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Scent of a Woman: Episode 7
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For a drama that operates on a very predictable premise — we know not only the trajectory of the events but can also anticipate the various obstacles and triumphs Yeon-jae will face — Scent of a Woman does a damn good job of keeping us engaged and on the hook for more. The overall arc is predictable, but the little moments and plot beats are not, and that gives this drama life.


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Ji-wook tells Yeon-jae to take his money and leave him alone forever. It’s a supremely unromantic non-confession, as he tells her that she’s driving him crazy like it’s her fault he’s attracted to her.

She asks what that means, and he asks, “What do you think it means?” She requests that he cancel the money transfer because she won’t take the 300 million won, and they go their separate ways. With her accounts frozen, she doesn’t even have enough cash to take a cab all the way home, and exits the taxi with only a few dollars to her name.

Ji-wook soon has another visitor: Sae-kyung storms inside and slaps him for ditching her at the opera. Good lord, slap-happy people of this drama. You talk with your mouth, not with your hands.

She warns him that she can always dump him, so he replies, “Why don’t you do that, then?” It’s not like they enjoy each other’s company. She sneers about his idea of fun, asking mockingly whether he’d prefer to hold hands and go to amusement parks.

Ji-wook conducts a meeting with Yeon-jae’s old department, dissatisfied with the team’s lack of suggestions until Bong-gil mentions a Wando Island tour package that looks promising. But when Ji-wook hears that this was Yeon-jae’s proposal, he rejects it angrily, professional that he is. He dismisses the meeting with the pointed warning that male employees are not to sexually harass the women, adding that the same goes for women.

While waiting for Hye-won to meet her, Yeon-jae flips through a magazine and lands on a feature of Andy Wilson. She pulls out a pen and starts blackening his teeth, which I love because it’s so harmlessly immature.

Hye-won lends her about $800, which is all she can afford to give. She relays the story of Ji-wook blowing his lid when Yeon-jae’s name was mentioned at the meeting and wonders what’s up.

Hye-won spots the photo of Wilson, insulting him like the loyal friend she is and wondering how a pianist can play with such “pig hands.” That draws Yeon-jae’s attention to his hands…and the ring on his finger. The caption puts the photo at a recent Berlin performance. Yeon-jae gets on the phone, tracing him to his recording label, then to the hotel in Sydney where he’s currently staying.

Living with one frisky Malbok-ie does, as expected, cramp Eun-seok’s style; the dog shreds books, knocks over lamps, and pees on his floor. Eun-seok asks a fellow doctor to take the dog off his hands, but when Yeon-jae asks him if all’s going well with the dog, he lies and says yes. Good luck getting rid of him now, ya big softy.

Eun-seok’s avoidant personality is well-known, and even the director of the hospital points out that his ostracism is self-imposed. His absence from the dinner the other night has been duly noted, and he faked a stomach bug last year to get out of performing at the annual hospital anniversary event. This year marks the 50th, however, so the director wants the doctors to prepare bigger, better, more exciting acts.

Eun-seok feels the pressure, and it’s as though being singled out as the outcast makes him want to prove the director wrong. So when the director suggests that another doctor perform a dance, Eun-seok blurts, “I’ll do it.” Go big or go home, right?

Eun-seok confirms that Yeon-jae’s bloodwork came back normal, which means that her first bout of therapy succeeded. As she’s about to leave, he holds her back to ask some advice, saying sheepishly, “I did something even I don’t understand.”

Her response? Tango class.

Eun-seok stands there in total discomfort while Yeon-jae laughs at his tenseness and tells him to relax. It’s cute that she assumes he’s anxious because of the dance, when it’s really her that has him so hot ‘n bothered. That obvious unease on his face is sorta awesome.

Eun-seok gets through the steps and Yeon-jae claps excitedly, while Bong-gil/Ramses enthusiastically praises his talent. He overdoes it a bit, but confides to the female instructor that it’s just to encourage him lest he be scared off (after Ji-wook told him he wouldn’t be returning to classes, Bong-gil had wondered if it was because he’d been too hard on him, hee).

Contrary to Bong-gil’s opinion, the female instructor looks intently at Eun-seok and says that he does possess a feel for the dance.

Sitting at home in lieu of going to class, Ji-wook idly flips through TV channels until he comes across the movie Scent of a Woman and its famous tango sequence, wherein Al Pacino dances skillfully despite his blindness.

So Ji-wook gets up and closes his eyes as he walks through the steps in his living room, his arms held up to lead an imaginary partner.

Then he imagines Yeon-jae stepping into his arms, and dances with his image of her for the rest of the song. It winds to a finish and he opens his eyes, alone again. He looks so bereft at the loss that it breaks your heart a little.

Eun-seok and Yeon-jae leave dance class in pleasant spirits, and she sees him off as he takes a cab home. He twists around in his seat to look back at her, which is adorable and heart-tugging. Aw.

Yeon-jae receives a notice from the court, which she takes to the legal aid center for interpretation. It’s a notice of arbitration because the judge has deemed that the claim for 300 million won is too high. However, this isn’t strictly good news; the lawyer tells her that it means the judge finds her partially responsible, which means it’s safer to settle, even if she has to pay 100 million won. It’s better than the amount she might have to pay if she loses the case at trial.

Another chaebol dinner is called by the oblivious fathers, who think all is going swimmingly with their spawn. Sae-kyung tells her father that Ji-wook doesn’t find her company enjoyable, so she plans to match his interests better from now on.

Sae-kyung takes a call at the table and learns of the arbitration. She declares that she has no intention of negotiating, pointedly looking at Ji-wook as she says she’ll see this through to the bitter end.

After the parents leave, Sae-kyung suggests continuing their date. Per her declaration that she’ll match his tastes, she suggests a gag concert (which she’d previously rejected as lowbrow), or a common date walking down the street eating ice cream. Sae-kyung has this massively infuriating habit of saying things with a sweet overtone that are actually barbs; this is one example, saying she’ll do what he wants while simultaneously mocking it.

Ji-wook tells her there’s no reason to take the suit to such extremes, considering she’s a gajillionaire who doesn’t need the money. She tells him that since he has such an interest in this case, he’s free to try meddling while her lawyers crush her opponent: “Does that seem like fun to you?” Not as fun as it would be to see you crushed, princess. And I mean crushed, literally. A nice big rock oughtta do it.

