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Scent of a Woman: Episode 4
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Okay, THIS is the episode. The one that made me fall for this drama, taking me from pleasant amusement to love. The one that got me excited and giddy and wrung a few tears as well. I loved the carefree, airy tone (and look!) of the Okinawa scenes, but it’s when everyone’s back in Seoul that I’m finally excited about the story.


Scent of a Woman OST – “Bluebird.” What a great song to capture the flavor of this drama. [ Download ]

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In the hotel lobby, Sae-kyung approaches the other two, eyes blazing, bitch dial set to 11.

Ji-wook admonishes Sae-kyung for her rudeness toward a stranger, to which Sae-kyung replies that she’s met Yeon-jae before. And here she was, thinking he was on a business trip, only to find him with one of his female employees — what is she to make of this scene? Sae-kyung refers to the firing; Yeon-jae corrects her, saying she quit. Ji-wook has had no idea who Yeon-jae was all this while, and asks why she pretended not to know who he was.

Sae-kyung takes in Yeon-jae’s fancy clothes and insinuates that she’d obviously followed the company heir here to seduce him, dressing up just for the occasion. Yeon-jae speaks up for herself, countering that they met entirely coincidentally, and that she has no reason to stand here listening to this.

Sae-kyung provides that reason: “I’m the person he’s marrying.” Tellingly, Ji-wook avoids looking at Yeon-jae as he confirms that it’s true.

Sae-kyung notes that Yeon-jae didn’t seem the type to be able to afford a trip like this — perchance she funded it with the stolen ring? That’s too much, and Yeon-jae says in a voice shaking with anger that she paid for it with her own, honestly earned savings. Sae-kyung smirks that it looks like Yeon-jae might slap her again, to which Yeon-jae yells, “You hit me first!”

Ji-wook instructs her to lower her voice, and Yeon-jae says with bitterness, “You must be feeling ashamed because of me. Sorry to cause a disturbance.” With a bow, she wishes him a happy trip and walks off.

Sae-kyung makes a snipe about Ji-wook’s “absurd” choice of traveling partner, and he reminds her of their agreement not to interfere in each other’s personal lives.

Yeon-jae walks along the street in a funk, and answers a phone call from the hospital. It’s Eun-seok’s nurse, asking when she’s going to come in for treatment. Just as she starts to explain that Yeon-jae’s condition is pretty bad, Yeon-jae hangs up on her without a word.

She comes across an older couple tangoing on the beach, watching with teary wistfulness. The man asks Yeon-jae for a dance, and she lets him lead her in a tango, crying into his shoulder as she does.

He doesn’t understand her — he speaks Spanish, she speaks Korean — but he pats her kindly and tells her not to worry. Yeon-jae cries, “I want to live. I want to meet someone and fall in love, and live with him for a long, long time. I want to get old and gray like you…I want to live like that. I want to be by my mother’s side when she dies. I want to marry, and have babies, and live until my child marries…”

Ji-wook is distant throughout dinner — not that he was ever friendly with Sae-kyung, but he’s particularly cool as he tells her he doesn’t want her popping up unannounced like this. Figuring that she didn’t come because she missed him, he asks why she’s here. Sae-kyung bristles at his unfriendliness and goes off in a huff. I believe the term “good riddance” was invented for situations like this.

Yeon-jae gets a call from her fickle mother, who’s in an affectionate mood today and asks her to come home soon. She tells her she will, and leaves the next day.

Ji-wook spends the night and next morning mulling over recent events. The concierge stops him to say that the woman he was with left behind something in her room, and asks if he can give it to her once he’s back in Seoul. It’s the necklace she won in the beer drinking contest, and Ji-wook replies that he won’t have cause to meet her again. The employee says he’ll handle it then, but Ji-wook reconsiders.

Yeon-jae comes home to dirty dishes and an excitable mother, who looks through her luggage eagerly for gifts. Already in a sour mood, Yeon-jae vents her frustration by telling her mother to clean up after herself.

The words are annoyed but they’re rooted in care; she asks, “How are you going to live without me?!” When Mom sees her new expensive clothes and wonders how she bought it, Yeon-jae snaps that she used the money she earned — is it a rule that she can only wear cheap things?

In a presentation about upcoming travel products, one annoyed executive makes the pointed comment that Ji-wook’s subordinate, Sang-woo, seems to have done all the work and asks what Ji-wook did on his so-called business trip to Okinawa.

