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Scent of a Woman: Episode 8
by | August 14, 2011 | 357 Comments

I think before this episode, the tango was a stand-in, a euphemism for a lot of things, but there are no longer any spaces to read between the lines now. I think the appropriate expression is: Oh, get a room already. YOWZA.


Yeon-jae confesses to Eun-seok that despite trying not to, she likes Ji-wook. Eun-seok sighs, masking his own heartbreak, and tells her that she should be saying this to Ji-wook, not him.

Ji-wook, who’s been eavesdropping this whole time, gets caught up in her confession and starts to take a step towards her… but then Yeon-jae replies: “It doesn’t mean anything. He’s marrying someone else.” That stops him in his tracks, and he watches Eun-seok turn to see him, and then take her away.

Meanwhile Mom’s date is going swimmingly, as they sit down to dinner. Mom puts a piece of live wriggling octopus in her mouth and it gets stuck in her throat (Ew, worst nightmare).

The doctor has to give her the Heimlich so she’ll spit it back out, which sends her packing immediately. This is why I don’t eat things that are still alive. Recently alive is good enough for me.

Yeon-jae promises to return the favor if Mom’s date went well, and Eun-seok starts to ask about Ji-wook. She clarifies that he wasn’t the one to sue her or give her the money, and he wonders if maybe he didn’t butt in where he shouldn’t have. Aw.

Yeon-jae sits in the dark for a while to brood, and Mom comes home, burying herself in bed out of mortification. Meanwhile Ji-wook tosses and turns all night, unable to sleep after hearing Yeon-jae’s confession to Eun-seok.

He heads to work the next day and after another round of uninspired ideas, decides that Yeon-jae’s last unfinished project with the planning team is the best they can come up with. He also announces (out of nowhere) that Yeon-jae wasn’t responsible for Wilson’s ring because it was never lost. Uh, did anyone ask?

He has his secretary call Yeon-jae in to see him, though he adds not to tell her that he asked her to come. So… someone else called her to your office? You’re dumber than I thought.

He fidgets nervously like a big dork as he waits for her to arrive. She remains aloof as she sits down to ask what he wants, and he explains that they’re seeing her project through, and asks her to come back to work.

She turns him down, and he reminds her that she said it was a job that she wanted to protect for a long, long time. Without explaining further, she tells him that even if she were to return, she wouldn’t be able to do that.

He’s clearly not getting the answer he wants, so he starts yelling at her to just listen to him. Oh, okay. Pffft. He even tries apologizing for the other night.

She turns him down flat and gets up to go, so he finally yells, “You said you wanted to see me! So I’m giving you that chance!” Aaaaaargh, what the hell is with you and your asshat remarks? I’m getting tired of it.

Shaking, she asks if he heard what she said. He confesses that he heard everything. They share a charged silent moment, which gets interrupted by Dad’s untimely entrance. He interrupts them to ask Ji-wook about when he’s going shopping for engagement rings, which is pretty much the worst possible thing he could say.

Yeon-jae excuses herself and walks out, and Ji-wook runs after her, but can’t catch up to her in time.

After having being so totally crushed, Eun-seok goes back to his grumpypants ways to cover up his big bleeding heart. He finds the other doctors and nurses laughing at the latest webtoon starring him, and they tease that he must have some hidden manly charm.

They show him the cartoon, and it features him dancing the tango with Yeon-jae. He storms into the room to yell at Yeon-jae’s bunkmate Hee-joo (the one with the crush on him), and totally takes all his anger and frustration out on her, demanding her to take them all down at once. Aw, you big meanie.

Yeon-jae walks up to hear the tail end of his yelling, and when they talk he’s still in a sour mood. She asks if he knows what happened on Mom’s date because she won’t talk about it, and he coldly tells her that she choked on some live octopus, and wonders if it was necessary to come all this way to ask him that.

She gives him some doggie treats for Malbok-ie, saying that she realized she hadn’t paid him enough attention since leaving him in Eun-seok’s care. He softens a little at that, but then she tells him that he was too harsh with Hee-joo, who’s young and sick with cancer.

Back on the defensive, he asks if being a cancer patient excuses you to do anything you want. He snaps at her to stop concerning herself with him and figure out her own mess — liking a man who’s going to marry someone else. Ouch.

Angry tears brimming, she says, “I must look pathetic in your eyes.” He doesn’t relent: “Well aren’t you?” and walks away. Aaaaaargh.

He stops to look back at her, probably realizing that he’s lashing out, but turns and keeps walking ahead with a sigh. Oh, Poopy-seok. You have the emotional maturity of a nine-year old.

Yeon-jae heads to the tango studio to clear up her crappy mood, and asks her instructor Veronica how long it’ll take her to dance like her. She sighs to hear the answer six years, but Veronica adds that it can be shortened if she dedicates the time to it.

At the same time, Ji-wook arrives outside the jewelry shop. He looks inside and sees Sae-kyung sitting there, and as his hand comes up to open the door… he stops. He can’t face it, or her, and whirls around and leaves.

He calls Yeon-jae, who doesn’t hear her phone because she’s dancing. Veronica answers for her, and doesn’t let him talk to her, but now he knows where she is. He spins the car around and zooms to the studio.

Veronica slyly leaves Yeon-jae alone while she and her partner go out for dinner, so when Ji-wook arrives, he sees her dancing all alone.

He walks up to her, intense with focus, tearing off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves in one fluid movement. Without a word, he puts his arm around her waist and pulls her toward him. Rawr.

She takes a step back, so he moves forward, in that same step they learned in the beginning, now fraught with all their unfulfilled longing. He takes the lead, maybe for the first time ever, and they dance.

Good grief, so this is why they invented tango. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna drop a baby, any minute now. Seriously, all that denial of feelings now seems worth it, for the tango foreplay alone. Hot damn.

They finally get to kissing distance, and he starts to lean in. He closes his eyes. She closes hers. He inches forward and they stay frozen like that.

He stops, noses touching, lips just barely apart. Trembling, he says, “How are you going to stop your feelings, when you’re like this?” It’s unclear whether he’s saying it to her or himself, maybe both.

And then he walks out, leaving her with her arms held out in the space where he used to be. Gah, it’s so much worse than if he’d never shown up.

He goes straight to Sae-kyung’s place to wait for her outside, and she screams at the top of her lungs, insane with rage at having been made to wait around for him. He tells her to break the engagement, and the wedding too of course.

That catches her off-guard and she counters that she has no intention of doing that, since it doesn’t matter which guy she marries; it’s all the same to her. Wow, that’s a sad statement on your life, princess.

But he tells her that he’s trying to be nice – if he breaks the engagement it’ll wound her pride, so he’s offering her the chance to break it herself. How come you can manage to be a gentleman to the girl you hate, but you can’t ever manage to be more than a total ass to the woman you love?

Anyway, she threatens him with the only real thing she has in her arsenal—money. She tells him that when Daddy hears about this, he could crush Ji-wook’s company and take everything away. He doesn’t even flinch: “I don’t care. Do as you like.” Ha. I suppose his indifference comes in handy at a time like this?

Ji-wook broods and then gets all hot ‘n’ bothered thinking about their tango. Yeah, you’re not the only one, buddy. Yeon-jae takes out her bucket list, sighing as she looks at the last two on her list, to do all this with the person she loves, and to close her eyes in the arms of the one she loves.

She heads out in the morning, shocked to find Ji-wook parked out in front of her house, sleeping. Ha, did you spend the night there?

He doesn’t deny that he’s here to see her (Perhaps asking Sae-kyung for the breakup has FINALLY launched him firmly out of Denial Land?) and gives her Wilson’s ring as his excuse for stopping by. He conveys Wilson’s message that it’s a lucky ring, but it’s stopped bringing him luck, so he’s passing it on to her. How lucky are we talking here? Like beat-cancer lucky?

He offers to drop her off wherever she’s going, with the lame excuse that he’s headed out of her neighborhood anyway, and then to cover up his own awkwardness, he quickly says, “Or don’t, whatever,” way too quickly, before she can even consider it.

Hahaha. His crinkle-face at his own stupidity is priceless. She ends up getting in the car anyway, and says her destination is the amusement park. He gets out with her, and muses that it’s a good thing he came along, since it’s a little weird to go to an amusement park alone.

But she’s not here to ride the rides. Ji-wook: “Then why are you here?” Yeon-jae: “To find someone. My first love.” LOL. How’s that for payback?

At the hospital, Eun-seok’s colleagues tease him about the tango, meanwhile secretly jealous that he seems to get attention from women despite being such a jerk. One of them points out that it can’t be helped—women like bad guys.

