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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 4
by | July 19, 2011 | 137 Comments

Such a fun, quirky series that mixes spy farce with rom-com elements. It has some lighthearted silly moments, treasure-hunting spy moments, but also characters with interesting mysterious layers. And the funny pretty much kills me.


Kang-woo grabs In-ah’s hand on its way to slapping Myung-wol across the face. He tells her like one of his drama heroes, “Don’t mess with her,” followed directly with: “She’s crazy. Crazy in love. She’s not right in the head, so don’t mess with her.” HA. So much for romantic declarations of heroism.

He walks away and In-ah seethes, deciding to put her in her place by saying that there are two kinds of trees – the ones you can climb, and ones you can try your hardest but never gain a foothold on. Without skipping a beat, Myung-wol tells HER to stop flailing around on a tree she can’t climb. Heh.

In-ah raises her arm yet again, and Myung-wol blocks her, reminding her of Kang-woo’s words not to mess with her. I could watch her annoy In-ah all day. Except then I’d have to stare at In-ah’s face all day.

In-ah stalks off, calling her a whack job. Myung-wol looks after her curiously, repeating the word to herself. I love this running gag of her trying to learn South Korean slang every time someone calls her something new.

Dae-kang decides that if he is to battle with a tiger, he’s got to go into the tiger’s lair. What? You mean battle Kang-woo for Myung-wol’s affections? Pwahaha. This is awesome.

So to that end, he shows up on the set to wash Kang-woo’s car, introducing himself to the agency president as a die-hard fan. Kang-woo’s agent decides he’s the perfect trial-run replacement for his manager, and Dae-kang bows fervently that he’ll die for Kang-woo.

Kang-woo sighs, “Why are there so many crazies about these days?” Heh.

Ryu packs a bag, and the parent spies ask if there’s another objective in this mission that he’s not telling them. He doesn’t deny that there is, but pulls rank and tells them that it’s confidential.

Ok-soon admits she’s got a bad feeling, and he gets defensive, reminding her that this is all for the sake of their country. He tells them to make sure that Myung-wol advances on her mission because there’s not too much time left.

She later timidly asks Kang-woo not to call her crazy in front of other people, and he asks her brusquely if she’s embarrassed. She admits that it’s not something she’s proud of, and he just tells her it’s good that she knows that.

She asks him what “whack job” means, even though when he asks if she doesn’t know the word, she backpedals and says that of course she knows – she was just wondering if it was worse than “crazy.” He confirms her suspicions.

NSA agent Yoo Da-hae gets word that Hallyu star Kang-woo was involved somehow in the Singapore book deal. That piques her interest – “What’s a Hallyu star doing at a black market book deal instead of partying at a nightclub?”

Ryu moves into Chairman Joo’s estate, to begin phase two of his mission, to get his hands on one of the books in the Ancient Quartet of Mystical Secrets. He discovers a locked room leading to a massive walk-in safe that pretty much screams, All of my hidden treasures are here, please steal.

In-ah runs into him walking around in the hallway, and tells him that nobody but Grandpa goes into that room. But the only thing she really cares to talk about is herself, so she asks if he likes her. Ha. I would say that your ego is astounding, but I’m in no way surprised.

She tells him that he ought to get over it, since she only has eyes for brand name things, and he throws back, amused, that she doesn’t really know whether or not he’s “brand name.” I love that the cold calculating spy is actually messing with her a little.

Myung-wol gets to practicing her seduction techniques, and today it’s the OPPA~. Hee. She says it over and over again, trying to get her pitch up into Oppa Squeal Zone, and her hands curl up in disgust at the over-cute. “How is this supposed to attract a man? The only thing it’s attracting is my gag reflex.” HA.

He comes downstairs so she jumps up at the chance to try it out, asking timidly, “Is there anything you need… oppa?” He stops dead in his tracks. She remembers Ok-soon’s words that if he shows a reaction of any sort, it’s half a success already.

