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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 9
by | July 30, 2011 | 173 Comments

ACK! Um. I think I should just get on with the episode, yeah?

P.S. Favorite man of the hour? Grandpa. He’s the cutest, most annoying, most meddlesome, and sweetest Grandpa there is. ๐Ÿ™‚

So Shin confessed – eeeee! But Kyu-won takes it the wrong way; when he can’t answer her about whether he likes her or not, Kyu-won thinks he’s just stringing her along. Just because he’s popular doesn’t mean he can tell a girl to not like him, and then tell her to like him. He tries to tell her she’s misunderstood, but Kyu-won will have none of it. Bo-woon calls just in time, and Kyu-won asks to be taken back to the hospital.

Shin rides back home, confused. Good thing his sister comes barging into his room asking for some more autographs so that she can sell it to her classmates. He asks how she would react if a guy told her to continue liking him. Jung-hyun: “My butt! Who says I like you?” Heh. She tsk-tsks her brother for having bad moves.

Meanwhile, Kyu-won talks to herself in her room, convincing herself not to be shaken by Shin. She is interrupted by a visitor: Seok-hyun. He’s here to present her the lines and lyrics for the starring role, because he wants her to be Hee-joo’s understudy. (Ah – so that’s how he’s keeping her in…) Kyu-won is all, “I don’t want it!” and sounds like a petulant child. Seok-hyun sounds like the patient father, asking if she really means that. Heh – of course not. He also informs her of a team retreat so that everyone can bond. He suggests that she just stay at home and rest, but of course that makes Kyu-won want to go even more, even with her injuries.

The next day, the school Chancellor tells Seok-hyun to play nice. Now that he’s appeased Tae-joon by having Hee-joo as the lead, perhaps they won’t split off and create a new performance team. Seok-hyun grudgingly accepts, and then asks for permission for the trip. Since Tae-joon turned down the offer to chaperone (because he doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Seok-hyun) and Professor Hong is too busy, the Chancellor suggests Yoon-su, which Seok-hyun is only too happy to agree with.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon is stressed thanks to Hee-joo’s mom. His cohort, Kim Young-min, plays devil’s advocate: what could the mother be complaining about if her daughter’s already the lead? And the reason why Kyu-won gets more attention is because she was better! That doesn’t help Tae-joon, and he’s more determined than ever to bring Seok-hyun down. He wants the dirty secrets, and he wants Young-min to get them.

Seok-hyun supervises the practice, and provides some constructive critiques. He tells them to make sure they tap into their deep emotions while singing, rather than trying to appeal to the audience. And then, he gives a demonstration.

*CLAP CLAP!* (The following song is a rip from the episode.) [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It’s a moving song that makes Bo-woon gush: if Kyu-won were here, she’d have fallen in love with Seok-hyun. Shin overhears, and he can’t help but think of Kyu-won while Seok-hyun sings.

Seok-hyun wants to make sure that everyone has understood about the emotion part – especially Hee-joo. The Three Angry Girls know that Hee-joo is being targeted for her soulless singing, and make fun of her after practice.

Hee-joo mopes at the playground, angry at their comments but also worrying about it. She gets a call from Seok-hyun, and lies that she’s in a cafe instead of out in the sun. But Seok-hyun catches her there anyways. He wonders why she’s sulking if she got the part, since she’s so good anyways. But he tells her that she’s quite emotionless in her performance because she hasn’t experienced love – the feelings of falling in love, of yearning for a person, of pain, of break-up. She is all technique, but no depth. Hee-joo snipes back – has Kyu-won loved? Is that why she’s so great?

Seok-hyun just says that Kyu-won will be her understudy, whether she likes it or not. He challenges her to break his prejudice towards doll-like actresses – prove to him that she’s better than he thinks she is.

So Hee-joo does a surprising move. She seeks out Ki-young and asks him if he thinks she’s an emotionless doll. He’s amused by her query, not knowing she cared so much, but he’s even more surprised when she asks for his help! She wants him to teach her how to love. (HA! Is this the triangle we’re going for?) Though Ki-young hasn’t really experienced love much, he’s acknowledged as a talented actor, so she wants Ki-young’s help. In secret, of course. Her pride can’t handle more than that. Ki-young simply marvels at the change in her.

Meanwhile Shin goes to visit Kyu-won in the hospital. She’s not pleased to see him, but he reminds her that he still needs tutoring. As Kyu-won goes over the notes in an angry tone, she eventually gets on his nerves – why is she so mad at him? Kyu-won: “Do you still have to ask? Are you slow?” Annoyed, Shin stands up – he’ll go and find someone else to tutor him instead.

He rides back to school, looking hurt. (Yes – I read that emotion on his face!) He announces to his bandmates that they’re no longer practicing with the Wind Flowers, which bums them out, ’cause, yunno, they liked those girls. Too bad though – they’re forced to follow Shin’s whims. I love that everyone always assumes that if he or Kyu-won change their plans suddenly, it’s always because they fought, and not because of any excuse/reason they may give.

