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Lee Min-ho heads for Los Angeles
by | August 8, 2011 | 518 Comments

javabeans: Hey, have you heard Lee Min-ho is on his way to your neck of the woods?

girlfriday: *drops everything, gives jb full attention*

javabeans: Uh, so, Lee Min-ho is on his way to your neck of the woods. He just hopped on a plane a few hours ago.

girlfriday: OMG, did I finally get through to the powers that be?

javabeans: You’ll have to fight it out with everyone else in LA who just dropped their Monday plans to stalk Lee Min-ho through the (very large, might I add) city.

girlfriday: Koreatown’s not so large. I’m on it.

javabeans: Crap, did I just blow your advantage? Um, I mean, he’s totally on his way to South Dakota!

girlfriday: Right. Koreatown in South Dakota! Totally.

javabeans: So, whatchoo gonna do with/to Lee Min-ho in the full ten seconds you’ll get before you’re forcibly escorted away?

girlfriday: That part’s rated R, but what’s important is how to get close to him. First, I need to go shopping.

javabeans: Only R? I’m disappointed in your lack of creativity.

girlfriday: How’s a girl to get past R in under ten seconds? Time is against me!

javabeans: If you really loved him, you would find a way.

girlfriday: Okay, I’m revising my plans to camp out overnight so that I can sneak attack and get a few extra seconds.

javabeans: Also, you’re gonna have to learn how to outshine/overpower/knock aside Yoona, who’s going with him. Some clothing brand shoot.

girlfriday: Pffft, she’s like a stick.

javabeans: You could take her.

girlfriday: Totally. I’m not above some catfighting.

javabeans: Plus, she’s got that pristine idol star image to uphold. You…are not so burdened.

girlfriday: Right? She can’t fight back. Golden.

javabeans: Maybe you can take a few tips from Myung-wol and save him from an explosion. Then again, you’d need an explosion to save him from…

girlfriday: This is going to a bad place.

javabeans: Uh, I’m not gonna get a call from you asking for bail money, am I? ‘Cause let me tell you right now, I don’t have the cash.

girlfriday: Hey, you owe me, from the time with Yoon Kye-sang at the thing…

javabeans: Shhhh! I’m still keeping on the downlow for that one.

girlfriday: Oh, you’re on the lam are you?

javabeans: It’s all for loooooove. Anyway, his plane lands in the morning. Get your game face on.

girlfriday: Okay, here’s a thought. What if I sacrifice my fifteen seconds of inappropriate contact (I know, it’s very big of me), and I kidnap him instead, so that we can make him star in our version of City Hunter Season 2?

javabeans: Win-win!

girlfriday: I know, right? Though then we’d also have to kidnap the PD. And his crew.

javabeans: First things first. We wouldn’t want to get ahead of ourselves, now would we?

girlfriday: Right. Okay, so how to overpower a guy so tall? Well if Nana Bear managed to slam him over her shoulder, I could too, right?

javabeans: Go for the bum knee.

girlfriday: HA. Not above fighting dirty. I like it.

javabeans: Well, with great risk comes great reward. His risk, our reward.

girlfriday: As long as we’ve got that straight. But then where will we keep him? Will we have to tie him up and feed him and read to him, like Ajusshi did with McCreepy?

javabeans: You ask too many questions. Kidnap first, details later. I’m sure it’ll all work out.

girlfriday: Especially when I’ve worked out all the details, like swapping out a fake identical getaway car under a bridge. It’s foolproof.

javabeans: What could possibly go wrong?

girlfriday: By the by, since I’m doing all the work, hands off my Lee Min-ho.

javabeans: WHO GAVE YOU THE TIP?

girlfriday: I’m the one risking the jailtime!

javabeans: Not if you’re good.

girlfriday: If I get caught, I’m selling you up the river as the mastermind.

javabeans: I can live with that.

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518 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tea

    haha, first !! 😀

    • 1.1 chichaloca

      can i know where jb or gf live? in korea or LA? just want to know..hee

      • 1.1.1 Cynthia


        How is it possible that one guy can look SO HOT all the time?!?!

        The only thing I resent about this post is the inclusion of Yoona. Begone, Yoona! You are but an inconsequential accessory, here. Begone – I find your presence distracting!

        Now, back to my obsessive adulation for all things Min-ho.

        • Venus

          LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cynthia…that WHAT I”M SAYING!!! Yoona who needs HER!!! when all we NEED is LMH …..this post is not helping my CH whithdrawal at all…and here I though I was on the mend….I guess not….

          • Maymay

            OMG! Why did I get this new so late?
            Now even if I book a plane ticket to go to LA, it’ll be too late to meet him. He’ll be gone by then. :(
            I can’t believe I miss my chance to see LMH in person.

            Good luck Girlfriday!
            If you really stalk him, please take some pictures to share with us.

          • corn tea


            Are you guys as frustrated as I am now? He is here in the US yet still miles and miles away—AISHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

          • Maymay

            He finally here in the U.S. and yet here I am stuck here in the blistering heat of Texas.

            So close yet so far! :(

          • Venus

            Heckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhh I’m stuck in the EAST COAST where NOTHING HAPPENS AND NOBODY VISITS!!!….well only NCY…but aishhhhh

        • sosoxrah

          LOL I totally agree. Forget that Yoona. Man… I so wish I could meet Lee Min-ho. One day……..

          • Taber

            I’m on the east coast as while, about a hour from NYC…..I love it…..

        • bluebloodELF

          TRUE. WHO NEEDS HER? Aish. I hate her already and I extra hate her for filming a CF with LMH abroad. :/

      • 1.1.2 olsen

        @ chichaloca

        I’m not sure.

        I have a feeling that GF lives in LA and JB in Seattle :)

        JB used to (or still does, I don’t know) live in LA though.

        If she’s living in LA, won’t she say that LMH is heading their way? Not GF’s way alone..

        :) :)

        btw, don’t ask me why I guess JB lives in Seattle!

        She might ban me from this site!

    • 1.2 nancy


      • 1.2.1 kangling

        Me too!!! I called in sick already. so I have pleeeeenty of time to be a stalker. mmm camera’s ready extra btr and mm card, snack, t shirt sport shoes some water and sanck.. oh The only problem I need to sleep so tomorrow I can start early.. heck should I just camp in the airpot.. hahahaha… so happy. and what the heck is that girl doing there? Dang it!

        • Maymay

          Wow, you are prepared. Good luck tracking down LMH!

  2. doublen

    Who needs Yoona, when there is Lee min ho??? I don’t live in LA or Korea. What a sad life :( But some more beautiful pictures of him!!!

    • 2.1 chichaloca

      i don’t like yoona.. seriously. its not bcause i’m jealous yaa… in snsd i like sooyong..

      • 2.1.1 maria

        i dunno.. maybe it’s because i heard of snsd, i watched bottom of the 9th with 2 outs, first. sooo yeah i kinda hate her with a passion //lol, biased and unjustified. heehee

        but OMG!!!!! i can’t believe i’m on the other side of the world right now when i LITERALLY LIVE 10 MINS AWAY (on foot) from koreatown!! WHYYY WHYYYY i hate life, why are you against me. then again, i was in korea when CH was filming and got to catch a glimpse of him filming near city hall. IT. WAS.CHAOS. OMG.I’D.DO.IT.ALL.OVER.AGAIN.

        brb, catching next flight back home.

