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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 5
by | July 25, 2011 | 172 Comments

Hee! How much do I love that so much subtext — and even some of the text — of this entire episode is sex? It’s treated with utter seriousness, which just makes it even gigglier for me, watching these grown people trying to strategize and maneuver this relationship in military/strategic terms. What a crackup.


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After catching Myung-wol in her stunt gone awry, Kang-woo flashes back to the Singapore auction, when the woman in the mask had come to his rescue.

This time, the sequence continues differently from the reality we’d seen: Kang-woo approaches the woman in red, who puts her hand up to his face, and he pulls off her mask. There stands Myung-wol, looking up at him.

Aw, what a pretty way to illustrate his moment of discovery, conflating their actual meeting with his dream. Kang-woo wakes up with that dream-vision on his mind, and mulls over his suspicions.

Peering in on the bedroom where Myung-wol sleeps, Kang-woo sees her sprawled out with mouth agape and shakes his head in denial. The lady in red whom he’s in awe of and attracted to cannot possibly be the bumbling bodyguard he’s trying to convince himself he’s not attracted to. So he tells himself.

In the car, he stares at her curiously (prompting a jealous Dae-kang to pout that he can tell he’s looking at Myung-wol). Kang-woo asks if she’s ever been to Singapore, and Myung-wol lies that she’s not even sure where that is. He muses that she looks like someone he saw there who left “quite an impression.”

Myung-wol worries that he’s recognized her, while Kang-woo puzzles over these details all afternoon. He’s so preoccupied that he doesn’t even register In-ah’s presence at his drama shoot (muttering “No, no, that’s not it” — which she mistakes as a barb against her new Parisian ensemble).

As he fumbles with the prop gun he’s to use in his scene, Myung-wol pipes up and shows him the proper way to put it together, before realizing she’s acted out of character.

To cover, she says that she grew up near an army training site and hastens away with an excuse, but Kang-woo tests her by tossing the gun at her back, and she whirls around instinctively to catch it. Whoops.

Kang-woo tells President Kyung to check into Myung-wol’s customs records for records of her movements of the past month. And what about her family — perchance do they live in Singapore?

Operation Seduce, Marry, and Kidnap Kang-woo is still in early stages, as Ok-soon runs Myung-wol through some training drills…of how to introduce some skinship while under cover of bodyguard duty. Hee. Do they teach a class on that too? And where can I sign up?

Ajusshi spy Hee-bok wears a sign reading “Kang-woo” and acts as stand-in, but Ok-soon is dissatisfied with this visual mismatch. Just as Ryu walks in to check on their doings, conveniently enough.

Ryu is swapped in for Fake Kang-woo (while Hee-bok pouts), and when Myung-wol shoves herself against his chest in a protective hug, he freezes at the contact, then shoves her away awkwardly. Ok-soon sighs that Myung-wol must be completely without feminine charm, which is just about the diametric opposite of the truth.

Yoo Da-hae presents her findings to her NSA team, which include the sighting of the North Korean general’s daughter at Kang-woo’s Singapore concert. That indicates some kind of North Korean movement…and it so happens that Kang-woo was also at the secret auction. There’s no evidence linking the two — yet — but this looks like an angle worth pursuing…

Director Yoo relents (against his better judgment) and gives his daughter the go-ahead to pursue this mission, though he warns her that she’d best be careful when messing with the Hallyu star.

Up in Pyongyang, North Korean General Kim nervously informs his superior about his (rashly-thought-out) scheme to abduct Kang-woo and bring him over to the North. Thankfully for him, the plan is well-received, although now General Kim actually has to, yunno, do it. Gulp.

Ok-soon decides that the way to Kang-woo’s heart is to analyze his past girlfriends for clues on what he’s attracted to. As it happens, his past three lady loves were all co-stars, which gives us a hilarious bit of meta as we retrace Kang-woo’s, and Eric’s, recent career:

First there was Go Hye-sun from Strongest Friend (heh, an allusion to Gu Hye-sun of Strongest Chil-woo), and then Hwang Ga-in (Han Ga-in) from Experienced Employee (the opposite of Super Rookie). Last but not least, my particular favorite: Jeon Yumi (Jung Yumi) from She’s Strong. (Phonetically expressed as Gye, Se-da Se-da, it’s a reference to Que Sera Sera and is like literally saying, “She…Is Strong, Is Strong.”) Hee!