Kyu-won’s father and Grandpa bring her home from the hospital, and they bump into Shin outside. Shin greets them politely, and Kyu-won quickly whispers to her father that he’s the “Arrogant Prince” she always talks about. The father says hi, not having met his ex-girlfriend’s son ever, but then has to rush off to teach. Grandpa wants to have a word with Shin, since he heard about the boy mixing traditional and western music for the performance. Kyu-won tries to get Shin to leave, but he thinks Grandpa will be a better tutor than her.

And what is Grandpa’s idea of tutoring? He goes into his whole spiel about his own history of how he became a famous singer – exactly what he told Seok-hyun!ย Heehee! Kyu-won and I enjoy watching Shin grimace in pain, having sat on his crossed legs for too long listening to a boooooringย history of this Grandpa’s life.

Kyu-won gets a call from Bo-woon, and confirms that she’ll go to the team camping trip. Now they can arrange something to do for the talent show together! Just before Grandpa is about to tell his story (from 14 to his twenties), Kyu-won decides to interrupt. You have no idea how relievedย Shin looks to see her. She reminds Grandpa that Shin needs to study, so he can tell his story another day. Now who’s the better tutor, huh Lee Shin?

As for Grandpa, he muses over who is the better candidate for his granddaughter, since both men have endured his test of listening and endurance: Shin is good, but he’s in a band. Seok-hyun isn’t in a band, but he’s too old… HEE!!

The next day, Kyu-won basically leaves the house all packed up and ready to go for the camping trip. Though Grandpa tries to stop her, she pouts and begs, and promises not to do anything to hurt herself. Grandpa finally lets her go, but then he quickly makes a phone call to Seok-hyun. He drops hints about how folk songs are best heard at beaches and/or the woods, but Seok-hyun doesn’t get it. Grandpa hangs up, furious; how could Seok-hyun not realize that he wanted to go on this trip too?! Seok-hyun is out of the running!

When Kyu-won leaves her house, she bumps into Shin. They’re the first ones at the meeting spot for the bus, but don’t talk to each other at all. As for Jun-hee, he’s waiting to catch Hee-joo to make sure that she joins in on the trip as well. They all laugh as Sa-rang (the main leader of the Three Angry Girls) struggles with her two heavy luggages, wondering what on earth she could be bringing.

Soo-myung is going on this trip too, and he marvels at how punctual the students are when it comes to having fun. They all board the bus, and Sa-rang eyes a seat next to Soo-myung. He places his bag on the empty seat and says it’s already reserved. Heh.

Shin tries to find people to sit with too, but no one wants to share a row with him. He finds a seat next to Kyu-won, and before she can protest, he sits down: “There’s no room. I have no choice.” And then he closes his eyes and “falls asleep.”

Yoon-su boards the bus as well, and is met with great whoops from all the boys (minus Shin). Soo-myung lets herย sit next to him, which makes Sa-rang pout with envy.

Young-min has gotten the dirt on Seok-hyun. Back in Broadway, Seok-hyun had gotten into a scandal with a lead actress. He kicked out the original lead actress for a play and replaced her with a nobody. However, that ‘nobody’ was actually really talented, and it ended up being good for the performance. But then people spread nasty rumors, so the ‘nobody’ and Seok-hyun ended up quitting. Young-min thinks that the rumors got to Seok-hyun in the end, but Tae-joon disagrees. However, this is useful enough for them to go to the media with.

The team arrives at camp, and girls and boys are split into two houses. While Sa-Rang asks for Soo-myung’s help in carrying her luggages, he flatly rejects her and offers to help carry Yoon-su’s small bag. (Heehee. This is such a random love triangle the drama is throwing at us…) But it turns out Sa-rang was carrying a lot of supplies – toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, you name it. And since Hee-joo hadn’t packed anything, she purchases the necessities from them, even if they’re ripping her off.

Seok-hyun arrives with all the food, pans, and supplies, but he forgot to bring fruit because Yoon-su didn’t write it down on the list. (Men…) He gathers the entire cast into a small performance room and has them yell out their dreams.


Hee-joo: “I’m going to be the best actress in Korea!”

Ki-young: “I’ll be on Broadway one day!”

Kyu-won: “I’ll do my best at the 100th Anniversary performance!”

Sa-rang: “I’m going to be Soo-myung’s girlfriend!”

Soo-myung: “NO WAY!”

Shin takes a stroll outside the compound and sees Yoon-su. He’s about to pass her silently when she stops him to say that she’s looking forward to hearing his ending song. She’s reaching out to him this time (as a teacher) instead of the other way around, which is good for both sides. She notes that he’s happier now, and he apologizes for having been annoying to her before.ย (Besides, he’s got a new “someone” to annoy.)

Kyu-won escapes in a large room to rest and sit down. And who shall come to antagonize her butย Shin. He’s checking up on her, but since she insists she’s fine, he wants herย to scooch over so that he can sit at her spot. Grudgingly, she moves over for the big baby. On the other end of the spectrum, Jun-hee comes bounding in with Hee-joo and he lays down a mat for her to sit on. Now that’sย someone you should learn from, Lee Shin.

