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Scent of a Woman: Episode 11
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This drama is playing havoc with my man-loyalties. One second my heart bleeds for heartbroken Ji-wook, and the other second it’s cheering on adorable Eun-seok. The drama has the curious ability to make me root for whichever character it’s focusing on in any given moment…only to have those desires flip the other way once the scene shifts to the other character. It’s wonderful, and horrible.


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Standing outside Yeon-jae’s hospital room, Ji-wook asks Eun-seok to confirm whether it’s cancer. He refuses to move until he hears the answer, threatening to step inside and ask her himself if Eun-seok doesn’t tell him.

Inside, Hye-won visits with Yeon-jae, asking how she’s holding up through her chemo treatments, as well as how long Yeon-jae will hide this from Ji-wook. Yeon-jae says she broke it off with him before he could find out about her cancer; she couldn’t leave him with a huge scar just so she could be happy while she’s alive.

Eun-seok doesn’t give away any details about Yeon-jae’s condition (finally, a K-dramaland doctor who cares about doctor-patient confidentiality!). He doesn’t even say whether the cancer guess is correct, only that the patient is indeed Yeon-jae. Eun-seok warns that if Ji-wook thinks he can’t handle the truth, he’d best shut the lid on that Pandora’s box and walk away.

Ji-wook leaves in a daze and thinks back to all of Yeon-jae’s comments about dying that he’d overlooked before, which now make sense — like how her Okinawa vacation might be her last. Yeon-jae may have hid the truth from people, but she’s actually been quite frank in her mentions of death — it’s just that people assumed she was being figurative.

After taking his time to contemplate the situation — and, I suspect, asking himself whether he can handle knowing — Ji-wook heads back to the hospital with new determination. He enters the grounds just in time to come face to face with Yeon-jae and gets straight to the point, asking what her condition is, and if it’s the reason she broke things off.

She confirms the cancer, and that she found out before meeting him. Ji-wook asks, hurt and accusatory, “And you still approached me? Then why did you change your mind now?” She answers that she only has a few months left to live: “Do you think you can handle me in this situation? So go.”

Struggling with his tears, he grits out, “Then you should never have approached me in the first place. You should have told me this before I fell so crazy in love with you!” She says, “I didn’t know that would happen.”

He calls her cruel, adding, “I hate myself like crazy for liking you.” With that, he leaves and heads to The Place Of All Brooding, the Han River, which I am convinced must have grown to its size purely from the tears of all its visitors throughout time.

Chairman Im tells Sae-kyung that per her wishes, he’s backed off his assault on Line Tour. Sae-kyung finally confesses a more rounded version of the truth (though still incomplete): That Ji-wook found out about her blackmailing ex, but refrained from mentioning it when he broke the engagement.

Dad understands that this makes it much less likely that Ji-wook will change his mind, but Sae-kyung asks to handle this herself, because marrying him is better than finding someone altogether new. (Ah, how romantic! “I’m too lazy to find a new fiancé!”) But she also betrays a sign of her own developing feelings by admitting, “I don’t dislike him.”

Eun-seok finds Yeon-jae listless in bed, having skipped all her meals today. She tells him dully that she told Ji-wook the truth: “It’s all over now.”

Now that the truth is out, Eun-seok tells Ji-wook that he hopes he’ll stay with her, because he’s worried for her. Ji-wook faces him with a mix of irritation and male pride, asking if the fanmeeting story about his first love is true.

Eun-seok doesn’t understand Ji-wook’s sudden change of heart, reminding him that he liked her enough to call off his engagement. Ji-wook admits that he’s not sure he has it in him to watch a woman die, and says he’s regretting his choice now — that if he knew about Yeon-jae’s cancer, he wouldn’t have “done something as stupid as call off the engagement.” Oof. And ouch. He’s not wrong when he says he’d be losing a lot of things for the sake of a few months together, but it sounds callous nonetheless. He tells Eun-seok to step in and be with her instead, both as doctor and the guy who’s been in love with her all this time.

Poor Poopypants — you get the sense that he’d give his eyeteeth for the chance Ji-wook is tossing aside, but he knows that swapping out men is hardly the same thing to Yeon-jae. I think that’s what kills me about his character — he’s always thinking of her first, though not in a stupidly noble way.

Eun-seok challenges Ji-wook, asking if he means it. Ji-wook leaves without answering, so Eun-seok follows him out to warn him not to come ’round no more: “You don’t have the right to be with her.”

To the liquor bottle it is. Eun-seok’s last words land with him, and Ji-wook seems upset with himself for proving that statement true.

Hee-joo bounces into the room to begin her own set of treatments, just as Yeon-jae’s about to be released. She confides that she was so inspired by Yeon-jae’s bucket list that she started a list of her own, including confessing to her crush on Eun-seok. She may have been instantly rebuffed, but she cheerily says that she intends to keep trying until she’s successful.

Next, Yeon-jae turns her attention to Item #14 on her bucket list: Ask for forgiveness from “S.” Apparently this is a long-standing grievance, and Hye-won wonders why she’s curious about “teacher” all of a sudden, advising her not to look him up. I smell a misunderstanding, because Hye-won is under the impression that the teacher was in the wrong, while Yeon-jae feels the need to make amends.

