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Eom Ki-joon loses driver’s license, keeps drama role
by | August 7, 2011 | 70 Comments

Eom Ki-joon has been given his punishment for the DUI he incurred last month: His driver’s license has been revoked, but it looks like he will be able to continue his current job in SBS’s Scent of a Woman.

Phew — I think it’s fair in that clearly someone who drinks and drives deserves to have that privilege taken away, but am also relieved that he doesn’t have to quit the drama. Admittedly part of that is a selfish desire to see him continue being Dr. Poopy-seok, just as his role is getting interesting. Didja SEE Episode 6? Adorable. I think a drunk driver can be punished legally without necessarily losing his job, which would be the case even if he weren’t an actor, so I’m satisfied with the outcome.

The incident occurred on July 21 in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, when Eom’s car hit a taxi that had been stopped at a signal. Nobody was injured and Eom was deemed to be driving under the influence at the site of the accident, but headed to a hospital soon afterward for a more accurate reading on his blood alcohol content.

According to one source, the production hadn’t discussed cutting Eom out of the drama and Eom’s side expressed apologies for his mistake. According to a rep from SBS, they were waiting on his legal punishment before judging whether they’d need to proceed, but with the cancellation of his license, they find no reason to keep him from continuing in the drama.

Hopefully Eom learns from this encounter, counts his blessings that nobody was hurt, and kicks ass for the rest of the drama. He’s already doing a pretty awesome job giving his Eun-seok character wonderful layers, from his chilly protective outer layer to his vulnerable underbelly and his nervously adorable boyish side underneath it all.

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70 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sunandmoon

    Whew. Can’t imagine Scent of a Woman without him.

    • 1.1 birdscout

      I agree. He is so darn lovable as Dr. McPoopy!

      • 1.1.1 h311ybean

        And I totally love your nickname for him – eat your hearts out, McDreamy, McSteamy, McCartney, McMuffin… yes, I’m running out of Macs now….

        • Zoe

          Don’t forget McBody… lol

    • 1.2 Fafa

      me neither.

    • 1.3 ayo

      the judge probably saw episodes 5&6 and realized he had to stay πŸ˜› McPoopy forever <3

    • 1.4 jastinel

      Me too, loving him now!

    • 1.5 sosoxrah

      I know…. what a relief.

  2. So3

    Sigh of relief. He deserves this punishment but just as you mentioned, the incident shouldn’t necessarily lead to losing one’s job.

  3. soiia

    Ah, I’m also relieved. I just watched episode 6 and am totally starting to dig his character being oh-so cute afterall, and like you said, it is fair he doesn’t have to be taken out of the drama since he lost his driver’s license already. But maybe, it feels slightly different because with other celebrities, their career always seems to be affected in these kind of situations. Admittedly, it’s a good thing no one was hurt.

  4. Mia

    I LOVED HIM EPISODE 6! I loved him in all the episodes but I felt he was particularly fantastic-in-every-way in that episode *siiiiigggghhh* if he wasn’t competing against such an awesome first lead I would be in dangerous need of some of his sourly given medical treatment.

    • 4.1 Mia

      * Never mind. Just saw episode 6. I am now in deep, critical, second lead syndrome pain.

  5. estel

    Thank goodness! SoaW is just starting to really take off in regards to his character – at this point, I’m really torn as to who I want her to end up with. I love his chemistry with KSA, plus his character is interesting and his storyline, too. ^_^

  6. shimamoto

    Whoo! So happy! He’s my favourite character next to Kim Sun Ah’s and I was so worried that he’d have to drop out of the drama. Drunk driving is bad, especially as he’s a celebrity who is supposed to set an example, but having his license revoked is fair – he will just have to earn it again later.

    But Dr Poopy-Seok? Adorable! Episode 5 & 6 – super cute!

    Eom Ki Joon and Kim Sun Ah FIGHTING!

  7. Jomo


    Taking the responsibility for this actions is very important, but he should be able to work.
    Most ordinary folks don’t lose their jobs, either.
    So this makes sense.

  8. L

    YAY! I’m so relieved. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.

  9. ajewell

    Oh thank goodness. I was so worried about this, and kept checking news sites for an update, having feared the worse. What a relief!! The drama just wouldn’t be the same without his character…

  10. 10 yumi

    I’m glad he didn’t have to go to Texas A&M.

    The need for another male dancer in the beginning tango class has been stated several times, so I expect he will be dancing soon and providing competition for our slow on his feet romantic lead.

    • 10.1 Fabmari

      He stays. Yay!

