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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 8
by | July 29, 2011 | 110 Comments

AAAAND we’re back in business! Oh man, can I just have a huge free space to SQUEE in delight? THis episode is allll about Jung Yong Hwa‘s soft smiles.


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We get a recap of what happened in the last five minutes of episode 7, and then we’re in Seok-hyun’s car. He looks like their father as he drives the two kids-who-are-not-on-speaking-terms home. Seok-hyun is thankful that Shin got Kyu-won to the audition on time, but their awkward silence unnerves him more. He finds it amusing that they’re neighbors now too.

Once Kyu-won is inside, Shin urges Seok-hyun to leave for his date; he’ll stay in front of the house and make sure no yelling occurs inside Kyu-won’s house. With a reminder to not be late for practice, Seok-hyun heads over to meet Yoon-su.

Kyu-won apologizes to her grandfather through the screen, and lets him know that she failed the audition. She wants to continue with the musical, but will also practice her gayageum even more earnestly than before. Grandpa suddenly opens his door; he wants Seok-hyun’s number – now! “Why?” she asks. “You don’t need to know!” and Grandpa slams his door closed.

By the time Seok-hyun arrives, Yoon-su is tired and wants to go home. As he drives her home, he honestly tells her that he drove Kyu-won home because he was worried she might get chewed out by her unrelenting grandfather. They then discuss Hee-joo’s performance; Seok-hyun admits that while Hee-joo was good, she has no heart. She’s just a “well-trained doll,” but no raw talent. Yoon-su on the other hand likes that Hee-joo works really hard. She actually takes offense at Seok-hyun’s analysis because those “dolls with no talent” actually train over and over again, go through eating disorders, and don’t care about their feet getting deformed.

Hee-joo knows in her heart that Kyu-won’s performance was much better, more moving, and most importantly, she had friends to support her. Because her mother had talked to the judges beforehand, Hee-joo had managed to get the part. She hates that everything is so easy for Kyu-won, so she’s about to eat a chocolate bar to make herself feel better, but decides to just weigh herself instead, taking satisfaction in her light weight.

Kyu-won reports to her father about the audition; though she failed, she felt like she did her best. And – photographers were there! She then asks her dad why the first love always hurt. It’s not because she’s experiencing the pains herself, oh no, but Father says it’s all so that she’ll remember it the most. After they hang up, Kyu-won declares herself finished with nursing a broken heart, and goes to sleep. Yeah!

Jung-hyun bugs her brother about the “ugly girl’s” audition. Shin warns her not to call Kyu-won that – it’s not nice to call people names! Hee. But I’m glad he also calls his sister out on her bratty behavior.

The next morning, Shin waits for Kyu-won outside her door, his excuse being that he wants to know if her grandfather got mad. Grandpa’s not too mad so far, and she thanks him and Jung-hyun for their help. She heads to the bus stop, but finds it weird that Shin is following her. Well – that’s because he left his bike at school.

The two of them head to school in an awkward silence, together but not really together. They head in the same direction, the same building, the same halls, in a slow careful pace. It unnerves Kyu-won so much that she finally breathes a loud sigh of relief when Shin heads in a different direction.

That’s when Hee-joo catches her for a one-on-one talk outside. Kyu-won sincerely congratulates her on snagging the role, but trust Hee-joo to think that Kyu-won is being insincere. She wants Kyu-won to drop out of the performance team. Hee-joo’s worked so hard to be in this performance, but Kyu-won’s been coasting on the favor of Seok-hyun. Kyu-won points out that Hee-joo isn’t the only person in this entire world who can sing and act, but Hee-joo wants Kyu-won gone. For her peace of mind. What a selfish, insecure brat.

Shin arrives in class, snapping his fingers and whistling. Several things are off: 1) he’s actually in class; 2) he’s whistling; 3) he’s snapping his fingers. That’s when his band mate tells him that Kyu-won’s in the papers.