She smiles, buoyed by the thought that it’s working. She follows it up with, “Would you like a cup of coffee, OppA~?” He shoots back: “Wanna die?” That’s…not the reaction she was hoping for.

He mocks her, lips out to there, “OppA~ … If you do that one more time, you’re dead.” Hahaha. Overreact much? She frowns, but ten to one he’s gonna be plagued by it later.

She steals out to meet Ok-soon for a debriefing, and tells her that Operation Oppa was a failure. Ok-soon gasps, “But… men almost always lose their minds at the word oppa.” Ain’t it the truth. The power of a word.

Ok-soon sighs in frustration that she can’t figure out what Kang-woo’s taste is, if he’s immune to The Cute. Myung-wol narrows her eyes, “I think he’s a total whack job.” Haha. Way to use your new word of the day.

NSA agent Da-hae stakes out Kang-woo’s place and sees Myung-wol, wondering curiously if she’s his girlfriend, since his profile says that his parents died young, so he has no family and lives alone.

The next day Myung-wol tries again to engage Kang-woo in conversation while he’s on the treadmill, and refuses to leave his side. So he tells her to run alongside him then, which leads to a hilarious competitive race where she totally outruns him, and he keeps upping his speed to try and keep up.

His pride refuses to let him back down, until he nearly trips. He barks at her that he can’t concentrate because she’s making too much noise, and walks off in a huff. Hee hee. I love when his pride gets injured.

Dae-kang fills her in on Kang-woo’s past with In-ah, calling theirs a classic push-and-pull relationship. She asks what that means, so he takes the opportunity to hold her hand and demonstrates by literally pulling and pushing. Ha. That just confuses her more.

He explains that Kang-woo is no idiot, and that he pushes her away when she’s too close, and pulls her back in, just when she’s about to let go. In-ah is a secure future for him (when he retires from showbiz), so Dae-kang puts his money down on the fact that he’ll eventually marry her. Myung-wol grumbles, only now realizing that In-ah is a threat to her in the larger sense.

Ryu lifts the Chairman’s fingerprint easily that night over dinner, and makes his way into the secret treasure room. But once inside, he encounters yet another safe with a passcode he has to crack.

Myung-wol loses sight of Kang-woo and walks around the house looking for him, and finds a baseball and glove peeking out from a closet. She picks it up to put back, and he flips out at her touching his stuff.

She wonders how she’ll ever get anywhere with a guy whose temper is so high, but then peers back to see him holding the ball and glove with a stricken look. He puts it down and picks up a picture of him with Dad, in his little league uniform. Aw.

Over the coming days, Dae-kang grits his teeth and takes the abuse of his new manager job so that he can stay close to Myung-wol noona (aw), while Myung-wol does her bodyguard job with zeal.

She and Kang-woo have to fight through a horde of screaming fangirls on their way out of the studio, and when one of the girls grabs his hair, she unlatches her, inciting the fangirls’ rabid ire.

Once Kang-woo is out of harm’s way, she meets them out back in the alley for a little lesson, only fangirls… are not like fanboys. Apparently, they are MUCH MUCH scarier. Like organized mob scary.

At the signal of a bobby pin, the girls pin the hair out of their faces and approach like a pack of hyenas. Myung-wol gulps, realizing that she may have underestimated the love of the fangirl.

She comes stumbling out of the alley torn up and bloody. Heh.

He orders Dae-kang to stop by a shop and buy her some new clothes since they have to go straight to a party for the launch of a jewelry line that night. Aaaaand, evening gown it is. Myung-wol laughs at her own reflection as she changes in the bathroom, still bloody from the fangirl scuffle.

In-ah sidles up to Kang-woo and tells him to go ahead and impress Grandpa tonight, who arrives with Ryu by his side. That makes In-ah stick closer to Kang-woo, as the two men exchange stony looks.

Ryu heads to the restroom and walks right past Myung-wol, barely recognizing her. He turns back and calls her name hesitantly. ‘Bout time you saw her as a girl. Only he’s such a singleminded robot that he can’t even take a second to go gaga over her in a dress, and simply reminds her to stay focused on the job and that they’re putting their lives on the line for their country. Yeah, yeah. But she looks so purty! Tell her she looks purty!

