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My Name Is Kim Sam Soon: Episode 4
by | August 11, 2011 | 114 Comments

‘Over The Rainbow,’ made famous by the 1939 film Wizard of Oz, is a song about a child whose sweet dream is to find some faraway magical place where there is no more pain, somewhere over the rainbow. What the singer probably doesn’t know, however, is that even if one makes it over the rainbow, at some point, grown-ups have to return. They have to go back and face the reasons why they left in the first place. And Yoo Hee Jin, the girl whose very name brings dark storm clouds to Jin Heon’s face, has returned.


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Episode 4 – Over The Rainbow.

Hee Jin walks through the restaurant like she’s in a dream and Sam Soon finds herself caught in that dream. Hee Jin doesn’t seem to hear when Sam Soon tells her that the restaurant is closed. Hee Jin is looking for Jin Heon, but he’s away for another day. Though asked by Sam Soon, Hee Jin doesn’t even reveal herself except to say that she shares the same name as Sam Soon (whose name tag says Hee Jin). Sam Soon, whose curiousity probably spurs her generosity, shares cake and coffee with this stranger.

Sam Soon finds herself being the target of a wait-staff beatdown for stealing the wait-staff’s shot at Jin Heonnie. And it’s betrayal!! Et tu, In Hye?! Sam Soon’s own protege In Hye is the leader of this coup de cuistôt. Still, you have to agree right? Sam Soon should have waited in line, but she didn’t. She cut right to the front without asking the other girls who were there first if it would be okay. Sam Soon is beat up… until she wakes up again. Hehe, guilty conscience much?

Sam Soon wakes up to find the stranger has left, and in an epiphany realizes that this stranger is likely to be Jin Heon’s reason for being upset whenever the name Hee Jin is brought up.

Jin Heon appears the next day, thoughtfully bringing Jeju pastries back for Sam Soon. Sam Soon relates that a girl named Hee Jin had dropped by and Jin Heon turns from thoughtful to nasty in a heartbeat. Jin Heon’s indignity raises Sam Soon’s ire, which makes a bad situation worse. Jin Heon’s anger finally snaps and he punches the wall next to Sam Soon’s head before storming off. I think it is safe to assume that Sam Soon had no idea the depths of Jin Heon’s anger over this Hee Jin person.

A few days later at lunch, Jin Heon appears with a gigantic bouquet of roses and recites a really cheesy poem of love:

Jin Heon (deadpans): In this vast universe, you and I met on this tiny speck of a planet. Counting the days since we came to be, today is our hundredth day. Thank you for coming to me.

Sam Soon is dying of embarrassment and annoyance, even as a tiny part of her is touched.

I gotta say though, it’s a pretty slick move by Jin Heon. He is able to (1) annoy the crap out of Sam Soon, in keeping with his personality, (2) keep up the charade to fool his mom’s spies, in keeping with his master plan, and (3) apologize sub-rosa to Sam Soon for nearly striking her, in keeping with his concealed respect for her.

Back at CIA headquarters, Chairwoman Na gets the intelligence briefing on the poem and flowers. Not only is Chairwoman Na not really fooled, but she knows that Jin Heon knows that Chairwoman Na is not fooled. Summarized aptly by Assistant Yoon, “So in the end, you guys are all playing this game together.”

Well, not everyone is playing the game. Sam Soon has no idea of the level of gamesmanship that is going on, and of course, Hee Jin has yet to find out.

On civil terms again, Jin Heon and Sam Soon head out for research at a pastry shop, and by coincidence, Chae Ri and Hyun Woo show up as well. Hyun Woo again pretends that he doesn’t know Sam Soon.

Suddenly very self-conscious, Sam Soon excuses herself to go to the bathroom. An oblivious Chae Ri quizzes Jin Heon about the rumors that he’s dating finally after so long.

Finally, Jin Heon finally realizes why Hyun Woo looks familiar – Hyun Woo was the blackheart from Christmas Eve who tore Sam Soon’s heart to shreds! Bastard! His eyes blazing, Jin Heon does something that maybe he wasn’t going to do. Jin Heon admits to the truth in the rumors, and while staring at Hyun Woo, Jin Heon starts proudly describing his new girlfriend. Hyun Woo is shocked to find that Jin Heon is describing Sam Soon.

Sure enough, when Sam Soon re-appears, Jin Heon introduces her as his new girlfriend. Chae Ri’s head nearly explodes and she drags Sam Soon out of the shop to get more details. How did you do it! Bitch! Chae Ri simply cannot believe it, and Sam Soon is a riot in spoofing Chae Ri’s mannerisms.

