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Miss Ripley: Episode 15
by | July 18, 2011 | 129 Comments

Miri reaches the end of her rope, as everyone comes to collect what’s owed. The men in her life continue to think that they can save her, and don’t stop hurling themselves under buses to prove their love. Apparently a simple candygram just won’t do.


All hell breaks loose in the media frenzy surrounding Miri’s scandal, but the real bomb is dropped quietly at a church. Lee Hwa trembles at the sight of her stepson, as the nun gasps, “That’s the fiancé of your daughter…”

Miri walks up to see who’s inside, and Lee Hwa starts to cry at the sight of her. Yoo-hyun introduces them formally – as mother and daughter. Miri, rightfully confused, doesn’t process what he means. “Yes, she is Mother, but she’s your mother.”

Lee Hwa shakes her head, “No, there must be some mistake. There must be some mistake!” and she runs out of there, unable to face them. It finally sinks in that Miri has just found her mother.

She asks how long he’s known, and laughs bitterly, wondering if it was fun for him, to take this kind of revenge on her. She supposes this is the price for her lies. Well karmically speaking, you’re not wrong.

But he assures her that it’s not revenge; he was shaken at the fact that the woman he loved lied to him, but was even more fraught to realize that it didn’t change his love. He sought out her mother in an attempt to find out more about her, to know how she became that way, to better understand her.

He never suspected it would lead them here.

She tells him that they forced her to legally change her name, but she insisted on still being called Miri because she knew her mother would come back for her. How ironic that her keeping her name was what kept Lee Hwa in the dark about her true identity this whole time.

Yoo-hyun tells her how his father met Mom on a plane when she was a flight attendant, and Miri asks bitterly if that’s why she was abandoned. He begins to tell her about Grandma, but she cuts him off angrily, wondering if that’s an acceptable reason to abandon your child. And then when Mom reappears like this, is she just supposed to accept her and be happy?

She trembles, “The way I’ve lived… the way I’ve lived…”

Lee Hwa drives away in tears, as we flashback to the day she left home, tearing herself away from a pleading, crying Miri. And then young Miri scattering her father’s ashes all alone…

Only she wasn’t alone, because Mom was standing ashore, watching her. Okay, that’s it. You’re officially the worst mom ever. I mean, you were already the worst, but this? Being here and seeing her, and still doing nothing?

Back in the present, she returns to that spot. The family secret-keeper comes up behind her, and she cries, “That’s the last time I saw her…” She was then orphaned, and later adopted, and Lee Hwa couldn’t find her.

He tells her that her husband not only knows about everything now, but knew back then too. She’s shocked to realize her big secret wasn’t so secret after all. At home she cries, clutching her photos of Miri as a child.

Yoo-hyun gets panicked calls from Chul-jin about their hotel being flooded with reporters, and he tells Miri that the story about her mother has already leaked to the press somehow. Damn, that’s fast.

She apologizes, not realizing how fast this would affect the company, but he tells her that he’s decided to just deal with everything as it happens and think later, which sounds obvious, but it’s probably an implication that he doesn’t know what any of this means for their relationship, but he’s just going to figure it out later, after crisis control.

She walks up to her apartment and finds Myung-hoon waiting for her outside. He tells her that he’s thought long and hard about how to deal with all of this, and he’s decided: he’s going to tell the prosecutors that it was all HIS doing, and that he told her to lie.

I’m sorry. WHAT?!

He says that if he thinks back, he was the one to ask her first whether she graduated from Tokyo University, and it all started there. Um, that’s like saying if I ask, “Are you the King of Atlantis?” and you answer “Yes,” then I’M at fault for you telling the world that you are the monarch of a lost civilization in the sea. Hello!

He goes on to say that he’ll take all responsibility and all she has to do is confirm the story. He adds that he genuinely loved her, and he’s thought this through.

So this is how you’re proving that love? Is everyone in this drama drinking the kool-aid? What the hell is wrong with all the men in this drama? Okay, I was with all their foolhardy choices up until now, because I get it—she’s pretty and you’re in love. But this is crazytown.

At least she feels like it’s wrong enough to put up a protest, but he’s made his decision, and he tells her that’s how it’s going to be. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes and says, “I’m sorry.”

Wait, that better not be you ACCEPTING his martyrdom. Because you are not a child, you’re not helpless, and for god sakes, you’re not even innocent! Please tell me she’s not going to let him do this.

Myung-hoon thinks back to all his happy memories with Miri when they were together. Most people would be angered by those memories if they knew that they were based on lies, but he’s clearly got a savior complex that overrides any reason.

At home Miri takes out her mother’s necklace and throws it bitterly into the trash. Hee-joo finds it the next day and looks at it curiously, knowing what it means to Miri. Then she sees the news stories linking Miri and Lee Hwa.

The story gets bigger and harder to control, and Lee Hwa flips out in her office. The chairman comes to see her, and she asks him how he pretended not to know all these years. He says that if he let on that he knew she had a daughter, she would never have married him.

Lee Hwa: I think I shouldn’t have. Because this marriage has made me into this kind of mother. For twenty years, everything I did for this company, for you—is this the price? Calm down? Because I was afraid of debt, I became a mother who abandoned her daughter and ran away. And that child, because nobody accepted her, got adopted to Japan where she ended up a bar hostess, and came back a liar! Is this the price for loving you?

Because I was grateful for you repaying my debts, I made it all the way here, being called an evil bitch. I didn’t even recognize that child when she came to me, and then to protect your son… this company… I spared no tactic…

I want to go back now. Me… and Miri… and your son… so we can live without perversion. I want to go back. Grant me a divorce. I can’t live like this any longer.

