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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 8
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Twists, feelings, and fisticuffs! And yes, that look on Kang-woo’s face is the very first time he’s awed by someone’s beauty… other than his own. I may have squealed out loud on more than one occasion in this insanely hilarious episode, but I swear, it had nothing to do with the shower scene. Scout’s honor.


It finally dawns on Kang-woo that he likes Myung-wol. But of course that will never do, so instead of confronting his feelings, he attempts to avoid. He does everything including yoga in an attempt to clear his mind, but he keeps seeing her everywhere he goes.

He decides that going to see some art will get his mind off of his crush, only he simply starts to see Myung-wol’s face in all the paintings. Ha. Okay, let’s put aside the question of why a Vermeer, a da Vinci, and a Millet are hanging side by side in a Korean gallery (Did France have a garage sale or something?) but it’s downright hilarious. As is Kang-woo’s face every time it happens.

The topper is Myung-wol sitting there, posed like The Thinker, smiling up at him. I do love how sassy imaginary Myung-wol is. She taunts him much more than the real Myung-wol does.

She’s currently busy brooding, feeling like she’s finally hit rock bottom with Kang-woo. She tells Ryu that opening that man’s heart seems impossible. But he tells her to get her head in the game in the only way he knows how—by waving a stick at her and yelling. Sometimes a girl just needs a hug, okay?

Kang-woo convinces himself that this is just a blip, and feels assured that there’s no reason he’d have to see her again. So if he doesn’t see her, his feelings will fade. Uh-huh.

But what he doesn’t know yet is that he and Myung-wol are back in the headlines, for her second big rescue of the Hallyu star. It looks like someone snapped photos from the kidnapping, and now they’re everywhere.

Chairman Joo gets a report on Ryu’s activities, and his lackey tells him that Ryu often goes in and out of a private investigation agency, which is run by Myung-wol’s parents. Eeep! He’s finding out an awful lot about you!

Kang-woo cools his heels for a while and then shows up at the airport for another trip to Singapore, and sees Myung-wol standing at the edge of the crowd. He sighs, “I thought I was all better, but I’m seeing things again.” Heh.

Only it’s not imaginary Myung-wol this time. His agent informs him that after the kidnapping went public (which saved them from fans lashing out over the no-show at the showcase) they had to reinstate her. Plus he’s in more danger than ever, so Myung-wol has been ordered to stick to his side at all times.

This infuriates him, which he claims is because he wasn’t consulted. Yes, it’s definitely that and not because she’s going to make it impossible to not feel your feelings. I love this.

He treats Myung-wol brusquely, playing his part as Hallyu star Kang-woo so that she can’t tell he’s really turned into Lovesick Puppy Kang-woo. She heeds Ok-soon’s advice and plans to make the most of this trip, despite the fact that In-ah and Ryu are also going. Grooooooooan. Can’t they ditch her somewhere?

In Singapore they go straight to a photo shoot, where Kang-woo starts out distracted and staring at Myung-wol. In-ah complains so he obliges, saying, “I forgot that you’re so simple that you have to have everything handed to you.” HA. It cracks me up that he’s constantly insulting her, but she’s too stupid to realize it.

She whines later about him reinstating Myung-wol, and plants a seed of doubt – could Myung-wol really be risking her life for him time and again, just because she likes him?

Meanwhile Dae-kang enjoys some time off while Kang-woo goes to Singapore, and lounges around Hee-bok’s office. He watches a spy movie and starts to rattle off all the telltale signs of an undercover spy, realizing that it describes Hee-bok to a tee.

Hee-bok gulps as he wonders if he’s been made… as Dae-kang breaks into laughter. “How can a spy have such a large belly? If you’re a spy, then I’m Hallyu star Kang-woo!” They’re interrupted when Chairman Joo walks in, unannounced.

He comes by under the guise of wanting to thank Myung-wol’s father for Kang-woo’s sake, since she save his life twice. But he mostly asks questions about Ryu, and catches Hee-bok in a series of contradictions—yes they did know him before he arrived, no they didn’t, yes he and Myung-wol are close, well actually only recently…

He hands Hee-bok an envelope of money as a thank you, and leaves with a smile, but tells his lackey to look into this agency more closely.

Kang-woo gets antsy and decides to sneak out of the hotel, and Myung-wol catches him in the act. She tells him that she was warned to stick to him at all times, so he just shoves her in the taxi and takes her along. Or you could just ASK the girl on a date.

He ends up basically taking her on a tour of the sights, cozying up next to her and putting his arm around her on the bus, and offering her flowers… and then sticking one in her hair (to indicate that she’s crazy). Ha.

He comes across some costume masks and takes the opportunity to try and test out his theory about her being the same girl from the auction, (sneaky) but she turns away to avoid it. I like that he’s constantly questioning this, because he should. She’s way too skilled a fighter to be a random fangirl-turned-bodyguard, and he knows it.

