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Park Shin-hye’s accident causes last-minute script changes
by | July 25, 2011 | 68 Comments

Park Shin-hye, who was recently re-admitted to the hospital for injuries sustained in a car accident, has returned to filming for her current MBC drama You’ve Fallen For Me. However, she’s not completely back in full health yet, which has the production scrambling to rearrange their story to accommodate her condition.

That means that Park’s character Kyu-won will be sick for two episodes, which suggests she’ll also be less prominently featured in the plot. Understandable and probably a good decision, although I wonder if the story will suffer for the sudden rewriting. I think most fans will be pretty agreeable even if the story falters because they’re aware of the situation, but I can’t help but think back to the big Car-Accident-O-Rama of 2009, back when the “Boys Before Flowers Curse” was in full effect and each cast member was involved in at least one accident (some of them more than one). When Gu Hye-sun was in hers, the accident was bad enough to pre-empt an episode (and prompt a hastily put-together Special), and even after Gu resumed shoots, there was one episode where she essentially sat there as a prop, unable to speak. (Remember that awkward ramen-eating scene?)

Timeline: Park Shin-hye’s car accident occurred on July 18, and she’d been checked out at the hospital immediately thereafter, then resumed drama shoots two days later, on the 20th. However, her injuries worsened and she had to go back for medical treatment last week, and the filming delay accounted for last Thursday’s pre-emption. On July 23, Park rejoined shoots again.

Hopefully this reworked storyline gives Park some reprieve and allows her to heal soon. You’ve Fallen For Me drama will resume its regular airing schedule on Wednesday, July 27, and will broadcast Episodes 8 and 9 this week.

(Aside: I wonder if the drama will get a 1-episode extension to fix its airing schedule, or a special. Since the ratings aren’t that high, there’s also a chance that one night may see a double-airing — although if the production is as time-strapped as it seems, I doubt the live-shoot will accommodate that.)

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ree

    Aww I hope she recovers well!

  2. temari

    I hope Park Shinhye feels better soon D:

  3. kimv

    I admire her professionalism but i hope that she has time to heal and rest …

  4. Kay

    oh fan account said she is still in pain…
    I hope she is getting better soon n doesnt have to endure the pain for the drama…

  5. Cam

    Omo, I pray that Park Shin Hye will feel better when her health recover & she will take care of herself very carefully, ofc.

  6. Maricel

    I watched the preview and she was in a wheelchair… i hope they can create a feasable plot (is that the right spelling?, i wonder >.<)

    Fighting Shin hye…and the drama is getting better!!!!

  7. Roxy

    I saw ep 8’s preview and saw Shin Hye in wheelchair… I didn’t like seeing that but i’m glad the production is willing to rearrange things to make her feel more comfortable.

    Feel better soon Shin Hye unnie! <3

  8. la dee dah

    Though I was hoping that they would continue full-force with the Shin chasing Kyu-won storyline, I completely understand why it has to take a back seat, and I’m glad they aren’t pushing her. Shin Hye’s health takes priority. Hope Shin Hye heals quickly!

  9. crazedlu

    still thought the preview was cute.

  10. 10 Sam

    I hope she gets better soon. Maybe they should add a car accident into the drama. It could help things flow a little better.

    • 10.1 kimv

      i read that they made GW sick so that her being in a wheelchair is realistic

  11. 11 zashi

    She needs to get everything check out before resuming work. Her health is paramount and not drama schedule ( I say that because I’m not part of the production. ) But still safety and well being first. Get better PSH.

  12. 12 grazyfan

    I hope she gets better soon,and i’am glad they aren’t pushing her.Shin hye’s healt takes priority.

  13. 13 aX

    This drama all in itself is FLAWED in more ways than one. Now that the accident occured, I can’t seen how this can help the progress of the storyline at all considering there’s rarely any progress. Just when we saw some hope after episode 7, it’ll be ignored because of this unfortunate accident.

    Sad, but true. HEARTSTRINGS is a lost hope due to its poor and weak storyline & character development.

    • 13.1 tinnybo

      Your comment sparks my question. Is this drama then in the same line as “Lie to me”. No substance, but we watch because both leads have great chemistry?

      • 13.1.1 Jane

        IMO, the problem was that it was moving at snail pace but episode 7 was a vast improvement. I have high hopes for episode 8.

        And even with the slow pace, it is still better than LTM.