Eun-seok stalks off, not the least bit amused, but then Hee-joo appears like clockwork to prove the point further. She tells him about having given up her impractical dream of becoming a cartoonist, and then picking it back up once she found out that she had cancer.

She tells him that she started to draw him because he was so mean, and he guesses that she did it to try and stick it to him. She totally floors him by answering that it’s because she likes him. She doesn’t want to regret never trying or saying anything, so she asks him if he’ll take her out on one date.

He quickly answers no. Hee-joo pouts, having expected as much, “You’ve never had a one-sided love, so you’d never know.” Oh, if you only knew how his monstrous one-sided love could crush yours like a little bitty bug.

Yeon-jae looks for her first love who works in the amusement park, while Ji-wook is totally put out by it, trailing her the entire time. He asks accusingly if she has a cheater’s disposition or something. He reminds her that she said she wanted to date him once before dying, then had to meet Junsu, and now it’s her first love?

She tells him that a first love is simply that: a first love, and says that there’s something she’s always meant to tell him. He gets increasingly petty and jealous (hee) and asks what’s the deal with the doctor then – was she introducing him to her mother that night?

God, I love that he’s finally stewing in some jealousy. She laughs at him and explains Mom’s blind date and the double date to provide the social buffer. Dissatisfied, he murmurs, “Still, couldn’t you… not look for your first love?” Hahaha.

They walk into the zoo and find the fabled first love, holding a baby lion of all things. Awwww. They both light up to see each other, as Ji-wook looks back and forth between them warily. Can we just have this go on forever? Like he accompanies her to find all her ex-boyfriends and say the things she meant to say?

He can’t take not knowing what they’re talking about, so he moves closer to eavesdrop on their conversation. She tells First Love that she always liked him, and she never showed up that night because her father was really sick, not because she didn’t like him.

First Love’s response? “Uh… actually I liked Hae-won.” HA. Ji-wook goes from scowling to snickering at his words. He’s suddenly all lightness and joy, thinking the weather’s lovely, and the sun is shining, as he convinces her to go on some rides with him.

She tells him that she’s scared of heights, so he whines that they’ll just ride the not-scary ones. They end up on the carousel, which he rides like it’s Space Mountain or something, as she looks over at him thinking he’s off his rocker.

She finally gets into it when they ride the bumper cars, and they have a good time crashing into each other, much like their very dysfunctional relationship.

But then they run into Hae-won who’s there with her sister and her nieces, and she happens to see them when Ji-wook is brushing the hair of Yeon-jae’s face, making them look unequivocally like lovers on a secret date.

The thing is, I don’t understand her reaction, dripping of judgment, when she was the one who told her to seduce him in the first place. I suppose it has to do with his engagement announcement since then, but still, it’s not like he’s married, and she’s your best friend, for crying out loud.

Suffice it to say, the run-in kills the mood, and Ji-wook drops her off at home, both of them in subdued spirits.

Meanwhile, Eun-seok eats a lonely dinner, and when he sees that Malbok-ie has gathered a fresh pile of books to snack on, he brings him a chew toy instead. He picks up one of the books, and the title reads: “Twenty thing you’ll regret when you die.”

Hahaha. Is the dog a psychic dog? How awesome would it be if lonely Eun-seok had a dog that spoke to him through book titles? Like a magic eight ball that gives advice, but a cuddly BFF too.

He ends up in front of Yeon-jae’s house, false-starting a few text messages. But then before he can decide which one to send her, Ji-wook’s car pulls up and he sees them get out together. Aw. Poor Poopy-seok.

Yeon-jae comes home to find Mom half a bottle of soju deep, feeling down about being single at her age and looking like a fool on her date. Aw.

Across town, Sae-kyung’s busy getting wasted too, and she calls Ji-wook, who shows up to get her. He asks why she’s drinking so much, thinking she can’t possibly be upset about him wanting to end things.

She tells him that the truth is that he’s not guarding her pride—he’s scared of what her father will do if he breaks the engagement first. She tells him that they’ll get engaged and married as planned, since she has no intention of breaking things off, and he doesn’t have the courage to.

You know, as much as I hate her, she’s not a total idiot. He does seem like a passive patsy, in pretty much all things. She’s not wrong in thinking that this will be really hard for him to do, but I want him to grow a pair and just do it already.

He drops her off at home, where the sleazy ex-boyfriend who’s blackmailing her is waiting for her. He just tells her that since Daddy isn’t taking his calls, he came to her, and tells her to deposit the money into his account.

Ji-wook asks who he is, and she turns away as a tear falls, “The man I loved with my whole life. The man who is now using that to extort money from me.” She then adds bitterly that he’s got the perfect out now – he can tell her father that he found out about her tainted past and can’t marry her, and this way he’ll be free of blame and any consequences.

Oh, no. Does that mean he’s NOT going to do it, just to be noble? Gah, if he sticks with this engagement out of pity for her, I’m gonna SCREAM. To make matters worse, his friend tells him that she’s also got a suicide attempt under her belt, just to make him feel extra guilty. I could not possibly hate this girl more.

Yeon-jae crosses another thing off her bucket list: Find First Love. Check. Too bad it ended with bursting your bubble about how he loved you back, which I think provides the take-away lesson here: leave your first love where it belongs… in the past.

She tries Hae-won over and over, but she won’t answer her calls. Yeon-jae finally gets her to meet for coffee, where she shows up still angry and stick-up-her-ass about what’s right and wrong. Gah, seriously, Bestie?

She talks to Yeon-jae like she’s some goldigging whore, scoffing that she didn’t know her friend had such a talent for seducing men. Blech, are you kidding me with his high and mighty bullshit? I’m quickly losing faith in this friendship.

She reminds her that Ji-wook is someone whose engagement is in days, publicly announced all over the place. But Yeon-jae just says that she likes him and wants to see him, whenever she can. She doesn’t expect any more than that.

Hae-won tells her to do as she likes, as long as she doesn’t come crying to her about it. She announces that their twenty-year friendship has now come to an end. Seriously, imma cut a bitch. What the hell is her problem?

Hae-won gets up to leave and that’s when Yeon-jae blurts out, “They say it’s cancer.”

Hae-won stops in her tracks. Dumbfounded, she turns back slowly, asking again in disbelief. Yeon-jae tells her that she has six months to live… “No, is it five months now? I want to fall in love… before I die…”

Ooof. To her credit, Hae-won crumbles with genuine heartbreak when she learns the truth. I still contend that you should be understanding and loving without the terminal illness, but whatever.

It’s Yeon-jae’s first confession about her cancer to someone in her life (Eun-seok doesn’t count ’cause technically he told her), and it’s crushing to watch her finally admit it to someone.

At the same time, Sae-kyung and family have gathered to finalize engagement plans with Ji-wook and his father, and when Ji-wook doesn’t show up for a good long while, she thinks it’s over and starts to explain to her father… just as Ji-wook walks in. Drats.

But to my surprise, he really does screw up the nerve to break the engagement, and to her father’s face no less. He doesn’t sell out Sae-kyung’s past to save his own hide though, and just says that he’s not good enough for her, and that she’ll find someone else who’s right for her.

His father predictably freaks out and smacks him, and rushes back in to try and do damage control in whatever way he can. Please dear Daddy, do not try and put that egg back together again. It took us this long to get it broken.

Back at the coffee shop, Hae-won holds onto Yeon-jae for dear life and cries her heart out. She finally tells her to go, and do whatever she wants. “No matter what you do, I’m on your side.” THANK YOU. Geez, I thought I was gonna have to revoke your BFF card.

Yeon-jae ends up outside Ji-wook’s house, wondering what to do. He calls her and she says she’s outside the house. He tells her he’ll be right there, and she clarifies, “No, not in front of my house…” Helloooo, nurse!

He double-times it home. They greet each other silently with charged looks, and then when they’re standing face to face, she asks, “Do you want to date?” Aw, it’s cute. Like she’s back in high school or something.

He grabs her in a hug, as a tear rolls down his cheek.


Cute. Cute, cute. This drama has a knack for being infuriating, but then solving the source of my anger quickly so that I’m swept along in the ups and downs, but not left stewing over any one thing too long.

It’s a nice balance because with the cancer premise, it could’ve ended up in full-on melodrama territory, with wailing and gnashing of teeth, but the story manages to move along quite nicely without too many Big Misunderstandings, at least not ones that last for more than an episode or two.