        • Maymay

          OMG! You lucky girl! You got to see him in person while he was shooting CH. So Lucky!

  3. xiadfreaky

    lee Min HOT!! Omg omg!! wish I could fly all the way to LA as in now! *drops head* Lee Min Hooooo!

    • 3.1 Beanshee

      For some reason (okay, I know why but it won’t fit here), I have this great urge to fly all the way to LA even though it’s propably closer to Korea from here…

      Also, there are photos of him walking the streets of Prague, which is a 3-hour ride for me(only slightly breaking the speed limit), and nobody is stalking him. I could just conveniently sit somewhere on the route and TALK to him for waaay more then 10 seconds. Like, 45. It’s paradise. Lost.

  4. missthiri

    Wow. I wish i were around to get a picture with him and an autograph… and may be a handshake… 😉 simple wishes…

    cute conversation… keep up good work ladies…
    Happy stalking

  5. olsen


    I’m fighting for air here.

    Lucky GF.

    I’m totally digging the kidnap plan.

    Btw, hiiilllaaarious conversation!

    • 5.1 Venus

      Olsen!!!!!!!!! hugssss…. 😀

      are u OK?…are u breathing?…….

      I know is too much Hotness…

      • 5.1.1 olsen

        @venus dear


        *still fighting for air*

        Just hop on the next plane..

        You owe us – The CH sisters!

    • 5.2 Kiara

      Oh great idea girls, now all I have to do is forward this conversation to the LAPD. You’ll both end up in jail and I’ll get the guy. Muuuuhahahahaha.

      • 5.2.1 Maymay

        LOL Kiara!

        So devious… :)

        But shouldn’t we be helping JB and GF in kidnapping him?
        If I live closer, I would definitely help out in anyway I can in the kidnapping plan.
        LMH will never know what hit him.

        • scarlet

          He’ll be in LA for a week on an open-ended ticket. His fans at DC were saying he might extend his stay after the CF shoot for a short vacation and be back for his fanmeeting in Korea by 20 Aug. You’re not too late to fly over there now :)

          • Fiercediva

            I hope he is taking some meetings about new projects while he’s in town. It would only take one good film for him to become the international star he deserves to be.

          • Venus

            I really hope he can have some downtime and chill and enjoy his stay on Sunny Cal…our boy needs it….

          • Celexa

            Ohhh why couldn’t he just have a fan meeting in LA, I’d hop on a plane for that event!

        • Kiara

          But Im selfish. I want him all to myself lol.

          • kangling

            what are you gonna do with him alone?? 10 minutes enough? cus we’re all lining up too you know?! :)

  6. ro1 salim

    wowwwwwww…i really reallllyyy love it…

  7. Elise

    What the hell are those shoes, Yoona-sshi ?

    • 7.1 tia

      agree. what the heck?!..

    • 7.2 ellie

      Agreed. They’re b-fugly

      • 7.2.1 peony

        lol, i know! as I was scrolling down, it’s like: “nice hair… cute outfit… WTF?”

      • 7.2.2 kytes

        the apparently fugly shoes (and shoes of the kind) are hot in korea.

        • jcl

          She looks cute! I like the shoes & outfit. I never thought Yoonah was all that, but I can see why she’s popular. She’s growing on me!

          • Taber

            OMG that second thing I thought when I saw those boot! The first was “Stylist you fired”

          • peony

            i like her too since she seems nice, but it just kills me when one part of an outfit ruins the whole thing! other than that, shes usually got pretty good style.

          • Maymay

            The shoes are ‘interesting’? 😉

  8. dany

    Ha! So many pictures with Lee Min ho and at the end, that girl, what’s her name again? Oh, well, I don’t even care. Nice plan you’ve got there, girls!

    • 8.1 msim

      Nice plan but our intrepid blogger will have to fight thousands (hundreds if she’s lucky) of girls -and boys- all desperate for a little Lee-Min-love.

      Good luck, wear some roller-derby protective gear, and take pictures!

      • 8.1.1 Maymay

        There was hardly anyone there. No need to put up much of a fight. :)
        Sadly, GF wasn’t there either. :(
        A missed opportunity.

  9. City Hunter Obsessed


    I came to Korea just to see him (…maybe that wasn’t the only reason…but it was a *huge* factor~! :P) and he’s jet-setting all over the world…

    Next, they say he’s going to Australia…just my darn luck that the year I’m not home in the land down under, he’s there D: ffs…

    I am only consoled by the fact I can go to his fan meeting in 2 weeks ^.^

    • 9.1 stratosphere

      umm… is there a way I can go to the fan meeting too?? (I’m in Korea and will be for the next couple of weeks) *crosses fingers*

      • 9.1.1 City Hunter Obsessed

        Only if you’re here on the 20th

        But you have to join his fanclub and pay the 20,000 won joining fee on top of the 22,000 won that is the cost of the ticket…not to mention navigating through a *huge* mountain of Korean…

        • stratosphere

          Darn, the registration period for the meeting ended on July 22. Well, now that I know the website I guess I’ll have to keep checking it if I ever come back to Korea…

        • scarlet

          Aren’t all the fanmeeting tickets sold out in 15 minutes?

          • stratosphere

            Lol that’s probably true too.

  10. 10 beppu10

    Is that Yoona of SNSD?!?

    anyway, was rereading the CH recaps when I saw this! What a great Monday!

  11. 11 Linwe

    NUUUUUUUUU!!! HE WAS MEANT TO COME TO AUSTRALIA!!! T_T *shakes fist at the US* you get him this time grrrrrr…..

    • 11.1 City Hunter Obsessed

      Yes…and he’ll most likely be going to Sydney.

      If he goes to my hometown of Melbourne, I’m gonna contemplate some drastic measures….

  12. 12 jyyjc

    PFFTT i love how there’s only picture of yoona at the very end XD

  13. 13 Elina

    Lee Min-Ho and Yoona to LA, Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee to Taipei…

    The cuties rating of Korea is going down by the day.

    • 13.1 muggledore

      Bigbang boys went to New Zealand ’bout a week ago too~~

      What’s up with the outing guys???

      • 13.1.1 corn tea

        To escape a land that’s to prone to accidents these days.

        • Maymay


          So true…so many accidents over there.
          Also rain and flooding.

    • 13.2 Liss

      GASP!!! why is Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee going to Taipei? are they still promoting My Princess?
      Please let that be the case, if not my week just got off to a VERY dreary start = /

  14. 14 LimaKid

    AAAHHH! I literally live 2 minutes from Koreatown…But I’m out of town for the next week.

    The one time I leave LA, LMH comes to town. This is my life, folks.

  15. 15 girlatsea

    *drops everything and hopes on a plane to LA*

    I can dream, right?

  16. 16 echan

    hehe…he looks like Wu Chun at some of the abv pics…. Or its just me…. No prob, he just so cool…..

    • 16.1 Maymay

      Wu Chun…nope! Don’t see it!

  17. 17 Joy

    Im going to LAX, im hoping to see him …. Weeee.

    • 17.1 Celexa

      Let us know how it went!!! lucky you!

