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Scent of a Woman: Episode 5
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Cute, cute. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, helped in large part by Lee Dong-wook’s hundred and one facial expressions. Exasperation, pride, confusion, irritation, smugness, satisfaction, and yes, even jealousy — he nails ’em all.


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Having interrupted the butt-writing session, Ji-wook announces that cranky old Grandpa Sohn refuses to talk to anybody but Yeon-jae. Therefore, Manager Noh must continue with his apology.

Yeon-jae runs into Ji-wook at the elevator and asks why he stuck up for her. He answers that Grandpa Sohn values her loyalty, citing the time Manager Noh took a bribe to switch a service and Yeon-jae fought him, risking her job to stick with Grandpa Sohn. Now Grandpa thinks that Yeon-jae was fired by Manager Noh, and is even less willing to work with the company than before.

Ji-wook tells her not to take his support too much to heart, because he didn’t mean anything special by it; he just considered her the more useful side in this instance.

He asks for the reason behind the butt-writing exercise, and Yeon-jae answers that it was her revenge. Manager Noh hadn’t treated her like a human once in the past ten years, and she’d been too afraid of being fired to speak up. Ji-wook says that it’s pretty weak, as far as revenges go — butt-writing is embarrassing, sure, but it’s something all kids have done at one point — but Yeon-jae replies that it’s not like she could call him an asshole or hit him. Jerk or not, Manager Noh is much older, and she can’t disrespect an elder.

The younger ladies at the office are left wondering why Ji-wook took Yeon-jae’s side, figuring that he must have only done so because it’s related to the MOU with Sae-kyung’s family’s Seojin Group. Hye-won, on the other hand, mutters that there’s gotta be something between the two, since she knows they met in Okinawa.

Ji-wook drives Yeon-jae to Grandpa Sohn’s house so she can persuade him to cooperate. She wonders why Ji-wook is tackling this with such alacrity when he’d been so indifferent in Japan, and sighs that it’s a shame that some people get to inherit companies from their fathers, while talented and hardworking folk are left out in the cold. Ji-wook retorts that she must mean herself, and she replies, “Isn’t that why I’ve been called here to fix this problem?” Ha. TouchΓ©.

Ji-wook waits in the car while Yeon-jae meets with Grandpa Sohn, who greets her with a smile and gets all offended on her behalf for being ousted by Manager Noh. She assures him that she quit of her own accord, and that she merely found something more important to do with her time.

Ji-wook gets tired of waiting and heads inside to look for them, arriving outside the door to hear Yeon-jae whispering, “I’m scared.” Curious, he peers in to see Yeon-jae lying on the ground and Grandpa hovering over her.

Immediately his mind goes to the dirty place, and he bursts in angrily and grabs her, missing the fact that she’s got acupuncture needles sticking out of her face. She’s completely confused, not following as he accuses her of falling back on such base “skills”: “Were you this kind of woman?!”

He yells that he doesn’t care what happens to this case and demands she leave. Oh man, I am so embarrassed for you dude, and yet I also love this because it’s so revealing.

When Ji-wook finally registers the needles, he shuts his trap and takes in the scene and the horrified faces all around. Next thing we know, he’s kneeling his apologies to an offended Grandpa Sohn while Yeon-jae explains that he’s quite the renowned acupuncturist. Grandpa orders him out, so angry he’s almost about to change his mind about cooperating after all.

As they leave, Ji-wook offers Yeon-jae compensation for this job. It seems like she might not take the money (the implication is that he can just throw money at things to fix them), but she accepts, figuring she earned it. She gasps at the zeroes on the note — it’s the equivalent of a thousand-dollar bill — and marvels that there are real people who carry bills of this size in their wallets on a daily basis.

Ji-wook puffs up at that, pleased to be considered one of those special people. She muses, “Well, people who earn money easily spend it easily,” and he readily agrees — it’s not until a split-second later that he registers that it’s not a compliment. Hee! I love how she cuts him down to size so effectively; whenever he throws his weight around like he’s some big important person, she cuts to the chase and calls him out for benefiting from his privilege, which he didn’t earn.

On the drive back, he offers her to drop her off in her approximate vicinity, and she points out that he has this habit of doing everything “approximately.” Why not take her where she’s going, since they’re already on the way? (The Korean word she uses is daechoong, which means to do things roughly, stopping at good enough. The word connotes a lazy disinterest, which describes Ji-wook’s half-assedness perfectly.)

Ji-wook asks if she’s looking for a new job, surprised when she says no. He asks why not, and she replies, “Because I don’t want to work.” He can’t make heads or tails of her behavior, and asks, “Do you know that you become even more confounding the more I get to know you?”

She answers, “Sitting in front of a 120 centimeter desk in the Line Tour office — I didn’t want to end my life that way. That makes me too pitiful.” She says this in such a matter-of-fact voice that he naturally assumes she’s speaking in hyperbole.

Remembering Sae-kyung’s intended lawsuit of 300 million won, Ji-wook starts to broach the topic, but doesn’t get a chance. She indicates her drop-off point and gets out; hilariously, Ji-wook cranes his neck so far while watching her walk away that he hits the horn unwittingly.

Just then, an unfamiliar ringtone sounds, and he finds Yeon-jae’s cell phone in his car. Ooh, an excuse to follow. That takes him to the tango studio looking for her, where he finds her dolled up and ready for her lesson.

After returning the phone, he returns to his car contemplating this new bit of information, which just confuses him further about Yeon-jae. He wonders, “Tango?!”

