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Miss Ripley: Episode 13
by | July 11, 2011 | 108 Comments

It’s the villains’ episode to shine, and Hirayama and Lee Hwa rock it. I really wish Hirayama had been in more of the drama from the start, instead of cooling his heels for so long. But hey, it’s worth the wait, since Miri has built up her tower, and now he’s here to both speed her inevitable fall, but also… to catch her when she does. How come even the villains have savior complexes in this drama?


Yoo-hyun brings Hirayama in for a meeting. I like that since abandoned warehouses aren’t his style, he goes with abandoned office suite instead. Hirayama recognizes him immediately, calling him the prince, and Yoo-hyun keeps his polite smiley demeanor.

That is, until Hirayama relates Miri’s past, from the fifteen-year old girl who ran away from home, to the nineteen-year old bar girl, to the day she ran away from him. And then like clockwork, to prove his story, Miri calls him in a panic because she’s followed him there but can’t get in. He shows his phone to Yoo-hyun triumphantly.

Yoo-hyun looks away, and Hirayama answers the call leisurely. Miri tells him to keep his trap shut, which he repeats verbatim in front of Yoo-hyun. He coos into the phone that when you’re with someone so high up, it’s not opening your trap, it’s barking… and then he literally barks like a rabid dog and hangs up on her. Hahaha. I love Kim Jung-tae.

Yoo-hyun asks for the truth, the kind beyond what a mere background check will tell him. Hirayama retorts in his flowery way about the difference between love and sincerity for different people, adding pointedly that Miri is not what he thinks her to be.

He thinks people ought to be with their own “kind,” clearly thinking that she belongs with him and not up in the tower with the prince. Yoo-hyun doesn’t believe that truth and sincerity are relative things, and asks for the truth about Miri.

Hirayama takes a business card out of his wallet and passes it across the table. It’s the card for Club Hana, with Miri’s photo on it. Yoo-hyun sees it and then immediately shuts his eyes. Okay, I take it back—you’re still a puppy. Are you literally closing your eyes not to see it, like the way a little kid plays hide-and-seek? If I can’t see you, you don’t exist?

Hirayama delights in adding this little tidbit too – Myung-hoon had this card in his possession, and didn’t falter in his love. Ooooo.

Hirayama: Open your eyes and see. What you love is not Jang Miri. The person who can’t even look at this… loved Jang Miri? You see why I can’t help but laugh.

And with that, he leaves. I do sort of love that for all of Yoo-hyun’s power and position, Hirayama just sees him as a sheltered kid, which isn’t untrue.

Miri is downstairs waiting for him, and demands to know what he told Yoo-hyun. He makes mocking moony eyes at her, and says that Yoo-hyun is in loooooove. HA. But he’s in love with the woman who graduated from Tokyo University, is a hotelier and a university lecturer… “That’s not Jang Miri.”

Oof, he really does know exactly how to push her weakest spots. Her eyes start filling with angry tears. He adds, “Do you know the one thing in the world you shouldn’t mess with? It’s sincerity. But I think you messed with sincerity. Do you know what happens when you do that? You die. Love? It’s nice… but I think it’s beyond your capacity.”

She runs up to try and see Yoo-hyun, but gets blocked at the door. She spends the entire next day calling and calling, to no avail.

It’s because he’s busy playing hooky and angsting it out at the gym. Well if it’s for our benefit, I’m certainly glad you chose sweating over crying. Winner: us. He also visits his mother’s grave and asks her what is right.

Miri can’t manage to find him, so she visits his father in the hospital instead, giving him a hand-knitted blanket that makes him endlessly happy. My left eye if she actually made that herself.

Stepmom comes upon the scene with a stink eye and then takes her to lunch, where she displays her immense displeasure at the fact that they are still dancing this dance. Miri tells her that it’s true that she did look favorably at Yoo-hyun’s wealth and status… at first, but now she genuinely cares for him.

Stepmom just laughs that her acting’s gotten quite good, and you can’t help but side with her in this case. Because now Miri’s just the girl who cried wolf. Maybe if Yoo-hyun were the one and only, she could wriggle her way out of being perceived as a chaebol-hungry opportunist, but her relationship with Myung-hoon makes that nigh impossible.

Lee Hwa then puts her icy cold politeness back on, and tells her to eat. How could anyone digest food with you sitting across the table? Miri shakes so much that her chopsticks rattle, and she makes a haughty barb that using chopsticks is very difficult for those who were never taught properly. Damn, that’s tantamount to calling her a barbarian.

Meanwhile Yoo-hyun hides out in a country villa and waits for word on finding Miri’s birth mother. He rationalizes that somehow finding out about her past and why she ended up that way will help him understand her.

His assistant reports that the birth mother doesn’t want to be found out because she had her out of wedlock and then went on to marry someone else. Yoo-hyun tells him to follow up on the leads anyway, starting with the bank account that’s still under her name.

