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Scent of a Woman: Episode 6
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Yay, so cute! Now the race between the two boys finally begins, and one makes more strides than expected, while the other crashes and burns. There’s cuteness, aggravation, and dancing, but the real adventure involves a dog and a quick getaway. I wonder if the Dog Days are really coming to an end, or if they’re just beginning…


Yeon-jae opens the letter from the court and finds that Sae-kyung is suing her for a cool 300 million won. She tamps down her shock to keep Mom from freaking out, and assures her that this is some kind of mistake, and promises to clear it up soon.

But once alone, it sinks in how much this situation has blown up, and right in her face no less. She heads over to Sae-kyung’s office the next day (I love how direct and confrontational the new Yeon-jae is.) but she finds that Sae-kyung is busy with the new merger presentation.

The two families have gathered for the big event, the two fathers proud and happy, and Sae-kyung’s older brother who seems to enjoy being bristly and sarcastic. Ji-wook and Sae-kyung make their presentation in front of all the employees and board members, as Yeon-jae shows up in the back of the room.

They introduce Sae-kyung’s father, who announces that this is an extra happy day for both companies, and then announces his daughter’s engagement to Ji-wook. Uh… surprise?

No one’s more shocked than Ji-wook, who clearly wasn’t warned that this was going down, while Sae-kyung smiles and all the women in the room sigh the big another-chaebol-lost sigh.

Poor Yeon-jae. As if the lawsuit isn’t bad enough, she walks in to hear Ji-wook’s engagement to the bitch?

Sae-kyung makes her rounds in the room and discovers Yeon-jae. She walks right up with a smug look, and comments that this isn’t the sort of place for “people like you.” Yeon-jae counters, “Then shall we go someplace that isn’t here?” Ooooh, let’s take it outside?

Yeon-jae starts by being civil and asking her to drop the suit, but Sae-kyung just lays on all the damages suffered on her end. She has no qualms about admitting that this is simply a power play, brought about because Yeon-jae refuses to treat her like she’s supposed to – like she’s better than.

This time can there be kicking?

Sae-kyung says that she’s totally willing to drop the lawsuit if Yeon-jae apologizes… on her knees. Yeon-jae: “What to do? My knees aren’t attached for me to kneel in front of things like you.”

That just makes both women dig their heels in deeper, as Sae-kyung promises to make her pay and Yeon-jae promises to win and show the world what she’s really like. Then for some reason, the entire party of important people shows up right at the tail end of their conversation, and Yeon-jae gets dismissed as a disgruntled former employee, and the fathers request her to be ousted at once.

Ji-wook steps in to say that it doesn’t seem necessary since the conversation seems over, and turns everyone’s attention away. Sae-kyung agrees that this is supposed to be a happy day, and walks off with Ji-wook and the rest of the party.

Yeon-jae stands there, completely cut down to size, and having to watch Ji-wook turn and walk away from her with Sae-kyung at his side. Ugh, would it have killed him to not walk away with her?

Sae-kyung’s father buys his son-in-law-to-be a new suit, while her brother remarks that Ji-wook didn’t seem very pleased with the engagement being announced. Sae-kyung covers up by saying that on a day like this the families should let them be alone.

Once alone, she asks him to at least pretend like they get along in front of her brother. He asks if she knew about the engagement date. She scoffs that it shouldn’t be a surprise; they are getting married after all.

And then she wonders, “Or are you upset about that woman?” Ji-wook: “You’re right. I’ll think about it – whether I’m upset about our engagement, or that woman,” and walks off leaving her stewing.

He immediately calls his company lawyer, who tells him that they can’t take on a case for an individual, especially when the plaintiff is Sae-kyung’s company. Well duh. I hope your big heroic plan wasn’t to throw your company lawyer at her.

Yeon-jae sees a lawyer of her own, but finds that he can’t take on the case either, because of his firm’s affiliation with Seojin Group. Okay, there’s gotta be some lawyer somewhere who isn’t affiliated with either of these companies. This is a stupid problem.

Okay thankfully, Ji-wook isn’t totally useless, and calls a lawyer friend for a favor. He asks him to take Yeon-jae’s case, and when asked if he’s sure she didn’t steal the ring, he says, “I don’t think she’s the kind of person who would ever do that.” Finally, some trust thrown her way.

Lawyer friend: “So… you want me to take this case, against your fiancée? Do you like this woman?” Ji-wook insists it’s nothing of the sort. His friend just gives him the ol’ wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Ha.

Ji-wook heads to tango class and waits outside for Yeon-jae, expectantly. She walks up and sees him up ahead, but she stops. He calls her (for the millionth time that day) and she finally picks up. Ji-wook: “Where are you?” Yeon-jae: “Behind.”

She asks if he’s waiting for her, and he just awkwardly blurts out that he found a lawyer, so he’ll give her the phone number. “But I’m not doing this because of any feelings, so don’t misunderstand.”

She tells him blankly that she’s not, and suggests they go in. He stands there confused, like this isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Haha. I love it. He desperately wants her to misunderstand, but she won’t.

Their tango class finally starts to learn some dance steps, eight of them to be exact, and he’s so bad that he gets singled out by the class. He fumbles through it, but once he gets paired with Yeon-jae, he loses himself in the moment and actually manages to dance.

He smiles, so pleased to finally get the steps, which she points out everyone else learned on their first try. Her thoughts are all a mess, as she remembers running with him in the rain, and then his cold dismissal earlier that day with Sae-kyung.

Their chemistry when dancing is just too hot for words. I love it when a simple touch shoots electricity like that. Sometimes handholding is indescribably hotter than kissing.

At the same time, Eun-seok sits at his desk in the hospital, reliving the fanmeeting from the night before, where his 25-year crush on his first love was outed to everyone but the girl who wrote the words. He slumps over his desk in mortification. Awwww.

He goes home and takes out a children’s book, where he keeps an old photo of him and Yeon-jae from grade school, where she’s striking a dance pose and he’s looking up at her all geeky and adorable. GAH. His crush on her is already killing me. Why do I love Poopy-seok so?

The dance class heads out for drinks together, and Ji-wook gets stuck on the other end of the table from Yeon-jae. One of the women starts to ask him questions, clearly interested in him, and he just mechanically rattles off everything you would on a first date, including height, and shoe size, just to shut her up.

He spends the entire time staring over at Yeon-jae, as she gulps down a beer and tells everyone about how cathartically she quit her job and told her ass of a boss to shove it.

It comes time to pay, but when Yeon-jae opens up her wallet, she finds that she’s a little short on cash. Thinking quickly, she tells everyone that they needn’t pay because she heard Ji-wook say he was going to treat everyone tonight. Ha. I love her petty revenge.

Everyone starts thanking him, so now he’s forced to pay, and she just thanks him along with everyone else and walks out. He chases her down and says he doesn’t remember saying that he’d pay, but she just breezes that he’s rich, so he oughtn’t be so stingy. Heh.

He tries to give her the lawyer’s number, but she just tells him that she’s going out for Round 2. He follows her of course, and they end up at a swimming pool. She looks out at the water in the moonlight and takes a deep breath.

He looks over at her incredulously, “You’re not going swimming in there, are you?” She hands him her purse and takes off her shoes. “Yeah, I am.”

She stands at the edge and closes her eyes, and stretches out her arms in the air as she takes in the moment. She takes a giant leap right into the water with a big scream of excitement, as Ji-wook gapes.

She asks if he doesn’t want to join her, and he shakes his head with a firm no, so she asks for his help to get out of the pool… and yanks him right in. Haha. They splash around and she finally sucks him into her fun.

Later they sit around and she muses that this reminds her Okinawa and how happy she was there. He thinks she seems pretty happy now too, and adds, “Do you know that you’re a very strange person?”