In the studio, the students introduce themselves as the class begins, and everyone takes on nicknames rather than their real names. For instance, the round-faced man calls himself “Sculpted Beauty” (the kind of thing we call guys with angular faces, like Lee Dong-wook), while a cute couple calls themself Andal and Bokdal, which is like splitting the word fussbudget into two names. Yeon-jae calls herself Audrey. Teaching this beginner class is Ramses, aka coin-collecting Bong-gil.

Ji-wook returns home to find Sae-kyung at his front door with a bottle of wine. She calls this a gesture of apology for her previous behavior, and he asks about her lawsuit, saying that going after an individual is excessive. Sae-kyung smirks, saying that it’s out of her hands already.

The next morning in the building lobby, Manager Noh asks how it went with Grandpa Sohn, still smarting from his humiliating part in the matter. Ji-wook gives him a satisfying smackdown, saying that it was difficult, thanks to Manager Noh. In fact, they wouldn’t have needed Yeon-jae at all, “If only you hadn’t taken that bribe six years ago.”

Manager Noh sputters that he returned that money right away. Ji-wook replies, “Write your resignation immediately and report to my office… is something I won’t ask of you, because of that.”

Sang-woo reports on one of their new projects, which is unfamiliar to Ji-wook. Sang-woo reminds him that he’d told him to “just take care of it, whatever.” It’s that cursed word again — daechoong — and Ji-wook sits up straighter, instructing Sang-woo to bring him those materials: “From today, I’m not going to work in a daechoong way.”

In the travel package materials, he finds a photo that he recognizes from his travels with Yeon-jae, and that makes him smile. Taking his first active interest in a project, he suggests including the squid-ink yakisoba he’d eaten with Yeon-jae in the travel package.

Sang-woo reports these changes in Ji-wook’s attitude to Chairman Kang, who figures that his son’s upcoming engagement has knocked some sense into him. He chuckles at how women can influence men, pleased that Ji-wook has met a good match. Well, Dad’s not wrong… Just off.

During a meeting, Ji-wook doodles (“300 million…Ms. Lee”) while the company’s president discusses the joint venture with Seojin Group. He’s already got a prickly attitude toward Ji-wook, so he jumps to conclusions when Ji-wook mumbles aloud, assuming he’s opposing him.

Manager Noh is the president’s sycophantic lackey, and he is quick to profess his support of the president and disdain for Ji-wook. Unaware of this, Ji-wook cuts into their conversation after the meeting to ask whether Yeon-jae would ever have cause to come back to work. Manager Noh assures him that she wouldn’t — a prospect that has him uncharacteristically displeased.

Yeon-jae chats with Hye-won, who asks about the Okinawa trip and digs for details. Like…did they sleep together? Yeon-jae answers that they slept in the same room — but it’s nothing to get excited about, since nothing happened.

Hye-won gushes about this drama-like scenario of the old maid and the chaebol, but Yeon-jae shuts her down by saying that he’s got a fiancee. Oh, right. Her.

And yet, Ji-wook finds himself lurking outside the dance studio again. He calls himself crazy, which another dancer overhears. Assuming he’s embarrassed about wanting to learn how to dance, she assures him that everyone feels that way at the start, and pushes him inside. Hee.

Surprised, Yeon-jae wonders what he’s doing here. Surely…not to see her, right? He blusters, Of course not, but that leaves the question: Then, is he here to tango?

Thus Ji-wook finds himself participating, reluctantly, and muddles through without much enthusiasm or interest. Yet he can’t stop watching Yeon-jae through narrowed eyes as Ramses leads the class in a partner exercise. This requires the ladies to put their hands on their partners’ chests and follow their lead.

After one turn, the partners are switched and Ji-wook is paired with Yeon-jae. Despite informing Ramses earlier that he has no interest in learning to dance, when Yeon-jae asks suspiciously why he’s here, he lies that he’s got quite a lot of interest in tango. He affects indifference, but when time comes for her to place her hands on his chest, both become aware of his pounding heart.

She’s just affected by the contact as he is, and silently, he leads her across the dance floor while she silently follows his lead. Like that they walk, all the way to the mirrored wall, staring intently at each other all the while.

He continues to step forward even after she’s come to a stop, bringing them even closer together, until Ramses breaks into their reverie. The looks in their eyes — ack, it kills me.

Both of them deal with their startling emotions on their way home. Ji-wook’s got an added complication to worry about, as he reminds himself, “Three hundred million.” It’s not necessarily his problem, but he feels guilty for knowing, but unsure if he has any business getting involved. He sure as heck doesn’t want to get involved — keeping the world at a distance seems to be his prevailing life motto — but he’s conflicted about this.

Yeon-jae sends Mom on a four-day vacation, partly to fulfill the bucket list item to make Mom smile daily, but also to keep her busy while Yeon-jae goes in for cancer treatment.

Eun-seok asks if she’s decided whether to participate in the clinical trial, and she admits that she’s scared. Eun-seok tells her that her outcome is staring her in the face, so she ought to try to find ways to avoid it rather than heading straight for it. He adds, “I don’t remember you being the fearful type. You were always curious and said what was on your mind, and were full of confidence.”

Yeon-jae smiles at this sign that he does remember her. She tells him she used to be like that, but she’s changed. Still, she figures that he won’t lead her into a worse path than one she’s already facing, and agrees to the test. With that, she’s reinstalled in the bed next to the 21-year-old cancer patient, who teaches her how to use her smartphone…to follow Junsu online. HA! (That’s Junsu the JYJ idol star, formerly of DBSK.)