Myung-hoon gets called in by his friends for another Miri emergency – there’s an uproar online because people started to look into her after her first TV appearance, and already there’s a roster up of all Tokyo University graduates… and she’s not listed.

Ruh-roh. Nothing more swift and deadly than the internet. And just like that, she’s cut from her regular TV spot in a heartbeat.

And of course, who should have the graduate list in her hands as soon as it’s online, but Lee Hwa, who calls Myung-hoon to her office. He doesn’t deny that he knew the truth, and she in turn makes it clear that she knows about their romantic relationship.

Her instructions are clear: he is to get rid of her quietly. No public firing, no chance for her to turn it around on them, because they’re the ones with the pristine corporate image to uphold.

Hirayama decides he can’t wait around for the other shoe to drop, and storms into Lee Hwa’s office to demand a meeting. He tells her that he met with Yoo-hyun the other night to discuss Miri, and whips out the Club Hana card.

She reels. “Is this really Jang Miri?” He tells her that Miri was his woman before she came to Korea. She parses the situation quickly and asks what he wants, because he doesn’t seem to be asking for money.

Hirayama notes that a pro can always spot another pro. True, you can’t outfox Lee Hwa. He tells her frankly, “I came to claim my woman. You people are going to throw her away anyway.” He looks down on her and her people (awesome) who only treat Miri like a human being because they thought she was from a good family and a good school.

He notes that they all take turns looking for answers, and then they’ll all end up throwing her away, ripped up like a used rag. “You people always speak of two different things. A dream is just a dream, but you say there are unreasonable dreams. A person is just a person, but you say that there are people who don’t deserve to be treated as such.”

I love that in his way, he defends Miri, though when push comes to shove, he and Lee Hwa want the same thing—for Miri to return to “her world.” He makes one thing clear to her: if she lays a hand on Miri, she dies.

Yoo-hyun finally comes out of his angst cave to meet Miri, and she waits nervously for his reaction. He tells her that he’s asked himself countless times why he loves her, what he likes about her, and in the end the answer is: “I don’t know.” Way to instill confidence there, buddy.

He tells her that what really makes him mad isn’t the truth about her past (though he does admit to not being able to understand her), but the fact that she felt she had to lie about it. What? Is she supposed to walk around advertising it or something? It should be a given that she lied about her past.

What you should REALLY be concerned about is that she purposely dated Myung-hoon to get ahead, and then purposely traded up to you when she found out who you were. Or rather, how much you were worth. Hello, priorities.

He tells her that this is the extent of it though, and that their engagement seems like too much right now. Yoo-hyun: “I’ll wait…until you can accept your own reflection and come out into the world. If not…I’m sorry.”

Well at least he draws a line somewhere. I was half-expecting him to just roll over and proclaim his undying love, which would have been really lame. But I wonder what he’s doing with the other half of the information—the important half, about Myung-hoon.

Lee Hwa goes to look at young Miri’s picture again, while her contact (who knows about her child) meets with her husband. It turns out that he’s known about the child all this time.

Oh, so he’s the only husband, and marrying him was the reason she gave up Miri in the first place. He now wonders if it’s time to find her, since it seems like she’s looking for her mother. Won’t they be shocked to find that it’s their own son who’s doing the looking instead?

Miri receives a shocking letter at work, basically a subpoena from the university for falsifying her credentials. Oh, shit’s hit the fan.

She asks Myung-hoon if it’s his doing, and he tells her that it’s time she quit the hotel quietly. She acts outraged, thinking he’s still heartbroken and just lashing out at her. But he makes himself clear this time—”I know that you didn’t graduate from Tokyo University.”

Even when faced with the naked truth, she still balks, insisting that it’s not true. Wow. But he tells her that he knows everything, and she changes her tactic immediately: “You made me this way!” As in: he changed her life and made her who she is today… and so he’s to take responsibility?

The funny thing is, he really DOES feel the same way in that respect, and this is his way of taking responsibility—by cleaning up after the mess he’s helped to create. Only she thinks he ought to cover up for her because he loved her. Or, yunno, he could not, on account of your dumping his ass for his younger, richer boss.

He tells her that it’s too late—Lee Hwa already knows. Oh crap. She freaks out and begs him to lie for her, buy her time, whatever he can do to give her the chance to at least tell Yoo-hyun herself. He asks if she really loves Yoo-hyun that much. She nods, but he coldly tells her that he’s sure she made herself believe it… “like you did with me.” Ouch.

He tells her to come clean and turn herself in before it gets any worse. It’s interesting that both men are begging her to just come clean and are both willing to accept her as she is if she’ll only fess up to it… and yet it’s the one thing she cannot do. Tragic flaw, really, because if she’d only just let go, she could actually get what she wanted in the long run.

