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My Name Is Kim Sam Soon: Episode 7
by | August 24, 2011 | 86 Comments

Sometimes, episodes need no introduction. All you need do is watch.

Episode 7 – Madeleine, In Search Of Lost Time

The episode starts with the grand opening celebration of Jeju Island’s newest luxury hotel. Among all the people there, out of place is Sam Soon, who is already being looked-down upon by Jin Heon’s peers. Was it a mistake to bring Sam Soon here, just to have her be laughed at by other people?

Hyun Woo, whose family construction company was involved in building the hotel, comes over to say hello to Sam Soon. Sam Soon is eating by herself (how come Binnie’s not there?!), and Hyun Woo warns Sam Soon to back out of her relationship before it ends on Jin Heon’s terms, because she’ll be the only one getting hurt. Damnit. Don’t you hate it when good advice comes from a snake?

Hyun Woo also has a gift for her. He puts a jewel box on the table… but Jin Heon is the one to pick it up.

Why, it looks like a crystal necklace on a platinum chain. From Spain, no less. Jin Heon examines it before tossing it into a koi pond. Hyun Woo grabs at Jin Heon’s jacket lapels and Jin Heon takes a swing at him. Okay, is it Go Time yet? Yep, it’s Go Time!

How strange must this all seem to Sam Soon. Let’s see who is fighting here. Guy #1 is her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and dumped her, but who still might be there at the end to catch her if she falls. Guy #2 is her jerk boss with whom she has a fake-relationship contract. And what’s the fight about? The formal right to treat Sam Soon like dirt?

So Chae Ri strolls by, sees Sam Soon chewing on Hyun Woo’s arm, and jumps into the fracas to save her husband-to-be. Sam Soon calls Chae Ri’s fiance a dog and Chae Ri retaliates by yanking on Sam Soon’s ahjumma fro. Sam Soon gives two warnings to let go, but Chae Ri apparently doesn’t know who she is messing with.

Jin Heon and Hyun Woo stop their fighting and watch Sam Soon pummeling Chae Ri before they separate the two women. Sam Soon leads Jin Heon away but Hyun Woo can’t keep his mouth shut and calls out to Jin Heon:

Hyun Woo: Hey boy! You may not know it, but I was Sam Soon’s first man. Do you even know what that means, punk?

Interesting! Hyun Woo doesn’t know that the relationship is fake, and so in his mind, he’s just protecting her. On the other hand, Jin Heon’s anger is also justified, because he believes that Sam Soon deserves much more than to be pestered by a cheater. Boiling pot and boiling kettle, each trying to prevent the hand from getting burned?

After pushing Hyun Woo into the koi pond, Jin Heon leads Sam Soon away. In the hotel, Jin Heon lays down the law with Sam Soon, who can’t understand why Jin Heon even cares. Jin Heon’s face flashes anger.

Jin Heon: If I tell you not to do something, THEN DON’T DO IT! Whether it’s that punk or anyone else, don’t make eye-contact. Don’t talk with them or listen to what they say. Listen only to me, pay attention only to me!

Is that a touched face that I see on Sam Soon? I think so! And who wouldn’t be touched if Binnie told you to only pay attention to him? In the hotel room with Sam Soon, Jin Heon goes to the bathroom to check his face, and Sam Soon giggles like a school girl. Maybe Jin Heon is falling for her, yeah? Well, hard to say, really. Who knows, especially with guys who think they are so smart. Smart guys often end up confusing themselves because they think they see all the angles.

Outside, it appears that Hyun Woo is in deep trouble since he basically admitted he liked Sam Soon. Chae Ri immediately wants to call off the wedding, and Hyun Woo of course knows how to respond. Yes, let’s call off the wedding because you always call that Jin Heon punk “oppa” but you call me “mister.” If you won’t call me “oppa” too, then let’s call off the wedding! Hehe! A classic deflection, and big hair Chae Ri is quieted down.

Back in the hotel room, Sam Soon is tending to Jin Heon’s cut lip and bruises. With a little bit of craftiness, Sam Soon takes a reverse-tack and tells Jin Heon that she won’t misunderstand Jin Heon’s actions as him falling for her. Still, she asks, did Jin Heon made a mistake when he told her to only listen to him, only pay attention to him?

Jin Heon pauses, but doesn’t take the easy-out. He replies honestly that him saying those words wasn’t a mistake. He really doesn’t want Sam Soon to pay attention to any other guy, doesn’t want her to look any other guy. Why, he doesn’t quite know; he just doesn’t like it. Sam Soon is quietly stunned.