Her secretary interrupts to answer her question about where the press leak came from. He tells her that someone discovered a photo of Miri from her bar hostessing days… the night that Lee Hwa had thrown them in her face.

Oh crap. So it’s her fault that it’s out in the open too? It’s enough to make her faint, and she hits her head on the way down, enough to send her into a risky surgery. Gah, how convenient of you to go unconscious to avoid facing your actions. Yoo-hyun and Dad wait nervously as she goes into surgery.

Meanwhile the prosecutor tries to talk Myung-hoon out of taking the fall for Miri. But Myung-hoon just digs his heels in and says nothing. Grar!

Hee-joo finds out from Chul-jin that the news stories are true, and comes home to find Miri packing. Miri packs away the photos from her childhood, looking fondly at one of her and Hee-joo.

Hee-joo: “Are you going somewhere?” Miri: “I have to go pay. There’s so much I’ve done.” I sincerely hope this means you’re not going to let Myung-hoon take the fall.

Hee-joo returns her mother’s necklace and Miri laughs bitterly that she’s been calling her Mother all this time, taking all that horrible treatment from her own mom. Hee-joo tells her that she’s collapsed, and that she felt so horrible that she asked her husband to set everything back in its place.

Miri refuses to believe it. She shakes her head as she says over and over again that her mother isn’t allowed to collapse—not after what she’s done. She’s the person who abandoned her child. She isn’t the kind of person to collapse.

While unconscious, Lee Hwa dreams of coming back to Miri still as a child, returning to her with happy tears. They run to each other in a field and embrace, and then Mom cooks a modest meal for her. Sad, that all she can have now is this imaginary reunion with Miri. If she were still a child it would have been like this.

Yoo-hyun asks his father why he did it, and Dad tells him it was his selfish greed in wanting to keep Lee Hwa to himself. Yoo-hyun tells him that he should’ve considered the pain he caused to the motherless child, only then realizing why he felt such empathy for Miri – because he was the same when he lost his mother.

He admits that even after learning everything, his heart still sways, and Dad tells him that their marriage can never be.

Hirayama makes a ruckus in the Mondo lobby, tearing the place apart as he shouts for Yoo-hyun. The reporters eat it up. He rushes up to Yoo-hyun as he arrives, and roughs up a few of his bodyguards just for kicks.

Up on the roof, Hirayama sticks the newspaper in his face, asking if this is his idea of love. He makes it clear what he thinks love should be: protection, as in getting your hands dirty to protect the one you love. He declares Yoo-hyun’s “kind” as too calculating.

I actually like that this character difference is pronounced and consistent. Hirayama is the fiery, passionate one who’s a hothead, and Yoo-hyun is the cold, calculating one who thinks of everything as a problem with a solution.

Yoo-hyun tells him not to assume that he’s the only one with a heart, and Hirayama warns him that if he doesn’t protect Miri, he’s not going to stand by.

The prosecutor’s office storms Hotel A to confiscate all of Myung-hoon’s files, and news breaks of his taking the responsibility for Miri’s lies. Chul-jin wonders if they should do something to get Miri out of this, like use their corporate power to lean on the prosecutors.

But Yoo-hyun tells him that he’s going to do nothing.

Yoo-hyun: She did this herself. She has to take responsibility for it. It’s the right choice for her. If this is a pain she has to endure, she has to do it. That’s the only way she’ll be able to stand upright once she comes back out into the world.

Well thank heavens SOMEBODY in this drama thinks with his brain. Finally, some sense!

He calls a press conference to basically explain the backstory, adding that their engagement isn’t broken, and the reporters ask if his trying to understand and sympathize with Miri means that he forgives her. To drive the point home, his dilemma is intercut with images of a young Miri growing up like Cinderella, adopted by her foster parents to basically be a servant.

He makes it clear that she still has to pay for her crimes, but leaves the question unanswered about his feelings. In the very least he succeeds in getting the press to back off for a while.

Lee Hwa lands back in critical condition and Hee-joo tries to convince Miri to go to the hospital, but she refuses.

Miri: Why do I have to go there? I don’t have a mother. I’m an orphan. Since when is she my mom, that woman? She’s the person who threw me away twenty years ago. She’s the one who threw away her only child to go be with the person she liked. Do you think that’s all? Do you know who spread those pictures to the press? My mom…that person who is my mother.
Hee-joo: But she’s still your mom.
Miri: No. So if she appears I have to call her Mom, and if she disappears again, I’m back to being an orphan? No. I don’t want to anymore. I don’t have a mom. I lived and ate well without one, and I was even happy without one. Do you know that? … I don’t care if she dies! I don’t care if she dies. A mother? I don’t have one.

Gah. Heartbreaking.

Hey, I’m with her on this one. I mean, I know she’s just lashing out, but I don’t think she should consider someone her mother just because she reappeared out of thin air. That said, if Lee Hwa dies like this, she’ll inevitably regret not going to see her, even if it’s to say hateful things.

The doorbell rings and whoever it is bangs on the door violently, refusing to go away. Both girls stop in their tracks, and Miri braces herself to face the prosecutors. Hee-joo shakes her head, refusing to open the door, but Miri signals her that it’s okay, and to open it.

She goes to the door herself, but it’s Hirayama there instead, demanding that she not end up in jail like this. He grabs her, kicking and screaming, and drives off with her. Hee-joo calls Yoo-hyun in a panic.

He drives off in search of Miri, though of course it’s his minion that does all the heavy lifting. They’ve had someone tailing Hirayama for a while, and he reports that there’s been some movement to try and prepare a boat to set said tonight.