You could say this moment makes up for a lot of poor memories. And many years from now, on a cold winter’s night when howling winds steal the very breath from lungs and biting flecks of snow sting the last bit of feeling from near-frozen flesh, Sam Soon will not care a whit, since she will have this delicious memory to keep her warm.

On the way back, Jin Heon apologizes to Sam Soon for not recognizing Hyun Woo sooner, for it would have saved Sam Soon a lot of grief. Jin Heon wondering about what Sam Soon could see in Hyun Woo, that Sam Soon would date him for three years. Sam Soon asks the more crucial question though, which is, why is Jin Heon so curious?

And on a crowded subway platform filled with scores of people passing around them, Jin Heon can see and hear only Sam Soon, and vice versa. Their voices are clear to each other despite all the busy noises around them.

Jin Heon: Rather than Hyun Woo, the person I can’t understand is you.

Sam Soon: And why is that?

Jin Heon: Even though you KNOW how ridiculous and superficial love can be, too easily do you try to fall in love again.

Sam Soon: When have I ever done anything easily? I have never once fell into love easily. I agonize over it before I start, and when it ends, I agonize again. Whether it was hormones or chemicals, my heart remained sincere to my love. I remained true.

The look on Jin Heon’s face is so open and wide. It is the face of a person who cannot believe that he is starting to see in Sam Soon what he has always sought in another person.

See, this is why “I Promise Not To Fall In Love” contracts don’t work! The potentially romantic moment is broken as quickly as it began, however, when Jin Heon suddenly feels stabbing pain in his leg. He has been on his feet for too long. Sam Soon feels a bit repsonsible and takes Jin Heon to a video-bang (like a noh-reh-bang (karaoke room) but you just watch movies rather than sing songs) where he can rest his leg before they head back to Bon Appetit.

Jin Heon reveals that his leg hurts because of artificial implants that came as a result of a terrible car accident. Ahh, and Hee Jin was the girl who dumped him after the accident, which is why he won’t date other women… or maybe he likes men? Or maybe… Sam Soon peers at Jin Heon’s mid-section. Jin Heon follows Sam Soon’s line of sight and is immediately defensive. He curtly responds that he is quite sufficient in that category. Sam Soon snarks one too many times though, and Jin Heon grabs Sam Soon to teach her a lesson. He leans in for a manly kiss. Sam Soon doesn’t fight back but holds her breath and closes her eyes… But then, nothing?

Hehe! Out comes the razor sharp Slightly-Bored-British-Tinged-Korean accent from Jin Heon again, and it is game-over for Sam Soon. And… the final score is Samsoonites 3, Jinheonnies 24. Please check that you have all your belongings before finding the proper gate, and have a safe ride home!

That night Sam Soon is appalled to find that she’s so affected by Jin Heon, as her heart is still beating fast. As is her habit whenever she feels the pangs in her heart, Sam Soon gets up at dawn to bake. Sam Soon starts down the road to figuring out why she feels certain pangs in heart, but Jin Heon appears wearing a slick European style tracksuit that is the apparent prototype for the flashier tracksuits he will wear 6 years later, and Sam Soon’s questions of the heart are buried for now.

Dinner time comes and Sam Soon is making yet another Marquis Au Chocolat for the same cheating cheater who cheats, who is with his girlfriend this time. Sam Soon is disgusted with this cheater’s methods but keeps it to herself this time around. But there’s trouble brewing. The cheater’s wife appears with a tank filled with kerosene. From the girlfriend’s lack of shock, it is obvious that the girlfriend has been a knowing party to this tryst. As a commotion erupts as the wife sprays kerosene everywhere.

Luckily, Jin Heon appears before the husband can strike the wife. And just like he promised to Sam Soon, Jin Heon throws the husband to the ground. The wife is a wailing mess and they help her off the floor as both the floozy girlfriend and the husband flee the scene.

The woman is inconsolate but Sam Soon appears with free chocolate, free wine and free advice. Plus, tonight is the first night where guests with broken hearts get chocolate and wine to make them feel better. And President Jin Heon will take piano requests. The jilted wife requests, “Over The Rainbow.” Hee.

After a long pause, Jin Heon starts playing. Sam Soon watches intently, as she had also requested this song from Jin Heon. Maybe Sam Soon wants to believe that Jin Heon is playing for her?