Ok-soon starts analyzing the commonality between the women — their intellectual images — only to be cut off by Hee-bok, who tells her that men don’t care about women being smart. He points out that these ladies are all cute and innocent: “Men only care if the woman’s pretty.”

Just then, a knock at the door. To Myung-wol’s shock, it’s Kang-woo, here to find out more about her background. She panics, shutting the door in his face while the spies clean up the incriminating Kang-woo dossier, then introduces the two elder spies as her parents. Kang-woo recognizes Dad as the detective, which Hee-bok laughs off as one of those weird coincidences. Small world, isn’t it? Especially when one of you is stalking the other and pretending to be someone else?

Spy Mom and Dad spot one of their Kang-woo photos sticking out of its hiding place, and hastily pick a fight with each other to distract Kang-woo while Myung-wol tucks the photo out of sight. The mood turns so quickly from one extreme to another that Kang-woo just leaves feeling confused.

At home, he looks over Myung-wol’s recent travel history, which is blank. Kang-woo tells himself this makes sense: “Living in that family, it was a wonder she got properly educated, much less traveled to Singapore.”

Ryu returns to Chairman Joo’s secret wall safe, this time prepared to decode the passcode with the help of some fingerprint dust…only to be cut short by the entry of Joo himself. Ryu hides, but the chairman senses an oddity and heads over to the hiding spot…but Ryu is saved by the bell, and Joo is pulled away with a phone call.

Kang-woo calls Myung-wol repeatedly, annoyed that he can’t get a hold of her. When she finally comes home (her phone was on vibrate), he gives her the contact info to an academy, telling her that any bodyguard of his needs to be college-educated. Myung-wol lies and says she went to university down in Gangwon-do, then finds herself a bit stuck in the lie and says that she dropped out of university.

Kang-woo finds more than a few things suspicious about her behavior and is all about to pry, so she distracts him by suggesting it was quite thoughtful of him to worry about her education. At the implication that he cares about her, Kang-woo retorts that he’s doing it for his own reputation, then lets the topic drop.

He instructs Myung-wol to answer all his calls within three rings from now on, then tries it (and her patience) by calling her repeatedly for the most trivial tasks, like handing him a script lying several feet away, or wiping his sweat while he works out. So. Childish. Like a little boy being annoying just for some attention. I love it.

Ryu decides that with their superiors getting antsy, they’ll have to move the mission along. Ok-soon points out that July 25 (drama broadcast day!) is an ideal occasion, as it is both Kang-woo’s birthday and the day of his drama’s preview screening. She declares a birthday an opportune time to push a man and woman together, and names this Operation Great Wall of China. (Pfffft! That also happens to be a slang term for having sex, hahaha. I don’t know if that should be as funny as it is, but I’m dying here.)

Myung-wol slips out of the house that night to meet Ryu, unaware that she’s being watched by NSA agents on a stakeout. It’s Da-hae and her cohort Ki-tae, who wonder what the deal is with the new bodyguard. Perchance she is Kang-woo’s girlfriend, living with him under the ruse of being his employee?

Ryu has called Myung-wol out to inform her of her new mission, but hesitates before giving the orders. First he confirms, repeatedly, that she’s ready and willing to perform whatever duty her country requires of her. A passing car sets off his alarm bells, and Ryu swoops in to hold Myung-wol close, hiding their faces, which leads to some awkwardness on both ends as they pull apart. (Meanwhile, the NSA agents see the embrace and suppose she isn’t Kang-woo’s woman after all.)

After pulling apart, Ryu resumes his speech and tells her, “Your orders are…they are…” We don’t hear the words themselves, but Myung-wol’s eyes widen in shock as she Gets It.

Both agents return to their respective homes, greatly disturbed. Ryu seems to be cluing in to some of his latent feelings for Myung-wol, which he tries to shake off, while Myung-wol tosses and turns in bed in frustration.

