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The Script Doctor is in: Myung-wol the Spy
by | August 15, 2011 | 192 Comments

girlfriday: Wait is KBS really going to recast a different actress in the SAME role??

javabeans: That’s DUMB. I understand why they’d consider it, but it’s lame.

girlfriday: It is so stupid. Arrrgh. Are they going to go with some crazy plastic surgery story, or are all the characters going to PRETEND that they don’t notice?

javabeans: This ain’t All My Children. What actress is going to want to take the role? Will Eric just have to react in exactly the same way that he would with a different actress?

girlfriday: Seriously. It’s all kinds of crazy.

javabeans: I get that they’re in emergency mode, but they have a week to rework the story and shoot the next episodes. Given that they were only 40% done with shooting Episodes 11 and 12 on a Friday night before the whole kerfuffle went down, I think this is do-able.

girlfriday: Time to call in the Script Doctor.

javabeans: So! If we were writing the rest of this drama, what would we do?

girlfriday: Kill her.

javabeans: And then?

girlfriday: I dunno. I only thought that far because the last scene we saw was the fake-shootout-turned-real.

javabeans: She could be rushed to the hospital in intensive condition.

girlfriday: With a body double like Bad Guy.

javabeans: And she dies in the hospital. But then the body disappears. Dun-dun-dun! WTF? Is she dead or is it a North Korean cover-up so her cover isn’t blown?

girlfriday: The problem is, with no heroine to be the action-hero spy, we either need Ryu to step into her place (but then what of the romance?) or Kang-woo to reveal himself as a super-secret agent.

javabeans: Both! I think Ryu should fall for the cute South Korean spy who should have been tailing Kang-woo all these episodes but got lazy.

girlfriday: Ha. Maybe her daddy managed to ground her.

javabeans: Oh I know! Kang-woo does something suspicious, only to reveal that Da-hae has actually been tailing him this whole time, but she was so good she went unnoticed. Retroactive continuity FTW. And yes, Kang-woo should be “activated” as an agent. He’s been in sleeper mode, a la Ok-soon and Hee-bok at the beginning.

girlfriday: Or maybe, he’s a sleeper-sleeper agent, as in has to be subconsciously triggered to realize that he IS a spy!

javabeans: Oh, like his chip hasn’t been switched on yet?

girlfriday: Yeah, yeah. That would explain his lightning quick reflexes, but cowardly demeanor.

javabeans: Who does Kang-woo work for?

girlfriday: The Goblin?

javabeans: Who is his father?

girlfriday: Oooh! Ooooh!

javabeans: Oh! As he knows it, the Goblin killed his father. But it turns out the Goblin IS his father, and he didn’t die.

girlfriday: He had to fake his own death, in order to go into hiding…. because he knows something deadly.

javabeans: About the books and the havoc they would wreak. He tampered with the books so they could never be assembled.

girlfriday: Yes, maybe he was the one who first put them together, and realized the political turmoil they would bring, and vowed to destroy them for good. But then he got intercepted somehow, and three of them got out. So he’s still got the last one. Or is my math wrong?

javabeans: Honestly, I’m not entirely certain the drama’s math is correct on that one. In any case, Chairman Joo ruined his plans.

girlfriday: And took a leg!

javabeans: Like City Hunter?

girlfriday: Yes. Maximum Daddy drama.

javabeans: Now Kang-woo finds out Chairman Joo is hunting down the Goblin as well, and he has to beat that ticking clock to get to him first. Wait, we need to iron out some backstory. If Kang-woo’s working for Goblin, he had to be trained in the first place, right? Before he was “put to sleep”?

girlfriday: He could have been trained by his dad when he was a child, like Sydney Bristow style.

javabeans: But we know he wasn’t, at least not the way we’ve seen it. The most likely time or opportunity would have been after Chairman Joo took him in, which suggests that at one point Joo and Goblin were partners.

girlfriday: So then maybe Dad laid the foundation, but then his former partner Joo trained him and put him to sleep, after feeding him false information about the Goblin and whatnot… Er, does this make any sense?

javabeans: It could. We just need to connect a few more dots. For instance, what exactly is the shocking secret of the damn books? We need a big reveal, like in Runaway when we find out what Melgidec needs from Jin-yi and the origin of the gold. (Wait, what was the secret of Rambaldi anyway?)

