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1N2D (as we know it) to come to an end
by | August 19, 2011 | 102 Comments

javabeans: So it’s true: 1N2D is ending.

girlfriday: *wails*

javabeans: There’ll still be six months of episodes, though.

girlfriday: *puts on sackcloth and ashes*

javabeans: And all the members will be quitting at the same time, so they’re all leaving together. It’s not like one person is ditching the rest.

girlfriday: But, but, but….

javabeans: Actually, Na PD and KBS are saying that there’s a possibility that they’ll revive 1N2D with a new cast for a Season 2, down the line.

girlfriday: That’s not really 1N2D — not 1N2D as we know it. It’s the same thing they did with Family Outing, which promptly died.

javabeans: The show has been on the air for, what? Four years? It’s a great time to go out on top. As a newbie to the show, I keep hearing about how the show used to be so much better. While I’m satisfied with it, I wouldn’t want it to stick around to slide into a long, painful decline.

girlfriday: I did love the old episodes, but I’m not one of those people who sees a sharp decline in the current lineup, so it still makes me cry. But I do agree that I’d much rather see all of them end the show together than to have them trickle off one at a time, really really sadly. That would break my heart. If it has to end, which I know realistically has to happen at some point in my lifetime, then I do much prefer a show to pick its endpoint rather than die ever so slowly and peter out.

javabeans: This is a good thing for most of them, right? Seung-gi can’t just quit, or he’d have the country turn on him en masse.

girlfriday: Yeah, he suffered the wrath of trying to once already.

javabeans: But if we’re being level-headed, his career has more opportunities when he doesn’t have this commitment tying up all his weekends. I mean, it was already pretty amazing that a drama would build in concessions to let him continue 1N2D while shooting Gumiho. He’s not likely to find that again. (Or have the stamina to do it?) It’s why he couldn’t do Return of Iljimae, and while I absolutely love Jung Il-woo in that and wouldn’t wish for the change, I think it would have taken his acting up another notch.

girlfriday: It’s true — the bigger stars will have much more opportunity to do new projects that they never could have considered because of the long-term commitment that 1N2D is. On an individual level, for most of them, it’s probably a great time in their careers to move on.

javabeans: Su-geun is sharp enough and versatile enough to find new hosting gigs.

girlfriday: He’ll be MCing everywhere.

javabeans: I think I’ll miss Ji-won the most. Because as a singer we won’t get to see him as much, and not on such a close, comfortable level.

girlfriday: Me too. *wails again* But I do think that he’s made enough of his variety career through 1N2D that he’s as much Eun Ji-won the TV personality as the idol singer. Maybe even more so.

javabeans: Definitely more so. Because…I have no idea what his idol career is like, apart from hazy, nebulous memories of Sechs Kies in the ‘90s. And even in those memories, my brain has slotted in present-day Ji-won.

girlfriday: Well he does look the same.

javabeans: And still acts like a teenage boy.

girlfriday: So, he hasn’t really grown up any.

javabeans: It might be sad for Jong-min, who hasn’t really gotten back in the saddle after army duty. He used to be so funny and wacky, but I feel like he’s been out of step.

girlfriday: It’d be nice if in the six months remaining, he could let some of the over-thinking and over-exerting go, so that he could get his groove back.

javabeans: That would be great. I want to see his natural charm come out again, and not have him be so stressed about being funny.

girlfriday: I think it’s really saddest for Tae-woong who never got to get good at variety before the show is ending.

javabeans: It might actually work out for him, too, because he’s already improved so much — I saw it in the latest episode (up later today!) and six months is so much time to grow, take advantage of the ticking clock, and make the most of it before he leaves variety. That’s more time than he’s been on the show.

girlfriday: It’s too bad that there isn’t enough time to fix his dog feet too.

javabeans: I think that’s an unfixable condition. What may be saddest for him is that he won’t get the chance to get as close to Ho-dong as he wants to be.

girlfriday: He’ll have to kick up the bromance another notch… which is already veering into inappropriate territory. But, yay for us?

javabeans: It’s what we call a silver lining in that half-empty glass of sadness.

girlfriday: Sigh, my only consolation is that we don’t have to watch an 1N2D without Ho-dong or Na PD. I think that would’ve killed me more than a formal unified send-off.

javabeans: Would an announcement of a new Seung-gi drama ease that pain? Because he could totally do an intensive, immersive, balls-to-the-wall type of drama now.

girlfriday: *perks up slightly* It wouldn’t fill the void, but maybe if he made it up to me personally….

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102 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ohemgee

    so. sad.

    • 1.1 Jossy

      Indeed! My fav show ending? Stiiiiiink.
      I know its way way waaaaay too ambitious for me to ask , but can they bring back KimC and Mc Mong to wrap this whole shebang up with neat bows and happy memories for my heart? no? NO?!
      I hate you KBS.

      • 1.1.1 Miho

        Bring Mong and Kim C back! Muuuuhhhhh! But Mong was banned from KBS,I hate KBS.

