lee Seon-kyun. Go big or go home.

Wonderful Radio stars Lee Min-jung as a former idol singer from girl group Purple, who becomes a radio DJ. Lee Jung-jin plays a PD brought in to revive her flagging show, and the two butt heads over the new segment that he introduces. Love the setup. Love the pairing.

They’ll be joined by Lee Kwang-soo (below left), currently playing geeky Go Ki-joon in City Hunter, also mostly known for playing the sad sack version of himself on variety show Running Man. He’ll be Lee Min-jung’s manager, and in a surprising twist, he won’t be playing dorky, petty, or sad sack at all, but totally sweet and supportive. Aw.

Rounding out the cast is Jung Yumi (below right), not Crucible / Cafe Noir -Jung Yumi, but Dong Yi / Friend Our Legend / You’re My Pet -Jung Yumi. She’ll be playing a writer on the radio program. The film is directed by Kwon Chil-in (Singles, Hellcats) and is shooting for a fall premiere.

Upbeat cast, potentially great music, and a setup rife for bickering romance? Count me in.

Via Osen, Xports News


39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lauren

    I think I’m going to follow this one too. I haven’t seen much of Lee Min-Jung but I think she’s a very talented (and beautiful) actress thus far. 🙂

  2. Geneva

    Aw, I remember loving this pairing when this was first announced… glad to see things are getting underway.

  3. Kender


    This looks adorable, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. :3

  4. Keylye

    I’m optimistic about this one, the pairing and story are adorable. Hopefully, the director will avoid the things I didn’t like about Hellcats and focus on the cute.

  5. grateful1

    haha– I barely recognized Lee Jung Jin with his boy-bouffant. Didn’t watch Midas but I super love Lee Min Jung, and LJJ’s great too– looks like a winner! *crosses fingers*

  6. suzY

    this is a movie right? not a drama??

    do you know when it comes out?

  7. drama fever

    His hair looks like an ajuma in this pix…

  8. ohemgee


    SO MUCH!!!!!!

  9. Cynthia

    Okay – am TOTALLY looking forward to this one!
    I love everyone here, even our Running Man sad-sack!

    From the get-go, they seriously need to FIRE the hairdresser. LMJ’s isn’t going to win any awards, either.
    What is it with the ladies, lately?! With the exception of LDH in Miss Ripley and our CH, NaNa, the female haircuts suck. Lie To Me and You’ve Fallen For Me, in particular, the cuts are terrible on these young actresses.

    • 9.1 Oopz

      There’s nothing wrong with being different and stand out from the rest,.
      Pretty doesnt always need to be long haired ^0*

      • 9.1.1 Cynthia

        Sorry – a bad haircut is still a bad haircut. These wavy blunt cuts are really unattractive – they look frowsy and just plain messy.

  10. 10 girlatsea

    Ugh, I’m still mad this isn’t being made into a drama. I LOVED Lee Jung-jin in 9 End 2 Outs. And I loveed Lee Min-jung in Smile, You. They’re PERFECT romantic comedy drama materal. ;__;

    • 10.1 girlatsea

      Why is my comment awaiting moderation? :/

  11. 11 Chloe

    LOVE the pairing. Loving the leads– I’m looking forward to this one.

  12. 12 Thatgirl

    I haven’t watched anything that Lee Min-Jung is in since Boys Over Flowers…. I should start watching her more often…. I’ll be look forward to this, it seems plenty enjoyable.

  13. 13 Lorlena

    Lee Jung-jin Lee Jung-jin Lee Jung-jin Lee Jung-jin Lee Jung-jin …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first big Kcrush 🙂 ever since 9 ends 2 outs :)))

  14. 14 come2noona

    Dear Lee Jung-jin,

    Please fire your hair dresser, STAT. She’s not doing you any favors.

    I still love you.

    Love, Noona

    *goes off to look at LJJ in High Cut (… in Bed) pics*

  15. 15 rich

    Ugh… I don’t like his hair too. ~.~

  16. 16 asianromance

    Wow Lee Jung-jin sort of looks younger in this pic!

    Great actors, but it’s like a bad hair day for the both of them!

  17. 17 Rebecca

    Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Min Jung you say? COUNT ME IN

  18. 18 mrskimchee

    whats going on with these korean male hairs? first JGS and now LJJ?? and I actually didn’t quite like RJJ hair in BFB…too mushie on the top @_@

    anyhow…this is one of the movie that I’ll definitely be watching…!
    love both casts..and plenty of love bickering?? can’t wait ^_^

  19. 19 yong in

    yey! Love the leads! i’m definitely in. cannot wait.

  20. 20 alove

    Lee Jung Jin looks like Song Joong Ki in that picture.

  21. 21 Birdie

    Love the 2 actors but what’s up with the hairstyles. Don’t they look at themselves ? The hairstyles did not do them any favours.

  22. 22 kc

    i love bad ass lee jung jin. just sayin’

  23. 23 monsterlover

    Lee minjung, Jung Yumi and kwang soo = awesome
    i will definately watch this <3

  24. 24 Joy

    Short wavy bob seems to be the biggest trend this year. Romance Town, Best Love, Lie to Me, Hearstrings to name a few.

  25. 25 abc

    i didn’t recognize LJJ because of the hair… maybe this movie is set in the 70s????

  26. 26 sugarpunch

    love all of them. but i’m particularly supportive of kwang soo though:))) loved him in Running Man and I totally didn’t understand why he was being bullied left right centre. And in the latest episode of RM I was surprised to see him being super popular in Thailand. LOL.

    Ps: Lee Jung Jin’s hair makes him look younger!!! I don’t see what’s wrong with it…. maybe i’m blinded by bias:D

    • 26.1 Alvina

      poor KS puppy :/

      He kinda captured my heart during his super short segment on SGB all those episodes ago
      and his character on running man makes me hurt for him (did you see the HJ special? When they captured him in the bathroom? His frightened eyes were comedic gold but also kind of sad to see haha 😀 )

  27. 27 blahblahblah

    Why did LMJ cut her hair? If she wants it short fine, keep it sleep like the BOF days. That was cute. But wavy? Eh.

    But she and Park Shin Hye pull it off better that others I guess.

    • 27.1 blahblahblah

      keep it sleek* LOL my bad.

  28. 28 Biatchhh

    Awww arent they the sweetest thing ever???
    And KwangSoo as the soft-hearted manager? DAEBAK…

    As a girl i need to give a BIG applause to MinJung for rocking that hairstyle, she is one of a few who can nailed every single haircut she had been given so far in all her dramas,movies,CFs,etc

  29. 29 gulsan

    Seems like I am not the only one who couldn’t recognize Lee Jung Jin. He really doesn’t look like himself 🙁 Where is my ‘9 End 2 Outs’s handsome Hyung Tae 🙁 Want him back 🙁

  30. 30 Aisuo415

    It’s a film?! I need more than 2 hours of this wonderful, delicious pairing! OTL

  31. 31 mems

    Can’t wait to see them together!

  32. 32 Alvina

    I’ve loved LJJ since seeing him as the “cool” classmate in Once Upon a Time in High School… it’s nice to see that he’s had a lot of roles since 😀

    That said, super duper excited for this for reasons I cant really name; I feel like I’ve watched a couple of t-dramas, j-dramas with the same set up (heck, there was a K-drama like this too, no? Where the guy was a disgraced idol singer?)

    Looking forward to this movie… so many cute quirky ones coming out; have to make a list lol

  33. 33 anvesha

    the pair looks cute 🙂

  34. 34 beba

    Looking forward to this movie.

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