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Hong Soo-hyun fractures rib in car accident
by | August 4, 2011 | 66 Comments

Cripes, another accident in dramaland. This time it’s Hong Soo-hyun, the actress who recently thwarted Yoon Eun-hye’s every turn as bitchy So-ran in Lie To Me, who’s currently starring as a princess (and Moon Chae-won’s cousin) in the premium sageuk The Princess’s Man.

According to Hong’s management company, Keyeast, the car accident occurred in the wee hours of August 5, on the Gyeongbuk expressway at approximately 4am. In the dark night, Hong’s vehicle was rounding a curve and couldn’t see the car that had stopped in the road, possibly from a prior accident, and resulted in a head-on collision. Hong’s car was completely totaled.

The actress is currently being treated for injuries at the hospital, which sound substantial; for now, it’s been confirmed that she has fractured a rib, and her manager went into surgery for a serious arm injury.

As for her drama, it’s yet unclear how much the accident will affect the schedule. Hong hasn’t completed shooting her scenes for next week’s two episodes, and although the actress herself is reportedly insistent on being able to get back to work right away, some reports state that her condition is severe enough that she’s having trouble merely moving.

What’s especially crazy is that, according to one source, Hong had been checked out of the hospital after receiving “basic treatment,” then was given the okay to go home, but readmitted herself after the aftereffects kicked in and the pain increased. It was then that they realized she’d fractured a rib, which leads me to ask: What the hell kind of crackpot hospital misses a cracked rib? I’d like to know, and not just as a hypothetical, because I wanna make a note never to go there. It also bespeaks the craziness of the “must get back to work” mentality of dramas, where productions are so crunched for time that actors involved in major accidents jump right back to work with broken bones. It’s understandable that the production would feel panicked and stressed, but come on. There comes a point when you stop and say, Hey, maybe this isn’t healthy. Yeesh.

I’m gonna say it’s a pretty tall order to get Hong back in acting form in a few days’ time, so there’s a chance that The Princess’s Man, which stepped into the #1 ratings slot after City Hunter bowed out, may be pre-empted next week. It’s a bummer for Hong, who’s been enjoying a revitalized career with this new drama, where she plays a cool, haughty princess with aplomb. But, yunno, there are more important things than dramas airing on time.

Hong Soo-hyun in The Princess’s Man

Via NTN Seoul


66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Uca

    God, what happens with this period? so many accidents.

    • 1.1 Jessica

      Does Korea have a “Ghost Month?”

      In Taiwan, the 7th month based on the lunar calendar is called Ghost Month and there tends to be in increase in accidents!

      Heehee 🙂 I just blame it on the hot weather hear but some of the things you hear about this month make you wonder…

  2. imoan.naomi

    What is up with all the celebrities in accidents? I thought the roads in Seoul were pretty good. Are they all falling asleep at the wheel or outrunning paparazzi or something? Yeesh.

    • 2.1 78446

      I’ve been wondering about that. It’s like a celebrity car accident is reported every week. Somebody should look into this, like highway patrol or something.

      Aw, I feel bad for her. She’s really awesome in The Princess’s Man. I hope she gets well soon.

      • 2.1.1 kerik

        yes she was awesome in princess’ man, and that was me watching her without any subs. in my eyes she kindof overshadowing moon chae won in the drama, at least for the moment. maybe because so far she was feautured in most of the scenes. but now, noooO!!!!

  3. jandoe

    seriously EVERYONE in korea shooting dramas right now seem to have gotten themselves in an accident and this one sounds downright serious too. oh man. i really hope she’s okay! (…and that everyone else stays safe and away from the roads!)

  4. Nancy

    This is why I think it’s time they stop making “live” dramas, or at least shoot half of the scenes already. With so many unforeseen things that can happen, it puts so much strain on the entire team to be on schedule. I feel so sorry for these actors that have to return to set just to finish their scenes even when they are dying in pain.