But that’s not true, is it. And as if the Drama Gods needed to spell it out any further, Hee Jin appears at the restaurant and immediately recognizes the song. It’s THEIR song, after all. From across the restaurant, Jin Heon and Hee Jin give each other thousand-mile stares, and Sam Soon is right there, caught in the middle.

Sam Soon’s face alights with recognition and then as her chest heaves twice… sadness? Something. She looks one way at Jin Heon and then again towards Hee Jin.

God, it sucks being in the middle.

Jin Heon and Hee Jin have their face to face. Hee Jin admits that Jin Heon has a right to be mad at her for three years, and urges Jin Heon to just let out his anger. But Jin Heon is not about to let it all go. He relates that while Hee Jin used “studies” as an excuse to leave Korea after the car accident, Jin Heon had to endure five leg surgeries and the torture of rehab just to walk again, and still built this restaurant from scratch. Angry at Hee Jin for the last three years? Sorry, but he just didn’t have the time.

Hee Jin’s sole reply is that she thought that since she said for him to wait for her, that he would have enough faith in her, and so that would be enough. I don’t know, Heej, I gotta say, that’s kinda weak-sauce.

After a late night of prepping pastry dough for the next day, Sam Soon is shutting down the restaurant when she sees that Jin Heon hasn’t left yet and is drinking by himself at the bar. Sam Soon sits by Jin Heon and shares a drink with him.

Sam Soon pulls Jin Heon a little bit out of his darkness by asking about his niece Mi Joo, and that puts a smile on Jin Heon’s face. Then Sam Soon asks about Hee Jin, but while Jin Heon doesn’t respond, he doesn’t get mad either. Sam Soon asks about Hee Jin’s last name, which for a person who is only pretend-dating Jin Heon, is a bit presumptuous. But Jin Heon, probably for the first time in nearly three years, obliges and calls out the full name of his former love:

Jin Heon: Yoo Hee Jin.

A wasted Jin Heon then passes out on top of Sam Soon!


The boundaries of a nascent love triangle are now traced. But this thing is not yet fully drawn. Sam Soon might have started to have feelings for Jin Heon, but I’m not sure if she can really identify what those feelings are. And what about Jin Heon? A few episodes ago, a drunk Sam Soon tells Jin Heon that the kind of man she would like to have is the kind that would not hide her away but tell his friends, peers and family all about her. And isn’t it interesting, but Jin Heon has already done all of that:

1. he’s brought her to his family,
2. he’s announced their relationship at work,
3. he’s brought her flowers in front of all her co-workers, and
4. he even proudly introduced her before his peers, Chae Ri and Hyun Woo.

While the first two weren’t real or even for Sam Soon’s benefit, a reasonable argument can be made that #3 was Jin Heon’s way of apologizing to Sam Soon without anyone else knowing, and #4 was certainly both real and in Sam Soon’s defense. But what does this mean?

Koreans have this idiomatic expression that doesn’t quite have an equivalent phrase in English – to see an individual as a man/woman. As dramabeans fans know, seeing a person as a man or a woman is the litmus test as to whether said person can ever be date-able. I don’t know if Jin Heon likes Sam Soon yet, but I think it is clear that he does see her as a woman.


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  1. laya

    Am I first? Whether or not I am, thank you for the pretty, shiny, new recap. Love love love. /runs off to read it.

  2. JLR

    “Koreans have this idiomatic expression that doesn’t quite have an equivalent phrase in English – to see an individual as a man/woman.”

    Does it maybe have more meaning than the literal translation? Because as translated, we do have that expression. Maybe it’s not overly common, but I have heard “I don’t see him as a man” all my life (and similarly, “I don’t see her that way,” “I don’t think of him that way”).

    • 2.1 Chocobo

      Oddly, the phrase seems rather egalitarian in terms of gender relations. To see someone as a “man” or a “woman” implies that the alternative is simply to see them as another person or equal, without complicated sexual attraction attached.

      Good point about “I don’t see him that way.” I’ve never heard “man” or “woman” in English, that seems awkward, but “that way” is extremely common where I live. It’s funny how often we describe it in sight, rather than a feeling, even though it is our feelings that have changed. Obviously the person, or presumably our eyes, hasn’t actually changed.

      And it’s true — it seems we do literally see someone differently when attraction creeps into our perspective. I think there are even psychological studies about it.

    • 2.2 ajbny

      you know when I first saw the phrasing in subs I connected with it right away, and I can’t think of a better way to say it anymore. I don’t think of you that way, or any other phrasing just doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

    • 2.3 tl

      what’s the phrase?!