Sae-kyung’s secretary, Mr. Ex-Creepy, notes that she seems particularly sensitive these days. She sighs, and even wonders if she’s taking out her anger over her gold-digging ex-boyfriend on Yeon-jae instead. Wow, a moment of insight from Pissy Princess? Maybe there’s hope for you yet. You know, way, way, waaaaaay off in the future. I still want you to suffer, ideally accompanied by heaps of humiliation — but maybe I might be willing to wish you some peace at the end of it. It’s a big if.

Yeon-jae continues leaving messages for Wilson with increasing desperation, and finally gets through to his manager/assistant. She asks whether the ring in the photo is the one Wilson had lost, but the manager tells her coolly that an identical ring was made to replace it. He asks her not to call again, and defeated, Yeon-jae hangs up.

The manager turns to Wilson, who has been sitting nearby nervously, and suggests that Wilson come clean about the truth. Wilson bursts out in a fit of embarrassment and pride, saying he can’t apologize now and admit the ring he’d been so angry about was, in fact, stuck to his ass the whole time. Ha. Well, he has a point about it being mortifying.

Hopes crushed, Yeon-jae sits in the lobby of the Line Tour office. Ji-wook takes a step in her direction, but stops when her friend Hye-won joins her, all worry.

Yeon-jae tearily says that she may have to pay the 100 million won, which she’d scrimped and saved for the past decade to collect. Bitter with indignation, she cries as she says she’d never once pinned her hopes on winning the lottery or scoring a rich man, just worked steadily on her own. Given all that, “Shouldn’t I at least be able to live?” She breaks down into sobs while Hye-won gathers her in a comforting hug.

Ji-wook redoubles his efforts to find evidence to support Yeon-jae’s innocence, though it’s a daunting task. But smart Sang-woo (God bless Sang-woo, who I like more and more with every episode) has compiled a few photos featuring Wilson wearing the ring at a couple concerts, the latest one from this month.

Ji-wook gets on the phone and calls Wilson, whose nervous guilt makes him burst out, “What is with you people?! Do you have any proof that it’s the same ring? It’s a new ring!” Way to give yourself away, buddy. Ji-wook gets Wilson to say that the same famed jeweler made both rings, then catches him in the lie because the guy died last year.

Wilson gasps, “Oh my god,” and hangs up on him to avoid explanation. HAHAHA. He’s got the emotional maturity of a six-year-old. At least this supports Ji-wook’s suspicion that Wilson didn’t lose the ring, and he schedules a flight to Sydney.

Yeon-jae asks her mother if she’d ever remarry, not wanting to leave her mother alone upon her death. Mom says she has no reason to, since marriage at her age would just mean she’d have to cook and clean for someone else. Yeon-jae points out that it’s nice to have someone around to help you through the hard times, and urges Mom to think about dating.

Arbitration day rolls around, and Yeon-jae enters the room with heavy heart. The judge urges both sides to settle upon 100 million won, rather than dragging this to trial. Yeon-jae argues that there’s no evidence that she stole, but Sae-kyung’s lawyers are here to play hardball and they take the ad hominem attack route, painting her as a bad employee. They even point out that she took a personal day off from work the day after the ring debacle — to be diagnosed for terminal cancer, assholes — and the message is clear that they’re prepared for a smear campaign.

Sae-kyung tells the judge prettily that Yeon-jae never once expressed apologies for causing the uproar, and that she only initiated the suit because she didn’t see any remorse from her. However, if Yeon-jae were to apologize and acknowledge her wrongdoing, she will agree to settle.

And so Yeon-jae sits there, feeling unfairly backed into a corner and pressed for a response — just as the door opens.

Wilson steps through and tells the judge that this gathering is unnecessary: “You see, I never lost my ring.”

Now for some satisfying awkwardness: Wilson sits at a cafe with Yeon-jae, nervously looking everywhere but at her and babbling to cover up his guilt. Yeon-jae looks at him resentfully while he rambles about long flights and tea, until she asks accusingly, “How could you do this to me?”

Wilson fumbles for excuses, which are all the flimsier for the fact that he knows how wrong he was. Finally, he says quietly, “I’m sorry. I apologize. I mean it.”

But that’s inadequate, and she tells him all he had to do was say the truth, which gets him saying defensively that he’s been wracked with nerves since then. He even goes so far as to make it about him: “Do you know how painful it was for me?”

Yeon-jae wonders what prompted him to change his mind and return to Korea. He mutters, “Because that jerk threatened me. Bastard.” Ha. Yeon-jae is shocked to hear Wilson’s story of how Ji-wook tricked him — it turns out that jeweler Jacques isn’t even dead — and flew to Sydney to bring him back.

That night, Yeon-jae walks to Ji-wook’s home bearing a gift, only to be beat to the punch by Sae-kyung, who pulls up in her car just ahead of her. Yeon-jae turns around, fruit basket in hand, and goes home.

Sae-kyung gets right to the point, telling him she knows he went to Sydney, informing him that she was made a laughingstock at court today. (Ah, such satisfying words.) She asks point-blank if he’s interested in Yeon-jae, and wonders if he’s been seeing her all this time.

Ji-wook admits that Yeon-jae had “bothered his mind” — a saying often used as a precursor to a confession of interest, when a person preoccupies your thoughts — and asks, “Have you ever been poor?” So poor that she didn’t know what she’d eat tonight?

Sae-kyung scoffs, “And you have?” He replies, “If you were going to have me investigated, you ought to have done it properly, and seen what kind of past I lived.” Huh. Interesting. So Ji-wook isn’t quite the spoiled pretty boy he seems?

She asks if he plans to continue to be “bothered” by Yeon-jae, and he retorts that her lawsuit was actually the reason he was so preoccupied: “Now that the lawsuit is over, I won’t have cause to be bothered anymore.”

Yeon-jae visits Sae-kyung’s office, sits down, and asks straight out, “How are you going to apologize?” Booyah. I do love her frankness. With a glare, Sae-kyung places an envelope on the table, and Yeon-jae comments that she’s so predictable. Sae-kyung snits that Yeon-jae is, too, supposing she’s here to demand an apology, delivered on her knees.

Yeon-jae surprises her by saying no: “What would I do with an apology that has not even a fingertip’s worth of sincerity in it? Even money’s better than that.” She takes the envelope.

Sae-kyung twists Ji-wook’s words from the night before and says that he’d told her he was bothered by his pity for poor, penniless Yeon-jae. So now she won’t have to seek him out using money as her excuse.