Finding out that Junsu is holding a fanmeeting, Yeon-jae wants to apply. Her roommate tries to convince her not to, like a teenager embarrassed by her uncool Mom, but ends up helping her think of ways to apply that will improve her chances of being selected.

Ji-wook arrives home and flips through his closet for a change of clothes, stopped at the sight of the shirt he was wearing when he danced with Yeon-jae. Man, if your plain ol’ button-down is conjuring up emotional flashbacks, maybe it’s time to admit that there’s more to this fixation, hmm? He arrives at tango class, but Yeon-jae’s not there. After sitting on the sidelines in agitation, he leaves.

Ji-wook then calls Yeon-jae, having thought of a way to save face: He wants her to tell the instructor that he can’t make it to tango class today. That gives him a chance to ask for the reason when Yeon-jae tells him she can’t go, either. She’s vague about the reason, but confirms that she’ll attend the next class…just as Ramses calls out to him in the background. HA! Cover blown.

Per her roommie’s advice, Yeon-jae applies under various people’s names to inflate her chances of being accepted to the fanmeeting. Just as she’s musing that she’s run out of people, Eun-seok walks in to check on her status…giving her An Idea.

Yeon-jae asks to speak with Eun-seok, saying that she feels better than she thought she would after her treatment. She explains that her father had suffered through chemo, which was so hard on him that he’d wanted to quit and spend his remaining days at home with his family. Yeon-jae was the one to oppose it, so he continued with treatment and ended up dying in the hospital. Over the years, she’s come to regret her decision.

But she tells Eun-seok that she feels relieved to have him here with her. He reminds her that she told him he had no right to be a doctor, and she says that was just angry talk.

Just then, they’re hit with a bucketful of water, thrown by the husband of the dead cancer patient. Eun-seok declares that the death had nothing to do with him, but the husband is too furious to believe differently and scorns Eun-seok and his lack of guilty conscience.

Eon-seok apologizes to Yeon-jae for getting her involved, only betraying his frustration when he’s in private. By the time he sees Yeon-jae again, he’s in a better mood and tells her he’s not staying in this hospital for long, since he’s transferring to a cancer hospital in Texas.

Unfortunately, those plans are short-lived. The cancer patient kerfuffle has changed his prospects, and the hospital decides to send someone else instead. He’s devastated.

Yeon-jae prepares to check out of the hospital when she receives the call that she’s been accepted to the fanmeeting. Or rather, Chae Eun-seok has. Yay! And also, uh-oh.

The fanmeeting will be checking IDs, so Yeon-jae has to ask Eun-seok to take her — at least past the doors, at which point he can ditch her. He finds the request preposterous, arguing that time is precious to her — she should spend it doing more meaningful things. He reaction is harsh, almost derisive of her choice.

She balks at that — what, exactly, would he suggest she do? Invent something? Climb Mt. Everest? “All these years, I’ve been so busy saving up money and being aware of people’s eyes that I haven’t done anything. Doing all those things before I die is the most meaningful thing I could do!”

Then she plays her final card, and reminds him that she got hit by water thanks to him. Checkmate.

That does it. Off they go to join the teenagers to meet Junsu, hee.

Ji-wook is also at the fanmeeting, having escorted a Japanese businessman here. He takes a seat in the audience and watches indifferently as the show gets under way, in contrast to Yeon-jae, who’s enjoying herself. Eun-seok isn’t terribly thrilled to be here, but even he has to smile at Yeon-jae’s enthusiasm.

After the performance, Junsu announces the one fan who will get to have dinner with him. Or rather, fans — it’s a couple. With that, he calls out, “Chae Eun-seok-sshi!”

Yeon-jae prods Eun-seok to respond to the call, so he reluctantly raises a hand, bringing the spotlight over to illuminate them. Junsu proceeds to read Eun-seok’s supposed story, to Yeon-jae’s alarm.

It goes thusly: “I first met her when I was nine years old. In the twenty-five years that passed since then, I’ve loved her unrequitedly.” (Yeon-jae shakes her head in horror, but Junsu continues.) “But we never met during that time. However, not long ago she came to the hospital where I work. She is sick. That woman is a devoted fan of you, Junsu-sshi. For her sake, will you have dinner with her?”

As everyone cheers and urges the couple to stand, Ji-wook looks back casually…and recognizes Yeon-jae.

Eun-seok stands to answer Junsu’s questions. When Junsu asks if she’s very sick, he says that a doctor can’t reveal his patient’s case, which earns him everyone’s favor. Everyone but Ji-wook, who clenches his jaw and scowls. His temper rises another notch when Eun-seok excuses himself from the dinner, saying that Yeon-jae will enjoy having dinner with Junsu alone, and everyone oohs at how cool he is.

After the show, Ji-wook spots the lucky couple in the lobby and watches from a distance as Yeon-jae thanks Eun-seok for playing along. When Eun-seok mentions the story she submitted, she apologizes, saying she had no idea it would be read aloud. He’s hesitant as he tries to fish for information, asking how she came by that story, which means — AHHH it’s true! He’s totally scared she caught on to his secret! Eeeeeeeeee!

Yeon-jae doesn’t catch on to his nervousness and waves it off as an invention — she was advised to make the stories attention-grabbing. Eun-seok visibly relaxes in relief, and she figures that most of it was true — everything except for the one-sided love thing, right? He agrees awkwardly. Hee!