Ryu reports to Chairman Joo about progress on his quest for the lost Four Books. He’s tracked down one possessor: Chairman Joo himself. While Joo feigns outrage, Ryu says levelly that he can’t be any help if he’s kept out of the loop.

Joo tells him to concentrate on finding the last book — hm, so he has three? — but Ryu replies that before he gets to that, he wants to see the ones in Joo’s keeping.

Kang-woo takes Myung-wol to a gymnasium and hands her a wooden stock, telling her that he needs to practice for the demonstration at the preview event. I’m guessing this is his way of testing her fighting skills, but he plays it cool as he readies to spar.

Myung-wol’s preoccupied with other matters, though, such as Ryu’s orders, which we now get to hear: “Sleep with him.” Wow. Where’s my test of patriotism and duty?

Her jittery nerves are worsened when Kang-woo sheds his jacket and bares some skin. Eyes straying to his muscles glistening with sweat, Myung-wol tries to get a hold of her sanity and tells herself not to imagine anything — only, once you’ve told yourself not to think about something, it has a tendency to take over your mind. So she’s not paying attention when he strikes, landing a blow right on the head.

He’s contrite, but that fuels her aggravation and she grabs the stick, challenging him to take her on. He’s impressed at her prowess, but she’s mad now and takes out her anger about the mission on him, finally landing a blow on his head, leaving him rolling on the ground in pain.

He’s quick to assert that he was just going easy on her, leading to this hilarious exchange that gets misinterpreted by In-ah, who walks in:

Kang-woo: “In any case, I’d better not doze off at the preview.”
Myung-wol: “Who told you to overexert yourself all night? I told you it was enough, but you wanted to do it again, and again.”
Kang-woo: “And who’s the one who kept coming at me all night?”
Myung-wol: “Get your story straight. Was I the one to suggest it?”
Kang-woo: “So if a man says so, do you just throw yourself at him without any fear, all night?”

Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Ok-soon and Hee-bok arrive at the hotel where the preview is being held to support Myung-wol on her Operation Great Wall of China. Spy Mom gives her the advice that really, the whole process is no big deal. It’s just a “fighting of ki” (ki referring to energy), so all she has to do is exude sexual energy.

How to do that? “It’s that heart-racing feeling you get when you look at the man — you’ll need to bring out that intense desire of wanting to make him yours, drawing out that heat from deep within. That’s what you need to seduce him.”

Myung-wol just stares at her blankly, so Ok-soon instructs her to get some practice in: Spy Mom spots Kang-woo in the distance and tells her to give it a try. Myung-wol looks at Kang-woo while repeating the mantra, “I want him. I want him. My heart is palpitating.”

And…no go. She doesn’t get it, and can’t tap into her ki. Ok-soon decides that it’s beyond Myung-wol to master this so quickly, and says that she’ll take care of everything. All Myung-wol needs to do is follow instructions.

In-ah prepares a birthday surprise for Kang-woo, which involves cake and fireworks. Also, a helicopter as a gift. GEEZ, woman. I’m guessing it’d be a waste of breath to ask if the word overkill means anything to you.

With the mission scheduled to go down at 10pm, Ryu busies himself with push-ups, taking out his own frustrated ki with physical exercise.

Myung-wol waits in his hotel room, aided by Spy Mom and Dad, who watch Kang-woo’s movements and tell her via wire how to proceed. The lights are tinted red (which always seems scarier than sexy to me), and she drops her trench coat to reveal the slinky dress underneath.

Following Ok-soon’s instructions to the letter, she moves “sexily” (which has her bobbing up and down erratically) and Kang-woo guesses with a laugh, “Are you seducing me?”

But the closer she comes, the more he starts to get flustered, the amusement fading right quick. Brusquely, he pushes her away to get some space, but Myung-wol comes on more strong, and at Spy Mom’s cue, she throws him to the bed like a rag doll. Hahaha. Don’t try this at home, girls. I think it speaks more to his eccentric tastes than anything that it’s actually sorta turning him on.

Unfortunately, Myung-wol takes the order to make her move too literally, and actually jumps on top of him, which sort of kills the mood. With distance and time to collect himself, Kang-woo storms out of the room in a huff, and the mission is declared a failure. Upon hearing this news, Ryu collapses in the middle of his grueling push-up regimen…and smiles. Awww. So cute.

