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My Name Is Kim Sam Soon: Episode 8
by | August 25, 2011 | 106 Comments

Last episode, Sam Soon was ditched faster than Henry can say “Nae-ga bong-ee-nya?” when Jin Heon discovered the real reason Hee Jin left him three years ago.

But all is not lost for Sam Soon. Having a strong family like Sam Soon’s is like having a safety net that catches you when you love and lose, so that you can get back up and love again.


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Episode 8 – Daddy, Why Is My Love Life So Hard?

Sam Soon spends her days and nights staring at her cell, wondering when Jin Heon might call or text her. Jin Heon hasn’t been to work in 3 days, which is more than enough time for him and Hee Jin to catch up on old times, and then for Hee Jin to get the hell back to California. Sam Soon might be a kind-hearted person, but she won’t share a boyfriend, even a fake boyfriend, especially one she has started to like.

The other staff at Bon Appetit smell the change in the wind though, even if Sam Soon will not. Pfft. As if Jang Captain stands a shot with Jin Heon. Give it up!

As another day comes and goes, Sam Soon still clutches her cell- her only line of communication with Jin Heon. Ella Fitzgerald softly warbles “This Girl’s In Love With You” in the background as Sam Soon takes the bus home, but it’s not like we don’t know. Sam Soon is smitten, though really, I don’t think Jin Heon has done anything to deserve it. What has Jin Heon done except break up her date with Good Looking Blind Date Guy and constantly tell her that she’s not his type?

Now now, tssks Mrs. Samsooki. I should be fair. He did carry her drunk-ass all the way to his apartment and took care of her clothes. And he did defend her twice against Hyun Woo, right? Fine. He’s not all bad. Where IS Jin Heon, anyway?

Jin Heon has been looking after Hee Jin at a Seoul hospital, and finally texts Sam Soon. He’s a bit busy. That’s it?? Jin Heon adds, “At hospital.” An alarmed Sam Soon asks a ton of questions ending with, shall I go to you? But Jin Heon merely replies, “Nope.”

Clearly, Jin Heon has other things on his mind, like how to get rid of Hee Jin’s 6 foot 2 inch chiseled surgical oncologist moonlighting as a guardian angel. Damn. Even though I’m like 2.5 times as mature as Jin Heon, even I’d wanna get rid of Henry too.

Jin Heon breaks the ice with Henry by asking, “When are you leaving?” Hehe! Henry the Chiseled Surgical Oncologist, for whatever reason, ignores Jin Heon’s slights. Not sure exactly what game Henry is playing here. Is his plan to stay in Korea for another 5 months and just watch Hee Jin and Jin Heon make kissy-faces at each other?

Meanwhile, Kim Sam Mopey has not gone unnoticed at home. Sam Soon’s mom and older sister can’t help but see Sam Soon’s erratic behavior. During a dinner cooked out in the yard (BBQ! Yummers!), Sam Soon’s mom heads inside to answer a phone call. Yi Young quickly bitch-slaps Sam Soon into reality. What the HECK has gotten into you?!

Sam Soon admits it, finally, to Yi Young. She misses her Sam Shik like crazy. Yi Young is surprised but not in a good way.

Yi Young: I won’t allow it. I’ll never allow you to fall for Sam Shik.
Sam Soon: And why not?!

Why not indeed. What’s wrong with Sam Shik, other than the fact that he’s in love with another woman and his family would never allow you to marry him and he’s an immature dork and he’s rude and arrogant… AND he’s your boss? Well, even so, that’s not why Yi Young won’t let her like Sam Shik. Yi Young notes that rich people live differently than the rest of us, and nobody really knows what goes on inside rich people’s homes. And yet, people line up for miles to get the chance to be a Cinderella. Well, Yi Young won’t allow that to happen for Sam Soon.

I don’t know. Yi Young is all protective and stuff, but I’m not convinced by Yi Young’s logic. Yi Young married for money, didn’t she? But reading my mind, Yi Young slaps that argument away though, noting that Sam Soon has different principles than she does, and so what Yi Young does or did has no relevance to Sam Soon.

Sam Soon finally reveals all. Yoo Hee Jin is back and that’s why Jin Heon hasn’t called. Well, game over. Thanks for playing. Yi Young can’t believe how silly Sam Soon is being. But Sam Soon’s emotions, pent up for days, comes flooding out, along with the full story of what happened at the Jeju Hotel. Sam Soon cries out her justification, saying that everything Jin Heon did means that he does like her.

A world-wise Yi Young clucks in frustration at her sister’s naivete. She tries slapping some sense into her younger sister but Sam Soon doesn’t believe it – her Sam Shik is not like that!

Yi Young (exasperated): Gaaaah! Why is it that girls who know nothing about dating always fall for the same stupid tricks!

I guess so. But still, “I told you so” won’t make Sam Soon feel any better. Of course, I can hear Yi Young now, saying, “Making her feel better isn’t what an unni is supposed to do! Making her feel better isn’t going to get her married! A big sis has gotta slap some sense into their dong-sengs!”

Yes, but being a big sis in wisdom but not in size has its own issues. Yi Young tries to slap Sam Soon again but Sam Soon is ready and grabs Yi Young’s arm. Disrespectful! Yi Young automatically tries to slap Sam Soon with her free arm but Sam Soon is ready for that as well. LOL! The two sisters go at it, hilariously listing off every wrong that the other has done since like grade school.

Sam Soon’s mom reappears with a huge winnowing Korean fan and chases her daughters around the yard, before giving up and plopping back down. Sigh, what fate brought her to this. One daughter with too much in her head and one daughter with too little.

As with many fights between sisters, this one ends as quickly as it starts. And Sam Soon’s mood has brightened considerable as she realizes how much Yi Young cares for her. That’s what family is for, to bitch-slap some sense into you and to lend you new dresses so long as you don’t sneak out to see Sam Shiks.

Speaking of which, it hasn’t taken long for Jin Heon and Hee Jin to share the same bed. So Hee Jin is now sleeping over Jin Heon’s? Hmmpf. I guess quick is as quick does. And busy is as busy does. Just saying.

Deep into the night, Sam Soon is still awake and still holding out her hope in her hands. She sends a last text to Jin Heon for the night, and then bikes over to Bon Appetit to start baking – her way to make herself feel better.

Sam Soon makes two things: sesame jook (traditional rice porridge made for ppl who are ill) and a Napoleon cake called a gรขteau de mille-feuilles – fresh raspberries, flaky crispy crusts, alternating almond buttercreme and vanilla custard fillings and topped with almonds, powdered dark chocolate and confectioner’s sugar. *drool* Who could the goodies be for? Right, Jin Heon said he was in the hospital… Ruh roh!