        • Anu

          *Agrees with Jane~~*

          Eventhough the drama is slow, it is far far better than lie to me(which I think survived only coz of KJH & YEH)…

          Heartstrings does have a brilliant cast(mopey ballerina excluded) as each secondary characters r proving their worth…also the music is great too~~ I hope they rush a little into the kyu won+shin storyline…..But PSH health is a bigger priority….

          ShinHye Fighting!!

          • lambayyx

            I can’t believe that you included Jung Yonghwa in the brilliant cast part and excluded So Yihyun D: lol

          • yoose

            double lol..

    • 13.2 Joo

      Episode 8 isn’t out yet and you’re already assuming that the plot progress will slow down because of the accident. Who knows, the scriptwriters may pull off a decent change to script that could provide some development to the story? It’s too early to say that YFFM is a “lost hope” so please don’t judge.

      And i agree with Jane, no matter how slow-paced or underdeveloped YFFM becomes, it’ll probably be a lot better than LTM. LTM was totally in wackyland – the plot and character development was so ridiculous I couldn’t even bring myself to laugh at the absurdity.

    • 13.3 alyssa

      YFFM is a drama that I can watch with my 10-year old daughter.

      I DON’T BELIEVE ITS A LOST HOPE, unless of course your type of drama is the one with a plot which revolve around revenge, from poor to rich, etc… then YFFM is definitely not in that league.

      the plot is simple, but very relaxing and refreshing.

      • 13.3.1 maria

        Alyssa I totally feel the same as you!! I believe in Heartstrings no matter if their rating is high or low but it’s a shame that it’s the basis of popularity and success in korea. As you said Heartstrings can be enjoyed by both the young and the not so young and as a matter of fact my teenage nieces said that this show is so addicting which makes me happy because I’m the one that introduced them to the drama. As a mom I would tel my daughter to watch with me because i enjoy the plot that is simple , clean and everything about it like even the color palette, the scenery being used as background and the beautiful school their using that I’m totally envious of.

        Hope many of us will still still support the drama and as someone stated above that maybe we can be a bit understanding since changes in the script were made to accommodate ailing park shin hye if we notice a difference from the previous episode that we all enjoyed.

    • 13.4 Beng

      i think you haven’t seen the preview for ep 8. the love story did not take a back seat. in fact, it’s in full force =). Shin is practically wooing and pursuing Kyu-won

  14. 14 Arhazivory

    *sighs* Poor Shin-hye. I hope she gets a chance to recover. No matter what the job is…it sucks to work while being sick or in pain. Absolutely miserable.

  15. 15 Z

    Every time I hear about a drama being interrupted due to a car accident I think back to that horrible Ramen Episode of Boys Before Flowers… then I die a little inside.

  16. 16 Guest

    Shin Hye, praying for your full recovery!

    I admire your professionalism and dedication to your craft, but if I’m also concerned with your health. I’m amazed of your fast return to filming – personally, I can’t do that. But, you know yourself better.

    don’t push yourself to the brink of exhaustion sweet girl. take it a day-at-a-time.

  17. 17 danna

    It’s when stuff like this happens that you cant help but wish kdramas were not shot on such a tight schedule 🙁 I hope She recovers fast…PSH fighting!!!

    • 17.1 alyssa

      i agree with you, and all for the sake of tv viewership ratings. cast and crew are pushed to their limits; they don’t work beyond 24/7.

      My opinion only, it seems like the making of a korean drama is like a glamourised sweatshop. Workplace health and safety must also include the entertainment industry.

      btw, I believe that tv as the gauge must be updated because viewers can now watch live streaming via internet and smartphones.

      shin hye filmed in Taiwan last year for Hayate, the Combat Butler. They filmed for 5 months (from Oct 2010 to February 2011) – and cast and crew were provided with tranportation etc. they traveled in buses and filming was not hastily done and scripts remained unchanged. Hayate was shown only in the third week of June 2011.

      • 17.1.1 Laica

        Agree as well. I wonder if this is why Korean actors like to work on Taiwanese/Chinese projects despite the difficulty with learning a new language, etc. Like Jang Nara who stayed away for so long.

        • guest


          even Jang Geun Suk recently mentioned that he wants to experience working in China, with a certain director – name I forgot, even if its just a supporting role.

      • 17.1.2 get real

        except no one really cares about chinese/taiwanese dramas. at all. same with jang nara.

        it’s not like Korean actors and actress like to “work on Taiwanese/Chinese projects”, the chinese send lovecalls to Korean actors and actress. see ever see chinese commercials with Korean stars in it? they get PAID. simple as that.

        and please, working in korea is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay safer than wokring in china or taiwan

  18. 18 giggle

    shinhye-ssi, hwaiting!!!!