I love both boys’ fits of jealousy and each of their growing pains in learning how to express their love (they’re really equally stunted in this respect). And because this story isn’t necessarily about who gets to be with her forever and ever since there IS no forever and ever, I’m looking forward to watching how loving her changes them both for the better.

I like that expecting her to die changes our perspective on the happily-ever-after issue too. Because why are we always so fixated on love having to last forever and a day? Her impending death actually frees her from looking beyond what she wants in the moment, which is beautiful and enviable.

This is one of the reasons why Eun-seok’s love for Yeon-jae is just as interesting a story, and not just pathetic, in light of how it all ends (according to expectation, anyway). His love might be unrequited, but he loves her all the same, and that’s going to change him as much as it changes Ji-wook.

I hope that Yeon-jae gets to spend a good amount of time dating Ji-wook happily before he finds out about her illness. I want to see her fulfill her bucket list with the man she loves, and not in some lame montage either. I want to see her live her last five months as if they were her last fifty years, dancing the whole way.


357 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kist

    gahhhh those tango scenes keep getting better and better.
    Thanks for the recap!

    • 1.1 kimbaba

      Just noticed that they cast Yeon-Jae’s first love with the same actor who played Kim Sun-Ah’s first love in the 2000 drama Joa, Joa. I wonder if this was a coincidence or if it was an inside joke with the writer/director. I thought that was cute.

  2. Dominique

    Is Seoul still burning?

    I am afraid that the Tango in Episode 8 might have set Seoul on spontaneous combustion, with its nuclear heat, passion, sizzle and desire. Step by (Tango) step, and without a word, he breaks down what is left of her resistance. So that, when the dance ends, his conquest becomes fait accompli. He then delivers the immortal line in whisper: As such, how can I give you up?

    Who would have thought that an almost-kiss can be far deadlier than an actual one? Hell, this almost-kiss was even more devouring than sex. Bravo, Lee Dong Wook, for your Oscar-worthy performance in Episode 8!

    Scent of a Woman is on the way to setting a new gold standard for Korean dramas. Lee Dong Wook, in the role of Kang Ji Wook, is in the process of creating a new immortal lover in the league of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. And Kim Sun Ah, by creating a new female role model, gets to do it twice. (Yeah, it will be great to retire Kim Sam Soon finally.)

    I predict that, minutes into Episode 9, Lee Yeon Jae will disclose her cancer as well as her remaining life expectancy to Kang Ji Wook. The two will then reach a rational pact, setting the stage for love and romance that defies and transcends death in the episodes to come.

    In the same breath, (I hope) Lee Yeon Jae may also clarify to Kang Ji Wook that her initiation of their romance is not a result of her sworn revenge to Lim Sae Kyung.

    • 2.1 So3

      You’ve said it all!

      Who would have thought a scene without any kiss or any make-out session can be so much sexier?

      There is so much emotion in that scene and darn, kudos to whoever DESIGNED this scene. I especially love the beginning and ending of this scene – the way they started the steps and how that matched with the background music? Oh my… I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Sun Ah used her dance steps (esp. the first few) to show her vulnerability in front of Ji Wook (you can see how she just led Ji Wook led the dance).
      The ending part was highlighted by the heavy breathe of Ji Wook. So we officially know LDW can act even with breathe.

      Can they just have tango scenes in every remaining episodes?

      • 2.1.1 msim

        Makes me regret complaining about the lack of heat so far.
        Scorching hot!

        I’m liking Veronica a lot! She knows exactly whom is whom and what is what in this dysfonctional threesome.

        p.s.: dear girlfriday, I think Hae-won was just hurt of not being told that her best friend of 20 years was dating Mr Chaebol of whom they have spoken so often. She was in shock.

        • malta

          At first I didn’t understand Hae won, but then when she was talking to Yeon jae I realized Hae won was upset that her friend was actively going after a taken man. I really respect that Hae won was that committed to her convictions. I think saying she wanted to end her friendship with Yeon jae was a bit much, but I understand her.

          I’m not convinced that because you’re dying you automatically have the right to do certain things like actively pursuing a taken man. The show sidestepped that though since Ji wook stepped up to the plate which of course made me like him a lot more.

          • Z

            But Yeon-jae still doesn’t know that he’s broken up. So, she’s still a bit shady for her part in it.

          • whatis

            completely agree.

            In this episode, with Yeon Jae and the 21 year old girl, they seem to want to get this point across – you can do whatever you want now that you have cancer. No… not the case. Consequences still exists for the patient, and for the person they affect.

            Just because the cancer patient have an out when they pass away, doesn’t mean the consequences of their actions die with them.

            However, if I were to take their current situation, (Ji Wook and Yeon Jae clearly likes each other. Ji Wook is forced into marriage with bitch girl, and they are totally not in love) I think I would be okay with Yeon Jae and Ji Wook eloping or something if Yeon Jae didn’t have cancer.

            BUT, to defend Hae-won, I completely fully understand her. I would be pissed off at my friend too if all I knew was that my friend is going after an engaged man… a SUPER RICH man engaged to a SUPER RICH girl for the good of their companies. Because… how nonsensical is this situation? It’s not REAL. There’s no way in hell is this guy going to dump this engagement to be with you – it only happens in dramas. And you know when your friends don’t listen to you, you want to literally smack some sense into them? I think for Hae-won, by threatening Yeon Jae with the 20 years of friendship is to alert Yeon Jae, that this is very wrong, and Hae-won is willing to put that 20 years of friendship on the line to wake Yeon Jae up.

            Side rant:
            I’m a bit surprised that the story doesn’t focus all that much on Yeon Jae’s dealing with her cancer, the process, denial, anger, bargaining, that whole series of emotions that one probably goes through when they learn they have cancer. It’s like she jumped right into “acceptance” after 2 episodes. While that is perhaps possible (?), I think I’d rather see more of the process and how her attitude changes with the people around her and actions she take through those stages.

            The slight problem I have with the loveline (but I think it will be addressed soon fairly soon) between Ji Wook and yeon Jae is… the obstacle as seen by Yeon Jae regarding why she shouldn’t pursue Ji Wook is because he’s engaged… but what about the fact that she’s going to die in 6 months??

            I’m in no way saying that cancer patients do not deserve love, or that they shouldn’t even think about having a relationship, because that’s silly. But the very real situation of THE CANCER possibly causing some grieve to the future boyfriend should’ve came up.

            The cancer truth needs to come out fairly soon… otherwise, it goes from Yeon Jae acting on imuplse, follow her heart to her being selfish. Which she is sorta on the edge of already.

          • houstontwin

            Whatis, I have the same issue with Yeon. She has to take responsibility for how her situation will effect J. He has a right to know from the beginning about her condition.

          • tomo

            Despite my love for this drama, there definitely are some major sticklers.

            Hae-won was over the top in her initial reaction to seeing Yeon-jae with Ji-wook, but it bothered me even more that after YJ tearfully confessed her cancer to HW, HW suddenly proclaims that she’ll have YJ’s back, no matter what she decides to do. Say what?

            I feel for Yeon-jae, I do.

            But cancer and impending death do not give you free reign to do whatever the hell you please in your remaining time. Going after an engaged man, especially if she doesn’t tell him about the cancer (I guess we’ll see in the next episode) is NOT okay.

            Since YJ is unaware of the broken engagement, her asking Ji-wook to date is tantamount to asking to be his mistress.

          • marisa

            I think the comments are a bit harsh towards our heroine:
            1. She knows she could fall in love but assumes he feels only lust since he will be marrying someone else. She knows he could discard her at anytime.

            The have class, money, 2 conglomerates and one l Orange-lipped-barbie-with-crazy-eyes standing between her and any “real” relationship with him.

            2. She doesn’t owe him anything nor does he at this point. They haven’t even kissed!
            Do people tell ALL their secrets before even starting an affair?
            I’m not an expert, never having had a affair, but I’m guessing not.

            3. He is (she thinks) utterly unavailable for long-term plans.

            4. She knows she is unavailable for long-term plans.

            5. Give the dying woman a freaking break!

          • JC

            I totally agree with you on this one. I, too, admired Hae Won for sticking up for her convictions. And it actually bothered me when she later tells Yeon Jae that no matter what she does, Hae Won is on her side. And no, it’s not because I’m an unfeeling b.

            It’s like Eun-Seok says to Yeon Jae: does her having cancer give her a license to do whatever she wants, be it right or wrong? And whether we like it or not, there is a strong smell of adultery going on here. Yes, I know that Ji Wook is not in love with Sae Kyung (bc who would be) and that the entire engagement was arranged, but the fact remains that he’s still an engaged person. Frankly, if a very good friend of mine was fooling around with an engaged man, I would be seriously upset too.