Sure enough, Sam Soon wraps up the jook and cake for a bike trip out to Jin Heon’s apartment. In the elevator on the way up, Sam Soon practices how to sound nonchalant but still worried. I am watching now with my hands over my ears and only partially watching the screen. This won’t be pleasant. Just leave the food at the door and run away!

Sam Soon rings the door, and Jin Heon answers it. As Sam Soon butchers her planned speech, out pops Hee Jin from behind Jin Heon, because she must. Protective of turf, much? With nothing to say, Jin Heon sheepishly grabs the goodie bag. With only a hint of sarcasm, Sam Soon asks Jin Heon to enjoy the food with Hee Jin. Sam Soon turns to leave when Hee Jin offers an apology (Hey, skinny girl. You pipe down. Winners shouldn’t fake apologize as a means to proclaim total victory).

The door closes and Sam Soon exhales, crushed. After a pause, Sam Soon turns around and rings the door bell again. Jin Heon answers it again and this time an angry Sam Soon kicks the crap out of Jin Heon’s leg, telling him to end the contract. Sam Soon reaches the elevator but Jin Heon chases after her and follows her into the elevator.

Jin Heon: I’m… starting over with Hee Jin.
Sam Soon: It looks like it. Congrats.
Jin Heon: Like we had agreed, the contract is terminated.
Sam Soon: Fine.
Jin Heon: And since it was me that breaks the contract, you don’t have to pay me back the $50,000.

Sam Soon turns to look at Jin Heon, and Jin Heon starts to repeat himself, but gets slapped. Hard. But I don’t quite get it? Why did Jin Heon get slapped? Sam Soon asks if Jin Heon thinks that he can buy someone’s heart for a mere $50,000. Where did that come from? What is she talking about? Aight, let’s break it down, samsooki-style.

1. Sam Soon needed $50,000. Jin Heon needed a fake relationship.
2. Jin Heon lent the money to Sam Soon.
3. They agreed: if Jin Heon breaks the deal, Sam Soon doesn’t have to pay.
4. Jin Heon and Sam Soon agreed never to fall for each other. Ever.
5. Jin Heon broke the deal by re-starting with Hee Jin.
6. Therefore, Sam Soon doesn’t have to pay back the $50,000.

So why should Jin Heon need to get slapped at all? But then Sam Soon explains it. The things that Jin Heon said and did for her, they scream out, “I like you.” Sam Soon didn’t fall for Jin Heon until Jin Heon apparently fell for Sam Soon. Now that Sam Soon’s heart is shredded, Jin Heon thinks he can just buy back his guilty conscience for $50,000?

Ahhh. Okay, I get it. This is Sam Soon’s point – Jin Heon isn’t taking responsibility for Sam Soon’s hurt feelings; he thinks he can escape responsibility for breaking her heart by paying cash. Jin Heon has no response, finally, perhaps, realizing the extent to which he has affected her.

The elevator doors open (finally), and Sam Soon storms out. Jin Heon follows her out though. Not sure why he does, but he does. Is this the same kind of Follow The Samsoon Game that Jin Heon did, way back in Episode 1?

Jin Heon doesn’t try to stop her though, but just tries to explain himself. That’s why you don’t have to pay me back, Jin Heon says. Disappointing! So Jin Heon still hasn’t figured it out. And I thought a smart guy like him would have figured it out by now.

Bitterly, Sam Soon announces she is taking back what she said in Jeju, about how she had started liking him. Cancelled. Jin Heon can’t let well enough alone, though, and replies that he’s not cancelling his words, when he said wants to take her to Mt. Halla. Sam Soon has wised up finally though. She ain’t no Mt.Halla-back girl. Sam Soon exhales and then tells Jin Heon to take Hee Jin instead.

Sometimes, a breakthrough like this, gaining wisdom at the point of a spear, is difficult to bear. With all that Sam Soon has been through, there’s too much for her to process. Seconds after she starts riding off on her bike, she just passes out. Sam Soon falls off the bike and collapses on the street, nearly crashing into a passing motorcyclist.

Jin Heon brings Sam Soon to the hospital, and of course Hee Jin is there too (probably to protect her turf in case this is a fake accident). They are met there by Yi Young, who recognizes Hee Jin from the airplane ride.

While Sam Soon remains out cold, Yi Young and Hee Jin talk outside. Yi Young spills the beans about the fake relationship (why??). Jin Heon remains with Sam Soon (again, why??). Jin Heon starts checking his voice mail and finally hears the message that Sam Soon left for him while at the Jeju airport. Jin Heon is truly touched, and smiles at Sam Soon’s sleeping form.

Sam Soon is released from the hospital after a few hours, and Jin Heon offers to drive her and her sister home. But Sam Soon sees Jin Heon’s new car and realizes that Jin Heon really has turned a corner and moved on in his life. Her wounds thus re-opened, Sam Soon sadly breaks off to find her own taxi. Before following Sam Soon, Yi Young slugs Jin Heon good, while an approving Hee Jin stands near by.

In the midst of this, Jin Heon’s mom calls Hee Jin, ordering her to come over. When Hee Jin arrives, Jin Heon’s mom cuts to the chase and orders her not to see Jin Heon again. This, despite the successful stomach surgery and excellent prognosis. Jin Heon’s mom gives it to her straight. She will not have another daughter-in-law who dies on her. Jin Heon’s mom doesn’t want more death in her family. Her husband died. Her first son died. Her daughter-in-law died. Can’t Hee Jin understand?

No, apparently not. Hee Jin is crushed – the secret deal 3 years ago was that if Hee Jin beats the cancer, she could come back to Korea and be back with Jin Heon. That was the deal! How can Jin Heon’s mom renege now? Didn’t Jin Heon’s mom love Hee Jin like a daughter? How can Jin Heon’s mom be so cruel, when that secret deal, that singular hope, was the only thing that kept Hee Jin alive through the brutal chemotherapy and uncertain recovery? But Jin Heon’s mom leaves Hee Jin collapsed on the floor.

Jin Heon’s mom goes to her dead son’s room and strokes the photo of happier times, when they were all together. Koreans have a saying, that the very worst thing in the world is for a parent to out-live his or her child. Jin Heon’s mom might appear to be cruel to Hee Jin, but really, all she was being was honest. And sometimes, honesty is the fastest antiseptic to wounds of the heart.