He finally says, “There’s something strange about you.” He takes her hand.

Without looking up, he continues, “You’re a little strange. You strangely make people confused. Is there some other reason? Or do you really want to stay by my side because you love me? You confuse me.”

Aw, it’s a sweet confession because it’s not flowery or more than the simple truth—he’s just confused. On impulse, she just plants a light little kiss on his lips.

He looks up at her, wide-eyed (RAWR) and pulls her in for another kiss. Swoon.

And then they take the world’s most awkward elevator ride together afterwards. Oh, please tell me it’s extra awkward because you’re taking her up to your room, right? RIGHT?

I guess we’ll never know, because as soon as they get to the hallway, In-ah and Ryu are standing right outside, waiting. In-ah is peeved (what else is new) and Kang-woo just tells her she’s overreacting and walks past her into his room. Damnit, you squash-faced ninny!

Ryu asks Myung-wol hesitantly if anything has developed. Aw, I love how he simultaneously wants her answer to be “yes” and “no.” He reminds her that Kang-woo is no angel, that he’s someone who strings In-ah along because of her wealth, and she says she won’t forget.

It’s really sad if you think about this mission from Ryu’s perspective, because he’s just hoping against hope that Myung-wol succeeds but doesn’t give her heart away in the process.

Myung-wol returns to her room still swooning from the kiss, while Kang-woo takes a cold shower. He tells himself that he doesn’t know anything about her, or her true motives, so it can’t go any further. Bets on how long that lasts?

They return home, and it’s even more awkward now, because neither of them knows how to act. Kang-woo fidgets nervously, and when Myung-wol brings up the subject of “yesterday’s thing,” he just blurts out over-casually that it’s no big deal.

“I just did it because I was curious how it would feel, with you, but it didn’t mean anything, so…” She just tosses back that it’s a good thing, since she feels the same way. Oh, good. Complete agreement then. Oh, you two.

Later he finds her in the kitchen with a milk mustache, and has a conniption at the flaunting of kissable lips, only what comes out of his mouth is more like, “You’re so messy! Can’t you eat without getting it all over yourself? Don’t ever eat in front of me again!” Pffffft.

When she tries to straighten up his scripts, he gulps at the sight of her exposed collarbone and yells, “Hey, you’re… standing in front of the tv!” Myung-wol: “But the tv isn’t on…”

Kang-woo: “The tv isn’t on… because it’s going to be turned on right now, so don’t stand in front of it!” Omg, this is cracking me up.

So she turns to leave, but he sees her cute little bum in her short shorts, and freaks out again, this time taking issue with her wardrobe choices. Oh, ’cause THAT’s the reason you can’t keep your eyes off of her body parts. She tells him she’s wearing the same exact stuff she’s always been wearing, clearly not catching on to his behavior.

Even he realizes it’s ridiculous, and mumbles to himself, “I’m getting worse. Petty, petty, king petty.” Hee. No argument from me.

He decides to nip it in the bud, and shows up the next day with Myung-wol’s new wardrobe, filled with ajumma flower pants. She hesitates, but he insists that he’s a fashionista, and tells her to change.

So she puts it on and he looks up expecting this to do the trick… and totally goes googly-eyed anyway. His inner monologue pretty much drools as he says, “She’s purty…” HA.

Okay, you’ve got it pretty bad if you’re still going gaga over her in ajumma pants. He shakes his head, “No. No no no. What is it? No, your hair’s all wrong!” Omg, how hilarious is it that he’s trying to uglify her to try and squash his own crush?

He gets up to fix her hair, tying it up in pigtails, but that only makes her look cute, so he turns her back around in a panic. He musses it up thinking that’ll do it for sure, only she turns around and he literally goes, “WOW” out loud at her sexy bedhead. Hee.

He’s totally cracked out like a loon by now, trying desperately to blame it on something, anything except real feelings. He finally decides, “It’s your face. Your face is the problem,” and just covers her entire head and walks away. HAHAHAHA.

His last resort? “I’ll just have to ignore her. Pretend she’s not there.” So he literally pretends he can’t see her, even when she’s standing right in front of him. Ha. I just thought he meant he’d avoid her, but this is hilarious.

He keeps using Dae-kang as a conduit, telling him to tell Myung-wol this and that, all the while she’s shouting, “I’m right here!” And he just pretends she’s invisible.

Chairman Joo takes the entire crew out to party that night, and takes the opportunity to gauge Ryu’s reaction when he asks why he lied about not knowing Myung-wol. He gets by making excuses about not wanting to mix his personal and private life, but realizes that Chairman Joo is digging around.

Meanwhile Kang-woo takes every effort to avoid Myung-wol, unscrupulously using In-ah to keep her at bay, just like he’d done in reverse before. Well, at least he’s a consistent ass?

