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Sneak peek at Jeon Do-yeon’s Countdown
by | August 2, 2011 | 43 Comments

So there are a lot of big movies coming this fall, but this is one that I’ve been eagerly anticipating, and the trailer does not disappoint. Countdown looks slick, sexy, and badass. Just a straight-up con job with two awesome actors? What’s not to love about that? Jeon Do-yeon (The Housemaid) stars as a mysterious con-artist whose entire existence is a lie, and when she steals from the wrong person, Jung Jae-young (Moss) is the man hired to find her.

She’s a million-dollar grifter who goes by the nickname Miss Chun-hyang, which is the height of irony of course, since Chun-hyang is a legendary figure known for her virtue. He’s a bounty hunter with a hundred percent success rate in finding his mark, but when he tracks her down (for managing to steal 170 million won in 30 minutes), she seems to think it’s lucky, since she happens to need some help in tracking someone down…

I love how she looks totally different in every scene. It’s like a Sydney Bristow parade of wigs. Is it wrong if I already want her to con the hell out of everybody and walk away with the millions? What is it about a really smart thief that’s so engrossing? Her cons are described as legendary works of art, which excites me, since that’s the aspect of heist/con movies that I love so much.

His poster’s tagline reads: “What timing… this man came by his own two feet,” while hers reads: “Of all people… my life is in this woman’s hands.”

Countdown hits theaters this September.

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43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. wonbinlover

    Oh storyline seems enticing and the trailer looks good. And Jeon Do Yeon looks gorgeous in the movie. I can’t wait to watch.

    • 1.1 KDrama Fan

      Ditto. Thanks for the heads up GF.

    • 1.2 Lenita

      taking the words right out of my mouth. and isn’t it amazing how her voice are also different for the various characters?

  2. UJ

    i like the intense posters XD

  3. asianromance

    This seems like an exciting movie! And I love how she looks different in every scene too!

  4. vudoo

    anyone know the song in the trailer?

    • 4.1 girlfriday

      Ben Cocks – “So Cold”

      • 4.1.1 vudoo

        thank you very much

      • 4.1.2 jxbeaucp

        thanks was wondering the same thing too.

        • doozy

          Thanks for the song info, girlfriday!

  5. 4everkaddict

    yayyy my fav Kactress is back! She blew me away in the Housemaid not forgetting the steamy sex scenes with Mr hottie!!!

    • 5.1 Jomo

      Omo! Both of them were pretty and hard bodied.

  6. crazedlu

    aww yeah. i like myself some smart conning.

  7. malta

    LOVE the posters, especially that first one. I really think the #1 reason people become actors is to look badass.

  8. Banu

    WAuww Women Rule.. looks awesome liked the trailer a lot

  9. sosoxrah

    ooh.. looks interesting!

  10. 10 danna

    Jeon Do Yeon is so damn beautiful…makes me soo jealous

  11. 11 Dav

    I cannot resist a good con/heist/theft movie. The way they’ve spliced the trailer looks a little suspicious, but hopefully it’s a true theft movie. Also, Jeon Do Yeon looks incredibly hot.

  12. 12 Eeefu

    This is screening as a special presentation in TIFF 2011 (Toronto, ON, Canada):

  13. 13 belleza

    “I love how she looks totally different in every scene. It’s like a Sydney Bristow parade of wigs.”

    It’s a perfect example of casting. Jeon Do-yeon is known as the consummate character transformation actress in Chungmuro. It would be like casting Meryl Streep in a movie where she plays characters from every country in Europe.

    • 13.1 obivia


  14. 14 Mia

    It’s such a good use of song choice. It’s a woman’s voice singing the lyrics but it seems like it would better suit our (mostly) panicked looking male lead rather than our confident femme fatale. I already love it and hope that it’s a true “heist” and not a “cop out.” (Sorry for the pun.)

  15. 15 blizzard

    Wow! Jeon Do-Yeon is one great actress that you’ll never disappoint with her acting. This movie will definitely a hit. I also wish that con lady will get away with her dough like in the movie ‘Sting’.

