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Running Man: Episode 55
by | August 14, 2011 | 60 Comments

The boys’ hearts are aflutter this episode with not just two but FOUR female guests to leave their cheeks rosy. It’s a throwback episode to high school and the air is thick with nostalgia from the games to the food. New love is created for some; hearts are broken for others. The chase is sure to keep you on your toes – let’s go!

EPISODE 55. Broadcast August 8, 2011

Here we go with a Girl Group Special on Running Man! Our cast is gathered at a rollerskating arena, a throwback to the 1980s, skating around until the guests arrive. They’re a little clumsy, and in traditional RM fashion, push each other at any given opportunity.

They’re four-times blessed with today’s guests: Ji-yeon (T-ara), Suzy (Miss A), Luna (f(x)) and Sulli (f(x)). The boys are absolutely beside themselves: what have they done to earn such special treatment? The lights flash on again – another guest perhaps? No, it’s Mung Ji-hyo, trying to fit in with the younger ladies.

The first game is to create couples. The set-up here is much like a group date of high school boys and girls – they introduce themselves, the guys trying to impress the girls who giggle about who is cuter, and hope they end up with someone by the end of the night.

The guys introduce themselves first and the ladies are frozen by Jong-kook’s, “Hi.” When asked what he’s good at, he answers, “Fighting.” Naturally.

Kwang-soo introduces himself like an innocent schoolboy, “If there’s anyone who likes me…” Ji-hyo: “There isn’t.” Oh god, get this boy a teddy bear…stat!

It’s the ladies turn for introductions. Kwang-soo turns redder than a ripe tomato when he finds out that Suzy picks him, and Jong-kook is pleased to hear that Ji-yeon dips in a bit of fighting herself. The girls are speaking in awkward banmal (informal speech) because they’re pretending to be classmates with the much older cast, and in Suzy’s case, she slips back into jondae (formal speech). Hehe.

Ji-hyo introduces herself as Song Ji-hyo but the cast calls her out, “You’re Chun Sung-im (Ji-hyo’s real name)!” Undeterred, she continues on, “I’m a senior this year and they…are my juniors.” HA. She mentions that she prefers Gary, but he mutters under his breath to forget about the Monday Couple today.

The task is to spin around ten times then to stand in the same spot with your guy/girl of choice. Everyone is paired off…apart from Big Nose Hyung. Oof. The captions of each couple are pretty funny: Haha and Suzy, “Similar Height,” the Monday Couple, “It’s Monday, you know?” Jong-kook and Ji-yeon “The Best Couple.”

Time for the Couple Race! Each couple is given money and a mission card. Their mission is to buy three pencils and sharpen them within 15 seconds…while giving the ladies a piggy-back ride. Jong-kook assures Luna that a piggy-back ride from Kwangsoo will be similar to an amusement park ride. Conversely, Suzy might be dragging her feet thanks to Haha’s short stature. I love it how being both the shortest and tallest might be a disadvantage to this mission.

But when they arrive, it’s Kwangvatar who races ahead of everyone else and it’s Haha huffing and puffing his way to the shop and back. Haha: “It’s not because you’re heavy…it’s because I’m weak!” He seriously looks like he’s dying by the time Suzy sharpens (or fails to) the pencils. I wonder if she’s too young for those old-school pencil sharpeners.

Every puppy will have his day – and it’s Kwang-soo’s moment to shine when he and Luna succeed first. Is this the first time he’s finished first for a good thing? Finally!

Ack! The curse of the broken pencil tip! In an attempt to succeed, Gary gnaws at the pencil with his teeth. The trips back and forth tire out the boys so much that Haha concedes, “I told you that I was weak Suzy. But really…you’re just heavy,” and when Jae-suk and Sulli snag second place, Jae-suk needs a breather before moving on.

The first and second place teams head to their next destination in their own car, while the others pile back onto the bus. The teams draw cards to see if their lady will be matched with Big Nose Hyung.