    Side Note: Yes, Javabeans, I need to make a mental note of this hospital too in case I am in Korea coz I ain’t stepping foot in there!

    • 4.1 jajangmyun

      Agree with 100%! Stop the “live drama” mode and ensure more tightly and excellently written script so that they can be filmed way ahead of time!

  5. EJ

    Ok seriously (IMO)… what is up with all these crazy schedules? the production staff and company have to know that down the line it cost more to replace/revise/redo changes & actors if they are hurt! Also not to mention gives them more of a headache. The shooting schedules are just too much for anyone especially the actors, manager and/driver!

    Korea, I love your entertainment, but get your act together!

  6. daisy

    I hope she’s okay and will take her time to heal properly.

    I haven’t seen any episodes of this yet, but I’m glad it’s been doing well, mostly for the sake of my beloved Park Shi Hoo <3
    I'm a bit torn though – I'm loving Protect the Boss and I want both shows to have awesome ratings. Arggh, I wish the didn't air at the same time! (btw, will you do PtB recaps perhaps?)

  7. HSHsupporttt

    Aww, I love her D: she’s fricking gorgeous. I suffer from great disappointment whenever she lands on a villain role )=

  8. moomooye

    Well, you can fracture a rib and still walk around just fine depending on the injury. If she was desperate to get back to work, she could have downplayed her pain, so unless they got a chest x-ray, the docs wouldn’t be able to know for sure.

  9. titi

    hopefully she’ll take her time to heal… rib fracture isn’t a thing that you can fix in days.
    oh btw javabeans, you don’t recap the princess’ man and protect the boss?
    if not, can you pleaase write the first impression of those? it will help me decide which drama to download and enjoy…hehe

  10. 10 Kiara

    Oh My Goodness these poor actors/actresses.
    I’m loving her acting in The Princess’s Man. This show has been my new Wed/Thurs crack. What a pleasant surprise…I didnt think I’d get hooked on it this early.

    I wish her a speedy and complete recovery. I will surely miss her.

  11. 11 asianromance

    so many accidents. And it’s an accident that may have accidentally been caused by a previous accident! Crazy!!

    I wish her a speedy recovery!

  12. 12 Hiromi

    Seriously, what is going on in Korea? Why so may car accidents?

  13. 13 suitfetish

    Starting to wonder if everyone wasn’t sleep deprived, how well they’d be able to avoid accidents, too.

    Not to say the accidents are anyone’s fault, I know nothing of that, but so many recently! And let’s face it, it’s hard to have a clear mind when you’ve been up for 18 hours or more…

    Maybe that has nothing to do with it. People here in OK are just doing too much texting and driving like crazymen.

  14. 14 john

    schedule might be tight, too much pressure. So that might be the reason why so many accidents

  15. 15 ^_^

    Seriously how in the hell could they miss a fractured rib..note to self, never visit that hospital EVER.

    This is why they should film episodes in advance no matter what the response. I mean the girl fractured her rib and kept insisting on returning to set. If they would stop doing live shots she could rest. Just like with Yoo Seungho, he fractured a bone in his FACE and kept insisting on returning to set..smh they need to be careful

  16. 16 Danna

    damn…what is with all these accidents….couldn’t agree more about the crazy drama scheduling

  17. 17 anotheraddict

    I’m really heavy-hearted about this news. On Soompi, it was reported that, “according to local news sources”, HSH’s manager is in critical condition. (The report hasn’t been confirmed.) I wish them both the best for their recovery.

    While not all of the recent celebrity accidents can be attributed (at least partially) to sleep-deprivation caused by the live-shoot system, it appears that it has been a factor in many of the accidents. There are lots of studies that demonstrate that sleep-deprived drivers are just as impaired as drunk drivers, and like drunk drivers, they often underestimate the degree of their impairment. As it is now, the live-shoot system is producing a bunch of accidents-waiting-to happen (as well as many other problems) and it needs to change. In the meantime, I think live-shoot drama crews should adopt a designated (“substitute”) driver policy and not allow anyone who is seriously sleep-deprived to drive.