      • 17.1.1 Christina

        Forreal! I’m visiting LA for the week which gives me ample time to stalk him! But I have no idea what his plans are.. except for the rockclimbing photoshoot or something.

    • 17.2 lot_lot

      Yeah you saw him, but how about telling your friends who were standing next to you by the exit, kekeke

    • 17.3 Algebraic

      OH. GOOOOD. I’m going to LAX too this Friday. Hopefully he’ll still be within stalking radius…!

  18. 18 jossy

    he’s coming to Sydney? ugh But I moved to Brisbane! T.T TT_TT … fml can he just come see me in Auckland maybe? I missed BigBang by mere minutes when they were in akl.. and I’m still crying about Tabi~
    JB GF you two crackup me up :)
    totally loving the Lee Min Hot pic spam, and the lonesome pic of yoona is extra crackup!

    • 18.1 City Hunter Obsessed

      Be glad you can take a 1 hour flight there…

      Guess I’m not the only one who’s banging their heads on a desk saying “why this year??” huh?

  19. 19 Big Unni

    To…far…to….get…to….feeling…energy…fall…aw..w….w..*collapses* WHY CAN”T GOING TO LA THIS WEEK?!*falls back to ground*lol:)

    • 19.1 Big Unni

      I go….sorry:)

  20. 20 pepermint.tea

    You had me at “she’s like a stick”

    • 20.1 Maymay

      Yeah, taking down Yoona will be no problem at all. :)

      • 20.1.1 Quiescent

        LOL, but Yoona is known to be the strongest SNSD member. Her surname is Im but fans call her Him (Strong/Strength) 😛 So taking her down is not as easy at seems.

        • Venus

          so wait we have to beat 2 women in order to get LMH Bear Nana and Yoona?….Girls who is Judo Master here ?….we need one ASAP……

          • Maymay

            Oh, come on. I’m sure with all the fan-girls, we can totally take on Yoona and any one else for that matter.
            Nothing can keep us from our LMHot!

            Remember all the fangirls vs. Myung-wol. :)
            We can do it guys!

          • Celexa

            I got my hair clip ready! 😉 lol

  21. 21 rich

    Love the conversation!! XD If you need extra hand, count me in. =))

  22. 22 Raine

    hahaha your conversation cracks me up XD

  23. 23 Maho

    Hmm…to drop all plans that day and stock Lee Mi Ho? School isn’t that important like really what would I learn class hat day anyway…see I just convinced myself to hop on the train and head downtown.

    • 23.1 Maho

      Maybe go Jang Miri on his ass and catch him and share with Dramabeans readers…so many ideas rolling around and I don’t even dig LMH that much.

  24. 24 Z

    Lee Min Ho may be on my list of superstars who I don’t necessarily want to meet just because he is almost more awkward and dorky than he is hot. And I love me some awkward and dorky, but when you juxtapose it with super-hot my brain gets confused.

    • 24.1 Z

      Also, it’s hard to get a good look at Yoona in that picture but it seems she’s grown up a lot in the last couple of years. I first saw her in You Are My Destiny (before I discovered the vast superiority of mini-series of daily drama) and she looked like she was 15 years old.

      • 24.1.1 Maho

        Yeah I know what you mean about Yoona I always found her way too skinny and she’s pretty tall so she looked awkward but in the last few years it seems that she grew out o her awkward phase and turned out rather nice.

  25. 25 savelatin

    man, I wish I were in L.A.

    girlfriday, I totally support your plan. It’s for the greater good of City Hunter Season 2!

  26. 26 Ace

    Got a vision of “Misery” when I read the words ‘kidnap’ & ‘basement’… You know I’m all for the kidnap-plan-so-we’ll-have-City-Hunter-Season-2, but please don’t hurt my/our/everyone else’s Lee Min Hot. Though if it’s hurting in a good way, I also want my turn at the R-rated plans. 😉

    • 26.1 Maymay

      Wonder if GF will really share LMH with us. 😉

      • 26.1.1 Venus

        uhmmmmm **whispers** Maymay I don’t think so …GF most probably can kick our benhind….. :p

  27. 27 nheony

    DAMN IT!! DAMN IT!! WHY DID I HAVE TO MOVE TO CHICAGO!!! Girlfriday… I’m willing to be your lackey… I’ll keep my hands off LMH… I just need to see his face. Should I send you a resume and complete list of previous.. err *jobs”? I’m even willing to tackle Yoona for you… and jump on the next plane to LA (wait when does he land again??! drats!!)

  28. 28 TiaC

    Alright ladies. So I can totally help with your City Hunter 2.0 scheme if you are willing to put him on a plane and send him to the east coast. I’m staying with family who live pretty close to MIT, so if you wanted to shoot some flashbacks from his student days, I’ve got you covered. I’m just going to need five minutes with him alone, or even sixty seconds if that’s all you are willing to share.

  29. 29 Mia

    Is it just me…….is this REALLY lee min ho? i have been looking for the real lee min ho of ‘Boys Over Flower’ but….but…. this city hunter guy’s face is too bloated and that hair style did nothing for him at all.

    Check out this clip to see what i mean !


    • 29.1 Birdie

      I see what you mean after watching that clip to compare. His face is more bloated,even the cheeks are bigger. I ,too prefer his looks in BOF and right after.

    • 29.2 scarlet

      I think he has grown some flesh on his face since BOF times. But to be fair, press pictures ALWAYS puff up his face, for some reasons. His fanpics are much better. And really, all those who have seen him in person (I’ve seen him 3 times when he came to my country) swear that his face was not bloated at all. In fact he’s like 10000000X better looking in flesh than in pictures or on screen. Pictures do him no justice at all.

      • 29.2.1 Maymay

        So lucky! You’ve seen in person!
        Yeah, I also heard he is better looking in person.

      • 29.2.2 olsen

        Please pardon my french, but where the hell do you live and what good have you done to see him in the flesh THREE times??

        seriously though, you’re sooo sooo very lucky :)

        Did u at least take good pictures?

        Again, you are one lucky girl :)

        • olsen

          The above post is for Scarlet (as if it’s not obvious enough)

      • 29.2.3 Mia

        Errr….. his face is CONSISTENTLY bloated in City Hunter and it is such a waste, sigh ~ B’ cause lee min ho has one of the most beautiful faces around and with his built and height….. need i say more ?

        Have read some news that he was in some serious car accident ( the first one right after BOF) and was bed-riddden for quite a spell and his weight balloned. The interview he gave after his recup showed that he had gained at least 20 lbs but he did slim down for Personal Prefrence. Then he balloned again after that drama, gaining 35 lbs !!!

        He seemed to put on mainly on his face though!

        And the report that he practically lived on junk food and sodas after his success does give some credence why his complexion is sooo pasty and rough.

        Ohh….. such a pity….. he’s so cute and a sight to behold in BOF and he acts good too ( though i can’t say the same thing about his cast-mates’ acting in BOF).

        Another clip of the beautiful LMH ( BOF days) :


  30. 30 EJ

    waeee!! why am I on the opposite side of the country!?! WAEEEE!! Lee Min ho shhi~ come back to NYC!! 😛

  31. 31 Arhazivory

    The LA airport will be full today, with lots of people who are not travelling. *sighs* This wouldve been a good time to take my vacation. :(

    • 31.1 omg

      yoona will probably think that the fans are for her…however they’re all for LEE MIN HO!!!