Gary chooses the rogue card and Suk-jin and Ji-hyo simultaneously shout: “Why of all the bad luck…” Gary sulks in the corner: “Is this what love is like? A burden when they’re with you but miss them when they’re gone?”

In true Running Man fashion, Luna darts to their next location with Sulli trailing behind her, attributing her inability to run to her sudden growth spurt. There was no need to run, however, since both teams are needed for the mission. Both teams sit in the restaurant and ponder about what the task is this time: the order in which the dishes are placed? How much meat is cooked?

Mr. PD tells them not to worry and eat up. But seriously – when have you ever seen the cast eat a meal comfortably? They happily order to their hearts’ content anyway. They receive their mission to strap on a pedometer and clock in the same number of ‘steps’ to their bill. Jae-suk cries out, “At least we didn’t order the most expensive one!”

I’m getting a workout just watching them dance to 80s music and dying of laughter to Yoo Hyuk’s “dance moves.” A tired Sulli breathes out after their second attempt, “We’re in trouble…” and points to her pedometer that reads in the 200s range when they need at least 450. Let’s just call it like it is – that sucks.

Watching the other teams dance is just as comical. The Capable One and Ji-yeon smartly ordered one dish, but they fail for going OVER the limit. And I think watching Haroro dance will make any day brighter. Haha and Suzy succeed and head out of the restaurant to their next destination.

When they arrive, their final mission is Hide-and-Seek. Each couple is connected by a paper ring and their objective is to not get caught or be disconnected. I love it how it sets up for natural skinship and flushed cheeks. They wonder who the Seeker could be which is when Jong-kook keenly answers, “It’s Gary. He’s alone…”

Haha explains to Suzy that he’s the biggest scaredy-cat anyone’s ever seen and that he particularly hates surprises. There’s a rustling noise behind them and Suzy screams and turns…to find out it was just the VJ behind them. LOL.

In addition, Suzy’s long hair sways while they walk and Haha turns to look back at a resemblance of the girl from the Ring. That screencap scared the living daylights out of me too, Haroro.

The lone Gary arrives and as expected, is today’s Seeker. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that bell hanging on a pair of RM sneakers. It must have been a while for Gary too because it takes him practically forever and a day to put it on. He heads out and the speakers blare the Hide-and-Seek rhyme.

Short on time, Jae-suk and Sulli opt to hide in a car. Gary would never think to look for them in there, right? Wrong. Gary strolls around the outside perimeter, getting closer and closer to their location…but doesn’t notice a thing and moves on. Phew!

Seriously, Gary is the worst Seeker ever. He doesn’t enter Haha and Suzy’s hiding place and doesn’t thoroughly rifle through the loft Jong-kook and Ji-yeon are hiding in. But he has a sixth sense for Ji-hyo because he chases after her and gleefully breaks the paper chain between Ji-hyo and Suk-jin.

Meanwhile, Kwang-soo and Luna joke around with a flashlight, waiting for Gary. It’s too bad that the flashlight gives away their location as Gary takes down the wall they built for themselves. Kwang-soo and Luna race down the hallway in their bare feet, but it’s no use – Gary catches up and easily eliminates them.

It’s the halfway point and three couples remain. Haha and Suzy roam around in order to find a hiding place and they end up in the same room Spartakooks is in. Suzy wonders if they can hide somewhere here, but it takes one eagle eye stare from Jong-kook for Haha to suggest that they should look elsewhere.

In jail, the eliminated are visited by Jae-suk and Sulli, who figure that they’ll just wait around in jail for the remaining 30 minutes. But they suddenly hear a commotion from outside – it’s Haha and Suzy being chased by Gary and they’re coming in their direction. Jae-suk slinks to the floor…and Gary is so preoccupied that he zooms past the jail and fails to notice Jae-suk’s presence. HAHAHA.