girlfriday: I was just thinking that. Like some crazy Rambaldi secret. I think it was some kind of bio terror, like turning people into zombies in whatever radius of the big red ball (yeah, WTF). I don’t think we have to go into zombie territory.

javabeans: Please let’s not. No zombies or vampires.

girlfriday: It could just be a reinterpretation of a known fact in history, something pivotal to both North and South. Uh….

javabeans: This is a farce, right? You know what would be hilarious, is if in the end it turns out to be some big misunderstanding. It’s the work of a Baekje-era prankster.

girlfriday: HA. A centuries-old fuck you?

javabeans: A wild goose chase of the most epic order.

girlfriday: Okay, I’m totally onboard with that.

javabeans: Right? It totally fits the tone of the show, more than the emphasis on the book as a huge, peninsula-transforming game-changer. Meanwhile, Kang-woo guesses that Myung-wol isn’t dead either. She was taken, and he has to save her.

girlfriday: Or, he does think she’s dead, and he just goes crazy with revenge.

javabeans: I want him to team up with Ryu somehow.

girlfriday: Because they both love her. So that works. Begrudging partnership to avenge the death of the woman… they both loved. Ha.

javabeans: What’s our endgame? How would our finale wrap up? I would want it to go out on a comic note.

girlfriday: I’d want the whole thing to go back to its original farcical tone, especially if they’re going to even try continuing this with no heroine.

javabeans: What if… the North Korean general’s daughter reads the reports of Kang-woo falling for Myung-wol and flies into super angry-fangirl mode, and sneaks into South Korea? To cover up for it, the general blames it on the South. So the situation escalates because the North is like, the South has kidnapped one of our own! We must retaliate!

girlfriday: Haha. So basically it escalates into war, and Kang-woo is the only one who can stop it!

javabeans: YES. It’s like City Hunter, only dumber and dopier.

girlfriday: The dim half-cousin.

javabeans: The North kidnaps In-ah in retaliation, but the South is like, “Eh, you can keep her.” And SHE becomes their big Hallyu-of-the-North star!

girlfriday: Hahaha. Yes, please!

javabeans: Then they find out the books are a big ol’ prank, and toss them aside carelessly. After all that angst.

girlfriday: And then, Kang-woo and Ryu ride off into the sunset together?

javabeans: Bickering into the sunset.

girlfriday: Famous last words: Kang-woo: “Yunno, you’re not half-bad-looking. Can you act?” Ryu: “This is my sad face. This is my angry face. This is my happy face.”

javabeans: Fin.


192 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ruby

    HAHA KBS should hire you ladies, for sure 😉 let’s hope this fracas will come to an amicable end!

    • 1.1 Jo


      • 1.1.1 monai

        HAHAHAHA so hilarious. 😀

      • 1.1.2 Jossy

        Omg I know right! Best line evarr! What I’d do to see that ending, well, see through. 😀

      • 1.1.3 alexe

        Totally agree ! you are the best . I do love your pics .

        • Ariel

          Yessss. It could be like that fan video of Doko Jin and Choi Hyun Wook, it would take Korea by storm and improve the ratings of Spy Myung-Wol. Kang Woo and Ryu will sweep all the awards in the male category due to all the angst and bromance. In-ah being upgraded to the only Hallyu star in the North improves her image and becomes the most popular female actress ala Lee Seungi.

          And what of Han Ye-seul? I don’t know coz this could mean the end of her career:-(

      • 1.1.4 hijinx

        agree on best last line ever! And if JB and GF ever do start writing dramas- I’d watch it in a heartbeat.

    • 1.2 Cynthia


      It should be like a IRIS/Athena hybrid, only funny with a lot more bromance!

      (BTW – Alias’ big, red ball was known as “Clifford”)

      • 1.2.1 Cynthia

        As for the 4 Books – I think it would be a hoot if, when they’re finally all collected together, that a written code (one part per book) was solved by folding certain pages from the books into one whole page that spelled out whatever the sageuk equivalent of FUCK YOU was!

        Just like in the old MAD Magazines!


    • 1.3 shoestrings

      wow, this is just sooo awesome! you guys write better than other writers do! seriously!

    • 1.4 Stacey

      So … since Myung Wol looks like a goner, and HeartStrings has lost a ton of steam and interest (for me), I recommend Protect The Boss for my fellow addicts looking for another fix. It’s only on ep 5 this week and I really like it so far. It’s cute and light. I can’t wait for Wed-Thurs!