However, Soo-myung interrupts the four of them. He needs two people to cook, and another two to get the watermelon. Jun-hee the Food Lover volunteers himself and Hee-joo on kitchen staff, and Shin gets the keys from Soo-myung to go to the market. Though Kyu-won is tired, she has no choice but to go under the watchful eyes of Soo-myung.

Shin and Kyu-won bump into Yoon-su and Seok-hyun. They bid them a safe trip, and Yoon-su notes that Shin must like Kyu-won. Seok-hyun can’t believe that, and a cloud covers his expression. HMMMMM – more tension?

In the kitchen, Hee-joo can’t cook for her life, and she accidentally cuts her finger. Jun-hee immediately sucks her finger to stop the bleeding, much to her chagrin. He dashes to get a Doraemon band-aid from his bag, and applies it, singing “Heal quickly~!” to her finger. Hee-joo is touched, and she finds out that Jun-hee usually sings that song to his sickly mother nowadays. Since Hee-joo can’t slice, Jun-hee has her wash the rice.

In the marketplace, Kyu-won goes from seller to seller, wanting to get the best deal for the watermelons. Shin gets impatient, and he starts walking ahead of her. That’s when Kyu-won starts to feel the pain on her waist. She tries to call Shin to wait, but since he ignores her, she just goes into a nearby pharmacy and purchases a pain relieving patch.

Shin turns around and realizes she’s no longer behind him. Immediately, he grows worried, and starts retracing their steps. He completely misses her in the pharmacy, and so when she steps out, she no longer sees him ahead of her anymore. Kyu-won also didn’t bring her phone. Great. Meanwhile,ย Shin desperately searches for her through the streets, worried that she might be hurt somewhere.

Back at the camp, Jun-hee painfully bites into a small rock in his rice. The other students all find their rice dirty, and still having some rocks in them. Hee-joo glares at them – she totally did a good job of washing that rice! – that is, until she bites into it herself and finds a rock. Everyone complains about the stew Jun-hee made; no one ever puts cucumbers in the recipe, and not everyone likes what Jun-hee likes in hisย stew. Jun-hee and Hee-joo glare at all their critics, and pretend everything tastes good to them. Hehe.

It’s already late at night when Shin finally finds Kyu-won at a stall, purchasing a watermelon for $15. She’s happy at having finally gotten a deal, whereas Shin is furious. Does she not know how long he’s been searching for her?! He grabs the watermelon and they head back to the car. Kyu-won asks if he regrets looking for her, but he tells her he was worried sick. She’s already hurt, and he was afraid she might have gotten even more hurt.

He tells her to sit back on the chair so that she can rest her back.

When they finally get back, Shin moodily drops off the watermelon and leaves. Seok-hyun wonders if they fought (again), but Kyu-won sheepishly admits that Shin’s mad he lost her at the market. When they both leave, Yoon-su notes that Shin didn’t look mad, but looked worried. Again, Seok-hyun has that weird conflicted expression on his face.

After dinner, it’s talent show time! Of course, someone performs a lip-sync of “I’m a Loner” (์™ธํ†จ์ด์•ผ) as a nod to C.N. Blue. When it’s time for the Wind Flowers to go on for their dance, Shin grabs her wrist and stops her backstage. He doesn’t want her to go on; she’s too injured. Shin calls from across the stage that Kyu-won will not perform. And with that, the two of them slowly sit at the back of the audience and watch as everyone claps and dances along with the Wind Flowers.

Shin:ย Don’t be hurt. I’m worried.

And with those words, suddenly the two of them are lost in their own thoughts. The world melts away into silence as the two of them sit next to each other, sneaking glances, painfully aware of the other and yet unable to say aloud what they’re feeling or thinking.

Seok-hyun and Yoon-su go for an evening walk, a momentary escape to “date” while on this trip. Yoon-su thanks him for wanting to start over with her. She’s happy he gave her another chance, and he notes that she’s changed a lot in the six years they were apart. But I wonder – perhaps Seok-hyun has changed too…

Back inside, Soo-myung hands Shin a guitar to play a song for everyone. With a glance at Kyu-won, he breaks into song: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. (I’m sad he only sings the chorus) [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

He keeps looking at Kyu-won as he sings, and clearly, the “best friend he’s fallen in love with” is her.

Kyu-won then volunteers to get the watermelon, and Shin immediately follows her. She takes a misstep and sprains her ankle, and Shin is immediately by her side, checking on her injury. Their faces are so close to each other…and Shin starts saying her name. He seems like he’ll say more when both are interrupted by Bo-woon.

That evening, neither of them can fall asleep, and so both of them end up going outside to look at the night sky. He asks after her foot, and she says she’s much better. “Are you really ok, or are you just pretending?” he asks, and she insists she’s telling the truth.

Kyu-won sighs that she was hoping to make a wish on a shooting star. Shin wants to know what her wish is, but she won’t say, keeping it a secret. She asks what wish he’d make; “It’s a secret,” he replies. Heh.

He then holds out his hand to her. Kyu-won looks at it confused, so he takes her hand and holds it.

Shin: Do you want to know what my wish is? It’s for you to like me again.