Dae-kang convinces Myung-wol to sing a song, and she chooses an old-fashioned totally unhip song, but while everyone else tunes her out, Kang-woo gets completely entranced. He imagines her standing up there alone, singing just for him, and gets so lost in his fantasy that he doesn’t even realize he’s stood up in the middle of the room.

That brings the whole room to a stop, and he’s finally shaken out of his reverie. Trying to recover, he just shouts at her for her poor song choice and stalks off angrily. She chases him out to ask what’s going on with him, and he just yells at her to stop buzzing around him.

She goes to consult the parents on what to do about his bitter hatred, but Ok-soon and Hee-bok catch on right away that these are signs of Kang-woo liking her. She doesn’t understand since all he does is annoy her. Did you skip the first grade? Were there no boys to pull your pigtails in North Korea?

They convince her that this is a good thing, and there’s just one way to be sure… And thus begins my favorite portion of the drama: Operation Jealous Outrage. *clap clap*

They bring Ryu in to be her partner, but of course he’s the stiffest board around, and can’t even manage to put his arm around her for practice. (And that’s not even a screencap mid-arm-slinging. He literally stops right there.) Hee-bok finally has to push them together, and Ryu gets so flustered that he leaps to his feet and has to go outside for air. Hee.

Myung-wol tells them that Ryu has always disliked her. Ha. Well I guess you’re consistently clueless.

The next day they follow Ok-soon’s instructions to the letter, making sure to laugh and smile together within Kang-woo’s line of sight. It works like a charm. Kang-woo tries to ignore it, but his irritation just grows bigger by the second.

Dae-kang even helps unknowingly, by musing that it must be true what Myung-wol’s parents told him—that they really are dating. Kang-woo’s like, but she likes ME, she likes ME, remember? Dae-kang figures that when he mistreats her so, there’s got to be a limit to her love.

They come home that night and he finally mentions peevishly that she sure looked cozy with what’s-his-name (I love that detail—it’s a dead giveaway that he refuses to call him by his name). She sighs that the more she gets to know Ryu, he’s such a kind and wonderful person, unlike someone she knows.

He snaps that he didn’t ask, so then she whips out her phone, adding that the charm was a gift “from oppa.” Kang-woo flips. “Oppa? Is everyone an oppa to you?!” HEE.

He rips the charm off her phone and rants about it looking cheap and throws it down in a fit. He stalks off and tries to calm himself down, repeating over and over that he has to be cool about it and just wish them well. He kicks the closet in response, landing him crouching on the ground, trying to suppress the screams of pain.

Time for the final stage of Operation Green-Eyed Monster: an overnight trip, sharing one room, in plain sight of Kang-woo. They head to one of Chairman Joo’s resorts, where Kang-woo is shooting a commercial.

In-ah shows up on set and they each note that the other’s bodyguard isn’t around. They each say that theirs asked for time off, and then In-ah wonders if it isn’t a coincidence. And then like clockwork, they appear on the beach.

Kang-woo and In-ah gape, as Myung-wol and Ryu do their best to look natural. They purposely sit nearby on the beach, and the way they go about skinship is hilarious. Ryu: “I’m going to make contact with your shoulder now.” Heh.

He puts his arm around her, and Kang-woo gets so mad that the director has to interrupt, “No, no, you’re giving me angry. I need happy.” When she leans on Ryu, he has to force his face into a smile.

And then when they get up to walk away, he calls for a break. I love that he complains that they’re right in front of him, but then when they walk away, the torture of not seeing what’s happening is worse than having to see.

He finds Ryu and they have a stand-off, only it’s not quite as fake as Ryu would like to believe. Kang-woo accuses him of playing with a naïve kid, and Ryu calls him out for doing the same, warning Kang-woo to stop hurting Myung-wol.

He adds that he knows “Myung-wol-ie” better than anyone, and Kang-woo’s face twitches at his saying her name with such familiarity. It seems he’s lost this round.

In-ah finds Ryu later that night on his way up to his room with a bottle of champagne, and has it out with him, but he calmly reminds her that logically speaking, if she likes Kang-woo, this works in her favor.

She agrees, only she’s still pissed but she doesn’t know why. I wonder if it’s as far as liking Ryu and not knowing, or just her princess nature in wanting to possess everything and everyone. Not that it changes how much I hate her or anything.

She finds Kang-woo drinking at the bar and tells him that the Myung-wol ship has sailed, since she saw Ryu heading up to her room with a bottle. Kang-woo starts seeing his horror version of the makeout session in his glass of scotch, and calls Myung-wol in a panic, with some lame excuse about the gas being left on.

When she doesn’t answer, he runs out after her.

Myung-wol and Ryu sit awkwardly and wait, and Myung-wol nervously wonders if Kang-woo will really come. Ryu can’t stamp down his jealousy, and wonders if she’d be disappointed.

She tries to say that it’d be because of the mission, but he wonders if it’s really that, or Kang-woo’s heart that matters to her. He asks if she regrets it (this mission), and she asks if he’s never had thoughts of regret.