Myung-wol makes a big entrance with all eyes on her, mostly because she trips a waiter on her way in. Heh. But it’s enough to catch the jeweler’s attention, and she ditches In-ah mid-sentence to go talk to Myung-wol and compliment her beauty.

Kang-woo goes googly-eyed at the sight of her in that dress, which is so satisfying. It still doesn’t explain why you’re wearing shiny brocade curtains as a dinner jacket, but at least it’s in character that the bigger the star, the weirder the clothes. Seriously, it’s like math. Think about it. He perks up when he hears her use perfect English to reply to the jeweler that she’s not an actress but a bodyguard.

A little later, a man walks up to ask Myung-wol for a dance, and at first he asks politely and she declines because she’s working. But the dude is apparently not a fully formed hominid, because he grabs her wrist and yanks her onto the dance floor. Because THAT somehow puts a girl in a shake and shimmy mood?

I’m dying for her to break a few fingers, but Kang-woo steps in first. (Probably a good thing, though I’m sorely disappointed in the lack of finger-breaking.) He cuts in, firmly enough to make the creep go away.

I don’t know what makes me happier—that now they’re dancing, or that In-ah is standing four feet away and forced to watch it.

He puts his arms around her and they begin to dance, and Kang-woo asks curiously where she learned to speak English if she grew up in the country. She points out that living in the country doesn’t preclude learning English.

She steps all over his toes and he tells her with his totally straight face: “If you step on my toes one more time, you’re fired.” Ha. He dips her and says, “Stop trying to get ahead. Just follow me.”

She finally gets the hang of it and they whirl around the dance floor for a while, until he gets a call and then suddenly rushes out. She runs after him and In-ah sees a chance to be a petty bitch, and steps on Myung-wol’s dress train as she runs past her.

But Myung-wol simply tears the rest of it off and keeps running as In-ah fumes. So… you inadvertently got her through a quick-change from evening gown into sexy black spy dress by being evil. Thanks.

She runs after Kang-woo but loses him just as he takes off in a cab. Turns out his big meeting is with Hee-bok. Ha. Hee-bok keeps him on the ropes in his hunt for the Goblin, and tells him that he’s disappeared again.

Hee-bok: “But I’ve figured out why he’s called the Goblin. It’s because… he’s preternaturally elusive… like a goblin.” Pwahahaha. Thank you for your powers of deduction there, super-spy.

Kang-woo gives him a look like, are you fucking with me, so Hee-bok quickly tells him that’s not all he’s got. He takes out a sketch of the Goblin’s face… with dark sunglasses on. Pffft.

Kang-woo holds it up to his own sunglassed face in mockery, but Hee-bok insists that it’s a start. Kang-woo gives him more money and gets up to go, and when a news report comes on about him and In-ah, Hee-bok asks if he’s really going to marry her.

He asks what type of women he likes. Kang-woo: “I have no interest in women.” Anyone smell a gay misunderstanding around the corner? Hee-bok doesn’t think much of the statement, beyond his rudeness.

Myung-wol comes home and remembers the dance wistfully, and Kang-woo comes home, bursting her bubble with his actual personality. She asks him worriedly why he ran off in the middle of their dance, and he says coldly, “Don’t think because I held your hand that you’ve become something. Don’t overreact.”

He stops mid-sentence when he notices her dress, and has another fit, complaining that it’s expensive. “Are you normally a clumsy character? That’s coming out of your salary.”

He turns to go, but then Myung-wol mutters angrily under her breath, calling him a rat bastard. He half-hears her and whirls around, but she quickly covers it up and runs off.

Ok-soon finds her working out in the park, and decides that leading with Myung-wol’s feminine wiles is like “beating a rock with an egg,” (HA) and suggests they change their tactic.

She tells Myung-wol to forget coming at him woman-to-man, and focus instead on person-to-person. She tells her to figure out what his weakness is – that is, his deepest pain.