He thinks she must be very happy, if she always does what she wants. Yeon-jae says that she’s lived her whole life denying herself the things she wanted, but not anymore.

Yeon-jae: I think I’ll regret it when I die. I realized that after always saying, ‘Tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow,’ that tomorrow might never come.

He counters very literally that tomorrow will here in an hour, and they laugh. He asks if she’s really not worried about the lawsuit, and she tells him that she’s decided not to worry about it because she’s innocent, but she does feel angry about the precious time it’ll waste.

He tells her to call his lawyer friend in the morning, since he’s a trustworthy guy. She turns to him, “Do you like me?” Taken aback, he answers defensively, “Does that seem likely?”

She tells him to stop concerning himself with her then, and adds that he should stop coming to tango class too. He bristles at the rejection (despite not actually having the balls to admit that he likes her, bah) and asks what she means, grabbing her arm.

Yeon-jae looks up at him, her eyes welling up with tears. She tells him in banmal, “I thought it would be nice to date you once before I die. So I thought I’d maybe seduce you.”

He takes it the wrong way, perhaps supposing that she really did go to Okinawa to run into him on purpose. He scoffs, “If you did, do you think I’d fall for it? At your level?”

A tear falls from her eye. She keeps up the breezy façade, despite her tears: “So I’m thinking of quitting. Congratulations on your engagement.”

At that he finally lets go of her arm, and she walks away. He watches her go, completely at a loss. The look in his eyes just about kills me.

The next morning he gets chewed out by his father for looking into lawyers to defend Yeon-jae. Dad reminds him that he should be taking Sae-kyung’s side in all this, asking if he’s forgotten who he’s supposed to marry. Ji-wook sighs, “I know. Im Sae-kyung, Korea’s most expensive woman.”

Yeon-jae spends the day getting advice from public defenders, and does the legwork on her own to defend herself against Sae-kyung. She comes home and makes friends with the landlord’s new dog, telling him that he’s got a pretty sweet life since no one’s ever going to sue him for money.

Crotchety old grandpa comes out and shoos her away from his dog and feeds him, calling him Malbok. She says that’s a cute name (Malbok is a day on the lunar calendar that means “End of Dog Days,” signaling the end of the hottest time of year.)

He sighs that the dog eats well enough but won’t fatten up. She gasps, “You’re not… going to EAT Malbok-ie, are you?” He snaps at her to worry about her own life, meanwhile totally plotting to eat his own pet dog. NO!

She heads upstairs, his evil plot still weighing on her, and she looks at her calendar. Malbok is only a week away. She sneaks back out, and while the landlord goes back to get the dog some water, she runs over and frees his chain, and runs off with Malbok-ie in tow. This is so awesome. RUN!

Meanwhile, Eun-seok sits in his office staring at his cell phone, remembering Yeon-jae’s words that she’d take him out to eat because he helped her out with Junsu’s fanmeeting.

He stares at it silently, and then picks up his office phone with purpose… He dials and waits… and his OWN PHONE rings. Pfffft! He called himself!

He picks up, putting both phones to each ear, as he speaks into them like a mic test. To his utter disappointment, he finds his phone is in working order. Hee. I cannot get enough of his geeksplosion.

His colleagues are all headed out to the farewell/congratulations party for the guy who got chosen to transfer to his dream job over him, and he makes the excuse that he can’t go because he has a prior engagement.

One of his coworkers calls him out on his sour grapes, guessing correctly that he’s lying, and Eun-seok just squirms uncomfortably in front of everyone. Just then, Yeon-jae calls, wanting to take him out to dinner. Yay!

He purposely repeats her words out loud for everyone to hear, and asks where she wants to meet. “H-house? At MY house?”

He waits for her nervously at home, adorably going over his greeting about a thousand times. It consists of two sentences: Come on in / Are you feeling well? (More literally, is your body feeling okay, which sounds less weird in Korean.)

But then she rings the doorbell and in his nervousness he answers the door with: “Your body can come on in.” HAHAHAHAHA. Omg, I’m DYING.

He’s like a nine-year old, but that sentence sounds so pervy. She looks up at him confused. But then thankfully Malbok-ie runs in and cuts the awkward. Eun-seok just looks at the dog, Uhhhh.

She explains Malbok-ie’s situation, and how it’s so much like hers, except she’s got months while he only has a week. She asks if maybe he could watch him for a few days until she finds him a more permanent home.

He doesn’t seem happy about it, but agrees readily since it’s Yeon-jae asking. Oh, he’s totally gonna end up keeping him. I’m already so excited at the future conversations he’s going to have with this dog about his unrequited love.

Yeon-jae tells him that she’s really grateful, for this and the fanmeeting, and she gets up, ready to take him out for a nice meal. Eun-seok doesn’t want to lose this opportunity though, and suggests that they eat here, since he doesn’t want to leave the dog all alone. Uh-huh. Sure, blame it on the dog. Maybe you’re not such a child after all.

Ji-wook works out his angst and broods in the shower over Yeon-jae’s words at the pool. Is he going to have a broody shower in every episode? This is in no way a complaint, mind you. Just wondering.

Eun-seok cooks dinner, and Yeon-jae watches him measure out his ingredients with exact precision, like the neurotic that he is. She asks if maybe she should help, explaining that cooking is really all about sohn-mat, or cooking to taste.

But when she gets close and reaches to take the measuring spoons out of his hand, he jumps back from the proximity and tells her to step out of his kitchen. Ha.

She peruses his books while he cooks, and recognizes the children’s book (with their picture inside) right away as a book that she lent him. Aw. She picks it up and starts to flip through it, and he starts sweating bullets.

She can’t believe he’s kept it all this time, and remembers fondly that she loved something the heroine said in the book: “The world doesn’t go the way you want, but the fact that it doesn’t is really amazing, because then there are surprises that you never imagined.”

I love that she’s totally lost in nostalgia, while he’s completely on edge, just waiting for his super secret crush to be found out at any moment. He manages not to run and flail, but calmly snatches it out of her hands before he’s discovered.

Over dinner she tells him that she’s learning to tango because she went on a trip that went from the height of perfection to a nightmare by the end, and when she was feeling her worst, she came across a grandpa who danced with her.

“And in that moment, my heart became warm and calm.” She asks him to come learn too, and he’s quick to retort that he has no interest in things like that. She digs at his pride a little, thinking it obvious that he can’t dance anyway. She mumbles to herself about Ji-wook being a terrible dancer too, and dismisses it.

He walks her out to the bus stop and sends her off, and then turns back to look after her longingly when she’s not around to see it.

He comes home to a happy Malbok-ie, and then immediately starts sneezing when he pets him. Aw, you’re allergic but you still took him in? Why are you being so cute?

Meanwhile, Ji-wook tries a new mode of brooding, since you can only take so many long showers a day before people start asking questions, and joins some old friends for a night of clubbing, but he gets bored with that pretty quickly.

The cranky landlord comes barging into Yeon-jae’s house the next morning, demanding his dog back. He searches the whole place and warns her that he knows she did it, while she challenges him to go ahead and search. I love that she’s taking a stand for the dog.

She heads to the bank to withdraw some money, but finds that all her accounts have been frozen because of the lawsuit. She gets the runaround all day, and finds that the only way out is to get Sae-kyung to back off.

She sits outside the bank, completely trapped and feeling all alone, as she cries to indifferent people on the other end of the phone.

Ji-wook gets a call from his lawyer friend that Yeon-jae never called, and he tells him to forget it, that he shouldn’t have concerned himself in the matter. And then he calls Sae-kyung to make a date for the opera that night.