Yoo-hyun struggles with what to do, having postponed (or I guess prolonged really) his engagement, and feeling like he’d have regrets either way. Dad tells him that love is like digging a well, and that he hopes his is pure and deep. He adds that if it isn’t pure, he can wait until it is. Um…not to rain on your love metaphor parade, but is that true? If you dig a well to bad water, isn’t it just… a well of bad water?

Mondo has its 30-year anniversary banquet, and Miri shows up unannounced. Myung-hoon tells her that this isn’t the time or place, but she refuses to listen. Yoo-hyun sees her from the stage, but it’s Lee Hwa who gets to her first.

She takes her aside into a room and slaps her across the face. Miri immediately gets down on her knees and apologizes to her. She fesses up to lying about graduating from Tokyo University, but swears that she loves Yoo-hyun.

Damn, you are a Piece. Of. Work. She totally raced over here to fess up to the lie before being confronted by it. Scary smart, this girl.

But Lee Hwa only smiles bigger and broader the more she goes on about how sorry she is, and her sincere feelings for Yoo-hyun. She slaps her across the face again, and then tosses a stack of photos at her feet. They’re of Miri’s past life as a bar hostess.

Damn, now my heart’s been wrung the other way. When Miri is being crafty, she makes my blood run cold, but then when people treat her like she’s dirt because of where she came from, my heart breaks for her. Gah.

She crumples to the ground and picks them up, crying and shaking violently.

Yoo-hyun comes looking for her and sees his stepmother on her way out. He walks in to find Miri scrambling to get up before he can see anything. She clutches the photos and runs out.

He goes after her.


I’m disappointed if this is all of Yoo-hyun’s dark side, because after the big reveal in the last episode, I expected full-force puppetmastery goodness with a side of cool business-like efficiency, but it’s kind of stalled in the middle. Like right around steely puppy zone. There’s lots of angsting, but very little doing, which kind of lets the air out of the tires.

Thankfully Hirayama steps up with the action, both making waves (putting her entire plan at risk), but also in some sense very sincerely wanting to protect her from the eventual fallout. As much as he calls out the chaebol world for not treating his class of people as human beings, he doesn’t believe that Miri’s ascent into that world is possible either.

He’s as much a staunch protector of the status quo as Lee Hwa is, just on the other side. I love that they each look down on the other, but are two sides of the same coin. And she’s the weirdest one of all, since she actually succeeded in what Miri is attempting to do. Perhaps it’s a bout of self-loathing on her part.

Miri’s story is interesting if you separate her from her unscrupulous methods and just examine her in the sense that she’s trying to rise above her so-called station in wealth and class. In a broad sense she’s a dreamer who thinks that she can achieve whatever she wants, and that the privileges reserved for the wealthy are rightfully hers.

That makes people like Hirayama and Lee Hwa her greatest enemies, not because they are out to get her personally, but because they don’t believe that people can live outside that system or challenge it in any way.

Of course none of this is a defense for Miri’s actions, because hey, plenty of people rise above the same problems with their integrity intact. It’s just interesting that if she were to use honest methods with the same goals, she’d be the plucky dreamer who “deserved” her Cinderella ending. But as it stands, she’s the girl who’ll walk over your dead body to get what she thinks she’s entitled to.

I like that she has a tragic flaw in refusing to let the world see her as she is. This is where she starts to dig her own grave, because she has an out, even now… only she won’t take it. She’s so stuck in how the world perceives her (and thus treats her) that she can’t step outside of it to see that it’s making her lose everything. Even now I go back and forth—do I want to shake some sense into her, or do I want to see her epic demise?

And something tells me puppy’s torn too, and he’s just gonna wait for her, which kind of kills me.


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  1. Eunice

    Thanks GF! You guys rock!

    • 1.1 malta

      Yes, Thank you so much for the recap!

  2. Mimi

    Thanks! Getting intense now! I wonder how exactly Miri will end… at least if it’s as bad as I imagine it.

  3. Jo

    Oooooh I’ve been waiting for this all day!! I saw the raws, but no subbed version yet…
    Is it weird that I have a grudging respect for Miri? She’s a liar and a gold-digger, but the girl’s got smarts.
    And then we have our Puppy. Oh, his eyes in the last scene.
    Can’t wait until tomorrow – thank you!!!!! 😀

  4. Jessica

    I really love Hirayama now, even though he’s supposed to be a baddie.

    • 4.1 usha

      supposed to be? he’s a disgusting pig who takes advantage of girls and pimps them out and then acts he loves him and makes it seem like they are worthless without him. case in point, what he’s doing to miri. trust people to find guys like that okay, but if girl commits mistakes, off with her head.

  5. Pikachu

    I’m kinda sad he didnt flame her

    and Park yoochun You have come a LONG way since your exercise phobic TVXQ days
    it was too short :'(

  6. laya

    whoa, beautiful episode.

    and that doesn’t include the fact that puppy has. a. shower. scene <3

    Thanks for the recap!

