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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 6
by | July 14, 2011 | 247 Comments

It’s a bit of an angst-go-round this episode, as Shin faces some harsh truths and Kyu-won finally realizes her heart. Though it’s hard not to hate anyone who makes Kyu-won’s life difficult, I do appreciate their youthful journeys into and out of love.

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EPISODE 6: “With the feeling that it must be” [Also “…that I/you must be here.” It’s intentionally pronoun-less.]

Reeling from the sight of Yoon-su and Seok-hyun reuniting, Shin lashes out at Kyu-won, calling out her crush on him. She fights back angry tears, calling him an idiot.

The teachers walk out, blissfully unaware of all the heartache they’ve left in their wake.

Shin rides home in the rain, full of tears and angry shouts. Kyu-won cries too, sitting alone on the bus. It’s like a chain of heartbreak.

Shin goes to see Dad, who senses right away that it’s been a bad day for Shin, probably because of his lady troubles. He picks up his guitar and plays a melody that he’s written for the song Shin played for him, and it lifts his spirits.

He comes home in a funk, and Mom asks if he’s still going to guitar lessons, fishing to see if his teacher has said anything out of the ordinary. He tells her the story of him loving his friend’s girlfriend and stealing her away… which incenses Mom.

She tells him to stop going there, and he flatly refuses her. She hesitates… “Do you… know who he is?” He tells her that he knows, and that he’s going to keep going there, no matter what she says. Mom trembles, tears flooding her eyes. I honestly don’t know what you thought was going to happen when you introduced them, lady. Your son’s not an idiot.

He arrives at school just in time to see Seok-hyun dropping Yoon-su off, and then goes to confront her about it. He tosses out bitterly, “So you found one—an adult man.” You are such a punk sometimes.

He asks her what she likes so much about Seok-hyun, and Yoon-su tries to walk away from the conversation. But Shin is a dog with a bone, so she finally asks what he likes so much about her.

He says “Everything.” So she says that’s what she likes about Seok-hyun. “Everything. Being with him makes me happy. Him, not you.” Damn. I do admit that although she’s a downer, her set-downs are refreshingly direct and clear—the perfect thing to force the kid to move the hell on.

He tells her that he’ll do it then—he’ll give up and forget her. He says it defiantly, as if challenging her not to regret it. I love the realism of his youthful crush, because to him it’s life and death, and he can’t see beyond what he feels. It’s not his fault either, because he simply lacks the perspective to look beyond himself. It’s sweet and endearing.

Kyu-won comes to school coffee in hand, searching for Shin. She waits by his bike all morning, and ends up leaving his coffee there, unable to see him and clear the air.

He’s busy angsting it out on the field, and finally decides to toss the necklace away. Well at least he’s trying to actually move on.

Ki-young officially joins musical practice, and he gets a half-hearted welcome from everyone except Jun-hee, who bounces up and down and squees. He quickly points out Hee-joo as his Natasha, adding that she’s very shy but really pretty.

Ki-young gets filled in on the fact that Jun-hee is a few marbles short, so not to take anything he says very seriously. Well that’s a character in a nutshell.

Seok-hyun gets warned by his sunbae that trusting Ki-young is risky, and adds that Hee-joo needs to get the lead spot over Kyu-won, to keep the university president happy. That riles him up plenty, and then he comes to practice to find that Kyu-won and Shin are playing hooky.

Oooh, bad timing. He’s just gotten through defending your ass, and then you skip practice to chase Shin? He calls her in front of everyone, yelling into the phone that she’d better get to practice or she’ll be cut from the musical.

She’s too busy following Shin to listen, and just gives him an excuse over the phone. It starts pouring rain and finally Kyu-won shouts at Shin, wondering how long he’s going to keep being like this.

She tells him that he’s being pathetic and petty. I know he’s being a big mope, but I don’t see why it should matter so much to you. I mean, let the guy work through his feelings. It’s only been half a day.

He yells back that it’s over now, and that he’s decided to give it up. He starts to stalk off, but then turns around to take the gayageum out of her hands, to carry it for her. Aw.

They stand outside a music store, waiting out the rain under an awning. It’s a nice silent moment shared between them, as they stick their hands out to catch raindrops. They say nothing, but it’s the first moment of real connection between them.

It’s moving day for Shin’s family, and Kyu-won finds out when his bratty sister comes by asking for a hammer, with no manners whatsoever. Seriously, I’m beginning to think this family was raised badly, based on both kids’ demeanor towards adults. Makes me want to yell at their mom.

She breaks a vase and makes a run for it, so Grandpa chases her all the way to their house, and Kyu-won follows suit, trying to hide her face. Shin is shocked to see her, and now his brat sister recognizes her too: “Hey, it’s that Pumpkin Girl!”

Mom finally comes out and introduces herself to Gramps, and then we flash back to when they first met. Kyu-won’s dad had brought her home as the girl he was going to marry, and Grandpa had called her the band singer who seduced his son with that devil’s music.

Shin’s dad calls Kyu-won’s dad to ask him to visit, because there’s something he wants to tell him before he dies. Kyu-won’s dad isn’t keen on the idea, and makes excuses.

Kyu-won can’t believe that she’s neighbors with Shin now, and greatly regrets her wardrobe choice for the day. The next morning she peeks at Shin’s front door, only to have him come out to find her standing there, looking as if she waited to see him all morning.

She makes up an excuse about trash day, and I die in embarrassment for her, as she tries to leave nonchalantly, but then realizes she went the wrong way. Hee. I love that they’re neighbors now.

Seok-hyun’s sunbae has had enough of watching the musical go down the tubes, and decides to form his own separate musical, to debut a month before Seok-hyun’s. HA. Oh that’s not petty or anything. It’s hilariously transparent, but whatever—it just means we’ll get some Dream High misfit/cool kids action, which is fine by me.