    • 1.2 Jo

      I like KBS. Because KBS World was my only exposure to Korean dramas in Chicago…so I don’t hate them BUT…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? Don’t end 1N2D! how about, no one leaves and it doesn’t get canceled. STAY THE SAME.

    • 1.3 River

      The last picture killed me.

  2. Cynthia

    Aww – think of it like “Friends” or “Seinfeld” ending. Better to go out on a high note then to drag it out like “Ten Little Indians”.
    They will be missed.

  3. sophie

    I’d also prefer the entire show to end, rather than seeing each of them leaving one at a time. I understand the ending is necessary. But it’s still so sad…

  4. tinabobina

    I’M SO SADDD :(((
    Definitely my favorite variety show, now what am I going to watch? I’ll miss this :(

  5. mmmaggie

    I don’t know what to say. On the one hand, I’m glad they’re all going out together. On the other hand, I was hoping it would be around long enough for MC Mong to make a triumphant return. I’m glad Dramabeans introduced me to the show, but damn, ripped away too soon!!

  6. HeadsNo2

    The saddest news ever told. :(

  7. noname

    i’m so devastated
    the show will never get a chance to celebrate ho dong’s 70th birthday :(
    even though we the viewers are upset the show is coming to an end i’m pretty sure the members are too
    the new variety show is going to have a tough time replacing 1n2d

    • 7.1 rahma

      “the new variety show is going to have a tough time replacing 1n2d.”

      well methinks this is the main problem those higher-ups in kbs have in their minds.
      1n2d has been their sunday night hero for four years; and that means something. i’m pretty sure that there won’t be any new show that can actually replace 1n2d, despite the fact that we, at the end, will have to deal with it.
      nevertheless, it’s great that at least everything’s under control now; hodong isn’t going neither does na pd.
      how will we eventually love another show like we do to 1n2d…. i can’t even imagine it (ok, this might sound too exaggerate but i mean, there aren’t many variety show which deliver such a homey feeling and such)

      the decision to end it the way 1n2d does is such a brave decision; given the issues last week.

      everyone (and i mean everyone, including every member of the staffs) will be missed and hopefully they will keep producing great shows :)

      ilbaaaaaaaaak iiiiiiiiiil!!!

  8. ^_^

    It is definitely sad but at least they’re leaving together and going out on top…thank you javabeans and girlfriday for bringing this show to my attention, so sad it’s ending but at least i was able to hop on the 1N2D train before it finally ended

  9. Barbie

    that is the saddest news i’ve gotten all year. i love love love 1N2D it’s the 3rd show that introduced me to korean pop culture (1st was Coffee Prince and 2nd was XMan) and cemented my love for it. i will miss the gang, the shenanigans, the begging… over the top hodong, eagle eyed jong min. wily fox jiwon. laugh out loud su geun, smitten tae wong, & perfect man seung gi. :'(… dreading the day.

  10. 10 Arhazivory

    *sighs* My tears have now dried up and I listened to a few good-bye songs (Bigbang’s Tell Me Goodbye was repeated several times.

    It’s a good way to go. All at once and on a high, like the legends they are. I’ll miss everyone and in particular, the staff. I mean seriously, where will I see Na PD and Daeju again and the lighting director? I hope that the staff was also working on other shows as well, because it’d be sad to know that peeps will be out of a job. But if that’s the case, they have a good show to put on their resume and 6 months to search!

    I’m still sloooowly watching the old eps and its so ironic that the episode I watched last night was the one where Kim C left and while watching it, I saw the news on allkpop. Its weird…because I’ve never ever ever cried because a show came to an end. -_-‘ But then again…I’ve seriously never been as emotionally invested in any show like 1N2D. I’ll watch random episodes of comedies here and there, dramas end, movies end and this is the only variety show that I watch.

    *sighs* After I catch up to the old episodes….I’ll rewatch the current and then I’ll start again.


    *waits for response*

    • 10.1 Barbie


      -squats hodong style, two fingers up-


    • 10.2 espresso


  11. 11 soysauce

    :( sad.

  12. 12 leddik

    awww. this is so depressing. it is better this way though. if they had lost kang hodong and na pd, then the show would have lost alot of its magic and i would have felt bad for the other guys. i wish before they finally signed off though that they would bring back all the people who were on this show. would love to see kim c and mong one more time before this ends. :(

    i don’t know if they’ll ever make another show as good as this one. we got married used to be one of my favorites as well, but lately it’s all been about idols marrying which is ok, except they all look like teenagers to me and too young to even be getting married, but i digress. will definitely miss this show. i hope kbs comes out with the full dvd compilation with eng subs. would love to watch all the episode from the first one to now. so sad. :(

  13. 13 Saima

    awww!! I seldom watch this show and it leaves me giggling to no end!! I’d say it’s a good thing due to time constraints i cudn’t get addicted to the show…otherwise i’d have felt strangely betrayed ‘n wronged!! well, in any case hope the cast grows so much more in the next 6 months and have awesome opportunities!!

  14. 14 Ahbaj

    I remembered watching my first 1n2d episode.. Which was when the gang had to cycle the distance that they spun from a wheel. It was unlike any other variety show.