  19. 19 Brian

    I really hope they add an extra episode or 2 to complete the filming the schedule… and its not like she asked for this to happen it all happens even when Go Hye Sun had her accident during Boys Over Flowers it still got recgonized as a good drama I wonder how they ended up with her in a wheelchair… now im curious hopefully this turned out to be a good rewrite of the script :S -nervous face- Get Well Soon Shin Hye ! 😀

  20. 20 melyza

    Unnie shin hye, you must get well soon.. You may not sick, :'(
    God bless you forever..amin

  21. 21 ninji

    Kyu-won in a wheelchair? Well then Shin surely must look after her, maybe he’ll be her personal slave.

    • 21.1 Justine

      -giggles- I’d like that to happen.

    • 21.2 Laica

      That would be a nice switch! This time HE can get HER coffee.

      • 21.2.1 Arhazivory

        LOL. That’d be great. At least someone will be taking care of her this time around.

  22. 22 rence

    shinhye, you deserve the best and that includes good health, so please take it slowly..

    i understand that you are in the middle of filming but i hope that the production people are taking necessary measures so as not to aggravate your condition…

    i agree with somebody here where she described shinhye’s filming of Hayate in TW..TW’s production of a drama (if based on Hayate) is better because everything was taken cared of by the production people and they finish everything before a drama is aired, so no need for last minute script revisions or sleep deprivation for the cast and crew…

    anyway, i enjoyed episode 7 the most and watching the preview of episode 8 not only made me spazz on your chemistry with YH but also made me more appreciative of your hard work and dedication..

  23. 23 krisv

    watching episode 8 preview, i noticed that shinhye looks pale and tired…i pity her and how i wish that i could get the load off her….i admire her dedication and professionalism so i hope that she gets better soon..

    she’s been working non stop since YAB, no time to have a grand vacation… i guess this is the price she has to pay for being a popular hallyu star

    anyway, i am excited on the next episodes of HS

    Take care, shinhye…

    • 23.1 missopm

      i noticed that they put more make up on her during the preview. She looks more made up at the beginning of the previews which is so different from the rest of previous episodes…she looks really pretty though…I can’t wait for episode 8 and I hope that shin hye gets better!

    • 23.2 guest

      She twitted yesterday morning that she had some of her stitches removed.

      Before her accident I was anticipating an episode where she’ll dance because she’s such an excellent dancer. But now, I just want her to take it slowly and be in good health.

  24. 24 Jessica

    I hope they have the character in the chair for something like a car accident or appendicitis and not something overly dramatic. Like oh no She suddenly has cancer! That would be a little far fetched for this drama. It would go from You’ve Fallen For Me to A Walk To Remember The Musical lol.

    • 24.1 Jane

      A Walk To Remember had a musical in it 😀 So it’ll simply be A Walk To Remember. But I’m sure it will be nothing like that since she’ll only be sick for 2 episodes.

  25. 25 laya

    She has determination, to want to go back to work so quickly even if she must be feeling really bad. I hope her injuries are not really bad and she gets better soon. Working so hard to give us this drama is all well and good, but her well-being should not be neglected. And YFFM’s just half-way through, isn’t it? 🙁 I want to know how the story plays out, but at the same time, I want her to get some good old R&R and recover completely.

    On the flip side, I hope Kyu-won in a wheelchair means Shin gets to fetch and carry for her this time 😀

    • 25.1 bjharm

      it not a matter her determination to go back to work, it more it is expected [demanded] of her so she would feel huge pressure to do so.Frankly I think this is wrong but that is the way it works in Korea, money before people. Wish the actors had a better union and maybe they stop making drama the way they do, almost killing the stars with 18 hour plus days seven days a week. It can not make for good acting, just cheaper production.

  26. 26 Grace

    I hope she feels better. She’s so professional and poised for someone so young. I saw the preview for episode 8 and it doesn’t seem that her story line with Shin is being stalled. They showed their chemistry and he was next to her in the wheelchair asking her to not stop liking him. Or something to that effect. Anyway, can’t wait till Wednesday!

    • 26.1 Laica

      Ack please no spoilers for us non-preview-watching people! 🙂

      • 26.1.1 Grace

        I’m so sorry! I won’t do it in the future.