Hirayama drags her onto the dock, while she screams for him to let her go. She wants to face the charges and pay for her sins, but he declares it a cruel world that won’t forgive her. She kicks him free long enough to run away, but he chases her doggedly, like he’s always done.

Yoo-hyun finally catches up to them as he’s dragging her back onto the dock, and punches Hirayama in the face. He hits Yoo-hyun back and Miri screams for him to stop.

Hirayama shouts in Yoo-hyun’s face that Miri is his woman, and that just because he’s lived his life well and the world treats him nicely, does not mean that they get the same treatment.

But while the boys are busy fighting it out, Miri runs to the edge of the dock and holds a hook up to her head. She shouts at Hirayama to stop, and that if something happens to Yoo-hyun, she’ll just die right there.

Sirens wail as the police close in on them.

She inches closer to the edge. “Do you think I can’t do it? Like you said, I’m a bitch with nothing. But I met that person and got treated like a human being. I learned what love is, and even what happiness is. Do you know that? Don’t come any closer! Don’t come any closer!”

But just then, she loses her footing and goes tumbling into the ocean as the two men watch in horror.

Yoo-hyun jumps over the railing, shouting her name.


Hm. I sort of wanted to see Miri fight tooth and nail till the bitter end, until she was forced to face the consequences of her actions. But I suppose her decision to turn herself in doesn’t mean that she faces anything less than what she’s due.

I definitely want Miri to pay for her crimes, and it looks like that’s where the finale is headed – though through it, to her redemption and atonement. I’m not so set against her that I need a tragic ending for her or anything, but hers is one case where I definitely want an eye for an eye. Not vengefully, but a just punishment, to fit the crime.

I’m not upset at the drama for making Myung-hoon the martyr, because it’s consistent with his character, but HE upsets me greatly because he’s just enabling her till the very end. You’re doing no one any good. What’s sad is that such a pivotal character initially, ended up so marginal in the end. I hope she does something else in the final episode other than pathetically say “I’m sorry,” like that fixes anything.

I could do without all this hospital everybody’s-life-hangs-in-the-balance thing, because it’s unnecessary drama in an already very dramatic world. I want to watch people own up to their wrongs and have to deal with the fallout, not lie comatose and have guilty dreams. What’s that about?

How tragic and perfect that Miri spent her whole life as an orphan chanting, “I’m not an orphan! I have a mother!” and as soon as her mother reappears in her life, it’s now become: “I’m an orphan. I have no mother.” Dramatically speaking, it’s actually one of the story elements that has had a satisfying fallout in comparison to the others.

I wasn’t a fan of the mother-daughter relationship when it was a birth secret, but now that both of them are facing the abandonment head-on, it’s gripping. It’d just be nice if one party was, say, conscious, so that they could have a dialogue about it instead of talking to other people or imaginary versions of the other. Hopefully that’s one element the finale will deliver to satisfaction.


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    YES!!! I have been waiting for ever and day!!!!

    • 1.1 Tha

      Guess who just finished episode 16 RAW?!?!?!? Did I understand what they said? No. Did I like the ending? hmmmm.

  2. Tha

    “Is everyone in this drama drinking the kool-aid?”

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      BLAH. I didnt breathe for a week for this?!?!?!?

      • 2.1.1 Soua

        *sigh. Endings are never fun.

        I’m off the kool-aid now. 😀

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    I’ve been waiting for this all day thanks 😀

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    Hope she can swim……

    • 4.1 Venus


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      sadly, i think not….

      cause its a MELOdrama
      (and apparently most of s.korea population dont know how to swim as much as americans…. T__T)

      • 4.2.1 Cynthia

        And what in the hell was she gonna do with that big ole hook?!
        Conk herself in the head?
        Jump overboard and use it as an anchor?
        Scratch her head with it, trying to figure out why the writer went insane?

        • rilanna

          love your ideas xD

          well, i thought she was going to poke her skull open and pull out whatever part of her brain makes her so devious~ xP
          …thats the egyptian-based thought i had running through her mind at first

          but i gotta give the girl some props for making the hooky threat xd
          even though i prefer to call her out on the bluff to end this tragic fiasco

        • b

          Haha! I was thinking the same thing. What was she gonna to do with that thing?
          Maybe she was gonna hooked her eyes out (eww), and then the men would be falling all over themselves to restore her sight by donating their eyes, which reminds me of the music videos javabeans and girlfriday talked about in their podcast from a couple of days ago 😀

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        • malta

          ahahaha. Busted out laughing. 😀 Everyone was thinking the same thing as you!

        • malta

          What she should have done is pointed the hook at the two men not at herself.

    • 4.3 Cynthia

      I’m really not sure how I feel after seeing this ep.
      Seriously, I’m hoping that after 14 episodes of some really fine writing that Miss Ripley doesn’t take a sharp left on the road to Crazyville.
      I’m still trying to figure out how Hirayama made it into my “Favorite” list. Yoochun had me right up to this episode and now I’m rooting for the Pimp?! (Well, he may be a pimp, but he’s an HONEST pimp – and he’s got a backbone to boot!)
      Myung-hoon, shame on you. There’s sacrificing for love and then there’s just plain stupidity. Everything I loved about his character just seems moot. Boy had better grow a pair and step-up in the finale!
      Vikii has followed up this ep with a preview of the finale – no spoilers here, other than to say I thought the Vikii channel had switched over to 49 Days.