Ji-wook replies, “I played.” Hackles rise and frowns emerge, until he adds — using Yeon-jae’s argument — that if he’s supposed to create a package that people will enjoy, he ought to test it out to see if it’s indeed enjoyable. Dad smiles, relieved and impressed at the answer.

Ji-wook’s bored and distracted at work as he contemplates the necklace, which he ended up taking after all, and looks up Yeon-jae’s resumé in the employee database.

He calls her for a meeting, and she arrives at the cafe eyeing him warily. He gives her the necklace, which she says was hardly necessary for him to return, as it isn’t very expensive. He notes the difference in her attitude and style, and she tells him that this is how she really is. Without elaborating, she says merely that she had a reason for the fancy clothing and top resort in Okinawa.

Ji-wook supposes that she’d assumed the Okinawa version of her would appeal to his tastes, and wonders how she found out where he was staying. Did she hire the yakuza so they’d get thrown together? And that ring — why’d she take it?

Wow. Just, wow. He says this all in a non-accusatory way, but it’s almost worse that he’s just accepted it all as truth, without even considering that there could be an alternative explanation.

Yeon-jae feels the indignity and replies, fighting tears, that contrary to all the snooty beliefs of his chaebol set, she hasn’t actually lived such a deprived existence that she’d need to steal, you know. And what does he want her to say, when clearly he won’t believe it if she says she didn’t do it? It would be stupid of her to steal the ring when it would get her fired, and Line Tours was actually a job she really valued. “As for running into me in Japan, why don’t you take it up with the Guy Upstairs? Because I can’t believe in such coincidences, myself.”

With that, she gets up and leaves, and I applaud. I love that she stands up for herself, but doesn’t do it in a defensive, outraged way. She lays out her view and leaves it to him to have faith or not, which frankly is gonna make him feel even more the ass later on.

Just a few steps out of the cafe, Yeon-jae starts to feel pain in her abdomen and slumps over on the street. Ji-wook finds her and asks what’s wrong. She tells him not to involve himself and starts to walk away, but stumbles again.

He ends up driving her to the hospital and stays with her while she’s admitted, until Eun-seok arrives.

Eun-seok, meanwhile, has been dealing with the fallout of his cancer patient death, and tries not to show that he cares when other doctors smirk that all his patients have jumped ship to them. He rushes to Yeon-jae’s bedside when he hears of her admittance and asks if Ji-wook is her guarantor.

Yeon-jae’s huddled over and panting in pain, but she musters enough energy to say, “No, he’s not. He’s not anybody.” Words that shouldn’t sting, but do. She tells Ji-wook to go away, with enough force that he feels miffed and complies.

Eun-seok quickly jumps into action to transfer her to the oncology ward, but Yeon-jae grabs his arm and says pleadingly, “Eun-seok-ah. I’m scared. I don’t want to die like this.” He tells her firmly that he’d given her six months: “Before then, you won’t die.” The words carry the connotation, “I won’t let you.”

She undergoes tests, and Eun-seok worries that perhaps the cancer has spread from her gallbladder and liver to her large intestine. The results make his expression darken, and he goes to Yeon-jae with a grim face.

She asks hesitantly if it’s that bad, but actually it’s the opposite of that. She’s constipated. HA! (Gives me Dal Ja’s Spring flashbacks, hee.) The girl in the bed next to her bursts out laughing, and Yeon-jae just about dies of mortification. At least until the girl reminds her that embarrassment never killed anybody.

Yeon-jae advises the makeup-crazed girl to ease up on the cosmetics, since overdoing it now will make her age like crazy in ten years. The girl cheerily replies, “I won’t live that long.” She giddily shares the two things she’s going to do when she gets out of the hospital this time: eat ddukbokki, and sleep with a man.

It’s a sobering thing to hear a 21-year-old speak so matter-of-factly about her impending death, but it seems to give Yeon-jae a lift in spirits as well. Stepping outside for some air, she tells herself reassuringly, “Yeon-jae, you’re not dead yet.”

As she’s leaving the hospital, she runs into Eun-seok, who asks her if she’s feeling better and whether she’ll be starting her cancer treatments. His attitude is softer now, and she nods agreement.

Still embarrassed, she excuses herself, but turns back at the last minute and calls his name. She thanks him and gives him a wave, which makes him smile back at her.

Yeon-jae’s feeling much lighter and optimistic on her way back, and visits her mother at her friend’s store to take her for a special mother-daughter spa day.

Mom balks at the extravagance, but Yeon-jae tells her that all her friends have experienced the spa, and from now on, she wants Mom to enjoy the things other people enjoy.