Kyu-won gets chewed out for missing practice, but Seok-hyun has such a soft spot for her that he lets it go once he sees how sorry she is. But she’s warned that one more missed practice really means that she’s out.

He says the same to Shin when he and Yoon-su pass him in the halls, and Shin just gives a half-hearted okay as he watches them walk off, happily in love.

Kyu-won’s dad finally goes to see Shin’s father, and flips his lid at his request for him to look out for Shin and his mom. Oh that’s a low blow. So you’re gonna steal your best friend’s girl, ruin both their lives, and then swoop in right before dying and pretend to be the noble one? Blech.

Kyu-won’s dad basically has an outburst for good reason, although he’s not exempt from being a martyr and an idiot either, so whatever.

He walks out just as Shin walks in, and his father has a seizure. He waits all day to try and see him, to no avail. So he leaves a music notebook for the nurse, to ask him to take a look at it when he’s awake.

The Brat decides she’s hungry and abuses Shin’s slave privileges to get Kyu-won to cook for her, and of course Kyu-won falls for it, thinking that she’s cooking for Shin. Oy. Mom comes home just in time to see Kyu-won get a call from her dad and run out to meet him.

Shin takes out one of his dad’s old albums that he discovered while unpacking Mom’s stuff, and remembers his short time with Dad wistfully.

The next day at school, Kyu-won reminds Shin that it’s the last day of her slave contract. He almost lets it slide, and then asks if she can find a necklace that he lost in the field. No! Don’t do that!

He rethinks it and tells her not to find it and walks off. But of course, Kyu-won doesn’t let it rest, and gets her friends to help her search the whole field. Problem is, she doesn’t know what it looks like.

Shin gets a call from Mom and then attends a funeral with her… only to find once he’s there that it’s for his father. What, you didn’t even tell him whose funeral he was going to? You are the suckiest mom ever.

They pay their respects, and Dad’s wife hands Shin his music notebook and Dad’s guitar, insisting that he take it. At home Shin asks Mom if those people know who they are, and she nods. He asks if alcoholism is hereditary, and she tells him tearfully that he’s not the same.

He caresses Dad’s album and asks his sister if he looks like him. She asks if that means it’s his father, and wonders what’s going on with him and Mom. He skips school for a few days, and slowly word spreads of the news.

Shin finally cries, looking at the song that he had given to Dad, looking at the changes had made to help him fix it. He pictures Dad’s shaking hand as he added notes and fixed his song, just before dying.

He goes to the club and plays the song, crying and thinking of Dad as he sends him off in his own way. (The song is posted above).

Kyu-won searches again for the necklace and finally finds it. She’s disappointed to discover that it’s a woman’s. She hears that Shin came to the club and rushes over there, but he’s already played and left.

She runs out to the street to find him.

He’s sitting in the rain in the same spot they were before. Only Yoon-su finds him first and hands him an umbrella and turns to go. He stops her and puts his arms around, not in a I-want-you way, but in a really vulnerable I-need-a-shoulder-to-cry-on way.

It still infuriates me that she’s even there, but it breaks my heart to see him finally cry like a little boy on her shoulder.

Kyu-won runs up clutching the necklace, only she’s too late.

Kyu-won: Shin is crying. I wanted to run and tell him before anyone else… “Are you okay? It’ll be okay.” Right now Shin is in someone else’s arms. Not mine… someone else’s.


Aw, I love the moment of Kyu-won’s heartbreaking realization. She’s denied her growing crush and been able to chalk it up to hurt pride or simply trying to be a good friend, but it’s the first moment of real heartbreak for her, and it’s played beautifully by Park Shin-hye.

I know he’s lost his dad and she’s worried, but it aggravates me to no end that Yoon-su is even giving him an opportunity to hold onto her. I spent the entire episode liking her as much as can be liked because she was so firm and clear in rejecting him, only to have her turn around and do this, which just puts her right back in the doghouse. Grar.

So going in I knew this was going to be a youth melodrama, so I’m okay with any angst having to do with the youthful discovery of love, first heartbreak, confusing feelings and all that, but I certainly hope that the parental angst is going to take a backseat after this. Shin’s relationship with Dad was played nicely, but it’s the Mom-Dad-Kyu-won’s dad triangle that drives me bonkers.

I get that Shin’s going through a rough patch, but I wonder if it’s necessary for Kyu-won to be down just because he’s down. It’s not that I don’t understand her angst—it’s just that I want it to be her OWN. Right now she seems swayed by his emotions rather than acting based on her own, so I’d like to see more development for her, and storylines for her to act independently of Shin. Because a crush is a crush, but girl’s gotta live a life, yeah? I’m looking forward to more of her journey in doing the musical and spreading her wings a bit. And while we’re at it, let’s bring back Gukak vs. Rock.

So we’ve been keeping the recaps warm for the first few weeks until Romance Town ended, because this series was always kaedejun‘s to begin with (she has a love for Kang Min-hyuk that we’d be crazy to mess with). She’ll be taking over the recaps from here on out, but we’ll be watching and commenting along with the rest of you. (Especially since I have no plans to relinquish Song Chang-eui.) Initiate: baton pass!


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  1. Dux

    Love it!

  2. joy_shoe

    what an unexpected surprise!
    i feel like i feel the ‘melodrama’ part of this drama now..
    but since this is a ‘youth melodrama’, im guessing/hoping the melodrama wont be cancer, etc.. but the hardships of growing up?

    • 2.1 moidiom

      Somebody’s going to get hit by a car, or a bus!

      • 2.1.1 Viki

        oh gawd…not again…too many dramas with a leader character in a coma!

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    Yah, it’s finally up. Thanks for the recaps 😉

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      i can’t believe i was able to post on the top 5!!!

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        kaedejun hwaiting!