    • 17.1 Laica


    • 17.2 la dee dah

      Maybe I’m mistaken, but for a lot of the car accidents I’ve heard about, it’s almost always someone else other than the celebrity driving (e.g., manager)…

  18. 18 YBisTOP

    OMO. This is final destination-Car accidents. Korean celebrities, this year, are having car accidents! Who is next?!

    • 18.1 ^_^

      don’t say that your making me nervous…im glad no one has met the ultimate ending especially Eom Kijoon since he was driving under the influence

      • 18.1.1 Ani

        Um, actually, someone did meet the ultimate ending. Big Bang’s Daesung speeding + drunk guy lying around on road = Very Sad Ending all around. It actually is really sad, for the kid’s family, for Daesung and his family, for the kid, and for Daesung. Sad day.

        • ^_^

          damn that’s sad, I don’t know how I forgot all about that

  19. 19 3pleX

    okay this one is a true story … happened to friends of mine. hubby was driving to work, with wifey as passenger. they got into a serious car accident. hubby was seriously injured, wifey just sustained minor scratches. hubby went into surgery, wifey was checked by the doctors, xray and all that stuff… she was fully functioning, fully mobile, no pains, no aches, thinking clearly…

    hubby’s surgery was successful, but wifey… 2 days after the accident died from internal hemorrhage…

    • 19.1 blahblahblah

      That’s so sad. Was this in Korea?

  20. 20 narae

    what a failure of a trauma center…..

  21. 21 Songie

    Oh no, poor HSH. Her performance in “The Princess’ Man” has been great, alongside the other cast members. I’m loving the drama so much; #1 on my summer Kdrama priority list. I’d still like to see PSH weekly, so i hope all goes well behind the scenes with HSH’s absence. Wish for her speedy and healthy recovery.~~

  22. 22 Arhazivory

    *sighs* Oh dear. She really needs to go easy. A fractured rib is nothing to joke about and the drama is not worth her health.

  23. 23 Anya

    Well…. Sometimes, rib fracture can be missed, esp, if its one of the floating ribs, (ribs 9-12).
    When a pt suffers a blunt truma, if he broke ribs 1 to 8, the doctors, are alerted to its possibility , because of the underlining pulmonary problems, it leads to.

    But, most often in the later cases, since, the patient, is understood to be in some pain, due to the accident, and if the pain on palpation, isnt as server, and /or doesnt shows signs of a fracture, the doctor may just release the patient on pain killers.
    Its only until the next day, when the pt comes back , because of increased pain, and swelling in the area.. that more x rays are taken and looked for the possible cause.
    Thus, sometimes, its possible to miss the diagnosis.

    Most times plain x rays dont spot the fracture , if its on anterior or lateral side. ANd the doctor, needs to have a a good reason of doubt , before he can order, more x-rays, apart form the routine, plain front x-ray.

    • 23.1 Joana

      Yes, it’s possible to miss the diagnosis… it’s pretty difficult to analize some of the fractures in X-rays, because of everything you said and (just adding) because if it’s a fracture with no change on the positions of the bone if he didn’t move forward, up or down, or whatever and just stays in the exact space, the only thing you can possible see is a real little and almost invisble line crossing the rib…. so it kind depends on the type of fracture… even the treatment can go with only pain killers in simple rib fractures to assisted ventilation in complicated cases…

    • 23.2 pohonphee

      Agree. It may seem simple to diagnose “fracture rib”, but it is not =_=

  24. 24 [email protected]

    what’s up with so many celebs going car accidents lately. I think the reason behind is that not only the road but the driving itself, I’m not saying the driver don’t know to drive but the driver’s condition itself is also a contributing factor. if the actress got busy schedule that means the driver is also busy and that would mean less sleep then driver can’t focus driving then accidents happen. that’s why i’m saying kdrama filming should abandon live shot system because the more they do it, its not going to be just a fractured ribs next time. no matter how much you want to air your drama on time and make money, you aint gonna make money if your actors die in the middle of filming.
    and the hospital who says “okay your good to go” is a huge negligence!!! in my country, that’s a huge N