Yeon-jae: “I was planning to let things go at this point because I hate the idea of being connected to you any longer. But that won’t do.”
Sae-kyung: “And what will you do about that?”
Yeon-jae: “I’m going to take revenge on you. If I don’t, I’ll feel so wronged I won’t be able to die.”
Sae-kyung: “Do you think you have that kind of strength?”
Yeon-jae: “You don’t know what kind of strength I have.”

Wilson leaves the hotel to head for the airport, and gives Ji-wook the request to pass along a gift to Yeon-jae, having forgotten to do it when he’d seen her. Ji-wook declines, saying he doesn’t want her to know of his involvement in this matter. Wilson says he told her everything yesterday, to which Ji-wook says exasperatedly, “Why did you do that?!”

Wilson has his number, though, and says that it’s obvious Ji-wook did everything to win Yeon-jae’s favor. He tells him that Yeon-jae’s a good woman and wishes him well with her.

Ji-wook contemplates the gift, which turns out to be Wilson’s own ring, the source of all this craziness. Well, as far as apologies go, at least it’s a pretty big gesture from the neurotic pianist who used to insist he couldn’t perform without it.

Wilson’s parting words stick with him: “You’ll see her anyway, since she’ll be coming around to thank you.” Wondering when that’ll happen, Ji-wook scrolls through his cell phone log of recent calls to confirm that he hasn’t somehow missed a call, then tosses it aside when her name isn’t there. He perks up when his phone rings — then deflates to see Sae-kyung’s name.

Arg, I hate the way she’s so good at using the truth, twisted slightly, to further her own agenda: She tells Ji-wook that Yeon-jae came looking for her today demanding money, which she provided.

Yeon-jae does contemplate calling Ji-wook, but the memory of Sae-kyung keeps her from doing it. Instead, she puts the money to good use by donating it to the hospital, to be used for patients who can’t afford treatment.

She explains this to Eun-seok at the hospital, giving him the vague story about coming into some money recently in exchange for enduring a slap to the face and a lot of grief at the hands of a spoiled chaebol.

Eun-seok asks Yeon-jae hesitantly to be his partner for his tango performance, and quickly accepts her denial when she says she’s not good enough to perform. But she changes her mind and figures she could give it a shot — as long as she gets a favor in return.

Still waiting for Yeon-jae to contact him, Ji-wook checks with his secretary to confirm that he’s up to date on his calls. He almost calls her himself, but decides to try the indirect route first by asking Bong-gil about tango class. Only because he felt bad about depriving the class of a male partner, of course. Uh huh. Sure.

Bong-gil assures him that the class is fine, since Yeon-jae brought in “Schweitzer” (in reference to the famous doctor), her clean-cut childhood classmate who dances well. Hee. Immediately Ji-wook guesses who this is — thinking back to the fanmeeting — and confirms that the guy’s a doctor, wears glasses, and has slanty eyes. HA.

Ji-wook and Sang-woo head to an upscale hotel for a business meeting… just as Yeon-jae arrives with her mother for a blind date. Ha, I love the reversal, given how Mom ambushed her with that dating service appointment early on. Now it’s Mom’s turn to fidget, and Yeon-jae gives her the code word: If she likes him, it’s grape. If she doesn’t, it’s orange.

Eun-seok has brought a sunbae, but he’s the one fidgeting anxiously as he waits. When he catches a glimpse of Yeon-jae, his jaw literally drops and his heart pounds. Aw, it’s so sweet.

The older couple hits it off right away, and Mom gives Yeon-jae a few kicks to send her on her way. Yeon-jae had arranged the double date to relieve the pressure from the older couple, but now she figures she didn’t need to bother and apologizes for dragging Eun-seok along. If only she knew…

As they wait for the elevator, she gets the text from Mom indicating that the date is a success, and excitedly tells Eun-seok the good news. She’s so thrilled that she doesn’t notice that the elevator has stopped and awaits new passengers.

Ji-wook notices her before she notices him, taking in the friendly familiarity between her and Eun-seok. He asks coldly if she’s getting in, and her emotions plummet swiftly from happiness to uneasy dread.

The elevator ride is quiet and fraught with tension, as Ji-wook thinks back to the fanmeeting and Eun-seok’s first-love story. Eun-seok is oblivious and tells her, “It’s a relief that your mother likes [him].” But the object of that sentence is implied, so it’s natural for Ji-wook to assume that Eun-seok means himself. Given their formal attire and meeting in a hotel, the likely presumption is that the couple has just come from meeting Mom, who approves of the boyfriend. A serious boyfriend, at that, one who’s thinking of marrying her.

Yeon-jae remains acutely aware of Ji-wook’s presence behind her as they walk out, even as they make no sign of acquaintance. Finally, Ji-wook calls out her name, forcing her to stop and explain to Eun-seok that he’s her old boss.

Ji-wook and Yeon-jae step aside, and he takes her to task for not bothering to thank him, accusing her of being mercenary based on her immediate demands of money. She doesn’t contradict him, and challenges: “Why? Is there something wrong with that?”

Ji-wook: “So you took that money and came here? You weren’t the kind of person who could afford to come to places like this. After you’d come begging me when you needed every penny—”

Eun-seok cuts in to tell him to knock it off. He’s put enough of the story together to guess, “Are you the one who slapped her face and accused her of being a thief? That money she got from you—”

Yeon-jae asks him to stop before he can finish. Murmuring a perfunctory goodbye, she pulls Eun-seok along. Ji-wook stands there for a few long moments, then makes the decision to follow, stalking outside to catch up.

He stops at a distance, and hears Eun-seok asking why Yeon-jae didn’t clear up the misunderstanding, why she didn’t explain what she did with the money.

Yeon-jae tearily admits, “I went to his house, because I wanted to thank him. No, I was using that as an excuse, because I wanted to see his face again. But I couldn’t do it. I wanted to see him, but I had to turn back.”

Ohhh, poor Poopy-seok. And I so wanted you to win your love and be happy forever with your ill-trained dog.

Eun-seok gets her implication, but asks to make it clear, “What do you mean by that? Do you…like that man?”

Yeon-jae: “I wish I didn’t like him, but I can’t help it. I like him so much.”


Aww, I knew Poopy-seok was headed for heartbreak, but it didn’t keep me from wishing him happiness anyway. And now he’s stuck with a mangy mutt that eats his pillows and makes him sneeze, while the love of his life — who’s dying — just professed her feelings for that rich asshole. If there’s any consolation, at least he’s the better dancer?