So. Two episodes. Ending with two confessions. From Shin. WHOAAAAAA! My head could burst! I’ll give him credit for this one though – his second confession came out way better than his first. Instead of giving permission for her to like him, he’s now hopingย that she can start liking him, because clearly he likes her. Any confusion she may have had before is getting dispelled by the simple fact that he’s watching out for her.

This entire episode he’s been hovering over her and constantly worried about her and her injuries. In some ways, I can’t stop thinking that parts of the real Jung Yong Hwa is coming out, and he’s just being worried about his friend Park Shin Hye. (Maybe that’s why his acting is getting better…) Though Jung-hyun may think her brother is pathetic with girls, at least Shin isn’t trying to win her heart with stupid antics and little mind games. Instead, his sincerity is what’s pulling him through. I appreciate that about him, because even though he came off as a “cold, arrogant guy” in the beginning, we always knew he was capable of kindness and sincerity through his interactions with Yoon-su and his sister. Therefore, I like this type of growth for him; he is merely revealing another side to Kyu-won, a side he’s always had.

The Hee-joo and Ki-young loveline seems to be interesting, as this episode sets in place future interactions. I’m actually hoping we see more of them next time. This week we’ve built up a lot on Kyu-won and Shin’s relationship; now we should focus on the upcoming play and the conflicts that will play out.

I notice that some people are wondering about the parents’ relationship, and how it will affect our main couple. I’m actually not too worried about that, for the simple fact that I don’t think the parents will get together. While the parents may love each other, I think they’ve moved past the point of getting back together. The Grandpa may prove to be a bigger obstacle to Shin and Kyu-won than the parents because he will need to change his deep-seated prejudices towards western music. Shin and Kyu-won also aren’t siblings, so it’s OK.


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    Two confessions in a row from Lee Shin? Woah….

    But you know, girls has this tendency to not believe it when a boy whom she really likes tells her that he likes him too. Especially if the guy knew first of the girls’ feelings.

    Come on, what are the odds if you’re popular good looking crush finds out about your feeling s BUT tells he doesn’t like you so you go moping while singing “All by Myself then proceed to moving on stage with ‘I Will Survive” and “I’m Not Missing You” then BAM!!! Crush suddenly confesses to you that HE LIKES YOU.

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    JYH acting is getting better. Yong is really a caring person and such a choding. Try watching him In WGM. He’s so LOL there!

    All in all, I like the episodes for this week and I hope the future episodes will do better. The chemistry between the leads is really good. Also drummer boy and bulimic girl. (I will totatally ship them! Hahahaha)


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        And Seok Hyun’s expression in that scene, was the same expression I saw when he was singing, thinking about love. And why else would the drama emphasize his dissatisfied reactions when Yoon Su would talk about Shin liking Kyu Won if it won’t be a part of the plot in the future? Just sayin. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • 13.7 Ranisa

      his teeth are not perfect and although he may want to have it fixed, he’s a singer so it can be a problem since he has to sing like all the time.

    • 13.8 joybells

      For me he isn’t exactly hot,bt therez somethng appealing and cute about him. and to be considered “handsome”.you dont need to have perfect teeth,hair or skin right,its just beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.Personally,i prefer the k-pop idols/actors with little flaws who look natural as opposed to some k-pop idols who cause of too much plastic surgery look find of fake and “plastic”(no offence to those idols).
      And i not a fangirl raving,cause i still see his major acting flaws.just my two cents.:)

    • 13.9 umiko

      Yong Hwa is attractive, imo โ€“ he has *that* something if you know what I meanโ€ฆ
      And to be honest, I even like his imperfect teeth especially when he smiles ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Plus I adore his chemistry with Shin Hye โ€“ it makes me giddy. If anyone doubts that they have chemistry in real life โ€“ try watching bts of You’re Beautiful โ€“ the way they behave around each other is so cute. Hereโ€™s a really nice Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye MV that shows how comfortable they are with each other:

      • 13.9.1 kim

        just like shinhye, YH has that charm which makes them look so beautiful/handsome…they may not be both strikingly beautiful/handsome but their natural charm makes up for it and im glad that both of them have not undergone enhancement procedures which is so obvious in almost kpop idols/actors/actresses (peace)….

        as to ep 9, i am addicted to it especially the last scenes at the MT, LS was so caring and worried, i love him for that..for the last scene, with the handholding, i find it sweet and romantic and im dying to hear him saying ” I LIKE YOU”…

        • tb

          For me, he’s neither handsome or hot, he’s just a boy with a more natural look. Sometimes in the drama PSH looks even bigger than him, yeah, agreed! he needs more meat but not now, maybe in the future if he going to play more mature manly role yeah.

          What i like about this drama is simply because of PSH and him. I just feel I don’t get bored when I look at them.

    • 13.10 sarang

      His teeth are fine the way it is, I happen to find it cute. Agree with the burger part though LOL, he could use some meat.

    • 13.11 Sheng

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    • 13.12 Noona

      Yes. By far the most attractive thing to have ever come in KPOP.
      There are more good-looking idols out there but I don’t think they are as attractive as Yonghwa.
      He has this very natural sultry gaze. Love it.
      And I find his teeth cute. It’s very endearing especially when he smiles.