            I think this drama is starting to focus on a very interstings issue, which is where to draw the line. I would agree that someone with a terminal illness should be allowed to experience as much of life as possible. On the other hand, the reality is that we are all going to die one day. So where do you draw the line? And shouldn’t someone who knows that death is imminent be trying harder to live a just life?

          • Jo

            Also, it would make sense because Hae Won doesn’t understand why Yeon Jae would suddenly let go of her principles. Because Hae Won cannot understand this “new” Hae Won, it makes sense that she would be angry (that her friend changed etc)

        • RWJQ

          I had a discussion with a friend on this — I was just as bemused as GF by Hae-won’s strong reaction. My friend shares your sentiments but I personally find her reaction way over the top, if it’s really due to unhappy at being kept in the dark. To give up a 20 y.o. friendship just because of that? I don’t buy it. I think it’s more with her disapproval of her friend seeing a man engaged to be married.

      • 2.1.2 Dominique

        Also great was the single tear drop from Lee Dong Wook’s eye when he pulls and then hugs her at the end of the episode. Not to mention his haggard look (with sunken cheek).

      • 2.1.3 Janet

        So we officially know LDW can act even with breathe.

        ….and the trembling….

        • Janet

          I quoted the first line from So3….

    • 2.2 imclumsy

      Aaahhh…i don’t think the confession of cancer will come yet…i don’t think she wants to shock him especially since she still seems unsure what’s really between them and has no idea he broke off the engagement

      • 2.2.1 Dominique

        I get the feeling that both Kang Ji Wook and Lee Yeon Jae are not typical characters that populate Korean dramas.

        They are the type who know what they want and, once their minds are made up, act (not talk). Sure, they undergo (silent) angst. But what they do not do is waste time with debates. It is this econony of words that endears this drama to me.

        I think she will put all the cards on the table, and right away. Moreover, if she doesn’t, he will demand an accounting when he finds out.

        • So3

          Yes. Somehow I get the feeling that Yeon Jae hasn’t finished what she was trying to say and then here comes Ji Wook’s hug.

          Remember what Hae Won said to Yeon Jae before Yeon Jae went to meet JW? She asked if JW knows about her cancer and whether JW likes her. YJ’s answers were “No” and “Don’t know”. I felt that Yeon Jae went to find JW in order to clear both things up.

        • mini me

          i totally agree with u, let hope for the best.
          =(Please…..o please….don’t waste the time with insignificant thing,let us see the fire(in their eyes) he..he, lots of romantic scene(just the two of them) and maybe a wedding ;)..that would truly make my day. easier said, just cut the chase and on to best thing)=My Plea to the writer for the next ep..he..he

    • 2.3 Kaion

      And what is Shin Mirae, chopped liver? I’m kidding, I just hope you mean Kim Sun-Ah is creating another immortal lover, ’cause she’s already created another female role model!

      • 2.3.1 Fabmari

        I love them all: Sam Soon, Mirae and Yeon Jae!
        They are all inspirational.

        I love Sam Soon because she really shows that real woman. Sometimes we feel insecure with ourselves, but in the end we can always stand up for ourselves and to reach what we want.

        I love Yeon Jae because instead of dwelling in sadness or her past, she heads out to make the most of her time — shedding her ‘thinking cloth’ and wear ‘living cloth’.

        The most inspirational for me is Mirae though, because she is a totally brave woman and later becomes a great and clean civil servant!! (something totally lacking my country. sight).
        I so wish every politicians in my country watch City Hall!

    • 2.4 bloghopper1

      the best ever almost-kiss of my eight years of k-drama watching history. will rewatch it every day until next saturday. 😉

    • 2.5 alexe

      Yes , hot hot HOT . Tango scenes are anthology’s ones and specially the last one .
      That’s a drama where KSA makes us forget all her past dramas ( who would think it possible ? ) as if LDW had been her first ever partner .

      • 2.5.1 webfoot

        That last shuddering breath at the end… swoon.

        • Jomo

          Couldn’t agree more.
          That last breath of his pushed CSW off the top of my list, and put LDW firmly, maybe forever, in as THE most-beautiful-in-lust first lead, male, ever.


          • webfoot

            Umm.. not yet. Will take more than that to push CSW off my list. You hear that LDW? MORE.

        • katz

          AGREED. That last breath and that purposeful walk towards her killed me. So damn hot. I could watch that tango scene again and again and again.

          • kdfan

            Omo .. can’t believe I’m reading all this .. and there I was tearing my hair out as he tore off his jacket .. how could she still be standing there when he left .. my knees would have buckled and I’d need cpr immediately!

    • 2.6 min

      “In the same breath, (I hope) Lee Yeon Jae may also clarify to Kang Ji Wook that her initiation of their romance is not a result of her sworn revenge to Lim Sae Kyung.”

      i hope so… and it is his choice whether he wants to step into this love or not.

      if not… arent LYJ abit selfish to let KJW falls in love with her and left him alone suffering after a few months? of cos i understand that from her point of view, she just wants to fall in love and experience it before she is gone. I will do the same thing if I were her… :p

    • 2.7 yuna

      i’ve never thought tango could be that sensual. can’t help but to rewatch that scene again and again. i’m awestruck! gah! *hyperventilates*

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    People check the hot and intense tango they shared


    Much hot than any kiss or bed scene!!!

    • 3.1 Iviih

      Sorry this link is better


      • 3.1.1 Dominique

        The YouTube version places horizontal black bars on top and bottom of the screen.

        It is better to go to viki.com, Episode 8 and then start watching from 22:00.


        • Eleven11

          Viki doesn’t work in a lot of places. The youtube link was pretty good and wow I can’t wait for eng subs to be out now.

      • 3.1.2 kyunnie

        I swear I’m jealous. Geezzz
        No more tango please 😀

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    Thanks for the recap^^

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    If a man ever walked up to me like that…O.M.G, ish is going down. Just sayin’.

    • 5.1 imclumsy

      Did anyone notice that his eyes were NOT on her eyes all the time? hehe. 😛

    • 5.2 Fabmari

      His walk sent shiver down my spine, and their subsequent tango made the butterflies inside my stomach flutter wildly.

      I have never watched any drama or movie or whatever that had this effect on me before! This is the first.

      Kudos to the SOW team!

      • 5.2.1 yuna

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    Finally a main male who is not going to let the ridiculous excuse of “overwhelming pity for second-lady” derail him from logic…and love, of course.

    I was so happy when he announced that the engagement was off (the writers scared me for a minute there!)

    I was also thrilled in episode 7 when the court case was swiftly handled and not dragged on (yay!)

    After this episode I also have a clearer understanding of why the ring was given (it seemed a bit of a grandiose consolation present but it makes sense if the pianist felt it lost it’s symbolic meaning when in his posession.)

    I’m also thrilled, and naturally not-so thrilled, that our second lead didn’t get too much time with his love this episode. I almost cried (*did cry) when he was eating his pasta….too many scenes with them together and I’ll just start drowning in my own unrequited love (damn imaginary characters…)

    And it’s such nice symbolism to have him pick up a book ’20 Things People Regret When They Die’ showing us that whether 6 months left to live or 30 years left to live the regrets are the same, and whether we act on not-regretting them has nothing to do with what our “time-limit” is.


    Such a great series.

    • 8.1 Mia

      Sorry, obviously did not mean LEE Eom Ki-Joon – JUST Eom Ki-joon. If I recall, I was debating whose eyes I was exactly going to mention and it seems I didn’t delete all of my first choice.

      I’m such a sucker for the unrequited Geek (and how cute is he not clapping along with everyone else in the office meetings? *sigh* damn imaginary characters…)

  9. sangay

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    n, i’m super curious about what ji wook’s childhood was like that he became so indifferent to the things n the decisions his dad makes for him.

  10. 10 tomo

    Screen melted from the intense heat. o.O

  11. 11 Scents

    I think I understand why Young Jae’s friend reacted that way seeing her with Wookie. I guess she is only thinking of the better of her friend who may go through heartbreaks and have a real bad time dealing with a possibly-married man-married-in-a-powerful-family….she is just trying to save her from that pain she may suffer later on.

    • 11.1 firsttimenewbie

      Yup. I said the same thing below, but before I read this comment.

      I say kudos to a friend who puts her foot down and says she will in no way support her friend about to enter into such a situation.

    • 11.2 yumi

      You may have a point.