Sae-kyung’s assistant reports to her regarding a lawsuit for damages. Hey, it’s City Hunter’s McCreepy! I guess I’m gonna have to find a new nickname for him, since he’s not lurking or killing anymore.

She’s intent on suing for damages for the Wilson case (the debacle resulted in him canceling his concert), and she tells Ex-Creepy to go for the largest amount in compensation they can demand: 300 million won (about $250K). Ex-Creepy asks why she’s changed her mind when she was previously content to let it go, and Sae-kyung bites out that “that woman” has pissed her off.

Ji-wook finds himself preoccupied with thoughts of Yeon-jae. He’s annoyed that he bothered with the necklace in the first place, then worried about her health, then annoyed that he’s worried. Ha.

He arrives in Yeon-jae’s old department to invite the group out to dinner, declining a dinner invitation from Sae-kyung along the way. When she tells him to cancel with the officemates, he points out, “This is the prior engagement” and tells her no.

Yeon-jae’s friend Hye-won has been transferred to this department after Yeon-jae quit, and she’s curious whether Ji-wook and Yeon-jae met in Okinawa and asks how his trip went. He calls it a “turbulent” trip, then asks about Yeon-jae, wondering what kind of person she is. Oh, I love that you went to such elaborate extremes to find out info on her. And it’s not just to ask about her, but also to cover up the fact that he’s asking about her.

Manager Noh proceeds to insult Yeon-jae as incompetent and useless. His account of her doesn’t quite mesh with Ji-wook’s, but he takes this in silently.

Yeon-jae and Mom come home from the spa in high spirits, such that not even their cranky landlord can kill the mood. Yeon-jae tells her mother that she’s going to take some time off for herself — she’ll use it to do all the things she’d been too busy working to do, including talking more with Mom.

With that settled, Yeon-jae gets out her bankbooks, setting aside her savings and retirement accounts for Mom. That gives her one personal account to use for herself. The Okinawa trip made a dent in that, but she still has approximately $24K and figures, “I’ll be rich until I die.”

Taking out out a notebook, she starts compiling her “bucket list” of the 20 things she wants to do before she dies.

  • 1. Make Mom laugh once every day.
  • 2. Take revenge against the people who tormented me.
  • 3. Learn to tango.
  • 4. Don’t hold back on the things I want to have, eat, or wear.
  • 5. Try on a wedding dress.

Skipping forward through some that we don’t get to see right now, we land on her last couple of items:

  • 19. Do all these things with someone I love.
  • 20. And, lastly, to close my eyes in the arms of the one I love.

Oh, man. There’s this split-second between reading “close my eyes” and realizing she means “close my eyes forever” that makes my heart lurch. This ending of this drama’s going to be a doozy, isn’t it? I can feel the tears welling already…

While Ji-wook showers, he hears Yeon-jae’s voice whispering something — it’s the punchline to the rain joke he’d said in Okinawa, and the shower spray reminds him of their run through the sunshower. (The corny pun: What’s the name of the skinniest person in Japan? Bisayiro makka. The answer sounds Japanese, but in Korean it means Run Between Raindrops.)

Ji-wook looks around, confused and alarmed to be suddenly hearing things. Ha! (Also: Best narrative use of a gratuitous shower scene, which I suppose makes it not-so-gratuitous after all. Hey, I’ll take it either way.)

(You’re welcome.)

Yeon-jae gets a haircut and upgrades her flip phone for a smart one, wondering why she’d stuck with her old thing for so long. The hateful Manager Noh’s number is the first to get deleted.

Hye-won calls, however, bringing Yeon-jae back to her old office. She hasn’t been told why, and Manager Noh jumps right to the point by telling her that their project to open a scenic rural road as part of their travel package has run into a problem, with one of the locals now refusing to allow the road after all. He’s a cranky old man who doesn’t get along with anybody but Yeon-jae, so now she’s been called back to lend a hand.

Manager Noh doesn’t help things any by assuming she’s the same old pushover as always, ordering her to do it like she still works for him. Yeon-jae doesn’t see why this is her problem, so he says dismissively that he’ll pay.

Yeon-jae refuses, saying that she won’t do it for a hundred bucks or two, or even a thousand — although she might consider it if he got on his knees and apologized. Telling him she’s a very busy person with no time to waste, she turns to go. And stops short to come face to face with Ji-wook, standing there at the entrance.