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    Yes! I’ve been waiting like a nut. Thanks for the recap. Gonna read.

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    thank you! 🙂

    • 6.1 Dalena

      but now i can’t wait for next week D:
      I should of thought this through 🙁

  7. rin

    Kyu Won is in love so how Shin feels will sway her own feelings. If the person you love is sad, you will feel sad for him. If the person you love is happy, you will feel happy for them.

    • 7.1 Joy Chuah (Malaysia)

      A well justified answer. I totally agree. They don’t say love is blind for no apparent reasons eh…

    • 7.2 comics_gilz

      I love the story and i love KW…that’s the way a girl with soft spot reacted to the feeling of the guy that she love….but i seriously want KW to move on….really want her to focus more on her musical after her heartbreak with Shin….and there’s Ki-Young..he is not that bad compare to Shin….KW would look nice with him… ^^ can’t wait for the next episode..!! really reaally reeeaaallyy want to see KW overcome her sadness for shin…and want to see Ki-Young’s and KW’s relationship building up..!! Hwaiting…!! \^^/

  8. Noelle

    Yoon Su is an idiot. She can feel sympathetic but keep your distance from the guy you told to buzz off like two days earlier. Let someone else be his shoulder, dang.

  9. Yuki

    I officially hate the dance professor now. She is not consoling Shin but confusing him instead!! I almost want to jump up and slap her in the face if I can.

  10. 10 imoan.naomi

    I’ve never watched a “youth melodrama” before. Can someone name some others so I can have some sort of reference point. I tend to think of youth and angst as being pretty synonymous so the term youth-melodrama seems sorta redundant to me.

    • 10.1 nonski

      have u tried watching Dream High? one of the awesomest i’ve ever seen!

      • 10.1.1 Molly

        Agreed, Dream High delightfully exceeded my expectations and was a great one!

    • 10.2 adney

      Dream High because the story is awesome. You just need to ignore bad acting from a few of them, ahaha

    • 10.3 imoan.naomi

      I have seen Dream High actually, I just didn’t realize that was melodrama. When I hear “melo”, I tend to think more along the lines of Bad Guy, WISFC, Ripley or something like that. So far the angst-o-meter on this show isn’t bad, and the emotions feel pretty realistic, although I’m not too fond of the parents’s past.

      • 10.3.1 CreamPuffs

        Dream High wasn’t a melodrama; I’m pretty sure it was more of a romantic comedy.

  11. 11 V

    Awww, that’s sweet of you guys to be “keeping the recap seat warm” for kaedejun until Romance Town wraps up. Can’t wait to see what kind of new perspective a third recapped will bring to this series!

    That being said, You’ve Fallen For Me has been driving me all kinds of batty. At first it was Yoon-Su’s moping, then Shin’s, and now Kyu-Won’s. I can’t relate to any of the leads in this drama, and I rather wish the scriptwriter would just let Ki-Young usurp the whole drama. The boy has charisma, especially when he’s singing.

    • 11.1 Em

      Amen to that! Also, I’ve been waiting for his interaction with KyuWon abd hope for a loveline to ensue but i’m starting to doubt that it’s ever going to happen.

      And I really dislike the Yoonsu character from the beginning. ugh, cougar much?

      • 11.1.1 comics_gilz

        Hahahaha…i’ve been waiting for KW-KY interaction too…!! ^^ if Shin didn’t want KW…i dont think that KW should mope up since KY is there…and he’s not bad…!! ^^

        • yoose

          iyep… KY and KW FTW!

        • Ree

          But they’re taking FOREVER to introduce KW to Ki Young. Are they TRYING to build suspense, or are they just like, “Meh, whatever. He’s a second lead”?!!

    • 11.2 spark67

      Thank God! I thought I was the only one who thought that Ki Young would be heaps better interacting with Kyu Won in two ways: (1) if there is to be a love triangle, as is expected in most romance/comedy dramas in Korea, it would have made sense that Kyu Won fall for Ki Young first since she played the accompaniment when Ki Young was finally convinced to sing. Then Kyu Won’s frequent interactions with Ki Young either on or off campus thereafter would be justified and although Kyu Won still has to be Shin’s slave for the month, her constant praise of Ki Young may in time, intrigue Shin since Ki Young actually sings BETTER than Shin (CN Blue Jong Hwa). That’s just the reality of it. It would have made the contrasts between these characters that much more interesting with Shin beginning to be irritated that Kyu Won is so ga-ga over Ki Young, which…could lead to an interest in her.

      Or, (2) I wouldn’t mind Shin being out of the picture altogether and letting Kyu Won have a loveline with Ki Young in the first place. The brief moments of Ki Young was enough to impress me both with his acting and his presence on camera. Plus the boy can SING, you know what I mean? Good Lord, when he sang “A Goose’s Dream”, I just about fell out of my chair with awe. He could definitely be the rival that Shin deserves.

      • 11.2.1 spark67

        Ooh, sorry – the song that Ki Young sang was “If I Leave” originally sang by opera soprano Sumi Jo. I was listening to “A Goose’s Dream” while I typed up my comments earlier.

      • 11.2.2 cassandra

        Hallelujah, you’ve said it again. Please let Kiyoung and Kyu Won interact in the next 10 episodes and just let the ballerina rest already she is tired and I get exhausted every time she appears with Shin.
        Let the rivalry between the youngsters begin for after all isn’t it what the story is about…YOUNG LOVE– Crazy FIRST LOVES.

      • 11.2.3 jek

        since Ki Young actually sings BETTER than Shin (CN Blue Jong Hwa), wtf

  12. 12 berry

    thanks for the recap – you are always super speedy 🙂

  13. 13 vivyip

    i’m so glad for the recap. (thank you for putting it out so quickly! ^_^) I watched the raw and had to guess.