He heads out to pick her up, when Yeon-jae calls. The way he lights up to hear her voice is so adorable. He pulls over right away to talk to her, and she asks to see him. Thinking quickly, he tells her to come to his place, since she’s the one asking to meet, which cracks me up because he’s not even home.

He races home to beat her there, and fusses with his living room, picking some books to put out to make it look like he was reading. Haha. He lays out possible outfits and can’t pick one, and races to change when the doorbell rings.

He takes a deep breath and opens the door with excitement…

…And finds Sae-kyung on the other side. Damn, there’s a way to ruin a night. He totally can’t hide his disappointment, but can’t figure out a way around it either. She comes in with the suit from her father, and tells him to change for the opera.

He runs back into his closet to call Yeon-jae, and abruptly tells her to turn around, and that he’ll hear what she has to say some other time. She’s already in front of his house by the time he calls so she starts to text him that it’ll only take a minute.

But then she sees him walk out with Sae-kyung. She hides as Sae-kyung gets into his car, and then he walks around it and meets her eyes. They look at each other, and then without a word he gets into his car and drives off. Arrrgh!

He sits in the opera, his agitation slowly building until he can’t take it anymore and walks out in the middle of it, ditching Sae-kyung without a word. He drives back in a fit of anger, and comes home to find Yeon-jae still waiting outside his house.

He greets her icily wondering that whatever it is, it must be important for her to wait around for hours. Her voice shaking, she tells him that there’s been a freeze on her accounts, and all of her assets are tied up, and she doesn’t even have more than 10,000 won in her wallet because Sae-kyung is playing hardball.

He OF COURSE jumps to the dickish conclusion that she’s here to borrow money. She tells him that she’s here to ask him for a favor, to try and talk Sae-kyung into releasing her accounts since it doesn’t need to go that far.

He turns the entitled bastard on full force, asking why she’s asking him instead of talking to Sae-kyung directly. Is it because he’s a man? Did she think he’d pity her more?

Blech, did you take an extra dose of scumbag serum today?

But he doesn’t relent, and calls his bank to have them wire Yeon-jae the 300 million won needed to settle the lawsuit. She demands to know what he’s doing. He tells arrogantly her that this takes care of it all, and she needn’t thank him.

She shouts that paying the money is the same as admitting her guilt for stealing the ring, a thing she refuses to do. She asks if this is his idea of taking care of things, and she shouts, “What about that money? Am I not supposed to pay you back?!”

He screams back at her: “Don’t pay it back then! Don’t pay me back, and stop showing up in my sights. I don’t want to be involved with a woman like you in this kind of matter anymore!”

She reaches up to slap him, but he blocks her hand and holds it in midair.

Ji-wook: “Take the money and go. And don’t show up in front of me again. Because of you… I think I’m going crazy.”


Ugh, what’s with the assy declaration? Yes, he’s finally admitting that he’s going crazy because of her, but it’s not exactly a swoon-worthy moment, since it’s laced with such arrogance and entitlement.

The only thing that saves him is his pre-Yeon-jae freak out when he was setting up his apartment for her arrival, which finally showed some vulnerability and geekiness on his part. But then following it up with his rich boy speech about pity and money and “people like her” made him sound exactly like Sae-kyung, only worse because he’s supposed to like her.

I know, he’s overcompensating for his true feelings. But whatever. That’s not an excuse for his actions. He’s just being a coward, and worse, throwing money at her, which means he actually doesn’t know that human beings don’t have monetary value. Sigh, I’m just going to have to wait until next week when Yeon-jae knocks him off his high horse. I hope she rubs his face in the dirt too, for good measure.

On the other hand, Poopy-seok is totally winning right now. I hope they have endless adorable geeky times with Malbok-ie, and make Ji-wook froth at the mouth with jealousy for a good long while before he wins her over.



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        Argh. Words so true. So true.
        But Pil Joo didn’t have a dog that nearly stole the show, did he? I swear, that dog better show up in the remaining episodes. I would even sacrifice a few Ji Wook shower scenes to get more of Mal Bok. (Blasphemy?!)

        • nell123

          I’d suggest sacrificing some Sae-kyung screen time to keep the shower scenes instead. Nobody likes her anyway.

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            Hear, hear! I can’t stop squee-ing when watching this….
            And I keep switching sides, this week I’m definitely Eunseok-line!!!

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            More Malbok-ie and more Eun-seok ahhhhhhhhhh

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            I like her! I want her to get more screen time…and a more developed role. But I don’t want to sacrifice the shower scenes, or any of the fantastic supporting cast. Maybe we can just make every episode longer.

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            I totally dislike Sae-kyung!! She’s such a hateful brat!! I am soooo looking forward to the day she gets her butt kicked! Arghh!!! :O

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      I am so much IN LOVE with this episode cos there’s alot of cute/geeky eun seok moments SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE

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      I totally agree with the comments, I was totally rooting for both guys but really waiting the whole for Ji Wook to actually go out of his way to help Y… that last scene though did not make me happy. Since the drama-writers seem to KNOW that that was a douchey move on Ji Wook’s part I have confidence that they’ll redeem his actions next week (and no later, please!). Why couldn’t he ask if she wanted him to arrange her to meet with his lawyer again, and at most give her a loan for living until the suit blows over?

      The ‘going crazy’ line has been used before (by this actor too, writers!)…

      But I still loved this episode because of all the parts with the doctor (and was TOTALLY refreshing this site just to see your recap those parts!), and the dog rescue (YESSSSSSSSS OMG), Ji Wook’s own awkwardness and cuteness and silent rebellion against the marriage and all, in (almost) every scene…

      Ahhh where’s next week………?

      • 3.1.1 malta

        That last scene was off not just because Ji wook was being an ass. What happened that he went from excited / nervous that she was coming over, to acting like a complete ass?

        • omo

          That’s how lovestruck people behave when in denial. They are actually more angry with themselves than at their target. Can you see that it is totally misfiring?

        • Jomo

          I think that scene was played beautifully.

          Deep inside Mr. Chaebol is Mr. Human who is struggling to get out. Mr. Human’s gestation began in Japan when he spent time with YJ.
          Mr. Chaebol refused to jump into the pool, but Mr. Human is glad he did. Mr. Chaebol was dragged kicking and screaming to Tango class, but it’s Mr. Human’s heart we hear beating frantically when he holds YJ.

          Mr. Chaebol’s years and years of conditioning formed his reaction to the words “request” and “money.”
          He didn’t listen, he didn’t consider any of the things Mr. Human had experienced with YJ. He went into defense mode and saw only what he wanted to see:
          “Poor girl in trouble – probably hitting me up – probably used me in Japan, too – I’m such a loser! Why did I let my heart open up to her? Why did I think SHE would like ME? She doesn’t see me as Mr. Human. I’m Mr. Bank book with her just like all the other women who pretended to like me before…”

          When JW calms down, and pays attention only to the YJ in front of him instead of in HIS mind, things will get better. He really needs time and more positive interactions as Mr. Human before Mr. Chaebol loses the fight for control of his heart.

          • Kiwi

            Haha love this!! XD
            I hope he finds his balance between Mr. Human and Mr. Chaebol ^^

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            Well said.

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            Jomo: well said he is having an emotional war within himself; I’m not torn between either man either. Love both. One-sided love usually does not fair well in Korean dramas, but I can see a life long friendship begin to flourish. Wicked fiancee is such a treat. I can always depend on her to show my why I don’t root for her. LOL

          • michelle

            this: yes yes yes! Well said jomo. ^^ I really do think he feels betrayed after YJ asks him to stop showing interest in him her, especially after he’s been feeling jealous, obsessed, goofy, happy, and basically like a lovestruck little boy. I’m sure he feels like an idiot, especially since he normally is Mr. Detached and Cool.