The papers declare that Kyu-won’s performance moved the audience more, but Hee-joo had snagged the part instead. Tae-joon is annoyed, but he tells his allies to not fear; attention will be on Hee-joo soon, and when they snag her, Seok-hyun’s plans will fall apart. He then visits Yoon-su in her office, wanting to talk to her about creating a new performance team. Tae-joon’s interest lies primarily in getting Hee-joo, since the performance team that will last longer is the one with Hee-joo in it. Besides, if Yoon-su joins him, she can come back as a choreographer again.

The Three Angry Girls antagonize Hee-joo in the hallway by reading out the newspaper article, causing her to cry alone in the park out of anger. She’s the lead, no matter what anyone says! Suddenly Jun-hee appears by her side and puts his headphones over her ears. She turns to him, cheeks tear-stained, and insists he turn off the music and leave her alone. But Jun-hee just cradles her face and makes her listen, and that’s when she bursts into more tears.

Kyu-won does feel a bit bad for Hee-joo, and so she goes to visit Seok-hyun, interrupting him during his training session with Ki-young. She wishes to switch back to the music team only, and the acting team won’t need her since all the roles have been filled. Seok-hyun is angered at the thought – he chose her for a reason, and now she just wants to leave before she finishes? Who does she think she is to just change teams at her whim? (Well – as if Seok-hyun’s favoring her isn’t obvious enough…)

Later, Seok-hyun presents tickets for a new date with Yoon-su. She’s about to mention Tae-joon’s plan, but he has to rush off. Yoon-su makes her decision – she rejects joining Tae-joon’s performance, since all she had wanted was to prove herself to Seok-hyun. Jealousy also makes people do crazy things..

Professor Hong informs Seok-hyun that she gave Shin the assignment of fixing up the ending song. Though Seok-hyun may be angry at her choice, she defends it, saying that both of them are taking a chance with Shin and Kyu-won respectively, trusting in these students’ potentials. And speaking of which, Kyu-won and Shin report to Professor Hong about their practices. However, they can’t do a demonstration today because the Windflowers are going to a senior center to perform. Hong suggests that Shin go as well, since he might learn a thing or two about it.

At the center, the seniors have so much fun that some of them get up and start dancing. One of the guys gets Kyu-won to come up and dance with them in a circle, which makes Shin smile. Next thing you know, all the ahjummas just want a chance to dance with the handsome Shin sitting in the corner! Hahaha! Oh so awkwardly cute.

Seok-hyun and Yoon-su go on a walk together, and the conversation circles back to Hee-joo. Seok-hyun acknowledges Hee-joo’s efforts, but he still believes that her skills are not good enough to amaze an audience. He wonders if Yoon-su is just defending Hee-joo because it reminds her of her old self? Or perhaps Yoon-su is living vicariously through Hee-joo, wanting the student to succeed where she couldn’t? Hurt and insulted, Yoon-su leaves first.

The Windflowers and Shin then have food and drinks with the seniors. Kyu-won drinks up the makgeolli deliciously, but Shin refuses, because he can’t drink alcohol. One of the grandfathers insists, handing Shin a bowl, but Kyu-won calls “Black Rose” – she’ll drink it for him! (I smell trouble!)

That grandfather admires how prettily Kyu-won drinks alcohol, and so he keeps pouring her drinks. Another grandmother on that table wishes that she could be her grandson’s wife. Kyu-won finds out that the grandson is twelve, and then smartly replies, “I like them young too!”

Unfortunately, Kyu-won gets drunk, and Shin finds her dozing off on the stairwell. He asks if she’s ok, and she goes “Oh! It’s the one that I like, Lee Shin!” Girl – you talk too much… He tries to get her to stay awake, and she grabs his face: “Lee Shin, you fool! I even took shots for you,” and then leans her head against his shoulder. In her sleep, she curses him out for calling her ugly. Hee.

They get caught in this position by her fellow Windflowers, who then hurry out, preferring to leave them like this. Shin actually doesn’t mind that Kyu-won is leaning on him, and smiles.

Jun-hee gives Hee-joo a ride back home, only to be caught outside by her mother. Jun-hee: “Hello, I’m Hee-joo’s boyf–*WHACK*” Hee-joo slaps him in the head before he can say something else. The mother calls Hee-joo in immediately, and Hee-joo mumbles her thanks. Jun-hee’s adorable as he points out the boo-boo she just gave him.