    Hmm…I wonder if it’s on purpose that the profs’ reconciliation was so straightforward…

    I mean, take a look at the polygons/angles/subplots(?):
    basic #1: shin-dance prof-director
    basic #2: shin-kyuwon-director

    background #1: glasses prof-dance prof-director
    background #2: boeun-drummer boy-heejoo
    background #3: shin dad- shin mom-kyuwon dad

    possible #1: kiyoung-kyuwon-shin
    possible #2: drummer boy-heejoo-kiyoung

    highly unlikely #1: heejoo-shin-kyuwon
    highly unlikely #2: kyuwon-shin-dance prof

    that’s not including

    the 100 yr festival itself
    the shin mom-kyuwon dad-grandfather issues

    Everything needs to be tied up within… 16 episodes?!

    that’s like…maybe 2 episodes for each couple(?) to reconcile/resolve itself, sorta. (So it’s a good thing the profs reconciled quickly…and now kyu-won’s dad will be able to cleanly chase shin’s mom…now only if gramps cooperated….)

    I’m also thinking that the musical will be less dance prof’s/director’s story and more of shin’s/kyuwon’s story.

    (and episode 5 made me think that drummer boy has a good chance of heejoo if the director had a similar experience in the past)

    I’m looking forward when shin’s gonna grovel towards kyu-won. She deserves to be chased.

    on a simpler/less convoluted note: i wish episode 7 had some previews…

    • 13.1 Alyssa

      You’re very good in your correlation! I’m no brainer when it comes to this.


      • 13.1.1 comics_gilz

        hahaha…i really love your polygons/angles/subplots… ^^ i’m also thinking that all this plots and angels can’t be compressed into 16 episodes.. but…can’t wait to see where KW and Shin end up to…and y so many subplots here and there??


    • 13.2 Nikki

      I strongly agree with you vivyip.
      we need preview even only for ep 7.. 🙂

  14. 14 honey

    Thanks a lot girlfriday! I was so looking forward to this.

  15. 15 lovely

    many people didn’t understand why kyu-won was so upset but i completely related with her.
    when you care about someone you get upset if they’re making bad decisions and their emotions really do sway yours.
    when a close friend of mine kept going back to his horrible girlfriend (very similar to the shin-yoonsu relationship) it made me so upset that I cried.
    even though it had nothing to do to me I couldn’t help but be affected.
    that’s what I love about this drama. It’s a drama for youth and I can relate to the issues the same way older woman can relate to dramas like I need romance.

  16. 16 Alyssa

    hahahaha… park shin hye is now a grown-up lady!

    I’ve seen her in her previous dramas – stairway to heaven, tree of heaven, etc – and previously, every time she’s interviewed she would tell of her frustration in acting a role where she’s in-love. according to her, its the most difficult role and she said that Directors would scold her because she couldn’t act the role.

    Now, hahahahaha… she can really act the role of girl-in-love….

    shin hye… are you acting now based on experience?

  17. 17 Manaíra

    Ahhh,como a cada episodio me faz gostar mais desse casal *__*
    Contando as horas pra o outro episodio =)

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    I like jb and gf’s recaps, esp their comments. Please don’t leave this drama!! why not the 3 of you split this drama please xD

    • 18.1 green tea

      Noo, don’t stop recapping!! Can’t you both keep doing this drama? City Hunter will end soon anyways (sniff T_T)

    • 18.2 Ani

      Agreed. (No offense to kaedejun of course)

      • 18.2.1 awww

        you guys are really quick recappers and there won’t be a lot of dramas left to recap anyways D:

  19. 19 monsterlover

    Oh man maybe this will take a new turn and KyuWon as mentioned is just being swayed by Shin’s emotions, maybe she will finally try and do her own thing as in do her best in the musical and get the leading role which will put her in contact with the leading guy and BAM a new loveline to be formed. This might make Shin realize that he;s been taking KyuWon for granted 😀

    *At least that’s what i hope happens XD

    • 19.1 yume

      you know that sounds great to me 😀

      i hope she stops chasing shin around and start focusing on the play so she can get the lead role and blow his socks off! it would be good for her because she belongs on stage 🙂

    • 19.2 comics_gilz

      i love that too..!! ^^

  20. 20 crazedlu

    yes. please bring back the gukak vs. rock! hee. and i totally agree with wanting kyu won’s angst and emotions to be her own. that’s probably my only issue with her current moped up self.

  21. 21 laya

    Thanks for the recap!

  22. 22 suzi q

    I just absolutely love the music.

    I think Lee Hyun Jin steals the thunder from Jung Yong Hwa. I’m impressed with Hyun Jin’s singing and tearing up the screen. I’ve seen him previously in A Good day for the Wind to Blow. You can tell he is a more experienced actor than Yong Hwa.

    I think the dance teacher scenario is boring everyone to tears and that could be the reason for the low ratings. They should Dump it and go for a love triangle between Kyu Won, Shin, and Ki Young. Please, I hope they change directions because the plot is going down the tubes.

    What’s with the mom who doesn’t tell her son whose funeral he going to attend? Surprise funeral. This is too wacky.

    I love Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful, but her personality in this drama is like a dish rag. I hope she stops moping and get some better storyline.

  23. 23 Merewen

    I find the Kyu-won utterly annoying. I can’t place my finger on it. Wait… I find all the female characters in this drama annoying. I really wanted to like it. 🙁

    • 23.1 Merewen

      Edit* Kyu-won character utterly annoying

      Oh and another question… Is there an unspoken rule that females can’t sing with the same amount, if not more emotion then the males? I was watching ep 4 and I was pretty much underwhelmed with the females singing skills. Even the girl that’s supposed to be the triple threat.

      Someone break it down for me.

