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Jo In-sung back from the army and fans rejoice
by | August 2, 2011 | 83 Comments

…and another celebrity completes his army duty and returns to the eagerly waiting arms of his adoring fans. 

That man being Jo In-sung of the much acclaimed What happened in Bali with Ha Ji-won (the drama that Yoon Kye-sang lost many a night’s sleep over…hehe), who completed his duties this past May. Jo In-sung wasted no time returning to the spotlight and has scheduled fan meetings in Seoul and Tokyo, which he dubs as a “reunion” with his fans.

The first stop of his tour began in Seoul on the 31st of July, and he was greeted with a warm welcome by 600 of his loyal fans. Stepping up to the mike as his own MC, he presided over the event that marked his first meet and greet since returning to the public eye.  The man also won brownie points by serenading the audience, which left the ladies swooning in their seats. (What woman can resist a man’s serenade?)

The fans had a surprise of their own and presented Jo with a cake to celebrate his birthday, which was on July 28. The actor regaled his guests with stories of his time spent in the army and opened gifts.

Jo In-sung took the opportunity during his two-hour meeting to reveal that he has a movie project coming up.  “I will be starting the filming of Fist Fighting soon, and I hope to be able to show a brighter side to my acting than previously portrayed in other roles.  I hoped to show my audience more of a lighter and cuter character, so I chose this project to do just that.  I hope you enjoy it.” 

The film is scheduled to start production toward the end of September.  It seems as though this actor is making up for lost time: He also has an 8-part CF shoot scheduled.  Welcome back, Jo In-sung, and I’m sure the audience will welcome you back to the screen with open arms.

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83 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jo

    *sighs* (and faint)

    • 1.1 Fafa

      me 2!

  2. Akosirhenz

    Welcome back :))
    with open arms .

  3. D

    Jo In-sung, le sighhhhhh….

  4. zsa

    here’s a beautiful man

  5. Christy

    OMG! Jo in-sung!!* faints*

  6. Jo In Sung...hahahah

    Isn’t he lovable??my!!!Hope to see him on the small screen:)….and abs be exposed!Despite his role in Frozen Flower which shocked me…heheheh…more!hahahahah

    • 6.1 Elizabeth

      it was his involvement in Frozen flower that impressed me!

      • 6.1.1 Tha

        Agreed! Gut wrenching performances by All the Leads in Frozen Flowers!!!

        • msim

          Regardless of his looks, he is really an Actor.
          He is he proof that actors can improve because I couldn’t stand him in Piano or the Bali-fiasco.

          Then came Dirty Carnival and Frozen Flower (still one of the best films I have ever seen) – and I became a convert.
          That he features in one of the hottest m/m scenes ever made is just the icing on a cake.

  7. jinny

    my first love is back 🙂

  8. reesh

    one of my favorite k-actor!…i love him in the drama memories in bali

  9. beppu10

    Omo, he’s back! Yehey! Looking forward to his series 😀

    In Sung oppa hwaiting! 😉

  10. 10 fighterkun

    throwing YKS reference in here was funny ^,^ !! I had to re-read the article to find out why! haha 😀

  11. 11 czak

    My all time fave actor is BACK!!!!
    Welcome back jagiya!!!!!

  12. 12 ck1Oz

    See this see this kk…how can your son play baseball with him in Osan AFB and not ask him for an autograph.

    Gosh…you’ll remember this for life.You missed him when you had the chance woman!!

  13. 13 ccricket

    wow. just wow.

  14. 14 rich

    JO IN-SUNG!!! I’ve waited for you!!! Welcome back! *hugs him to pieces (in my dreams, lol)*

  15. 15 lenrasoon

    my baby! i love him so much, i’m so glad that he has already a new project in the future.

  16. 16 Cam

    Gosh!!!! O__O I am reallly GLAD that Jo In Sung is finally back!! I enjoy watched him in that movie “Dirty Carnvial” and “Classic” & I thought he was very awesome, ofc!
    Aigoooo, he’s still handsome and manly, fufu! I will be looking forward to him more in the future!!!! ^_^

  17. 17 soojin08

    Jo Insung’s like an adorable dork trapped inside a body of a god.

    But whenever I remember his movie “Frozen Flower”….the dork side vanishes and all I can see is a gorgeous sex-beast.


    • 17.1 maria

      “body of a sex beast GOD” is apt. i know what you mean, bb.

      the original flower boy was just so…. deflowered in–what was ironically enough called– frozen flower.


  18. 18 rose

    oh men korean drama is so hot …….and hotter with jo in sung being back

  19. 19 Annie

    so so hot. but he got skinner?

  20. 20 yong in

    blowing him kisses from here!

    oh, but because he’s thinner, he looks older or something.

  21. 21 leila8mae

    my first EVER korean Oppa is back!! can’t wait to see him in his new project..

  22. 22 nyss

    i seriously admire this guy! i watched the news in korea when he just got discharged. the day he got out of the army, there’s a lot of reporters who surrounded him and his fans who waited for so long couldn’t really see him. he flee the area but when the paparazzi’s followed him, turns out he went to meet the fans at the fans’ bus somewhere more quieter to personally thank them for coming and also to apologize because of the chaos previously. no wonder his fans love him. ^^

  23. 23 mems

    Was What Happened in Bali really good? Are there any of his projects I should definitely see?