  7. bishbash

    reading you gals’ recap is equivalent to watching the drama itself! i tune in here faithfully!

    thanks!! 😀

  8. moo

    I wonder how Lee Hwa will act when she finds out miris her daughter…

    • 8.1 norsha

      seriously…i want to see her face when she know that the person she try so hard to destroyed is her own daughter

  9. Ace

    So. Intense.

    Love & hate Hirayama. Hate Lee Hwa.

  10. 10 Ani

    Sad day. I really have nothing else to say after reading your take on Miri and her situation gf. X(

  11. 11 yaya

    I think you miss the real point thinking from beginning that Yuhyun was a puppy, he never was a puppy, and he always was ready to accept her the way she is, if she was sincere.
    in fact idk why you think he was a puppy, he never even let Miri decide what to do, lol he just ordered her.

    but I agree that it kinda ironic that Miri could get everything if she came clear, but it is the same way around with Yuhyun, if he didn’t lie to Miri from the beginning he would get her by his side, loyal as he wanted.

    • 11.1 rin

      He didn’t lie to her. She just didn’t believe him. Heck, I wouldn’t either.

      • 11.1.1 yaya

        he lied in the way that he disguised as a poor student.

        I just thought that it is ironic that when they met, he was in disguise, and she was real..

        • malta

          But what Yoo hyun disguised was his wealth and class, not his sincerity towards Miri. The problem with Miri is not that she hid her background, that she is poor and uneducated, but that she lied about her sincerity, her feelings. When she met poor Yoo hyun, she treated him like trash, but when she realized he was rich she flipped like a dime.

          Now even after learning about all that Miri has done, Yoo hyun still (!) seems like he will give her a chance. Who wants to bet Miri wouldn’t drop him in an instant if something happened and Yoo hyun suddenly had no money? Risky bet to make. Miri is two-faced and insincere. That’s her biggest flaw not her poverty or lack of education. Just like Yoo hyun’s biggest asset is not his wealth or class, but his sincerity and loyalty (recall his business dealings with Muyng hoon).

          • yaya

            but he said his problem with her is that she can’t accept herself not that she is gold digger.

            I think Yuhyun is pretty self-confident man. also he is sure he can make money even if he loses it one day, and Miri is actually not that money greedy, she goes for status, not for money.

        • rin

          He never disguised himself. He just didn’t show off his money. He did tell her he was the son of a hotel owner. She told him he shouldn’t tell lies. His friend told her to apologize and she refused believing he was lying. Can’t a rich person choose to live in a dorm? Does a rich person have to show how wealthy they are by living in a big hotel presidential suite and fling money around to be telling the truth?

    • 11.2 malta

      If Yoo hyun hadn’t lied about who he was, you’re right, Miri would have been a big fan of his MONEY from the beginning, but who knows what she would really have thought about Yoo hyun the person (not the bank account), which is the same situation we are in right now. Does she really love him or is she desperately trying to hold on to her plan?

      • 11.2.1 yaya

        I don’t think Yuhyun is that concerned if she loves him or not tbh, if she was beside him and followed him and portrayed a happy marriage he would be ok with it imo.

    • 11.3 malta

      I agree though that Yoo hyun isn’t a puppy, especially with his new haircut!

  12. 12 Christine

    Where has my beloved Hee-joo been? A definite lack of her in the last few episode. Breaks my heart.

    • 12.1 Ani

      My heart too. It really is a sad day indeed. And it’s not just Heejoo, Chuljin has been missing too.

      • 12.1.1 Christine

        Agreed! I can’t believe my favourite character has been disregarded as a result of the upwards momentum of the plot. Hope to see her soon though.

    • 12.2 Tha

      Right?!?!? Why even have her on the official poster then! The story she could have become…

      • 12.2.1 Tha

        Not only for Yoo Hyun but especially for Miri!!!! Achhhhh!

        • Super_DeDe

          I am with you guys im so disappointed in the writers i thought hee joo would be a more impact in the story i mean come on she was on the cover poster they could have just have the three character and i miss my eye candy chuljin too T-T i bet you she’s going to show up on the last episode i mean we didnt even see her depart to study….why cant yoohyun just go to hee joo and ask her i mean she is her room mate n “friend”

          Im so disappointed on how yoohyun is facing it….he’s still giving her a chance and telling her until she face herself 🙁 i hope the writers give us more hee joo i mean only 3 more episode

    • 12.3 CoH

      She had like two seconds of airtime in this episode…even chuljin had a longer scene than her. This is such a waste of a great actress.

      • 12.3.1 apqaria

        Totally agree with you, I am really feeling for KHJ. Her character had some potential to make a great impact in the drama and I expected it but they really didn’t show any.

    • 12.4 malta

      I hope she’s plotting how to bring Miri down next episode for all the crap Miri’s done to her! Muahahahahaha! XD

      • 12.4.1 Tha

        YES, Malta!!! I’ll have what you’re having!!!! Mauahahahaha!!!