  32. 32 stardust

    hahahaa so funny girls! go for it!! i wont be able to keep my hands off him for sure hahaha
    heard some news that the last episode of city hunter had script changes due to the massive storm /rain in seoul during time of shooting. Apparently the scripts are out on the official sites. JB/GF do check it out! i cant read korean for nuts!

    Apparently The ending was supposed to end with yoon seung starting out his detective shop (! as per your wish for season2 ) oogling at girls but getting his shoulder over back slam dunk by nana in the process..somewhat to parallel what goes on in the comic city hunter.

    damn the rain, would have been fun to see that ending. not too sure the authencity of the news above though..

  33. 33 ck1Oz

    Hang on everyone is here coommenting…but no one lives in LA?

    OMG…I need to go hunt for the LA kids from viki to go stalk him.He’s there a week.Surely one of you live in LA and is willing to stalk him :-)

    • 33.1 nancy

      tell me where in la???
      i’ll drive wherever just to see him!!!
      i love living in LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!

  34. 34 Ida

    isn’t it just telling of JB and GF’s love for LMH that they put up LOADZZA pics of him…? and as 1 reminder of the harsh reality of who he’s going with, they put up only 1 last pic of yoon.. lol.

    • 34.1 Kasie J.

      Haha, I just noticed that! *scrolls up to confirm*



      I can only imagine the chaos LA will receive from fan girls. Good luck to everyone who is planning to stalk! 😉

  35. 35 anotheraddict

    What?! Only 15 pix of Lee Min Holy shit, he’s gorgeous!?And in the one in which he’s smiling directly at me, some woman’s damn camera phone is partially obscuring his face? And he’s not even in the last shot? (Doncha know you’re supposed to save the best for last?) No fair! I want my money back! Oh, wait………

    And GF, I, too, am disappointed in your lack of creativity. If you really loved him, you’d find a way to conduct your sneak attack overnight— think extra hours, not extra seconds! And whatever you end up doing with/to him, be sure it includes giving him a flashdrive that contains a kick ass proposal for City Hunter 2. Or City Hunter: LA (I’m sure you and JB could make it work– after all, Ajusshi and Long-Lost-Mom are already over here….).

    All kidding aside, your hilarious banter + scrumptious eye candy = a great way to start off my week. Kamsahamnida!

    • 35.1 Lahlita

      Bwahahaha! I thought Lee Min-Ho My God and Lee Min-HOT were fantastic, but I’m thinking Lee Min-Holy shit, he’s gorgeous!? is the best name ever. I’m going to use a truncated form of that from now on. Props and internets to you, anotheraddict! Props and internets to you!

      • 35.1.1 anotheraddict

        Lahlita! You’re one of my favorite commenters and you’ve amused me countless times– I’m so glad to be able to return the favor at least once!

  36. 36 Elizabeth

    hahah, the conversation is so funny! its great to have a friend to share korean drama/gossips with!

    WHATS with the yoon kye sang thing? pray tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37 Tash

    I’m sure we can gather enough money for your bail if either/both of you get caught!

    It’s for the greater good 😉

    • 37.1 anotheraddict

      Yeah, that’s the least we Beanies can do.

    • 37.2 Celexa

      someone start the “get out of jail” fund for GF and JB!! lol I’ll pitch in more if they post pics/videos of LMH in captivity!

  38. 38 Venus

    HOLY CRAPPPP!!!!!!!! ..**jumps on the next plane** direct flight from Boston to LAX!!!!!! …..**gets on stalker mode**….Mission: His Royal Hontness is ON!!!!!….damnnnnn he loooks soooo good….and rested…

    I only have 1 complain on this GF/JB why do we need a pic Yoona at the end?…I mean this post is ALL ABOUT LMH…who needs her anyway….and she needs to eat a burger, just saying.

    **on NIJA mode** STALKING LMH…. 😛 😛

    • 38.1 olsen

      “she needs to eat a burger”


      • 38.1.1 Maymay

        Maybe her fans will buy her one. :)

  39. 39 Lahlita

    Well, with great risk comes great reward. His risk, our reward.

    Oh, my effing God, JB, I died laughing at that one. I hereby declare that to be the best sentence ever written. Girlfriday, PLEASE get your Lee Min-HOT on, for all of the noonas on the East Coast who can’t afford to fly into LAX for the sole purpose of stalking that hot piece of boy/man-meat. And yes, City Hunter 2 needs to happen yesterday, so when you see him, you can be all, “Yah, uri Minho-yah! City Hunter 2 [insert Korean here]!”

    Get it, get it, get it, get it, Get It, Get It, GET IT!

    • 39.1 Lahlita

      Javabeans, serious question:

      Do you have pull with the Korean media in terms of extending Hallyu to the States? Your blog is the premier English-language K-drama blog (don’t be modest, we both know this is the case), and I’ve noticed that PDs will sometimes extend you specials to pass on to your readers, like coupons to get in to see a Korean movie at a reduced price in LA. So they obviously know of you. Do you see yourself scoring interviews with Korean actors when they come Stateside? It would be an amazing opportunity for everyone involved (especially for Lahlita, holla!).

      I mean, all this joking about accosting/assaulting Lee Min-ho at the airport is hilarious, but I bet that you could totally get an interview with him next time he’s in the States if you contacted his agency.

      Unless … you’re totally interviewing him this time around and you’re going to surprise us???

      • 39.1.1 Elina

        Javabeans, Girlfriday, you should definitely think about getting some exclusive worldwide interviews.

      • 39.1.2 Danna

        That would be aaahmazing…i was just gonna ask/beg/implore GF to post details if she does get a chance to meet him

        • mykdramaself

          i think and i’d like to believe that the GF and Javabeans kidnapping could actually be a true interview with LMH. That would be so amazing!

  40. 40 tonks42

    I was cracking up the whole time I`m reading the conversation….

    The whole scheme for kidnapping was epic…I am totally buying it…

    I remember having this same conversation with my fG friends everytime we talked about our fav. kpop group…

  41. 41 TammieR

    Ahahaha…. I just told my hubby that one of my ICOMYM was going to be in Koreatown today and he said, “Looks like you need to go visit your daughter…” (she lives a block from Koreatown) Does my hubby rock or what!?!?!?

    *SIGH* If only I could get out of going to work, I would SOOO be there in full stalking mode. I’d probably die of a heart attack if I actually saw him, so perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m stuck here…

  42. 42 Ladymoonstone143

    Why LA? Come to Texas!!! I wish I am vacationing in LA right now. I can’t just drop everything and tell hubby I desperately needed to visit friends in LA at such a short notice..:((( Bummer…….

    BUT I jumped for joy last night because CIty Hunter is streaming on Netflix………YAY for the goodnews. I can see LMH face now on a big screen than on the laptop….:)))

    • 42.1 Maymay

      Yes, please come to Texas.

      City Hunter is now on Netflix?
      Gotta to check it out. Thanks!