As for Shin, he carries Kyu-won on his back, holding her gayageum as well. Even though Kyu-won’s drunk, it doesn’t stop her from yelling at him for sticking around her when she’s trying so hard to forget him. Heh.

Grandpa’s not too happy to have a drunk granddaughter in his hands, but Shin goes home with a small smile on his face. Apparently, smiling is a rarity for him because his mom wonders whether he really is her son. But she’s happy that Shin seems to be a happier guy of late.

The next morning, Grandpa takes her to task for getting so drunk she needed to be carried on a guy’s back. Kyu-won suddenly remembers that Shin carried her home, and quickly rushes out the door. She has to leave before she bumps into Shin! Grandpa tries to get her to eat breakfast first, but Kyu-won is too busy for that.

She tiptoes out the front door, thinking the coast is clear. But Shin is right behind her. He commends her on her drinking habits, which she then denies. Um – yeah right. He informs her that he’s got 3 patches on his back, thanks to last night. (Heh – that last sentence could so easily be misconstrued…) He clutches his back in pain as he walks off, but smiles like a childish school boy.

Seok-hyun catches Yoon-su to apologize for likening her to Hee-joo, and thus comparing his girlfriend to a doll. She accepts his apology, but states for the record that she finds herself nothing like Hee-joo. She only thinks the girl is talented, and no one is noticing her efforts.

Hee-joo’s mom meets up with Tae-joon, not too pleased that all the attention is on Kyu-won right now. Tae-joon assures her that the spotlight will be on her daughter, especially once he gets her for his own team. But that’s not enough for the mother; she wants Kyu-won completely rid of. No one can threaten her daughter’s position.

Bo-woon grabs the other girls to plan what they should do for Kyu-won’s birthday, as it is today but Kyu-won has forgotten all about it. They propose lighting up firecrackers and celebrating after their rehearsal with The Stupid. However, Kyu-won isn’t completely oblivious, because she gets a text from her father wishing her happy birthday and promising of a gift later.

While studying in the library, Shin comes by and dumps the stack of books she made him read. “Summarize. There’s too many books. I read it but don’t understand it.” If she doesn’t help him, he’ll tell on her to the professor. (What are they in, first grade?!) He orders her to have it done by dinner time. It’s impossible for her, but he reminds her that carrying her on his back was the more impossible task. Grudgingly, she gets to work, and Shin watches her from behind a few shelves, grinning mischievously.

She manages to complete the task by the time of their practice. No one is there yet, so Kyu-won just starts tuning up her instrument. He asks if the gayageum is like a guitar, and she begins explaining to him all the carvings and parts of the gayageum, which he finds interesting. They’re interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the bands, and the two bands play “Carmen” again. Seok-hyun sneaks into practice, and he’s got a guest – Kyu-won’s Grandpa! Grandpa apparently did contact Seok-hyun finally, and he watches his granddaughter play on her gayageum.

Grandpa has a proposal for Seok-hyun: he doesn’t want the traditional and western music to mix, but he offers to come by several times a week and help them. (!!!!!) Seok-hyun tries to say it’s not necessary since the kids are really just amateurs, but Grandpa replies: “I am Lee Dong Chang, the great singer. I wish I could come more often but I can’t. I’ll come out a few times a week.” On to the next matter of business: is Seok-hyun seeing anyone right now? (BWAHAHA!)

After practice, Bo-woon announces that they’re going to grab a drink, and everyone except Shin and Kyu-won leave. (Awkward.) Then the lights turn off. (Even more awkward.) Then all the friends return singing “Happy Birthday,” carrying the cutest snowman cake known to man. (AWESOME!) Kyu-won is touched, and her friends release some firecrackers. They all play around, smearing cream on each other’s faces, while Shin hangs back, watching.

That’s when Kyu-won realizes he doesn’t have cream on his face! Shin: “Don’t….” And Kyu-won starts chasing him around the room.