Late that night, Yi Young and Sam Soon go out to eat and drink, or, rather, drink drink and maybe eat a little. Yi Young heads for the bathroom while Sam Soon gets a headstart on the soju, and gets up for another bottle. Sam Soon returns to the table and finds her dad sitting at the table and smiling at her. Sam Soon sits down and her dad grabs the bottle so that he can share a special drink with his favorite daughter.

And even though this is just between a daughter and her dad, Sam Soon keeps the cultural formalities of drinking with one’s elder. Her dad pours the first drink, and Sam Soon holds her glass with both hands. Then Sam Soon takes the bottle and pours her dad a drink. And Sam Soon doesn’t touch her glass until her dad picks up his. Then when her dad lifts his glass, Sam Soon follows suit, but with both hands. Finally, Sam Soon doesn’t drink facing her dad, but turns 90 degrees away. Even though she’s 30 and her dad is dead, Sam Soon does the only thing she can do to show her love.

Sam Soon’s dad is so awesome in this scene, just looking at her daughter with so much love as her daughter tries to smile but fails miserably.

Sam Soon: I thought I was done crying over men, but… Dad? I really didn’t think I would be like this when I turned 30. I thought that nothing would make my heart race faster, or make me stay awake all night waiting for a phone call. Dad, do you know how that’s like torture? I thought I could just meet a decent guy so as to not worry about my heart being hurt, so that my heart would not be hurt… that’s how I wanted to live. But just look at me now… I’m a tragedy.

And finally, Sam Soon confesses to her dad that she just wants her heart to harden, so she can’t feel any more pain.

After all that she has been through, with Hyun Woo and then with Jin Heon, Sam Soon finally asks for a time-out.

That’s enough pain, okay? Please, don’t give me any more pain. It hurts too much. It is enough to make anyone tear up, but for those who have felt similar pain, where the hurt really does start from inside the chest like a burning ball and radiates outward, pushing out tears no matter if you are crying or not, Sam Soon’s pain is palpable.

Okay, that’s all I got. It’s time for a drink.


This episode is, from a technical standpoint, relatively short. In fact, there are less scenes in this episode than any other episode so far. From a plot standpoint, only two things have happened: Sam Soon finding out that Jin Heon really has moved on, and Hee Jin finding out that Jin Heon’s mom has moved on.

Still, this might be my favorite episode of the drama so far.


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    Love you Samsooki for being so fast with your recaps! You are the best! Thanks!

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    I love the way you analyze the episodes. Thanks for the humorous and insightful recap:)

    • 2.1 capscorp

      but i don’t understand why r u recapping my lovely sam-soon which aired like 5-6 yrs ago n not the princess’ man which is like super hot right now… i really wish someone would recap it as they pretty slow with subs….

      And u really good at it… just saying… :((((

      • 2.1.1 samsooki

        Thanks for the compliment, I really do appreciate it.

        As to your question, let me say this in response:

        I asked JB and GF if I could recap My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. I asked because I wanted to recap this series. And I recap because it’s fun, and not because people tell me to do it.

        As for Princess’ Man, I’ve not seen the drama, I’m still working on catching up with about a dozen other series that I missed since 2010.

        If someone asks, “why aren’t you recapping Protect The Boss or Princess’ Man,” the likely answer is one of three reasons:

        (A) “Because I don’t want to.” or
        (B) “I’d like to but I don’t have time.” or
        (C) “Because I’ve not seen it and it is very difficult to recap a series without watching it.”

        This is something that I think you (not you capscorp in particular, but just “you” in general) have to understand about recappers and subbers.

        It’s not easy to recap or sub. I used to translate for fan-subbing groups as well, and I have a pretty good idea of how hard it is. It’s hard. Recapping, it’s hard.

        People who recap and/or sub do it because they enjoy it. They better enjoy it, since they don’t get paid or get any benefits. They do it because they enjoy doing it, and not because people tell them to do it.

        So, there’s this etiquette that follows:

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        Why the etiquette?

        Here’s why:

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        Similarly, a recap of a single episode, for a really good recapper, might take a few hours. An hour to watch and take notes, an hour or two to write and edit. Other recappers (like myself) take much longer. And sometimes I research and consider things that might be interesting. But that’s just the writing part. There’s also the screen caps that go along with. Some recappers take hundreds and hundreds of screen caps, knowing that they will only use a small fraction. I tend to take less, but I also go frame by frame to select the best screen captures. And that’s not including the time it takes to do everything else that needs to be done.

        All of this takes time. A whole lot of time and effort.

        And nobody in their right mind would do it if they didn’t want to do it. And isn’t it true that people (not just subbers and recappers) in general hate to be told what to do. And when you throw into it all the time and effort it takes to do something….


        But I get where you are coming from. I do! You fall in love with a series and you really like it, but you just wish that good subs and recaps would come out for it, so that your enjoyment can continue. If only someone else would come and finish the subs and recaps!

        You know what? Subbers and recappers totally understand where you are coming from, because we feel the same way.


        I don’t mean to be flippant (well, maybe a litte), but dude, come on. Try to see it from the subbers’ and recappers’ perspectives.

        • langdon813

          HEAR, HEAR!!


        • Ivoire


          Thank you for explaining the work and effort that goes into subbing or recapping a series. Many of us already appreciate what subbers and reccappers do, but it makes us (I know I do) more appreciative having an idea of what goes into doing it. Thank you also for spelling out what the etiquette is, I am fairly new to the site and wasn’t sure of what the etiquette is. This helps…

          Also, thank you for always taking the time to explain the cultural differences we see in Korean dramas such as the way Sam Soon drank in the presence of her dad. I have seen it being done in other dramas and assumed that it had to do with being respectful to one’s elder. I did like however that you took it apart (described what they were doing) and thoroughly explained the whole scene. You are detailed when you do it (explaining the cultural aspects of things) and I appreciate it.
          It makes the viewing experience better in that I feel that I was able to understand the whole episode and the relevance of some practices and not just some parts of it.

          • Verรณnica

            I think that’s one of the main reasons Dramabeans as a whole works so great(at least for me): the writers/bloggers/recappers are so eager to let us why and how many little details about Korean culture and kdramas work as well to those who are completely new or unaware of it. I could have completely missed a lot of the meta references with a drama like Best Love to put an example, had not been because the DB girls explained every “Koreanism” in ways I could understand and even enjoy. So for that, kudos to Dramabeans!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Celexa


          I’ve never understood why people don’t see how impolite it is to ask a subber or recapper why they don’t do the show they are currently watching.