Myung-wol wonders if going for his weak spot isn’t cowardly of them, but Ok-soon tells her that everyone feels pain. (Yeah, maybe except for Kwon Sang-woo.) “Make him feel like you are the only one in the world who understands his pain.”

Well it’s a good thing his pain is daddy issues, because so are hers. Nice that she doesn’t even have to fake it, right?

She heads toward home but finds a fangirl (the same one who led the scary alley fight earlier) asleep on the front stoop. She’s been there three nights in a row, just dying for one handshake or an autograph from Kang-woo.

Myung-wol comes in to ask him because she feels so bad for the girl, but he refuses. She doesn’t see why he’s so adamant about not giving away his autograph when it takes such little effort, and he tells her to go out and sign one then.

She tells him that an autograph from her means nothing. He points out that this is exactly the difference – his is worth something, while hers is not, and he’s not going to run around depreciating the value of his own stock by being so commonly available.

Wow. He’s like his own functioning mini star system, image-as-commodity economics, all wrapped up in one body. So Myung-wol goes down and gives the girl one of Kang-woo’s favorite t-shirts, telling her that he sleeps in it, and told her to give it to her. HA. Awesome.

It turns out he’s not a total ass though, as he almost heads out with a cd, until he sees Myung-wol give away his shirt.

In-ah decides to retaliate in this push-and-pull game by asking Grandpa for Ryu to be her bodyguard. So transparent. The you-have-a-hot-bodyguard-so-I’m-gonna-have-a-hot-bodyguard ploy? She thinks Ryu perfectly suited to drive Kang-woo crazy with jealousy.

Kang-woo drives Myung-wol crazy with his insanely particular diva antics, he of the mineral water from minimum altitudes and tissues made of organic fibers. Though his retort when she hands him a roll of toilet paper to wipe his mouth is hilarious: “Do you want to clean your mouth with what you use to clean your bottom?!”

He yells at her for not doing her job and letting fangirls write all over his car, and orders her to clean it up. While rooting around for something to clean with, she finds a box of cds in the car – the same cd he was holding the other night. Perhaps a failed album and a sore spot for him?

Myung-wol reports to Ok-soon that she needs more time to figure out his weakness, and Ok-soon suggests she start digging into his past.

Kang-woo watches himself give an interview on tv and scoffs at his fabricated backstory of living abroad because of his doctor parents, and falls asleep on the couch. Myung-wol finds him there and notices him having a nightmare.

He’s a kid in his baseball uniform, and he goes running through the woods, calling out “Daddy! Daddy!” Kang-woo struggles in his sleep and Myung-wol tries to wake him. He calls out, “No! Don’t go! Don’t go!”

She shakes him hard enough that it startles him awake, and he shakes her off, covered in sweat and anxiety. She wonders to herself if he’s lost someone important in his life. “Maybe someone he loved left him? Or maybe his first love died?” Heh. Tragic death of first love is what comes to mind? I thought you weren’t familiar with the Hallyu wave.

In-ah makes sure to show off her new bodyguard to Kang-woo, who doesn’t give a damn, but Myung-wol does, and she exchanges glances with Ryu.

There’s a problem on set that day though, because the stuntwoman is unavailable, but then the producer perks up at the sight of Kang-woo’s bodyguard. Next thing you know, Myung-wol is strapped to a pulley and standing on the ledge of a building.

Kang-woo watches dissatisfied and secretly worried about her, but he can only express it in his exasperated way, saying that they shouldn’t use someone so inexperienced. But it’s shoot or bust, so Myung-wol does the jump.

It goes well at first, but then while she’s hanging in midair, the rope pulley breaks and she starts to fall…

And Kang-woo reacts with his lightning-quick reflexes. He races over to catch her, just as she’s about to land splat on the ground.

Startled, she looks up at him, and in that split second while he holds her in his arms, wearing that black mask, he gets a flash reminding him of that mysterious woman at the costume auction.