As I mentioned, the show manages to stay completely engaging despite what we know is coming down the line. It’s the dilemma of all trendy dramas, to keep viewers entertained while working within such a conventional formula. But even within these fixed parameters of boy-meets-girl, boy-fights-with-girl (and fights, and fights, and fights), boy-wins-girl, boy-fights-fate-for-girl, it’s a skill to be able to draw out the emotions in credible, relatable ways.

For example, it’s one thing to tell us that these characters are falling for each other, but it’s quite a feat to make our emotions regarding the hero mirror the heroine’s, and developing on the same timetable. I feel as conflicted about Ji-wook as Yeon-jae does, finding him incredibly arrogant and off-putting, wanting him to suffer, and yet being drawn to him all the same and ultimately wanting him to overcome his own conflict about his feelings. I want Ji-wook to grovel at her feet, at the same time that I want him to be happy. Which sort of conflicts with my whole Eun-seok love, which just kills me. Ack! Why can’t everyone just be happy?


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  1. nee

    lol sorry i just wanted do do that for once πŸ™‚
    thanks for the recap..i was looking forward to it~thanks :]

  2. kae

    thank youuu.:D

  3. firsttimenewbie

    You know my favorite part of awkward elevator rides? The outsider who knows what’s going on. You feel bad for that person (in this case Sang-woo who I’m sure now is aware) and at the same time just laugh at the situation and awkwardness he’s in the middle of.

    As I watched this the scene here, I was immediately reminded of an even more awkward and hilarious situation for David(yet again the assistant to the male lead) in the Taiwanese drama The Prince who turns into Frog.

    And then Bichou in a different type of knowing outsider–as exasperated in the middle of two people’s fumbling, nervous conversations in Hotaru no Hikari.

    Anyway, this has got to me one of the memorable ones for me. It’s filed among those other scenes which I’ll always recall at random times.

    • 3.1 firsttimenewbie

      Also, gotta love that Sang-woo saw them first before Ji-wook. Hah. Poor guy.

    • 3.2 snow

      hahaha. Buchou’s awkward elevator rides are the stuff of legends in Hotaru no Hikari. gotta love Buchou <3

      poor Poopy-Seok! i wanted him to get the girl! awww.

    • 3.3 suitfetish

      Oh man, what was the scene you mention, from Prince Turns Frog?

      That show…I loved it beyond all reason. X’D

      high-five to someone else who’s seen it, anyway. David had all the hilarious scenes… Actually, I love these assistant guys, like Park Hoon in Lie to Me, and so on.

      Elevator scenes, though, I always pay the most attention to the poor blighter who’s *completely* unaware, a la Eun Sook here. I haven’t even watched this and I love him and feel bad for him. Gah.

      • 3.3.1 firsttimenewbie

        Where all four (five including David) of them enter the elevator, the first day Joe Chen’s character comes to work at the company at the behest of Sam.

        • firsttimenewbie

          Eun Sook’s goofy smile was a sight to behold.

        • suitfetish

          Ahhh, yes. It is a classic!

    • 3.4 asianromance

      You’re so right abt awkward elevator rides (and I loved Prince Turns Frog too!)

  4. firsttimenewbie

    Oh, I forgot.

    Does Ji-wook have super-hearing? Or does Yeon-jae speak louder than usual with her conversation partners. Third time, twice in this episode and one two episodes earlier where he’s heard a convo while standing a few feet away.

    Other than that, this show is so pretty and pulls you in.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 4.1 obivia

      I’m totally with you–read your comment after I vented a similar idea.

    • 4.2 78446

      It’s funny, last week, there was also an inconsistency (wiring money to a frozen account) that a few commenters pointed out. Normally, I don’t mind inconsistencies if they don’t interfere with the general narrative but it tends to become glaring when it starts to influence where the plot is actually going.

      That said, I still love this show. I think it was awesome that Ji-wook overheard that confession knowing he still can’t bring himself to admit he likes her. It’s a game changer and I can’t wait to see what exactly he’s going to do with the information (A little part of me hopes he goes nuts, breaks his engagement and just runs away with Yeon-jae to that little island in Okinawa).

      • 4.2.1 Arawn

        First, it’s not necessarily an inconsistency. He’s angry and frustrated wanting to get rid of her (sort of) so he shouts that he’ll wire her the money. It’s not like he’s being calculative and thinking the best way out of the situation. Being emotional he might just not recall that her account is frozen and merely register “I need 300 million won” even though that’s not what she says. He just interpreters her words so.

        Secondly, if he did wire 300 million won to her account and she’d go to court telling that she’ll pay and money is on her account, surely they would be able to refroze her account and take the money.

        Thirdly, if environment is quit enough and people speak with normal voices, it can be heard pretty far. Occasionally I can hear what people are talking about in front of the buss even though I’m sitting in the back. So annoying…

        • sophie

          I totally agree with all your points!

      • 4.2.2 Dux

        Sometimes it’s best not to over-analyze K-dramas ; ) Just sit back, enjoy the ride

  5. So3

    I think watching Scent of a Woman reminds me of the fact that, what makes a drama touch its audience’s heart is sometimes not about the originality of the plot or story, but the creativity and care given to the execution of the plots.

    It’s when we have so many little things that allow audience to connect/relate to that makes a drama really special and a pleasure to watch.

    Kudos to the PD, writer and actors for being wonderful storytellers!

    • 5.1 Dominique


      Far too many, even those seasoned industry professionals who should know better, equate originality with novelty, which amounts to nothing more than gimmicky tricks.

      It is not originality but story-telling that makes or breaks a drama, as the movie Titanic proves. Everyone knew how the movie would end, but it did not stop millions from seeing the movie not just once but multiple times.

      The fast pace and fine dialogue plus superb acting by the heroine as well as the two men in love with her propel this movie forward with such freshness and force.

      This is one of the finest examples of story-telling in the tradition of English drama. One that acts as an antidote to the dramatic mess known as City Hunter that just ended.

      Shakespeare would be proud.

      • 5.1.1 alexe

        I wouldn’t have quoted Shakespeare but I am entirely with you for the rest , specially CH …
        I have seen in this episode one of the best ever scenes in a k-drama : the tango with LDW barefoot . Amazing how hot it was ! Actually I tend to look at hands and feet of men to verify if I feel them really hot . An actor’s feet were so ugly that it took me away from him ; but I tried to put up with him because I loved him a lot ; and recently in the beginning of a drama he was continuously pointing his fingers toward the camera and I saw , horrified that these fingers were mere black puddings ; that definitely took me away from the actor and the drama .
        In short LDW is hot from head to toe !
        Thank you for your recap JB as precious as usual .