  2. Teehee!

    They could make it like Doctor Who….. She dies but then she transfigures into a new person.

    Honestly though…. that would never work…. unless they can find an actress who is the doppelganger of Yeseul!

    • 2.1 ripleyfell

      They could totally make it work! You know, have Myung-wol be some secret project that NK’s been developing for years and this is just a test run to see how she assimilates into South Korean culture. Then after she accidentally shoots her, they reboot her into a brand new person. See? It could totally work!

      (Or we could just go with javabeans and girlfriday’s idea.)

      • 2.1.1 xine

        Maybe she’s a cyborg!

    • 2.2 Ani

      Nah, I like the whole “She’s dead because it wasn’t a fake bullet but a real one in that gun”. We know she was supposed to shoot Kang-woo and hit him, but the last minute turn of events, as we saw, lead to Myung-wol turning the supposedly fake and unloaded gun on herself. So the story than focuses on the boys.

      Or we can have the prop staff go the route of making dummy cartridges “from real cartridges by pulling out the bullets, dumping out the propellant and reinserting the bullets” but ends up being a repeat of the Brandon Lee (RIP) “accident” and Myung-wol ends up getting hurt. Then on the way to the hospital, someone injected her with sodium morphate, and when they thought she was dead, said someone would take her away like they did with Michael Vaughn (totally taking this from Alias). Said unknown person could have shown Myung-wol in the end up being alive (this route if Han does come back) and this Unknown Person did this to manipulate Ryu and Kangwoo to do his/her bidding without knowing it – sort of like the Angel of Destiny taking Leo away in Charmed as motivation for the Charmed Ones, but in a more evil, manipulating way. Or, no sodium morphate is used and Myung-wol dies and the story focuses on the boys…..

      So many things could be done, but…. Le sigh. I really wish none of that could be the case.

      • 2.2.1 Ani

        Yeah, lack of originality. I think I’ll leave the script writing in more capable and experienced hands. Especially since my scenarios add more questions that require answering while keeping it connected to what has already been told. HAHAHAHA…. Still… sad day about these turn of events.

      • 2.2.2 Shiku

        Ani i still like your ideas. Or she could be in a coma while the boys team up to find out who tried to kill her

    • 2.3 IzOcha

      A ginger Yeseul? no…never a ginger…

      • 2.3.1 girl with tardis

        Love. This.

  3. CDT


    I was hoping it was a rumor. I really was hoping Han Ye-Seul leaving was a rumor. I’m heartbroken.

    I don’t know if I should continue watching or keep on wishing for a miracle that Han Ye-Seul would reconsider.

    Now I’m sad 🙁 But this made me a laugh a bit 🙂 Thank you.
    I guess all I can do now is wait and see what happens. Wonder what they’re gonna come up with.

    • 3.1 Alex

      I’m so sad too! I loved loved loved “Myung Wol”, and in ep 10, my love shot right up to insane levels. I want it to continue just as it started. :-((((

      There’s still hope that she’ll come back, right? Right?? Please!!! I’m okay with a week’s pause and then the original 16-ep run…

      I’m also so sad because I like Han Ye Seul, and as it is she will probably never ever work again. I do wonder how horrible condictions on the set must have been to make her end her own career like this. Maybe she was hoping that someone taking a stand would finally be able to make people see reason and change things, and was sacrificing herself, in a way.

  4. Noemi

    hahaha! I like it…especially the “famous last words” 😀

    So was it confirmed that HYS went to the U.S. or was that just a rumor?

    • 4.1 Daisy

      It’s been confirmed she left for the states. But we don’t know if she will be returning or not.

      Aha another good example why live action shooting while airing is a bad thing to do XD

      • 4.1.1 Yer Vang

        Agree, I’m disappointed because I was a big fan of this drama 🙁

        • Molly

          Same here, especially after that massive cliffhanger – to think it’ll remain a mystery FOREVER as to what would have happened after the big reveal. Maybe the writers will be generous and tell us the *real* story after the drama’s done airing? I can only hope.

          However, GF and JB’s script is perfectly wacky and a welcome alternative, given that the situation’s pretty much irreversible now. Love the In-ah kidnapping!! (Please please please don’t let In-ah suddenly become the star, writers!)