Uh-oh. Does he recognize her?


I like that Kang-woo is such a prickly diva, but that he’s also just hiding a soft underbelly for a lot of different reasons. His crazy fast reflexes are definitely curious, especially if you consider that he got to Myung-wol before Ryu even budged from the same spot. Curioser and curioser…

I think the leads have some fantastic chemistry, both romantic and comedic, and I kind of can’t wait until he’s so in love with her that he goes crazy too. Hee.

Myung-wol’s newness to everything is kind of hilarious, because it’s not just movies and tv, but actual words. I like that she’s prideful enough to fake her knowledge of things around Kang-woo, but then has to ask Dae-kang what words mean. It’s adorable, and that kind of childishness is so in sync with Kang-woo’s pettiness that it’s pretty much a perfect match.

I hope he actually falls in love with her still thinking that she’s a few marbles shy. How funny is that going to be?


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          So happy you agree with me, nonski. Nothing melts the stony heart of a hardened N. Korean spy-guy as fast as the stare of a hot Hallyu star. I expect terse gritty dialogue soon between the two. Definitely wedding bells by ep 10. What a picture the bridal duo will make: Eric casual in that grey singlet and roses in his hair, Stony Ryu in an army uniform and, yes, roses in his hair.

          • ricky the royal highness

            Hahahahaha… I’m all for that!

    • 29.2 tristy23

      i think it’s big possibilities

      because we still don’t know why KW interest in the book which he bought in black market auction.

      i just hope this drama doesn’t too complicated and too rambling,, and have a happy end

  30. 30 L

    I’m finally not reminded of Dokko Jin everyone Eric says something now. Hopefully he’ll continue to get more and more into character.

    Can’t wait until they fall in love with each other : DDD I want a good love triangle with plenty of jealousy 😀

  31. 31 almontel

    i liked this ep!!! thank you so much for the recap…

    i guess, we’re sensing that KW is more than just a hallyu star….i’m now quite sure that he’s also a spy…

    it’ll probably make Ryu wonder how he got to myunwol first before he did….

    i’m glad to see that he’s starting to see a ‘woman’ in Myung wol that he’s now starting to care for her….

    i too would love to see the day when he falls for her!!!

  32. 32 bjharm

    well I pity Korean insurance companies..no stunt woman, ok use the body guard..no one paying extra attention on safety as they using an amateur..so the gear breaks..sound like an insurance company nightmare..lol

  33. 33 Poggy

    Is the brown owl which kept making its appearance a popular cartoon character in korea?

    haha , i kept spotting it during the first few epis.

  34. 34 Bluefyre

    So FUNNY!!

    “Yeah, yeah. But she looks so purty! Tell her she looks purty!”

    Thank you!! 😀 You make my day GF ^^

  35. 35 nali2

    Thanks for the recap GF!

    “I hope he actually falls in love with her still thinking that she’s a few marbles shy. How funny is that going to be?”

    Hahaha, that would be so awesome! I can’t wait for him to fall for her.

    I’m so glad I have this show to watch now because the crack that is City Hunter will be ending soon and I’m going to need the laughs to get over that loss 🙁

  36. 36 MJP

    I like this show!!!

    Ricky TRH, I so am picturing you as a spy!!! MJP Hubby and I watched Tuxedo with Jackie Chan the other day and I totally could imagine you as a spy.

    Thanks for the material for my “story.” *Makes note in Word that Ricky TRH is a spy.*

    • 36.1 ricky the royal highness

      Hahahahaha… The idea of someone writing a story about my royal/spy persona still tickles me, but I’m glad I inspired you, MJP!

      I’ll be looking forward to it 🙂

  37. 37 laya

    Oh lordy, I’ve got something new to make me laugh out loud again. So much fun.

    Thanks so much for the recap! <3

  38. 38 cher

    I was LMAO when I read this part, “…shiny brocade curtains as a dinner jacket…” This drama reminds me of “Best Love.”

    • 38.1 Jomo

      Followed later by the bigger the star the weirder the clothes…”Seriously, it’s like math. Think about it.”