      We do know how vindictive Sae-Kyung can be over an imaginary theft. Can you imagine what her reaction might be over the real boyfriend stealing.

  12. 12 stratosphere

    This may be the most cracked-out I’ve ever been on a drama, and it’s for something that in all likelihood will be bittersweet in the end. But wow, almost everything in this drama has been done so well so far. Also, any bets on whether tango classes are going to be the next fad in Korea? 😉

  13. 13 firsttimenewbie

    By the end I understand the friend. Because afterwards his upcoming engagement was announced.

    This is how my thought process went.

    The friend feels betrayed over Yeon-jae keeping her in the dark.

    Then- the friend was way too harsh with the “seduction skills” comment.

    But then came the third part, to which I completely understand. Not ONCE has Yeon-jae demanded he break off the engagement or marriage. Now considering her situation, it makes sense (though I have more to say about that below.) Ji-wook hasn’t told her about calling it off, or his plans to call it off.

    Yeon-jae is planning to date a man whose upcoming engagement is publicly announced. And that’s exactly what she told her friend.

    The friend was right in saying, not to come to her once he throws her away. Because think about it in a your own life. Would you support a friend who’s about to take part in a cheating affair?

    This is why Eun-seok was also correct. She didn’t care he was about to be married. She liked him, and he was actually correct in his assessment that she would go for it, if given the proper chance.

    Now coming to the cancer part. DUDE. DUDE. How cruel is this for Ji-wook not to know she has cancer and is going to die? I understand her selfishness. But umm, it IS selfishness and inconsiderate.

    • 13.1 Scents

      Ahh, your explanation is much better 😛

      Oh and I also wanted to mention the “her being selfish” part….it has been bugging me for quite a while even before the show started. I really do sympathize her and everything BUT in the end, Ji wook is gonna really suffer because of her selfish act. I guess the writers will eventually bring up this point and we can only hope they deal with it properly. The whole “Oh, I didn’t realize I was being so selfish and just keeping myself from being hurt” is done too many times (Coffee Prince, Goong etc.)

      • 13.1.1 firsttimenewbie

        Don’t even get me started with Coffee Prince. I started getting annoyed at Eun Chan around the seventh episode I think. And I thought she was being unbelievable selfish and stupid for going into various hissy fits when Han Gyul would try his best to back off.

        And yeah, I thought his friend was every bit in the right to be rude and curt with her. And like a good friend, he realized Han Gyul still loved her, and first broached the subject of letting it to with Han Gyul even before Han Gyul was ready to let it go.

      • 13.1.2 firsttimenewbie

        But I’m going too off topic. To be fair, I think when she first wrote that list she wasn’t thinking specifically of Ji-wook. When she was first trying to get with Ji-wook, she had it in her mind to just have a quick fling with him.

        But here, now. She’s considering an ongoing affair with him. She needs to tell him about her cancer before they go any further.

        Maybe she will next episode. We’ll see. In which case, I wouldn’t really have much of a problem with it. Because it’s only NOW that both have decided to go for it. Before, either or both were trying to back off.

      • 13.1.3 Z

        I have always thought it was so selfish the way characters keep these huge secrets from each other to “keep them from hurting.” Really, it’s to keep them from seeing the other person hurt. Yeon-jae knows how hard her mom took her father’s death, and she had time to prepare herself for that one. How much harder is it going to be on her mom when she dies and her mom doesn’t have a chance to prepare herself emotionally. Same with Ji-wook… he just probably threw away his whole future for her and, if she doesn’t tell him the truth, she’s robbing him of a chance to come to grips with her illness and enjoy the time her has with her.

        I have the same problem when characters run away or disappear rather than tell their loved ones the truth about whatever the obstacles are (and I have a sinking feeling that Yeon-jae might pull this one if her illness progresses). They claim it’s to protect them but it always stinks of cowardice to me.

      • 13.1.4 schwertkrabbe

        actually I think it would fit that she won’t tell him about her condition till the end, coz she decided to live selfishly till her death – SO that includes not telling him and just enjoy the time while she can and than dumb or leave him. selfish, but happy as planned and somehow also consequent in the character sheet. *g*

    • 13.2 bishieaddict

      yeah i was thinking that she was a bit selfish for getting into a relationship with Ji Wook with him not knowing about her condition…

    • 13.3 Barbie

      the whole about LYJ not caring about the whole engagement shenanigans was a bit disappointing. i thought she had higher morals than that actually. but the way i try to twist it in my mind is that she may realize that maybe there wasn’t anything real between the two. also that Hyo Rim’s character is a biatch so… maybe this is her revenge?

      okay now that i wrote that out… haha it seems terrible no matter how good of a reason it is… but i’m willing to overlook her reasoning of wanting to fall in love before she dies just this once because… they are my OTP of the moment.

      • 13.3.1 GRAWL

        ahhh i agree with you guys! i totally thought Hae-won was in the right for getting angry with Yeon-jae during their confrontation. i wouldn’t support a friend who wanted to have an affair with someone who was already engaged…

        and yes about the selfishness of YJ’s decision to be with JW…i hope she tells him soon about her condition, ’cause that would be pretty messed up if she strung him along til’ the end. 0.0;

        • malta

          I have mixed emotions about Yeon jae not telling Ji wook about her condition, but then you see the yearning and almost desperation to experience love she expressed to Hae won after telling her she has cancer….

          Also, the only scenario that would make Yeon jae not selfish is for her to tell Ji wook about her condition AND not let him be with her, but that would probably put her in kdrama Noble Idiot cliche territory.

          It’s depressing to think that once you know you’re soon to die it automatically becomes selfish to want love.

    • 13.4 whateva

      i don’t think YJ is selfish to date JW…coz if your going to die in the next 5 mths, you’ll know that you won’t be expecting anything more than love.. who ever gets married after dating for less than 5mths.. . she doesn’t ask him to break of his engagement and not putting a gun to his head and asking him to date her.. so if he agrees to date then its based on mutual feelings.

      secondly, she doesn’t know how he truly feels about her.. she doesn’t know that he loves her enough to put everything at stake.. so in her eyes, she is actually the one putting everything at stake coz she knows that she will encounter the wrath of that Super Bitch/her family/ his father if she continues seeing him. as a dying person i wouldn’t want to get entangled with that kind of situation (being called a home wrecker and what not) … i want to be happy not drown in hatred.. but because she loves him… that is why she is putting her reputation on the line

      thirdly, i’m confident that she will tell him about her condition at the right time, just as she did with her friend. i was glad that she didn’t tell him yesterday episode as i don’t think he will be able to handle the news after all that he went thru that night. he had to summon up all his courage to announce the cancellation of the engagement and i think all he needed at that time was to be in her embraced.

      anyway, i love the way YJ is being played by Suna and now i’m beginning to love JW by Wookie. initially i was torn between him and ES and at episode 6, i was so sad for ES.. but i do hope that he gets to confess his love for YJ else it will be one of his bucketlist in future..

      • 13.4.1 Completely Agree

        I completely agree with your comment because I understand her selfishness. Like you said… who gets married in 5months???!! She understands that nothing long term with come from their affair, so, why not propose to him that they should date? He’s a person with his own feelings and can make his own decisions. And, in the end if it doesn’t work out then he has his fiance. (God that sound bad to my own ears)

        I admit that if she told him, then it may allow him to make a different decision, but for god sakes she’s going to die…what is there to lose for just asking him at this point?

        I don’t agree with her selfishness, but I understand it and since I’m already sympathetic to her plight, like her best friend, I’m willing to be on her side no matter what.

        • firsttimenewbie

          The right time to tell him would be the time they start dating. As in, right at the beginning of the next episode.

          It has nothing to do with whether they’ll get married or not. It has to do with the fact that he’s bound to become emotionally attached to her. And it’s something she knows, and is purposely holding back.

          Right now, she might me approaching this as an extra-marital affair for five months. (Though he’s not married.) But even then, shouldn’t he know since he is bound to become emotionally attached.

          • kyunnie

            But, she is deserved to b loved too. Yet, it’s so unfair to JW too. Ach, Fate is so greedy??
            Who doesn’t want to be loved by a handsome, attractive chaebol?
            Desperately want it.
            Gah. SHOW. Makes us dreamingggg.