  24. 24 almontel

    i thought i was really going to see more interaction between our couple, but the end of this ep just made me HATE the writer for some reason…and the iceprincess!
    when are we going to see KW stop being the stalker? i mean i know she likes him and has hurt her numerous times and yet she keeps coming back to be by his side…
    i’m hoping next week we’ll see a positive development to Kyuwon’s personality. i want to see her be more focused on her work and study and to stop clinging to Shin.
    this time around i want Shin to start missing her for always being there and cheering him up…
    and i do agree that ShinHye was great during those ‘angsty scenes’ esp the end…the heartache of seeing the person you like in the arms of another girl!

    • 24.1 Anne

      I don’t like how they got her cling to him either, I was looking forward to the reversal him liking her then they pull this crap. I hope I start to feel the heart string because right now I’m annoyed with her over the top in his face I do anything you want behavior so submissive and that the kind of girl I hate the most.

      • 24.1.1 Merewen

        I’ll co-sign this.

      • 24.1.2 rin

        Nana is clinging to City Hunter too 😛 He keeps pushing her away but she keeps clinging.

        • soserious

          Nana’s case is a little different because Yoon-sung likes her too.

          • rin

            She doesn’t know that he likes her, but she clings to him. Even if he didn’t like her, she would cling to him.

        • hmi4

          don’t single out nana. we all would cling onto CH

          • Brandi

            Ha ha where’s the like button?

        • Silver

          Nana may be clinging on to CH but I never felt like her character got lost in the process of chasing the guy. All throughout she remained true to herself, which, really, is all I’m asking of Kyu Won here, whereas what KW has done this past episode seems rather out of character. What? She ditches practice to go chase after a guy who had told her to get lost just the day before? Yeah, sure.

          • rin

            Well, you have to remember. They are youngsters. Nana is older. Kyu Won doesn’t even realize she’s in love. She’s just following her heart. Whereas Nana knows she’s in love. It’s like…”why do I feel such pain?”, “why do I feel so sad that he’s sad”, “I want to be there for him”, and she runs to him.

          • Cherry

            sigh…i’m hating how dependent she is , but try to remember when you were her age in high school beginning of college/ first love/crush? we went with our emotions. especially us girls. as young adults now in our mid 20’s or higher we can think back and call ourselves idiots for either secetively wanting to know who THAT Guy is talking to, who HE likes, and even which class he is in right now. This is K, her first ever major crush, i’ll give her a benifit of doubt – i’m just hoping she snaps out of it, but knowing this is a Kdrma for the youth, her devoted stalking will win over S…not saying i like it. Makes us girls/women seem “weak” like if we live for the one we like, neglect ourselves, stalk him – we will find happiness.

    • 24.2 rence

      thanks for the recaps..

      watching ep 6 via live streaming last night gave me mixed feelings..i just couldnt understand where the flow of the story is going and what has become of shinhye’s character..i remember in an earlier episode when she told woori’s character that she wont take LS if she gave him to her but look what happened to her..she ate those words..all she does is chase and run after the cold-hearted LS…i like her old self, the one who is feisty yet adorable..as much as i understand that he already fall for LS but could she have enough pride to stop stalking him…its stupid and annoying especially if the guy does not want your presence..I love park shin hye and she is a great actress..she could convey lots of emotions and so i think that its a great waste of talent for her with this character…

      could the writer and the director just concentrate on the students’ dream (like dream high)…what happened to the fusion of the traditional and modern instruments…what really is the synopsis of this drama?
      can’t you make the OTP shine more? can’t you just stop the scenes of the dance prof and the director…
      when can we see KW’s interaction with KY?….

      episode 7 is crucial, so i hope that if they are contemplating of script revision, they have to do it with better scriptwriters and PLEASE, concentrate on the OTP, if there is a love triangle, love square, whatever, do it now..stop focusing on the adults…this is a youthful drama…i love its being cool and breezy

      • 24.2.1 comics_gilz

        wow…..such direct emotions… ^^ but i second your comment…!! ^^

        • rence

          sorry, i got carried away…didn’t sleep well last night after watching ep 6 live…hahaha

          • comics_gilz

            hahaha…i just woke up at 5am this morning to download the raw version…. ^^ can’t understand what they’re saying…but still hoping some “concentrate on the OTP” scene…but to bad……hope episode 7 give us what we want…!! Hwaiting!! ^^

          • Nikki

            I totally agree with you Rence, i also can’t sleep last night imagining how would ep 7 turned out to be…
            i was even imagining that in ep 7, Kyu Won and Ki Young would get the lead roles in the performance, giving then time to spend time together, practicing for the show (causing KW to stop chasing after Lee Shin) , and develop crushes towards each other…

            hope what we hope for ep 7 would happen

            the writers of this drama should surf the net and see the viewers’ feedback to make alterations and to develop a more interesting story Line…

            and one more thing, Ki Young should be the Second Lead since he’s young, cute, and talented.. 🙂

  25. 25 Anu

    Thank u guyzz for recapping this series!! I have read Kdjn’s recaps bfr…so I believe she will do a gud job!!

    I wanna know what happens nxt!!!…..cn’t wait for the 7th…#impatient 😉

  26. 26 rumba lumba

    the lead guy is the 2nd biggest, most unemotional stiff since Kim Hyun Joong of Playful kiss. well, actually he’s the 4th. the 2nd goes to Suzy of Dream High, and the thirdd goes to Taecyeon of Dream High/Cindy Sister.

    • 26.1 spark67

      It may partly be because Shin’s character is somewhat similar to the character of Tae Kyung, played by actor Jang Geun Suk in “You’re Beautiful”. If you recall, Tae Kyung also had that prissy, arrogant, you-all-irritate-me kind of character. The problem is that Yong Hwa doesn’t convey the subtleties of emoting very well, and all the viewer gets is irritation at Shin’s character. It’s like Yong Hwa has blended his own character and Tae Kyung’s character on “You’re Beautiful” and the results are not good. I mean, he’s ok as mediocre goes, but if he’s the lead, he’s not doing a very good job convincing me that his character is someone I should be sympathizing with.