Ryu: “I regret it. Always. Every time I see your face.” Eeeee! Confession!

But then they’re interrupted by Kang-woo, knocking incessantly on the door for them to open up. Ryu tells her that everything he’s about to do is for the mission…

Kang-woo bursts into the room, and Ryu goes in for the kiss. This is So. Awesome. Myung-wol and Kang-woo both go bug-eyed at the same time, and then Kang-woo peels Ryu off of her and punches him.

He tries to drag Myung-wol out, but Ryu gets all fired up and hits him back, mission be damned. Hahaha.

It turns into an all-out brawl, and In-ah runs up just in time to see it, pouting that all the men in the world only like Myung-wol. Well next to you, yes. All the men would.

After the fight, Myung-wol sits down with Ryu for a debriefing. She puts her hand up to his face to ask if he’s okay, and he quickly knocks it away insisting that he’s fine. She asks if he had to take it that far, since Kang-woo isn’t like them.

That only fires up his jealousy again, and he asks her directly, “Do you like him?” Taken aback, she answers quickly, “No, absolutely not. My objective is but one thing: marriage.”

He seems relieved at her answer and reminds her not to forget her objective. She sits in her room, her head swimming with kisses and fisticuffs, not knowing what’s what. She almost runs out to find Kang-woo, but heeds Ok-soon’s advice to just stay put and wait it out.

Kang-woo meanwhile paces back and forth with his bruised up face, trying to sort out his feelings. He wrestles with it for some time, finally texting her to come meet him outside.

She sits down expectantly, and he starts out saying that he’s given it a lot of thought, and he’s figured it out…

“I think I love you.” He takes a ring out of his pocket. OMO! “Let’s get married…” He leans in closer for a kiss. She closes her eyes in anticipation…

“…Is what you thought I’d say?”

Huh? Waitaminute…

He snaps the ring box shut and takes out his phone. He plays a video for her – it’s her conversation with Ryu, where he asks if she likes Kang-woo, and she says, “No, absolutely not. My objective is but one thing: marriage.”

HOLY CRAP. He knows!

Kang-woo: “I think it’s time you take off your mask now.”


Wow, I really didn’t expect him to find out so soon! This changes everything, and just when we thought their relationship might gain some traction! Such a cruel, cruel twist, but a great way to subvert expectation. Both the timing and the way the moment is played is so fantastic – I love you. Marry me… is what you thought I’d say? GRWAR! *shakes fist*

Now his extra-long brooding session makes sense in a totally different light. That was him wrestling with the fact that he’s fallen in love with her, PLUS her betrayal, all at once. Aw, poor Kang-woo, just when he was ready to finally confront his LUUUUUURVE!

I wonder what conclusion he’s come to in his head. Proabably something like golddigger plotting to marry him for the money/status? Although her fighting skills are still suspect in that scenario. This doesn’t necessarily blow her spy cover, but it certainly puts the brakes on the love train.

I love that the entire episode was build-up for the couple, with growing feelings, constant denial, even an entire plot to make him jealous, only to actually culminate in that jaw-dropping twist. How great is it that Kang-woo isn’t an idiot? It makes the job that much harder for Myung-wol, but all the more complicated and interesting for us.

And how insanely awesome is it to finally have Mr. I-will-now-make-contact-with-your-elbow to be all fakey fakerson, this kiss is purely for the sake of the mission, I swears it! Pffft! Good one.

It’s been pretty predictable up until now, but from here on out it’s anyone’s guess how severe the blowback is going to be. I really want it to be extreme, like Myung-wol ends up deported back to the North and about to be executed or something, and Kang-woo has to cross the border to rescue her. Because why not go all out? I think this show is stronger the zanier it gets, so let’s just go all the way.



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      So light , so funny , so entertaining !

  2. kist

    ahhh, the plot twists. :>

    • 2.1 Chocobo

      I know! I knew it was suspicious when the kiss was so early in the episode… speaking of which, I LOVE that Myung-wol gives the first kiss.

    • 2.2 Yee

      YES! OMG, that scene made me screamed. LOL. I couldn’t stop thinking about the twist while i was watching Scent Of A Woman. ahah. I cannot believe it!

  3. Jomo

    Thanks for the recap.

    Except for the very odd insertion of a prepackaged MV in the middle somewhere, with unseen costume changes, magically backwards growing hair, I really liked this ep.

    While I think KW really will find out he has feelings for MW after all the fuss dies down, I am going with MW and Ryu as the final pairing. They met on screen before KW came into the picture.

    • 3.1 sosoxrah

      Yeah, I didn’t understand how Myung-wol changed from her jacket and shorts to a summer dress. And some of the scenes that were shown in the previews weren’t even used in the episode.

      • 3.1.1 fifi

        nah, not gona even think about it. nothing can spoil the kiss scene. hawtt.