          • whateva

            but he is already emotionally attached to her since the beginning of time.. (can’t remember which episode, but it seems a long time doesn’t it). so regardless of when she tells him, i think he has already invested a lot of his feelings … to the extend of cancelling the engagement.. if he had told her about his intention to cancel the engagement and YJ purposely did not tell him of her condition.. then i’ll agree that she is selfish, but this was not the case.. actually, she has given him a lot of hints before this so i don’t think she is keeping it a secret just because she selfishly wants to date him.. as u know this is the first time in Kdrama history where the chaebol is not two timing the ladies during courtship.. so who knows, maybe she stereotype him.. i would too.. especially after he said that he wants her to return to work so that she has a chance to see him.. and then immediately hearing him say to his dad that he will buy the engagement ring on the same day.. hmmmm. doesn’t sound promising isn’t it.. anyway, if loving oneself is considered selfish then be it… coz like her friend, i understand her standpoint and support her..as she is looking at death and the meaning of her life.

            @ completely agree – “And, in the end if it doesn’t work out then he has his fiance. (God that sound bad to my own ears)”

            hahahah….it sounds bad to my ears as well..

            i think this drama reminded me of the movie Sliding Doors by Gwyneth Paltrow.. and after watching it i agreed that “it’s better to love and lost than to never have loved at all”

          • firsttimenewbie

            I do agree that she should definitely tell him once he tells her of the broken engagement.

            But see here’s the thing. She’s no longer approaching him as a fling. She has now connected him to — 19 and 20 in her list as the person she loves.

            In that respect, I think it’s unfair if she keeps it to herself from now on.

  14. 14 Stardust

    I was constantly refreshing dramabeans.com for this! Thank you so much! Another great ep!

    Very hot tango between the stars, and their chemistry made me sigh everytime dear Poopy-seok appears. When he was in the car waiting for YJ to return I was like…NooOoOOo send the message before she shows up with JW! and sure enough, he misses the moment. Why can’t the screen writers surprise us and complicate matters huh?

    Is it only me or is it incredibly irresponsible for YJ to constantly ( half heartedly? ) entice poor JW? Is she so selfish that she just wants to fall in love with a rich and pretty guy that she can go ahead and screw up his life without some much as a headsup to her own death sentence? At least Poopy Seok knows, and loves her anyway! Give the poor guy all the facts, is all I am saying.

    • 14.1 fabkitty

      I totally agree with you on YJ being a bit irresponsible by going for a hot guy without really considering his feelings when he finds out she’s gonna die. But, at this point, I FEEL like YJ and JW are more in LUST with each other rather than love. I am sure we’re gonna have one of those noble idiot acts coming soon once YJ realizes how it’s unfair for JW.

      • 14.1.1 Stardust

        LOL yeah fabkitty I know what you mean! your ‘noble idiot acts’ had me in stitches. And most likely she will have to ‘make use of’ dear Poopy-seok to do that, and even if he knows he is being used, he will be happy! aaah…. >.<

        But why will we still like this drama anyways? The power of such a lovely series. I really hope it won't end like 49 days. That bitter aftertaste was not very nice at all.

    • 14.2 malta

      “Is she so selfish that she just wants to fall in love with a rich and pretty guy that she can go ahead and screw up his life without some much as a headsup to her own death sentence?”

      That’s pretty harsh. 8 episodes with Yeon jae and no empathy for her? Even if you don’t agree with her I think it’s wrong and hardhearted to characterize her as a “homewrecking seductress.” And Ji wook’s life married to Sae kyung….now that’s a screwed up life.

      • 14.2.1 martan267

        Malta – I totally agree with you!! Also – I agree with whateva’s analysis…. really, I think her “selfishness” is well deserved. She had spent her entire 30-something years being unselfish. On top of that, she gets accused of thievery, gets slapped, then threatened with a lawsuit. Give the girl a break, will ya?! So, I’m cheering her on to be selfish for once in her life. And, if it means to go after that guy that you fell for, come hell or high water, then JUST DO IT… (sorry, I’m still affected by the tango scene)…. Now, I think the fact that she thinks KJW is still engaged and that she doesn’t know how he feels about her (other than he wants to jump her bones) er.. I mean, other than he’s attracted to her is why she hasn’t told him anything about her condition. It’s really too early in my opinion… I think we give it some time and she’ll tell him when the time is right and when she realizes that he’s fallen for her too. Right now, I don’t think she’s even thinking that he would considering the difference in their social standings and, yes, she still thinks is going to marry another girl…. And do I feel bad about the fiancee??? NO WAY… She can continue her “I was dump by a guy so I’ll make everyone else miserable” attitude… ahem – now back to LJH… Hwighting!!!

        • martan267

          Sorry – LJH = KSA’s character… not good with names yet…

        • Pamilah

          I’m surprised at how many people are judging Yeon Jae (Hae Won included)! I agree with you Malta and Martan267, people just need to give her a break and let her be selfish for once in her life. Geez . . .

          First of all it takes two to seriously commit adultery. After the vacation Ji Wook has practically been pursuing Yeon Jae non-stop, worming his way into her heart though it’s obvious she has tried to push him away.

          Second, I think it’s kind of refreshing that a heroine steps into some morally grey areas despite herself. Too many heroines in k-dramas are sweet and picture perfect.

          Third. Adultery and faithfulness aren’t black and white. As a person who has cheated and been cheated on, I can understand the conflicting emotions that Yeon Jae is feeling. It’s easy for someone on the outside to judge her as a selfish home wrecker, but really you have to put yourself in her shoes: If you had only 6 months to live, found the love of your life who was engaged, but loved you back, would you just walk away from that and end your life in regret?

  15. 15 clover

    Where is the OST for this? Great music too!

    • 15.1 taripandita

      This drama makes me discover two wonderful things, LDW’s lips and and Junsu’s voice (know nothing about kpop). Loved loved that song.

      • 15.1.1 Jomo

        LDW’s lips need to be up in the rafters of the Kdrama Hall of Fame…

  16. 16 sosoxrah

    GAH! Still waiting for the 8th episode but reading the recap anyway! I can’t help it. This show has me hooked!

  17. 17 mmmmmmmm

    what a great episode this was! that was sooooo foul leaving her standing like that! I agree samsoon can finally retire….lol thanks for the recap <3

  18. 18 Marinella

    Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah has SIZZLING CHEMISTRY IN THE DANCEFLOOR!!!!!!!!! <3
    I think I'm gonna faint mygosh!!!!

  19. 19 chrislawrence

    D: I keep thinking…its going to be terribly SAD when everyone finds out she’s dying!! Oh NO! I’m pouting already!!

  20. 20 ___

    I always seem to find myself crying during every episode. T__T

  21. 21 sosoxrah

    Even though Ji-wook and Eun-seok are being big grumpy meanies, I seriously like them two better than Joo-won in Secret Garden. I wish I could have both Ji-wook and Eun-seok… lol

  22. 22 firsttimenewbie

    And with all the other stuff out of the way, let me join in saying HOT DAMN with that Tango scene. I was just :OOO

    Also, the Female tango instructor– she’s so awesomely hot.

    I like Seo Hyo-rim. Good to see her range. Liked her in World Within, and here. I’ve caught a few episodes of A Good Day for the Wind to Blow on my local public channel. But I don’t remember her role in it. Honestly.

    And man I love her looks. Her looks are just captivating, not the usual heroine or second lead look. Somewhat unconventional, but not totally unconventional either.

    • 22.1 sally_b

      @firsttimenewbie – re: “I like Seo Hyo-rim. Good to see her range.”

      I like her too…and because of that it’s hard for me to ‘entirely’ hate her character…tho’ clearly she’s been cast as “Bitch Princess”….I hope her next role veers away from such. She’s really a cutie and sharp, I would hate to see her get type-cast as “tha’ Biotch’ for her entire career. ♥

      p.s. the TANGO – wowsa….I’ve done a little bit of “Salsa” dancing..very similar….and please let me TESTIFY…when the male ‘leads the steps’…if done correctly, he moves his partner primarily by directing each others’s hips & thighs. (if you only move your knees-to-feet, it doesn’t work)

      You have to be CLOSE and guided by the lead…to do it properly. (wink)

      • 22.1.1 flowerpot

        Okay that just raised my hopes up that these two will really date in real life… *sigh*

      • 22.1.2 firsttimenewbie

        I can’t entirely hate her character, either. Even before this. I didn’t like her character. But at times I’m just impressed by the actress and her perfect face.

  23. 23 Noonajumma

    I definitely needed a moment after the tango scene. Um…wow.

    But I’m already starting to tear up on all the cancer-induced heartache coming our way. ㅠ_ㅠ

  24. 24 Quinze

    Aww so adorable. Just watched this.
    I have no idea what’s being said since I watched it raw but sometimes you really don’t need words and this drama is easy enough to follow since it does emotions so well!
    Hot Hot Hot tango scene!

