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The Musical inches closer toward securing a timeslot
by | August 3, 2011 | 30 Comments

The latest news about The Musical, the drama that’s been in limbo for nearly a year, is that broadcasters are in still in talks regarding a possible premiere. There has been some unconfirmed talk about the drama getting a timeslot on SBS following Miracle Audition, which is scheduled to go off the air in October. However, SBS has countered those rumors with the statement that they haven’t decided anything yet.

So, ultimately the news is that there’s no concrete news yet. But any talk is better than the months of radio silence we’ve had, right? Interestingly, though, the rumored premiere would put The Musical in an unusual timeslot: Rather than joining the regular weekly prime-time lineup, it would broadcast on Fridays at 11pm.

The talk was likely spurred by the fact that there are two months of unclaimed airtime between the end of Miracle Audition (which wraps October 14) and the beginning of another reality show, Survival Audition K-pop Star, which is set for December. But it’s a curious choice, since dramas don’t currently air on Fridays outside of cable television and one-acts like KBS’s Drama Special.

On one hand, putting a miniseries like The Musical into a Friday slot can seem like an experiment in “reviving the Friday drama” (as some reports put it); there were a few Friday shows in years past that did pretty well with audiences, such as My Sweet Seoul and Scales of Providence. But it can also seem like it’s just shoving it off in the corner to burn off the episodes.

It’s similar to Birdie Buddy being picked up by cable channel tvN after languishing for a year; it’s great that the drama will finally see the light of day, but the victory is qualified since it’s heading to a less-watched, less visible platform.

The drama is mostly done with production, though I’m surprised to hear that The Musical currently has four episodes left to film. The thing began shooting a year ago, but with no premiere date pressuring them and stars busy with other projects — Gu Hye-sun has her feature film and Daniel Choi shot Baby-Faced Beauty in the interim — I suppose they’ve taken their time. Let’s hope it pays off.

Via Hankook Ilbo, Star News


30 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    I want to see Daniel Choi in something else than serious guy and GU Hye Sun … I wonder if ppl forgot about her

  2. Jasmin

    Have you news about the drama “What’s up”?

    • 2.1 crysalide

      Yeah that’s the only drama (beside Poseidon when Eric was still in it) that I’m dieying to watch. but since Daesung is in hiatus. maybe they will try to secure for next year release. Praying hard for this to happen

  3. jossy

    ooh interesting… Friday Drama? I dont know about Korea but where I live they tend to play shitty programmes on Fridays and its their so-called best of The best series’ being aired (k Glee season was over).. But as much as I adore GHS, I don’t think I’ve quite forgiven, let alone forgotten her atrocious portrayal of Geum JanDi. lol yes let’s hope to see her on the small screen again soon, I don’t want that sad reminder haha

  4. Yer Vang

    Oh, Gu Hye Sun 🙂

  5. Aya

    in before “I want What’s Up!11!!”

    • 5.1 Aya


  6. Birdie

    This sounds like a good pairing but who watches drama at 11pm Friday. It is a bad time-slot, almost guaranteed low ratings.

  7. anotheraddict

    Gah! I wish the pre-produced (or mostly pre-produced) dramas were faring better– I really want to see some viable alternatives to the live-shoot system.

    Daniel Choi is one adorable puppy but I’m not sure if I can get over the severe allergy to Gu Hye Sun that I developed during BOF– but I definitely want to try. I hope this drama finds a decent home in the not-too-distant future.

  8. Ace

    Oh, Gu Hye Sun! I’m one of those who enjoyed BOF when it was airing, but during re-watch, the only actors I could stand were Lee Min-ho (of course!), Kim So Eun, Lee Min Jung, and oddly enough I liked Jandi’s brother, Kim Joon (despite the bad English), and Jun-pyo’s mother. 😉

    I think I’m more intrigued by What’s Up, but if they have an airdate for this and there’s a drought in kdramaland, I’d give it a go. But, is that really how GHS looks like nowadays? She should’ve just let her hair grow after BOF. There are only a few actresses who got a shorter haircut but still looked young and feminine.

    • 8.1 MeeisLee

      Maybe the haircut is for the role?
      I remember seeing her in a magazine spread after with a different hairstyle than she had in BOF and she looked really pretty. She didn’t get the title ulzzang for nothing.

      And I agree, I enjoyed BOF when it was airing but I couldn’t entirely rewatch the series as much as I wanted to. It would ruin the experience I had when I first watched it.

      Interesting pairing. I loved Daniel Choi in Baby-Faced Beauty so I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

  9. xiaoSxin

    I want What’s Up. That’s all I’m asking for…

    • 9.1 danna

      me too…can they please just give me WU instead?! Pretty please dramagods!!