          • Ani

            Since they already did scenes for episode 11 and 12, is it safe to assume that there is a completed script for episode 11 and 12 and the production would be kind enough to upload it onto the internet? Although we won’t have the whole picture beyond that besides a short summary, at least we’d KNOW how it was going to continue from the epicness of the cliffhanger from episode 10.

      • 4.1.2 Noemi

        thanks for answering, Daisy!

        And I agree with Yer Vang, this situation is disappointing. I thought this was going to be my new crack 🙁

  5. Niema

    LMAO.. I would watch it.

    • 5.1 Alvina

      lol, for real, same here! The story line is so ridiculous that it just might work 😛

  6. Ani

    I’m…. baffled. XD *cries on the inside*

  7. Aly

    I wasn’t sold till the conclusion! Haha, nice work script doctor’s!

    • 7.1 suitfetish

      I know.

      “This is my happy face” jokes bring me back to Dream High.

      Which I will probably be watching to drown my sorrows. Except I’ve got Fugitive: Plan B and Protect the Boss to work on, too…

      • 7.1.1 girl with tardis

        Fugitive: Plan B was such a hilarious, campy drama. Another one that had inexplicably low ratings depite being awesome.

        • suitfetish

          Definitely of the kind where you had to have too specific a sense of humor, probably.

          Same with Myung-Wol, definitely, that both tongue-in-cheek AND loving tribute at the same time sort.

          City Hunter actually retroactively got me to watch it, because I had avoided action-type stuff completely for rom-com fluffiness. MISTAKE.

          • girl with tardis

            Well, to be fair, not all action dramas are necessarily good. But I think if you like any one of those three dramas, you’ll probably like all three. I did!

  8. jean

    How bout this? The both of you can bcome myeongwol’s long lost sisters!!! Tt’ll be epic!

  9. fanny

    Mwahahaha…please please you girls be their new scripwriter and PD and Myung-wol or someone..i’ll be happy and never get bored with you two^^

    You made this shocking news become easy to swallow 🙂

  10. 10 aravisalice

    So I was just getting ready to call it a night and go to bed when I saw that the lovely ladies of Dramabeans decided to give me a two shot of Kang Woo and Ryu as a parting gift- Thankyoueverso.

  11. 11 Leila

    LOLOLOL they should just go with this.

    Oh wait I musta missed it. So they’re not airing this week’s episode? or a special?

  12. 12 h311ybean

    I had also imagined the OTP becoming Kang-woo/Ryu, but not in so much detail. Brava, ladies!

  13. 13 asianromance

    omg, this is EPIC! LOL!! You guys have actually come up with a great story to resolve this issue of HYS being missing from the show now! I would totally watch this! Too bad whatever the writers are coming up with will most likely not be nearly as good as what you guys have come up with.

    At least the last scene of episode 10 makes it slightly easier for the production to come up with a new story.

  14. 14 prelude

    Maybe , they should make it as if the gun was switched by the north koreans and it was actually a real one and loaded , this way she is dead .
    even if the whole plote would be meaningless with her death , but it wouldn’t make any sense either if they replace the actress .
    they can have an actress that’s a new spy from north korea sent to kill gang u and stop the hallyu wave
    we’ll get to have a sad ending at least :p

  15. 15 ripleyfell

    Agreed, Ruby! Especially with KBS’s insanity going on. How can you hire a new actress to reprise a role after what Han Ye Seul and Eric have achieved together? The writers were already dragging in the last few episodes (it’s sad that right when it picks up this has to happen) and now they have to write scripts with a complete new actress? Under the scrutiny of all the SPW-loving netizens? KBS better find a damn good actress.

    For the record, I’d love a “centuries old fuck-you”. They are always extremely entertaining. And I’m all for City Hunter 2.0 the Farcical Version. Starring Kang-woo and Ryu of course but Yoon-sung can make an appearance. A cameo to show them how it’s really done. 😉

  16. 16 Yer Vang

    Right when this drama was getting addicting, a problem has to come. Fighting, Han Ye Seul and the rest of the crew.

    • 16.1 Yer Vang

      I couldnt stop laughing. Ryu: “This is my sad face. This is my angry face. This is my happy face.”

      • 16.1.1 Avi

        oh god that totally sets me off too XD

  17. 17 MJP

    So, when are you ladies and Samsooki getting on the plane?

    • 17.1 javabeans

      When they pay me in dates with Lee Min-ho. I’m waiting.

      • 17.1.1 ...