Sam Soon starts wondering outloud what this means, but Jin Heon’s smirkiness returns as quickly as it left. Who said anything about liking Sam Soon? Who said anything about them dating for reals? Oooh, that’s not nice. Booo! Sam Soon looks like a toddler whose ice cream just fell out of her cone. Jin Heon’s is all smiles as he twists his needle a little further and asks Sam Soon if that’s what Sam Soon would want, to have Jin Heon to start liking her.

Sam Soon stutters and Jin Heon senses his upper-handed-ness. He pushes Sam Soon over on the bed and starts using her stomach as a pillow.

A happy Jin Heon nestles in and Sam Soon can only suck in her gut. Jin Heon asks that the pillow stop sucking in her gut but Sam Soon says that’s her stomach and she can do what she wants. Hehe!

Then all of a sudden, Jin Heon turns stops smirking and notes that he shouldn’t be laughing. He doesn’t have the right to laugh ever again because that accident that he was in, the one where he had broken his leg – that accident had cost the lives of three people.

Jin Heon closes his eyes and tells of how he lost control of the car he was driving, and it spun out of control and flipped. He escaped with a crushed leg but his brother and his brother’s wife, along with a trailing motorcyclist, all died that day. He was the one who orphaned Mi Joo.

Sam Soon sits up and stares at Jin Heon, surprised at the trust that Jin Heon apparently has in her, to tell her his darkest secret. Jin Heon had never told anybody the whole story, and Sam Soon can only cradle his head as tears run down his face.

Just a few miles away, Dr. Henry Kim and Hee Jin are at a crossroads. He’s there in search of his mom and his mom’s hometown, but Jeju has changed so much that nothing is recognizable from the old pictures he has. Henry and Hee Jin climb one of the hills overlooking the bay and talk.

Henry tells Hee Jin to just tell Jin Heon the whole truth, but Hee Jin refuses, saying she’ll never tell. (What’s the secret?!) Hee Jin’s reasoning is that if she tells Jin Heon what really happened and then he comes back to her, then she’ll never know whether he has come back out of love or sympathy. Aha! So it’s a tragic secret….

Hee Jin (half) jokingly asks Henry that if, in the end, Jin Heon doesn’t go back to Hee Jin, would Henry take Hee Jin? Henry says he’ll think about it (though his face says “yes please”). Hee Jin tells Jin Heon to man up and teaches Henry what to say in Korean if such a similar situation were to arise in the future:

“치! 내가 봉이냐?!” (Chi! Nae-ga bong-ee-nya?!? – Trans-literally, it means "Chi! Am I a sucker?" but in usage it means "Pffft! Do I look like a sucker to you?" Either way, at the top of the mountain, both Hee Jin and Henry start laughing and shouting the phrase out to the wind, perhaps not quite realizing the updraft of mountain winds pushing the subtle irony back into their faces.

Miles below, Jin Heon finishes his story to a sober Sam Soon. Just a few days after the accident, Hee Jin took off for America, only promising that she’d be back after 5 years.

Sam Soon notes softly: You’ve waited all this time for Hee Jin.
Jin Heon replies: No, not really. Time has just passed, that’s all.
Sam Soon tries again: But you didn’t go out with any other women.
Jin Heon responds: I didn’t want to bother.
Sam Soon concludes: You’ve been waiting for her.

Jin Heon gets up off of Sam Soon pillow. He tells Sam Soon of Mt. Halla and what it meant to him to climb it, both before the accident, with his brother, and after the rehab, alone. Jin Heon swore, then, at the top of Mt. Halla that he would live his life without guilt or blame, and if he ever saw Hee Jin again, he would never let her see him as weak. Jin Heon concludes by saying that he and Sam Soon should climb the mountain together later if there’s time. Sam Soon ponders what this all means.

On the way out of the hotel, they see Henry and Hee Jin. Jin Heon grabs Sam Soon’s wrist and pushes past them. Hee Jin stops them and asks to speak with Jin Heon alone, grabbing Jin Heon’s free wrist. With surprising boldness, Sam Soon is the one to interject, forbidding any alone time. It’s a wrist-grab stand-off until Henry grabs Hee Jin’s wrist and yanks her away. Aww, nobody grabbed Henry’s wrist.

Jin Heon and Sam Soon take a taxi to the airport, but Jin Heon’s mind is not in the car. Jin Heon was “this” close to learning what happened to Hee Jin and now he might never find out. Unless he goes back. Should he go back? Arggh. Toughie. But half-way to the airport Jin Heon finally makes up his mind.