        • Lilian

          “In short LDW is hot from head to toe !”

          omg! u stole my line XD hahaha….I so so agree!

    • 5.2 deasy

      But I like the last episode instead, that was more funny. and what do I really like is Seok was really cute and happy. but in this episode Yeon Jae makes him sad. oh poor poopy Seok. Yeon Jae if I were U I will chose poopy Seok than Ji Wook coz I want to spend my short life time with peace. together with someone who really love you, taking care of you, know U well, and you’ll got blessing from family. if you chose Ji wook you won’t be able to spend your remaining day with peace anymore. more over with the evil bitch Sae Kyung….

    • 5.3 SandrOu

      Yeah. you’re right. That’s exactly how i feel about Scent Of woman. ^^

    • 5.4 mtoenlob

      Agree. For a drama to come across to its audience, it should touch them mentally and emotionally, allowing them to connect and relate to what is happening, to find themselves in the characters and not just merely viewers.

      And you said it right. It is in the story-telling, the execution of the storyline that makes all the difference. And Scent of a Woman nailed that.

    • 5.5 sosoxrah

      I totally agree. I know that the story is sad and and may end tragically, but every time I watch an episode, I’m just happy and full of anticipation for the next scene. I’m always dying to see what’s going to happen next. I love the chemistry that Kim Sun-ah creates with both male actors. It really helps this drama make a deep connection with viewers. And, of course, it’s so beautiful to look at with the camera that it reminds me how life itself is a beautiful thing. The contemplative nature of this drama with great actors and wonderful execution is definitely a working combination for this particular drama. I’m not the type to watch the same drama over and over again for originality’s sake, but this is the kind that makes me want to go back even a few days later to re-watch an episode.

  6. L.KWON

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    Anyhoo, thanks so much for the re-cap. I simply adore this show and enjoy the additional perspective.

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      SOAW fighting!

      • 6.1.1 msim

        Maybe it comes from the joy of being able to count?
        It always strikes me as ridiculous…just like the Jacket-From-Another-Planet worn in the court scene by our resident evil princess.

        • malta

          I want a blog post dedicated to Sae kyung’s wardrobe! I always wondered who buys those really bizarre outfits you see on fashion runways. Apparently Sae kyung buys them all.

  7. Molly

    Thanks for the recap! I love this show so much, especially its attention to minute details concerning Yeon-jae’s death, like:

    Yeon-jae: β€œI’ll feel so wronged I won’t be able to die.”

    While the common saying would be “to live,” she says “to die,” and this is only one of the many subtle hints that the drama drops of her impending death – which the other characters interpret as an exaggeration or a figure of speech. Ahh! The ending’s going to hurt; I’m already bracing myself.

  8. obivia

    “Immediately Ji-wook guesses who this is β€” thinking back to the fanmeeting β€” and confirms that the guy’s a doctor, wears glasses, and has slanty eyes. HA.”

    I totally guffawed over the slanty-eyed part–hilarious.

    I really do love this drama to pieces but I wonder if anyone’s as peeved as I am by how often dramas use the “convenient eavesdropping” device? I mean, I know it has its function in drama but here with the scene where YeonJae’s friend comforts her about the settlement in the lobby and moreso with the final scene, I was a bit put off–just ever-so-slightly, mind you. This almost never happens in real life–especially the eavesdropping of the bathroom variety. Maybe that’s just me griping.

    Still, I will eagerly await ep. 8. Thanks for the awesome recap, JB!

    • 8.1 firsttimenewbie

      The last scene here, maybe I could buy. They’re in an open, empty street. So perhaps they’ll speak a little louder. But the two convos in the lobby he heard? No way, they would speak loud enough for him to hear considering the distance.

      • 8.1.1 firsttimenewbie

        there shouldn’t be a comma in that last sentence. I meant – No way they would speak loud enough for him to hear….

    • 8.2 malta

      I buy the eavesdropping in the lobby scene when Yeon jae went to visit her friend cause she was pretty loud and I think there was an echo, plus she was obviously sobbing. I don’t buy the last scene though cause there was no way he could have heard her out on the street, not to mention the fact that he was like 5feet from them, but somehow invisible.

      Sometimes dramas do the opposite where the characters are yelling at each other and no one else in the restaurant notices them, like when Yeon jae was telling Wilson how much of a jerk he was for not coming back sooner. If I was in the room with them I so would have been staring at them like “we better get security in here cause the piano man is going down!” Wilson! Why u such a punk?!

      • 8.2.1 firsttimenewbie

        About Ji-wook’s invisibility cloak. In that last scene there were one or two times where Yeon-jae tilts her head to the right a little, and her eyes shift a bit in that direction. I thought maybe she would see him, but she doesn’t.

        She probably should have seen him.

        In conclusion, three out of three instances of Ji-wook’s super-hearing–not plausible. Maybe one or two, pehaps. But not all three.

        • firsttimenewbie

          Oh, about Wilson. I was wondering too, why the hell they weren’t getting attention from others.When Wilson raised his voice, the few patrons behind him did turn their heads. Though I was wondering waaaayyyyy before that why they weren’t attracting attention with Yeon-jae’s raised voice.

          • obivia

            So true about the Wilson scene–I would’ve definitely thrown a few “B*tch, take it outside” looks their way.

    • 8.3 Locturne

      Ikr! it’s annoying that all the misunderstandings are cleared that way. Can’t Yoon-Jae just give an explanation sometimes? It reminds me of other dramas, where a person sometimes says, “It feels petty to say this, but I did [some good thing]” While here, Yoon-Jae gets to keep the righteous attitude of a wronged (but silent!) heroine all the time, without having to suffer the consequences of a misunderstanding. I mean once is okay, but that’s the third time already! *grumbles*

      • 8.3.1 malta

        Yeah. I would have let Eun seok tell Ji wook what I did with the money and been like in you face Ji wook aka “Guy-who-always,-always-assumes-the-worst-about-me-despite-the-fact-that-Sae-kyung-is-obviously-out-on-a-vendetta-to-get-me!”

      • 8.3.2 Cabbage

        Well, she couldn’t explain the ring because she really didn’t know how to prove it. (Btw, I am still amazed that they managed to freeze her assets on so little evidence.)