    • 3.2 YY

      Did anyone ever think that that dress which appeared out of nowhere actually belonged to Kang Woo? He was probably wearing it under his tee and pants. He’s already worn a curtain and a tablecloth, so a dress is nothing out of the ordinary. He probably stopped halfway, noticed she wasn’t appropriately dressed for a night out, so he kindly took off his dress and offered it to her. Which leads to the next question: where are her shirt and jacket and shorts then? He’s wearing them of course….he needs something to replace that dress he took off.

      • 3.2.1 Jomo

        I am sorry, I didn’t think of that!

        Maybe he could wear that outfit the next time he does yoga with MW!

        By the way, isn’t “doing yoga with MW” a euphemism for something? Think about all the possible “that’s what she saids!”

      • 3.2.2 alexe

        I can’t stop laughing at your clue !

      • 3.2.3 Kuri

        omg i just choked on my food from laughter reading your comment!!

    • 3.3 Beanshee

      There pretty much isn’t anything in which Kang Woo wins over Ryu for me. And he definitely dresses better. There’s a scene here where The Spies stand hand in hand dressed in matching black&white spywear, looking cool. Just stay like that!

      Have you noticed that Ryu’s – Lee Jin Wook’s – stiff, (barely) contained expressions show more emotions than any of Kang Woo’s google-eyes? He doesn’t do much, but somehow you can see it in every look he gives her. Even more so, considering how smooth he is when it comes to action or dealing with other people.

      The look in his eyes when he’s losing control.

      Ryu seems like he’s completely lost (pfffft for the touching), but something just tells me that if he only let himself he’d know EXACTLY what to do.

  4. Keiki55

    Can’t wait to start watching this show :::)

  5. sosoxrah

    This was by far my favorite episode! Finally, we get to see Ryu given the opportunity to really open up his true feelings for Myung-wol! The mission of performing skinship in front of Kang-woo is just hilarious. I love how they could take the overused element of rom-coms to make leave the character in denial and face jealousy and turn it into something so funny and fresh to watch. It was the first time I saw Ryu smile during this entire drama and I couldn’t stop laughing at the awkwardness. And the fake proposal at the end? Totally had me there. I can’t believe Kang-woo witnessed the conversation. Now, what’s gonna happen?? I bet Kang-woo’s just gonna run back to Myung-wol bc he can’t stop thinking about her.

    • 5.1 Elizabeth

      yes yes, I laughed thru out. from the costume changes, messing up hair and the jealously antics. hahaha.

      and boy have they step up Ryu’s game.

      Very entertaining drama!

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    One of my favorite parts of the episode is when Kang Woo sees real Myung Wol at the airport and asks, “Are you real?”. BWHAHAHAHA. I love this show!

    Thanks for another hilarious recap, GF!

    • 7.1 78446

      This episode was . . . I can’t even . . . but:

      “Damnit, you squash-faced ninny!”
      “Did you skip the first grade? Were there no boys to pull your pigtails in North Korea?”
      “And how insanely awesome is it to finally have Mr. I-will-now-make-contact-with-your-elbow to be all fakey fakerson, this kiss is purely for the sake of the mission, I swears it!”

      Whoever thought those sentences would ever appear in a drama recap? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    this is just too funny….he’s thinking in the beginning that she’s crazy…but in this episode…he’s the one that seems crazy to us…lol…thanks for the recap.

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    “I bet Kang-woo’s just gonna run back to Myung-wol bc he can’t stop thinking about her.”

    I hope so! That is my favorite part of these dramas, reluctant lover overcomes distrust he feels for woman…Unfortunately in this case, he really is wronged, and she really IS out to get him. Just not like he thinks.

    When Ryu smiled, I saw the actor, because it was so out of character for Ryu. I felt like I was watching an NG. So sweet their fake interaction. I like how Ryu meant what he said when he confronted KW about MW. He likes her. He really really likes her!

    • 12.1 Jomo

      This was supposed to be a reply to:
      sosoxrah August 2nd, 2011 at 8:32 pm

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    i actually love this EPISOdE the most!!!

    we finally get to see them DATE, KISS, GEt JEALOUS and GET TOTALLY blown away with his admission with a BANG at the END!!!

    and we have to wait another week to see how MyungWol will respond to that!!!

    OMG!!! yes, now we finally see how the guys around her have fallen for her and she’s still sooooooooooooo CLUELESS of their feelings for her!

    will she be the next MATA HARI???

    I can’t wait….when can we see the previews for Ep 9?

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    Check at 2:00 :


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    can myung wol have both guys? kang woo on mondays, wednesdays and fridays, then ryu on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. and sundays are myung wol’s rest days.

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      YAY! I’m glad to see so many other viewers are liking Ryu as much as I do.
      The awkward stiffness & broody nature of his character — every little sigh or slight expression has much greater impact. (not to mention, the guy is scorchingly HOT !)