  3. isabelle

    i saw this show and worlds within back to back after SG ended as i became a big fan of Binnie.

    i heard this show had as much as 50% rating for the final, though the show looks a little retro now with the hair styles and the dresses, it seemed to be fun.

  4. snow

    ahhh thanks samsooki for the recap! brings back the good ol’ times!

    can kim sun ah and hyun bin do another drama together? pretty please?

  5. Angskeet

    can’t deny my love for samsoon

  6. maria

    i contest that your two possible answers to the question “what does this mean?” are actually one and the same. i think it’s a veeery fine line between liking someone and seeing him/her as a man/woman, and that line lies on that one final step of someone being aware that this is how they’re feeling. if i see a friend “as a man”, for me it is tantamount to seeing him in a new light, one that appeals to me “as a woman”. even if prior to this, i already acknowledge that other women may see him as a man already, i personally would not file anyone under the “man” category until they are men in MY eyes, for me. did that make sense? LOL

    i love reading your recaps, samsooki. the thought that goes into your dissection of the moments that made watching samsoon a blast for me has just made this “re-watch” all the more enjoyable, i actually wish i could just crammed ya’ll into my couch now that i’m re-watching this. popcorn, insights and a lot of spazzing around. also, shots for everytime Hyun bin gives Sun Ah one of his trademark lingering what-is-this-i’m-feeling glances. 😀

    thanks, samsooki!

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    Thanks for the recap.

    thanks for making the following connections. “but Jin Heon appears wearing a slick European style tracksuit that is the apparent prototype for the flashier tracksuits he will wear 6 years later.”

    Prototype/ beta version

    • 8.1 xtooline

      Yes, the track suit “foreshadowing” remark totally cracked me up. This was such a great show – one of the first I ever watched. Great to get to relive it with you, samsooki. Thanks!!

      • 8.1.1 Kasie J.

        Totally agree. I literally laughed out loud at this part.

        I think it’s pretty funny how Jin Heon seems so honest when describing Sam Soon as his girlfriend to ChaeRi and that jerk. “To be honest, she’s kind of chubby.” I don’t know why but when he said that I just busted out laughing. XD

        I am SO looking forward to the opening of the next episode. Hee.

    • 8.2 min


      “but Jin Heon appears wearing a slick European style tracksuit that is the apparent prototype for the flashier tracksuits he will wear 6 years later”

      this sentence makes me really lauhing out loud!

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    ChaeRi is Teacher Maeng from Dream High. What a change from this bratty bride to the (somewhat) sophisticated… what did she actually teach in that shoe? Makeup? Styling? Health?

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      Thanks imoan.naomi! I totally did not make that connection! I knew Teacher Maeng looked sort of familiar, but didn’t know from which drama.

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    I couldn’t stop laughing,samsooki u r hilarious, I absolutely enjoy reading this recap(hyun bin n his sparkly tracksuitsin secret garden were ridiculously cute ),Thanx for recapping this,it’s marvelous.

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      hahaha you’re so right. the first of many tracksuits!

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    I love it when Sam Soon is sassy and introspective, loads more fun than the over-cutesy. But as much as I adore her strength, I also admire her vulnerable side. KSA does such a good job making the everywoman so loveable and relateable! Sam Soon is a real woman’s woman!

    And although I know Hyun Woo is the biggest jerk from Jerk City, he’s such a non-threat that he’s likeable. I always wonder why Lee Kyu Han is not more famous than he is.

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        @malta, You’re right!!.

        Lee Kyu Han deserve a leading role. Time and again he has proven to be a great actor, with impeccable comedic timing. I loved in on Smile, You and in More Charmed By The Day. If you have not watched those dramas I encourage you to watch them to experience.

        Is his turn to get a leading role (which, of course, should include that shower scene we covet – LOL)

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    And this, so much:

    “…but Jin Heon appears wearing a slick European style tracksuit that is the apparent prototype for the flashier tracksuits he will wear 6 years later…”



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      I love the subway scene too!!

    • 16.2 Molly

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    Gawd, I’m just now remembering all her bull in this show. I really didn’t like her character at all. She was a bigger killjoy than Buzzkillington.

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      I remember thinking her character was flat and illogical. But her English was good.

      • 17.1.1 yumi



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        “But her English was good.”
        haha LOL. true. that was her only redeeming quality.

        • ajbny

          I think she spent her childhood to adolescence in australia. incidentally, does anyone know if she played tehe younger version of the older sister in glass slippers? jung ryeo won I mean.