As they’re all leaving practice, Shin greets Kyu-won happy birthday. Caught off-guard, she thanks him, and then trips down a flight of stairs. (So this is how they’re covering up her accident…) Kyu-won can’t get up from the pain, and everyone rushes to her side.

It’s already evening, and Grandpa is still talking off Seok-hyun’s ear about how legendary his skills were. Poor Seok-hyun, the guy looks ready to fall asleep in any minute. Grandpa is about to start his story all over again, this time going back to when he was fourteen, when Seok-hyun finally gets interrupted by a call from Shin.

The two of them rush over to the hospital, where Shin is sitting by her bedside. Kyu-won quickly says that she’s OK – no broken bones or anything – and Shin immediately assumes responsibility for her fall. Kyu-won assures everyone that he had nothing to do with it, and that she’s OK. Not so, says Lee Shin: “She has a fractured rib and sprained ankle.”

Kyu-won glares at him for betraying her, and the nurse comes by to let them know that they’ll be moving her soon. Seok-hyun takes Grandpa home so that he can bring a change of clothing and stay with Kyu-won at the hospital. In the meanwhile, Shin can stay by her side.

Shin helps settle her in her room, and she asks if he can amuse her with something funny. Thing is, Shin is not the funniest of guys, so all he knows are REALLY lame jokes. Disappointed, Kyu-won just asks for her medicine and water. Once he’s gone, she starts laughing at how lame they were.

Back at home, Seok-hyun helps Grandpa pack Kyu-won’s things, and he notices all her plaques and pictures. He then suggests to Grandpa that since it’s late, Grandpa can just go in the morning, and he will bring her things over tonight.

When Seok-hyun arrives, Kyu-won is asleep, having taken her painkillers. Seok-hyun fight over who should stay for the night, but the nurse comes in to check if they’re family. Since they’re not, she asks them to wait outside, because they’re men… and the patient’s a woman… (Wow lady, I don’t think anyone is going to try and molest her in her sleep, but OK.)

Now that both are kicked out, Seok-hyun suggests having coffee. He reassures Shin that Kyu-won will be fine, as she’s a strong person. But Shin doesn’t think Kyu-won is as strong as she presents herself to be. (Hmm, lover boy’s got insight.) Seok-hyun offers some praise after watching the two bands practice together. He does note that the original writer of the ending song is really picky about certain things, and likes to show-off; yup, he’s also talking about himself.

Seok-hyun notes that Shin seems to be a little different these days, and wonders if it’s Kyu-won’s effect on him. (After all, Shin always gets a soft smile on his lips when he talks about Kyu-won; he smiles more; he’s less broody over Yoon-su; he’s less antagonizing unless he’s making fun of Kyu-won…)

Seok-hyun heads to go check on Kyu-won before he leaves for the night, but Shin isn’t letting him go alone. He too wants to go check on Kyu-won! *Goofy smile*

The next morning, Shin goes over early to check on her again, but Kyu-won’s not in her room. Instead, she’s already out in the lounge, on a wheelchair, listening to some music. She’s surprised to see him, and tells him he didn’t need to come and check up on her. But he has an excuse ready: holding up her notes, he asks her to explain some of the stuff he doesn’t understand. Kyu-won can’t help but be a little disappointed.

As she’s explaining musical composition, Shin isn’t really listening to her – he’s just staring at her. HA. He’s also bored by it all. Frustrated, she tells him to listen carefully as she explains for the fourth time, and Shin nods like a drone, only smiling and listening to her melodic voice instead of what she’s really saying.

He ends up falling asleep as she talks, which annoys her even more, and that’s when all her friends from Windflowers and The Stupid arrive bearing food and fireworks. They came to visit, and are surprised to see Shin there. They thought he was just hanging by himself, alone, instead of visiting Kyu-won of his own accord. By himself. “I came to get tutored,” he says, with wide eyes proclaiming innocence.

They all take her out in the evening, and fire off some firecrackers and sparklers for her birthday. Of course, that just pisses off the guards, and everyone starts running, with Shin wheeling Kyu-won out of there.