      I’ve been saying that I would be happy if the writers gave 3-wheel Ryu just one good kiss (sometimes 3rds don’t even get that)…but now I’m completely unsatisfied with only one. C’mon writers! Spoil me like In-ah’s father…gimme MORE Ryu kisses. (heehee)

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      (hope that didn’t sound as weird as I think it did!).
      Hope he doesn’t get too heart-broken at the end.

      • 21.4.1 Beanshee

        Haha, he does that 😀

  22. 22 Yer Vang

    Thanks. Off to read.

    • 22.1 Yer Vang

      Myung-wol && Ryu, Pretty please?

  23. 23 dare

    the whole episode has been super funny, from KW’s imaginations and KW’s self denial to KW falling for the jealously plan. and the ending was unexpected too! what a twist!

  24. 24 Abbie

    OMG! Loved this episode! I was laughing and giggling all the way through! I love Eric! He’s awesome!

    What an ending, too. Jaw-dropping! Can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  25. 25 nutty

    This show is hilarious…

    the spies are getting all caught out in their ‘lies’ by different people in the show!!

    i wonder whats the chance of the show ending with all the spies remaining in south korea?

  26. 26 Lizzy

    Awww. So wonderful. This has been my favorite episode to date. Seems like things are finally cookin’. I’m on team Ryu. His character is so much more sauve, and mysterious, and the two actually have history/common ground. His character has such an awesome vibe. There is more tension, and something…It will probably end up like the majority of dramas though, were the guy who was a total jerk for most of the drama ends up with the girl. (Slapping her? Really???)

    Couple of questions:

    1. Crazy editing aside, what is Kang Woo wearing?! Some of his outfits looked like they were out of a girls wardrobe…keep him in the vneck tees, button up shirts, and suits please!

    2. How did he get into the hotel room? Do they not have locked doors in Korea?

    Overall though, I loved this episode. Thanks for the recap!

    • 26.1 suitfetish

      Well, they want him to be able to get in and catch them at it.

      BUT I’m pretty sure if it’s not a traditional inn-style hotel, it would have automatically locking doors. They’d have to use the flip-down footies or something…

      (Hint to Kang-Woo!)

      Anyway, yaaay drama logic!

    • 26.2 girl with tardis

      I’m with you there. So in the Ryu boat right now. I love the scenes between him and Myung Wol where you can see the awareness on his face when they are in close proximity. Plus the whole, “I regret it. Always. Every time I see your face.” Swoooooooon.

      We’re halfway through this drama. There has to be more than just plentiful bickering between Kang Woo and Myung Wol for them to work as a couple. There’s sort of an art the level of coldness to a male lead. In the beginning, you need to create tension somehow, but Kang Woo has been a little too cold for me so far. He can be entertaining to watch, but as far as his relationship with Myung Wol goes, I am not feeling anything in the romance department.

      The door thing bothered me too. It looks like a fairly decent hotel that would have locks that would probably not fall to a single kick.

  27. 27 janyx

    woah!! i just saw ep.8 ..though lots of editing problems..
    nevertheless..I still appreciate how the screenwriters try to pull-out a spy-rom-com here..
    anyways…the ending was a shock for me..haha..I dunno…but in all fairness..the story line is getting better..pretty exciting twists…hopefully..

    I enjoy more reading recaps here..haha..the-not-so-subjective-attack-of-inserting-reactions

    keep it up!!

  28. 28 Del

    so cool ! can’t wait for the subs !

  29. 29 ljw

    this is bad. I’m totally rooting for Ryu. He doesn’t hit his girls xD

  30. 30 Noemi

    “I’m going to make contact with your shoulder now.” Oh my goodness, I think I just died laughing! Thank you so much for the recap 😀

  31. 31 rin6

    apart from editing problem, i love this episode, the best so far!!! laughing so hard at KW’s imaginary and make him jealous mission! this drama getting interesting each episode, if only the edited better.

    aww..Poor KW! rather than getting hit (physically painful) people lying to you is more hurtful to me (heartache)..
    what a great twist in the end..i cant wait for next monday!

    thanks GF! your recaps awesome!

  32. 32 Amy

    I love Ryu more than kang-wu. He is so hot.

    • 32.1 JChung


    • 32.2 teletubby


  33. 33 AuntieMame

    Here’s my wacky explanation for this wonderfully wacky drama:

    The irony is that they are all from the North. Chairman Joo, KW and the lady manager are all part of an earlier mission that was been long forgotten. And, their mission was to learn how to create a hallyu star and find the books.

    And, now, they think MW and CR are a rival team, from the South, also after the books. So, the Chairman starts various schemes to ‘eliminate’ MW and CR, when will require MW & CR to show their fighting and survival skills even more. Somehow, this is recorded or seen by the director filming the drama series. He is so impressed that he puts MW and CR into the show. They become mega hits in dramaland and has multiple offers for fame and fortune.