            And to make it worse, the way that YJ asks for a favor too makes it too easily confused with her hitting him up for money. “So my bank account has a freeze on it… I was wondering if I can ask you for a favor?” Even I as a viewer thought she was going to ask him for a loan.

            I totally understand why he acted the way he did, but I agree it’s arrogant and extremely jerkish. I have high hopes that YJ will kick him down a notch and thus give him a chance to redeem himself. I can’t wait for next week. ^^

          • zsa

            yes, i love both men too…they are playing their characters wonderfully…and i’m all for fair play…good job scriptwriters…don’t make it too easy for JW to get YJ!!

        • Nesha

          Yea exactly what omo said plus the fact that he had to sit next to Sae-kyung for … what was is?… three hours. I bet the person on the other side of her left the opera in the same way.

          • Josina

            Awwwwww….. I’m sure she’s a cat person underneath it all 😉

            But yeah, what Omo said – both Mr. Chaebol and Sae-kyung have been conditioned by their environment and experiences to behave a certain way.

            Their very defensiveness makes me wonder if they’re not sensitive wee souls at heart.

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    Ah! Eun-seok was by-far my favorite of this entire episode! But Jiwook’s whole “I’m going to be mean to you because I love you but I can’t love you because I’m engaged to a powerful woman with an even more powerful daddy” is actually just annoying me! I wonder when Jiwook is going to find out about Yeon-jae’s impending death too!

    Ah! This drama makes me giddy 🙂

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      “I’m going to be mean to you because I love you but I can’t love you because I’m engaged to a powerful woman with an even more powerful daddy”
      A perfect way to put this in a sentence.

    • 5.2 mrmz

      Well he IS annoying but it kinda make sense in his character’s personality. I think he was always too scared to do what he wants to do, and always been led to do what was expected of him to do. So his own feelings became numb. But meeting Yeon-jae made him WANT to do what he wants to, and if he becomes like that, he wont’ be able to go back to being numb, and he’ll have to fight for it, and that is where he’s afraid to get to.. But he’ll get there eventually 😉

      The Doctor was interesting for me from the beginning, but right now he’s just TOO CUTE!!!
      Loving that show right now 😉

      • 5.2.1 yumi

        I agree with you that it is a personality issue but unlike you I don’t find it annoying.

        I must have missed something in this episode because of the translation I was reading.

        Folks keep saying that Jiwook was mean to Yeon-Jae, but as I experienced the episode, it seems he spent a significant amount of time in the episode trying to figure out how to help her with the lawsuit.

        Also, what would be the point in Jiwook admitting he is attracted to Yeon-Jae, when there is no way for him to act honorably on that attraction.

        When I watch Scent of a Woman I come away feeling that Jiwook is a prisoner to his life and obligation the way Yeon-Jae was before her diagnosis. He doesn’t seem to control the major decisions that are being made about his future, and until now has never wanted anything strongly enough to make him swim against the current that his life is forcing on him.

        I think Yeon-Jae’s illness had her decide to go against the flow. I’m waiting to see how long it will take before Yeon-Jae inspire Jiwook to swim against the current. You know it will have to happen or this wouldn’t be a rom-com.

        • michelle

          Well said. I also don’t find it annoying as well. Good point about Jiwook having little control over his life. I do believe he will be able to swim against what’s been chosen for him, especially as his feelings for YJ deepen. He is engaged, so it’s not as if he can freely pursue her, and he also doesn’t know what his feelings for her are just quite yet. I’m curious to see how her illness will affect their relationship as well.

          loving this drama! ^^

      • 5.2.2 Dominique

        What seems really out of character is Yeon Jae’s turning to Ji Wook with such raw & obvious desperation for intervention with Sae Kyung.

        First, this comes so soon after she summarily dismisses him at the swimming pool. (When does no mean no?)

        Second, up to that point, she projected nothing but independence, insouciance and wordly superiority towards Ji Wook. Now, this?

        I think it is more than natural that Ji Wook responds with contempt, confusion and even “Ha! So, you aren’t all that different after all.”

        I hope that the writers will turn this around with aplomb in the beginning minutes of the next episode. If not, I will worry that the creative team of this drama has already succumbed to creative fatigue.

        • Josina

          I’ve been pondering that myself, but I reckon it’s the build up of events (landlord kicking them out, mom blowing up, not having money to do things on the Bucket List) that makes YJ turn to JW, probably hoping that he at least is able to understand her reasoning and help her out.

        • ladida

          Oh, Dominique, you’re so awesome. I haven’t read the word “insouciance” in a long time.

          I would agree that Yeon Jae’s actions certainly are confusing, but argue that no always means no, and that while contempt may be a natural response, it’s not one that I’m happy about.
          So yes, the real problem is that Yeon Jae goes to Ji Wook for help after asking him to stay away from her, but that doesn’t legitimate the way he treats her.

          This may be a case of kdrama cliche of poor girl/rich guy, but Kim Sun Ah has managed to be in dramas that are able to take cliches and turn them into something poignant and memorable, so I hope that’s what happens here, too.

        • So3

          I would think YJ was serious when she says no at the swimming pool scene.

          The reason why she showed up again in front of JW was for practical reason – she can’t even get a dime from her account and she needs money just to live (and to give her mom the living expenses). The only reason she showed up, as she said, was to ask JW to help her in talking to SK to unfreeze her account. (since it’s pretty obvious that SK won’t listen)

          But JW was obviously venting his frustration about himself on YJ; and the frustration was built up from being stuck with SK at the opera house, not because YJ went to find him (look at how eager he was before going to opera house with SK). So it does not justify why he has to be so mean to YJ.

        • sulyn

          Well, LYJ did not know then that her bank accounts would be frozen. She only approached KJW when she could not settle this even after making several phone calls for help.

    • 5.3 sobohomom2

      In a way, Sae-kyung and JW are both being set up by the writer a bit unfairly, since we know that Yeon-jae is dying, but they don’t. If SK knew that YJ was dying, she probably wouldn’t be so cruel & JW would be on his knees begging for forgiveness.

      • 5.3.1 Molly

        I love that they don’t know because it sets up the conflict – when JW finds out, he’ll be crushed and hopefully decide to fight for her, which will be so satisfying for me as a viewer. I feel like SK, on the other hand, wouldn’t change at all with the knowledge of YJ’s cancer. If anything, it seems that SK would choose to pity YJ and express those patronizing, condescending emotions under the guise of “you poor thing.”

        • Josina

          Indeed. I think it’s to YJ’s credit that she doesn’t play the C card either to garner sympathy or explain her actions.

      • 5.3.2 Schmazel

        I don’t know. Does a person need to be on the verge of death to not be treated cruelly?

        I think that is partly why Yeon Jae is not saying anything to the people around her because she wants to live her last days like any other person and not as terminally-ill-with-six-months-to-live-Yeon-Jae.

        • So3

          well said indeed. Plus, if SK can only treat other people better only when she knows that person is dying, she is simply helpless.

        • qinta

          how if make ES give SK a pinch of salt with his cold comment and reaction..
          i think that will make her down, to know that in this world, which she thought all people obedient to her, there are people who doesnt really care about who is she and how rich she is.. that make sense since ES only love YJ haha 😀

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      I really love what Yeon Jae said to the evil bitch Sae Kyung “What to do? My knees aren’t attached for me to kneel in front of things like you.” she even called her things not human. Yoen Jae does dead make you not affraid of anything, but I’m so sattisfied. I hope Eun-Seok will join the Tanggo and become Yeon Jae dance partner. let’s see how Ji Wook face turn into. hahahahahaha
      I just can’t stand to wait the next episode…..