        • Venus

          LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love ur answer JB!!!

          • HeadsNo.2

            Best answer of the YEAR goes to Javabeans. Bravo!!!!

      • 17.1.2 lois

        Let us know so I can apply for a waitress job..you know the waitress that gets a little too friendly with the customer ;)?

      • 17.1.3 Sunshine

        Nice, but I thought you two had worked out your love life when he landed in LAX. I was sure all fangirls needed to give up on him after your post. 🙂

      • 17.1.4 MJP


        I don’t know… That is a pretty steep salary you are asking for. I think they may only be able to pay you in Kim Joon dates. I wonder, are you willing to negotiate your salary?

      • 17.1.5 suitfetish

        :immediately signs up for obnoxious Personal Assistant role:

      • 17.1.6 Shel

        You hold out, JB, don’t settle for anything less. :0) And post pics.

      • 17.1.7 3pleX

        i am sure you will not ask for a 5-days-until-midnight-only work schedule ….

      • 17.1.8 Lee Min-ho

        I’m all yours *wink*

        • Avi


  18. 18 revenant

    I don’t even know what to say, other than YES, a million times YES!

  19. 19 lovenyc52

    lol. you two should definitely finish out this show. your ideas are bound to be infinitely more awesome than whatever the actual writers will come up with i’m sure. i am curious to see how they will try to turn this whole thing around. interesting though, that the last episode they were able to air, ended with myung-wol ‘killing’ herself. that’s mighty convenient for them.

  20. 20 hijkl

    LOL they should just use your script. Somehow, I feel like it makes much more sense and would’ve tied up loose ends better than their original plan.

    Going along with the Alias thing, they could bring in another actress and pass her off as Myung Wol…just injected with someone else’s DNA and having a totally new face. So that way she and Kang Woo can be together in the end. -___-

  21. 21 sean

    Bah, I just want it to get done the way it is. I like Myung-Wol. My opinion of Han Ye Seul is up in the air, but I like Myung-Wol so I want it to just finish…

  22. 22 savelatin

    haha, yes! I think In-Ah taken hostage by the North would be a fine comic touch.

    There is definitely a lot of fretting the spy parents could do about Myung Wol’s death/disappearance, to balance the brooding and eventual revenge of Kang-Woo and Ryu.

    If they straight up replace HYS, I think plastic surgery (to hide from North Korea’s assassins?) seems to be the route to go. Ignoring that an actor has been replaced tends to not go well.

  23. 23 ellewu

    after the awesome ending of episode 10, THIS has to happen… i’m seriously heartbroken :'(

    • 23.1 Jess

      Same thing. I feel weirdly stressed out about the whole thing… I was really looking forward to episode 11. I wasn’t even watching the show, I was just reading these recaps, but then when I got to the recap for episode 9 I decided to actually watch it. So I’ve been watching it all week, getting totally invested, and for what? 🙁 I can understand if Han Ye Seul is feeling the pressure of the live shoot and just wants to rest, and I think she could get away with a few days, if they have an extra week that they were going to use for an extension. I’m just hoping against hope that she’ll come back. At least finish it, and then leave it all behind. That’s all I’m asking.

      • 23.1.1 Jess

        Same here. I feel weirdly stressed out about the whole thing… I was really looking forward to episode 11. I wasn’t even watching the show, I was just reading these recaps, but then when I got to the recap for episode 9 I decided to actually watch it. So I’ve been watching it all week, getting totally invested, and for what? 🙁 I can understand if Han Ye Seul is feeling the pressure of the live shoot and just wants to rest, and I think she could get away with a few days, if they have an extra week that they were going to use for an extension. I’m just hoping against hope that she’ll come back. At least finish it, and then leave it all behind. That’s all I’m asking.

  24. 24 Gia

    they are doing the same thing when LDH decided to over in East of Eden, She left for study…

  25. 25 Mira

    Hilarious… But let’s hope she doesn’t end up getting fired.

  26. 26 KDrama Fan

    Craziness in the house.

  27. 27 paperhearts

    LOL nice jobs ladies, you guys could seriously be the next hong sisters. I think Min Ho is back in Korea, so I’m sure KBS wouldn’t mind some coffee dates to save their drama.

    Good thing I stopped watching this before all this happened, I bet people watching this drama must be heartbroken 🙁

    • 27.1 Cynthia

      COFFEE dates?!
      Ummm….I don’t think that JB had coffee in mind….