After Eun-seok leaves, Ji-wook comes strolling up, eyeing Yeon-jae with a “Aha! Gotcha!” expression of smug satisfaction. He assumes she made up everything, and mocks her for skipping out on dance class for this. But Yeon-jae, with her unerring skill to turn the tables on him, points out, “Ahhhh, so you did go to tango class that day.” Busted! She adds, “Well, you do need the practice, after all. You don’t have the talent for it.”

She skips off with a giggle, and he has to smile.

At dinner, Yeon-jae hardly touches her food, but assures Junsu it’s because she’s enjoying herself. He asks what she likes about him so much: “My statue-like good looks? Or my melodious voice? Or my perky butt?” HAHA.

He makes her laugh, and Yeon-jae says that he’s the coolest when he’s singing. He asks to see her cell phone, using it to record an impromptu rendition of “You Are So Beautiful,” the song posted above from the OST.

Yeon-jae looks happily at her autographed photo with Junsu on the bus ride home, storing it in her bucket list notebook. She flips to item #6, since she can now mark it completed: “Go on a date with Junsu!”

Mom’s back from her luxurious stay at a 5-star hotel, and mother and daughter settle down for a night of trading stories. But then, Mom flips through the mail and finds an envelope from the District Court, and opens it to see notice of the 300 million won lawsuit. Yeon-jae is puzzled until she reads the name of the plaintiff. Im Sae-kyung.


Two things made this episode particularly enjoyable for me: Lee Dong-wook and Eom Ki-joon. I love Ji-wook’s ill-concealed interest, jealousy, and conflict with his own attraction to Yeon-jae, refusing to acknowledge it for what it is even though it’s the most obvious thing ever. Dude, you’re following her to dance class and caressing the shirt she touched. You can get a clue now.

I know that Yeon-jae is likewise attracted to Ji-wook, and she’s never had a reason to deny that she could be interested in him. (And she has no reason to deny it, since she has nothing to lose, unlike Ji-wook and his ingrained sense of social class.) However, she has dropped Ji-wook into the mental category of “Unattainable” (also “Engaged” and “Out of My League”), so she harbors no fantasies about being with him. Therefore, when they’re together, she treats him like any other person, not trying to flirt or seduce him or convince him she’s worth his affections. And it’s such a joy to watch him go nuts at her indifference, trying to get her attention back on him yet maintaining his dignity at the same time. It’s a losing battle, but who knew it would be so much fun watching him lose it?

I was disappointed to realize that the fanmeeting story was Yeon-jae’s fabrication, because I’d been so excited when last week’s preview tipped us off to that detail. Until I saw Eun-seok’s fear that Yeon-jae might have magically stumbled onto his carefully guarded secret and realized that the story is totally true. It has to be. It’s adorable and endearing, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Sae-kyung meanwhile…Mrrph, she can go jump off a bridge. (I love Seo Hyo-rim and think she’s doing a great job, but Sae-kyung’s such a buzzkill.) That stupid lawsuit better not take up too much of our precious screentime. We need as much of that as possible devoted to the three characters we actually care about, right?


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    A great episode, thanks for recapping!!!

    • 1.1 zzz

      Yaaaa agree with you, love all the cast.

      • 1.1.1 ckdarkraven23

        Yess!!!superb chemistry!!! ;D I practically squealed when Ji Wook said: “Put your hands on my chest” hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜‰

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    OH my godddd LOOOVED this episode!!!! I’m sure i’ll hate the episodes to come with the lawsuit and what not. And seriously, like others have said… how can this lawsuit work at all?? Yeon jae should countersue for defamation or something!

    Can I say I love the music in this drama? You get those sensual tango songs, and then you switch to the playful wacky jingles when our two leads are being petty and bikering… ehehhe!

    LOVE IT!!!

    • 2.1 m

      exactly, the lawsuit is utter nonsense, yeon jae has nothing to lose, she has nowhere near 300 million won in savings or assets, they can take try taking her house and furniture, but that still won’t account for much. they can’t force her to come up with what she doesn’t have, and again, she’s gonna die anyway. although i guess her mom would suffer

      but i think we all know how the lawsuit is gonna end (embarrassment for for sae kyung, since yeon jae wasn’t at fault)

      • 2.1.1 yumi

        Agree with you on the embarrassment part.

        But the lawsuit might worry Yeon-Jae thinking if she loses, when she dies she will leave her mother saddled with death.

        I’m not sure, but debt seems to work differently in Korea than the US. Here I think people’s estate is responsible for there debt, but not their survivors. From the Japanese and Korean dramas I’ve seen it seems as if children, spouses, siblilngs, etc are responsible for repayment when the original debtors can pay. Yikes.

      • 2.1.2 Shin mi rAe

        My two cents on the lawsuit. I think its a plot twist to bring back andy wilson and he will admit that he found his ring hence yeon jae didnt steal it. Remember, up to now, every body in that crazy office believed yeon jae stole the ring. Even ji wook believe so, thinking that the okinawa luxurious vacation was funded by the stolen ring. In ji wook’s mind, despite his attraction to her, yeon jae is a thief and a liar, a woman capable of selling her body to an old man to get what she wants. Thats how ji wook easily jumped to that conclusion with oldman sohn despite all those needles sticking out of her brows. arent you guys wondering why ji wook was curious when yeon jae turned on the red lighted street after he dropped her off? This lawsuit, while it will cause angst and drama, will be used to finally clear yeon jae’s name and clean her image in the eyes of ji wook.

      • 2.1.3 sapho

        How can they press charges without any proof? don’t they need to file a theft complaint before slapping an ex employee with a civil lawsuit? this lawsuit makes no sense if not for crazy drama logic

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      Am so happy for this drama that it got the number 1 rating for this episode! SoW, fighting!!