          It’s as impolite as opening a gift and then telling the person who took the time to pick out something for you, gift wrap it and deliver it to you – that you would rather have something else instead.

        • sangay

          a round of thundering applause for a great reply !
          well done, samsooki ! ๐Ÿ˜€

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          omg I can’t agree more. I’ve only recently tried recapping…and I can’t believe the amount of time I’ve spent on one episode alone. And I didn’t include research or other frills. It’s just scene to scene stuffs.
          I can’t even be bothered to check for mistakes sometimes…

          Now that I’ve first hand experience at recapping, I appreciate all the work the subbers/recappers have done even more now.

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          As always, your recap and insight on dramas and life is refreshing.
          I can’t wait for next week!

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          Although I have never subbed or recapped anything I can pretty much imagine how hard it is or how much time it takes. I studied English at the university and we had to do some translating and writing assignments..a lot actually (I know it’s not the same but it is writing you know :))
          so I could never stand the people who would demand for subs right away (I mean literally.. a FEW HOURS from its airing time). I’m thinking they don’t do much thinking.. I don’t understand how they don’t understand that it takes time and it doesn’t matter if they demand for it in the comments section. and that’s downright disrespectful towards the subbers.
          I think they should put your statement on every ‘online watching sites’ and make the users read it before they can start watching anything.. maybe some of them will come down to earth.

          oh and.. I come to dramabeans to experience the kdrama all over again and we are so fortunate as to have such good writers to do the recaps ๐Ÿ™‚
          I am an ardent fan XD

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          Samsooki…Your reply is DA SHIT.

          Usually, I skim through comments on DB, and I always wonder HOW people can casually ask “when will you recap_____(insert whatever drama airing at the moment) *POUT*)
          I confess I’m genuinely dismayed at such unshameful behaviour…
          I recently opened a blog, where I’ll try to recap movies/dramas (japanese ones), and just the first recap was like HELL.
          Ok, part of it being that I wrote it in french AND in english.

          I also have experience as a translator (from english to french), and maaaaaan…..even though there are lot of sweethearts on forums, comprehensive and patient, you can’t help being irritated when you read few comments about how “you’re focusing too much on this____(insert whatever drama airing at the moment), but you should better translate this one, because it’s so good ! scratch that, because I WANT IT NOW”

          anyway, I don’t comment often here, even though I’m a fairly old lurker. But your comment really made me want to applaud you and thank you for your work.
          Samsooki, ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•ด ! (no offense to mrs samsooli!)

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          Thank you.You write such a reasonable and detailed explanation.

          I applaud your patience in answering it.I suck at translation.A 10 min video out of a 1hr drama- takes me 45-75 min minimum to 100% sub.Then sometimes I have to check the vocabulary and spell check myself.Therefore when people demand subs or demand why something is not done.I am not as reasonable as you ‘I want to hurl something at them and say,nothing in life is free.If it is free…what right do you have to make demands?’

          So from the bottom of my heart.I do appreciate your recap.That is because like today,I swear I wonder…did I watch the same drama as everyone?How come I missed so many details.

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          ditto, mr. samsooki ๐Ÿ™‚
          Cannot thank you enough for this recap on MNIKSS – I promptly rewatch it again right after your second recap. And reading these again are such a treat that I might revisit the drama one more time…
          Thanks for all your hard works…

      • 2.1.2 puddingpie

        please. well it’s up to the recapper wish to recap for whatever drama they want =) ’nuff said.

        at least, someone did recap TPM. here, credit to monocot, I found in Soompi thread


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        I always think, recapping MNIKS is great. Cause this recap I tried to find when I first know about this site. And I always wish some people in dramabeans will do it some days. Every day when I check this site I cross my finger for dramabeans recapping sam soon. And finally my dream come true….
        Yes, we already see the whole episodes and knew how the end of this drama. But still, reading recap is totally different thing, make our perspective richer and much…much… much fun…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        i agree with you. was also hoping you’d ask the former “recapper” of Hero to complete the remaining 7 episodes. It felt like hanging in the air without any hope of landing on soft ground. please so I will know the ending of Hero?

  3. Mei

    I cried buckets during Heejin’s begging scene with the mom, it was heartbreaking. It was the highlight of the episode.

    • 3.1 danni

      Same here, great scene. I really feel bad for Hee-jin, even though I don’t really like her, but I felt it was too unfair for her, even though I see where Jin-heon’s mom is coming from.

    • 3.2 biankoy

      nah.. [email protected] Heejin… she’s such a buzzkill

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    I โ™กโ™กโ™ก this drama!!!

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    Poor Sam Soon ๐Ÿ™

  6. Celexa

    Samsooki.. you had me laughing and crying with this recap!

    “She ainโ€™t no Mt.Halla-back girl.”
    such a fitting play on words! ๐Ÿ˜€

    “… for those who have felt similar pain, where the hurt really does start from inside the chest like a burning ball and radiates outward, pushing out tears no matter if you are crying or not, Sam Soonโ€™s pain is palpable.”

    unbearable pain… so eloquently described :'(

    thanks for the recap… i’m enjoying following it again with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Noelle

    I was watching this show till like 4 in the morning. It’s hard to stop when your on a roll and the episodes just get better and better. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the upcoming episodes. Thanks for the recap!

  8. Susie

    “Koreans have a saying, that the very worst thing in the world is for a parent to out-live his or her child.”

    This is a universal saying I think. My grandmother said this and we aren’t Korean.

    • 8.1 Moonblossom

      Chinese have the same saying too – ็™ฝๅ‘ไบบ้€้ป‘ๅ‘ไบบ or white-hair people sending off black-hair people. Maybe there could be links to chinese origin?

      Thanks Samsooki for recapping MNIKSS. I only caught snippets of the show when i first aired and didn’t really catch on. Thanks to you, I’m rewatching bits of the show again and am finding new insights.

      And thanks for sharing what a recapper/subber does. I often wondered how and what you guys do it and it is inspirational to know that older folks (I think you are older then my mid-thirties?) than I embrace enough technology to recap a show AND with the literal chops to write about it as well. Brava!

  9. Mike

    Why do you keep making out Heejin to be the bitch?

    She has every right to be with Jin Heon and like she said before it’s been 8 years… And Sam Soon should understand where Jin Heon is coming from after knowing their history.

    Also technically it’s Sam Soon’s fault for breaking the contract first as she confessed that she’s fallen for Jin Heon while he did not say that he’s fallen for Sam Soon.