      • 4.3.1 rilanna

        i would hate the drama to end with a trip ending in crazyville >x[
        IKR!? hirayama somehow snuck into my affections!!
        i had an ahjusshi-crush seungwoo coming in to the beginning of the drama but IM.SO.DISAPPOINTED in myunghoon! he needs to get rid of his hero complex and lose the one-sided love for miri!!

        i saw ep16 preview earlier elsewhere and it left me confused!
        urgh… miri in the hospital and in critical conditions makes it seem the finale might wrap up somewhat abruptly in the last minutes!! I NO WANT!!
        (there better not be some transplant surgery or whatever between mother and daughter xO)

        • V

          Er, what? Both the mother and the daughter end up in the hospital? I want people to face the consequences of their actions – landing in the hospital is NOT “facing the consequences”.

          I want to know who the hell the scriptwriter for this drama is. Specifically, his/her gender. Why are all the men goddamn martyrs and all the women bitches?

          This drama has gone to pot. Ripley was far from being a favorite drama, as I haven’t the stomach to watch conniving women, but at least I could admire the drama from afar (REALLY afar). Now I can’t even do that.

          Ripley off and got itself a lobotomy and no one even bothered tell me.

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    I was thinking Miri’s gonna die…

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    i would like an eye of miri’s.

    i don’t hate her at all. they’ve done a good job with her character. however, i do want her to pay.

    yay for tomorrow.

  7. Maho

    Miri is headed toward redemption of some kind and imthink the drama would have been better had she remained a scheming, lying seductress. Still if she does repent and pay for her crimes in some way it won’t be a total loss…I’d even be happy with her disappearing and restarting a new life somewhere under a different alias. Still I’ll impatiently wait till tomorrow.

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    I’m gonna go ahead and put this here. LDH facial expressions drive me UP THE WALL. That is all.

    <3 Javabeans/Girlfriday!

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      Dear @Anna, Thank you for your post, but if you just want to rant about LDH facial expressions, I will respectfully recommend for you to go the the “Open Thread,” and rant all you like about her facial expressions……..

      I lot of people here will appreciate more, if at least you comment about episode 15 recap, instead of just rant about her face, you are poster #1857982637498, that has said the same thing since this thread started….

      I meant no offense!!!!! : 0 }

      • 8.1.1 jcl

        If anna is talking about LDH’s facial expression in episode 15, she has every right to post it here as it pertains to this thread.

        I like LDH and she is super duper pretty but I agree with those 1908897897 comments about her acting and facial expressions, but everyone is free to disagree or agree. ^^

    • 8.2 Vina

      I hope u will not watch her in future dramas.

  9. rilanna

    Yoo-hyun: She did this herself. She has to take responsibility for it. It’s the right choice for her. If this is a pain she has to endure, she has to do it. That’s the only way she’ll be able to stand upright once she comes back out into the world.


    thanks for the second to last recap!! 😯

    *sigh i wish myunghoon and heejoo had a bigger important role in the end…

    • 9.1 rilanna

      why do i feel that after rereading this recap that the whole root of the problem of this ENTIRE MELODRAMA ha become the falt of Yoohyun’s father?!
      NOOOO miri is the main villian here!!!! x(((

      • 9.1.1 malta

        I agree. I feel your frustration and pain.

        Unfortunately I think it’s endemic in kdramas that responsibility doesn’t always land in the proper place. Apparently responsibility for your own actions can lie in someone else’s hands entirely! Your just a robot/puppet of fate or a tertiary character’s wrong doings!!!!

        sorry. little bit of a rant.

  10. 10 CoH

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  11. 11 Akillarian

    In some way Yoo-hyun and his father are similar in certain aspect. They can be calculated because of love. Yoo-hyun’s case is different because Miri refuses to just go along with all his plans and because he also feels guilty.

  12. 12 pepermint.tea

    I had such hope for this drama..but this ends up cliche. It’d be better if heejoo was the one to taken down miri. I cant believe the scheming miri suddenly do a 180 and want to repent her sins. Gah. This drama should have more of heejoo.

    • 12.1 Vanilla21

      Hee-joo is too sweet and innocent. I don’t like how the writer suddenly erased her from this. She was the victim of Miri’s scheme and should be allow to revenge against Miri.

    • 12.2 Tha

      Right?!?!?! If Hee Joo and Myung Hoon were more relevant to the fall as in the rise of Miri, the story would have been awesome. But today, BLAH.

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  14. 14 Pat

    dont care for this drama at all. Too many cliches… not really any surprises. Again its the writing to formula. Very tiresome. Pout, pine, cry, scream. We get it already.

  15. 15 Soua

    How did Miri suddenly gain a consciousness? Can someone explain that?



    • 15.1 imogene_af

      she’s been showing a conscience for a while now. Even in Episode 14, she’s showing herself to be someone who wants to change. At least she says so. I do not know why Miri’s redemption even comes as a surprise when Episode 14 kind of showed that route.

    • 15.2 Captain obvious

      Because like most humans on the planet, she is susceptible to change.

  16. 16 Molly

    Wow, I can’t believe the finale is tomorrow. I definitely had higher hopes for this drama – so much lost potential for conflict and character development/exploration – but guess not all directors read Dramabeans! 😉

  17. 17 Ani

    Wow, to have to scatter your own father’s ashes while you’re just a child. Yeesh. Life really is a bitch. It does not justify how Miri ended up being a total bitch herself, but she made her bed now she has to lie in it. Her and every other psycho character in this drama. I’ve given up on hoping to see a happy ending for Heejoo seeing as she isn’t an important character in this drama anymore. Thank you writers. You are assholes and you killed it for me…… *sigh* Well, it was a brilliant ride while it lasted. Thank you girlfriday for the recaps.

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    I’m literally ripping my hair out at the ending!! Miri dont die.. PLEASE end up with Yoohyun. T.T

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  19. 19 b

    Thanks, girlfriday, for this awesome recap.