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    I’m in love with the camera. Each shot is so gorgeous and well framed it makes everything SO. PRETTY. Especially the dance scenes. Makes it look like an old Hollywood movie.

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    I squealed like a gutted pig when i saw that tango scene… I swear!

    My gosh! The chemistry between Sun Ah and Wookie is so palpable i can almost hear my heart pounding alongside theirs… (When he pressed her up against that mirror, i was almost anticipating how he’d RAVISH and DEVOUR her because i bet that was what would have happened if Ramses didn’t just butt in!)

    I love Jealous Ji Wook and how at a loss for words he is whenever Yoon Jae brings him down a peg or two… hahaha! I would watch this series just for the look on Wookie’s face whenever this happens… Can’t wait for episode 6 tonight!

    • 14.1 Lizzy

      No kidding, Flowerpot!I could hardly breathe. Their expressions were so subtle, but intense. Reminded me of that first touch with the one you love when you are both finally cognizant that something special and electric is happening. I watched the scene three times. It was just so beautiful. The writers totally captured every emotion that would come from a situation like that-of two people falling in love, and not being sure of it just yet- just knowing something unexplainable amazing is happening.

      Loved it!

      • 14.1.1 flowerpot

        I love how it was soooo passionate… I thought my laptop would combust and burst into flames!

        The thing that i love about Sun Ah’s series all the time is how the love story always starts out to be so childish and petty yet as time goes by most of these relationships grows to be sooo matured and deep… None of the cutesy stuff there… Nosiree! We have enough moments that would make us giggle and spazz like schoolgirls and yet when we least expect it, it would turn around and give us moments such as the time they were stranded in that Yakuza’s home and slept together and they ended up staring at each other and this tango scene which goes straight to the heart that leaves you breathless and ties your stomach in a knot…

        It’s the same kind of storyline that made me fall in love with My Name is Kim Sam Soon, City Hall and now Scent of A Woman…

        Just the anticipation alone of how the delicious angst and heartbreaking love that Jin Wook and Yeon Jae would share in upcoming episodes is sending me into a tizzy!

        I love angst and I love it the best when it is done as poignantly and sentimentally as it was done in this series…

        • honeyjet

          Then you should also watch “When It’s At Night” πŸ˜‰ I don’t like Lee Donggun, her partner in this drama but somehow Kim Sunah’s charm & excellent acting made me forgot that I actually dislike Lee Donggun.

          Everything you mentioned above are what I love about Kim Sunah. So cheers to that!

        • Lizzy

          Well said! I loved her and Binnie in KSS, but I loved the drama City Hall even more. I actually just finished watching that one a few days ago. You are so right-there are so many laughable moments tempered with serious relationship scenes that just make it work somehow. I only started watching Kdrama’s with Lie to me-I actually stumbled on a ep 8 on youtube, and watched the whole thing (without subtitles, mind you), after a few more eps I got smart and figured someone had Eng Subs. And I’ve been a kdrama fan ever since. Don’t know how I never heard of these before. They are so addictive! I laughed in complete agreement when I was reading dramabeans top post “kdrama addicts” section on the extremes people have gone to to watch kdramas. πŸ™‚

          But I digress. πŸ™‚ By the way, are you watching the live streaming this morning? Any idea where I can catch it? I’m guessing there are private channels on ustream/hulu, but I don’t know which ones…there is one that I’ve gone to for heartstrings, but he isn’t streaming Scent of a Woman.

          I should be patient and wait for Viki to upload it, but I want to see now, and then I’ll just read dramabeans recaps! πŸ™‚

  15. 15 D

    Also JYJ fans are on the older age spectrum ‘
    A lot are in their 20’s

    • 15.1 jenknight18

      agree.. JYJ’s fanbase is mostly noona and ahjummas now (range 20-50+)..
      since they haven’t been in idol shows for like 2 years, they haven’t got a lot of new teen fans..
      most of the fans are in 20+ range who has been following them since DBSK days …
      The new fans came (majority is ahjumma) came in from watching Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal/Miss Ripley, Jaejoong on his Japanese activities/drama while Junsu on his musical shows like Mozart and Tears of Heaven

      • 15.1.1 daisy

        there’s also a large amount of international fans who have only known them as JYJ. They vary in age, but most of them are around 20+ as well.

        • zat

          yep, I’m one of them! πŸ™‚ love JYJ

    • 15.2 DD

      i dont think it’s a disadvantage at all.

      having older fans means they probably saw something in them for them to become fans as they are not like some teenagers who probably care more about looks..just saying

  16. 16 soserious


    i’m not watching this drama, but i had to watch Junsu’s cut because i love him to pieces. however, i have to say i’m curious about this drama…….is it worth it to watch this drama?? gaiz?

    • 16.1 Bluefyre

      It’s worth every second, every minute!

      LDW & KSA have great chemistry. The actors are amazing. The directing and camera work (ESPECIALLY the camera work) has me drooling. It’s my current crack! πŸ˜€
      Totally LOVE my weekends now that I have Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah brightening it up.

  17. 17 kyori

    @flowerpot it was the same for me i squealed also and my heart started to beat for a split second i swore i was in love.

    • 17.1 flowerpot

      I adore them in Episode 3 when they were in that initial stages of attraction but gosh! I ship them soooo hard in this episode!

      I am sailing to the high seas with this one…

      Till the end… πŸ™‚

  18. 18 blahblahh

    KSA always gets combustive chemistry with her co-stars. I’m electrified. Hrhrhhrhrhrhrrrr.