    That’s one thing I think does not make any sense in this drama. SAM SOON should be able to understand Jin Heon because the entire reason FOR the contract was for Hee Jin…

    • 9.1 skelly

      Hmmm. When they made that contract, I don’t think Sam Soon even knew yet about Hee Jin and that whole history. She knew that he had a deep wound left by a previous relationship, but not the details.

      As for Hee Jin, I don’t think she is a b*, but she is terrifically self-absorbed. She went off to find a solution to her problems, assuming that everyone else would be in stasis, waiting for her return, and that she would of course be so trusted and well-understood that there wouldn’t be any issues with her disappearance. And she also felt perfectly fine making a deal with Jin Heon’s mother, without any twinge of conscience about going behind Jin Heon’s back and leaving him in painful ignorance. She treated him like a child – just goes to show that even sweet-looking young things can be arrogant.

      • 9.1.1 Mike

        I actually feel like it’s implied that she didn’t really want to leave Jin Heon like that, but rather that Jin’s mom forced her to either make the deal and go to America or leave Jin for good right then…

        And also when you learn that you’re terribly close to death with only 1/3 chance for survival you tend not to make the best of judgments.

        Besides not that Sam Soon DOES know, she should just learn to move on… I mean it’s only been months of them knowing each other and Jin Heon never actually said he likes her so I can’t really understand all this drama about heartbreak and stuff when nothing really happened.

        In real life you really don’t go all weepy and heartbroken if the person you liked chose someone else… Especially when there was no relationship to begin with.

        • Mike

          Now* that

        • gailT

          “In real life you really donโ€™t go all weepy and heartbroken if the person you liked chose someone elseโ€ฆ Especially when there was no relationship to begin with.”


    • 9.2 samsooki

      That’s a good point, actually.

      Hee Jin does have every right to be with Jin Heon, but not really because of an 8-year prior history, but simply because Jin Heon wants to be with her. That’s really the only question that need be asked, right? If Jin Heon changed his mind and wanted to be with Jang Captain, hey, more power to Jang Captain.

      As to your first point – here’s my response.

      Stories have points of view, and I write these recaps with a point of view – I try to be balanced (mostly – hehe), but my perspectives color my recaps. And while I disagree with your assessment (I am not making Hee Jin out to be a “bitch”), I can understand how you might feel that way.

      Mostly, I’m not sympathetic to the character of Hee Jin, at least, not for the first 8 episodes of this drama. I’m not sympathetic because of the way the character of Hee Jin was written. (I personally like JRW and her acting is fine. )

      Hee Jin is an antagonist. She is there as a foil against which Sam Soon must fight, and against which Sam Soon is measured, fairly or unfairly.

      And I tend to see antagonists in a less attractive light than I do the protagonists (although, not always!).

      Hope that helps!

      • 9.2.1 kdrama filipina addict

        its so true hee jin’s character is an antagonist, the audience isnt meant to like her or feel warmth or empathy towards her otherwise she would be the lead.

        i just feel though that hee jin is given too much importance which at the beginning is understandable as he hasnt yet forged a deep enough connection with Sam Soon but as the drama progresses the importance given to Hee Jin didnt diminish enough for my satisfaction, especially at the end of this drama i wanted to throw bricks at the television when sam shik decides to go to america with hee jin, (sorry for jumping the gun here i know this is only episode 8) but as realistic as this drama was meant to be i just didnt feel fully comforted that Sam Shik’s heart is shown as being complete towards Sam Soon, she is continually shown to be the second best to Sam Shik even at the end when he did choose Sam Soon it felt like he didnt really fully choose her if that makes sense? what right minded woman with enough dignity and self respect would settle for a half love or even at best, a three quarters love? so for that this drama didnt hit the spot ;( but as moany as i am about sam shik not loving her enough i cant help but watch it anyway and enjoy your recaps! ๐Ÿ™‚

        i especially love scent of a woman, im dying to see the next episodes!!! and lee dong wook is my new crush after hyun bin in secret garden ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 9.2.2 webfoot

        Samsooki wrote:
        “And I tend to see antagonists in a less attractive light than I do the protagonists (although, not always!).”

        Yes, we know. Should I count how many times you wrote Beautiful-and-elegant-Go-Go-Hae in the CH recaps? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • samsooki

          hehe. touchรฉ.

          Fine! I admit it! I did crush on Go Hae. She was so beautiful and elegant! Couldn’t help it!

    • 9.3 Jomo

      Mike –
      Explain how the reason for the contract is Hee Jin.
      Is it because your take is JH refused to marry anyone other than HJ, just in case she came back?

  10. 10 skelly

    Thanks for the recaps! I, too, loved the scene between Hee Jin and Jin Heon’s mom. I have the feeling that when I was younger, I would have felt more keenly for Hee Jin, and the injustice of it all.
    But since I am the mom’s age, I can fully understand and support her point-of-view – as a parent, you become extremely risk-averse and protective, both for yourself and for your children. She is still suffering from the after-effects of that catastrophic accident, with a granddaughter who cannot speak and a son who is in a similar child-like limbo, only emotional instead of verbal. She has one child left, and although she fights with him and hovers over him and ruthlessly attempts to control his life, she’s just trying to save her family from more pain.

  11. 11 oi

    thanks for the recap, samsooki ๐Ÿ˜€

    I would skip Hee Jin parts, but disliking the-sick-girl-story less now after your recap. Sounds more human and natural now compared to what I remember from a few years ago.

  12. 12 Ani

    “Koreans have a saying, that the very worst thing in the world is for a parent to out-live his or her child.”

    Yeah, I think that’s pretty universal though since I’ve heard it more often than not.

  13. 13 Naghme

    whenever i think about this drama, I remember that part Sam soon eagerly cooked for jin Heon but her dream didn’t last so far when she went to jin Heon door…that moment the door was opened. I felt my heart broke with Sam soon …….

    • 13.1 msim

      Mine too.
      Which is why I can forgive Sam Soon for participating in my least favourite aspect of k-dramas: face-slapping.
      I’ve broken up with shows over it (yeah, I’m looking at you MW the Spy).
      But my heart sank with hers even though I was never in that situation. That’s the power of KSA. I’m putty in her hands.

      Somehow, I have no issues with her kick though. Go figure.

  14. 14 Butet

    “She ainโ€™t no Mt.Halla-back girl.”

    I about died right there. PWAHAHA.


    • 14.1 kdrama filipina addict

      hahahahaha me too!!!! that was a class line, i burst out laughing so loud lol

  15. 15 Jomo

    Thank you for the recap.
    It all still hurts, even now only reading the heartbreak.