Yeon-jae asks if Hye-won decided on her proposal, and Hye-won sighs that she’s not sure, but that because of Yeon-jae’s comments, she’s reconsidering. While I totally get why Yeon-jae snapped at her previously — Hye-won’s concerns skewed largely materialistic — I can also see why Hye-won’s torn, because she feels that marrying this guy would be settling. She’s coming around, though, and is starting to look more favorably on him.

Hee-joo ducks to see Eun-seok in the hospital and tries to slide past him unseen, recalling that their last encounter ended with him yelling at her (for her webtoon, which she has pulled offline). Today, however, he asks to talk with her, to her delight, and she’s happy to answer his question of how a cancer patient would prefer to be treated. (Aw. Again Poopypants warms my heart.) She says that pity and sympathy are to be avoided, and that the most comforting comments she received were the normal ones, the ones that treated her the same as usual.

Despite her date offer going ignored, Hee-joo sighs happily that this feels like a date — it’s the longest they’ve ever talked together. Well, without him insulting her or yelling, I’m sure.

Mom notes Yeon-jae’s weight loss and looks at her suspiciously…then asks if she’s dating. Who was that good-looking man who came looking for her? Yeon-jae says he was just her old boss, wanting to drop the subject, and kicks Mom out of her room to receive a phone call. Mom tries to eavesdrop, suspecting a call from a man, but hears nothing.

It’s Eun-seok, who’s waiting outside and psyching himself up by telling himself, “Treat her normally, like usual.” He reminds her that tonight is tango class, and that she promised to be his partner. They stumble through new steps, with Yeon-jae distracted and fumbling the moves.

Chairman Kang drops by to check in on Ji-wook, clucking disapprovingly to see him in bed, hungover, the signs of his bender strewn around the house. Assuming that women troubles are the cause, Dad issues the ol’ “I told you so” and tells him that it was obvious things weren’t going to work out with someone of such a different class — might as well be caste, as far as he’s concerned — and that Ji-wook ought to nip it in the bud and come to his senses.

Ji-wook dully asks him to please leave him alone, and heads into the shower, fully clothed, lost in his misery.

The tango class goes for drinks after the lesson, and Yeon-jae zones out, thinking of her sizzling tango with Ji-wook while the others pout that he isn’t coming back to class. With Eun-seok’s dance performance just a week away, instructor Veronica offers to choreograph the steps and tells the pair to come by every day to practice.

Afterward, Eun-seok takes Yeon-jae back to their old school, making her smile in reminiscence. She thinks the reason he remembers it is because of his traumatic pants-pooping incident, but he tells her with a smile that there’s something he hasn’t been able to tell her for 25 years: “Thank you, that day. If you hadn’t taken off the sweater you were wearing and tied it around my waist, I might not have been able to make it home.”

He cheerily challenges her to a race, reminding her of how she used to poke fun at him for being so slow, and he draws a starting line in the dirt.

And…they’re off! He easily outpaces her and exclaims that he’s winning, but trips over his feet halfway through, letting her claim victory. He smiles up at her and acknowledges her win, while she jumps up and down in glee.

As they sit outside the school, Yeon-jae confides that there’s somebody she needs to ask forgiveness from, but has no idea how to locate the person. Eun-seok offers to show her how, and guides her to a particular function on her smartphone, telling her that she can ask a question, and people will respond with advice. (Think Yahoo Answers.)

Ji-wook visits the grave of his mother, asking her what he ought to do. Haltingly, he confesses, “I’m afraid. I’m so scared of having to say goodbye to someone, like with you. But…she’s probably even more scared, isn’t she?”

In the morning, Yeon-jae is awakened by a call from Ji-wook, which she doesn’t answer. But he stands outside her gate until she comes out, and tells her that he can’t break up with her: “I don’t care what sickness you have, or how long you have to live. I want to be with you.”

She tells him flatly that she doesn’t want him with her, and that he ought to go find someone he can be happy with for many years to come. He counters, “But you don’t care if you have to be unhappy?”

She says bitterly that it’s only for a few months. Ouch — she’s used his own words, which basically treat her like she’s already dead, like those months are so few in number they don’t even count. She tells him she doesn’t want to show him her dying process, and sends him away.

As she steps away, he cries and tells her, “I love you.”

She’s not unmoved, but she won’t let herself weaken yet and tells him that his love is a burden. Once inside the gate, she allows herself to sob silently, just feet away from a devastated Ji-wook.

Chairman Kang assures Sae-kyung in his smug, premature way that Ji-wook’s women complications are at an end. He calls Ji-wook a soft-hearted boy who fell prey to the manipulating female’s wiles, saying that there’s a difference between love and pity. Funny how he knows that, despite appearing unacquainted with either emotion.

Ji-wook returns to his time capsule tree, where he writes Yeon-jae a text message to tell her he has re-buried the old ring, intending to keep it there until she takes him back. Telling her that it’s been there 20 years and can stay there another 100, he asks, “But please don’t make me wait that long.” Yeon-jae cries as she reads the message.

Sae-kyung calls Yeon-jae to meet, which works for Yeon-jae snice she has something to say as well. Sae-kyung asks right off the bat whether it’s true she’s broken up with Ji-wook. On top of everything else that princess hates about Yeon-jae, she’s particularly incensed that the woman who “stole” her fiancé was so quick to then break up with him.