Haha offers Gary a proposition: He’ll give away Jong-kook’s location in exchange for temporary freedom. Who can pass up an offer like that? Gah, I knew that eagle eye would come to bite you in the ass, Jong-kook. After a healthy chase through the yard, Jong-kook and Ji-yeon are eliminated. Just remember Haha – revenge comes with a vengeance.

Speaking of whom, Haha and Suzy find a new hiding place near the jail, much to the dismay of the rest of the cast. It’s not long after Jae-suk and Sulli try to follow suit, but end up hiding in a more conspicuous place. Gary comes in nonchalantly, but he’s no dumb fool, and he frightens the pair into elimination.

There’s five minutes left on the clock now and it’s Haha and Suzy versus Gary. Haha, I told you that revenge is swift – and that revenge is an enraged Jong-kook screaming Gary’s name to give away their location.

Each precious minute counts and Gary discovers the two in the field. There’s little less than a minute left. Can they hold on for much longer? Gary leaps to break the chain…and it’s seconds too late! Haha and Suzy are the winners of the Couple Race!

But deep in the night…the girls drink a curious tea. The next morning, the boys pay a morning visit to deliver milk and they’re astounded at what they find…

We’re forced to wait a week?! Bah.


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tadaaflo

    wieee.. weekly dosage of running man! thankyouuuu 🙂

  2. Ani

    HAHAHAHA. I love how petty the Commander was. And Ace Jihyo trying to be one of the youngens is just too cute and funny. Haroro needs to bulk up. HAHAHA. Get lessens fro your hyung dude. Another RM is to help put a smile on my face. X)

    • 2.1 Ani

      *lessons from.

      Also, I was really hoping to see Amber guest for f(x). She’s uniquely different from other female kpop idols that it’s sad not seeing her get more exposure. I know part of it has to with her not speaking fluent Korean, but still, at this point she’s probably as good with Korean as Victoria. Le sigh. Or is it just because she doesn’t have the cutesy-girly look so many viewers love to go gaga over? Either way, RUnning Man jjang~

      • 2.1.1 Kim

        I completely agree. I would love to see Amber on RM. I mean if they invited Sulli and Luna might as well invite Amber too.

        • hapacalgirl

          I actually wish they invited only one f(x) girl and then invite another girl from a different group rather than two from the same group.

          • SJY

            I thought so, too. =/

          • Ani

            Than Amber would have been my first choice. Hell, she’d be my only choice.

          • Marina

            I agree, I was wondering why there was more than one girl from f(x). Maybe because of scheduling confilicts for the other girl groups or maybe SM wanted more than 1 girl or no f(x) appearance? Although, I would have liked it to have been Amber.

      • 2.1.2 HeHe

        I wish she’d get more exposure too…but her Korean isn’t even near as good as Victoria’s now, since Amber went back to the US for a full half-year, so her Korean got worse. That might be why 🙁 Perhaps a little more time to improve it…

  3. laos7

    Another weekend, another Running Man and another amazing recap~!
    Thank you <33

  4. kana

    Song Ji Hyo is such a bitch… I hate her.

    • 4.1 Cynthia

      Awww. c’mon, be nice.
      She’s not a bitch (in the best 🙂 sense) – she’s smart, sly, and loves to win, over the boys. Nothing wrong with that.

    • 4.2 Kim

      A little too harsh, do you think? If you don’t like her that’s fine, but you don’t have to called her names.

    • 4.3 kana

      Ahh.. I realize I have been harsh with this statement. I can’t erase it.. T.T

      I’ve just been disturbed because of her dissing other members (Kwang Soo & sometimes Suk Jin).

      • 4.3.1 Ani

        That’s part of her awesomeness though. Besides, everyone disses Kwang-soo and Suk-jin, it’s part of their wimpy character. That’s just variety for you: no one gets out unscathed.

        • Kang Glue.

          Well you have to watch from the first eps. She’s very nice but then she got tired being the loser and fought back. I thinbk she’s adorable and very smart. I used to hate her back in the Goong time. but after watching her in running man. No more hate all love! Fighting Ji Hyo!!