Myung-wol tries to appease Kang-woo’s temper, but he’s had enough of her crazy antics and warns that if she tries anything like this again, she’s fired. Though dejected at this setback, she recalls how badly she needs to succeed in this mission, and refuses to give up. And has an idea.

In-ah has prepared a romantic spread on the beach and waits for Kang-woo, who doesn’t show up. In-ah’s lackey muses that she’d heard Myung-wol was also missing, which sets off In-ah’s jealousy radar. Not that it’s ever off, she of the monstrous ego and entitlement complex.

Myung-wol presents Kang-woo with a cake and bottle of wine, wishing him happy birthday. This brings up the painful memory of his father singing for him — it’s likely he stopped celebrating his birthdays after losing Dad — and he angrily tells her to stop.

She persists in singing, though, which sets off his temper as he refuses the offering, throwing the cake to the ground. He tells Myung-wol he has no birthday and stalks off to brood alone.

Peeved and hurt, Myung-wol pops the cork and swigs from the wine bottle. By the time Kang-woo’s done with his pity party, table of one, Myung-wol finds him and drunkenly scolds him for his attitude.

She urges and wheedles him to accept the birthday (and its attendant celebration), which he persists in denying. Not understanding his reaction, she asks why until he yells, “That’s the day my dad died!”

He starts to head off again, but his big exit is interrupted by Myung-wol’s sudden drunken collapse. Whoops, down she goes. Exasperated, he carries her on piggyback while she mumbles about her mission and how she must marry Kang-woo. Only catching a few words here and there, he just assumes she’s talking fangirlspeak and sighs.

In-ah grows pissier and pissier the longer she’s left waiting on the beach, and her humiliation is made complete when the helicopter runs low on fuel and leaves, and the fireworks display goes off in the sky. All while she sits there, fuming and alone.

On his way back to the hotel, Kang-woo looks up at fireworks and tells himself sardonically, “Happy birthday, Lee Kang-woo.”

Just then, Myung-wol mumbles part of her mission mantra, “I love Kang-woo. I love you, I love you…” Rather than his usual cockiness, though, tonight he wonders what she sees in a mean guy like him — and then assumes she’s mocking him when he misunderstands the second part of her mission (“that’ll bring out your sexual energy” gets misconstrued as “the bastard,” ha).

From afar, Kang-woo’s photo is snapped by an unseen observer. In the morning, Kang-woo is accosted by an upset Dae-kang, President Kyung, and In-ah, all of whom demand to know where he was last night and why he wasn’t answering his phone.

Myung-wol chooses this inopportune moment to stumble out of the room, still half-asleep and wearing one of Kang-woo’s shirts. Ha.

Kang-woo runs through the events of last night in all their unsalacious, unscandalous detail, although it’s met with skepticism. It’s hard to be convincing when the tableau in front of them is so contradictory to his story, and you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words…

Outside, Ryu catches the reporter who’d been snapping photos last night, and In-ah grabs the camera to see the piggyback photos with jealousy. She tells Ryu she’ll “take care of this” — which would normally mean that she’d get rid of the photos, only this has an ominous ring about it. A woman scorned is scary enough, but a spoiled and crazy woman scorned? Watch out for Hurricane In-ah, is all I’m saying.

Sitting outside as Kang-woo is interviewed by a swarm of reporters, Myung-wol remembers Kang-woo carrying her back last night and figures he’s not really that bad after all.

As she looks at Kang-woo in the distance with her heart softening, Ryu joins Myung-wol to say that he’d miscalculated the mission and asked too much of her. He’s just about to rescind orders — only Myung-wol realizes that she’s starting to understand Ok-soon’s advice after all. Hand to heart, she declares with excitement, “I’m getting that feeling!”


There’s just something so weird and funny about a mission constructed expressly to get a woman to seduce a man. Or maybe it’s that the beautiful woman spy is trying to seduce a man…and bungling it so badly at every turn. I mean, the guy clearly is into her and she’s halfway there already, with attraction on both sides. But she’s actually winning him over with her real self, which means that whenever she tries to put on an act, it goes hilariously awry. Who takes the phrase “jump his bones” literally and jumps on top of the guy? Ha.