Asked if this was all her revenge, Yeon-jae replies, “Yeah, I guess so.” Agreeing that Ji-wook is to be pitied, Yeon-jae tells Sae-kyung to comfort him: “You two seem like you’d be good together. You’re just right for him. You’re rich, young, pretty — and healthy.”

She has one more thing to say: “Have a son and a daughter that resemble Kang Ji-wook, and live happily for a long, long time. That’s what I wanted to say.” And she gets up and leaves.

Eun-seok actually inquires after a patient’s condition with consideration for once, then finds his feet sliding in a tango walk as he heads down the hallway. Looking around to ensure he’s alone, he closes his eyes and lifts his hands to guide an imaginary partner, practicing the steps replete with turns and slides. Omg. I am so in love with you right now, you dorkypants.

He finishes and smiles, only to find he’s not so much alone anymore. Hee-joo flashes him a great big thumbs-up, while the nurse looks gobsmacked. Eun-seok whirls around, cringes all the way down to his soul, and hurries away.

Over the next few days, Eun-seok and Yeon-jae continue their private sessions with Ramses and Veronica, and enough of the rumors have spread that even the hospital patients wish him luck for the upcoming performance.

Ji-wook and his team go out to celebrate the Wando tour project, which is looking like it’ll be a hit. The ladies fawn over Ji-wook for leading the project, while Hye-won speaks up to say that technically, Yeon-jae should be here since it was her idea.

Hye-won clocks Ji-wook’s reaction carefully as she offers to call her, but Ramses/Bong-gil pipes up that Yeon-jae’s awfully busy these days, practicing tango nightly for the hospital show with that Schweitzer fellow. He’s forgotten that Ji-wook is the only one who knows of his secret identity, and upon realizing the slip, he fumbles that he heard the news somewhere.

Meanwhile, Ji-wook drowns his sorrows in drink, to the extent that a designated driver is called to take him home. He finds the car in front of Yeon-jae’s house, however, and is told that he’d given this address as his direction.

Ji-wook steps outside for a moment to look out at the house, just as Mom walks up to the gate and recognizes him. Telling him that Yeon-jae should be home, she offers to call her out, but he declines and gets back into the car with his driver.

Mom hurries inside to tell Yeon-jae that the “kkot-minam” (pretty flower boy) came back, prodding for juicy details. Yeon-jae brushes it aside with vague denials, though it does nothing to change Mom’s mind.

Yeon-jae checks the question she’d posted online about her old high school teacher, and finds a response from one of her classmates saying that he runs a bakery in her neighborhood. She calls Eun-seok to tell him the good news, and that she’ll drop by to see the teacher before their performance later.

Yeon-jae makes her way to the store, working up her courage to approach the man at the counter. It’s clear from his cool reception that he remembers her, and not in a good way. Averting his gaze, he tells her he’d like her to leave: “I don’t want to look at your face.” Eep! Whatever she did, it must’ve been a doozy.

Eun-seok finds her in low spirits outside the hospital. She says that forgiveness seems unlikely, and asks while on the verge of tears, “Why is this so hard? I don’t have much longer to live — why is it so difficult?”

Eun-seok looks at her with sympathy, then says in his usual matter-of-fact way (which I love) that she’d once told him about meeting an old man when she’d been feeling utterly alone, and that dancing the tango with him had provided her with comfort: “Tonight, will you think of me as that old man?” Aww, that is so sweet, it brings tears to my eyes. He pats her shoulder consolingly, and she leans on him.

Ji-wook and Sae-kyung have a business meeting, after which she suggests having dinner together. He flatly rejects the offer, but she assures him that she’s asking as a Seojin Group executive — it’s not a personal date.

Over dinner, the mood is actually cordial between them and Sae-kyung says she’s glad to see him looking okay, because she was heartbroken for quite a while after her failed romance.

He replies that his father must have told her about his breakup, adding that Dad has jumped to conclusions. But she says that she heard it from Yeon-jae, who essentially gave her her blessing to pursue a relationship with him. A shocker to Ji-wook, who’s hurt by the blow.

At the hospital show, Eun-seok and Yeon-jae await their turn backstage, and he breathes uneasily as he admits that he wants to run away. When his turn arrives, he nervously takes his place onstage and leads Yeon-jae into the dance.

After the initial sequence, they both start to smile and enjoy the show, performing to loud cheers and an enthusiastic response.

Halfway through, Ji-wook arrives in the auditorium and watches the tango, his expression reflecting his turmoil. After they exit the stage, Ji-wook follows the couple outside, and arrives just as Yeon-jae assures Eun-seok that she feels good, despite the physical strain.

Ji-wook butts right in and tells Eun-seok to leave them alone, leading to another brief glare-off until Yeon-jae tells Eun-seok it’s okay.

Eun-seok reluctantly steps aside, though not out of earshot, as Ji-wook asks one last time: “What is it you want? Is it for me to leave you?” She nods and replies, “Yes.”

Frustrated but with no other recourse, Ji-wook has to comply: “You’re saying that it can’t work. Fine, I’ll do as you want. I won’t see you again.”

He walks off, and she watches his departure tearfully.


Over the years, we’ve had second leads who’ve been ineffectual (you know, the ones with no shot in hell but who cling and interfere and cling some more) and those who’ve been so engaging they overshadow the hero. For me, the most appealing scenario, from a storytelling perspective, is when the hero and the second lead are equally matched.