      • 42.1.1 Lahlita

        Yep, City Hunter is now on Netflix Instant Watch, but so far it’s only available up to episode 10. I hope Netflix uploads the last ten episodes soon.

      • 42.1.2 corn tea

        Ditto! We have some many good hiding places in Texas! If all fails, we can smuggle him to Mexico for a few days!

        And ladies, with the scorching heat in Texas right now, I betcha our City Hunter won’t mind spending time by the pool. LMH, swimming pool, water…I will get the sun screen ready…

        BTW, CH is on hulu too.

        • Maymay

          Oh corn tea, I like your idea. The Texas heat will force LMH out of his shirt. It’s too hot here for anything but swimwear.

          LMH with water…LMH in the pool…LMH wet and water dripping down his…hmmmm

          We need to find a fountain quickly for him to play in too. :)

  43. 43 Squeeeeeee

    Darn it!!! I’m on the east coast. Is it too late to book a flight?

  44. 44 eva

    your conversations are hilarious!! hahahhahaa

  45. 45 Jomo

    “javabeans: If you really loved him, you would find a way.”

    Does that make GF a genuine second lead in this story?

    • 45.1 maria

      you mean, given that I’M the first lead? *bats eyelashes of truth*

  46. 46 babomori

    I’ve seen him up close, face to face @ the airport. Could’ve grabbed him if not for security. He’s really tall (considering that I’m tall for girls- 5ft 7in). He’s got really skinny legs. Plus he has good complexion though a really huge face…yes I was that close.

    That’s right! I was stalking at the airport when he came into town with a long-sleeved t-shirt with the words ” License to Kill” printed on it.

    Embarrassing moment? I was caught on a gossip magazine with my full awkward disguise. Thank goodness I disguised myself well. I’ve sweared off stalking Korean stars. He was my first and last.

    • 46.1 Venus


      ok we need that you give us the downlow here?..plzzzz….so he is gorgeuous for real?…I mean that a crazy question, but I need details….. super lucky you…..

      • 46.1.1 babomori

        Yes, I saw him. He was all smiley & all. It was when he came to Singapore for an Etude event. I’m proud to say I was one of the first to be there at the airport. Had muscle aches the day after due to all the girls at the back pushing me….heehee.

    • 46.2 Celexa

      bamboori.. why would you disguise yourself? i’d want him to see ME!

      i’ve run into mexican novela stars at the airport too.. they are much more handsome in person! and they smell soooo good too!!

      • 46.2.1 babomori

        He did see him and smiled at me or rather in the direction of the group of us girls but I’m not comfortable with my face being in a gossip magazine.

    • 46.3 Elina

      He’s 6ft 1in.
      Still taller than me :) I’m 5ft 9in

  47. 47 dolly

    min ho oppa come to malaysia please..

  48. 48 obivia

    “Plus, she’s got that pristine idol star image to uphold. You…are not so burdened.”

    Hahahahahah. That’s what friends are for, I guess!

    Yes to City Hunter 2!!! Petition, anyone?

    • 48.1 Elina

      I’ll sign it.

      • 48.1.1 olsen

        me too!

  49. 49 mems

    LOL, you guys are a hoot. (But seriously GF, do it do it do it!)

    When I saw the title of the post, I thought it was gonna be about LMH’s new Hollywood project (didn’t someone come from tinsel town to see him during CH’s shooting?)

    • 49.1 maria

      yeah no seriously, GF, please please do it?? or, apart from the banter, are you actually above doing something like this?? please tell me some of these plans are (well, bananas) and are actually going to be set in motion!! i will worship you forevaaah!

  50. 50 Cam

    LOL at their conversation between JB & GF ^__^

    GEEZ! LEE MIN HO & YOONA WILL BE ON WAY TO LA??!!!! Oh man, I wish I could live there & I’d be truly HAPPY to see them, hugs them, and take the autograph from them, heh! THIS is my WANTED dream…….(sobs) I really want to meet them so badly!!!

    ……..(fall on the floor & distract looks & starts to close my eyes)……WWWAAAAA WWAAAAA!!!!

    • 50.1 rockee

      I know. So close, yet so far! It’s like BOF again. Except my LMH swooning have reached up to a thousandth, wait, make that a millionth degree ‘cuz of his City Hunter-ness. Okay, drooling over. *slaps face* Back to reality.

  51. 51 Dramabeans Reader

    I was feeling a little down just now but in the process of reading this I started laughing…thanks guys! The so-called conversation has cheered me up! It was hilarious & nicely written. Some of the comments were just as fun & enjoyable to read.

    Yeah was a bit excited with the idea that he was reported to come my way, just god knows where but Sydney is not as cold as Melbourne, so was really hoping they’d come down under but nope…ah well, I hope to see a lot of pics & shares of interesting, funny report on the kidnapping! 😛

  52. 52 jane

    ASDFGHJKL; he’s flawless. I’ll date him anytime, like seriously is he even human. soooo good looking. *__*

  53. 53 samgetang

    LOL! 15 pics of LMH against 1 pic of Yoona! Haha! You guys are so funny :-)

  54. 54 yogic

    How about City Hunter: Wild Wild West?

    Not that I really live in the wild west… but it was the only way I could think of justifying moving City Hunter to Texas. Since the state of Texas is rather large, I should clarify and say that the scenes should be shot in the Austin area (we are pretty much the coolest city in Texas anyways, and I’ve lived in both Dallas and Houston). We have lots of great things in Austin- a large university (plus other many other smaller ones), a great nightlife, great music, awesome Tex-Mex, strong margaritas, nice people and enough quirkiness amongst the city to sort of make up for the rest of the state. I’m pretty sure the City Hunter could find crimes to solve in our city. Heck, I’ll even let them play up the hokeyness of the wild west and horses and cowboys, even though we don’t really have much of that here, as long as I get to take Lee Min-ho around for a tour :D.

    • 54.1 Celexa

      I’ll take him on a tour of ” The Streets of Laredo” .. he could be a great City Hunter here! fighting all the drug lords and crooked cops * ok.. that’s across the river in Nuevo Laredo* but it’s still close enough for him to defend us from all the evil guys!

      I’m in TEXAS too… I’d like to see him in a korean version of Cowboys and Aliens… like “The Good, The Bad, and The Weird”! I loved that movie!

      • 54.1.1 corn tea

        Oh…LMH in full on cowboy outfit…the best part is the tight wrangle jeans that hug his you know what…

        • Venus

          LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Corn Tea!!!! hugsss missed you….omg my mind just went down deep into the gutter…..

        • Celexa

          Lee Byung-Hun – The Bad and Jung Woo-Sung – The Good looked sooo hot in cowboy hats, tight jeans and boots…. and i’m not into the ‘kicker’ look!

          • corn tea

            Celexa, LMH is going to play the weird part? BTW, Seeing the word “kicker” made me laugh out loud.

          • Celexa

            ohh noo corn tea…
            i was just imagining/drooling over LMH in cowboy get up…

            the other two actors totaly rocked it in “the good, the bad and the weird” it’s an awesome Kmovie!

          • Maymay

            Lee Min Ho as a cowboy… :) :) :)

        • Maymay

          I’m trying so hard to stay cool in this heat, but your post is not helping.

          Stay cool, take mind our of gutter, stay cool!