I like that Myung-wol’s and Ryu’s awakenings to their feelings are occurring simultaneously. Perhaps Ryu had feelings for her in the past, but either he’s been oblivious to what they meant, or he’s been a pro at repressing them. In either case, he’s only now starting to become aware of them on a conscious level, just as Myung-wol is tapping into hers. It makes the development painful on his part, but that’s what gives the conflict such…conflict. It’s great.

I’m not sure that Kang-woo’s been developed much, and wonder if it’s because he’s meant to be mysterious at this point, or if it’s because the writers haven’t gotten around to fleshing out his character yet. I love the North Korean spy team and think they’ve been given such zazz, down to the last amusing detail, and hope that they’re not going to skimp on the hero just because he’s hot enough and got enough chemistry with the heroine that we’re willing to let that slide. Sure, I’m not complaining that much when he’s so (so, SO) very pretty to look at, but now that we’ve established Myung-wol’s side of this romantic development, I’m eager to see what we find in Kang-woo’s past.


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      I had a question though – while I understand that Kang-Woo’s suspicions regarding Myung-wol, isn’t it understandable that she has quick instincts since she’s a bodyguard? Or was it the fact that she wasn’t originally a bodyguard (since that appointment happened mostly by luck) that’s making him suspicious that there’s more to her?

      • 2.1.1 L

        I think he’s just mostly curious about whether MW is the mysterious woman he saw in Singapore.

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        part 1) is the gun (in my opinion) i was confused about that too, but now that i think..in a realistic situation, not k-drama land, it’s kind of weird for a bodyguard to have those quick reflexes when it comes to guns..i think they are required to be fast for everything, but it’s a bit weird when you throw a gun at a bodyguard and she reacts that way..maybe like, the person seems more like an assasin than a bodyguard..lol i dunno..maybe a bodyguard is like a protective shield and defense kind of deal, and not more of a NINJA like our myungwol is.

        2) i think you’re right about the “she’s not originally a bodyguard” thing too. it’s obvious that he was suspicious of her in the first place, so i guess that added onto his little “lets-see-who-myungwol-really-is” plan! 😀


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      • 2.1.3 Jomo

        I think he knows she is lying. She lied from the beginning about almost everything, and kept changing her story.
        He is trying to get to the truth. Mostlybecause he wants to understand her.

        His frame of reference is that she is nuts – so even though she has been showing quick reflexes all along, it doesn’t square with the poised and powerful image of the woman in the mask.

      • 2.1.4 Jo

        He thought originally that she was a mere highschool-er and did not think she was a prof. body guard.

      • 2.1.5 Phi

        Even if she’s a bodyguard not all bodyguard are good with gun if not going through a special training. I think there’s not mention of her going to a official bodyguard training in her ‘resume’ either so there’s ground for Kangwoo’s suspicion on Myungwol’s gun handling with ease 😀

        • bjharm

          I read that guns are strictly controlled in Korea, it why in most gangster films they use club and knives. Unlike USA police and the like they do not carry their firearms home, but have to be locked up when they off work, also they keep a strict count of bullets. So most common bodyguard would never even carry a gun or at most one of the stun guns, so her knowing how to strip one down would stand out…then of course where did she learn how to be a bodyguard anyway..a class in her high school?..lol

          • Phi

            Yeah I don’t think all bodyguards are trained or allowed to to carry gun. They needs special training & license for carrying gun

            I may miss it but I don’t think MW ever said she took any professional bodyguard training. I recall she said she was growing up near a martial art school or training center?

            MW becomes his bodyguard because the news of her being paid so little for saving KW from the explosion on film set hit the media. So KW’s management makes her to be his bodyguard to settle the media….

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          Aren’t they totally cute together? Just them being in the scene gives electrifying frisson…

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        Also, I wonder if I’m the only one but this drama sort of reminds me of a Hong Sis drama… but less polished. Maybe a Hong-Sister-drama-in-training or something… It even includes the typical I-don’t-know-what-love-is characters, the old-funny side couple, and the totally HILARIOUS in your face comedy… It’s been a while I cracked up so much watching a drama.