  28. 28 Linda Belle

    bwahahahaa….you both are so hilarious…waaayy to far from the script heh..I hope they can hire you 😀

  29. 29 crazedlu

    heh. i’m down for this. i actually liked han yeseul, but thought she wasn’t right for this role, and maybe it was because i had a hunch something like this was gonna happen.

    i’m still rooting for the drama to pull through. who knows? there might even be a upwards climb in ratings, out of curiosity, to see if they pull through.

    • 29.1 Shiku

      You really had a hunch this would happen? Good instincts

  30. 30 enjoydrama

    Ladies, you are funny! Thanks for bringing the laughs amidst all the depressing news.

    I still can’t accept anyone but HYS as Myung Wol. Hope this ends amicably.

  31. 31 IzOcha

    I love beginnings of beautiful friendship endings. Well done, indeed. — esp the N. getting In-ah as a pass for our new OTP 🙂

  32. 32 mud

    Could they make it so that Myung-wol got shot in the face and hence the use of extreme plastic surgery and then maybe they can carry on as they had planned before? I think crazy plastics could sorta work in this show and only the eyes go unchanged so that even as she bears a new face her eyes remain the same and when she puts on the mask Kang-woo realizes it’s her. They help the other spies get new identities and so with the new identity Myung-wol can escape the North and live blissfully with Kang-woo.

    Or have Myung-wol die, donate her eyes to some random blind girl, and new girl’s eyes fall on one of those ubiquitous Kang-woo CF and somehow the eyes registers Kang-woo as the new girl’s one true love so she must now somehow reconnect with him. They just need to cast an actress with big-bulging eyes like HYS.

    BTW, I’m all for In-Ah becoming the North’s Hallyu star.

  33. 33 The Real CZ

    I think this was a laugh all of us needed.

    • 33.1 FunnyBunny


  34. 34 Venus

    I say this Kill her off!!!! and have her fraternal twin sister come back from N. Korean to avenged her murder …so now we have a City Huntress!!!!….

  35. 35 Mara

    choi ji woo is one lucky lady. her man is smokin’

  36. 36 Chesquared

    Omg! You girls are hilarious! I really LOL-Ed at Ryu explaining his faces.

    I think they should pull a 49days. 😉
    Turns out the gun is real. Myungwol goes to the hospital. Becomes a veggie. Cue body double on hospital bed. Insert Myungwol’s soul into some actress. (I would love it if Lee Hyori would fill in the roll) Myungwol couldn’t go back to her body because 49days are done. Kangwoo realizes it’s her. Since the scheduler recieved a lot of hate, he let’s it pass. But she is stuck in this new body.

  37. 37 FunnyBunny

    I have to thank you ladies for making this post. As weird as it sounds I was really upset over this whole goat rodeo that used to be a well executed drama. This totally made my day.
    Also, can you please please PLEASE write your own drama? If need be I will be to help anyway I can. Mailing scripts to PDs, promoting, stalking Choi Siwon… ok that’s just on MY personal to do list…

    But in all seriousness, thank you for making light of a WTF moment and an absolute killjoy combined

  38. 38 jandoe

    omg way to go ladies in viewing this whole situation in a totally original light! i’ve been ‘saving’ this show but at this rate its going it might not even be worth it. but damn if i’m not upset about Eric’s should’ve-been-epic comeback.

    hope you guys update the ongoings here, I’d really appreciate it. but if you choose not too, that’s fine too – this post itself is pure win by itself! ;p

  39. 39 joon

    girlfriday: Famous last words: Kang-woo: “Yunno, you’re not half-bad-looking. Can you act?” Ryu: “This is my sad face. This is my angry face. This is my happy face.”

    Best ending ever! Epic! I can totally see Ryu pulling this off. Ha ha ha!

    • 39.1 stratosphere

      Ok, if these magically become the last lines, I don’t care whatever else the writers decide to do with this drama – that would almost make up for all of it. JB and GF, you have my undying love 🙂

  40. 40 drama-mama

    NOOOOOOO…………….. Don’t change actress! I watched a couple of dramas, mainly from HK in the past where they changed the actor or the actress in roles and it was gross! It spoils the show and made it unbearable! Please resolve this!!!!

  41. 41 Sunshine

    OH my goodness. You two are a hoot.