    The show showed comaraderie, friendship and just natural humour. Interestingly enough, i kinda became a big fan of jongmin. (i knew of the post military jongmin before i knew of his funny wacky pre military days).

    I may sound defensive abit but jongmin appeals to me bcos He seems to be just a very dorky nice guy.. He may nt be as wise as jiwon, funny as sugeun, or as charismatic as seunggi n hodong, but i felt that he also played a big a part as the other guys.

    Im extremely saddened by the news but all gd things must come to an end. ;-( no more funny interactions with pd na n no more interactions with the crew. But nonetheless may the 6 mths be the best send off for 1n2d.

    1n2d will always be remembered n will always be in our hearts. Thank you so much kim c, mc mong, ho dong, sugeun, jongmin, seunggi, jiwon, taewoong and also sanggeun.

    It sounds rather premature of me to say all that. But its just too overwhelming. Well… 1n2d hwaiting!

  15. 15 rumbalumba

    wow, it only takes one man to bring a beloved show to an end. sad but true. i’m guessing the other guys just wanted to end the show rather than watch it slowly die.

    on second thought, had Hodong not have any thought of leaving at all, will we even see the end of 1N2D in the next year or two? doubt it.

    all i ever got from this is that Hodong wants to quit no matter what and would not give in, and the crew and the other members are left with no other sensible choice but to leave the program. the 6 months are there just for fan service, because if they end it in September (like the rumours), there will be a big of a backlash.

    i’m not trying to hate on Hodong (well, i kinda do lol), but if 1N2D will end, it should end with the ratings just like any other program. because through that, i’ll believe that the members gave their very best and fought until the end to keep the show alive. i’m guessing every other member of the crew, staff, and MCs are very regretful to end the show like this. realistically speaking, who would want to leave a very successful show? what PD and crew member and MC in their right mind would want to end a show that brings in $45 million of revenue each year? all the talks of Na PD wanting to end the show in a high note is just baloney. he wouldn’t want to end 1N2D as long as it is successful, because a show like 1N2D is hard to come by. a 40%-rating in a variety show is like a myth, but 1N2D proved it.

    my point is that 1N2D should end if EVERYONE feels it should end. this to me is more like the staff and 1n2d members were just left with no other choice. i mean, they can continue, but a 1n2d without Hodong is NOT 1n2d. what i feel is that the decision was mutual, but it was with regret, which saddens me.

    • 15.1 wanne

      i dont feel it that way. we know seunggi wish to quit but because of netizens’ responses, he decided he will stay until his military service.

      and to be honest, sugeun and jiwon didnt look as cheerful as they were during their old days when MC Mong was still present. Jiwon especially.

      the only members i think who might not have the thought of leaving yet are jongmin and taewong because they just enter this show (eventhough Jongmin was in it before his military). the leaving of KimC and McMong clearly affect the members. they have been trying hard to maintain the momentum and the laughs, but i feel that some parts of their hearts already left with them.

      money is not important to jiwon. he comes from a very wealthy family. sometimes i can see the boys (except jongmin and taewong) are so tired, that i can feel that they are just continuing this show due to their commitment to the show and the fans who love it and like you said, anyone will feel hesitant to leave such a successful show. but its been 4 years, they must want to move on. especially after so many things that have happen.

      i’m tremendously sad. this is the best thing on tv i’ve encountered in my life. i always wish it will last forever. like sugeun once said, i want to watch them doing this show with grey hair.

      i hope they wont make 2nd season with new casts. its never going to be the will just make me sad.
      just end on a high note, and leave a very very good memory to us. and begin something totally new. unless they can get the same casts back.

      omg, i still cant believe it. i’ve been hoping 1n2d will last long enough for mong to return. it feels like i will lose a family member. why oh why…

      • 15.1.1 rumbalumba

        not true. Seunggi’s agency determined he would quit 1N2D to advance to Japan, but Seunggi personally said he wished to stay. not because of the netizens’ response. it was from Seunggi’s official statement. if the members truly feel that they want to quit, they would’ve done so when Kim C and MC Mong left. the fact is that they still want to do the show and they still did. the show with only 5 members was definitely tough to create, since there are no 3 vs 3 teams. but they pulled through and even recruited Taewoong.

        sure, i love the 2007-2009 episodes more, but then again you can’t say that the members only went to the show in 2010-2011 because of their commitment and the fans. as you said, Jiwon is from a wealthy family. Seunggi is also filthy rich by now, Sugeun has definitely made a lot of money too, so why wouldn’t they just quit the show? the fact is that Hodong is leaving and that’s why everyone just said they’re quitting as well. that’s the core of 1N2D ending. if Jiwon did quit, you really think the show will end? it won’t, much like how Noh Hongcheol, Ji Sangryeol, Kim C, MC Mong, and Jongmin left and the show did not end, they found replacements for them.

        what i don’t like is that it appears that the show is ending because of one guy quitting. it’s true that Hodong is the meat of the show, but i feel that had Hodong not think of leaving 1N2D, that the show will still go on for at least a year or two (probably until Seunggi’s departure).