    As a result of which, the Chairman and MW’s fake mother recognizes each other and makes the connection that they are all on the same side. Everyone returns to the North to set up their own dramaland to rival the one in the South, since they have their own corp of hallyu stars now. 😆

    As for the books, they’re all fakes. 😛 As to which guy wins MW’s affections . . . that story continues . . . back home. 😉

    P.S. The real spy, from the South, is Dae Kyung (KW’s boy-friday). :w00t:

    • 33.1 Ree

      That would be awesome!
      Thanks for that ;D

    • 33.2 Yee

      That would be awesome! But Dae Kyung, being a south korean spy is a REAL SHOCKER! Lol.

    • 33.3 Natalie

      OMG…pure genius! You should totally be a scriptwriter! lol

  34. 34 nana

    when KW sticking a flower on MW’s hair, its remind me of Kang Ja in Couple or trouble LOL

    this drama is hilarious! thank you for the recaps.

    • 34.1 Kuging-RN

      whahahaha totally…love her character in couple/trouble

  35. 35 Kuging-RN

    yay!!! the twist was cruel indeed. just when their love is about to blossom. but it end up blew off in their pretty faces..-_-

    so what now? KW thinks shes a gold-digger…and the “you lied to me” angst -_- is finally here.

    btw, can i now say im in Team Ryu, his character is quite comepelling than KW really.

  36. 36 Phi

    KW: “I thought I was all better, but I’m seeing things again.” ~~~ lmaaaooo KW is in a state of MW hallucination no matter how much he tries to shake her off his mind.

    I love how KW is obnoxious, self center & all but he doesn’t take advantage of MW even though she keeps coming on to him for the sake of the mission.

    Love conflicts in K-drama ain’t new but I love how it’s done here with such quirks. What would hurt more: MW as a golddiger going after KW for money & fame OR MW the spy from the North with a mission……

    Seeing how they throw a curve ball at the end of this episode, I don’t know how this will end…. lol it’s only half way there…. KW with MR, CR with MW or MW could just make a run-off to somewhere ALONE rather than making a pick (lucky gal, I say! 😀 )

    Woo-Wol hwaiting!! XDDD

    • 36.1 Jomo

      I love how KW is obnoxious, self center & all but he doesn’t take advantage of MW even though she keeps coming on to him for the sake of the mission.

      I know you are a KW supporter, and I would be, too, if they could make him more lovable!
      The KW in the Singapore scenes was sweet and spoke earnestly to MW, showed his vulnerability to her. MW, if she wasn’t sure she could continue on her mission, would have NOT been able to resist him. He was the Eric I fell in love with in QSS.

      It’s one thing if your character is meany and shouty (Rain in Full House) all the time. The female lead would have to have heart/mind-reading abilities to see the real person. But Show, don’t tease me with cool and breezy Eric sipping MW’s straw. Don’t show a lovely man who took MW’s hand in the parking lot, and spoke awkward and confused, and the next scene have him back to awkward and jerky.

      It’s not character development, it is really bad directing/plotting!

  37. 37 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!! LOVE the plot twist!!

    And I nearly passed out from squeeing over the Myung-wol and Ryu scenes! I’m officially shipping the second lead now. Kang-woo is just too uninteresting and the way he ripped off Myung-wol’s cell phone charm speaks more to his (lack of) character than any slap. All he knew is that MW and Ryu are seeing each other. What if she really liked Ryu?? How can he do that?!

    I hardly ever ship the heroine with the second lead, not even in Best Love or Sungkyunkwan Scandal where everyone was going second-lead-bananas!! But Ryu! Ryu! Ryu!

    Man, with Hee-bok and Ryu blowing their covers– I’m beginning to think that maybe they should just stay in South korea and be normal people.

    • 37.1 sally_b

      …joins you in chanting *~Ryu, Ryu, Ryu~*

      I wish I knew how to ‘rip’ scenes from video, because those few moments in episode 5 – when Ryu was doing push-ups and pull-ups trying to work-out his *frustration* during Myung Wol’s operation ‘get KangWoo into bed’…was the hottest 30 seconds of vid to come out of Korea this year. (oh yeah.)

      • 37.1.1 Ree

        Mmmmmm… Hope he gets more *ahem* “frustrated” in episodes to come.

        And PLEASE!! Don’t let the Jealousy Mission end!

      • 37.1.2 :D

        i almost had a nose-bleed in those *frustrated* scenes…they even beat Eric’s shower scene haha.
        and how cute is Ryu in the Operation make Kang-woo jealous scenes?! more pls!
        Ryu is the better man…i’m starting to get tired of Kang-woo being an ass to myung-wol even though though those scenes are hilarious because that’s him liking her

    • 37.2 girl with tardis

      I’m with you. Kang Woo is all over the place, but Ryu and his smolder are constant.