Jin Heon bails from the taxi and gets out to run back to the hotel. Sam Soon realizes that Jin Heon is heading back and panick-bails too, catching up to Jin Heon before he can get into a taxi heading back to the hotel. If Jin Heon reaches Hee Jin, maybe Sam Soon will never have the opportunity to say what’s on her mind to Jin Heon. It’s now or never.

Sam Soon: Wait, don’t go. I’ve got something to tell you.
Jin Heon: Later.
Sam Soon: Please, I’ve fallen for you.
Jin Heon: …
Sam Soon (pleading): I’ve fallen for you, you jerk! Don’t go. If you go… if you go…

Jin Heon stares at Sam Soon for a second, but then just leaves without a word. Not even a good-bye. And Sam Soon is left, literally at the side of the road.

Jin Heon heads directly to Hee Jin’s room and finally, we have our face to face to… uh, face, since Henry hangs around. Jin Heon orders Hee Jin to tell him the real reason she left. Hee Jin refuses, declaring that she will never tell, leaving Jin Heon in the dark until he dies, that’s his punishment for not trusting her. Jin Heon starts asking jerk-y questions and Hee Jin gets more and more upset.

This is too much for Dr. Henry Kim, and he blurts out, “Hee Jin is very sick! I am her doctor… SHE’S GOT AGC! Advanced! Gastric! Cancer!” Then Dr. Henry Kim leaves, because that’s what love-struck surgical oncologists who perform gastrectomies do after such revelations. But seriously, what is Henry to do? Third wheel…

Jin Heon, whose English is good enough to understand Advanced! Gastric! Cancer!, asks if this is true and Hee Jin nods, so Jin Heon slaps her. Uhm… wut? Whither the slap?! But then they hug and now I’m totally at a loss. What just happened? And what about Mt. Halla with Sam Soon?

Meanwhile, Sam Soon has hitched a ride with a pig truck back to the hotel (LOL!). She meets Henry in the lobby and through Konglish, finds out that Jin Heon and Hee Jin are in the same room together. Oh Mah God! O-mo oh no no no!

Sam Soon tries in Korean, French and then English to force Henry to tell her where Hee Jin and Jin Heon are. But Henry, whose Korean is only marginally better than his French (and he don’t speak French), can only smile. This totally frustrates Sam Soon, who really really really wants to break up any possible “let’s get back together” scenarios.

It’s such an odd thing. Sam Soon likes Jin Heon and therefore wants to intervene – must separate potential love-birds. Henry likes Hee Jin and therefore wants her to be happy – so no intervention. Which is the way to go? I say intervention! (Mrs. Samsooki merely swoons and says, Daniel Henney 얼짱!)

And upstairs, Hee Jin has slid right in and started smooching Jin Heon, who doesn’t pull back or nothing. Dude, you left Sam Soon on the side of the road, and now Hee Jin is basically licking your face. Have you no conscience? Still, okay I get it. Hee Jin had a 35% chance of survival and she beat cancer without Jin Heon’s support. And now Hee Jin is back, just like she promised. All is forgiven? But what are you going to do about Sam Soon?

You know what? Never you mind, okay? Sam Soon can take care of herself, thank you. Sam Soon, perhaps a bit charmed by the ultra-handsome-face that is Dr. Henry Kim, has calmed herself. Perhaps she realizes that she can only control how she feels and not how others feel, or maybe sitting in front of Dr. Handsome has pushed Jerk-Heon out of her mind.

Sam Soon teaches Henry a bit about the Madeleine cookie and about Marcel Proust’s novel, In Search Of Lost Time, where the main character finds his mind flooding with forgotten memories when when he tastes a tea-dipped Madeleine cookie. Sam Soon wonders whether Jin Heon and Hee Jin are also searching for their lost time together.

Late that night, at the airport, waiting for the last flight of the night, Sam Soon gives Jin Heon a call. And in the first-ever documented use of cell-phone voice-mail in a k-drama, she leaves Jin Heon a message. Sam Soon thanks Jin Heon for sharing with her the story of his older brother, and then she tells him the story of the last time she was able to see her dad before he died.

Sam Soon leaves the message and finds herself looking toward Mt. Halla, even though at night she wouldn’t be able to see through the glass. For Sam Soon, unable to see anything but her own reflection, this will likely be as close as she will ever get to Mt. Halla.


Why does Sam Soon, after everything that happened that day, share the story of her dad with Jin Heon? Was it just because he shared the story of his tragic loss and cried in her lap? I guess it is possible that Sam Soon wanted to show Jin Heon that she understood how he feels about loss to some degree. But to what end? Sam Soon had to know that Jin Heon was with Hee Jin, because otherwise he would have been at the airport for the last flight.