  13. 13 kopsa

    i hate miri. yoohyun! i can’t understand why you love this bad woman, please leave her, have hand with good girl. GOD, KILL ME NOW~

  14. 14 iLuvEmParkBrothers

    on that scene where Hirayama showed the business card to Yoohyun and he suddenly shut his eyes, somehow, i was expecting Yoohyun to just snap out of it, then with fierce expression, thump his fist angrily on the table and shout “ENOUGH!”

    but he never did. meh. so much for anticipating the dark DARK Yoohyun.

    • 14.1 IluvYouchun

      I agree, the build up to the dark side was so intense, now its like someone just let the air out of the balloon.

      I think they missed an opportunity to let Youchun expand the character even more.

      • 14.1.1 iLuvEmParkBrothers

        or maybe we just expected too much of the dark Yoohyun? 🙂

        totally off-topic, but i LOLed at our usernames. haha!

  15. 15 Chewy

    I always thought that Miri wants to Love HY vs actually loving him. MH hit it right at the spot when he ask, “… if she really loves Yoo-hyun that much. She nods, but he coldly tells her that he’s sure she made herself believe it… “like you did with me.”

    • 15.1 yaya

      yep, yep, I don’t think she is smart, she is actually really stupid and limited, but she hits it right when she is not only lying but she makes herself believe that her lying is truth, so other people kinda feel her sincerity at some point.

      I think the drama is about how the society made her an amoral monster and psycho.

      I felt “american pcycho” vibes from the drama from the beginning so I’m very satisfied~

      but Miri is not the only person damaged in the drama, I think Yuhyun is the amoral monster too in the way that he doesn’t know how to love and what love is, he know only how to possess things, because from the childhood he never got love.. so he views Miri only as his possession.

      • 15.1.1 rilanna

        i dont think yoohyun is AMORAL(i think thats the wrong word); im sure he knows how to love but who knows exactly what love is?
        he lost love of a mother but that doesnt mean he wasnt loved by his dad or stepmom; he seems to have a good relationship with his dad and his stepmom… is a complicate woman to understand; ppl say theres cougar love there, or an oedipus complex, but i think deep down, she tried to love yoohyun as a replacement for not raising her actual child miri

        i need to check out “american psycho” to understand what vibes you’re talking about; for me, its been gold-digger, cut-throat, status-(over)achiever vibes

        honestly, i dont want to admit that miri is smart; but seeing as how far shes gonna? shes stupid in some aspects: tokyo u (why pick such a famous school), making big lies that are obviously hard to ignore and not get looked into, etc.

        • mee

          We think a liked so, the writer is not smart you meant.

          • rilanna

            no, i meant miri

            but in a way, i guess you can criticize the writer too…

            i kinda understand why tokyo u was chosen by the writer for what college miri should fake because the melodrama is based off a real-life person that faked going to a good school
            besides tokyo u is the only famous school i know that’s in asia

  16. 16 xtooline

    Great recap!! Thank you yet again.

    I was so psyched to see this episode, but was also hoping for a little more hardness of mind from the puppy. OK, well, maybe we’ll still get there.

    At the same time, it was very pleasing to watch evil step-mom basically dig herself a very deep pit, from which she will have to operate once she discovers the woman who’s been calling her mother is…. her daughter. What could be better. I take back my earlier comment about jumping the shark. This is a great piece of incremental complexity.

    Sigh. Happy fangirl with the fanservice sweating/swimming/shower business. A little bit of suspension of disbelief to think Yuchun can do the butterfly, but I’m easy…

    Thank you again, GF. On to tomorrow and, I assume, the mother/daughter revelation.

  17. 17 Claudette

    I feel the same way..when she lies I kinda want to kill her but when they treat her like dirt…my heart bleeds for her:(…idk but I find Ripley more interesting than City Hunter..

    • 17.1 IluvYouchun

      Claudette, I agree.
      This drama has a very”adult” feel to it.

      • 17.1.1 Claudette

        Oh,thank you..I just feel like whenever she gets caught lying one after the other it’s like my heart is gonna explode hahaha though Lee Minho is Lee Minho..u can’t deny the fact that Lee Dae Hee… Is so great in this drama the mere fact that we want to kill her it goes to say that she portrayed her role so well and with flying colors…:)

      • 17.1.2 kdfan

        me too think LDH is doing a great job and i felt her pain in that last part with the photos. it’s not an easy role to play. although i wasnt too excited with her choice of wardrobe 😀 I really like Micky’s part when he had the face-to-face talk with LDH. It was nicely executed with only him speaking throughout. Awesome drama!

    • 17.2 Maddy


      her grappling at those photos had my heart in pieces.