      • 6.1.1 Madita

        Yeahhh, I want to see my Doctor tangoing 🙂

        Like him very much. My heart aches just thinking he did wait for her 25 years. Loving 25 years a person you believe you cant reach for, not being worth of her love …this is such a sad love story…I want him to be her true love at the end. Never thought I could fall ever in a 2nd lead syndrome. Its the first time for me….and its an annoying feeling, because of knowing he will never be her man….:(

        Kim Sun-Ah loves to Tango, she did it in CITY HALL, too with my adorable Cha Seung-Won …<3

      • 6.1.2 yumi

        They are definitely pushing the need for another male dance partner in tango class since they introduced the tango class.

        I’ve love to see a tango duel on the dance floor for the heart of the fair maiden.

        The drama has made Jiwook out to be such a slow learner in dancing that I’m sure he’ll have to take dance lesson in private if he hopes to win Yeon-Jae on the dance floor.

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    YES! by the end of ep 6 I’m gonna side with Eun Seok!! (who knows, I may change my mind again after ep 8 haha) The end of ep 6 is surely a big MINUS for Ji Wook on my record (although I know a lot of ppl are swoon by the last line – not me)

    I esp. love the fact that Eun Seok clearly knows Yeon Jae’s condition and yet he still loves her.

    While I detest the lawsuit plot, I do think the writer is using it as a tool to accomplish a few things:
    1. A chance for Ji Wook and Yeon Jae (more for Ji Wook actually) to face the difference of their value system, which creates this huge conflict for the last part of this episode;
    2. It forces Ji Wook to take side between Yeon Jae and Se Kyung
    3. Potentially the lawsuit will break Ji Wook free from all the puppet-ing exercises done by his father and future in-laws, if Ji Wook is strong and brave enough to stand for himself. Right now I can’t trust him to take care of Yeon Jae when he doesn’t even dare to stand up for himself.

    Because of the above I’m willing to be patient for another week for this lawsuit thing… writer-nim, please make sure you finish off this line by next week.

    • 10.1 My.Ning

      Re Point 3, i so agree with you!

      ES is really a heart-warming character when it comes to how he responsed to YJ. i wonder if YJ did not show up in his life again whether he would have just let that crush die off or carry to his grave. 25 years – half a century!

      i can relate to it somewhat cos recently when i returned to my alma mater secondary school, thoughts of my first crush came to my mind fondly and i so hope to see him and know how he is doing now! i guess it’s puppy love mixed with nostalgia mixed with all things young and wonderful when one was in one’s early teens!!! =D

  11. 11 Carinne

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    This show is making me reveal my bad side. Grrrrreat!

    • 11.1 miaomiao22


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    JAVABEANS, GIRLFRIDAY, i hold ya’ll accountable for my slide back into mister darcy land! 😛

    also, if i may– this lawsuit thing does NOT excite me, being that a simple phone call is gonna render this 300m thing ineffectual. i’m glad it’s exposing key issues in our lovers’ differences. lack of trust and financial differences are very real issues even with or without getting her name cleared up. and OMG, ji wook’s always gonna be that ass who loved her but didn’t trust her..? oof.

    when i see McPoopy and yeonjae together, their interactions break my heart because whatever this is they’re forming–friendship or re-discovery, whatever– they both know it’s all still gonna be coming to an end soon.
    it breaks my heart when ji wook sees them together because he’s going through a same kind of change, and he’s gonna crash down so hard when he finds out it’s all going to end. SOON. and then those little stares of jealousy are gonna be infinitely more loaded as he comes to realize that THIS GUY has known it all along.

    he lacked trust in yeonjae? eep, that’s gonna come back to bite him in the butt, but i know the mistrust will melt eventually… but now, i;m biting my nails until he discovers that yeonjae lacked trust or faith in him too. he’ll figure it out AFTER he learns to out his own trust in her… oof. that’s…. gonna hurt. :/

    SO. ADDICTED!! thanks, gf! 🙂 🙂 🙂 you’re the best!

    • 12.1 Cabbage

      Wow, you have a point I didn’t even think about – the Doctor knows that it’s a bad idea to fall in love, but he’s doing it anyways. They can have an honesty together that YJ and JW can’t.

      • 12.1.1 qinta

        his love to her is never ending… sooo sweeett <3

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    i absolutely love this drama
    i absolutely love lee dong wook
    i absolutely love the OST (especially Bluebird&You are beautiful)

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    • 16.1 Alvina

      I love the doctor too but I have to wonder just how much he can handle loving a woman that he knows is going to die soon. After all, how can he handle that major stress if he cant even handle the stress of his everyday life? Poor doctor 🙁

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    These guys are just cute dorks… can’t wait for next week…

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      • 19.1.1 Bluefyre

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        The ahjusshi/ahjumma(s) I stayed with told me something like dog meat keeps them warm in winter or something like that. lmao. It’s normal in Asia..

  20. 20 JAM

    Umm… have anyone noticed the plot is quite similar to My Name is Kim Sam Soon?

    • 20.1 Pat

      I only noticed that the plot is a total Kdrama 101 and I would have loved more originality than the heir apparant yet AGAIN.
      However I love KSN and will watch her in anything happily. Somehow she manages to make fantasy seem real while you are watching it. Thanks,ladies for the great recaps day after day.

    • 20.2 Bluefyre

      Uh..? Except for the terminal illness thing sure. Though I find enough differences in SOAW to not think about MNIKSS constantly to compare similarities and not just the terminal illness thing. And that saying something since I’m currently rewatching MNIKSS right now. Dunno. To each their own I suppose.

    • 20.3 ck1Oz

      The chaebol heir/poor heroine…it’s like almost every K drama if you are alluding to it.Not everything is MNIKSS based.

      • 20.3.1 sangay

        Watching this drama actually reminded me some sort of city hall.

        sleeping in the same room/tent, turning around to watch the other person sleep, catching the other person watching ….

        splashing in the stream/swimming pool

        oh, and is it usual for korea’s rich sons to always be in awe of their parents, be manipulated that they give up their own wishes/feelings to suddenly wake up one day and decide to go find their own happiness ?

  21. 21 anna

    SERIOUSLY! Poopy is winning just by this line alone, “Your body can come on in.” Adorable!

    Yeah, yeah, I know this stage, it’s the denial stage. By hiding your true feelings, you act like a total douchebag! This is also the stage where people start showing signs of second lead syndrome.

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  25. 25 doublen

    That may sound crazy, but I kinda like the fact that Yeon-jae will die. Bath men are affected by her, and probably she will significantly change their lives. If she stays with Ji-wook, Eun-seok is going to be so miserable. We can’t escape her death (if somehow by miracle she recovers, it will ruin all the premise of the show, I think), however I think in the end show shouldn’t show her death and fight against the illness. Rather happy ending within the circumstances we have, smth like the end of flowers for my life (we know you gonna die, but lets pretend you dont and be happy 😀 )

    • 25.1 nikkyp28

      I have the same thought as you are. After episode 6, It is indeed appropriate that she die at the end of the story because as you pointed out, the way she lived her short life will greatly affect both men and spur the change in them. That’s how her essence as a woman or more apt the title “scent of a woman” is so appropriate….Her very existence will give meaning to both of this men’s life for the rest of their lives.

    • 25.2 meix2

      Uh. No.

      Even though her dying would indeed make a sound and memorable ending to the series, she needs to live to truely make this an outstanding series from an ajumma viewer’s point of view. (Just thinking of all the times I can rewatch it over and over again like CityHall)

      Despite my love for Yeon-jae and her wish to fulfil her bucket list of things to do before she dies, I also find it somewhat selfish to wish for someone to share this with, knowing that she is going to die. It may be a comfort to her to do all this with the one she loves but what of the unsuspecting person falling for her and his heartbreak when she goes.