      I think the math I want to apply here is subtraction.

      The more clothes – brocade, cool black spy-like, strange heart print Ts- removed, the happier I am.

      I am in love with the part of his upper chest below the clavicle that we get to see because of his low necklines. LMH wears them well, too.

  39. 39 Yer Vang

    Thanks for the recap. Loving this drama 🙂

  40. 40 f1yh1gh10

    OMG I NOTICED TOO! eric’s voice…hahhahaa! it’s like a mixture of hot foreigness + deepness + cha seung won’s dok go jin voice! lolol… i thought i was the only one who was like.. voice..? 😀

    and GAH. ryu…you are definitely brand material.. except you seriously must be blind.. because how can you possibly bring up the “this is for the country” talk when she’s wearing THAT?

    😀 love eric and han ye seul..and once lee jin wook stops being so stone faced, i’ll love him just as much..(hehe secretly i already do love him..)

  41. 41 sleepyheadsparadise

    i rewatched the ep and i notice some funny things:

    1.) when high school fangirls mobbed KW, a high schooler pulled his head to get some hair.. she did it as well to MW… the HSG is the NSA agent who asked for a sign later on..

    2.) remember the doodles on the van the morning after the sign bickering, i believe that KW made those doodles himself.. cartons of pens are inside the box with cds that MW is looking at.. but she didn’t notice the pens.. haha

    3.) notice the reactions of KW and CR when an insistent guy bothers MW to dance with her… here are the order of their reactions. and my interpretation of it. it happened a bit fast especially CR reactions, so you might as well want to check them again…

    3.1. when the IG asked MW to dance, KW readjusted his bow tie though it doesn’t really need readjusting (it’s to make his presence known and for the IG to back off)

    3.2. IG still holds out his hand despite MW’s attempt of turning him down; KW has his annoyed lood while CR blink ( KW is annoyed because the guy seems to not get it; CR blinked because he can’t believe his eyes.and wonder what will happen next. we (sub)consciously blink our eyes to give it (the eyes) the benefit of the doubt that it see things and the brain processed it in a wrong way. hoping that after we open our eyes again things aren’t what i see before i closed my eyes.

    3.3. MW looks at both CR and KW as if asking what she’s supposed to do, since CR is his senior and they are currently undercover and the latter is supposedly his boss (as the undercover mission puts it to be); KW had his jaw tighten meaning he’s silently brooding in annoyance/jealousy already while CR had his eyebrows furrowed totally showing his displeasure of the situation.

    3.4. MW gets dragged to the dance floor. both KW and CR followed their gaze on them both ready to rescue with CR having had his foot forward ready to pounce only that KW outran him and came to MW’s aid already.

    4.) CR’s reaction when MW and KW are already dancing was like this…

    4.1 first shift of the camera to CR, CR was frowning with displeasure. in my opinion, it’s because not only KW out ran him and saved MW form the IG but also KW gets to be MW’s first dance. damn…

    4.2 2nd shift of the camera to CR, he did blink again followed by gritting of his teeth – in my opinion it’s because he tries to get rid of the sight and focus. he’s not supposed to let his feeling intervene with the mission.. the gritting of teeth is for his annoyance. why can’t he just react openly? well it’s because of the mission… urrrgghhh…

    5.) as IA stepped on MW’s dress train, CR stops IA from running after her and lectures her.. HUHU.. that’s the only thing he can do for now..

    6.) as MW walks down the hall, KW gave her a body check form head to toe and toe to head. Not only that he can’t take his eyes off her. MW for sure notice that, she got conscious of it that she tucked her hair behind her ear and she also smiled to herself. Tucking hair behind the is subconsciously showing your attraction to the other.