    • 24.1 [email protected]

      what’s up with so many celebs going car accidents lately. I think the reason behind is that not only the road but the driving itself, I’m not saying the driver don’t know to drive but the driver’s condition itself is also a contributing factor. if the actress got busy schedule that means the driver is also busy and that would mean less sleep then driver can’t focus driving then accidents happen. that’s why i’m saying kdrama filming should abandon live shot system because the more they do it, its not going to be just a fractured ribs next time. no matter how much you want to air your drama on time and make money, you aint gonna make money if your actors die in the middle of filming.
      and the hospital who says “okay your good to go” is a huge negligence!!! in my country, that’s a huge NO NO!!

  25. 25 crazylover

    another accident 🙁

  26. 26 belleza

    To be honest, I think this is less about production schedule and more about accident rates in Korea. The fatality and drink-and-drive rates in Korea are pretty high.

    • 26.1 Laeah

      People don’t wear seat belts in the back seats too. Which makes it worse.

  27. 27 prabu

    I think korean drinking habit the biggest factor of this rising car accident. We don’t really see much in the drama which most portrays those likable and funny “cute meet” or funny moments.

  28. 28 Raine

    I’m liking The Princess’ Man a lot after my crack City Hunter ended. I hope for a speedy recovery for her 🙂 But seriously, there’s been so many accidents these past few weeks.. yeesh

  29. 29 Syreolli

    I agree with everyone!
    What the hell is happening with all the accidents?

    It seems like everytime I hear about some returning to “work”/their drama for filming, someone else then get’s struck.
    Should we be worried about this unfortunate “trend” of car accidents or shouldsafety conditions be highlighted more in respect of how these stars are driving. Mother Nature is only involved so much (i.e. poor weather conditions) with these accidents that some of these stars need to help themselves by taking their foot off the accelerator!
    That being said I’m genuinely glad that their are no deaths or extremely major incidents occuring to anyone involved

    • 29.1 belleza

      “What the hell is happening with all the accidents? ”

      Symptom of a national problem. In 2006, a study showed that car accidents were the leading cause of death among Korean 20-somethings. It’s not as bad as China . . . but driving in China prepares you for NASCAR. 😉

      • 29.1.1 Laica

        Car accidents are the leading cause of death for American 16-24-year-olds too. I’m not saying Korean driving is not bad because I honestly know nothing about it, but statistics don’t always show the whole picture… in this case I think it’s more that young people don’t die from illness very often, combined with their inexperience and reckless driving.

        Drunk driving does seem to be a big problem in Korea though. 🙁

  30. 30 joyofpiano


    I really like her in the PM!!! She’s like the character that I want to really root for, but I know I’m not supposed to really….

    I hope she gets better….and why are these stars driving when they know that fellow actors are getting hurt? Drive at normal times of the day please!!!!

  31. 31 Banu

    OMG!.. I hope she is ok.
    Someone please made a special cars for these celebs. TT

  32. 32 Joy

    This sucks! At least I know that you JB are watching this drama. It’s amazing she’s showing more emotion other than spite or jealousy in this drama. Lie To Me did her no favours at all. Get well soon!

  33. 33 swui

    I’m enjoying TPM a lot too…but that’s because I’m a sucker for historical romance. So I was really surprised by the big jump in ratings after CH ended.

    All the actors/actresses are doing ok…but HSH really stood out as the conflicted princess…I know she isn’t the OTP but I do hope she gets an okay ending…she really did overshadowed MCW…

    Hopes she’s alright and no more accidents yeah…it seems every other drama that is airing has actors in accidents…sheesh

  34. 34 Kuging-RN

    probably due to sleep deprivation. -_- why im not surprised! get well soon to her and the manager.

    btw, why javabeans isnt recapping princess man?