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      I think Super Junior were also part of the OST for H.I.T. drama with Go Hyun Jung right? They also sang a song I really like called Angel (I can’t remember what drama that was…) And they also had two songs for the drama President also right? I think one was a duet with a girl and another one had Sungmin who was also in the drama sing it with Gyuhyun and Ryeowook. (By the way, that drama is the most dramunderrated a of this year. You really shouldn’t miss it).
      And Oh god… I just went on an OST info dump rant. I think you talking about this just triggered my chatterbox.

      Um… Soundtrack asides, I’m really liking this drama. It’s cute and unexpectedly addicting.

      • 10.3.1 Sukyu

        How ungrateful of me. I just realized in my enthusiasm for OSTs, I omitted to thank Javanbeans and Girlfriday for their lovely recaps. I’m not very outspoken but I very much appreciate your hard work and an delightfully written drama recaps which are most often as enjoyable if not more than the dramas. Thank you so very much for being the source and base for this small friendly drama community.

      • 10.3.2 student viewer

        YES! I’M IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THEIR OSTs. Total E.L.F. (suju fanclub name) right here. Kyu’s TakGu OST is what i fell asleep to every night last summer. Angel was for a webdrama for korean tourism, it was called Haru. Glad to hear someone enjoys their music aside from the group albums, which can be a bit sappy, but i luff them all the same

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    And I just noticed how this episode brought us into a 3-min long recap of the past 4 episodes. Not necessary at all even if it leads us to Kang Woo’s dreaming of Myung-wol saving him in Singapore. Just heard that the drama got a new writer starting in episode 5. That might explain it. Btw, thanks a lot javabeans! 🙂

    • 11.1 ricky the royal highness

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      Happy Commenting ahead 🙂

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    • 12.1 Miss-lyDoodles


      Are they blaming the low ratings on the screenwriters again??? pffft!

    • 12.2 Phi

      nope they don’t change the original (newbie?) screen writer team (Kim Eun Young & Kim Jung Ah) but they actually add 1 more, Jun Hyunjin, starting from the 5th episode

      They did change the editor though which I think is good call, well let’s see if the new editor is better in the upcoming episodes 😀

      • 12.2.1 Jomo

        “They did change the editor though which I think is good call”

        Totally agree.
        If they are putting together a story that involves solving a mystery, and the viewers watch and listen for clues, the continuity of what they say and do has to be spot on. Otherwise everything is a red herring, and that gets frustrating.

        We could do with less flashbacks, too. Talk about padding.
        I like when we think we are seeing the same FB, but then they show another POV of the same incident. At least it advances the story.

        • Phi

          yeah those flashbacks near the end of this episode is so unnecessary, given it was shown merely 10 – 15 mins before that….

          I wonder if they had no choice add those fillers to finish up the episode while switching for the new editor doing his magic XD

        • Lidia

          Ditto about the long flashbacks. Who do they think we are? Su Ae’s character in Thousand Day Promise/Forget Me Not?

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      LMH has a similar quirk.

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    Now I can go watch the subbed episode.Thank you.

    • 15.1 ricky the royal highness

      ck10z, my dear! How ya been?

      I wanna see the BTS for the seduction scene too 🙂
      And how weird is it that Kang Woo is turned on by all that cringe-worthy bad seduction? LOL 🙂

      • 15.1.1 suitfetish

        It’s the fact that she’s so bad that he finds adorable, I’m pretty sure.

        The more clueless she is, the more unlike the other girls he has to fend off she seems. What’ll he do when he finds out she IS the super-suave spygirl?

        DEATHKNELL, that’s what.

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      The sound effect wasn’t put in…
      God, I hope it was faux…Why would such a big man hit a tiny woman?

      • 18.1.1 trixicopper

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        • D

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          what a hoot of a character Han Yeh Seul is playing, im glad it’s her tho i really can’t imagine anybody else

          i’ had 3 years if military training, north korea or not, i can totally relate to Myung-wool character. ofcourse i don’t snag an Eric tho – only a Ryu, LOL…

        • Jomo

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          For me, all the slapping that goes on in Kdrama makes my dog ears go up in a “Huh?”

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    I always love when folks have to act stupid and bizarre to distract someone’s attention. It is one of my favorite comedy bits. It reminds me of the funny slapstick in Frasier.