    • 13.13 Maricel

      I love his eyes and his teeth are so cute. Most koreans don’t have perfect teeth, but they make them look cute. YEH, is another example. And Joe Cheng in taiwan is just the same, when i see them smile, i smile too ^^.

      And wow, the chemestry they have is amazing.

    • 13.14 J

      Yes, he is HOT.

      And personally I have to disagree with everyone who thinks Jonghyun (from CN Blue) is hotter/more attractive. He looks odd to me, but he’s not ugly and somewhat attractive. >> And Minhyuk is more cute and adorable like a little puppy, not really hot.

    • 13.15 whuuuuuuuuut

      honestly, i did not even notice his teeth…
      but for me, he’s how would i call a little more than average, he’s not all THAT, but he does have that handsome charm to him, that makes him seem attractive,so i would say , yeah he’s pretty handsome in my opinion, of course

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    Wasn’t that wheel-grab at the beginning similar to a wrist-grab? And why did I find it hot? I had to rewind a couple of times to watch it. Weird, uh?
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    • 14.1 Em

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      I love chocopie and your comment made me lol.

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  16. 16 Emeldy

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    • 16.1 ktb

      LOL. An MT is an outing (usually overnight) that helps teams or groups bond. I think MT stands for “membership training” or something like that.

      • 16.1.1 oh

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    • 16.2 kim

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  17. 17 Autumn

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    I am so glad that they are focusing more on the kids and the musical. HJ and JH are adorable, they are so Samdong & Hyemi to me and gah I love them so much. but then there’s GY who is also very adorable and he may or may not have a thing for HJ… oh I think I might like this triangle.

    SH is confusing, I honestly don’t know what he is planning and why he is so determined to get KW to do the musical. I also do not like that weird conflicted expression he has whenever S and KW are mentioned. dude, just what are you thinking???

    It’s so weird how much KW and S reminded me of my parents when they went shopping,
    Dad: oh look, watermelon. let’s buy it and go home.
    Mum: no, it’s too expensive, let’s walk for another 30 minutes so we can find a place where we can get it for 50c less!

    Oh I honestly cannot wait for ep 10. Thanks for the recaps.

    • 17.1 Anhstein

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  18. 18 Kim

    Why is it so hard to just say I like you? It’s like angst for on reason. And for some reason, I have a hard time seeing them as a couple. The chemistry doesn’t seem organic, seems forced.

    • 18.1 Anhstein

      Miscommunication put the ‘drama’ in ‘kdrama’ …

  19. 19 Caitlyn

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    Anyways… i wonder if they’ll bring in the parents again next week. I don’t think they’ll get together either, but something has to happen between them, otherwise why would they have brought up the fact that they’re exes in the first place. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

    • 19.1 WitchyMage

      I think perhaps the parents may be there to play as an extra barrier to them getting together? But then again, gramps already knows who Shin’s mother is… Maybe the father will object to his baby girl dating Shin once he finds out. If nothing happens with their back story, it’d be a waste of time having that back story

      Thank you, kaedejun, for the recaps!

    • 19.2 Anhstein

      I never got how they held an extra audition for the female lead but Ki Young just automatically got the lead male role. Guess they just needed an excuse to have Kyu Won sing CNBlue and touch Shin’s heart?

      Anyway, I agree, Ki Young had such a dramatic entrance to the story and then we barely get to see any of him.

  20. 20 setiya


  21. 21 Honey

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    • 21.1 WitchyMage

      That’s something interesting to note. It’d be nice to see if they ever become friends or something at least. They haven’t had any interactions so far so it may be unlikely…

    • 21.2 kdheart

      I also though that Kyu Won sitting with Ki Young would be something. I expected Ki Young to talk to Kyu Won and laugh and all and then Shin would be, again, jealous. But it didn’t happen. Though I have a feeling that something between them, at least friendship, would start when Tae Jun pulls Hee Joo out and Kyu Won, as the understudy, steps up and then she and Ki Young would then be the main characters. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    i actually watched it for the 4th time and the last part i may have watched 10 times!!!

    Finally, the TRUE CONFESSION from Shin finally came out!!!
    why do i have the feeling that someone, the directorSH maybe, will ‘spoil’ it? that he would somehow appear and ask what they’re both doing out late at night and will not give a chance for Kyuwon to respond???

    i also feel that somehow, SH is ‘straying’ away from YS, he’s somehow ‘swaying’ towards KW. could it have something to do with the ‘rumor’ he had in NY? maybe Kyuwon reminds him so much of that talented girl? the way she sings, the way she talks, the way she looks? could it be??? hmmmmm….i wondered why he looked at her picture while in her room and why he always have that look when KW is around. and he seems to be blind about the fact that Shin is now falling for KW. though he did say that KW has a way of bringing good feelings to other by the way she interacts/acts with them.

    and i can see another triangle with KiYoung/HJ/JH…omo…

    and I so love FTIsland’s ending credit song…i think somehow it relates to the director’s feelings….

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….can’t wait for EP 10!!! and i wish their rating will jump next ep seeing that CH is over!!!