      • 4.3.2 sherry

        That’s because Ji Hyo is closest to Kwang Soo and vice-versa. Even Kwang Soo likes to play the awkward pitiful victim / loser role at times. For example, hiding in dustbin, hiding in a pail?!! It’s his character/role-play in RM and that’s how he get’s more camera air-time. Ji-Hyo is providing opportunity for his air-time…

        If you watch carefully in the earlier episodes – You can see Kwang Soo, Jong Ki, Ji Hyo and Suk Jin is the closest quartet.. They always and somehow stand closer together… plus, Kwang Soo dare to incriminates Ji Hyo because they’re close. Observe carefully in earlier episodes – Ji Hyo, Kwang Soo and Jong Ki “took care” of each other… They know each other before RM.

        Peace! Ji Hyo fighting!

    • 4.4 hwana

      i hate her too… ):

      • 4.4.1 Chun sung im

        Hate on jihyo all you want, shes making bank and youre nothing. Jihyo hwaiting!

        • Raptor

          It’s sad to have people hate SJH just because she’s too pretty.

          You don’t have to compare yourselves to her, ladies. 😉

  5. jossy

    such a lovely surprise! thankyou for the recap!
    yet another treat to add to my plate of procrastination ;p
    im always iffy about the young idols, well arent these girls still minors? except Luna i think. well anyway more power to them

    • 5.1 apple

      actually Luna and Jiyeon are 93ers and Sulli and Suzy were born in ’94 🙂

  6. sherry

    Yay…. for KwangSoo! He may have not won the game but at least he’s first in the race! Finally…. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 6.1 SJY

      Lol, KwangSoo looked so cute when Luna asked him if he sprayed perfume on himself.

      • 6.1.1 sherry

        Really?!! Thanks for informing. No wonder he looked so shy… 🙂 I can’t wait to see the eng-subbed version.

  7. orange

    Suzy jjang!!! she’s so cute..i love her with Haha.

    Suzy <3333

  8. Nokcha

    I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF RUNNING MAN! I just recently started watching. I watched the newest episodes and then decided to start from the beginning to see how the personalities have all developed. This is so much fun! I have an elementary Korean level, if that, so the recaps are really helpful. Thanks!

    • 8.1 Cynthia

      Have you watched the recent RR with Kim Hyun Joong using HaHa as his spy? Hysterical – I was LMAO!

      • 8.1.1 Nokcha

        I did! Freaking hilarious!

  9. chance

    I watched this raw and it was still funny as hell even though I barely understood the conversations except for bits and pieces of words. The guests were all equally adorable, especially Suzy. Jiyeon looks more mature here compared to her “God of Study” days with Yoo Seungho.

    Also, I loved the callback to Song Ji Hyo’s Family Outing guesting. I was really laughing my ass off when ‘Hot Issue’ started blaring. 😀

    • 9.1 Ani

      Oh man, her Hot Issue dance on FO was freaking hilarious. Good times~

      • 9.1.1 chance

        Lol! Her two-episode FO stint was epic!

        I didn’t know much about her before, but when I saw those episodes, I knew she was all kinds of awesome the moment she outwitted Jaesuk when he tried playing a trick on her.

        And now she’s pwning left and right in Running Man. Hahaha!

        • sherry

          Yup! She is who she was.. not too girly girl.. she is competitive and fight with Hyori! she was also blank “mong” when she was in the hair saloon. She kinda space out at times.

          Love her!

  10. 10 SJY

    I find it really funny that Ji Hyo will do anything for the sake of ‘Monday Couple’ on Mondays, yet when Tuesday comes, she’s as indifferent to Gary as she can get.

    Lol! Talk about strict schedules!

  11. 11 min

    finally my love for running man is back!

    and i realised that i have been missing the bell on the RM sneakers!