It seems like such a waste, but I think Sam Soon is sharing her life with Jin Heon because she has started loving him, and she can’t help it. Once she loves someone, she can’t help but share herself with that person. And at this point, it doesn’t really matter whether Jin Heon loves her back. Oddly enough, this is the position that Henry also finds himself with Hee Jin. And isn’t that what love is, when you give of yourself even knowing that you may not get anything back in return?


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      I might watched it once every 3 months , for the bast 2 years , it’s one of my fav dramas .

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    Thank you Samsooki for the recap coming out earlier today, I didn’t expect this this early. You just made my day.
    Now I will be reading it while I am waiting for my interviewer (who is in England) to send me interview questions about Korean dramas for her research. Yay… My day just got brighter!!! Thanks again!

    • 3.1 mollywinks

      That’s so cool – what aspect of kdramas is the research focused on?

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    ” Once she loves someone, she can’t help but share herself with that person ”

    I totally agree with you , T^T
    I will always love this drama <3

  5. Penn

    Such coincidence, I was thinking of this episode when I was baking madeleine cookies yesterday.

  6. Amyable

    “And in the first-ever documented use of cell-phone voice-mail in a k-drama, she leaves Jin Heon a message.”

    Totally hilarious and true.

    • 6.1 msim

      It’s the first ever and I wonder if it’s the last? There seems to be a general aversion (allergy) to voicemail in k-dramas.

      Also note the recent decline (circa 2010) of the frenetic jerking open of the cellphones to yank out the batteries.

      K-drama writers: keeping up with the times 😉

      • 6.1.1 samsooki

        There are quite a few of the WITHS2 extended family spending time in Korea this week.

        In a fascinating discovery, @hjkomo tweeted pics and reported yesterday that many older versions of Korean cell phones don’t actually have “off” buttons, and so the only way to shut them off quickly was to remove the battery.

        So, apparently, the characters in k-dramas weren’t just being overly-dramatic. 🙂

        • Sere

          oh man, I love her pics! Some are hilarious! *g*

        • So3

          wow… thanks for such info!! LOL
          I wonder why they designed cell phones that way… without an “off” button XD


          Not the last drama for sure. Just go watch City Hall and you’ll know 🙂

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  8. DK

    Jin Heon asked Sam Soon what she would give him in return if he told her about his secret (i.e. the car accident), which turned out to be a dumb question because JH proceeded to tell her about the car accident unprompted. Perhaps that’s why Sam Soon decided to repay him by talking about her dad over voicemail.

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    I was going to follow along with your recaps, because I’m a drama noob who hadn’t seen this yet, but then I marathoned it. Cos I couldn’t help it. 🙂

    Thanks for recapping!

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    time flies
    really calls for rewatch of this drama

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    Then I realized that the next SOAW episode isn’t till next week 🙂
    Kim Sun-Ah, just how awesome can you get?

    • 11.1 So3


      And the fact that Lee Yeon-Jae has become all healthy (and so healthy to the point that she’s able to fight Chae Ri LOL)

      I was reading fan fiction this week while waiting for SoW. And one version was saying how Ji Wook was so shocked seeing SamShik with an XXL Yeon-Jae. LMAO.

  12. 12 Kasie

    Hehe, that scene when Chaeri and Samsoon go at it while the boys just stare at them. XD

    So hilarious!

    • 12.1 Jomo

      They kinduv look at each other and think, “Should we break it up? Nah, let’s watch.”

      • 12.1.1 jangerr

        Nah! I think they were like more in awe… “Oh mine!The way they fight made ours looked like child play!”

        • Jomo

          LOL! You’re right!

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    You’re a great RecAPpER! Have fun reading ur recaps..
    Btw, I fallin love with KSA since MNIKSS

  14. 14 annieee

    ahh this was the episode that tugged at my heartstrings and completely won me over! and from that point onwards, i knew there was no turning back! samshik crying in samsoon’s lap, recounting his most traumatic memory, and telling samsoon that he wishes to climb mt. halla with her?? ahhh in that moment, i totally forgave him for his bastard-y ways in the earlier episodes!

    and the scene with henry and samsoon? one of the most LOL-worthy scenes in the entire drama!! “madeline is…sexy cookie!” hahahaha

    • 14.1 webfoot

      I really loved the French-Konglish-American scene. It was adorable. Daniel Henney really has that effect on both KSS and HJ – they get all giggly and flirty around him. I doubt much of that was acting… hehehe. Not that I blame them.