  27. 27 annieee

    i love the youthful, breezy vibe of the drama and that sucked me in for the first 3 episodes or so. but now that the musical and chasing-young-dreams storyline has taken a backseat, im not sure this drama will live up to its potential (was hoping for this to be smth like dream high no.2). of course, im all for the love square angst and romantic crushes, but why does kyu-won have to be so mopey? and there’s still not enough OTP screentime for me (shin has to get over dish-rag ballerina lady like RIGHT NOW). i hope shin and kyu-won being next-door neighbors will give us more forced-proximity hijinks, and please, bring back the Rock vs. Gukak stuff!
    also, wouldn’t it be awesome if they developed another love line with kyu-won and ki-young, just to give shin a run for his money? xpp

    • 27.1 goldlilys

      I wanted this drama to be like a combination of You’re Beautiful, Dream High and Full House. It was close in the first 4 episodes. … but the latest 2 is disappointing me.

      I thought they were going to start having KY already be part of the training … but that lasted 2 episodes just to get him on stage?!!! So slowwwww. With KY there and getting close to GW, LS would feel jealous. But noooo, all the angst are still coming from the debbie downer prof and it’s annoying me.

      The writing better change next week or I’m totally going to put this drama in the trash.

      Also, it’s not that Yong Hwa can’t act … it’s more likely because he has no chemistry with the teacher. I just don’t see it. But he lights up wit PSY and especially since PSY is a really good natural actress. Whenever she’s on the screen, you follow her.

      Ahh when is the real love triangle going to start?!!!

  28. 28 guest

    I really don’t know what’s wrong with this drama. I don’t know much about dramas and films, i just watch and if i like it, i like it. i don’t know how to critic a drama, unlike most of you.

    for me I love it! I love Park Shin Hye and the Director. I love the songs – I even bought from yesasia part 1 of the OST. i tried to watch this live too, although I can’t understand their language. i’m refreshed and I can relax. I feel the emotions of the youth and I remembered my own youth 5-6 years ago.

    i agree that they need to bring back the gukak vs rock.

    but, if the rating is low – is there a possibility that it will be halted? then there won’t be any gukak vs rock.

    shin hye really tried her best to even learn gayageum…

    I’m sad!

  29. 29 xxies

    what is the song at the end of this episode?

    • 29.1 Areli

      good question! someone knows whats the name of the song?

  30. 30 jeeves

    i hope this is the end of shin’s angst-sy moments—please let it move forward to some bright-fun and flirty scenarios from my three anticipated characters Ki Young, Shin and Gyu Won— please let it on next week’s eps.—thanks for the recaps- 🙂

  31. 31 junie

    I love it and looking forward to see more of Ki-Young vs Kyu-Won….gosh, they look good together (I guess, though I still love KW & LS). Thanks for the recap!
    I hope it stays in the level of youth melodrama and not turning its direction towards tons of angst and moans….please…we need something refreshing and not too heavy…..IT’S SUMMER!

  32. 32 Banu

    Ahhh Right now i’m like F You Shin..
    Also that teacher should stop confusing him ever sec.

  33. 33 pitopazano

    oh gosh, seriously… after watching today’s episode…i really REALLY want kyuwon to stop liking lee shin and have lee shin realize that he likes kyuwon…

    and then we can see lee shin work to get kyuwon to like him again.

    and i’m getting annoyed with the dance teacher once again…she’s wavering…so indecisive. ugh.

    and who else thinks that the two main leads for the musical will end up being heejoo and kiyoung?

    • 33.1 rin

      Lee Shin does like Kyu Won slightly. He’s just not over his crush with the teacher yet. If he didn’t like Kyu Won, he would have pushed her away like those other girls he ignores. But he doesn’t ignore Kyu Won. That’s a big difference.

      • 33.1.1 comics_gilz

        yup…i think that is the case with LS…but LS did not get over his childish crush yet…so…that’s why KW feel pain since she realise her feeling for Shin first…

        One thing i can’t put my mind of off it is…in the rain scene…where KW shout at Shin and Shin shout back…y does Shin suddenly took the gugak from KW???? is it some kind of Shin’s way to tell KW that he actually didn’t want to be alone that time???

        Hahahaha…actually…i hope that Shin turn back and hug KW at that time ^^ kekeke..but…that sure didn’t happen..

        • rin

          I think he was being nice to her? He jokes she’s really strong to carry it around all the time. He realizes the gugak is heavy. He was just being an ass not helping her carry it. But since she seems to there for him, he probably helped her carry it in gratitude. I don’t think Lee Shin is that bad a person. He’s just doesn’t like girls clinging to him for his looks. And KW doesn’t seem to be nice to him for his looks, so he accepts her instead of kicking her away. He only makes fun of her to tease her or challenges her to push her forward. He does say some arrogant stuff to her, but I think it’s more in a teasing sort of way. Kind of like Gilbert pulling on Anne’s hair in “Anne of Green Gables” but he actually likes her and wanted to get her attention.

          • kris

            i extremely agree with you..LS has not yet realized it but he has sort of admiration already for KW..its just that his feelings for the bland dance prof is greater, haha

          • comics_gilz

            @rin maybe what u’re saying is true…Shin is not a bad person, and he actually feel quite comfortable with KW that’s why he carry the gugak…but i’m thinking more to the psychological side….when someone that angry and that sad AND do not want anyone to disturb him….i don’t think he could be polite or remember his manner well…. ^^ moreover, he always mean to her…. thus, im thinking that he said that he didn’t want her company, BUT he took the gugak so that she have no choice but to follow him….something like that… ^^ and i’m sure he knew the gugak is heavy…that’s y he took it…??