  25. 25 Yogurt

    I was expecting some hot kisses after the tango dance.. But OMG.. it didn’t happen.. and because it didn’t happen, it makes the sexual tension in the air even stronger… And the way JW tremble while restraining himself (probably from kissing YJ) is sizzling!!

  26. 26 eylahime

    in case anyone wonders the background music of the super HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT tango scene, its santa maria by gotan project.

    OHHH EMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I’ve hit my back arrow key for uhm, i dunno how many times already! the tango scene is getting hotter and hotter everytime i rewatch it!
    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • 26.1 eylahime

      and thank you girlfriday for your amazing recap! now i can finally stop pressing my f5 button…=]

  27. 27 olive

    i dont think it’s just lust. they do have fun in a regular way with each other… and in love, there’s a lust.
    anyway, yes she’s a bit selfish but i think when she heard she has a terminal cancer, she decided to be a bit selfish, to do what she wants. I think there’s nothing wrong with it.
    What I find lovely about this drama is that it’s not about just falling in love, but to live without a regret, and to embrace your life. 🙂

  28. 28 msim

    Unrelated note: dramabeans has grown! 1,386 visitors online?

    I remember when it used to be 53!

  29. 29 Barbie

    i was hyperventillating the whole time. i wonder why he was crying. it can’t be tears of joy, at least that’s what I think. Maybe he cried because he knows that they can’t really date date with his father still pushing for the marriage.

    i had to fan myself a couple times during the tango scene. i could feel the charged atmosphere. gah, i don’ think i’ve been this captivated with a drama for a long while. well actually, 49 days was beyond awesome but this is giving it a run for it’s money.

    • 29.1 malta

      I think he cried just to finally release all that pent up emotion and stress. There’s such a relief that comes after making a huge decision like he did, even when you know you’ve just made more problems for yourself. I cry from being stressed out as opposed to sad and then I always feel better afterwards.

    • 29.2 sophie

      I wonder too why he was crying. I wonder if Hae-won told Ji-wook about Yeon-jae’s condition, already? Nah, probably not, right? Malta (29.1) is probably right about thinking they were tears of relief.

  30. 30 Kaleido

    Just finished watching ep 8 with english sub at viki.. OMG.. it’s so good.. the tango scene.. i have watched a million time already.. it’s hot.. now as I was watching the tango scene.. I am thinking to myself why KSA always got to dance the tango.. here and in City Hall… lucky girl…

    I am serious hope that she is not going to hide the cancer from J for too long… it’s better to be upfront about it… so they can be mentally prepare for it….

    and E.. love him.. it was so sad to see his reaction in the beginning of the ep when Y confessed to him that she liked J… can really see that he is heartbroken…

    can’t wait for next week.

  31. 31 Yer Vang

    Sexy tango scenes, great chemistry, great plot. What more can we ask for?

    • 31.1 balletbabeanna

      I know but I kinda felt that we, as the audience, were intruding on their privacy hehehe ^_^

  32. 32 Marinella

    I can’t wait to see all of their reactions regarding the cancer thingy.
    I want to see them ALL CRYING after the things they have done to lee yeon jae!!! 🙁

  33. 33 marcela

    I am speechless. All I’ve got to say is: tango. lee dong wook. sexy as hell.

    that about covers the episode LOL

    thanks for the recap! this will be a very long week ’till next episode. It already felt like forever this week alone.

  34. 34 su choo

    best scene ever!!! most sensual, heart pounding, body sweating tango that ever was!!! these two are really good at what they do!!! bravo!!

  35. 35 Eugenia

    Yeah, girlfriday. I was pretty surprised by your harsh comments about YJ’s friend.

    I think Hae-won had every right to be angry and disappointed in her friend (although the seduction comment was too harsh). Because she cares so much about Yeon-jae that she can’t support her getting herself obviously in harm’s way by being with a soon-to-be-married man. Without the cancer dilemma, Yeon-jae would be foolishly getting herself in an affair, and as her best friend, it’s her duty to stop her.

    Just because you’re BFFs with someone doesn’t mean you should support them 100% when you know it’s not in the friend’s best interest. We not only look to our friends for support but for honesty and guidance. HW would be a shit friend if she was okay that YJ wanted to get herself hurt in a doomed relationship.

    Would you let your friend get hurt?

    (Sorry, this was bothering me as I was reading, as I understand all too well Hae-won’s reaction.)

    • 35.1 hwana

      hae won’s reaction seems so harsh because we know yeon-jae has cancer and hae-won doesn’t.. if we’d been left in the dark about her cancer (hmm?), the friend’s reaction would make perfect sense…

    • 35.2 martan267

      Actually I agree with both girlfriday in saying that the friend was too harsh and too judgemental…. but I also understand the frustration of seeing your friend do something that you think is really, really stupid… believe me, I’ve been that friend who dumped a friend for being such an idiot when it came to men…. BUT, it took me a while, of constantly being there to pick up the pieces every time something bad happened… then when the guy comes back saying I’m sorry… then she became the idiot again and runs back to the a-hole. So, per girlfriday, it was harsh, considering that LJH is not that type of person and has only done something what her friend may consider stupid once…

      • 35.2.1 martan267

        Oops… LJH = KSA…sorry, not good with Korean names yet since I”m new to this…

  36. 36 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I also hope that she will have enough time to date Ji Wook happily and that we get to see it all! It would be a shame if most of what’s left of her life expectancy is all that pre-official-relationship angst.

  37. 37 taripandita

    When he stormed out of the studio without his jacket..cant help to think..ohh will KSA get another jacket to dance with?

    and may I add..LDW oh my..those eyes..those lips O_O

    • 37.1 ILUKD

      HOLY MOLY to that TANGO SCENE …. and that TAKING OFF HIS JACKET SCENE …. OH GOD … that was HOT AS HELL … .. OMO OMO OMO ….

  38. 38 obivia

    Again, another plot device that irks me. Last time it was the convenient eavesdropping and here it’s the over-reaction. I know Hye Won’s reaction makes the bomb fallout that much more dramatic but I’m with you, GF–too much. It was hard to swallow.

    But I quickly got over it. Because I love this show to pieces–especially when you give me LDW storming towards his woman, rolling up his sleeves and man-handling her in the most tangoriffic way possible.

    • 38.1 tomo

      Tangoriffic. 😀

  39. 39 flowerpot

    Dear Kdrama Gods…

    I have not asked for anything my whole life but please let these two do the nasty before the series ends.

    And also, if that tango scene is any indication, i would like to tell you that i’d give you one of my kidneys if you’d let us watch…


    PS: I’d give you both kidneys if they really end up together and do it in real life.

    • 39.1 mzpakipot

      hahaha! so funny…

    • 39.2 imclumsy

      oh no we don’t want you to donate both your kidneys till you see their kids ….lmao 😀

      • 39.2.1 Fabmari

        second this!! hahahaha so funny!

      • 39.2.2 ILUKD

        hahaha … GOT IT

    • 39.3 mtoenlob

      You sent me into a fit of laughter there, flowerpot! :)) Trouble is, I’m in the office and heads turned with quizzical looks in my direction. But I just couldn’t control myself.

      Lesson learned: not to sneak into dramabeans for recaps during office hours.

    • 39.4 sangay

      i’m sorry, but i just seriously can’t help bursting into laughter when i read your comment.

      lol …. at least we know u’d most likely have at least 1 kidney ?

      • 39.4.1 flowerpot

        But that’s the thing, i’ve never wanted to lose both kidneys soooo bad and that’s saying something… LOL!

    • 39.5 malta

      Hilarious… but probably TMI! XD

    • 39.6 Ellen

      Am I too evil to hope that you lose your kidney? lol
      Just kidding! Know you are too eager to see that. You got me laughing in the office too! XD

      • 39.6.1 whateva

        hahaha… i guess, i’m evil too.. both kidney for the win..

    • 39.7 jangerr

      flowerpot, you are so funnneee!!! You have me rolling on the floor with your ‘prayer’!!!

    • 39.8 spark67

      Uh…are you sure you’d like to donate both kidneys? This would mean you wouldn’t live anymore, but I understand the metaphor.

      Plus, this is on a major Korean network so watching anyone do the nasty is…well…pretty much not going to happen. If the writers are feeling what the audience is feeling, we may get a bed roll, though and some bare shoulders but not much more, I fear.

      These are the few times that I wish that certain Kdramas would air in a U.S. network. THENNNN…we can see some action going on. Oh well…if that doesn’t work, we can always dream it.