  55. 55 scarlet

    Oh please please JB or GF could you please translate some of the articles released today on his press interview on 5 Aug??? In it he mentioned, amongst many others, about the possibility of a CH season2??? I mean just some days back PD Jin Hyuk was quoted as saying CH2 is only possible IF LMH is agreeable… So does it mean we are inching closer now???

  56. 56 Gaeina Lee

    Ahahaha~ can’t stop LOL-ing… what a hillarious-brilliant conversation ladies..

    GF: go shopping then kidnap your LMH as JB said “kidnap first details later, it’ll all work out”…

    Fighting! :)

  57. 57 b

    girlfriday, I’m in LA, so I’m available to drive the getaway car. Just say the word. Or text me “XYZ”.

    • 57.1 Maymay

      Yes, let’s form a City Huntress group just to kidnap the City Hunter. :)

      • 57.1.1 corn tea

        we can form an underground alliance in which we can move LMH across the country from west to east to dodge the authorities.

        • Celexa

          I’m in for the underground alliance…
          Like the N.Korean’s sending in Myong Wol, we’ll kidnap him from the Koreans and keep him here for the good of the US citizens!

          • Venus

            LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg I’m loving this plan already…..I’m sure Ajussi is going to love the cross country trip ..I foresee many shopping trips…

          • Maymay



            Love your idea. Let’s kidnap him for the good of the U.S. citizens!
            The U.S. definitely need a Hallyu star.

  58. 58 lovedramas

    omg!!! haha… my hubby is on his way to LA right now for business from the east coast. Any way that I can convince him to stalk them – ok… he totally wouldn’t do that, however, if he happened upon the commotion in the airport – he would definitely snap a photo. Hehe… so funny. Anyways – have fun LA peeps! :) Truthfully, even if he came to NYC, I’m not the “find him in the airport” type. But still… LMH, come to NY!

  59. 59 fiercediva

    Noonas, I feel your pain. I was in Toronto on business when Lee Min Ho was in my hometown during New York fashion week last year :( Also, dorky hotness is 10 times hotter than standard hotness because it is so damn endearing.

  60. 60 ___

    LOL!!!! xD Dangit! Why do I live in San Diego?! Shoot, I need to move back to LA. I totally would have stalked… erm welcomed him into the US.

    • 60.1 hapacalgirl

      I live in San Diego too! lol. You could still stalk him since LA is really only two hours away.

      • 60.1.1 ___

        LOL, true that, but I have class and work today!! T____T For shame!

        • hapacalgirl

          I have work too T____T. If only he would take a nice little trip here. A girl can only wish.

      • 60.1.2 a

        I live in San Diego too, damn this weather today… maybe they’ll take a mini trip down here? oh la la… a girl can wish…

  61. 61 YBisTOP

    OMO, why is my boyfriend//future husband going there? I’M NOT THERE! lol. He looks so cute!

  62. 62 BeyondHope

    I hear the Southeast is nice this time of year, apart from the raging heat that is…he should stop by. I’d be more than happy to give him a personal tour of the “area” and it’s surroundings. Damn. Seriously, I’d give up part of my soul (and some other stuff thrown in for good measure) if he would just hop on another plane (sans Yoona *blech*) and head out this way.

  63. 63 tinatot

    hahaha. love love love your banters! :)
    go girlfriday! FIGHT for minho oppa’s love or body? hahaha.

  64. 64 sweetspring

    ok how about another option in the masterplan to kidnap LMH (for his sake too! we can totally concoct a much cooler CH season 2 story where LMH will find the time to have a long showers with *ahem* alot of close ups) & he’ll totally be getting calls from Hollywood thanks to our brilliance & be indebted to the dramabeans community forever & ever…
    but first, to kidnap that tall wonder of a man- i suggest trip him with some see through rope (he’s proven before he’s too tall to see where he’s next step is so this may be easy) while we assemble an army of CH fans to distract his minders.
    since DB & GF gave us all these LMH treats they have the honor of sitting on him while someone ties him up. then we may have to stuff him into a surfing board bag & transport him to some kickass studio to start work on city hunter 2. i’m in charge of wardrobe :)

    • 64.1 Corn tea

      i suggest trip him with some see through rope (he’s proven before he’s too tall to see where he’s next step is so this may be easy) —– too funny!

    • 64.2 Maymay

      Haha :)

      I see you still remember his ‘trip’ on the red carpet. :)
      The ‘adorkable’ boy is so clumsy. :)

  65. 65 maricor102

    LOL- it’s funny how you have like a “million” pics of LMH and then you have like ONE pic of Yoona..
    Too bad he’s not in my side of town..
    Girlfriday- fighting!!! go get MIN HO! lol

  66. 66 J

    LMAO @ all the pictures LMH but one pic of Yoona.

    • 66.1 venus

      uhmmm yeah Yoona who?…… 😛 😀

  67. 67 Tarits

    I live in Korea town. From the airport, am sure he will head to his hotel. Now, which hotel? And then dine in a k restauant, Now, which k restaurant? And which exact location will be shoot the CF? I am willing to leave work early just to stalk him. Question is – K town is also big. I am in the center of K town so I will make my radar start working. Hope I get lucky! For sure he will go to Rodeo Drive to shop. Or the big shopping outlets.

    • 67.1 hapacalgirl

      Well from what I read they are looking for places where they can do rock climbing for the eider shoot, so think nature-ish places or places with a rock climbing wall. I am surprised they didn’t go to northern california where there is more nature type places.

      As for downtime your guesses are probably close if not right on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Min Ho ends up at the Grove during his time here.

      • 67.1.1 sophie

        I know, right?

        LMH wearing Eider in a forest of redwood trees…
        LMH wearing Eider at Yosemite NP…
        LMH wearing Eider at Lake Tahoe…
        LMH wearing Eider and climbing the wild Pacific coast…
        = beautiful!
        (and well… closer to me!)

        • hapacalgirl

          I love Yosemite (the last time I went there was to hike up half dome). I really need to go there again and do some hiking and Lake Tahoe is so gorgeous. I need to make a trip to northern cali one of these days.

    • 67.2 Princess61

      I work 15 minutes from K-town. I wonder if there are any tweets on Twitter (I follow L.A./Korean-based Twitterers). K-Town is huge–he can be anywhere! If he shops in K-Town, I bet he’ll hit KTP which is upscale. Hotel? There are too many possibilities.

      Hahaha! I just tweeted @Koreatown on Twitter and said, “Word is that Lee Min Ho is en route to L.A. as we speak. Any news on why he’s making a visit here?” We’ll see if I get a response.

      • 67.2.1 hapacalgirl

        Min Ho and Yoona are here in the states to do a photoshoot for Outdoors korean brand Eider in which they are the current spokescouple for (the previous spokespeople were Jang Hyuk and Chun Jung Myung). They are apparently doing a rock climbing type photoshoot so I have no idea why they came to LA of all places.

      • 67.2.2 mimioka

        Do you think he’ll be staying at a hotel near Koreatown?

  68. 68 Mel

    ahhh did anyone see him this morning? I live in San Diego, would it be too crazy to consider making the 2 hour drive to LA?! girlfriday I can help you!

    • 68.1 hapacalgirl

      You are from SD too? there is quite a few of us on this thread today.