        the fact that you can tell that no member is keen on quitting the show, because they have no reasons to. but then they’re confronted of the fact that Hodong is leaving, therefore they would just quit as well. you get it? 1N2D ending is definitely NOT a decision that every member and every staff arrived on. it’s because Hodong is leaving, and so 1N2D will crumble, and that’s why everyone is quitting. that’s all there is to it. even if the shoots are tiring, they’re not the reasons why the members are quitting. in all honest, the episodes from 2007-2009 are waaay worse in terms of suffering. if the members endured it all these years, why would they suddenly want to quit “because it’s getting tiresome”? the fact that everyone else in the crew and staff did not wish for it to end until Hodong brought up the topic of leaving. and i will be sorely disappointed and upset if Hodong just quit because of money. out of everyone, he’s the one that does not need money. if you ever went to Seoul his restaurants are everywhere and they’re doing really good.

        oh well, that’s life i suppose. i just wanted an ending where everyone feels that it’s right to end the show, not just because of one man quitting (and worse, probably because of money).

        • dramaboy1

          i dont think its bc hodong wants more money…i thinks its more that hes been with the show for 4 years and wants to be part of a new show, where maybe he’ll have more control over the design and planning…i mean if i would feel the same way if i was in his position…the show’s format while really entertaining and fun for the past 4 yrs, hasn’t changed too much…so with all the success hes had with 1n2d maybe he decided he wants a new challenge

        • alligator

          i don’t think its because of money either. granted, my first reaction was like yours too. i was upset that my favourite show was ending, and seemingly because the main mc was jumping ship.

          but if you watched any of the latest episodes, you must have seen how tired khd looks now. the guy isn’t as young as he was anymore. those late night shoots, with not that much sleep and having to be energetic and boisterous all the time… the guy looks REALLY tired. a lot more tired than in the earlier seasons.

          and he has a young son now, a family that he might want to spend a little more time with. so maybe he thinks that he can reap a bit of the hard work and sacrifices he made earlier on.

    • 15.2 Shikurai17

      I think we would have seen the end of this show in about a year or so. Seung gi was ready to move on for a while now, but stayed due to the backlash. He’s going to leave next year for military service also.

      Jongmin and Jiwon are getting busy with their music careers. Taewong is a major actor, so he may not been able to balance a drama and 1N2D. I don’t have doubts that Sugeun will find a show to be the main MC. I’m hoping the new show to replace 1N2D will have him as one.

    • 15.3 Shikurai17

      I didn’t realize Seung gi said he wanted to stay, but he would have to leave any way due to military duty.

      I was wondering how long this show would last. S. Korea isn’t that big, and they visited most of the places already. They visited Jeju several times now. I wonder what would they have done if there was no more places to visit. You can only revisit a place so many times.

  16. 16 tomo

    I know realistically it had to end sometime… but I still held out hope that 1N2D would still be on air for the birth of Ji-won’s first child or * gulp * maybe even Seung-gi’s marriage.

    I wish they could bring back MC Mong and Kim C for specials in the remaining months. I know MC Mong is probably a no-go, but it would be wonderful to see Kim C again.

    As someone who got into 1N2D only after JB and GF started writing recaps, it’s crazy how quickly I grew attached to the members.

    I’m going to miss these guys!

  17. 17 Oh Ji's Ho


  18. 18 fuzzymogwai

    that last pic is so perfect. SO perfect. gonna miss this show SO much T____T

  19. 19 bbm

    :( :( :(
    i hope thew also will round up ex-mates, though idk what KBS stance against MC Mong… i missed Kim C…
    so sad…

    • 19.1 lapetite

      I agree I want to see everyone comeback, especially MC Mong, they had such a great impact on the show.

  20. 20 lapetite

    I’m definitely going to miss the boys, but this was honestly the best solution for them. It might have been two or three episodes ago that KHD was saying they’ve visited so many places in Korea, they were going to have to start recycling them… going back to the same places but during different seasons.

    I know it has to be tough to film this show every two weeks, so hopefully they’ll be able to rest and show us other projects one it’s over. I really want them to bring bag some of the old cast members for the last shows. It’s already going to be a cryfest, but that’ll make it more poignant.

  21. 21 lapetite

    *bring back

  22. 22 show2007

    It is sad but we should be grateful that we have 6 more months. I rather this wonderful show end it in it’s prime time than died out slowly. For real, if Na PD is leaving and Hong Do is leaving it is no longer 1N2D. I wish everyone the best and will definitely support them in their future variety.

  23. 23 jojo

    One of my favs, too…I don’t laugh easily, but 1N2D makes me LOL…will really miss it.

  24. 24 adney

    oh, so it’s really confirmed now :(. This is really my most fav kvariety show. I watched this show since Seungi on it and it really introduces me the beautiful of Korea places in a fun way. Even I wished that my country will have this kind of show to introduce places in my country without being so documentary.