  40. 40 Verónica

    I wish they could resolve their sexual tension in a more Univisión/Latin American novela fashion. That would be hotter than hell. I just can visualize it, hahaha…

    Like really. Just make out already!!!!!!! 🙂

  41. 41 Ellen

    One word: STEAMY!!!

    Oh gosh I haven’t watch this episode yet, but the recap has set me on fire. I hate Mondays!!! Stuck in the office and not able to watch the subbed show the first thing when I wake up! T^T

    OMG I am melting for Lee Dong Wook! I wasn’t attracted to him in My Girl!
    I love the fact that he actually broke the engagement so early in the drama, made up his mind to seriously be with Yeon Jae!

    I can understand Hae Won’s reaction though, she’s worried that Yeon Jae might get hurt when Ji Wook finally dumps her and marries Sae Kyung. She’s a good friend though.

    Awwwwww… I know lots of you want Yeon Jae to die as the story goes… but I am so afraid to face that… =( Noooooooo!!!!!! Please tell me it’s a rom-com!!!!!! T^T

    Btw thanks GF for the recap! ^_^

    • 41.1 malta

      I would be ok with her fighting her cancer winning and being a can survivor. I don’t want her to die, but I also don’t want her terminal disease to turn out to be a lie.

      • 41.1.1 Ellen

        I don’t think it would be a lie, she’s been through a series of tests, and Eun-suk has been a good doctor, ya? But from what we see now, the medication is acting on her, like the blood cells has been normal, so I guess there might be a chance for her to be cured. *Cross my fingers*

        And yeah, personally I would hate it if it’s a lie too!

    • 41.2 jangerr

      @ Ellen

      Same here! I only thought that LDW was kind of cute in My
      Girl. But now, I think he’s hot, hot, hot!!!

  42. 42 marcela

    damn, I need to learn how to tango. and can I get a korean man like this? I still can’t believe how hot this scene was. hot damn! I was watching Coffee Prince for the first time and totally into Gong Yoo, but now I’m torn between both their hotness LOL

    • 42.1 malta

      I feel like tango classes are filling up in Korea right now. 2011 Tango craze takes over Seoul!

      • 42.1.1 Ellen

        Forget about it… there’s no Ji-wook or Eun-suk lookalikes in the classes, TRUST ME! lol~

        • malta

          But maybe there’s a Ramses…. 🙂 I kinda find him cute and endearing. He seems like the nice nerdy guy who never gets the time of day. Some people think of Eun seok as a nerd, but he seems pretty average-to-above average catch. He’s a doctor! But Ramses is like the nerd from school who never stopped being a nerd. Anyway I have a soft spot for him.

    • 42.2 ren

      Even though I inherently have no co-ordination or dance ability, I found myself wondering why am I not in any tango classes? I feel like Scent of a woman is not particularly trendy but it hits all the right spots.

  43. 43 Alvina

    Meh. My sad sad heart feels more for Dr. Heartbroken- Sad-Face.

    Honestly, it’s not that she’s not deserving of love or something, and having such turmoil certainly does give a kick in the arse to our hero but I’m waiting for her to tell him.


    • 43.1 malta

      I want Eun seok to tell Yeon jae how he feels. Or even if he doesn’t to show her how he feel with his actions. Instead this episode he was mean to her just like Ji wook had been. What is with these men who can’t handle liking a girl?!

      • 43.1.1 Alvina

        *shakes head* shame shame on them.

        It’s something about strong emotions that makes people act silly and stupid.

  44. 44 Severine

    That tango scene was smokin’ hot! This episode contained some of the best acting I’ve ever seen in a K-Drama, scratch that–in any drama. Although it’s the same classic elements I’ve seen over and over in K-Drama Land, the actors are so fantastic, and really make me care for their characters. Not to mention, the scenes are shot so beautifully that I regret every split-second it takes me to blink because I feel like I’m missing out on this wonderful feast for the eyes. Don’t even get me started on how much I love the music in this drama!

    I’m really so impressed with this show, and so happy with where it’s going thus far, and I really hope it stays that way. Yes, Cancer, I’m talking to you, and yes, that was a threat.

  45. 45 PILK

    waterworks on the ready! whole lot of wailin and weepin on the way, when secrets are outed and hearts abroken

  46. 46 darlainsummer

    “How come you can manage to be a gentleman to the girl you hate, but you can’t ever manage to be more than a total ass to the woman you love? ..”

    It happens in most of the time youknow. Some guys hide their feelings this way. I’ve met some guys who behave like this to the girls they like. 🙂

    • 46.1 Cynthia

      Yeah – it’s the little-boys-on-the-playground syndrome.
      And really, aren’t most men just little boys in disguise?

  47. 47 jastinel

    Thanks for this recap girlfriday, you have a fantastic sense of humor!

    “I think the appropriate expression is: Oh, get a room already. YOWZA. ”

    The Tango, can`t find any other words to describe it, most common expression…It was sizzling HOT!
    I never imagine that Suna can be that alluring in a Tango dance. She has this face of an innocent young lady that suddenly turned into a seductive woman.
    The Tango in Ep.8, Hot and Sensual , as described by the Korean viewers (news) according to Dia.
    There is nothing obscene in it, but KSA and LDW expressed their emotion to the dance perfectly!

    A lot of comment about the “T” dance made me laugh and made my imagination running wild.

    ES will be dancing with YJ, right or may be Veronica who seems to have interest on him might took YJ place as ES partner, but it would be awesome, if it will be YJ, cause i`m sure we can see a different interpretation,
    with JW it was quite rough, with ES for sure will be gentle and romantic…hehehe!

  48. 48 James

    Surely to become known as ‘The Tango Episode’ for that one amazing scene. It was built up as a possible hostile confrontation, but swerved so smoothly into a gorgeous and intimate and fragile moment. Perfect in its simplicity, radiated intensity and longing… WHEW! Talk about lasting impressions!

    I also love that the relationship between Yeon-jae and Ji-wook is like the Tango- complicated and intense and gorgeous to watch when performed by a couple who can no longer hide their hearts from each other.

  49. 49 mysterious

    They aren’t seriously going to kill her are they? I am still reeling from 49 Days. I don’t think I can stand to watch people in love be separated again. Someone please!!! Tell me the writers will let her live! Wrong diagnosis, tests got switched (wait, no then that means someone else would have cancer-so let’s go w/wrong diagnosis)!!!!

    • 49.1 cv

      I feel you. I hope she doesn’t die at the end! This drama would have it all if YJ and YW end up together and not separated by her death. (sigh)
      But knowing how the story is going, looks like the whole plot of the drama is not how the story end but what we do to get there, the now and here. 😛

      • 49.1.1 Jomo

        The announced she will die, I read somewhere.

        • mysterious

          Well if that’s the case I’m checking out. I don’t like sad ending. 49 Days took all my tears and left me sad/depressed (beautiful show, but sad); I don’t feel like repeating history.

    • 49.2 meix2

      Ditto. Can’t this be a forever-happy-after?? Cityhall is still my favorite drama because of the ending… If only they could give us a happy ending here, Scent would surely become my favorite…

      Agree with everyone that YJ needs to tell JW in the next 1-2 episodes (preferably at the beginning of episode 9) so that:- 1. he knows what he’s letting himself in for and 2. to allow for him to prepare for her death. Leaving it longer than than that would make her unredeemably selfish.

    • 49.3 kurly

      i really hope she gets to live. the medicine (the one suggested to E by the old doctor to be used on her) might work. fingers crossed 🙂

    • 49.4 ajbny

      she is getting treatment so maybe she’ll get better, or we’ll see the start a life and then camera fade out. I can deal with her getting better and then camera fade out. nomu, nomu seurpo . . .

    • 49.5 marisa

      By watching K-dramas you wouldn’t know that the majority or cancers and tumours are treatable…
      I’m hoping for an exception! Doc Poopy is on the case, after all.

  50. 50 Gdrocks

    I have never written a comment here in dramabeans before but wow i had to comment about this episode and show.

    Gosh when I saw that he was starting to take pity on Sae-kyung I was screaming nooo to my computer screen. HAHA. So glad that he had the guts and courage to end it.

    Now for Doctor Poop, when I saw him waiting for her I was screaming at him to go away because I didn’t want him to see her with Ji-wook. I hope he has a happy ending wish he could end up with her but at last it can not be.

    Last and awesome-est of all the Tango scene was HOT!!!!
    I wonder if there are any Tango lessons around where I love. LOL……….

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