    Any time they have the Old Spy couple on screen, I start grinning. I know it’ll be really silly and sweet.

    OMG! Ryu’s push-ups and other chi spending exercises were so hot. I think he has had a crush on MW for a while now…like when they were kids…I love the way he sits. So straight backed and manly. Holy Crap, he is so masculine.

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    If this is the new writer’s work, I like it a lot. I like it anytime they have Eric stare relentlessly at his co-star.
    It makes me very very happy!

    Question: Why wouldn’t the NSA spies recognize MW, who they know is a NK spy, as KW’s body guard? Has she always been hatted or sunglassed? They saw she was in Singapore at his concert, right?

    PS I though SW knew she was the crazy fan that chased him – the one he kissed…Hmmmmm…For a possible spy, he isn’t very observant.

    I also like that her failed attempts at seduction are attracting him. She certainly is the opposite of most of the girls we assume follow him around.

    • 24.1 birdscout

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    • 24.2 Ingrid

      PS I though SW knew she was the crazy fan that chased him – the one he kissed…Hmmmmm…For a possible spy, he isn’t very observant.

      Yeah, me too, what the heck, change also the writer not just the wardrobe, no logic. Even if Kang a spy or not, he should have remember their meeting in Singapore, you know the autograph issue. Hahay!

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    • 28.1 momosa

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      Is it the length?

      The fluidity?

      Going up the mountain and then you see another mountain?

      bwahahaha……its totally nuts – the slang I mean.

      • 28.1.1 fan

        About how Great Wall of China could mean sex, the way I understand it as a Korean, it means the significance (meaningful) of the relationship/emotions of two people when they sleep together. And it is more about spending a night together (sex as emotional thing rather than physical activity). Conversation usually goes ‘ You know they say even spending only a night together will build the great wall of China’. I think though this is becoming an old saying (out of date) like ‘Girl Boy cannot sit together once they reach 7 years old’.

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    • 32.1 rin6

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    • 32.2 Phi

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    • 33.1 Madita

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    • 33.2 Jomo

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      Not quite a metaphor since their are no moving parts and you can’t add: “That’s what she said” afterward.

      It is very hard to come up with euphemisms for having sex that are not metaphors… now that I think of it.

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    • 35.1 YY

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      • 35.1.1 Jomo

        Part of it is the wardrobe folks have these gorgeous bodies to dress, and they cannot resist going all catwalk on us.

        I still have to shake my eyes at some of the clothes they put on LMH for BOF.

        There is another rule, the badder the second female lead, the more outrageous the clothes.

        Do we all remember the abominable snowman outfit Yoon Ju wore on My Princess?

        • D

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    It’s pretty standard fare and thus far, not really full of laughs (a few chuckles, but that’s about it) and/or witty, fun dialogue (Eric’s character is kinda a bore – the typical brooding and demanding celeb w/ nothing to set him apart yet).

    Also, the President of the company and manager are so lame compared to the ones in “Best Love” (I know, I know – I shouldn’t compare).

    I guess I’m going to have to persevere since it seems like it is improving.

  38. 38 javabeans

    Great Wall proverb:

    (In a nutshell) Husband sent to labor on the building of the Great Wall, a task that will take years. Wife left behind. She met a young man in the village, and they developed feelings for each other. She told the youngster that she was starting to care for him more than her husband, so she would send the husband a letter explaining that she would rather be with the young man. After he sent her his reply, she would be free to spend the rest of her days with the young man.

    The young man was so eager to win her over that after spending one night together, he departed with the letter the very next day, traveling to the wall where the husband was laboring, and gave it to the foreman. Little did the naive boy know, the letter from the wife actually requested that the foreman send her husband home, as he was weak and feeble, and in exchange he could take this young strapping man to work in his place. The youngster was so trusting, also illiterate, that he hadn’t known until this moment that he was being betrayed.

    The foreman sent the husband home to his wife, and the young man spent the rest of his days toiling on the Great Wall.

    Hence, the proverb arose, “Even if it’s only for a night, you must build the Great Wall.” Translation: Even if you have sex just once, it comes with tremendous baggage, so watch where you stick that thing.