  15. 15 Jomo

    Thanks for the recap. I liked the “face to face to, uh, face”

    Why, why, why does SS decide to take a stand NOW?
    What does she sense that makes her think she needs to tell him how she feels right now? Why bother? He is on his way back to the girl he has been waiting for for 5 years. Does this make any sense?

    The answer can’t simply be that she says what’s on her mind, not matter what. There has to be more. She made a calculated risk, I think, because something in her is telling her she has a chance with the chaebol. Something in the time they have spent together got under her skin, and it won’t let go. The hunch that Samshik has real feelings for her. How can she be so confident?

    THIS is why I love KSS, the character, she didn’t care that Skinny had dibs on Samshik. She didn’t care that Skinny was thinner and more fashionable and younger. She went for it because she thought she was worth it. Love her!

    • 15.1 Quinze

      So spot on about why SS is such an awesome character.
      Couldn’t have explained it better if I tried 🙂

      • 15.1.1 DK

        Sam soon is the perfect female specimen. She is caring, smart, educated, capable, hard working, with child bearing hips. :).

        • taripandita

          Seriously what else these ahjummas want for their daughter in law I’ll take her as mine, the thing is my seven year old still look at girls as bacterium..

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    • 16.1 Noemi

      lol! that’s how I felt too 🙂

      • 16.1.1 WM

        You know, I didn’t hate this character even though she fried my last nerve. I wanted to hate her, but then…I just couldn’t no matter how much I thought I should. Since it’s been so easy for me to really dislike other wrench-in-the-works women, even those with tragic stories, I have to chalk this up to good writing.

    • 16.2 skelly

      The way I understood it, she had been dying, but Henry patched her up to the point where she would always have to be careful about what she ate and her lifestyle, but that she had survived the cancer.

      I think I would be even more annoyed with her if it were true that she was still terminal. That would be beyond selfish and cruel, to come back after five years and re-kindle an old romance, raise up his hopes and re-write his future, and then break the news that you were dying.

      • 16.2.1 Abbie

        Yeah I see your point. Basically though, I don’t like any woman/man that comes between the main couple in most dramas. Best Love was another story, because sometimes I’d root for Dokko Jin and sometimes I’d root for Pil-joo. But in this drama I want Sam Soon and Jin Heon to be together. So I don’t like Hee Jin.

  17. 17 umalily

    Samsoon’s vulnerability was disturbing to me! I mean how many times are you going to get rejected in 1 hour? That’s why I didn’t get why she would leave such a heartbreaking voice mail to a guy who is with his girlfriend.

    • 17.1 Jen

      That’s sort of what makes her so fantastic- I admit this ep originally made me cringe, because I felt so badly for her, but on the other hand she’s the only one who’s brave enough to truly put her heart on the line, and is willing to be vulnerable for the possibility of love. Everyone else, even Henry are doing contortions not to reveal how they truly feel, twisting things around in order to protect their pride or whatever. I love that KSS is just straight up direct- ‘I like you, what are you going do about it?’. It means she ends up being the only one who doesn’t have to be ashamed.

      • 17.1.1 So3

        “It means she ends up being the only one who doesn’t have to be ashamed.”

        Well said indeed!

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    I love this show. I did before but the new insights just make it that more awesome. I don’t know if I can wait for the next recap… I might skip ahead. Maybe.

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    The recap brought back many fond memories. I am so going to watch this drama again!

    “Which is the way to go? I say intervention! (Mrs. Samsooki merely swoons and says, Daniel Henney 얼짱!)”

    I am with Mrs Samsooki. Sigh… Daniel Henney… *spacing out*

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      LOL I was just thinking the same about DH. * sigh * That man’s smile should be illegal.

      • 19.1.1 Emely

        Absolutely true! I just watched the movie How To Seduce Mr Perfect only coz Daniel Henney is in it. The acting is terrible, and there’s no chemistry between the leads, but it’s 90 minutes of watching Henney. *drool*

        • riin

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    *eyes MNIKSS boxset* I think I need to rewatch it, but…maybe when I’m done with SoaW? I have a feeling I’ll be devastated when that one ends and Sam Soon may just be the right thing to cheer me up.

    The fights were hilarious and so awesome. For some reason, Hyun-woo and Jin-heon’s reminded me of Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver’s in Bridget Jones. *g*

    As for Jin-heon, I was so disappointed in him when I watched this ep. Not because he went back to Hee-jin (that’s understandable, I guess. I didn’t like it, but I could see why he did that) but cos he didn’t realize he’d already started developing feelings for Sam Soon. The way he treated her? Aaarrgggh, so frustrating! His constant push and pull, the sharing soon followed by the teasing and taking it all back…..I get it, he was confused and probably overwhelmed, but still.