    • 37.3 mihinikki

      I LOVE Eric, but no so much Kang-woo…I feel like we’re not getting “there” fast enough. Not enough character development for KW or MW. Just not enough chemistry between the OTP. I don’t know why, but something just isn’t hitting that sweet spot for me. It would be awesome if the show totally surprised us by getting Ryu and MW together.

  38. 38 ck1Oz

    Thanks for the recap.
    Ep 8 was hilarious.Reading your recap made me laugh over it again.

    My favourite part-the hairstyle scene.It was freaking hilarious especially since he was trying so hard.The last bit I LOLed so loud and it was in the middle of the night.

    The drama is nuts.I don’t know what they’re doing it’s more comedy than romance 🙂 Love it.

  39. 39 Mia

    yes!!! worth the wait!!!

  40. 40 beth2005

    i am rooting for Ryu, hope he gets the girl. I might be different from the rest…but i find how can a guy hits the girl. So root for RYu, rather than KW

  41. 41 Dux

    I am totally a fan now. Can’t wait for next week!

  42. 42 KimLuvv

    Ooooohhhh can’t wait for the next epppy!!!
    Anyone see that in Singapore, Kang Woo had red hair while in Korea he has brown. Also in Singapore, Myung Wol went from wearing her regular tank, vest and pants to a white, pink printed dress… bad editing… they need to focus on that. O
    Other than that, this episode was soooooo unexpected!!!!!!

  43. 43 fmv


    how did kang woo manage to have the conversation recorded on his cellphone?

    still i enjoyed this episode. thanks for the recap.

    • 43.1 rin6

      i think he got it from In Ah..remember In Ah saw them chatting in the park before leaving? i think she’s might not leaving actually.

  44. 44 fmv

    I wanted to add, i really like all OST of this drama.

  45. 45 Katy

    Just when things were getting really interesting between the two, that twist just changed up everything. Why couldn’t the twist have waited just a little longer so we could see more of jealous Kang-woo? Why??? Lol, my favorite episode so far.

  46. 46 anonb

    I’m waiting anxiously for Episode 8 to be posted on Drama Fever. Since I just got through with 7, I absolutely had to come and skim over a recap…just to curb my craving for more. 😉

    What I’m wondering is if KW is going to think MW is someone hired to protect him. The reason being, when he was flipping through the television shows in 7, all the shows he watched and connected with MW’s face (which was hilarious) were all “protector” types. Charlie’s Angels, Lara Croft, Sailor Moon (I did a spit take over that). Then he started to say, “…is she…” * Shocked Face * end credits. Makes me think he’s going to assume she’s been sent to protect him, which could potentially make this story even better!

    • 46.1 Caitlyn

      I did the same thing. Watched ep 7, read the recap, and then had to read the recap for ep 8. I hope it’s subbed tomorrow, it sounds utterly awesome. Although now that i’ve read the recap, I could probably just watch it raw.

  47. 47 Noelle

    wow! i can’t believe he finds out so soon! what’s gonna happen next week? oh my god this whole week is gonna be murder!

    On another note, I love Ryu. I’m glad he gotta kiss.

  48. 48 L

    I LOL-ed at the hallucinations. I like how they create a contrast to the earlier episodes where MW faked those with random appearances 😀 This made the scene less cheesy and more fun.

    It’s wrong for KW to slap MW but MW is harming KW as well with deceit so I’m not going to be too hung up about this issue.

    It’s been a fun ride so far I hope it stays this way until the end. What’s going to happen nexxxtttt??? XD

  49. 49 Ace

    Thank you for the wonderful recaps…been watching the raw and *patiently* waiting for the subs. Love, love, love, love Kang-woo.

    This episode was so wonderful, not to mention that they included the scenes shown after episode 4 that some thought was just an MV, and some thought it was a preview of episode 5 (me included, and yes, hope springs eternal!). I just ignored Myung-wol’s change of outfit during the “date” (shopping for a dress is not out of the question) and Kang-woo’s change of hair color. 😉

    Really, really like the quirks and wackiness, the hijinks, the shenanigans, and the twists. When Kang-woo proposed, I was like, “Eh? Why? So early!”, and then showed her the conversation with Ryu on his phone, I was squealing so loud! Love this drama. I’m still surprised why some dramas like these get low ratings, but it’s not my loss. So. Good for me and all Spy Myung-wol fans!

  50. 50 FunnyBunny

    Aaaahhhh! That twist, ooh it’s hurts… but in a good way…
    Anywho! For me this episode was Ryu’s time to shine. Gotta love that man and his attempts to show emotion, feel feelings, and be sexy in general-wait, who said that? 😛

    I get that Kang-woo and Myung-wol are our main paring so I know Ryu’s in for a world of hurt down the line *sob*
    But so help me show if you even think of pairing him and Princess Pain-in-the-ass together I am breaking up with you show! Do you hear me?

    To quote you a while back GF, “this show has officially made me it’s bitch” And it’s partially your fault-I’m talking to you too JB! Love the plot and the recaps keep ’em coming!

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