    I believe Ho Dong and PD want to quit but they agreed to do this show for another six months. This is so sad since the members used to say that they want to do this show until they’re old but I guess even good thing have to end. Like what GF said, it’s better to end when it’s top show right now. For now, I just wished all the previous members can be together for the last episode esp MC Mong :(

  25. 25 ixx

    Igue~ mokko~??? T-T

  26. 26 ajewell

    No words.

  27. 27 Schmazel

    I think I will be spending the rest of my life on 1N2D re-runs. It’s just about the only Korean variety show that I watch and enjoy and leaves me in stitches.

    Oh well, I guess my dream of one day appearing in a foreigner/international audience special has been dashed.

    I wish all the cast and crew of 1N2D all the best! 😀

    • 27.1 rahma

      “I think I will be spending the rest of my life on 1N2D re-runs.”

      i think almost everyone is going to do this too. me included haha.

      • 27.1.1 amymoon

        me too :) 2d1n is like a drug to me…gotta have a dose of it every week

  28. 28 L

    All good things come to an end T_T

    I’m so gonna miss Jiwon T_______T

  29. 29 myweithisway

    I’m sad but the fact that they are ending it together makes me think it’ll all be worth it in the end.

    I’m gonna miss Na PD on screen, he’s too adorable! My evil ahjusshi crush =)

  30. 30 hamsandwich

    :( it figures that just as I started watching 1n2d it goes off air… well, at least I have 3 years worth of episodes to catch up on

  31. 31 giddy

    I guess if they have to, this is probably the best way to go out–on top, with everyone intact. When Kim C left, I wailed with them–it was SO heartbreaking. Yet Kim C was honest in his reason for leaving–it was more stressful for him to try and be someone he’s not and he hated watching himself on the show. MC Mong had an abrupt departure and I don’t think they ever got to say anything about it–he was suddenly gone.

    1N2D was my weekly chill pill–my whole family could hear me laughing hysterically throughout the whole house–and I never laugh like that when watching tv. I’m personally sad for the impending departure, but am thankful that I’ve been aboard for about 3 years now. Started to watch cuz of Seunggi, then fell in love with them all–I guess that’s the charm of the show–it’s like they’re all our friends and we know and understand each one of them.

    You’re right in that the lesser known ones will be the one that will fade from the spotlight fastest. I just saw Jiwon on Secret and he was amazing fast with Speed Dancing (dancing with a partner who is trying to distract you while answer questions being shot at you). I would never have known that if not for this show (altho’ he is the devious one on 1N2D, he doesn’t talk as much). Sugeun is my favorite because I discovered his genius wit here.

    I love that we even got to know members of the crew and the directors–regular folks who work behind the scenes became celebs and known for their talents. Just as Na PD was becoming more and more an integral part of the on screen show, we will lose them all. Will miss that a lot.

    It’s going to be a cryfest for that last episode–not only for us, but for the cast and crew as well. The end of year special with the foreigners was a wailer; Na PD put that one together extremely well and I can’t imagine how anyone will make it thru the last one with dry eyes.

  32. 32 yong in

    this is so sad and so final.
    i’m going to miss them all. I don’t know where i’m going to watch them regularly after the show ends.
    so, so sad. the coming 6 months is going to be a long, final goodbye.

  33. 33 asianromance

    Definitely better to go off at a high note! I’m sad that we probably won’t get to see Uhm Tae Woong doing variety after this

  34. 34 Kacey

    I guess if they had to go to out, this is the way to do it. It’s the only way really. It doesn’t make it any less sad though…*bawls eyes out*

  35. 35 amymoon

    so sad…i’m crying my eyes out rite now….sob sob :( just sad thinking that i’ll never see Hodong, Sugeun, Seunggi, Jongmin, Jiwon and Tae Woong and above all PD Na again in variety show together!!! hope there is a chance they bring back MCMong (i know it’s long shot but…couldn’t help but hoping) and KimC in one (or more) episode…would love to see them together again for the last time

    this is not a goodbye…we’ll sure miss u 2D1N…there is no other shows like u…u’re the one and only

  36. 36 sup super supper

    I… am actually tearing up a little bit right now. I think Ji-won’s going to be the kid I miss most from this fun ride.

    • 36.1 rahma

      maybe why several people will miss jiwon the most is because we see a really personal side of our favorite choding. sure, we still can see him on music show and maybe on other variety show as a guest; but the musician jiwon is so much more serious than the choding we love too much. but, well, there’s always a silver lining for everything. let’s just hope he will continue his music career until, well, forever 😛

  37. 37 niya

    This totally breaks my heart. I’ve faithfully watched every episode from the beginning and it really saddens me to know that my weekly dose of amazing variety crack is coming to an end.

    I do agree with the fact that it’s better to end the show on a high note rather than slowly watch it die out later. I can already imagine what kind of mess I’m going to be in once the last episode airs. I’ll probably cry double the amount of buckets as I did during the foreign workers special.