      In this case, I’m shipping Yeon-jae with Eun-seok as he already knows the situation and know there’s a time limit. Ji-wook, however, is still in the dark and already obsessing over her.

      • 25.2.1 sky

        Idk…although it’s clearly unfair to Ji-wook since he’s not informed about her inner time-bomb and is being seriously misled, I feel like it would be a hell of a cop-out if they staged some miraculous cancer healing (or worse, some paperwork switch-up).

        • Stardust

          well they did say something about letting her try some experiemental drug by SK’s company hehehe…

          I really like this drama and hope that it won’t become a new age tragic rom com like 49days…. I loved that show but the ending just killed the rewatchability for me…

          • So3

            hahaha love how you describe 49 days as “new age tragic rom com”

      • 25.2.2 Josina

        Yes and no…. I can imagine that you wouldn’t want to face death alone, and also that one of your greatest regrets would be to never have been loved.

        She wrote the Bucket List when still coming to terms with the diagnosis, and impending death does have this nasty habit of making you focus on what really matters to you.

        Secondly, I don’t think Ji-Wook was actually a 3-dimensional person to Yeon-jae at the start when she made that list, but more of a walking six-pack with sparkly accessories.

        When she did get to know him she either had to jolly him along out of his state of ennui or deal with his misconceptions of her, so no, despite him being scrumptious and all, I think to her he still wouldn’t merit more than a fling. He simply hadn’t demonstrated the emotional maturity to merit anything more, and I think she’s cool for recognising this and sending him on his way. But alas, that annoying law suit keeps getting in the way….

        Added to that is the fact that Ji-Wook has been VERY unclear about the extent of his feelings until now (poor puppy), and still is for that matter, and I see no reason why she should be having the ‘Big C’ conversation with him before she has even confided in her mum.

      • 25.2.3 malta

        Even though I understand that it is unfair to Ji wook if he falls in love with Yeon jae, and Yeon jae doesn’t tell him beforehand that she’s dying- I still find it hard to fault her. I think she wants a romantic relationship with a man, she wants love before she dies and I have a hard time faulting her for that.

        I think Yeon jae is still uncertain about Ji wook as far as her feelings for him. I think she still sees him as someone unattainable even if she was perfectly healthy so even though she’s thought about seducing him she hasn’t outright acted on it. Even though they’ve had fun together, Yeon jae has always been focused on her own stuff as opposed to seeking him out. He’s always the one to come looking for her until this episode and when she finally came to him he did not have the best reaction.

        I also wonder once Eun seok’s feelings come out into the open how Yeon jae will take them. There is so much built in conflict in that relationship. The crush from years ago, feelings of what could have been if only Eun seok had acted on his feelings earlier. Also Eun seok is her doctor. IMO/ in real life, he would have to stop being her doctor if he comes to the conclusion that he really is in love with her…Can Eun seok love her without pity within the harsh reality of the end of her life?

        Kdramas are all about main leads and second leads, OTPs and unrequited loves, but (and by the way, I absolutely love this drama)… but I wonder if there really is a need for a love quadrangle given all the weight of the drama that already exist with Yeon jae’s impending death. How likely is it that in the final hours of Yeon jae’s life 2 men show up falling for her. (I know dramas are all about incredible situations.) It would be fun to see the two guys figure out that they are each other’s rivals and the jealousy and romantic situations that come out of that, but I hope it doesn’t take the focus away from Yeon jae’s journey at the end of her life…. I mean we can find a love triangle/quadrangle with lots of jealousy etc. in almost every other kdrama. What we don’t normally see is a story about what it means to die, to die young and with unfinished business and unfinished love.

        I have a secret (very secret, please don’t kill me) hope that Eun seok won’t completely fall for Yeon jae and that instead his childhood crush can grow into love, but not necessarily romantic love. (Yeon jae and Eun seok are very cute together though) I say this because of all the conflicts that exist in their relationship to start with and I want to keep Poopy seok from all that pain since he already knows about her condition. A love triangle on top of terminal cancer! I can just see myself crying my eyes out for Eun seok in the coming episodes. Poopy seok will turn into that husband of his patient who died :'( …I also randomly worry that after all this is over, whatever happens, that he won’t be able to practice medicine anymore.

  26. 26 Daniela

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    Now, put him in the Tango class and I will be screaming. Too bad that he is not going to win in the end, but a hope that he puts things a little difficult for Ji-wook.
    Mmmm…thats it. Hahaha. Girlfriday said everything about the last scene.

    Thank you for the recap! Now I have to sleep, school tomorrow at 7am! But I dont mind to sleep one hour less because now I read the recap, yay!

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    Truer words have never been spoken.Poopy seok is so cute I am halfway on his ship after ep 6.

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  29. 29 emeldy

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    And the dog i believe will end up with Ji Wook when Yeon Jae find out our dear Dr. is allergic.

    I can’t wait for next week. I want to see some glimpse of bromance and rivalry.


    • 29.1 Jomo

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      • 29.1.1 Schmazel

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    • 29.2 sangay

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      hmm, the chemistry between ji wook and yeon jae when they dance is dynamic !

      i’m so looking forward to seeing doc and yeon jae dance together … and the FIRE in ji wook’s eyes :p

  30. 30 Joy

    I will not be absconding JW of his douch-bagginess here but I have to cut him a little slack due to the frustration of his engagement, increasing loathing for his fiancée, hurt due to YJ rejection earlier, confusion over his attraction to YJ on top of plain cowardliness. Luckily we all know that YJ will take him off his high horse so it makes the word sting relatively less for now. My only complaint so far is that weird pout/smirk thing that Kim Sun Ah does it this drama a lot. Maybe it’s due to her-what looks like-facelift or overall gaunt appearance due to severe weight loss – I didn’t see this in MLKSS. Anyway still a very minor irritation/gripe and I can’t wait for Saturday!

    • 30.1 Joy

      why did I write abscond? I meant condone.

    • 30.2 Verónica

      I was thinking the same, his douchebaggery at the end, to me, is based solely on his frustrations. He’s engaged to an horrible woman, he is expected to be cocky and look down on others because of his wealth and position, and he seems unable to understand how a simple woman with no job and who does whatever she wants has been able to win his attention. What I like about Ji Wook’s character is that he seems to be able to laugh and smile and have fun when he’s unaware and out of his chaebol enviroment, which is something that is rarely seen in kdrama, usually the lead male starts as an arrogant ass and pretty much ends up the same…

      • 30.2.1 Pamilah

        I agree, I think Ji Wook’s douchebaggery is rather understandable given his character and situation. For much of his life he has maintained a passive and indifferent attitude toward basically everything.
        I also find it somewhat refreshing that Ji Wook is a chaebol who is so blase with life, yet is observant enough to notice the injustice inflicted on others as a result of his wealth and connections. Interestingly enough we don’t see a whole lot of arrogance from him until his feelings for Yeon Jae begin to manifest, slowly trapping him in a corner between happiness and cowardice. I personally favor Ji Wook a little more than Eun Seok. The chemistry between Yeon Jae and Eun Seok is certainly adorable, but I find the chemistry between Ji Wook and Yeon Jae absolutely electric.

        Either way, I really look forward to seeing how Yeon Jae continues to affect the lives of both men.
        Though it would be more poignant if she died at the end, I hope she doesn’t. Yeon Jae deserves to get married and have her baby too. Preferably lots of babies with Ji Wook 🙂

        • Litzy

          Completely agree with you on all the points you raised Pamilah. I feel soft and fluffy during the Yeon Jae and Eun Seok scenes. I burn (in a good way) during the Yeon Jae and Ji Wook scenes. And once Ji Wook gets over his douchebaggery and grow some balls (and he surely will), I’m sure he’ll exceed expectations on every count to live up to the perfect mancandy-partner for Yeon Jae.