  27. 27 EvilTwin

    Considering the news that they have sold the drama to almost 10 countries, I don’t think local ratings should even matter.

    I hope that they will give them the extra episode.

    Thank you to the production company to have given consideration that one of their actors is not up to 100% at the moment but trying her best not to be a burden to the whole production.

    Hope all the fans will continue to support the drama..things are getting better..have you seen preview of ep 8?? Excited to watch it!!!


  28. 28 Autumn

    It makes me tremendously nervous every time there’re last-minute changes to script. but right now, the most important thing is for PSH to get well soon. stay strong honey.

  29. 29 almontel

    i’m sad to see that she’s not fully recovered…looking at the pics and clip of the accident it was really such a bad wreck…

    ShinHye, please listen to your body and make sure you take the time to rest and not overdo things…

    i’ve seen previews of ep8 and i’m glad to see that it hasn’t lost it’s bearing from the last ep…

    ep7 by the way, was my MOST fave ep of HS!!!

    fighting HS!!!

  30. 30 Alice

    They should just pause the drama! We can wait for her!

    • 30.1 Caitlyn

      That’s what I think. Just stop filming for a few weeks, let her recover properly. US shows are constantly having breaks, and it doesn’t stop people watching or losing interest. And apart from the fact that it’s not good for her, it’s not good for the TV show, and it’s the audience who suffers in that regard. So everyone loses in the long run, if they don’t manage to rewrite it satisfactorily.

      That said, I really liked episode 7 and if they do manage to fit her into the storyline without buggering it up, I really look forward to it.

  31. 31 guest

    Is it true that in reality she can barely stand, that’s why in episode 8 she’s in a wheelchair?

  32. 32 ck1Oz

    She is in a wheelchair for ep 8.

    Just a question.Do they actually wear seatbelts at the back in Korea.All those celebrities I see at the back of the van-no belts on.

  33. 33 Abbie

    So, is she okay? Will she be okay? What were her injuries? I hope she gets better soon!

    On another note, what will happen to the drama? She is one of the principal characters. How will they advance her story with Shin? This could really hurt the drama, and ratings. But as long as she’s okay, it doesn’t really matter.

  34. 34 rr

    ohh,so i guess the preview wherein she’s in a wheelchair is already part of the last-minute changes in the script:(( i hope she recovers soon :))

  35. 35 Janny

    On Twitter, when someone is asking her if she feels better, she answers “Soso ^^”. When I answer “soso” that usually means: “I feel shitty, but I don’t want you to worry.” >___<
    Poor Shin Hye, feel better soon D:
    And as for the script change…judging from the preview, I think she has enough screen time and all, and enough dialogue going on as well. I don't really think she'll be sick but rather "only" in a wheelchair for some reason (as you can see when watching the preview)…maybe an accident?..Oh the irony.

  36. 36 Kikyo

    UAH! eoni! I hope she gets better! I dont care if they have to delay the episodes even further then they are now! Get well Shin Hye! =] <3

  37. 37 oddworld

    What exactly are her injuries? there’s no broken bones but they say her condition worsened and she’s still in pain etc so what’s her injury?

    • 37.1 krisv

      watching her in ep 8 last night, it seems that her pain in the rib area (below the chest) is real..i also read that she had stitches removed, so i guess she had cuts and bruises all over..i pity her because she had to endure the pain while filming…

  38. 38 Christy

    PSH is lucky nothing happened to her lovely face! Hope she recovers ASAP!

  39. 39 Sarah

    It’s so weird because it seems that online and overseas people can’t get enough of Heartstrings! It’s always the most searched drama on every website I go to! But for some reason it’s own country doesn’t like it haha.

    I hope PSH gets well soon!

  40. 40 Heartstring *FAN*

    I just got done watching ep 9 …. I’m still here hanging for you heartstrings. I can’t wait til ep 10 comes out !!! PSH fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t push yourself so hard. Keep up the good work !! <3, YOUR FAN …

  41. 41 hosien

    can you tell me her mail address ? please

  42. 42 shiri

    yah!sad to know that Heartstrings doesn’t have a high rating in their country!!! BUT!! I don’t care… for me it’s best that they are popular all around the world…. i hope they’ll get an extension…. love this drama so much!!!!! god bless PSH and JYH!!! nad to the cast, crew and staff congrats! more power!!!!

  43. 43 Cielo

    I wish you recover soon and be strong and be healthy 🙂

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