Without acknowledging his presence, she pushes past him and leaves. He catches up to her and insinuates that she’s pretty mercenary after all, demanding money like that. His irritation (with himself, I suspect) pushes him to take a shot at her trip to the hair salon — so her valuable time is spent on her hair?

Yeon-jae tells him that there’s nothing wrong with her getting a haircut, and anyway, “To me, that’s much more important.”

Getting into the elevator, she leaves him with this lovely parting shot: “I was clear that the apology was more important than money. You must be slow on the uptake.” Hee! I don’t actually think Ji-wook’s an ass, but I do enjoy how she calls him out on his crap and treats him with cool indifference. It’s her reaction that fuels his and makes him even more preoccupied with her, which in turn tickles my fancy.

Manager Noh is left sputtering at the change in Yeon-jae’s behavior, and when Ji-wook comes back to face him, he’s in a bad mood as well. He points out that the employee Manager Noh had derided as useless is the one they’re appealing to now to fix their situation, and demands a portfolio on this scenic road project. He flips through the pages, his attention caught on one photo in particular, which he recognizes — a large tree in a field.

The engaged couple have dinner with their fathers, who chuckle indulgently over their kids and are oblivious to the tensions between them. Sae-kyung’s father asks about her trip to Okinawa, so she answers, “He was working so hard when I appeared out of the blue.” Ji-wook replies tightly that Sae-kyung has “a gift for surprising people.”

Sae-kyung breaks the news to Chairman Kang that she won’t be able to let go of the Wilson matter after all. But she won’t be suing company to company, but rather an individual. The implication is not lost on Ji-wook, and he fumes as she drags him shopping after dinner.

He demands, “Do you think you’re the only one annoyed with this marriage? If you’re going to be like this, best you call it quits. I don’t like you much either.” He storms out.

Yeon-jae arrives at a dance studio, ready to start learning how to tango. She watches as a couple dances to a rapt audience, with bystanders marveling over the male partner “Ramses,” wishing he’d dance with them but knowing that he’s very select about his partners.

The dance ends, and Yeon-jae squints as she looks closer at Ramses…and recognizes…coin-collecting Bong-gil?

He wears a wig and an entirely different, much more confident persona while he’s dancing, and commands the admiration of many of the women here. The moment he sees Yeon-jae he cringes and the timid, dorky persona comes back, and he asks her not to tell anybody of his dancing, because they might think he’s a pervert. Hehe.

Ji-wook hears from Sang-woo that Sae-kyung’s lawsuit will demand damages of 300 million won. They muse that it’s unusual to sue only an individual, not the company. It smacks of spite, is what it does, and Ji-wook wonders if he ought to tell Yeon-jae, annoyed with himself for even caring so much.

Deciding he needs Yeon-jae to smooth over this project, Manager Noh calls and offers her even more money. She gets up right away, but he holds her back and tries to negotiate with her. She thinks to her bucket list item regarding revenge, and decides that okay, she can find something in this scenario to salvage. She tells him to apologize.

Meanwhile, Ji-wook heads out to the scenic path to try to handle the situation himself, and sees the tree from the project portfolio. That brings up old memories, and he imagines a mother-and-son pair — it’s him and his dead mom — burying a time capsule at the base of the tree to open in ten years.

But it turns out the image is a mirage, tree and all.

Ji-wook introduces himself to the crotchety man in question, but the old man refuses to talk to anybody other than Curly Hair. Ji-wook understands that he means Yeon-jae, and asks him to explain why it has to be her.

Yeon-jae comes back to the Line Tour office with Manager Noh, having come to an agreement. She sits in his chair and tells him to begin.

With a grimace and a whine, he turns his back and grabs his ears, then commences butt-writing. HA! The great thing about “writing” out letters with one’s butt is that aside from the humiliation factor, the words are somewhat readable, and the employees make out his message: “Lee…Yeon…jae…sshi…”

The apology session is interrupted by the arrival of Ji-wook, who explains that he’s just come back from meeting with the old man.

Immediately Manager Noh orders Yeon-jae to leave. If the boss took care of the problem, then there’s no reason to be nice to her anymore, and he takes it one step further by telling her to stop loitering around the office — as if she’s the one who keeps coming back. He laughs to Ji-wook that Yeon-jae came in all hoity-toity, offering to fix the tourist road issue while making stupid demands of him.

Protesting won’t help her any, and Yeon-jae sits there feeling unjustly attacked. At least until Ji-wook tells Manager Noh, “But what can we do? Those stupid demands Lee Yeon-jae made — it looks like you’ll have to do them. Go ahead.”