        But, if she comes clean about giving the money to the hospital, then she has to expose the cancer, because there’s no other explanation for such a big charitable gesture from someone who has no job, no house, and a mother to support.

        On the other hand, I have a feeling that her revenge on SK will involve JW, so she’ll probably tell him the truth about meeting SK, at least.

  9. Laeah

    Ahhhhh Eun Seok γ… γ… 
    I’m really so disappointed in this drama.
    The jerk always get the woman.

    • 9.1 Tok

      IA. I always fall in love with the 2nd lead and leaves me depressed when the first lead wins even though all along we knew the lead would take the girl γ… γ… 

      • 9.1.1 Laeah

        I’m usually a main guy person. Maybe I just watch less popular dramas.

        In this particular show, I see nothing from him until this episode. What is there to like? Seriously? Just because you hung out? To me, it’s like physical lust and nothing more. It’s like hey, we are two good looking people, chemistry must = love.

        I’m just not a fan of “I like him against my own will”. I mean, that’s not love…

        Eun Seok, on the other hand, while a bit too honest for people to handle and bit too excluding, he’s honestly nice to her, despite being tough. She seems to enjoy herself well enough around him anyway.

        I feel like she’s a school girl who’s picking Mr. Popular just because he’s 100% perfect on paper. It just gives me a sickening feeling.

        • malta

          I’ve also been trying to figure out why Yeon jae likes Ji wook. I did not expect her to be the one to like him first, but somehow she is. Although I can’t understand her feelings, I don’t think she like’s him cause he’s 100% on paper. I mean what is she gonna do with that 100%. It’s not like she can get married, have lots of gorgeous kids, be super rich, take care of her mom and gloat to her friends. She’s got something like 5 months now to live. Plus, maybe this is just me, but he is not 100% – Ji wook rushes to judgement – he’s indifferent about too many things – he’s mean sometimes – he’s engaged!! That’s not 100% on paper, especially the engaged part of things.

          I do understand having love for someone you know you shouldn’t and don’t want to. (You cannot choose who you fall in love with, but you can choose who you’re in a relationship with.) It’s definitely an overused kdrama cliche though, but this show has been so well done so far that I want to see how it plays out…

          As for Eun seok. I love him, but his feelings for Yeon jae are just as confusing to me as Yeon jae’s feelings for Ji wook. He’s very nice to her so Yeon jae has reason to have feelings towards him, plus he’s her doctor, the one who takes care of her and knows her true situation. But when did Eun seok begin to like Yeon jae for the woman that she is, cancer and all?…

          I’m never a fan of the “elementary school crush” cliche. Children in elementary school love their friends-yes, maybe when you get to 4th or 5th grade you could have a crush (as in you realize the opposite sex is different and not just in a they have cooties kinda way), but elementary school kids do NOT fall in romantic love that burns for 2 1/2 decades! That requires puberty and I’m just not sure when Eun seok went all romantic love on Yeon jae. Ji wook has spent a lot more “romantic” time with Yeon jae during which they could’ve “seen each other as a man/woman” as they say across the Pacific.

          So yeah, in conclusion, I’m a little confused about some people’s feelings towards each other…

          • Laeah

            Yes, but you don’t actually fall in love at first sight. Sorry if I don’t believe in it. I also don’t believe you can someone despite not wanting to. Maybe it’s not proper, but you still WANT to, or else you wouldn’t. Do you see what I mean?

            Anyway, my comment about 100% on paper what I meant by it is that he has good looks, money, is popular, etc.

            Also, the fiance part is a really good point! I guess because she’s dying she doesn’t really need to care, but it kind of pisses me off that she’s going after a guy who has a fiance. It’s not exactly a good scenario. Of course it exists, but that’s not exactly the deviation from “poor hardworking girl” that I was looking for.

            As for the Eun Seok thing and childhood crush… I think that it’s quite possible if you are continuously in contact with them and don’t allow yourself to get over them. I don’t think it’s always romantic, no, nor do I think she should just be with him cuz he likes her (that’s stupid too, IMO). But my point is they have HISTORY together. They actually know each other beyond what they look like and their jobs and that they know how to tango.

            Ji Wook has done nothing really (except, I guess now, helping with Wilson which she still doesn’t really know) to show 1) kindness 2) interest 3) that he’s even a decent guy. She’s spent a couple of hours/days/etc with him. That doesn’t make you say = I love you realistically in real life.

            To me, it’s like they stuck a chaebol in it just because to them it seems more dramatic to fall in love with a “rich” guy than someone next to her. There has been nothing within the plot to really hold them together. No “glue”. I guess that’s the point? But it’s just not done right and it leaves me with icky feelings.

    • 9.2 Alvina

      haha *high five* friend. Eun Seok πŸ™

      I feel for him so much, esp because he has such a sensitive heart and he had to be the one to tell her she was dying and he has to be there to hold her hand as she gets treated.

      Makes my heart hurt for him.

      • 9.2.1 Laeah

        Yeah. She’s like: I’m going to go over here to someone I barely know and spent a couple of days with MAX and somehow am “madly in love with”.

        This is just too unrealistic. There is no background here, no common ground AT ALL to make them anywhere near realistic as a couple.

        I feel bad for him, so bad. It’s like another slap in the face.

      • 9.2.2 Laeah

        I mean, and during that short time, he’s not even really all that nice to her.

        • Arawn

          But it’s totally realistic and plausible that someone would STILL be totally in loooove after 25 years even though they were just little kids back then. And seemingly this guy has waited for her those 25 years… come on.

          This is one of the main reasons why I don’t care about Eun Seok romance here. Sure, he’s very lovable as a character but I don’t like these “connection when children, lovers when adults” or “they were fated from childhood” blah blah.

          • Laeah

            But it’s more plausible than meet the CEO of your own company on vacay and fall in love after a few hours?

            Like I said, Eun Seok had a crush on her as a child. Do I think he spent every waking moment thinking of her since then? I doubt it with medical school…. but those feelings can definitely come back strong when you realize that person is going to die.

            I mean, it’s not about “fate”, is just about the fact that they have known each other longer.

            In this scenario I don’t think either coupling is perfect, but IMO, Eun Seok is a more realistic choice and makes more sense.

          • Arawn

            He’s more realistic choice as a mate, sure. But then again, she’s dying. Why should she choose a man with whom future would be more realistic when she has no future?

            And no, I don’t think it’s realistic at all to just drop in love (not even fall) suddenly to someone who was your childhood crush. I just don’t believe anybodys feelings last that long.