    And though they’ll most likely be bringing in the old cast members for the coming specials, I’m really hoping Mong will get a chance to appear again. *crosses fingers* Mong was the reason I started watching 1N2D and I was so heartbroken to see him leave the show so abruptly. T^T

    Apart from the cast I’m also going to miss many of the staff members. I do hope they’ll throw in another epic staff vs cast match sometime in the coming episodes. /just had a vision of the show ending with the cast members and all 80+ staff members running into the ocean. I think that would be an amazing way to send off the show since running into a body of water is the staple of 1N2D.

  38. 38 omo

    6 months is good enough time for me to save up to buy those boxes of Kleenex. I cannot imagine the mess I’m going to make when they off the lights for the last time.

    Already when Kim C left, I was already a big mess. It breaks my heart but what better way to call it day.

    *Note to self* Buy more Ext. Harddisk drives to download all episodes of 1N2D.

  39. 39 Tish

    Jongmin will be busy with his new show with Kim Soo Mi, I think. I’m hoping for the best for all of them. But I’ll miss your funny recaps, girls!

  40. 40 brathyonfire

    Oh its sad but I guess everything has an ending I guess Hodong diddt get what he wants.

    I think KBS wanted to change tthe original theme of the show but maybe Hodong doesnt like what KBS wanted to do to the show and decided to quit.I bet he will get alot of hate. but seriously the best team they have is when KIm C and MCmong is in the show.

    I think their individual popularity will decrease especially Jiwon,SUguen its important to have a successful weekly show to stay upfloat in the industry.Hodong and Seunggi thats not a problem but I dont know if KAng Hodong will have a very successful show like 1n2d even if they redo it with diff. members.

    Oh well I guess Ill just be satisfied with the Running Man for now….

  41. 41 Do-ra-ma

    Too soon! Yes, it’s good to go out on a high, but I honestly feel 1N2D had many years left in it! No other variety show has been able to match it (not Family Outing 1 back in the day nor Running Man now). The camaraderie between all of the guys is something no other show has been able to match. I feel especially bad for Jongmin and Taewoong.

    Tooooo sooooooon! :(

  42. 42 otchosais

    all GREAT THINGS must come to an end?…
    I am a Filipino and I am so much LOVING 1N2D..
    In fact, I am so envious since Korea has this SO GREAT VARIETY SHOW… I am also wishing for a 1N2D Philippine version…. because of 1N2D, I’ve got to know MORE about Korea and Its culture… Different tourists’ spots in Korea and all… aside from it, I am so ATTACHED to ALL the 1N2D characters… to think I can’t anymore see them TOGETHER in a great show make my heart hurts… SO SAD… I feel like I am so empty during Fridays without it…

    Why must they end?… I thought they were all joking in SOME episodes saying that they will be celebrating, HODONG’S 60s or 70s birthday in one of the welcoming of their show… :( and NOW, they said that they’ll end in 6 months??? :'(

    anyway, to look in a positive side, I just want ALL CASTS to have a GOOD future with great projects to come..
    and I am also dying to see their reunion someday :)

    gonna MISS 1N2D with all of me..

  43. 43 sam

    my heart went to tiny little pieces hearing this news. This time it’s not rumors anymore, it’s real and it’s staring us in the face. I just discovered this show barely a month ago and i love it. Though I would like to look at it positively and be glad for the guys- esp Seunggi- getting more opportunities to shine in other projects- for now I will allow myself to wallow in grief at the end of a marvelous show. That is not even an exaggeration because can you think of any other show like this?

    It is truly and painfully, the end of an era. This is such a cliche and so overused but this time this phrase rings true. Though I have to agree, this is better than seeing them leave one by one. Mong leaving had been hard enough, Hodong leaving would have been excruciating. I am glad they stuck together through the end, leaving together instead. It says so much of the sincerity of the brotherhood we see on tv.

    Thank you so much for this site. Let’s stick together like the guys and hang on till the end. Now while watching the old episodes-i have four years to catch up on!- my laughter is tinged with sadness knowing there will be no more episodes to look forward to in the future. promise me guys you will do a blow by blow- minute for mnute details of the last episode they will air- I will have a handy 12 boxes of kleenex by myside.


  44. 44 sly

    well at least there’ll be 6 more months T_T

    I’m already thinking on their last episode the 80 crews and the members going out on the water together…for their last ‘submerged in the water’ segment…haaaaaisht

  45. 45 mysticmalady

    I totally can’t believe 1n2d is ending. =( How else am I suppose to get my weekly dose of crack to feed my addiction? >< Props to all the past & present members of 1n2d for bringing us viewers fun & laughter for 4yrs (already?!?) KBS better start thinking real hard about the next show to replace this; and please, no 1n2d season 2 with a new cast!!!! It will never feel the same without this cast!

  46. 46 Arjay

    As long as Running Man do not end!

    • 46.1 gustave154

      can’t believe you said that wtf! this is not happy news >:(

    • 46.2 rahma

      let’s just be honest; running man is a pretty new show (compared to 1n2d) and it probably will last until yoo jaesuk is no longer the main mc. but i’m not saying that this kinda case (hodong’s departure issue) will happen any time sooner.
      and well, i don’t watch the show but i believe both shows have different viewers targets and such.
      but, i’m sorry, saying that thing in this post is kinda rude.