      • 68.1.1 Mel

        haha yeah, probably all contemplating if we should make the drive up to LA or not, but he’s here all week right? so we have time 😀

        • mimioka

          I’m from SD too and as soon as I found out about the news the night before, I was so frustrated! I was pretty much dying at work coz danggg, How often does LMH come to the US and be soooo close yet so far away? Goodness! I hope someone posts his whereabouts because I am willing to stalk him! I’m planning to go to La on Fri and take my chances! haha. all SD-based fans out there, we should all go! haha

  69. 69 scarlet

    Oh by the by, according to news report today, Daddy Jin Pyo will arrive in LA a few days later and son LMH is gonna join him for a meal. May as well kidnap him too! But then, he’s officially dead right? Unless you’ve you’ve got a daddy ghost part for him in your version of CH2??

    • 69.1 shin mi rae

      oh, we can always come up with some reason for jin pyo to show up.. a whole lot of flashbacks, or he didnt really die and the bad president fixed him as payback, or he is jin pyo’s twin lost at birth (oooooowwwww, dont we have our first birth secret)…

      wait, i have more birth secret ideas… how about nana’s real father is jin pyo. both fathers were presidential guards so its possible there was some interaction all those years ago???

    • 69.2 Maymay

      So the hot Daddy will be there also?
      We need a better plan girls. Now we need to kidnap both of them.

      • 69.2.1 venus

        omo Daddy also……yeah I agree we need better plan…I mean I don’t want Daddy to slah me with his cane sword……. 😛 I need to be alive to be with LMHOT…

  70. 70 theedie

    I’m in LA, I can totally be back up for GF. I can drive the getaway car or something 😀

  71. 71 hapacalgirl

    I am almost tempted to go up to LA ( I live only 2 hours south of it). Lucky people in Los Angeles, I mean how often does LMH come to the U.S.

  72. 72 laos7

    Seriously, the girl that will get him in real life is going to be one of the luckiest girls on this planet.
    Who would want anything else if you’ve Lee Min Hot? *___*

  73. 73 shin mi rae

    Just want to share. His prettiness Lee Min Ho is currently my desktop background. A very pretty snapshot from City Hunter. (which is currently my latest hobby, clicking snapshots of Lee Min Ho from my City Hunter videos….) Anyways, my 74 year old grandmother passed by and saw my computer screen. She stopped. Looked at my screen… and said, “Is that a real person??? He is so handsome.” Knowing my love of korean actors, she goes on to add, “Is he Korean??? Really handsome guy.”

    What can I say… there is really no age barrier in appreciating his prettiness, Lee Min Ho….

    Oh yeah, lets kidnap him for City Hunter 2. Are we auditioning for the role of love interest / leading lady???? When is the casting call????

    • 73.1 shin mi rae

      oh yeah, the same grandma, we played some sort of celebrity match-off. so i showed her pictures of korean actors from my ipad. rule is I show her 2 pics and she pics who she likes more. then the winner of the previous round competes in the next round with a new actor. so here it goes:
      round 1: cha seung won (athena badass pic) versus hyun bin… winner, hyun bin.
      round 2: Hyun bin versus Kim Nam Gil (in his Bidam attire)… winner, Kim Nam Gil (Sorry Hyun Bin)…
      round 3: Kim Nam Gil versus Song Seung Hun (My Princess)…. winner, Song Seung Hun.
      round 4: Song Seung Hun (in my Ipad) versus Lee Min Ho (on my desktop background)…. winner, his prettiness Lee Min Ho

      I think I have a competitor for Lee Min Ho in the house..

      • 73.1.1 Maymay

        Sound fun!
        Your grandma got good taste!

      • 73.1.2 sara

        your grandmother must be young or? my grandmother would say: I only love my dead man

  74. 74 lovenyc52

    hahaha your conversations… they are epic <3

    btw – i'm gonna camp out in ktown now too.. it's like a 3-block area :)

  75. 75 Celexa

    OMG OMG OMG!!! he’s in the US!!!!!! SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR AWAY!!!

    • 75.1 corn tea

      that’s exactly how i feel.

      • 75.1.1 Maymay

        Me too!!!!!!!!

        It sucks that the three of us are stuck here in Texas.

        • corn tea

          yup, in this infernal-god-forsaken-scorching-hot-no-rain-in-sight-dying-vegetation place. i want to go to LA. wam.wam. .wam.wam.wam.wam.wam

          • Maymay


            :) :) :)

          • Celexa

            hahaha…. we even had a community rain dance downtown… but no rain :(

  76. 76 Marle

    This is hilarious! I’m digging the kidnap plan.

  77. 77 otnas

    Ah, the feminine jealousy of the lovely and talented Yoona once again rears it’s haggish face. Having seen all of their drama works, it should be clear to even the most jaded of minds that Yoona’s ability as an actress far outstrips Minho’s as an actor… :)

    • 77.1 qwerty8

      I love Yoona more than I love LMH, but I have to disagree on your last sentence…

    • 77.2 Lahlita

      I was trying to figure out if you were being sarcastic, then I realized that it didn’t matter, because however you meant it, I find it HILARIOUS. Thanks for the giggles.

      I know nothing of Yoona, and care naught for her, although I’m sure she’s lovely. But as for Lee Min-ho, one thing is clear: I would climb that man like a California Redwood. God DAMN.

      • 77.2.1 Celexa

        Lahlita! your ” I would climb that man like a California Redwood” is my thoughts exactly!

        and you’re also right….this thread was about LMH… yoona just got a courtesy shot!

      • 77.2.2 Lahlita

        LOL. I just put my post into Google Translate from English to Korean, and then back to English, and this is what it spat out:

        However, because it means you are being sarcastic and if you have to figure out, well, he realized that it does not matter, I find the very funny. Hehe Thanks.

        Yoona lovely, but I’m sure she’s nothing, and she does not know the medical naked. However, Lee Min-ho, for one thing is clear: I am going to climb him like a California Redwood. Damn it.

        L.O.L. What the eff is “medical naked”? Well, whatever it is, apparently Yoona does not know it. At least Google Translate never messed up on my fact that Lee Min-Holy Shit will be climbed like a Redwood. Mm-hmm.

    • 77.3 bunny

      Yoona might be the worst actress ever. lol. you’re kidding, right…?

    • 77.4 Maymay


      You must be joking right?

      • 77.4.1 venus

        LMAOOOOOOOOO OMG I hope for alll dramagod sakes u are just being sarcastic as hell…..cause if you are not you need to only watch Cinderealla Man to know that Yoona doesn’t can even compare to LMH acting….so yeah Yoona who?… 😛

    • 77.5 hapacalgirl

      I think I just spit out my water when I read that. You are joking right? Yoona is a far better actress than a singer thats for sure but she is far from even being on Min Ho’s level in regards to acting ability. Honestly from his age group Min Ho is one of the best from this generation of newbie actors. I thought Yoona was decent in Cinderella’s man and 9ends2outs, but she was awkward as heck in YAMD. She has the potential but is too focused on SNSD (blame SME for that) to really work on that potential.

      Did you not see Min Ho’s acting in BOF or City Hunter?