    • 22.1 Linda165

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  23. 23 sara

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    who will lee shin’s rival be and for what is Hyun Ki-Young their? any way I love hit episode, very, very much ๐Ÿ™‚ muhaha! cute!

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    • 24.1 berry

      hopefully – but though it has got good ratings it is a hit internationally ๐Ÿ™‚ so they shouldnt feel too bad

  25. 25 smalltank

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    its only ep 9 and Shin confessed, not sure what conflicts they will conjure up for the remaining eps, but i am not keen with SH liking KW. i’d rather he treat her like his sister (or maybe it will turn out he did have a sister who passed away or something?? and that KW reminds him of her?) pls don’t make him like KW.. i rather the love triangle be between KW, Shin and KY than HJ, JH and KY..

  26. 26 berry

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    i really loved Shin and KW awkwardness and his worry about her in this episode especially towards the end when KW started to wonder why shin was acting that way. i was like – just talk – but then realised shin is so bad at talking/emoting that it makes sense that he isnt just gonna say ‘i like you’ lol

    also really liked HJ and JH when they were cooking. i like their scenes as JH breaks down HJs defences with his sweetness ๐Ÿ™‚

    also want to see more of KY…

  27. 27 Ranisa

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    something’s really weird about the director. it seems like he doesn’t want Shin and Gyu won to be together. But he clearly loves Yoon Su so what is this all about?

    I can’t stop wondering about Gyu won’s mom. I just don’t know but we all know who’s Shin’s parents are and we all know who Gyu won’s father is but where’s her mom?? I just want to know since they haven’t explained it in the drama yet. Or will they ever?

    i can’t help but feel kinda let down. It’s like a filler episode and to top it of, Shin tried to confess at the end of both episodes. Aside from the director’s attempt to make Hee-joo a more convincing actress, there’s really not much in it. I guess it can’t be helped since Shin Hye is sick.

    Hope everything gets back to normal and they start getting this drama back on its track. It’s moving pretty slow and there are still lots of side stories that have to be taken care of.

    BTW, has anyone noticed how Gyu won seemed to be always near Ki-young? Like during the dinner where Su-myung gave his seat for Gyu won and she sat next to Ki-young. It also happened after Shin prevented Gyu won from performing with her friends and she sat directly behind Ki-young again. I may be overthinking things because I want both of them to interact with each other. Hope I see it in episode 10.

  28. 28 Anon

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  29. 29 rr

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  30. 30 Moonblossom

    This show does not have the same pull as Dream High, but I still like the many musical scenes like “Lucky” and “Carmen” instrumental.

    Ha. Shin’s offered hand was rejected twice this episode (when checking ankle sprain & during last scene). Think Kyu-won really was once bitten twice shy abt his offered hand (last embarassment being Kyu-won throwing up after binging and when Shin offered his hand, it is only for the trambeline!). I thought it was poetic justice that Shin’s come-hither gesture at the end caused Kyu-won to place her hand up INSTEAD OF IN HIS PALMS. ha. I had no end of fun.

    Really loving all the bits on teenage romance. Hope the ratings improve.

  31. 31 LeMonS

    Part of me really likes Hee-joo. She can’t help the household she raised in. I hope she comes out swinging against her mom sooner than later. I would like her, rather than someone else, to fight that battle.

  32. 32 ck1Oz

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    Loved this episode.This is the one that sold me Heartstrings.

  33. 33 crazedlu

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    i was wondering what kind of conflict they were gonna come up with now that the romance has picked up between the leads (LOVE, btw), so i kind of like this director dirt angle. it’s great that they’re first showing us that the director and dancer actually really feel for each other (yet still have lingering issues) and that shin and gyu won like each other too. dramaaa. haha. it’s gonna hurt everyone.

    BUT.. those looks from seok hyun for gyu won make me nervous. ugh. darn that song chang hui. i have to admit to shipping seok hyun and gyu won.. a little. but shin and gyu won are so cute. i actually believe the pacing in their relationship. time and enough exposure, my friends, is what it takes to become smitten by the opposite sex.

    please let the confession be acknowledged as genuine by everyone next episode!

    • 33.1 kdheart

      Oh. My. Gosh. Your theory about the conflict, ‘Director likes a Nobody, Kyu Won’ actually makes sense! To think of it, with the past rumor, Tae Jun could actually say that it is in Seok Hyun’s personality to just do that and that would make the story believable.

      After reading your comment, especially the ‘it’s gonna hurt everyone’ part, my senses woke up and remembered this was supposed to be a melodrama and, indeed, tons of pain will be excavated on the next episodes. If only I could, I would just want to cover my eyes and ears when that time comes. Thanks for the warning! Lol.

  34. 34 flakedcorns

    Thanks for your hard work!! I really liked this episode, really cute.
    Haha my favorite part was when the Sa rang and Soo_myung scenes haha especially when she shouted to become his girlfriend!!! haha His reaction and reaction time was perfect!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 34.1 tomboy26

      That was my favorite part too .. I laughed so hard. His reaction was priceless ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. 35 Lise

    Don’t mind his teeth one bit, we cant all have hollywood (or is it hallyu!) smiles, plus makes him more ordinary and approachable.
    Finally back to the drama, thought the confession was a little too early then realized we halfway thru already so i guess its all good.
    Purely watching this for the puppy love btw, not too bothered abt anybody’s acting prowess to be honest

  36. 36 Kira

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  37. 37 Phoebe

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    • 37.1 testify

      I think its only you :)!