  10. 10 maria

    it’s no mystery, really– it’s the LOOKS between them, it’s the looks they give each other. the looks got me hooked, man! like…. drowning in the eyes. LOL/wax poetic, why not. NYAHAHA

    • 10.1 alexe

      Exactly .

    • 10.2 malta

      You’re right. Their physical attraction is pretty obvious… Reminds me of Dal ja’s Spring when Dal ja realized it was ok that she was physically attracted to Tae bong before she grew to love him for who he was.

      Sometimes when you’re falling in love, it’s not just the looks you give each other, but the fact that you just can’t see anyone else. Logic becomes useless. I think that’s why so far Yeon jae hasn’t really noticed how nervous Eun seok gets around her. She just literally can’t see anyone else right now.

    • 10.3 Laeah

      Physical attraction = true love?

  11. 11 Molly

    Ack! I am having Pil Joo vs Dokko Jin flashbacks. But this time we are all the way up to episode 7 and still I want the second lead Eun Seok to win! By this point in BL I was all for Dokko (although I was soooo in love with Pil Joo too). Don’t get me wrong Ji wook is a total doll and a dream boat- but poopy seok is just… So… Perfectly adorkable!

    • 11.1 Molly

      Hey, another Molly! (I’m #7 Molly, above) We should number ourselves or something. πŸ˜‰ I’m totally having second lead dilemmas too; both Dr. Poopy and Pil Joo are so endearing! Maybe it’s the doctor dorkiness.

    • 11.2 lvsanchez

      My feelings EXACTLY! Pil Joo was the first second lead I loved but he couldn’t compete with Dokko in my eyes… but Poopy has captivated my heart… it is so painful! That last scene was just like a dagger piercing through my heart lol

  12. 12 ___

    Poopy-seok!!! T____T

    • 12.1 GRAWL

      my exact sentiments. TT3TT;

    • 12.2 malta

      So sad for him…Yeon jae is completely clueless about his feelings. :'(

    • 12.3 qinta

      ohhh nooo… what is gonna happen with his tanggo performance since he already ask Yeon Jae to be his partner???

  13. 13 bloghopper1

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    • 13.1 bloghopper1

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ggvLZUqHbo too excited and forgot to put the link. πŸ˜‰

      • 13.1.1 Susie

        :O WOW SHE CAN DANCE!!!!!

      • 13.1.2 malta

        Lucky girl getting to dance with all those cute guys!

        • bloghopper1

          hehe, i was wondering about the music they used for tango, which a google later showed that it’s from scent of a woman, alpacino’s movie, aged old music from a really really old song, next click lands me with the same music they used for city hall tango – kim sun ah and cha seung won. a hundred clicks later i found that clip of kim sun ah dancing with rain. i love both of them. i love kim sun ah, apart from gong hyo jin, they act naturally. there’s nothing superficial.

          • tomo

            I can’t stop watching the video. Couldn’t get enough so I saw a related video where Rain pranks KSA. They’re so cute together; I had no idea they were friends! Seems they’re really close, as Rain speaks in banmal to her even though she’s his noona. πŸ™‚ I could totally see them together IRL.

            First time I’m seeing Rain in an attractive light. Ah, the power of KSA. LOL. I even just dl-ed Rain’s 1st album that contains the song they tango-ed to! πŸ˜€

      • 13.1.3 tomo

        oh wow! she’s so so pretty here! love the dancing, too!

        is this an old video? if not, KSA definitely looks much better with more meat on her bones and longer hair. πŸ˜€

      • 13.1.4 tomo

        I got so excited, myself, my manners went out the window.

        Thanks for sharing such an awesome link!! πŸ˜€

        I have a grin plastered on my face watching this hahaha.

      • 13.1.5 Cabbage

        So fun! KSA really can dance…though I don’t think Rain made a single move that counts as a tango step.
        Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great dancer.

  14. 14 Toya

    You know, your comment at the end about everyone being happy reminded me about this book where the girl got to keep both men (they became a working threesome relationship).

    • 14.1 firsttimenewbie

      Polyandry for the win! πŸ™‚

      • 14.1.1 Alvina

        Lol. I read a book like that when I was staying at a hospital. Weird.

        I think it was Erotica lite though, so that explains it a little.

    • 14.2 marisa

      I hear you. The main pairing barely know each other: it’s lust at this point. No need to disguise it as love.
      If this was a French drama, she could date both Mr Moody and Mr Poopy.
      There would have been some steamy skinship already (shown or implied) with one and/or both of them. By now, they would have figure out if they actually like/love each other outside of bed.
      I’ll watch anything with KSA but this drama should be more mature about its desires. It’s not You’ve Fallen For Me territory – love k-dramas but this is always the weakest point.

      • 14.2.1 malta

        The description you gave is sooooo French.

  15. 15 Yer Vang

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    • 16.1 sulyn

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      It’s episode 8 tonight. Will the kiss be seen?

      Thanks for the lovely recap.

  17. 17 anais

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  18. 18 Zoey

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  19. 19 Daniela

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    My sister’s laptop have no sound, I dont know why. It had happended before but it was ok until thursday and I was hoping that by today it would be ok. But no…
    So, I decide I would wait and I only watched the Eun-seok ‘s scenes and read the recap.
    Today, I was only interesented in Eun-seok, in what would happen to him an yeees, he danced tango (oh the quick smile he did.). This is maybe the first time (ok, I would have to check that, but I think it is) that my first reason to watch a drama is the second lead. Pil-joo doesnt count because I loved him but he was like my third reason. But Eun-seok, I giggle everytime I see him.
    I love everything else too, but if I had to make a short and not detailed list…ok Just until I return to my homework:
    1. Eun-seok
    3. The love story between Yeon-jae and Ji-wook
    I think number 3 gives highlights to number 1 and i like that, everything is related.

    Its so sad that “The love story between Yeon-jae and Eun-seok” cant happen…

    I want to watch this episode! It gives satisfactions, but the end *crying*

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 19.1 Jomo

      Did you love the moment when the doc’s eyebrows shot up in response to his touching YJ?
      I believe that is called the Tango-Shock reflex – a convulsive expulsion of sensation in response to the woman of your dreams taking you in her arms for the first time EVER.
      Poor thing prolly blushed 7 shades of red darker, too.

      • 19.1.1 Daniela

        Yes! OMG I love his face and his awkwardness during the dance. His little expressions were priceless. *re-watching right now”

      • 19.1.2 Mia

        I love every single one of Eun-seok’s little reactions!