      • 17.1.3 maria

        lol, YES EXACTLY. watching her scenes fascinated me just coz her shifting from korean to english was so fantastic, but otherwise, i’d have forwarded all the way… (until daniel henney came along. …and then i still didn’t watch for the acting, i watched for the plot. ….err, i mean, the pretty) 😀

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        I like Jung Ryeo-Won. She’s pretty, speaks good english and lived in Australia for a while (I’m Australian). I remember seeing her in the Neutrogena and Giordano ads over here. Plus she gave us all an introduction to the DIVINE Daniel Henney! I’m jealous of JRW because she got to lip-lock with Daniel Henney! I love MNIKSS because it was the first k-drama I ever watched, and introduced me to Binny and Daniel Henney… I am forever in MNIKSS’s debt.

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      @Anhstein – I loved that quote also and I want to share another quote from Samsooki’s writings with all.

      The following is a quote taken from Samsooki’s recap of City Hall Chapter 14.

      “The Kiss.

      I’ve never seen a kiss like The Kiss in the k-drama world. Most k-drama kisses are weak, tongue-less and with less suction than a clogged handheld vacuum running low on battery power. K-drama kisses can often times be near-misnomers, because they are often more like grade school pecks on the cheek. Even more infuriating, sometimes the guy doing the kissing is awkwardly trying to hug a limp and flaccid girl who has her lips sealed tighter than radiator release valve in an overheated car stuck on 5 Freeway during rush hour in downtown LA. THIS, my friends, is how you do a kiss.”

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    Thanks for recapping Kim Sam-Soon dramabeans 🙂 It brings back all the good ol’ memories in high school. I really like Jeong Ryeo-won. And she had amazing chemistry with both Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney in the show.

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      you know she is an underrated actress. I hope to see her on tv again soon.


    Why are you guys recapping crappy low-rated dramas that aren’t popular at all and recapping old ones when there are popular dramas out now that everyone is talking about?

    Seems lame. No wonder your comments are going down. Geez.

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      I suppose you’re entitled to your own opinion about this drama but even after five years, I still find myself enjoying this over some of the newer dramas that seem so boring to me.

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    -UBER LOVE the coup de cuistôt. Especially when all of them were beating Sam-soon up…and Sam-soon was going fighting back. When I analyzed the script for MNIKSS, I saw that Sam-soon’s antics (where she pretty much thrashed around the floor with her legs up like propelled stakes driven on the ground) were pretty much ad lib. And also, when Sam-soon: “Whoo, what a dream~!!! I guess I should eat more…” *insert thunder rumble* Sam-soon: “알았어 알았어…!”
    -Conversation at video-bang. Hilarious. Especially when Sam-soon & Jin Heon have one of their snarky bits. I also specially love that there’s a couple who’re doing “something else” near their room. Love this: Sam-soon: “YA!!! GO HOME!!!” When I saw their BTS & NG’s, they edited out a later statement after this which sounded weird and funny.
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    • 37.1 ajbny

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      • 37.1.1 Josina

        Funnily enough Scent of a Woman touches upon the same issue: should or shouldn’t you tell a loved one that you have a life-threatening disease? Are you shielding them from pain, or in fact showing lack of respect for their willingness to be there with you when the going gets tough?

        But back to Hee Jin – wait while I go off to study vs. a boyfriend who could’ve used some moral support while he’s recuperating, perhaps in the form of the odd phone call (I’m presuming they haven’t been in touch because Hee Jin is rather surprised about the restaurant) – hmmm….. never mind the somewhat condescending ‘you’re allowed to be angry, just let it all out dear’.

        • ajbny

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          • Josina

            It’s certainly a difficult question to answer, and ultimately shaped by your own experiences. The most immediate for me right now is friend of ours who has breast cancer and who has been forthright about it from the start.

            Sure, she gets her share of people who treat her differently, and yes, it was hard to see how her family had to come to terms with it, but to see how her teenage sons are responding now is just amazing to watch – they’ve even participated in a television program to explain to other kids what living with cancer really is like.

            Hee jin is a fictional character, (and a completely different situation) but I just can’t shake the feeling that the matter-of-factness with which she is shown to assume that they can resume the relationship after JH lets go of his anger is rather presumptuous.

        • miyo

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    • 37.3 Quinze

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      I could be wrong though.

      I agree though. She relied too much on the he loves me enough that he’ll forgive me without knowing when she should have told him on returning. She didn’t trust him enough to believe he could look past her illness.

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