A recent example of this is Best Love, where Pil-joo (Yoon Kye-sang) was so sweet and adorable that you couldn’t help feel a little crushed for him when he didn’t win his love. But I recall reading a particular comment back in the shipping debates of that show that sums up the conflict succinctly: A person can’t deserve someone’s love more than someone else. It’s sort of the nature of the beast, that love is given freely and without condition, regardless of whether you’ve “earned” or “deserved” it.

And that’s usually enough for me to concede to the OTP, aka the two that were set up to be our main couple. If she loves the hero, who am I to wish otherwise? Yet what works especially well in Scent of a Woman is that I think she does love Eun-seok, too, in a different way. He’s not just a handsome man who developed feelings for her while she was off falling in love with another guy; he’s her friend and moral support, her confidant and guide. Moreover, he’s the guy she leans on when she can’t lean on the hero. So my heart twists just a little extra for this guy, especially every time he puts his own feelings aside to do what she needs or wants. Gah, just kill me now, why don’t you.

As for Ji-wook: I like that the drama had him go through the betrayed, accusatory phase — asking, How could she approach him knowing full well of her condition? — before he decides he loves Yeon-jae anyway. I admit feeling that same mix of sympathy and irritation with her for that, and while ultimately I’m rooting for Yeon-jae in this drama, that was enough to mar how I felt about her.

It’s one of those tricky gray areas, and I can tell from the comments that opinions are fairly split on the issue, of whether it was right or wrong for Yeon-jae to act as she did, or if the dying person in the scenario always gets carte blanche. I think Yeon-jae’s entitled to do whatever she wants with her time, and doesn’t owe anybody explanations for her behavior. It’s her life; it’s up to her to decide what is a meaningful use of the remainder. On the flipside, I can’t see a person of her character being able to die peacefully without also reaching a measure of closure with her loved ones.

But the fact that Ji-wook is angry about her choice — and that she recognizes it was selfish of her to initiate the relationship knowing she was dying — actually mitigates my own conflicted feelings, and lets me move past them. If Ji-wook could feel betrayed and then forgive her, at least it reflects some amount of inner conflict on his part. Whereas, if he hadn’t felt betrayed at all and been painted with a saintly brush, I would’ve felt dissatisfied with the unrealistic, out-of-touch reaction.


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          OMGosh! Shoes!

          Yes, my girlfriends who receive gift shoes from other girfriends always pay them back even just a dollar because the act of gifting shoes to friends is supposed to break up their friendship. No idea how it works for lovers, though!

  23. 23 anotheraddict

    Yay! Another epi. in which ES is more Puppy-seok than Poopy-seok. I really liked that he sought out Hee-joo for advice on how to support YJ.

    “This drama is playing havoc with my man-loyalties.” Welcome to Jomo’s world!

    Thanks for the nightcap and the lullabye (I love Standing Egg!).

    • 23.1 Jomo

      I am so glad that feel what I feel, too!

      How can you choose one? That’s just crazy talk!

      Who came up with this one woman one man idea in the first place?!


  24. 24 So3

    Perhaps contrary to what some others may feel (I know many are frustrated that the OTP aren’t back together yet), I find myself loving this episode most (among all odd numbered episodes that is) – a lot of honest conversations going on amongst various characters, and those conflicted emotions are realistic ones.

    What I feel is that the writer is putting most angst, struggles and questioning in these couple of episodes, because ultimately the theme of the drama is to live true to yourself right here, right now. And I really do have faith in the writer. I love how she tries to portray human emotions in a realistic way and I agree with JB that, I would have been so disappointed if JW didn’t go through the accusatory stage and then just be ready to embrace whatever that may come about YJ all of a sudden.

    I LOVE the relationship between ES and YJ. I think they both need each other, though not necessarily in a romantic way. To me, ES has developed into the BFF for YJ – the friend who would stand out for YJ and seek for the best way to treat her (although he’s never considered so back then when he was treating his cancer patients). And how right is JB, saying that this drama has the ability to make us root for whoever is being the focus, even switching ships within an episode.

    To me, this episode is daebak!

    • 24.1 So3

      Oh and 3 posts (SoW, Fighting Spirit & MNIKSS) about KSA on the front page – how awesome! 😛

  25. 25 yumi

    Ji-wook dully asks him to please leave him alone, and heads into the shower, fully clothed, lost in his misery.

    I think the PD made the actor do that shower scene fully clothed, for fear that had he taken off his shirt, certain demographics would be focused on his beauty instead of his misery.

    • 25.1 trixicopper

      I resemble that demographic! 🙂

    • 25.2 np

      Yet they dressed him in a white shirt just in case.

      • 25.2.1 Cynthia

        So near, yet so far…..


    • 25.3 AigooAddict

      The fully clothed shower was so played so well–I could really feel the despair. I almost cried.

    • 25.4 houstontwin

      I’m not sure. He sure looked appealing in his semi-transparent wet shirt!

  26. 26 seattlebabe

    I also watch out for some second leads -those who are not lame ducks to begin with ,those who have fighting chance and because they must exert unusual prowess and charm to be able to steal the thunder from the first lead .The first leads usually don’t have to do much as they get the girl anyway. But the second lead …my heart aches for them . My first on the list is Jihoo played by Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers , the second lead of Emperor of the Sea, Song Ill Guk who btw became Jumong ,Eric when he was in Phoenix (so many years back) .This Scent of a Woman second lead is also my favorite .