    I wish I hadn’t seen the preview for the finale, nor the prologue in Episode 1. The scene in which she was playing with children and acting like a child herself could mean that she had suffered a brain damage from her fall into the water. And now she’s trapped in a child-like state for who knows how long. It’s ironic that she had lost her childhood after being abandoned by her mother. She had gained it back in a most cruel fashion. I hope I’m wrong because this punishment does not fit the crime at all.

    • 19.1 imogene_af

      I think this is the likely conclusion. 🙁 maybe that’s the only time Lee Hwa can have her daughter back too. If miri is in a child-like state

      • 19.1.1 b

        Or she could be faking brain damage to escape punishment, like what the character McMurphy did in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Will the lies never cease? 😀
        But then again you know what happened to McMurphy in the end.

        • imogene_af

          now THAT would be COOL.

        • JLemonade

          They can always have medical examination and psychiatrist confirmation before the court ruling on memory loss or brain concussion. It is not that easy to fake such action.

          • b

            This is Miri we’re talking about here. Of course she can fake it easily 😀

          • malta

            She may not be able to fake being in a child like state, but Miri is somewhat of a sociopath (someone without a conscience) despite her latest sprouting of a tiny conscience in the last couple of episodes.

            I Miri could trick the doctors though cause we have to remember we’re in kdrama land where hospitals treat/cure cancer with a humidifier and maybe if we’re lucky an IV.

    • 19.2 Cynthia

      Ooooh – what made you so smart?! 🙂

      Actually, if the ending is like that, I would be okay with it, and frankly, it would make sense. It would fit the prologue and the ultimate karma/fate/morality aspect of Miss Ripley’s character-driven Kdrama would be acceptable without having an “easy” ending (i.e., she drowns, vanishes, etc.).

      Good on you! Let’s get together for episode 19 of City Hunter!! 🙂

      • 19.2.1 b

        “Ooooh – what made you so smart?!”

        Ha! Not smart at all unfortunately. Probably just a lucky guess. We’ll find out tonight if I’m right. Sure, let’s get together for episode 19 😀

        • Cynthia

          Uh oh – just saw the finale.
          We’re gonna have to rethink episode 19.
          Honestly, I liked your version better.
          Good try, though!
          🙂 🙂

          • b

            Aw man. I thought I had this in the bag. So that makes me 0 for 25 or something with my K-Drama ending guesses.

            Thanks, though 😀

  20. 20 ism

    this drama just never change my perception of KDrama.

    Men are just airhead when it comes to pretty woman. I mean, what she did again? Lie about love, having sex for status, dumping for other man with higher position.

    she said “But I met that person and got treated like a human being. I learned what love is, and even what happiness is.”

    didnt MH was the first person EVER who treated her like human being and shower her with love ? she just want to justify her lies.

    • 20.1 berdecinismo

      I know right!

      Miri has very selective memory . . . she’s cruel to MH till the very end, completely disregarding his role in her life ~

      And, yes, this drama continues with many kdrama tropes that IMO diminish the quality of the show . . . C’est la vie.

    • 20.2 wootwoot

      hahah you answered your own question! men like pretty woman, but who says women can’t like pretty men! it’s because YH is younger, cuter, and richer 😉

  21. 21 anna

    still, i want miri and yoochun to end up together to satisfy other viewers. Happy ending is the best way.I love this drama. I love miri and yoochun. thanks for bring us good story. sarangheyo all the cast of miss ripley. im happy seeing my favorites. thanks again.

  22. 22 sun.way

    WHAT?? i’ve been following all along 15 episodes for THIS??

    ok, first, they kill one important character.
    2nd, the men have no brain.
    3rd, the typical mother daughter storyline
    4th, they tried too much to justify Miri’s lie. I love the earlier concept of anti-heroine.
    5th, can someone explained why suddenly Miri changed her mind and become a rightful person?

    I sincerely dont hope her to die. I want her to face the consequence of her lies, WITHOUT the support of the men who blindly love her. I want them to take revenge on her, that would be more interesting. That is what she should face. I know2, she was damaged because of her past, but she choose this way of life, and moral of the story, she has to face the consequence.

    thats why Kdrama never meets the standard of Jdrama.. they just couldnt go off from their old-manual-for-drama-script-book. meeeeeeehhhh!

    • 22.1 Upii

      then don’t watch kdramas 🙂

    • 22.2 Maho

      The thing is that the drama had the potential to better. Had the writers not attempted to justify all of Miri’s liethen suddenly shift the character towards the side of good and then link Miri and Lee Hwa as mother/daughter.

      I would have loved to watch Miri being a bitch for the sake of being a bitch, without any dark upbring behind her just a vain, beautiful girl using her beauty to climb up the social ladder and in the end get her just deserts for doing whats she done. I thought that at least Myung Hoon and Hee Joo would extract some kind of revenge instead of bending over backwards and prolonging or cushoning her fall.

      • 22.2.1 berdecinismo

        I’m of the same opinion as Maho.

        This drama had the potential, but it failed to overcome the overused Kdrama tropes ~ It’s so dissatisfying to watch a promising show deflate and derail into Kdrama Crazyville.

        • Birdie

          I agree that this drama had wasted its potential to be refreshing and different. It will be more riveting to see Miri destroy the 2 men and then they took revenge, or Miri so powerful that the men can’t touch or Miri pay severely for her lies and crimes. Now it seems to be heading towards the usual kdrama story.

    • 22.3 cathy

      Agree , Miri for me is just a cheap seducer , only in dramaland , in real life young , nice, educated guy like YC might like her from the beginning but later the relationship will turn different way , most of them ending up with the decent girl who would understand him better .
      If Miri does not redeem for her wrongdoings bc of her sudden sickness , this is poor ending , poor morality drama , unable to solve any problems at all , opposing to ending of 49 days , full meaning and touching drama .