      So want to see him in that tango class!

    • 10.2 Jomo

      Do you think? Imagine the battles for KSA as a partner!

      • 10.2.1 swui

        Can we have Jo Gook (Cha Seong Won) cameo for that tango class….LOL??? Why does KSA keep dancing with her leads….was it intentional!?

        • jastinel

          Ask the script writer why adding it to the story…hehehe!

          • flowerpot

            Must be that dance number she had with Rain for his comeback concert… She sure left a strong impression with that and maybe the writers want to capitalize on her sexiness and dancing skills…

            Sun Ah has that magic power to have chemistry with just anyone who’s paired with her… That’s tried and proven… πŸ™‚

  11. 11 chrislawrence

    OH! I’m so glad! Even though I’m only reading the recaps of this show (I’m waiting to watch the 1st ep with my mom) I love his character! He has me giggling every time he interacts with the lead!

    OH! I can’t what for the next episode D: it’s KILLING ME *hopes that when she goes back to homepage its up!*

  12. 12 mihinikki

    YAY! I hope EKJ is sincerely sorry and will never do that again. And I’m glad that the cast, crew, company, and SOAW viewers don’t have to suffer from his irresponsibility. I’m really interested in his character.

  13. 13 MeeisLee


  14. 14 lunargen

    For a while there I totally read the title as “EKJ loses drama role”!!! And then realized there were other words in the sentence. Glad to know he’s continuing his great job!

    • 14.1 hwana

      me too! OMG *big sigh of relief*

  15. 15 whatis

    oh my GOD! thank goodness! I was so afraid they were going to send him to whatever place they were going to send him.

    I just watched episode 6.. and I LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait for the next episode! Seriously dying here… haven’t felt this crazy urge for next episode since Secret Garden! Hazzah!!!

    I’m waiting for your recap, JB & GF, to relive the moment! (even though I am now re-watching the episode for the 3rd time… hehehehehe)

    ahhh how can I wait until next episode?!??!!?

  16. 16 annieee

    yayy this is good news! i’m watching dream high right now and totally loving his teacher kang character. it’s hard to imagine the same person playing a cold bastard of a doctor in scent of a woman! eom ki-joon is awesome, what can i say?
    i should start watching SOAW soon, as i absolutely adore sun-ah sshi. except dream high is so cracktastically awesome that i can’t get myself to stop watching! guess SOAW will be next after DH : ))

    • 16.1 cha

      He’s heeeelariously awesome in Life special investigation Team.. You have to check it out!! ^^

  17. 17 h311ybean

    Thank goodness! I watched Eps 1-4 of SOAW this past weekend and couldn’t help thinking how sad I’d be if Dr. Poopy-seok disappeared because of any (admittedly well-deserved) punishment for the DUI, or if the character was suddenly played by a different actor.

    Be good now, EKJ! *wags finger*

  18. 18 Yer Vang

    Yah, I loved his character.

  19. 19 Nat

    WOW!! It s a relief cuz I love the drama and i dindn t wanted any strange change in the plot!!!

  20. 20 mizzxtiffany

    “Phew β€” I think it’s fair in that clearly someone who drinks and drives deserves to have that privilege taken away, but am also relieved that he doesn’t have to quit the drama. Admittedly part of that is a selfish desire to see him continue being Dr. Poopy-seok, just as his role is getting interesting.”

    My thoughts exactly! Thanks for the great news! He was defin. super cute in episode 6!

  21. 21 nazz

    phuiiih … finally. i’ve been waiting this good news for weeks .. coz i like his character a lot. and after the so -called his first love story makes me wonder how he will tell her later .. the truth behind her lies … ^^

  22. 22 gmei

    Yay! That’s a relief~! He’s perfect for the role and I can’t imagine someone else to act as him. Fighting!

  23. 23 Daniela

    YAY! Im so happy about this! I was concerned about the resolution for his problem, because he deserved a punishment but I was waiting that part of his punishment wasnt leave the drama.
    I saw episode 6 and I was dying. I love his chrarcter.
    So again, YAAAAY!

  24. 24 Tok

    I did watch ep 6 and must I say I can’t see Scent of a Woman without him because he truly is adorable.

  25. 25 emeldy

    Oh Yes!!! He is amazing. After watching Ep.6, now i am in total dilemma. I don’t know whom to root for. I am in love with both the lead. Kim Sunah has this incredible chemistry with both the guys……..

    When the drama started i was hoping to see World Within , Eom Ki Joon and Seo Hyo-rim coupling again, which was so good. Now… I have lost all my patience with Seo Hyo-rim character….. I just can’t wait for her to fall off her high horse.