    • 17.3 Usha

      exactly and what annoys me is how they don’t care about who pimped her out. I mean yeah she was a bar hostess(which imo isn’t all that horrible), but she was a victim of her circumstances and it’s like omg let’s blame the girl without looking at why she did what she did. and I’m just talking about her previous job. her social climbing was just her being greedy.

  18. 18 purplemay

    yay… thanks!

    the last scene really made me emotional… i felt Miri’s pain and being slapped twice by LeeHwa (who appears to be her own mother)… Mother is digging her own daughter’s grave (cant wait for her reaction when she finds out)

    haayyy… i really hated Miri.. but at some point I pity and understand her… but she better step outside of her world and ask for forgiveness for all the people she’d hurt…

    its better for her to face it and then dissapear from all the people… then reflect and start anew

    • 18.1 Usha

      I’m hoping she just gets justice against the guy who pimped her out. I mean I want her to pay for her mistakes as well and for the people she hurt, but it bothers me that they haven’t focused on the guy who pimped her out. well I mean they did and now they are making it seem like he was in love with her and that’s why he did what he did. blegh I absolutely despise their relationship.

  19. 19 anna

    All that drama leading up to dark YH and it was completely disappointed. He’s back to puppy, only angsty. I can’t believe how ‘nice’ he’s being even after knowing she lied to him and used to him to get ahead. I want to break something right now. 🙁

    • 19.1 anna

      I actually smiled a little when evil stepmother slapped the heck outta Miri.. TWICE! I didn’t feel sorry for Miri at all, but I do hate the fact that evil stepmother was the one who slapped her. I wish it was someone else I like (HJ or YH or MH even lol), not someone who is just as bad Miri.

      • 19.1.1 woowoo

        Me too….when evil stepmother told her to get up, I thought “…so I can hit you again.” And then BAM, she did. Lol.

  20. 20 Bluefyre

    Good ep. I was kinda hoping for more Dark Yoohyun too. Like more Dark. Haha. Can’t wait for the next one. It looks better going by the preview.

    Thanks so much, GF! 😀

    (p.s. LDH cannot catch a break. she really has to cry every episode. lol)

  21. 21 crazedlu

    i liked the two seconds of heejoo in this episode. hahaha. i was like.. whaa?? O_O’ anyways, i’m excited and ready for the end!

    [aside] now i have an entire week’s worth of dramas to follow for the first time ever. gah, i love warrior baek dong soo! and you’ve fallen for me has grabbed me too. so, another first for me.. i now like weekdays over weekends. hah.

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    Thanks for the recap!

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    • 23.1 Tha

      Right?!?!?! We’re thinking from the get go….Epic Fail! And thenin the end she runs off into the sunset with the man of her dreams…..Imma barf if that happens!!!

      • 23.1.1 malta

        I’m rooting for epic demise also. Maybe if this drama were 20 or 24 episodes she could get the guy, but at 16 episodes, Miri does not have enough time to realize she’s wrong and work to redeem herself to be really deserving of a happy ending.

        I mean, at this point she is still in denial land where she actually graduated from Tokyo University. Almost everyone immediate to her know most of her lies and she still thinks she can fool everyone. Hello Miri?! The giant white elephant in the room is stampeding! All that’s left is a media scandal and it’s bound to happen.

  24. 24 marty

    I understand miri lies. If she didnt lie do you think she will become a hotelier she lied because she needed it. But for her relationship with YH i think there’s no need for him to lie because its Fate that brings them together. YH already liked her first time he saw her. Also about her past life, atleast she had tried her best not to stuck on that the kind of world.

    I really want a mother daughter revelation and I want YH to punish Miri but still marry her.

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    So evil yet so manipulatively good

    I’m kinda in awe of Lee Hwa
    Evil stepmom instead…

    You’re right, villains ruled thus episode!

    Damn, I can’t believe dark Yoohyun barely appeared; he emerged for one ep and then was supressed.
    The only thing that made me forgive his lapse in personality is the half-naked moments in despair that made up for it partly

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    I made a big mistake

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    Btw, I was hoping to see Yoo Hyun’s dark side. Kinda Anakin Skywalker type. Hehe. Anyway, next week is the final week, no? Can’t wait any twist that might come. ;D

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    • 29.1 dls

      I hope she will not kill herself too… simply because I hope the writer can write a better story about her life rather than ending it by suicide

    • 29.2 lily


      how can you justified a bad attitude?? this is miri not ldh you see.be fair!

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    YH’s handling of the revelation of the lies was too tame. I was expecting him to go over the other side and be really mad. Surprisingly he is not angry with Miri for discarding MH and latching onto him ,the bigger fish. Maybe more of his dark side will be revealed in the next episode.

    I find this drama quite riveting,having a protagonist which is an antihero.Having empathy with Miri, yet thinking that she deserves the consequences of her actions-LDH has nailed her character.

    I guess I can put up with the music as we head for the home stretch. There is a lot to cover in the next 3 episodes. Mother and daughter revelation is going to be interesting.Lee Hwa- what are you going to do then.