  16. 16 Kuging-RN

    AAyyy!! this lo0ksss promising!!

  17. 17 janyx

    Movie trailers must be like that.
    Superbly edited! Love the scoring!

  18. 18 czak

    ahh jeon do yeon is back!!!!
    woah august is really turning out to be the BEST month of 2011…
    first their is Hyunjoong asian fanmeets, he is coming to my country..
    then Jo In Sung announced his movie..
    and now my fave fave fave actress has a moviE!!!!!

    ahhhh Im A so happy!!!!

  19. 19 emilydark

    love love it well anything with Jeon Do Yeon!!!!

  20. 20 krnkimbap

    Lol, what is up with GF and her Alias references? Not that I mind since I was super obsessed with that show for the first 4 seasons and then had to quit cold turkey to save my sanity. I always wondered about Sydney’s wigs in that show- her getups were so ridiculous so how she could have possibly “blended in” or disguised herself is still a mystery.

    Another mystery: where in Korea do all these gangsters find all these perfectly shaped wooden sticks to beat people up with? A mystery factory with an endless supply? Well, I guess since all korean fight scenes take place in abandoned factories and garages, long wooden sticks should be easy to find… Along with garbage cans on fire, hahaha.

  21. 21 mary

    Ooooh! Sounds like The Thomas Crown Affair. Except the woman’s the con-artist this time.

    (BTW the trailer is soooo hot. Wish I could watch this outside Korea)

  22. 22 Porcelain

    Housemaid kinda kill me… not in a good way… I mean as much as I like the naughty sex bit but story left me cold…

    But this looks very alluring… OMG… JDY is so gorgeous… and I like heist/ con movies…

    And hallo man.. hallo… u r gorgeous… Jung Jae Young!!!

  23. 23 celest1al

    I have such a big girl crush on Jeon Do-yeon, so I am looking forward to this. LOL

  24. 24 Sydney fr Phils

    Jeon Do-yeon looks totally different here. I liked your looks!!! Goodluck

  25. 25 Cam

    Gosh, this movie seem very INTERESTING. ^_^ (nods)

  26. 26 lovepark

    Jeon Do-yeon looks mesmerizing in the trailer. I can totally see her as a mastermind con artist pulling strings like a puppet master with her smooth words and quick wit.

    Jung Jae-young… my jaw drops. He is definitely not a handsome actor solely based on physical looks, but man oh man, I just love Jung on screen. I have such a huge bias for Jung Jae-young and his roles. He simply oozes charisma, and maybe he’s good at picking characters because I love what he has to bring to the screen. I’ll stop now before my rants get any longer. Jung FTW!

  27. 27 conan

    Ooh! Jeon Do-yeon as a kick-ass femme fatale? Sold! I sort of feel bad for her, being type-casted as damsels in distress if I could say so, so a change is all the better. Plus she’s playing opposite of Jung Jae-young. This is going to be awesome.

    • 27.1 yoonah

      But Jeon Do-yeon has never been typecasted. She’s actually known for being the most chameleon-like actress in the Korean film industry.

  28. 28 E

    LOVE both these actors. It’s been a long time since seeing them together in “No Blood, No Tears”. Can’t wait!

  29. 29 writtenwordaddict

    Gods! I have got to learn Korean. \:

  30. 30 Carinne

    She ain’t Robin Hood for sure. She looks badarse… I love it!

  31. 31 Saki

    i’ve watched a bunch of movies from jung jae young and i loved all of them! i have a lot of movie star crushes but he’s an actor i can appreciate seriously. i love jang hyuk, gong yoo, and kang ji hwan, but something about this guy is mature and respect deserving instantly. in my humble opinion.

  32. 32 bd

    Both of them are phenomenal actors.

    • 32.1 melusine

      Agreed! No Blood No Tears reunion~

      The teaser looks badass. Seriously can’t wait for this.

  33. 33 Biatchhh

    Both of these actors were so full of charisma, they are the type that the older they get the better they’d be

    And its interesting how they use the same song from Griff the invisible

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