  26. 26 anna

    Don’t all celebrities in Korea have their personal van/driver? I don’t see why he couldn’t have used that instead of drunk driving.

  27. 27 spazzy06

    This is a relief. Now I don’t have to worry about the state of the show. No awkward character write outs- thankfully!

  28. 28 fabkitty

    YES!! Dr.McPoopypants continue!! He was soooo adorable in episode 6. (Wookie was also adorable as usual. That’s a given.)

  29. 29 sPark*

    I’m also glad he can continue with the drama πŸ™‚ YAYAYAY! I gotta watch episodes 5 & 6 though. I quickly scanned through screencaps, and his character seems to come out more!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    Oh thank goodness.The punishment is totally appropriate.

    I do hope Korean companies don’t go around firing employees who have DUIs.I mean the whole national culture seems to be ?? used to the population drinking as past of the after work work schedule.

    He ROCKED episode 6.I can totally understand now if Yeon Jae falls for him.

  31. 31 tuiQt

    Best news of the day!
    Am I the only one who thinks he looks mighty sexy in Episode 6 with his unbutton shirt? lol

  32. 32 Maracarrero

    After watching his performance in episode 6, I am so, so happy he’s onboard for the rest of the drama because he’s great as Dr. Poopy aka I’ve had a crush on Yoon Jae forever and now get to be near her.

  33. 33 [email protected]

    I’m really glad he didn’t get cut because his character is really starting to “develop” ( for those who have yet to watch :D) and I’m really starting to like his character a lot, this drama is perfect I would’ve been sad if he was suddenly replaced or written out cause his character is soo cute too in ep 6!

  34. 34 bananamilk

    omg! thank goodness! he was so cute in ep6!!!! can’t wait for the recap since i watched it raw…

  35. 35 laya

    Glory hallelujah thank goodness!

  36. 36 Mish

    I am really happy about how this all turned out. I totally agree with you that someone who drinks and drives should be held fully accountable for their actions, but that doesn’t mean that the drama should have to be affected because of it. i know it’s entirely selfish of me, but he’s just doing such a good job with his role that I would be very sad if he had to drop out. So YAY! And please don’t do anything so stupid again Eom Ki-Joon!

  37. 37 Joy

    He was friggin hilarious this episode. Chop chop, where is my recap? Just kiddin’, take your time. I also I absolutely LURVED watching him squirm which was hilarious πŸ™‚

  38. 38 KDrama Fan

    Totally agree with you JB.

    Looking forward to the recaps of Ep. 6.

  39. 39 cha

    YAY!!! He’s the reason I started watching SoaW.. besides Kim Sun Ah.. If he left I’d be watching it halfheartedly.. ;’-(

    Thank God~ ^^

  40. 40 sup super supper

    Out of curiosity–is the license revocation for life, or temporary? Kind of interested in how other countries’ courts punish DWI/DUI.

  41. 41 Bluefyre

    YES! Big sigh of relief! He’s been really growing on me…but I love Eom Ki Joon already anyway so no contest πŸ˜€

    This cast is awesome! I SO love SOAW!!

  42. 42 omo

    Fair enough.

    *heaves a sigh of relief* then *wipes off sweat for him and me*

  43. 43 Two Cents

    I think that’s a fair punishment. Haven’t those who cowardly drove away from the scene gotten off with lighter sentences just because of their fame?

  44. 44 Cam

    WHEW! ^___________^ Thank God.

  45. 45 J-Pooh

    I’m so glad to hear that he’s remaining on the drama – besides the Mr. Dull-with-Life chaebol son, having a cranky Dr. Realist does spice up the drama. Can’t imagine the drama to be same with an abrupt change with such an interesting character.

  46. 46 Carinne

    Good call. He is one lucky guy I tell ya.

  47. 47 red

    Just reading the title of this post made me so relieved I’ve fallen for scent of a woman…it has officially been past on from just reading recaps to watching the episodes….ep 5 tango scene had me slack jawed through the whole thing….man lee dong wook’s eyes are so expressive

  48. 48 cookie

    They would make a CUTE RL couple LOL
    If neither is married ;D

  49. 49 jigglybelly

    YEY!!! Can’t imagine the show without his adorably geeky character!

  50. 50 Sarah

    yayyy! so happy to have dr mcCutie back on board so he can be rejected by kim suna
    ..oh wait


    naw, it’s still good for him, he’s going to GROW as a character regardless of the outcome of his relationship with kim sun ah wohoo

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