    • 22.4 Captain obvious

      “why suddenly Miri changed her mind and become a rightful person?”

      You will never change from the person you currently are. You are a rock that gathers no moss. You will never grow or learn.

      And stop watching kdramas.

  23. 23 n

    I get a feeling shes gonna get a memory lost of some sort and everything ends in a bittersweet tone for the men who loved her?

    • 23.1 Mel

      how on earth is she going to have a memory loss, she just fell off the water with a sharp hook. I prefer that she gets well then she faces all the consequences. Actually she was willing to do that if not for Hirayama.

      All the decision Yoohyun is making shows how great his love for Miri, I remember him telling Miri to trust him before they made their relationship public and that they should be prepared because the press will dig in Miri’s life and Miri said what if he finds out something about her and he asssured Miri that it does’nt matter because what he is about to find out is just part of being her. True to what he said he did not judge Miri, instead he wanted to find out why Miri became that way.

      I also admire him so much because he does not tolerate Miri’s wrong doings instead he wants her to face it because that’s the only way she’s going to be free. Inspite of all the things he found out about Miri he never treated her with disrespect.

      I don’t know how this story will end tonight that’s why I am looking forward to it. I want to congratulate all the actors and actress for playing their role well. I am sorry for Kang Hye Jung if her part was not given an emphasis but it was enough for me to get to know her and find out how good actress she really is. I got to know Park Yoo Chun ( sorry don’t know him before not a JYJ fan but now I am hihihi) hope you have more drama offers but I hope your fans would be more understanding so your leading ladies won’t suffer from rude comments. Lee Da Hae, expect an award this year you so deserve it. Kim Seung Woo you have my respect. I watched you in Win Win but I never knew that you are such a good actor. Congratulations also to the director, great job, Ilove your drama you should do more.

      Thanks to girlfriday for the recaps and unselfishlly shared your view to us. I highly appreciate your effort. God Bless.

      • 23.1.1 arun

        Agree with u.
        I love your comment.Thanks you.^^

  24. 24 imogene_af

    Myung Hoon’s sacrifices leave me cold. That is not love. GROW A SPINE,MAN.

    why is he doing this? does he want her back?! Guh. And who woulda known the real triangle would be YH-Miri-Hirayama?

    • 24.1 b

      I think Miri developed genuine feelings for Myung-hoon, but then she suppressed them knowing she could hit the jackpot with Yoo-hyun. Perhaps Myung-hoon knew this and probably has been trying to figure out a way to get her back, and this is the best he could come up with, even if it means going to prison for a few years. Ah, romance 😀

  25. 25 Yer Vang

    Awh, it’s almost the end 🙁

  26. 26 Rita (Tarits)

    This drama indeed is right to be called crazy town with crazy characters. Everyone is crazy to the fullest! I could honestly say if it ends with Micky accepting her back or ending up with her, I would hate this drama. I thought this is a drama and not a fairy tale!

    • 26.1 Hyu

      a drama is a fairy tale lol but with the occasional realistic properties.

  27. 27 Rita (Tarits)

    Perhaps the only saving factor character is the bad guy who runs the bar. At least he is consistent with his character and to me, he should end up with Miri and Miri should end up with him. Then they can happily return to running a bar while all the others wakes up and gets back to their senses!

    If Miri lands in jail, the bad guy will keep her good company!

    • 27.1 Hyu

      you seriously want Miri to end up with a pimp that beats her up non-mercifully?

      • 27.1.1 Cynthia

        Uhh – when did it ever show Hirayama beating Miri up? His abuse was verbal and obsessive, but not physical.

        • Sammj23

          Umm… he slapped Miri around before and seriously the guy is her pimp, are you trying to say that he has never beaten her up before, really?

          • Cynthia

            Sorry – you just jogged my memory of the ep where he slapped her. It was about the same with her mother slapping her twice.

            Of course, no one condones the beating of anyone – male or female. I simply don’t recall any mention or visual of Hirayama beating her. Slapping and dragging her around, yes. Beating her, no.

      • 27.1.2 malta

        Ditto. She should NOT end up with a pimp. Hirayama needs to be in jail for selling women and keeping Miri like she’s his captive.

  28. 28 Noelle

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! King of Atlantis. That made me laugh like psycho.

    I totally forgot this is gonna be over. The finale. Wonder what will happen? I had this picture in my mind that was all epic drama and now I have no clue. MH is pissing me off and I hate how her mom is in a coma. Totally lame.

    Plus, why did the dad say YH and Miri could never be? They aren’t blood relatives. It’s in no way incestuous. It would be an odd pairing but nothing wrong. And why should he have any say when it comes to Miri? He f-up her life!

  29. 29 nonski

    thank you so much,,, this is one of my most anticipated show!


  30. 30 Amg1

    GF Thanks for your hard work!!!!!!

    Miri has become that anti-heroine that has make me cry the most so far in K-dramaland.

    The scene where she is siting at the bench, after finding out her mom, it is gut wrenching, the way her neck muscles move ,while she is trying to hold her tears was aesthetically mesmerizing, I could feel her agony, that scene alone deserves and award…….

    I do not know what is is about this character, but LDH has embodied the Miri character as such deep level, that all I see is Miri, I no longer see LDH!!!! I guess for an actress that is a good thing!!!

    LDH… Fighting

    • 30.1 Messi

      Yes LDH, Fighting! she deserves best actress award this year. i wish people will stop hating her now after seeing her perfectly playing miri character. she has a great potential but bad luck.