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    • 34.1 Mel

      i guess they wanted to but the drama was not extended

  35. 35 dls

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    It seems many expect YH to be more Dark (so do I)…
    but I think since Hirayama nails it to YH that MH also knows it but still loves Miri, it makes YH to think and retrospect if he really loves Miri rather than lashing out…
    This is also consistent with YH’s prologue in Ep 1.

    Anyway, there are 3 more episodes…
    just wonder what will happen to Miri…

  36. 36 Eliza Bennet

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    Miri doesn’t seem like a smart person – anyone could see that the road she took will not lead to happiness. What makes me dislike her is her sense of entitlement. Is she delusional to think that she deserves love, power and money just because she is a good faker?

  37. 37 Usha

    thanks so much for the recap. Like you I don’t like how people are treating her like crap because of her past or how they look so revolted when they found out. Instead I’d be upset with the guy who pimped her out. Imo she was a victim of her circumstances and the whole system. But ofcourse let’s all blame the girl. Man I swear I have such a love/hate relationship with miri. well I wouldn’t call it love, but more sympathy.

    • 37.1 angryparsnip

      What I wonder if both men really love Miri ? It seems they love the idea of loving who they think she is. She played them both.

      As for Miri it is always easier to blame someone for everything. She has stole, lied, cheated and hurt people, destroyed

      And can someone tell me why every father in Korea has a huge debt that only a daughter can pay off by working in a bar, or in Romance Town, a maid

      • 37.1.1 usha

        in terms of blame, I’m strictly talking about her working as a bar hostess. they seem to act like it’s disgusting to do as if she had a choice and we are going to look into that field, people should also point fingers that the people who run these types of business. aka the nasty men looking to take advantage of desperate girls;.

  38. 38 Chintu

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    coz, that way, her daughter can call her ‘mother’ without raising eyebrows, and lee hwa can look after her in the capacity of a mother…

    • 38.1 malta

      This seems like a logical thing Lee hwa’s character would do although a little makjang. Can you imagine Yoo hyun and Miri’s kid?! First his mom is Miri. Frightening. Second, his grandmother is also his step-grandmother….Makjang!!! 😀

      • 38.1.1 Chintu

        plus mom is also the step-aunt… so messed up…

  39. 39 sb

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    I had to restrain myself from clapping when Lee Hwa slapped Miri the second time.

  40. 40 yes

    It’s disappointing to see so little of Heejoo’s character. Her scenes had a different feel to the drama, good change from seeing Miri all the time. Not impressed with the writers for poorly incorporating Heejoo in the bigger picture.

  41. 41 Soua

    It’s amazing to see people’s true colors.. how easy it is to wish illness onto others. And so we all have our own evil. hehehe…

    Miri, so tragically flawed indeed… That if only she had been herself, she would still win the heart of YH… and even MH. Is is evil? For lying? Man, people just don’t know evil or haven’t met evil yet. You want evil? Think Jeffrey Dahmer. Think Hitler. Miri evil? Right… flawed… yes, evil, no? Stupid? Aren’t we all? 🙂

    I’m glad YH isn’t completely evil mode. That wouldn’t be his personality… how can someone so sweet suddenly turn to ice? Eh… it takes much more then a broken heart. 🙂

    • 41.1 arun

      “I’m glad YH isn’t completely evil mode. That wouldn’t be his personality… how can someone so sweet suddenly turn to ice? Eh… it takes much more then a broken heart.”

      Oh I think so.Agree with u.^^

    • 41.2 PoshSLNG

      Very well said.

  42. 42 elizabeth

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    Its great that the scriptwriter can still make miri likeable. the last scene really pulls towards her.

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    • 43.1 PoshSLNG

      Hee Joo who…………………….? Honestly, I could care less about her character. For me personally, it’s rather decrepit and forgetful.

      • 43.1.1 Soua

        I thought I was the only one who thought this. LOL HJ is not a character I will remember 20 years from now. She is too typical of the korean heroine that it aches my heart and I want to slap her silly. *sigh.

        Just like Jang Nara’s character in baby face beauty. Why do good girls have to be so…. lame… They act all tough, but when someone says something, they can’t stand up for their selves. And the clumsiness annoys me. -_- Pay more attention to your surrounding my cute, sad, silly

  44. 44 malta

    I don’t know how this drama is going to end, but I don’t want Miri to end up with any of the guys. You know some people just need to be single for a while! And this is for her own good. Seems like her entire life she’s been used, abused and defined by the men who claim her. That is so unhealthy and part of the reason I think she lies so easily without hesitation.