  19. 19 ___

    Awesome episode. Lee Dongwook was so cute in this episode! <3 Kim Sunah is amazing. I'm going to run out of tears by the end of this drama…

    Junsu's voice makes me melt. The song he sings to her is so beautiful and sad and touching all at once.

  20. 20 kit

    lee dong wook is so damn perfect i can’t; forever my favourite actor
    eom ki joon is so perfect here as well and junsu’s cameo (and the mentioning of his duckbutt …) is all so perfect.


  21. 21 MRS.Lee

    KYAAAA~~β™₯! i love this drama.

  22. 22 kyori

    @soserious i was like you questioning if to watch this drama cause the name turned me off to be honest i thought i would be a drama about perfume.

    but so far its been a great ride the first episode is a little slow but endure it till the end and trust me it will pay off

    • 22.1 yumi

      I find that the title “Scent of a Woman” intimately evocative and vaguely uncomfortable.

  23. 23 daisy

    Thank you for the recap!

    I’m loving the doctor’s character and disliking Ji Wook so far (I know he’s going to change but at the moment he’s so blase about everything, his facial expressions are so boring)
    Junsu was wonderful and the scene of him singing to her cellphone was touching. Also, any JYJ or Junsu fan knows his duckbutt is famous, I CANNOT believe they gave him such a line! Lol!

    Random thought: the tango studio scenes reminded me a lot of a 1996 Japanese movie Shall we dance? (especially Bong-gil’s character)

    • 23.1 yumi

      I’m definitely getting the Shall we Dansu feel also, except these dance students aren’t as dysfunctional.

      Ramses certainly brings to mind Naoto Takenaka’s performance.

      • 23.1.1 daisy

        I’m glad you were reminded of that movie too! (it’s such a great movie)
        Perhaps Yeon-jae and Ji-wook will also take part in some sort of tango dance show or tournament later on πŸ˜‰

  24. 24 Yer Vang

    Yah. It’s up. Watched it without subs.

    • 24.1 Yer Vang

      Omg, feel in love with junsu.

  25. 25 ashtoh

    i have to say i am actually enjoying this drama~~

    i first watched it to know the story line, and the ending, how will the lady end up? coz i find it similar with an American movie played by Queen Latifah called “Last Holiday”. She found that she got a tumor on her brain too and spent her last precious moment on vacation but it turned out to be a false alarm. so I am very interested in this story ending…

    not knowing that the casts were actually remarkable with their acting. My favourite is the Doctor played by Ki Joon. I dont know why but somehow i fall for his role, his coldness, his emotionless expression~~~ somehow attracted to it.

    i do hope that the story about ‘the first love’ is a true one. it would be lovely! such a sweet story plus the special appearance by Junsu!! aw….his angelic voice singing “You are so beautiful” made my day!!!!

    can’t wait for next episode :)!! thanks for the recaps! I actually can’t wait to watch it everytime i’m finished watching one episode πŸ˜›

  26. 26 dulcedeleche

    you know…I always wonder…Why is it that the second-lead male is usually the nice understanding caring type while the second female lead is usually the bitch?

    I’d like to see more well developed second female leads. I’m tired of the bitchy girl route…

    • 26.1 yumi

      I know, what is up with that persistent dichotomy.

      The second lead mail are usually much nicer that the male lead, but not always. But the women are almost always nasty arrogant and have a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

    • 26.2 mel

      try Miss Ripley. though the second female lead kinda disappeared towards the end of the drama but at least she’s not the bitchy type =/

  27. 27 gia

    Junsu, his voice, sorry dude, it’s sound so girly

    • 27.1 iLuvEmParkBrothers

      that’s what my initial thoughts are when i first heard his voice but if you get to listen to his other songs, you’ll have a change of heart for sure. πŸ™‚ he sings with so much passion and could actually make the song so much better than the original artist – κ·Έ λ‚¨μž (That Man), anyone? πŸ™‚

      • 27.1.1 gia

        It’s not when he sing who borrow me, it’s more when he speak.

        Anyway, just a lillte detail. We love him anyway….

    • 27.2 D

      He’s a tenor
      but he has a very wide range so he can go quite low

    • 27.3 Bluefyre

      LOL Same here! …that is at first back in 2006. πŸ˜‰

      Check him out performing the Korean version of “Wie wird man seinen Schatten los” or “Can’t Escape My Destiny” at the 4th Musical Awards. It’s SO epically raw. *shivers*


      That guy and his voice is well celebrated in Korea. As is only right considering his talent.

      • 27.3.1 well....

        oh he’s also doing musical? omg awesome O____O
        i’m totally hooked on musicals lately πŸ˜›

      • 27.3.2 Bluefyre

        Yep, he led the maiden Korean run of hit German musical “Mozart! Das Musical” in 2010. He also led its second run this year right before the JYJ Worlf Tour ended.

        Junsu also led the new “Tears of Heaven” musical last year. Kid’s a genius in them. Sylvester Levay was over the moon with him last year.

    • 27.4 drama fever

      He had such an incredible beautfiul voice when he sing. But when he talks, he sounds like a girl. So GAY actually. Junsu fan, don’t kill me, please.

      • 27.4.1 junsu fan

        sounds like a girl ?? so GAY??? becoz u said he had such an incredible voice I guess nobody will kill u then.

      • 27.4.2 mimmay

        Why would anyone kill you? Unless you meant to use the word “GAY” as a negative connotation? I never saw the word “GAY” as something negative.