    The daddy scenes hit me the hardest. His love for her is so strong it helps her through tough times after his death.
    I can only dream of being that wonderful of a parent to my kids. I am always happy to see that actor show up in other shows remembering him here.

    As far as KSS cooking then taking the food over to Samshik’s house…hmmm…Did she really expect that he would be home alone? I doubt it. I have always suspected that KSS’s worst nightmare was exactly THAT scenario. Her curiosity was killing her. “WTH is Samshik and WTH is he doing? How can I force this issue? How can I find out? Ooooh! I can cook him some sick people food and take it over there. That makes sense, and I can end my tortuous wait.”

    The fact that he is holed up with Skinny? No big surprise, just a confirmation of her Murphy’s analysis.
    ( An exercise in which you list what the worst possible outcome of an action)

    I love how even though Samshik thinks this is game over for his contract with KSS, the audience is starting to think, “Game on, Skinny B!” You think you’ve got him, but we know better. We know KSS.”

    Bring it on!!!

  16. 16 the piano has been drinking

    I think part of the hee jin hate is AGE related. There are times when she is too entitled but I always feel like that’s not her true character. As far as “ghosts of girlfriends past” go she’s pretty tame. The one I disliked and blamed for the crushing of our samsoon is ji hyun. That was a wake up and take responsibility slap, well deserved.

    • 16.1 Jomo

      I love your screen name.

    • 16.2 maria

      i LOVE your name. LOVE.

  17. 17 mvl

    samsooki u out did u’re self w/this recap. u had me laughing at several sections but especially at the sisters fighting. u got to luv sam soon’s family they’re a riot! u’re definitely right that not alot happen in this episode but what did happen is what’s going to propell this drama forward. the lines have been drawn & 1/4ed. i also luv the dynamics between sam soon & her dead dad! still waiting for why her name is such an issue. probably bigger for those of us who aren’t korean.

  18. 18 MJ

    Hey Sam Soon,

    If Jin Heon doesn’t seem to be completely into you, or you feel the need to start figuring him out, please consider the glorious thought that Jin Heon might not be into you. And you should fee yourself to go find the one that is.

    Move on, Sam Soon! Cut your losses and don’t waste your time. Stop making excuses for Jin Heon because his actions are screaming the truth: He is just not that into you

  19. 19 Dana

    This probably only matters to me, but that’s Dionne Warwick singing in the bus scene. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 20 Yumi

    Thanks for the re-cap.

    I’ve watched the series a couple of times yet never fully understood that Ji-Heon mother made Hee-jin leave without an explanation.

    I might have missed it because I have a naughty tendency to fast-forward through Hee-Jin and Henry’s scene.

    Bad of me. But I just didn’t find them that interesting.

    Henry was only interesting when Ji-Heon forces him to go mano-a-mano and they end up with matching nosebleeds.

  21. 21 Andrea

    I have to say I’m enjoying these recaps of an older show. I’ve seen My Name is Kim Sam Soon already in its entirety and loved it (checked it out after seeing Hyun Bin in Secret Garden). It was very emotional for me than and reading the recaps brings back a lot of those feelings. Thanks so much for your efforts. I don’t have time to rewatch right now because I have so many dramas on my list to watch but this show is definately on my list to rewatch some day.

  22. 22 pikapuffie

    its funny i’ve watched this drama twice (the only one i’ve rewatched) but i still really look forward to reliving the eps through your recaps. fighting!!!

    • 22.1 jueyoungee

      That’s exactly how I feel! I also watched this twice and it also the only Korean drama I watched again. These recaps make me want to watch it a third time

  23. 23 jandoe

    Samsooki I just want to say… I love you!

    Your recaps totally make my day – SO GLAD you’re the one recapping Sam-Soon and recapping it now! :):)

  24. 24 Ivoire

    Hello Samsooki,

    Thank you for the recap, as many people have mentioned. Love your writing style and the way you analyze the scenes… You had me laughing at many sections as well and it is so refreshing to have a guy’s perspective on such a classic.

    Your description of food always makes me hungry, especially the French desserts, mostly because I grew up eating them and your descriptions bring back so many good memories.

    Keep up the good work!

    • 24.1 msim

      One of the many reasons why this series really resonated with me and started my k-drama watching: those desserts (the French ones) were all familiar – and then I got to learn about the Korean ones.

      Yep, the way to my heart is definitely food.

      p.s.: On peut presque les sentir car ils ont l’air si authentiques.

      • 24.1.1 Celexa

        omgosh!! i can almost smell kitchen as she’s bakes those beautiful desserts.

  25. 25 Sammi

    Just got home from work and walked past a house with a GIANT Sam Soon pig doll airing out in the front yard. Just thought it was sooo cute.

  26. 26 Eeefu

    sorry – why is Jin Heon referred to as Sam Shik?

    • 26.1 AquaaM

      In this series, Sam Soon hate her name because it’s old fashioned.

      Sam means three, or third
      Soon means girl or daughter, commonly used among farmers.

      Her name means 3rd daughter of farmer/rice miller.

      When Jin Heon asked what’s wrong with the name, Sam Soon retorted what if he’s called Sam Shik all his life (Shik means boy, or son). Jin Heon retorted back something about it doesn’t matter since no one named him like that, so Sam Soon was pissed and the nickname Sam Shik stuck on him.

      • 26.1.1 Eeefu

        Now these all makes sense! Thanks for your explanations.

      • 26.1.2 sleeplessinwgtn

        I never thought their names have meanings that simple. Third daughter… third son. It’s like being called Three.

        Thanks for the explanation.

  27. 27 danni

    “She ain’t no Mt. Halla-back girl.” Lol, best line ever.

    Reading your recaps seriously makes me want to go back and watch this again, even though I’ve already seen it three times. Thanks for the recap, samsooki!

  28. 28 Em

    Thanks for the recaps Samsooki – I wait with bated breath in the middle of the week for the MNIKSS recaps! ๐Ÿ™‚ I get annoyed with people asking for recaps too – why don’t they just write their own if they’re so desperate for it? Anyhoo moving right along…

    Just wondering why you didn’t elaborate on the Hee Jin/Yi Young connection; I was expecting a sarcastic comment from you about how Seoul is so small. I love this episode up until Sam Soon gets out of hospital, then I fast forward the ending coz I get bored watching Manager Oh’s interaction with HJ or SS with her dead dad… and I just wanna get to the good stuff!

  29. 29 Carinne

    Ahhhhhhhhh ~ so much fond memories. I love these recaps.