The first three episodes set up the characters and relationships with a leisurely calm, but with Episode 4 the conflicts got kicked into gear, with Ji-wook unable to deny his curiosity about Yeon-jae and Sae-kyung going off her rocker with her possessive, pissy attitude and that petty lawsuit.

Speaking of which: Wilson’s got to make a comeback, no? I expected him to return right away, but I can see a man of his inflated pride finding it difficult to offer a mea culpa. I fully expect him to come back to clear up the misunderstanding, which does sap some conflict out of the lawsuit plotline. However, since it’s a plotline I sort of hate to see — it’s effective, but it’s bound to bring Yeon-jae such grief — I’m happy to watch Sae-kyung being hateful and snide, because I have total confidence that she’s gonna get her ass served to her on a platter. Eventually.

I really, really hope Eom Ki-joon is able to resolve his pending issues, because I completely love his character. If he were merely cold and unfeeling, I’d chalk it up to a familiar cliché, but Eun-seok shows these tantalizing glimpses of vulnerability, and I find that immensely compelling. It’s not that familiar setup where the guy’s an ass just because some old trauma made him an ass — he’s pretending to be an ass to cover up the fact that he’s sensitive and afraid, and overcompensating by acting like he doesn’t care is the only way he knows how to deal with it.

(For the record, nobody’s arguing that drunk driving is to be condoned — clearly he should face the consequences of his actions, which were stupid and unnecessary, and his consequences should be in keeping with the law. I just don’t assume that a DUI and immediate dismissal from a role necessarily go hand in hand.)

Also, the preview for Episode 5 made me squeal out loud:

[SPOILER ALERT!] Yeon-jae goes to a fanmeeting with Eun-seok, who’s called out during a question and answer session with the comment, “Apparently after 25 years, you met your first love at the hospital…” Eeeeee!


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        Note: This has nothing to do with the show, but Japanese people seem to have had a fascination with tango for many years now, that’s why I was not even a little bit surprised to see a couple dancing tango in Okinawa. Otherwise, wouldn’t it look a bit random and out of the blue…? Wasn’t it surprising to you?

    • 21.3 GAAAAAAAAAH

      yup hes definitely from argentina
      i was born in buenos aires as a korean and when i saw the tango i was like.. i BET you hes going to speak castellano!

  22. 22 Cynthia

    Dispite my initial dislike for KSA’s various acting roles (except for Samsoon) I’m really liking this drama – I hope the quality holds up over the course of the upcoming episodes.

    Thanks for the recap, JB, and this: “… Hey, it’s City Hunter’s McCreepy! I guess I’m gonna have to find a new nickname for him, since he’s not lurking or killing anymore.”

    Well, at least it answers the question of what happened to him – I was concerned that he was still in YS’s torture basement with Ajusshi reading to him and poking away. No wonder McCreepy practically rolled over when YS showed up.

    • 22.1 dancetrina

      Ajusshi’s turning-a-new-leaf book must have helped him lots that he became a normal, glasses-wearing secretary 🙂

      • 22.1.1 Cynthia

        And FINALLY! Here’s McCreepy’s name!

        Sung Chang Hoon


  23. 23 So3

    I do hope Wilson will show up because the lawsuit plotline is a rather ineffectual one to create angst for a drama like this – and I’m so looking forward to seeing SK being embarrassed by the fact that she’s been accusing someone innocent. And YJ has to take revenge on ppl who tormented her per her Bucket List!

    JW’s action starts to relate me to the Darcy-prototype – trying to solve an issue silently while appearing to be ass-y. But of coz LDW does give a unique charm to the character (boyish from time to time, esp facing YJ)

    I’m already having the cant-wait-for-next-episode-but-oh-that-means-one-fewer-episode-left syndrome, sigh.

  24. 24 Eugenia

    Seriously, Ji-wook???
    I was so mad at his presumptions of her when he doesn’t know a thing about her. If I was her, I would dislike him with such a passion!

    I hope he doesn’t think that telling the manager to continue his repentance will gain him any brownie points with her.

    He’s going to have to do a LOT to get anything close to respect from my part.

  25. 25 JChung

    LOL Ex-creepy!!!!

  26. 26 Maracarrero

    Javabeans – just a small correction. The tango dancer (on the beach) speaks spanish, not italian. The tango is an argetinian dance (hence Argentina, hence Spanish). He asks her if she’d like to dance the tango and when she cries he tells her “I don’t know what’s happening to you, but you’ll be alright.”
    You have a lot of spanish speaking followers (including me), so I thought I’d let you know. Keep up the good work as I also thought this episode brought forth a lot of the issues that need to be dealt with (i.e. reality). Kim Sun Ah is my favorite korean actress.