        I don’t know much about Junsu but I find his voice very soft and gentle. Very sweet to the ears.

      • 27.4.3 elle

        you had a major misconception of GAY then~

        • mimmay

          No, I’m aware that many use the word “GAY” as a negative meaning. I’m just tired of people using that word to put someone down. Being, acting and sounding “GAY” should not be viewed as a negative.

          • drama fever

            I am gay. Say someone else is gay is not trying to put someone down. Only stating the obvious. I don’t know the guy personally to know if he is really gay or not but I think he is. So what if he is gay anyway. Not like you or me can marry to him. Only wishful thinking.

      • 27.4.4 sunbeam911

        Huh? O.O I will not kill you ^^ But your comment was soooooooo not mature… Couldn’t you formulate it better? Like: For me his voice sounds too feminine or something like that? (With this I also would not agree, but I would respect that kind of comment, because different people have different tastes) Your comment was just childish and sorry to say this – rude…

        • drama fever

          When I said that he sound gay. I really think he is gay and that make him more my type than you…:D

      • 27.4.5 Tsurara

        his voice is gay? really?

        definition of the word gay: Gay is a word that commonly refers to a male or female whose sexual orientation is attraction to persons of the same sex.

        does it make sense to you?

        • drama fever

          I am gay so you don’t have to explain sweetheart.

  28. 28 jat

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  29. 29 FacePhase

    The confession thingy!
    I was dead sure yeon jae stumbled into dr poopy seuk’s secret one-sided love but turns out? oh well… at least I got to see him all flustered and that’s CUTEEEE oh poopy seuk, I love you so!
    (though LDW is getting more interesting now that he’s finally showing emotions of jealousy, etc. YAY!)

  30. 30 em

    watching this episode, my one hour breezed through like it was just ten minutes… enjoyed it immensely… and twice after reading your recap.. komapta…

  31. 31 letmeeatcake

    Yay! Loving this drama so far!

  32. 32 Noelle

    GAH! Eom Ki Joon is so adorable! I want her to be with him soooooo bad. But then LDW is also cute with his denial. So hard! This is flipping Best Love all over again.

  33. 33 whateva

    omg, i love this episode… i can’t sleep after watching it and kept dreaming of the show.. is that crazy or what.
    my fav parts was when jw barge into grandpa’s room with yj and seeing him embarrassed later.. we can truly see how in LOVE he is .. willing to forgo the company and all.. just to get her out of the room. next and prob my all time fav for all kdrama is the tango dancing and fan meeting scenes.. if looks can kill i think i’m dead coz of all of that hot staring.. when will they kisss????

  34. 34 babyfat

    i just know it- the great Kim suh-na can bring it out – i was worried at first b/c poss. lack of chemistry – Now i can see/feel it – can’t wait for more . Thank you Dramabean

  35. 35 yuu

    damn it im sae kyung! i hope the wilson dude hears about the lawsuit and decides to help yeonjae. he’d better πŸ™

  36. 36 Barbie

    unlike most, i can’t wait for the lawsuit arc. only because they will finally learn the truth that she did not steal wilson’s precious ring. it’s ridiculous how wilson did not return and immediately apologize but i see where the writers are heading with this so i’m fine with it. after all, it was the catalyst that sent Yeon-Jae packing and stand up for herself.

    i honestly just want to see sae kyung’s face when she realizes that she was wrong from the very beginning and wilson apologizing for not coming sooner to salvage the situation.

    love the scene at the dance studio. it tension, the looks… gah it was palpable. great acting by both actors. love it!

    • 36.1 Bluefyre

      I’m right there with ya. I can’t wait for it either and how they’ll deal with it. PDs haven’t let me down so far…or maybe I’m just blinded by my love for the eye candy that camera has given us πŸ˜€

    • 36.2 Gabitis

      You are totally right! I was so against the ‘lawsuit’ arc but now I can’t wait to see how Sae Kyung has to crawl back into that black hole where she should live after she is proven wrong! *rubbing hands and having a mischievous lgiggle in anticipation*

    • 36.3 malta

      I’m glad they seem to be addressing it right away. Wilson needs to show up tomorrow or next week at the latest.

    • 36.4 omo

      The bigger the stink that SK kicks up, the larger the poop-pile she’ll land on…..right on the face. Kekeke!!! Although I hope they’ll resolve this lawsuit or hurl it right back at SK by Ep 7 or 8. I would love to watch a face full of poop.

  37. 37 miaomiao22

    Thank you so much for the recap, Javabeans!!
    I love this drama especially LDW and KSA.
    Your writting makes it complete

    • 37.1 maria green

      u said it πŸ™‚

  38. 38 hwana

    “… he’s not staying in this hospital for long, since he’s transferring to a cancer hospital in Texas.”

    I thought, “ugh, this is how they’re gonna cut his character off???”… but then, “Unfortunately, those plans are short-lived”


    • 38.1 Bluefyre

      Exactly what I thought when that scene came on I’m like…omo, omo, OMO! NO! πŸ˜€

      Good thing they got rid of that in minutes. Phew. PLEASE keep EKJ!!

      • 38.1.1 Fabmari

        Me too!!
        So glad to see him brooch over his canceled trip. Fiuh.

  39. 39 Linda165

    I’m just here to listen to Junsu’s new song β™₯

  40. 40 Ai

    Can we just vote Sae Kyung off the island?

    • 40.1 malta


    • 40.2 nadoka

      OMG … every time Sae-kyung is on screen i stair at her eyebrows i wish someone would give her a tweezers. i dont know is this a culture thing or not.