    I hope they produce more dramas where the second lead looms large on screen.Its not consolation ,but I like to see them get that importance as well .

    • 26.1 AigooAddict

      I love second leads too! *cries*

      • 26.1.1 AigooAddict

        Btw does anyone know the movie in the bkgd when ES meets up with Wookie for the first time in the cafe?

  27. 27 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, javabeans!!

    “I like that the drama had him go through the betrayed, accusatory phase — asking, How could she approach him knowing full well of her condition? “— i agree! it was hard to watch, but it felt a necessary part of the story. If I were in his position, I would be the same. Sometimes it is less burdensome to have not loved at all rather than to have loved and then lose it.

    I’m a bit more on Eun-seok’s team, so I’ll be doubly sad when this drama ends with Yeon-jae’s death and YJ and JW as the OTP.

    In a different vein, I’m sad that Saekyung’s character hasn’t got much development. They made her sort of interesting, though incredibly bitchy, in the beginning and now every time her scene comes up, it’s like playing a scratched CD that is stuck on on the same 2 seconds of a song. I feel like the theme of life and death should involve her too.

    is the Han River the only river near Seoul?? are there any other bodies of water nearby that our characters can brood by? Or do dramas film there because it’s easier to secure that location?

  28. 28 TiaC

    I am in complete agreement with your assessment of Leading Man v. Second Lead. I love being legitimately torn between the two, and being pulled towards one despite the intellectual (v. strictly phenomenal) benefits of the other, or the intellectual benefits of each equally matched but one being a better fit on an instinctual/subconscious level. Case in point: Sun Joon v. Jae Shin. I LOOOOOOVED the latter, and wished him all the happiness in the world (whether with Yoon Hee or [progressively] Yong Ha), and found him equally matched if not outstripping Sun Joon, but was willing to accept Sun Joon as a part of the OTP simply for Yoon Hee’s reactions to him.

    • 28.1 Jomo

      I don’t know if I will ever get over SJ losing to Jae Shin…If JS had made his feelings known earlier, ahhh! It could have been so different.

      Meanwhile, I loved how the performance of ES and YJ on stage tango contrasted with the private one between JW and YJ. ES and YJ’s dance was playful and relaxed, while you could have wired a small house with the electricity generated by JW and YS.

      Both are good men for YJ. It isn’t simply that JW got there first, so that’s why ES loses.
      Both pairs spent the same amount of time close enough to create friction. ES was given the opportunity to rub off some of his electrons, but when YJ touched ES, no ZAP! He’s just not a conductor for YJ. He is her insulator. JW, on the other hand, is a giant lightening rod for her, all her energy is trained on him, and he feels it.

      • 28.1.1 jangerr

        Oh my goodness! Love how you describe ES and JW in relation to YJ – one is an insulator and the other a giant lightning rod!!! So visual, so apt!

      • 28.1.2 sunahforever

        omo omo, jomo, you and ur apt description….yes, you can feel the total difference between the 2 dances…one so so hot hot hot *still sizzling* and the other, so much more a chummy dance…for a performance…but KSA looks so ravishing in the 2nd dance, her dress and knockout figure and her loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg legs…yikes, I love her too much!!!

  29. 29 sora

    This drama is killing me softly

  30. 30 laya

    Thanks for the recap! <3

  31. 31 np

    Am I the only one who finds Lee Dong-wook kind of awkward, when they show him standing and they show him full-length? His hands just hanging there like he doesn’t know where to put them.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is completely adorable and his facial expressions are plain superb. The middle distance shots are no problem too. But every time it’s his whole body I just cringe and hope I could hug him to make him relax at least a little bit.

    Or maybe I just want to hug him, I don’t know.

    • 31.1 s21783

      I totally agreed with you. I do like him but he didn’t seem to be lifting up to this role, especially now that his character is the focus, since the truth is out. He does’nt seem to be able to understand and express his loss (of words and action). I really enjoyed KSA acting – superb, and how the second lead (doctor) in standing by her (as a friend and doctor-in-charge). The rich girl’s acting is also good, how she softened herself to accomodate LDW’s plight. Quite disappointing in LDW’s match with KSA’s performance. That spark is somehow lacking at this crucial moment. Give me that same ‘tango’ feel please, LDW!

      • 31.1.1 spark67

        Hmm…I don’t think there’s supposed to BE a “tango” feel to this episode because of the tension between Ji Wook and Yeon Jae. I like the air of awkwardness and the subtle layer and sub-layers of confusion, resentment, betrayal and yes, love and longing that are mixed together that appears between the two due to the sudden and unexpected discovery of YJ’s illness. I actually think that Lee Dong Wook’s puppy eyes are perfect for these roles because when he’s at a loss, I can tell and his facial expressions, I feel, are right on pace.

        If I had to describe one word for this episode would be: longing. Each main character longs for someone or something and I think this episode proved it…and in the meantime, broke my heart.

      • 31.1.2 jastinel

        I find LDW as good actor, his funny when, he has to be, his cute, his eyes speaks louder than words.
        But not all actors are good in crying scene, I noticed, he use to make sound when his about to cry, I mean crying sound first before his tear…sorry don`t know how explain it, like in the scene where he found the time capsule. May be it`s just me or anyone notice that. But over all his a great actor!

        Thanks for the recap javabeans!