    7.) IA needed a translator to speak to the jeweler who brushed her aside and approached MW instead asking if she’s an actress, admiring her exquisite neckline and wanting her to try on her jewelries. they are even speaking to each other in english. the whole crowd are also admiring her looks.. haha… what a slap in the face of IA because a mere bodyguard whose mistaken for an actress was asked to to try own precious jewelries, can speak straight english, and stole the whole show because her beauty admired by everyone in the crowd. IA’s ego was deflated to zero for sure.. haha…

    8.) all 3 guys who adore MW in their own ways are nervous before the stunt/filming starts: KW gulps his saliva, muttering why should an inexperienced person do the stunt; pretend crazy kiddo-turned assistant to keep on following his new found love MW, gulps saliva and bites his lips; CR furrows his eyebrows knowing that he can’t verbalize any concern for her because they are on a mission and they can’t blow their cover. and it would be weird if he did speaks his concern because they are not supposed to know each other. (really my heart is aching for Choi Ryu, it’s not personal inability to express his feelings but their their job/cover that’s blocking him)

    9.) pretend crazy kiddo eyes deadbeat from mobbing incident MW through the rearview mirror, his concern for her evident. while KW uses his tinted glasses to throw sneaking glances at MW.

    10.) KW and CR keeps on throwing stony glances at each other when they are introduced to each other at the jewelry event. CR’s reaction was due to his annoyance and jealousy since KW kissed MW. KW’s reaction may be due to sensing bad vibes.. hehe..

    • 41.1 ricky the royal highness

      You seriously rock!!!

      I love your ‘post-mortem’ report.
      Whoa…And here I thought I was obsessed.

      *big bow*

      • 41.1.1 sleepyheadsparadise

        you’re comment just made my day.. thank you so much… ^^

        let’s just say that you’re not alone with the obsession of this kdrama… it even surprised me that, i find myself addicted to this more than i did with lie to me and it’s just episode 4.. what more if the have that level of chemistry between Yoon Eun HYE and KAng ji hwan? i even noted that they haven’t had that heart stopping kissing scene… oh my… i’ve really gone crazy over this two that i downloaded the torrent copy right after i did my live recap in soompi. I’m like i have to see the whole episode again and the preview NOW. ^^

    • 41.2 momosa

      Wow!! a lot of hard work went in there!

      So pleased that someone notices LJW like I do! He’s such a cool actor.

      He’s not shown any emotion towards MW yet but through his eyes (**all dreamy**), we (you and me) know that he adores her (secretly). Can’t wait for him to say something….

      • 41.2.1 sleepyheadsparadise

        i agree… i’m sure if his character is not a spy but any normal person he’ll be outright with wooing MW. it’s not the actor that made him like that the character he is portraying.. hehe… i’ll always be on the look out for more observations about CR.. hehe…

        • YOO

          the first scene they had together i was like YOU LOVE HERE , stop being cold and standoffish before Eric swoops in and ruins it for you . lol i hate that the precious time he should be using to court myung wol is ruined by that bratty second lead . gah !!! hate her !

  42. 42 watchingvsreading

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    I guess javabeans is right; fanboys are too easy, especially compared to those fangirls in this drama.

    I really like your comments about scenes. Kang-woo’s reflexes are being showcased as on par or better than the agents in this episode so I hope they explain that soon.

    Can anyone explain the character that Kang-woo’s fans are holding? Is it a monkey and does it have to do with his name?

    • 42.1 watchingvsreading

      And I agree that Ryu needs to tell Myung-wol she was looking very “purty!” Break the robotic agent front for a moment when you’re alone together at least or how else am I supposed to hope you end up with the girl when you’re destined not to!

  43. 43 STory

    strange, I thought the reason Ryu was not able to save MW first is because he was standing behind the director whereas KW was closer to her. Ryu had to jump across the director and his table to save MW whereas all KW needs to do is run straight to her.

  44. 44 midori

    this look like City Hunter + Best Love

    • 44.1 Ashii

      minus the city hunter intensity/revenge

  45. 45 YY

    I love this show!!!!! So intriguing: Is Eric hiding something? Are the CDs in the van secret spy stuff? Who is Eric really? What was he doing in the forest? Why does he move so fast???? Why does he wear curtains? Are those muscles hard or spongy?