    • 37.2 testify

      What am I expecting for the next episode?

      I think they will be interrupted again by someone.
      (Bo Onn or someone else. Someone who notice that she is missing and caring for her…:) )

      But the next day there will be surely more meaningful moment where they change exciting glimpses.

      I don`t think that Kyu Won will reject him….

      But somehow I feel like there will surely be jealousy coming up while Kyu Won has to practice for her performance….
      And kind of a fight between Director and Shin.
      I am not sure why but I do expect it.

    • 37.3 Cabbage

      Yes. But my judgement is probably not sound, since I’m in the minority that don’t like him as a lead at all.

  38. 38 [email protected]@M!

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    thx for the recap

    • 38.1 Laurie

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  39. 39 Liberty

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    • 39.1 Liberty

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      • 39.1.1 Liberty

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    i watched ep9 for countless times already..got crazy on the last scene..
    i didn’t imagine that a simple handholding will make me breathless, perhaps its the acting of the OTP which makes it so real…kudos to PSH’s and JYH’s eye expressions on this scene..

    • 40.1 testify

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      Felt the same way….
      And watched it over 6 times….:)

  41. 41 Sukispop

    Thanks, kaedejun, for the great recap!

    Watching this drama has reminded me of how much I really like Park Shin Hye. Imho, she’s one of the truly talented young actresses in her age group. I know, sometimes she’s been known to over-do the klutzy and clueless bit(Go Mi-nam, anyone?)…though I suspect that some of that has to do with the direction she’s been given by the PD. But, when things turn angsty and/or emotional, PSH has been, for me, one of the most compelling and convincing actors in K-dramaland. And I continue to find PSH absolutely adorable.

    Side notes- I like how the show has decided to give the Angry Girls leader character, Sa-rang, a bit more to work with, with her crush on Soo-myung and her convenience store supplies(and prices). She’s become a fun character!

    Also, has anyone seen Kyu-won’s best friend, Bo-woon, in other projects? She’s very cute.

  42. 42 dramalover2012

    Thank you for the recap! The drama is getting a lot better now, since Shin is finally starting to realize his feelings!

    But I can’t help and wonder why is it when Kyu Won gets hurt, then he realizes he likes her? O.O I mean, he liked the professor when she was hurt…is he just like that, or…?

    I wonder what Kyu Won will say to him! >.> If she agrees too quickly then there wouldn’t be a “challenge”…so I’m hoping she would reject him! ^^

    Thanks again for the recap!

    • 42.1 krisv

      i hope that KW will already accept LS before any angst or conflict arises..i want their feelings to each other somewhat already stronger so whatever problems they would face, they could face it together…

      also,i think LS has already some “feelings” for KW before, its just that he is clueless about it, its just now that he realizes it…

    • 42.2 Cabbage

      I think he’s got a “wounded bird complex.” People who are attracted to the ones that need help. (My bff has it bad and it’s landed her in many horrible relationships) I think he’s been enjoying her company up till now, but this brings out that protective side that he mistook for love before.
      Ironic how PSH’s accident actually feeds into that original plot-line of Shin and the ballerina. I can see how they originally planned for the birthday to lead to fireworks and a two-some getaway that turned into his not-quite-confession. And, then, she probably was supposed to get lost in the market looking for a cheaper watermelon, and maybe even sprain her ankle in those crazy shoes, prompting the its-your-fault-I-worry line.
      But the boy has serious communication issues. He needs to get to the kitchen and try a potato.

  43. 43 Grace

    I loved this episode! It really looks like the director and Shin will fight over Kyu-won even though the director is supposed to be with the ballerina. I don’t think the director realizes he is interested in Kyu-won yet. But his expressions seem to be jealousy. Shin was so cute this episode with his concerned looks. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  44. 44 Sheng

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    I was practically squealing. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE.
    You are awesome Yonghwa!

  45. 45 Tan

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    So far , this is my 2nd favourite episode(ep7 is still the best).
    Am i the only 1 who feels that this episode has a good balance of all stories?
    Ep7 and 8 focus too much on the main character(what is the purpose of having so many side characters?).
    While the earlier episode spend too little time on the main couple.
    I’m aware that i’m the minority who badly wants Heejoo+Kiyoung.

    Kiyoung will not have a happy ending if he’s in a triangle relationship with Kyuwon and Shin. Since there’s no way Kyuwon will not end up with Shin.
    There’s a HUGE possibility that he will have a happy ending if he is with Heejoo!
    Heejoo shows a nicer and softer side of her when she’s with Kiyoung.
    I love Junhee. But Heejoo did not show a nicer side to him like she’s with Kiyoung. So , junhee should not end up with Heejoo.

    I hope the story will go this way involving the following characters:
    Shin+Kyuwon and their struggles(Grandpa , parents & maybe Shin’s fangirls)
    Kiyoung-Heejoo-Junhee love triangle
    Seokhyun-Yoonsu. Trust and Faith.