      • 31.1.3 houstontwin

        I think that LDW’s slumping posture is, for better or for worse, part of his intentional characterization of J. J is emotionally exhausted.

    • 31.2 Kaion

      I think it might be intentional? I too notice the awkwardness in almost all of his scenes. Even the stylist plays it up with the too-short pants and the too-short (and too tight) blazers with too-short sleeves. It’s like he’s a perpetual sulky teenager or in vulnerable moments, like a perpetual kid (contrast that with the well-fitting suit of the Hot tango scene or the occasional moments in which he wears T-shirts). I guess it represents how he hasn’t moved emotionally forward since his mother died.

      That being said, I don’t think mopey is LDW’s best emotion, and he didn’t do so well with all the crying in this episode. It felt a little precious when I wanted to feel deep resentment and anger and disbelief underneath the pain.

      • 31.2.1 houstontwin

        I got bored with Y’s crying too. I am not interested in episode after episode of J and Y depressed and crying.

  32. 32 Okk...

    Can someone please, please tell me the ACTUAL song of the ringtone of Lee Yeon Jae’s cell? Also, what is the recurring played by that man witha grave/muffle voice..I like it a lot….PLEASE HELP!!! 🙁

    • 32.1 Okk...

      Ok, I found the songs! Here they are if it helps anyone out! 🙂

      Lee Yeon Jae’s ringtone is “Hawaiian Couple” by Humming Urban Stereo and the other songs is “Bucket List” by Kim Dong Wook. Oh also, Kang Ji Wook’s rington is “Another Day” by Buckshot LeFonque.

  33. 33 Shin mi rAe

    Thank you.

  34. 34 Yer Vang

    Yah,. its up. Thanks for the recap 🙂

  35. 35 Ani

    Man, the mom just totally distracted me from enjoying the rest of the recap. I know Korean Moms love their kids and that marrying them off is important (and all the other stuff explained by jb, girlfriday, and samsooki on their posts over the last couple of years about the importance of marriage to moms), but it continues to be an annoyance of mine. Not just Korean moms in kdramas though, but moms in movies/shows from other countries who just jump at any guy who shows up around their daughter. I know it’s a motherly love thing at times, but when Yeon-jae’s mom kept asking about Ji-wook and whether she was dating anyone, all I could think was “Geez lady, leave the poor girl alone. If she says they’re not dating they aren’t. When your daughter feels like sharing any of that stuff with you, she’ll sit down and talk to you about it.”

    Moms who are just jumping to marry their daughters off just reminds me of Mrs. Bennet. And although Yeon-jae’s mom is not money hungry or anything like that, she sure is getting on me nerves with the constant asking and ignoring what her daughter is saying. I just hope she doesn’t try to do anything that could embarrass Yeon-jae. X/

    • 35.1 houstontwin

      I’m not Korean, and my mom was cool, but my grandmother couldn’t sleep at night worrying whether or not I would ever get married. (I did in my 30’s).

  36. 36 Samantha G.

    Thank you very much for your recap. This show is becoming painful to watch… and like you I am torn between the two men in YJ’s life. As for the ringtone of YJ, the title of the song is “Hawaiian Couple” by Humming Urban Stereo. Information about Ji-Wook’s ringtone can be read the Scent of a Woman Facebook page. I really hope the ending will be great. More power to you Dramabeans.

  37. 37 kim na na

    i’ve been passionate by ji-wook.omooo!

    btw,yeon-jae hve been suffered a lot& eventhough she does not have much time to stay,but i think she deserves to get ji-wook because she understands him & can tolerate with ji-wook condition,rather than the cruel sae-kyung.

  38. 38 yuna

    while i really feel sorry for Ji-Wook having this feeling of being deceived, i cannot blame Yeon-Jae coz at the time she approached Ji-Wook, he was still engaged and it never occur to her mind that he will really fall for her. her main objective then is to spend the remaining days of her life doing what could make her happy. it was never her intention to hurt Ji-Wook.

    my heart bleeds for Eun Seok but i admire him the most for always taking care of Yeon-Jae though it’s breaking his heart. she’s so near with him yet so far.

  39. 39 LILI Rants

    Not Fair @ all from Yoon Jae’s side. I lauded her performance because of the defiance in her and her adamant persistence to get what she wants. Now if she falters because of this thing, I cannot help but let this drama blend into the “Sorrow, Sorrow, and more sorrow for you” type of Drama.

    I Love Ji-wook and yes I wouldn’t bargain on his happiness and complacency but he’s Man enough to take care of himself.

    If I were the writer of this Drama, I would suggest this plot:

    Woman with Cancer, proposes to the man of her dreams to be with her till she dies, with a pledge not to fall for one another, only fulfill her temptation. Then they break the rules and play hide and seek for the rest of her life.

    man, My plotting mind is turning Korean too… Hate that when it happens…

    anyways, I really wish this drama picks itself fast from the malignant grasp of forceful watching…

    • 39.1 Jomo

      I know, it hurts! I like your plot suggestion for YJ.

      I feel like YJ is standing in the threshold between two rooms. Her arms alternating between pushing her way in and blocking her entrance. Her fears, desires, regrets and hopes of happiness are building up behind her and weakening her hold. She’s afraid if she lets one through, even if it is a good one, they will all spill out on the floor in front of her. What a mess that’ll be to clean up! Problem is, those emotions are stronger than her will to deny them.