    I normally avoid spy dramas, but this one is so campy and exaggerated I love it! I love Han Ye-seul!!!! My fav actress!!!! Those wide-eyed expressions in any other actress would be annoying but in her, they’re just so endearing. Eric is so smouldering sexy and charismatic….he just lights up the screen with his presence. Some ppl say he’s wooden but I disagree!!!! Definitely not a Man of Still, our Eric – he moves too fast for that ….those eyes send a thousand messages to me across my laptop I HEAR YOU ERIC …er…sorry, what was I saying….oh, right….he’s a mix of awkwardness and awareness and broody glances when he’s around her…..I feel that palpable frission of attraction that he’s trying to deny whenever he’s with her. When the two of them are together, they’re just so rivetting!!!! The side characters are hilarious too.

    Everything works in this show!!!! I came into it expecting nothing, but am so overwhelmed by the amount of fun I’m getting from it each ep. Every ep is getting better and better. The montage of scenes at the end….are they a preview of next ep????? Soooooo romantic….I’m rewinding and rewatching over and over, over and over! Oh dear, will he be MAD when he falls for her, marries her to find it’s all a lie.

    • 45.1 MJP

      YY Dear,

      I think this will answer your question regarding his muscles.


    • 45.2 Jomo

      Yes, to all of the above, including rewinding and watching the coming attractions…

  46. 46 kk

    Thx girlfriday for your quirky recaps. I’m officially on board.

    Am watching i need romance stil- as kdrama’s 2 eps per week release are too slow for me. So i cant climb aboard to watch yet- wil wait til past mid point ep 9 or 10 before i start my drama marathon with this spy rom-com and yes totally agree- its a completely good balance of action n comedy n romance – ahhh breath of fresh air in k la-la-la dramaland

  47. 47 soojin08




  48. 48 janyx

    waaaah! I’m freaking out…weeee!
    is that a preview of the next episode?
    ohhh can July 25 get any sooner?hehe

  49. 49 Daktari

    I wish the drama could do a Mr. and Mrs. Smith with them! That would be awesome!

  50. 50 3pleX


    ep 1 (N) 9.6 (18th) (S) 10.6 (13th)
    ep 2 (N) 7.6 (19th) (S) 7.8 (19th)
    ep 3 (N) 5.9 (S) <7.7
    ep 4 (N) 6.4 (S) <6.5

    TNmS media Korea

    I feel so sad that the ratings are low. Episodes 3 and 4 didn't even make it to the Top 20 shows.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 50.1 bjharm

      Ouch that scary, as poor rating can bring rewrites and changes of character danger. Let hope they hold off and see how it goes now Miss Ripley finished its run. The downward slide though is pretty constant, kind of reverse what happened to BFB this drama’s predecessor. I sure KBS where hoping to keep the top place in Monday/Tuesday slot that BFB gave them with this one too.
      The trouble is with BFB’s extended allowing more episodes of this drama to be pre-made, thus better quality, will becoming to an end soon and they will be back to making each episode as it is shown, making it very hard to change anything without making a mess of the whole drama…

    • 50.2 rin6

      i’m frustrated too..but, lets hope for better next week since Miss Ripleys ended alraedy…

      but even the rating still low, in the next episode, that’s the k-netizen lost then..they miss such a great drama..heh

    • 50.3 Jomo

      There are more than 20 shows on at the same time?

      Somehow that math don’t work…Are they measuring ALL the shows that are on on the same night against each other?

      So the ratings are “shares” like I am used to?

      How did the do for its time slot, I wonder?

      • 50.3.1 3pleX

        rating is for the time slot, but the Top 20 ranking is for all shows that aired for that day in all networks – this is just my assumption.

        I don’t really know how this ranking/rating really works, but they have always presented this ranking/rating thing this way (well ever since i started watching kdramas a coupla years ago).

        • Jomo

          OK Makes sense.
          I hope it picks up.
          It’s such a pretty show, why wouldn’t it attract viewers?

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