The two of them manage to get to a safe spot, exhilarated that they didn’t get caught. Thing is, they don’t know where everyone else went, and wonder if they made it out safely. Shin watches her laughing and worrying about others, despite the pain she’s in.

Shin: Kyu-won. Don’t stop liking me.

Kyu-won: What?

Shin: (kneeling in front of her) Don’t stop…liking me.

And fireworks go off in the distance.



OK, that just means I like it. I looooooooooooooooove it. Episode 8 paid off. I think if I watched episode 8 last week, I would have had an aneurysm and died. I think the cover-up for her injury was a little random, but I’m sure sitting in a hospital bed helped Park Shin Hye. I don’t doubt she was faking about her pain. I’m also relieved that she fell of her own accord, as Hee-joo’s mother’s threat was so ominous I thought she was going to plan a “car accident” and get Kyu-won in a hospital.

As for Hee-joo, I do feel bad for her because she does work hard. She trains all the time and maintains her skinny figure by starvation. It’s not like she acts her family to help her get things, which makes it even more pitiable that her mother had to intervene to make sure she won the part. If Hee-joo had not won the part in the first place, I think Hee-joo would have been pissed, but accepted it. But because she won, everyone is calling foul on it and thus placing her in a bad spot. It’s also not like Hee-joo asked her mother to help her, so it’s really not her fault.

It’s interesting that Seok-hyun thinks Yoon-su is like Hee-joo, which I have to agree with, but on a different level. I just think So Yi Hyun is quite soulless and boring in her role, and so she’s as uninspiring as Hee-joo the Character. Anyways – Yoon-su claims that she likes Hee-joo because the girl works hard and no one acknowledges that, but I think that’s where the two of them are alike. Yoon-su seems to have had a lot of pain as she worked hard to achieve a dream that ended up shattered, going away unnoticed. She doesn’t seem to want the same fate for Hee-joo. No matter what Yoon-su may claim, I think she’s more like Hee-joo than she is ready to admit.


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    As much as I love the lightness of the past two episodes. I feel like the writers are giving in to the pressure of fans wanting to see PSH and JYH be adorable together. Not that Im complaining, I just hoped that it would have been a smoother transition. I feel like Shin did a 360 overnight going from telling Kyu Won to go away and bossing her around to being considerate and following her like a puppy. I hope he’s not on a rebound from crushing mopey ballerina!
    Anyway, this doesnt prevent me from squeeing everytime I see these two are together! Oh and im starting to think that the KiYoung-KyuWon loveline will never happen. Oh, the potential o what could have been!

    • 29.1 rr

      aww,yes too bad they didn’t explore that angle earlier.. ki-young as the third wheel should have been great

      • 29.1.1 cassandra

        AMEN to that.. I have been wondering when Ki Young was going to be introduced guess they have a different person in mind.. For me the best 3rd wheel would have been Ki young too, not the director. Also, I think that Shin was in a rebound situation when he started to pursue Kyu Won, they did not give him time to really get over the mopey ballerina before turning to our girl…Oh but what the heck I love these 2 young ones so be it.

    • 29.2 Ranisa

      Yeah, i feel that too! It is so sudden that it almost seemed hurried. They are getting pressured really but I guess it worked for the fans.

      However, I want to think that his father’s passing has got to do with his sudden change of heart. He became more appreciative of life and of other people. It felt like he matured after that tragedy.

      • 29.2.1 Jomo

        While I agree it was sudden, it was a necessary course correction, almost like a mulligan.

        Mopey Ballerina should have been 15 minutes of the first episode and out. We could have seen that Shin knows how to love, see his heart broken, and then, meet KW.
        All the episodes with him doggedly follow MB around, while realistic, seemed like wasted time to get to the reason we are all here. We all paid good money (OK, we didn’t pay any money) to see PSH and JYH be adorable together. Fight, fall in love, fight more, kiss, fight, etc.

        I am glad we are all there now, and the more she pushes him away, the harder he has to work to win her, the happier I will be.

  30. 30 Denali


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      Love the little dance your characters are doing!
      I will be stealing it.