          • Plume

            So glad to see “anne of Green Gables” here :D. Yeah, it’s sort of the same situation… but on the other side, Gilbert did have some sort of humour which none of the male character in this drama has.

            I don’t think the arrogant side of Shin’s character really fits Yong Hwa. He looks like a genuinely nice guy when he’s smiling, unlike Jang Geun Suk who does have an edgier side…

          • Cherry

            I also think he is being nice to her. he See her as a friend and not as a possible girlfirend or love/crush interest. when she yelled at him, i think he realized that she cares for him as a person and not just his looks, and that is why he helped her carry the gugak.

          • comics_gilz

            @Cherry Hurm…i think u’re right….since he see her as a friend, her scold makes him mad…but he knew that it is the truth…and he could feel she care for him…so…he can’t ignore her…that’s y he help her carry the gugak…. ^^

      • 33.1.2 mrmz

        Well she really did attract his attention in some ways
        Its not just that he only didn’t push her away, but he pulled her to his side. In the beginning he was the one who got her phone number, ordered her around, and cared so much about competing with her as his equal. If he wasn’t even slightly attracted to her, he would’ve done none of the above. Even if the competition was about his own pride, he wouldn’t have cared to ordered her around. Or maybe cuz he’s used to girls like him but she didn’t (show it) right away, he wanted to attract her attention to him

        • comics_gilz

          “Or maybe cuz he’s used to girls like him but she didn’t (show it) right away, he wanted to attract her attention to him”

          hahaha…yup…i think that’s one of the point….^^ he tent to hate all girls that flopped around him…but can’t seem to ignore KW since she’s different…and gradually attracted to her without him realizing it.. ^^

    • 33.2 Nikki

      for me, i like Ki young and Kyu Won to be the main leads in the musical, cause they’ll surely make a good duet (i’ve heard them, since i played i played ep5 part 4 and five at the same time, at the part where Ki Young sings at the bar and Kyu Won singing at their rehearsal)

      i also have ulterior motives for that ~for Lee Shin to have jealousy over the cute cool talented guy Ki Young~ 😉

      • 33.2.1 comics_gilz

        that’s what i want too… ^^ i really hope episode 7 bring us closer to what we want of this drama.. 😀

  34. 34 sam soon-ah

    I really loved Kyu Won in the first 3 episodes but then she started annoying me cause she was always running after Shin. Come one women!!!
    Act like you don’t care even if you do…Play it out like Geum Jan di you most likely will get your Go Jun Pyo running after you^ ^. A great character is someone with spunk and a backbone.
    I understand she is developing feelings for Shin but come on she just looks desperate to me. Hopefully they will give Ki Young more parts because he is by far the deepest character on this drama.

    • 34.1 luliqz1

      i know that KW was running after Shin but no in the Oh Hani way if you know what i mean, remember the coffee scene where she realized that he bought her coffee when she saw him she was all happy but then she took her time to act cool and not let him know how happy she was

    • 34.2 rin

      It’s not desperation. If someone you love is hurt, would you try to comfort him/her? Even if that person tells you to go away, you know that person is just upset. Can you leave someone you care about alone who is hurt and who you think really needs to be consoled? If the person you love is hurt, would you skip class to try and comfort him/her? Or just ignore because you think class is more important than friendship or love? Kyu Won feels Shin’s pain and wants to help him through it. But in the process she’s getting hurt too because it’s a one-sided love. Would you abandon a one-sided love to help yourself? Or run head on to help a friend in need?

  35. 35 biankoy

    Yay for Kiyoung!!!

    I wasn’t going to watch this drama but because of dramabeans I got interested and now I’m going to watch it!!! All because of Kiyoung!!! And Seuk Hyun

  36. 36 YY

    Ways to relieve our frustrations:

    1. Steal Harry’s wand and change Mopey Ballerina into a mop.

    2. Buy Mopey B a no-return ticket to Timbaktu.

    3. Get a restraining order out on Mopey B to make sure she doesn’t come within a foot of Shin.

    4. Burn all Mopey B’s umbrellas.

    5. Bury that accursed necklace six feet under.

    6. Burn down the coffee machine.

    7. Barricade the open ledge with barbed wire to prevent KW from leaving coffee there.

    8. Send the rude sister to military school. For 10 years. Without holidays.

    • 36.1 momosa

      OMG! Cruel but that’s the way to go YY!!!!

    • 36.2 goldlilys

      LOL hilarious thanks for that. At least got some lighter mood from this drama because of your post. I was totally getting bored at the latest 2 episodes.

    • 36.3 kris

      LOL..thanks for unloading the heavy stuff i have since watching ep 6 last night…

    • 36.4 laya

      THIS. /signs petition O wait, no petition yet? Sorry. 😀

    • 36.5 Jomo


  37. 37 Newbie

    Am I the only one who had You’re beautiful flashbacks while watching this episode?
    1) Kyu-won looking for the necklace = Mi-nam looking for the ring in the pool
    2)The way Kyu-won says “Shin is crying” is the same Mi-nam says “My star is crying” (after Tae-kyung had a heartbreaking conversation with his Mom)

    I know I watched YAB too many times LOL

    • 37.1 moidiom

      I saw the similarities, too. It’s like this drama is literally trying to answer all the questions from You’re Beautiful. I loved the first four episodes, but not the last two. I find myself rooting for the pairing of Kyu-won and the director. They make a much nicer couple!!! The grandpa’s approval of the director is especially hilarious.