  27. 27 birdscout

    I laughed out loud reading this recap. javabeans, you are the best! And you know your audience so well, giving us those wonderful pics of the not-so-gratuitous shower scene. Thank you!

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    What’s McCreepy’s real name? o.o i’m stiilll looking for that. he’s only referred to as: You, Him, and They in City Hunter -_- lol thanks for the Recaps! You’re amazing 🙂

    • 28.1 Cynthia

      Sung Chang Hoon


  29. 29 Emeldy

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  31. 31 Kiwi

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    • 31.1 malta

      …after he escaped from Yoon sungs basement and got a new identity! 😀

      • 31.1.1 mehbleh

        Ahjusshis methods of restarting ones life in the right path must have struck a chord in The Creepy LOL

  32. 32 denza

    no shower scene = no kdrama lol … we should keep a record in how many dramas they have a shower scene… I agree best connection with the scenes

    • 32.1 Daniela

      Especially if the lead man is recently released from the army. If thats the case, the shower scene is a must (And Im thankful for it)

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    Hating on Sae kyung. The lawsuit’s sorta weird I thought… We got enough problems to deal with no? I hope it’s going to be resolved quickly. I don’t need Yeon Jae doing the whole poor girl thing. ’cause then we’d really be having 3 dramas crammed into 1.

    • 33.1 houstontwin

      The whole ring thing is stupid and would never hold up in a court of law. I’m pretty sure that the performance venue would have to sue Wilson for breaking his contract and that Wilson would have to bring charges against Yeon Jae. Even if he lied and didn’t admit to finding the ring, there is no evidence that she stole it. Maybe a lawyer could confirm this.

      • 33.1.1 iia

        i agree it’s stupid… but that will give wilson an opportunity to return later in the episode to testify in court… since it’s his missing ring that has resulted in the lawsuit… maybe then he would clear up the misunderstanding…

  34. 34 birdscout

    Coin-collecting Bong-Gil reminds me of a similar character in a great Japanese movie that was remade into a (terrible) Hollywood movie with Richard Gere and, if I remember correctly, Jennifer Lopez.

    • 34.1 Emeldy

      Yaap. He does. I was thinking the same thing. Now i want to watch the original version. Can you please tell me the title for the Japanese version of Shall We Dance.

      • 34.1.1 momosan

        Not so oddly, the Japanese version is also called “Shall We Dance?” Sometimes as Shall we ダンス? And is a much better movie.

    • 34.2 Jomo

      But that Japanese character was sooooooooooooooooooo annoying IIRC, and this guy is rather sweet…

  35. 35 Daniela

    Right now, I want her to live and stay with THE DOCTOR. I like Ji-wook, but Eun-seok looks like underneath he is so sweet.
    Her hair…NOO!! I loved her long hair. I love short hair too, but for Kim Sun Ah I prefer the long hair. It has a meaning and all, but I will miss her long wavy hair.
    I think that it will be better if she dies (i would love her to live, but after episodes and episodes where she has terminal cancer, it would be a waste of dramatic tension or how you want ti name it) but if they are going to treat her with a “new medicine”, its kind of easy to save her because “its new” and she probably would be “the first” to be saved by it.
    Mr Creepy! Haha I screamed that the second I saw him.
    I love Yeon-jae and her personality.

    Just a little tiny insignificant thing: the The man that dances tango speaks Spanish, not Italian. Maybe he is from Argentina or another country in the south.

    Thank you for the recap! And for the shower scene stills (I am drooling here).

  36. 36 babylind

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    • 36.1 babylind

      * love

  37. 37 Pamillah

    I’m still not convinced that Yeon-Jae will die at the end, or at least not within the 6 months that Eun-seok predicted. In episode 3, Eun-seok and his boss discussed doing clinical trials on Yeon-Jae which may also be helpful to other patients if it is successful (or something to that effect). This could be a bit of foreshadowing, right? Perhaps it could also prove to Eun-seok that on the rare occasion, will power can even overcome cancer.
    Anyways, when it comes to terminal illness and k-dramaland, miracles do happen (though quite often).