  21. 21 ruthie

    i remember the first while watching the last part of this episode when sam soon left the msg i was bawling like crazy! i still love that part and still brings tear in my eyes everytime i watch it…

    • 21.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      Same here. I lost my father some years ago and I was living overseas. I can just feel how she felt. The regrets of dismissing the loving ways of our parents, thinking they are old-fashioned.

      It’s one of my favourite parts. She did it so naturally.

      I think she told her sad story because she was moved by JH’s confession of the darkest moment in his life. It’s like sharing your innermost secrets with only the closest people in your life. At that time, she must have felt JH trusted her so she trusted him, too.

      This despite the fact that JH left her to go back to HJ.

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      I watched MNIKSS at least twice almost 2 years ago, after discovery of Hyun Bin in Secret Garden. Now, with reading of this recap, is like watching it again, thanks Samsooki.

      I remember when seeing KSS with Henry waiting together for their someone who loves another, I thought why not these 2 end up together(altho I like JH). They r both in d same shoe. The one they love happen to love each other. they might pair up as well. And Henry is so cute n handsome, successful in career, thoughtful n caring, chasing his beloved halfway round d globe to take care of her. KSS is also a very caring person, passionate in work n life. both waiting patiently for their beloved who loves another.

  24. 24 danni

    One of my favorite episodes of this drama, thanks for the recap samsooki!

  25. 25 webfoot

    So, I just finished ep 16 of MNIKSS and now I gotta wonder if Samsooki and JB got together to time this recap with Scent of a Woman. Because the meta is fascinating.

    Like so (don’t worry no spoilers):

    MNIKSS – KSA plays someone who doesn’t have cancer, but has to interact with someone who does, HJ. HJ is living her life to the fullest, now that she’s back to reclaim her-ex bf.
    SOAW – KSA plays someone who DOES have cancer, who’s living her life to the fullest, and is claiming someone’s intended.

    It’s like walking through the looking glass. Everyone’s the same, but the perspective has changed.

    I could list more, but those contain spoilers.

    • 25.1 kdlover

      Very interesting..wish u would list some more just warn people that it will contain spoilers!

      • 25.1.1 webfoot

        OK… I figure we can break the no-spoiler rule just this once since this is a retrospective recap and it seems to me that most of the people here have already seen MNIKSS already.

        Anyway, here goes.

        *****SPOILER ALERT*******

        – In Ep 16, KSS reads the bus stop poster with the Mark Twain quote:
        “Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.”
        She nods to herself and we see her processing the point like she’s … talking to some future version of herself who has to live life and dance (the tango) like nobody’s watching.
        It’s like KSS grew up, left Hun, took a pause to sit in the pocket of some politician, and is now facing the end of her life with the last love of her life.

        – In Ep 15, KSS forces food on HJ. And they have this bizzare conversation about why sick people have to eat. Which, in my head, at least, is like the mirror of the reasoning KSA gave as to why she has to lose weight drastically for the LYJ role. There’s something twisted here and it’s like KSS is talking to her future self in HJ. So HJ’s role is really LYJ. So to take the twist further…in an even earlier faceoff between LYJ and HJ, HJ tells KSS “I wish I could eat like you, and be nice and fat”

        – In Ep 11, JH gives KSS a ride back in his car. HJ calls, and after JH lies and says no one else is in the car, KSS yells about the traffic light turning red. Ensue awkwardness. Ooh, didn’t we just see LYJ give the game away while camping? She’s a learnt a thing or two from her former self….

        But this last one may be just because there are so many recycled k-drama devices.

        • webfoot

          oops error. too twisty.

          In an even earlier faceoff between LYJ KSS and HJ, HJ tells KSS “I wish I could eat like you, and be nice and fat”

  26. 26 Lahlita

    @Samsooki Where does one register to become the newest member of your fanclub? Lahlita & Samsooki 4evrr! But not in the biblical sense.

    So, Jin-heon actually slapped Twiggy, hey? He fcuking slapped her. Right. Across. The. Face. Then they hugged and started mackin’ on each other. Hmph. OK. I rewatched it, and it’s still as repulsive to me as it was the first time. I mean, I get that Jin-heon is frustrated and tormented but … right across the face? Shit. I’ma go eat some franks and beans now.

    Last but not least. OK. This? Right here? This is why interracial lovin’ needs to happen, y’all! We need to keep at it until we all look like this. Except, you know, browner. And probably speaking Chinese. BUT YOU GET THE POINT.

    Gor. Juhs.