        When the female tango instructor contradicted Ramses saying “No, he does have the feeling.” I felt that it highlighted his character so well!

        He has that fiery passion within this cute dorky body so he responds with these little, little, reactions that are so loveable! (His eye brow raise, his “arrrr” at coming home to find his pillow being eaten, and my personal favorite, the way that during the doctor’s meeting he was the only one in the crowd not doing obligatory reactions – like the laugh at the bad joke, complimentary mumbling at the “saxophone lessons” from the chief.

        He’s one of the most loveable characters I ever came across in Kdrama-land….Eun-seok ah…….*sobs*

  20. 20 Cynthia

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    Loved your ending comment of “Ack! Why can’t everyone just be happy?”

    Because then it wouldn’t be a K-drama. Gotta work overtime to achieve the elusive happy dance!

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  22. 22 Jomo

    Thank you for the recappity-cap!

    Agree that the overhearing is very cliche, but I am forgiving this show knowing how little time they have left. Now that cat is clearly out of the bag, we can continue with our fledgling romance before someone dies.

    The ring took up too many episodes, although it did provide us this moment:
    Darcy Ji Wook to the rescue going to London Sydney secretly to convince Lydia and Wickham Wilson to come back! But Lizzie Yeon Jae finds out and thus, all of her resolve to stay away from him crumbles like a wall of bubbles.

    I must say, I did “Gasp!” in happiness when Wilson stepped into the room. I expected someone to fill the empty chair next to YJ, but thought it would be JW with a taped confession.

    LOVED LOVED the fantasy dance scene. It hit me right here in the romantocrine gland. LDW has a really good yearning face. I feel his need for YJ and her joie de vivre. He practically flinched when Bitch-ancee mocks the idea of having a fun date – something only lowly YJ could provide. At the same time, I do understand SK’s predicament. When they started this engagement, JW was the perfect match, seemingly. It wasn’t until after Japan that his humanity started leaking out through holes YJ created in his armor of disdain.

    And do tell us, JW about being hungry, huh?

    I refused from the git-go to get on Doc E’s ship. I.just.can’t.do.it. First of all, K-stats have proved that Doctors never win in a love triangle. I did the math. (There is one exception, and it included other doctors, thus it is an outlier and doesn’t count.) Second of all, he completely deserves to have YJ die happily in his arms. Anything other than her returning his 25+ year old love would be insanely unfair. That is why he will completely lose. I cannot get broke-hearted on this show with both the second lead and the first lead dying.

    PS Loved what YJ was wearing on her mother’s blind date.
    PSS Did anyone else spot JJ in the magazine YJ was flipping through?
    PSSS The next ep better feature a kiss between LDW and KSA. Just a teaser to start. I can wait for the kiss to end all kisses that WILL happen, right, PD and writers?

    • 22.1 Daniela

      K Dramas are bad with doctors…they deserve love too! I guess not in kdrama.
      Of all the tango scenes of the main leads, I like this one the most, sound off and all.

      • 22.1.1 Kasie J.

        I find that interesting because doctors seem to highly regarded in the Asian community. I know my mom would be thrilled if I dated/married a doctor. XD

        • Cabbage

          I guess they make the stoic, sacrificial, loving character real. “Oh, of course he’ll stand by her side and accept her leaving him. He’s a doctor.”

    • 22.2 indie24

      Haha!!! JW rescuing YJ and YJ thanking him for it pretty much resembles a scene from Pride and Prejudice.

    • 22.3 Z

      HAHA! The Pride and Prejudice reference had me rolling. I feel like the Romantic Comedy Writer’s guild struck a deal with Jane Austen way back in the day that they would henceforth base all their works only on her novels, namely P&P (not that I mind; it’s my favorite book).

      And I was just thinking last weekend while watching this that the Dr.’s never get the girl. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. Its funny; in America the Dr. would be the hero every time. Apparently, in Korea the Rich Cheabol to Plucky Poor Girl Ratio is like 2:1 so the doctors have to settle for sloppy seconds.

  23. 23 whatis

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    Ahh and i know how you feel! I’m so conflicted between wanting to bash Ji Wook for not simply confessing his love, but feel sorry for him cause he’s so agonised over it … and then im conflicted between wanting Ji Wook and Yeon Jae to be together, but I also want Eun Seok to be happy. What to do?!?!?!

    But I’m really excited for the next episode – it looks like it’s going to be “awww …. gahhh … oOhh … *smiles smiles smiles*” reactions from me, for scenes between Ji Wook and Yeon Jae, though I think Sae Kyung is going to spoil it (WHEN HASN’T SHE???)

    Have class tomorrow – but should I stay up again and watch? Otteoke?!?!?!? Tis the problem of awesome dramas!

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    • 31.1 Daniela

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      • 31.1.1 Cynthia

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    • 36.1 Leng

      Sorry ! Reposting 50 at reply 36

      50 Leng August 13th, 2011 at 11:18 pm

      Try http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/b6145.htm

    • 36.2 jastinel

      Best live viewing for SOAW…http://tv.258so.com/

      η”΅θ§†ε°ζœη΄’ on the top of left hand side, you type SBS & then click the first column !!
      credit to Yummy

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      No breakfast for my family every weekend.
      Good thing my husband can give way for my insanity, his a good cook, so he do the cooking for me.
      I`m so addicted to this drama, that I even let my date with my husband spoiled last night…hahaha!

      Anyway, my heart hurts for the doctor!
      ES:why do you Have to asked her that question?!
      YJ:Why YJ did you tell him the truth?!
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      She as great in The World they Live In and Sungkyunkwan scandal. I thought she really began to humanize the second lead in this episode with her moment of introspection.

      Before this episode I was a little disappointed in how stereotypically b!tchy the second lead was being played.

      Also, she has the wettest eyes I’ve ever seen on K-dramas. They always look as if they are about to overflow.

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    I haven’t been so enamored with a second lead in a long time. Well… not technicaly true… there’s Choi Ryu from Myung Wol but that’s for purely shallow reasons (namely because he’s the most beautiful man alive).

    • 45.1 asianromance

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      I guess it’s a bit unfair that he doesn’t know she’s dying and we all do. All I can think of is “Ji Wook, you bastard! she had cancer!!!”

      Eun Seok is really tugging at my heart. Poor guy! Please give up now!! she’ll end up with Ji wook!

      • 45.1.1 Z

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