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    This episode was amazing, Thank you for the recap. 🙂 I always tend to read the recaps before starting any drama, hehe.. Habit. Although the “Falling down the stairs because I want to” accident was slightly random, I guess it’s best for Park Shin Hye and I agree with you, I think her pain is real.
    Kaedejun fighting!~ Aigoo, I cannot wait anymore.. 😀

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    PSH and JYH Fighing!
    I have hopes for you.. so don’t fail me now Show!
    Thank you Kaedejun for the recaps and I’ll be waiting by the computer as always.

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    fank you for the recap.

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    I dunno but I feel there’s a back story between Seok Hyun and Gyu Won especially that part where he was at GW’s room and saw that picture of her. I know most people will love the director and GyuWon to be together but I still feel that he’s treating GW like a little sister or even his niece. I felt that more when I watched ep 9.

    As for Hee Ju, I hope she become friends with other people besides Jun hee. They’re cute together but she needs more friends. Hope she becomes friends with the Windflower girls!

    I still feel disappointed that they have not given Ki-yeoung more scenes with the main casts. Although he’s always with the director, I want him to interact with Gyu won or Lee Shin or Hee-joo more. I mean, they introduced him so strongly early in the show but his character development and his cohesion with the rest of the leads are just missing. I want to see and get to know him more. I hope to see him in the next episodes. He is so cute and so talented. C’mon, give him more air time! PLEASE!!!

    Oh my, so much for my rants and expectations. I still like this drama no matter what. It’s tingly! Heh

    – Thanks Kaedejun for the recaps. It’s fun reading your post. I can almost feel you giddiness while reading it. I’m already anticipating your next post!!

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    HS is getting better and better (starting episode 7)

    and i love the chemistry of YH and shinhye..amazing even if they just sit/stand side by side or bickering or stealing glances…even on quiet moments, no words need to be spoken, you could feel their chemistry…

  38. 38 sarah

    great recap 🙂

    i’d say that the nurse’s request for the non-related male members to leave at night was good–i mean, i’d have had a problem had she not allowed the patient’s boyfriend to leave or whatever but it makes sense–if something happens to a female patient at godknowswhathour, a) the patient might not be in a position to save herself and b) it’ll be the responsibility of the hospital–just saying. also, it doesnt have to mean that the male visitors would molest her but makes it awkward cause she might do things such as snore/etc etc that are embarrassing or not be aware that her clothes are not covering herself properly and make it awkward.

    just saying.

    i agree about the hospital injury being very (VERY VERY VERY VERY) random. they could have done more to make it fit the story but i guess whatever the means, it had to be done cause park shin hye wasn’t looking well at all in the hospital scenes. the incident didnt seem to be so serious from what i had read but she did look really sick.

    hopefully the loss of an episode due to shin hye’s injury gets the writers of the show to realize they cant have so many friggin sideline stories and they need to narrow it down.

    the drama, afterall, is a rom-com and many of us are watching it as a fun, brainless kind of drama so it won’t harm the show if the makers decide to have a little conflict here and there to keep it interesting but not have so many sideline stories that takes away the essence of innocence, love and youth away from the drama.

  39. 39 sarah

    p.s. am i the only one who was started by shin’s bad tooth? i thought for the longest time it was a gaping hole until i saw the still photo here.

    although it startled me i think that it’s good in a way cause it makes shin seem more human (and easier to relate to).

    • 39.1 YJ

      I noticed that his teeth do look a little weird when he smiles (even though he’s still HOT). But what exactly is wrong with it? All I can catch is that it looks a little off

  40. 40 YJ

    Ki Young needs more screen time. xD preferably with Kyu Won.

    And we need to see more of jealous Shin. God, he was so cute when he was having ‘little fights’ with the director on who takes care of Kyu Won.