    • 37.1 Bluefyre

      I agree. I don’t think she’ll die either.
      (She better not PDs!)
      Wasn’t that part of the pre-synopsis? IDK, I hope she gets to do everything in her “bucket list” That would be great!
      Also, the ending with her falling asleep in the arms of the one she loves could be the ending too. Just Yeon-jae and Ji-wook falling asleep. Nice breezy, light ending in contrast to all the high-drama angst in the past dramas lately 😉

      • 37.1.1 malta

        I don’t know if she will die either… This drama’s been somewhat realistic (as far as kdramas go) so far so I’m hoping if she lives at the end that they will give a somewhat realistic portrayal of a cancer survivor instead of pretending like cancer in remission has no physical effect on the body.

        ie. I hate when they have pregnant characters (like 6 months pregnant!) but they never have a pregnant belly or show any symptoms of pregnancy besides the occasional dramatic I-think-I’m-gonna-throw-up face…They need that pregnant belly suit from 10 Things I Hate About You! (seminal work on my adolescents 🙂 ….RIP Heath Ledger)

    • 37.2 Ani

      I’m conflicted on whether she will or not…. And in kdramaland, people do die from terminal illness. I mean, Stairway to Heaven, Flowers for my Life, etc. Sometimes, they don’t even need to be sick, they just die for the sake of the story. X/

      • 37.2.1 GAAAAAAAAAH

        but you can jjust tell by the overall genre of this drama that shes not going to die
        its a very light, fresh romantic comedy (think kim sam soon) so i dont think she will die for the sake of the plot 😛

    • 37.3 Jomo

      I know I say this often, but this is the best recap EVER EVER EVER! A work of high art…Thank you thank you thank you!

      Will she? Won’t she?
      The fact that we are asking, and that we would accept it if she did, makes for an interesting story.


      How about this: The new drug helps her live longer than the 6 mos., so we don’t have a death scene, but a less tragic end and open end.

      YJ and JW walk hand in hand down a country path towards a sunrise…
      Life is full of surprises. When I made my bucket list, I imagined the last thing I would do was the best one, and that I could pass peacefully into the night in the arms of the man I love…but I have spent many nights in his arms in the last few months, I think I’ll hang around for a while longer. I may not see my grandchildren, but now I feel maybe my bucket list should have 40 things…maybe a 100? Who knows?

      I pretty much lost it at the idea of her dying in the arms of anyone. I was making that involuntary squeeky cry that comes from trying not to let your family in the next room hear your crying again. Too too real, especially when we already met one character who dies.

      That was not a shower scene, that was THE BEST combination of AA, AC and A (Army Abs, Army Chest and Angst) with low camera angle EVER.

      Because I scrolled extremely slowly over the shower photos, I didn’t see the the “You’re welcome” until after, and I chortled!

      Didn’t think I would be able to fall in love with LDW, but, man! he is doing for me this time real good!

      Glad we lost mousy KSA already, too.

  38. 38 Bluefyre

    When I saw Ex-Creepy in this episode I immediately burst out laughing and couldn’t stop! 😀
    Bahahaha! This is going to be epic. The guy’s just the perfect lackey ^^

    And Javabeans-sshi!!! For your “(You’re welcome)” and the bits before that–thank you!! You’re amazing. Hehe.

    Omo, I was SO excited about the preview too!! Gah…Kim Junsu! Hehe. Yeah. I’m more excited about him–but that line was just so squee-worthy. OMO. Haha! Poor Poopy-pants EKJ. Please don’t cut him out!!

    Thanks so much! I really can’t wait until next weekend! This drama is my new crack! The camera, the director, the actors…Gah. SO good! I’ve been starting on watching it without subs. Only rare dramas do that to me 😉

  39. 39 ceejay

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    oh and THANKS FOR THE RECAP <3

  40. 40 Inseparable_gemini

    The shower scene and the ABS after just made my day… If the mandatory military training produces such gorgeous bods, hope LMH do his ASAP… *evil grin*

    • 40.1 drama fever

      LMH ‘s bod already looks good in City Hunter. If he gets out of the army with an even better bod I will die from hyperventilate or die from drooling.

  41. 41 Yer Vang

    Liking this drama,. Thanks for the recap.

  42. 42 Deasy

    I was little bit amused by the last scene. after knowing Ji Wok came, I thought Yeon Jae you’ll be finish this time, but after Ji Wok said “But what can we do? Those stupid demands Lee Yeon-jae made — it looks like you’ll have to do them. Go ahead.”. I break into laugh. so silly….
    can’t wait for the next episode. thanks JB 4 hte recaps…

    • 42.1 drama fever

      I almost fell out of my chair from laughing when he said it with such a straight face.