  27. 27 Missy_K

    @Samsooki I’ve been wondering for a long time (sorry for skipping some episodes here), why Hyun Bin dried his hair using a fan (in the ep where he competes in swimming with Henney)? It’s just so weird to dry your hair using a fan.

    • 27.1 samsooki

      Ah, Ep 13. They are at a some club gym. I think the gym just set out a few cheap garden-variety room fans in the bathrooms as a proxy for real blow-dryers you’d see at fancy hotel gym. Maybe if that gym set out a few small personal blow dryers, they might get swiped?

  28. 28 mud

    Of all of MNIKSS, the stranded taxi scene is the one that sticks in my mind the most. I just love her willingness to bite the bullet in that split second. Sam Soon becomes so vulnerable and frank about her feelings with Jerk-Heon, even though the odds are against her, and it’s just so admirable of her character. She really is a romantic at heart even if her luck with love hasn’t been the best.

  29. 29 joon

    Best. Drama. Ever. Marry. Me. Kim. Sun. Ah. ^^

  30. 30 laya

    😀 So awesome. This is just like watching Sam Soon all over again and learning what went over my head the first time.

    Thanks so much for the recap!

  31. 31 Glas

    My first kdrama, I love it
    I was waiting all the week for this recap, even though I saw the drama like 4 times but though I want to watch it again, I don’t have time, reading this is like if I was watching again!!!!

  32. 32 Mei

    ADVANCED! GASTRIC! CANCER! hahahahahaha ROFLMAO! I remember the way henney uttered those words, it was kinda funny now that you’ve mentioned it! hahahahaahahhaa.

  33. 33 flowerpot

    The scene where Sam Soon confessed to Jin Heon and got dissed was really a breakthrough in any asian drama.

    I remember literally gasping with shock when i first saw him leave her by the side of the road because THAT never happens…

    Usually, confessions are followed by lotsa smooching and fun dates while holding hands and eating ice cream but in this series? A confession was followed by bunions on the feet and a stinky ride on the back of a pig truck.

    I guess that’s why MNIKSS is such a phenomenon. Because it really changed the landscape of dramas as we all knew it.

    The first time i cried over this series was in this episode. There was just something so poignant about Samsoon sharing the story with her dad and my heart just aches knowing that she likes this man enough to share her innermost thoughts and feelings with him, while he’s up in his hotel room making up (and out) with the woman he thinks he still loves.

    And that song INSIDE MY HEART? It was perfect!

    Gosh i think i need to rewatch this for the 112th time. LOL

  34. 34 NN

    tks for recapping this series, I really enjoyed watching it the first time round and am now enjoying it again reading your recaps. Would someone recap Biscuit Teacher now? That’s such a nice series with great acting from the 2 leads.

  35. 35 Kaekae

    1st these recaps point me to the next series I want to watch (I am a total newbie not only to kdramas but to Korean culture), so thanks so much for the hard work. (I just finished it last night)
    So if someone can explain something to me. (2 things)
    What is the big deal about her name?
    And why on earth would anyone want him? Yes, he is rich and good looking, but I think the temper (and general meanness) would tend to cancel that out.
    Actually, a 3rd question, what is it with all the violence – namely from the Moms. Please please tell me that this is on of the aspects of TV that has nothing to do with real life.
    Actually, a 4th questions. Why do people call her fat? She isn’t fat, not thin, but not fat.
    (I have other questions, but I will ask them as the episodes are recap)

    • 35.1 Soso

      I had the same questions… as for the 4th, may be KSA wasn’t able to gain enough weight for the role, but the character is supposed to be heavier? Even at that weight, which I think is pretty healthy by American standards anyway, I know by Korean standard is on the chubby side. When I was in Seoul this spring, I felt chubby compared to all the Korean women walking around and I’m in between size 2 and 4.

    • 35.2 Jomo

      1.. Samsooki has promised a good explanation in upcoming recaps on the name. Here is a placeholder: Samsoon to modern Korean ears is old-fashioned and dorky. Similar to Agnes or Doris in English. On top of that, it means “third” Soon. The grandparents who wanted a grandson said, “Screw it! You’re not gonna be a boy? Then I’m giving your crappy name.”

      2.. The mystery of genes attracting genes?

      3.. I don’t know if there is more hitting in SK, just less political correctedness about showing it on TV

      4..The reason you keep hearing that KSS is fat is because they are trying to convince us that in the world of the show, KSS is fat. You have to build that in to your concept of our heroine. The actress did gain weight for the series, and is heavier than her normal”TV” weight to help that illusion. In addition, they dressed her in the least flattering clothes in the history of time and gave her bad hair. You are also supposed to believe that KSA is not attractive, which of course, is NOT true. Just go with it.