    • 46.3 Lisa

      what does running man have to do with 1n2d?? you have no idea the amount of impact 1n2d had in korea from 2007 till now, I feel a little bit sad that you even put running man and 1n2d in the same thought because there is just no comparison.

  47. 47 lover

    I might say korea variety show is slowing coming to an end~~~ there’r not much good variety show nowadays…
    while back then the variety show tat get me hook would be xman, love letter~~

    i feel bad for uhm tae woong~~ i felt that this guy would become the another sueng gi

    i would dearly miss jiwon i lov his teenage & genius image

    kim jong min!! i felt that after he return from army he’s lacking something , please find back your oldself soon , i really miss that

  48. 48 Joo

    have been watching 1N2D for the past 3 years plus.. i think i need a shoulder to cry on :'(

  49. 49 whatis

    awwww I’m very sad about this news. When you guys started recapping the show, I started to pick it up too. And the cast are all so endearing. It’s like… there will be a huge hole in my life. What to do? what to DO?

    Definitely, I will miss Ji Won most. He’s the most awesome. What will I do without cho-ding the genius?? ;_;

    • 49.1 Ani

      I will MY Eun Jiwon too. X(

  50. 50 gustave154

    well shit. i hope the next program has Jongmin in it.
    now everyone is gonna watch I Am A Singer -___________-

  51. 51 Ace

    Hope Seung-gi does a drama soon…with cameos of Jiwon and Jongmin and Tae-woong…

    • 51.1 Arhazivory

      lol. That’d be fun…and Sugeun and Hodong and Na PD. 😀

  52. 52 biankoy

    aww I’ll miss Ji-won the most T.T CHODIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

    what do we do without his evil genius?

    oh Tae-wongsshi… I’ll miss your blush T3T

    craaaaaaaaaaaaaap 1N2D late have I love you but I Loved you still! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  53. 53 mud

    Well…. gotta agree that this is better than an individual send-off of Kang Ho-dong or Na PD…. but still…. T_T

  54. 54 emma

    JB and GF will you recap the rest of 1N2D episodes in the past after 1N2D officially end in six months??? pls…

    1N2D is the only variety show that really captured me full on, and i’m not yet ready to let them go., or let go reading your recaps on it…

    im new to 1N2D and its only through your recaps that i took notice of it and get hooked. 😀

  55. 55 pchan

    I’ve been trying to ignore this sad news for the whole day but coming here & reading this just made me realize that I have to face the inevitable. I’m really sad that my favorite Korean show is coming to an end. I will miss everything about this show.

    Will we ever see the members together again after 1n2d end? Will we ever see Na PD or the ever-smiling Daeju on screen again?

    Sigh. All good things must come to an end.

  56. 56 Celest

    Oh man. I feel like with the end of 1N2D, I’m totally out of the variety loop. Haven’t felt this sad for the k-variety world since the end of the Ssangchu couple in WGM and Family Outing. And before that X-Man. I watched this show and Family Outing to fill the gap that X-Man left and now, it really does feel like an end of an era.

    I haven’t really seen much of Running Man nor Infinity Challenge. I guess it’s time to jump into the Running Man bandwagon

  57. 57 y.

    1N2D is my favorite variety of all time :(

    You will be missed.

  58. 58 Cam

    Omo. Omo. Omo. (shook my head)

    ………….GEEZ. (sighs)

    **Oh yeah yeah! THAT’S RIGHT (nods) I hope that Running Man show WON’T be same like this show 1N2D, of course. Oh lord, please…..amen. (holding hands) **

  59. 59 Marcia

    Oh ugh………….BUMMER. (bows my head down w/ closing my eyes)

  60. 60 tyo

    I hope we can finally see a successful 1N2D members vs. the crew and have the whole crew jump into the water before the show ends.

  61. 61 wawa

    i’m gonna miss ji won the most too…

  62. 62 lyndia

    I am saddened by this news but like you have pointed out, it’s better that the show end with all the cast together rather than each one of the drop off along the way. That’d be a nightmare! I’d rather sad and have a show end with great sucess then to see it dwindling away in its past glory. I also can’t imagine the show without Hodong or Na PD. As much as I love Seunggi, he himself cannot compel me to watch the show. It’s the combination of everyone and the chemistry between then that makes this show appealing. So I am sad that the show is ending but at least I can look forward to a great ending with everyone together. It will be great memories to a great show.

  63. 63 estelle

    I’m still very depressed about this news… But I guess we’d have to accept it and think on the brighter side…

    1N2D will be ending with a bang, and we will send it off with lots of tearful smiles and swelling hearts full of pride. And we will have all these precious, beautiful memories for life.

  64. 64 Sarah

    probably 6 month later, I don’t have something to look forward to every weekend T_T so sad. I need my weekly dose of bromance T____T!!

  65. 65 maria

    my heart is broken and i cried beause of this news….love everyone on the show….i will make the most of the next 6 months to love them even more….