  10. 10 Cam

    Gosh, I can’t wait to see this adorable-dorky guy Daniel Choi, fufufu! I really LOVE him in “Baby-Faced Beauty” drama, hehe. ^_^ Geez…..I just wonder that what’s happened to this other drama “What’s Up”…..well, I’m still waiting for the new about this but there’s nothing else, mm? O_o How concerned……..-_-

  11. 11 chichaloca

    i miss Gu Hye Sun in new drama..hope this drama will be cont shooting and will be air very2 soon.now ghs buzy fliming taiwan version of Absolute Darling in taiwan with jiro wang….

    like this page http://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteDarling

  12. 12 mskololia

    Any news on What’s Up?

    • 12.1 asianromance

      One of the actors in the drama, Daesung, was involved in a vehicular manslaughter issue, so What’s Up may not come out for a very long time. Since Daesung is keeping away from the public for the rest of the year, the earliest the drama can possibly air is beginning of 2012, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

  13. 13 tinman

    God, how I miss Goo Hye Sun! After making “stars” out of all of her lesser talented sidekicks in BOF, she’s been probably the busiest actress not appearing in anything for the past few years. On the horizon looms two dramas and possibly a film. Those already smitten with this little dynamo are in hog heaven. Those who don’t know her are about to fall in love with her. Those who won’t be convinced, there is nothing I can say. Hopefully you’ll extend to her fans the same courtesy… 😉

  14. 14 spazzy06

    I can’t stand Goo Hye Sun, but am tempted to check this out for Choi Daniel. He was awesome in Baby-Faced Beauty with Jang Nara.

  15. 15 iceman04

    This just may be a sort of “ace in the hole” to bring back the Friday night crowd. Certainly the prospect of hearing and seeing Goo Hye Sun dance and sing holds some promise. I haven’t known this lady to fail yet. Her turn as “Gukwha” in the daily series ‘Pure In Heart’ has yet to be topped in the years since. I keep on watching the dailies just to see if they’ll ever come up with another character or series as good as that one. It ain’t happened yet…

    Best of luck to the production team for this one. Aja, GHS!!!

  16. 16 Hamster

    Ehh…congrats if they get a slot but to be honest it’s not on my ‘to watch’ list. I’m still looking forward to What’s up though (I really want that drama to air, or else that would have been a waste of a lot of time and money).

  17. 17 malaysian noona

    i dont know about u guys, but i loveeee to see Goo Hye Sun with Lee Min Ho in another rom-com drama. I just love BOF and love the couple. I think they suit each other wether in drama or real life. (I am for sure MinSun die hard fan)

  18. 18 Jenn C

    I didn’t think gu hye sun was like, stellarrr in her acting during BOF, but I loved her in the character anyways<33 especially the last EP, I was just like, oh hye sun unni, gimme a hug!! I missed her on the screen, so I'm happy to see her again!:)

  19. 19 Ladybug Grandma

    i think she did very good as Jandi. she is cute, lovable, talented and charming. she does not only portray the character, she becomes the character. I will be waiting patiently for any of her projects to come. Way to go! go Hye Sun!!

  20. 20 Fanderay

    oooh…somehow this missed my radar, but I’m completely sold on anything musical. I feel like it can’t possibly be a great drama with the huge break between filming, but since I’m a sucker for the subject matter I’ll watch it anyways.

    Like everyone else, what I REALLY want to see is What’s Up (is it bad that WU was the first thing on my mind when I heard about Daesung’s accident?). I’m suffering from major Im Ju Hwan withdrawal. We need What’s Up to make it through his military service!

  21. 21 well....

    i just want it to air >< i'm dying to learn more about musical…

  22. 22 asianromance

    Is Park Ki Woong still involved in this??

  23. 23 Ais

    I hope it airs soon! i really miss ghs. i think she makes a good pair with daniel choi.

  24. 24 Ladybug Grandma

    I am so eager to know what has happened to the production of this drama of Go Hye Sun. There isn’t much news about her activities either. From the comments I read on numerous web- sites, her adoring fans are missing her so much already.

    I have watched two dramas of Lee Min Ho recently, both of them are successful primarily because of LMH’s presence and good acting capabilities.

    Still, my world would be better if I will see Go Hye Sun on screen again. No one would match the appeal that she has towards her audience.

    Go Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho needs to have a comeback drama, and no matter what, it will definitely score big because of their stage presence alone.

    Have a good day everyone!

  25. 25 leslie crisostomo

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