    • 35.3 nova

      kaekae….here is the explaination that i copied from ”recap : mNiKsS episode 1 here in dramabeans”

      “33.1 come2noona August 3rd, 2011 at 9:22 pm

      I asked my Korean teacher that very question. Apparently it is old-fashioned… like naming a girl “Esther” today. Also “Sam” is “three” in Sino-Korean… she was the third daughter. I guess the first daughter was “il”-something and the second was “i”-something… which made daughter #3 “sam”-soon. HTH!”


      • 35.3.1 Jomo

        After having watched the show 5 times, I kept wondering why it was important that there was another sister when we NEVER see her, not even in a photo.
        Why did’t they just write her out like they do in so many adaptations from books to films?

        Then DOH! it hit me that SAM meant THIRD!
        I felt like the sky opened up and revealed a lost secret!

        • nova

          i love sharing info!!
          and discuss topIc that i LOve

  36. 36 mini me

    Even though, i love MNIKSS & have watch it several times, But sometimes there are certain thing that i don’t understand & couldn’t understand or maybe it’s the different culture thing. But thanks to you,some little detail explain. You sure do make everything more clearer and the extra comment are great 🙂 thanks again for the wonderful recap .

    • 36.1 skelly

      Here here! Samsooki, thanks so much for recapping the series! I have watched it four or five times now, made my husband watch it, told people about it – and yet I am still learning new things, understanding more of the nuances through your very Samsoon-like, from-the-gut comments. I look forward to these recaps as much – or more – than any of the new recaps out there…

  37. 37 oi

    KSA’s round face here is so funny, because she looks so different in Scent Of A Woman now

  38. 38 Eeefu

    I still can’t see how that could be done:

    1) He … starts using her stomach as a pillow.

    2) Sam Soon sits up and stares at Jin Heon ….

    Just try to get someone to rest his/her head on your stomach – you won’t be able to “just” sits up – this just can’t be done without awkwardness. If you could sit up and hold that head which is resting on you, that head must be below your abdomenal line. So how does the head of a person lying on his back move from the stomach to that point?…

    Regarding: Why does Sam Soon, after everything that happened that day, share the story of her dad with Jin Heon?

    I think Sam Soon felt she’s losing grip of this fake-turned-real relationship (the guy did not show up afterall); this is her final way of showing her heart to him without actually uttering the “I love you” words. You won’t just tell anyone these matters, sometimes not even your family – that requires tremendous trust and thus promotes mutual understanding.

  39. 39 Abbie

    I really like this drama, and am anxious to see where it’s heading.

    Thanks for the recap, Samsooki!

  40. 40 Rovi

    AKA the Jeju-do episode. XP

    My fave scenes includes the NG’s and BTS’s of the hair-pulling scenes & fisty-cuffs (got that word from JB’s recap of Dream High. XP) at the Inauguration scene. meh.

    Also, that scene of Jin-heon pillowing Sam-soon’s stomach had been something of a talk-over, after appearing as Princess Hours’s Hwangtaehu mama‘s guilty pleasure…XD

    Scene in Princess Hours:
    Hwangtaehu: (watching scene) hahahahahahaha~!
    Sang-goong: Hwanghu mama naipsyoooooo~
    Hwangtaehu: (turns off TV) L-let her in..

  41. 41 angelicious

    JIN-HEON HIT HER! I can’t believe that’s an acceptable thing to do! I am reallyyyy not liking Jin-heon as a character atm; he hits his ex and he leaves Sam Soon on the side of the road! He really has anger management issues, seems he’s punched someone literally every episode == Hyunbin is all sorts of good-looking but man…this character’s a jerk.

    They should both go for Daniel Henney. *.*

    • 41.1 mel

      yeah! i’m also contemplating why he’d hit her. Just very ungentleman! but I guess the way he treated all those woman from the blind dates isn’t really nice either… Being a gentleman is not his style.

  42. 42 Ilwad

    My favourite scenes in this episode were the ones with Sam Soon and Daniel Henney because they are so innocent, cute, and awkward lol!

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    This episode really made me dislike Sam-Soon. The way she was preventing Hae-jin and Jin-heon from getting back together.
    It seems Hae-Jin and Jin-heon are made for each other (at least up until episode 7), but Sam-Soon is the main lead… This whole drama is making it real hard to guess what would happen next. But I really hope that Sam-Soon would not try to break up Hae-Jin and Jin-heon. I hope she would not be the one to do that.

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