  66. 66 kaye

    My Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings will never be the same again.

  67. 67 zashi

    I’m sad that the show will bow out in a few months. Truly love this show. Never fails to make me laugh. Plus they are just so fun to watch. But yes, it will be nice to end on a high note and not overstay the welcome. But I still want the show to continue..waaahhh! Why!!!!

  68. 68 arina

    im typing this msg with tears rolling on my cheeks…tis is the most depressig news i’ve heard tis year..the fans of 1n2d hv an emotional link with tis show n thats y everyone is tearing up of the tots not watching their favourite ppl on the show…cant imagine my weekend without my 1n2d…no hodong..jiwon..sugeun..seunggi..jongmin n taewoong..n of course pd na and the crew..the whole show itself. However im glad that they r goin off will hurt more if only one person would go off.. i really hope we will get to see them in another show together …waaaaaaaaa

  69. 69 xcb

    i’m going to miss all of them.. and Na PD andddd DAEJU-ah!!!!!!

  70. 70 dramaville

    i just started watching it when tae woong entered. my guess is as good as the others. hodong and pd na’s departure should be the man reason why the show is folding up even though the ratings are still very high. sad :(

  71. 71 pumpzzz

    heart breakkkkkkkkkkkkk…. gah.

  72. 72 Lisa

    I am going to miss this show so much, but we need to send them off with a smile, look at how much they had accomplished! from a completely new show they have evolve into the national show of Korea!!!! they have fans in so many diffrent country, and I know Pd Na and our boys are going to go out with a BANG!!! I am excited to see what they can come out with in the next six month!!! but I will miss my Jiwonne the most!! Maybe the trip to anartica can be the final trip!!

  73. 73 Maria Monette Hernandez

    I want to hate Kang Ho-dong, the only reason I’m not is because of Charice Pempengco. He was very nice to her on Star King. But still.. 1N2D gave me the dream of going to Korea, maybe visiting all the places they went to. I love this show so much! The very first episode I watched was the one where Jiwon had to kneel (I don’t remember how many times? and when he came out his knees just buckled and everyone was wasting time on the bungee jump until Kim C just jumped. I never missed an episode since. Damn, damn, damn! And I was having such a great week and now I’m feeling like I lost something precious and it’s never coming back.
    In Manila, if you subscribe to SkyCable Gold, you get KBS, if you’re willing to shell out more money, SkyCable Platinum will get you SBS and MBC. I never felt the necessity of having 3 Korean stations, it would just play havoc on my schedule. I’m not going to start now. But what am I going to watch after 1N2D? Sure I watch Happy Together, but if I can’t that’s okay. I only watch Qualiications of Men when they’re doing the choir theme. They’re not that funny. Let’s Go Dream Team? When Minho is playing. It was only a few months ago that they put subtitles on Gag Concert. I just don’t get it. 1N2D has the perfect formula: a crazy genius PD, members who are like a family (they are, you can feel it), they even include all the staff in their insanity. Seung Gi’s great relationship with the food ajumma, Jiwon’s genius deviousness. I feel bad for Su-Geun. He once said in an interview he doesn’t want 1N2D to end. Everyone’s right, Su-Geun can do a lot of hosting jobs but somehow he shines on this show.
    I guess I have six months to get over the sadness, but right now, it’s like losing a pet and I do love my dogs. I’m so UPSET! And yes, I’ve changed my mind. I hate Ho Dong. It seems to me that in order to lessen the backlash on him, the members decided to leave the show altogether. I know Seung Gi wanted to leave to pursue his acting and to enter the Hallyu Wave in Japan but he didn’t. He’s a loyal guy. Where in the world will I see Jiwon again? He’s so at home with the concept of the show. This was such a stupid, inane and heartbreaking decision they made. Leave while you’re on top? What a crock of bull. Guess I’m not just upset, I’m supremely PISSED!

  74. 74 alexthegirl


    SO SAD!!!! This is WAY worse than watching actors go into army service. sigh. :( :( :( :( :(

  75. 75 bakedshrimp

    Oh no. Saddest news ever.

  76. 76 zzzmadison

    i only started following 1n2d after the recaps here; and i’m addicted! but sigh..
    i really salute everyone on being committed to the show for 4 years. although i’m sad that it’s ending, but having everyone go together instead of the cast falling apart is really a good consolation..

  77. 77 mage209

    I almost cried :(

  78. 78 Bungie

    I have never seen an episode…okay maybe one because of Seung-Gi…I’d love to get into it but where to start…which episode to watch first???? or can I just pick up whereever??? Please help…thanks so much!

  79. 79 Pete DaBassturd

    Awesome show. I get to watch in San Francisco with english subtitles. To translate the humor into a different language and still get monumental laughs. Also, each show always has a human element.

    American reality shows take note how to make a positive uplifting show without sex, drugs, and stupidity.

    I just found out today while watching KBS America.

    Good luck to all the members and production staff!

  80. 80 Jasmin

    After 4.5 years of successful production, hope 1N2D will release DVD Collection after last episde is released. This is definitely a show worth collecting.

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