          Also at the picture that Carinne posted. Thanks! That just made my day~

          Thank you Javabeans and Girlfriday for your beautiful recaps this week!

      • 30.2.2 Josina

        I’m willing to cut him some slack too – from what little back story we’re given he’s been mayoring in the art of apathy since childhood and now hitherto unused synapses are firing up because of a woman who is considered inferior (and possibly criminal) by everyone in his customary social circle.

        When sypapses start firing for the first time, there’s bound to be some hiccups 🙂

        • yumi

          I agree with this thread.

          I’m waiting to know more about his missing mother and his relationship with her.

          It should be interesting if Jiwook’s mother’s absence resonate in someway that relates to Yeon-Jae’s illness.

  31. 31 Jomo

    Thank you for the funny recap.
    No, we do not ever complain about the frequency of shower scenes, do we?

    I especially loved the way ES remembered the concert confession followed by a huge sigh of surrender before his head hits the desk. I must have replayed that six times.

    The “getting ready” scene in JW’s apartment made my week.
    The way he held up his hands in the “Perfect!” gesture was hilarious and revealing about his insecurities. “If she thinks I read books, will she like me more? Maybe?”

    (Remember the part in the 1995 film Pride and Prejudice where Darcy shows up at Pemberley to see Lizzie there unannounced?) He runs to his room and puts on his best outfit in order to impress her. Like a teenage boy on his first date. That is what this whole thing felt like.

    — >Let’s take a moment to thank the wardrobe person for picking out a clingy, see through shoulder loving sweater for LDW’s perfect physique. Bowing. I know we haven’t met, unni, but I think we are going to become very good friends over the next few weeks. <—

    About that opera performance, I don't think that guy from the Clockwork Orange could have kept his eyes open for whatever those three were doing on stage for three hours. Are you kidding me? i am supposed to believe Miss Slappy Hands Cranky Pants is cultured enough to enjoy that cultured music? All I could think of was that old Lucile Ball episode where she kept widening her eyes O.O to stay awake during a classical music concert.
    Cha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j25xOka_gE
    (Fun starts at 7:50)

    Love how boooorrrrrrrrred JW sounds about everything compared to the things his face is doing. When he says to meet at his house (eyebrow lift – sneaky eyes), then after they agree and she hangs up his face screams “OMG! She’s coming to my HOUSE!!”

    What good is all this denial doing him anyway? Why is he deliberately misunderstanding her at every encounter, while obviously enjoying every encounter? When did he ever meet anyone who could make his chest heave like that? Why wouldn’t he have already grabbed her and taken her to Jedudo? Maybe next week…

    • 31.1 Carinne

      Bows down 90 degrees to that same unni as well.

      Hmm, let’s examine our specimen further…


      Now, my eyes are widening, saying “OMG! WHAT KIND OF PANDORA’S BOX HAVE I OPENED?”

      • 31.1.1 Bluefyre

        OH MY.




        Yeah. I’m at a loss. 😀

        • Josina

          I like a man who’s fully embraces the fact that he’s Mancandy

      • 31.1.2 malta

        …now that’s just showing off, but none-the-less, I approve.

      • 31.1.3 ladida

        The comments on this site are hilarious. I love it.

      • 31.1.4 Saima

        *droooooooooll* ‘nuf said!!

      • 31.1.5 Jomo

        The kind of box with Mancandy inside!

      • 31.1.6 sweetspring

        wowser is that for real?!?!?!? is every defined muscle, every bit of taut skin for real? all the real LDW??? can this guy look more perfect???
        ok kdramas you got the LMH & the LDW you killllllsssss me

  32. 32 Juwo

    Absolutely enjoying this series, can’t wait to see what happens next in Yeon-jae’s story! And how adorable is the fact that the underdog has an underdog?

  33. 33 Caty

    This is my first time commenting ever…but i have to say this is the FIRST drama i have never ever fast forwarded. 🙂

    • 33.1 dee

      this is also my first time commenting, I love read the recaps and all the comments.. it’s make me really really happy ^_^ thanks a lot for your hard work!!! Hwaiting…

  34. 34 mud

    Arggh!! I want Ji-wook’s face to be rubbed with REAL dirt for his extra display of douche-iness in this episode. I’m all for Team Eun-seok!!!!

  35. 35 Momo

    what’s the sense of wiring money to her acct when its frozen?still she couldn’t access it right?

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 35.1 Jomo

      Maybe they would only freeze the amount the lien is equal to so she could access the rest of her money?

      • 35.1.1 Carinne

        Highly unlikely. It’s not like a jail bond.

    • 35.2 Carinne

      This also crossed my mind, however JW’s concern was to end the lawsuit not more concerned about YJ’s living expense. I don’t want to see JW throw money in YJ’s face, and he’s not likely the type, but hey, you’ll be surprised what chaebols go through when they’ve been used and abused by people milking money off them.

      It’s funny how banks work, money can build in the frozen accounts but cannot be accessed to take out. Trust funds are like that too.

      • 35.2.1 78446

        I have to agree that wiring the money to her account was Ji Wook The Chaebol’s way of handling a problem by throwing money at it. Totally counter-productive but it’s like built-in to his system. But it really won’t solve anything because, and I’m being totally geeky about this, Sae Kyung has to be the one to back down. If she agrees to settle the suit just by the payment of the 3 million, then game over. Otherwise, this is a damages suit the courts will have to decide. Yeon Jae will definitely win, by the way, because they’ll have to get the truth from Wilson, and filing a baseless suit against her will be deemed a harassment (it’s called Malicious Persecution in Torts). She’ll probably get even more money from it, too, considering the the Seojin Group’s financial standing and reputation. During the course of the suit, however, her accounts remain frozen and I agree with the original question: it’s not like she can access whatever money was wired unless Ji Wook wired it in a new account.

        ANYWAY, I think this whole lawsuit plot is really tiring. There’s enough angst in the whole “I’m dying” plot so I’m not really sure they need to do this. It just makes me hate Sae Kyung even more.

        • Carinne

          If JW wires money into a new account under YJ’s mother’s name instead of her own’s. Any assets new or old under YJ’s name gets frozen eventually, even if she gets ten more new accounts.

          I totally go nerdy when you use Torts.

          • 78446

            Girl after my own heart. I love Torts! Or as I like to call it “The Stupid Things People Do That The Law Makes Them Pay For”. 😀

        • bgr

          i agree!

          wiring money into her account won’t do her any good anyways… her account is frozen!

          what’s 300 million if she can’t hv access to it, yes?

        • Josina

          So this is sort of Fridge Logic…. I was wondering the same thing myself, but one of my many talents isn’t Korean Law, I’m afraid 🙂

          • 78446

            Not quite fridge logic because judging from the comments, I think people figured it out when they were watching it happen. Stupid, useless gesture. *grrr*

            And by the way, I was gonna leave it alone because no one called me out on it, but it’s called Malicious PROsecution, or Abuse of Process (I misspelled). I’m not sure what its counterpart is in Korea but it’s a generally-recognized intentional tort in common law jurisdictions. Maybe ask Samsooki? 😀

        • sangay

          i’m curious, who in the world did ji wook call to wire that money to yeon jae’s account ?

          i mean, how’s that person on the other end of the line knows who is yeon jae or rather, what’s her bank account number ? :p

          • 78446

            He has a secretary, Sang Wook (? . . .forgot his name), who pretty much does his work for him.

          • Josina

            I can’t add my answer underneath 78446’s, so:

            “He has a secretary, Sang Wook (? . . .forgot his name), who pretty much does his work for him”

            ….and would have her account details because she used to be an employee of the firm.