    And god, I’m getting scared of Shin’s mom and Kyu Won’s dad affair/relation as an issue. I really don’t want that kind of angst D:

  41. 41 Programmer Ahjumma

    after ep 8 and 9 I wonder why they didn’t developed side chars in the meantime… let the girl have her rest … in the first scene at home… telling her grandpa the result… she was way too pale… not only pale but she looked sick

    I want more of Hee Joo and Overeater ( I love them both) more of Hee Joo and Ki Young

    The fact that we all hate with our heart content the ballerina… to me it seems that they could developed a lil bit there

    It looks so forced to have the heroine all over the place even though the actress is sick… in both episodes I think she is 45-50 minutes in each ep they give me a fast pace… c’mon ppl it is a rom com… why a fast pace when all we are talking about is fluffy and romance with a plot near 0…. not even when they have smth serious to talk about… it is plotless …while PSH is hurt… it looks to me that Lee Shin is looking only for hurt girls – more fractures the better…. and I’m sure this wasn’t the scope of the writer … I get it… the actress is hurt for real… but they didn’t try to write it better…

    I loved ep 8 but 9 is a gem… go watch it girls 😛

    • 41.1 Kay

      it’s not a romcom.l This is supposed to be young melo-drama, so just wait till the memo kick in~
      And as much as I want PSH to rest, the story need her now, since they didnt really focus on her in ep1-6
      But I am glad she feels better now. She tweeted it 🙂

      • 41.1.1 Programmer Ahjumma

        it looks like a rom-com : no plot whatsoever and the whole drama is about the 2 leads and their incredible chemistry(and OMO they have… see Ikemen Desu Ne … the secondary lead is way more cute than our Shin but he has zero chemistry with their Go MiNam in exactly the same situations as in YAB)

        even more in a rom-com secondary leads usually are good for something… not only to look good on my screen (ermm the actors are good, sometimes perfect in any other drama except this)

        in a way it’s not only melo to have an accident… it is a disaster

        on the other hand I love the fun in the campus, so I want some more fun with the side chars. As much fun we had until now, as much angst we should have after 😀

        • Autumn

          I am mostly in for the chemistry between the leads too, but I don’t agree that the drama has no plot, well it has more plot than other dramas I know.

          Ikemen, yeh I was wondering why I felt nothing for Miko and Shu when I shipped Shin-woo and Min-nam so hard in YAB. I might be the only one thinking this but I thought PSH has more chemistry with JYH than with JGS.

          • kim

            i agree with you that PSh has more chemistry with YH than JGS and i realized it too late.

            perhaps, the tandem of shinhye and sukkie was overrated, them being the OTP in YAB but watching the bts in YAB, shinhye and YH are closer and more playful with each other..

            going back to HS, just by merely staring, sitting/standing side by side or bickering, their chemistry is incredible..no words need to be spoken, eye expression is enough..i love them in quiet moments..i just love the character of KW, cheerful, strong and honest with her feelings, her personality fits LS..

  42. 42 kdheart

    YAY! It’s finally here. 🙂 It’s like 4am here and I still have a class at 7am but here I am. Lol.

    Before anything else, I would just like to apologize for being too impatient for this recap. If it was too rude, I’m sorry.

    Episodes 1-6 kept me going with Seok Hyun and Kyu Won’s adorable scenes. But from Episode 7, I am now confused. I mean, I know Shin deserves all the rooting and all but why do I sense the drama indictating Seok Hyun as Shin’s rival? And you can’t just deny the fact that Seok Hyun and Kyu Won are cute. But anyway, to avoid any heartbreaks in the latter part of the drama, I’d just root for Shin all the way especially now that I know that he knows the verb ‘smile’ or at least he knew it when he finally saw Kyu Won.

    And just how many times do they have to include Kyu Won and Ki Young in one scene and yet there is no acknowledgment of each others’ presence at all. Grr..

    And also, is Joon Hee really Hee Joo’s boyfriend? I mean, I just thought he was delusional and all but Hee Joo isn’t really trying to clear up the misunderstanding. And she, too, doesn’t get mad at Kyu Won when it comes to Shin unlike before. Somebody enlighten me?

    Now that the plot just got better, can I hope for some Koreans to at least make the ratings increase even just a bit? Pretty pleeeaaase? 🙂

  43. 43 love

    Shin Hye was so pale in this episode. =( I hope she is feeling alot better. This episode was super cute!!..finally some more scenes of Kyu Won and Shin together.