    Who is Miri? She has no personality beyond being money hungry, however justifiable that may be. She becomes whoever she needs to be to get by and that is such a bad way to live. For her to have a chance to be happy in the future I think she needs to finally fess up and try to make what she can of her life without the lies and without the “men as saviors” characters. We’ve talked about how Miri doesn’t know what love is, well she doesn’t know who Miri is none-the-less have an opinion on how Miri should love, and who should love Miri and how. Miri needs to get a grip on herself before she finds a man.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this will happen. I can think of very few kdramas the lead female character ends up single at the end.

    • 44.1 Cynthia

      I think it’s a 100% probability that Miri will end up single, especially since she’ll be put in prison for her transgressions.

      We already know that she won’t be with EITHER of the two men. The prologue tells us that, in their words.

      I also don’t consider her to be smart (in the conventional sense) – she’s a survivalist. She’s learned to survive on her own wiles and that style of living doesn’t require intelligence, per se, but it does need a high level of cunning -something that Miri has, in spades. Her downfall is happening due to her inability to see the forest for the trees. She wants the big picture but fails to recognize the underpinnings of her plot for what it is – weak and easily discovered lies & half-truths. Four people know her reality and one, or all of them, can bring her down instantly. They would be able to pick and choose the way to expose her.
      All the cards she once held are gone.

      I know many were disappointed with the way the writers handled YH’s drift to the Dark Side, but personally I find it exactly right. The Puppy’s personality was very structured from the get-go – rather shy, very upright with no entitlement issues, a soft, gooey center, righteous man/boy. To expect him to turn into a Dark Pup isn’t very logical just because he discovers his “She has my Mother’s eyes” love/crush to be flawed – the degree of “flaw” isn’t murder, it’s lying and manipulating to acquire what she doesn’t have, but wants. Puppy’s romantic leanings allow him to empathise with Miri. His own father married StepMommy and overlooked her background. Why shouldn’t he?
      But, all of this will be moot – our girl’s headed for jail to begin her penance. At least she already knows how to sell cigarettes!

  45. 45 rebelgirl 23

    thanks for the recap:)

  46. 46 Pepper

    Thanks for the recap you guys are the best!!

    I agree with Cynthia, YC character is meant to be a typical Korean hero lover in a drama. He can’t be dark and evil character. I actually like how the writers made him to be so symphatethic and the need to understand how Miri came yo be the character that she is by finding her roots and understanding her childhood.
    This drama is ending so well , I didn’t like the brith secret at first too thinking again??? But imagine how Leh Wah would be whEn She finds out the she ruined her daughters life for the 2nd time.

  47. 47 berdecinismo

    I want to see JMR’s epic demise–her behavior is reprehensible . . There are countless people who have succeeded in spite of harsh circumstances. Myung Hoon is just one example!

    On another note, I too want to see a darker Yoo Hyun . . . not necessarily malevolent, but give some cynicism, some anger!

    Finally, I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with Hirayama. He’s so shameless and to the point that I can’t help but admire his self-contained persona . . . but he’s so selfish and possessive toward JMR!!

  48. 48 hottestjen

    yoohyun must stay with miri. they should end up together.

    • 48.1 JLemonade

      I think YH will stay with Miri as part of the family.

  49. 49 sb

    I don’t get why some people think Miri was a victim of circumstances. I may have felt a little bad for her at first, but those emotions have long since evaporated.

    Yes, her mother left her.
    Yes, her father died.
    Yes, she had a brief stint at an orphanage.
    Yes, she lived with foster parents.
    Yes, the foster parents may not have treated her well.
    Yes, she had a hard life.

    But that does not excuse you from using, abusing and hurting everyone around you. That does not give you a free pass to stomp, claw and crawl towards the top, other ruined lives be damned.

    What makes her unforgivable and unsympathetic, is that she surpassed fibbing in order to survive, to grand lies to get the bigger and better shinier toy. When she stole Hee-joo’s diploma and succeeded in obtaining the hotel job, she should have been content with that, and with Myung-hoon’s love. Hee-joo was willing to let the diploma incident go, because of Miri’s guilt-trip manipulation. How does Miri not have an ounce of gratitude in her soul?

    But no. Miri graduates into stealing Hee-joo’s portfolio, and dropping Myung-hoon for Yoo-hyun. Miri has this pompous righteous air of entitlement that is a disgusting sight to behold. Greed and pride are her twin towers of downfall. Good riddance.

    • 49.1 Soua

      So tell me darling, will a beggar be content with a dollar?

      Will the hungry stray dog be content with a piece of meat?

    • 49.2 usha

      let;s not forget that disgusting pig pimped her out. and people think she’s worse than that asshole. but hey when a guy does something, it’s no biggie, he’s a guy. not saying you were saying that, but I’ve seen people say miri is worse than hiryama.

      and I think miri at one point was a victim of her circumstances and everytime that asshole hiriyama approaches her, I feel bad, but other than that, she made her decisions and will have to pay for them

  50. 50 ism

    just want to say 2 thing.

    YH is a bonehead.

    I want to slap miri. HARD. SUPER HARD.

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