            Btw, I guess it was Fridge Logic only for me because I was actually on my way to the kitchen to top up on the Sauvignon when I thought ‘wait a minute….’ – I love Dramabeans for its finance and law geeks 🙂

    • 35.3 malta

      I’m just choosing to accept that this isn’t realistic and doesn’t make any real sense….I mean forget the lawsuit, Wilson canceling his concert would have been a much, much bigger problem than it was made out to be in the plot so I’m just gonna let this go lest I rip out my hair trying to make it make sense.

      • 35.3.1 sangay

        when’s that wilson coming back to clean his own shit ?!

        he’s got his ring back due to his own stupidity, so isn’t it fair for him to clear someone else’s name ?!

        where’s that guy ? can he come back earlier so that that rich bitch can bite her own tongue !

        • Molly

          I’m paranoid that Wilson will do a 180 and say she DID steal his ring, even though logically that won’t do for the sake of the plot. I’ll take his conflicted look at the airport as a sign of honesty, yes??

          • sulyn

            Don’t think Wilson can say that. People at the airport
            saw the ring that was hooked onto his sweater, right?

  36. 36 Bluefyre

    GAH. So on the fence on which guy I like better! Congrats, Show! 😀

    I totally loved watching this episode. Laughing my head off, squealing, giddy, wanting to throw things at Saekyung..^^

    So thankful SOAW is fulfilling its role as my new crack to the utmost!

  37. 37 Michelle

    i have joined the ranks of mad refreshers for the recap of this drama and i have yet to watch episode 1. this is next on my to-watch list after i finish I Need Romance.

    • 37.1 Jomo

      Don’t watch the end of INR.
      Just make up whatever end would make YOU happy, and pretend you watched it. Pissed me off, it did.

      • 37.1.1 yumi

        With you on INR. Watch through episode 13, then finish the drama in your mind.

        Watching 14, 15 & 16 negates any pleasure the previous episode provided.

      • 37.1.2 Josina

        I guess it’s a good thing then that I couldn’t access anything beyond episode 12 – I read what the issue is on another website though and understand what you mean….

  38. 38 Carinne

    Anyone know the song playing while YJ rescues the dog and runs off?

    I was impressed YJ jumped into the icy cold looking pool. It’s like rainy and humid over in Korea now right? I’m not sure she screamed in liberation more like pin stabbing shock from the cold water.

    I’m in a hate-love-ship for this show, why… WHY NO PREVIEWS? Gaaaaawd, let this week pass like a silent fart blown by a turbo fan. Dohhh, where did that come from?

    • 38.1 Jomo

      Are the silent ones faster than the noisy ones?

      • 38.1.1 Carinne

        Nohhh, same acceleration different amount of force and thrust, thus a turbo fan comes in play.

        And, not all noisy farts are unscented, as same goes, not all silent farts are scented.

        Have you ever hitched a bus ride w/ a team of basketball players? And witness a fart-a-thon? Save my nose hairs.

  39. 39 mox2

    heyy peeps,,
    does anyone know at what point we (viewers) found out about poop-seok’s crush??
    was the fan meeting the first time or sometime before..??

    totally loviiinnggg this drama.. the emotion in LDW’s eyes.. kills me everytime!!

    • 39.1 Bluefyre

      It was his expression when he asked her about her supposed entry “situation” for the fanmeet to be chosen. Haha. And also it was confirmed in this episode with him brooding at home and in his office. Actually, there were even signs way back in Episode 1 too 😉

      • 39.1.1 mox2

        yea.. i thought so but i wasn’t sure if i missed a flashback in ep1 or something!! 🙂

        • Bluefyre

          In Ep. 1 it was his face after she turns away after calling him Poop-seok or somewhere thereabouts ^^

          But in Ep. 5 it was definitely there after the fanmeeting when he asked her about the “story” 😀

          You’re welcome!

          • sangay

            i think the doc was looking a bit weird too when the story was read out during the concert.

  40. 40 momosan

    I wondered about the book because the cover rang a bell – and then the quote hit me – it’s Anne of Green Gables.

    I think in English the quote she’s thinking about is probably one of the most famous ones in Anne – it ends “Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive.” And yes, I can quote that without looking it up.

  41. 41 Barbie

    i somewhat feel pathetic. i spent my weekends refreshing your website to see whether the recaps have been posted. endless refreshing because I am definitely hooked on this drama.

    The excitement was somewhat dampened because I thought that the lawsuit arc was going to be settled in this episode, however the interactions in this episode more than made up for it. Poopy-Seok is completely adorable as the besotted doctor. I never really cared much for the 2nd male leads because they don’t posed any sort of threat (other than YKS in Greatest Love). But as we peel back the layers one by one I find myself rooting for him.

    One of the reviewers was right in bringing up what the lawsuit is shedding light on a few things, like who would Ji-Wook side with, etc.

    You might be right on the ass serum. The dosage injected must’ve been high because it was very disappointing to hear him say those things. Although I am glad JW is showing stronger emotions lately (just not in the right direction).

    I don’t know… this drama, I just… can’t. Soo damn good. Soo well-written. Soo fantastically acted. I just can’t… shaking and crying for the next weekend to come immediately.

    Thank You!

  42. 42 Noelle

    Ya know the more I watch EKJ the more I just like him! I feel a need to rewatch Dream High just cause I know he ends up with his happily ever after. He is soooo adorable in this episode it just kills me. I love KSA but if he left I wouldn’t watch the show with the same gusto.


  43. 43 cb

    thanks for the recap! i’m totally enjoying this show.

  44. 44 imoan.naomi

    I’ve always heard that the tango was a sexy dance, but the way these two dance it… I feel the need for a cigarette afterwards or a shower or something.

    Lee Dong-wook is KILLING me with his tortured I-want-to-do-so-much-more-than-dance-with-you eyes. I’m having trouble breathing over here.

  45. 45 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

  46. 46 kdlover

    The last two ep finally got me invested in these characters!! Love it cant wait til next weekend!! Both guys are sooo cute I cant seem to choose!!

  47. 47 sosoxrah

    I’m loving the tango partner changes. I can’t help but squeal every time Yeon-jae and Ji-wook partner up. I’m still watching this episode as I type and I already can’t wait until next week’s!! Such a cute drama!!

    • 47.1 sosoxrah

      Now that I finished watching it, I have to say that Ji-wook has an attitude problem. Actually, Eun-seok has one, too. But it seems more tame compared to Ji-wook’s now that we see how arrogant Ji-wook is even though he’s got crazy feelings for Yeon-jae. I do hope Yeon-jae knocks some sense into him.
      I loooove how both guys nervously prepare for Yeon-jae’s arrival. Such cuteness! I wish someone did that for me.. lol I don’t know which pairing I love more… it’s gonna suck for Eun-seok later… Yeon-jae is his childhood love… I don’t want his heart to be broken!! But in the meantime, I hope the two guys have a tango standoff or something!! Dance battle! lol

  48. 48 hi

    i love ji wook over the doctor anytime. It’s also an unfair advantage that the doctor has knowledge of yeon-jae medical condition. the doctor may be sorta nice to yeon-jae, but he is a jerk to everyone else.

    i love this show. i m looking forward to continue seeing how yeon-jae influence and change everyone’s life for the better.

  49. 49 trixicopper

    Can I just say how much I love the fact that both guys are such dorks when it comes to YJ. 🙂

    And just how vile is SK? Entitlement much? Sheesh! What a buzzkill that girl is.

    Thanks as always for another terrific recap! 🙂

  50. 50 cimcity

    thanks so muchh, i CAN’T WAIT for eun seok joins their tango class (i hope i hope!) and makes ji wook ooohhh so jealous ;D

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