  30. 30 Celexa

    I don’t know how to ask this delicately…

    Are we to assume that Sam Shik and Hee Jin are already back in a sexual relationship? After all, she did tell him that she found out she had the big C when she went for a check up because she thought her pain was due to a pregnancy.

    • 30.1 skelly

      I would say yes, based on Hee Jin’s determination to prove the sincerity of her feelings and that they should be back together, and also by their body language – they show a lot of casual comfort in sharing personal space.

    • 30.2 sangay

      wait, i’m lost.

      sam shik and hee jin’s barely back together for 3 days and she thinks she’s pregnant ?!

      wow …….

      • 30.2.1 abc123

        That was 3 years ago. Before she left him because of the cancer

  31. 31 meri

    enjoying a lot

  32. 32 dramafan88

    I think SamSoon has a right to be angry and all dramalike to Jin Heon because if he didn’t do all those nice things and shared his secrets and protected and defended her, she wouldn’t have fallen for him. isn’t that valid for her? its like that saying “why make me fall for you when you never planned to catch my fall?”

    JinHeon can’t be doing so much for a person he doesn’t like.. he did fall for SamSoon, he just hasn’t realised it yet n feels guilt n responsible probably for his first love, Heejin. he would be heartless as well if he denies HeeJin now who has a terminal illness…

    so either way he will still be a bad guy…a double edged sword…he has it tough.

  33. 33 webfoot

    Just wanted to say thanks @Samsooki and @JB for the recaps. I am one of those who always wondered what the fuss about MNIKSS was about and this is a great opportunity to regain ‘lost time’.

    *passing out the madeleine’s*

    • 33.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      The madeleine episode inspired me to bake some and they’re easy to bake and scrumptious. my madeleine pan is even made in France ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. 34 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap and for bringing a freshness to a series that I have watched several times! And i love that last scene with her dad!

    It’s so weird to see Jin Heon getting referred to as Jin Heon. When I had first watched this drama, it was early in my kdrama days and the korean names were super hard for me to remember. But somehow Samshik stuck with me- so whenever I see him in MNIKSS, I tend to forget his real name and think of him as Samshik.

    I think MNIKSS was the first time I watched a kdrama without wanting to bitchslap the second female lead. I know Hee-jin is supposed to be the third, unwanted wheel- but I really feel for her despite that bout of Noble Idiot Syndrome that caused the misunderstanding between her and Samshik in the first place. I think in a fairytale world or romance novel, Hee-jin and Samshik can pick up from where they left off and run off into the sunset. But this drama is going for a more realistic angle with relationships- nothing -even feelings- is guaranteed to last forever and you should take advantage of each day as there may not be a tomorrow.

    • 34.1 Em

      Same!! Especially now since Binnie’s played Joo-Won in Secret Garden, the names sound similar to me, so I keep getting Jin Heon and Joo Won mixed up. It’s easier to remember him as Sam Shik and Jin Heon. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 34.1.1 Em

        I mean Sam Shik and Joo Won. (Confused again, dammit!)

  35. 35 katz

    I totally loved the father-daughter scene.

    Thanks for the recaps, Samsooki!

  36. 36 Lisa

    Samsooki you need to know how I love your recap-writing style! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Its funny but smart, less fangirling but doesnt miss the attractive point, and how i like you explain some scene from Korean culture perspective..

    I’ve rewatch MNKSS few times, but the recap really help me to understand the scene better.

    As for this episode what broke me the most is how after all the hardwork cooking she had done, she has to meet cold face Jin Heon, with Hee Jin in his apartement. Its really heartbreaking. Sam Soon really was too naive after 3 days no phone call and cold message reply, what she really expect. But it what makes her Sam Soon after all.
    And Hee Jin really being a bitch by saying sorry.. WTH, you dont have to pour more salt in her wounded heart and still wearing goodgirl mask, bleh..

  37. 37 helterskelter

    love the recaps, samsooki! thanks. i watched this series ages ago (was this my first? ahh, at this point, i can’t recall) but i truly look forward and enjoy reading your recaps.

  38. 38 Aigoo Addict

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  39. 39 Anne

    Thanks for the recaps of MNIKSS!! Though I’ve watched n rewatched the series a few times since 2005, I still enjoy and appreciate the recaps as you help me understand how things may be from a different perspective.

    When I watched the series, I have always wondered why SamSoon is unable to let go of JinHyeon like many of my friends. We know she is of such a strong character n JinHyun can be such a jerk at times. Sure he keeps stringing her along wit all his ‘gestures’ but surely, when she’s hurt once too many times by him, she cld just kick him in the shin n moved on…like how she got rid of the no-good ex-bf of hers just a few eps ago rite??

    Well, that was of crse, until I met my own bf in real life…who kinda strung me along n also had his ex-gf issues in tow…suddenly, MNIKSS kinda resonates with me n rewatching it brought in a new light. Falling for someone is really not a joke n u can’t get out of it that easily when u’ve put ur whole heart into it. I felt tht this series has one of the more realistic portrayals of a rship scenario n its helping me get thru my own too.

    Thanks for the recaps Samsooki!! I’m tuning into ur recaps like watching a series off the telly evry week! Keep up the good work!! :)))

    • 39.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      I agree with you about falling in love blindly. I’ve seen enough to understand that you can’t teach your heart. It feels what it feels, despite all logic. That’s why I like SS’s character. She depicts how it is to fall in love and get hurt.

  40. 40 Em

    Hey, can anybody help me – I’m watching My Fair Lady (Take Care Of The Young Lady) is Su Min’s mum played by the same lady as Manager Oh’s assistant in MNIKSS?

    • 40.1 riin

      you can check it up on dramawiki. type the drama title + ‘dramawiki’ into google search (or whatever you use :)) and then you can look up who are the actresses. I don’t know the character’s names so I don’t know ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 40.1.1 Em

        Thank you very much, riin!! I found out the actress I’m referring to is Yoon Ye Hee, and she is indeed Manager Na’s assistant in MNIKSS and Soo Ah/ Soo Min’s mother in My Fair Lady.

  41. 41 Porcelain

    Just need to say one things… Mt Halla back girl… Its prolly the best thing I read all day… or maybe all week!

    Love it.Thanks Samsooki…

    I wish I can use it to some guys like “eh, I aint no Mt Halla back girl”… and guy will prolly goes like “wut?”

  42. 42 Linda165

    Thanks for the recap Samsooki! When I first saw MNIKSS (it was my third drama), I was so happy hating HJ for abandoning JH. But when it turned out she had a “valid” reason for fleeing, I was sooo mad at the show for making me pity her and I almost took her side. I said almost.