  31. 31 Birdvoice

    I feel pity for myunghoon… love that he had and how he sacrifice for miri but he’s got nothing from her, makes me more empathy…

    Hopefully, miri got her happiness in the end…cant wait for the final episode!~

    • 31.1 JLemonade

      I also feel sympathy for Myunghoon. His previous marriage was in the drains because of the unfaithful wife and he had high hopes for Miri to be his soulmate, but then failed again. To add to more pain, his mother died from the fall at the bus station after meeting Miri.

      • 31.1.1 Birdvoice

        yes, right! he’s suffering alot. the writer know really well how to make such a touching story. I cried alot saw the storyline between young miri and lee hwa. And now myunghoon’s story. thumbs up for the writer!

    • 31.2 malta

      Myung hoon is such a tragic character. Utterly ruined by this woman who still won’t acknowledge him.

  32. 32 Hyu

    I really like this show but i dislike many of the posters here. Many of them have little to no sympathy for characters like Miri. I’m glad this show is different than the average korean drama. It’s boggles my mind why so many want her to remain evil and at the same time hate her to the point of no return.

    It’s posters like these that there are people like Miri in this world.

    If you look for the bad in someone, you shall surely find it.

    I hope Miri will finally get a decent life after suffering for 28 years.

    • 32.1 Amg1

      Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!

      What are the alternatives?

      We only have 3 options:

      1- Send her to jail.

      2- Kill her off.

      3-Find redemption

      1 and 2 seems the most popular, while 3 seems to arise the most negative reaction. I personally believe that #2 will be the most fitting for our “Tragic Heroine,” the problem with that is that Korean dramas do not like to kill their “tragic Heroes,” the reaction when the main lead in the drama “Bad Guy,” was terminated was frown upon and most viewers could not handle the ending, so ill be bvery surprise if Miri gets terminated at the end of the drama…

      IMHO she deserves some sort of redemption!!!!

      • 32.1.1 minheeboo

        i honestly want to kill off miri. hahahhahahahaha!!!! that would be best. ^^ hihi

      • 32.1.2 malta

        Miri going to jail would be part of her finding redemption because she will be accepting the real world consequences for her actions based on the laws of Korea. She would have to do other things to mend her personal relationships…. I don’t want Miri to die or to stay evil, but accepting responsibility is part of the deal for redemption. You don’t get redemption just because you realize you’ve done wrong and don’t want to do it anymore. It’s just not that easy.

        This is why I was so happy when Yoo hyun said “She did this herself. She has to take responsibility for it. It’s the right choice for her. If this is a pain she has to endure, she has to do it. That’s the only way she’ll be able to stand upright once she comes back out into the world.”

        This is why Muyng hoon is such a tragic character while Yoo hyun is not even though they both love Miri.

    • 32.2 Maho

      I’m one of the posters who wished Miri had stayed evil…I watched because I knew that the drama wouldn’t have a heroine but rather a villain-esq protagonist, an anti-heronine if you prefer. In a lot of K-dramas we end up seeing the villain in the story have some kind of redemption and tbh in most instances I feel that it takes away from the story and in Miss Ripley I thought we were getting something different.

      Sure the character Jang Miri had a hard life but it in no way justifies her actions. I don’t hate Miri rather I enjoyed her as the villain with heroine tendencies, but like girlfriday I would have liked to have seen Miri fight tooth and nail to the bitter end or perphaps succeed and build a life on top of all her lies but she got caught and now she should get her just deserts for all her lies.

      I don’t think anybody really hates her but seeing her downfall rather than redemption just makes a better story.

  33. 33 JLemonade

    I really hate what Yoochun’s dad and Lee Hwa did to Miri. Because of their selfish deeds one person’s life has been screwed up. Pity Miri for having such a miserable life! Now she has met with an accident at the dock and fighting for her life. I wonder when she can come out of all these miseries and start life anew. Will there be any happiness for her in the future?
    Only the Writer knows………….

    • 33.1 JLemonade

      Yoochun was remarkable in this episode. Great and matured acting ie showing compassion, being responsible son and also fighting with Hirayama when things had gone to the extreme. He is a man with principles and was not easily swayed/emotional in his dealings with the case and wants Miri to pay for her lies before she can start again.

  34. 34 kk

    Ugh- i’ve followed diligently every recap of ripley just for yoochun sake but can never make mself watch the drama -coz i noe its not my cup of tea but this episode’s direction just went tumbling over the edge- where initialy the plot was quick n grippling- then it started getting angsty and now both the male leads lost their mind- the way the writers write it- its a ridiculous sort of love- they’ve fallen in love with mi ri without knowing the real her to begin with. Though ‘love is blind’ is century old term – it just doesnt sink well with the characters here. I’m like a mere spectator who doesnt care if she ends up with anybody and that’s very wrong in k-drama world

  35. 35 M

    not gnna finish this drama after reading this recap
    everyones annoying and especially yoochun’s character


    anyways thanks for the recap though

  36. 36 nonski

    okay… done reading!

    first, it was all so satisfying that Yoochun had stand firm that Miri face the consequences of her actions even if his all consumed with guilt as one of the reasons of her abandonment (well, part of…).

    I admire Hirayama for in a sense, he had been trying to protect Miri from this “cruel world”, even when he is one “world” Miri is trying to get away from.

    about birth secrets… this one really used the notion well enough!

    Would Miri die after her fall (literally)? Personally, I would still want her to live… face what she did and later on, rise up from the ashes, so to speak… like a phoenix!

    we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow!