    He looks so likable from these pics… 🙂

    • 23.1 kkrazy

      Shoot for the Stars – he was great in that. It was the first drama I saw him in and every since just love him!!

    • 23.2 Endon

      It is really compelling. The lead actors are just really magnetic. Jo In Sung especially seemed to throw himself into the part completely. There were parts where he did things so horrifying (like the part where he begs in father on his hands and knees, completely debasing himself. Whoah. When I’m saying horrifying, I don’t mean the ‘horror movie’ kind of horrifying, but rather to see someone at such a low point sink even lower).

      I would best describe it myself as an drama about addiction without drugs.

      It’s also one of the few dramas where the love triangle isn’t predictable. If you like dramas with loads of chemistry, this drama goes beyond sparking, it’s on fire. You never doubt for one moment how badly Jae Min and Kang In Wook want Soo-Jung.

      Frozen Flower is also very good, but What Happened in Bali is nigh unforgettable. It’s not the easiest thing to watch, particularly around the middle, but I’ve never seen any drama, Western or Asian that quite matches it in terms of sheer intensity.

  24. 24 SherYah

    Welcome back!!! Swoon..

  25. 25 Aisuo415

    Does this mean he’ll have a shower scene to show off his ripped body after coming back from the army like every guy before him?! <33

  26. 26 bjharm

    I only seen the guy in nonstop 2 very raw but got a lot of attention

  27. 27 pepermint.tea

    still can stop my heart from beating <333

  28. 28 jolli

    Yes.. my kind of first love is back.. It was really that long ago that i first saw him in Shooting Stars and then What happened to Bali. At that time the show was really something, what with the ending…

    Fighting Ing Sung Sshi.

  29. 29 Jomo

    I cannot look at him and not feel his intense pain from Bail.
    He was amazing!
    He played the saddest Kdrama character ever.

  30. 30 belleza

    Hold on a sec . . .

    *puts fist in mouth*


    • 30.1 langdon813

      Hee! It had to be done.

  31. 31 krnkimbap

    AHHHHH!!! He’s back!!! He’s finally back!!! Gosh, his army stay felt longer than anyone else’s because I was eagerly awaiting his return more than any other actor. I’ve loved him since his days on Nonstop and that’s saying something, considering how fickle I am about my korean men, hehehe… I want to see him back in a drama! Oh, I was feeling so crappy today and now I’m grinning ear to ear. Manseeeehhhhh!!!!

  32. 32 prncssptri

    welcome back Jo In Sung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/

  33. 33 Biscuit

    When I was new to dramas, he was the first guy that I watched to play the rich bastard (Bali). And I still have no idea to this day why I wanted him to win the girl. Maybe it’s his charisma that made me root for him and probably the reason why I can never hate the rich jerks in dramas completely. *Swoons*. You can’t hate Jo In Sung. So happy he’s back.

  34. 34 Bluefyre

    He. Is. Back!


    Aw, the cupcake cake. LOL 😀
    I really hope he’ll take on a drama project

  35. 35 milan1010

    he looks so beautiful…how can that be? i thought he already reaches his maximum quota of beauty..

  36. 36 asianromance

    Wow, he looks younger than before he went to the army!

  37. 37 Laeah

    Never thought he was attractive. He always comes off too cocky to me. Glad he’s back though. Congrats fans! 🙂 I’m sure he will be in a drama ASAP. haha

  38. 38 purplebasket

    *eyes widen*
    *heart palpitates*

    Liked him in WHIB, LOVED him in Frozen Flower. hihihi 🙂


  39. 39 sosoxrah

    Wait.. Ha Ji-won was in What Happened in Bali?? I saw episode 1 a long time ago so I didn’t even recognize her. Gotta watch the rest of it!

  40. 40 Christine

    Watch SPRING DAYS and you’ll love him more.


    Welcome back Jo In Sung!!!

  41. 41 luraaa

    MY JO IN SUNG! He’s back! 😀

  42. 42 Leila

    Korean actors are hotter after completing the army service.

  43. 43 Kuging-RN

    yay!! i love this guy in Bali and Frozen Flower!! Hope to see you in a drama!

  44. 44 hehe

    I miss you Jo In-sung! Do a drama already!!!!

  45. 45 HAN JI EUN


  46. 46 biankoy

    Okaerinasai Jo In-sung!!!!

  47. 47 Gaeina Lee

    Ahhh… JIS is back. All I can do is sighing and awwwing whenever he flashes that smile.. When he serenades, I swoon~~

    Just as Mdm Sumi said to Lee Seunggi in 1N2D actress special: “Beware, JIS is back fm military duty..” ~ So ladies, brace yourself to welcome another skipping heart period caused by him.. 😀

  48. 48 strawberryfieldsforever

    and i couldn’t be any happier that he’s sooooo back! it is true when they say first love never dies!

    jo in sung is back, ladies! yeeehaw!

  49. 49 Nica

    I hope that he and Ha Ji Won will act together again in the future but with happy ending because I like their tandem.

  50. 50 dorjilee

    i’m happy jo in sung is so back!! he’s one of my earliest favorite korean actors.:) it’s been awhile since i lost track on his career. now i will try not to miss his upcoming projects. it’s so hard to resist someone who is equally talented and good looking!! welcome back jo in song!!!

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