  35. 35 Sheng

    Wow. This year must be the year for car accidents and DUIs for dramaland…..

  36. 36 Venus

    WHAT THE HELL ANOTHER ONE?!! ….wow wow I feel bad for her and hope she has a speedy recovery, but a broken ribs is no joke….aishhh srly Dramagods are unleashing their furies on Dramaland….but srly drama productions should step up and recognized this live shooting are getting damn lethal, and should start filming at least 2 months ahead of airing so they could have room to breath…and don’t rush the crew and cast……

  37. 37 Annie

    i really like her, hope she will get better soon

  38. 38 nk

    Aaaaah!!! Poor Hong Soo Hyun. So many car accidents lately. I hope she gets better soon. Perhaps, it’s all that late night driving and rainy conditions these days that are making the road slippery???

  39. 39 Alexis

    Oh GEEZ. O_o I don’t understand why there are many Korean celebrities are suddenly in the car accidents that EVERY happened!!! AIGOO…….I pray that they shouldn’t do that and they would be very careful to drive very well.
    I just wonder that if there’s a bad weather conditions (it’s easier to be slippery on the road) or something….but there aren’t enough “safety” driving on a road or didn’t set up a strict driving rule, or whatever? I don’t know what’s going on in Korea and they might be used when they drives very fast a bit……ehm….I really want to try to understand why it’s sudden for some celebrities to have a car accidents and what’s happened about this?

    Anyway, I hope that Hong Soo Hyun will stay strong & her health recovery soon, ofc. Remember: Be CAREFUL to drive very well & STAY SAFE!!! ^_^

  40. 40 otnas

    I’m sorry to hear that this beautiful and talented princess is in pain. Yes, the accident rate involving Korean entertainers is beyond appalling. (4 am is also the time for sleeping, please give these people a break for god’s sake!) When, oh when will they finally invent those matter transporters so that we can get from palce to place like they do in Star Trek?

    Get well soon, Miss Hong!

  41. 41 bopbopbop

    i understand she’s hurt…but if they don’t air the princess’ man next week…then it’ll be a hit to the drama because this is their chance to keep ratings high…
    if “protect the boss” gets #1 next week w/out the princess’ man…it’s harder to redeem the spot

    so on the side of the production team….it’s such a dilemma…and i understand why they would need her back soon….

  42. 42 Carinne

    Rain, floods, and car accidents are all I read from Korea lately. I hope people will slow down in the bustling cities and drive more carefully in the bad weather. Wish HSH and everyone in the accident a speedy recovery.

  43. 43 emilydark

    I hope she is alright. I’m watching this drama because of her!!!

  44. 44 yvujelle

    im sorry to say this..but is this the way the korean how to promote their dramas thru car accidents ..its not funny at all…not just this year but even before(BOF)..please dont get mad at me its only my opinion…

  45. 45 Abbie

    I hope she is okay, or will be okay. Her manager,too. I hate hearing about these accidents, because it shows that even celebrities aren’t invincible.

  46. 46 Laeah

    A cracked rib isn’t too bad. It’s painful without meds, but there really isn’t any treatment you can do anyway beyond that. If she rests for a couple more days and then takes it easy on the set, it should be fine. I’ve cracked ribs before and it’s not even noticeable after a week.

  47. 47 Kamille

    whoah.. Celebrities in korea get into car accidents more often than seeing wondergirls tweet or something.. =x

  48. 48 Chintu

    hope she gets well soon… she’s a good actress…

    and jb, just as an aside can u do a post on your thoughts on my princess’ man up till now???

    i want 2 see it, and wanna get some opinions from people who’ve started watching it already…

  49. 49 nobby

    the should have it stipulated in the contract that they cant drive or maybe not even enter into any veichel while a drama is under production…im not serious now..lol
    but there are to many accidents …i think they are under a lot of pressure

  50. 50 chizzygirl

    i hope to return safe any time i decide to visit Korea……i mean it seems like they have a lot of crazy drivers

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