  46. 46 amy

    I really really hope that the Seuk Hyun does not feel for Kyu Won romantically, that would just be too weird. I also wonder who KW’s mom is…hopefully they won’t do that tiring “secretly related” angle. I wonder when the melodrama aspect that it claimed to be is going to kick in…perhaps HJ’s mom will do something? I have a feeling that SH will end up liking KW after all – for the conflict, though it would make me unhappy…

  47. 47 vivyip

    thank you for the recap!

    I liked the cuteness of the drummer boy with hee joo…he’s making headway. ^_^

    As for Shin and Gyu Won, well, I would want to say that by the end of the episode, they’ve reached companionship or something….Although I am tempted to say the reason he’s holding her hand is to make sure she doesn’t slap him for asking herto like him , again. (Sure, it’s an indirect confession, but they seems to not be on the same page at times (like when he doesn’t understand..they were first talking about 2 different things…and sorta the same when she was lost while buying watermelon…) Fortunately, they seem to be on the same page by the end of the episode in that “are you okay, or are you pretending? I’m really okay, okay? Okay”

    I’m jokingly updating my affection tally (maybe at last count from episode 6 i think) between gyu won and the dance prof.

    dance prof has… a kiss from shin, a hug from shin, hand holding from director and maybe something else

    gyu won has…puppy-like affection from director (tousling) and roughly close encounters of the shin kind (in cleaning the drama storage room)

    At that time, dance prof was winning in terms of PDA.

    As of Epsidoe 9:
    Dance prof has mellowed down with some hand holding with director.

    Gyuwon…has been rescued by Shin via bike ride…and piggybacked (with carrying the ganguem(?) for bonus points) has been leaning on shin napping while drunk and jokingly restrained during MT (member training) when shin insists on making sure she doesn’t hurt herself. oh yes…she also has him patting her on the back whil she pukes…

    Maybe Gyu won is’ making a comeback. ^_^ (though personally, I want a TKO with a kiss AND a hug)

    I’m sorta ocnfused on why the director is beginning to show interest in Gyu Won apart from the challenge for the musical though… I’m not surprised but the method’s not…smooth(?) (I mean, he got his lady back already…then again, as some people might’ve mentioned earlier…maybe he has an agenda and might be messing with dance prof)

    Gyu won’s grandpa’s funny in that he’s takes director off the short list for grandson-in-law… it’s also funny how maybe one of th reasons he like shin is because shin reminds grandpas of himself at that age. (poor gyu-won’s dad maybe. ^_^)

    Can someone confirm for me that gyu won’s grandpa is her dad’s dad? I can’t tell. Jokingly, gramps seems to be softeningin his old age. In any case. I don’t think that the parent’s detoured romance will really affect shin and gyu won except that the dad might object to shin dating his daughter. (her dad knows about shin, but does he know SHIN as the both the narcisstic prince and the son of his exgirlfriend?) hmm…the more i think about it, maybe shin’s dad might not object except for past history…but maybe gramps will once he reconfirms that shin is the shin mom’s kid. Shin’s mom doesn’t seem to be the worrier type or the vengeful type for past history. (like as in “i won’t let your gradndaughter date my son because you hated my guts..so HA!” type)
    We’ll see, I guess.

    Maybe with this pause/temporary resolution due to the script change…maybe we’ll see ki-young begin to “look” at gyu-won for real since they’re both in the acting team.

    jokingly, this is totally off-topic, but whatever happened to gyu-won’s mom?

    Hmm, only 7 episodes left…this sounds bad, but I hope gyu won resists a little more…lover boy needs to learn a lesson that being popular doesn’t mean you can slack off on the chasing. ^_^

  48. 48 bubbleyum

    this drama is getting better now, i guess producer/director pyo min-soo reworking the script is helping. although looking at the ratings, i think viewers in korea have not stuck around to see those changes… i kinda understand, because episodes 5 and 6 were PAAAAAIIINNFULLLLL to watch, ugh.

    me, i shamelessly watch k-dramas mainly for the romance, so my attention has focused to heartstrings after city hunter started going downhill.

    i like this show because it provides a light fluffy sense of youth and romance that is perfect to watch as a stress reliever after work!

    plus, park shin-hye is JUST SO CUTE. her cutesy style of acting might not always be appropriate for every genre, but she is still a good young actress. her interactions with the director suk-hyun are especially adorable. i find myself rewinding and watching those scenes over again. (although, i still think she should stay a couple with lee shin. maybe i am just conservative about the age gap and student-teacher thing?)

    anyways, hope this drama’s viewership improves. and i hope the story continues to get better as well. i’m a little surprised at lee shin’s speedy confession this early… i wonder what they are gonna do for the rest of the 7 episodes?

  49. 49 claudia

    oh my god! My heart is pumping way too crazy in this episode~~ i think it’s going to overwork! ๐Ÿ˜›
    SHIN just confess to me haha *sighs*

  50. 50 NN

    Love this episode, like the chemistry between the leads. Love when Shin sang “Lucky” – it was quite touching.

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