  12. 12 YBisTOP

    STILL waiting for episode 53! This is taking too long;been waiting for a while now. Loosing my patience, and I bet every one else is also.

  13. 13 Nancii


    spoiler in the teaser……

    but next week the girls are swapped with gagwomen!!

    loool……shin bong sun shall be back!!

  14. 14 Nokcha

    Hey, playing around on Hancinema and it says it’s Yoo Jae Suk’s bd today or yesterday depending on where you are. Anybody confirm this?

    • 14.1 Ani

      Yup. They were celebrating on the Fan Group Page of Running Man on facebook and the iSubs facebook page too. XD

  15. 15 sunah

    I felt so bad for Luna, I felt like she was outshined by the other girls : (

    Go Luna!!!~ <3

  16. 16 sanzo

    That was such a funny game.

  17. 17 Kang Glue.

    I watched this couplde days ago around 2 am. and I LOLed so loud and I got those special treatment. “knocked on my wall” I love Running Man. Can’t wait for the next one. I want to see how all the crew reacted with the ahjummas.

  18. 18 Nokcha

    I teach at a boarding school and I’ve been writing down some of the games to create our own Running Man on campus. I think the kids will have a blast!

    • 18.1 sherry

      Great minds think alike! I take notes too for my company teambuilding! except piggy back rides.. hehe

  19. 19 Quinn

    Kekeke…feel sorry for Gary. It’s like he badly wants to mingle with the girl idols, but he’s chained to Song Ji-hyo as the Monday Couple.

  20. 20 zodd

    lol Good episode.

  21. 21 MissLenis

    Watching running man without any eng sub. Make me learn a few word..

    Love this ep.

  22. 22 Lemon

    Thank you! I was waiting for this recap! 😀

  23. 23 Cynthia

    I’ve never seen a RR that didn’t crack me up – every show has a ending in the chase segments that makes me laugh until I cry. They’re that funny.
    The recent Thailand episode really was excellent – Nichkhun is getting better and better at this game – and he’s competitive enough to even take down “The Big Cat” by force and he doesn’t back off.

    Love this show! 🙂

  24. 24 kdramaaddict

    thnxxx!!!!!!!!!!running man jjang!!!ji hyo fighting!!

  25. 25 allybally

    love running man!!

  26. 26 tikaa

    smitten by suzy’s smile in that pic.. so pretty

  27. 27 hana

    ji hyo has been quite rude. She is quite a bully to kwang soo and rude to her senior suk jin…. I think the boys there are just putting up with her now…
    She was only cute and nice on the first 10episodes or so….
    Kwang soo is so underrated too… He is such a sweet man though.

  28. 28 emily

    SULLI is very funny and caring in this episode. she is so random

  29. 29 Lai

    Gary: Is this Love? Troublesome with it, but missing it without it. LOL monday couple…i miss! people hating on Ji Hyo must’ve not seen earlier episodes the “Bad Ji Hyo” She can diss on other members because she’s so close with them, actually, all of them and she’s like one of the guys. I used to hate her in Goong but i freaking love her since watching RM and FO. she’s so adorable, and not girly girl, i love that. THis episode is too funny, especially the pencil sharpening race..HAHA needs to work out, OH and when Ji Hyo piggy backed Gary! love it! wooot!

  30. 30 Rio

    I love Running Man, and i like Monday couple… its very funny this episode cos Ji hyo Piggyback Gary when he get tired… i want to know the song when ji hyo piggyback Gary… do yo know the song?

  31. 31 Amelia

    I love Ji Hyo, she’s adorable. But Ji Hyo keeps on getting neglected because of female guests. I mean, I like the female guests but it’s uncomfortable seeing all the guys being all over them and Ji Hyo becomes unwanted.

    • 31.1 megumi

      ji hyo fans are always whiny…

  32. 32 Aria

    Should state the part where Jihyo piggybacked Gary. -so touched- :’)

  33. 33 abu hassan abdullah

    Luna and kwang soo good couple

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