  44. 44 Cynthia

    I liked this episode. Not as much as I liked ep 7, but thought it was good overall especially considering the problems encountered by PSH’s accident and the horrible Seoul weather that must be slowing down the production.

    Episode 7 was strong because it got this drama back on track – away from all the adult/teacher/administrator baloney and put it back where it belonged – on the kids. Episode 8 went back into that adult realm a bit much but I’m willing to give them a pass for the above reasons.

    Dream High should be the benchmark for this genre of drama – it would behoove the director to keep it in mind for further episodes. Think about it, we’re already at ep.8 and overall there isn’t a lot of plot movement here. If they go through with the separation of the two musical groups then that conflict will provide a platform to let the story “fly high” (again, Dream High).

    I particularly like the acting job Yong-Hwa is doing here. He’s doing those introspective, quiet scenes quite well – his face is becoming easier to read now that he’s got some character development to act out.

    And let me say, his CNBlue bandmate is doing a really terrific turn here, Funny, sweet and a cute factor that doesn’t quit. Everytime he’s on screen I want to just pinch those cheeks (he’s SUCH a Theodore Chipmunk with those glasses!)
    🙂 🙂

  45. 45 Yer Vang


  46. 46 Cj


  47. 47 raisa

    ahh!! how i lo1 ove this episodee! shin is soo cutee!! wawawawaw :3

    ahh please make the recap for epispode 9!! plisss!! :)))

  48. 48 Tarits

    This is a drama that makes young hearts feel giddy and makes not so young hearts feel young again. Heartstrings is such a wonderful drama. Each recap makes it even more droolicious.

    • 48.1 rr

      my sentiments exactly :))

  49. 49 testify

    aaaah it is all gone.
    I wrote nearly a letter….
    But now I don`t want to continue.

    Just two things.
    I loved all episodes because I think it is absolutely believeable.

    I wonder why all of you thinks Le Shin loved the ballerina.
    I never thougt. To me it was only kind of chasing after a popstar. The way he fell in love with her was like this.
    So it was never really love it was more making sheepy eyes …..
    He felt more comfortable and enjoyed it when he was together with Kyu Won. And the way he tortured her by sending on errands was his only way to have a contact to her.It was his first step.
    Althoug she tried to buy herself free, or while they had a fight because of the ballerina. He never let her …….
    and asked till the last day to stay as a slave….. 🙂

    It took him just a long time to realize what his feelings mean to him.

    So I am just enjoying the whole drama…. and so far it is absolutely hooking me up.
    I hope nothing will change , loved the way how everything works out….
    It brought the same emotions in me up, like when I was watching first time “Dirty Dancing”…..
    So I would like to praise the whole team who is working on this drama…..

    • 49.1 AN

      Agree with you. That crush he had for the ballerina actually blinded him from his feelings towards Kyu-Won. That’s why he did not come to realize his feelings until after that crush was shattered. When he did, it appeared to some that he had a change of heart too quickly, but in fact, his feelings for Kyu-Won has been developing from the very beginning of the series. We get hints of that all along.

    • 49.2 walkingegg

      Totally agree!

      I think this drama is more and more touching after I tied to understand the feelings of the characters.

      Praise and thanks to the drama team especially the PD and writer.

  50. 50 Ani

    Wow lady, I don’t think anyone is going to try and molest her in her sleep

    Actually, there have been cases in which women hospitalized are raped/molested while out of it due to painkillers. The women know because they remember it or have flashes of what happened to them while they were “under”. We as viewers don’t think that will happen since we know the characters, but the nurse had to do that for the patient’s safety. It’s protocol. X/

    Now, as for Hee-joo, I think I can understand her point of view. She may not have raw talent, but she worked hard to be where she is. She is a brat and self-centered, but it makes it seem like those who worked hard to be where they are don’t deserve to be where they are just because someone else is more talented. I just wish Hee-joo had more confidence in herself to understand that some competition will help her grow. Her mother isn’t helping any by not having faith in her daughter’s ability, and by “cheating” (if we can call it that) to get her daughter the best spot.

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