      Her irrational reasoning that she is sparing JW by not letting him see her die? Boah?! JW has to counter that with “How could sending me away before I can make peace with you help ME? Why do you have an item on your bucket list to get forgiveness from someone in your past, but you are denying ME that?”

      She is this close to letting him back in her life. I hope we see that today!

  40. 40 Noelle

    This was a great episode. It would be great if he spent those months with her and when/if she dies it ends with him having no regrets. Kind of how Kang-ah was at the end of 49 Days. I know everybody wants her to live but I think the show would be better if she did only live those couple of months. Oh and he spreads her ashes at the tree! How beautiful would that be? Honestly. I think I would cry for days.


    • 40.1 Cynthia

      OMG! WHY did you have to put that idea about the ashes under the “Mommy” tree into my head?! Now I wanna cry!!
      Tissues. Lots of tissues…..

      • 40.1.1 Momo

        I know huhuhu…..with the ring he buried cuz in his heart its only hers…wahhhhhhh

  41. 41 Myn-Zi

    i understand how ji wook feels…after she was so selfish she now thinks about herself only…which leads me to think…does she even know what love is. -___- im beginning to dislike her

    • 41.1 appie

      All her life she’s been selfless, I think being little selfish right before you die is the right thing to do, atleast you won’t have any regrets left that ‘you did nothing for yourself’.
      And anyways, I don’t think “she now thinks about herself only”, when she first approached Ji-wook her intention was to just ‘seduce’ him, she never from the beginning had expectation that he’ll fall for her too. But now that he did, she realised he still has emotional impact from his mother’s death, so she’s doing the “noble” thing (argh I hate it) by letting him go before it scars him again.

  42. 42 well....

    can i just say that the main picture at the top there is sooooooo freaking pretty >____<

  43. 43 aceyyy

    sigh, ji-wookie. the movie you should be going for now is closer along the lines of a walk to remember =/

    • 43.1 J-Pooh

      OMG – I loved that movie with Mandy Moore!

      1st of all, Javabeans thank you for the recap and your great comments.

      I actually like that the drama is not going for A-Walk-to-Remembersque mode. More than the love btwn YJ and JW , I feel it’s about YJ…plus, I love ES role in the drama – meaningful both for the YJ and for himself.

      I feel that the writers, again, did a great job. I’ve seen enough of these types of stories to want to drop it if they decide just to be tear-jerker-driven plot devices. But When it comes time to face the “music” YJ says like it is to JW in a very believable way.

      Both ES and YJ find means to move on despite the dark reality that looms over YJ. It’s both sweet to watch and more importantly – ES learns compassion from it and YJ sees that JW is not the end-all to her happiness…until the end of the ep.

      Man, seeing JW with YJ again made my heart flutter! I can’t imagine how YJ must have felt. Seeing the progress that YJ made to move on with the reality of her illness and then seeing her tear as she sees JW back as he walked away broke my heart that much more. You know she cracked and seeing her fall apart from the previews for tomorrow’s ep made it more than understandable.

      I’m not for the weepies, but this…I can’t say it often enough – Kim Sun Ah is just incredible in it! My brain says it can’t take all the crying I’ve been doing for this show but my heart is already taken with Yeon Jae, and like Ji Wook realized, once she’s under your skin it’s hard to let go of her.

      • 43.1.1 zsa

        I love you for saying that about kim sun ah, there’s no getting over her…and how gorgeous was she during the dance? I understand how ji wook is so angry that he can’t have her…

      • 43.1.2 jastinel

        “Kim Sun Ah is just incredible in it! My brain says it can’t take all the crying I’ve been doing for this show but my heart is already taken with Yeon Jae, and like Ji Wook realized, once she’s under your skin it’s hard to let go of her.”

        Suna, has this natural gift in acting, she not only a comedy Queen, but a drama Queen as well…getting better and better, I wonder where she got all the motivation, since she`s a very happy person and those tears streaming down in each episode….amazing!
        KSA, is the only actress who can cry without running nose and distorted/ugly face.

        Last night after watching Ep.11 in live streaming, i got numbed, as if i don`t feel anything, for an hour, i was crying, uttering words like…don`t do that…don`t say that! After the 10th episode last week, my mind was loaded of thoughts, worries, about what will happen to YJ and JW, their romance was just starting. I didn`t realize that this drama would have a huge impact on me (aside from my love for KSA).
        My husband was seducing me last night, but because i felt extremely sad for YJ and JW, I rejected him. How can a husband accept the fact that his wife is not in the mood, for it is because she is very much into this drama…lol?!
        I had to go out today and spent a day with my family in a resort just to clear my mind and it works, but when I got home, I re-watched episode 11 and come here to read. Now, i feel the same way as last night again.
        I hope tonight`s episode will end my misery.