    • 38.1 YY

      Wow. The Great Wall was built in part by a sex-deprived virgin. Never knew that. Thanks for enlightening me, JB.

    • 38.2 YY

      Oh wait a minute….he wasn’t a virgin…I just reread : “after spending one night together”….oh well, at least he was happy for one night. She sounds like a real b**h though. Geez, why am I so obsessed with this story anyways?

    • 38.3 ricky the royal highness

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      Thanks, JB 🙂

    • 38.4 student viewer

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    • 38.5 samgetang

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      This is the Chinese version of the Marshmallow Project on delayed gratification. Ha.

      Thanks, JB!

      • 38.5.1 Jomo

        Spill it, sam – the Marshmellow Project?

        • mandelbrotr

          It’s an experiment done and children (or anyone) to test their ability to delay gratification. You put then in a room with a marshmallow and tell them not to eat it then leave them alone. Basically all kids eventually cave but it’s a question how long they can hold out and what tactics they use.

          • Jomo

            I saw that! It was really cute!

    • 38.6 mykdramaself

      YaY. that’s one pretty interesting story. Thank you JB.

    • 38.7 Jomo

      I am not sure how I feel about this.
      I like it in its complicatedness. (Is there a better word?)
      Happy that she is clever and loyal.
      Sad for the poor young ‘un who was duped.
      Happy and sad for poor weak husband who had to toil but whose wife loved him.

      This would be a great film, though.

    • 38.8 Kiara

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    • 38.9 mandelbrotr

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      • 38.9.1 mandelbrotr

        I wanted to Google this today when I read it first but I was at work and afraid what I would turn up with. Turns out my imagination is a lot dirtier than reality.

    • 38.10 Ingrid

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    Looks like the next episode will come with more angst, hopefully the funny elements will stay despite of the angst >_<

    • 41.1 Madita

      Well, there is this sweet South Korean spy-girl from the NSA. She should/could end-up with Ryu…- just an idea 🙂

      • 41.1.1 D

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        see- i dont even bother to find out her name

  42. 42 HeadsNo2

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    That aside, I’d like to know JB’s thoughts on the screenwriter switch as this is the first I’ve heard of it. Does it bode well or ill for the drama’s future? Will it change the original trajectory the plot was going to take and remove that dark humor that was JB’s favorit aspect of th show? I hope it doesn’t upset the world order, because I liked the drama as it was running before.

  43. 43 YY

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  44. 44 rose

    It’s weird, I’ve never been attracted to Eric, and was maybe a little baffled that he is considered such a hunk. Anyway, it finally dawned on me that it’s because he looks too much like my guy cousins. So yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find him hot.

    But I wish I was watching this drama, because it sounds fun. I just can’t get over the resemblence though, poor guy.

  45. 45 Locturne

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  46. 46 YJ

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    • 46.1 Jomo

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      We should get to see a kissing preview every week.

  47. 47 KANGly

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    Thanks for the recap!

    • 47.1 Jomo

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      Kang-woah (I like this one.) (I may have to use this one)
      Kang-wooah (or this one)

      I’ll try it out

      • 47.1.1 YY

        Jomo, I’m laughing so hard now

      • 47.1.2 Phi


        how about Kang-wooah woooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! 😀

        • Jomo

          Alls I got to say when I see Eric is “Kang-WOAH, baby!”

  48. 48 Phi

    Ryu reports to Chairman Joo about progress on his quest for the lost Four Books. He’s tracked down one possessor: Chairman Joo himself. While Joo feigns outrage, Ryu says levelly that he can’t be any help if he’s kept out of the loop.
    Joo tells him to concentrate on finding the last book — hm, so he has three?….”

    In the earlier episodes, I remember Chairman Joo asked Kangwoo about the book he got at S’pore auction but Kangwoo swiftly brushed it off…… so the last book is with Kangwoo?!!!

  49. 49 Pingu

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      don’t know why I’m always rooting for the second lead though , ended up heart broken when see them get rejected every time :'(

    • 50.2 Lidia

      me too! I’m definitely liking Ryu’s growing attraction to Myung Wol…although I’m fearing that it’s going to be a Jae Shin/Yoon Shik thing. darn.

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