    • 77.6 ___


      • 77.6.1 peony

        haha sorry, i really like yoona, but her acting is just… not bad, but not good. not terrible enought to bash/laugh at, but not good or noticeable enough to care.

  78. 78 qwerty8

    LOL I always love your conversations! <3

    I saw one of the photoshoot BTS video earlier, and I have to admit that LMH and Yoona looks so good together!

    By the way girls, Yoona's nickname is 힘Yoona and 악어Yoona… you don't want to mess with her lol

    • 78.1 Celexa

      qwerty8… what do her korean nicknames translate to?

      • 78.1.1 qwerty8

        It literally translates to “Strong Yoona” and “Alligator Yoona”. lol this thin girl can break 10 chopsticks in one go!

        • Maymay


          I like her a little more now. :)

        • Celexa

          lol… we’ll be a little more cautious.. but she still can’t take on the LMH fan mob! :)

  79. 79 shin mi rae

    Are you referring to Yoona of Cinderella Man??? compared to his prettiness Lee Min Ho??? Did you watch City Hunter? I was no fan of Lee Min Ho and his acting skills until City Hunter… Sorry, I was too bored with Cinderella Man (and irritated with Yoona (if that is her) to finish it.) My Kwon Sang Woo fix is better served with Stairway to Heaven (with Choi Ji Woo) or Daemul (with her highness Mishil).

    Anyway, back to his prettiness Lee Min Ho….

    Whats the kidnap plan again???

  80. 80 Kristal

    You know Yoona is like ‘I am here too!!!’

    • 80.1 venus

      yeahhhh sorry she doesn’t count here….is all about LMH… :p

  81. 81 Princess61

    LMH on his way to LA? (happy dance)…I was planning on going to Koreatown today after work (I buy my makeup at Koreatown Plaza Mall on Western). Does anyone know why he’s in L.A.?

    • 81.1 Fiercediva

      I think he’s doing a photoshoot for Eider with Yoona? He’s wearing the sponsor’s clothes through the airport in these pictures.

  82. 82 bunny


    i LOVE how it’s all lee min ho but you put one yoona pity pic at the end =D. ya’ll are so funny~~

    i actually have friends that used to camp out and stalk korean actors and idols in LA. i hope you won’t really do that, girlfriday. hahaha

  83. 83 Fasiris Fay

    gaaaaaaah! Lee Min Ho!! <3
    Come to Toronto so I can stalk you (and possibly kidnap you)!

    • 83.1 Makie

      Omo omo so true..lol

  84. 84 pampi

    that yoona is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!have mercy!!!!!!!!!!the only one i need is lee min ho

  85. 85 Andy

    LOLOL at the obligatory picture of Yoona at the very end.

  86. 86 Katie M.

    I want girlfriday and javabeans as my best friends. Seriously, this was the funniest thing ever. I would even let gf have lee min ho. Maybe. Love you two! This is so cute and hilarious. Have fun with the stalking/kidnapping!

  87. 87 HeadsNo2

    Where did his sculpted cheeks from BoF go? That’s not surgery, right?? Maybe he just gained a little weight?? I love LMHot so I hope nothing is permanent in terms of the cheeks on his face? :(

  88. 88 Princess61

    OK–just received a tweet from @Koreatown and it looks like LMH is filming a CF in town with Yoona. No additional info given but I’ll be following their tweets if there are any updates. I live in L.A. and frequent K-town on a regular basis. Because of work, I don’t have time to “stalk” (haha!) but if I hear anything, I’ll share! :)

    • 88.1 Celexa

      thanks… i’ll be stalking this thread for airport uploads on YT :)

    • 88.2 Maymay

      OMG! You have to give us updates on him.

      So if he’s filming CF right now, I guess GF’s kidnapping plan did not go through?

  89. 89 Evma

    JB & GF, this conversation confirms your good chemistry or that you’re a good partner in cracking crime absolutely, especially in kidnapping our hot stuff Lee Min Ho for a City Hunter 2. I love it.

  90. 90 boo boo

    I love your conversation there. So, why did anyone bother to put a picture of Yoona? Lee Min Ho is the one that counts. Still miss the Gu Jun Pyo curls. I’m in Hawaii, but it is just a 5 hour plane ride to L.A. I can always give a hand to help capture the “City Hunter” (he can flip me on the mat anytime).

  91. 91 Jennifer

    Lol anyone actually fanatic enough to spend hundreds of dollars to fly to LA and see this hotness?

    Just wondering… 😀

    • 91.1 Maymay

      I would if I have the money. :)

    • 91.2 Celexa

      I would if i could take the time off but i’ll be damned deadlines aren’t on my ass! Hell yea I’d do it!

      i gotta keep my job… unfortunately i was born beautiful instead rich :(

      • 91.2.1 Maymay

        “unfortunately i was born beautiful instead rich”

        OMG! Celexa, that line is priceless. :)
        I feel your pain. :)

  92. 92 Venus

    GF/JB is it too much to ask to have a special section here on DB dedicated to LMH only? so we all fangirls can drool like crazy …. 😛 😀

    • 92.1 corn tea

      Venus, I am joining you for this request.

      DB/GF, please have a special coverage for LMH in LA…purty please, purty please purty please.

      • 92.1.1 Venus

        YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! Plzzzzzzzzz…**hands and knees**….omo if somebody can take a pic of LMH wearing his trademark PINK PANTS plzzzz post the pic here…thanks….

        • corn tea

          OMYGOSHHHHHHHHHHH…do you think he packed his pink and zebra pants?

          • Venus

            Cornt Tea I hope he did…cause then we can easly spot him in the crow…and track him down….. 😀

  93. 93 Quiescent

    I’m a girl and I’m fangirling over Yoona <3

  94. 94 Thatgirl

    WHAT?!?!??!??! And this is the first time I’m finding out about this?!?!?!?!??! Fuck!!!!!!! I’m halfway across the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn’t luck ever on my side? TT_TT

  95. 95 Boo

    Ha. I live in LA. And Koreatown to be exact. What are the chances that I’d run into him? Slim, IMHO. *sigh* I’ll just be hoping for a miracle all day, today

  96. 96 Venus

    LMH Dating Rumors….


    • 96.1 Maymay

      Lucky girl! Whoever she is. :)

  97. 97 Q16

    LOl u guys are so funny!!!!
    Totally! gf will be luckiest in the world if you get those unforgettable 15 seconds! Fighting!
    Don’t get caught! I’ll be praying for u!

  98. 98 chrislawrence

    I love how there is only one picture of Yoona, and TONS of shots of Lee Mi ho XD

    you girls are hilarious!

  99. 99 soysauce

    I like how there’s 10+ pics of Lee Minho, and then one last one of Yoona.
    I see that JB & GF are great fans. I approve.

    • 99.1 Maymay

      JB & GF have good taste! :)

    • 99.2 hapacalgirl

      Well dramabeans is a drama blog, and even though yoona has been in dramas she is more a kpop idol than anything so it only makes sense that the pictures are primarily of lee min ho.

  100. 100 staytothesea

    Oh my fuck…I’m going to California right now. It’s only a 12-ish hour drive, if I speed maybe I can make it and then just snatch him out of all of your hands.

    I’m ready for the challenge. I’M READY.

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