  37. 37 minheeboo

    hahaha!!!! i’m hoping that miri would pay for everything. this is just too exciting!!! i can’t wait for tonight’s finale!!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!! i’m hoping, she ends up with no one. just like what they tried to show in the first episode.

    and! yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! face time for heejoo!!!!! yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~throws confetti

  38. 38 Pinkheaven

    @Hyu: LOL…I totally agree. Dramas are like fairy tales…

    I’m going with the consensus that she’ll most likely have amnesia and/or revert back to right before her mom left, so she’ll become Miri at age 9 again.

    • 38.1 minheeboo

      that would be a good twist in the end!!!! hahaha!!!

      now i remember the first episode with miri playing with kids, because she’s one of them!!!!! weee!!!^^

      • 38.1.1 D

        that clearly reminds me the ending of All About Eve. but Young Mi (Kim So Yeon) attempted suicide.

  39. 39 letmeeatcake

    I actually really hope that miri doesn’t die but goes to jail or something instead and still ends up with yoochun at the end.
    Can’t believe Miss Ripley is ending soon!!! It’s my favourite out of all the dramas at the moment 🙁

  40. 40 akem

    Sometimes I see Yoo-hyun as the smartest person of this drama. Every drama should have is Yoo-hyun.
    Pas étonnant, he is smart because he went to a good school, sunkyungkwan.

    • 40.1 Maje


    • 40.2 elle

      LOL! agree!

  41. 41 errrrr....

    “Um, that’s like saying if I ask, “Are you the King of Atlantis?” and you answer “Yes,” then I’M at fault for you telling the world that you are the monarch of a lost civilization in the sea. Hello!”
    LOL!!! Best comment ever

  42. 42 ck1Oz

    I am just looking at the last screencap and thinking how ‘I can’t imagine how sad’ it would be a child to face this.This…would change anyone.For good or bad.

  43. 43 anna

    That’s why girls will never fall for you MH, that perfect type, prince charming, savior will not get you any love. It’s a cruel world and you’re quite an idiot in love.

  44. 44 TigerButterfly

    In my private little Archive of Who’s Who , Top-Dawg Award for Bestest Most Authentic CryFace of 2011( so far!) goes to Choi Myung Gil (d very disliked Lee Hwa ) ! In Kdramaland , I’ve seen tears( thx to saline!) & I’ve seen tears( genuine but measured)..& she! she probably recollected every miserable d**med event tt she cd think of & allowed it to b channelled into those instances of genuine curdled Angst!! I suffered brief instances of the crazies ,cos I wanted to applaud & snort in her face but then ,I also,wanted to hug her for all d pain tt I felt for her.

    As for Hizayama , well , that was a lil’ surprise , cos I thot he was just a lowly yakuza wt stalker tendencies but I didn’t expect tt I’d end up wt a mite of respect for him.he turned out to be protective & loyal.Unexpected but nice.

    Jang Miri, I dislike.For ditching decent Myung Hoon for younger , hawter,indecently richer ,the very- easily- lovable Yoo Hyun.Of course , a character like hers can easily-peasily love YH! So , I really REALLY want her to get her Comeuppance!! Not to be killed off or even physically mauled but justa walk off ALONE into d sunset to find her lost soul or just go catch up wt her errant birth mother. ALONE.

  45. 45 Ayn :)

    totally agree with your comment 🙂 thanks for a lovely recap!

  46. 46 omo

    As much as I like MH Ajusshi and YooChun, I’m hoping either Chunnie gets thrown under the bus (literally) or he ends up with Hee Joo. Jail or not, Miri ends up with nothing after all that lying, cheating and scheming.

    • 46.1 jcl

      At this point, a happy ending for Miri will be for YH to love her forever and an unhappy ending would be if she was forced to be with MH. Can you imagine? as penance for killing his mother she should be forced to be with hot ajushi while the one she loves gets to be with the one with a truly good heart, Hee Joo.

      I hope Miri and YH have their time together and try to be in a real relationship but it would be a crack fairytale to think they’re gonna live happily ever after.

      Cheers to those who believe in crack fairytales.

      My crack fairytale would be Hee Joo and YH. kekekke

  47. 47 yumi

    Are you the King of Atlantis?

    I’m not the King of Atlantis, but I am its queen.

    love the line.

  48. 48 purplemay

    my heart were in a roller coaster ride watching ep15…
    even though i dont understand what they’re saying… i just felt the crazy shit the characters are all into…

    gah… too bad there’s one more episode!
    kudos to Ripley team!

  49. 49 love

    i stopped caring about the script half way through the drama…im just watching it because the actors are doing so well to portray their characters!. everything is so intense, LDH definitely played out Miri well!

  50. 50 ellehcim-.

    tsk. have you guys NOT scene the preview for EP16?
    okay, well i had no subtitles BUT what i know from the preview…

    1. She was in an ambulance car with that breathing mask on while her fiance was in there too all worried.
    2. There was an operation scene, most probably from that weapon thing she was holding.
    3. She was in a hosptital bed with bandages around her head (Like her mother)
    4. Beside her hospital bed was her mother crying, calling out Miri, Miri
    5. Another scene with that hiro japanese guy saying something like “Quickly wake up, I’ll let you go.”
    6. Her fiance rushes outside most probably the hospital building and grabs his collar and looked like he was about to cry and was angry.
    7. Her childhood friend in a taxi about to cry and is really worried
    8. Scene of Miri’s Ex-boyfriend/boss driving with miri’s voiceover going something like “sorry we cant go together”- which i mean she cant confess right now because of her state?

    lool all that in a matter of a few seconds

    • 50.1 Amg1

      Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you are new to Dramabeans, we are not like the rest of all the forums!!!

      Have the courtesy to WARN people that you are writing a spoiler, so the people that have not watched will know ahead of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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