      • 37.1.1 hajroutta

        I feel the same ! I think Kyu-won and the director ‘s look sooo cute together ^^

  38. 38 bjharm

    “though it’s hard not to hate anyone who makes Kyu-won’s life difficult, I do appreciate their youthful journeys into and out of love”
    lol why not just say the guy’s an a##hole with a prince complex and be done with it. Frankly I do not find Lee Shin very likeable at all, I am not a girl but if a guy approached me like he did the lady teacher, I would freak out and call the police. How many times does she have to say no before he gets the idea to back off? What next get her drunk and sleep with her so to prove he a man and make her his? Of course as he was brought up with no father that suppose to make us feel sorry and forgive him for being a jerk. Still it pretty classic setup prince type guy would think he can walk on water and he the only one if the world to feel pain and hurt meet simple but spunky ‘plain’ girl and she changes him for the better. Just hope that starts soon

  39. 39 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I’m not watching this, but it’s really nice to know what happens!

  40. 40 Taohua

    I’ve been complaining on my tweeter feed about this (sorry y’all)…but seriously is this the same writer who wrote the KBS Drama Special “What Happened to Trader Kim Cheol-Su”? Because that was super well-written…and this is all over the place. And which writer limits five minutes or less to the most interesting and complex character in the series? Does that even make sense?

    Also someone please tell Lee Soon Jae to give JYH a phone call…it would be greatly</i) appreciated.

    Also are you listening PD-nim? More Gi-yeong please. And more Seok Hyun time with GY and GW. I promise I won't complain about your love for whirling/shaking camerawork ever again…well not too much anyway.

  41. 41 Hang

    For me, two rain scenes in this episode are the most important, and most beautifully captured, in getting the lead actor and actresses’ emotions developed. This episode is definitely sentimental and brings me to tears at times. Since her heart has spoken out loud, I hope Kyu-won will have some actions in the coming episodes. I will also look forward to Shin’s reaction. He has been playing cool (or cold?) with her so far except for the moment of their “first connection” in the first rain scene. Gosh, I am officially hooked on this drama.

  42. 42 cutiepotato

    Thx for your recap,I love this drama because park shin hye,so please please give a lot of love for kyu won don’t let her always running after shin I hate that (•͡˘ε˘ •͡“) kyu won just be with ki young fighting!!!

  43. 43 yuu

    I’m just waiting for more ki young’s scenes to come up. and him and kyu won to be an item, that’d be awesome.

  44. 44 aubrey

    thanks for the recap! 🙂

  45. 45 rr

    thanks for the recap…i really dislike the ending and the way kyu-won chases after lee shin in this episode.it seems her life is revolving around him.bring back the feisty kyu-won that i love,pd pyo,please…and less yoon-su in the next episodes please,grrr

  46. 46 waeee

    my only complaint is…
    more lee shin/kyu won please.
    they are so cute.

    drop the dance professor… already

  47. 47 Beng

    Thanks GF! Agree with all of your comments. i want KW to spread her wings too and be independent. I’ve been thinking of what Shin will do when his dog is not following him anymore. I want a romance between KW and KY that will make Shin jealous, thereby showing some colors. I keep seeing him as a grey person. I also want to see the Rock vs. the Gukak =). I wonder who will be those that will follow Professor T? Will Shin follow him and play in his theatre instead of SH? Hmmmm, can’t wait for episode 7…

  48. 48 comics_gilz

    anyway…above else…thanks for the recaps… ^^ i really love this drama and can’t wait to watch the next episode….but i really do hope Shin will overcome with his crush and started to notice KW….at the same time, KW didn’t mope up and train harder for the musical and the female lead…her deligentness will bring her closer to Ki Young and that’s when Shin started to miss KW and gradually notice his feeling for KW…i really hope the next episode lead to this kind of plot….PD nim….pretty pleeeessssseeee….!!!

  49. 49 helen

    i think the version that jung yonghwa sang in the drama with the echoing had a very nice effect. the song that was attached to this entry sounded better than the recorded on in the ost version.

    i can’t wait until yonghwa and shinhye start having more romantic scenes together. the romance between yonghwa and the professor is wearing a little thin for me.

    • 49.1 Yuki

      I feel the same way when I listen to the ost version. I feel a bit disappointed that they changed the effects.

    • 49.2 beinghappy

      well, for me i’m loving both of the ver since he sing it nicely and the lyrics is beautiful..HEHE!!But i guess for the ost ver, they just want to “calming” the tone with accoustic touch just like when someone trying to tell his story slowly so people can capture the lyrics and sadness..the stage ver is having more effect since it for stage performance playing by the stupid band.

      this drama seem has many “controversy”, but there’s something that make me curious about this drama..where will the actual story goes among those many side characters?how will they balance the youthful excitement and melodrama part?and how will lee shin-kyuwon end up falling in love?coz i still believe, they will be together in the end..HEHE..i’ll be patiently waiting for the progression..PD Pyo fighting!!THANKS for the recap=)

  50. 50 JIW_sobangnim

    I actually feel that Ms.teacher isnt really willing to fully let go off Mr.HandsomeShin because well, he is most handsome/popular/loves her more than she deserves. They let the viewers realize her half-indifference towards his love in Episode 3 if I’m not mistaken. However,I’m cringing here because of the lack of Gyeong Jin and Gyu Won. I want him to be the prince-charming which is gonna fall for Gyu Won ASAP through rehearsals and her spunk. Then,when Shin’s gets more warm towards GyuWon,DUDDOONG! Love triangle! 😛 Who isnt thinking what Im thinking, aye? 🙂

    • 50.1 Beng

      i’m with you, definitely!!! i want both Gyeong Jin and Shin realize that Gyu-won is the sunshine in their dark world at the same time. Let the triangle begin in episode 7, please, please, pretty please!!!

      Also, please keep Gyu-won’s character to be cheerful despite the heartaches.

    • 50.2 kris

      i’m also with you on that…hope the writer and the director will read our insights

    • 50.3 comics_gilz

      count me in too…!! aja aja hwaiting..!! ^^/

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