  41. 41 girlfriday

    Eeee! Poopy-seok LURVES her! I knew it! *squeal*

    • 41.1 FacePhase


      LOVE x 8089467056

      Poopy Seuk! Poopy Seuk! *chants*

  42. 42 Piggy

    Gah… Aside from the Junsu (and his butt) awesomeness…

    Am I the only one secretly rooting for Yeon Jae + Eun Suk couple?! I know it’s not going to happen but… WAAAAH they’re so cute together…

    • 42.1 Laura / Lola (@wickedinutopia)

      i love the main cpl..
      but im rooting for yj-es cpl a bit more.. ^^

    • 42.2 well....

      count me in πŸ™‚ i really love eun suk’s character, and i don’t really know why hahaha

    • 42.3 Daniela

      Me too!! Rooting for them!

    • 42.4 L

      I know ES has no chance but I still find them so cute together ;o; I’m going to be so heartbroken.

    • 42.5 FacePhase

      I am Poopy seuk’s fan! woot! woot!

      Eun Seuk/Yeon Jae shipper~

    • 42.6 honeyjet

      We’re in the same bandwagon here! πŸ˜‰

      Weirdly for some unknown reason.

  43. 43 Gabitis

    Thanks for the recap. Looooooooooooved the episode! Can’t wait for tonight’s (hope it’s not too much about the lawsuit… unless it requires any type of LDW/KSA interactions!)

    LDW’s face when he realizes her touch is just priceless. I also loved Sun ah’s face/look as he placed his hand on her arm. I find it amazing when -without any words- actors manage to convey so many emotions. As a viewer I felt it… and as a fangirl… Well, I wished I was in Sun ah’s shoes while shooting that scene! Haha!

    Totally adored Junsu. He’s just soooooooo cute and adorable. I’m so happy they made the duckbutt joke! Haha!

  44. 44 Joy

    I think I am falling deeper in love with this drama than I ever did with City Hunter! I don’t know which one I love more now, this or I Need Romance. Anyway I love how LDW totally upped his game in this episode – he is fantastic! Who knew he would be so good at comedy (he was blehhhhh in My Girl).?

  45. 45 Jess

    This is the first drama that I’ve watched where I have been indecisive about which man I want the heroine to end up with. Usually, I’m on board with the main pairing, and don’t even give the second lead a thought. When I was reading the recaps for “Best Love” (the last drama I watched), for example, I couldn’t understand why people felt torn between Jin and Pil-joo… I just wanted her to be with Jin. But THIS drama, right here, I am SO. TORN. At first, I was on board with the hero/heroine plotline, especially when they were in Okinawa together, but I just find the doctor so great! (I’m probably the equivalent to the 21-year-old cancer patient Yeon-jae rooms with). Argh, what to do? How do you all deal with this???

    • 45.1 Caitlyn

      Ha ha, that’s so funny, i’m the opposite. Well, almost. I love the Doctor but I am very much on the Ji Wook/EunJae pairing. But in Best Love, I was completely torn between Dokko Jin and PilJoo. I loved both of them equally, and I felt so bad for PilJoo that he wasn’t gonna get the girl.

  46. 46 Bluefyre

    I ADORE the Lee Dong Wook/Kim Sun Ah interactions! They’re both such great actors. Lee Dong Wook’s expressions in this ep had me LOL-ing all over the place in addition to the squealing that started from the tango scene and didn’t end until Wookie finished talking to himself at his house while Kim Sun Ah was on the bus πŸ˜€

    This is one of those episodes that you won’t mind repeating again. One of the best drama episodes in my book (helped in part by Junsu’s a capella ^^)

    But poor Poopy-seok Dr.! I really hope you’ll get a great ending because we all know you can’t get the girl >_< I just want to hug him.

    Also, SOAW got a huge jump in ratings for this one! 18.6% in comparison to last weeks 15% something. YAY! πŸ˜‰

    • 46.1 Bluefyre

      Oops. Was going to say a big

      “Thanks so much, Javabeans!”

      But apparently WP hates this computer =/


      Thanks so much, JB!! πŸ˜€

    • 46.2 gia

      18.5 % in seoul, That great

  47. 47 MadDino

    I loved this episode. It made me squeal and giggle and smile so much! I love that the preview for the episode made me want to watch it so much but gave me enough information that I just giggle knowing how somethings are going to turn out, but so excited to see them play out 10 times better than I imagined. Show, you make me so happy.

  48. 48 trixicopper

    I can’t believe that I am watching and enjoying this show so much! Usually at the mere mention of cancer in a drama I will run screaming from the room like my hair is on fire.

    But what can I say, I’m really loving this so far. πŸ™‚ Of course the fact that I stand a good chance of being a blubbering chocolate mess at the end… well, it wouldn’t be the first time. πŸ™‚

    As for SK, that girl just has no redeeming qualities at all does she? If she won’t jump off of that bridge on her own, I say we all get together and give her a little nudge. Who’s in?

    Thank JB for another awesome recap!

  49. 49 Laura / Lola (@wickedinutopia)

    totally loving this drama since ep 1…

    i cried when yeonjae smiling bitterly while junsu sang her a song… heartbreaking,, and crying even more when she wrote the smiley face on her note, :(((((((((

    this episode reached 20% in seoul according to AGB!!!!!

    and actually the “butt” line was literally an adlib by Junsu himself, scentofwoman’s twitter confirmed it this morning ^^;

  50. 50 well....

    LOVEEEEEEE this episode ><
    (junsu is cute, too lol)

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