    Loved it. Yes, KBS needs to get on it stat and hire you two. I just hope this poor show is salveagable. I’m too invested to stop now.

  42. 42 crazedlu

    gotta say, PERFECT pics to go with the commentary. hahaha. without them, i wouldn’t have laughed as hard.

  43. 43 Dhea rey

    I was disappointed if not re-hys,thank you but you post is very entertaining,I really like this drama,when hys no I is not necessarily the spirit of watching this drama,hopefully a miracle waiting for SMW..^^

  44. 44 thunderlyn

    No, wait, who was it saying they had the ‘inside’ connections on the last thread? Use your connections to make these girls the new scriptwriters pronto!

  45. 45 laya

    Dunno what to make of this news, srsly /shakes head in bafflement.

    But thank you so much for the lively commentary, ladies!

  46. 46 Mrs. Handtowel

    Love the idea! The sleeper agents reminds me of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse…
    As for everything else, why not make it sci fi?? The writers could potentially make the show even better than it was while HYS was there…

    • 46.1 Shiku

      MJP is that you?

      • 46.1.1 MJP

        Hi Shiku,

        No it’s not me. I’m being myself today. It doesn’t sound like Jomo either.

        Are you Jomo? Mrs. Handtowel.

        • Jomo

          Twasn’t me.
          I think Pipit is Mrs. Hand Towel, but not sure if that is her.

        • Shiku

          Hi MJP

          Sorry for mistaking you

          I wonder who the mystery person is?

  47. 47 YY

    Myung Wol dies cos she switched the blank with a real bullet. She’s a north korean spy so her skull is extra thick from all that training, that’s why it doesn’t blow a hole in her head.

    Kang Woo is so sad he wears his hood and climbs on top of his grand piano. He stays up there for a week.

    In Ah feels so bad she was mean to Myung Wol she quits and leaves for L.A.

    Ryu is devastated by Myung Wol’s death. He leaves for North Korea at once, is pardoned because the generals pin the blame on Myung Wol. Ryu buys a grand piano, leaps on it, and finds peace. He stays up there for a month.

    The old agents get married, conceive a child miraculously and name her Myung Wol.

    The evil chairman continues to search for the fourth Ancient book, not knowing that Kang Woo had already eaten it up, page by page, in his depression.

    The End.

    • 47.1 savelatin

      “Kang Woo is so sad he wears his hood and climbs on top of his grand piano. He stays up there for a week.”
      yep, he won’t change his fancy pajamas either. It can be a whole montage…that could eat up a lot of time! hehe.

    • 47.2 Shiku


    • 47.3 MJP



    • 47.4 Shel

      HA! I love it. :0)

    • 47.5 Jess


    • 47.6 Jomo

      “Kang Woo had already eaten it up, page by page, in his depression”

      I hate to say it, but mopey KW is way better than happy KW. I want to get up on his piano and check what’s under the hood. nudge nudge wink wink

  48. 48 babyfat

    this is terrible – i love this drama – i love the chemistry between Eric and Ye Seul – i’m hating the dilemma they’re in right now – i can tell that the whole production team are racking their brain to think of a way out of this mess – I like Han Ye Seul – i hope she can come out and make a statement to clear the whole mess

    • 48.1 Jomo

      It would be really interesting if she could get on Letterman or some late night show.
      She is a beautiful exotic, to the US, actress who could have a future in American TV.

      He is the reputation fixer. I don’t mean to clear her name in SK;we know she will be destroyed in the press.

      What if they say they had heard she quit a show, and tell us about it. Maybe she could talk about working conditions in Kdrama land.

      Then someone on a CSI show could hire her and she would never have to go back.

  49. 49 Sukispop

    Great stuff, JB and girlfriday! LOL

    I guess I won’t have to buy this drama when it comes out on dvd. 😉

    • 49.1 birdscout


      Nice to see a post from you. It’s been a long while:)

      javabeans and girlfriday:your conversation posts are some of my favourites!

  50. 50 yumi

    I think it is interesting that the production company has taken a move out of Kang-woo’s playbook.

    Kang Woo claimed be dating In-Ah to stop Chairman Joo’s character assassination.

    The production company is using rumors of Han Ye-Seul’s supposed desire to marry to assassinate her character. Interesting that no attribution is made identifying the people she has been discussing her upcoming marriage with. curiouser and curiouser.

    If there was ever a need for a time jump and plastic surgery in the interim, this is it.

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