  43. 43 L

    Really really hope that EKJ will be able to finish this drama. Why did he drink & drive D:

  44. 44 Laeah

    Am I the only one who doesn’t SEE anything between Ji Wook and Yeon Jae? Yeah, yeah I get that he’s living dead and she’s dying life, but does that really = love?

    I’m so sick of the random rich guy appearing and getting the girl.

    She has more history with Doctor McCranky and the chemistry between them is PALPABLE.

    I do believe this is the first time I have 2nd lead fever. hehe

    I hope he gets reprimanded for his actions (actor) but I hope he doesn’t have to quit either.

    • 44.1 Moa

      “Yeah, yeah I get that he’s living dead and she’s dying life, but does that really = love?”

      What the…

      How come you demand LOVE between them right NOW? Only after 4 episodes? Seriously?? :/

    • 44.2 malta

      The history she has with the Doctor is pretty thin. So she saw him poop his pants in elementary school and he probably had a crush on her. Really it’s one cliche over another. The rich chaebol vs. the long lost childhood crush. Who seriously falls in romantic love at 7?

      I hope the doctor doesn’t feel romantic feelings towards her although I think that’s where the show is going. I’m already convinced that every woman in Korea has at least 2-3 three men in love with her at once! Lucky! 😀

    • 44.3 Jomo

      wait for it…wait for it…

  45. 45 Myxale

    This drama sounds so intriguing, now I have to watch it!

  46. 46 Carinne

    I have a wkend fix, and it’s this show.

    I lol every time I hear/read Wilson, William, and Willy. The Cast Away volleyball is named Wilson William. The pianist is named Wilson. And JW’s English name is Willy. What’s with all the “W,” eh?

    I’m glad LDW worked hard on his torso for his shower scene ‘cos he was a little soft during those topless beach scenes in BTS photos. You have no idea how many times I put it on repeat. M~mmm.

    • 46.1 Jomo

      Poor thing, you. Sorry you had to wear out your screen viewing and reviewing…

      I think this was the first shower scene where I literally reached out to touch the screen.

      • 46.1.1 Carinne

        Then, I shalt not discuss about ep.03, Ji-wook’s white pants. How further poor can a gal get?

  47. 47 Ingrid

    Hehehehehe, I was laughing at the ending of this episode! Wahahahahaha!

  48. 48 jadeacl

    Javabeans, what are you doing watching spoilers?!

    • 48.1 birdscout

      Lol! I was thinking the same thing because javabeans wrote before how she doesn’t like to see spoilers.

  49. 49 dare

    As I watch this drama more, I feel like I’m Ji Wook, who’s very interested to find out more about Yeon Jae….great drama!

    Yeon Jae’s bucket list was sad……….

  50. 50 Suzi Q

    I can’t wait until Yeon -Jae gets revenge on the Sae Kyung and knocks her off her high horse. The actress who plays Sae Kyung is great. She does have the haughtiest and the bitchiest looks.

    LDW looks great in the shower scene, and I was surprised that they would shoot it so low without covering with the obligatory “towel'”. He’s got a great six pack although he is very thin.

    I thought Yeon Jae was dying. It was so funny to find out that she was only seriously constipated. I know it happened to my young son, and he thought he was dying.It hurts like hell.Who knew that POOP could be so funny.

    This is the first time that I’ve seen “butt writing”. I thought it was hilarious.Can’t wait to see how the rest of her Bucket List turns out.

    This drama is photographed beautifully.Love the scenic views of Okinawa. Love this drama!

    • 50.1 malta

      Is “butt writing” a thing school children do in Korea? It’s hilarious and at the same time degrading.

      • 50.1.1 Cynthia

        I really had to laugh the first time I saw butt-writing performed.

        In “We Got Married”, Kim Hyun Joong challenges his “wife” Hwangbo to butt-write his name on stage in front of a whole audience of Army boys. She did it while singing and dancing to her famous “Get Hot” song.

        KHJ’s reaction to seeing her do it, and her reaction to having really done it, was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. It was in 2008 and I still laugh thinking about it!

        Butt-writing = funny. Totally juvenile, but funny.

        • Carinne

          I till this day still don’t know why KHJ didn’t marry his buin right then and there in real life? She gives him life.

          • babyfat

            my thought exactly – Joongbo make KHJ a bigger star – the sincerity of Hwangbo left a deep impression in my heart – i was so sad when it ends it – Now KHJ is a superstar but somehow i see he lost himself – totally a different person-less manly – but i guess its his choice . Hwangbo remain my idol – modern woman who can handle it all .

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