  44. 44 Daniela

    Thank you drama for all the Eun-seok moments in this episode. He dancing tango in the hallway will be in my list of favorite scenes ever (And the final dance too!). And when he trips, it was so cute.
    I just love that his change. Asking nicely to one patient at the time.
    “…he’s always thinking of her first, though not in a stupidly noble way.” Yes! he knows she loves someone else and he is his friend and support. He is not trying to be a replace of Ji-wook. I was like “what?” when she said that to him last episode, but now I like they way he is acting.
    Aww, I would love if he could go on a date with Hee-joo (altough I think that cant be possible).
    I dont know what is going to chance Yeon Jae’s mind.I dont like that she rejects him even after he tells her about the ring and everything, that’s commitment right there. But I also understand that she doesnt want him to see her dying, but nevertheless he wants to be with her, but…ah, complicated. I’ll wait.
    I was expecting that Eun-seok would scream Ji-wook’s name in the end and him telling to Yeon Jae: What are you doing?. I dont know why, heh.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 44.1 So3

      You are right that what JW said in the text message is a commitment, and precisely because it was a huge commitment, YJ really can’t easily accept that.

      It sounds particularly painful to YJ as JW mentioned he can wait longer – because for YJ she just can’t live that long.

      What JW said can be very sweet in other circumstances, but when we put that in this context, it’s a cruel reality that YJ has to face.

      • 44.1.1 ☂ iZzie ☂

        Yeah. Probably not the best thing to tell YJ. But when he said 100 years, I thought that he might be referring to their next life. Still, cruel.

        I’m expecting a 49 Days-like ending from this drama, but I’m still hoping that kdramas would let a C patient survive it just this once. It’s painful to watch, but it’s so hard not to.

        It’s so sweet of Puppy Seuk to purposely trip and make YJ win just to make her smile.

    • 44.2 yumi

      I think he threw the race by falling on purpose.

  45. 45 Nandiferd

    I’m glad that Ji Wook was angry. It was very realistic. However, I’m more worried about when Yeon-Jae’s mother finds out. She doesn’t seem like she’d be able to handle it.

  46. 46 Liza

    Hi Javabeans, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your picked song of the day. It’s so good, calm me down a bit from hot weather here in my hometown ^^ standing egg, never heard of them, so thanks to you now, i have more K-band to listen to. Through your blog, I discovered a lot of great songs from soloist, indie band etc…

  47. 47 Tammu

    Thanks the recap. Btw, I love, love, LOVE that song.

  48. 48 Shukmeister

    Thank you, JB, as always for your insiteful recap. My heart is really leaning towards ES as the final love It’s rare that a second lead ever wins the girl, and the cancer angle makes this doubly poignant.

    I have been watching KDrama now for approximately one year, and I have made the following top ten list. After reading the recaps on this episode, I laughed when I thought about my number one:


    10 – Taking the battery out of the phone is the fastest and easiest way to turn it off.

    9 – Rich or poor, a individual or a big family, everybody loves kimchi.

    8 – You are prepared for all of life’s missiles as long as you can find a bottle of soju somewhere.

    7 – If you’re not ready to fall in love, stay away from the cherry blossoms.

    6 – Nobody owns a washing machine, but everybody owns impossibly cool clothes.

    5 – The safest car maneuver is the u-turn, followed by the sudden lane change and acceleration.

    4 – Taking your bluetooth earpiece out of your ear automatically ends the phone call.

    3 – A true gentleman will offer you a handkerchief. Make sure to wash it before you return it.

    2 – A woman isn’t attractive without at least 3-inch heels.

    1 – Nothing good can come from meeting someone by
    the Han River. Trust me.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks again!!

    • 48.1 yumi

      3 inch heel.

      One of the things I’ve notice is that Yeon-Jae is not wearing towers on her feet most of the time. Yeon-Jae in towers seems to me more the exception than the rule.

      The same is true of No Eun Seol of Protect the Boss. While she does wear towers, she also wears a variety of height.

  49. 49 Cynthia

    I love the profound aspect of SOAW’s approach of death changing the living, particularly in dealing with the
    two main male leads (at this point, Eun-Soek is as much of a lead as Ji-Wook).
    How fascinating it is to see that both men really do have similar personalities.

    ES, traumatized in his early years by being the intelligent picked-on, slow, poopy-pants nerd, emotionally closed off as an adult, choosing a profession that deals with
    having to be able to relate to people at their most desperate times, yet he’s emotionally frozen and unable to figure out why and how he’s failing.

    Then we have JW, the handsome newly-created chaebol, traumatised in his early years by his father’s neglect and his mother’s death – a man also frozen emotionally, ennui covering his fear and dictating his non-confrontational way of life. His cell-phone ring tone punctuates that aspect often enough.

    Then along comes our leading lady, YJ, beaten down by life until she gains her death sentence – her impending death which allows her to become free and rightfully so, selfish. Guilt and obligation no longer have a stranglehold on her.

    All three are headed down the road of self-discovery – her death will facilitate ES’s awareness of how his
    interactions with his patients and society matter, that time is a precious commodity and caring for people, invaluable.

    Ji-Woon will learn not to let the fear of loss numb him to the realization that love, no matter how long it lasts, is the only important reason for living – whether it be a day or a lifetime. And that living life is precious and not to be wasted. Ever.

    I bow down to the SOAW writing team. They know what they’re doing.

    • 49.1 J-Pooh

      The thing that’s profound is that YJ started in the drama with a rather invisible existence and in this ep it feels like a crescendo has been reached where we are shown how she’s affected those around her – ES shows signs of his change, JW is affected beyond her expectations and even his own, her best friend is climbing down to the world of reality, her proposal for the Wando experience is a hit…if only the mother knew…but hen again, YJ’s impact doesn’t need to shown, YJ is already her world.

  50. 50 Y

    OMG!!! Really having a major crush on LDW!!

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