    I hate to sound repetitive, but I love Mrs. Samsooki’s comments and opinions (she’s a fangirl and proud of it, just like myself). Let’s have her as a recurring guest, pretty please????

  43. 43 Linda165

    Completely off topic, but…. Kim Ji Hoon, why do you look so delish in that banner, and when are you bringing your sexy bedroom eyes back??????
    *hoping the protocol police won’t come and take me away*

  44. 44 Shin mi rAe

    Hello samsooki. I love your recaps. I’ve been a fan since you did city hall. I love how you explains scenes from the context of korean culture that allows us to understand the scenes and its relevance. I so love you for taking the time to enlighten us. And always, please send my love to the ever understanding mrs samsooki and the adorable baby samsooki for sharing you with us, the kdrama addicts of the world. Recapping Mnikss is the best xmas present for me, especially since its only august.

    Episode 8 is an episode that made me love kim sam soon. Episode 6 and the hot piano kiss made me watch but episode 8 made it my all time favorite drama. Kim Sam Soon is a character that i related to and admire. I felt her pain. People here said it was Sam Soon that broke the contract for liking JH. Maybe. but it was JH who rocked the boat. What had JH done so far? 1. fights with Ex bf just because he was talking to KSS. 2. Insructed KSS never to look or listen to other guys. 3. Made her a tummy pillow. 3. Went all dramatics on her and shared the story of his brother. 4. i want to go to mt halla with you. Now, for boys, these actions may not mean anything but for us girls who disect and analyze each moment, those actions means boys are like us. I know he was also a jerk but again, when boys do good stuff, girls tend to forget to include the jerky stuff in our analysis. We go blind and include only the good stuff…. So, sam soon is in dire trouble. JH is rich, hot as hell, gives away yummy kisses at the end of the day, and began showing interest on her (even if that interest is only from an analysis of her own making)… How can she not fall…. And when she did, she became a woman in love. I cried when she prepared the porridge and the cake so lovingly for the man she loves who she thought was sick. She missed him so much, she was worried because he didnt show up in three days and as if to confirm her worries, he said he was in the hospital. All the possible thoughts that might have run in her head. Is he with HJ? Up to this point, there is no confirmation that JH and HJ are back together. For all she knew (and hoped), they just had a long talk and had closure in jeju. (i know that is not a logical conclusion of the jeju hullabaloo but try being a woman in love and be logical at the same time…a very rare combination). So i cried. I felt her pain. I heard her heart shatter into pieces when HJ walked out that door with messy bed hair. Then kss became an inspiration to women in love the world over. She told JH its all his fault. It was his actuations that made her like him and now he is with HJ. Why inspiration? Because i would not have been able to do the things she did next. I am a total ninny. I would have said some crazy reason for bringing the porridge and cake but will never admit to liking him. I will never be able to tell him its all your fault or that i interpreted your actions as liking me too.
    I would have swallowed all pride in front of JH and HJ then cry buckets later. At the end of episode 8, i wanted to jump inside my screen, hug kss and smack JH, but kss beat me to it when she kicked him.

    To mike who said kss had no right to feel pain and cry because JH was never hers…. You are such a man!!!

    • 44.1 Em

      Agree with you 100%!!

  45. 45 Abbie

    I really loved the ending to the ending to this episode! It is so beautiful and shows just how much Sam Soon misses her daddy. Beautiful. I cried.

    Thanks for the recap, Samsooki!

  46. 46 bbstl

    Hooooly COW! I only dreamed that one day there would be a dramabeans recap of MNIKSS. It took my mind a couple of seconds to process when I saw “MNIKSS ep 8” on the list. And then to have the recaps be so great, it’s almost too much to take in! One of the greatest things about these recaps is that we know that samsooki has already seen the entire show, rather than recapping while watching one week at a time. His objectivity about each new ep is impeccable. I am someone who believes that if everyone on earth could be made to watch MNIKSS, we would have world peace, so … I didn’t think it could get any better, but you are making it so. I’m very grateful.

  47. 47 Kittywalk

    Hello samsooki. I just wanted to thank you for recapping this drama. Because of your recaps I started to watch MNIKSS!!! Thank you I’m really grateful for all your hard work. I’m quite new drama watcher and I usually don’t watch old dramas but this is the best drama I have ever watched! Thank you ^_^

  48. 48 lidy

    i love kim sam soon and the actress who plays her, kim sun ah. currently watching city hall bc of her. tho it came out 2005, still haven’t completed watching kim sam soon. developed a nasty habit of always starting a new drama while in midwatch of another one :-/
    seeing as ur recapping a great classic like kim sam soon have you ever thought of recapping Full House starring Bi and Song Hye kyo, she used to date Hyun Bin right? of course maybe i’m only of the few ppl who think that Full House is a great classic up there with Kim Sam Soon

    • 48.1 samsooki

      Have I ever thought about recapping Full House?

      Interesting idea! I do own the Full House DVD box set and OST… Full House was the second or third drama ever for me, and so it holds a very special place on my drama shelves.

  49. 49 marion

    Thank you Samsooki, I cant thank you enough. At the risk of wearing my ragged heart on my sleeve and letting the world know, MNIKSS remains my favorite show to date, along with Full House. It doesnt matter if you dont do FH but if you do, you should do it on your own time and terms

    COming back to MNIKSS, I was the same age as Samsoon’s cter when i watched it 6 years ago. A depressed singleton who liked the drama because some scenes resonated with me. It was also the first k drama I started with and to date I must have seen close to 200 (and counting) but MNIKSS still ranks up there. Hyun Bin became my first K crush and still remains one of my firm favorites, having recently completely Secret Garden for th first time.

    I want to thank you for the wonderful recaps and the nuances you pick up. You do it so well, being so true to the scenes and scripts and at times, with such fluidity and humour. I am a writer myself but I cannot do that

    About the scene in this ep where people may think JH is shirking responsibility for SS’s hurt feelings, I think it is because he has not felt the full extent of his feelings yet. WIth the benefit of hindsight, he only realises later ( i think it is ep 10 or 11, maybe 12) when he realises he IS pining for SS. So in this ep, even though he seems cad’ish, I don’t think it is deliberate. He is a man-child who becomes broody and emotional, unable to verbalise his pain and suffering

  50. 50 Belle

    “She ainโ€™t no Mt.Halla-back girl.”
    I actually spit my drink. You’re hilarious. Just watching this drama for the first time, so after each episode I’m trying to come back to your recaps. I love them! ๐Ÿ™‚


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